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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 1, 2009:

The Agenda -- Backed with Unlimited Funding, Massive Amount,
No Wonder They Say the Proles Don't Count:

"Ghostly Truths Flit Tantalizingly, You Think You Got 'em,
For Only Partial Truths Disclosed to Folks at Bottom,
For Proles the War is Way Above their Heads,
Where Rich Masters of War Call Proles "The Dead,"
Vast Sums of Wealth Go to the Organization
Of Academia and Politicos, Generous Compensation,
Centralization of Sciences, Professors Promoted as Idols,
Idols they are, Most of their Time Spent Idle,
But for Public Statements, World Holds its Breath,
Predictions by Prof-Idols Mean Calamity and Death,
World Government's Here with this Deadly Alliance,
Bringing Hell on Earth under Tyranny of Science"
© Alan Watt Dec. 1, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 1, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks. I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December 1st 2009.  Newcomers, look into, scroll down the web site and bookmark all the other sites I have up there for future use because when the big ones go down or put me on hold once again, you can always get the latest shows from these alternate sites.  [Sites listed above.] 


As always Ė I should really scatter this throughout the show for people because Iím sure they simply skip over the first five minutes Ė I need YOU the listeners to support me, to keep me going.  Iím not a foundation.  Iím not some big organization playing politics.  I donít sell various items.  I only sell on my website the books Iíve written and the disks I have made myself.  So itís up to you to support me by buying those materials or donating to me through any means that you wish.  [Options listed above.]  Some people just send cash.  That cuts out a big percentage on the transaction.  Letís be honest, the bankers have been looting us forever and I donít see why theyíre going to stop because theyíre part of the new world order, just as they were part of the old world order, and all the previous world orders before that.  Itís an ongoing rip off deal; a win-win situation for the big ones.  Iím talking about the international money lenders.  They are too well established to toss out.  Not only that, they certainly run the show.  They really do run the show.  All the things that are happening are run by them, at least okayed by them at the top.  For those who simply get the disks burned and passed to them, you can get in touch with me at [address above].  Thatís that out of the way.


Iíll mention again that XplorNet has cut me back by at least half of the usage Iím supposed to get for the particular deal Iím on and paying for.  Theyíll run rings around the truth but never give you the truth.  The fact is that someone has told them to give me a hard time.  It will be some old school boy chum with an old school tie network from Ottawa whoís put the word in to they guy thatís managing XplorNet.  Thatís how things are really, really done in the world.  You wouldnít believe the amount of intimidation people can put on other people through this kind of thing.  Thatís how most things are done.  Nothing you could ever take them to court on.  They just try and say Ďwell, you see, it was a screw-up between this department and that departmentí and all that kind of stuff.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iíve talked so many times about reality and giving some people different ways of viewing the same situations from different perspectives.  Itís all to do with perception.


At the top they call it perception management.   With perception management they have a whole bunch of psychological techniques by which the mainstream media, academia Ė which is very important in this Ė brainwash people basically Ė bringing you to a conclusion.  We work very much like computers and we have our own program.  We have what we think is called logic and weíre GIVEN a language, just like computers.  They have a particular computer language and they have a program.  Not too long ago only programmers could run computers.  By sequencing words, for instance, along certain topics, in a certain formula, by KNOWING your reasoning or your logic, they know what conclusions YOU will come to and can be guided to conclusions. 


The earliest way that this was done, or shown to be done, was in the dialogues of Plato and other philosophers where theyíd have fictitious talks with other people and start off on a certain topic and say what do you think of this.  The person would answer back into the usual perception on a particular area.  Plato would then lead them off into this dialogue of logic and then bring the person, step by step, into his way of seeing things.  Well itís gone much, much further of course.  Even in those days they understood the importance of language, how itís presented.  They had professional orators in ancient times who would speak on behalf of the Kings.  Rome had them too.  Iíve mentioned before that when it came to the great birth of what became Christianity in about 325 A.D., Constantine didnít say a thing at the big global meeting they had and it was global for that time and era.  He had a professional orator who spoke for him; he just sat there.  When the orator had finished, heíd sit down and out would come the King, the Caesar, and heíd get the applause. 


Today, in fact, itís not much different.  Politicians really do the same thing because they have scriptwriters who write all their scripts for them; all the big presenters do.  Anything thatís done on television is done by scriptwriters.  The person reads the script and takes applause for it himself.  All he has to do is read it.  In ancient times people didnít have to read.  Many Kings and so on thought it was beneath them to have an occupation, because only scribes had occupations in that department.  So itís come a much further way through science and understanding human behavior and how we process information.  Much of this was done and written about even in the 1700s when it came to the big movements for world revolution through the various societies that came to the fore in history.  They discussed ways of gaining recruits, how to basically TURN someone from their way of thinking.  Even in spying itís still called that today; you Ďturní a spy by using certain logic on them. 


Itís the same with all of the population really.  If you are presented, especially in school, with certain topics, itís presented in a certain way, in a formula of words and you use YOUR average reasoning powers, average basically, youíre using a language Ė which you are given Ė and these guys USE this technique on ALL cultures.  They go into the languages of all cultures.  Theyíll often word things differently or put the sequencing of words differently for different cultures because they must make it match the program, the logic and they will come to the desired conclusions.  Thatís how everything is.  Other simple tricks are simply to OMIT another side of a story when presenting a topic and youíll obviously come to the wrong conclusion.  In other words, itís the right conclusion by those who are teaching you because that was the intent in the first place.  So much is done by that technique. 


People will get caught up in particular events, rightly so.  Like itís always brought up about the shooting of Kennedy, a public display of tremendous power, an execution, and the whitewash thatís gone on afterwards.  Even certain investigations were put under wraps for 50 years that can be re-signed for another 50 years and not allowed for the public to even see or go over.  Thatís very, very common.  So a lot of stuff is simply KEPT from the public.  If stuff is going to be kept from the public, how could you ever say that you know the truth?  You can never know that and you canít come to the established, temporary truth, the P.C. truth, because you still know that this stuff has been hidden and is going to be hidden until youíre dead.  Thatís when the truth will come out.  Thatís when the truth of the amalgamation of the European Union came out.  It wasnít just an economic dance in a parley where folk would do a little bit of economic business and lower taxation for import duties.  It was literally designed to united Europe under a parliament, a singular, centralized government


There is a guy called Gouzenko who was a Soviet spy and he worked at the soviet embassy in Ottawa in Canada during World War II and afterwards.  He defected to Canada.  He was the first major spy to come across.  This freaked out Mackenzie King who was the Prime Minister who was still trying to deal with ĎUncle Joe Staliní.  He was suddenly ĎUncle Joeí for World War II and then they went back to the big, bad bear again because we always need an enemy.  Mackenzie said leave him out there, maybe the KGB will pick him up and kidnap him and take him back home.  He didnít want a furor here.  Luckily, eventually, he was taken in by someone.  Gouzenko came out with a massive LIST of all the communist spies that were in the Canadian government AND the US government and the bureaucracies.  This was verified.  He had their names, sexual persuasions and everything was down there right down to their contacts and so on.  The country was riddled with them, riddled.  I think sometimes there were more communists in the Canadian government than there were of anything else.  Iím not far wrong either.  It was the same in most governments.  A war had already been going on for a LONG time and infiltration was all part of it.  But it wasnít just there, it was in academia too.  Academiaís job was to recruit students into communistic causes and that was done through professors who were all known by the establishment of who they were and what they were really up toÖ in all the Western countries. 


Getting back to Gouzenko, when Pierre Trudeau came into power because a lot of this stuff was classified, all the names and all the different people that Gouzenko exposed was put under wraps for reasons of Ďnational securityí.  A lot of important people obviously were named and very rich people too, again these rich communists.  When Pierre Trudeau came in, he of course came in as Prime Minister of Canada; no one mentioned in the mainstream media at all, in any country, that he was the head of the Comintern, the Communist International, for CanadaÖ Pierre Trudeau.  He led the delegations; he was the head of the delegation for Canada to the Moscow meeting in 1952.  So here is a communist that came in, under the guise of liberalism, massive build-up in the press to make him more youthful, a different type of politician.  So when he was in power, up came Gouzenkoís stuff getting ready to get released to the public because the time limit was up.  The very last thing that Pierre Trudeau did, on the very last day he was in power, was to reclassify Gouzenkoís documentation for another 50 years.  Folk think theyíre living in a free society.  They really do.


We know nothing at the bottom, nothing at all.  All you can know at the bottom, through a lot of study, is that we are in a PERPETUAL war.  It was on the go long before WE were born.  Nothing is at is seems.  Nothing at all is as it seems.  What often seems to be many different sides are all controlled by the ONE side at the top above them.  Always.  That is what does come across.  When 9/11 happened, I knew this would start another thing like JFK.  People are still yelling on about it yet.  They want the truthÖ but you see the beautiful thing about a conspiracy is that those who are involved donít have to come out and tell you.  The only thing that would make you happy is for them to say, Ďyep, we did ití and theyíll never come out and do that.  Or if the stuff is declassified, it will be long, long, long after those people are all dead, long after and other things have happened and youíre already in a global government and no one will care. 


Itís quite a world, as I say, but nothing is done on the up-and-up, in the open.  Whatever we talk about in fact is given to us TO talk about through the media.  Iíll continue on this line of thinking when I come back from this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the real world and how weíre kept in the dark all the time.  History is nothing but conspiracies.  If you think about it, even the American Revolution was obviously planned in advance, kept secret.  It took many years to build up.  Even for munitions alone to start a revolution, it would take that.  20-odd years they were supplying and storing stuff and sneaking stuff in to the United States, or America as it was called at that time.  So it was a conspiracy obviously.  Rebellions, revolutions, they are always done by conspiracy otherwise youíd be wiped out before you got started by those in power. 


The world is run by conspiracy.  Academia itself, by its very nature, is very secretive.  They live on grants from very powerful people and from the government.  Governments always have political agendas.  So do very rich people too, and foundations that fund them.  When you look at how communism was run, I should say IS run because it never really went away; it simply MERGED with the West as it was designed to do for the next part of the new world order.  Itís the same arrangement, itís the same organization, organizational abilities, the creation of cliques if you like, and specialized cliques that do specialized things especially in academia.  Academia was the first place that was penetrated and it was government and government agencies secondly.  To get recruits you have to be teach something to young people who are idealistic and you give them the ideal to fight for, a cause.  Very old technique, very, very old technique.  Certain professors, always, always renowned professors in their field, were the ones who did the recruiting for the communist party. 


After the Berlin wall went down and the next phase was implemented and people should read Eric Margolisís write up - I think it was in the Toronto Sun at the time - on the speech given by Gorbachev BEFORE communism said it didnít exist any more.  He told the Politburo, ďshortly you will hear that communism is dead; donít believe it.Ē  Then he goes on to explain they are moving into the transitional phase.  Communism was set up to go through phases.  Part of it was to bring in the Marxian structure of regions in the world through leagues or treaties, through a system, a united world system. 


The New York residence of the United Nations Ė donated by Rockefeller and the foundation Ė and the place it was put on was insisted upon by the Russians, the Soviets.  Why New York?  Why not somewhere in Europe?  The Soviets demanded it.  The reason was they had so many spies and party members, card-carrying party members BASED in New York.  That was one of the main reasons.  A lot of the controllers came in to handle all their operatives and go around to universities and meet with university professors who were also on the payroll too.  It cut out an awful lot of time when they were already based in the United Nations. 


The reason Iím talking about this is because when you see how academia is always been involved on this plan of change Ė a plan of change Ė then you can understand why academia was used Ė and has been used for years Ė to promote and start off the whole greening concept, part of a religion that Gorbachev called it himself, A religion based on a FORM of earth worship.  What they meant was an economical system with a kind of religious overtones.  And obviously a new priesthood with the high priests as scientists that would come from academia.  Therefore all of academia would be on board. 


What do you do with a world when youíre bringing a world together?  You centralize portions of it, just like the East Anglia University was the MAIN university for all the other universities across the world to get their data from.  You centralize information on each aspect of your world control.  Thatís why the United Nations for instance, has specialized centers across the world; SPECIALIZED centers in different places.  That way you can always be in charge of whatís being taught in universities.  Every university in America and Canada gets the same grants from the same foundations and along with those grants comes a list of things they would APPRECIATE would be taught.  Which means you WILL teach them.  They also have suggestions on what NOT to teach or what to discourage and lots of political correctness and so on and so on. 


Every one is getting prepared for this wonderful Ė itís not going to be wonderful at all Ė this world governmental system.  Now we are seeing the Sovietization, the REAL head behind it, the real mentality and plan behind it, rise to the top where it will take NO contradictory views on anything.  It will not even tolerate them, especially when it comes down to opposing sciences on the same data.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about perception and reality and how big societies operate, those that run the world.  They run together because everything depends in this system on money and economics.  If you control economics and money, you control the entire system.  It doesnít matter what parties think at the bottom that are fighting each other.  They can think all they want and play the games all they want; they are all ruled by the same system at the top.  Nothing is EVER as it seems. 


Youíll find that if youíve studied the theories of Marxism and a lot of the low-level recruits - who really didnít count for very much - were from the ordinary working class but they might become members and help organize but they had no idea of the very rich people, some of the richest people, involved in the communist party who were directing it.  None at all.  Even some of their own bankers were high-level members of the party and other parties of other things across the world.  A lot of this stuff now is declassified since the wall came down and itís okay to tell us now.  Not that anyone really cares.


Even Victor Rothschild was a member of the communist party, which he joined at Cambridge University just before World War II.  He then did a stint in banking with his family.  He was also a leading member of the Zionist Association.  Hereís a world banker and a communist and a Zionist who admits himself in this book by Perry Ė itís called The Fifth Man, very well worth reading Ė that he had a bigger intelligence network at his fingertips than the British government had.  That was true, but this guy worked his way up through the British military in World War II to be head of all security.  He was passing on all the data on radar and even the early attempts at atomic warfare weaponry, he was passing it all on directly to the Kremlin and he was running 4 other spies beneath him that ALL eventually defected to Russia.  These were made famous in the 60s. 


After the war, Peter Wright tried to mention this in his own book called Spy Catcher.  He mentioned that all these top spies LIVED with the Rothschild family; theyíd all traveled with Rothschild during the war when he went to France after the end of the war.  Rothschild was the main guy.  Why would a world banker be also one of the top guys running communism?  I know the story.  I know the reasons.  You should read the book and figure them out yourself because the author wonít figure it out for you.  As I say, nothing is as it seems.


Why am I talking about this?  Itís because itís the same thing thatís going on right now with the centralization of information, like the East Anglia University.  The one university that ALL the world supposedly is getting its data from to do with global warming, all the fudged stuff.  Centralization once again.  Just like 9/11, theyíll never come out and tell you why it happened or who did it.  It doesnít matter how much evidence that you have - it doesnít matter about your evidence - itís what they wanted to achieve from 9/11 that was important.  I knew that at the time; thatís why I didnít get stuck on it.  Itís an ongoing war. 


We saw immediately the changes of losing all rights and freedoms.  We saw the same draconian laws placed ACROSS THE WORLD at the same time, which is impossible without it being organized that way LONG IN ADVANCE amongst governments.  So itís always: WHO benefits?  What did they achieve?  Well we see what was achieved.  Weíre closer and closer to world government.  In fact, in Canada, in one article, it was entitled in the newspapers, ĎFortress Americaí.  They said that would be one of the reasons for integrating the US and Canada FASTER, faster than even the original NAFTA deal.  It was for security and economic reasons.  Thatís why they always say at the Council on Foreign Relations, we can use this disaster or this tragedy or whatever, we can use this to our own advantage.  Itís planned that way.  They need these things to happen to make other things happen. 


Itís the same thing with the Climategate.  They centralized the information from TRUSTED, pure party members, funded them to the hilt with millions of dollars, gave them the build-up through all the major science journals, so all the scientists know these are the guys that you look to for all your information; these are the leaders.  The journalistic write-ups MAKE the guys the leaders.  Everyone who follows in that line knows to follow them and they may get grants too, but DONíT contradict them whatever you doÖ or youíre out.  They do it ALL kinds of dirty tricks to get the message across to you.  They give you little trivial warnings, little hassles and things until youíre back IN LINE.  Thatís how they do it, until youíre back in line. 


Hereís an example from Australia on another aspect of the global warming farce.  I said too, donít get stuck on the global warming thing.  The Copenhagen deal is a done deal.  Weíre already implementing the whole darn thing before they go through this formality of signing it publicly.  So donít get hung up on it.  This is an ongoing war, as 9/11 was too.   Itís not hard to see that its purpose is to now bring the United Nations up to its PROPER position, as they say, to global governance.  Hereís an article to show you how they treat people who are not quite on board or they donít quite get the message in all the journals that are printed and they come up with a different part in the theories.  This is to do with the economic theory of carbon trading and emissions.  This is an economist, the CSIRO economist.


Climate expert Clive Spash 'heavied' by CSIRO management

(Alan:  Theyíre dealing with all this trading of carbon and so on.)

Nicola Berkovic  From: The Australian November 03, 2009


A CSIRO economist whose research criticising emissions trading schemes was banned from publication said last night he had been subjected to harassment by the senior agency management.  (A:  Same as the guys who were within the global warming scam who didnít quite go along with them.  They couldnít get their stuff published in the peer-review journals.  Thatís how they get you out; you just canít get anything published if youíre not on board with them.)


Clive Spash also accused the agency of hindering public debate (A:  Of course.) and trampling on his civil liberties by preventing the research being published in British journal New Political Economy.


Dr Spash defended the paper, The Brave New World of Carbon Trading, saying it was a dispassionate analysis of ETS policies and was not politically partisan.


He was told in February he could publish the work if it were peer reviewed. But in July, CSIRO management said it could not be published after it was cleared for publication.  (A:  They still refused to publish it even though it was peer reviewed.)


This month, he was informed he could not publish it even in his private capacity (A:  This is how far they can go.), because it was "politically sensitive". Within 24 hours, he also received a letter outlining a list of trivial instances in which he was accused of breaching CSIRO policy, for example not completing a leave form properly.  (A:  Little trivial that.  You know how they get you?  You didnít finish this form or sign off properly.)


Dr Spash said he believed the letter was intended to, and did, intimidate him and denied him due process. None of the matters were raised with him prior to the letter being sent and each of the alleged misdemeanours could be explained.


"We are not members of the Defence Department, we are scientists who are supposed to be discussing research in an open forum. How do you advance knowledge if you stop people from publishing their work?


"I am totally happy to have my work criticised and debated but I'm not happy to have it suppressed."


Dr Spash said it was impossible to publish research in his field that did not have an impact on government policy.  (A:  Thatís why they didnít want it published.  They donít want the public to know whatís coming down the pike and whatís going to hit them with this Copenhagen deal.)  "The idea that you cannot discuss something like ETS policy when you're working on climate change as a political economist seems ridiculous," he said.


The gagging of Dr Spash's work is embarrassing for Science Minister Kim Carr (A:  Thatís the politician in charge, of the country.), who defended academic freedoms in opposition and last year trumpeted a new CSIRO charter he said would give scientists the right to speak publicly about their findings.  (A:  Now because theyíve been brought up to the height of the political realm, CSIRO responded for the first time and saysÖ)


"There is some important science in the paper and we will now work with Dr Spash to ensure the paper meets CSIRO internal review standards and the guidelines of the Public Research Agency Charter between the CSIRO and the federal government," she said.  (A:  So you think itís easy to get stuff published when youíre working for any particular agency?  Öthatís getting grants from the foundations and these foundations have big think tanks working with governments?  No.)


We donít have a free society.  We never, ever did have a free society, ever.  Itís not going to become free now.


Itís interesting that George Orwell in his book 1984, 2 or 3 times I think he brought up the fact that the proletariat, the proles they called them, the masses, the people, and whenever he brought it up, the bureaucratic class that he worked for, the main character Winston worked for, he says, Ďthe proles, the proles donít count.í  Theyíre talking about the ordinary folk.  The ordinary folk truly donít count.  Once you get into academia and above, the ordinary folk donít count at all.  The ordinary folk will believe whatever they are told to believe.  They have no organization within them to fight for anything.  I mean REAL organization; they donít have it. 


In fact the proles, you might say, have something that weíve seen in other times in history, in present times too.  You have a MULTITUDE, a multitude of, for instance, say Christian splinter groups into so many denominations because they fall out on trivialities.  They can not stay together.  With all the little power struggles going on and so on, so you get splinter groups until you have hundreds of different associations.  Itís the same with anything to do with civic society and causes.  They CANíT work together to save themselves.  Even it means saving themselves, they canít do it. 


I can remember meeting a communist organizer.  He was giving a talk in Canada and itís a weird situation I got into.  Iíd sung a gig at a place I was asked to sing, and somehow I ended up in a room full of these people who were all active in the Ďban the bombsí and so on.  I just went back for the coffee and the usual chat with the other artists.  Everybody was in on something except me.  This guy came in from Moscow and he was an English guy who lived in California.  He says this is the time when we must all network together.  He says weíve got to network with the lesbians, the homosexuals, the Sikh groups, the Marxist groups, the Trotskyite groups, all the different groups that had beefs, and all ethnic groups.  Bring them all together and make them all turn up at the same rallies at the same time, even if itís not for their particular cause.  Thatís what the communists had going for them, the fact that they could bring all these other groups that are off on their own, doing their own thing, bring them together and make a massive show of it.  Thatís what everyone else lacks.  Thatís what EVERYone else lacks


Another thing too, in this REAL world if anyone was to come along and TRY to do that very thing and had the ability, the organizational ability, the oratory, who could stand between different groups competing, even opposing groups that would fight each other in the streets, bring them in a common cause, the present power elite would have them bumped off so quickly, so QUICKLY that youíd find it hard to remember their name.  Thatís the real world.  So hereís one guy, one economist, working on carbon, who canít get his stuff published in peer-reviewed papers.  Obviously, heís saying something that they donít want the public to know.  Yet these peer-reviewed papers go in the peer-reviewed magazines which are sold on the shelves.  So what we are told is only whatís politically correct and not what the truth is, in any of these top science papers or magazines.  Itís the same with everything. 


As I said before, Pierre Trudeau was the HEAD of the International Communism Party, Comintern they called it, in 1952.  He LED the delegation FOR Canada TO the Soviet Union.  Later, he became the Prime Minister and not one newspaper in the US or Canada mentioned that fact.  They all knew it.  They all KNEW it, left wing, right wing, and so on.  They all knew it but nobody printed that because the proles donít count.  The people at the bottom donít count.  They donít even have a look in to reality.  Thatís how it is.  Thatís how it really, really is. 


Itís no different with the harassments Iíve hadÖ Iíve had the harassments.  Even when I started off, I couldnít figure out for the life of me what Iíd said on the radio to warrant being watched outside by these SUVs or these 4-wheel drive trucks, black ones with the black windows.  They would be outside my house every day.  Or theyíd come down the road in the middle of the night when I was walking the dog, switching off their lights and just parking 20 feet from me, no one getting out, and 10 minutes later theyíd reverse the whole way back.  The whole way, half a mile, onto the main road and then turn their lights back on againÖ night after night.  Intimidation, trying to scare you off; and even worse has happened.  Thatís the real world we live in.  Now itís XplorNet cutting me off as well so I canít get this stuff out to YOU.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  People think that weíre in a labyrinth at times.  Itís more than a labyrinth; youíre in a maze.  The only way you can see where youíre going is if youíre above the maze to find your way out of it.  Each time you turn left or right or north or south, you think youíre on the right path.  Then you hit another dead end.  Thatís how the whole thing is set up at the top.  Thatís how itís set up because the dialectic runs everything.  Thereís no doubt about it. 


Even systems and supposed sciences are created, like the science, they call it the Ďscienceí or I call lit the belief system, of Marxism or Communism or even the Trotskyite version of the same thing because these guys worked heavily with the guys who ran the world banks.  Why would top world bankers be funding a system which technically, by theory, was supposed to eradicate them, especially them?  Öthe so-called Capitalists?  It tells you the whole thing was bogus but a good belief system was created to get followers to work towards it, with ideology being presented to them from university on.  Once again, it was a university class and often the Ivy League classes, mainly so in fact. 


Thereís a movie in Britain, Deep Cover.  I think in the American version they call it Blade on the Feather.  Itís well worth seeing.  Itís got so much truth in that movie, put out by a guy called Potter whoís dead now.  He had lots of connections to MI-5 and 6.  Thatís where he got his information.  So much truth is in there because towards the end thereís a professor who was recruiting at Cambridge, he said, ĎDo you want to know why these guy joined communism AT the university, AS students?í  They joined what they called Ďthe apostlesí.  That was their Masonic fraternity.  I think it was Ďthe circleí they called the one at Oxford.  He says you know all the top spies, the top ones and he mentions all the ones the Rothschild worked with but he doesnít mention Rothschild himself.  Actually, Rothschild RAN them.  He said they all came from MY class, meaning the upper class.  That is true with Philby, MacLean, Burgess, Blake.  They all came from the upper class.  See, the proles donít count.  The proles donít count. 


We get little spy stories and movies and James Bond.  Thatís what we get at the bottom.  I used to think it was so odd that something that was going to take over the world was hardly taught, in the Western countries, to show us the dangers of it.  Most schools never mentioned it at all during the whole Cold War.  Why?  Why?


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.




"Climate expert Clive Spash 'heavied' by CSIRO management" by Nicola Berkovic ( - Nov. 3, 2009.



Transcribed by Diana



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