Dec. 2, 2009 (#463)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 2, 2009:

Climategate -- Snakes All Slither as Fudged Climate Graphs Wither:

"Climate Policy Scientists with Mental Gyrations
Made Square Pegs Fit Round Holes to Match Computations,
This Agenda-Driven Scheme with Deception and Lies
Creates a New System, Owned and Run by "The Wise,"
Vast Numbers to Die Off, as with Taxes they Bleed,
'Each According to His Value, and to His Need,'
Plan Hatched Long Ago, Rich Fat Men, All Swanks,
Financial Cartel which Owned Central Banks,
Now Going for the Kill, We're All God-Forsaken
When they Ratify the Treaty at Copenhagen"
© Alan Watt Dec. 2, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 2, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December 2nd 2009.  As always, I suggest to people to look into web site, scroll down and have a look at all the other sites I have up there on the front page and bookmark them for future use because I do get problems with the main servers once in a while and if you bookmark these other sites you can always get the latest downloads when you want them.  [Sites listed above.] 


As always, you bring me to you, the listeners.  No on is backing me up here.  No one is supporting me.  Itís up to you to keep me going.  You can buy the books and disks I have for sale at or donate to keep me going.  I scrape by here.  This is not a job and itís more than a vocation.  Itís an absolute necessity to get this information out at this time because of whatís happening in the world.  The biggest events are planned, the biggest changes in hundreds and hundreds of years.  Rockefeller himself said that.  These changes that have been planned to come in around now are going to be worse, more devastating to many people than the beginning of the Industrial Revolution where millions of people were moved off the land and into the new manufacturing cities and CRAMMED into their accommodations, their little cubicles where they would sleep, if they slept at all, and work 16 hours a day.  Thatís the kind of changes weíre looking at because they plan to take down the whole structure and system weíve been used to and mind you too, we didnít own the old system.  I always say you canít save that which did not belong to you.  The bankers have run the systems for hundreds of years.  I donít care if people think the left wing or right wing or even communist, the bankers have always been in control of economy.  They plan to STAY in control, and their offspring, for centuries to come. 


So itís up to you to keep me going and you can do so by donations.  [Purchase and donations options listed above.]  Some people just send cashÖ that cuts out the little fat guy with the triple chins, the $5,000 suit and the pudgy fingers.  Itís up to you how you want to do it.  It is imperative you keep me going.  This is 7 days a week here.  I do get trouble all the time.  XplorNet, the wonderful XplorNet that advertises high speed, has been TOLD to cut me back in my speed so it takes about 5-6-7 hours to upload one night of the show.  So Iím uploading tonight after this show and then part of tomorrow as well and then the show starts again at night and back to the same routine.  Itís been like that now for weeks.  So that is what happens in the real world when you donít have big players backing you up to get their party point across.  They come after you in different ways and give you a lot of annoyance, harassments, delays and they hope to simply put you under by either knocking you out financially Ė and theyíve tried that too Ė or they can simply stop you from eventually getting the word out all together. 


I think people in the States should really understand that they are the ONLY country where you still have the right to some kind of free speech.  We donít have it in Canada or anywhere else in the world, so we are grateful to the US for shows like this.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  As I was saying before, itís up to you to keep me going and you can do so by [options listed above].  Itís imperative because Iím looking for alternative way of uploading obviously since Iíve been cut back by XplorNet, even though Iím not uploading any more than I have been for the last couple of years through their system.  Theyíre trying to say itís fair use policy, which obviously would have kicked in long before now, PLUS I donít use the darn thing for anything except the uploads at night.  I donít surf the weekends, at night or during the day with it.  The emails I do all with dial-up.  So itís an obvious sign of harassment and thatís how things really work in the real world. 


This Climategate, as itís called, is going on and on.  Itís a pity it happened so shortly before the big meeting at Copenhagen because it would have given people time to expose it more and it takes time for the word to get out into the general population who WAIT for the mainstream media to catch up.  Generally theyíll catch up ONLY if theyíre forced to catch up because itís all over the internet and they canít ignore it anymore.  But a lot of the big media IS ignoring it.  For instance, Australia and New Zealand have already come out and admitted that their departments fudged their figures too.  The mainstream media over there is trying to simply go along as though nothing had happened.  The big boys at the top are still going ahead with their meeting at Copenhagen. 


Itís amazing since all of the information started really with one paper, ONE paper by one supposed scientist.  Then it started from there, all relying on that one paper.  All that stuff had disappeared, supposedly.  In science, you canít verify anything unless you have the raw, original data; however, itís all been supposedly eliminated and youíre left with the hockey-stick upgrades on the original data, if there ever was original data.  Our whole lives are to be changed.  The WHOLE WORLD is to be changed into a new economy, a brand new economy which really is a eugenics program of Depopulation. 


Forced famines are going to come out of this because they are going to cut back DRASTICALLY on the remaining agriculture.  Theyíll eliminate all private agriculture except for the big agri-food business because that IS the agenda, that only big, international corporations have the right to rule the major things that the public need across the planet.  Thatís what you saw in one of the first movies that exposed the future.  It was called Rollerball.  The idea being there were corporate wars eventually, once theyíd eliminated nations.  These corporate overlords acted in a feudal system EXACTLY and thatís where the idea in the movie came from.  It was from Professor Carroll Quigley and his book Tragedy and Hope AND The Anglo-American Establishment where he said that the new overlords WILL be running the world and theyíll be the CEOs of international corporations running it in a feudalistic type of fashion.  Thatís exactly what was planned.


Itís amazing too, how people think thatís a completely, utterly kind of Fascist type of system.  Karl Marx also talks about these Ďregional blocsí that would be run through trading systems and treaties that would become ever binding until theyíre locked together.  He called them regions instead of blocs.  He said the European region, which would include Britain and all the different countries, gradually they would get bound together under a common Parliament.  That has happened, but he never said anything about eliminating private banking.  He talked about Ďcentral bankingí being run or overseen by governments.  If you notice through the Soviet system, they still had private banks.  People donít realize they had private banks.  The only condition there was in the Soviet system was that the private banks could not make profit off of peopleís labor.  Now, you understand that lawyers can run rings around that and of course they did. 


Last night I mentioned that a very, very good book, one of the many books that are now out since some of the main players have died; the big players, the very famous people to do with spying for Russia and at the same time spying for and setting up Israel.  That was Victor Rothschild.  He literally, this guy who inherited a banking fortune, weíre supposed to believe Ė reading the book by Perry, The Fifth Man - weíre supposed to believe that he just decided to go communist.  What rubbish!  When he went to CambridgeÖ the guy was trained from birth for his role.  During it all he was setting up and finishing off his grandfather and fatherís idea of a homeland for Israel and Palestine.  He was selling Britain out at every turn.  So much so Ė itís a well documented book as far as a lot of facts go Ė that the Kremlin was receiving more information about what was happening with the allies and what they were up to.  They were getting it before Winston Churchill was even getting it in Britain during World War II, because of guys like Rothschild and a few other cronies all running the British intelligence service and all working for the Soviets and in some instances also for what is called in the book and in Rothschildís own words, Zionism.  He gave quite a few speeches about it. 


Here are the top bankers running what you think of as the opposition.  Itís the exact opposition.  Here you have the dialectic in perfect display, perfect display.  You couldnít ask for a better example.  Thatís why I say, if you follow people and you follow parties, youíre getting used.  The proles donít count at the bottom, like Orwell said.  Youíre never allowed into the ultimate, higher truths of the ambitions of the people at the top of different parties and the policies that they have. 


Some people are talking about Climategate and that we should form an international association, like a party, for freedoms for people.  But you know thereís one thing about battles, YOU must choose the battle field if you want to win the battle.  You canít step onto their chessboard and play their game.  When youíre playing their game, guess what?  Youíve now agreed to go along in the very system which they want, which is a global system with a global party.  Youíre playing the game they want.  Even if they were real, it would be invaded and infiltrated and taken over so quickly that by the time you blinked your eyes it would be right on goal with the agenda.  Thatís why in communism they looked for massive organizations.  They used all the existing organizations.  Why not use them, theyíre there.  All you have to do it go for the leaders.  They did that with a lot of Christian churches for instance.  The followers didnít notice the SUBTLE changes in the directions they were getting into and they were getting run by the Kremlin.  Fascinating.


We never really know whatís going on.  Victor RothschildÖ even though they knew eventually what he was up to and Iím sure quite a few of them knew in the House of Lords.  They had to know; he was in the House of Lords at the same time.  He was never brought up on any charges.  How do you charge your top Capitalist who can sink countries with a stroke of a pen?  How do you do that?  What do you do?  Your whole system has basically been created by his grandfather, with credit and debt and taxation and the Bank of England and all the rest of it.  They didnít start the Bank of England but they took it over in a hurry.  Itís amazing.  Thatís the real world for you.


Then you look into the connections between the House of Lords.  Today there is Stern and different ones still pushing on.  Suddenly heís an expert in global warning.  He was in completely different areas before.  Theyíre all intermarried, the House of Lords.  All these Lords up there, theyíre intermarried with the opposition and they have wives from the opposition or their daughter marries people from the opposition.  They give us leaders and weíve got to be very, very careful.  Never step on to THEIR chessboard.  Thatís THEIR battlefield when theyíve made the board; they want you on there.  They want you on it.  Youíve got to choose your own battlefield and choose your own battle. 


When people start thinking in global terms, thatís exactly what the UN wants.  Oh yeah, let them go ahead and get a global party.  What happens to all parties?  As we know, they start to compromise.  Guess what?  When you compromise youíre walking backwards.  Something is either right and you hang on to it forever or it was never right in the first place if you start backtracking and compromising on it.  At least some people are getting some sense and if nothing else, some countries are making a bit of a stink about it.


Australiaís Parliament, for instance, defeated the global warming bill.  Thatís in Yahoo news for


Australia's Parliament defeats global warming bill

By ROHAN SULLIVAN, Associated Press Writer / Wed Dec 2


SYDNEY Ė Australia's plans for an emissions trading system to combat global warming were scuttled Wednesday in Parliament, handing a defeat to a government that had hoped to set an example at international climate change talks next week.


The Senate, where Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's government does not hold a majority, rejected his administration's proposal for Australia to become one of the first countries to install a so-called cap-and-trade system (Alan:  Thatís the carbon taxes and so on.) to slash the amount of heat-trapping pollution that industries pump into the air.  (A:  Why didnít they come out with all this stuff when we were industrial nations?  Before GATT cleaned out Canada and the US of its factories?  The air has never been cleaner except for the spraying from all these jets that have been up there doing this spraying stuff since 1998, at least in Ontario, and before that in some parts of the States, which they donít want to talk about.  How come?  But the air is definitely cleaner.  We donít have the big smoke stacks all over the place.  Itís not a truth.  Itís a reason to get you all into a new system to serve the planet.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  So Australia at least has made a step forward.  Letís see if they can hold it because itís so imperative to the big boys to pass a law thatís to affect everybody.  EverybodyÖ and children to come in the future.  Right down to deciding eventually how many people they WANT on the planet.  This is the reason they brought it in. 


The same old eugenics agenda and the reduction of population, forced starvation, thereís no doubt rationing of food will come now that theyíve put most small farmers out of business by design.  The food supply of the planet is in the hands of supposedly 5 international corporations that really are all one.  They were set up to take over the worldís food supply.  They introduced all the GMO seeds and all the rest of it, heavily dosed whatís left of the food with their pesticides that are terribly, terribly poisonous, worse than the old stuff.  They know whatís going to come.  They want us all crowded into these overcrowded cities, Super-Cities they call them, while the population declines up to about the period of 2050.  They say thereís to be a drastic drop then.  I guess thatís when most of us simply just keel over with cancers and all the rest of it. 


Then theyíll bring in their NEW City-States.  They already have them; theyíre building them.  Dubai is only one of quite a few where the ultra wealthy can live.  Nobody else could afford to live in those places that theyíve set up.   When you go into the think tanksí reports for the next 50 years from the Department of Defence for Britain Ė I have all this stuff on the archives section on my web site; look into it Ė youíll see that the projections for the future fall into exactly that.  That folk will get crowded into cities.  The population WILL decline through disease; there will be food shortages and so on.  Then it says that the UN will kind of rule for quite a while, until that period, and then gradually wanes.  Then these SuperCities will basically contain the elite of the planet.  They will be high tech, highly weaponized and there will be just sort of barbarians outside dying off; kind of like the Brave New World scenario.  Things never change.  They make their plans and they stick to them. 


This article is from CBS.


Fallout Over "ClimateGate" Data Leak Grows

December 2, 2009 / Posted by Declan McCullagh /


(A:  Some of the mainstream are starting to HAVE to say something.)


Ripples created by the disclosure of global warming files now being called "ClimateGate" continue to spread, with congressional attention growing and the head of a prominent climate change group stepping aside. (A:  Thatís the MAIN climate change group; thatís where theyíre all getting their orders and their data from.)


Phil Jones, the head of the Climactic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, said on Tuesday that he will relinquish his post while the U.K. school conducts an investigation into allegations of scientific and professional misconduct.


Jones' announcement comes as he and his allies, who published some of the foundational data used to support the claim that global warming exists (A:  So itís very, very vital data isnít it, the foundational data.), have been pummeled by waves of criticism. As reported last week, the leaked files show that prominent scientists were so wedded to theories of man-made global warming that they ridiculed dissenters who asked for copies of their data, plotted how to keep researchers who reached different conclusions from publishing, and concealed apparently buggy computer code from being disclosed under the Freedom of Information law. 


The reverberations have extended beyond the campus of the University of East Anglia and the CRU. E-mail messages from Michael Mann, a professor in the meteorology department at Penn State University who has argued that mankind is threatening "entire ecosystems with extinction in the decades ahead if we continue to burn fossil fuels at current rates," appeared in the leaked files. Now Penn State has opened an investigation into Mann's work (A:  Thatís the guy who invented the graph that goes up like a rocket; where he turned it upside down because weíre actually declining in temperature.  So he reversed it.), and the U.K.'s weather agency has been forced on the defensive as well.  (A:  You see how everybodyís in on this?  All the governments are in on it as well.  It is THE agenda.  Every big foundation is in on it too; they promoted it, like a mantra, for years and years and years from their NGOs and theyíre getting write-ups in journals and articles in newspapers and magazines and talk shows and all the rest of it.  Theyíre even getting it taught in school as a fact.)


Some mainstream academics working in the area have distanced themselves from Mann, Jones, and other researchers whose correspondence has drawn allegations of impropriety. Aynsley Kellow, a professor at the University of Tasmania who was an expert reviewer for a U.N. global warming report, told ABC Radio there was evidence of a "willingness to manipulate raw data to suit predetermined results, (A:  Thatís totally faking it.) you've got a resistance to any notion of transparency (A:  They wouldnít let anybody look at their books.), an active resistance to freedom of information requests or quite reasonable requests from scientists to have a look at data so that it can be verified."  (A:  Thatís standard with all sciences.)


Hans von Storch, director of the Director of Institute for Coastal Research who was assailed by Mann in one e-mail message, calls the CRU axis a "cartel" (A:  Thatís exactly what they are; a POLITICAL, ideological cartel, and a well-paid bunch at that, getting millions of dollars thrown at them, but for an ideal and itís not their idea.  Itís the big boys like Rockefeller, the Fabians and so on.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article about Climategate from the CBS News.


Hans von Storch, director of the Director of Institute for Coastal Research who was assailed by Mann in one e-mail message, calls the CRU axis a "cartel" and suggests that Jones and others avoid reviewing papers. A colleague, Eduardo Zorita, went further and said Mann and his allies "should be barred" from future United Nations proceedings and warned that "the scientific debate has been in many instances hijacked to advance other agendas." 


Youíd better believe itís other agendas.  Everything that this so-called new world order has hinged on has been to do with THIS passing.  This is the first phase of it.  Theyíll do one or two per year from now on once this next one goes through.  They will promise at this one to sign EVERY agreement that comes up before them.  Thatís what theyíre going to do.  Believe you me, youíll get personal carbon taxes for everything that you buy.  For all your energy use; youíre already paying through the nose for electricity, for gas and other things.  You ainít seen nothing yet once these guys get started.  And the food, youíll get taxed extra on everything that you need to live.  They will tell you, see it took so much energy to make this thing. 


Youíll be taxed, taxed, taxed into the ground under this guise and the taxes will go through Rothschildís bank in Switzerland as theyíve arranged to do and then to the United Nations.  Heíll handle it on behalf of the United Nations who will then make sure that the third world gets its fair share and theyíll be brought up to scratch as we all plummet to the bottom.  They have no intentions of helping the third world countries, none at all.  These guys at the top are utter deceivers.  Theyíve always been deceivers and utter liarsÖ utter, utter, complete liars.  So expecting them to change their minds and become altruistic, well itís pie in the sky.  It says hereÖ


With the Copenhagen summit just days away, the leaked files have extruded themselves into the political fray in Washington, D.C. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said on Monday that he believes "climate change is happening" and is not "in dispute anymore,Ē (A:  These guys are going to stick to their guns regardless.) while Republican Senator James Inhofe called for "Climategate" hearings.


To be sure, many -- perhaps even most -- climate scientists still seem to agree that the evidence for global warming is substantial. (A:  Well, if itís all based on the fudged papers that were foundations, how can you agree on it?)  Nicholas Stern, chair of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics (A:  Heís one of the sudden new champions for it and he was never even involved in climatology at all until recently.  Itís not his field.), calls it "overwhelming."  (A:  So hereís a guy for Britain thatís been put forward to push for them to sign it all.  Good pal of Rothschild too.)  Thomas Crowley, professor of geosciences at the University of Edinburgh, told the Washington Post that the CRU-leaked-files episode "reflects badly on the people who are so desperate to discredit global warming."


Theyíre trying to turn it intoÖ  Well letís be honest about it; itís a belief system isnít it?  ĎDo you believe in it or donít you believe in it?í  Thatís what it is.  That was even ruled in a court hearing in London to do with a guy who claimed he was kicked out of his job because he was there on behalf of supposedly sustainability.  That was supposedly his job; helping cut back on energy and so on but he was an absolute pain in the neck and they got rid of him.  So he got fired and he sued the company and the judge ruled that that was his belief system; global warming was his belief system.  Thatís what it was.  And thatís what it IS.  Itís a new religion based around a form of earth worship, but the new priests are scientists and experts who will live just like every other priesthood in the past but better.† All priesthoods in the past depended on your donations.  These guys are going to get absolute defined incomes via the government from your tax money.  Thatís what itís all about.  Thatís what itís ALL about.  Itís ongoing.


Scotland Yard, according to another paper here, the 


Scotland Yard join UEA climate probe inquiry

SHAUN LOWTHORPE / 01 December 2009


(A:  Theyíre after the guy who leaked this stuff or hacked it.  Itís either one or the other.  They want to make an example, NOT to get into something that really is a political agenda.)


Police investigating the leaking of thousands of emails and data from climate change experts at the University of East Anglia are working with a team from Scotland Yard amid speculation that hackers also tried to break into a second climate institution in Canada.


Extracts from emails sent by academics at the UEA's climatic research unit (CRU) were posted on a Russian website more than a week ago including some which talked about deleting messages as part of a move to avoid releasing data under freedom of information (FOI) rules.  (A:  They didnít want anyone else to get their supposed foundation data.  All these computers that give them the results they want to hear are based on the foundation data that was fudged in the first place.)


The leaks sparked uproar and calls for CRU director Prof Phil Jones to quit, though the university is standing by the academic, who has also received personal threats since the storm broke.  (A:  Then on and on it goes.)


It just shows you how theyíre going to try and catch someone and make an example for future people.  ĎDonít ever be a whistle-blower because this is a big agenda thatís outside your realm; you just donít understand these things,í as theyíll say. 


We donít understand these things until you read the books written by the big boys that PLAN the future.  They did publish their books themselves.  They love writing about themselves once they get older and telling you where theyíre going to bring the world and how theyíre doing it, but nobody reads these books.  The media isnít going to do an exposť on these particular books by Rockefellers.  In fact Rockefeller THANKED the media after one of his meetings.  He says Ďwe could have never got this far without your COMPLIANCE and your SECRECY and your willingness not to deliver any information to the public.í  Thatís when he said, at the same time, Ďthat itís far better that a group of intellectuals and bankers rule the planet than leaving it to individual states and their own planning.í


Canada is quickly integrating with the US.  It has been for quite a few years, since the Free Trade Association started off and they went into NAFTA.  Exactly the same technique as Britain and all the European countries were conned into uniting.  Every year the leaders of all these countries - regardless of left wing, right wing - signed FURTHER integration and they called it Ďcloser tiesí.  Thatís all they would tell the public.  The Prime Ministerís been over with the other Prime Ministers to create Ďcloser tiesí with the Economic Union and the International Trade Union.  Thatís how it was presented to the public.  The US and Canada and Mexico and a few other ones were doing the same and have been OPENLY since 2005.  Every year they sign an agreement.  They said that they had 5 more to sign and weíre approaching the date 2010 or maybe 2011, but 2010 for sure.  Once that happens, weíre really totally integrated.  What a beautiful time.  Just like when they said this War on Terror and Fortress America and the need to exchange ALL our security information for safetyís reasons, that that would further hasten up the integration of the Americas.  That was in the newspapers here. 


Well theyíre doing the same thing with the financial meltdown by the same bankers the run both side, every side of everything.  This is from Yahoo News and itís also in the Canadian Press.  The loonie is the Canadian dollar.


Loonie above 95 cents US, highest level since late October,

 as greenback falls

Tue Dec 1 / The Canadian Press /


TORONTO - The Canadian dollar is up again to its highest level since late October as the U.S. dollar continues to sink against major currencies.


The loonie rose 0.81 cents US on Tuesday to close at 95.54 cents US. It hit an intraday peak of 95.93 cents.


Rising commodity prices and a report that Canadian economy has officially dragged itself out of a recession (A:  I wonder when that happened?) also put extra lift beneath the loonie. Some analysts have predicted the loonie will hit parity by the end of the year.


The greenback slid against most major currencies due to signs that the U.S. economy is recovering (A:  I wonder when and where that is?  I think itís all these welfare facilities that are opening up.), which is a negative factor for the U.S. dollar.  (A:  Itís beautiful isnít it?  Even if you were recovering, theyíll say itís bad for the economy because it makes your prices for export more expensive.  You canít win here can you?  Youíre not meant to.)


Investors tend to sell the greenback in favour of riskier, higher-yielding currencies and stocks when strong economic reports or other developments imply the economy is improving. 


Weíre getting into a parallel cost value for the dollars, which is beautiful for integration as well.  Thatís very obvious to those who have been following this for a few years.  Its perfect isnít it?  Not only do you have complete integration of the FBI, CSIS and all the rest of the alphabet-soup agencies, you also have Ė itís in the papers here too Ė that federal government employees, bureaucrats at the federal government in Canada can apply for equivalent positions in the US and vice versa.  Weíve had that for 2 or 3 years now.  Weíre already integrated.  We already are.  Itís just they havenít told most of the Americans yet.


Another part of the UN policy - itís in their charter - was to guarantee under the World Health Organization, a department of the United Nations, which is mainly involved in bringing DOWN the population through abortion and other methods that they call prevention, etc.  They guarantee that everybody in the world Ė once they run the world Ė everybody is to get the BASIC, MINIMAL health care.  Thatís what youíll get offered to you.  Those people who live in socialist countries - regardless if youíre run by right wing or left wing, itís still socialist Ė and you have a national health service which is run by the government, there is always cost cutting.  Guess where they cut the costs at the National Health Service?  This is whatís happening in Britain, for those in the US who donít know whatís coming in to the US.  This is all part of the worldís schedule you understand.  This is from The Telegraph.


Hundreds of patients died needlessly at NHS hospital

due to appalling care

Hundreds of patients may have died needlessly at an NHS hospital due to appalling standards of care, a damning report has found.  (A:  This is only one of many.)

By Rebecca Smith, Medical Editor / 26 Nov 2009


Basildon University Hospital has been severely criticized over the above-average number of deaths of patients under its care. 


Poor nursing care, filthy wards (A:  Because they cut back on cleaning staff to save pennies for the government that wants to send more troops off for wars.) and lack of leadership at Basildon and Thurrock University NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust led to the deaths of up to 400 patients a year.  (A:  This is ONE hospital.)


Figures compiled by a health watchdog showed death rates at the Essex trust were a third higher than they should have been.


You see, in National Health Services they put a VALUE on your life as soon as you come in.  Itís run on the Fabian system, communistic system.  According to your value to society will depend upon the expense of care they will give you.  If 2 people come in with heart attacks at the same time and get stabilized, one is a laborer and one is a politician in the House of Lords for instance - not that he would end up there; he goes to a much higher hospital in the military; itís the same with Canada - the person whoís more important to society is to be resuscitated if they have an arrest during their time there.  If both patients have an arrest at the same time, they have to take the more important person first.  They actually mark you on your little chart at the bottom of your bed with an A, B, C or so according to your status.  Thatís what you get under the health systems, the communistic, government-run health systems.  Thatís what Obama has been TOLD.  Thatís why they put him in, to bring all this same Fabian system in to the US.  Thatís what heís bringing in to the US.  That deal was all made and the arrangement was made long before we even heard his name, long before that.  They spend years working on this stuff. 


People are now being told that once this comes in, some of the medications they are already on will no longer be available to them.  The insurance companies are telling them this.  Iíve got articles here from Britain and other European countries where certain pharmaceutical agents that would keep them alive for much longer, even years, because of their expense they canít get it.  They are not being allowed it in Britain.  Itís too expensive they say.  Itís obviously available to very high people but not for YOU in the National Health Service.  Thatís going to be the same in the United States as well.  They donít know whatís going to hit them. 


I agree too, Iím well aware that itís a DISGUSTING profession, the whole medical for-profit system.  Itís disgusting when someone is booked into a hospital or ends up there in an emergency and at the end of a week theyíve got something between $8,000-$20,000 to pay, or more.  Itís disgusting.  Itís an incredible GREED system.  Incredible greed based on health care, disgustingly so.  But the problem is when you hand it to the governments and theyíre not there because of altruistic reasons, and neither is the left wing.  The left wing is just as much the eugenicists as the right wing.  Theyíre all the same at the top.  They all have the same agenda of bringing down the populations and sustainability, meaning for themselves and those who are Darwinian APPROVED worthy to go on into the future.  Thatís the world we live in. 


Thatís the world we live in where the public at the bottom fall into parties and never catch on to it.  They never catch on.  Itís no wonder because the mainstream mediaís job it NOT to let you know whatís really, really going onÖ on anything.  From The TimesÖ


Blair may have Ďsigned in bloodí to topple Saddam a year before war

From The Times November 27, 2009 / David Brown


(A:  This is the sort of thing the media does, they tell you now, after theyíve had it all and theyíve got what they wanted.  Why didnít they tell you that at the time?  They knew all this at the time.)


Tony Blair and President Bush might have secretly ďsigned in bloodĒ a deal to overthrow Saddam Hussein a year before ordering the Iraq war, according to a former senior diplomat.


Sir Christopher Meyer, Britainís Ambassador to Washington in the run-up to the war, said an agreement to aim for ďregime changeĒ may have been reached during a private meeting at the Presidentís Crawford ranch in April 2002.


He also said that, in his view, Baroness Thatcher would have had a clearer grip on Britainís policy towards Iraq. (A:  Well I donít know.  She liked wars.  She admired Winston Churchill.  She said the one thing she wanted was a war while she was in office and they gave her the Falklands.  Parties eh?  PartiesÖ  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  This article here is an example of how the media will tell you some bit of a truth years after the event and after theyíve gotten all they wanted.  They had the Iraq War.  Itís no surprise to many of us out there, Iím sure, that it was all decided long ago.  We know it was decided long ago because it was part of the New American Century policy to have a list of countries Ė Iraq was one of them Ė they wanted to invade.  They had that printed in the 90s.  Weíre just following agendas.


All that stuff with the inquiries by the United Nations watchdog and the Atomic Energy board, etc going in looking for weapons of mass destruction and not finding ANY of them.  It didnít make any difference because a year or two before that they already decided they were going to have the war and even made the dates for them.  This is all just DRAMA for the public consumption, all that stuff.  They are doing the same with Iran right now as well. 


Here is an article as well, another article.  Itís from The Mail Online.


Why I believe Blair should stand trial - and even face charges for war crimes, by General Sir Michael Rose

By General Sir Michael Rose / 29th November 2009 /


The inquiry into the Iraq War is not a court and no one is on trial. So said Sir John Chilcot, chairman of the inquiry, in his opening statement. He added that he was not there to determine the guilt or innocence of those responsible for the invasion of Iraq.


The object of the inquiry is simply to identify the lessons that should be learned from Iraq in order to help future UK governments who may face similar situations.  (A:  I guess when they go into Iran.)


No doubt, Sir John's inquiry will be both frank and impartial. No doubt, where appropriate, some criticism will be made of politicians and officials alike.


But although these are worthy objectives, they fall scandalously short of the crucial issue which millions of people in this country - myself included - believe this inquiry should be about.


With respect to Sir John, there is really no point in holding a further inquiry unless it does apportion blame, unless it does hold to account those who led us into this unnecessary, unwinnable and costly war in Iraq.


The inquiry should be the first step in a judicial process that brings those responsible for the disasters of the Iraq war before the courts - and could, as I shall explain, ultimately result in Tony Blair being indicted for war crimes.  (A:  Thatís when pigs might fly because that will never happen.  Tony Blair is well protected.)


Already, the inquiry has provided us with devastating details of events in the run-up to Iraq.


Sir William Ehrman, former Director of Defence and Intelligence at the Foreign Office, told it this week that British spies reported ten days before the invasion that Iraq had 'disassembled' what chemical weapons it had. Yet Tony Blair nevertheless pressed ahead with the war.


Then came former Washington ambassador Sir Christopher Meyer's claim that Tony Blair and George W. Bush had signed a secret deal 'in blood' to topple Saddam Hussein almost a year before Iraq was invaded, and that officials found themselves scrabbling to find 'a smoking gun' to justify going to war.


But, despite these compelling accounts of what happened, the truth is that we already know the main lessons of Iraq: Britain was taken unprepared into war on false grounds (A:  Whatís new?), and the inevitable result was the destruction of Iraq, enormous loss of life and continuing political turmoil in the Middle East. (A:  Iíll add to that Ė also as I read last week Ė now the big, brand new taxpayer funded Ė mainly from the US Ė oil refineries are up and running and theyíve given the big contracts to Exxon Mobile, Dutch Shell and all the rest of the big boys.  THAT is what it was all about too.  Thatís what it was as well.  There is always another reason.)


Iíll be back with more tomorrow night, so from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



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