Sept. 13, 2011 (#918)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 13, 2011:

Learn to "See" with Eyes Anew,
It Will Surely Change Your Point of View:

"Corporations, Academia and Legal Fraternity
All Work Together to Force New Modernity,
Post-Consumerism, Austerity, Public Confused,
While Fat Cats and Moneybags Look on Amused,
They Don't Feel Your Pain, Psychopaths All,
They're Jetting, Feasting, Having a Ball,
Each Peasant Beneath is Just a Toy,
This World's Their Doll House to Build or Destroy,
Yes, for Little People, Living is Now Chaotic,
Unaware the System is Completely Despotic,
Martial Law is Camouflaged, Decreed by Rote,
It Would Take a Miracle to Win by the Vote,
If an Honest Man Won, The Plotters, Agitated,
Would Immediately have Him Assassinated,
Changing to Rights and Freedoms Not Allowed,
Agenda Runs Smoothly, by Keeping Folks Cowed"
© Alan Watt Sept. 13, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 13, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 13th of September 2011.  For newcomers, you should go into  Youíll find hundreds of audios for download for free and hopefully, once youíre finished, if youíve still got any hair left in your head, youíll be able to get the big picture of the system that runs the world. And itís vastly different from the one that youíre trained to believe from childhood, augmented by school and then taken over by media, and then youíre too busy working for a living, chasing the carrot, which never seems to come your way, itís always a step ahead of you, on the same stick of course, the stick never shortens.  And you rush through your lives never really figuring out that youíre run by a system, a very precise, very old system that really is upgrading itself for the new world order, the new period, the new age if you like, because it has many names all coming from the same source in fact.  So help yourself to the audios.  Youíll find the big corporations, the foundations, that are just the fronts for the big parallel government Ė thatís what it really is; is a parallel government; Thatcher called it that and so did Carroll Quigley and other members of this big society, the Council on Foreign Relations group and the Royal Institute of International Affairs in the UK.  So they run, basically, the world, the direction that the world goes.  They have hundreds of think tanks working on different aspects of society and they even iron out the problems that the society will face when they implement the next chess move and they also know how to basically avoid it or take it over or even use it; theyíre very good at using movements and so on. 


So help yourself as I say and youíll find lots of information there.  Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you so you can help support me, in these low cash flow times, by buying the books and disks I have for sale at  Youíll find out how to do it right there.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Straight donations are really, really awfully welcome right now because people are in a slump, I know that, the whole world is in a slump.  Theyíll buy all kinds of things to try and save themselves, hoping to save themselves, but they wonít unfortunately just keep the people going, the few who are telling them the basic truth. 


I said yesterday too, you canít understand an enemy if you purposely avoid learning about the enemy and what it is, and how big it is, and how many of them there are, and all of the big clubs that are joined together and their Ďcircles of friendsí, as they like to call it, because as I say, they map the future out, like theyíve mapped out the last 100 years actually, according to Quigley.  In the 60s when he wrote his book Tragedy and Hope and he also turned out a very good book, The Anglo-American Establishment, the guys who planned the future that weíre living in today, including the wars by the way, he goes into some of that.  Then youíll find out that the whole world is scripted in advance, including the massive changes and upheavals the society will be forced to go through, not because of circumstances, not because of happenstance and just oddball chaos that comes out of the blue.  Itís planned that way because even in war time you can get more done in 5 years of war: the social system, the government takes it over, takes over everything, the food industry, everything, and subsidizes corporations in times of war.  You can get more done on a social level in 5 years of war than 50 years using propaganda in a time of peace; and thatís what Quigley said too.  So you have perpetual war now and youíre supposed to just ride through it and say, ooh, aah, look at that, look at this, look at that, a thousand stories every day but you got to keep your eyes on whatís really happening.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Weíre living in a system very much like the matrix where thereís lots of rooms, lots of levels, thereís gatekeepers to every level, and every big room in fact, and each time you arrive in a room you think youíve arrived totally and thatís it, thereís nothing left beyond that, only to find out thereís another back door that goes on and on and on.  And thatís the system.  Itís compartmentalized, they call it at the top.  Everything is compartmentalized.  Many of the associations which work for this world order, while rewarding the players very, very well indeed, they keep them at their level of understanding; they donít have to know any more.  And you know, thatís the way you get on in this real world, in government or civil service, bureaucracies, or CIA, anything like that, or even the police force.  Itís knowing when not to ask questions.  You just obey.  Very Masonic in fact, because Masons are sworn to obey a superior officerís command and put all their moral reservations to the side, completely; they mustnít interfere with it and they must carry out that command immediately.  So thatís how the system is literally run.  Those are the ones that get ahead in the world.  The ones that say thatís not quite right or you ask some questions about it, well they donít trust you quite as much and you will be left hanging at that level or perhaps demoted or kicked out the door. 


Weíre living through a world of globalization and itís been like that for a long time.  Weíve watched the World Trade Organization, those that can remember, when they signed through the GATT treaty and how, literally, every government that signed onto it guaranteed all manufacturing, that if they moved off to China theyíd pay for their transportation and all their goods and tooling, set them up in China, using your tax money, and pay them even any losses they claimed they incurred during the transit and setup, and even 10 years beyond which could be renewed for another 10 years.  And well, who wouldnít jump at that, eh?  Especially when youíre going to get cheap labor in China.  And China guaranteed them, too, no taxes on their side for about 10-15 years.  So everyone was approached by government reps to just up and move.  That was the deal, to make China THE manufacturer for the planet. 


Now, those who designed this system, all your politicians, bureaucrats, the State Department especially, and the Foreign Affairs Department in other counties, they are the ones that deal with other countries, diplomacy and tradable goods, etc.  So they were all in on this big act.  They knew it was going to have a drastic effect back in the countries that were losing all the factories and all the work.  Of course, theyíve set nothing up to replace it, if youíve noticed.  Well, that was the deal, as they bring you down. Because the US especially, and Canada too, will eventually collapse into the very system they helped Ė through the United Nations and NATO Ė create across the world.  Thatís the deal.  As we bring them up to a higher standard we plummet down and weíre supposed to meet in some happy medium in between.  Thatís why weíre still building hospitals in China and Chinaís out-producing every country on the planet right now, and rolling in the dough; theyíve got more multi-billionaires created every year than any other country.  But thatís the trade deal, you see. 


Anyway, thereís nothing but service economies.  Now, Britain was the first one because Britain leads the charge, or London I should say, leads the charge in most things which other countries copy.  Thatís all part of the deal, with this international interlocking CFR type, Royal Institute of International Affairs order that you live in.  In fact, the CFR has its own branch running the whole of Europe, the European Parliament; all the top members are members of the European International Affairs group run by London too.  And the bankers run it; thatís who formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs in the first place.  Iím not talking about your corner bankers.  Iím talking about the guys who lend money, supposedly, to countries so they can print up cash and cause inflation and then who end up buying the bonds at massive interest rates from the very guys that they lent the cash to.  Itís a circle of intrigue indeed. 


Now, this article here is from the Council on Foreign Relations.  Remember, itís the outer party that writes the stuff for the general public and theyíre allowed to say certain things.  Because under the Chatham House Rules or the Pratt Rules in the US, Harold Pratt Building where they hold their meetings, they say that they must never discuss the topics, definitely not the names of those involved at the inner circle meetings.  But theyíre allowed to say some of the topics for the general public and itís very vague, always; itís never in detail.  Itís just generalized stuff.  And it says here in this article here on globalization, the effects of it.  This is a recent article, they wrote many before it, because they knew they were going to bring in mass unemployment.  It talks here about, if you scroll down this article which Iíll put up the link tonight at 


Globalization and Unemployment

The Downside of Integrating Markets / Michael Spence / June 2, 2011


At the same time, many job opportunities in the United States are shifting away from the sectors that are experiencing the most growth and to those that are experiencing less. The result is growing disparities in income and employment across the U.S. economy, with highly educated workers enjoying more opportunities and workers with less education facing declining employment prospects and stagnant incomes. (Alan:  Because they used to work in factories, a lot of folk worked in factories.  They donít like universities; itís just not for them.  But they could be very good employees in manufacturing.)  The U.S. government must urgently develop a long-term policy (A:  Well, the governmentís not supposed to be in the business of creating or hindering commerce or business, but of course they are these days.) to address these distributional effects and their structural underpinnings and restore competitiveness and growth to the U.S. economy.  (A:  Now, you can go into the old books on economics and youíll find out why, and every country said this in their courses, why the US really boomed ahead from the 1800s right through the 20th century, a good part of the 20th century.  It was because they did not have the massive bureaucracies and interference of agencies, of the other established old countries, in Europe for instance.  They just didnít have all of the paperwork, all of the laws and rules to follow.  They simply boomed ahead and made things happen.  When a country or a government wants to bring you down they simply create agencies and fees and fines for everything that you try to do until if you own even a store half your day is working trying to fill in forms for the government.  Thatís what happened in Britain until thereís very little private business left now.)



Between 1990 and 2008, the number of employed workers in the United States grew from about 122 million to about 149 million. (A:  Now, thatís the ones that got work and then a lot more didnít get work, and a lot of them died off or retired too.)  Of the roughly 27 million jobs created during that period, 98 percent (A:  98%!...) were in the so-called nontradable sector of the economy, the sector that produces goods and services (A:  ...a service economy.  You know, you buy pies and then a middle man get them, and then you sell them at other places that are the outlets for the pies. You pass things around.  Or you import stuff and pass them around, the service economy.) that must be consumed domestically. The largest employers in the U.S. nontradable sector were the government (A:  ...the largest employers.  Well, 9/11 you see, and a totalitarian system, and lots of special branches and forces and so on, all working within your government, and spies and all the rest of it.) (with 22 million jobs in 2008) (A:  ... 22 million government jobs...) and the health-care industry (with 16 million jobs in 2008). Together, the two industries created ten million new jobs between 1990 and 2008, or just under 40 percent of total additions. (The retail, construction, and hotel and restaurant industries also contributed significantly to job growth.) (A:  Again, service economies.)  Meanwhile, employment barely grew in the tradable sector of the U.S. economy, the sector that produces goods and services that can be consumed anywhere, such as manufactured products, engineering, and consulting services. That sector, which accounted for more than 34 million jobs in 1990, grew by a negligible 600,000 jobs between 1990 and 2008. 


So, itís a fairly lengthy little article but Iíll put it up and you can read it for yourselves.  Because none of this is a surprise to this guy, obviously, because he was in at the meetings Iím sure, before they gave you the World Trade Organizationís GATT treaty and shipped all the jobs off.† Thatís what they give out to the public for the outer party.  You see, thereís always an inner party and an outer party.  Iím also putting up a link tonight to do with bankruptcies, store closings, and itís called Daily Job Cuts, Layoff News.  Quite interesting to go over the States and see whatís all closing down, or has closed down, or have decided theyíre going to close down or lay off.  Itís a very, very good site.


Now, certain people in every generation, you know theyíre deemed to be put up into a higher pedestal than their competitors in politics, etc.  You just know who they are. And in Canada some of them never even get elected; theyíre just appointed.  Anyway, in Australia youíve got the Fabian Society thatís run Australia for many, many years.  And the Fabian Society is one of the hard-line societies, or parties you might call it, that runs what they think is the far left.  And thatís what, really, professors have talked about before, that often the Fabian Society, which works for the CFR and Royal Institute of International Affairs, and they deal with the left-wing, they were often mistaken for communists.  Because you see, the bankers set up the two wings.  When they created the Royal Institute of International Affairs they created the ones that would do, for their own class you see, the ones whoíd do all the work and be up there in politics, hard-line, and into the House of Lords or Senates in other countries.  And then they also give the one for the left-wing, which is a hard Marxist type agenda, because they love to bring in the one system comprising of the two parts.  The left-wing brings in big government, lots of rules, regulations, and things which stymie the economy and really persecute the people on a lower level, with all their rules, regulations.  So they work together.


And Julia Gillard in Australia has obviously been groomed and picked for this position now.  Itís interesting too, that the Marxists always said that, you always lie to the public to get into office, once youíre in it doesnít matter what you do.  Even Pierre Trudeau said that and he was a communist; he was the leader of the Comintern party that went over in 1952 to the Moscow Comintern meeting, and that was the Communist International for young communists and so on.  And he said the same thing, once you get into power you can do what you want Ė and he actually made a little speech about that, a little sly speech that some people missed when he did get into power Ė by any means possible.  So lying is very acceptable to the public and if they start off that way before theyíre in, what do you think theyíre going to do once they are in?  Back with more after this break.


Hi, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about Australia and how the Fabian Society have run it for a long time.  The Fabians are also part of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, as the right-wing think tanks are as well.  Go into the Fabian Society, look at its history; itís quite fascinating, the players in it. And they started off the whole thing for not just womenís rights but to get them into the workforce, etc; and it literally doubled the tax base.  The big boys arenít stupid. 


Hereís Julia Gillard, Iíll call her Gillard instead of Jillard because Iím not sure which you call her; Iím sure sheís been called lots of things.  Anyway it says here that sheís been chosen to push the carbon taxes, to be the first big one to push the carbon taxes in whatís called the Commonwealth, the British Commonwealth Nations.  Of course, that was Londonís job to tell her to do that of course.   And sheís a very ambitious lady.  She also had a visit recently from the group, I think it was the group from the United Nations to do with the weather, you know, changeable weather they call it.  This is what really sheís about.  Sheís groomed to be a star regardless of the chaos she creates in the meantime.  Now, they wanted to initially hit the big companies that they claimed were producing carbon, but believe you me, if you read through all the stuff thatís been published on this, they want to bring it down to the individual.  This is to eventually, literally, monitor and tax the individual.  As I said before, all of your disposable income will go to pay taxes and fees and fines and so on, for all energy and the carbon output.  It says here...


Australian PM Julia Gillard presents carbon tax bill / 13 September 2011


Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has presented her bill for a controversial carbon tax to parliament.


The legislation would force about 500 of the biggest polluters to pay for each tonne of carbon dioxide they emit.  (A:  Theyíve actually got scales for it.  Itís quite interesting; you breathe on it and it sinks, you know, clang... $10,000.)


The tax is central to the government's strategy to combat climate change (A:  Thatís, you know, changeable weather.), but the opposition say it will cause job losses and raise the cost of living.


Thousands of Australians have protested against the bill, accusing Ms Gillard of lying before last year's election.  (A:  Well thatís what politicians do.)


Ms Gillard made a pledge during last year's federal election not to introduce a carbon tax.  (A:  Well, they all lie.  I mean, we had two Prime Ministers in succession in Canada that promised not to go ahead with the NAFTA deal, because it would destroy Canada, but each one, one after the other, and years apart, when they actually got in, within two weeks they changed their minds, completely, and then the news headlines said that oh, Chretien is now the champion of NAFTA and I think Mulroney did the same.)


The proposed tax was drawn up after Ms Gillard failed to win an overall majority in parliament at the polls and had to rely on the support of the Australian Greens.


The bills will undergo a month of consideration before a final vote on 12 October. 


(A:  By the way, the average politician has got one minute, exactly, to speak on it.  Thatís it.  Itís to be rammed through.  Itís a joke.)


Carbon tax debate will run for equivalent of one minute per MP per bill

Lanai Vasek / / September 13, 2011


(A:   Anyway, thatís Australia thatís going to be hammered to be an example to us all. And remember, all taxes on corporations are passed onto the consumer at the bottom; you know that yourself.  We all know that.  The same with any kind of taxes, it goes the same way.  And meanwhile, the big corporations will probably do as the Europeans did. The EU parliament gave the European corporations millions of dollarsí worth each in tradable taxes, or carbon credits to get them all started.  Many of them made profits off it.  The only people who got suckered were the public.  Well, thereís nothing new in that at all, is there?  Anyway she says...)



To start on 1 July 2012

500 companies affected

Agriculture, forestry and land are exempt (A:  Because theyíre all carbon sinks of course.  Unless you got some hay hanging outside; thatís a pollutant they claim.)

Compensation for polluters

Market-based trading scheme kicks in from 2015 (A:  So they want to trade the carbon credits, etc.)

Target to cut 159m tonnes of CO2 by 2020 (A:  And I understand theyíve revived Merlin the magician to figure out how itís done, because itís all bogus and utter rot.)


BUT itís a control mechanism.  Thatís what itís really for.  I think it was Anne McLellan that was in the Canadian government a few years ago, and Iíve mentioned the different ones who let it out of the bag, what the carbon taxes and so on were all for, and global warming. And she says, well, it doesnít matter even if global warming is all a scam, it will bring equality to the world. See, all the cash, the extra cash theyíre going to garnish off all the public will be used to throw across third world countries, which will get put into the international corporations that have branches in those countries, not to the public, you understand; it never happens that way. But thatís the nonsense we travel through.  So there she admitted it right away, even if itís all bogus it will bring equality, which is the big goal.  Itís amazing, these guys talk about equality, you notice all these Marxists end up incredibly stinking rich?  Have you noticed that? 


I was looking the other day at Barroso, Iíll put that link up too at, where youíll hear him talk about the European Parliament and he calls it an empire.  We should really start looking at it like what it really is.  Itís an empire, he says.  He had everything on except, you know, the oak leaves on his head.  Iíll also put a link up too, where youíll see him as a young student, a Marxist student; he called himself a Maoist at the time, but a Marxist student.  And I thought to myself, these are the guys that push hard left and weíll all be the same, and here they are with multi-millions of dollars at the top.  See, communismís an awful profitable thing if you are chosen to get up to the top.  You know, lots of cash and loot and perks.  Back with more after this break.


Barroso: European Union is 'empire' (short version) -


Barroso as a young, passionate Maoist student leader in 1976 -


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about, really, left-wing, right-wing. Remember theyíre always attached to the same bird; they canít fly without the two wings.  And generally theyíve got a shield over the body so you canít really see whoís behind it, or whoís sneaking around in there.  And thatís not by coincidence either. 


Anyway, theyíve always said at the top that you got to grab the children young, and to get any indoctrination, any kind of indoctrination into their minds.  Jesuits have said it.  Others have said it.  Behavioral scientists have said the same thing:  get them before the age of 7 and you can make them into anything that you want them to be. They will believe it; in fact theyíll have an almost impossible time trying to discard the imprinting on their minds that was put into them.  Especially when theyíre watching lots of videos, where they use a kind of psychodrama in a sense and psychological techniques with neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics in a sense, with music in the background, and when something really horrible happens, a little animal gets killed, you hear the doom-doom, doom-doom and generally a womanís voice over the background hypnotizes you and that imprints on the mind.  General advertising uses that too.  So you should be very careful when youíre being manipulated by music.  Very powerful.  Very potent thing. 


Anyway, you got to grab them young and hereís an article from Toronto, because it will go nationwide and maybe if theyíve not got it in the States already; I think they actually have courses like this in the States and elsewhere. 


Scientist helps students adapt to climate change

Toronto school board develops climate-change course with Environment Canada

By Max Paris, Environment Unit / / Sep 9, 2011


Toronto high school students are being encouraged to wreak environmental havoc on imaginary populations ó with the goal of learning more about adapting to (A:  Changes in the weather, or they call it...) climate change.


A new course, called "Studying Climate Change, Health and Adaptation," began as a workshop for high school students but is now part of the curriculum.


It was created by Brad Bass, an Environment Canada climate scientist (A:  So he makes his money off the bogus nonsense.) who works out of the University of Toronto's Centre for Environment. The course was built around a computer program (A:  You know, these computer programs will always give you scary scenarios.) he developed called COBWEB (A:  This is what theyíre calling it, COBWEB.), for Complexity and Organized Behaviour Within Environmental Bounds.  (A:  Itís a big study of course too, because these children will grow up with more restrictions on them than any previous generation.)


The program allows students to create a population living in a certain environment and then change that environment to see how the population reacts over a period of time. For example, students can create an extreme heat event in a large city with limited cooling centres. They can adjust the age and health makeup of the population and then see what happens to them during the hot spell.


Using the program, students can watch a week-long scenario progress over a matter of minutes or seconds.


"It (COBWEB) allows them to do what I would call 'what-if' scenarios," (A:  Thatís very much like what the government does on everything.  Their think tanks, you know, what if, and known unknowns, and known knowns, and unknown knowns, and all that stuff that weíve heard before coming from the top of government.) explained Bass, adding, "we have a lot of questions. What if we do this, or what if we do that? And a computer model helps anybody explore that question."  (A:  So itís a kind of make-believe thing but it wonít be presented that way.  Itís to get the idea of, oh weíre always in crisis, where anything could happen; you know a comet could come in and hit you any minute, and stuff like that, you see.)


The Toronto District School Board and Bass developed the course module with the idea of making the material available to school boards across the country.


"We are going to put it up on our website and it will be available as a PDF [computer file] to any school in the country Ö to any school in the world, for that matter," says Stephan Bibla (A:  Sounds megalomaniac there, doesnít it?), science and technology program co-ordinator for the Toronto District School Board.


Paul Hackl is excited about the climate change lesson plan. The Grade 12 geography teacher at Toronto's Riverdale Collegiate helped design it. He also asked Bass to conduct the workshop with his students. 


Itís a sad thing, isnít it, when they grab youngsters and make sure that the next generation growing up already will flow into it and adapt; theyíve already been adapted in school and theyíll think youíre crazy if you say, well you know, technically the weather goes up and down like a yo-yo and it always has.  It always has.  It did it, too, long before.  They go on about their end-of-life-extinctions and I think Prince Charles made some comment about that a week ago in some speech that his scriptwriter made for him.  You understand, there have been so many end-of-life-extinctions.  We donít even know them all, but they put 5 down I think; almost like the 5 root races of Masonry, you know, higher Masonry.  And the first few, there were no men around at the time; no humans around... nothing to do with what they did, lighting little fires and things.  Maybe it was all that CO2 from these big, big lizards and stuff that walked across the planet, eh?  Who knows. 


Anyway, theyíre blaming carbon dioxide now because you see, youíre a carbon-based lifeform and if you allow them to put laws and restrictions over you, you are an abject slave.  You are a lifeform based on carbon, carbon based.  Do you understand what theyíre doing?  Theyíre owning you. Theyíre owning you with your consent.  Thatís what theyíre doing.  Every other creature gives it off too; theyíre paying nothing.  And since youíre another creature Ė according to them youíre another animal, thatís what they say Ė well you have the right of every other animal to go around freely and breathe as much as you want and consume as much as you want to, to survive.  Thatís the law of nature.  But of course they wonít allow us to do all of that. 


And another article too, before I go to the callers, is to do with, again, poverty. 


Record poverty last year as household income dips

Median household income declines; families Ďdoubled upí / Sept. 13, 2011 / Ruth Mantell


WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) ó A record number of people were in poverty last year as households saw their income decrease, according to data from the Census Bureau Tuesday, demonstrating the weakness of the economy even after the official end of the recession.


The 46.2 million people in poverty in 2010 was the most for the 52 years that estimates have been published, and the number of people in poverty rose for the fourth consecutive year as the poverty rate climbed to 15.1% ó the highest since 1993 ó up from 14.3% in 2009.


 Meanwhile, real median household income in 2010 was $49,445, down 2.3% from the prior year and below pre-recession levels.   (A:  So Iíll put that up too and you can have a little dekko Ė dekko is another little word for a look or a keek, a wee keek at that Ė for yourselves.  Not that you donít know it; Iím sure a lot of you are already suffering from it. Thereís no doubt about that.)


And weíll see whoís on the list now for callers; I have to refresh this site here and itís just going now.  Thereís Carlton in New York.  Are you there Carlton?


Carlton:  Hey, Mr Watt.  How you doiní? 


Alan:  Not too bad at all.


Carlton:  Alright.  As you know, everything is going on in New York for the 10th anniversary of 9/11, and Friday... Well, you know Iím involved with a group in the city here.  But Friday we actually had a few protests going on around the city.  We hit the CFR.  We actually went to the UN, right.  Now, you were touching on, pretty much, Friday and yesterday that we are international.  And Friday we got a smack in the face on that because we actually... We went through the procedures and all that, got sound permits and all that good stuff, right.  And of course you know, in the United States, we got the free speech zones.  So when we left the CFR and we were there with no consequence; the police were pretty cool.  We went to the UN.  When we went to the UN the cops said they had a spot down the street for us.  But weíre supposed to have freedom of assembly, so we went in front of the UN.† And we were there, we set up, and eventually the cops came and they was like, we had this spot set up for you down the street.  But they actually said Ė and we got this on camera Ė that they actually said that this is international sidewalk.† [Caller laughing.]


Alan:  Thatís right.


Carlton:  Then later on, we actually, we fought íem a little bit, but we actually moved, you know...  But when we talked to them again the cop actually told me, I didnít say that.  I was like, really?...  Like, you just going to lie to me in my face?  And thatís like the thing that makes me mad about all of this the most, is that you talk to me like Iím an idiot.† You tell me one thing and then you tell me something else.  And thatís what makes me angry.  Like, donít try to play me for no fool.  Iím not the smartest man in the world but Iím sure not an idiot.  But yeah, just to anybody who didnít know, we are international, if you havenít already figured it out.


Alan:  Thatís right. And also, when the G20 was in Toronto, itís up there on YouTube, where you hear the cops telling protesters they canít cross this particular area or go so many feet towards the fence that they had constructed, because it was now international territory.  The same thing.  They can make anything international by some whim or some judge in the sky somewhere; I donít know where it comes from.  This is the new tactic theyíre using.  But it is true that the Rockefeller family donated that land to the United Nations for its construction.  Now the public were never involved in that at all, they were never even given the right to vote should they even have the United Nations, and they plonked the thing in New York there.  It used to be a slaughterhouse; it was a kosher slaughterhouse, one of the largest, really, in the States.  So it was well bloodied for its purpose and so they built the thing there.  So why is an international building, how can it have sovereign status in the middle of a country? 


Carlton:  Exactly. 


Alan:  I mean, were any Americans consulted?  Well, no.


Carlton:  And it was people actually outside of the UN, like at a bus stop, and they were watching.  But itís like these people donít even know what the heck is going on even, or they actually were working in the UN in some capacity, I donít know.  But I mean, just on the fact of the whole 9/11 anniversary, like they actually werenít even letting people who had on Ďinvestigate 9/11í shirts near the memorial on Sunday.  So yeah, it was total lockdown this weekend.  But thatís really all I had to say and Iíll holler back at you.


Alan:  At least youíre trying and thatís the main thing.


Carlton:  Alright.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Carlton:  Take it easy now.


Alan:  You too.


Carlton:  Alright.


Alan:  And thatís the key to it.  You got to try, even though itís awfully frustrating because you find nothing is as it appears to be.  When you go to buildings and then theyíre sovereign status and of course, under sovereign status they can make their own rules and if you try to enter that doorway or whatever, and simply kick you out or arrest you even.  It would be interesting to see them arresting people.  Whoís going to arrest you?  Under whose law?  International law or is it going to be the UNís law?  Is it a sovereign little nation there or what?  Nothingís explained to us.  Most folk donít need to have anything explained; they just accept it: Well itís always been there and I guess itís quite natural... and thatís how it is.  But thereís no doubt about it, the UN literally has an equivalent of every department you have in the US federal government; it has all kinds Ė and the states too.  It has planning departments, all kinds of departments, and thatís where all your laws and regulations really come from to do with you.  Now, thereís Dave in Arizona there too.  Are you there Dave?


Dave:  Hey, how are ya?


Alan:  Iím doing okay.  Hanginí in.


Dave:  I understand that basically now the United States is a corporate fascist state based on the fact that the people donít want wars, and we have multiple wars, and people donít want the bailouts and they do the bailouts anyway.   So obviously the corporations are running the country and owning the politicians.  I guess the other question I have for you, because I understand the corporate control, do these NGO groups represent the corporations also?


Alan:  Absolutely.  The NGOs, you understand, the tactic that they use, itís always to help the poor; generally itís the poor in other countries.  But itís not really that at all.  Itís to bring in this same system of bureaucracies across other countries; thatís really what itís about.  If you notice too, the NGOs, even the green ones, are awful particular about who they protest.  Lots of ones, big ones, they will NOT protest.  You donít see the mass marches against the wars going on in the streets; these are the guys who would supposedly do it at one time.  But no, theyíre very selective, so they get orders from above.  And the NGOs are not little charities walking around with a tin can door to door.  They have full-time employees at the top with their own office buildings and their skyscrapers.  All their computer stuff is supplied to them, their trained technicians are supplied to them, they have pensions, they have fantastic wages.  You understand, a non-governmental organization, all you do is set up a board and then of course you say, weíre non-profit, you get your little ticket from the government and then you can award the cash that comes in as salaries to your CEO of it and second in command.  You can give them as much as you want; $100,000, $200,000 a year, doesnít matter.  Thereís no limit to what you can actually give them; so theyíre riding high. These are professional people who literally leave university and get the little wink and the nod and theyíre in there like a shot.  And they can spend their whole lives in there.  So itís actually like a parallel... theyíre all part of the parallel government along with the corporations.  Now, the corporations, as Carroll Quigley said, will be the new... theyíll act like the feudal overlords in this new feudal-corporate system.  And thatís what youíre in already.  Youíre in it already.  Itís been here for quite some time.  And governments are almost secondary now because you have to go into politics, out of politics, into the foundations, the parallel government, and back and forth, back and forth.  We see this happening with politicians all the time.  Itís all one system now, but itís private. 


Dave:  Well yeah, because itís obvious that the corporations are... I mean, the control factor is basically out of the closet.† Where at one time here in America they tried to hide the control and now theyíre open about it. 


Alan:  Yes.  Rockefeller himself, he did say that; he made his famous little speech and itís up on the net somewhere, I might find it, I donít know, for tonight.  He said, it was far preferable that the world be run by bankers and big business, corporations, rather than leave self-determination to the individual sovereign nations.  Thatís what he said.  That was in, I think, after the same speech he gave, about he was often accused of being a communist, a fascist, this and that, and then he said, heís for world sovereignty.  World, heís for the world, globalism, he says, if Iím accused of all these things then I am guilty and quite proud of it.  So heís been working constantly, his whole life, as were his family, his relatives before him, to bring in this corporate structure. And of course, the Rockefellers were placed in America by others that place bankers too, and other people, that would definitely take over the whole economy.


Dave:  So is the ultimate goal then to basically turn the US into Mexico?


Alan:  Ultimately it will be like that.  If you just put it together; the thing is to put the pieces together.  And when you get the think tank for NATO and the think tank for the US military Ė and Iíve got them both in the archives section at; you should read them Ė projecting for the next 40 years or so.  They both said that eventually as the populations kind of die away... they have this big thing, weíre just going to suddenly drop in population; theyíre quite right because theyíve given us all cancers by the way.  They said, eventually thereíll be a few very high tech city-states left.  America will no longer be America.  Even across Europe, it will no longer be Mr Barrosoís empire.  Itíll be a few high tech, very high tech city-states with the important, necessary people to maintain that city-state.  In other words, they donít need thousands or millions of laboring classes or semiskilled workers, etc.  So this is the future they envisage once the countries melt away.  And not only that, they said that even the global government system will only be temporary, before the city-states will rise to their true prominence, a few of them across the globe.  Now, these are your top think tanks for the military.  Hold on and weíll be back after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking to Dave from Arizona on how you must really connect things together.  Thatís the whole key to everything, is connecting the different parts of all of this to show you the whole, to show you what itís all really about rather than get hung up on what theyíre doing to us today.  Tomorrow it will be a thousand more articles across the net, which they control too, to make sure theyíre out there to distract you and keep you angry or emotionally upset with what theyíve done to this poor soul and that poor soul, etc.  Thatís the side effects of this big machine rolling ahead.  All of the things you see, cops attacking people and so on, thatís the side effects of it.  And you canít get stuck on that.  You got to see the big machine above it and where itís supposed to go.  When your top think tanks for the military Ė and Iíll put the links up tonight again Ė actually say that, that eventually youíll be stuck in regions and the population is to drastically fall going up to the year 2040, and a massive decline, even in China, by the year 2045-2050. They didnít say why itís going to decline, but I read an article the other day where the World Health Organization said the big scare now is, oh the up-and-coming countries Ė the third world countries, now that moneyís flowing in, etc Ė thereís going to be a massive cancer problem.  Thatís what they said.  Well of course there is because you see, theyíve already been in with their injections, inoculations or vaccines, to make sure.


DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007 - 2036


Dave:  SV-40.


Alan:  Thatís right.  Oh, much, much more than that.  Theyíre even more developed now, sterilization of course, with the injections.  And the food, yeah, that will also sterilize them.  And Rockefeller also has his Golden Rice out that way now and that was studied by the UN.  And they actually admitted in an article that it definitely, it cuts back on the sperm count of males; it makes them less reproductive.  So weíre getting played with all the time on a massive scale.  Tie it all together and you can see why theyíre talking about their lovely golden age they hope to have by around the year 2050 with their big domed cities, city-states basically, with a small essential population.  In other words, all the useless eaters from the old age, the old industrial age, etc, will be gone.  Thatís what theyíre really telling you.


Dave:  Alan, do you think it will be like Soylent Green, where basically you reach the age of 65 or 70 and they just kill you off?


Alan:  Theyíre already... Iíve got articles here, and Iíve been reading them over the years, but thereís articles here where theyíre bringing in euthanasia in different countries.  When you see it getting pushed and suggested by big people, this is an agenda.  This IS an agenda, itís just not what they think themselves.  Itís a coordinated agenda.  And it could be across the whole world, maybe 10 different people from different countries saying the same things at the same time; thatís when you know theyíre all working together, through repetition, just like Ďweapons of mass destructioní.


Dave:  If you think about it, I mean, everything you say makes perfect sense.  Because basically here in the States, and Iím sure itís like this in a lot of places, but they make it almost impossible or very uncomfortable to travel, if you look at the TSA and whatís going on there.  And basically thatís why theyíre talking about, you know, the lack of resources and so forth, and then that way they can do their population scheme.  Because you know, they say, well thereís not enough resources so we got to get rid of so many people.


Alan:  Also, the thing is too, if you go through the states that allow, and the countries that allow euthanasia, read through their charters.  They also have stuck in there, the people, if theyíre so depressed and fed up with life they should be allowed to go in and end it too.  Now, weíre going through 40 years of turmoil.  Weíre already in it, at the beginnings of it; itís to get a lot worse.  They can make life such hell that people will eventually start flocking in and theyíll say Iíve had enough, Iíve had enough.  They have nothing to look forward to, except the same misery.


Dave:  Donít give up.


Alan:  Yep.  Thatís it.  Thatís their agenda.  Iím not kidding.


Dave:  Thanks a lot Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Remember folks, help buy the books and disks Iíve got for sale at  Donate as well.  I blew 2 monitors, 1 computer and the battery backup, all in one week; they just went zzzz and that was it.  And Iím already scraping along.  Itís up to you.  I can go one way or another, whichever. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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