Dec. 15, 2009 (#472)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 15, 2009:

Religious Freedom Train has Lobotomized Brain:

"The World Religions are All Compromised,
Replacing Beliefs with Communist Lies,
Strident at First, Now Lazy and Fat,
Politicized Shepherds Know Where it's At,
In Order to Keep their Tax-Exempt Funding,
The Cutting-Edge Sword has Severe Blunting,
Hybrid Sheep All Mixed with the Others,
A World of Bleaters under Various Covers,
Chewing Violence and Sex from Daily TV,
To the God of Mammon, They Bend the Knee,
When Dead Bury the Dead, They'll be in Shock
As They're Pawning Clothes, their Priest has No Frock"
© Alan Watt Dec. 15, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 15, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December 15th 2009.  For the newcomers, look into  On this web site you’ll see all the other sites I have if you scroll down.  Bookmark them for future use because I do get hassles from the big servers once in a while and if you bookmark them, at least you can download the latest shows - they’re in audio format - and you can listen to them while the big ones give me a hassle and I try to figure it out.  These are the official sites I have and anything else is not mine.  [Sites listed above.]  As always, I try to get my little plug for myself in at the very top of the show, which is probably wrong.  I should scatter it throughout the show because people jump over it.  Everyone expects everyone else to pay.  That’s generally what happens.  Everybody is expecting and no one is paying.  You can buy the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale on the web site.  Some of the CDs have 50 shows on them.  You can also donate.  The method to purchase my items or donate is on the web site.  [Options listed above.]  For folks who just get the disks burned and given to them, they don’t use computers, and lots of them get passed around at talks and demonstrations and so on, you can get in touch with me at [address above].


I generally mention too once in a while, that if you’re not authorized to be out there and you’re not living in the US, you have to use US sources to get information out.  It’s the only country left with the ability to say things and even that’s going down quickly.  There are massive attacks inside the US to curtail freedom of speech.  Freedom of speech means that you have to listen to a lot of the stuff you don’t like as well.  That’s what freedom of speech is all about, the pros and cons, the groups that go after each other.  You can not be offended because that’s what free speech is about.  When free speech is curtailed, it means that somebody has won somewhere and they’re eliminating all the rest from talking about them.  That’s really what free speech and censorship is about.  In Canada, I have XplorNet literally cutting me back; that’s my uploader.  I upload through their satellite company and they’re censoring me, by design, by cutting me by over half the speed – taking the same money of course – and giving me the runaround.  ONLY IN THE U.S. DO YOU HAVE THE LAST VOICE LEFT… USE IT!  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  As I say, it’s amazing outside the US and it’s amazing inside the US because people take things for granted within their country.  They think and every generation thinks that everything is going to be the same forever.  Then they grow older and they ADAPT to the changes until literally, you adapt your way OUT of all FREEDOMS and you have no freedoms left.  They don’t understand that OUTSIDE THE US, basically you don’t have these rights and freedoms to say what you want to say.  People who DO say what they want to say from whatever party, side or whatever agency, they come under fire often from the biggest agencies out there; the ones who are backed by the biggest money and the biggest organization. 


Outside the US we know we are in a completely SOCIALIZED world.  A socialized world, done on the FABIAN principle that was meant to integrate the Soviet system, after 70-80 years, into the commercial capitalist system, with those that have the right by Darwin’s principles, those at the TOP of the capitalistic system, to run the world together.  Socialism for the public, serving the world state, and for the people, they get all their cash or credits or whatever they want to call it from the big, top, capitalists that would work hand-in-glove with government.  That’s why it’s so hard to define it to most people.  They get stuck in terms.  They think of only communism as communism.  They think of socialism as something completely different.  They think of fascism, again, as something completely different.  You’ve got to understand this is a BLENDING of all those systems that came out of the principles of Charles Darwin. 


In fact you’ll find if you go in to the writings of Karl Marx, he adopted Darwin’s theories because he said it validated his whole theory, his doctrine of materialism.  Under those principles, those who have PROVEN they were the fittest to survive by getting to the top had the right to rule over the rest and that science eventually would be used as the big hammer on the public.  Experts, a world of experts and scientists – snake oil salesmen really – that could wrangle any formula to suit their political agendas.  That’s what we live through.  It’s through medicine; it’s through everything.  A lot of nonsense theories that keep changing all the time, contradicting the last theories very often, without a mention – very Orwellian – without a mention of how wrong they must have been with yesterday’s theory that was taught as the gospel truth. 


There are very few stations left in the United States that can still say what they want, very few.  I’ve no doubt at all they will be banned eventually.  We are really IN the grip now of the last stage of the onslaught of what is loosely termed ‘world socialism,’ something planned for well over 100 years, actually hundreds of years in the making.  One of the stations here is RBN.  I don’t get paid from RBN.  I don’t get paid by the advertisers.  The money of the advertisers that are on the show pay directly to RBN; I have nothing to do with that at all.  That pays for this air time and it pays for their staff, equipment and their bills.  I’m sure RBN gets a lot of hammering as well for the different guests that they have on, the different ideas and all the rest of it.  Again, that’s what freedom of speech is all about, whether you like it or not.  Lots of people out there would have you have NO freedom of speech whatsoever; they will turn you into an Orwellian world. 


People have to see George Orwell’s 1984, the black and white version.  Most folk don’t read the book anymore; they can’t read any book, they’ve got to have it all visual.  So, if they see the black and white version that was put out in 1984, as a memorial basically to George Orwell, a tribute, with Richard Burton in it.  It’s a very good version.  They cram a lot of the real book in there.  THAT’S what we are going through now.  When you see double think at play, where the bureaucratic class, when they’re given a new order as to who they’re fighting, MUST FORGET who they were fighting yesterday and pretend it was always this NEW enemy and that’s who they’ve always been fighting, just like that… just like that.  That’s the politically correct world we live in today.  We believe what we’re told to believe immediately, and you’d better believe it OR ELSE.  That’s what it’s all about under world socialism. 


I used to listen to Patriot radio stations when it was all on short wave radio; that’s the AM band.  There were quite a few different stations out there at that time with different points of view.  It was good to listen to all of the different points of view of what was happening in the world and how different groups saw things from their perspective.  One by one, I watched them all go down, almost ALL have gone.  You get attacks by many different ways, just like I get attacked by a satellite company that really is working for Hughes Satellite Corporation, which is the big military-industrial bunch.  The military share the same satellite that XplorNet subcontracts for.  So they’re in bed with them totally.  If they can’t just ban you from speaking, the simply pull the plug on you or give you hassles like halving your speed so you can’t even watch a video.


I get probably hundreds of people every week saying watch this video but I can’t watch ANY.  I can’t even download - even though I’m paying for high speed - I can’t even download my own show as it’s playing right now, as YOU can do; you can download it because RBN is broadcasting it.  I can’t do that.  That’s how they get to you outside the US.  This kind of stuff can be done too, more covertly within the US.  You have more right to comeback and complain than we do outside.  We have no rights here.  Here, they’ll play with you forever, just play with you.  I’ve gone through all the rigmarole of probably it’s your equipment.  Then you pay hundreds of bucks to get a guy in and then of course, you replace this and that, and nothing is wrong with the stuff and it isn’t until you go through all this rigmarole that eventually one person at XplorNet, one night, maybe a new girl, I don’t know, said they’ve got you on a lock.  I said oh really?  ‘Yeah, they’ve got you on a lock for your usage.’  Of course they had great clauses saying ‘unfair use of policy’, unfair use… even though I DON’T overdo anything that wasn’t in the advertising in the contract.  They can vary it to suit you and say ‘oh well, see for you, especially you, you’ve gone over the limit.’  You say, what IS the limit?  I’ve been through this with them.  ‘We can’t tell you.’  They can’t tell me what the limit is!  So you catch on immediately, they’ve been TOLD to give me a hassle.  So anybody who really wants high speed, whatever you do, DON’T get XplorNet.  I’ll keep talking about that until they up the speed to what it’s supposed to be, what I’m paying for.  They have no problem taking the cash for that.  Then I might just be a little more pleasant to them.  This has been going on for months now, months. 


Most folk, as I say, are ignorant of the history of what’s been happening and they get confused with terms like communism, socialism, all the isms, even Zionism; there are two kinds of Zionism.  There is the one that Einstein talked about and there’s the one that people think is to do with a homeland for Jewish people.  But they really all COMBINE together.  These came out of WORLD MOVEMENTS to UNITE the whole planet under the groups that were formed to bring in the Darwinistic theories, combined with the theories of Nietzsche and so on.  In fact, Darwin was responsible to giving credence to the theory of Marxism and Communism.  They showed in their own propaganda in the Soviet Union the faces of Lenin and Darwin and they had portraits of Marx and all the rest of it.  They put them all together.  You’ll find that in the early Nazi posters as well.  They did the same thing.  In fact, in the earliest ones, Hitler was next to Lenin; they had them on the same poster because they were BOTH socialist movements. 


We find these big, big movements towards that were also funded, in history you can tell, they were funded - by proof and evidence and articles written in prestigious magazines and newspapers at the time - that they were funded by the top BANKERS of the Western world:  Germany, Britain, and the US.  They brought in those moments, all of them.  No one was ever tried.  No banker was ever tried and no corporation was ever tried, international corporations, for the damage they caused to the rest of us… because the agenda is still ongoing and they’re all still being used.  When they started up the revolutionary movements, they had to create ones for most of the males but they also created ones for the females to get them in, to get everybody involved in change - change was to be good, you see - back in the 1800s. 


They brought out Madame Blavatsky, an actress basically, a ham actress.  They gave her a form of female Freemasonry with mysticism and channeling and all this stuff to bring them in.  That’s what Weishaupt said too, how do you get recruits in, you give them a big MYSTERY; you never give them the answer, but give them great mystery and you can keep them going.  It was also for revolutionary change and Blavatsky talked about that, revolutionary, radical change.  She said eventually we shall win by using the CHURCHES.  Back with more on this after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Back in the 1800s there were so many groups formed and they were formed to be multitude of groups because those that planned the future knew there were different kinds of personalities, different classes and so on, different kinds of people with different beefs.  So they gave leaders to ALL.  They also knew that people were very religious in some countries and they made sure they got their religious leaders presented them as well, through infiltration.  That’s what Blavatsky talked about in her own books.  She said that eventually they’d bring in a WORLD RELIGION and they’d use the churches to do it.  They’ve actually done it. 


We also know that Mr. Rockefeller funded the World Council of Churches that began all the interfaith.  They didn’t actually begin it; they copied it because his ancestors were already busy with a Parliament of World Religions.  I think the first one was, they had one I think in England with the World Fair in the 1800s.  Then there was another one too in Chicago in about 1893, a Parliament of World Religions.  I have their books here.  Their idea was to bring a world socialist system together and they used all the religious leaders to bring it about.  They never stopped.  They never stopped.  That’s why it’s never safe to join anything without looking into who controls your particular branch of a church, what kind of sect are you in, how far does it go up, does it go up to the World Council of Churches?  If it does, then you’re in a socialist, global system.  Once your job is done and you bring all this to be, you’ll have nothing left in common with the initial guidelines and beliefs of that particular church.  However, that won’t matter because generations will have passed and you’ll be like everyone else in the world by then.  Most folk have already done that. 


There’s really no difference at all between the average cultural Christian - as they’re called, intergenerational cultural Christian - to the general population, same divorce rate, same amounts of affairs and all the rest of it.  They’ve done so many studies on all of this stuff.  They all watch the same TV programs.  So it’s a CULTURAL Christian, as opposed to someone that follows a Christian WAY, generally because they haven’t been taught to.  There’s also a Council for a PARLIAMENT of the world’s religions.  I think they just held their world meeting recently.  I’ll put the link up on my site at the end of the show.  All these articles I’m going to read you’ll find on my site at the end of the show, once I can spend twice the time uploading it because of XplorNet.  Go through this web site at your leisure. 


There’s a lot in there to show you how they’re all working to bring the world together, through ALL the religions.  The Dalai Lama, all the different Christian leaders have been infiltrated into regular religions and how they’re doing all these interfaith things to bring in the greening and everything else.  They’re all behind the carbon footprint agenda and all that stuff because anybody who’s anybody today, who wants a lot of funding from the big boys – and yes they all do get funding from the same sources – must be on board with the whole agenda of a world socialist society where experts will run the world.  They’ll have their scientific priesthood and for those who want a religion, they’ll ensure they have your ‘on board’ religionists to keep you nice happy sheep. 


It’s interesting how Blavatsky was quite correct.  Freemasonry was the intended way that Blavatsky talked about infiltrating all the churches.  Believe you me, the US was infiltrated from its very foundation… its VERY FOUNDATION.  Once the revolutionary war was over, groups of different sects came over from Europe and they set up their own institutions within the US, very, very interesting groups.  Right down to what they called Christian communist groups.  They tried to live in communes run by, again, an expert at the top, someone they really revered and they had breeding programs on the go, like they did at Oneida in New York.  It’s very interesting to look at that.  You’ll find that Sir Thomas Huxley, the best friend of Darwin, was SO interested in that particular group.  He had all access to all their records of who mated with whom, the kind of children they brought up and they were raised communally by the way.  HG Wells and others made trips over to visit the communes because not everyone could breed with everyone else.  They promoted daily sex, amongst all of the people, even CHILD sex.  Under all these different guidelines, but you were not allowed to CONCEIVE unless you were ORDERED to conceive; you were mated like stallions and mares by those in charge.  Fantastic story but the public are ignorant of these groups that infiltrated the US - by design - and where they came from and who ran them. 


Just like today.  Everything is done by deception.  This is from The Times.  It just reminds me of what I think it was Malachi Martin said in one of his talks about the Vatican, when he was discussing Windswept House, one of his books.  He said it was all finished in the Vatican; it was completely taken over, COMPLETELY TAKEN OVER by different kinds of perverts.  He was talking about Freemasons as well.  It was taken over politically too because it all goes together, by the way. 


Vatican thumbs up for Karl Marx after Galileo, Darwin and Oscar Wilde

From The Times October 22, 2009


They have added them pretty well to their SAINTS.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about not only the takeover of churches but how the public didn’t even know it was happening.  They adapt, they adapt to changes all the time, until what they’re following, maybe 3 generations down the road, is a completely different version of the religion that their grandparents or great-grandparents followed.  They don’t even know that.  They adapt.  Most of the unthinking people in the world - they call them ‘the dead’ in all ages – adapt; they adapt to whatever system they live under.  Something that those who rule and fund revolutions for their change, along a particular design, understand PERFECTLY.  That the great masses of people, the proles as Orwell called them, or the proletariat as Marx and Lenin called them, they don’t know what’s going on.  They don’t really CARE what’s going on.  They don’t care what flag is waving above them or who runs them, or OWNS them basically; they never wisen up to the fact they’re actually owned in fact. 


I’m talking about the Vatican here and from The Times.


Vatican thumbs up for Karl Marx after Galileo, Darwin and Oscar Wilde

From The Times October 22, 2009


Karl Marx, who famously described religion as “the opium of the people”, has joined Galileo, Charles Darwin and Oscar Wilde on a growing list of historical figures to have undergone an unlikely reappraisal by the Roman Catholic Church.


L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, said yesterday that Marx’s early critiques of capitalism had highlighted the “social alienation” felt by the “large part of humanity” that remained excluded, even now, from economic and political decision-making.  (Alan:  Everything’s changed now, we’ve all got a say in what happens at the top at all these global meetings like the one in Copenhagen, don’t we?)


Georg Sans, a German-born professor of the history of contemporary philosophy at the pontifical Gregorian University, wrote in an article that Marx’s work remained especially relevant today as mankind was seeking “a new harmony” between its needs and the natural environment. He also said that Marx’s theories may help to explain the enduring issue of income inequality within capitalist societies.  (A:  That income inequality is going to get an awful lot wider as we all pay and pay and pay for the carbon taxes that’s supposedly to help the third world countries.  Mind you, through Mr. Rothschild’s bank; that’s who is going to deal with the carbon taxes.)


“We have to ask ourselves, with Marx, whether the forms of alienation of which he spoke have their origin in the capitalist system,” Professor Sans wrote. “If money as such does not multiply on its own, how are we to explain the accumulation of wealth in the hands of the few?”  (A:  Well, Charles Darwin explained that, you fool.  Charles Darwin said that those who are fittest to survive GOT TO THE TOP in society by thrift and hard work and all that kind of stuff, just like Mr. Rothschild himself, the guy that BACKED Mr. Marx and put him up in England and helped fund him.  God, they don’t even know their history, these characters, do they?  Quite amazing.)


That’s followed up with this article here from Reuters.  It says here…


Rich nations must assume environmental duties: pope

(A:  This is from the POPE!)

Tue Dec 15, 2009 / By Philip Pullella / Reuters


VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Industrialized nations must recognize their responsibility for the environmental crisis, shed their consumerism and embrace more sober lifestyles (A:  That means poorer, by the way.), Pope Benedict said on Tuesday.


The pope's call for more environmental commitments came in his message for the Roman Catholic Church's annual World Day of Peace (A:  World Day of Peace… ha, ha.), to be marked on Jan 1 and whose theme is "If You Want to Cultivate Peace, Protect Creation."  (A:  ha, ha… do you know how much carbon is going up in the abortion factories every day?  …Mr. Pope?)


The message is traditionally sent to heads of state, government and international organizations and its importance this year is more significant because its release coincided with the U.N. climate conference in Copenhagen.  (A:  And that’s just a coincidence of course… They all work together folks.   Why don’t you get it through your heads?  THEY ALL WORK TOGETHER.  I said years ago and I’ve said it over and over on the radio, don’t join any group, you’re being used.  You’re being used.  If you sit down with your best pal and form a group and get 4 other members in, you’re already infiltrated, I guarantee you.  It happens all the time, ALL the time, all the time… and the folk don’t know it.)


We’re always conned, always conned.  You know, Canada ordered I think it was 50 million doses of the injectable flu shot.  It’s way above the population of Canada.  So I guess now the taxpayer that paid for all this stuff, minus all the cutbacks and the kickbacks that the politicians got for passing it all and ordering it, we’ll also be paying now for the transportation of it to third world countries because they want them to die off like they want us to die off as well with all this junk they’re injecting into us.  Here’s an article and it’s from My Way News and it’s from the Associated Press.


800,000 doses of kids' swine flu vaccine recalled



ATLANTA (AP) - Health officials are recalling hundreds of thousands of doses of swine flu vaccine (A:  Listen to this…) after tests indicated they may not be potent enough to protect against the virus.  (A:  In other words, USELESS!)


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notified doctors about the recall Tuesday. The recall involves about 800,000 doses made by Sanofi Pasteur. (A:  By the way, that was set up by the Rockefellers.)  The doses are pre-filled syringes intended for young children, ages 6 months to almost three years.


Health officials (A:  They don’t even have to give us NAMES anymore, just ‘experts’ and ‘health officials’.) recommend children those ages get two doses, spaced about a month apart.


Health officials say it's not clear how many doses have already been given, (A:  They don’t know.  Who is kidding who?) but they don't think children need to be re-vaccinated. The lots passed potency tests when they were first shipped (A:  Because a lot of money changed hands.), but tests indicate the potency waned after.  (A:  It just went dud afterwards.  After it was passed, it went dud.  Maybe it was useless to start with, that’s what it means.  [Alan laughing.]  Oh boy…  it’s such a joke isn’t it?  Such a joke.)


 I’ve talked about this article before and here’s another one about the same thing, the truth about Tamiflu.  It’s from the Atlantic.


Has the U.S. wasted $1.5 billion on an ineffective drug?

by Shannon Brownlee and Jeanne Lenzer / Dispatch December 10, 2009 / The Atlantic


The Truth About Tamiflu


Two months ago, we pointed out in our story on flu in The Atlantic that the antiviral drug Tamiflu might not be as effective or safe as many patients, doctors, and governments think. The drug has been widely prescribed since the first cases of H1N1 flu surfaced last spring, and the U.S. government has spent more than $1.5 billion (A:  Of taxpayers’ money…) stockpiling it since 2005 as part of the nation’s pandemic preparedness plan.  (A:  Every country has done this.)


Now it looks as if our concerns were correct, and the nation may have put more than a billion dollars into the medical equivalent of a mirage. This week, the British medical journal BMJ published a multi-part investigation that confirms that the scientific evidence just isn’t there to show that Tamiflu prevents serious complications, hospitalization, or death in people that have the flu. The BMJ goes further to suggest that Roche, the Swiss company that manufactures and markets Tamiflu, may have misled (A:  MISLED… that’s very light.) governments and physicians. In its defense, Roche stated that the company “has never concealed (or had the intention to conceal) any pertinent data.”  [Alan laughing.]


The BMJ’s investigation began innocently enough, with an update of a review by the Cochrane Collaboration, a widely-respected international consortium of researchers who periodically examine the medical literature to assess the safety and effectiveness of various treatments. Roche has claimed that its drug reduces hospital admissions by 61% in patients who were otherwise healthy before they got the flu. It has also said that Tamiflu reduces such complications as bronchitis, pneumonia, and sinusitis by 67%, and lower respiratory tract infections requiring antibiotics by 55%. A 2006 Cochrane review of Tamiflu came to similar conclusions—based largely on a paper (A:  ONE paper.) that looked at ten studies, all of them funded by the company.


The dog ate my homework


But when the Cochrane team, led by Chris Del Mar, from Bond University in Australia, re-examined the studies they had previously used in 2006, they found some discrepancies. It turned out that only two of the ten studies had ever been published in medical journals, (A:  So out of the 10 studies that they claimed worked there, only 2 of them had ever been published.) and those two showed the drug had very little effect on complications compared to a dummy pill, or placebo. So the Cochrane reviewers decided to look at the data for themselves.


First they went to the lead authors of the published studies—the researchers who were supposed to have access to all of the data. One author said he had lost track of the data when he moved offices and the files appeared to have been discarded. The other said he’d never actually seen the data himself, and directed the Cochrane team to go directly to the company.  (A:  These are the 2 papers they’re talking about that ALL this data came from.)


Four months and multiple requests later, the Cochrane researchers had a hodgepodge of data from the company, including two studies that showed the drug was ineffective, but which the company had never published.


I could go on and on but I won’t bother.  I won’t bother.  I’m not surprised at all.  I’ve been saying this from the beginning.  It doesn’t matter though.  They could bring it out again and panic the public once more, who have heard all this stuff, and common sense and memory goes out the window when they’re panicked, you see.  That’s why they can keep doing this stuff over and over and over again.  OVER AND OVER AGAIN.  Quite something isn’t it?


There is also the Climate Conference going on.  As we all know this is the FINAL STEP of one of the planks of the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO, for those who care to look it up for themselves.  It’s called ‘the redistribution of wealth’.  A lot of fools and followers REALLY BELIEVE in this, that that’s what they really MEAN; they want to redistribute the wealth.  Look at the history of the Soviet Union where a TINY MINORITY took over that country, in the middle of the night.  There was a PREVIOUS kind of revolution into a parliamentary system and they took it over in the middle of the night and ran that country from then on with absolute HORROR and TERROR.  They always have a reign of terror when they take over and to stay in charge, they terrify everybody. 


They said too in the Communist Manifesto, apart from abolishing the family and all the rest of it, they would redistribute the wealth; they would ABOLISH PRIVATE PROPERTY, etc, etc.  So we will think they’re just going to pass a law and say ‘that’s it, we’re going to abolish private property.’  No, they get you in other ways.  They use the United Nations.   They use HUNDREDS of departments within the United Nations, inspectors for the ecosystems and is your house destroying the ecosystem and is your gutter pipe – I kid you not; if your gutter pipe is dented they will give you thousands of dollars in fines per day.  Eventually, you’re off your land.  There are many ways to achieve the same goal.  People can’t connect it.  They can’t connect it.  They’re always waiting for somebody at the top to say, ‘Yes, I’m a communist, I run the world and we are abolishing private property; we’re going to redistribute the wealth from the richer countries across the planet.’  Believe you me, that’s not their goal.  The money NEVER GETS to where it’s supposed to go, as you well know.  In fact, the ones at the top, since they BELIEVE in Darwinism, also have a list of the people they want to bump off… eradicate.  So this stuff isn’t going to end up helping Africa out, believe you me.  You’d better do your homework before you fall into all this propaganda you are hearing.  ‘Oh, that’s nice.  We’ll all have a car and…’  No you won’t.  You aren’t going to have your car either.  You won’t even have a house to live in… by the time you go through this period, this Century of Change.  There are a lot of changes to make this century, a lot of changes.  Most out there will just adapt and adapt and adapt. 


Eventually they will adapt into a form of Brave New World that follows the Orwellian period.  Brave New World, they’re already there pretty well.  I think it was NBC, or it was one of the big companies [BBC], made a Brave New World movie back in 1980.  I’m sure you can all do a search and find it for yourself.  Look at it, read it and watch it.  It follows the communist ideal where no one bonds with anyone else, everyone has sex all the time, but they don’t give birth, they don’t get pregnant.  Exactly what Julian Huxley said too, who was a top player in this global system, the head of UNESCO, the United Nations department for education. 


I’ll put this link up from 

Climate conference

Published: Dec. 15, 2009  /  By United Press International


This is to show you how they’re going to start to redistribute the wealth and all the rest of it.  Do you realize the amount of MONEY… do you realize the millions and millions and millions of dollars of funding it took to get all these hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS over to Copenhagen… who are stopping people talking OUT AGAINST the con, using Nazi techniques of just coming in to the meetings and screaming and yelling?  They’re a rah-rah team for the whole thing to go through.  All led at the top by CHOSEN agents - and they are chosen and trained - with lots of idiotic followers who still probably believe in a new type of Santa Claus.  The idealists, they use the idealism of the YOUTH who are too young and they have no wisdom collected.  They haven’t watched the cons.  They haven’t personally suffered from the cons yet.  They’re too selfish to look at people who have suffered the cons, the older people.  In fact they’re told not to even think about older people; they’re in the way.  The older people caused all these problems, my goodness; and they’re going to take it all back and fix it all. 


Then there is also the other side of it, the Texas Eagle Forum that attended it to see what was going on.  It goes on about a report there, what is really happening and how they’re talking now about hard cash from the richer countries.  For all you out there that are having trouble getting a job or holding on to a house or whatever else, maybe not getting enough food on the table, you are called the rich, by the way, by - I’ll loosely call them communists - by these commie forces that are financed by the big bankers and foundations to go over there.  They lay it on the line what’s coming down the pike for the US.  I’ll put up this link and you can read it for yourself as well. 


Copenhagen GOAL is One-World Government

Wednesday, 28 October 2009 / Texas Eagle Forum


They used to say in Scotland when they had all these battles, when London was trying to take over and create this empire, this group that ruled London.  After battles, they would say ‘it’s all over bar the shouting.’  Meaning the battle was over, it was just the yelling that was left.  That’s all that was going on.  Well, to honest with you, that is where we are today; that’s how far gone it is.  That’s how far gone it is, folks.  I’ll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  There’s also an article, before I take a caller, from the Mail Online that Lord Monckton, that’s come out and told the world where it’s actually going and been heavily criticized by all kinds of people for doing so.  He was attacked basically, at least verbally, by a Jewish activist at a Copenhagen meeting, an ALTERNATE meeting, where they’re talking about what’s really happening.  He brandished this Jewish guy a Hitler Youth, which is the right response because these guys are like brownshirts coming in to disrupt the meeting.  That’s what they were about and doing.  He did the right response.  That’s the only way you can handle that kind of thing when that happens to you.  He’s no fool, Lord Monckton.  I’ll put this link up too.  That’s from The Daily Mail. 


Former Tory peer Lord Monckton labels Jewish activist 'Hitler Youth' at climate change event

By Daily Mail Reporter / 12th December 2009


They come in and then start screaming and yelling until no one can speak and that’s their intention.  Just like the brownshirts did. 


I think Mike from Ohio is still holding.  This satellite is going in and out so I don’t know.


Mike:  Alan, I have a question for you.  Are you allowed to own handguns and rifles and shotguns in Canada and if so, what kind and what do you have to do to be able to own them?


Alan:  Well, I don’t know what they are now because they keep changing the laws.  They changed so many laws over the last few years, I think they even made them, one ones who had hunting rifles, register them as well, across the country.  That’s right across the country.  Very few folk can have handguns unless the join a club, I believe.  They’re not allowed to have it in their car, even if it’s locked up, unless they’re going to and from the club; that kind of stuff.  It’s way out.  Even hunting is on its way out because of all the hoops and licensing and courses that they have to take.  I think a lot of them have given up. 


Mike:  I’m wondering because I was just surfing the other day and I found a gun shop in Canada and I thought wow.  I noticed they mentioned permits and this administration of all kinds of permits if you had a show.


Alan:  It isn’t just permits.  You have to actually take a government-sponsored course for number one, before you can purchase one, then you have to register it, like a hunting rifle, you can’t buy ammo without it and you must take a safety course before you can get it.  Then it’s another few weeks, if you take a hunting course.  Then of course, you must be open to inspection by the police that come in to inspect how you are storing it and all that stuff.  So a lot of folk just threw up their hands and said that it’s pointless.


Mike:  I was looking at the people who do the cowboy shooting up there, with black-powder handguns and rifles and stuff.


Alan:  They even have crossbows licensed up here as firearms. 


Mike:  Crossbows?


Alan:  Even crossbows come under firearms and you must take the same courses for a crossbow. 


Mike:  What do you do way out in the Thule where you live?  What do you do if a bear comes or something?


Alan:  Well, up here, you just have to use your common sense and a lot of people too, there are a lot of Indians out this way, still do trapping.  They are awfully good at showing people how to trap and so on.  What happens if a bear comes?  It’s like someone breaking you home, you’re allowed to stand there and be lawfully eaten. 


Mike:  Oh, no. 


Alan:  Yep.


Mike:  Oh, lord.  You mean you can’t do anything.  If you shot the bear you would probably go to jail if you didn’t have a permit for a gun.


Alan:  You could certainly be… they would take the firearm off you.  They would charge you for unlawful use of a firearm and probably endangering wildlife.


Mike:  Oh, boy.


Alan:  Thanks for calling, Mike. 


Mike:  Thank you, Alan.


From myself and Hamish in Ontario, Canada – Hamish is the dog – it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



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