May 6th, 2011 (#827)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 6th, 2011:

Put a Firewall Around Your Mind:

"Psychological Warfare and Psychotronic Weapons,
Powers of Angels, From Hell or From the Heavens,
Weaponized Data can Blow your Cells Apart,
Cause Disorientation or Arrhythmia of the Heart,
Psy-Ops Operations Find its Easiest Delivery
Is Info with Scary Music Leaving You in Misery,
Like the Squawks from Psycho, Your Mind can't Exclude,
The Audio Plus Visual, Creates Terrifying Mood,
Fear-Driven News, To Paralyze Your Feet,
Uses Music so Perfectly, Your Heart Will Match the Beat,
It Hits Your Nervous System, Turns on Fight or Flight,
Sells Panic Commodities, Leaves Wallet Slim & Light,
It's a Jungle Out There, Don't Get in a Bind
By Psy-Ops, Technotronics, Put a Firewall Around Your Mind"
© Alan Watt May 6th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė May 6th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 6th of May, 2011.  Newcomers should look into the website,  Youíll find hundreds of audios for download and peruse them at your leisure.  Hopefully, youíll find Iíve given you shortcuts to understanding this massive complex superstructure of a system, which rises way above and encompasses everything to do with government, way beyond government.  They tell governments what to do, a system thatís been in place for an awful long time.  It has the future planned as it planned our recent past, your parentsí past and so on.  Weíve all lived through parts of ongoing agendas, so help yourself to these audios and youíll find out how itís done.  Just as weíre being programmed today to look forward to a different kind of future, a planned future too.  Theyíre telling you what kind of future itís going to be.  They have been for years, with austerity and the greening movement and all the rest of it.  Theyíre telling you what kind of future youíre moving into, and then you can add on to it Agenda 21 from the United Nations and all the other sustainability programs, and youíll find out youíre going back to the old feudal village system.  They always tell you where theyíre taking you, itís just that most folk canít tie it all together and see itís a deliberate design by those who control the world.  Itís controlled basically through money, and money buys governments, and money buys their armies too.  Itís very simple.  Lots of think tanks involved. 


So, help yourself to the audios.  Remember, all the sites listed on the .com site have transcripts for download and print-up too, of a lot of the talks Iíve given, not all of them, but a lot of them.  And you can also get transcripts in other languages in  Help yourself to the variety offered. 


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Remember, straight donations are certainly, really appreciated, because every time this time of year comes round, all the different things to do with the internet roll around too, all your payments for the sites and so on.  All that has to be renewed, and thatís a lot of cash, to keep all that stuff up there.  And the reason I have so many sites up there is because I kept getting them pulled or broken, or they wouldnít allow me to increase my disc space at yahoo and so on, so I had to go into other sites at the last minute, and now Iíve got a whole bunch of them, which I suppose maybe could be useful in the future too, when they start pulling them off.  But theyíll go for them all I think when they eventually start pulling them off through some strange, ubiquitous law, which will come, of course. 


As I say, on this particular broadcast, I try and show you the system as it is.  And even show you sometimes how, when you think youíre fighting the system, sometimes youíre actually being sucked into it through other means.  You can be disabled, remember, through fear, and fear is a psychological operation technique.  And itís well understood.  Theyíve been using it in horror movies for years, and you donít even know it.  The techniques are very simple, because they stimulate the amygdala in the brain.  And the amygdala really will respond to watching a horror movie, because you identify with the heroes.  Will he escape?  Will he be killed by this awful monster?  And youíll hear the driving music that really puts you in a fight or flight syndrome, and that could be used as a method of propaganda too.  And actually, it is.  So, be very, very careful who you allow into your brain, because you want to be in control of it yourself, I would hope.  I would hope.  Thatís what I try to do on this particular broadcast.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And last night I talked about Constant Conflict from the Army War College Quarterly.  And they basically gave you a good part of the agenda there.  You tie it in, of course, with the New American Century group, a private group.  Many of them were involved actually in politics and some of them became high members of the US government, of course, and they had it drafted out in the early 90s, and then they reiterated in about 1997 that their agenda was to take out all these countries, which are now being taken out across the Middle East and elsewhere.  And they wanted to start with Afghanistan, then Iraq, and then perhaps Iran.  They werenít sure if it was Iran next or Libya and so on, and eventually Syria, after Egypt.  So, you find this was all planned this way.  If you donít understand the New American Century, and you havenít got the patience to look it up, well, tough luck on you, because youíll never really understand what this is all about.


Itís all about an old agenda, a very old agenda, and of course, the groups of the New American Century are also members of the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations commission and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, because Carroll Quigley, the historian for this group, for the Council on Foreign Relations in America, the American branch of it, admitted himself that the US for instance and Britain hadnít elected an independent prime minister or president since the late 1800s.  They all belonged to this group that believed that they with their superior culture, etc., had the right to rule the world; to basically rule the world and force a common culture across it.  So, youíre going this particular phase right now.  And as I say, that tied in with the article last night, because, of course, you must have the higher echelons of the military involved in all of this to understand whatís happening.  They must be involved.  And thatís psychological operations and intelligences, way above the normal field intelligence officer.  They have degreed systems, much like the CIA too, all compartmentalized, right up to the top ones.  And youíre going through, as I say, the takedown, the standardization of the world.  But itís not to be like rah-rah, we win.  Not in the least.  Theyíre also waging war at the peoples back home as well, because they donít look upon the peasant of the Middle East any more differently from the peasant of the USA, Canada, or Britain, or China for that matter.  So, youíve got to get that through sometimes our thick skulls. 


And talking about thick skulls, tonight Iím going to touch on an article I also read out some time back, and it was also from the US Army War College, because it ties in with whatís happening to all of us today, again, as did last nightís particular talk.  And it ties in as well from another talk I gave, and I put up a link to it on February 14th, on CNN video, on microwave and plasma weaponry.  It also touched on very low frequency weaponry and high frequency weaponry to do with the human brain.  They were already well into that back in the 80s.  This was 1985.  So, Iíll put that link up tonight, because it ties in with tonightís talk.  And this is from the Army War College again.  Itís 1998, pages 84-92.  And it says here that:


The human body, much like a computer,


(Alan: Remember, Iíll put this up tonight, for the link.  You can look it up for yourself at


The human body, much like a computer, contains myriad data processors. They include, but are not limited to, the chemical-electrical activity of the brain, heart, and peripheral nervous system, the signals sent from the cortex region of the brain to other parts of our body, the tiny hair cells in the inner ear that process auditory signals, and the light-sensitive retina and cornea of the eye that process visual activity.[2] We are on the threshold of an era in which these data processors of the human body may be manipulated or debilitated. Examples of unplanned attacks on the body's data-processing capability are well-documented.


(A: So they can do it, you understand.  And theyíve been doing it for a long time.  And they say that:)


Strobe lights have been known to cause epileptic seizures.


(A: Thatís very old information.)


Not long ago in Japan, children watching television cartoons were subjected to pulsating lights that caused seizures in some and made others very sick.


(A: That was a psychological operation it was admitted later too.)


Defending friendly and targeting adversary data-processing capabilities of the body appears to be an area of weakness in the US approach to information warfare theory, a theory oriented heavily toward systems data-processing and designed to attain information dominance on the battlefield.


(A: And then he goes on to say this.)


Or so it would appear from information in the open, unclassified press.


(A: See, they sneer at the unclassified press, because you see, the unclassified press takes their info from these guys.  And thatís how you get your indoctrination.  It all goes through a central processing for all, including Reuters.  Theyíre all working together.)


This US shortcoming may be a serious one,


(A: Itís not a shortcoming either, thatís a lie.  They always, itís just like the Missile Crisis.  Oh, we donít have enough missiles.  Theyíre not big enough ones.  The Russians have got better ones, and all that nonsense, as they sucked up all your tax money and used them for other purposes, like this particular purpose here.  Anyway it says:)


This US shortcoming may be a serious one, since the capabilities to alter the data- processing systems of the body already exist. A recent edition of U.S. News and World Report highlighted several of these "wonder weapons" (acoustics, microwaves, lasers) and noted that scientists are "searching the electromagnetic and sonic spectrums for wavelengths that can affect human behavior."[3]


(A: Thatís what Brzezinski was talking about, years before this particular article, when he was up there with the NSA.  And he talked about psychotronic warfare.)


A recent Russian military article offered a slightly different slant to the problem, declaring that "humanity stands on the brink of a psychotronic war" with the mind and body as the focus. That article discussed Russian and international attempts to control the psycho-physical condition of man and his decision making processes by the use of VHF-generators, "noiseless cassettes," and other technologies.


(A: Some of that as I say is in the links from CNN, and Iíll put them up again tonight, done in the í80s.  Old stuff.  They didnít make this stuff to stand and admire it and say, my God, thatís pretty.  I mean, they make this stuff to use, you understand.)


An entirely new arsenal of weapons, based on devices designed to introduce subliminal messages or to alter the body's psychological and data-processing capabilities, might be used to incapacitate individuals. These weapons aim to control or alter the psyche, or to attack the various sensory and data-processing systems of the human organism.


(A: Thatís all you are now is a human organism.)


In both cases, the goal is to confuse or destroy the signals that normally keep the body in equilibrium.


This article examines energy-based weapons, psychotronic weapons, and other developments designed to alter the ability of the human body to process stimuli. One consequence of this assessment is that the way we commonly use the term "information warfare" falls short when the individual soldier, not his equipment, becomes the target of attack.


Information Warfare Theory and the Data-Processing Element of Humans


In the United States the common conception of information warfare focuses primarily on the capabilities of hardware systems such as computers, satellites, and military equipment which process data in its various forms. According to Department of Defense Directive S-3600.1 of 9 December 1996, information warfare is defined as "an information operation conducted during time of crisis or conflict to achieve or promote specific objectives over a specific adversary or adversaries."


(A: That can also be the domestic population, remember.)


An information operation is defined in the same directive as "actions taken to affect adversary information and information systems while defending one's own information and information systems." These "information systems" lie at the heart of the modernization effort of the US armed forces and other countries, and manifest themselves as hardware, software, communications capabilities, and highly trained individuals. Recently, the US Army conducted a mock battle that tested these systems under simulated combat conditions.


US Army Field Manual 101-5-1, Operational Terms and Graphics (released 30 September 1997), defines information warfare as "actions taken to achieve information superiority by affecting a hostile's information, information based-processes, and information systems, while defending one's own information, information processes, and information systems." The same manual defines information operations as a "continuous military operation within the military information environment that enables, enhances, and protects friendly forces' ability to collect, process, and act on information to achieve an advantage across the full range of military operations. [Information operations include] interacting with the Global Information Environment . . . and exploiting or denying an adversary's information and decision capabilities."[4]


This "systems" approach to the study of information warfare emphasizes the use of data,


(A: Youíve got to remember one thing, through all of this particular article.  You are the target.  You are the target, whether some supposed enemy is going to influence your mind or your governmentís PSYOPS ops are going to influence your mind.  Theyíre battling over you.)


This "systems" approach to the study of information warfare emphasizes the use of data, referred to as information, to penetrate an adversary's physical defenses that protect data (information) in order to obtain operational or strategic advantage. It has tended to ignore the role of the human body as an information- or data-processor in this quest for dominance except in those cases where an individual's logic or rational thought may be upset via disinformation or deception. As a consequence little attention is directed toward protecting the mind and body with a firewall as we have done with hardware systems. Nor have any techniques for doing so been prescribed. Yet the body is capable not only of being deceived, manipulated, or misinformed but also shut down or destroyed--just as any other data-processing system. The "data" the body receives from external sources--such as electromagnetic, vortex, or acoustic...


And Iíll carry on with this, actually, itís a very important article for those who can follow it.  Back after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix, and reading about technologies that do exist, and theyíre being used, actually.  Theyíve been used for many years now, and at lower frequencies, but they can certainly step it up and make them more powerful.  This is from the Army War College.  And it says here, to do with the body itself, they say, they can actually shut down or destroy the body, the human body, just as any other data-processing system.  Remember all data, even noise, music, everything is data.  The way the pixels are arranged on a screen is data.  A lot of it is subconscious too, you donít even notice, but it can actually alter you because it goes into your subconscious.  It can actually affect the way that certain signals are sent to different parts of your brain.  It can lower or increase your heart rate for instance.  Stuff like that.  And they admit that at the Pentagon.  Theyíve actually got what they call viruses that put out certain flashing pixel clusters together and with a particular noise and they can actually deceive the heart and the signals that get to the heart to make it beat, and literally bring on cardiac arrest.  This little innocent tool that you bought, because itís your personal computer, right?  Itís not theirs, itís yours, right?  Anyways, it says here that:


...just as any other data-processing system. The "data" the body receives from external sources--such as electromagnetic, vortex, or acoustic energy waves--or creates through its own electrical or chemical stimuli can be manipulated or changed just as the data (information) in any hardware system can be altered.


(A: Now he lies here.)


The only body-related information warfare element considered by the United States is psychological operations (PSYOP).


(A: Which is a lie, because the US misses nothing to do with weaponry.  They put more money into it than any other country, into all of this stuff.  But he has to stay that, because itís a published article.  And it says here, heís talking about PSYOP operations.)


In Joint Publication 3-13.1, for example, PSYOP is listed as one of the elements of command and control warfare. The publication notes that "the ultimate target of [information warfare] is the information dependent process, whether human or automated . . . . Command and control warfare (C2W) is an application of information warfare in military operations. . . . C2W is the integrated use of PSYOP, military deception, operations security, electronic warfare and physical destruction."[5]


(A: Not bad, eh, from these little invisible waves that we get?)


One source defines information as a "nonaccidental signal used as an input to a computer or communications system."[6] The human body is a complex communication system constantly receiving nonaccidental and accidental signal inputs, both external and internal. If the ultimate target of information warfare is the information-dependent process, "whether human or automated," then the definition in the joint publication implies that human data-processing of internal and external signals can clearly be considered an aspect of information warfare. Foreign researchers have noted the link between humans as data processors


(A: See, theyíre considering you, because you are a processor of data.)


and the conduct of information warfare. While some study only the PSYOP link, others go beyond it. As an example of the former, one recent Russian article described offensive information warfare as designed to "use the Internet channels for the purpose of organizing PSYOP as well as for `early political warning' of threats to American interests."[7] The author's assertion was based on the fact that "all


(A: Listen to this now.)


"all mass media are used for PSYOP . . .


(A: Psychological Operations.† Thatís exactly what Iíve been telling you folks.  For the hard of thinking, Iíll repeat that part.)


The author's assertion was based on the fact that "all"† mass media are used for PSYOP . . .[and] today this must include the Internet."


(A: This must include the Internet, it says.)


The author asserted that the Pentagon wanted to use the Internet to "reinforce psychological influences" during special operations conducted outside of US borders to enlist sympathizers, who would accomplish many of the tasks previously entrusted to special units of the US armed forces.


(A: Now, thatís called soft power and color revolutions.  And they manage it all through psychological operations and giving out the propaganda to these people who think theyíre going to be liberating themselves.)


Others, however, look beyond simple PSYOP ties to consider other aspects of the body's data-processing capability. One of the principal open source researchers on the relationship of information warfare to the body's data-processing capability is Russian Dr. Victor Solntsev of the Baumann Technical Institute in Moscow. Solntsev is a young, well-intentioned researcher striving to point out to the world the potential dangers of the computer operator interface. Supported by a network of institutes and academies, Solntsev has produced some interesting concepts.[8] He insists that man must be viewed as an open system instead of simply as an organism or closed system. As an open system, man communicates with his environment through information flows and communications media. One's physical environment, whether through electromagnetic, gravitational, acoustic, or other effects, can cause a change in the psycho-physiological condition of an organism,


(A: So heís talking about the physical changes it can cause in you too.  Understand that.)


in Solntsev's opinion. Change of this sort could directly affect the mental state and consciousness of a computer operator. This would not be electronic war or information warfare in the traditional sense, but rather in a nontraditional and non-US sense. It might encompass, for example, a computer modified to become a weapon by using its energy output to emit acoustics that debilitate the operator. It also might encompass, as indicated below, futuristic weapons aimed against man's "open system."


You see, the mind has no firewall.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix, and basically reading a very interesting article from the US Army War College, remembering too, that if you understand how youíre reading it, theyíre saying a lot more, because most folk donít realize that this is not classified as top secret obviously.  They do know, the ones who wrote it, that the public would read it, but they wouldnít understand it.  And they wouldnít retain it if they did read it.  Because these weapons have been used on you for a long time, thatís why Iím saying that.  Anyway, it says here:


Solntsev also examined the problem of "information noise,"


(A: Now, information noise in the sense theyíre talking about here, is like microwave for cellphones.  All kinds of data information delivery systems, basically, give out data.  And you might just get warm with it, or whatever, or get ringing in the ears, but itís all data.  They call it data.)


the problem of "information noise," which creates a dense shield between a person and external reality. This noise may manifest itself in the form of signals, messages, images, or other items of information. The main target of this noise would be the consciousness of a person or a group of people. Behavior modification could be one objective of information noise; another could be to upset an individual's mental capacity to such an extent as to prevent reaction to any stimulus.


(A: It will make you like a zombie.)


Solntsev concludes that all levels of a person's psyche (subconscious, conscious, and "superconscious") are potential targets for destabilization.


According to Solntsev, one computer virus capable of affecting a person's psyche is Russian Virus 666.


(A: Very telling.  They love these little numbers, donít they?)


It manifests itself in every 25th frame of a visual display, where it produces a combination of colors that allegedly put computer operators into a trance. The subconscious perception of the new pattern eventually results in arrhythmia of the heart.


(A: Thatís what I was telling you earlier.  The Pentagon has got it too.)


Other Russian computer specialists, not just Solntsev, talk openly about this "25th frame effect" and its ability to subtly manage a computer user's perceptions. The purpose of this technique is to inject a thought into the viewer's subconscious. It may remind some of the subliminal advertising controversy in the United States in the late 1950s.


(A: They go way back with all this stuff, trying it all on the public.)


US Views on "Wonder Weapons": Altering the Data-Processing Ability of the Body


What technologies have been examined by the United States that possess the potential to disrupt the data-processing capabilities of the human organism? The 7 July 1997 issue of U.S. News and World Report described several of them designed, among other things, to vibrate the insides of humans, stun or nauseate them, put them to sleep, heat them up, or knock them down with a shock wave.[9] The technologies include dazzling lasers that can force the pupils to close; acoustic or sonic frequencies that cause the hair cells in the inner ear to vibrate and cause motion sickness, vertigo, and nausea, or frequencies that resonate the internal organs causing pain and spasms; and shock waves with the potential to knock down humans or airplanes and which can be mixed with pepper spray or chemicals.[10]


(A: So the ones that use, that can actually cause the heart to stop, by the way, and it can also cause motion sickness or intense nausea, were demonstrated by Dr. Nick Begich on Canadian television, with Wendy Mesley, who was the host.  And he claimed that he got all these ones from the 1950s, about the size of a TV remote control gizmo, or a modern cell phone even, some of them.  And they were using them from the 1950s in high levels, very high levels of CIA.  Very old stuff.  Thatís what I was telling you.  Whatever you think is new or the latest, itís actually antique. Theyíve had that long ago.  Thatís why they let you know about it now.  And it says, anyway:)


With modification, these technological applications can have many uses. Acoustic weapons, for example, could be adapted for use as acoustic rifles or as acoustic fields that, once established, might protect facilities, assist in hostage rescues, control riots,


(A: And weíve got all those gadgets theyíve rolled out since 2001 to control riots.)


or clear paths for convoys. These waves, which can penetrate buildings, offer a host of opportunities for military and law enforcement officials. Microwave weapons, by stimulating the peripheral nervous system, can heat up the body, induce epileptic-like seizures, or cause cardiac arrest.


(A: Thatís what theyíve got planned for you, if you ever go and riot.)


Low-frequency radiation affects the electrical activity of the brain and can cause flu-like symptoms and nausea.


(A: And how many folk complain of that.  Remember, Brzezinski was talking about using these things continent-wide to keep the people pacified, back in the 70s.)


Other projects sought to induce or prevent sleep, or to affect the signal from the motor cortex portion of the brain, overriding voluntary muscle movements. The latter are referred to as pulse wave weapons, and the Russian government has reportedly bought over 100,000 copies of the "Black Widow" version of them.[11]


However, this view of "wonder weapons" was contested by someone who should understand them. Brigadier General Larry Dodgen, Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Policy and Missions, wrote a letter to the editor about the "numerous inaccuracies" in the U.S. News and World Report article that "misrepresent the Department of Defense's views."[12] Dodgen's primary complaint seemed to have been that the magazine misrepresented the use of these technologies and their value to the armed forces.


(A: Well, thatís how they play it down when it leaks out, you see.  They always play it down.)


He also underscored the US intent to work within the scope of any international treaty concerning their application, as well as plans to abandon (or at least redesign) any weapon for which countermeasures are known. One is left with the feeling, however, that research in this area is intense.


(A: Theyíre not toning it down, theyíre intensifying it.)


A concern not mentioned by Dodgen is that other countries or non-state actors may not be bound by the same constraints. It is hard to imagine someone with a greater desire than terrorists to get their hands on these technologies.


(A: Well, sure.  Your government wants it first, right?)


"Psycho-terrorism" could be the next buzzword.


Russian Views on "Psychotronic War"


The term "psycho-terrorism" was coined by Russian writer N. Anisimov of the Moscow Anti-Psychotronic Center. According to Anisimov, psychotronic weapons are those that act to "take away a part of the information which is stored in a man's brain. It is sent to a computer, which reworks it to the level needed for those who need to control the man, and the modified information is then reinserted into the brain."


(A: You understand what theyíre doing.  This is old stuff, by the way, which was used back in the 60s.  They can actually pick up brain waves, from you at a distance, wirelessly, and they can actually inject new signals so that your original thoughts are completely altered, and then theyíre controlling you.)


These weapons are used against the mind to induce hallucinations, sickness, mutations in human cells, "zombification," or even death.

(A: Thatís why you end up with so many tumors now with the brain, mutations in human cells.)


or even death. Included in the arsenal are VHF generators,

(A: And thatís in that CNN link, Iíll put up again tonight from the 1980s, where they show you some of these gadgets.)



(A: Thatís wonderful.  Youíre getting X-rays used on you too.  Which we know they are doing now, arenít they, with the vans that go by on the streets and X-ray you, just like they do at airports.)


ultrasound, and radio waves. Russian army Major I. Chernishev, writing in the military journal Orienteer in February 1997, asserted that "psy" weapons are under development all over the globe.

(A: All over the globe.)


Specific types of weapons noted by Chernishev (not all of which have prototypes) were:


ē A psychotronic generator, which produces a powerful electromagnetic emanation capable of being sent through telephone lines,


(A: Isnít that wonderful, eh?  The phone rings, you pick it up, and you end up being a zombie)


TV, radio networks, supply pipes, and incandescent lamps.


(A: Well, thatís your new, lovely lamps theyíve got.  Have you noticed the field around those lamps, those wonderful, you know, current-saving lamps, they made it law that you must use.)


ē An autonomous generator, a device that operates in the 10-150 Hertz band, which at the 10-20 Hertz band forms an infrasonic oscillation that is destructive to all living creatures.

ē A nervous system generator, designed to paralyze the central nervous systems of insects, which could have the same applicability to humans.


(A: Isnít that wonderful.  Youíre just an insect now.)


ē Ultrasound emanations, which one institute claims to have developed. Devices using ultrasound emanations are supposedly capable of carrying out bloodless internal operations without leaving a mark on the skin. They can also, according to Chernishev, be used to kill.

ē Noiseless cassettes. Chernishev claims that the Japanese have developed the ability to place infra-low frequency voice patterns over music, patterns that are detected by the subconscious. Russians claim to be using similar "bombardments" with computer programming to treat alcoholism or smoking.

ē The 25th-frame effect, alluded to above, a technique wherein each 25th frame of a movie reel or film footage contains a message that is picked up by the subconscious. This technique, if it works, could possibly be used to curb smoking and alcoholism,


(A: Oh, itís doing it for that, isnít it.)


but it has wider, more sinister applications if used on a TV audience or a computer operator.

ē Psychotropics, defined as medical preparations used to induce a trance, euphoria, or depression. Referred to as "slow-acting mines," they could be slipped into the food of a politician or into the water supply of an entire city. Symptoms include headaches, noises, voices or commands in the brain, dizziness, pain in the abdominal cavities, cardiac arrhythmia, or even the destruction of the cardiovascular system.

There is confirmation from US researchers that this type of study is going on. Dr. Janet Morris, coauthor of The Warrior's Edge, reportedly went to the Moscow Institute of Psychocorrelations in 1991. There she was shown a technique pioneered by the Russian Department of Psycho-Correction at Moscow Medical Academy in which researchers electronically analyze the human mind in order to influence it. They input subliminal command messages, using key words transmitted in "white noise" or music. Using an infra-sound, very low frequency transmission, the acoustic psycho-correction message is transmitted via bone conduction.[13]


(A: And they can do that, too, voice to skull, of course.)


In summary, Chernishev noted that some of the militarily significant aspects of the "psy" weaponry deserve closer research, including the following nontraditional methods for disrupting the psyche of an individual:


ē ESP research: determining the properties and condition of objects without ever making contact with them and "reading" peoples' thoughts

ē Clairvoyance research: observing objects that are located just beyond the world of the visible--used for intelligence purposes


(A: But they use technology to do it.)


ē Telepathy research: transmitting thoughts over a distance--used for covert operations

ē Telekinesis research:


(A: This is what they were doing in Russia at the time)


actions involving the manipulation of physical objects using thought power, causing them to move or break apart--used against command and control systems, or to disrupt the functioning of weapons of mass destruction

ē Psychokinesis research: interfering with the thoughts of individuals, on either the strategic or tactical level


(A: So, itís all done technologically, you understand.)


While many US scientists undoubtedly question this research, it receives strong support in Moscow. The point to underscore is that individuals in Russia (and other countries as well) believe these means can be used to attack or steal from the data-processing unit of the human body.


Solntsev's research, mentioned above, differs slightly from that of Chernishev. For example, Solntsev is more interested in hardware capabilities, specifically the study of the information-energy source associated with the computer-operator interface. He stresses that if these energy sources can be captured and integrated into the modern computer, the result will be a network worth more than "a simple sum of its components." Other researchers are studying high-frequency generators (those designed to stun the psyche with high frequency waves such as electromagnetic, acoustic, and gravitational); the manipulation or reconstruction of someone's thinking through planned measures such as reflexive control processes;


(A: Thatís where they bounce back your own thoughts to yourself, but alter them.)


the use of psychotronics,

(A: And so on:)


or anti-ESP training.


The last item is of particular interest. According to a Russian TV broadcast, the strategic rocket forces have begun anti-ESP training to ensure that no outside force can take over command and control functions of the force. That is, they are trying to construct a firewall around the heads of the operators.




At the end of July 1997, planners for Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration '97 "focused on technologies that enhance real-time collaborative planning in a multinational task force of the type used in Bosnia and in Operation Desert Storm.


(A: I hope you realize that they actually used the HAARP technologies in Desert Storm, the first one.  And you saw these stunned troops coming out.  Their minds were gone.  They were blank.  They were sort of wandering around, bumping into each other.  They called them giving up, but no, they werenít giving up, they were out of it.  And that was reported in the British newspapers, by the way.)


 The JWID '97 network, called the Coalition Wide-Area Network (CWAN), is the first military network that allows allied nations to participate as full and equal partners."[15] The demonstration in effect was a trade fair for private companies to demonstrate their goods; defense ministries got to decide where and how to spend their money wiser, in many cases without incurring the cost of prototypes. It is a good example of doing business better with less. Technologies demonstrated included:[16]


ē Soldiers using laptop computers to drag cross-hairs over maps to call in airstrikes

ē Soldiers carrying beepers and mobile phones rather than guns

ē Generals tracking movements of every unit, counting the precise number of shells fired around the globe, and inspecting real-time damage inflicted on an enemy, all with multicolored graphics[17]


Every account of this exercise emphasized the ability of systems to process data and provide information feedback via the power invested in their microprocessors. The ability to affect or defend the data-processing capability of the human operators of these systems was never mentioned during the exercise; it has received only slight attention during countless exercises over the past several years. The time has come to ask why we appear to be ignoring the operators of our systems.


(A: Itís because theyíre ten a penny.)


Clearly the information operator, exposed before a vast array of potentially immobilizing weapons, is the weak spot in any nation's military assets. There are few international agreements protecting the individual soldier, and these rely on the good will of the combatants. Some nations, and terrorists of every stripe, don't care about such agreements.


(A: And the US is one of them.)


This article has used the term data-processing to demonstrate its importance to ascertaining what so-called information warfare and information operations are all about. Data-processing is the action this nation and others need to protect. Information is nothing more than the output of this activity. As a result, the emphasis on information-related warfare terminology ("information dominance," "information carousel") that has proliferated for a decade does not seem to fit the situation before us. In some cases the battle to affect or protect data-processing elements pits one mechanical system against another. In other cases, mechanical systems may be confronted by the human organism, or vice versa, since humans can usually shut down any mechanical system with the flip of a switch. In reality, the game is about protecting or affecting signals, waves, and impulses that can influence the data-processing elements of systems, computers, or people.


(A: Influence our people.  I like that part.)


We are potentially the biggest victims of information warfare, because we have neglected to protect ourselves.


(A: Well, weíve been given no opportunity.  And how can you, against these evil guys at the top, like the one who wrote this article, whoís involved in knocking you all out, if need be, with this type of technology. Back with more, after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And that was from the US Army War College.  And itís called, the Mind Has No Firewall.  And theyíve made sure of that.  They certainly have made sure of that.  And when theyíre talking about enemies, youíve got to understand what the government perceives as its potential enemy. 


Now, thereís callers on the line.  Iíll try to get maybe one in.  Iíll try George from Philadelphia, if heís there.  Is George there?


George: Yes, Mr. Watt.  How do you do today?


Alan: Not too bad.


George: Not too bad is better than not too good.


Alan: Well, you can never be too good.  Itís just that you never reach that stage, anymore. 


George: This is true.  This is true.  And might I say that Iím honored that you have me on this evening.  I had a few things I wanted to go over with you, but where to start.  I donít want to take up too much of your time, as Iím sure there are many others waiting to speak with you.


Alan: Yeah, and weíve only got a couple of minutes left anyway.


George: Oh, wow, yeah, thatís true.  Okay, well.  Well, I guess Iíll start.  You see, growing up, I grew up on a rich diet of science fiction, whether it had been comic books, television series and what have you.  And I consider myself fortunate in that, when I had graduated high school in 1998, just prior to the dependency we all now seem to have on computers and the internet and the iphones and all that stuff.  And one of the two science fiction, modern, well, Dr. Who for instance, which is, they have a modern version and the classical version.  And one of their villains is a race of creatures they call the Cyber-Men.  And the qualities of these creatures are they were once human beings, such as you and I.  And what they do is, they decided emotions were getting in their way, so what they do is, they go across the universe, basically, they kidnap humans, remove the brain, put it into a cybernetic body and remove the emotion, and then they are part of a hive mind. 


Alan: The same as the Borg on the Star Trek series, yeah.


George: And the Phalanx and X-Men and the Dire Wraiths and the Marvel Comics and the Autons, and the classic Dr. Who.  This hive-minded villain seems to be a constant in science-fiction.  And I am very grateful to my high-school teacher, Mrs. Hack, who forced me to read Aldous Huxleyís Brave New World, I doubt itís even on the high-school reading lists anymore.


Alan: No, itís not.


George: Oh, really.  Iím not surprised.  You know, even analogies arenít even on the SATs anymore in the United States, so people have no way of even associating one topic with another.


Alan: Never to even guess that Huxley attended world meetings long before he wrote the book, Brave New World, and he goes through it in Brave New World Revisited, as to the fact that all that stuff he talked about wasnít just possible, it was very probable.


George: Yeah, and Iím seeing that.  And I saw it then too, back when I was seventeen and eighteen, albeit I was not quite able to express it in the way that I am now.  And listening to you, Iíve been listening to you for the past several months, and you kind of put to words that which I was aware of. 


Alan: Well, thatís it, thatís the whole thing, itís connecting it all together and showing you thereís really no such thing as just fiction, because psychological operations have been going on for over a hundred and forty years in the sci-fi venue.  Itís predictive programming.  Iíve got to go now, thatís the music there, but thanks for calling in George.  Itís predictive programming; they get you used to things to come, and you just accept it, because itís already in your mind.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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