Nov. 20, 2009 (#456)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 20, 2009:

UN's Hey Presto! World Manifesto:

"We're Well into Training for New Paradigm,
The Fittest to Survive, though We All Started in Slime,
By Depopulation Techniques They Say it's Attainable,
So the Elite can Survive in a World More Sustainable,
Scientists, Anxious the Weather is Not Conforming
To Computer Readouts on the Belief, Global Warming,
From its Ivory Tower, UN Looks Down in Scorn,
'To Save the Planet, Less Children be Born,'
Repetitive Mantra, Never a Swerve,
Using the Air Only the Elite Deserve,
With People's Silence the Enemy Advances,
Must Protest Now, There'll be No More Chances"
© Alan Watt Nov. 20, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 20, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November 20th 2009.  Newcomers, I always suggest you look into web site.  Scroll down and check out all the other sites I have up there and bookmark them for future use.  That way if the big ones go down again, or when they will, then you can always get the latest downloads hopefully from these other sites.  Plus, if you find that youíre getting sticking on downloading, itís because too many people go into the .com site at the same time.  So if you occasionally use these other sites you might have less trouble.  The ones to choose from, these are the only official sties I have.  [Sites listed above.] 


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Youíve probably been noticing over the last month or so that it takes sometimes 2 days to get the uploads for the show done.  It starts out one night, like tonight, Iíll be trying to upload, they cut me off at XplorNet and then I have to go into the next day as well.  So it takes hours and hours to upload to my sites because XplorNet, that wonderful company that says you get high speed, has been basically persecuting me.  Thatís the only way you can put it because theyíve given me so many lies in the past and told me it was all my fault, get my equipment checked and when I did and paid hundreds of bucks for new stuff I didnít need, they admitted then that they actually had me on a lock.  So they were cutting me off when I went over what they claimed was my particular limit under the plan Iím paying.  Then they claimed I was under the lower plan even though I was paying for the higher plan.  I got back to them the other day and theyíve admitted yes, I am on the higher plan but Iím still over my limit.  Iím using this thing literally 15 hours a week.  Thatís what I use, 15 hours per week.  I donít use it for surfing.  I use it solely for uploading the shows.  I donít use it on the weekends.  I donít use it for email.  I use dial-up for email.  Thatís what happens to you when youíre not AUTHORIZED to be out there.  Someone pulls the strings and someone complies at the top.  I hear the music coming and Iíll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just lamenting my problems as unusual about XplorNet.  This company that you pay through the nose for that apparently thinks that 15 hours a week is just too much.  I donít think itís for everyone although I do know that there are a lot of complaints from other people on different sites about them.  They have a lot of Canadians and US citizens at ransom.  They should be called XploitNet, not XplorNet.  For those that want to put the word in for me, you can always email them at this particular email address and tell them to get off my back and how ridiculous it is to make people pay that kind of money for 15 hours a week.  Maybe then theyíll start to get the message.  They do like to keep their customers, that they often lie to, and blame it on your equipment thatís at fault rather than tell them the truth. 


They donít like telling you the truth and that youíre on this particular lock.  Itís bad for advertising.  Itís bad for new customers because they donít tell you that when you sign on.  This is a standard thing Iíve had with them over the years.  Iíve gone through the trap of paying a few hundred extra dollars to get a guy in to inspect it and supposedly repair it.  They replace things that donít need to be replaced, only to find out the next day youíre back on the lock again.  If it wasnít for a girl that was on one night that told me, ĎTheyíve got you on a lock,í I wouldnít know.  So if I go over a certain limit it automatically cuts in.  I canít even download this show.  So for all those out there that are always telling me, look at this video, look at that videoÖ I canít look at ANY videos on XplorNet.  You canít do it.  Therefore, if you want to send me videos, burn them and send them.  Thatís fine and the address is [listed above].  Iíd appreciate that because Iím in the dark here basically with this awful service. 


Thatís all Canada is given.  XplorNet is owned by Hughes industrial-military corporation basically.  We get the spill over, the stuff they are not using and sell to the public.  I guess thatís how it works.  Itís exploitative prices for crappy service.  So as I say, if you want to email them and put the word in for me I thank you.  This is pathetic.  Thereís no doubt someoneís put the word in but if enough folk complain, they might start thinking itís better to have their new customers, as theyíre always advertising in all the major newspapers their lie about high-speed internet.  They might just forgo their friendly, old school tie stuff and favors with the government and give me the speed Iím supposed to be getting.  Iíll keep on about them until they alter it too.  Even if I canít use it anymore and they cut me off completely, Iíll dedicate a web page to them and explain to the world what they do. 


Weíre on the roll now to a new paradigm.  A paradigm is something, itís a meme, or some even call it a meme virus.  Itís an IDEA that initially comes up in somebodyís head and they put it to a think tank to find a new way of living to control the masses for 1000-odd years or so.  Everyoneís heard about the one they always hear about and that was Adolf Hitler.  You never hear about the wonderful Lenin or Stalin and all the atrocities they do.  Adolf Hitler talked about the Third Reich and 1000 years, it would last 1000 years.  That wasnít something they were coming up with by themselves.  That was to do with how weíve always been run.  WEíRE GIVEN AN IDEA AND A BELIEF SYSTEM FOR 1000 TO 2000 YEARS AT A TIME. 


Old techniques, ancient techniquesÖ in fact, if you go into the histories of India when the Aryans were going through it and conquering the peoples, the Dravidians they called the natives, they surveyed them.  They surveyed each area because there were many different types of people in India and different cultures and they surveyed them.  They actually give you instances where the Prince would appoint priests to study these people, like anthropologists would study people today.  Theyíd find a new religion to introduce to them that would put them under control of the elites.  Itís worked well right up to the present time.  They actually have records of this.  I think it was Charles Forte that said, ďIn every age the proper peoples saw to it that the proper religion was created for the people.  The proper people created the religion, they taught it properly to the people and the people believe properly.Ē  Thatís how itís always been. 


Today, weíre going from religion to global warming.  Thatís to control all our lives more severely than any religions in the past did.  There was always a kind of a leeway within religion. It couldnít break its own tenants of everyone is special and everyone is kind of sacred. They couldnít break that rule even though they would turn a blind eye often when the King wanted to behead someone or make examples of the peasants.  With this scientific system weíre in today with itís new paradigm where science it to rule us through technocrats and bureaucrats from birth to grave, then itís to be a horror show, literally a horror show as these bungling fools iron out their perfect religion for the next 1000 years. 


Itís no coincidence either that Arthur C Clark wrote his vision of the future Ė it was really the elitesí vision of the future Ė in novel form with 2001, then 2010 because the century of change, even in his day when he wrote that book in the 1960s was to be the 21st century.  He went to 2010, major changes then.  They really ideally want a united America by then.  Theyíve got the united Europe and they hope to have the Pacific Rim region amalgamated too; the big 3 trading blocs.  Then he jumps into 3001, so thereís your 1000 years Reich, you see.  That, under the Scientific Reich like Aldous Huxley said and Lord Bertrand Russell said, THIS PARTICULAR SYSTEM THAT THEY ARE BRINGING IN WOULD BE A TYRANNY, A SCIENTIFIC TYRANNY.  Russell said if there is to be a tyranny of any kind, heíd rather have it to be a scientific type.  Thatís exactly what weíre going through, ruled from cradle to grave. 


In fact, itís so beautifully planned because itís literally run on invisible gas basically.  The whole thing isÖ itís a gas, man.  Thatís what it is.  Anyone can come up with any statistics that they want especially when theyíre using specially designed computers to give them the right kind of answers they want to hear.  This is to rule our lives.  In the past, you were terrified to go through a forest 300 years ago because it was gloomy and scary and youíd all been TAUGHT these things about ogres and stuff like that, or demons.  Today, they just simply turned it into the catastrophe of global warming and gasses that you can see, feel or whatever else and WE are all to blame.  Of course, the Club of Rome was the group designated to come up with this paradigm FOR THE BELIEF SYSTEM for the whole century and into 1000 years. 


During the whole 1000 years, they plan to bring science up.  It already is.  Science has been brought up to the NEW God even though most of its theories are just that.  They are guesses and sometimes not very good guesses at all.  They are often very bad guesses.  It depends on which ones the PICK to be the ones taught in universities as the good ones, until some other theory comes along and knocks it off its feet.  Then they replace that quietly without ever admitting that they were wrong with the last theory.  But we are to run our lives now by these theories and these technocrats and bureaucrats.  Thatís the plan.  That is the plan. 


We are already a global society, have been since they signed the document in 1946 at the United Nations.  We are well on our way to this totalitarian system.  Every thing now is just a way of getting the herd to go along with itÖ with a kind of plausible excuse of global warming.  You know, something thatís hard to talk about because most folk come out of their homes and then into their vehicles or their cars or the bus or the train, to their office or where ever they work and then back by the same method and back into their home.  Theyíre in climate-controlled conditions all the time, so they never look up at the sky.  They donít care if itís raining or not raining.  That way they have no idea and no memory really of weather at all.  Itís quite fascinating.  Theyíre already in artificial environments and they donít even think about that.  So itís easy for those who supposedly are experts in the weather to tell them as many lies as they want and they will believe it.  They will believe it. 


Those are Ďthe dead.í  The people are Ďthe dead.í  Those who never catch on to the system that rules them in all ages have been called Ďthe dead.í  Youíll find that in the New Testament, ďLet the dead bury their dead.Ē  They have chosen, somehow or another, NOT to know.  Theyíre very easily led by the tiny minority that rules.  The problem with those who are awake is those who rule them AND the majority because the majority and the elite who run them are like a symbiosis.  Thatís how they work.  Thatís why they chose the word Ďdemocracyí because the masses will believe anything they are told by experts and they will always go along with what the elite want them to go along with, without grumbling, mumbling or anything else. 


Iíve said and Iíll continue saying it because this global warming is nothing but a farce.  Iíve got a lot of exchanges between supposed experts in the field of climatology exchanging data with each other and professors from universities exchanging data and theyíre all totally confused and angry that the weather isnít cooperating with the theories.  Theyíre trying to find ways to explain why the weather isnít cooperating with their theories and projecting that in 20 years time weíll start warming again and all this stuff.  They should really have stuck to the first idea they had back in the 60s and that was that we were going to go through a coming ice age.  If theyíd stuck to that they would have had more response than they have today, but they didnít because they chose the warming instead.  Iíll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  I was mentioning if the big boys had stuck to global cooling or the coming ice age back in the 60s they might have had more response and believability by the public, but they chose global warming instead. 


Iíve said before, if weíre up to our eyes in snow it wonít matter, this agenda will keep going because it MUST go now.  It canít stop.  At the top they have this massive network of academia and thousands of men and women on salaries, huge salaries, for dreaming up these cons and working along with the cons and they make their bread and butter from the cons, professors of this, etc, etc and different kinds of supposed sciences.  To be honest with you, are perfectly NEW sciences since people in the past centuries didnít study the atmosphere very much at all; in fact, NOT at all.  This whole idea that weíre suddenly going through a warming phase and weíve heard all the rubbish about the melting poles and all the contradictions, as they say oh my God, the shelf is getting bigger instead of getting smaller, and there is more ice forming, and all that stuff, back and forth they go with it as though theyíre whipping up a hysteria.  Thatís exactly what theyíre doing. 


They even ADMIT they do hysteria campaigns at the United Nations when itís coming up to another agreement, another treaty for everybody to sign that puts us further into this totalitarian slavery.  Here they are, going at it and at it.  Meanwhile, the world isnít really complying but that doesnít matter.  Facts donít matter when it comes to agendas.  Here you have the


Early China snow brings death, havoc

(Alan:  Thatís that global warming kicking in again.)

Sat, Nov 14, 2009


BEIJING -- Unusually early snowstorms in north-central China have claimed 40 lives, caused thousands of buildings to collapse (A:  Because theyíre not used to snow.) and destroyed almost 500,000 acres of winter crops, the Civil Affairs Ministry said Friday.  (A:  Thatís really the Department of Information.  Britain has one too.  Weíve had one long before China.)


Nineteen of the deaths resulted from traffic accidents related to the storms that began Nov. 9, the ministry said in a statement on its Web site.


The snowfall is the heaviest in the northern and central provinces of Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Shandong and Henan since record keeping began after the establishment of the Communist state in 1949, the ministry said without giving detailed figures. It estimated economic losses from the storm at 4.5 billion yuan, or $659 million.


Chinese state media say some of the snow was induced through cloud seeding (A:  Weather modification.), although the precise amount of snowfall in all areas was not reported, and it wasn't clear what the previous records were.  (A:  Then they go through and tell you how many inches of snow they had per day coming down.  Some of the folks died in traffic accidents of course because theyíre not used to driving on the snow.)


So there you are.  Thereís another story that tells you that it doesnít matter if your buildings are collapsing under snow, theyíre going to keep telling you that itís global warming right to the bitter end.  Mind you, once they get everything they want signed into treaties and agreements it wonít really matter much.  Youíll find that. 


Itís like the build-up to the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.  They already planned to invade those countries BEFORE 9/11 happened in 2001 but it still took time before they went in, after the buildings went down by design.  They just kept at it.  Once it was done, they didnít bother explaining to the public why they were there.  Once youíre there, youíre there.  Thatís all they care about is getting there.  It doesnít matter what leaks out to the public afterwards because once theyíre there, they say we canít pull out now because there will be chaos if we pull outÖ because theyíve destroyed all their policing capabilities and theyíve disrupted society so much.  So thatís what you get.


Itís the same here with reproductive rights.  I said years ago that if you have studied the books that these guys put out, the Russellís, the Huxleyís, and all these boys, right back to John Stewart Mill and his son in fact, that worked for the British East India Company and the British Crown.  THEY WENT THROUGH THE DEPOPULATION AGENDA EVEN BACK THEN IN THE 1800S.  The Mills had it listed which peoples would be allowed to come IN to the new civilization - they called it - and the type that would have to die off according to Darwinian theory.  Those that were obsolete could NOT come through into the new because they would bring the new down.  Thatís what they based all the studies on, Darwin basically.  That was their religion that everything had to fit into.  They talked about the American Indians would have to go.  Some of their theories went out and HG Wells said that even the Irish, maybe even the Scots would have to go as well; theyíve got a nasty habit of rebelling because theyíve got an allergy to tyranny and stuff like that. 


Here we have it going on today under this greening stuff and the save the planet BS put out by the Club of Rome and the United Nations of course is at the top of the tree promoting it ALL with a unified front of SOLIDARITY.  Thatís the whole thing.  It doesnít matter how crazy all the scientists are amongst each other with their panicking that the weather isnít complying with their theories.  It doesnít matter, as long as they present, MUST present a unified front to the public.   The same as the communists did.  In fact, theyíre using all the communist tactics. 


This article here is from the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute and Iíll read this article when I come back, with another one on the same issue, how theyíre using it to bring down the population.  Back with more after this break.


Hi.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix reading from an article thatís from the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute concerning the United Nations Population Fund, which is really a department of population CONTROL.  It says hereÖ


New UNFPA Report Goes Green to Promote "Reproductive Rights"

Volume 12, Number 49

By Piero A. Tozzi, J.D. / November 19, 2009  /


     (NEW YORK Ė C-FAM)  The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) released its annual State of the World Population Report (A:  Theyíre high chutzpas, a state of the world population report, by what?  By a PRIVATE CORPORATION called the United Nations.) yesterday, linking efforts to promote "sustainable development" and affect "climate change" to its "reproductive rights" agenda. (A:  And thatís what itís about, reproductive rights.  This is all coming through this climate change and so on and sustainability.)  Critics see the report as a thinly-veiled attempt to harness popular environmental concerns (A:  Which theyíve made popular of course from the UN.)  in service of population control.


     The report, "Facing a Changing World: Women, Population and Climate," asserts that achieving "universal access to reproductive health" would both contribute to declines in fertility (A:  Theyíre talking about abortion and sterilization.) and "help reduce green-house gas emissions in the long run." It calls upon nations to "fully fund family planning services and contraceptive supplies."  (A:  Itís amazing.  The UN is involved in everything to do with bringing down the size of the worldís population.  I read an article about 2 months ago where their organizations in Peru had sterilized something like 40,000 women, under a lie, and never told them what it was really about.  Thatís the beautiful United Nations for you.)


     Sounding alarmist (A:  Which they always do.  Thatís the whole thing with the UN.), UNFPA claims that "The harsh realities of high per capita emissions among industrialized countries and swiftly rising ones among developing countries highlight the urgency of mobilizing all of humanity to stop collectively at the brink of this possible climate disaster zone." (A:  Dun da-dun, dun, dun.)  In a statement accompanying the report, UNFPA Executive Director Thoraya Obaid avers that "rapid population growth and industrialization have led to a rapid rise in greenhouse gas emissions. We have now reached a point where humanity is approaching the brink of disaster."  (A:  There they go.)


     Peter C. Smith of the International Right to Life Federation observes that agencies such as the UNFPA always need a "looming disaster" to secure their funding." (A:  And donít they ever.)  Smith sees the "true looming disaster" as the "demographic implosion of the developed world" which is being exported to the developing world. The report touts declining birth rates in Japan and the European Union (EU) as positives and criticizes higher fertility in the United States (US).


     In places, the report disavows overt population control arguments and acknowledges development specialists such as Bangladesh's Atiq Rahman, who attributes climate change to "consumption patterns" rather than "demographic considerations." Yet it also asserts that "Each birth results not only in the emissions attributable to that person in his or her lifetime, but also the emissions of all his or her descendents. Hence, the emissions savings from intended or planned births multiply with time."Further, the report states that "fear of appearing supportive of population control has until recently held back any mention of 'population' in the climate debate. (A:  See, theyíre always dying to get to this point.)  Nonetheless, some participants in the debate are tentatively suggesting the need at least consider the impacts of population growth."


Even though in the Western countries itís been dropping and even though they keep upping their immigration quotas.  I read them off over the last few weeks, in Britain and elsewhere where they have to up the immigration to pay off the national debt.  There are not enough people in Britain getting born apparently and itís the same with all the European countries.  So there ainít no pleasing these guys because youíre not supposed to just please them, youíre supposed to die off quietly please.  Thatís what they want.  Thatís what they wantÖ these control freaksÖ and let the better kind run the world and live in the world, not the riff-raff at the bottom.  Thatís what theyíre talking about really.  Scientific dictatorship eh?


From the Times, itís the same article again, in mainstream. 


Birth control: the most effective way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions

From The Times November 19, 2009



Iíll put these links up at the end of the show on my web site if I can get any speed up at all to upload anything whatsoever, which I think the chances of are probably very, very slim. 


Iíve also mentioned in the past that this is going to effect EVERYTHING from whether you will be born, to what youíll DO in the new improved world Soviet system - what youíll do in your life - you know, the Ďschool to workí idea was the Soviet, Pavlovian idea.  Theyíre already doing it in most parts of the Western world but itís to go much further than that. 


Iíve said too, youíve got to follow the planks of the Communist Manifesto.  Remember, the Club of Rome said that they favored the Ďcollectivistí idea.  Now thatís really a form of communism.  It makes it EASIER for a centralized world body to rule the whole world - from the center - and that was always the KEY of Marxism: centralization of all authorities and all laws, all rules, all regulations, everything goes to the center.  Canít have one state doing its own thing, another state doing another thingÖ the control freaks canít have that; they freak out with that kind of stuff.  Itís just too untidy.  Free will is awfully, awfully untidy to them.  They canít sleep at night when they think about it. 


Iíve also said that one of the planks was the redistribution of wealth.  Thatís exactly what theyíre putting through now, - theyíll put through this Copenhagen treaty Ė the redistribution of wealth.  The so-called wealthier countries are supposedly to give money to the third world countries to offset their carbon and all that rubbish.  And it is rubbish.  Itís nothing more than the same Marxist agenda which the elite favor.  Iím talking about the dirty, stinking, rich elite that favor it.  Itís much easier to control a Marxist system worldwide than any other kind of system.


Another part of it too, was the abolition of private property and with them putting up all the gasoline taxes, worldwide too, and thatís to really skyrocket once theyíve signed this bill at Copenhagen.  Some countries have already jumped the gun, like Holland, by introducing tax as you drive per kilometer and with a GPS tracking system, the government watches where you go and where youíve been.  Then people in the rural areas will start moving IN to the already overcrowded cities which are meant to crumble over the next 30-odd years and rioting as they bring in starvation policiesÖ which theyíll call RATIONING.  But in the big cities, eventually, the only ones who can Ė and itís almost that way now Ė rent out accommodation are the big, big chain landlords with chains and chains of buildings to rent out.  Private property is to be ELIMINATED. 


PART of this whole deal with the Copenhagen treaty, they are already jumping the gun on this in different countries, is to start making it LAW that you have to have your house energy-rated before you can sell it.  Thatís the big tool theyíre using, before you can sell it.  Theyíre already using this technique in Canada to do with water and the sewage or septic systems.  You have to get a new sewage and septic system, up to the latest standard, and do it quickly before they up the standard again, before youíre finished - and water - before you can sell your home.  Well now itís to do with the entire energy.  So itís no more a deal between the person and another person, the buyer and the seller, as-is, whatever.  Oh no, now youíve got to get the government in to it and get a LICENSE to own your property and to sell it. 


This article here is from the EU Observer.  Thatís the European Union Observer.


Construction sector across Europe given an eco-renovation

LEIGH PHILLIPS  /  18.11.2009


EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - Making buildings energy-smart is sometimes seen by politicians as not as eye-catching a carbon reduction strategy as burying CO2 under the seabed or turning acres of cornfield into a fuel for cars. And yet the sector is responsible for a full 36 percent of the bloc's carbon emissions.  (A:  Theyíre talking about the European Union.  A bloc, they call it a bloc nowÖ because only bloc-heads run it.)


While the parliament had voted for language in the legislation that would have required a carbon footprint of zero, the member states added the word Ďnearly' to give them an out.  (A:  This is for the building permits.)


Homeowners selling their property and landlords renting it out will also have to state in sale or rental ads how energy efficient a building or flat is by 2012.


Greens in the chamber (A:  Can you believeÖ youíve got these vegetables in the chamber, greens in the chamberÖ) felt that the result was a clear victory, however "difficult" the year-long legislative process had been.  (A:  You have to go into who created the Green Party by the way, that pushed this world Soviet.  Madeline Albright, I think it was her grandfather who was the best pal of Stalin and he was a guy who was given the task of creating the Green Party.  You wouldnít believe the founders of it in Britain.  Check in to it and youíll get a surprise.)


So here you have this big centralized government laying the law down, right down to can you drive without paying carbon taxes?  NO.  Are they going to punish you for driving over a certain limit?  YES.  Are they going to punish you for driving one mile?  ABSOLUTELY.  Youíre going to pay and pay and pay and now you canít sell your home.  This is just the start of it because with every one of these laws they pass, they AMEND them and they AMEND them.  The whole point of their attack is always to get it ON the books so they can amend them. 


Isnít it amazing too, in the US youíve got the same darn thing?  Öhappening at the same time?  What a coincidence!  And you think weíre not global?  Öenemies within?  Thereís a bill there thatís been put through.  HR 2454, the Cap and Trade Bill as itís innocently called.  No one knows what it means when they hear The Cap and Trade Bill.  It saysÖ


Congress > Legislation

H.R. 2454: American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009

111th Congress


Beginning one year after the enactment of the Cap and Trade Act, you wonít be able to sell your home (A:  This is in the US.) unless you retrofit it to comply with the Energy and Water Efficiency Standards of the act.  HR 2454, the Cap and Trade Bill, passed by the House of Representatives, if also passed by the Senate will the largest tax increase any of us has every experienced. 


It will be more than that.  You wonít be able to sell your home and youíll have to get a license to sell it.  Can you believe that?   The exact same stuff as they just put through in Europe.  InternationalÖ INTERNATIONAL.  Thereís no doubt about it, the only people who were truly organized in the Cold War were the communists.  Thatís why they favored Ė the elite bankers and all the rest of them Ė they favored communism.  You get DEDICATED workers all working and infiltrating all departments of every level of government, right down to the local level.  They have solidarity.  They will stand NO contrary opinions.  It doesnít matter if one of their top chiefs gets found out to be a mass murderer or an utter pervert; theyíll stand up for the party and protect them.  Thatís the way they work.  The same as the scientists right now who are all worried about global warming isnít getting the compliance from nature that it wanted.  Even though they all agree theyíre not getting it, they must go ahead with their storyÖ solidarity.  Thatís why theyíre using it.  Quite something.


As they phase out the old religions, they bring in the new.  A belief system, remember, is something with ritual, something thatís taught as FACT.  It will stand NO rivalry.  It has to be the top.  This is what you have in the Times. 


Evolution to be compulsory subject in primary schools

From The Times November 20, 2009  /  Greg Hurst, Education Editor


Evolution is to become a compulsory subject for study in all state primary schools. The Government announced yesterday that Darwinís theory of how life evolved through natural selection would be a legal requirement in science teaching from September 2011, although it will be left to schools to decide how this is done. 


The schools will already know.  They get their orders, because they all belong to UNICEF.  Thatís the United Nations Educational department where Julian Huxley was the first CEO.  Iíve read from his own book what the function of it was to beÖ to CONDITION, INDOCTRINATE a whole generation into the new way of thinking that they want them to believe.  Thatís what itís all about.  So here they go with the new religion.  Thatís all that Darwinism is.  With me, you see, if I donít have enough facts on something, I just put it in a pigeonhole and put a question mark there; there are not enough facts to come to a decision on anything. 


You need an awful lot of faith to believe in Darwinism.  Why arenít there apes walking out the jungle every 100 years or so?  Öthe occasional odd one here or there thatís half man and half ape?  It doesnít happen does it?  No one has got any evidence that this has ever happened.  Theyíve got this whole incredible religion and thatís what it is.  When itís taught as fact, itís obviously a religion.  Oh yeah, they say there are incredible jumps in evolution.  See, evolution fits in with the elitesí belief system.  Itís like Hinduism that also starts off with all this sort of matter and slime and it evolved from slime into something and then dies and comes back as a bigger something and better something than it was before.  So technically, we all started as slime, but they believe at the top in their OWN religion that Darwinís theory SUITS them. 


Darwin really was a front man FOR their religion.  They really do believe at the top that they are more evolved AS A SPECIES than the rest of humanity.  Thatís what gives them the right to rule us.  Thatís what they believe.  Not much different from the old King and Queen stuff.   People used to touch the robes of the King or the Queen because they were HOLY.  They literally were the nearest thing to God.  If they wanted to be cured, thatís what they would do; they would touch the robe.  Amazing stuff.  How incredibly arrogant and narcissistic and egocentric certain individuals are.  Unfortunately, theyíre psychopathic and they always jump for power over others and they end up in politics and in international political associations.  Then they dominate the rest of us.  Then they give us hell.  Thatís what their utopia isÖ when weíre all in hell and you canít move.  So hereís evolution to be taught there


The move, which was welcomed by scientists (A:  Because that is their belief system.), comes despite a drive to slim down the national curriculum for primary schools and leave teachers greater discretion over what to teach.


British history will also become, for the first time, an explicit part of the curriculum that primary schools must teach, although it makes no reference to which kings, battles, periods or events should be taught.  (A:  And who cares what bunch of psychopaths ended up leading what.  Thatís all it is, isnít it?  Who won this battle and who robbed the land of someone else.  Who married the other Queen over the water and this country was given away as a dowryÖ with all the peasants on it.  Thatís history.  Thatís what history truly is, isnít it?  Quite something.  Quite something.)


In the US, itís just astonishing. 


$4.8 trillion - Interest on U.S. debt

Unless lawmakers make big changes, the interest Americans will have to pay to keep the country running over the next decade will reach unheard of levels.

By Jeanne Sahadi, senior writer  /  November 19, 2009


NEW YORK ( -- Here's a new way to think about the U.S. government's epic borrowing: More than half of the $9 trillion in debt that Uncle Sam is expected to build up over the next decade will be interest


More than half. In fact, $4.8 trillion.


Boy oh boy, weíre doing so good.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and just one last article before I take a caller.  Remember, these links I put up on my web site if I can possibly get anything uploaded at all with XplorNetís awful speed theyíre giving me and you can check them out once Iíve done the show or check them out tomorrow.  It goes on about the new smart meters that theyíre putting in across Canada and certain parts of the States. 


Your smart meter is watching

November 17, 2009  /  Ann Cavoukian  /


Times have changed, and today the grid offers a virtual window (A:  These smart meters.) into your home Ė providing granular levels of information such as when you cook or shower, and for how long. 


Then it goes on about all the possible abuses.  Well of course, itís for the government to snoop on you too.  They can actually tell you whatís running in your home, which appliance is running because everything has got a signature.  If your toasterís on or whatever, they can tell what it is.  Eventually, youíll have to pay in advance and youíll get punished if you go over a certain amount.   Theyíll just cut you off.  They can cut you off remotely now; they donít have to come to your home with these smart meters.  So thatís what theyíre doing right now. 


Obama apparently is going ahead with it too.  By the end of 2010, heís put in $3.4 dollars to build up the smart grid in the US as well. 


Obama announces $3.4 billion in grants for smart grid

By Steve Holland† 2009/10/27


ARCADIA, Florida, Oct. 27, 2009 (Reuters) ó President Barack Obama on Tuesday announced $3.4 billion in grants to help build a "smart" electric grid meant to trim utility bills, reduce blackouts and carry power generated by solar and wind energy.



So Iíll put this link up too for those in the US.  Thatís what you get isnít it.  There are a lot of kooks out there as well.  No doubt theyíre all angry about me bringing down their global warming hoaxes and stuff like that.  Thatís what you expect to get when youíre bringing out the other side of the story. 


See, I donít mind people bringing out the other side of a story.  What youíll find with those who lie and cheat and control the world is they only give you PART of a story which will lead you to the proper conclusions, the ones that they want you to come to.  If they donít give you the whole of the story, you canít come to a truthful, a more informed conclusion.  Thatís how we are.  Weíre treated like children at this level.  Weíre given almost childish responses by government departments, corporations and all the rest of it.  Weíre too lowly down the totem pole to understand the big things in life, like global warming. 


I was reading from an article recently from Africa where some parts in South Africa have had frost and all the rest of it and really cold temperatures, the first for maybe 20, 30 years.  The people in the streets - because of their conditioning they are getting on global warming - are being told that this is a part, the FREEZING is a part of global warming.  Now there is double-think for you, where youíll actually rule out your own observations, your own daily observations, and monthly and yearly observations and believe the so-called experts and then youíre in double-think, absolute double-think.  Yes, itís freezing but itís due to global warming.  How more double-think can you get?  Thatís called brain damage.  Thatís what that is, but thatís the kind of world we live in.  The internet has a lot of good people out there, thereís some really bright people and as someone said recently, a lot of trolls as well.


From Hamish and myself up in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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(Article at original link was removed. Link is to excerpt in transcript text.)

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"Obama announces $3.4 billion in grants for smart grid" by Steve Holland (at - Oct. 27, 2009.




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