Dec. 10, 2009 (#469)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 10, 2009:

Greening -- A Tyranny By Any Other Name, Is Tyranny, No Less in Deception Game:

"Green Agenda to be Enforced
With Lower Ranks Paying the Cost, Of Course,
Forced Abortion and Sterilization,
The Green Way to Solve Equation,
Every Exhaled Breath You Make
Is Killing Tadpoles in Some Far-Off Lake,
The Targeted Enemy therefore is Man
According to Think-Tank which Designed Plan,
In 'The First Global Revolution' by Club of Rome,
U.N. to be in Charge of Nation and Home,
Deciding Who's to Breed and Who's Rejected,
A Hell on Earth, Only Officials Protected"
© Alan Watt Dec. 10, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 10, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks. I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December 10th 2009.  Newcomers, you should look into  That’s the official web site and on there you’ll see all the other official sites I have up there.  Anything you see on the net outside of these are not mine.  Bookmark the alternate sites for future use in case the big servers go down; they’ve done that in the past a few times.  That way you can get the latest shows, the audios, for download right away.  [Sites listed above.] 


Remember, that you are the audience and that you bring me to you five nights a week.  This is a full time…  It’s more than an occupation; it’s not a job either.  It’s more that that.  We are going through the most tremendous changes in history.  We’re going through the culmination of really of a couple hundred years of strategy and planning and it’s all happening right now as the world is being transformed into a new structure and authority… for the next THOUSAND years, literally, which will affect everything.  It’s up to you to keep me going and you can find out how to purchase the items I have for sale at and you can donate to me as well.  [Options listed above.]  It’s up to yourselves how you want to do it; it ends up in the same place anyway.  Some of these instant wiring systems are more costly than others so check them out for yourselves or you can just send cash.  For those who get disks burned and passed to them of the talks I’ve given and this happens all the time at little meetings all over the planet - that I hear about afterward generally - you can get in touch with me at [address above] and that should get to me without any problems whatsoever.  One thing about the mail, they’re very good, even when they open it sometimes, they still make sure that everything comes through.  I know when they open it because they put a bundle in the box - all at the same time, that they’ve held up for a week - with a rubber band around it.  I’m the only person in the area that gets it that way, but that’s the world we live in. 


It’s a totalitarian new system where we’ve been told we have a NEW FREEDOM.  George Bush Jr said that; he’s introducing the NEW FREEDOMS.  It was never asked by any reporter anywhere what he meant by this legal declaration - and it was a LEGAL DECLARATION - what the new freedoms were.  It’s odd that the reporters never ask the obvious isn’t it?  It’s like when his dad came out with the ‘new world order’ on September the 11th 1990, no one says, ‘well what do you mean by new world order; what does it mean?’  No one asked him that question; they just winked in that old Masonic way.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix.  It’s interesting when you look at recent history really, since about World War II onwards.  You can go before that too and I have gone into that before, into the past, ancient past, middle and up to the present.  It’s good to see how things really don’t seem to transpire by themselves.  It’s good to see how BIG organizations WORK on cultures and population and geo-politics to get them all ready for the next phase, the next wave they’re going to bring the populations through into this global agenda. 


For the last 100 years, and before that, great plans and great powers were at work to destroy the cultures that really were called ‘first world countries’ at that time.  They knew, even before they set up the League of Nations that became the United Nations, that to bring in their idealized, totally controlled society, world wide, that they’d have to destroy any part of a culture and any culture which was not all-inclusive in its particular way of viewing others.  That went for religions too.  Any religion which was not all-inclusive of everyone else’s religion HAD TO BE destroyed and they’d replace it, they said, eventually with a form of pantheism.  It’s called New Age today.  They started that on a big roll since the 1930s BUT before that too even in the 1800s with Madame Blavatsky.  She was on the go.  She was set out to try and introduce the blending of the cultures especially of India with that of the West.  They had a plan THEN that eventually they would open up the floodgates from India, under a British Commonwealth system, for interchange of population.  So anyone who has a sort of exclusive culture or has an exclusive believe that they believe is the only real belief there is to have, has to be literally put down by any means possible, eventually just blacklisted and banned if need be, outlawed in fact. 


A lot of these changes were done by what people thought were grassroots movements and political movements, generally called the left.  Now many of the left wing followers became true believers in this great utopic idea they had.  It seemed to make sense to them that everyone should be the same, etc, etc, etc without even thinking first if everyone is the same, that means even their own culture has to be pretty well destroyed in the process, without telling them what kind of culture would replace it.  Who wants to work towards a world state where you have a fixed, a rigidly fixed, intergenerational dominant group ruling over all the rest?  The dominant group ruling in luxury and all the rest of you kept deprived of the material things of living.  That’s part of totalitarianism, when an elite hold the keys to the distribution of manufactured goods and so on.  Population CONTROL has always been part of it as well.


They started with countries in Europe, on the population control rant a long time ago.  At that time, it was seen to be the RIGHT wing, the far right that wanted it.  They were terrified that the lesser breeds, the commoners, would outbreed the elite type… even though the elite always had far more children than the commoners did.   That’s absolute nonsense to think it was the other way around… although that is promoted as the myth.  I have books going back to the early 1900s when the big families, the Lords and peer families, the hereditary peer groups, were churning out books calling for restrictions of birth for the commoners.  There were a lot of books written as well to counter that by different ministers on behalf of the public using the statistics of births and saying ‘why don’t the elite give us an example?’  They would point out how many this family and that family had, at the top of the food chain. 


You can never take things at face value.  You must always look at all sides of everything and see who’s really PLAYING the sides.  I’ve always said there is another side pulling the strings of both sides.  That’s a fact; there is.  They always need TRUE, grassroots believers, the mob, the sheep in Animal Farm that George Orwell talked about that simply are there to CHANT the slogans and don’t even notice when the slogan has altered.  They chant it just the same; they are the masses of followers. 


China, years ago and I’ve read the old reports over the years from China that led up to be what is now being proclaimed as the world’s example; it’s the MODEL STATE for the world to follow.  The United Nations has said that many times.  With their one child per family policy, which is by the way a LIE.  I read a report a few months ago that said that China had been actually easing their one child per family policy for those families who could AFFORD IT, to pay a fine.  This is eugenics, you see.  Meaning, those who can afford to have more children, obviously have made it up the food chain in the psychopathic struggle of psychopaths as they get up into the politburos that every town over there has.  The politburos decide even what businesses they are going to have now, you understand.  It’s really a fascist system in disguise.  In fact, it’s a more perfected fascist system under the guise of communism.  YOU all down there must suffer because we’re all really struggling but WE at the top have to live a higher lifestyle because we’re dignitaries and important people you see.  That’s the hypocrisy of communism, but they’re held up to be the model state for the world. 


It’s purely eugenics and it will be worse and worse as time goes on because it will mean these families, which are already intergenerational – these politburo types – are psychopathic.  They will marry other types of psychopaths that came up the same way.  Only psychopaths struggle up to the top.  They’ve got a LUST for power ordinary folk can not imagine.  They interbreed and the produce worse psychopaths so HELL IS COMING DOWN THE ROAD.  The best laid plans of mice and men, gang aft agley, as they say.


At the Copenhagen meeting, apart from looting the world and making us all poor in the process, which is part of the agenda, absolute poverty – I’m not kidding about that – and governmental regulation under so many guises but technically it’s the communistic techniques they’re using on the masses, as I said they would, while the fascist elite remain in place with their big multinational, international trading deals selling carbon offsets and all the rest of it.  So here they are at Copenhagen prattling on about China being the model state, again, for the world to follow.  Obviously China is also using it as a bastion against paying too many carbon taxes, even through they’re the world’s main polluter now because they have all the factories that the West GAVE them through the GATT Treaty.  The Westerners snoozed through this as their factories were sent abroad and the tax payers of the West PAID FOR IT ALL, by the way, the whole transplanting process. 


This article here is about Copenhagen and about what’s being discussed there.  It’s from the China Daily.


Population control called key to deal

(Alan:  So there you go, right into it… money and population control.  PROFIT really, and population control.  You know darn well that it’s got nothing to do with what they’re CLAIMING.  It’s a beautiful CON, saving the climate, saving the world and all that stuff.  It’s a great con to get everybody poor while they take it all from the ones at the bottom and bring in really a communistic society across the globe.)

By Li Xing (China Daily) / 2009-12-10


COPENHAGEN: Population and climate change are intertwined but the population issue has remained a blind spot when countries discuss ways to mitigate climate change and slow down global warming, according to Zhao Baige, vice-minister of National Population and Family Planning Commission of China (NPFPC).  (A:  We’re going to have these same commissioners or Commissariats in all the Western countries shortly too.)


"Dealing with climate change is not simply an issue of CO2 emission reduction but a comprehensive challenge involving political, economic, social, cultural and ecological issues, and the population concern fits right into the picture," said Zhao, who is a member of the Chinese government delegation.  (A:  And I will add, communist.  It’s still communist as far as they proclaim.)


Many studies link population growth with emissions and the effect of climate change.  (A:  Well, it’s interesting.  What the Chinese are quoting here are statistics, all fudged.  Statistics are great.  I think it was Theo Roosevelt that first said this.  He said, “You have lies; you have damn lies; and then you have statistics.”  It’s another FORM of putting across a LIE.  But if you think ‘well, it’s a scientific thing, then it must be a fact;’ that’s why they use statistics, and they fudge them all the time.  They use the London School of Economics and the UN’s own statistics to bolster up their argument here.  That’s very interesting indeed.  They have all these fake statistic of how much CO2 they’ll cut back if they reduce the population by X-amount and so on and all rest of it.) 


She admitted that China's population program is not without consequences, as the country is entering the aging society fast and facing the problem of gender imbalance.  (A:  Ha.  Ha.  You see, infanticide is always going on well and good in China.  They prefer the males and now they have an imbalance of way too many males over females.  They have an aging population and they aren’t producing enough children.  The UN has said itself it sees population of China declining DRASTICALLY around 2050, in fact beyond the state of recovery.  It’s amazing how that’s their goal at the United Nations.  It’s to put whole places under to such an extent they can’t recover.  There’s actually an extent where you start to die off, the breed type dies off.  That’s also slated for the West and that’s actually working, has been working for years.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, filling in the blanks that most media leaves out.  I’m showing you what’s behind the articles they produce, what are the REASONS for producing them, what you are intended to believe.  They play on your ignorance.  They always present things with a great slant by omission generally, by omitting any other factors, except favorable.  Favorable factors, kind of like pharma does when they get special doctors who are well paid to do it, to fudge reports on drugs.  It’s the same idea; just OMIT all the bad stuff, you know, like deaths and paralysis and stuff like that. 


Everything is meant to be propaganda.  Everything is propaganda.  Most people unfortunately don’t know that.  The average person out there, in this audience, WILL know that but people outside who don’t listen to shows like this will read the regular news, hear the regular media and they think no further than they’re getting told everything there is to know about something and that’s all there is.  Their opinions are FORMED for them by deliberation by those who set them up, the process that sets them up. 


Margaret Sanger was a great eugenicist who really spearheaded the abortion and the sterilization industries.  She lived in the US and she formed the group called Family Planning.  She HATED various races; she thought they were utterly inferior.  She was a great admirer of Nazi Germany and Communist Russia; she loved Stalin as well.  She called children WEEDS by the way, WEEDS, and thought having children really, for a female, was abhorrent in a sense, like popping out a pumpkin; I think she actually used that term.  You should CRINGE when you realize who the people are behind the big movements that are ongoing today.  You should CRINGE when you realize the HATRED for humanity that they actually have. 


It’s carried on by big elitist groups.  The United Nations is famous for talking about getting women freedom of choices and all this stuff and it’s not that at all.  You have to go into the Kissinger report where they said that the third world countries really pose a threat to the state, meaning the US and the Western world, by their overpopulation and a big plan went into work to try and encourage women to go in for sterilizations and abortions across the third world countries.  We’re funding so many outfits out there that you can’t count them all now, through government funding and foundational funding under the umbrella of the United Nations which pretends it keeps its hands clean.  They will say they don’t actually do abortions themselves.  They just have this umbrella group of NGOs and foundations and government grants beneath to them that do it all for them.  They’re all hypocrites and liars. 


The Optimum Population Trust is part of this.  It’s run by the TOP fascists.  They admit themselves – I read the article from their own web site some time ago – where they said that most people view them as very rich, elitist, aristocratic types, WHITE, he says, “which we are.”  The chairman says, “Which we ARE.”  They’re all aristocrats, the type of Charles Galton Darwin’s stock.  I think one of their heads right now is Sir Crispin Tickell, a man who’s not too funny at all regardless of his name.  He really puts Malthus up on a pedestal for his policies and said they should be followed through.  I think he’s also related to the Darwin’s.  Now they’ve come out with these carbon offsets for the wealthier countries.  All of you struggling out there, you are the wealthy people apparently, according to them.  Not the big boys within the Optimum Population Trust; THEY won’t pay for this, YOU will.  They’ve got a web site up now – it just came out, it popped out – called Pop Offsets, POP Offsets.  I suppose it means population offsets.  Or it could be offset the pop, you know, the papa.  It could be that too.  Maybe it’s to ‘pop off’ the child rather than ‘pop out’ the child.  It’s up to you to take your pick.  This is from their own web site.  I’ll put the links up on the site at the end of the show if XplorNet gives me the speed to put up a few bits, which they seldom do now.  They do attack you, believe you me, if you’re not ‘on board’ with the agenda.  It says here…



OPT for lower population, lower emissions.


Welcome to PopOffsets.


PopOffsets is unique - the first project in the world that, simply and transparently, enables individuals and organizations to offset their carbon footprint by funding the unmet need for family planning (A:  That’s the Sanger abortion and sterilization agenda which they call family planning.) and the removal of the many barriers to women who want smaller families.  (A:  They always pretend they are so caring and they CARE… They don’t care a darn about women at home or abroad, by the way.)


Our project recognizes the intrinsic links between increasing CO2 emissions, climate change and the world’s ever-growing population.  (A:  So they give you a site here where you can actually donate to it, to offset your own carbon credits.  This will take off because we’re all going to get PERSONAL billings from the governments on what they estimate we’ve used for carbon, what we’ve cost them in carbon for you.  We’re going to get that.  People will be using sites like this to offset their carbon, all the big players.  They show you all the different things but it says,


What is PopOffsets?

PopOffsets is an initiative of the Optimum Population Trust - a leading UK-based environmental charity (A:  You know, one of these foundations.) which has many prominent patrons.  (A:  PROMINENT patrons, you know.)


What we do and how it works

PopOffsets is the world's first project that offers to offset carbon dioxide emissions through the most cost-effective and environmentally beneficial means - family planning(A:  Which, as I say, is abortion and sterilization, for the third world mainly, on this particular site here.  This is sold to you like a wonderful ad; they want to help people.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’ve gone on over the years about giving you sort of previews of the world to come, showing you instances that were happening at the time and projecting what will happen in the future and talking about the PROCESS, the deliberate science and process behind DEGRADING society.  I’ve gone through the Huxley material.  I did it again last night, a little bit of it with Julian Huxley who said they must convince the public and teach them and condition them to stop holding life up to such a high pedestal, as something special.  Human life he was talking about and how they would have to see themselves as another kind of animal


It was from his particular statement that various books were churned out like Soylent Green.  It was actually a covert way to try and make the planet FEARFUL about overpopulation, although it kind of had the other effect in the movie version, where the people end up eating the remains of others, like little cake bars, green bars that came out of crematoriums.  I went on about the process too, that abortion was the FIRST pillar to help us get into the acceptance of killing people really, KILLING people, which is killing OURSELVES.  We all come from the same start basically and it’s killing ourselves off.  So it dehumanizes us in the process until it’s normal and you say ‘so what…’ and then it becomes a business.  Abortion industry is a big business.  Then they say ‘what can we do with this fetal tissue?’  ‘Well, we can experiment with it and find PROFITS in different ways.’  They sell parts to different laboratories and pharma companies; they put them in vaccines even, fetal tissue.  I remember in Russia, it was interesting; it was quite a few years back.  They showed you how the elite of Russia were quite literally, under a particular scientist’s theory, they were basically putting babies into blenders and having the stuff injected into them thinking it would give them youthfulness and so on.  That was a big, I think it was a BBC or a Panoramic production. 


Nothing DISGUSTS me at all anymore because I saw this years ago.  I knew the agenda.  I knew all the different PARTS of the agenda.  I was conscious of it all as I was living through it.  When it happened, all these different things, knowing where it was going too, and the fact that it was organizational - abilities and brains - that were obviously all connected together that were bringing us along this particular path.  Again, about 6 months ago, maybe a year ago, I mentioned about the new method of disposing of bodies where Sweden was using them in these big heating facilities.  Something like New York’s got.  New York has got a system where the garbage can get burned to produce heat for certain accommodations and homes and houses.  Well, in Sweden they also have that – I don’t know how many places in Sweden but one city in particular – and they dispose of their corpses in there too, to add a few thermal points to their system.  Now they’ve come out with a cremation fluid.  I’ve mentioned this before too.  It’s called GREEN… anything that’s got the word GREEN to it must mean it’s okay.  They should really call abortion green too, green abortion, green sterilization, and it will take off better if they use that slogan.  This is from Mother Nature News, which is a greenie magazine of course.  This is called…


Green (gross?) cremation method produces liquid fertilizer

(A:  No doubt, it will be for Monsanto and the big boys who are in the process of taking over the last of the independent food supplies on the planet.)

New climate-friendly (A:  I love the terminology, it’s so Soviet.) cremation method uses water and lye to transform human remains into 200 gallons of liquid fertilizer. 

(A:  See, there’s a profit in everything, everything.  In China - the model state for the world that kills prisoners who they know have a certain DNA type and blood type to match existing people who want donor organs - they just execute them and take them. What a business eh?  Anything goes in this disgusting world of today, but you’ve got to understand who’s running it.)

By Stephanie Rogers  Mon, Dec 07 2009 /


There are an awful lot of people on the planet, and modern methods for disposing of human remains aren’t exactly earth-friendly. (A:  Earth friendly, oh my goodness, earth friendly and green friendly.)  A new alternative to cremation and burial could change that — and even increase food production for those still living — if we can get past the ‘ick factor’ of liquefying our dead relatives.  (A:  Well that will be easy won’t it?  That will be pretty easy, now that you have all these dysfunctional families or people don’t even know who their parents are, so who will be there to care?)


"Resomation" is the process of disposing of human corpses through alkaline hydrolysis, which occurs when the body is sealed inside a vault-like tube filled with water and lye and steam-heated to 300 degrees. (A:  Well hey, that’s going to give off carbon and pollute the atmosphere.)  Three hours later, some powdery bone fragments and 200 gallons of fluid are all that remains.


Essentially, Resomation — which was developed by Scottish company Resomation Ltd. (A:  They’d been right into the whiskey there I think.) — is just like the natural process of decomposition, but on fast-forward. The fluid can be safely dumped into sewer systems or even used as fertilizer on farms and gardens — a proposal that some say comes a little too close to ‘Soylent Green’ for comfort.


But unlike cremation and traditional burial, alkaline hydrolysis doesn’t lead to toxic chemicals like dioxin and formaldehyde being released into the atmosphere or water supply. It also uses 80 percent less energy than standard cremation.  (A:  It’s good too for the chemical companies that make all the chemicals to do it all, but they won’t mention that.)


Despite its apparent eco-friendliness (A:  Eco-friendliness, it’s all green and everything else.), it’s improbable that Resomation will become a common way to deal with human remains any time soon. It seems unlikely at best that Americans will accept pouring what’s left of a loved one down a drain or consuming food that has been sprayed with corpse juice.


But as world leaders struggle to deal with the immense specter of global warming, solutions like Resomation may become more palatable — and it’s already accepted by many religious faiths, including Catholicism.  (A:  Oh really?)


“We’re not opposed to it. Environmentally, it seems like the right thing to do,” says Catholic Cemeteries manager of marketing Amy Profenna.  (A:  I think she’s very profane there.)


So there you go!  There you go.  You can buy off anybody to say anything can’t you.  Of course, no one would actually take the bribe would they?  Not in this world, it’s so honest and transparent.  Quite something.  Quite something.


There’s another article here on the carbon trading.  This was predicted AGES ago with this carbon trading scheme, how it was really meant for the rich at the top of course and all the poor folk down below are going to be raped and pillaged to get the taxes out of them and eventually leading to the abolition of private property - which is on the list, by the way, of the United Nations.  So they’ve got a few different planks to go, not far mind you; they’re on the road.  It says here from  Everything is green now isn’t it?  Remember, green was the sacred color, meaning the successful conclusion of communism.  The red star was the star of the revolutionary part of it.  You’ve got red lodges, black lodges, green lodges, blue lodges, and so on, the ‘rainbow’ coalition.  It says here…


UK's richest man could make more than £1bn from carbon trading scheme

Could Mittal be laughing all the way to the bank with his carbon credits?

by ClickGreen staff / Published Mon 07 Dec 2009


New analysis released by climate change NGO Sandbag has revealed that the UK’s richest resident, Lakshmi Mittal, CEO and major shareholder of the steel giant ArcelorMittal, could make over £1 billion between now and 2012 from his company’s participation in the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme.  (A:  They were given all these things initially BY the EU Parliament, these corporations, given them FREE and they’ve already been making MILLIONS off them by trading them to each other.  YOU won’t get that option at the bottom.  You might get the option of getting a little reduction if you go into the Optimum Population Trust to sterilize people abroad.  That might be for you, but you won’t be able to get into the big group at the top that can do what these guys do.)


ArcelorMittal has over 14 million emissions permits that it does not need (A:  It’s bought them in advance, or it was given to them or they’ve already traded them from other companies.) in 2008, a figure which Sandbag estimates will rise to 80 million by 2012 making it by far the biggest beneficiary of the scheme across the EU.  (A:  It’s beautiful isn’t it, because you don’t move anything.  You don’t move anything.  It’s better than selling debt, where nothing is moved either except blips on a computer and promissory notes.)


Sandbag has written to CEO Laksmi Mittal urging him to commit to cancelling his company’s unneeded emissions permits in what would be the largest act of climate philanthropy on record. (A:  Ha!)  If cancelled the 80 million surplus permits would prevent 80 million tonnes worth of pollution going into the world’s atmosphere (A:  How?  How?), equivalent to the annual emissions of Denmark (A:  It’s beautiful how they come up with these great statistics out of CO2 air.  Utter rubbish, BUT they will make a massive killing on utter rubbish.).


Interesting too.  Everyone who’s worked for a corporation or a company or any government institution knows the score from the first day they arrive that there is a policy and through the scuttlebutt that’s allowed to continue, or make its rounds through the companies, you know immediately if it’s privately owned or if it’s a director in charge, you know immediately what his policies are, what he PREFERS.  It’s the same in hospitals or where ever it happens to be; there is always a preferred way of doing things, that so-and-so likes.  If you’re a journalist and you work for a newspaper, you immediately catch on to what the OWNER likes and what the editors like, so you know what stories NOT to cover; or, if you have to cover them, you know how to SLANT it.  That’s standard.  If you want to keep your job, that’s what you do.  But government institutions tend to do it a little differently.  They put down through surveys, to find out who is either pro or against something, but they always make it known in advance what they prefer at the top.  If you want to keep your job, you go with the guys at the top, obviously.  We find that, from the Times Online, the Met office in London…


Top scientists rally to the defence of the Met Office

From The Times December 10, 2009  /  Julia Slingo


The Met Office (A:  That’s a government office.) has embarked


(A:  They’re making a fortune on this con of global warming.  Suddenly these scientists… you understand that during the 50s and 60s and 70s up into the 80s people were encouraged to go in, to make money, lots of money. Either they went into medicine, pharmacology, at the top that is, like selling the stuff or marketing, or go into law or to go into especially the law attached to government, or go into sciences but mainly the sort of nuclear sciences to do with missile defenses.  Every so often you had this supposed race going on where both sides would claim that the other side had a faster missile or whatever and you had to come out with this new one.  So you could spend your whole lifetime and retire, and lots of them did, piling in the money that came from government grants to design new missiles.  After the Cold War, we suddenly emerged into the ONE system, the synthesis of capitalist/communism.  The thing now is global warming.  It’s the new enemy you see, and that’s what the Club of Rome said.  They had to come up with a new enemy and man would be the problem and global warming, famine and the like would ‘fit the bill’. That’s their very words from their own book.  Now they’re going in to this.  They’re all getting massive grants and suddenly they’re all very important scientists.  Before if you worked for the weather men, you happened to meet them in conversation and you say what do you do?  Well, I’m in the weather department and you sort of ah, ha, yes, very interesting and you’d walk on.  But now they’re suddenly famous and they’re strutting around just like the people did when Kung-Fu first came out.  In every Chinese restaurant you went in, in Europe, these little waiters were strutting around for the first time because everyone thought they knew Kung-Fu.  The same idea, you’re suddenly important.  So this article says here…


The Met Office has embarked on an urgent exercise to bolster the reputation of climate-change science after the fervor over stolen e-mails.


More than 1,700 scientists have agreed to sign a statement defending the “professional integrity” of global warming research. They were responding to a round-robin request from the Met Office, which has spent four days collecting signatures. The initiative is a sign of how worried it is that e-mails stolen from the University of East Anglia are fuelling scepticism about man-made global warming at a critical moment in talks on carbon emissions.


One scientist said that he felt under pressure to sign the circular or risk losing work (A:  His job.). The Met Office admitted that many of the signatories did not work on climate change.  (A:  So it didn’t matter if you didn’t work in the climate change department; that would be good enough.  See, they’re liars and cheats and all the rest of it aren’t they? They’re PROVING it by doing that survey.  What department are you?  Oh, I’m not in the weather.  It doesn’t matter, THEY won’t know, just sign your name here.  [Alan laughing.]  So it says…)


John Hirst, the Met Office chief executive (A: So here you are, the CEO), and Julia Slingo, its chief scientist, wrote to 70 colleagues on Sunday asking them to sign “to defend our profession against this unprecedented attack to discredit us and the science of climate change”.  (A:  Now why didn’t they say ‘we’re very impartial about this science, what do you really think about it?’  No, they said, ‘it’s to defend our profession against this unprecedented attack to discredit us and the science of climate change’.  So there is their mindset right away.  So anybody who signs that says, ‘I want to keep my job; I’d better sign it.’  [Alan laughing.])  They asked them to forward the petition to colleagues to generate support “for a simple statement that we . . . have the utmost confidence in the science base that underpins the evidence for global warming”.  (A:  There are your con games right in action right there; ‘do you want to keep your job?’ ‘ Well, yeah.’  Wonderful eh?)


Now, remember I’ve gone into the United Nations and its precursor - it’s a kind of phoenix type system that’s supposed to alter every so many years into its next phase because its predecessor, the League of Nations, was started up with the INTENTION of bringing in global government.  It has all the departments that you have within the United Nations that your Federal government has.   For everything that it’s involved in, within, so does the United Nations on a much bigger scale.  You don’t realize that pretty much all your laws that come down the pike to do with land, with water rights, well drilling, septic systems, maintenance, conservation, all that comes from the UN.  Even building a house and the structure of it for the engineers, all comes from dictates by the United Nations.  Building codes of all kinds, electrical codes, plumbing codes, and on and on it goes.  Well the UN now is pushing its next, they always push for the next thing.  They’re literally going to take over the SEA.  No travel, no freedom of travel on the sea without their permission.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  The UN was designed to take over all the functions and the authority over, that really national governments had in the past, because it’s to be the END of NATIONALISM.  When it was set up in the first place, it said its main enemy was nationalism, followed by INDIVIDUALISM.  The destruction of INDIVIDUALISM was necessary, they said, to bring in a collectivist type society… a long time ago.  The only ones who will actually be individuals are those at the top who can afford it.  This is from the Times, as they’re after the sea.  They already own the sea basically because they’ve already signed agreements bit by bit, then they put them into force years later.


UN may curtail 400-year-old 'freedom of the seas'

From The Times December 10, 2009 / Frank Pope, Ocean Correspondent


The 400-year-old freedom of the high seas would be lost under United Nations plans to limit environmental damage. (A:  See how they will use it for EVERYTHING.)


Military forces of several nations are in discussions with conservationists over pooling surveillance resources to enforce the changes.


The “freedom of the seas” has given mariners legal rights to roam the high seas — a boundary that usually occurs 200 nautical miles from shore — at will. Specialists gathered at a London conference are saying that fishermen have been pushing the concept too far.


The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea came into force in 1983 (A:  I remember at the time talking about that and no one would listen.) and enshrined the 17th-century concept of the freedom of the seas. But while being on the high seas puts ships outside the jurisdiction of any one country, the small print of the law dictates that nations ensure that no undue damage is caused.  (A:  In other words, massive loopholes; they can literally go after everything, right.)


“The freedom of the high seas has always been accompanied by attendant responsibilities in the Law of the Sea Convention,” said Jeff Ardron, director of the high seas programme for the Marine Conservation Biology Institute.


“They were not unfettered freedoms — they have just been treated that way. The time has come when we are finally going to implement the Law of the Sea Convention as it was intended,” he told the Natural England conference, entitled Sea Change: securing a future for Europe’s seas.


The UN General Assembly voted last week to impose strict regulations on high seas bottom-trawling vessels. (A:  It’s amazing; they let that happen to certain countries like Canada for about 30 years and now they’re just stopping it.  Canadians weren’t allowed to fish there; it was everybody else.  In fact, they put the whole fishing business pretty well under in Canada thanks to the United Nations by allowing all the Spanish ones and all the ones across over in Europe to fish everything and bottom troll it as well, across the Canadian shore lines.  That was a policy to put all the Canadian fishermen out of business.)  Next February a UN working group will meet to discuss establishing Marine Protected Areas on the high seas to create boundaries within which fishing activities are restricted.


Fishing vessels are not required to carry the same automatic identification system that tracks the identity of merchant ships. Closing this loophole will be crucial to keeping their activities in check, said Kristina Gjerde, the high seas policy adviser for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. 


You know eventually you’re going to get no protein.  You ever wonder why the mad cow thing broke out?  Did it ever dawn on you that it might not have existed at all?  They kept showing the same poor cow going across a barnyard, in every country, and then they slaughtered pretty well ALL of the cattle of Britain especially and a good part of Europe.  Lots of folk went vegetarian, terrified.  Then they told you ‘don’t eat fish, there’s mercury in it; don’t eat that.’  Then H1N1 come from chickens.  Go veggie, go veggie…  You don’t catch on to it do you, what’s really going on in?  The WAR is going on and you’ve been living through it without even KNOWING it. 


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



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