Dec. 16, 2009 (#473)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 16, 2009:

Give Up Freedom for Security? -- Strains Credulity:

"Faith, Hope and Charity for One Who Prays,
While Nietzschean Rulers Use Men Like Bernays,
Self-Directed Free-Will Could Bring Disaster,
For Such a Public Would Bear No Master,
They'd Know Cultural Value of Social Rules,
Not Turn into Jelly, Nor Taken as Fools
When Told to Give Up Freedom for Security,
Knowing their Rights are the Only Surety
Against the Clever Clique Whose Machinations
By Way of Deceit, Bring Consternation,
Fear and Destruction to All Free People,
'Fore Erecting their Symbol, the Eye-Topped Steeple"
© Alan Watt Dec. 16, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 16, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December 16, 2009.  For newcomers, look into web site.  Bookmark the other sites youíll see there that I have up, for future use, because sometimes the big ones go down.  If you have them bookmarked you can always pull down the latest audio shows.  These are the official sites: [listed above].  Itís terrible that you even have to go to such lengths to put so many sites up but believe you me, if you live in a Commonwealth country, the British Empire you might say, you donít have the sort of Ďfair playí as they call it, above board and going through of legalities for the authorities to come down on you.  They simply play games on you.  Thatís traditional in the British Commonwealth system.  They did put a word in to the servers, which is standard in the Commonwealth countries, to give you a hard time.  You know youíve been picked when the servers canít tell you themselves why you just canít upload; itís just a big mystery that it takes them 2 to 3 weeks to figure out.  So Iíve had to put all these different sites up there to alternate them and hope that you can eventually get one that will work for you.  Itís a good idea too, to try different ones on different nights because everyone goes into the .com site at the same time and they sometimes find sticky downloads.  If you try the other ones there you might get through quicker.  So remember these are the only official sites I have. 


I should also mention too that you the listeners bring me to you.  Iím not backed by foundation, an organization, a non-governmental organization.  I donít have any political beef to pull because I donít go left or right or anything else; Iím too wise for that old game.  Itís up to you to keep me going so you can buy the few things I have for sale Ė the books, CDs and DVDs Ė or you can donate.  The CDs that are there, you can get 50 shows to listen to of the talks Iíve given in the past.  You can also get the DVDs and the books.  Remember too, if you go into you can download transcripts AND the audios.  The transcripts are of a lot of the talks Iíve given and they are in the various languages of Europe for print up.  You can also order one of the books Iíve got out there in a Spanish or Portuguese version as well.  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them at meetings, you can get in touch with me at [address above].  A lot of people donít like to use computers and they play them on their CD players.  I donít blame them because as far as Iím concerned the computer really is a short-lived thing as far a freedom goes.  It was meant to get us all sucked in to use it, so it was absolutely vital to have to exist in todayís society, especially more so when they go completely cashless BY LAW, which is coming up.  The big bankers have already published they hope to be cashless within another 5-7 years across the planet.  So itís up to you to keep me going and you can do so by doing that OR you can donate to me.  [Options listed above.]  Iíll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iíve said for a long time that facts donít matter when it comes to agendas.  Propaganda mattersÖ more so than ever when you realize that nothing happens on a world scale, like the Copenhagen meeting with thousands of NGOs turning up.  It doesnít happen by chance.  It doesnít happen because some people decide, well I want to go green and I think Iíll go around with a tin can and get some cash from the people on the street and support the trees or whatever.  Youíre talking about DOCTRINE, doctrine that has been TAUGHT but it had to start somewhere.  Where does it start?  It started in the schools.  Academia is where they train the generations for the NEXT step of the world AS IT WILL BE that theyíre going to grow up in to.  Itís going to be different from the one that was planned Ė and I say planned Ė for their parents.  Every age is planned. 


Thatís the whole crux of the matter in planned societies.  The 1800s talked about it; lots of books came out, apart from Karl Marxís books, on PLANNED SOCIETIES and ORDER.  It was all to do with order.  Remember, control freaks like order.  They donít like people doing their own little thing and being outside the box doing their own thing.  They like everyone to be under order.  They love massive bureaucracies.  They love to keep tabs on everybody.  They donít like people traveling, with access to travel.  They like to know who is going where.  They prefer actually to issue PERMITS for you , just like the Soviet Union or any totalitarian regime, permits as to where you could go.  Into the next town, well you need a permit for that.  Who do you want to visit?  Who do you want to see?  And so on.  PLANNED societies.  Right down to planning the population sizes.  They knew in the 1800s, the big boys that planned the whole DIRECTION of world conquest, including the Industrial Revolution ERA, they planned a future in a POST-industrial society IN the 1800s.  They knew they would get past that phase.  They knew too that during that time they had to use empire building to take over a lot of the world.  They certainly used Britain as the main means at that time to push it and promote it.  The US really took up the cudgel, once it was completely taken over, and carried on the same agenda. 


That is what Professor Carroll Quigley was talking about in Tragedy and Hope AND The Anglo-American Establishment.  He said that the British Empire was to be a NUCLEUS of a system that the League of Nations was founded upon.  Then it became the United Nations.  Today we call it GLOBALIZATION.  Centralization was the key to the strategy.  Karl Marx did not work alone in a little room in poverty by any means at all.  This was an agenda written by and planned by much bigger heads than he had and his was big enough. 


They do plan AGESÖ like any big business plan.  What surprised me even with corporations when you get talking to some of the big fellas, they will tell you that their business plans include whom they hope to take over, their rivals, in the next 20, 30, 40, 50 years.  Long-term goals, long term plans.  But they knew they would get to a stage where they wanted a MANAGEABLE population.  Too many people you see, KEPT in a state of poverty tend to become agitated and sometimes they will have rebellions that are out of their control.  They best way to deal with that is to have a totally controlled, observed, watched, monitored society, with a vastly reduced population.  They also coupled it so well with science and progress.  Science. 


They also tacked on Darwinism.  Marx in fact wanted to dedicate his 2nd or 3rd edition of his Communist Manifesto Ė it wasnít his, he was just the guy who penned it for his masters Ė he wanted to dedicate it to Charles Darwin because he said that it VALIDATED the whole theory of Marxism, of this ideal of material progress and science together, coupling superior types that always lead the world.  It was the same kind of thing that Nietzsche went on about with Superman.  I always say that Nazism did not start in Germany; it was all borrowed by Germany.  It started off in London, England. 


I used to wonder too why the elite of London had so much in common with the elite, the Brahman class of India.  Until you look into the history of India and you see itís a CASTE system, a rigid caste, which is a CLASS system, RIGID and completely inflexible.  If you are born in the lower caste, you canít kind of work you way up to the top one; itís just not done.  Itís the same in Britain.  Britain, like ALL elitists at the top, actually become effeminate in some ways; they alter, become AFFECTED is the term.  They even change their accent to differentiate themselves from everyone else down below them.  Whatís comical is that the court of Britain for instance, talked in FRENCH for centuries because they were controlled by the Normans.  It was the IN thing to learn French if you wanted to work at the court.  Everyone emulates the guy in charge, or the woman, in dress, fashion, and all the rest of it.  Sometimes when the woman is like a man, you get this odd stuff with lace coming out, and tights for MEN; thatís how crazy it becomes.  ITíS ALL EMULATION OF THE TOP DOG. 


When King George came in from Prussia, and the present Kings and Queens of Europe Ė who are all related Ė came from that area, their name was Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.  These are the names of the areas that their families controlled in Germany, Prussia and the different areas that BECAME GermanyÖ Saxe, Coburg, Gotha.  They changed it to Windsor in World War I because when they were fighting the Germans, it was kind of odd to have you swear allegiance to the King who technically was German or Prussian.  When King George came in, and weíre talking about the same King George of the revolutionary fame of the US, he couldnít speak English.  He had to be taught it.  Because of his accent and because of the courtiers around him copied the accent, because he was the top dog you see, you ended up with the new kind of English, like that [Alan mimicking the accent].  People say, ďIím geoing heome.Ē  Itís an affected speech that EVERYONE emulated.  If you want to be at the top, youíve got to emulate the guy at the top in your dress, your mannerisms and even your speech.  This is how crazy society is.  Other countries do the same kind of thing but probably not so much as Britain.  They went to extraordinary lengths to do it, to differentiate themselves from the masses they ruled over. 


As I say, facts donít matter in this world anymore of bombardment of data.  Because of that, simple propaganda with repetition has such an incredible, permanent affect on us.  We donít stop and quiz things.  The average person out there truly questions nothing that comes across general mainstream media.  The media is the Ďmiddle man;í thatís what media means, middle.  Its job is to peddle disinformation or make information more palatable but never telling ALL of the truth behind it to the people below them.  Itís authorized.  They are LICENSED corporations.  You donít get a license - if you question as to if you want to start up a broadcasting station or a newspaper - you donít get a license if you say Iím going to tell the people the truth about things.  If you say that and even IF you got a license and had changed your mind and said Iím going to tell them the truth, and you got a license, you wouldnít get in to Parliament and listen to the guys debating, you wouldnít get into their little clubs when theyíre doing their chit-chat.  You wouldnít even get into a courtroom.  Every reporter knows that.  Every editor knows that.  Every newspaper owner knows that. 


Why do you think the big magnates Ė they call them magnates, media magnates or moguls Ė why do you think theyíre all knighted?  Regardless of the country that they come from, they go over and get knighted by the Queen.  Itís because the media is the most essential arm of control after education.  They take over once youíve had your indoctrination they call education.  The media takes over and lets you all know all that you NEED to know, according to the masters above them.  Once in a while they will give you INCREDIBLE truth, generally 50, 60 years after an official secrets act is up and a new generation has grown up and nobody cares what happened back yonderÖ itís like ancient history to a young generation.  Facts donít matter anymore. 


Weíre given propaganda and perceptions are always distorted by design, by professionals who understand the techniques of controlling the mind of the masses.  Iíve mentioned Bernays so many times.  People should read his books.  Iíve got the links too, to the videos where you can listen to his daughter and others talk about him.  The man HATED the masses.  Why did he hate them?  Remember, he also was the nephew of Freud.  These guys were SENT OUT to alter the perceptions of the planet, all of these guys that were related to Freud.  Bernays literally altered the culture in America into a commercialized process by understanding the techniques of mind control, you might say, by titillating the senses, you could also say, suppressed desires.  Even his daughter says, the man hated the masses because they were SO EASILY MANIPULATED.  He came to despise them because it was so easy to watch MILLIONS of people buy the things and do the things and behave the way that you told them to.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just touching on how masses of people in countries and across the world are influenced by a small coterie of people, very wealthy, who understand the techniques of selling - initially selling you things, commerce - by playing on unconscious desires.  They can also turn you into nations, and a world, of pretty well infantile imbeciles.  Thatís part of the agenda. 


Itís much easier to control people who are made ego-syntonic; the world revolves around THEM and their own little happy world where they can play and borrow money through credit cards, that kind of stuff.  Thatís what was presented to them, for a while, to keep them happy and to teach them to be ETERNAL CHILDREN.  Donít get involved in whatís happening in the world or politics, itís above you; itís left to SPECIAL people who come out of special wombs and theyíre up there somewhere.  Youíll never see them except on TV, some of them.  Youíll never meet them either.  Theyíre specialized in taking care of big problems like daddy would.  THATíS what theyíve created across the world.  EXACTLY what the big boys wrote about, like Lord Bertrand Russell.  He says, we must create an ego-syntonic culture and make them ego-centric.  They did it long ago, long ago. 


Starting with the creation of a YOUTH culture for the first time and telling them, Ďyouíre different from your parents; this is your time.í  They did that as far back as the 1920s, the so-called Roaring 20s.  It came back in the 60s with the pill at the same time and drugs and pop music that turned into rock music and they were on a true roll from then on.  Now people are terrified of getting a wrinkle once theyíre past 30s.  Youíll see elderly women, and some guys, with a face like stretched mummies from Egypt with all the face-lifts because theyíre terrified of getting old.  In this culture you see, youíre not supposed to get old.  If youíre old, you donít count.  Everybody on TV now, everybody - in all these silly dramas and the movies they have - itís all youngsters.  It doesnít matter if theyíre showing you hospital scenes or detective scenes, the guy in charge is about 20; thatís how they appear.  Thatís not by mistake.  Itís to get everyone used to the idea, if youíre over a certain age, youíre over the hill; you donít count.  Just play, do some woodworking in your shed and go to sleep.  Thatís what youíre told.


Meanwhile, look at who really rules the world.  Look at how OLD they are.  Look at the Maurice Strongís.  Look at Rockefeller, 94, trotting across the planet to make sure weíre all globalized under his directionÖ bringing down the populations and all that.  OLD PEOPLE RUN THIS WORLD while they create a youth culture for the rest.  Be a perpetual Peter Pan, never grow up, donít get involved and PLAY until you die.  At one time you could go to elderly people and ask for wisdom.  That was SO essential.  Of course the communist societies KNEW, they were taught this, to DESTROY the bonding between the generations.  You canít have wise people passing on information that is relevant to their survival to the younger generations.  Separate them all.  Let the state take care of them once theyíre a certain age.  Put your granny in the hospital, or your mom or your dad, put them in an old folksí home.  I call them the EXIT homes, not retirement homesÖ EXIT homes.  Thatís what they do.  Nothing is by chance. 


Hereís an article from The Mail Online to show you one of the premier liars that were chosen for this particular task.  I wouldnít say heís exceptionally bright at all, but he is definitely well connected and groomed by Armand Hammer.  Look into his history if you care; I wonít go into it tonight. 


Inconvenient truth for Al Gore as he's caught exaggerating the threat of global warming... again

By David Derbyshire / 16th December 2009 / The Mail Online


(Alan:  Very polite language they use for certain people.)

Green crusader Al Gore was at the centre of a new spin row last night after he was caught out for a second time exaggerating the threat of global warming.


In a keynote speech at the Copenhagen talks, the former U.S. vice-president (A:  They always say this, the former US vice-president.  Heís got plenty of vice involved certainlyÖ) claimed the North Pole could be completely free of ice by the middle of the next decade.


He claimed a study showed (A:  A study that he was using and quoting fromÖ) a Ď75 per cent chanceí that the Arctic could be ice-free in the summer months within five to seven years.  (A:  I love their wording, theyíre all lawyers eh?)


However, Dr Wieslaw Maslowski, the studyís author, said his research revealed Ďnothing of the sortí.


Dr Maslowski, of the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in California, said: ĎI would never estimate likelihood at anything as exact as this. Itís unclear how this was arrived at.í  (A:  Well WE know how it was arrived at.  The God Gore here just decided to make it so.)


His comments are likely to embarrass Mr Gore, (A:  I donít think Mr. Gore could be embarrassed about anything.  Heís psychopathic; they donít get embarrassed.) who has been accused of scaremongering.  (A:  Oh heaven forbid, heíd never do that.  Heíd do anything to get this agenda through.  Thatís his task.  He was given his quest.  THATíS what the big boys told him to do. This is his whole task.)


Two years ago, a High Court judge ruled his Oscar winning documentary (A:  Oscar winning eh? Boy, a lot of payoffs made that, the Oscars.) An Inconvenient Truth was Ďalarmistí and contained nine scientific errors.  (A:  Well thatís how you SWAY reality.  You put the editors in there donít you?  It never ends does it?  It never ends.  Iíll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about some of the big psychopaths like Mr. Al Gore.  I call him Mr. Allegory; thatís more appropriate really.  How he lies constantly but it doesnít matter because there is a BIG agenda you see, to cover his tracks and make sure that he keeps going.  Big, big agenda, BIG money.  It also says in this little writing here from The MailÖ


It's the latest embarrassment for Gore, an outspoken environmental campaigner (A:  He would be anything he was told to be.) who has earned millions of pounds from green investments (A:  Heís also earned millions by putting the carbon credits through his own business and writing off his own carbon output.) and faced repeated criticism for scaremongering.  (A:  Thatís his job.)


The court said copies of the film (A:  That was that Inconvenient LIES.) sent to secondary schools should be accompanied with notes to balance Gore's views.  (A:  Why didnít they throw it out all together?  Well, academia is all on board with this.  They get their orders from the top, just like Mr. Gore did.  Thatís why.)


Another article too, I wonít go through it, but Time Magazine made Mr. Bernanke the man of the year.  Mr. Bernanke that robs the bankie, they made him man of the year.  So heís up there with all the other criminals.  Time also had Adolf Hitler as man of the year twice in the 30s.  Mussolini I think was there and Stalin even at one point.  So you know what youíre looking at when you see these folk getting these awards and all the rest of it and theyíre pinned up as man of the year or the decade.  Theyíre joining the list of criminals that run the world.  Theyíre given the top honors.  They are glad to be there getting these criminal awards. 


Time Magazine:  Person of the Year 2009

The story of the year was a weak economy that could have been much, much weaker. How the mild-mannered man who runs the Federal Reserve prevented an economic catastrophe

Ben Bernanke

By Michael Grunwald / Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2009


Look at the history of the Nobel Peace Prize.  Look at Nobel himself that started it up.  He made millions and millions and millions because he came up with the idea of high explosives, just in time for World War I.  He made a killing off it, literally a killing, massive killing.  Then he puts up a foundation for peace.  Remember what they mean by Ďpeaceí at the top.  What was the communist definition of peace?  Every front group they had was for peace; this for peace, that for peace, Christians for peace, blah, blah, blah, front groups galore.  ĎPeaceí was THE ABSENCE OF ALL OPPOSITION.  Youíve got to understand their TERMINOLOGY if you donít want to get tripped up. 


Iíve said too that in the US, just like Britain, youíve had a succession of parties that are meant to fool the people for as long as they NEED you to BELIEVE in parties, by right wing and left wing.  Bushís job was to go in and bring in the whole totalitarian system that Clinton tried to put in when he was in there prior to that too.  Clinton tried to get an omnibus crime bill passed when he was in; meaning MARTIAL LAW, with all the stuff on the books.  It was passed, by the way, in Canada, at the same time.  The real one; they actually passed it.  ONE man rammed it through; Allan Rock who was a minister in charge of the justice system at the time.  Once he had it rammed through, he ran off to work at the United Nations.  Mr. Rock was founded on the right rock all right and his future was guaranteed.  In the States, Clinton tried to pass it through and I think the Congress voted it down and bang, that weekend, Oklahoma City went up and bang it was passed on the Monday.  Thatís what they do.  Thatís what they do when they want something through, but they didnít get it ALL through so 9/11 had to come along.


Remember, this change Ė as they told us Ė was to start with the 21st century.  That is the TRUE beginning of the millennium.  2001 came along and bang, they got their job done.  The Jachin and Boaz, the two towers came downÖ twin towers.  They came down.  Immediately every country in the world signed the SAME anti-terrorism bills that literally restrict everybodyís freedom, ALL you freedoms, immediately.  Meaning, it was all planned and discussed beforehand.  Bureaucrats across the world donít get together and decide things on the spot; it takes them YEARS to implement stuff and get it all ready.  Every country went into action at the same time with the same thing.  So he set up the system of internal security in the United States. 


Then they put in Obama who is to promote CHANGE.  Remember all the sheep, ďchange is good; change is good,Ē baaah, baaah, baaah, like Orwellís sheep in Animal Farm?  Never asking what the changes were going to be because sheep donít think to ask.  Slogans win out in the end, as Lenin said.  Obamaís job was to utilize the military police state that Bush had set up and continue the same foreign policy.  People will remember that The New American Century that was set up by not just Bush and Cheney and Wolfowitz and Richard Pearle and Rumsfeld and all these guys; The Project for a New American Century, it was literally worked out long before that during Reaganís day by someone who wasnít even in the Republican Party; not that Reagan was either.  That was Jeane Kirkpatrick who went to YPSL, I think it was called.  You know, the young peoplesÖ it was literally a communist schooling she was given for the left-wingers, supposedly.  She came up with the idea that the US would have such a job, taking over from Britain with its world empire system, that theyíd have toÖ rather than go over there and have a war with this country and come back again Ė it would cost so much Ė why not set up permanent bases to each one they conquer?  Thatís why Reagan brought her on board with this policy.  That was taken up again as they transformed into the policy for The New American Century.  It carried through the Bush era and Obama is carrying it through this one.  So itís a continuation of policies.  There is no difference at all in these parties and Iíve said that for years. 


There is only ONE agendaÖ and the game is played at the top for the public to keep voting.  Otherwise you might riot, thinking my God, there is only one party in control!  What happens when youíve got a one-system party?  Youíve got communism, sovietization.  Thatís what you got.  Thatís the only one they allow, when itís sovietized.  So they keep the con game going.  At the time, said in The New American Century, theyíd have to take out Afghanistan, followed by Iraq, then Iran, and then Syria; in that order.  We know darn well what theyíve done with Afghanistan, but they also took out Iraq because Bush said to the world Ė and that was good enough for the world Ė ďI took him out because he was a bad man.Ē  Not because he had anything to do with 9/11; he was a bad man, they said at the hearing, the inquiry, and that was good enough for the public.  So billions of bucks went into taking out a bad manÖ and their oil as well, of course.  PLUS the US taxpayers BUILT all the brand-new refineries that the Air Force were TOLD to destroy because the refineries were all obsolete.  Recently I read an article where the big boys Ė Exxon and so on Ė all got these new refineries given to them from the US taxpayer, courtesy of the US taxpayer. 


Theyíve got Iran to go for now as well.  When they had to go into Iraq, they created the circumstances for it.  They went through the usual protocols and the UN kept saying that there are NO weapons of mass destruction and all this kind of stuff, but that didnít matter because facts donít matter just like Al Gore.  It doesnít matter when there is an agenda.  So they went in.  Now theyíre doing the same thing with Iran.  Theyíve known for years and remember, that Iran just didnít say, we are building a nuclear reactor to get electrical power Ė like so many other countries.  They applied at the United Nations and the Atomic Energy Commission for their license and so on and they got it and theyíve been inspected ever since.  But thatís not good enough; facts donít matter when you want to go in and have a war.  After all, youíve had this big business plan worked out - while taking down one country after another - for YEARS just sitting there.  So you must go in to Iran next.  Thatís how the world is run. 


This is an article that was out by Google but by the Associated Press. 


House votes to expand sanctions on Iran

By JIM ABRAMS (AP) Ė Dec. 15, 2009


WASHINGTON ó The House voted Tuesday to impose new economic sanctions on Iran as lawmakers cast doubt on Iran's willingness to respond to diplomatic efforts to curtail its purported nuclear arms program.  (A:  So they are not making nuclear energy for electricity.  No, itís nuclear armsÖ same spiel that we got with Iraq.)


The legislation, approved 412-12, would end access to U.S. markets for foreign companies selling refined petroleum products to Iran or helping that country develop its petroleum capacity. While Iran is a major crude oil producer, its lack of ability to produce enough gasoline and other refined petroleum products is a major economic vulnerability


Remember, economic warfare is the first step they use in sanctions.  They STARVE the people to death.  They say that, I think 500,000 to 1,000,000 people were starved to DEATH when they put the sanctions on Iraq over the years before they did their final invasion.  Madeline Albright, who is now appointed to NATO, by the way, she said on television when she was asked if that was an appropriate technique to use on people, starving men, women and children; they couldnít even get medical aid to them, antibiotics, never mind food.  She says, ďYes, itís quite acceptableĒ without blinking an eye because sheís another one of these intergenerational psychopaths, whoís grandpa was the best pal of Stalin for one of the communist countries, by the way.  So here they go.  They want to do the same technique in Iran.  Starve them.  Youíre going to see a countryÖ. This is not a bunch of people walking around there with long robes and sitting in black tents.  Itís a first-world country.  Tehran is not a bunch of shacks put together like some parts of South Africa.  The people are WELL educated there.  They send doctors and scientists all over the world from there and theyíre going to bring it down to a third-world countryÖ by the same technique of demonizing the enemy.


I can remember Ronald Reagan that demonized two people in his time as Ďthe great Sataní.  Saddam Hussein was one of them.  Then he changed his gun sights on to Russia and it was the Russians that were the great Satan.  Remember what George Orwell said; ďWho are we fighting today, Eastasia or Westasia?Ē  Youíd better learn quickly or youíll get tortured.  Itís supposed to be ALWAYS the one they TELL you.  As Ronal Reagan did, it was always the Soviets or it was always the on other one too; which one am I going to choose?  Bush is the same.  The same techniques are going to be used so THOUSANDS of people, maybe half a million, maybe MORE, are going to be starved. 


What they hope, they say here, is it will cause so much hardship amongst the people in Iran, they hope that their SOFT techniques that Brzezinski called them, meaning all the non-governmental organizations that have been set up through the universities through infiltration and through the sending in of agents Ė Iíve read the articles FROM the White House AND the Pentagon that are actually into this kind of stuff, AND the CIA, declassified; Iíve read this on the air before Ė theyíve already sent these guys in with lots of cash to set up people to protest and try to OVERTHROW those in charge.  Thatís the STANDARD technique that they use.  In the meantime, they want to starve as many people to death as possible.  Itís either starve them to death or overthrow the guy that you donít want there.  Thatís the attitude of those who rule, RULE the US, as opposed to govern. 


Iíll put these links up on my show at the end of the night IF I can get enough speed up from XplorNet.  Anyone who wants high speed, donít get XplorNet.  It begins with an X; they canít even spell it right.  Itís x-p-l-o-r-n-e-t, XplorNet.  Donít get it because itís a con game.  Iím on high speed.  Theyíve cut me back twice now, three times, until I crawl.  Iím just twice that of dial-up.  Thatís all I get.  They take the same cash but then again, Iím on the air and I shouldnít be, saying what Iím saying, in a British Commonwealth country and someone from the old boys club obviously talked to someone in XplorNet, who rents space from Hughes Satellite Corporation that runs the military satellites.  Itís the same satellites actually that XplorNet is going through.  So you see how it really, really works in the real world.  Donít get XplorNet whatever you do.  Iíll keep saying that until they take this lock off me.  I canít even download my own show; thatís the speed I get.  Uploading takes twice as long.  Theyíre hoping it will just drive me under basically.  Rather then take 3 or 4 hours to upload to all the sites; you are going to take 8 hours.  Thatís the techniques they use in REAL life.  They donít go through companies and legalities, they just do the dirty on you.


Iíve always said that Britain is a country people should really watch.  Itís almost like watching fiction.  Even for me to get the reports coming in from Britain - some people send me disks.  I canít even watch a video here; I havenít been able for months.  Theyíll burn disks and pass them to me and I see whatís happening in Britain with the police state they have - and I mean POLICE STATE - where GANGS, gangs, scores and scores of police cars set up these hit-runs on whole areas like counties; they lock everything down.  They persecute the motorists like crazy for the slightest thing.  They all talk about quotas.  They actually do have quotas to fulfill and they will get you on something.  They can get you on ANYTHING if they want to.  There is always something they can get you on.  Your license plate is squint, something like that.  Thereís a bit of dirt on one number; did you deliberately obscure that?  Iím not joking.  If you question these guys, who by the way SWEAR at the public, because they really feel theyíre on a power trip now.  Theyíre in a police state; they can do what they want.  They swear at the public.  Iíve got videos with them doing this - videos that were apparently shown on national television on their version of ĎCopsí - and no one objects.  You get fined if your garbage bin, the lid isnít on properly or if you put the wrong recycling stuff in one bin or another.  The CHILDREN are PAID by the counties - by the thousands - PAID to snitch on people. 


Hereís where justice comes down.  Very important article, because it shows you that you are being trained to FEEL DEFENSELESS, to FEEL defenseless.  Someone asked last night about the control of firearms in Canada and what I know, as far as I know, itís really, really difficult now to have control of anything in fact and you have to jump through many hoops apparently to get a license and keep it and control it and all the rest of it.  When a bear comes for you, youíre supposed to be lawfully eaten; just stand and be lawfully eaten.  If someone breaks in to your home and he wants to murder you, donít hurt him because the only right you have is to be lawfully murdered.  Their job is to come in AFTER the event and take if from there.  Iím not kidding you.  The United Nations also has in their charter that ultimately THEY will be the only ones - and their world police force - with the RIGHT TO USE FORCE.  That means anyone coming to kill you, you canít fend them off and this article Iím going to read is about that.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning about how right is wrong, up is down, left is right, and all the rest of it.  Itís a technique to make you feel defenseless in society.  Ultimately, the world police and the military will be the only ones, according to the United Nations, allowed to use force, including DEADLY force.  YOU must NOT, NOT defend yourself.  Theyíre showing you all the time to be scared; teaching you to be scared.  Theyíre also teaching crooks to be brave because they can get away with things.  This article is from The Mail Online.  Iíll put this link up; I wonít read right through it.


Millionaire who fought off a knife-wielding burglar is jailed

(while the intruder is let off)

By Colin Fernandez and Ryan Kisiel / 15th December 2009 / The Mail Online


An intruder burst into the guyís home, threatened to kill him, his wife and the children.  The guy who owned the house managed to go after the main character with a cricket bat.  Heís now jailed and the guys who broke in are free.  Thatís what theyíre TEACHING you, to be scared; donít defend yourself, just stand there like a goon.  When the right to defend yourself is taken from you, youíre just an object, you see, an object. 


Iíll go to the callers.  My satellite has got a problem, as I say.  I can hardly even download and watch the page to see whoís calling.  Is Megan from Pennsylvania there?


Megan:  Hello Alan.  I just wanted to give you a plug for your CDs.  I have your books which are jam packed with info.  Other writers are long-winded and could have compacted their books into like ľ of the length, for the same amount of information that you give us.  The same is true for your CDs.  If anyone is interested in true history, get Alanís CD blurbs, especially because itís easier than reading.  I got your 51 Blurbs Disc 2 and it is so worth the money.  I did want to tell you that things arenít much different in the United States, or in Pennsylvania.  All the cops know how to do is hand out citations for speeding, for illegal parking, for not wearing a seat belt.  Itís ridiculous.  If your home is burglarized, nothing is done. 


Alan:  Yes.  I know.  Theyíre training us, again, to be afraid and that the only ones that can do anything about anything to do with violence now are the authorities.  You mustnít use it yourself.  Thatís what theyíre training us to do.  You see, weíre all peons at the bottom; we squabble and argue.  Weíre a lower class.  Weíre not so evolved as those at the top.  We are the masses at the bottom.  Thanks for calling, Megan.  Youíre quite right. 


Thatís how itís done, folks.  Weíre getting TRAINED CONSTANTLY for the roles in the new world order and unfortunately itís working very well. 


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods Go with you. 



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