Dec. 29, 2009 (#481)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 29, 2009:

Darwin Dared -- Happy Slaves are Impaired:

"We Live at the Pinnacle of Political Knavery
As They Introduce the Sophisticated Form of Slavery,
First Mentioned to Lessers by Charles Galton Darwin,
A Superior Inbred, No Humility, Not Charmin',
Claimed Overbreeding by Lessers, Top of his Fears,
Laid Down in his Book, 'The Next Million Years,'
Wanted Institutions Specializing in Sterilization,
The Victim-Taxpayers, Ones who would Pay Them,
A Golden Age, New Order then would Arrive,
Master Race, Nature's Chosen, Fit to Survive"
© Alan Watt Dec. 29, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 29, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December 29th 2009.  Newcomers to the show look into  Scroll down the front page and bookmark the other sites I have up there because once in a while the big ones go down.  That way you can always get the latest shows for download.  These are the official sites:  [listed above].  As always, I remind the audience that you bring me to you.  I donít charge you to get into the sites and download the shows.  Iím not backed by any company or any foundation, or any political organization.  Iím not selling various items for other people on this program.  The ads that you hear on the show are paid by the advertisers right to RBN and that pays for the air time.  Itís very expensive.  It pays for their staff and their bills at the radio station.  So itís up to you to keep me going by donating to me or by buying the books I have for sale on the web site  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  For those who just get the disks burned and passed to them, who donít like using computers and I donít blame them at all; itís such a time-wasting thing.  It helps the other side of course, thatís why we have them.  Itís to keep tabs on everything you are looking at.  You can always write to me at [address above.] 


Itís very important because most of the people make their money from advertising.  They get a cut from every ad that they mention or they bring on guests to get a much bigger cut of course.  This way I can be left to give out the facts as I see them, as far as anybody CAN see facts in this incredible system that rules the world.  There is a system that rules the world, very intelligent, knows where itís going and uses many, many different sciences to keep itself going in a form, of I guess an invisibility cloak, you might say.  In other words, we are trained to see the world one way and they make sure of that through the educational system and through media and entertainment while they at the top have been trained in a completely different way as to the way that things really work and the power structure that runs the world.  There is nothing new in that.  There have always been power structures but at one time they were more national, in ancient times and very national.  Sometimes when one city-state would go and rise against another, the people theyíd go to find to kidnap basically were the high priests that knew the system to control those people on behalf of the king because knowledge is power.  Today itís done through very specialized universities that cost an awful lot of money to get in.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning that knowledge is power and how in ancient times when one city-state went to plunder another, is wasnít just all the gold and silver and the most beautiful women they took back with them, it was also the high priests that understood techniques of controlling the masses or the mob which could always be used by the conquering city-state.  You could never get enough of this knowledge, what makes people tick.  Most folk will go through their whole lives never realizing a true, higher reality.  All they realize is the day-to-day business of surviving and paying tribute to whoever is in charge of you or technically owns you.  Thatís always been the way of society. 


We merged with city-states and eventually you got countries.  Then you had the big battles between the different countries as they tried to take over each other.  Expansionist wars, imperialistic wars, then we had the communist era too, after the so-called Fascist eraÖ  Donít be confused by the terms because really they both came out of socialism coupled with Darwinism and really bolstered the eliteís right to dominate the rest.  It gave validity to it through the theories of Darwin, that the fittest were the master race and therefore had the right to dominate everyone else.  Thatís never changed.  That wasnít unique to Germany.  There are people today in certain parts of the world with the same belief system and they are the last ones you would think of.  Thereís nothing new in that.


Today we have this world class basically, as they merge the world into one big system.  Youíll find the same hereditary type politicians are in charge of most countries.  The backgrounds they have are generally in academia, lots of investing, the legal system, and they are into world socialism.  World socialism is just the Soviet system on steroids, where again, itís coupled with the fascist system because in the Soviet system a small minority ruled the whole country with an iron fist.  This is what theyíre going to do with the world soviet system where weíre all supposedly here Ďfor the greater good.í  Thatís a beautiful term that.  Itís caught many by surprise down through the ages and made an utter fool of them, but itís always used, Ďfor the greater good.í 


We never think beyond the words we are given because in a sense language can be used in the Pavlovian style where one word can trigger an emotion.  Thatís very, very important to understand, how we are tricked into going along with things.  I mean, whoís going to argue with the word Ďgoodí.  Yet again, no one will ask, define Ďgood.í  Youíll find different interpretations of Ďgoodí depending on who is saying it.  The media of course are the last ones ever to ask the right questions because they are IN on the big agenda; they mustnít rock the boat.  They all want to keep their jobs at the bottom; they know what their bosses want to hear.  They donít ask the pertinent questions like when George Bush Sr. said he saw Ďthe new world order coming into view.í  It was all very mysterious the way it was presented it to the public and not one single reporter asked him what he meant by it.  Not one. 


This is the age where nations are used to wring out the last drop of cohesiveness and taxation out of them as they push towards internationalism.  Itís so funny because before 9/11 came along, all you saw in the newspapers across the world was the word Ďglobalí and Ďglobalismí as though it was just a natural fact of existence.  Thatís how it was.  We were global and everything was globalization.  That was the mantra for many, many years.  Once they get something going, a new war phase, to rush the international phase through Ė itís all through the United Nations Ė they go back.  When they want to use you as soldiers and tax you for the wars Ė especially the US Ė youíre back to being a nation again.  So they bring out the familiar tribal emblems that you are used to, the flag and they drape themselves in the flag and they stand like the Statue of Liberty and pose and all that stuff and you donít think wait a minute, this could be anybody here whoís posing.  It could be a Martian for all you know, but it doesnít matter.  Itís a desired effect in a Pavlovian style.  symbols that you see and words that you hear Ė and words are just symbols too remember; in different languages Ė have an impact that trigger Pavlovian responses in you and you go along and never think about what is the real intent behind this.  However, those who run the system are perfectly, perfectly aware of what they are doing. 


Believe you me, once all this is over in the Middle East, if it takes another 20 years to dominate the entire region over there and then in Asia and all the other countries, once thatís all dominated, suddenly weíll just go back.  One day weíll suddenly be talking Ďglobalismí again.  It will be in all the newspapers, global this, globalism that and people will adapt, as they always do, adapt into the new system as though itís always been that way.  Nationalism is very handy when they want you to conquer and push for globalism and once you are all global, they do away with nationalism again.  Itís a simple trick and it works very well. 


So many changes have happened since 2001.  They were already on the go when the FIRST Gulf War broke out.  That was the first big push into the new system because organizations in the world, including the Project for a New American Century in the US, already had it mapped out, all the countries that theyíd have to take out to conquer and dominate and to seize their resources.  They started this with Afghanistan to be followed with Iraq, then Iran and then Syria as well.  We have lived through all of this as they go from one target to the next so cunningly that often the public are left behind and itís often up to the media to tell them who they are fighting NOW, as though weíd always been fighting them, exactly as George Orwell said in 1984.  They keep changing their gun sights but weíre not supposed to notice.  ďItís always been Eastasia; weíve always fought Eastasia.Ē   See.  That also works very well too.


You can not have a country that is a sovereign, independent country where through treatiesÖ   Iíve always wondered about the US.  Through treaties which are legally binding, they can OVERRULE every other law that you have on the books.  Until you go into the beginning of the US...  Remember, these guys were idealists at the start.  They all belonged to certain fraternities.  They talked about an INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD.  Benjamin Franklin actually put it in his writings, on display there at the Franklin Museum, youíll see where he said that, I hope this Federation of the States of America will be the beginning of a world Federation eventually to be ruled by 12 wise men, Ö12 wise men.  He wasnít alone in this belief that the brotherhood of man would eventually dominate the world.  How itís done is by the signing of treaties.  Thatís why in the US Constitution, again itís left kind of vague.  These guys were not stupid, who had the Constitution and the Bill of Rights written up.  A lot of them were lawyers; these guys are very careful with their words.  When they do want changes to be made possible IN THE FUTURE, they will word it in such a way that they can always do that very thing that they wish.  Lots of people were quite content in the beginning thinking well, the treaties were to do with the treaties of the US states themselves.  Thatís how it would sound until you really get to look into it.  Itís so vague that no, it could mean anything. 


We know that through the League of Nations, then on to the United Nations, that everythingís been put into bondage through treaties that you must submit to.  Itís fascinating too to see that the US, and Iíve always seen this happening and coming.  Iíve said it for years.  The US, with the guns of America, will be turned on the whole world until it all succumbs to this world governmental system and while they are finishing it off Ė this is exactly whatís happening Ė they are pulling the rug from underneath your feet at home at the same time.  They donít want the US to be a dominant force when it brings IN the new world order.  They want it bankrupt and heading towards third world poverty.  Bank crashes donít happen by themselves.  They are foreseen.  There are people who keep a pulse on the bubbles that are out there all the time.  There are oversight committees that know exactly whatís going to happen and they can encourage it to happen or they can delay it for as long as they wish. 


The big banking boysÖ Itís so interesting to see Rockefeller, when he was thanking all the groups of reporters that attended the various Council on Foreign Relations meetings, he said, thanks for keeping it all secret all these years -  all these years, he said, for not telling the public; -itís far preferable that an intelligentsia and bankers decide the future of the world rather than leaving it to the countriesí own free will and to the erratic roads they would take.  Thatís what basically he was saying; Iím paraphrasing it.  Therefore, the bankers are heavily involved; the international bankers are heavily involved with bringing in this new world order. They run the foundations.  They run the parallel government.  They fund the parallel government with their non-governmental organizations.  They fund hundreds of other dummy, front foundations that specialize in certain areas too.  Thatís how itís really run.  As Professor Carroll Quigley said, that is the parallel government.  If you are in a parallel government, you are not responsible to the public.  You can get things done, like Maurice Strong and Kissinger and Brzezinski, behind the scenes and no eggs will get on you.  No eggs will land on you, youíre not responsible but you get things done.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just touching on some of the techniques that are used and how people react and how they behave.  Every generation is born thinking theyíre going to live forever.  Ask anybody about the age of 15-16 and they will tell youÖ you see that blank stare as they canít imagine ever getting old and wrinkled.  They think theyíre going to live forever.  Because of that and because of other things that are acting on their bodies, theyíre not really interested in whatís REALLY, really happening outside of themselves.  They can be motivated by professors in university to go off and fight for some cause or other where they see an injustice and because they see things in very much black and white, no gray areas in things, theyíre so easily lead to push for often the wrong things or things theyíd regret much later.  So theyíre always used. 


Our lives are so short.  We blink through life really.  Agendas that are risen out with 100 year, 150 year, 200 year parts to them is nothing new.  We find this technique was used, for instance, within the Soviet system and the League of Nations and the United Nations and they still use it today.  50 year plans for a certain project, 20 year plans for another, 70 for another and on it goes.  When we hear these numbers bandied about and we say, well, it doesnít affect me and thatís how we simply take care of it.  We HEAR it but it simply bounces off us somehow and we donít really think itís real.  But everything that you are hearing is going to be paid for BY you and those around you because everything is a cost and YOU are the only source of income that the big boys at the top have. 


Slavery is a wonderful thing, in many different forms.  We donít realize slavery at one time was considered quite normal in ancient times; it was a normal way in Greece and Rome.  So much so, that at one time in I think it was Rome, it got so bad that almost ĺ of its entire population were slaves.  In those days a slave had a kind of set work hours.  If you were a really hard working, maybe a bit manic and have a bit of time to yourself, you could acquire some money in a side job.  A lot of the slave owners came out of being slaves themselves and went into the only business that made sense to them because they knew all the ropes, and they became slave owners.  So much so, that they had their own big monuments built to them when they ended up dying awfully rich.  That was accepted in those days.  When you were conquered by a city-state next door, you were automatically subjected to them.  The common folk were just basically bought and sold quite easily, while the elite of both sides tended to forgive each other, pay some tribute and then intermarry.  Weíve had this system going on down through the centuries right up to the present time because wealth marries wealth, always. 


Agendas for a world system were born also quite a long time ago USING a slave system.  It was Charles Galton Darwin, another inbred person, related to Charles who was completely inbred for generations with only one other family because they believed in the master race even then.  Charles Galton Darwin said in his book in the 1950sÖ Charles Galton Darwin worked as a physicist on the atomic bomb project so he wasnít just another little theorist who liked cutting up bits of bodies and eyes of toads and newts and all that stuff.  He was into physics.  He was at the head of the British atomic energy firm at that time.  He wrote his book, The Next Million Years.  He talked about the need to cull off and sterilize all the inferior types starting in Britain and going across the world, so that the ones who should have the world and the future to themselves would certainly have it without all the useless eaters eating up all the excess grass out there in the fields.  So he wanted to cull them off and have the right to do so and he put it forth in a sort of academic style format to try to persuade you why it should be.  He got accolades from all the major media in Britain.  If you donít have a copy of that book, try to get one in the hardcover with the original - you know the little binder over the top of it, the slip jacket - and look at all the accolades they had from all the mainstream media saying yeah, this guy said it like it should be said and at last itís come out into the light and all that stuff.  They truly believed that in a post-industrial era, which they saw coming, they wouldnít need all the working classes for a start.  He also said there has always been slavery in one form or another.  Whenever you are taxed on something, you are a slave.  That represents your labor.  Under the legal definition of slavery, itís using someoneís labor, generally against their will.  So you call it a tax and you take it off in a money form and you donít think of it as being the same but legally it IS still the same.  Itís the same with property, you either own something or you donít own it.  If you have to pay tribute to a government or anybody else, and they can come and lien on you and put in the heavies, thatís just a mafia; itís called extortion.  Itís the same thing, youíre still a slave.  You see. 


We accept it all because itís given different terms to it.  The odd thing is, the more folk that go along with it, the more you think itís normal.  Again, thatís the coward instinct in the herd mentality that the people who do nothing for all the lives will do; itís a herd instinct.  They need someone to guide them and then theyíll generally go along with them if they think they will win.  They wonít go near them if they think they might not win.  But they always follow the leaders, generally when the battle is almost over.  Thatís the history of humankind unfortunately and the big boys who rule the world know that.  ďA more sophisticated form of slavery,Ē Charles Galton Darwin said.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just explaining how slavery has always been here in some form or another.  Simply by altering the technique of the implementation and usage of slavery, you donít recognize it for what it is.  However, those at the top who deal with legalities and academia understand it perfectly well.  They also know itís essential that the public are kept in the dark for as long as possible, preferably forever.  Charles Galton Darwin said in his book, The Next Million Years, we are in the process of creating a more sophisticated form of slavery


Weíve seen all the big mass movements to feed the world and this, that and the other over the years.  Then songs like ĎWe are the worldí all came out and these were all politically endorsed and foundation funded projects to get us all into this idea of equality.  A vague, very vagueÖ itís always very vague equality because they donít want you to realize that youíre going to be equally all poor at the bottom, which is the majority of you when they do away with all the middle classes, which is the intention of this big system.  Thatís why the UN has said for years, every 10 years or so, the gap between the poor and the very rich is widening, like it was a rah-rah thing.  Thereís never a mention as to, this is going to end up a major crisis or thereís never a comment made to it.  Whenever you hear these statements by the UN and there is no comment, you know itís part of the agenda.  For instance, the rate of sterilization going on and infertility going on across the world every year.  They publish the figures every year and they tell us weíre down to about 85% LOSS of sperm count in the Western male and there is no comment there.  Technically, youíd think it would be a crisis, because something is obviously CAUSING it, until you start thinking and say, well they know whatís causing it, it IS the agenda and thatís why there is no comment and thatís why there is no crisis. 


Most folk donít think.  They wait for the media to think for them and thatís why they go to their graves never, ever knowing any reality at all of what they lived throughÖ never, ever knowing ANYTHING about reality.  Iíve met guys, lots of guys that fought in different wars; I had a grandfather that was in two, both World Wars.  I think he went to his death never knowing, never knowing the reasons for the wars.  He never read back to find out all the information that had come out since the different wars as to the different powers behind it, the funding, all that kind of stuff, the big agenda, the GREAT agenda, the UN, nothing.  I think he was pretty typical of his age because every age is much the same as the last.  We live in ignorance. 


Whatís amazing too, is that the ordinary people are all so willing to go off and fight for anybodyís cause except their own, especially the US.  Really, the US is always off fighting some war but they wonít fight any at home, for their own rights.  Why is that?  Itís because they bulk of the populace within a military are just like my granddad.  They join up for different reasons and they do what theyíre told.  Their job is not to think.  Itís to do what theyíre told, to get pay checks, and have some fun in their off time and thatís it.  Their job is not to think or to find out or discover or philosophize about anything.  Thatís why they can always recruit guys every year especially when the economy is bad.  Itís fantastic time for recruitment.  Then they go off on expansionist wars. 


Now they are allowing foreign police to come in to the US and work with impunity.  Thatís why you got to watch these little amendments that are often more important than the original laws.  This article is from 


Obama Gives INTERPOL Immunity to Operate At Will In The USA

By Beaufort Observer, on 12-28-2009† /


Last week, as the nation's attention was focused on the Senate's debate on health care reform, President Barack Obama signed an amendment to Executive Order 12425.


It is only one paragraph long and few would pay much attention to what its effect is. But it has enormous implications.


Here's the background.


Generally, foreign military and police organizations are restricted from operating in the United States without oversight by the CIA, FBI, Departments of Defense, State, Homeland Security or though some other arrangement that makes such operations subject to U. S. authority. In 1983, President Ronald Reagan signed Executive Order 12425 that allowed the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) to operate in the United States but generally subject to the same laws that restrict CIA, FBI and other Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Specifically, INTERPOL agents were not immune from being prosecuted for violating American laws.


One of those laws is 42 U.S.C. § 1983 which prohibits law enforcement authorities from violating an American's constitutionally protected rights. Presumably, that does not apply to INTERPOL as a result of this Executive Order President Obama has just signed.


The effect of Obama's amendment is to give them immunity from violating any American law. (Alan:  So here are foreign copsÖ  Do you realize that Interpol is PRIVATE organization?  Rothschildís are the ones that started it up years ago.  Now they can come into a country, do whatever they want, violate American law, something that you get locked up for or one of your own cops could get locked up for, but theyíre free, they have a sort of diplomatic immunity.)  Agents of INTERPOL will now presumably have the same protection that foreign diplomats have while in this country. It is that immunity that has been used by other countries to spy on the United States.  (A:  Thatís true.) This arrangement, for example, now would make it possible for an American citizen being seized by INTERPOL agents and taken out of the country outside the reach of American courts and the rights they would enforce, most notably habeas corpus or the right for a judge to review a person's detention. The extent to which INTERPOL would be exempt from American extradition laws now becomes questionable.


Likewise, INTERPOL agents could seize property, including firearms, without search warrants and conduct other warrantless searches. They could break into homes and businesses to search and seize records without fear of prosecution, either criminally or civilly. In short, the powers that INTERPOL would have by being immune to U. S. law is virtually the same as martial law provides. 


Interesting.  Itís interesting how this is allÖ and this is not by some kind of oh, they didnít notice what they were signing.  Youíd be surprised again at the general population, how theyíll vaguely listen to stuff and vaguely give excuses about it and never get the point of anything, but youíd better believe it.  There have been BIG debates on high levels on giving INTERPOL these kinds of rights and laws.  It will also go through the human rights courts and the human criminal courts of the United Nations as well.  Thatís ALL connected, all connected.  Youíd better believe it. 


No matter how often you go into the past to show people how megalomaniacs have jumped at the Darwinian belief of superior types and inferior types and supermen and all that stuff, always of course believing they are PART of the upper ranks, obviously.  We see the aftermath down through the history pages that nobody bothers reading anymore because they think thatís in the past; these things that happen in the past never happen againThatís their big mistake.   Thatís why they always DO happen again on even worse scales.  But you still get little articles popping up here and there about the great sterilization project that was put forth by the Rockefeller Foundation who helped bring sterilization into the US.  In fact the Rockefeller Foundation became a MODEL FOR THE NAZIS to build on.  The Soviets were already doing it as well.  They were way ahead of Germany, long before Nazi Germany came along, in mass cullings.  In fact the Germans, when they were friendly with the Soviets, they went to them to find out how to do mass cullings.  I used to say, you never saw any people in wheelchairs in the Soviet system.  Think about it. 


This article here is from the 


Foundation to help sterilization victims still in the works

Masthead / Dec 26, 2009 /


RALEIGH -- State officials are still working to set up a special foundation that could eventually be used to pay reparations to North Carolinians who were sterilized by a state program.


Lawmakers set aside $250,000 in this year's budget to establish the foundation.  (A:  I wonder if theyíll ever dish anything out.  They generally wait until everybody is dead before they do.  It was the same thing that happened in Canada when Bill Clinton signed a deal that allowed all the tainted blood from the prisoners Ė they knew it was all tainted and infected Ė to be imported into Canada through Connaught Laboratories.  Connaught Laboratories by the way, was set up as part of the bacterial warfare department of Canada in World War II.  But thatís just little things aside.  Canada waited until pretty well everyone who got contaminated blood was dead and then they paid about a half a dozen survivors.  Thatís generally what they always do.  They wait 10 years or more, just forestall it, forestall it.  Folks have been waiting for it for all this time just to get repartitions and theyíre still waiting.  Getting back to the North CaroliniansÖ)


But the Winston-Salem Journal reports little of the money has been spent six months into the budget year.


"There's not an office. There's not a hiring. It's all still in progress," said Jill Lucas, a spokeswoman for the N.C. Department of Administration, where the foundation will be housed.


North Carolina sterilized more than 7,600 people under a eugenics program between 1933 and 1973.  (A:  This is the one that Adolf modeled his one after too when they started sterilizing and then killing everyone who had a mental disorder or there were children who were deformed in such a way or even thought that could be deformed or their IQ wasnít up to snatch.)


The program was intended to keep people considered mentally disabled or otherwise genetically inferior from having children.


The program targeted the poor and people living in prisons and state institutions. While officials obtained written consent, many didn't know what they were signing and were essentially coerced, state historians said.


The state has estimated about 2,800 victims of the program are still alive, and there are several proposals about how to compensate them.


Part of the proposals will be to let them die off and weíll give them a cheap pine box to get buried in.  Thatís generally what they do.  See, thatís the real world.  They donít give a darn about people, at the top.  We are nothing at the bottom; we are cannon fodder. 


Itís interesting too that the Rockefeller guys were the guys who started that whole thing off in the US, across different US states; itís only one Iím talking about here.  Thereís old man Rockefeller today, the third generation or whatever he is today, at 94 years of age, trotting the globe, up on YouTube and Google still giving lectures to the new world order boys on how they need to cull off the useless eaters; thereís just too many people you know.  Nothing changes and folk donít feel the hair on the back of their neck creeping up.  It doesnít happen; theyíve been neutered!  You know what happens too?  When big things happen and big laws are passed and the world goes into panic and governments ram things through, they always say, how did this happen?  How did this happen?  Like they never saw it coming, as they play with cartoon figures and virtual reality and all the rest of it.  I wonder why they never see it comingÖ


This article is from  Very interesting article really but most folk wonít be bothered about it I suppose. 


Coble talks up his no-pension pledge

Masthead / Dec 27, 2009 /


U.S. Rep. Howard Coble has just about given up on trying to abolish congressional pensions.


But Coble, 78, a Greensboro Republican and the longest-serving member of the state's congressional delegation, says he'd like to see others follow his pledge to refuse his pension.


"CBS Evening News" featured Coble on a segment last week about former members of Congress who were convicted of crimes and are still eligible to receive their pensions, some amounting to six figures a year.


Coble and U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, a Texas Republican, are the only members of Congress who say they won't accept their pensions. Coble said his salary is plenty.  (A:  Itís true enough.  They go in for 4 or 5 yearsÖ  See, thereís a whole thing even with the founding of the US which is one of the last places to be founded in a country.  People used to go in to SERVE the country.  Now they go in to serve themselves in every way they possibly can, over the table, under the table, wherever.  But they did it without a salary often.  Theyíd leave whatever they were doing for 4 years and go back to what they worked at.  Now they get a massive paycheck plus a great big expenses account.  They live like kings for 4 or 5 years - they make it 5 years in Canada and Britain and elsewhere Ė they get a lifetimeís pension, index-related to the cost of living.  Isnít that amazing?  I mean, the rest of the public canít say okay, Iíll work in this supermarket and Iíll stack the shelves for 4 or 5 years, and Iíll get a lifelong pension.  Why did they get this kind of perk?  You see, thatís called corruption.  When you have anything like that in government, youíre already corrupt.  Youíre already corrupt.  Itís no different than a heroin addict getting a taste of the stuff.  They arenít going to say, well, Iíll give it up on Friday when my term is up.  AnywayÖ)


"I figured taxpayers pay my salary (A:  For his work time and that should be.)  - not a bad salary," he said. "And I figure that's sufficient. Let me fend for myself after the salary's collected." 


Thatís the way it should be.  Thatís the way it should be, but the psychopaths are the ones who come out of the majority and climb up the ladder, the real sharks.  Theyíre not exceptionally intelligent but they have a cunning.  Thereís a difference between cunning and intelligence.  Tremendous, tremendous difference.  You donít have to have a high IQ to have a cunning in you.  They can always see the opportunity.  These guys, the majority who go in, they see it right away. 


Now Iíll go to Steve in Indiana.  Are you there Steve?  I tell you, hold on.  Iíll talk to you after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and weíll go to Steve from Indiana. 


Steve:  Alan, always a pleasure. 


Alan:  How are you?


Steve:  Iím hangin in here; thatís all we can do.  Last week you talked about short wave radios.  What Iíd like to have is your take on, is the information thatís coming over their transmitters, are they censored like most of our stuff over here?


Alan:  I tell you what happens to short wave.  There are 2 systems in a short wave.  Thereís a ham operators where anyone can apply and go through a little bit of training, in fact get a license, and broadcast. 


Steve: Right.  Thatís me.


Alan:  Thatís worldwide and a lot of ham enthusiasts talk to themselves across the world.  Youíll find more information from across the world than you will within the US.  The US probably has more short wave ham guys than anywhere else but theyíre so damn politically correct.  Theyíre scared of losing their licenses by mentioning anything that matters.


Steve:  Right.  Iím one that does not fit in that category.  Every once in a while I will listen to stuff like Radio Havana and I try to point out to people like, if the communists were your enemy, why do we have a torture chamber over there basically. 


Alan:  Itís interesting because you see all governments have a short wave station and they broadcast.  When I was small, I had a kit, I built one that actually worked, a short wave radio receiver, and I could pick up Radio Moscow.  What used to amaze me was Radio Moscow had the same format of giving news and the daily routine of news as the BBC did.  In fact, they were identical.  Theyíd say the Ministry of Agriculture has declared that blah, blah, blah and the Ministry of this had declared, and thatís what you got in Britain.  Thatís when I caught on to the fact that they were so similar, too similar in fact.  But I also knew that they could cut out, some countries could block out a short wave broadcast coming in from a banned nation.  There was a sort of war on to get the better short wave radios or guys fixing them themselves to get better reception because you could at least hear other points of view from across the entire planet.  It was so interesting for me to realize that there were all so many differentÖ You often found, for instance, where Britain was meddling in some other countryís affairs, but it never reached the national news in your own country.  Itís the same in the US.  Youíd hear all these things that youíd never heard of or big corporations who wanted the oil here or something, so youíd hear all these different reports that you never heard on the mainstream at all.  What happens is that all the big journalists for every big newspaper who do foreign affairs, they all listen to short wave all the time.


Steve:  Right.  Itís been my experience that itís really easy to listen to stuff in the short wave radios.  They are very inexpensive. 


Alan:  They are very inexpensive.  In the US, there are still short wave Patriot Radio stations that you can listen in to in some of the US states that again, give a whole range of new ways of looking at things and a lot of information doesnít hit the internet.


Steve:  Right.  With a lot of signals, it does not take much of an antenna to pick this stuff up.  Iíve been doing this for more than 30 years. 


Alan:  Yes.  In fact, a little bit of copper wire just clipped to your main antenna will do the trick.


Steve:  Absolutely.  I really think it would be advantageous for everybodyís part if you came down to the States.  I really believe that. 


Alan:  Thatís definitely in my mind, believe you me. 


Steve:  Okay Alan.  Talk to you soon.


Alan:  Iíll talk to you again.  Thanks for calling. 


So from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada where it will probably go to 20 below zero Fahrenheit or more even, like last night, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  And Iím going to demand my share of global warming!



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