Dec. 23, 2009 (#478)
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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 23, 2009:

Seekers, if True, will Find the Few:

"Few Folk Wish to be One within Kind,
Preferring Absorption in Worldly Mind,
Yet Each Begins with Boundless Vitality,
Unique and Seeking Own Individuality,
Then School, like Chickens in a Coop,
Standardizes by Consensus of the Group,
Insecure Teen Pressure, Need to Belong,
Causes Adaptation, Ignores Each Wrong,
Submerged Individuality then Tries to Appear,
Often Re-submerging with Peer-Pressure Fear,
Morning Hills are Moistened with Crystal-Clear Dew,
Climbers of Such Hills are Always the Few"
© Alan Watt Dec. 23, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 23, 2009
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on 23rd December 2009.

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Most folk think today that everything should be free on the net and elsewhere but believe you me nothing’s free. If something’s free, something’s bending your mind at the same time for propaganda purposes. For those who get the discs burned and passed to them, you can write to me [listed above]. And that’s that out the way.


It’s a good topic actually if you think something’s free. It’s so incredible to go through the history of propaganda and how sciences developed, long before the 20th century, nevermind the 21st century, but long before the 20th century, and studies were done on whole populations of people to see how they thought about things, what topics they thought about, why they thought about those topics and they concluded even then it was basically through ‘word of mouth’ or from town criers as they had prior to the newspapers being available to everyone.

Whatever you were told became your topic for the week basically. Most folk don’t think through the wording of what they’re being given, they accept it as fact. Study after study has proven that 87% of the population don’t question anything they hear from mainstream media, so you can imagine who got in on that act in the 20th century and now totally dominate it.


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.

Just mentioning how the big boys, who want to control the world, got in early because you could never allow media to develop this truly alternate, giving other points of view if you want to standardise the world. You’ve got to standardise the minds of the public by coordinating all media through them, through those two basic channels and eventually one, where we’re pretty well at today as most stuff goes through Reuters and there’s only really one other major newswire worldwide. Personally, I don’t think there’s any competition at all. I think there’s really one at the top with the impression that there’s competition and you’ll find that with alot of things even to do with big international corporations. I really don’t think there’s competition at all, and many of the biggest ones that advance the sciences, especially to do with the military-industrial complex, and that involves everything, even all the stereo equipment you have in your home, they’re involved in all these areas. They’re still real companies but started up by those who’re basically part of the military-industrial complex for a planetary system and most of the research and development is into other areas such as brain chips and stuff like that.


There’s always been a war going on but it really wasn’t until the 20th century that it came to a climax. There’re actually phases in this war where they’re planned in centuries. It can take a century to warm people up to an idea even for revolution. People don’t realise that it takes that long to get an idea rolling amongst the populace and there’s got to be some reason, a truth somewhere, that they can actually teach the people and point to and say, “Look, isn’t it awful what’s being done to you?” And the people are given leaders, they follow leaders and before they know it, yep, they’ve had their revolution. Most revolutions remember are bloodless, they’re cultural, they’re done within.

Then afterwards you find this mayhem everywhere, fallout of the new system, and lo and behold, you’re not freer after all. You have more government bureaucracies dealing with the fallout which was really the intent in the first place, to get more and more control over the public in different areas of their lives. That’s why media is so important, and obviously since people guzzle media, literally guzzle it today, then it can’t be left in the hands of those outside of the loop of control.


So many newspapers were put under in fact in the late 20th century because they weren’t in the loop. They didn’t join the loop and those that controlled the advertising industry, in the US it’s only really one company left, one massive corporation, they just pull the ads and down they go. That’s the real world. These things really happened and there’re list and lists of papers this was done to who were politically incorrect.


Everybody’s given a whiff, it’s like giving someone a perfume, to give them a whiff of what the new political correctness is and you better adapt to it quickly or you’re out. That is the real world because a real war is waging, on many different levels, and so many areas, for your mind and the minds of your children, if you have any.

You have to thumb through the old books. Even when I’ve read them, and I pull them up, the old books, once in a while, to see how far advanced they were 100, 200 years ago with the understanding of the human mind itself and populations; you might call it the singular mind of the population of the majority of the public and what they knew about it, they knew how to manipulate too, en masse, real sciences. So what do you think they’re up to today?


It’s more intense today, it’s easier today. It’s easier because they have instant communication right to you. Every home on the planet can get the same information given to it at the same time. That’s power, incredible power.


One of tonight’s stories is about the vaccines, for instance, which we’ve all lived through. Now we’ve all lived through the creation, the recent creation of the latest coming plague that wasn’t. We’ve watched all the media go into the concerted effort to terrify the populations of the planet. We’ve all lived through it. What happened? Nothing, it just fizzled away. And I said that, as soon as the media stopped harping about it, it’ll be gone. This is the same as the last fake ‘swine flu’ epidemic. Once the media stops harping, it’s just gone.


There aren’t whole areas cordoned off for reasons of ‘contamination’. It hasn’t happened. People aren’t dropping dead all over the place. They’re not burying people in mass graves, yet this is the stuff pumped out by the media. The reason I’m saying this is because people tend to slip back into the mainstream version and get carried on with the latest news and get conned again and again and again. You learn by living your own life and accepting your own experiences and standing with your own conclusions, your own conclusions.

Remember what Albert Pike said? (Paraphrasing) “Those who will not use their own mind, basically, their reason and mind; that means memory too, those who won’t use them, he says, are meat on the table and beasts of burden by choice and consent”

The reason they had to destroy the relationships between generations is because they did not want information passed onto the younger ones by the older ones, all information, including the updates in the new cultures, was to be given via the school. That has been successfully completed. The youngsters are taught not to listen at all, to any one that is older than themselves. That’s why they prefer young, very young, teachers. They can still identify with the young teacher. Strategy.


So the vaccine thing, even when I read articles like this to show you the farce of it all, and I’ve read quite a few since the so-called flu horror show that was coming down the pike, I said too that once all the governments had signed on all the billions of dollars and promises to pay for the next five years of vaccines, it would just go away.


This is from a website that’s all ‘pro’ vaccine. It’s probably backed by all the big companies and it’s called ‘Fierce Vaccines’ and I’ve read from it before. December 23rd. And when I scroll down here, you see the guy, I think he’s the editor, John Carroll, he does the editing for it. And I scroll down even further, and I’ll put this link up on the site for you to scroll through yourself.

Here’s an article here: MedImmune recalls swine flu vax doses”.


Now I’ve read an article before where thousands were recalled. Well, here you go.


“AstraZeneca's MedImmune is scrambling to retrieve up to about five million doses of swine flu vaccine...


(A: And this is the excuse they give and I don’t believe them at all, I really don’t. I’ve read enough of the pharma industry to understand how they work. It says it;)


... has lost at least some of its potency. FDA officials were quick to reassure the public that the doses--delivered in a nasal spray--were safe and that the people who had already received a shot drawn from the 13 lots now being recalled don't need to go back and get a second jab.”

(A: So which is it? Is it one or the other? They give you doublespeak here but, believe you me as well, there’ll be an awful lot more than 5 million doses and whatever really is wrong with it is so dangerous, they don’t want the public really to know. That’s what it’s about too. It says;)


“Just a week ago Sanofi-Aventis had to issue a recall for 800,000 doses...


(A: The other company)


...that had lost their potency.


That’s the excuse they’re giving. That’s too stupid if you understand how this stuff is made for the public, it truly is for the public because we’re supposed to be really stupid and ignorant and that’s why science can run rings around you with nonsense, like the weather scam as well, same idea. But they’re complaining and they’re saying, ‘yeah, they’ve lost their potency, that’s why they’re recalling them’. Rot and rubbish. It’s interesting, these are the ones too, that’s a mist that you breathe in. It’s a cheapo type way of doing it too, with a live virus. I’ve read the articles from the World Health Organization because they were doing parts of Africa, I think Nigeria was getting done, again by our ‘charitable foundations’ that want to eliminate the Third World, giving out these free shots of polio vaccine that was actually through nasal mist and what happened was that a laboratory-created polio vaccine, because they alter them, and they can identify which virus it comes from, the laboratory vaccine has now become a killer. It’s spreading like wildfire over there.


And of course most will say that must be an accident because no-one would do that on purpose and when you show them the documentation with the bills that went through with Kissinger, when he declared that the Third World was a target, where he says that ‘overpopulation’ was a threat to the state, they’ll still put it into their back pigeonhole and say ‘no, oh no, I can’t deal with that. No-one would do that kind of stuff to them’. Well, these are the same people, who’ll listen to what I’m saying here, and then they’ll run off and get the flu next time there’s a scare. They’ll get the flu shot. They’ll run off and get it.



Britain was the first country for everything. Really it’s the flagship for the New World Order. Britain was the first to try and promote an ID card back in the late nineties. In ’98 there was a program on in Canada. I think it was the Wendy Mesley Show, who also went through the coming ID card. In Britain people at the time said, ‘What’s the problem? What’s happening? The Cold War’s over, we’re fighting no-one. What’s the problem?’ They were very suspicious so they went back to the burner and waited for 9/11 to happen, which of course it did, and brought it out again. But people still didn’t fall for it and so they brought it out voluntarily rather than making mandatory as they had first proposed. And they told the public, who started buying the trial ones, ‘it’ll replace your passport’.


Really? Well, I’ll tell you what happened to that when I come back from this break.


I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, mentioning how the ID card was brought back and back and back to Britain until they launched a ‘pilot scheme’ in England. And of course you buy it, you’ve got to buy the ID card for the £30 they cost. They’ll say how easy it’ll be for students to get into bars then and prove their age and get drunk. This is the kind of excuse they’re giving to sell it, no kidding. But they wanted to make it compulsory initially and they had to go back to the drawing board when the public just did not want it. They smelled something up. But it’s so wonderful, isn’t it, it’s like giving you a personal computer, a PC. Everything became personal in the nineties as they tried to get you addicted to something which was not for your benefit ultimately down the road; personal computer and your personal passwords and all the stuff is all ‘personal’.


This is all marketing strategy to make you identify with a thing rather than just say this is a piece of plastic junk, very expensive though. But if you buy it, your guard is down. It’s yours now, you see, ‘it’s my ID card, I bought this’.

No, that’s for the government and for many things to come. So some people fell for it and it says here, from the Manchester Evening News, from December 23rd 2009:


“THE national identity card scheme was in chaos last night...”


(A: This is Christmas time, everyone’s trying to get abroad over to Europe and so on)


“as an M.E.N...”


(A: I don’t know what M.E.N. means; a ministry of something. M.E.N. for ‘men’ it says, men. Men expected to be neutered this year. That’s my little joke.)


“...investigation revealed some of the country’s biggest...”


(A: This is the Manchester Evening News. Sorry Manchester. It says)


“...the country’s biggest travel companies are telling customers that they cannot be used instead of passports.”


(A: So they’ve bought them all, paid the money and fell for it. They fell for it.)


“Some 1,736 people in Greater Manchester have bought the £30 cards after the Home Office promised they could be used to travel in Europe.”


(A: They believe what they’re promised by politicians and the Home Office?)


“But customer service staff at nine major travel companies – including British Airways, Eurostar and BMI baby – told M.E.N reporters posing as customers that the cards could NOT be used instead of passports.

Eight of the nine companies later issued statements saying staff had given the wrong advice...”


(A: I wonder how they get back to all the folk they turned away.)


“ ...and that the cards COULD be used after all. But Eurostar remained unsure. A spokesman said: “We are unable to confirm whether the ID cards are valid on Eurostar at this time.

Meanwhile two major German airlines said they would not accept the cards until they had been officially recognised by the German federal authorities.


The revelations will come as a major embarrassment to the Home Office, which has already been forced to water down its ID card scheme. The cards were originally proposed to be compulsory. But after a public outcry they are now being championed by ministers...”


(A: That’s politicians)


“ useful for students wanting to...”


(A: Get drunk and prove their age basically, that’s what it’s about)


So, as I say, getting back to the other one they showed here, a documentary on Wendy Mesley in Canada, she always gets the good stuff. She gets the tip-off for the good stuff for what’s coming down the pike and she went through this whole one hour show on the coming ID card in the late nineties in Canada and she was eventually told by the guy in charge of a company, the company who makes the ID cards, he said “everyone will have one” and she said, “what makes you so sure they’ll take it? And he said “Because they’ll be given no option”. And that’s pretty well how the show ended.


I’ve tried and tried to get that show. I’ve got a little bit of it somewhere on a tape but I’ve taped over the rest of it on old VHS.


And as I say, Britain is the flagship and people in the US have no idea what’s coming down. They’ve watched the build-up of internal armies, at least talked about and shown different articles in the regular media since 2001 but they were starting up the internal armies long before that in preparation for what’s to come down.

Here’s what they do in Britain. You’ve got all this to look forward to in the US and Canada too, by the way.


Actually, I’ll mention before I start that back in the eighties, early nineties, I was told to check out the entrances and ‘T’ junctions at major road intersections on highways, major highways because they have sockets in the ground there for things to go into on either side. And sure enough, I checked them out, a few major highways, and they did. And this is for these posts they can put in there. They’re collapsible fences you can put straight across the highways for future riots and all the rest of it.

That’s how far ahead they plan things because they know what’s always coming including the planned bank crashes and all that. It’s part of an agenda.


So this article here is from Lancashire, the Liverpool Evening News, I should say, It says here, December 8th;


“Lancashire police shut down roads into the county from Merseyside to stop travelling criminal gangs.”


(A: This is the excuse, so) 

“MOTORISTS from Merseyside were facing delays crossing the border into Lancashire today as police launched a crackdown on travelling criminals.”

 (A: You understand that’s like basically cordoning off a state. That’s what it’s like.)

“Lancashire police locked down all the routes into the county from Merseyside and Manchester as they stopped and searched scores of cars.

Operation Vault was launched to combat armed crooks...”

(A: Armed crooks? I don’t why they’ve got armed crooks in a country where they’ve disarmed the public way back after World War I; the only ones that can get the guns are the armed crooks. So to combat armed crooks)

“... travelling across county borders.

Police chiefs in Lancashire blame criminals from Merseyside and Manchester for much of their serious crime.”

And then they go onto just explaining why they’re doing it, even the cars to look out for, the expensive ones that the gangs are robbing. They’ve got Asiatic gangs and everything there now. They’ve got every kind of gang you can imagine thanks to ‘globalism’ that they’ve forced on everybody by mandatory law and opening the doors wide to immigration to pay off the national debt they keep telling us at the top, we need more coming in. Well now they’re cracking down on whole counties with these armed cops.

Back with more after this break.

I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.

Yesterday I read an article by Delingpole to do with how Wikipedia is a basically a battleground, really for political correctness and how teams of people really can work on just the one item all the time to make sure it’s the ‘pc’ type that they want the public to read and they eliminate anyone else with any other opinion or evidence on any topic. Remember, everything is political, everything is. If you’re out there thinking that everything that’s free out there is for your benefit, you’ve been taken as a ‘sucker’. It’s to shape your mind according to the masters above you that you don’t even know exist. They want to shape your mind to suit themselves. Information is power, knowledge is power.

And here’s another article by a guy who was mentioned in the article who keeps getting his stuff pulled off it (Wikipedia) by this team that are very political and obviously well funded, maybe even full time, to make sure that the pro catastrophe, the looming catastrophe scenario succeeds and this is from Lawrence Solomon. He posted his stuff and had his stuff pulled before, by another character in a team obviously, who would change it every two minutes. And I think this is from the National Post I think this came from. Anyway, I’ll put these links up on my site at the end of the show and you can check for yourself.

December 23rd it says here:

“Lawrence Solomon: Climategate rages on at Wikipedia”

“Since my Saturday column described how Wikipedia editors have been feverishly rewriting climate history over much of the decade, fair-minded Wikipedians have been doing their best to correct the record. No sooner than they remove gross distortions, however, than the distortions are replaced.”


(A: Now this is the character who’s obviously getting paid, maybe even full time to do this)


“William Connolley, a Climategate member and Wikipedia’s chief climate change propagandist, remains as active as ever.

How does Wikipedia work and how does Connolley and his co-conspirators exercise control? Take Wikipedia’s page for Medieval Warm Period, as an example. In the three days following my column’s appearance, this page alone was changed some 50 times in battles between Connolley’s crew and those who want a fair presentation of (climate) history.

One of the battles concerns the so-called hockey stick graphs, which purport to show that temperatures over the last 2000 years were fairly stable until the last century, when temperatures rose rapidly to today’s supposedly dangerous and unprecedented levels.  In these graphs, the Medieval Warm Period – a period of several centuries around the year 1000 – appears to be a modest bump along the way.”


(A: So anything that was really high, they’ve kept it down low to show that ‘oh this is the warmest time right now we’re going through’. So the Mediaeval Warm Period appears as a modest bump. You know, it was so warm across Europe that when they built houses they stopped putting fireplaces indoors for about a hundred, two hundred years. They didn’t need them. You couldn’t live inside the house with a fire in those kinds of warm periods. This is normal, up and down, up and down. So they’ve eliminated that from their graph you see.)


“Before the hockey stick graphs began to be published about a decade ago, scientists everywhere – including those associated with the UN itself – viewed the Medieval Warm Period as much hotter than today.”


(A: It’s amazing how they can change everything in ten years eh?)


“Rather than appearing as a modest bump compared to today’s high temperatures, the Medieval Warm Period looked more like a mountain next to the molehill that is today’s temperature increase.


The hockey stick graphs led to an upheaval in scientific understanding when the UN reversed itself and declared them bona fide. Soon after, the hockey stick graphs were shown to be bogus by a blue-chip panel of experts assembled by the US Congress. The Climategate Emails confirm the blue-chip panel’s assessment – we now know that Climategate scientists themselves doubted the reliability of the hockey stick graphs.”

(A: The whole world has to change because of this bogus graph that they brought out. Isn’t that amazing, the whole world, you, me and everybody is to suffer with ‘carbon police’ and taxes because of this fake graph. It says;)


“With the hockey stick graphs so thoroughly discredited, you’d think they would become a footnote to a discussion of the Medieval Warm Period, or an object of amusement and curiosity. But no, on the Wikipedia page for the Medieval Warm Period, the hockey stick graph appears prominently at the top, as if it is settled science.”

Then he goes on to see what happens when he puts stuff up. Within two minutes his stuff gets pulled down again by the same bunch, obviously connected with the IPCC. And he mentions too about Wikipedia and how much money you’ll see at the comments at the bottom that this free, you know, this free impartial organization, Wikipedia, for knowledge you understand, gets $6,000,000 a year, with tin cups going round doors, ha ha. Well, they’ll be funded by the big foundations. You better believe it because they run everything else that runs your brain, including the text books the children must read.


Another interesting article to do with how you can actually use overload of information to dumb people down, which they knew a long time ago, an awful long time ago through other experiments before computers came along.

December 16th 2009: (from) Australia.

“Brains overloaded daily with more info than a laptop can handle”


(A: And it says December 15th on here)

"People are so busy processing information from all directions they are losing the tendency to think and to feel."

(A: Source I guess.)

THE average person is bombarded with enough information every day to overload a laptop computer, a study has found.

Through email, the internet, TV and other media, people are deluged with around 100,500 words a day, equivalent to 23 words per second, University of San Diego researchers estimate.

And they claim the strain of processing so much data means we are becoming disconnected from other people and developing shorter attention spans.


(A: Well when you read something like that, who does it benefit? I said years ago that data is data, it’s neither true nor false, it’s just data, and I mentioned the effects this would have on people because again they’ve done this in different experiments on the public in previous centuries before they used computers. It could be done in other ways. But it’s interesting to see, you become disconnected from other people. That’s right along with the agenda, you know, the world Soviet, the new Socialist world system run by the Fabians. The Fabians are an alliance, remember, of a group all tightly bound together with a common purpose.)


 “...(they are) developing shorter attention spans.”


(A: That means you can be conned over and over again with the same tricks.)


“Roger Bohn, co-author of the study How Much Information, said: "Our attention is being chopped into shorter intervals and that is probably not good for thinking deeper thoughts."


(A: No kidding. Well you see they were already doing that with a generation that were brought up on cartoons. And I’ve read the articles before, again, everyone wants science and proof and all the rest of it. They can’t even take their own lifetime watching children, even their own children lose their attention span by starring at the goggle/google box. No, they’ve got to have scientific facts and studies to before it’s true, you see? It’s on TV, it must be true or it’s in the papers, it must be true. And they show that the cartoons, if the children turned their heads away, they were designed this way, for more than 2 to 3 seconds, they’d lose the thread of the story because the scenes are only 2 to 3 seconds long, face to face, who’s talking to who and this is intentional to make the children stick like glue to the end of that program, but they get short attention spans.

And so the studies are proving what we already knew.)


“Edward Hallowell, a New York psychiatrist and author specialising in attention deficit disorder, said: "Never before in human history have our brains had to process as much information as they do today.”


Now remember, most of it is garbage, GARBAGE; 99.9% of all daily information is garbage. It’s meant to overload you and it has no effect or bearing on your life anyway.

And to show you another article that ties in with this, it’s good to go into some of the computer sites ones once in a while to see what they’re pushing in technology and how they’re getting the youngsters all geared up to this wonderful ‘brave new world’ scenario.


This is from Gigaom. Gigaom it’s called. And again, I’ll put these links up on my website for you to read.

December 22nd 2009.


Brain Chips: Artificial Intelligence Is All in Your Head


(A: I guess that’s supposed to make youngsters laugh. Then they show you a diagram of a brain, the human brain and the actual places where they’re going to put these chips. And it’s interesting because I don’t if you’ve studied the agenda of those at the top at all really, their hard, boring books that they put out in multitudes, especially during the post Soviet era, mainly printed in New York, for the Soviets by the way, openly. They talked about getting the perfect ‘Soviet’ man. Someone who would simply obey, he’d be a number, you’d be a cog in the machine; individuality had to be destroyed. And the United Nations has also said the same thing, the main danger they have is the ‘individual’, not the masses. It’s the individual that thinks.


Same with Mao Tse-tung, Mao Tse-tung said he wasn’t afraid of armies coming against him with weaponry. He said he was afraid of someone with an idea, a big idea, that’s what scared him.


Looking at the diagram here where they’re putting them all, it’s the usual thing, to ‘help’ people, to help the people, the unfortunates; the ones that we really, really care about.

We can tell by the way they treat the unfortunates in the world, those that are on these measly pittances of disability pensions and all the rest of it. We know how much they really care. That’s why they put thousands and thousands of millions of bucks of taxpayer’s money into finding ways to alleviate the pain of being on the fringe of society. We know that, don’t we?


When you look at what they’ve got, they’ve got:


 ‘Cognition Enhancement’. And of course they say they could reverse paralysis. They’ve yet to do that, so it’s not for that.


‘Brain-Computer Interface’. Well, they have done that. In fact the first studies they did were on prisoners in Sweden. They put implants in their brain and hardwired them to computers, so they led the field in that.


‘Prevent Seizures’. Well they’re really going full out because they really care about epileptics and so on as you know, as you well know.


‘Improve Hearing’. So they use something that can be done now with a cochlear implant.


‘Artificial Vision’. Just like the Borg had on television.


‘Eliminate Depression’. You’ll be happy, you’ll be happy all the time. Do you understand that if you eliminate something, say sadness, you will never mature into a full human being? Never, it’s part of maturing into wisdom.


You must experience all, all levels of everything, the ultimate joys, the ultimate sadnesses and tragedies, otherwise you’ll be a child (with) ‘Peter Pan’ syndrome. Since about the sixties onwards, all the ads on TV and all the propaganda from psychiatry says, ‘Oh yeah, people should be happy all the time’. That’s what advertising’s all about, happy people, happy all the time, like manic-depressives in the manic phase, happy, happy. That’s not human.


But what they’ll give you with all this stuff is a:


‘Sex Chip’. Oh WOW! So here you are, you’ll be a dumb, data overloaded zombie, who can be programmed remotely by someone else who runs your program and probably fed very little. Cheap to keep but you’ll have a ‘sex chip’.


It’s like talking about an animal and how to control it and keep it happy so it’ll serve you better. And that’s exactly what it really is. Anyone who’s falling for all this stuff they see in the ‘Sci-Fi’: ‘Oh I’ll have all these amazing powers’.

Do you believe that those in charge of the world are going to give you any power at all over anything? If you do, you should really go and get that chip very quickly, and just have no unhappiness in you with the ‘happiness’ chip and the ‘sex’ chip.


Lots are almost at this stage already by the way. Astonishing isn’t it?


Global warming; 

I mentioned, as Copenhagen was winding up, and they’d all agreed to agree to all the other amendments that’ll come along with the next meeting, and that’s what it’s all about, just getting it all on record for world government, obviously, and some at the top have already said that: this is for world government; not just those who oppose it, but those who are all for it.


Europe was snowed under and they had blizzards that stopped trains across Europe.


Here’s an article here from the BBC and it’s from 23rd December. It says;


“Snow and ice 'worst in 20 years'”


Ice and snow have left Scotland's roads in their worst condition for 20 years, the transport minister has said.

Temperatures dropped as low as -16C and several areas of the country were hit by heavy snowfalls.”


The runways at Edinburgh were closed and Prestwick Airport. Roads were closed and buses and different vehicles were overturned in different places.

The usual story you get but all this is happening when they’re putting through the biggest scam in history, amongst all the other great scams in history, like the scam with the flu ‘plague’ that was going to kill so many people. Scam after scam after scam.


I get so much data sent to me that I really cursorily glance at things because I know where the spin is in any story and often I’ll take something that’s important and then I’ll ignore it, I’ll just wipe it off because there’s a spin attached to it, the latter part of the articles.

Professionals do this stuff. Media is not there to help you survive in life. It’s not there for that and it’s not there to help you participate in your future or your country’s future or your people’s future. That’s not what it’s for. Media is there to control you and to give you trivia most of the time.

When the greatest things are happening in the world and massive bills, omnibus bills; when thousands of pages get rammed through parliaments and congresses across the planet, they give you these little stories of an individual and what’s happening with this little individual that dropped their purse and someone found it and all that kind of stuff. Or ‘a’ person got mugged. You know the score, you know how it works.

Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.


So many different techniques are used to get messages across to the public. Comedy is a great one to introduce new ideas that generally would abhor people and we know how it’s done.

I’ve also read the articles where the censorship, international censorship committees, that all your censor boards belong to, their job really is to push the envelope, to do different surveys to see if the public are ready for the next part, the next part and the next part. That’s what their job really is, not to protect your culture and I’ve read the articles from their own world meetings.

Cartoons too are amazing tools to be used for those in control because your sensory of your brain is down, you think you’re being entertained and it’s silly and you just sit back, your jaw drops and you’re being downloaded and who would suspect cartoons?

In cartoons now they’re teaching them to hate adults who destroyed their planet in cartoons.

If you wrap a cartoon in with a comedy, like the ‘Simpsons’ idea, to get adults watching it too, then everyone gets brainwashed, children and adults. And things happen that you’d hide the children’s eyes from if it was happening with actors.


The movie, ‘The Simpsons’, ‘The Movie’ it’s called, someone sent me a breakdown of what they noticed and it’s got threats of ‘parenting classes’ noticed in the actual cartoon. So you need a ‘parenting class’ if you’re an adult.

Pollution is in Lake Springfield; There’s a state of emergency; They show you bestiality, kissing pigs; There’s ‘skull & crossbones’ symbolism everywhere; The Environmental Protection Agency is mentioned throughout it; Schwarzenegger as President is in there too, trapped in a huge ‘domed city’ over Springfield; Holographic TV screens inside the dome; Supplies are running low, there’s rationing, gasoline for instance; People are ‘policing’ each other, spying on each other; Homosexuality, they have policemen kissing each other, the two policemen; Underage drinking; Chemtrails are shown into the cartoon.

That’s how you’re conditioned to think it’s all normal.

NASA even put a documentary showing all these chemtrails now because people are asking questions; ‘Oh, to tell them it’s all normal’.

So they’ve chemtrails in it and the clouds get longer throughout the movie; Power failure happens because they cut back on energy; Crime and there’s theft in the dome as supplies are running out and rioting; National Security Agency listens in on all phone calls; Helicopters and armed guards are outside the dome; Doomsday clock is ticking; There’s suicide in it, and then of course they put this little bit in at the end, ‘no animals were harmed during filming’.

You can’t enjoy any fiction today, any fiction, without something being implanted in your mind as per predictive programming.


Through the use of emotion, especially in drama and movies, they can make any system, any incident actually seem very human, very human until you’ll identify with characters, even a mass murderer if need be, as just a guy like you. They can do that sort of stuff.

Hollywood did all that during the forties even, with all the gangster movies, they humanised the crooks, the guys who would gun folk down with machine guns.

They can do anything with your brain if you let them, and most do, rather than use it for themselves.


I’ll be back again tomorrow night, so from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or Gods go with you.




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