July 15th, 2011 (#876)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 15th, 2011:

The New World Order, Under the Muck,
Quacks and Waddles -- Same Old Duck:

"You May Be Afraid, Even of Your Brother,
This Tyranny has People Spying On Each Other,
As All Tyrannies Go, It Will Only Get Worse,
Bureaucracies Multiply Their Paranoid Curse,
Suspicion Becomes a Make-Work Project,
Hiring Cops Galore to "Serve and Protect",
Socialism's Technique of Leveling the Herd,
Destroying the Thinker or Sentient Nerd,
Only Then Does the Dominant Minority
Relax in Safety from the Unwashed Majority,
Who Like Hobbits Can Be Poor and Contented,
All Being Alike in a System Demented,
Never Seeing Their Lives Become Deviated,
Toil and Worry Forgotten When Inebriated"
© Alan Watt July 15th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė July 15th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on July 15th, 2011.  I always suggest for newcomers, you should look into the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com and youíll find hundreds and hundreds of hours of audios for download for free, where hopefully youíll get shortcuts to understanding this complex system youíre born into and I give you the names of books, the big players in this world order.  Itís always the New World Order as they get the next step and the next step done, itís always the ending and the starting and ending and starting of a New World Order.  They know where theyíre going, of course.  And hopefully, as I say, if you listen to these audios, youíll get an idea of how it truly works, including how they manage your spare time, and all the fads that come and go in culture, and why you do the things that you do and how you interact the way you interact with people.  Itís all planned that way.  And youíll find youíre not really in charge of your mind at all.  In fact, youíre going along with everyone else, simply because theyíre all going along with everyone else.  Thatís how itís designed to be. 


And when youíre at it, downloading the audios, remember too, that youíre the audience that bring me to you, so you can help me roll along, at least crawl along perhaps, by buying the books and discs that I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And remember, from the US to Canada, you can still use a personal check or an international postal money order or cash or you can also use PayPal.  Youíll find a donation button there on the .com site.  What to do is send off what you want, and then follow it up with an email with name, address, and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  And, across the rest of the world, you have Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal, once again to order or donate.  And just, thatís the way it is. 


I try and simply record whatís happening, as we go along, and fit it in with the past, when big decisions were made to bring this system in.  And I give you names of players, some of the meetings that theyíve had, these global meetings.  Theyíre always having global meetings.  Every day I think across the world thereís private and public enterprises on the go with their global meetings.  All sectors of industry and all the top politicians that deal in national structures and international structures with these corporations.  Weíre so far beyond the nation-state itís unbelievable, and yet at election time, out come the flags, and youíre supposed to vote for the nation-state once again.  In reality, weíre international, have been for an awful long time.  And when you look into the United Nations for instance, youíll find out the reason it was constructed was to bring in global government.  And the books written around that period made no bones about that whatsoever. 


Itís just that the public werenít quite ready for it, and so they had to go back and hide it a little bit, make you think it was just nice guys in blue helmets handing out chocolate bars to children in starving countries, and all that kind of nonsense, when the opposite is true.  The UN is set up as a supergovernment for the whole planet with its different branches.  In fact, it has a comparative branch for every national and federal level bureaucracy that you can imagine, right down to the local level.  All their laws really come from there, and they have done for an awful long time.  And theyíre stepping it up, of course.  These laws by the way are just signed in by executive orders or orders in council, as itís called in other countries, by Prime Ministers and Presidents, and it doesnít even get discussed at any parliamentary or congressional level at all.  Itís been like that for an awful long time.  And your education system is unified as well through the United Nations, and youíll find too that it comes down to even your local education board as well.  All the curricula are the same, and itís designed that way.  A common culture across the world of happy, pretty happy sheep, as we go downhill.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Now, as I said before, I tend to chronicle whatís happening, the events which are happening in our lives, because weíve got to understand that the nation-state really is over.  It was over a long time ago.  And weíve been paying money to international organizations since at least 1946.  And itís simply escalating now, because weíre interdependent as they keep telling us.  Maggie Thatcher kicked that one off.  Actually, she was the one who kicked off global warming as well, as a fad, as something to get popularity amongst people and create a crisis that could be used to control people.  And that was picked up by higher authorities, and now of course itís going to be a big boon for the bankers. 


Anyway, weíre interdependent they keep telling us, and the UN is to be raised up to its real important state, the state it was meant to eventually arrive at.  In the early days, there were so many arguments after they signed all the agreements in San Francisco to give authority for their armies, for all armies of all the signatories to the United Nations, and yet they could never get them all on board at any one time to do anything.  Well, now they can, you see, and theyíre practicing it now.  Obama is using it as well, and heís even said he doesnít need authority from the Congress to go to war.  The UN gave him permission.  And, basically, thatís what theyíre doing today.  The UN is rising up.  All the organizations attached to the United Nations like the IMF, the World Bank, and a whole bunch of other big bank groups, theyíre all private, of course, are all on board with it too.  Everything is being integrated across the entire planet.  They share intelligence with all the ones on board, all the allies, as they say.  And thatís all your personal data as well is shared with all the Europeans for instance, and corporations as well. 


Itís amazing how corporations, they have the status of a human being, basically, and all the rights of a human being. And yet, you as a human being couldnít go and snoop on anybody elseís data, but theyíre allowed to do it because they get partnerships with governments.  Itís quite something, isnít it?  No one really questions that anymore.  I guess weíre all too busy having fun, because that is really the technique thatís used today.  Keep us spinning in trivia, lots of sex, and moronic comedies, until weíre really all in the pit, basically.  And weíll all wonder how we got there eventually.


Hereís an article that came out last December, and it was from a health care site.  It says:


U.S., Europe Sign Accord to Foster EHR Compatibility


European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes and U.S. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius signed an agreement in Washington to collaborate on EHR interoperability.


(Alan: What is that?)


The United States and the European Commission have signed a memorandum of understanding to work together on compatible formats for EHRs (electronic health records)


(A: Now, what would Europe want with your electronic health records?)


and to promote education in health care technology.


(A: See, across the world, the poor folk you see, you still get cheap internet and stuff like that, but youíll be getting your diagnosis over the internet and told how to treat yourself, or simply walk into a clinic, if you canít afford it, and theyíll give you a very cheap pill that will give you euthanasia.  And you think Iím kidding, and Iím not at all.  That will come.  That really will come.


You know, Mad Magazine packed in, it was a very surrealistic magazine to do with cartoons almost, caricatures of characters.  You canít really satirize society anymore, because weíve gone beyond it.  We are living through the craziness part of everything, and the public are just accepting it, so you canít even satirize it.  It says:)


Vice President of the European Commission Neelie Kroes and U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius announced and signed the memorandum on Dec. 17 at the Transatlantic Economic Council,


(A: And what is the Transatlantic Economic Council?  Look it up for yourselves to see how integrated we are.)


a political organization that fosters economic cooperation between governments.


(A: But you see, it also makes sure that your tax money goes to build this infrastructure to share all your health records and everything else as well across the whole planet.) 


Interoperability of EHRs is essential for the e-health market


(A: Thatís the electronic health market)


to grow globally, according to the Commission.


(A: You understand, the same techniques that were used to build national roads and railways, was always taken from the taxpayer, of course, and then handed over to private corporations, is being used to build this big e-system for e-health across the entire globe.  And they always say, oh, we canít, no one has got that cash to do it on their own, we need big crash grants from all the governments involved.  Itís a win/win situation for private corporations today.  It says.)


Under the terms of the memorandum, HHS and the Commission will exchange delegates and specialists to share information on e-health. They'll also set up joint working groups, workshops and conferences to establish shared strategies on EHRs.


Adoption of EHRs is four times higher in the EU than in the United States, the Commission reports.


(A: Anyway, they go on with a lot of the usual pablum they give you for PR, without telling you all the reasons that weíre doing it.  It says:)


The U.S. government is investing $20 billion


(A: Thatís your tax money.)


toward the use of EHRs under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.


"The partnership between the EU and the U.S., the two world leaders in e-health, sends a strong signal to all stakeholders that common standards and interoperability bring opportunities for a global approach for the benefit of patients,


(A: Itís going to really benefit you.  Yeah, thatís why theyíre throwing this money at it.)


health systems and the market," the EC said in a statement.


So, in other words, youíre paying for it all, and youíre paying for lots of parts of Europe as well.  And I just thought Iíd rub that in because weíre getting hit for every other country on the planet right now, as we all go down like dominos, one after the other.  But thereís always cash to give to the big private multi-national corporations.


 Now, this article here is about Bohemian Grove, because I think theyíre meeting shortly.  It says:


Hackivists next target, the top secret society where 'rulers of the world' meet every summer


A notorious group of hackers has called for the infiltration of a top secret elite society as it stages its annual gathering in California


And then it goes on, a bit more PR about it, and the top guys get there and make big decisions.  In actuality, I wish these hackers would just go after the characters themselves and countries as well, none of them spared, not one single country spared, and share all the information between the politicians and their memos and everything else that theyíre really up to, because you donít need to go to the Bohemian Grove for that.  They could just use their skills, you know, these special skills they have, and find out whatís really going on in the world, and maybe inform us whatís happening, because we donít know.  Weíre told nothing until anything is done.  I always think of a gopher, you know, a groundhog.  When you look up out of the ground, because you hear a noise, and you see something on the horizon, kind of coming toward you.  By the time your eyes focus, itís rolled over you, and itís off in the other direction, and disappearing over the other horizon.  And by the time thatís happening, thereís another thing coming from the other horizon, again.  And thatís how fast things go now, because all theyíre doing now is implementing strategies that took years to plan, and theyíre simply implementing them now.  Weíre signing agreements now.  All the bureaucratic legwork has been done years ago, and the commissions, and sending papers back for reevaluation.  All thatís been done many, many years ago on every level.  And thatís why they can roll ahead with this system right now. 


Now, thereís a caller from the UK hanging on, itís a long distance.  Iíll take him now.  Itís Daniel in the UK, if Daniel is there.  Hello, Daniel.


Daniel: Yeah.  Hello there, Alan.  I just have one quick question.† Iíve been reading some books on the Gestapo and the Stasi, and it seems that in both of these cases, and others, in Russia as well, the essence of a police state is actually more the citizens policing each other than actually the police isnít it.  And I suppose thatís why they can afford to get rid of lots of police.  Theyíre sort of training us to be suspicious all the time.  And I donít know what itís like over there, but over here, every tannoy announcement in the station and other places is always, be suspicious, report suspicious behavior, this sort of thing.  And itís having an effect, because people notice it.  Is that what itís all about?  Is it emphasizing us policing each other? 


Alan: Absolutely.  The society theyíre bringing in is one of total information network, they call it.  Total information.  That means, not only must they always know for every second of the day where you are, but they must also know, they must also be training you to be obedient and subservient to this new authoritarian society.  Authoritarian is the key here.  Thatís what the Club of Rome said.  It would have to be authoritarian, post-democratic.  And youíre being trained step by step that you really are nothing in society.  Youíre also being trained by the articles that they make sure appear in the newspaper, that theyíre ready to tazer you to death or kill you on the spot, which a lot of them are doing across the world and getting away with it.  Thatís part of it, that if you step out of line in any way, even if youíre a bit mouthy back to the cops now, they can kill you.  And thereís articles in the papers here, I havenít read them this week, but I have them, where one guy got his head blown off for talking back, you know.  So, they make sure this gets out to you, because youíre supposed to be a very wimpy, scared, and obedient schoolchild.  A perpetual schoolchild, in this society.  And the authorities will tolerate no disobedience.


Daniel: Because they know actually they havenít got enough police to go around, and thatís why they need to make it psychological, donít they.  I mean, itís the psychological bullying like you say, because they canít, it has to be by consent, doesnít it, rather than by force.  Because they canít force us all, can they?


Alan: They canít.  When you look at some of the old World War II documentary clips they show you, when you see a whole bunch of people outside, say out of an old factory or somewhere, maybe two dozen of them or three dozen, maybe more, and then thereís German guards, four or five guards around with, you know, with bolt-action rifles.  I used to always wonder why these people didnít storm the five guards.  Yeah, theyíd maybe kill five of you before they could reload, but at least you could get them down and get away, but people donít act like that.  Everyone thinks out for themselves, and therefore no one goes forward and takes over to save themselves at all.  They just obediently jump in the trench and get shot in the head.  Stay on the line, and weíll talk about that when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix. Are you still there, Daniel?


Daniel: Yeah, Iím still here, Alan.  


Alan: I was thinking there too, the Russians did it more efficiently.  They used to send six guys with pistols with six prisoners at a time out of the cells, and then theyíd shoot them.  So, that was more of a terror thing, because even if you thought, we should try and overpower them, thereís still one for each one of you, basically, there.  Whereas the Germans only used a couple.  I think it was Solzhenitsyn in the Gulag Archipelago talks about the conditioning of the people through terror.  And he said, when he was a little boy, he and a friend used to go to the top of a hill and watch the prisoners coming back from work details in the Soviet Union, going back to camp, every night at the same time.  And he said, there was only two guards at any one time, and maybe thirty to forty prisoners.  And he said, one night, they were watching, and two men, one at either end, obviously it was planned, hit the guards, knocked them out, stole their rifles, and then started yelling to the rest of them to run.  And they stood there like dumb sheep, and then looked down at the ground, and then after about five minutes, they just started shuffling off back to the camp.  And the other two guys ran away.  Well, you see, thatís the end product of when youíve been dehumanized to that extent, and youíre afraid of living and afraid of dying at the same time.  And even though theyíre going back to camp, they might get killed anyway, or accused of helping the others escape, theyíd still go that way because it was obedience to authority.  Obedience to authority is being promoted to the hilt right now, and thatís part of the intense conditioning weíre at, until weíre totally dejected, dehumanized, and nervous around authority figures.  A perpetual child thatís been abused.  Thatís what they want society to be.  And theyíve pretty well got it in a lot of spheres.


Daniel: Yeah.  Because I was going to ask you, what makes people justify their own suffering?  Because I speak to people and I moan and moan and have a rant and say the higher prices, the cost of living, and everything else.  And they say, ďwell, you know, weíve got to pay more taxes.  And I can understand higher fuel prices because thereís more cars on the road.  And I can understand paying them a bit more for food, and this, that and the other.Ē  And Iím thinking, why are they justifying their own suffering. 


Alan: Itís because of the intense propaganda they get.  And itís also because they donít want, you see, secretly theyíre all terrified of being noticed.  Most folk in society donít want to be noticed, unless itís some special parade or something where they can do whatever they want.† Most folk donít want to stick their heads up, because theyíre all afraid of each other now in society.  So when youíre asked a question, you try and be politically correct in your answer, so that theyíll say, ďah, heís one of us.  Weíre all the same.  Heís safe,Ē you know.  And because Britain especially has hired, actually, theyíre paying now informants.  So many, even the children are being paid to inform, that everyone is scared of everybody else.  It could be your neighbor, a person at work, thatís how the Soviet System ran all through its era, right down to East Germany too with the Stasi. The Stasi eventually had one in every four people as a spy.  And Britain is not far behind.  Britain is about there now too. 


Daniel: Britain, I mean, Britain, I donít know what itís like in North Korea, but Iím sure Britain is the, Britain is almost a test bed for all this stuff.† Iím sure they do it all here first, and then they roll it out across other countries.


Alan: Itís the flagship.  Absolutely.  In fact, Britain has had more hammerings than any other country, because technically the people havenít really had a break between wars, when youíre not getting a physical war.  And you have had continuous wars.  When you go into the wars since the Rothschilds took over the Bank of England, and then they could find they could fund wars and always borrow money and then get the taxpayer to pay it back, thatís when it all started with the Red Coats.  Before that there was no Red Coats.  So they got the first standing army with the Bank and the Rothschilds and went to plunder the world for the elite.  And they would lend to the government supposedly, meaning the nation, and then make the nation pay it all back with excess interest.  Britain never had freedom of war, or in between youíd have depressions, economic depressions.  So they never, not one generation had peace, you know that.  Not one single generation had peace.


Daniel: So, effectively, because I always think about, think of Britain, I think of that panopticon that Jeremy Bentham invented.  And weíre essentially living in an electronic version arenít we in Britain here, or in other countries?  Itís an electronic panopticon, isnít it?


Alan: Yeah, and youíve got to remember too that Britain had a monopoly for most of its existence with television by the BBC.  And the BBC hired nothing but Etonians, by the way, that was their rule.  And they gave you the culture, changed the culture, degraded the culture.  But they also had, they used Tavistock Institute that used to be a mental hospital.  In World War I they revamped it up to use the Soviet techniques, actually, of controlling the population through psychology.  And so they had masses of psychologists working and psychiatrists working on even simple dramas and your daily soaps, and all the rest of it.  Lots of messages get pumped into the British mind.  And it was mainly to do with compliance and obedience to the authority, once again.  Never stick your head up, never complain.  Just take your punishment like a good little school boy, and maybe weíll let you go home.  That literally is the system that Britain has used, more than any other country in the world.  You understand, most of the stuff that Americans watch, most of the series that they watch in America, before that it was tested out on the British society.  They had Robinís Nest.  That became Threeís Company in the US.  And they had the other one too, it used to be called, was it Just Art or something?  Who was the bigot type character who lived in London.  He didnít like any other peoples, etc.  That eventually became a hit in the US for years with Archie Bunker.  It was all done in Britain first and tested out there.  And thatís no coincidence either.  Itís a worldwide system.  It works in one country, it will work in another.  Thanks for calling.


Daniel: Thanks, Alan.


Alan: Back after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, and Cutting Through the Matrix.  And thereís also Willis hanging on the line there from Idaho.  Are you there, Willis?


Willis: I am, Alan.  My question today, youíre almost due North of us, what kind of winter did you have this year?


Alan: Iíve seen worse.  It was certainly cold enough, but Iíve seen worse with snow wise.


Willis: Did you get a lot of precipitation after, a lot of rain after the snow stopped falling?


Alan: Yeah, yeah.


Willis.  Yeah, we really did too, and what Iím wondering is, weíre seeing different weather patterns develop, you know, all over the country at least, and Iím hearing at least worldwide in different places, thereís droughts where theyíre not supposed to be.  The first part of my question would be, do you, you know, the Earthís axis is tilting, of course, the elite saw this coming, would be I guess my guess.  But also, how much does HAARP play into this do you think?  And is this the new norm?


Alan: Itís the new norm.  Back in 1998 was when they started spraying daily here, and they were spraying at least half the height they are now.  It was so obvious, it was like walking into a science fiction movie when you walked outdoors.  And then, in 1999, for the first time, on the weather, just the CBC weather at the end of their news, I saw the jet-stream come straight up the West Coast, like a straight line on a drafting board, and literally, at Vancouver, it took a right turn, and went straight across the country in a straight line.  And it was at the same time that Begich had come out with his book, on the HAARP abilities for warfare purposes.  Now, he demonstrated a lot of his technologies and so on.  He had all the data on it.  It was declassified.  And then, at the United Nations of course, I find all this stuff as well to do with their treaty on weather warfare, going back to the 70s.  And they said one of the easiest things they could do is alter the jet stream.  And they could guide rain in towards an area and create rain, again, by a different kind of spray at the same time.  Or they could make thunderclouds disappear.  And so, for about four or five years, we had nothing but drought in Alberta and Saskatchewan, where, thatís the big farm country.  And the same thing happened in the US breadbasket.  And so they were dissipating rain clouds and giving us intense heat, and then after that was done, they gave us intense flooding in those areas, so they can do either.  Youíll find all of these things literally are HAARP controlled.  Itís not a testing anymore, this is routine.  And itís down to a fine art.  And I can watch them spraying, I can tell by the type of spray theyíre using, the shade of it, if itís going to give us rain or just overcast, eggshell grey, you know, color.  Or, if theyíre going to give us a thunderstorm.  You can always tell which kind of weather youíre going to get.  Plus, you feel it too, by the way.


Willis: So, it is going to be the new norm.  So, these Northern latitudes here in the states, weíre going to have long winters, no growing season.  I mean, my growing season this year was cut down by two months.  Everybody I know lost most of their garden already.


Alan: Same here.  Same here happened.  People planted, and then they were flooded out in Ontario.  And planted again, same thing happened. † So now itís a very late growing season.  Very short, too.


Willis: And so, does that have something to do with the grand design as well, as to help create the food shortage?


Alan: No doubt about it.  I mean, when the Royal Institute of International Affairs can talk about the coming food shortages, and theyíve had think tanks working on it for sixteen years, then they have to make it happen.  And as you know, whatís interesting too, in Chile for instance, even though itís not officially a complete partner in NAFTA Agreements, the big Monsanto, the big five agri-businesses have been setting up our tax money and putting it into Chile now for about fifteen years, and building them up to be the green, the green basket for the whole of the Americas, as they flood the rest of us or give us drought.  So, this is the way of the future; food, water, all the important things to live on.  You must be interdependent, which is the opposite of being independent.  And I said years ago, you wouldnít be allowed a garden, eventually.  In fact, that was outlawed in some parts of the Soviet Union, even after the Soviet Union collapsed.  Youíll be outlawed to even grow your own food, because you must be dependent for everything you need on this system.


Willis: Insanity.


Alan: Oh, itís power, itís power.


Willis: Thank you, Alan.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  You donít have to, as I say, you donít have to go into wondering if the earthís tilted or whatever.  The fact is we have the technologies to do all of this.  They are doing it.  And thereís been enough people awake for long enough whoíve noticed it from the beginning too, and as I say, you go into the United Nations treaties, and the subsequent treaties that theyíve signed every other year on weather warfare, this is not sending little rockets up like China does with silver oxide in it to create rain.  This is way beyond that.  Theyíre using magnetic pulsing and ELF waves, exactly that Teller talked about using this technique back in the 1950s, when he worked with the Pentagon, look him up.  Heís one of the co-inventors of the H-Bomb, and he said we can use this technique for warfare.  It will make the atom bomb obsolete, he said.  Weather warfare, it can wipe out entire continents, he said, by drought or by flooding.  And he said by spraying the air with metallic particles, he discussed the types of particles.  They are being used today if you take analysis of them.  And he says and using ELF waves, which we now call HAARP waves, from the main one in Alaska, but they have them all over the planet now and theyíre using them to their full capacity.  And of course, theyíll blame the public as well. 


The beauty of a system of perversion, itís perverts at the top that run the system, obviously, sadists, and the beauty of the technique is they always blame the abused for what happens to them, after spraying you and all the rest, they say, ďoh, youíre causing global warming.  Thereís too many of you.Ē  So, thatís the beauty of this technique, and it works awfully well.  Itís routine.  Itís not testing anymore.  Itís been routine for quite some time, so weíve just to get used to it.  Thatís really whatís been happening in the weather department. 


Every other day after that, I saw the same thing happening.  It was incredible watching the jet stream come up on the screen, on their picture.  And what was even more strange was that the guy made no reference to it, the guy that was announcing it, this strange phenomena that was unique, as though it was every day, I suppose.  He just said it so casually.  And I thought, I guess weíre going to see this all the time now.  And this is what we have been seeing, these strange weather patterns.  But itís modified weather, and thatís been one of their goals for an awful, awful long time, modifying the weather.  Itís childís play today. 


The donít make installations like HAARP, like the H-A-A-R-P project and use so much of your tax money, just to make beautiful towers they can take pictures of.  They make them to use.  And whatís beautiful about HAARP technology and the treaties at the United Nations, and every other treaty at the United Nations, theyíre allowed to use weaponry upon their own populations for control, but theyíre not allowed to use it in warfare. Thatís what the treaty is about, with another nation, you understand.  Thatís the beauty of the United Nations. 


Now, thereís another article here about perception management.  And Iíve talked about so much of this in the past, how our perceptions are completely distorted.  We always come away with the perception that the big managers wanted us to have.  And I donít know how many of you have noticed in the last while that many of the sites that you try to get into or you used to get into very easily, theyíre simply disappearing.  You caní t get them or your browser wonít let them through, or it canít find them, or whatever.  Thatís all part of the Pentagonís project I mentioned the other day too.  Hereís an article here.  It says:


Pentagon perception manager knows how to manipulate search engine algorithm


The Pentagon announced today that the internet is an active ďOperational DomainĒ


(A: I mentioned that the other day.  Itís on another site here, now.  It says:)


In fact the internet was already targeted by the Pentagon in its 2003 Information Operations Roadmap that outlined a strategy to ďfight the netĒ as if it were an enemy weapons system. The strategy as outlined for the public involves protecting ďnational securityĒ and sensitive government networks from hack attacks.


(A: Thatís the excuse they give you.)


Information warfare is the front line of battle in the 21st Century, a fact that the Pentagon is clearly aware of.


(A: Well, they said that back in the 80s, it would be information warfare.)


It begins with getting inside the algorithm.


(A: In other words, when youíre looking up some topic or whatever, and weíre all monitored now, again, routine, daily, then they send you sites that they want you to read, but perhaps not all the sites that you would read if you had access to them.  So you come away with a distorted perception of what things are really about.  Youíve got the PC authorized version of perception on a particular topic.  So it says:)


 ďPerception managerĒ John Rendon is a key figure in the information war. As Rolling Stone reports, his job was to sell the Iraq war to the American people, but Rendon firmly denies any involvement. As of 2005, Johnís firm, the Rendon Group, has earned more than $56 million in Pentagon contracts.


In his newly released book The Filter Bubble: What the internet is hiding from you, Eli Pariser of Moveon.org interviews Rendon, where he candidly spoke of perception management in the digital world. Specifically, Rendon hints that he knows how to game the system of search engine algorithms Ė the system by which pages are ranked and internet searches are displayed Ė and in turn shift the mindset of the masses.


(A: So, thereís nothing new in this at all.  Itís just really doing a similar technique that theyíve used on the news, the television news for the last fifty years or so.  It says:)


Rendon stated during the interview, ďIt begins with getting inside the algorithm. If you could find a way to load your content up so that only your content gets pulled by the stalking algorithm, then youíd have a better chance of shaping belief sets.Ē


(A: Theyíre quite open about it.  He says:)


Rendon hinted to Pariser that this was already happening.


Now, I mentioned an article about a week or two ago, itís called HIDE.  H-I-D-E, Homeland Security Biometric Identification and Personal Detection Ethics.  As though thereís any ethics involved, because weíre not supposed to know itís even happening.  And this ties right in with, again, the management of your perceptions as well, because it says, Iíll read a little bit of it again.  It ties in with this.


HIDE is a project promoted by the European Commission (EC) and coordinated by the Centre for Science, Society and Citizenship, an independent research centre based in Rome (IT).


(A: And it prattles on about ethical privacy, implications, like theyíve got ethical privacy implications.   And Iím sure theyíre worried about it.  Because theyíve told nothing.  The general person in the population knows nothing about this.  But itís to do with:)


biometrics and personal detection technologies used to detect something or someone within a security or safety context. Personal Detection Technologies focus specifically on individuals, they include for example CCTV, infrared detectors and thermal imaging, GPS and other Geographical Information Systems (GISs), RFID, MEMS, smart ID cards, transponders, body scanners, etc.


(A: All data.)


Biometrics is the application of technologies that make use of a measurable, physical characteristic or personal behavioral trait in recognizing the identity, or verifying the claimed identity of a previously registered individual.


(A: And if you scroll down, Iíll put this link up again, if you scroll down, youíll see all the masses of things theyíve got lined up for you, every single one of you, and theyíre working on it right now, without much problems or ethical problems either coming into the equation.  And one of them is, it says this, another company that works with them says:)


ACTIBIO will research and develop a completely new concept in biometric authentication: the extraction of multi-modal biometric signatures based on the response of the user to specific stimuli,


(A: So when youíre using the computer youíre constantly being stimulated, whether you know it or not.  And itís watching your reactions.)


while performing specific but natural work-related activities. The novelty of the approach lies in the fact that the biometric measurements will correspond to the response of the person to specific events being however, fully unobtrusive and fully integrated in an Ambient Intelligence infrastructure.


Your little personal computer.† I like that personal touch they put onto it.† So, there you are.  Itís fully unobtrusive.  Fully integrated with an ambient intelligence infrastructure.  Itís so far ahead, and, of course, weíre just the sheep at the bottom.  And I said this would happen years ago.  I said, you get all the free stuff to begin with, lots of variety, lots of choices, but then theyíll narrow it, and narrow it down.  Then the mainstream will come in.  Theyíll start getting rid of all the other alternate news.  And theyíll know, theyíll know eventually, that if they put enough entertainment on your computer youíll still keep watching it and using it, and using it for your banking and so on, because your computer really is part of the control structure for here on until you give out the brain chip, basically.  And thatís just the way itís going to be.  So Iíll put that HIDE one up again, and, as I say, scroll down, look at all the things theyíve got lined up for you, it will blow your mind away.  Iíve put the list up before, and literally, the whole lot is to do this stuff without you ever knowing whatís actually going on.  Ever, ever knowing whatís going on.  Theyíll even know how youíre feeling when youíre watching certain things.  I mean, this is, no kidding, this is what itís all about. 


To get back to the first caller too, who talked about how you can get beaten down, so morally beaten down, with threats of unemployment or real unemployment, and massive suicide rates and all the rest of it, and no future.  Iíve seen the whole lot in Britain for instance.  Here you are, hereís how the big guys at the top rape you once youíre down.


Walthamstow (A: In England): Residents charged "terrorism premium"


Residents are being forced to pay a premium on their home insurance due to a perceived threat of terrorism.


(A: These sharks should all be kicked out.  You know that?  Itís a pity we couldnít find a planet that had no air on it or something and send them all off.  The whole lot of them, and clean this place up.  It says:)


Freehold Managers Plc has notified leaseholders of Warner flats (A: Thatís apartments.) that they must pay an extra £68 (A: I guess thatís a month.) due to the foiled plot in 2006 to blow up transatlantic airlines.


Three men from the borough were arrested and subsequently convicted of the terrorist offences, but five years later residents are seeing their bills rocket as a result.


As a condition of the freehold on the properties leaseholders must take out specific insurance with the company, leaving them with no choice but to pay up.


Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy said she was furious when her constituents informed her of the move, describing it as ďextremely offensiveĒ.


Well, thatís as bad as they can get.  ďOh, thatís terrible.  Donít say that.  Thatís extremely offensive.Ē  I think we need more than that, donít you?  Huh?  I think weíre beyond being offended, you know, by this kind of stuff.  Itís beyond that.  These people are pillaging and raping everyone into utter, dire poverty.  They really are.  Anyway, we donít have to worry too much because 42% of Britons will get cancer, statistics show.  And theyíre very happy about it too, apparently.


New cancer statistics show that 4 in 10 Britons will get the disease in their lifetime as the incidents of cancers rise say charity.


(A: Oh, a charity is saying it, eh?  I wonder what charity this is.)


The number of Britons who have or have had cancer increase from 1 and a half million to 2 million, but advances in treatment and survival rates are improving.


Utter rot.  Thatís a plug for the cancer charities, because theyíve done nothing with their cash.  Very little of it goes anywhere.  Iím sure whatís left goes to biological warfare, because they certainly havenít changed burn-and-slash for a hundred years.  Thatís what theyíve given you.  Take these poisonous drugs, and if they wonít kill you, maybe youíll live for a bit longer.  Maybe you wonít.  And then weíll X-ray you.  So, the two things that are guaranteed to cause cancer, thatís constant irritation with these particular chemicals and X-Rays and radio-therapy that cause genes to change, thatís going to cure you.  Itís like taking snake oil after a snake bit.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And itís no coincidence weíre all getting cancer, because, you see, they injected this stuff into us with the polio vaccines a long time ago.  Theyíve also altered all your food thatís absolutely soaked in pesticide, the worst kinds of pesticide.  Plus they actually engineered it to create its own pesticide.  Itís also sucking up the stuff from the ground as well, from the super weedkillers that they give with each new modified seed, and itís creating its own pesticides.  So, the body is not meant to take these poisons in.  It kills weeds off.  It kills everything else off.  It kills the bees off too.  So, itís no wonder we end up getting cancers, because long-term irritation, as I say, of any chemical will cause cancers.  And they know this too.  But it falls in with the big agenda.  Itís not just population reduction.  It started off population reduction for the West.  It was the West they wanted to destroy, actually.  It was the target for a long time, as Tony Blair said, to destroy the culture and any memory, in fact, of an old British culture for instance, and an American culture, Canadian culture.  Itís all the same.  And then they flood it in with immigrants from various places, and give them a new culture, which is basically obedience, because most of the countries that are flooding in, have never known what democracy meant.  Theyíve never known what it is to stand up for their rights.  And thatís a perfect society for slaves, but then theyíll bring them down then too, as they start eating the same food, and theyíll start going the same way. 


So, you see, weíre under warfare.  And we were born into a war.  The war has been on all the populations of the world.  Youíve got to read the old League of Nations, the pre-United Nations organization.  Actually, itís the same organization, because many of their precepts are exactly the same as the UN.  And they had a Department for Population Control and Reduction set up in 1917 or 1918.  And then they had the same kind of thing that everyone in the world must be inoculated to all known diseases.  And that was amazingly done by the same organization for population reduction.  It should give you a clue whatís been done.  Now theyíve split it off into the department of population, they just call it, and the World Health Organization, but itís the same organization at the United Nations.  Thatís how weíre run.  Itís just like the same thing, that article I read there where they talked about unobtrusive surveillance and so on.  As long as itís unobtrusive, itís okay, you know, to intrude on them.  They wonít know theyíre being intruded upon.  And getting back to the caller too.  I was talking about how they killed off people in the Soviet system.  It was far more efficient than the Nazi system because they had a hundred years to plan it.  Youíve got to see the documentary, or the kind of movie drama documentary, itís called the Chekist, C-H-E-K-I-S-T, to see how it was done in the Soviet Union, and how anyone could turn in any neighbor, and there was no trial, nothing.  Four officers sat around getting drunk, they would just go through a list of people, and decide who was getting shot that day or the next day.  And how efficient they were, right down to, they always killed them in basements.  They had chains to go around the ankles, and they hoisted them up and they went out the coal chute, basically, dumped into trucks.  This went on year after year after year.  Millions were killed.  And this is the system that a lot of your present politicians think was kind of wonderful, if they just altered a few things here and there.  Totalitarianism has the same face, eventually.  It doesnít matter how it starts off, or what uniform it starts off with.  It always ends up with its same face for all peoples.  And thatís pretty well where we are today.  Weíre seeing it for those who are a bit blind.  Weíre definitely seeing it.  Itís in your face today.  And also, Iíll put up too, two links to executive order 13575, which is really UN Agenda 21 in disguise.  And you can look at these short videos on it too. 


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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