Dec. 17, 2009 (#474)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 17, 2009:

Our Directed Change is Good, Taught by Fisher-King Brotherhood:

"Old Wise Men Teaching Mystical Things,
Allegorical Technique of the Fisher-Kings,
The Cover of Light to Cloak Perdition,
Training Adepts to Stir Sedition,
Reason and Gnosticism Come Together,
Guided by Philemon with Rainbow Feather,
Selecting Pupils, Apples of His Eye,
Swearing on Oath, Disclosure's to Die,
Whether Sent to Palace, or Dark Alley to Lurk,
Situation Regardless, They'd Work the Great Work,
Smiling Upon Those They Hate,
They'd Intergenerationally Infiltrate,
Eventually Ruling Over World of Fools
Adapting to Changes, Seeing Not Who Rules"
© Alan Watt Dec. 17, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 17, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December 17th 2009.  Newcomers, I suggest you look into  Scroll down on that page and you’ll see all the other sites I have up.  Bookmark them for future use.  That way, when the big sites go down - or hold me back again as they’ve done in the past quite a few times - you can always download the latest shows from these alternate sites.  These are the OFFICIAL sites that I have up there; anything else you see out there is not mine.  I have to say that because legally I’m responsible for what I say.  Some people sometimes put up a site and mirror some shows that I do and they don’t keep it up.  Therefore, people email ME thinking it’s mine and ask me what’s wrong.  I spend time going through all my talks and the web site saying well, what’s that?  Then I find that I’m okay and it’s someone else they’re talking about; someone else’s site.  So these are the official sites:  [listed above]. 


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The new world order… the new world order, we’ve hear it so many times, beginning really to take off with George Bush Sr. who mentioned it on their wonderful date of September 11th 1990 and then again on September 11th 1991.  We’ll go into a little bit of that after we come back from this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning how Bush Sr. talked about “a new world order coming into view,” as he put it.  He also mentioned “a thousand points of light,” that we’re already working towards it; this was never explained to the public, what it meant.  Of course no journalist there would ask the obvious questions such as “What do you mean by NEW world order?  Do you mean that it’s now a POST Cold War?  What do you mean?”  Nobody asked him that because they KNOW what to ask.  The media is PART of government, big media.  It has been DEFINITELY since before World War I in the United States.


You’ll find if you look into the speeches of Theo Roosevelt, he mentioned ‘points of light’.  He talked about himself hoping to go down as a ‘point of light’.  He likened history to a dark, dark tunnel down through time, which was lit here and there by famous people, who were generally conquerors, people who like mass slaughter, the tyrants even.  It didn’t matter who they were, in their view, because in the Cabalistic way of looking at things there is no right or wrong, only OUTCOMES and someone always benefits from outcomes regardless of how many people die or get slaughtered in a campaign, such as Alexander the Great.  So he talked about that’s what it is, their ‘points of light’; these characters down through history.  He hoped to go down as one.  He wasn’t the first to mention it in the US because Benjamin Franklin in his own memoirs, in his diaries and his letters, he wrote about himself hoping to go down as a ‘point of light’. 


This is a Masonic doctrine.  I use that loosely because Freemasons have never really understood who rules them, except very, very high members perhaps.  They talked about the ‘points of light’, guiding lights, etc.  It also refers to main characters alive today and the terminology they are applying it to currently.  They are also the big movers and shakers towards this new world order, this globalized system, THE DREAM OF THE AGES as they often call it.  It used to be called Utopianism at one point.  It certainly was sold to the public in previous generations, in previous centuries, as a form of utopia.  It’s beautiful when you help to CREATE a state of misery and poverty in nations, get it ripe for revolution, put out the propaganda and bring forth men who speak on behalf of YOU, who always vocalize what you’d like to vocalize if you could find the words.  That’s why they always get an intelligentsia well versed in speechmaking to guide the people, who always end up generally worse off than they were before.  That’s the TECHNIQUE that’s used upon peoples.


There is an ORGANIZED GROUP running the world who know where they are going.  It combined with Darwinism which helped to bolster its theories of not just selective mating basically, but special mating.  Many of these characters, like Charles Darwin himself and many others of his era and his ilk, of the Royal Society… a Freemasonic organization that was created for scientific endeavors and still guides the world today.  You still have to be a high Freemason to join it and to be ASKED to join it.  Darwin was promoted by the Royal Society that was given a Royal charter to exist; meaning it spoke on behalf of the aristocracy and the rulers, ‘the establishment’ as they say, of Britain at that time.  Even to join that group back then, you had to put your wife away and become like a monk, dedicated, with no distractions to the cause.  ‘The cause,’ many terms for the same thing.  Sometimes they will say ‘the work,’ ‘the great work,’ or ‘the cause.’  It’s directing and guiding, those guys being ‘illuminaries’ and ‘illuminated’ points of light guiding the world towards a destiny, which they believe they will be in control of.


Charles Darwin remember, was interbred.  We can trace him back 3 or 4 generations.  Every member of his family – his father, grandfather, great grandfather – only married into ONE other family and that was the Wedgwood’s.  They were PRACTICING specialized breeding, for hybrids, using an idea that even Plato talked about where you could select mates, such as a good mathematician mated up with a good mathematician and there was a good chance there would be of producing another good mathematician, perhaps even better.  Then by inbreeding them even more and more, they could weed out, or breed out, undesirable qualities, like compassion for instance.  You don’t want leaders with too much compassion.  You can breed in certain other traits for rulership, so psychopathic traits were inbred into them.  The Darwin’s were only intermarried with one family, the Wedgwood’s, for generations.  It got so bad at one point – because of the lack of fresh genes coming in – I think all of Charles Darwin’s children died, the last 2 in an insane asylums.  His wife died - a Wedgwood again, like his father and grandfather - so he married his mother’s sister, another Wedgwood, for his second wife. 


Not only HE was doing this sort of thing, all of those in the big Royal Society game had already been practicing it because they BELIEVED already – BEFORE we were told that genes were discovered – that it was all in the breeding, as Plato said thousands of years before; they could breed certain types to excellence.  Marx coupled the doctrine of Darwinism to Marxism and dedicated his 2nd or 3rd publication to Charles Darwin because it bolstered the whole Marxist doctrine of dialectical materialism.  Nothing existed except intelligence and of course they were the intelligent ones that led the world and materialism is what it’s all about.  Today, you could say economics, broadly speaking. 


Even back then, in the days of Darwin, they talked about population control, looking towards a post-industrial era where they claimed they would no longer need the people.  Now, under the doctrine of Darwinism, which led to incredible horrors like Marxism to Leninism, Bolshevism and MASS SLAUGHTER, mass slaughter always follows, and also to Hitler’s ideology which was National Socialism.  They’re all socialistic in their take on history and their progression of history; they call it socialism.  Where an intelligentsia should rule over the masses, always on behalf of you; that’s how they put it, ‘on your behalf’.  You’ll all be equal in this utopia.  Of course, as Plato said, that ‘we the rich have to worry about our castles, because your servants will steal from you.  You have to replace the things that are stolen.’  You have to maintain the upkeep of your castle.  You have to pay for the cleaning staff, servants and so on.  He said, ‘isn’t it far better to bring a world society’ – in his book called The Republic – ‘where the masses that you rule over,’ on their behalf, ‘will pay through taxation for all the upkeep?’  So then technically, you won’t own it, but you have the right to live in it and be served; objects that are broken, worn out or stolen will be replaced.  The public will pay for all the staff as well.  THAT’S what you have today. 


That’s technically what Communism is based on.  It’s the putting up to the top of an elite who belong to an association higher above the propaganda they give out to the general masses.  It’s interesting too, where Lenin said himself that there were 3 levels of propaganda.  There is one given out to the general masses, which is the utopian image of the equality and all working together towards a common cause of betterment.  There is another one told to the middle echelons of managerial classes; another version of their agenda.  He says, only for those in the upper circle will they be told the TRUE agenda.  That’s how OPEN the Soviet system was; it’s all based on lies and fraud. 


It really is just a neo-Platonic idea.  Neo-Platonism that was born in Alexandria, that was revived I’d say, in Alexandria in about 300-odd A.D.  They believed that the Fisher Kings - the Fisher Kings as they called them - these were PROFESSORS, what we would call professors today, philosophers in those days, with their own particular schools, would pick selected students and bring them into the ‘mysteries’.  The mysteries were simply the control of people, masses of people; how to control their minds, how to motivate them to do your bidding, as willing creatures, willing servants to your cause.  That’s where the whole idea of the fisher king came from. 


Many of these societies, even long before Alexandria, if you look at Pythagoras and others, used a technique of what was later used in some Catholic monasteries.  In fact, some of the Catholic monasteries that came out in the Middle Ages you could say were continuations of them, preaching a different gospel than the one they taught to the people… because you always infiltrate your enemy to take them down.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just giving you a quick rundown of a movement that started long ago.  Really, it was loosely called Gnosticism.  Not the kind that is put out there by the new agers today that’s meant to entice them into so-called other mysteries, or the lesser mysteries which keep them happy and amused for an awful long time, sometimes years, but the real thing. 


It was to do with a WORLD society.  If you look at Egypt, whatever it really taught, since it was the main teacher for an awful long time, even to the Greek aristocracy; they all went over there to learn.  Then when they’d gone on to the high intiateship in Egypt, they went off to another place in what they called the Levant; another place to learn more mysteries.  Then they even took a trip to India.  Then they’d complete the circle and come back to their country of origin, where they came from.  Plato did this and others did this too.  But what they exported really was revolution… by different technique.  Not by sending armies out, but by sending high initiates and wise men, philosophers.  They’d go back to their own countries and start up their schools.  The schools, even ‘school’ is a word coming from the Greek language meaning basically ‘leisure’.  It comes from the word ‘leisure’ because only a leisure class could attend.  You weren’t forced to go.  Youngsters would come in and hear some mysteries, which would entice them in.  If they liked the teacher, they’d come back and come back and come back.  Different from the compulsory education of today, or indoctrination; it depends on how you look at it.  That’s really what they exported for an awful long time.


That is what was behind Pythagoras too.  He started up his school when he went back to Crotona and eventually his school was burned down when the people there understood what he was really all about.  The youngsters that he was recruiting had to take vows of silence for a few years before they got into the higher mysteries, much like the Essenes that came after them in the Middle East, about 2000 years ago.  Those who could keep silent, ‘watch, look and listen’ as part of the motto – even of today’s Freemasonry – then they would pass and get selected to go higher and given tasks within communities or countries.  They also brought in, with Pythagoras, women, very much like the French Grand Orient Lodge.  These women were given a good education and taught etiquette, deportment, they were made highly desirable by people outside the communities in the hope they would marry nobility and rulers and that way they could influence policy on behalf of Pythagoras himself.  That’s why, when people caught on to what was really happening, they went after his school and burned it down.  He wasn’t the only one.  Socrates, you’ll find, is often portrayed as a great man, a great thinker and he certainly had a sense of humor here and there if you look at some of his writings, because his wife was a very unhappy person, very dour, and his students asked him why he still kept her around and he said she is there to remind me to be humble.  So he had a sense of humor.  He’d certainly put a lot of truth out there too but you’ve got to remember what he was eventually accused OF.  It’s the same kind of thing of sedition by influencing the youth to rebellion. 


The techniques that are used today are the same.  We’ve heard it all through the communist era because really it’s a continuation of the same techniques, where they go after the youth and indoctrinate a generation to bypass the parents with contaminated ideas.   So the fresh youth will come up and bring in their system, which of course is a system that’s not theirs at all.  It’s a system devised by very old men who belong to very high clubs and fraternities.  That’s why Obama and his million-man army, the youth army and all the rest of it, the Young Communist League of the Soviets, Hitler’s Youth, all had these things in common.  You bypass the parents with the old-fashioned ideas and the parents, you obviously hope they have more wisdom than young.  When WE’RE young and foolish, we’re very easily conned.  That’s the last thing a young person wants to hear when they’re trying to establish their identity and their place in the world and how they fit in. 


I understand how it was very, very appealing.  I talked to some people who were in the Hitler Youth.  One of them was a Polish fellow and he said we were all from the bottom of the heap, the working class, and the first set of good clothing he was given, and brand new clothing, was from the Hitler Youth.  I understand that, perfectly well.  That’s how you’re taken in.  Then they take you off to runs in the county, like the Boy Scouts, and give you some confidence in yourself, make you feel that you BELONG and that your generation is SPECIAL.  Not dreamed up by Hitler either.  You’ll find the same thing with the man who started up the Boy Scouts who wanted a world army to help bring in a world culture.  You’ve got to understand, in the 1800s into the 1900s, this idea was already firmly established of conquering the world and bringing in a world society.  It was pushed on the one hand by communism and on the other by those within the BANKING industries and the aristocracies of countries like Britain. 


Something that’s always confused people is why would the main enemy of communism – it could be an intelligentsia, could be an old-fashioned society – why they would eliminate people and capitalism?  I mentioned last night, no, they transformed Capitalism into the Marxian theory, which it was intended to do.  Back after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning how the techniques work down through the ages and that nothing really is by chance on any big, large scale because through CONFLICT comes resolution.  It’s the same technique as we now call Hegelianism; very old, old technique, long before Hegel came along.  Where you want something to change in your favor…  Things don’t change much when there is no opposition to anything.  So you create an opposition and you argue, you might even have wars, or riots.  It’s a lot of trouble to bring commerce especially to a standstill.  Then you have meetings and a resolution comes out of it.  That’s the thesis, antithesis and synthesis idea.  However, when you GUIDE all of that, it’s the synthesis that you’re after; it’s the OUTCOME you were after all along. 


They used to refer to this, even at Alexandria an awful long time ago, and they mentioned that nature - they couch it under the terms to see which pupils would catch on - that NATURE is always in conflict.  Even the seasons are in conflict.  You’ll have a spring; you’ll have an autumn.  You’ll have a winter and a summer.  Each one competes with the other and then out comes the next one, the next one takes over; the SYNTHESIS takes over for a while.  The synthesis itself breaks down into a new thesis.  That’s the idea, ONGOING REVOLUTION, they called it.  They also wrote it into the stars and gave you wonderful stories in Greek mythology – remembering that Greek mythology was HEAVILY coupled to their teachings from Egypt – and they used the stars and the simpletons would think the stars were really fighting each other as they gave you these wonderful stories of constellations and Orion, etc.  Of course Orion was also the same character in the night sky as Osiris, or his son Horus, it depends on the era that you look at.  So the ordinary folk would think that they really were up there fighting.  Much of the fairly tales we had in fact coming down through the 1800s were based supposedly on these conflicts in the sky.  You’ll find the same thing in India with the stories of the Gods fighting each other.  These were actually the simple movement of constellations going through the heavens - the ‘houses’ as it’s called in some places - with the different figures and animals and creatures and dragons fighting each other.  That’s where it all comes from. 


The higher initiate with the brains was supposed to figure it out for himself and say ‘what they are really teaching us here is that everything is in conflict and that ALL conflict leads to betterment.’  It’s called ‘PROGRESS’.  Those at the top want PLANNED progress.  I used to ask as a child, what is progress?  Are they happier now than they were yesterday or years before?  Generally they’re not.  But someone always thinks it’s called progress; someone DECIDES it’s called progress. Progressing TO WHAT?  I think it’s so odd that we’re all progressing towards a world state that has all the tenants of what the mystery religions called ‘a utopia’ of sorts, with a vastly reduced population, using the Darwinian techniques.  Darwin only came out with a very old idea, amongst these same groups preexisting him where, again, using allegories to show you how things work. 


This is from Darwin’s writings and I’m paraphrasing from memory. He said, ‘Germs, bacteria will come in to an area and alter the soil.  Worms move in it and bring air and oxygen to the soil.  Other seeds will grow and they die off, leaving other minerals in that soil.  It’s all preparing for the TREE to grow there.  So it’s suitable, it can actually live there now.  That also meant that all those waves of creatures, insects, that went before and died, all had a purpose for the strong to go on.  You’ve got to understand that very basic concept because really, that’s eugenics they’re talking about, and PEOPLE they’re talking about.  The people who worked at the lower ranks in the factories and so on for the industrial era, all had their uses to drive on because someone must always survive in humanity through every age. 


It’s almost identical to Brahmanism; not by coincidence either.  In Brahmanism, they talk about the same kind of thing, that towards the end, they call it the ‘waves’ in Brahman, the waves of time, the waves of the ages.  Theosophy that is coupled with Brahmanism, they call it the ‘waves of theosophy’.  These are waves of TIME, vast amounts of time, where everything works the same way as Darwin, to prepare something for an ELITE and those who are the ELITE humans MUST GO ON into a NEW AGE every so often at predetermined times.  However, none of the old types, the ones that Darwin would say made the soil, prepared the soil and worked the soil in preparation for the elite, none of those must come through into a new age because they would literally destroy that elite whose time now had come to go on.  This is basic eugenics… a very, very OLD concept. 


Under the guise of globalism and saving the world with this sudden idea that came out of the Club of Rome, this sudden concept… ‘Oh my God, there are just too many people on the planet and they’re all polluting and it’s going to kill us all, therefore, we’ve got to bring down the population DRASTICALLY.’  That’s the main intent, the MAIN intent behind the meeting at Copenhagen.  The Club of Rome remember, the PREMIER Club of Rome for the UN, the premier think tank, admits in their own book, The First Global Revolution, that they came up with the idea.  They were told to find a way to unite the world together in a wartime scenario where people wouldn’t mind giving up rights and freedoms to save ourselves, as we do in all wars.  So they decided that man would be making a war on the planet, so MAN was the enemy.  Under this treaty… and don’t believe anything they tell you right now.  The main thing is POPULATION REDUCTION.  These guys are LIARS, you understand.  They’ve lied down through the centuries for their goals, always lying.  They’ll say ‘yes, CO2 and it’s this and that…’  No, it’s population reduction they are after, MASSIVE population reduction. 

Look up on the internet the Georgia Guidestones.  Look it up.  They have this written in all different languages.  Big money put it up, using a Rosicrucian name of the character that supposedly put up the money.  It’s still kept quiet by the Masons because they all know who it is obviously, since they applied for the permission to have it built.  You know who runs all your towns and your villages and they do keep secrets don’t they?  But they say they want to bring the population down to a tiny fraction of what it is now.  Not just the population down because believe you me, these guys at the top don’t believe in equality at all.  I’ve just told you what they believe in.  It’s superiority.  They don’t believe that you can get through.  In fact, you must NOT come through to the new golden age that they’re going to bring in.  You’ll build it for them; again, getting the soil ready for the big tree to grow.  You’ll build it all.  Your predecessors built it for them too.  You’ve had their world wars to bring it in as well.  But not YOU and your offspring; you will not be allowed to come through because you see, you are now OBSOLETE, obsolete. 

You have to read books like HG Wells, one of the TOP propagandists for this organization, who didn’t sit and scribble by himself in candlelight.  He had a whole office building, actually a house with many floors on it, full of staff churning out that stuff.  They all do this kind of stuff.  They always give a front man, you see.  He was given ideas by professors both from Oxford and Cambridge for his stories.  He had to write certain things within his stories or even build stories around the main items he was told to project because predictive programming, through novels especially and fiction, now it’s movies, works very well.  It’s more effective than sitting down and giving people history lessons… or MIND CONTROL LESSONS in school.  Your guard is down when you’re watching fiction or reading it and you identify with the characters and heroes.  It never occurs to you – it never occurs to you – that the characters at the bottom, the monsters, the ones who eat flesh, etc, are YOU.  It never occurs to you.  That’s the beautiful way they write, always for 2 points of view; for the elite in the know and for YOU at the bottom who go along with it and get entertained. 

These guys mean business.  They are fulfilling their goal.  The greatest thing about an internal coup - when someone takes over - there are two ways to do it.  One, is openly like the Bolshevik takeover in the middle of the night with 100 men who took over the beginnings of a supposedly democratic system in Russia, where most of the different competing groups had the basic form of a parliament already established, based on the same ideas supposedly as the monarchical democracy of England.  But the Bolsheviks had a different agenda.  The bankers who funded them had a different agenda too.  It was to bring in a world society through revolution and conflict, through nature again, understanding nature.  Only through conflict can you get change and you DIRECT the change because YOU direct the conflict and you create the conflict. 

Don’t be fooled by the carbon dioxide nonsense.  Don’t be fooled because they churn out bought and paid for EXPERTS or SCIENTISTS who work for the IPCC.  People who were nobodies a few years ago, people who couldn’t even drag students into their classes are now the heroes because they are the experts on this great catastrophe that’s in the making.  They’re well paid, WELL paid; they’ll all be millionaires before they retire, each one of them, if they go along with the con game and they are, most of them.  The emails that were exposing their lies to each other went through this pretty precisely.  How they were told to scrub stuff off so that if they did investigate, authorized government investigations, into the data, it would simply be not there, GONE.  They admitted how to fudge figures to lie to the public.  Why?  Because all these guys were selected, that’s why, by higher organizations that use the con men and the sciences to con the public. 

They always make sure they have dedicated, DEDICATED servants leading the world.  These guys are SWORN to the agenda, sworn on OATHS to the agenda, all hoping that they’ll have the better genes to come through into the new age as they’re killing everybody else off.  Actually they do get certain things given to them.  For instance, they get little passes so they can get access to the organic foods and stuff; the stuff that’s not modified and isn’t laced with pesticides that is killing everybody off with cancers and sterilizing people.  They get all these little bonuses thrown in.  They get specialized medical care in non-governmental hospitals.  Actually, it’s kind of governmental; we pay for it all but it’s very top military hospitals.  The whole of the British Commonwealth is on that system, for top politicians and all top bureaucrats as well.  That was in the newspapers in Canada back in the 80s that that was signed into law.  So they are bought and paid for.

The whole carbon thing is nonsense.  Four or five years ago they started giving out carbon credits before Copenhagen came along, before anybody said ‘oh, there is a consensus now on an agreement, we’re all on board, all scientists agree.’  NO!  all scientists do NOT agree.  Only the ones on the pay of the IPCC, that are paid to churn out the rubbish, agree.  That’s where their cash is; that’s where their grants are.  But they were already giving out carbon credits to the big international corporations and some of them have made multi-millions on trading these carbon credits to each other.  Isn’t amazing how the ones at the top - all the little low level greenies at the bottom were screaming about, the big corporations - are making millions off it and yet they haven’t spent anything yet, just making money off it. 

I’ve read some of the articles here, of the richest guy in Britain, who’s going to get $14-15 million because he’s got all these surplus credits – they were given these credits.  Al Gore is raking in the cash in because he set up the corporation, one of the biggest in the world, which the carbon credits go through.  He pays his carbon credits into his own company and gets them all back again with interest.  It’s to bring YOU down.  So why even bother with Copenhagen?  It’s a formality.  Do you think they are really arguing out there?  Do you think they are really, really arguing?   All the crooks, the petty crooks who are arguing there about anything is just who gets what share of what.  That’s what they’re arguing about, the spoils of war.  War on who?  War on the world’s population; all of YOU… and your children to come, IF they allow you to get born.  Believe you me, compulsory sterilization – apart from the chemical sterilization we’ve already been subjected to – is definitely coming in big time. 

I’ve gone through John Holdren’s history and the people can’t figure out why these characters are all on board in governments, are appointed right now, at this time in history, and the same types that are in, belonging to the same organizations are in, are on board with EVERY GOVERNMENT of the world; they are put on their counseling boards.  It’s all for a REASON.  It’s not by happenstance.  Why are they all on board in every country at the same time, these appointees? ...hard-lined fanatics?  Holdren, in the book called EcoScience, said he wanted to bring in compulsory sterilization, compulsory abortion… 30-odd years ago.  Do you think he’s changed his tune?  Do you think he’s wisened up and got some compassion?  NO.  NO.  NO.  This is the same hard fanatic as he always was; THAT’S WHY HE WAS PICKED FOR THIS POSITION RIGHT NOW. 

To show you the farces that they go through, why are they waiting for Copenhagen?  As I say, they’re handing out billions of dollars worth of FREE, FREE taxpayer-funded carbon credits to the big corporations.  Here’s an article from the CBC Canada, that’s the Communist Broadcasting Corporation as it’s lovingly called in Canada and it truly is communist.  Even defectors from the Soviet Union were sent to work there and said there were more communists working inside there than there was in the Soviet Union.  Alberta is going to spend $495 million on carbon capture pipeline.  That’s over a month ago, before Copenhagen.  Back with more after this break with more.

Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix just mentioning - before I take a caller - that Alberta for instance, this is one instance of many.


Alberta to spend $495M on carbon capture pipeline

By CBC News / November 24, 2009


They’re going to sink supposedly, the CO2 from the oil fields into the ground and capture it, capture it...  Why not put it in tin cans?  Then they could trade tin cans of CO2 across the planet; at least you would have something to look at rather than nothing.  The big corporations, by the way, are getting moneys from the taxpayer to pay for all this. 


Alan:  What I’m going to do now is go to Joey from South Korea.  Are you there Joey?


Joey:  Hey, Alan, your show is great.  I just love listening to it and going back through all your old shows, the blurbs.  Every day I learn something new, so thanks a lot.  I guess I just wanted to comment on something.  I can’t believe the mentality of these people, these protesters in Copenhagen, lining up to protest against something that they are being given and… It really, really bothers me.  Every aspect of their lives is being pushed, this green agenda.  The TV, every favorite show that they have is pushing this green agenda and they still are demanding it.  They can’t see that… I mean NBC had a green week.  These extravagant protests by Greenpeace and they are being put on the CBC all the time and they still think they are special every time they mention their carbon footprint and anything like that.  I guess that’s my comment. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling, Joey.  You’re quite right though.  They’ve also had indoctrination in school because you always preach the new doctrine in school first.  That’s why they set up the National Education authorities across the world for, coupled to UNESCO at the United Nations, to create a common culture where they could indoctrinate them.  If you don’t believe me, look up the writings of Julian Huxley.  I’ve read some of them on the air.  He was the first CEO of UNESCO.  Lenin said the same thing, ‘we’ve got to have a universal education to get to the children.’  If you can do that, you can literally take over the minds of all the children and teach them, as Lord Bertrand Russell said, that the sky is actually black and not blue and they will believe it.  As long as they all are taught the same thing in unison, they will believe whatever you tell them.  Especially when you tell them, like Al Gore says – the video is up there, I might put the link up again – where he is talking to these young children, “You know things that your parents don’t know; you’re special.” 

Al Gore

Kids don’t listen to your parents because they don’t understand but you do.


Well, that’s the beginning of what we’ve called before the Obama Youth; you might say the Brownshirts, the Redshirts, and the Young Communist League.  That’s the same techniques that they used by the older ones that you’re taught to respect.  Here is a VICE PRESIDENT telling children that your parents don’t know these things, meaning your parents are stupid.  Bypass the parents; that’s what they’ve always said.  Bypass them, forget the older generation, they’ll come down with all the sicknesses we’ve made for them, they’ll die off early and then the children will be uncontaminated; they will have the RIGHT indoctrinations.  To what?  To serve a system that’s being sold as a utopia, like a Disney cartoon.  That’s what it is, folks.  Guess what?  The technique always works, it always works.  The greenshirts are here… and they’re disrupting all the meetings of people who are giving alternate views… as yobbos always do. 


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



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