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December 6, 2007


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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on December 6th, 2007. Newcomers, look into the website where you can download until to your heart's content a lot of very displeasing stuff about the reality we live in. The reality that's hidden and you're given the illusion to replace it by the media and your education. Look into for transcripts of all the shows which are in the various tongues of Europe and pass them around to your friends because that's how the things spread, it’s mainly through people passing things on to other people, even though we have this internet, this big net here, it's still controlled by the big boys and they make sure you have thousands of diverse and fantastic voyages to fill your mind.


You'll find that you'll change more people by direct contact than any other means and that's what we're living in. It’s a world of incredible indoctrination because the understanding of how humans behave and how you can actually give them a reality was understood thousands of years ago. Thousands of years ago and that used to be what the priests did for pharaohs. Young pharaohs were brought into the mysteries and the mysteries really, under many allegories that fascinated the people beneath them, the mysteries are really about control and how to control vast populations of slaves basically, from the top to the bottom, by giving them another reality. A reality based on religion and a fear of what happens after this life and so if you didn't behave yourself that big Eye of Ra that would know your every thought, every nasty little thought that you had, you might go round in circles forever, sort of born again and again and again, over and over and over. They say that "hell is repetition" and I think they're right. Who would want that over and over and over again?


They controlled thousands and millions of people over many, many centuries right up to the present day and now science is taking over from religion, science with its big friend the media. You always have scribes to go with the religious priests. The priests now are the scientists in the white coats and the experts, and media are the scribes that write it all out for you and fool you once again. That's why the theories in science at the bottom level for the public keep changing. Every few years they give you a brand new theory that contradicts the last theory that was taught as the gospel truth, but on the higher levels of science of course they know what is fact and what is empirical evidence because we're tested over and over and over again. However, for the bottom level, they give us theories and that fills our minds and we chat about these theories to our friends and we all debate the theories. A theory is just a good guess, yet people come out with their little Masonic caps on and their capes on with their little diploma in their hands from colleges and universities and they pass. They pass their degrees—the degrees of this occult system—by repeating theories, parroting theories, which obviously if a new theory comes along then the ones who passed last year did falsely, they should all be disrobed basically, shouldn't they? It doesn't happen in the world of theories, but at the top, yes, they certainly do know what they're doing.


Now every major movement we've ever, ever seen which is approved from the top always like Plato said, you can't allow grassroots organizations to foster. If they do you must get rid of them because they could have unforeseen ripple effects on this planned society that you're bringing in and you're controlling. Therefore, all major events that happen in societal structure must be approved and implemented from the top down and that's how it works today.


Now the huge environmental organization today that most people have been brainwashed into believing just came from people who went around doors with little tin cans collecting money to save trees and so on – these big organizations that are highly funded by the big institutions, which are just a front for the wealthy families that run the world, they started up this environmental system to make us all think we're killing off the planet. You look at the people who run and founded these big institutes like the Rockefeller's that plowed up more ground than anyone else to get oil (Standard Oil of New York) and now it's split up in many other companies, but they still control them under different names, and these are the same guys that fund the other side, the environmental movement. Their biggest contributions come from these particular institutions that still are involved in massive big business.


If we jump back in time to Adam Weishaupt and other authors even later with Albert Pike, the Pope of Freemasonry, who talked about bringing in big institutions that would be so wealthy they would become masters over the masters of the world and they would direct the policies of the planet. Remember that both these characters belonged to an organization with many, many faces, like Ancient Egypt. Isis was the goddess with a thousand faces. Everything you looked at really was a sect of the same religion given different names to confuse the public and that's exactly how it is today too. These big institutions, these interlocking institutions that often have the same CEOs chair-hopping from one chair to the other chair in other institutions and go round in circles. These big institutions plan with think tanks the direction of the world and as well as the Royal Institute for International Affairs. These characters are already working with other think tanks on the whole future of food and who will control the food supply of the world and what kind of food they'll give the peasantry, because they always tamper with food to keep us nice and dumb and stupid and they have for thousands of years.


These institutions are interlocked also with what you think of as MI6 and the CIA and royalty. They're all completely interlocked. They give the public this illusion that everything is somehow independent from everything else, yet they all work together, always planning and implementing the future, bringing it into the present and going ahead. That's why we're the last to know in this world, the absolute last to know what's actually happening. Most things have already happened. They've happened when we find out about them. It's like the NAFTA Highway that's going past my place up here not too far away. It was never discussed in any newspapers. They just started building it and it's a war priority meaning they clear the snow. This is Canada. You get lots of snow up here. They clear the snow in order to keep working every day, seven days a week, summer and winter. It’s a priority and we'll know eventually when it's all built and then they'll have a little debate of “should they build it?” in Ottawa. Should they build it and it's already done. That's how things actually happen in the real world.


It's like NASA. After all the science fiction we have we never question the billions of dollars given to them from the taxpayer or even what it stands for or why it's even so important. We think it's for space exploration, like that's a very important priority or something. Look at the mess of this world right here. We're always given this fake reality. Back in the '80’s and the '90’s Mr. Maurice Strong, who works for these big foundations and the United Nations, you always find it interlocking, who was picked up by old Rockefeller and trained and he's done his rounds. He's was even head of the World Bank at one time. He was the man they even sent into Ontario, a huge province, a big state of Ontario. They sent him in here and made him the CEO of that and he started up the privatization process to sell it off to their buddies for peanuts after the taxpayer had built it up after many, many years, and then he went back to the United Nations after that.


These characters are all over. Very busy and they never retire. They never put their feet up and go fishing and collect their pension. They keep going into their 90’s putting in 12 to 16 hours a day sometimes. Quite amazing. Dedication, there you go. Dedication. However, Maurice Strong at the Earth Summit was the guy who was asked about all the rights of animals for the Biodiversity Treaty. A big Biodiversity Treaty that was signed on everyone's behalf and you didn't even know about it and they gave rights to all the animals, all the insects and all the trees and everything that blew and all the rest of it through the air, but it didn't give any rights for humans. Someone asked Mr. Maurice Strong, they said, "what about humans? Where do we fit into this?" And he looked at this person scoldingly and said, "by the time we're finished you'll wish you had the same rights as a tree." That was Mr. Maurice Strong, this great unelected person who always gets top positions advising governments and institutions and the United Nations and so on.


That's the real world – a combination, a big gang with many faces, all interlocked together, always planning your future and that's what George Orwell tried to tell us about; and the big environment movement is the way they're going to take all your property from you. Change the old system and make way for all that that is new. That's what they say by the big builders, the big high Masons, not the little guys at the bottom. They're going to make a brand new world, a world where the peasantry as they eliminate and cut down the population of the peasantry, generation by generation, we hope, not that we want to be killed off at all, but at least they won't do it all at once. Then they're going to bring us all into these habitat areas, Agenda 21 for the 21st Century.  It's called Agenda 21 by the United Nations where there will be no private property. There will be no private vehicles. That's why they haven't given you all the other technology that they've been yapping about and showing us for the last 50 years. It was never intended that you have a mobile population in the Brave New World which they're bringing up. In this controlled environment and in this controlled type city where you'll be overcrowded, all living on top of each other for a while, while of course the high bureaucracy will live like they did in the politburo in the Soviet system: big dachas in the country and maids, servants and butlers and all that kind of stuff. That's going to be how it's going to be and it's all planned that way.


You can look into the United Nations and look for their conservation areas of the future, the near future too, not far away, and they've all different colors on the maps to show you where habitat areas will be, where animal corridors will be and all this kind of thing; but what are the means, what are the methods they're using to bring this about? The methods mainly are something they don't talk about because they don't want you knowing about it, and that's weather warfare. They must convince you that you are a problem. You are causing global warming. Yes, you with your cigarette and your match there, or you who light your little stove to keep alive. You're the problem and they're going to convince you through massive propaganda and a few thousand scientists that are all on the payroll of the United Nations. They live on grants, by the way. That's why they can always find the right scientists to say the right things when they want them; and they educate the children from kindergarten on. It's already been happening. We're the problem and we have to change our ways and they're going to tell us how we're going to change our ways because it's all planned.


However, in the meantime we must go through the fiasco of watching the taxation go up and up and up for property and so on. We’ve already got the United Nations organization with members in every country to go round houses and domestic homes and so on and check to see if you're up to the building codes; and if you're not up to the building codes they're going to fine you thousands of dollars per day. Per day so that you'll get out of that home because they don't want you living in the country anymore. That's been going on now for a few years and I'm going to read a little article shortly about this.


We don't really care what happens to other people until it happens to us. That's something else they understand at the top. They understand this process very, very well. It's the old thing. The wolves come in and then circle the pack, the herd, and then they come out and pick one out here and pick one there and everyone else is trying to save their own skin. They don't want to see. They don't want to know. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, talk about pleasant things – another thing that they encourage through all the New Age movement. Don't look at the negatives. Turn away from them. Turn your back and plug your ears and close your eyes and think nice thoughts; and they'll tell you what the nice thoughts are. That's all part of the whole process of indoctrination, the whole New Age movement, the environmental movement, it's been intertwined and it was dreamed up a long, long time ago by the guys at the top, the advisers to those who pretty well own the world, since they own the governmental systems and they own the money supply to our entire planet and they've convinced us all that we need it.


That's the simple trick: Money. We need money. We don't need food. No, we get money to get food and we spend a good part of our lives in the school training to earn money, not to grow food or how to raise anything else or raise animals. No, we're taught to get money, because with money, as Karl Marx said and then Lenin followed and they were all trained by the best bankers, they said they can tax it back from you. Taxation is just your labor in another form going back to those at the top and they use that coinage to hire more laborers and scientists to control you. I'll be back with more after the following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and for a day that's been heavy with work, getting wood and all the rest of it and going through all this snow, I seem to be kind of warming up now.  I should mention before I go onto this article, before I take callers, that those who want to keep me going they can buy my books, my CDs and videos on my website and that keeps me going. That's the only income really that keeps all this together. I don't get paid for being on shows. I don't ask for money to be on shows and I could. I could go with sponsors and all the rest of it and give you ads and the ads really – that's all it would be. I'd bring on guests and I'd be plugging ads for them, and I don't want to do that to be honest with you. However, we do need folk to buy what these advertisers are doing because otherwise there's no shows and that's the bind we're in. We're all compromised to some extent in this system, this system of what they call interdependence where everything runs on this odd commodity called money. That's why it's current. It's currency. It's like a current that flows through society and it runs the system. An old, old trick that goes back thousands of years and then they coined it in 800 BC for the first time; it saved them from carrying big bags of it round in dust and nuggets.


This is about the environmental movement I'm talking about and it's something that struck me when I was remembering when I was moving this wood today and I have all these odd thoughts that pop through my mind. Lenin talked about a time that would come in the West – remember as I say this man took over the world revolutionary movement from Giuseppe Mazzini. Mazzini took over the actual Scottish Rite of Freemasonry from Albert Pike. He was trained by Pike to be a world revolutionary and he did go over to the Soviet Union and he led a big sect of it over there for a time. Mazzini actually authorized the creation of the mafia, but it was all connected with freemasonry, which again goes back to England or London where all freemasonic movements are registered. They all get their little registration there and their authorized little charter to exist. It doesn't matter what name they go under, it all goes back to that place.


Here you have the ones who control the world creating their own revolutionary to bring a different system that people think is different from the old one. It's the same ones in charge of it. That's the con and the environmental movement was to create a system where we give up everything – give up everything and go along with being controlled even more so. Lenin talked about a time that would come in the West where there would be so many layers and levels of bureaucracies and governmental departments, right down to all your different local departments and state et cetera, that they'd be stepping on each other's toes, and when that happened they'd be fighting over the people really because all their money comes from the public. We're the big herd and everything grabs the money off you. That's what it's all about. You get fleeced. That's what Masons do. They wear those little lambskin aprons because they fleece the sheep you see and the sheep's only purpose is to feed and clothe their masters. That's the purpose of sheep. Sheep are pretty dumb and stupid animals and they all follow each other, even over a cliff if it happens to be that way, and that's what they think of the public.


Albert Pike himself said that the person who will not really take their own liberty and think for themselves is no more than meat on the table and a beast of burden by choice and consent. That's what they think of the general public including the lower level Masons because Pike didn't make any differentiation between those who went up the first three degrees and the general public. They were willing fools basically. Here's an environmental movement that's taking off into high gear and it's weeding out little people here and there and you don't care because they haven’t come for you yet.


It's happening all over the place and this is from the Los Angeles Times on the 27th of November 2007. It's by Steve Lopez.



             "Out on a Limb over Trimming Fiasco.


             "Everybody's got a horror story about a bureaucratic nightmare, but if you can top this one, call me collect at your earliest convenience. Ann Collard was seven months pregnant with her third child in June when an abatement notice came from the Glendale Fire Department. She and her husband, Mike, were ordered to clear some foliage and maintain 5 feet of "vertical clearance between roof surfaces and overhanging portions of trees. The Collards knew their oaks and sycamores needed a trim. And so they talked to neighbors, did a little research and called a recommended tree trimmer based in Orange County. For $3,000, the guy said, he'd remove about 15% of the foliage and they'd be in the clear. The Collards asked if a permit was necessary. Not at all, said the licensed trimmer, who told the Collards he'd done lots of work in Glendale."


Alan:  And he probably had, probably for the mayor and all the bigwigs and the ones that give you all these abatements et cetera.


             "On the third day of the three-day job, the city's urban forester happened to be in the neighborhood, and noticed the tree trimmer doing his thing. She saw what was happening and said, 'Stop! Cease and desist!' " says Mike, a work-at-home software and computer guy. Glendale has an indigenous tree protection ordinance that dates to the 1980’s. It was enacted to discourage developers and homeowners from bulldozing or hacking trees willy-nilly. Earlier this year, because of citizen complaints that native trees were still being ruined, the city approved more restrictions and bigger fines."


Alan:  This actually is coming all from the United Nations, by the way. They don't mention it in this article.


             "None of which the Collards knew about. They now admit that had they read the Fire Department notice closely, they would have seen in small print that a free permit was required to trim oak and sycamore branches larger than 1 inch in diameter. But it was an understandable oversight. A week after her first visit, the urban forester was back, telling the Collards an arborist would come by soon to assess the damage."


Alan:  Now I'll skip on ahead here. The fact is they've got a massive fine levied on them, a massive fine, $347,600. How’s that? How’s that for being a good citizen, eh? And they know darn well no one can afford this stuff, but this is where Mr. Maurice Strong and the Earth Summit and all of this big charade on the environment is going to, it’s to persecute the ordinary people and one day we'll be into little rental accommodation. The whole world is to go into rental only. That way you can get penalized and authors have written about that from the big institutes. The government will eventually give you credits instead of money and that way they'll keep you in line if you're antisocial and you don't go along with all the rules and regulations; your money or your credits will be cut off. You won't get your allocated credits for the week. You can't save them up. That was Bertrand Russell that talked about that. You'll simply start with the same amount every week, so here you have this kind of stuff happening with the Collards and that's from Melissa in California.


Now this is happening all over the place. A farmer not too long ago, I think he was in Arizona, got a tap on the door and he had a damaged gutter coming down from his roof. It hardly rains there so I don't know what the problem was, but for a dented gutter they want to charge him $5,000 and $1,000 a day until he got it fixed. This is the farce that we're living in, the utter farce. They’re all the greenies. That's why they created the Green Party, by the way. It's to take over eventually from the blue and the red. These are all colors of Masonic lodges and systems. That’s all it is, that's what you're living amongst and they give you the tie that binds, by the way, to go with each party. These are all colors of Masonic systems. The green one is to take over from the blue or the red you see. The red is always labor and the blue one is always conservative and the green one is the one that's taken over and we all love green. It's a nice color. It's nature's color and that's what they're using, the whole environmental movement, plus weather warfare to convince you that you're the problem. You've got to change your little old ways. I'll be back with more after these messages.



"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak

There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting through the Matrix. Like that song says, it can't go on, this code of silence. For those who have woken up and notice that the king has no clothes, while all of the general public are all standing in awe of this king, we have to speak out now because the time is coming very quickly where we'll have to become very politically correct, where the CIA will be ordering the patriot stations what are safe topics and you’ll be back into politics and religion and all this kind of stuff before you know it. That will come. That will come because bills have already passed in Congress that were actually drafted up by the Pentagon to stop people from saying their piece on the radio unless it's authorized. They're going over talk show hosts’ comments to see if they've ever advocated violence against the government or you'll be whipped off to Guantanamo Bay and given your routine over there and reconditioned and set free and come back like a robot and probably go up and vote for people. I mean that shows you you've lost your head.


Now I think we've got Rick here. Rick was on the line. Are you still there?


Rick:  Yes I am. Can you hear me, Alan?


Alan:  Yes. You're in California?


Rick:  Yes. How are you doing? How is the winter treating you up there?


Alan:  The winter came in rather heavily. We're getting roughly 8 inches per day roughly of snow and then I had to haul a bunch of wood up. I've still got another pile to get tomorrow and I just finished and ate and fed the dog before I came on the radio, so it's coming in and not leaving me much time for anything, but that's the way my life has been for the last few years.


Rick:  I wanted to tell you a little bit about what's happening in my life lately. I have been having long conversations about the global policy with this Mexican friend of mine and he's listened to you but he has decided to go with Marxism with socialist and I'm trying to convince him, tell him that Marx was for a lot of this stuff that's going on. He brought an article to me from the [La Prenta] and it was saying that in January 2008 the final effects of NAFTA are to go through and Archer Daniel Midland and Cargill went down to Mexico and took over all the corn production and are using it for bio-fuel.


Alan:  They've already set up Chile before that. They've done that over the last ten years to do the same thing.


Rick:  The article said that what they've done is they've held reserves of corn and held back from the people and they created artificial scarcity and driven up the price of corn really, really high. It’s called the tortilla crisis.


Alan:  It's all modified stuff they brought in too. I know that they tried to keep all the modified stuff out of Latin American countries and Monsanto through various means and I think even dropped stuff from planes to seed the fields. They've got it in there now.


Rick:  That's why a lot of people are coming over here because they can't survive down there. They're forced out of their country essentially.


Alan:  Sure they are and it’s in cahoots. This is the whole thing with the big foundations in the U.S. I mean people don't realize that Rockefeller Foundation and the other ones, Ford, Carnegie and so on, and I think even Rockefeller runs the Carnegie Institute now. It's the same bunch at the top that run that other institution. They fund most movements in Mexico, I don't know if you realize that, including the ones that they think they're fighting for independence. They fund all sides.


Rick:  I've already talked about the patriot radio shows bashing Mexicans, but then on the other side I've seen and heard a lot of Mexicans and a lot of other people falling for Marxism. 


Alan:  Yes, it's the dialectic. They give us the dialectic and capitalism is just the head side of the coin and then you have the flip side, the tail side of the coin and that's what they give the public. You always get in the rear, you see, and so they tell you all the things the working person knows and can see for themselves and promise you a utopia and it's exactly like George Orwell said, "some are more equal than others in such utopias." We saw that in the Soviet Union where those who work for the system, the politburo and all their relatives and dependents, they lived a good comparable life with the West, the same standard of living, while the people really at the bottom got all the junky houses and so on. It's a big con game and we know even with the big banks, the whole thing with communism was they told the people that the government would run the monied system, but that wasn't true. They allowed independent banks on the condition that they made no money of the labor of people. Now you know what lawyers do with a term like that, don't you? There's a billion ways around it, and at the end when the wall came down and they said, oh, gee, we just can't run this anymore, remembering too that Lenin said this dictatorship will last only about 70 years. He knew the whole schedule and sure enough, I think it was Mr. Solomon ended up in the British papers, the Daily Mail, he left the Soviet Union or the ex-Soviet Union at the end with billions and billions of dollars worth of the money that the big banks had collected during that entire Soviet era. Then he went off to join, it said, his relative the Rothschild's in London. Isn't that something? So you're always conned but they're very, very good at telling you what you want to hear and what you understand.


Rick:  I have another question that's unrelated to this, but you were talking about the Apple and the Windows sort of being in there like a dialectic. You know either Mac or PC and I'm wondering what do you think of Linux? Is that sort of a third way?


Alan:  It would have to be. I know people who use the Linux system who once they get used to it and familiarized with it swear by it, but it's like cars to me to be honest. What model car is the best? It makes no difference to me. We're all in it – it's still called the net. You're on the net or in the net, whether you like it or not, or you’re stuck on the web like a fly on a spider’s web. It's a system that was a must-be and back in the '70’s and '80’s we had Brzezinski and others talking about this coming system that everyone would have to get on and it was going to change the world. Revolutionalize the world is what they said. Now these guys when they say revolution they mean it because they run all revolutions including the physical ones, the sexual ones, the gender ones and all the other ones in between. They run all revolutions, which are cultural revolutions, and this was part of their system to get the whole world stuck on their web in order to control you basically and have data collection on every single person on the planet.


Rick:  I read an article in the "Atlantic Monthly" from 1945 by a man named Vannevar Bush who ran all the U.S. weapons development during World War II and he got into computers and he started talking about in the future like a web, an encyclopedia that you could pull down. A friend of mine mentioned an old '50’s advertisement of a man at a stereo with a monitor that looked like a stereo but it had a monitor and it had pair of jeans in it and it said you can shop for jeans. It was like it was online.


Alan:  In World War II they had newscasts that were shown in the movie houses, the cinemas, and there was a report, it was just after D-Day and one of the main reporters from the U.S. that went in with the troops was showing all these pictures of the troops running up beaches and all the rest of it. He says you'll never guess how this is being relayed and transmitted and another camera pans into him and he's got this little cell phone in his hand with a little camera on it and a little screen on it and he said this is being directed live to the United States. He said shortly everyone will have one of these in their home; and of course we never saw it for another 40 years.


Rick:  Can I download that or get that somewhere online? Is that available that clip?


Alan:  You'd have to search. A really good search very quickly too now that I've said it.


Rick:  Okay. Thank you very much Alan.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.


Rick:  You have a nice day.


Alan:  You too. Yes, we're kept in the dark with real technology and I can remember the old movies they'd show you with government departments with these massive machines and reel-to-reel tapes going and this was the big computers. They were way beyond that at the higher levels. Way beyond it. They had solid-state circuitry at least in the 1950’s with micro-circuitry before we were even given the transistor radio, which was another step still to come before the solid-state. They had all this stuff at very high levels of the CIA, MI6 and all the rest of it, and that's how you keep control over power. You never share all of what you have with the general public. What we get is obsolete and that's the big joke. I'll be back with more of this after the following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back when you were sleeping. We're all sleeping. The whole world is asleep and we've been sleeping for an awful long time and most people haven't a clue what's really going on or what's real anymore. Part of the problem is that they're overloaded their entire life with worry and stress and the training to get up there and compete, compete, compete for a living with other people, competition and to be successful. Success means you're supposed to reach a stage where you've eliminated all the competition. You've got to the top and very few ever do that except the psychopaths. They have the natural ability because they have no conscience. They don't worry about all the nasty things they've done and they live on ego. They are pure egotistical personalities, therefore they can always rationalize insane things. They'll rationalize anything to keep their own ego intact.


That's the system we're born and brought up into and to top all that off we have a psychopathic culture given to us, which is anything but humane. It's anti-humane. We're not humane to each other. We're not allowed really to be humane to each other in this system where we're all worried about getting kicked out in the streets or arrested by cops because you've got a bit of rust on your car or whatever it might be, or the latest law that you've broken and you didn't know existed, because they keep churning out laws all the time. That's again how the Soviet system was. That's so if ever they want you, you don't know it. You're breaking about five to 10 laws per day and if they do want you, they can pick you up on one of them. That's why they put all these laws out there. However, the other part is to keep you in stress and fear and always buying the newest vehicle and so on, trying to comply, comply, comply, until you're like a hamster on speed in a treadmill, that little wheel it's on, and you're just running and running in the same spot and you can't keep up. Then you give a class system of those who are better at competing than other people so that the middle classes don't care what happens to those down below them. They think they've made it somehow and all these laws, all the cost increases won't affect them the same way, until it does hit them and then they start howling to the guys above them.


That's how everyone is separated in the system. Then you add to it the gender wars that they've added to it as well and the intergenerational wars where everybody is segregated from every other generation, which is nothing like it used to be. I mean people used to even dress the same way. The multitude of people would even dress the same way for generations. There was no such thing as fashion for the massive peasantry that happened before the Industrial Revolution. Everyone is fighting everyone else and pretending they don't belong to the human race as everyone else and somehow they're special, until it hits them as well and then they start howling and squealing and demanding to know what's been happening.


That's the problem. You have to be awake to know what's happening and you have to use the gray matter – the gray matter that's in between your ears, that's what it's for, and you must start using memory, your own memory. That was a trick that was found out thousands of years ago and discussed by Greek philosophers when they bemoaned the fact that writing was becoming prevalent amongst even their own class, because at one time you used to hire someone to write letters for you and communicate for you. That's what kings and queens of England even did up until the last couple of centuries ago. In Ancient Greece they were bemoaning the fact that more people were learning to read and write and that would make them not use their memory so much, because before that people had to learn in school how to memorize things, their history as well, and they could recite history. Then, if you go into the European countries and even Scotland and Ireland you found the tribal systems they had. They had bards and the bard was brought up as a child. He was picked for his abilities and trained and he could recite centuries of history, oral history and poetry and rhyme and sometimes in song as well. Fantastic abilities and we're capable of that.


See we're capable of that, but with everyone getting a basic education (that's why they call it basic education), we’re given basic education, not the true education but the basic one, so we can operate the system for those that own it. We're not given the higher meanings of truth or anything like that, but we're also overloaded with data and trivia. That's what most media lives on is trivia. They give you lots of trivia and data to fill your head and the rest of it is generally programming. It's predictive programming, stories where it's meant to have an impact, a psychological impact, when something they want you to do or mimic or copy or trend they want to start, they couple it with emotive reasons and they hit it with emotive punches into your mind and it becomes imprinted. Then you see it happening in your lifetime, a new trend in society, the way things are going, and you accept it quite passively thinking it's quite natural.


This is now it's done and we've all been brought up in this system. Every country is the same and the last few countries that haven't gone along with the standardization process and don't ever kid yourself that the United Nations hides behind its eternal propaganda of bringing the world together with its diversities. Don't ever believe that for a minute because it was decided 200-odd years ago and written about by big economists in London that they would allow no other system or culture to coexist and so they're finishing off those countries that will not go along and become standardized in the new system. They must get rid of those things that impede their so-called progress and I've never heard anyone come out and define to the public what progress is. Whose definition of progress does it happen to be?  Because it's never given. It's never given. Now of course it's never given because they don't want you to know the real truth. Someone's defined it.  It's like when Bush came out with the “new freedom” and everyone sort of in one ear and out the other as usual, just more data, but he was giving you a legal statement. Here's a president who's telling you that freedom has been redefined. You better listen to that and understand what he's telling you and so far I don't think anyone who heard it has asked for the definition of the new freedom from the president or the guys that write all these scripts for him. The same guys that work for Hollywood because that's who they hire. They hire scriptwriters.


We should demand to know what he means by the New Freedom. That's an official statement. It's like the New Deal. The New Deal meant the throwing out of the old constitutional values and laws and rules. Here's the New Deal and that was a legal statement of a new system and it goes in people’s ears and out the other. Sad, isn't it? Sad how things happen. They're told legally something and it doesn't even register because they've been trained not to think for themselves. They’ve been trained that the media, like Brzezinski said, the media is there to do all their thinking, their reasoning for them so it doesn't occur to them to ask the question: What does that mean? Define it. They truly believe the media is there to do their reasoning for them – these altruistic guys on the television that come on at 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. when you're in somnambulistic state. That's why they have it on late at night. You're addicted to fear or terror or you might miss some law that's going to affect you tomorrow. That's why you stay up to watch the news, 11 p.m. when you're somnambulistic. The scientists discussed this back in the '50’s how to train the public. Train them to alter their behavior. It's called behavior modification. Make them stay up later and watch late night news and once you do that you're downloaded very, very easily because the censor part of your brain is fast asleep and everything you've been told becomes the gospel truth; and there's that guy that you've grown up with. He's tottering on his feet to keep him employed because you're grown up with him and he's about 80 years of age and would big daddy lie to you? Of course he wouldn't. He stares at your face every night on that screen while he's reading the dummy board you don't see. He's an actor. An actor who speaks with the voice of authority.


In Ancient Rome they hired professional orators, so you'll see all these speeches that the different emperors gave but they didn't actually give them. They just sat there and the orator would get up there, professional orator, and do the hand waving and the gestures, all practiced, and speak in a very, very well trained voice and read the script on behalf of the emperor. Nothing really has changed but the puppets have to do it themselves. They have to read it themselves so they come on television and read what some scriptwriter has written for them. Some of the scriptwriters for your president of the U.S. were born and brought up in Canada. They also ran both sides of your election for the candidates on the last one. Canadians did that.


I’ll be back with more after the following messages.






"The Future" by Leonard Cohen


Give me back my broken night
my mirrored room, my secret life
it's lonely here,
there's no one left to torture
Give me absolute control
over every living soul
And lie beside me, baby,
that's an order!
Take the only tree that's left
and stuff it up the hole
in your culture
Give me back the Berlin wall
give me Stalin and St Paul
I've seen the future, brother:

It I murder.


Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won't be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
has crossed the threshold
and it has overturned
the order of the soul
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're going through this matrix and the words to that song are very telling because you see that's the future. That's the future. We’re going into it right now and you're watching it being built all around you. You have since 9/11 and those with eyes to see and ears to hear saw it long before 9/11 when they tried to pass anti-terrorism bills back in the '90’s. Those in the know who occasionally talk a little bit loosely to certain individuals were discussing this as far back as the '70’s when they said that after the Soviet system, after the Soviet era that they would bring in a planned world, like a planned parenthood type of thing, a planned world that would follow the Huxlian system. Initially, you would see the force of the Orwellian type system, but eventually they wouldn't even need troops to keep you in line or policeman to keep you in line because something was going to happen that you couldn't think for yourself; and what they're talking about is chipping the public. Putting chips in you. Interfacing you with computers and literally controlling what you will think of as an existence, probably giving you a complete fantasy.


I've talked about and it's on my website too, at least one of the downloaded transcripts I've got from the Loyola University back in 2000 and 2001, the very first one where they had the world meeting of scientists and biotech engineers from across the world that was hosted initially by Newt Gingrich. I believe he talked at later ones as well, so they always give good jobs to these guys that seem to fade out of the picture. They never do fade, like Maurice Strong. They're just given other appointments where they're given more power. They're not responsible to the general public and therefore they're given more power and they're happy to wield that power and do their Great Work as they call it. At that meeting they talked about the ability—and it was all ready to go actually—to control millions and millions and millions of people and eventually billions of people in the world with insertion of brain chips in their heads; and the big corporate guys where they have the big familiar corporations that deal with electronics.


I think Sony was one of the main leaders in that field because back in the '70’s and '80’s they had used silicon chips and managed to transmit signals from them into human brain tissue. Sweden had been one of the world's leaders in this area. They were using prisoners as far back as the late '70’s right through the '80’s and '90’s to interface them with computers. Sony and all these big companies, they're not as private as you think, they're all interconnected, have been working hard on creating a chip and it's all ready to go and it's covered with a type of human protein. A kind of protoplasm which will bind with your nervous system and be able to transmit messages to your brain and receive messages from your brain and transmit them back to central or regional – they call it regional computers, which are apparently all ready to go, these supercomputers.


Back in the '90’s, Canada, in a little blurb in the Toronto Sun mentioned that Canada had ordered five super Cray computers. These are massive machines that are liquid cooled and create a tremendous electromagnetic activity around them. You can't wear metal or it will fly out your pocket and will fly across this machine. Five of these things – now one of them is enough to run the data pretty well of every person in this continent and little Canada had ordered five of them and the governments wouldn't tell us what they were for. Well, with five of them you certainly could have everyone in this continent interconnected and one of the speakers at that Loyola meeting said think of the world as interconnected. He said there would be no longer individualism, to even think or imagine individuality will be impossible once these chips are implanted and he said think of it more like the hive.


Now they love the hive. That's always been their symbol for controlled society going back to the days of Ancient Egypt. He said you'll hear the hum or the buzz of words passing through your head on the way to other people and back again. And I thought immediately that's exactly what they’ve shown us with the Borg from the Star Trek series when they met the big cube, the perfect ashlar, their spaceship, which was called the Hive. That's what you heard was the whispering of all these thousands and thousands of voices going through your head back and forth and that's the beautiful world they planned for the general public. Unfortunately, like the way they plugged the internet and the way they're plugging iPods and all the rest of it, and everything is getting smaller and smaller and smaller, until you need a microscope to punch the keys it will be so impossible, they're going to tell you that you can do much, much more if it's implanted inside your head. Then the media will go into overdrive and tell you not only will you have lots and lots and lots of porn but you can actually be in the porn movie. You'll think you're in it and that will be the biggest seller and people and I kid you not. I kid you not. They'll go in droves. All ages will go in droves into this new fantasy world that's outside of their control because they're not programming it. It's all done by other people and you cannot fight a system like they portrayed in the Matrix movies, you cannot fight a system if you're not in charge of the programming. That's the bottom line. Once you're in it you're stuck. You won't know what reality you're in. You might think you're still in the real world as they phase you into it; plus the Pentagon and other agencies across the world had admitted they have sets, fictitious sets of you. Doubles of you in fictional form with all the data they've collected on you in programs and computers. Alternate realities with a copy of you already in them and everything that you punch out there in this big world and all that data that you give out about yourself is now getting fed into them to be a perfect image of you.


Now they've got games out to scan the brains of the user using electromagnetic imaging and so on and ultrasound to scan your individual brain and then they can send back to you senses of smell and taste and so on to get you used to it, but it's scanning your brain. That data will also go back to these computers and one day you won't know if you've woke up in the real world or the fictitious one and that's coming. That's coming, and if they can increase the stress level and confusion that they have already in this world, most people will go into this feet first or head first. They'll dive into it, some of them, to escape what they think is the stress of this world and they're quite right about that. It's meant to be stressful by those who control it. They don't give us peace.


Look at your history books and you'll find not a generation has passed that's had peace of any kind. You're always given a war to fight or financial collapse or something, but they always make sure you’re worried and you scurry and you're afraid. That's intentional. That's the oldest trick in the book going back thousands of years because when it happens the public, who never figure it out, look to their leaders to help them. The abused people turn to the abuser for help and the abuser is only too happy to supply the solutions that he's already dreamed up, and we swallow it and go along with crazy laws all the time. That's the world they're bringing in and we have to stop once in a while and take a deep, deep breath and shut everything down and start thinking. That terrifies the modern person and they've done many, many tests on this particular subject.


A lot of people who come up for instance into the country from the cities and you can always tell them on the holiday weekends, nose-to-tail cars and they’ve piled so much into their vehicles, everything but the kitchen sink, for a weekend and they get to their destination. They try to put up tents or they go into little cabins they've rented and so on and unload all this stuff. They get drunk for one day and the next day with hangovers they're heading back to the cities; and they call this their holidays. It's just amazing to watch them. It's like watching a foreign species if you live in the country and they're so neurotic and the thing is the noise that comes with them because they can't sit for a minute without hearing a radio blast or a television blast. They can't sit in silence of nature without freaking out, because for the first time perhaps, for years, maybe for their whole life, they hear a little voice and it happens to be their own. They're thinking and it scares them. They're not used to it.


Do you really think that those talking alarm clocks that turn the radio on in the morning were there for your convenience?


Do you really need some disc jockey, a blabbermouth, a motormouth blabbing away first thing when you wake up, or was it for some other purpose? Then you drive to work with something blaring at you. Any noise at all. Even the guys who listen to sports even if they don't care about it because they don't like silence, then the bustle and the preoccupation at work, then they come back from work in their cars and nose-to-tail. Noise, noise, noise. They get back in the house. They turn the television on or the computer is on and they're playing away with games until they hit bedtime, but hardly a minute goes by where the average individual that comes from the city sits and thinks for themselves with their own thoughts. It freaks them out. It freaks them out and psychological and sociological studies are done on this all the time because that's why you pay big bucks and throw money at all these organizations to study us, because we must always be understood and controlled and upgraded like you'd upgrade a computer program.


They upgrade us every so often with newspeak and it's very similar to the Eskimos up north. I was reading a report that came out back in the '60’s apparently when they had to fly down someone from the Inuit territory and take him down to Toronto for an operation and they had to bring him back much quicker than expected because he couldn't stand the noise of the city, of vehicles even, night and day. He was used to silence, utter silence, and he couldn't stand not seeing the horizon. Everywhere he looked these massive buildings. These skyscrapers going up to the sky freaked him out and that's how we are. We're all so studied and according to our environment it will affect our mental health. We adapt to the environment and that's why people like Skinner, the behaviorist, the psychologist, said to change people, to change people we must alter their environment. That's why they gave you a radio. Your environment now is altered and that radio then will alter you. That's why they gave you a TV. It's in your environment. It's going to alter your behavior and it sure does. People sit there hypnotized for hours and never speak to each other watching television and the computer now is in your environment. It alters your behavior. Behavior modification.


All well understood except by those that use all this stuff, the people at the bottom that buy it. All well understood and discussed with top think tanks. They give reports to government departments and war administrations and Pentagons et cetera to make sure they never give anything to the public that would benefit the public. It's always for an ulterior purpose, behavior modification, alter the environment and they do.


Look at the behavior even with the RIDE programs. It started with again what people thought was a grassroots movement. Big con job. Everything is a con job. Moms against Drunk Driving.  The idea was to get you slowly trained into a system where you wouldn't mind so much. It would become routine getting stopped by policemen wearing guns. In any other time in history when you're stopped on the highway by a guy with guns you were going to get robbed. They called them highwaymen. They were robbers, like Dick Turpin, and you just give them a uniform – a one form, uniform – train the public that that cloth makes the person in it different and still put the pistols on them, and he puts his hand up and you stop. Now whether it's the highwayman grabbing the money out of your pocket or the rings off your finger, or a cop demanding that they give you a ticket that you pay his bosses, it's all the same act; it’s training you to obey. Obey power and weaponry. Keep you in fear. It's all to do with perception distortion and you distort perception by gradual indoctrination.


People like Jacques Ellul wrote about this in great lengths and great detail and he also advised people at the United Nations. You should read his books, he tells you how they really work. Back with more on perception after these messages.



"The Universal Solider" by Donovan


He's five foot-two, and he's six feet-four,
He fights with missiles and with spears.
He's all of thirty-one, and he's only seventeen,
Been a soldier for a thousand years.

He's a Catholic, a Hindu, an Atheist, a Jain,
A Buddhist and a Baptist and a Jew.
And he knows he shouldn't kill,
And he knows he always will,
Kill you for me my friend and me for you.

And he's fighting for Canada,
He's fighting for France,
He's fighting for the USA,
And he's fighting for the Russians,
And he's fighting for Japan,
And he thinks we'll put an end to war this way.

And he's fighting for Democracy,
He's fighting for the Reds,
He says it's for the peace of all.
He's the one who must decide,
Who's to live and who's to die,
And he never sees the writing on the wall.

But without him,
How would Hitler have condemned him at Labau?
Without him Caesar would have stood alone,
He's the one who gives his body
As a weapon of the war,
And without him all this killing can't go on.

He's the Universal Soldier and he really is to blame,
His orders come from far away no more,
They come from here and there and you and me,
And brothers can't you see,
This is not the way we put the end to war.



Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about perceptions and how they're distorted and altered. As long as everyone has been given the same end product in perception on a particular topic and they share that with other members of society around them and they all prove to each other that their downloading has been successful, each one will think that they're sane. “So-and-so thinks the same as I do, therefore I'm sane.” That's how people judge themselves in society. They're terrified to be different and think differently or they might even be shunned and that does happen. You might be shunned by society if you say something that's too unpleasant. They don't like unpleasant things – something that's been understood at the top for many, many, many centuries.


I'm talking about how perceptions are distorted and how you're trained and Jacques Ellul wrote about this. He said all fiction, all drama to do with law, the legal system, all drama, that's your television series, your heroes and so on, it's all propaganda. All of it is propaganda to create a different impression of what it’s really there for, it's real purpose. All you see are television series and dramas. It used to be always murders and all the police force were spending all their time and fretting and worrying over catching a murderer and this is what people really thought, but 99.99 percent of police are out there giving tickets because it brings money in and that's the real purpose. It brings money in to local governments and even federal governments; it keeps the whole legal system going.


When the Toronto police force went go-slow or kind of a strike a few years ago, the City Hall was in pandemonium because they factor all of those fines they're going to give out during that period. They factor it into their budget. They need it. They depend on it and the cops are given their quotas on how many tickets to give out there. That's been admitted to here and I wish they'd admit it all over the world because that's what they all do. They're given quotas how many speeders they catch this week or faulty vehicles or someone charged with unsafe driving because they swerved as they hiccupped or something; and this goes on all the time. They're given quotas and every cop wants to please his boss and every cop who goes into the force, regardless of what they really think about, most of them want the power of having the power to make the public cringe. They get off on it. They get off on watching the public cringe when they stop you and stick their head in your window. The public generally cringe and that really gets them off. These were the bullies at school that would never fight on their own with anyone else but they'd stand back in the crowd and cheer on their favorite leader. Now they're in uniform and they feel they have the force of the system to back them up, so they're quite happy at watching you cringe and giving off these vibrations that they just soak up like vampires.


That's what it's all about: personality types. Personality types and the distortion of what they're really there for. Most cops are there to bring in money for a system and now we have a prison industry. An industry. A prison industry. Now what's changed, when we go back to Charles Galton Darwin who wrote "The Next Million Years" when he said, "slavery has always existed," and he's telling the truth because his predecessors and ancestors and all those he was connected to, royal families and so on, had run the world for thousands of years already. He said, "slavery has existed in one form or another and we are in the process of making a more sophisticated form of slavery."  What he meant was the slaves wouldn't know they were slaves. They would distort their perceptions of slavery.


When someone can kick you out of your home because you can't pay taxes on your home you’re really a slave. You don't own that home at all. It doesn't matter how much money you paid the banks. You've got to cough up that money. You can't even be safe in your own home. Now you can't be safe because they're using all the codes, the building codes they're upgrading to get you out of that home and again, upper middle class will pedal faster and they won't notice it so much as those that are beneath them sink. Until it hits them, then they'll start squealing as always, because eventually no one will be able to keep up and pay all the massive upgrades that they're supposed to have every two or three years and they'll make it every six months if they want to. That's how crazy it will become. It's a planned insanity because the object is nothing to do with what they're telling you. The object is to get you off the land eventually into a new system, a new controlled society, the planned society.


Perceptions are altered through propaganda and the best method is through fiction. Fiction: that which grabs the image within, the image-in-ation, the imagination, the image. They grab your imagination, they attach a human story to it with a mystery and you're hooked, but you don't realize that as you're following that story through to its conclusion you're being programmed with little new ideas and new ways of looking at society, even throwing away old values in the process, and you're being upgraded. You'll notice the children start parroting the words they hear from television. This was discussed in the 1960’s in Britain in an international meeting of the Royal Institute for International Affairs and all the Commonwealth countries associations and also with the Council on Foreign Relations to decide who would project the culture of the future to the world. Would it be the music industry and movie industry based in London, England, or should they give it to Hollywood to do? Then they chose Hollywood and it was published in the newspapers at the time.


They give you your culture and they upgrade your culture when they want to and the last ones, like Plato said 2,300 years before that, the last ones to notice are the public who are living through it themselves because we adapt so quickly to these changes. Perception, perception. Now Tavistock Institute really started using some of sciences of human behavior and understanding of human behavior in England, helped the BBC put on their first programs for the radio in World War I using these techniques. I'll be back with more after the following messages about this particular institution.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, telling you the unpleasant stuff, but I'm also, if you listen to what I'm saying, it’s to make you think for yourselves perhaps for the first time. Dare to be different indeed. Start using your own brain for a change. That's really different and it doesn't matter if those around you think you've gone crazy. They’re still in old-think. They're back in the old matrix where they listen to the 6 o'clock news and believe everything they’re told and they couldn't imagine that nasty, nasty people above them would do anything really nasty to them because they're really altruistic up there. They're closer to heaven, those people up there. You know, up there, above them. That's how they talk about them. They're up there.


They come from different wombs from you and I. They're kind of better people somehow. They're born altruistically with altruistic thoughts and they live every moment to please the people. They cry and worry about you. At least that's what the propaganda tells us that comes down from the politicians and they believe that. They want to believe it. That's the most important thing. They want to believe that because if they don't believe that they might have a nervous breakdown, because if they start thinking and questioning everything they've ever thought or believed in in their entire life for the first time and that's a hard, hard thing for most people. That's why they'll tell you, you'll see their eyes literally glaze over or the eyes shift from side to side if they’re pleasant towards you and you're telling them something of importance but they're uncomfortable. They don't want to just run away from you. They want to actually, but they'll just look from side to side like they're switching off.


You're talking about something, some data that hasn't come across the mainstream news in amongst the Hollywood affairs and sports and all the rest, all this stuff that tells them the world is all peachy, and so you're a foreign object in the way. However, if you tell them all the regular stuff that good downloaded people are subjects would spout, then you're their best friend. They'll chat to you all day about trivia, all day long, and tell you how wonderful it's going to be for them personally.  I've always been amazed my whole life. I honestly have my whole life, I've been amazed since I was a little toddler how when your tax money and your troops and Britain was always somewhere. Our troops were always somewhere, had been for centuries, ever since they created the Bank of England, which wasn't created by the Rothschild's. It was created by a Scotsman that was sent down there; high Mason, Knights Templar. That's who set-up the Bank of England in preparation long before for the Rothschild's coming in. Long-standing plan, but that’s another story.


It's always amazed me how people live their lives really hoping that somehow they're favored. “Me, I. Me, I. I, me. I am favored,” and your tax money is blowing people up across the planet killing people just like you and me. Just like you and me. They bleed the same way and they grow up with the same aspirations, sometimes less of course. A lot less if they can just have a family and a few sheep or something and some clothes just to keep themselves clothed, that's all, not for fashion sake. They think they've done okay and they're generally pretty good to each other because of an old culture; and we're off there killing them, slaughtering them. Meanwhile, back home the average person thinks the world is spinning around them and somehow what's happening with your money and your offspring even, the soldiers that you reared to go off and then you're proud of them. Your little mercenaries that go off and please their paymaster, they go and kill whoever they are told to kill. That's what a soldier does in peacetime because he's a mercenary and mercenary comes from Mercury the god, the messenger. He was the patron saint or god for mercenaries and merchants. That's why the words are similar, same roots, merchant, because you also had the merchants going in hand in glove with the military. Nothing has changed. Money goes hand in glove with the military. Their jobs are economic jobs. Slaughter is economically associated and Karl Marx said that too and he was right because he was taught by the bankers.


I used to be stunned to realize that people didn't care. Most people really didn't care about other people that were not involved in their immediate friends or family and that hit me very early on that that was the case. Then I looked back in history and found out it wasn't always like this, because at one time whole countries, whole nations, tribes would stand up together as one and fight oppression, but those tribes were independent. They didn't use a monetary system. That was the difference. The money brought the whole system with it. Money was part, it was the MO [modus operandi] of the system, and then it was followed by laws and rulers and monarchs and a whole range of sub-monarchs all the way down this pyramid, and then religions to back it up and tell you why you're a peasant and why you must be a peasant and obey.


I realized that very early on that most people because of this system, in this artificial system where you're kept worrying and living in fear, they have no time for worrying about other people they'll never meet in their lives. The media and the news is always so remote now. It's about someplace that you'll never go and see in your entire life, plus most of what we get on television amongst all of the trivia and the so-called comedies with the canned laughter. I mean canned automatic response is again Pavlovian. The canned laughter comes on and you're supposed to laugh and most folk do – Pavlovian response – stimulus, response. Very simple but most people really don't care about other people and it doesn't dawn on them if the masters of their country are slaughtering those elsewhere, whether it's in Latin America, over in Europe or in the Middle East or Asia or anywhere else on this planet, they'll eventually come around to you. It's the same masters because they don't differentiate between the peasant of one country or the peasant of the person in the country they're lording it over, because these people at the top are internationalists. They always were internationalists.


Ancient commerce was international. Even then, in the days of the Phoenicians, it was international and the same moneymen went off with the ships with the Phoenicians setting up factory towns which were full of slaves and the Phoenicians paid armies because now they had money. People accepted money, then you could actually hire the army for the first time and use foreign armies once they'd taken over countries through debt, through the circulation of money and the collapse of money and recovering the money through debt collection, then owing the country. They created foreign armies and they built empires, and they used those troops to go and conquer other countries and force the same system on them. This is thousands of years ago.


The Romans wrote a lot of history. You should read the writings by Tacitus who wrote for the Emperor Nero who was fascinated by how the tribes lived in Europe and in Britain because they gave them such incredible fierce resistance. Most of the Roman army was recruited from the countries, young men from the countries they conquered. Conquered countries people who have no value as such, they're conquered, defeated. You give the young guys the chance of making something in the world and they give them a little outfit and their weaponry, and then they work for you and they feel like they're suddenly somebody. Nothing has changed. They created empires to go off and conquer countries.


Tacitus wrote a lot about the tribal systems and how they existed in Europe and in Britain and it was completely different from this ancient system. An already ancient system that had begun in the Middle East and into Asia, long, long before, completely different because the people did live communally. Not the Marxist-Leninist communism. We don't realize that all of our ancestors lived communally at one time. Everything that the tribe owned was owned by everyone in the tribe and they often had huge long huts where they'd go in and eat together and the furniture was just passed on as generations grew up, generation after generation after generation, and everyone got fed and everyone was important to the customs of the tribe. They didn't have money to turn everyone against everyone else through fear for your own personal survival. That was encouraged when they brought in money. Now when Rome changed its hat through Constantine and accepted Christianity, they simply used the same empire and conquered using religion. Back with more after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're bashing through this matrix here and I never plan my talks. I just come in or do whatever and finish up what I'm doing and come in and sit here for a minute before I go on and let it flow. I don't have staff to help me and punch things up on the screen for me to tell me the topics and all the data concerning the topics so I sound like a genius and I just let things flow and that's the way it's supposed to be in life. That's the sort of existence we're supposed to have and how we're supposed to talk to each other and exchange knowledge, because knowledge, a very, very true knowledge is a very important thing. True knowledge. Truth is very, very important and it's so important to share it while we can.  That's what life is all about.


I was just mentioning there how Tacitus, although he put them down for certain barbaric ways and they love to have sporting events and so on, unfortunately, in Europe the tribes did like sporting events and all that kind of stuff, but most of the time the people shared everything that they had, because it was simple customs and simple laws that kept them going and bound them together. The system we have is not to bind us but to fragment us and keep us all separated from everyone else. At one time you could not offend any one person in a tribe or the whole tribe would be after you. That's how it was. You stood up for each other. That was very important and everyone understood the social laws because they were simple. You don't need guys wearing fancy dresses and carrying strange symbols or chanting in languages you don't understand to impress you. When that's happening you're being fooled. Everyone would grow up in a tribe and understand the basic rules of the tribe, the social rules. It was very, very simple. No cons involved and chiefs and so on often were elected by the people. The Nordic way was the same with uppsalas. They would have the big gatherings and everyone would say yes or no, and if they wanted you out you were out. You didn't have an army to stand up for you and keep you in power. That was a no-no, so you didn't have it, because everyone in the tribe was part of the militia if you want to call it that. Militia comes from the tribe that went through Ireland. That's where the term comes from, Militia.


That was the nature of the tribal system, not nearly as barbaric as they made it out to be. However, they put up incredible resistance to Ancient Rome, pre-Christian Rome when it went into Europe and then got into Britain. They took over England but they couldn't do it with Scotland. Scotland fought them off very successfully and they built walls. They love to build walls across whole places; they built two walls eventually and it didn't matter because the tribes just went over the walls anyway and went to wherever they wanted to go, as is the way it should be.  Rome couldn't understand. They wanted to understand the nature of these people and what they found was they had no fear of death. They had no fear of death at all. They believed that this life here was only part of a journey of a travel and they were ferocious fighters and very successful fighters.


Really, even England itself, that part that became England much, much later, the tribes in that area unfortunately some of them were bought off because they had more contact with the traders. Money was introduced and you could buy people off with money then and they would help fight against their own people. That again is a traditional method of conquering. However, Rome, remember, was an empire, decadent at the end and they gave bread and circuses to keep it all together. Rome lived off the taxation of all of its empire. That's where the massive money came from to keep all the people in Rome itself in the high state of luxury they were accustomed to, and they were incredibly decadent and they gave literally the circus. The circus was where they had the gladiatorial sports and horse racing and the people could go in every day, the public, and they got free wine and bread and circuses, just like today. That's what you give the rabble and unfortunately amongst the general populations a big percentage are really the rabble. They enjoy being entertained, even if it's guys smashing each other in the ring or kickboxing and breaking their jaws. To them that's entertainment. Something that's been encouraged and brought back, resurrected by modern entertainment and put out for the people of the more base natures to lap up as they generally do. They did it for a purpose because they want a particular type of populace for this one generation and they've been very successful in doing so.


Knowledge is stored, stored in archives. For public libraries you get the basic stuff with lots omitted. Archives are very rare because they're held by those in power. They give access to some professors once in a blue moon, depending on who you are and if you're well vetted and you can keep your mouth shut. Even with the general histories they've given out to the public, especially the books that were put out before 1920, there's a lot of data in there about ancient civilizations up to more modern times with much more of the real agenda. They were more open about their plans for the future, the kind of society they would create and how they would use the gullibility of the public because they always give you the leaders to follow. Every side, every faction, every personality type that's out there, well they have a leader for you. Believe you me, they have a leader for you and they talked about creating a New Age movement in the 1800’s and lots of money was pumped into it. The media went along with it to publicize it and old Blavatsky and others came to the fore and then Edgar Cayce and others.


Cayce was taught in high freemasonry from his grandfather, a very high freemason, and gave you all the rubbish about what was under the sphinx. It had nothing to do with what he said of course, as the Masons laugh up their sleeves at the top, because I have photographs going back to the late 1800’s where the entire sphinx was dug right down to its foundations and I know what's underneath it because I've got all the photographs there. They were published in an old encyclopedia, which I got in a junk store. I got it for $2.00 this book and that's how I spent my time. I didn't watch television. I went looking, looking for evidence of the past.


As long as you don't know these things they can cover up the sand again and mystify you and send out gurus to tell you a lot of nonsense and people on late night talk shows, where the public who are half sleeping anyway are so easily hypnotized, they'll believe anything they're told. They've been experts at this down through the ages and more so than ever today, where they have access to massive media. Most people want guarantees of the future for themselves personally. That's what religion has given you: believe in this and you might be saved. You might be saved. You might get to a better place after this; or you go to a fortune teller or a card shark who reads the stars or rattles out cards there because you want insurance that your personal life is somehow more important than others and that invisible powers are going to help you because you deserve it. Even if you're not a nice person, you deserve it. People want insurance policies.


Constantine, who okayed Christianity amongst all the other religions, it was only one that he okayed out of many, after he did that he was deified as they normally were as emperors as a god. He was a god and he had his own temple built while he lived where he'd go and worship his image. He also belonged to the cult of Mithra and a few other societies because he really believed in insurance policies; he covered every base. However, Christianity as you know it, as it came in, was brought in for a different purpose all together and that was to conquer the minds that could not be conquered by physical armies. It was very, very effective and along with it when the new Rome came in, in the Middle Ages or the Dark Ages into Britain and created the Dark Ages, they conquered the mind of the people through fear again – fear of the unknown.  Not only were you petrified of this life and all the rulers that had come in with the new Rome – the monarchies and so on that were above you, especially once the Normans came in, the old elite that already ruled a good part of the world – you were afraid of not getting into the next life as well.


Hell was a term that was coined from the Nordic word for earth, the ground. They didn't have that in the country of origin where the Bible supposedly came from. They had Gehenna, which was simply the rubbish dump of Jerusalem. That's where everything was on fire, because like all rubbish dumps things catch on fire and there's a lot of garbage in there, so they invented Hella.


Well this is it, folks. This is Hella all right. It doesn’t have to be. From Hamish and myself, up here in Ontario, Canada, sorry for the rush talk but there's no preparation, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)