November 8, 2007


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – November 8, 2007 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes and Callers' Comments)





"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on November 8th, 2007. For those who are newcomers to my voice, look into for lots of information and free download after download on the histories of how we got to where we are and where we're going, the organizations that planned it and planned your lives and planned decades and actually centuries in advance. Look into That's the European site where you can download transcripts in the various tongues of Europe.


Up here in Ontario, it's actually snowing.  It's been snowing on and off for two days now and of course nothing is really prepared. We always have a massive rush towards the end and that's the way life goes for most people. I say for most people because the mainstream media try to keep us in this la-la land of things just happening day by day, crisis after crisis that they never see foresee coming. They all go into the talking-head mode where they accuse each other in parliament buildings and congress buildings of not seeing what's coming down the path, which is all baloney because you don't hire thousands of people in big think tanks to conspire really to bring the world together and miss the banking side of it. We know that the U.S. dollar is to be in a free fall for quite some time and this is all over the media in Canada where the headlines are screaming out with one expert after another giving their prognosis why big economies must adjust. Of course, we must adjust because we're going into a global economy and if we amalgamate the U.S., Canada, Mexico and then bring in Chile, we’ll be able to fight this and defeat it and compete with Europe and China. That's the message they're going to give us once we've come through all this depression stuff they're brining us through.


The Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, this is from today's "Globe and Mail" newspaper. It says:


             "Prime Minister Stephen Harper for the first time voiced concern over the Canadian dollars unprecedented ascent even though is eroding confidence in it's U.S. counterpart led to concerns about a global crisis."


Alan:  Oh, crisis. We're in the age of crisis.


             "The appreciation we've seen is rapid by any standard, unprecedented in its rapidity by any standard, and I think it does require some reflection he said."


Alan:  So Canadians are not to be too happy that ours is soaring and the U.S. is plummeting. Over the next week or so, what they'll do is tell us “our biggest trading partner is the U.S. and we're all in it together.” That big slogan used in wartime, "we're all in it together," and I'm sure they're going to end up telling us we're going to have to amalgamate even further closer ties. That means integration, by the way. That's the terms they use when they were integrating Europe and if that's what we'll do and then we'll be able to compete with the big monster, the big European giant supposedly and also China. Once we do that we'll all be competing with China in a race to the bottom because we cannot survive, we cannot compete against a country like China. It's impossible, where the workers get paid about $1.00 a day for 8 or 10 hours per day. We can't do that especially in countries like Canada where it sometimes half the year is under snow. We've got to pay to live under snow and it costs an awful lot of money for that; and speaking of that, of course, now they're talking about the oil crisis as well.


Let's see now. We've got a coming war with Iran crisis. We've got the dollar dropping crisis. We’ve got a pandemic coming, supposedly, the avian flu is flying over and the oil is going through the roof as well. We've got all these crisis on top of crisis and this is the greatest con game they've used down through the ages and forgive me for being sarcastic, but when you've read thousands of years of history you do tend to become a bit jaded with this stuff. It's so repetitive in the techniques that are used; why change them when they work every time?


Now we're being stampeded into this New World Order – a new type of society. A society planned long ago and written about by big players themselves and even the big foundations that help fund it all and put their men out there as CEOs of big corporations to put them into politics back and forth like musical chairs. They used to call this fascism but we don't call it fascism anymore because the average person in this generation doesn’t know what fascism is. They don't get taught that in school and it's a combination of fascism at the top for this global elite to run the world and a massive bureaucratic system to run the rest of the peasantry in a sort of communistic fashion, so we'll all be equal at the bottom; equally poor and you'll have this ultra rich at the top.  That's what they meant 20-odd years ago when the UN started talking about the coming society where the middle classes would be evaporated and you would have a massive wealthy group at the top and an even bigger mass of the poor at the bottom. This is the big gulf or gap between the rich and the poor. This is the society they want to bring in.


They won't need the middle classes anymore they claim. The new type will be called technocrats. They will take over from the middle classes especially when the family is to be destroyed and new types of humans are to be introduced gradually through genetic engineering. I'm not kidding about this. This is literally the stuff that was planned back at least in the 1930’s when Aldous Huxley was put out there by Tavistock and all the British elite to put out his Brave New World scenario – in the 1930’s. In that book, too, he talked about the Malthusian drill. Everyone had to do their Malthusian drill every day and that was to make sure that they took their contraceptives because breeding is going to be taboo unless you're authorized to do so. He was one of an elite group including Bertrand Russell who became Lord Bertrand Russell. He inherited the title.


They talked quite openly about the need to vastly reduce the population, along with Charles Galton Darwin the physicist and the grandson of Charles. They all talked about this need to reduce the population that would just keep breeding out of control and eventually we'd overcome the bright ones, the brainy ones at the top, the psychopathic type that are inbred and that was their biggest fear, so they thought they'd have to start eradicating us in various means. Not by telling us of course because they don't want volunteers. They never ask for volunteers for sterilization, so far, and they don't want us to volunteer for instant death to save the world. If they could they would; and lo and behold, there might even be some people who would volunteer in this day and age they're so brainwashed, but that's what they're going to actually lead us into. All they have to do is train one generation into a new religion like Gorbachev talked about, a new earth worship type religion, and then you'll realize that the children will go forward. You get a little gold star or a medal or something or a good citizens pass and become sterile – you get sterilized.


That's the kind of world they're talking about because we don't have to have the pretense anymore about communism and give pensions and benefits to people that show we're just as good the same way now that communism is supposedly dead. It's actually amalgamated a system into the West; then bang go your pensions left, right and center. Bang go all the little freebies you got at work, all your free drugs et cetera that your company's boss use to throw in. They don't do that anymore. They tell you we're more civilized, you don't need unions anymore. We're too civilized. We've changed, we’re good wolves now; and the people believe them and the natural fact they've no option but to accept what they say. That's the agenda for the world. It's not pretty. I don't come along to scare the bejesus out of you. I'm just telling you the truth and it's not the truth by my opinion. It's by all the data I've read over many, many years that's been put out by the big boys themselves.


The Royal Institute for International Affairs was the premiere organization set up to bring in a global government, but it was also set up to start off with the amalgamation of Europe. That was its first objective. It also set off a Pacific Rim organization to start amalgamating the Pacific Rim and this goes as far back as 1920’s and '25. The United Americas was the other goal and then it was all to come together, these three trading blocks under a world government. H.G. Wells wrote about this after the League of Nations was just announced to the general public by the end of World War I; and that's been going on steadily, steadily, steadily and they could not call the organization The Royal Institute for International Affairs in the United States, so they had to call it something different. They called it The Council on Foreign Relations and they put their own magazine out every month called "Foreign Affairs" and you should read it up because in there are those particular journalists who are authorized, they’re all members of this council. That's where most main journalists go actually. They belong to this organization, the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and they give you the agenda. They spell it out for you in baby talk.


They've had writers there in the past that talked about ending the U.S. Constitution. It was an awful nuisance, you see, and they'd have to do an end run around it, rather than attacking it head on and chipping it away piece by piece. It was easier to simply go around it quietly and the public would be the last to notice it was gone and therefore that's actually happened.


We should listen to the phrases that are used at the top by people like FDR back in the '30’s when he said, "I give you a New Deal." Now that was an official statement by the CEO of the corporation as the president is called in the Constitution itself and here’s the top man giving a new deal. That was a new system. A new system completely and you can phrase things legally in a certain way that the public think they understand or maybe they are rather confused, but generally they don't ask. They don't ask what it means; he gave a New Deal and he was the bankers' man. He was put in by Wall Street and later on we had George Bush Jr. give us after his daddy gave us the Big Idea coming along the road, the New World Order with a Big Idea, we have his son giving us a “new freedom.” What he's telling you officially is that freedom has been redefined. People should really listen to these words because they mean what they say and you'll notice not a single journalist will quiz these terms. Not a single one of the big popular talking heads will address these terms that are flung out there to the public. Yes, they'll publish them. They'll print them and publish them but they won't tell you what it means. That's the amazing part of it.


A good example of that was when Rumsfeld over a year ago when they said that oil would go through the psychological barrier of $50 per barrel. He said, "Oh wait for a year's time. It will be double that," he said and not a single reporter quizzed him on how he knew, and bingo, here it is right now going up to $100 a barrel. Listen to these guys because they're psychopathic but they also go by legalism and they will tell you the truth.


Zbigniew Brzezinski was the man who said it all in his own book "Between Two Ages."  He said, "The time is coming when the average citizen will be unable to reason or think for themselves." There's a process that's been going on of media indoctrination, a generation was growing up gradually being led to believe that the media was there to inform you, to tell you everything you had to know. In actual fact it tells you everything they decided you need to know, even if it's true or untrue. It doesn't matter, but the public have acquiesced. They've given over their ability to reason or think for themselves, like Brzezinski said, and they expect the media to tell them what's going to be important in their lives. Sad state of affairs and this is called "scientific socialism," a term again going back to Aldous Huxley where he talked about the scientific dictatorship and when he said there was no reason why a form of dictatorship could not last forever with science behind it. He was talking about all of the sciences, the sciences of the mind, controlling the minds of millions of people and it's happened. It actually happened quite some time ago.


It never occurs to the present generation that these big media characters are privately owned. Their companies are privately owned. They're not responsible to you or anyone else. They’re not elected into any office. They don't swear to tell any truth to the public. It's like any other business. They're privately owned and they decide what you're going to think. The information you're fed will bring you to conclusions, albeit the wrong ones often and that's also intentional. It's a propaganda arm of the big boys, the big global government system that's coming into play. This was admitted to by Professor Carroll Quigley, the man who picked people to be Rhode Scholars, in his own book, "Tragedy & Hope," when he talked about a parallel government already existing for 50 years that was not responsible to any people. He worked for it. He was a member of it. Read his book and you'll be quite amazed. He talked about the media control. That was essential to have media control to control all of the people. That's how it works, very, very simply. Information in brings you to your conclusion and your topics of conversation afterwards. I'll be back after these following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. I'm just going through some of this mind control we've all been subjected to, which goes on on a daily basis by, you know, professional people that broadcast it into your head everyday at six o'clock. All the very, very respectable types, maybe even the ones you've grown up with. They're always in your living room staring right at you and my goodness, would he or she lie to you? It's unthinkable. It's like dad. He' right there right in the living room staring at you through that television set reading a dummy board that he didn't write and someone else did, but it's all fake anyway, isn't it? It's all illusion on television. That's how it works and we've all been conditioned to it and the ordinary person can understand little lies. Everyone has said a little lie in a lifetime, except George Washington of course. He could not tell a lie, or so we're told, but everyone has told little lies and we can accept little lies. We understand them and we even make excuses for other people who do it, but it's the great big lie that we can't get over because it's unthinkable to you that someone could go that far with such amazing lies and that's why they get away with it at the top. It's always been that way.


Goebbels who was a propagandist for Adolph Hitler said that same thing. If you're going to tell a lie, make sure it's a very big lie because the public they can't – they suspend their credibility. They go into suspension and have to accept it because they personally could not do that and get away with it. They'd blush. They'd stammer. They'd have a nervous breakdown, but the good psychopaths are groomed for this. They have courses from I think somewhere. I think it's called The School of Experts because everything is experts today. I don't know where the school is but they have the School of Experts to tell us what to do; what to wear; what to dress and what kind of weather we should dress for and all that kind of stuff; what to eat; how to exercise and everything else under the sun. The School of Experts, the expert society that Bertrand Russell talked about, as we train the public, he said, not to think. They can't do anything without the opinion of an expert.


That was the agenda and here it all is, as the experts drive us like sheep along this path as we nibble away at the grass more and more frantically into the sheep pen across yonder that other field over there, and that's the destination: a global society with a completely New World Order, a new way of doing things. If you wonder too what Rumsfeld meant, for those who still have memory, when he said this war could take a hundred years – a hundred years war. They love this. Go back into history and look at all their wars, and hundred years war and 30 years war here and so on. These were all economic wars as they took over other people’s property, the big tycoons under different guises. He wants a hundred years war and of course we know it's not going to take a hundred years to take on the Middle East and get it over with.


What's he talking about?


He's talking about a New World Order: a new system, a new way of behavior, a completely new ordered society. They love order at the top. They're very into order and they want a society that's basically planned. Now family planning is a nice fuzzy term. They always use these words that are very friendly, friendly words like family is good and planning is good. We like to plan things; so family planning ends up being abortion and so the next step is global planning. We should all start cringing now, shouldn't we? We should all shake in our boots. They want global planning because population reduction is a prime thing on their books. It's got to be brought down because the more people who are breeding you see the more they get terrified. They get terrified because they're looting you and that's what they do with slaves. Slaves get looted all the time and that's how they live in such incredible wealth.


Now a little secret here is to do with Plato. Plato the ancient philosopher of Greece 2,300 years ago he talked about the society of The Guardian Class he called them. He belonged to this Guardian Class of his own day, the aristocracy who all had been trained in Egypt. That's where they were educated and educated into the mysteries that taught them how to be a very psychopath and con the public. That was really what it consisted of. However, he talked about the world to come, this utopia for this elite this Guardian Class, where they breed the commoners. He called them ITS, by the way. They're all ITS because they had no mind of their own. They were all too dumb and silly. If they weren't dumb and silly they'd be an aristocrat, and that's how it was basically decided what state you were in and what status you had. He talked about breeding them especially for specific tasks and that's still been on the books and all the big players down through history have admired Plato. They've all written about Plato and how they loved his idea and to the power mad megalomaniac, that really appeals. This appeals to them so much, having a world where they can dominate the public without worrying about the public.


In days gone by and times gone by, when the public were faced to the wall, they'd have the occasional rebellion here and there and that became an awful nuisance and it was awful dirty and so on, and so they decided to use science on the public instead and also bring the numbers down scientifically. You can pretty well let your imagination go wild when you look at all the statistics of rising cancers and a population that's pretty well quit smoking and rising cancers amongst the young who've never smoked at all and so on and so on, and you compare them to all the inoculations and new inoculations they're getting all the time. It doesn’t take much of a detective to start to tie things together. When did they start happening? What's happened since? What happened at the same time? What's introduced in the society? That's how you figure things out.


Now it's escalating with the genetically modified food that all these scientists – all the altruistic scientists got together to give us better food, you see, better potatoes, better spuds. They really care so much, that's why they kept it so secret from the public and that's why they tested it on the entire Canadian population for 10 years without telling us. We were the guinea pigs for it because the Canadian government had to admit eventually that the Canadians were the guinea pigs for 10 years and the government had signed a secret deal. This democratically elected group in there supposedly, signed a secret deal with Monsanto to test it on the Canadians and observe their health. Wasn't that awfully nice of them and wasn't that nice for us all to volunteer up here in snowy Canada?  That's how we're led.


We're treated like serfs, to be honest with you, and the people at the top have contempt for us. The only reason we found out in Canada we were the guinea pigs was because Tony Blair at the time was going to pass the laws in Britain to use the genetically modified food and it leaked out there from an NGO group. It hit the newspapers and then hit the Canadian newspapers. They couldn’t keep it quiet anymore so they had to go into damage control and gave us a few diversions in the meantime. They always give you diversions and trivia to keep you diverted as they were going through this, but they pulled out David Suzuki who is the big green man. He's the Jolly Green Giant for Canada for the Green Movement and the World Wildlife Fund, animal rights and all the rest of it; and the reduced population, which he has already said himself on live television CBC Canada. He said the population would have to be reduced drastically. Drastically and he did mention so many thousands per day et cetera and I was surprised when not a single paper in Canada mentioned that fact the day after. It's kind of hard to attack a man you’ve been taught that loves animals and fish and all that kind of stuff.


They're rather blatant these characters. By the way, David Suzuki is a geneticist but we know him as a narrator for all these animal shows where we see animals slaughtering each other and eating each other, but he's really a geneticist, a professional geneticist and a spokesman for these big UN type groups that are planning our lives. In ancient times, as I say, much was talked about this, how to control the public. Here's another break coming up I believe. I'll be back after the following messages.



"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix, the matrix of deception, trying to break this barrier that's been put around every single person of indoctrination and allowing your own perceptions to start working in a different way, not seeing it in the way you're taught to perceive; you've being stunted basically from birth. Your parents don't know so they don't tell you either generally. Education is meant to put you inside a box so you'll always come to predetermined conclusions. You see to be controlled in a society you must be predictable. Everyone must be predictable; it makes the boys at the top very safe. They feel safer when they can predict what you're nature and personality type is like and what you will do. That's how it works. The society they will bring in is to be one where they have all the information on you, right down to what you eat everyday and buy everyday, and you're almost there right now in fact. A lot of folk are. They've gone step by step into this trap quite happily because it's so convenient and they don't mind that they're being watched and spied on all the time and all their data is being collected on a daily basis. Those people generally will go the next step, too, which is a chip implant. They'll accept that as well, if they tell them it's going to be even more convenient. You've got to understand those people will be gone. They're gone. They're called the dead, in all ages those people are called the dead and you let the dead bury their dead. That's what that always meant, even before the times of Christ.


Nothing much has changed. Most people will go that way and that's what the elite count on. That's why even Plato talked about at the end they'd have a form of republic but it would also be a type or a sham of democracy, because democracy is not mob rule as the right-wing often say. Democracy is in fact a whole bunch you can count on to go the way that the elite point them. That's what democracy is and they go the way of least resistance. The path of least resistance and the elite will then come down on those who won't go along and say, “Why don't you accept this? Everyone else does.” That's how democracy works. You can always count on the big mob to go the way that the elite point them, same with all the information gathering today.


I'm stunned when I see people at checkout counters just pass over any data that's asked of them, automatically too, with no question as where does this go, who shares it or anything else. They just pass it. Well-trained happy slaves because they can use plastic and go buy cheap junk from China that one day will start to dry up when the job is over. Right now, we're all getting spoiled with such easy credit and easy availability and massive availability of credit, but that's all going to stop you see and the goodies and the toys will be taken away. Then there'll be a form of chaos as they bring us through the next system and they have to get us on our knees until we beg them to help us. Then the big boys come out with their big plans that they pretend they just drafted up, of course, and give you something that's been lying on them shelves there for 50-odd years. That's what's going to happen. That's the reality of this world.


Nothing happens on a big scale by itself unless it's an act of God or the cosmos or something else. Everything else within this atmosphere happens and is planned to happen and that's why it happens. It's planned to happen and that's with wars. That's with financial chaos and everything else. These characters at the top have been playing at this game of money for 2,000 odd years and they understand the sequences very well. It's their job to plan ahead and when you really think about it, these are long-term planners.


Remember what Professor Carroll Quigley said with his book, "Tragedy & Hope," he said foundations last many generations and they have a mandate and so that's why they can pull off something in the far future and never falter on their step because they can hire and retire and hire and retire generations until they reach their goal. We ordinary people never think that way. We want short-term goals. We want to see things completed in our own lifetime. That's what we do and we wouldn't even think of starting something that wouldn't be finished in our lifetime, but the big foundations go on sometimes for centuries with the same mandates and they have incredible wealth to put all these things into being. That's the other key to it all too.


You see, we are totally interdependent already. We always were because those who control the money and gave us the money in the first place. At one time there was no money remember. People didn't need it and people did live and eat and all the rest of it too, and I'm sure much happier, but the guys who give you the money and decide what it's worth will always be your master. That's even in your old holy books of pretty well every culture there is, and those who borrow are always the slaves. That's just a fact.


You'll find that Thomas Jefferson talked about the need to scrub debts clean, just wipe them off the books at the end of what they claim is a generation of about 70 years. He said, why should any generation be brought into this world having to pay off the debt of a previous generation? It made no sense and that's what we have today. He said, if they do, if they are brought in, born in with a duty to pay off someone else's debt that they did not incur themselves, that they were in fact slaves. That's what it is: Intergenerational slavery and we've been under it for a long time across most of the world, all the so-called democratic countries and we've all been born into owing debts that were incurred.


You know Britain only about five years ago published in the newspapers they just finished paying off the debt from World War I. World War I and remember that's not all the debts that they accumulated from previous wars before World War I. They had the Boer War before that and lots of other wars before that. Therefore, they never really pay off the debt. It's not intended you pay off a debt, because if you pay off a debt then the people have more money to spend. They're taxed less and conversely governments have less taxation to take from you. You know most taxation does never go to where you think it's supposed to go.


The same with charitable works. We saw the kind of charitable works that were done for all the survivors of the tsunami that most folk have forgotten already because we all have very limited memories these days because of the spraying, the modified food and all the trivia news they give us. They collected billions of dollars for that tsunami relief fund. Billions and billions and for all the money that the ordinary people were sending in, well intentioned people as always, all the governments were matching it dollar for dollar and billions were collected. Then at the end of all this they say they'll put it in a trust fund and it will be taken care of by – guess who? Bill Clinton and George Bush, Sr. Didn't you feel much better then, boys and girls? Two very trustworthy men who are going to take care of it and now they're still doing documentaries of people coming over from those regions. Nothing got there, folks. Nothing got there. Where did it all go?


You see the big mafia is at the top. The biggest gang in the world is at the top of this structure because that's what it's all about. Governments are just gangs. They're actually gangs and that's how it's always been. The biggest gang gets in power and then extorts money from you. They call it taxation now.  It's the same thing.  When the mafia used to go around the little stores and say, “give me protection money,” and you say, “from whom?” They say, “from us.”  If you didn't give him protection money he'd drag you out of your shop, or grab it, or seize it, or kick you out, or burn it down. If you don't pay your tax money the government comes in and grabs your home. Same thing. It's all to do with perception, how you perceive things and the terminology that's changed to cover the same type of event. It's all perceptions. That's how it's done, very simply.


If a highwayman stops you on the road and demands money from you or demands you stop because he's got the gun, you see, then you're rather upset. You know what he's all about. He's called the highwayman, but if you pay him the money you might get on your way. You might just get on your way, depending on what mood he's in and you don't look him in the eye. The same thing with policemen, you don't challenge them or look them in the eye and you'll grovel a little bit and you pay or you get that ticket. In some places you actually pay the cash apparently, but you pay that ticket or you take that ticket because that's a promise to pay his boss, whoever his boss is, which is the law, the legal system, then you can travel on your way. Same thing is occurring. However, you've been taught and trained to perceive it differently. The big gang is in control.


That's what nations are you see. At the top of every nation you simply had the ultimate gangs getting in and today they are one big club. I'll be back after the following messages with more.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. I'm just trying to destroy some of the indoctrinated perception distortions that we have. Distortions that we've been taught are reality, but by goodness, how little alterations and perception can completely change what you think is going on around you. I was talking about how the mafia would come around and demand money from shop owners and shopkeepers and businesses and they'd tell you that they'd protect you if you paid up. In a sense they were right, in one sense, because there were even more petty crooks beneath them and they would try to muscle in and they would keep them out, and government took over that job of being the strong arm because that's what rises in a monied system is the psychopathic type. The type that becomes what we call successful. We're even taught to call them successful. Those that can claw their way up and put other companies under with the jobs gone and all the rest of it and they get off on this. They thrive on this and they get to the top destroying lives et cetera by all means possible, every means possible and we call them successful and we bow down to them all the time. When they rattle their jewelry we applaud them and that's how we're taught to see this whole thing.


We are applauding the ones who get up through tremendous and awful means. That's the sad story of what they call civilization and democracy with a monied system and the banking system all combined, because everyone lives in the fear of poverty and that's what keeps us all going. We’re taught to go along with this abusive system we're born into and compete and compete and compete. Most people don't bother competing too much and they're called the lower classes and they go into laboring jobs and so on.  I used to wonder growing up in Britain many, many things, mainly how if Britain was ruling the world and had this massive empire. They were all the pink that was on the map. They were all pink bits, Britain owned this and Britain owned that, and I wondered how we were all living in old buildings and condemned buildings that reopened for the working classes after centuries and centuries and centuries of plundering the planet. It turned out there was only a few hundred families in London seemed to benefit from it and still hung on to the money. No one else seemed to have any. That's just the way it was back then.


I realized that that's how the world probably always had been, but I had to go into the history books to check to make sure. If you go into the history books, you'll find that's how all tyrants used to rise up in the city-states as they called them in those days. The city-states were artificial creations. That's why in high occultic systems they talk about Nimrod the first builder of the city. Some say it's Cain. Some say Cain is Nimrod and all the rest of it, but it doesn't really matter. Cane is a ruler. It comes from a cane, a bulrush, and so a cane is a measure of something. It's all to do with weighing and measuring and all that kind of stuff in the occult at the top, nothing really mystical about it. It's all little cons.


However, in a city-state where you can't feed yourself, everything must come into you and you must have something that the people will take to produce things and they had to come up with something called money and before they had gold for it or silver. Silver came first in fact. They used to weigh it out in the raw. They would weigh it out and even the present day weights really in jewelry and so on all come from ancient Sumer. It hasn't changed at all. It was all perfected way back then. That was the start of creating poverty because you don't know what you have until you're told you're poor or you’re not allowed to live in the old traditions, which generally was bartering and so they had to destroy barter. They also had to make sure that all the peasants outside the big cities would accept this thing called money as well; then they could tax the peasants, kick them off their lands and amalgamate them. Even the Romans were doing that when the Roman Empire was on the go. What really finished off the Romans was not just the Goths and Visigoths and all these different characters coming in to extort money from them. It was also because the people in the rural areas revolted because their lands had been stolen by the senators primarily in the Roman Senate. They were plundering all the peoples wealth and stealing all the land.


Nothing much changes. We saw this go on down through the whole feudal system in Britain and elsewhere in Europe and that's what they did. The commons lived on the commons. That's the way they grew their food and over the centuries the feudal system kicked them off and gradually took more land and more land, and now what's left of them is called Crown land. The queen owns them. There's nothing left for the commons. The commons have nothing at all you see and that's been the goal from day one in a monied system with the same interbred types at the top running the show and conning the public. The greatest con was to tell you and convince you that you're free. That was very, very good and if you just fight one more war you'll have more and more rights. You'll have equality and rights and a say in how your government governed, and you'll even have a say in where your taxes go, and that's never ever happened, yet, to date, because along with democracy, this great paper tiger they put out in front of us that we all fight over, they made sure they gave us parties.


Like Carroll Quigley said, "We don't own every politician in a party. We just have to own the guys at the top," and they own them on both sides. It's in his own book. Read it. This is the historian for The Council on Foreign Relations writing the book and telling you how it is and it's very true. Off goes your congressmen or your local representative to represent you in parliament or congress and as soon as he's in there, he comes back and he says, “I can't vote for you guys back home. I've got to go with the party vote,” because he wants brownie points for his career. That's what floats the whole thing and that's what he's there for in the first place and no doubt he's a psychopathic type himself. These are the guys that congregate into these jobs. They join the gang.


Back in ancient Rome again, Christians think that Christianity just took off and started leading this new way; and Christianity did take off, but it was doing that before the Romans got hold of it. The Roman Empire adopted Christianity into it. The empire married itself a political system. A fascist system married itself right into Christianity and used Christianity as a method of controlling the public and keeping them in obeisance. They then planted kings all over the place and told you to obey them because they were put there by God and that carried on down through the ages as well, but the rival to Christianity because they always give you two systems. One is for the exoteric. One is for the esoteric. The exoteric was Christianity with rules and obedience and good laws so you'd all get along together and be awful nice to each other, but they had the rival one and people didn't know about this and it was called Mithraism.


Mithraism was the biggest religion and it was an all male religion. Most of them came from the military. Recruited from the military and most of them were in the military and some of them had even been ex-slaves who were brought into the military and Mithraism was the occult religion of the day. Mithraism used what they called the Liberty Cap and you'll see old statues of Mithras with the Liberty Cap on. That's the same one that Benjamin Franklin's got in his famous portrait done by the French painter. Liberty Cap when it was erect signified the penis for virility and for generation, regeneration, and put it this way, when it was half-cocked it's half-cocked. However, that's where your symbols go back to Mithraism and it was a secret gang of people who were taught they were elites, they were special, and they strove even in their day to take over the world. Another order that branched off from it, of a noble order, that was called The Equestrian Order. The Equestrian Order were the knighted ones, the ones on horseback, the upper crust Romans and you'll find these have never stopped down through the ages.


Little boys like little gangs and little boys play with little gangs. It used to be rather innocent at one time. Even back in Scotland they had little gangs you see and they use to steal apples and one day we were all caught stealing apples and then we were told we had to eat them all and when you have – you look like you’re pregnant with all these apples down your vest. It certainly teaches you after trying to chew through all these things for an hour not to do it again. In those days, too, you used to obey the guy that caught you. They'd probably kill the guy that caught you today and steal his shoes if they were good ones.


That's how it is. Young guys like gangs and the big boys are no different because they never really mature. Psychopaths don't really mature. They just realize the benefits from gangs and they form their own gangs and psychopaths do, by the way, recognize each other intuitively. They recognize a good con man and they form their clubs and their foundations to lead us all along the path which they have designed for us, and the secret societies have never ever changed. They change form just like the Phoenix every 500 years. Sometimes change their names but it's the same organizations really with the same goals, which is mainly to feed themselves and to bring in the Great Work, that of perfecting man. Now they're really talking about perfecting all the little people down below through genetic modification to make us more obedient and more efficient, and we won't need entertainment and we won't even need talking heads on television anymore once this is all done. We'll be happy little zombies or the Borg, as they showed us in Star Trek series, as they marry us with actual mechanical equipment.


We’ll be happy little Borg, the original B, Borg. I’ll be back after the following messages.






"The Future" by Leonard Cohen


Give me back my broken night
my mirrored room, my secret life
it's lonely here,
there's no one left to torture
Give me absolute control
over every living soul
And lie beside me, baby,
that's an order!
Take the only tree that's left
and stuff it up the hole
in your culture
Give me back the Berlin wall
give me Stalin and St Paul
I've seen the future, brother:
it is murder.

Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won't be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
has crossed the threshold
and it has overturned
the order of the soul
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant

When they said REPENT REPENT


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix, and sure enough, I've seen the future and it's murder and by that I'm not kidding. The things that have been happening when you find out that so much of the illness and disease that's hit humanity in the last 50 years or so has been deliberate and this is going to come out. It's going to come out. There'll be all hell to pay and that's why it's one of the reasons, apart from all the monetary collapse they planned long ago, they've been building up internal armies under the guise of future terrorism in the Western World. It's for all the mayhem that's going to come about when the people start to wake up to what’s really, really been going on and there's so much that has been going on.


We’ve been living a nightmare in reality where even the depressions and I mean depressions, not recessions as they'd like to call the “R”-word. Why not use the “D”-word that they had in Europe especially Britain for 25, almost 30 years after World War II were planned that way because they signed deals at the end of World War II to de-industrialize Britain over a 30-odd to 40 year span and not tell the public about it. Sure enough, I lived through that. I grew up through that, watching factory after factory just go under. Everyday on the news there was thousands more laid-off. So many people were on welfare.


Margaret Thatcher got up and said, "there's a generation growing up now that will never see work in their lifetime but get used to it" she said in her very haughty, haughty way and that's the sort of planning they do. What they call that is “making an omelet and you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs.”  Therefore all the problems and the sorrow and suffering that people went through all those years and generations, well, it's just too bad, it was for a good cause to get the plan underway. That's how the world is actually run and Mr. Rockefeller said the same thing at one of his meetings. I think it was the Earth Summit. "You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs." That's after they stated about this present generation were the cannon fodder to bring all this about, this new world system. The people living now are just cannon fodder unfortunately.


There you go. That's how it's really worked and that's how they see the whole world view at the top. We’re just cannon fodder for their agenda, and the suffering and mayhem and sorrow we've got to go through is just too bad, isn't it? It's too bad. That's the reality of the world you're living in. Nothing but nothing happens by chance. We forget that the New American Century group – The Project for a New American Century. Look it up, this group that were not in politics at the time. They'd all been in politics, of course, who formed the group The American Century put out Project for a New American Century in the '90’s and I think Wolfowitz is the guy who wrote it at the beginning. The first one was published about '92. Then it was taken back and rewritten a little bit. Changed here and there, updated and put out in '98 again with the need, it said, to take over countries in the Middle East. They wanted to take over Afghanistan first and sure enough, that's where Bin Laden the caveman was hiding, remember. They guy who did it all, oh, the caveman from Afghanistan, so they went into Afghanistan first.


Then they changed sites and moved to Iraq and we went through all of that fiasco and even the media in Canada they told us that within one year they convinced the American public – this is the Canadian media saying that the American media managed to convince the American public that Hussein was behind 9/11. Utter lies, utter fiction but they did a good job and in one year and people didn’t notice that the target sites had been changed from Afghanistan to Iraq. Then after the inquiry on live television George Bush said during the inquiry on Iraq why they attacked it. He says, "oh no, I didn't say anything of the kind. I never said that Hussein was behind 9/11. I just think that the world is a better place without Saddam Hussein. That's what he said. The world's a better place without him.


However, after Iraq they had it down in The New American Century plan to go after Iran, and Syria was to follow Iran, and here they are going through the whole script. Planning it all, publishing it before 9/11 happened and they're following it all and everyone is going dumbly along with this. Dumbly along and we've all been trained.  I don't know if it's just the modern person is so disconnected in empathy from other people across the planet or what's happened to them. Is it the modified food? Is it all the inoculations? Is it the daily spraying they're all subjected to that's happened to do with this empathy part of the brain? Because no one seems to care. No one seems to care. Of course they'll get all these strategic strikes and smart bombs and stuff on television if they go into Iran, which is all lies to start with because under total war and this has been proven since they've gone into Iraq.


They destroyed the infrastructure of the entire country and that meant all water supplies were blown up. All piping was blown up. Food plants were all blown up. Baby's foodstuff was all blown up as well, their main plants for that. Their medicine and laboratory areas were blown up, not because they were creating any sort of nasty disease, no, but because they created medicine. Anything that kept the people alive was to be destroyed under total war and that's the agenda that they have for Iran as well and no one seems to care. No one seems to care.


Everybody's too happy back home buying their Chinese junk. Rewarding themselves every month for working hard just like trained rats Pavlovian style. I've worked hard. I deserve this. Like the old ads used to say, "You deserve it," and they've started to believe it. They're so indoctrinated they believe it until they buy the junk and it falls apart on them and doesn't make them happy after all, but that's the cons that we're sold. One lie after another and as I say it's big gangs coupled with science that's in control of the world today, especially the science of the mind and that's what Bertrand Russell said. He said, "one day we'll be able to convince the public of anything, anything with scientific means," and it's happened. It doesn't take much to convince them because you have a public today that really doesn’t care, even though when Rumsfeld and these big boys mention a New World Order, a New World Order that includes them too, and this big eating machine that's going around the planet right now is going to come home as well because they include the peasants in every country. Every country, no exceptions, including the ones back in the U.S. and Canada and it will come round, this big eating machine will come round to us. I've always said when they're finishing off the Middle East, finishing off the last part of the standardization of the world where they eliminate any competing system, anything that's different at all is to be eliminated and there's only one system left. “There can be only one” is their cry at the top, and in a lot of movies too, then they go after you.


Then they go after you because they have no more care for you, the American, Canadian, British, French or any other peasant as they do for the peasant of China. They're so far removed from you in lifestyle in the way that they've been brought up and their world view that they have nothing in common with you. Nothing at all and that's where the lies are so transparent. We watched the whole gambit of “weapons of mass destruction.” What they said was: "We shall win by slogans."  I think it was Lenin said that. They've adopted all that stuff, too, and they come out and they yap these slogans repetitively ad nauseam until we're saying it in our sleep and it was all lies – “weapons of mass destruction.”


Everything they showed us was lies, too, their smart strikes at this place and that place. Meanwhile, they literally made sure that the people wouldn't have clean water to drink for maybe years. They've blown everything up – water, food, medicine. That's what you go after in today's world. That's the real world we live in and the whole art of total warfare was discussed and brought to fruition and finalized in its present form at Sandhurst Training for officers. That’s where they trained officers for British Army before World War II started and it's still taught today.


In ancient times to the present times, you go after food and water first of all because if you control the food and the water when you're besieging someone you've got them where you want them. Eventually they capitulate and they beg you for a drink of water or something to eat; or they eat each other, as Mr. Brzezinski said, and that's what he did say to an interview in a magazine. He said what he thought of the general public. How much will the general public take?  Brzezinski, remember, he was up there in the State Department and all the other departments too. He said the public – we have no fear from the public, he says, you can beat them. You can starve them, he says. Will they turn around and revolt? He says, no, they'll just turn around and eat their dead. That's what he thought of the public. Yes, I'm not kidding.


These are the sort of creeps and characters that are up there deciding all of our fates for us. These are the characters that talked about using psychotronic warfare. Read his book "Between Two Ages" in the chapter entitled "Technetronic Era". He wrote about it. He said shortly a technique will be used on the public, a science. He's talking about scalar weaponry and it would affect the minds and the mindset of entire continents and keep all the people happy. Keep them all happy and dumb and it's being done as part of the HAARP technology. They did not build 50-odd plants worldwide to take photographs and admire them. They made them to use and they are using the scalar weaponry and the weather warfare.


Four years ago the U.S. papers had the Air Force come out with a big, big statement and it said, "shortly the U.S. will own the weather."  Own the weather – not try to, but own the weather and it's happened. We get sprayed like bugs everyday all over the planet here right now. You watch them doing it. They try to tell you it's condensation trials but they forget some of us have memories. We have memories of what condensation trails were and how they evaporated about a minute later. These things go right across the sky and they come down and everyone gets bronchitis and lots of people get very, very tired. We're being sprayed like bugs and there is some sort of global system that had to be making this stuff for 50-odd years in order to use it and start off using it, 10 years ago almost, in the quantities that they have been using it. That's what's done to the public. We're the last ever to know what's been going on. That's your “open society” for you. We're kept in the dark like mushrooms and fed you know what. That's the reality of democracy as we know it.


Talking of taking over food, there's a little bit I have here from a site. It's called "Parallel Normal". Punch in  It's written by Mark Baard who is a professional journalist. He writes for the Boston Globe and other papers and he has been trying to put out stuff to the public that really, really does matter. He has from November 2nd, 2007 this on his particular site,


             "World Food supply will be Rooted in India's troubled soil. The Rothschild family is pushing Indian produce onto the global market. Also: How Evelyn…"


Alan:  He's talking about Rothschild.


             "…met Lynn, at Bilderberg, with a little help from Henry. Whose peas are these? Many of the Rothschild’s Indian farms are in areas where arsenic…"


Alan:  This is true. It's been in the papers too.


             "…has poisoned much of the soil and groundwater. Tomatoes and carrots from Rajasthan. Zucchini and baby corn from Kashipur. Europeans and the Japanese will soon be eating Western-variety vegetables, grown in parts of India where people get sick just from drinking the water. The Rothschild family is preparing to make India one of the world’s largest exporters of produce, at costs likely to push native farmers in many countries off the farm. In a fawning, almost surreal, October interview with Lynn Forester de Rothschild…"


Alan:  She married I think who was it? Edward or Edwin.


             "…Lynn Forester de Rothschild (see link and excerpt, below), Condé Nast Portfolio…"


Alan:  That's the other magazine.


             "… Condé Nast Portfolio reports the Rothschild family plans to “grow and export Indian fruits and vegetables for markets in Europe and Asia. The portfolio interviewer, Lloyd Grove, also relates how Lady de Rothschild first met her husband, Sir Evelyn Rothschild…"


Alan:  Sir Evelyn Rothschild. Sir Evelyn. I thought Evelyn was a woman's name. You never know these days, especially with this particular crew.


             "…Sir Evelyn Rothschild. Henry Kissinger, Grove writes, brought the two together at the 1998 Bilderberg meeting. Japan and the United States already serve as test markets for Indian produce."


Alan:  Good luck down there in the U.S. Don't eat that stuff if I were you.


             "…India exports tens of thousands of tons of mangoes annually to Japan, as well as Britain and other European countries. The United States in May began accepting shipments of irradiated mangoes from India the first U.S. imports of irradiated fruit."


Alan:  I'll be back with more of this stuff after these messages.



"The Universal Soldier" by Donovan


He's five foot-two, and he's six feet-four,
He fights with missiles and with spears.
He's all of thirty-one, and he's only seventeen,
Been a soldier for a thousand years.

He's a Catholic, a Hindu, an Atheist, a Jain,
A Buddhist and a Baptist and a Jew.
And he knows he shouldn't kill,
And he knows he always will,
Kill you for me my friend and me for you.

And he's fighting for Canada,
He's fighting for France,
He's fighting for the USA,
And he's fighting for the Russians,
And he's fighting for Japan,
And he thinks we'll put an end to war this way.

And he's fighting for Democracy,
He's fighting for the Reds,
He says it's for the peace of all.
He's the one who must decide,
Who's to live and who's to die,
And he never sees the writing on the wall.

But without him,
How would Hitler have condemned him at Labau?
Without him Caesar would have stood alone,
He's the one who gives his body
As a weapon of the war,
And without him all this killing can't go on.

He's the Universal Soldier and he really is to blame,
His orders come from far away no more,
They come from here and there and you and me,
And brothers can't you see,
This is not the way we put the end to war.


Alan:  Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and sure enough, the big boys always count on the next generation of young fellows growing up, there's young ladies too now apparently, that want to go out and kill people and wear uniforms and feel proud and have some respect given them back home. It's strange, they had no respect before they put on that uniform and suddenly they're respected by all, and that comes from the top down for social approval and they are all part of the problem. It's not until they’re much, much older, hopefully, they'll go through the books and find out what they've really taken part in, what they've done and what it was all really for. It was for the benefit of the few; and their plans and all the stuff they're given at the time, all the propaganda is just that. It's propaganda. That's the history of wars. Wars are economic wars for the few to grab and plunder someone else's land. That's the history of it.


Getting back to this article on about the Rothschild's setting up – now it's amazing, go back just about four or five years ago. In India they're having riots in India the farmers there that have grown their own food for hundreds of generations using their own seed and in came Monsanto and the big boys pushed by the U.S. corporations and U.S. money and tried to force them to take the modified food or seed. The seed, of course, you have go back to the master every year. You can't collect it and reuse it. It's the terminator gene, isn't it? You can't save seed to replant it so you’re dependent upon the master, your new master, and they really pushed that on the people of India. They even put out massive advertising campaigns aimed at the women unfortunately and showed them their hands if you're working in the fields taking care of all this stuff, and they showed you the lady with the wonderful hands because she didn't have to go out and do that because all the weed killing chemicals that comes with it they can pour on to their fruit and vegetables will take care of all that hard work for you. You won't have to pick the bugs off and so they got their way and now that they got their way the Rothschild's are in there of course. They always go in after a killing. A fast killing as they say and they're now owning all the big, big farms, big corporate farms. They put the little guys under, which is trademark of Rothschild's and people of their ilk. They call it free enterprise but really it's just organized plunder. Now they're bringing all this food back into the West especially Canada and the States and it says:


             "The United States in May began accepting shipments of irradiated mangoes from India the first U.S. imports of irradiated fruit."


Alan:  They're irradiating it as well.


             "…Also, USDA-certified organic food products–grown in India and certified by Indian agents, mind you will soon be flowing into the U.S., according to the U.S. State Department. The Rothschilds’ Indian produce firm called Field Fresh Foods, is leasing tens of thousands of acres throughout India, including some in areas where arsenic has poisoned the soil and groundwater. The company predicts it will be growing on 100,000 acres by 2010. Field Fresh says its operations comply with multiple food safety standards…"


Alan:  Of course they do because they have their own men at the top of all those standard committees.


             "…but enforcement in developing countries is notoriously weak. Some Indian scientists, meanwhile, are trying to develop genetically modified rice and other vegetables that will absorb less arsenic from contaminated soil and irrigation systems."


Alan:  There you are. The Rothschild's are at it again. I remember the first main Rothschild that took over the British system. He was brought in, by the way. He didn't just walk over and take it over. They would have killed him. He said when he was asked how you make your main money that you make, when is it time to do it? He said "when the blood is flowing in the streets." They love wars et cetera and when they can't get wars they simply pay off all the guys at the top that do with licensing and regulating laws. Very simple when you've got that kind of money. The laws that affect the general population don't affect these people at the top because they have to be tried by juries of their peers and where would you get a jury comprised of Rothschild's and people of that particular caliber and wealth? You won't find one, so the laws don't apply to them.


That's the history of the world you see. It's not a pleasant picture and I don't live in a pleasant world – a fantasy world of television and happy ads where this toothpaste is going to give you an orgasm if you buy this one. Just look at that woman on television. She just found everything she was looking for with that tube of toothpaste and there's a little jingle song to go with it at the same time. I don't go along in that fantasy world. I don't watch the comedies. I don't watch whatever they give you because it's all in fact it's propaganda. Within every comedy show there's always social messages of new think or correct think or political correctness all tied in with the actual shows themselves to alter your behavior through behavior modification – very, very simple. Scientific socialism, scientific indoctrination as Aldous Huxley said at Berkeley University.


Look into the archived section of audio on my website to find that particular actual speech that he gave at Berkeley in the 1960’s. Quite interesting and get it from the horse’s mouth and read his book "Brave New World Revisited" where it was a non-fiction where he justifies why the scientific type dictatorship could last forever because the public would never catch on to it.


Now remember, too, the phones are turned on now and you can call in and ask various questions. In the meantime, I'm going to go to another beautiful hero in the annals of history. A hero of the elite, that is, and that was Thomas Malthus. When Thomas Malthus came out he was actually coached like many of these guys, specially bred of course, they made sure he had the right parents put together to breed him.  Rousseau and others and Locke and various ones and Hume all came to visit this little boy as he was growing up and give him indoctrination, make him a top economist and he brought out his treatise. The treatise was an Essay on the Principle of Population. All the population control and how to kill off millions of people and the reasons why they'd have to do it. Malthusian economics they call it in some schools and it's still being reiterated today. The last person to put out a big book out about it with power was the grandson of Charles Darwin. That was Sir Charles Galton Darwin in his book "The Next Million Years," which was quite a boast for a far-range projection of the elite growing the planet. Now the music is coming up again and I'll be taking callers after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and I think we have Mike from New Jersey here. Are you on the line, Mike?


Mike:  Good evening.


Alan:  Hello.


Mike:  How are you Alan?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Mike:  How's Hamish?


Alan:  Oh, he's surviving even the snow.


Mike:  You've got snow up there already?


Alan:  I've got snow up here already.


Mike:  Wow. Alan, I have a question for you. How can I put this? It appears everything that you have been saying the end result for us is going to be in our little habitats with a greatly reduced population and we may be brain chipped or what have you, but we will be slaves at a certain point in the future. Is that a correct analogy?


Alan:  That's the agenda. That's the agenda if people don't say “no more.”


Mike:  Okay. My question is simply this. I'm in agreement with you that power will never share their cutting edge technology with the public and I agree they're probably 20, 30, 50 years ahead of what we think is cutting edge. My question is, since they have all this power in their hands right now, why the slow incremental steps? What are they waiting for?


Alan:  It's simple. See these guys have archives of history. They know the real histories, the study of human nature and they also know where they've failed in the past. Where they've almost lost it or even did lose it in the past and they know the speed they must take it.  Every step they're training the public step by step by step and we must acquiesce to every step – we must accept it all as being normal. That's how it works. If they jump or skip a step we'd stop eating the grass and we'd put our heads up and look around us. That's how we’d behave, so it's got to be a step-by-step process. If they miss one little part of it they'll lose it. They'll lose control over the public. They want us to believe everything is just happening, we're evolving little by little along this way and that way and politicians and so on just deal with things at the time by the day. Nothing is further from the truth, but they can't jump very important steps or they'll lose it. They don't want to spook the herd. They want to make us all believe that the place we end up had to be that way. It had to be in that direction. What else could they do at the top? Poor souls. They did the best they could. That's how it must be and even when they crash the economy and so on, they'll want the public to beg for help and then they'll come out with all these dusty plans that's been on the shelves for 50, 60 years.


Mike:  So what you're saying – how I'm seeing it is that their mind control techniques and technology have to be, should be, very, very advanced. They can't bring this to a quicker close than the slow incremental steps that they're taking?


Alan:  You have to understand to them this is not slow. Remember that the foundations often set up an agenda and they'll say they’re going to complete it in 200 years. When they set up the different big foundations like the Rockefeller Foundation that gives out Global Citizenship Awards to all your federal government guys at the top that swear allegiance to America. They tell you – I've got the speeches from the Rockefeller Foundation themselves with Rockefeller talking about the agenda quite openly but they know they must do it step by step without spooking the people. The people have to believe that everything happens and that all decisions that are made at the top have to be made that way. If they miss a particular step they lose the sequence of it. We get kind of nervous. We start demanding answers. The way it's being done now we don't actually demand answers. We sit back passively and listen to experts to debate things in front of our faces on television and so it's a psychological technique. A hundred years is nothing to them.


You know both Bertrand Russell and H.G. Wells and Lenin all wrote about 1910, books in 1910, and each one of them – one working for the capitalist system. The other working for the other side of the coin, the communist system, all trained by the same people and put in power by the same people and backed by them. They all said that this new system would start to take shape and be noticeable by the peoples of the West by the end of the millennium, the year 2000. They all said the same thing in their books and that was written in 1910. A hundred years is nothing to them to implement part of the step without losing control over the public.


Mike:  One last question, Alan. What would you think would be the scenarios of how this end game is going to come? Would it be crash the economy? Start war?


Alan:  All of it – age of chaos. You see it's Ordo Ab Chao, Order out of Chaos, and the more chaos they can appear to create – it can be more hype than real – is all they have to do and have everybody running and worried and fretting and fuming and then come forward with their plan. They don't have to actually do a lot of this stuff to you. They may or may not. It will depend how we accept it each step of this plan. Therefore, it's up to the public themselves. Now more and more people are truly waking up. They're starting to see things as they are for the first time in their entire lives. They're seeing it from a whole different perspective and they're starting to demand answers, not only from the ones at the top in the federal system but even those in the local systems. They're demanding answers. They're demanding to know what organizations they've already sworn fealty to, and what those organizations are associated with, where they go back to, the United Nations et cetera, et cetera.  Already you have a tremendous movement and especially amongst the young who are not jaded by life and not beaten down with life, like most people are, going through this worrisome system, so the young who are going to take the brunt of it are the ones who will take the lead.  They'll take over eventually and the world that they want to create is the one they will back, whichever way they want to go.


Mike:  Are you finding people coming around?


Alan:  Yes.


Mike:  Because I don't know. We get sprayed heavy here in New Jersey. I find the people just like you were saying before, very apathetic.


Alan:  Lots of them are apathetic but again because I'm who I am I get so many calls coming in, information coming in. They're scattered but they're all over the planet and they're asking all the right questions and their numbers are growing and, as I say, especially amongst the younger people who have a right since they're going to live longer hopefully than anyone else. They have a right to start planning the kind of future they want, society they want.


Mike:  Okay.


Alan:  Thanks for calling in.


Mike:  Thank you for answering my question, Alan.


Alan:  Okay. Bye now. I think we also have Debra in Maryland. Are you there, Debra?


Debra:  Yes I am. Love your show.


Alan:  You love the show.


Debra:  I've told so many people listen. I'm not of the younger generation. I'm now 50 and there is a lot of gloom out there. There is a lot of apathy but the plus side is that there are other people out there like me and I've connected with them and I want to run for public office. I want to take on a senate seat and they're not going to like my press conferences because they're going to be pretty much a lot of what you have spoken about among other people.  I guess I was lucky in the sense I grew in a military family and my father was military intelligence and I listened to him and I asked a lot of questions growing up. So I guess early on I had taken a red pill.


Alan:  As I say, I think it was Bernard Baruch was the guy who first said, he was an adviser to President Wilson, he said, "for everything the public is told there's a very good reason and then there's a real reason."  You probably got more of the real reasons behind the scene. 


Debra:  Exactly, and we're going back to the Vietnam War and that whole mess and now I see what's going on now, unfortunately.  My father is still very much alive and he's aware of what has transpired and the day that 9/11 happened I was on my way down to the Bronx through where I volunteered on my day off and I knew it was wrong.


Alan:  Hold on until after the break and we'll talk some more.


Debra:  All right. Thank you.


Alan:  Back in a couple of minutes. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and I have Debra from Maryland on the line and could you continue, Debra, with some of the things you're thinking about and seeing around you?


Debra:  Absolutely. I think for people to not be apathetic. To not give up. Yes, it's a huge problem but one person can make a difference.  I think I'm just a peasant as it were but those of us who are the peasants can rise up because we're in terms of numbers there are much more of us. So, yes, awaken other so called peasants to what's really going on and rise up and believe for one moment in time that you can make a difference and that if you speak out or if you run for public office. They won't like my press conferences one bit because I'm going to spell it out jus like it is.


Alan:  Yes, that's the thing. Again, too, we do need a new way. We've lost our way. Actually we didn't lose it, we were led astray quite easily too. We we’re drugged and doped and entertained and worried at the same time and going round in circles and trying to get by, but we we're led astray along a different path than the way we were supposed to have gone on and the system is becoming more inhumane rather than more humane.


Debra:  I see that every day, don't you?


Alan:  Every day and the corruption is rampant. Rampant at the top, it's open blatant corruption. Fascism was taught in schools at one time what it was, and that's the interlacing of big corporations, private corporations with government hand in glove and you find these politicians are in and out of these corporations as CEOs and back into politics. This is true fascism, more so than we've seen it in the past in fact.


Debra:  If anybody Googles the 14 common traits of fascism this country is there. It's been there for a while. You just didn't notice it because you were paying attention to the mainstream media.


Alan:  That's right. You see if they don't use the terms communism or fascism and the media doesn't use those terms, they can tell you what they're doing, which is communistic or fascist, but if they don't use the terms the public won't associate it with what it actually is. It's quite simple.


Debra:  If you speak to people, which I do on a daily basis, and you start spelling it out and you don’t call it what it really is they get that something's horribly wrong. What I get from them is “but what can I do”?


Alan:  I know. “What can I do?”


Debra:  I said I'm running for senate and they're like, “you're running for senate?” Well, why not?

:  I know and what a system too. What a system where it takes so much money for any person to run. I mean that's to exclude.

Debra:  That's the giveaway right there.

:  That's it. It's meant to exclude you.

Debra:  And put you into their side. You're done. Don't accept any corporate donations. Do it all grassroots.

:   It has to be done grassroots. That's the way it was meant to be in the first place, but it didn't take them long to get in with the old, old European system where the bankers and the big boys back their favorite and their favorite wins.

Debra:  But don't you think, Alan, in a sense it was a set up from the start?

:  I do personally, yes.  If you read the histories of Alexander Hamilton, who's probably one of the most open psychopaths amongst them and he's not liked because of that, even though he's one of the few that told the truth.

Debra:  He did actually.

:  He says the peasants are the peasants and he said when he was getting shown around Jefferson's home and Jefferson was showing him his heroes down through the history of the world and Hamilton says, my heroes are Caligula and Nero and Alexander the Great. He says why not. He said they changed the world and the public went along with it type of deal. He says what would you rather have, one king in charge of the whole of the United States with a family to keep in wealth and luxury, or thousands of bureaucrats or politicians with their families?  He was asking an honest question. What would you rather have? One tyrant king and his family, or thousands of tyrants at the top; and that's what we have today, we have the thousands of tyrants at the top.

Debra:  That is exactly it and you all go back to the same crooks and criminal right from the beginning. Nothing has changed.

:  Nothing at all, and again as I say Professor Carroll Quigley in his book "The Anglo-America Establishment" is quite blatant. He thought it was a fantastic idea. He believed he was an elitist himself and that the elite should rule the world and he spelled it all out. He fills in all the blank spots in history over the last couple of centuries and who backed the wars, who created the wars, who profited from them and what their end goal was.

Debra:  It's the same. It's all the same people.

:  It is, the same family lineages.

Debra:  Once you get somebody's head around that, then you've opened the door to their true freedom.

:  Yes that's right.

Debra:  I don't see that the Americas are going to survive this. I don't see that and that's a horrible feeling for me. I don't see that George Bush and his ilk are and this empire-building scheme that they've got going down is going to be something that the people of my country are going to survive. We're going to be a third world country. We’re going to be a third world country, a banana republic.

:  I know that Maurice Strong who works at the United Nations, he's one of the technocrats that globe-trots all over the place, he said that at I think it was the Earth Summit when he was asked about the rights. It was an American that asked him about the rights of people because it was all about rights of animals and so on and so on, and he said “by the time we're finished you'll wish you had the rights of a tree.”

Debra:  Did he?

:  He despises Americans. You'll find the elite themselves, even if they're born there, they despise the ordinary American.

Debra:  I've said to people that I encounter George Bush is all about – you know they'll say he's all about he wants to bring democracy.  I said he wants to export it out of this country entirely, which is true.

:  It's true, yes.

Debra:  His only ideal with regard to the Middle East is to secure oil contracts.


Alan:  That's correct.

Debra:  And there's no other – whether you're looking at the so-called democrat or republican party, no party is – there is no party.


Alan:  There's no party. I mean which bunch of multimillionaire lawyers do you want to vote for? The ones on the left or the right?

Debra:  This is the hardest thing that I try and get across to people who are "democratic" people. They vote democratic. They're about the anti-war movement. They're about all these other movements within the democratic parties and I say to them, what have your people done? They have done nothing.


Alan:  No, and that's what I saw growing up in Britain, I'll have to say this. In Britain I studied the agenda for The Royal Institute for International Affairs. I realized that everything they planned and published openly in the 1940’s and '50’s they were still working through, including united Europe. This is back in the 1960’s and '70’s and I realized the whole world was gone on the same course, regardless of what party appears to be in power, the agenda carries on unabated without halt.

Debra:  Exactly and this is what is so difficult for people to get their heads around. You can't – there is no party.


Alan:  There's no party.

Debra:  There's just this agenda and the agenda is to destroy you and your family and anybody underneath them and to turn the entire globe really into a banana republic.


Alan:  Pretty well. See the last vestige of an idea, even though taught down through the ages, of even a memory of what freedom is supposed to be lies in the USA and they have to eradicate even the memory of that.

Debra:  Isn't that so sad?


Alan:  Yes.

Debra:  I mean and that is what is so difficult for my father. He's so depressed and I don't have any uplifting news for him because the course that this whole thing is on, how do you turn that around?


Alan:  Everyone is being used. I think that's the end of the show coming up actually. Well thanks for calling in.

Debra:  Thanks so much for your time and I love your show.


Alan:  Well tune in again.


Debra:  I will, every day.


Alan:  For the other callers, sorry for not getting around to you. I'll try the next time. Call in again. For myself and Hamish, up here in Ontario, Canada, where the snow is coming down, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.


Debra:  Thank you Alan.


Alan:  Thank you.



(Transcribed by Linda)