Dec. 24, 2009 (#479)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 24, 2009:

In December, All That's Past, We Remember:

"Midwinter's Crossing, Drawing Near,
Brings Hope to Some, For Others Fear,
Elated Elitists, Sensing Pyramid Capped,
Knowing Great Majority will Adapt,
Abandon Free Will for Subjugation,
While Wise Men Watch in Consternation,
Yet Remain Firm in their Conviction,
No Freedom for Safety is Contradiction,
The Trick of Tyrants Through the Ages,
History Warns by Word of Sages,
As Sun Fights to Rise on the Third Day,
Chorus is Freedom, Stand Up and Say"
© Alan Watt Dec. 24, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 24, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December 24th 2009.  For the newcomers, I say look into web site, scroll down and look at all the other sites I have up there, bookmark them for future use because sometimes the big sites go down.  That way, you can always download the latest shows from these alternate sites.  These are the official sites I have up, anything else isnít mine [listed above]. 


I always say at the beginning of the show that itís up to you to keep me going.  This is more than any job, believe you me.  Itís beyond even a vocation; itís beyond that.  Itís a must be.  Itís a must be, something I have to do while we are going through the greatest changes in history by, I call it, CONOLOGY, the art of conning whole populations, which is not a difficult thing when you read books like Propaganda and various other ones.  If you read those books that are from marketers and the big marketing companies you will understand the processes of manipulating the minds of millions and billions of people.  Itís quite easily done in fact, especially today.  Thatís why Iím on the air.  The ads you hear on the show pay RBN for the air time.  It pays for their equipment, and their staff, board-ops and their bills.   So itís up to you to keep me going and you can do so by buying that which I have for sale on the web site Ė the books, CDs and DVDs - or you can donate to me.  Itís up to you what you want to do.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  For those that get the disks burned and passed to them, you can write to me at [address above].  Itís up to you. 


Well, here we are again.  Itís the midwinter solstice time.  Everyone is either drunk right now or making merry or waiting for expectations of all the different gifts they swap tomorrow.  Itís turned into a commercialized farce but itís been that way my whole life and probably my parentsí too.  Not so much though, it was more for an upper middle class thing at one time.  Everyone else used to get their school clothes for the year or things they really NEEDED for that year.  Thatís often when you actually got your clothes for the year was at Christmas.  That was a great thing at that one time.  Now itís just a superfluous must buy, especially when you know everyone else is buying a gift for you.  Itís tragic how it turns into basically a commercialized farce unfortunately.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning how Christmas has unfortunately just turned into just crass commercialization and the buying and selling of productsÖ and playing on peopleís natural tendency to want to give something to people they like or love and how they exploit even whatís left of the family unit.  At least as long as they have a Christmas time I guess there is some kind of family unit left. 


The Fabians at the top that have worked on the whole new world order system for well over 100 years, really smell the end of if in this century, the century of change where they hope to literally wipe out the last vestiges of the family and take over reproduction by using artificial means and cloning and all the rest of it.  They have such amazing faith in science and I canít blame them because after all, the boys with the money will back those sciences that are right into genetics.  Thatís WHY itís pushed so much.  Itís for a political purpose; itís not just for curiosity at all.  Everything that has come out in the 20th century has come out with a political purpose in mind.  Science has no head of its own; itís DIRECTED into research, into the actual areas of research, always. 


As I say, they definitely want to wipe out the family unit.  Right now weíre going through a period of training to be fearful and to be dominated you might say Ė letís call it what it is Ė dominated by military type forces, be it thinly disguised by police forces anymore; thereís really military forces and the military itself.  When you have policemen dressed with combat boots and all the rest of it, you could just swap those dark-colored clothing for green or camouflage; itís just the same gear they got on as the troops, even the flack jackets.  That really is a form of not just protection for them; itís a form of training for the public.  Why do they need combat boots and their pants tucked in like a military?  Why?  Öwhen theyíre in cities?  Itís to get YOU trained.  This is the time of training for the century of changeÖ to simply obey.


Someone mentioned last night going into a train in New York, how since 2001 they have gradually trained the public to accept these ninja guys - the black ninja guys, the black-clad guys with the combat boots and the guns - IN the subways, ON the trains and they have tannoy systems blaring out that you could be searched at any time, you must comply, all this.  What youíre looking at is what you would expect INSIDE a prison, inside a prison or a prison camp.  This is not by accident.  So many studies were done in experiments on getting a controlled population inside dummy prison camps and dummy prisons by leading universities, working of course for the military-industrial complex.  Iíve read about some of them on the air and how people ADAPT into the outfit - the customary gear that they wear - they adapt into that role so quickly, even within 24 hours. 


Unfortunately we have a culture today where a whole generation, by purpose, was brought up with a diet of the most debased, if you want to call it music Ė which I donít Ė in the world, and video games that were designed FOR the military to desensitize the military from killing so they would KILL with a Pavlovian reflex.  Thatís not by accident at all.  I can remember when I was small, you had the feminist groups and all the ones funded by the big foundations and they all were, by the way, for political changes, NOT to help women, but for another purpose all together.  There is always another purpose.  But they were going after the toy guns that theyíd sell for young boys.  I havenít seen any great movement to stop all the killing video games that have been out for the last 15-20 years.  I havenít seen any condemnation from any group at all on this.  A steady diet of killingÖ you start off here, you slaughter as many as you can until you get to there.  Thatís the whole point of it.  Now, they have a massive recruitment pool they can take these guys from and give them the real stuff, the real thing, the real combat gear, the real machine guns and all the rest of it.  Then they turn them on YOU.  So they are already conditioned that those that wear the uniform are the good guys, the brotherhood, and everybody else is dangerous.  You are just there to be shot basically.  Unfortunately, Iím telling the truth.  The psychology works like this.  Very, very, very simple stuff. 


We see it in other countries too, like Britain, where the police donít even talk with civility to the people that they stop on the road.  They will swear at them, for instance.  Thatís what happens under any tyranny where you have a kind of martial law type system and thatís what we have.  Believe it or not, thatís what we are living through.  As long as they donít use the terminology, we wonít catch on.  They will never say tyranny.  They will never say youíre under a totalitarian system.  They will never say youíre under a world socialist type system, that has been planned for a long time.  They will never tell you any of that; so they donít give you the WORDS to connect what you are actually seeing.  Unfortunately most people have been trained NOT to think for themselves.  They do expect the media to be forthright with everything and tell them exactly whatís happening.  They really believe the media is there to help them.  That is so far from the truth. 


Even in the media, you can get lots of predictive programming.  Iím talking about the news media, not just the movies, where they put spins on things.  Why, for instance, very few, very, very few journalists come out and speak out against this totalitarian system that is taking freedoms and rights from all the public?  Very few have come out and said where it is obviously intended to go.  THEY ALL KNOW.  With everything else to do with people who do still stand up for a country or a people, the same media comes down like a ton of bricks on themÖ because international is the must be for them.  This is the end of all sovereign nations where you identify with the nation.  So these same journalists that have no problem bashing anybody who speaks out about the farce of global warming being a pure con - to get us all under a new governmental system and taxed from birth to death many times over with another massive tax - anyone who speaks out about that is hammered by the same media.  Meanwhile, they can give you straightforward articles with no comment on them, when it suits the other side you see. 


Britain, for instance, again the flagship for the new world order, always put in these projects first that the police and the military try out.  Theyíve been trying out these cameras on the policemenísí helmets there for over a year now.  When you see cameras on their helmets, youíve got to understand that this is also MILITARY.  The military used that over in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Thereís always one guy in a group of 4 or 5 who wears the camera that is beamed by satellite all the way back to the Pentagon.  They can watch and see whatís happening.  They wrote about it in Janeís Magazine YEARS before they actually did it.  Now your police are doing it as well.  So itís no difference between police and the military.  Youíve got to understand that the police too are a PARA-MILITARY organization.  You will see it more so in countries like Canada where you see them marching and about facing and all the rest of it.  Thatís not what police were supposed to be for.  Police were supposed to be, and they were, even locally elected by the people.  If the people didnít like them, they were firedÖ the whole lot of them at times. 


Thatís why everything had to be centralized under the Marxist regime, which the Fabians are simply part of; itís all the same regime.  They specialize by different techniques to confuse the public; well, thatís different from that and so on.  No.  They are all the same.  So here is a straightforward comment without the warnings they should give people. 


San Jose police test head-mounted cameras for officers

By Sharon Noguchi / Posted: 12/18/2009 /


San Jose police, under fire for interactions with the public that have turned violent, on Friday launched a pilot project equipping officers with head-mounted cameras to record contacts with civilians.  (Alan:  Now thatís the same terminology they use with them over in Afghanistan, to make contact with the insurgents.  I hope people realize that youíve got to connect things.)


Officers will activate the cameras, about the size of a Bluetooth device and attached by a headband above the ear, every time they respond or make contact with a person. At the end of the officer's shift, the recording will be downloaded to a central server.


Chief Rob Davis said the devices, to be tested by 18 patrol officers, are a technological advance comparable to the advent of police cars (A:  comparable toÖ), two-way radios and the 911 emergency system.


San Jose is the first major U.S. city to try out the devices, known as AXON.  (A:  Ax-onÖ)


Although officers are already bearing vests, weapons and radios, most of them welcome adding a camera to record their actions, Davis said. In addition, he said, "We're making it so it has cachet."


A leading critic of the department welcomed the cameras as a tool to provide useful evidence, but dismissed their significance as a solution to rocky police-community relations.  (A:  What do you expect when theyíre walking about like Borg spacemen?  Öamongst the people.)


"The AXON project is unfortunately a positive thing right now because the level of distrust is so high," said Raj Jayadev, director of the community organization Silicon Valley De-Bug.

 (A:  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am is Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just reading an article from the San Jose Mercury news to do with the head cameras they are trying out there first before they spread across the US.  You know darn well itís going to go all over.  They did the same thing in Britain.  They start in one little place and then they all want it and they get it; they get the toys that they want donít they?  Just like the military.  This is how itís done now with big business, this public/private partnership deal with all their lobbying groups and so on. 


The cost of the trial is being shouldered by maker Taser International of Scottsdale, Ariz.  (A:  Boy, they do love the policing business and they helped hype up the fear amongst the cops themselves.) But if the trial leads to full-fledged use, equipping the entire 1,400-officer department will be expensive. At $1,700 per kit and a $99 per officer monthly fee, the system could cost $2,888 per officer in the first year, or $4 million.  (A:  Well, thatís okay, the tax payer can get screwed again canít they?  There is no end to how much you can wring out of the taxpayer, as weíve seen over and over again, especially this year.)


The kit includes a camera, a control piece and a computer that can hang from the belt. In the pilot project, officers have been directed to switch on the camera as they are about to contact a civilian. (A:  I like how they call us all Ďciviliansí now too.  See, they are military, you understand, and we are civilians.  It used to be Ďcitizensí and now itís Ďciviliansí.  Thatís standard again; new world order speakÖ training us that we are civvies and these are the ultimate military authorities.)  The cameras, equipped with an audio recorder, align with the officer's vision, and can be later switched to standby mode.  (A:  So now theyíre going to have permanent records of anything you say.  They can also alter it; you know darn well they can alter it too.  The easiest thing is to piece things together that youíve said until youíve said something completely different.  Itís amazingÖ but not really amazing is it?  We kind of expect this kind of stuff donít we?)


There is an article too, to show you howÖ and I hope Americans really take note of it.  As I say, if they really want to stay ignorant of whatís happening across the world, then they will allow the same things to happen to themselves.  A lot of Americans donít even know what the European Parliament is.  They really donít know.  Theyíve never heard of it.  Even though they have thousands of radio stations in the US and TV and all of it, they donít realize that they are being kept INSULAR; they are NOT supposed to know.  Thatís why the US was the only country for about 30-40 years that sold radios without a short band frequency.  Short band gives you INTERNATIONAL programs across the planet.  They just gave them FM and AM in the US.  Thatís all you can get now pretty well is FM and AM, except for a few places like Radio Shack who can order in a short wave for you.  Knowledge is power, so obviously they keep you dumb and stupid.  People in the US really donít know there is a Parliament in Europe, for the WHOLE of Europe.  Itís too mind boggling to even comprehend, that massive bloc.


Isnít it amazing too, that the Soviet idea was the whole United Europe?  They got that from Karl Marx that wrote about it in the 1800s in Das Kapital; he talked about Ďregionsí and Ďblocsí.  So as the Soviet system falls supposedly, here we are with the exact same system, socialized as well, with the merging of the two systems together.  Itís a DICTATORIAL Parliament with a secret bunch at the top.  Iíve read the articles from the mainstream European newspapers ADMITTING that they politicians themselves that are supposed to represent the countries, have no real voting powers to change the laws made by the secret bunch at the top that DOES make all the laws in secret.  Thatís whatís to come in this post-democratic system in the US, Canada, and Latin America as weíre merged together.  Most folk donít even know we ARE being merged and that they sign further, closer ties and integration every year, with the Prime Ministers and Presidents.  They donít know thatís been happening every year since 2005. 


So hereís about the European Parliament and itís from The Mail Online.


Brussels 'Home Office' plot to snoop on all of Europe

By James Slack / 27th October 2009 / Mail Online


Brussels bureaucrats are plotting a massive expansion in the use of surveillance and controversial extradition powers, a report warned last night.


At the same time they will also increase their meddling in Britain's justice system, it was claimed.  (A:  See, as the end of sovereignty goes, in comes this new justice system.)


The EU wants to create its own version of the Home Office (A:  Thatís the legal system that runs all of Britain including all the spies and everything else, all the different secret services that are underneath them and all laws.) to oversee the policy changes, and even has plans to train a third of the police service to create a Blocwide (A:  Thatís their termÖ BLOCWIDE, like Soviet blocÖ)Ďcommon culture of policing'.   (A:  Iíll mention here too that the police have special radios over in Europe now.  They just suddenly came out and theyíre all hooked up suddenly; it must have taken them years to prepare it.  They can contact and talk to policemen in any other country within Europe.  Special radios.)


(A:  A cluster of CCTV cameras going upÖ)

Bureaucrats are planning a massive expansion of surveillance.


There would be an increased sharing of British DNA, health and tax records with foreign governments and investigators, as well as the introduction of new Big Brother surveillance techniques.


Cash from the EU's £1billion justice and home affairs budget is being used to look at whether CCTV cameras can be installed to predict whether somebody is about to commit a crime - not just to catch them if they do so.  (A:  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from the Mail Online to do with the big Super-Parliament that eventually the Americas have to copy.  It was discussed as far back as the Free Trade Negotiations, where that headquarters would be, in the late 80s. 


Analyst Stephen Booth said: 'How can citizens expect their fundamental rights to liberty and independence from the state to be protected by unaccountable institutions which have a vested interest in creating more laws?


The report, by the Open Europe think tank, details how the EU has already adopted swathes of surveillance powers. But it says once the Lisbon Treaty has been ratified (A:  Which they just rammed through.)  this will increase dramatically.


'We are fast approaching a situation where the EU will have the full coercive machinery of a state but without the proper democratic controls or robust checks on power that citizens should expect.'  (A:  There is the very important word, Ďshouldí.  Whatís happened to them?  What has happened to them?  They should expect that shouldnít they?)


Open Europe points to the creation of a committee on EU 'internal security' as the equivalent of a fledgling EU home office. EU ministers and the European Commission are currently negotiating a raft of controversial proposals, which are expected radically to increase the EU's role in policing, criminal and security matters, the report says.


(A:  They are going to put all the data for everyoneÖ it says here.)

They include a target to train a third of all police officers across the EU in a ' common culture' of policing, and the mass collection and sharing of personal data - including DNA records - into an EU-wide database.  (A:  So all your data is scattered across the planet, to these characters, including DNA records and your health, unemployment or employment records, whateverÖ itís all in there.  Öinto an EU-wide database.  There is power for you, power OVER every single individual.)


Crucially, this means the DNA of innocent Britons could be shared with foreign countries, as the UK database still contains samples of those never convicted of any crime.


Funding is being ploughed into the Orwellian- sounding 'INDECT' project which includes the 'monitoring of various people clusters and detection of abnormal behaviour and situations of danger'.


A separate project is seeking to develop models of 'suspicious behaviour' so potential criminals can be identified by CCTV.  (A:  Theyíre trying to make these cameras intelligent so youíve got to walk around like they did in the Soviet Union, always staring at the sidewalk as you walk.  Donít look at anybody in the eye; donít look left or right, just look miserable, keep your hands in your pockets.  Donít make eye contact; thatís suspicious, especially towards anybody wearing military gear.  Just look glum, unhappy and miserable and you might be left alone.  IíM NOT KIDDING!  I am NOT kidding about that.)


Open Europe also highlights possible proposals allowing people to be tried in UK courts for offences which are not even crimes in the UK.  (A:  That was partÖ it goes all the way back to the League of Nations when they wanted to set up the different international criminal court, and the different courts of justice where they could extradite anybody across the world.  If you offend anybody at all, they want you over there to try you in their country.)


This could happen if, for example, a person is accused of a string of crimes in the UK but also an offence such as 'holocaust denying' elsewhere.  (A:  What about global warming denying?  Is that next?  I wouldnít say it wouldnít beÖ  It could very well be next.  We ARE going into an Orwellian, totalitarian world.  This is DESIGNED to go that way.  Youíve got to have a totalitarian system IN, scare the bejesus out of the people and keep them in fear; thatís your typical reign of terror.  Then you bring their populations down; you kill as many as you can through starvation and all the rest of it, to keep them all in line.  Lenin said it was a good thing that people starve, to teach the rest to survive; to depend on the State and NOT to cross it.)


There is also the potential for a threefold increase in the number of UK citizens extradited under the European Arrest Warrant.  


It just goes on and on and on, on and on and on, and people are just dancing their lives awayÖ dancing their lives awayÖ hoping.  Itís amazing too; I get letters all the time from people who say when is it all coming down?  I say itís been coming down your whole life; itís INCREMENTAL.  They expect some big flash for some ending and letters in the sky saying this is the end or something.  Thatís what they expectÖ because they have ADAPTED step by step to every new regulation that comes along.  Thatís why they employed Skinner and the behaviorists and put so much money into that for GOVERNMENTAL PURPOSES of controlling the public and manipulating the public.  You adapt all the time.  Weíve adapted ourselves into a system where we donít even realize we are in a big prison camp.  ALL THE SIGNS ARE AROUND YOU.  All of them are around you;  but as long as the media doesnít say what Iím saying, doesnít use the right terms and the right words, the people will not connect it.  Why?  Because each time they can turn on that TV, there is their comedy on, the usual faces are on, and everything seems normal to them.  Thatís why.


Thereís an article that was on Spiegel Online.  They did an interview with a US economist called Dennis Meadows.  Very important guy, Dennis Meadows.  These are the characters that are TECHNOCRATS.  They have power, Quigley said - like Maurice Strong - that really are never elected into anything but they have the real power to get things done behind the scenes on a MASSIVE scale, a GLOBAL scale for the Fabian type system of total control. 


Interview with US Economist Dennis Meadows

'Copenhagen Is About Doing As Little As Possible'

SPIEGEL ONLINE /   12/09/2009


(A:  Heís not happy with this.  He wants them to rush ahead with the COMPLETE totalitarian system.  Here is the guy who really got the first major book out.)


With his 1972 book "The Limits to Growth," (A:  Heís talking about humans.) Dennis Meadows was one of the first to warn about the looming environmental crisis. (A:  Remember, that was the job of the Club of Rome.  He BELONGS to the Club of Rome.  They admit in their other book, The First Global Revolution, that they came up with the idea of global warming, famine and the like, would fit the bill, to bring us all together under this UN system.)  The US economist spoke to SPIEGEL ONLINE about the need to drastically change our behavior and why he doesn't expect much from the global climate change summit in Copenhagen.


SPIEGEL ONLINE: Mr. Meadows, you simulated the future of the Earth back in 1972 with less computing power than a Blackberry. How good was your model on the limits to growth?


Dennis Meadows: Amazingly good, unfortunately. We are in the midst of an environmental crisis, which we predicted then.  (A:  ĎWeí of course, the big ĎWEí.)  The difference is that we have lost 40 years during which humanity should have acted.  (A:  See, they wanted to control us much faster than they have.)


SPIEGEL ONLINE: You have been one of those warning about the environment ever since the first publication of your book. Now representatives of almost 200 countries are gathering to tackle the environmental crisis. Are you satisfied?


Meadows: Copenhagen? I don't take it seriously. The whole thing is a huge ploy. I am outraged because the situation is outrageous. If we rely on conferences instead of changing our lifestyles then things look bad.  (A:  Then he goes on and on about humans and he brings it up in this article because heís spoken out about drastically culling back the amount of people on the planet.  He goes into the usual - oh, these little hypocrites that they are - Well, itís just something that will have to happen; I donít know how, blah, blah, blah.  In other words, he will not dirty his hands on it but they always find the goons who will, every country has them.  Every country has them; look at your history books.  Then he goes on about cutting down to just a certain level and he uses the UN tactic because this is straight from the UN and the Club of Rome.)


SPIEGEL ONLINE: Is it possible to have 9 billion people on the planet?


Meadows: No. Even 7 billion is too much -- at least if they are all to have an appropriate standard of living. If you think it is acceptable to have a small elite that enjoys a decent lifestyle and a large majority that is excluded from that, then the Earth can probably sustain 5 to 6 billion people. (A:  Thatís exactly what the UN has been prattling about for years.)  If you want everyone to have the full potential of mobility, adequate food and self-development, then it is 1 or 2 billion.  (A:  I hope youíre all getting this.  These guys have got everything except horns sticking out of their heads.  Iím not kidding you.)


SPIEGEL ONLINE: How does one achieve that? 


Meadows:  (A:  Here is the hypocriteÖ) I have no idea. I am an ethical person (A:  What a liar.)  and I wouldn't hurt a fly. (A:  No, he wouldnít; heíd get someone else to do it.)  The problem is that with our current lifestyle we are hurting the people of the future.  (A:  They donít give a darn.  They think all the masses are post-industrial and are therefore useless eaters.  They are the evolved ones up in academia.  Science is the wave of the future; they donít need all the people. )


SPIEGEL ONLINE: You don't have a recipe for saving the world?


Meadows: We don't have to save the world. The world will save itself, like it always has. Sometimes it takes a few million years until the damage is repaired and a new balance has been established. The question is much more: How do we save our civilization?  (A:  He always gets back to culling the people.  On and on and on he goes. 


These creeps have been on the go forever, well funded by again, the big foundations.  So who is he?  They have their awful, awful, Wiki limited answer on this.  They donít tell you who his mother or his dad was, or their history or anything like that.


Dennis Meadows

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Dennis L. Meadows (born June 7, 1942) is an American scientist and Emeritus Professor of Systems Management, (A:  SystemsÖ we are part of the systems you see.  These guys Iím sure would either go into fashion design and dress up women Ė they would Ė or play with dolls houses, always moving the furniture around and having everything pristine, everything has to be in place.  They are obsessional people.  They see the world and society in the same light, like ití s one big doll house you can dress up.  No kidding.  You think that tyrants are rare?  No.  Not at all.  The psychopaths are very common.  They are ALL elitists; they BELIEVE they are way superior and have the right to play with YOU like they play with little dolls.) and former director of the Institute for Policy and Social Science Research at the University of New Hampshire. He is President of the Laboratory for Interactive Learning and widely known as the co-author of Limits to Growth.


Dennis Meadows received a BA from Carleton College, a Ph.D. in Management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and holds four honorary doctorates.


He started working at the faculty of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology end 1960s.  (A:  Itís amazing how many of them come out of MIT.)  From 1970 to 1972 at MIT he was director of the "Club of Rome Project on Predicament of mankind at MIT". (A:  I love how they word it at MIT.) Further on Meadows has been a tenured professor in faculties of management, engineering, and social sciences. (A:  We all come under that you see, the social science.)  For many years he was the director of a graduate program based in business and engineering. He has facilitated workshops and developed innovative and complex strategic games all over the world for decades. In addition, Dr. Meadows has lectured in over 50 countries.  (A:  And blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.)


Itís so limited on his background and his history and his family history.  There is obviously a lot more to it.  Iíd like to find out who his parents were.  Again, Wiki, if you think thatís free and itís there to give you the complete truth on anything, well I think youíll be waiting until the end of the new world order and just go along with it all because you are not thinking at all, not thinking at all. 


The SenateÖ


Senate passes health-care bill, now must reconcile it with House

By Shailagh Murray and Lori Montgomery / Washington Post Staff Writer / Friday, December 25, 2009


In a 60 to 39 party-line vote the Senate approves bill that would provide coverage to more than 30 million and begin a far reaching overhaul of Medicare. 


Itís the complete destruction of the old system and bringing in the world socialist system.  Remember, under the UN Charter everyone in the world is to be guaranteed the MINIMAL health care.  They mean that; MINIMAL is minimal.  They mean that truly.  Itís also to eradicate whatís left of the middle class.  Now, the middle class in the US is different from a middle class in Britain.  The middle classes in Britain tend to be a collar, a tie, and X-amount of bucks; whereas in the US many working people were able to be classed as a middle class because of their income.  Thatís when they had the factories and all the rest of it.  That was also part of the communist idea; it was to eradicate the middle classes.  Thatís what the boys want at the top, the eradication of the middle classesÖ and theyíre pretty well there.  Why do you think the bank collapses were all about?  It just didnít happen by itself.  It was ALLOWED; the bubbles have been allowed to grow for years and years and years.  Why then?  They pulled it at the right time because it goes right in.  What did they say at the CFR right away?  We can use this to our advantageÖ as they do with everything else, EVERYTHING else. 


Remember, these links I put up on my web site at the end of the show, if I can get the speed from XplorNet thatís giving me a lower speed than the lowest package you can buy from them.  Iím not on the lowest package but then Iím saying things Iím not supposed to say and Canada doesnít quite tolerate it the same way as the US, although the US is catching up.  They act here in Canada because they all know each other at the top.  They all go to the same Upper Canada College and they have the old boy network.  So give Alan a hassle with XplorNet.  Then XplorNet simply takes rental of Hughes Industrial satellite system and you can see how it all ties together.  Itís quite easy isnít it?  Quite simple. 


This is a boom time for the psychopaths in the business world.  I remember about 2 years ago, surveys started to come out for the first time Ė at least outside of psychiatry and psychology Ė to do with psychopaths in the business world.  Theyíd say, is your boss a psychopath and theyíd give you signs and symptoms and so on.  Naturally they get addicted to power and status and they are all ego, you see.  They are making a killing from all this green rubbish they are on about.  They are spending more money on creating green replacement power and all that, than you could ever imagine.  More money, more energy even to make the stuff theyíre on about and here is how ridiculous it is.  This is from November 2009, the Times Online.


Britain cuts down forests to keep Ďgreení power stations burning

From The Times November 16, 2009 / Robin Pagnamenta


(A:  This brand new green power, where all the top psychopathsÖ there are big companies in there building these power stations across Britain.)


UK timber imports will rise by 150% to fuel the new power stations. 


Britain is set to plunder the lungs of the world to feed its growing hunger for wood to burn in power stations.


A series of biomass-fired plants are being built in the UK (A:  The greenies.) that will trigger a 150 per cent surge in timber imports from 20 million tonnes today to 50 million tonnes by 2015, according to the Forestry Commission.


British power plants are already shipping wood from Canada, Brazil, Scandinavia and South Korea.


Just one of the new biomass plants at Port Talbot, South Wales, will consume three million tonnes of wood per year ó equivalent to 30 per cent of the UKís domestic annual wood harvest of ten million tonnes.  (A:  Thatís a greatÖ Theyíre all green stations by the way.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Itís astonishing when weíre all broke supposedly, the military and the police are just spend, spend, spending all the money that is borrowed because your governments are always borrowing money from the world bankers.  Weíre all in debt forever in every generation to come for probably 10, 12 generations, which will never end because they just keep adding to it and borrowing and borrowing donít they?  I think the only ones who are buying today are the military and the police.  Thatís what it seems to be.  No shortage of cash, as the US is used to finish off the last few countries and standardize them into the same globalist, socialist system.  Thatís its job.  Iíve said years ago, as the US was finishing off that job and paying for it and doing it all with soldiers and troops, they will be pulling the rug form underneath them back home.  Like Mr. Dennis Meadows would say, he literally wants you to have only about 2 pairs of shoes maximum; thatís even in the article.  They are control freaks, ultimate control freaks and hypocrites. 


Here is to show the latest purchase of the US military.


First New U.S. L-3 Spy Plane Due in Afghanistan by Christmas

By Tony Capaccio / / December 24, 2009


(A:  Itís quite interesting, all the different companies that are associated with the creation of this plane, like Hawker Beechcraft Corp, L-3 Communications Holding Inc, Raytheon is involved, all of the biggies are involved in it too.  Itís got everything on it, all kinds of different gadget and all the rest of it, satellite links and various image detectors and computers that can literally detect what something is in very fuzzy images and it can tell you what it actually is, supposedly.)


The new planes provide ďfull-motion video and specialized signals intelligenceĒ and all 24 should be in Afghanistan by September, Deptula said.  (A:  I wonder how many billions this is costing?  You know too, theyíre obsolete within about 6 months and then they want another bunch.  ĎGet us the latest modelÖ Get us another 24.í  Thereís no lack of cash for that is there?  Now you know why youíre going to get the barest minimal health care, because everything that you earn is going to end up going to government.)


The aircraft will augment round-the-clock surveillance now provided by unmanned Predator drones.


The modified planes are equipped with both high-resolution and heat-sensing cameras produced by New York City-based L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc. and with radios from Waltham, Massachusetts-based Raytheon Co. and Melbourne, Florida-based Harris Corp.

The planes also are equipped with sensors that can monitor insurgentsí (A:  Thatís like people who stand up for their country.  You call them patriots if you live there but the US calls them Ďinsurgentsí when you go to invade that country.) conversations and help pinpoint their location, said Jeffrey Richelson, author of the ďU.S. Intelligence Community,Ē a detailed compendium now in its fifth edition.


The sensors are provided by the National Security Agency, which manages U.S. eavesdropping satellites.


(A:  You will see all this stuff eventually across the sky.  They already have some of the stuff going across Canada, these drone type craft.)


Congress this year approved (A:  Itís amazingÖ) $950 million to buy as many as 37 aircraft from Wichita, Kansas-based Hawker Beechcraft Corp. The planes can fly as high as 35,000 feet and orbit for as long as five hours. They are modified at L-3 Communicationís Greenville, Texas, facility.  (A:  Oh, they love their toys donít they?  Guess who owns it now?)


Hawker Beechcraft was bought in 2007 by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Onex Corp.  (A:  Oh, they run the US.)


Well, from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, on this Christmas Eve Ė AND HAVE A HAPPY CHRISTMAS OUT THERE Ė itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



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