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December 13, 2007


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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on December 13th, 2007. Newcomers should look into where they can download lots of the histories leading up to the position we find ourselves in today. The powers that be behind the scenes that actually run the scenes and they run all the visible parties that you tend to vote for worldwide. You can also go into for transcripts, which you can download in the various tongues of Europe and also Latin America.


There are more getting added to it all the time because people across the planet are waking up in different stages, different degrees of understanding and those who have been asking questions for a long time, doesn't matter about age either, there's many young ones involved, notice that there's a tremendous pincer movement closing in on them from all around them and this is across the planet. We have a standardized system of supposed security, which is literally robbing us of any freedoms that we think we have and creating a brand new system of obedience, obedience for the public or the subjects. Really, that's what they are in this system. It's a subject system.


It used to always amaze me how the British citizens, who really are just inheritance given to royalty, generation to generation, the citizens were called "the subjects." They were subject to, from birth, the laws given out by the monarch and nothing really has changed. Many disguises to hide the fact that very wealthy, very wealthy families with vast networking facilities and the money brokers, all intermarried together and who have been for probably thousands of years, are directing the world into the Brave New World scenario that Huxley talked about and it's happening every day. There's articles out every single day on this system that's not just around the bend. It's actually here. We're over the brink of it now. We haven't gone into the depth of it yet, but we're over the brink of it.


Even now there are people on mainstream television shows who are airing their problems with their addictions to virtual world scenarios, where they go into these virtual games, create a personality, create friends, the ideal friends, relationships. They can build homes. They can buy the best car, all in a fantasy world and they're addicted to it. All of their time goes into a virtual world, which is exactly what is planned because it's been released in major media in Britain and the U.S. that the defense departments already have a virtual world setup in the internet. A true matrix system where all the data collected on you is being used to create a double of you and with increasing encroachment on your personal lives. They'll have all the data on you.


They already have been gathering it since they gave you the internet from day one. Don't ever believe that they're just now asking or demanding that servers provide all information to them. The Pentagon gave us the internet. The military-industrial complex had it before we even heard of it. This was well known at the time in the right circles and they were collecting data from day one. Even before that, all through the Cold War, as they called the supposed Cold War between the West and the Soviet system, you found that your letters were being read back then, because Peter Wright who worked for MI5 and 6 discussed it in his book "Spycatcher."


We’ve never really had freedom and those who control the world gave us a thing called democracy – a placebo, you might say. Something which we were trained to believe in to make us believe we had rights, and that way we went along with everything they gave us. It was the same old game, war after war, only this time we thought we were volunteering for military and when we were drafted, well, we had to get drafted because to remain free we had to go off and kill people. This is the same old con game under another guise and this came out in the 1800's.  I've been over this a few times, but it's so important that people have to understand it, because the system that was upgraded to control our minds, our lives and the future was given Royal Charters to exist in Britain, under the guise of private organizations like the Cecil Rhodes Foundation, which became the Royal Institute for International Affairs, which gave its non-commonwealth (that's non-British-Commonwealth countries) the titles of Council on Foreign Relations, intertwined with big foundations that the public thought were just charitable institutions set-up by multi-billionaires. Nothing is further from the truth.


These were all fronts of a singular power system because you direct the world through big foundations and through mass movements of people, so for every conflict in civic life and so on they give you the leaders who start up organizations, the pro and the con: the for-war, the against-war; pro-nuclear proliferation, anti-Nuclear proliferation; and so on and so on. They give you leaders for all sides and then you find they are all funded by the same puppet masters. The same thing happened with labor leaders. They're all on the payroll of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute for International Affairs.


The Center for Strategic International Studies publishes a lot of the meetings they have for the Unification of the Americas. Who is this group? It's the same thing. It's just another branch of the same group and right in there it tells you they have international meetings with some politicians, many top business leaders. That's your CEOs of the international corporations and labor leaders. Most of them are unelected and that's your key. We don't have anything called democracy at all. We have a sham, which has been a sham from day one because they found it necessary to make the people believe they had rights, otherwise there'd have been riot after riot and you would have continuations of the French Revolution over and over again. It's much better to make them believe they had freedom to keep the old system going.


I grew up in Britain knowing this system existed. I had a tremendous desire to learn from a very early age because I always wondered why a system that was so proud of a British Empire had over 90-odd percent of the public renting their accommodations after centuries of plundering the planet. It wasn't too hard to find out the beginnings of the system or the continuations of the system, because every so often down through the centuries it pops its head up and makes declarations. These declarations are simply them telling each other that there's another phase coming in, much like George Bush, Sr. on September 11th, 1990 and then on September 11th, 1991 stating he could see a New World Order coming into view. They use terms, numbers, symbols and they speak to each other in a language, which the public think they understand but don't understand at all.


The British Empire you have to understand had almost three quarters of the planet and they also knew, too, it's hard to drive slaves to produce well. They don't put their heart into it and so it was decided before World War II, when they knew they were going to have another war to bring the world to its knees, that they would have what they called "emerging nation" status for those countries, but not before they'd set-up the same type of system in that country by training a generation and bringing them up to a higher middle class standard, upper middle class, and leaving them in charge. In other words, they would be an arm of Britain. They also knew they'd have to hand the reigns over to the U.S. because they would provide the tax base for the upcoming conflicts to conquer the world.


It's hard for most people today to understand their whole culture, their entire culture and what it is to be human. The definition to be human in today's culture was given to you by the culture creators at the top. The way we treat each other is a form of a business contract. In a supply and demand system, when you have lots of the supply and people shop for that which is supposed to make them happy, they shop for people in the same manner and that's why there's so much disaster in society. They don't know how to bond with each other anymore and that was deliberately introduced into society because the family unit, which had served the system so well breeding slaves for every generation, for century after century, it was decided the family unit could now become a problem because it represents a miniature tribe. Therefore, the government, to be all-powerful, must have everyone isolated from everyone else so that Big Brother can talk down directly to you and no one is there to stand up for you. That was always the intent of it.


George Orwell understood this perfectly well and put it into his book "1984."  The book was actually supposed to be called "The Last Man," because towards the end as he's being tortured, O'Brien asks Winston "what are you?"  Winston says, "I'm a man," and O'Brien says, "If you're a man you're the last man."  In other words, anyone who would stand up against total corruption and cruel tyranny would have to be a true man and therefore the whole understanding of masculinity has pretty well been distorted, warped out of proportion and very nearly destroyed. I saw it even happening in the '80's when even the groups, the bands, the music suddenly changed. Nothing happens in music or art of any kind without it being directed from the top down to the people.


Every writer knows what's in, what's out, what's coming and what to push. Some writers manage to get around this political correctness because of enough skill to do so, but most don't. Most jump on the bandwagon and prostitute themselves for money. In the '80's they brought on the new transsexual type of musicians that became the sudden rage, because then they had to start distorting what masculinity was and they've done a very good job of it. Men today are almost superfluous and the standard man is superfluous in this system. Science has bypassed him and there's tremendous pushes on, not coming from the grassroots, again. Don't ever believe it's from grassroots organizations, but from the top down to reengineer society in the manner that Aldous Huxley talked about; and neither did Huxley dream this up. He didn't dream up a "Brave New World" and publish that in the 1930's without having inside information of sciences that already existed and the direction it's going to take society.


The elite have always dreamed of a utopia, which they've made many sectors of the public work towards even, especially the working classes. They were given their heroes to follow, but the utopias never really took form or materialized. However, we were looking from the wrong side because the utopia was meant to be for the elite themselves – a world where they could breed new types of slaves and servants to suit them and serve them better, slaves that would not need much to be kept happy. I'll be back with more after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and Cutting Through the Matrix. There's nothing so difficult as to admit to ourselves often that we have been fools and that often the ideas and ideals that we cherish were given to us for someone else's purpose. We tend to work that purpose into being for those who program us; and that's what we are, we’re programmed.


Where do your thoughts come from? Where do your ideas, your opinions come from?


It comes from the one-eyed monster that flickers with the blue lights inside everyone's living room, the greatest tool ever given to manage the public. We are understood perfectly how our opinions are formed, simply a sequence of data sequenced in the right formula, which is sure if you add the right emotive qualities to it to imprint on our minds and we are effectively programmed along a path which we think we've chosen for ourselves. Plato talked about this 2,300 years ago. I can't go over that too often because when you realize that culture creation, controlling the minds, the hearts of millions of people was understood perfectly well all that time ago, then you come to realize that nothing has changed. It's even more perfected today because the same propaganda is given to everyone at the same time. That's why you have your national news and you have experts, pro and con, knowing that Joe Average will pick one or the other and parrot that. That's how simple it is.


Getting back to the necessity to alter male and female: We were very handy for a long, long time for breeding people for factories. That happened in Europe when the big banking families, who got into politics very quickly, decided to repeal the Corn Laws. That allowed the countries to dump farm produce in each other's country and effectively put the small farmers out of business, because they had to get all those people and their families into the newly emerging cities; the industrial cities they were building to man their factories. The death rate was phenomenal in those factories.


Read the writings of Benjamin Franklin, who went over to Britain and witnessed thousands of people coming out of factories barefoot after doing 16 hours per day. Male, female and children in the glory of Britain, the home of democracy, and he said those factory workers who made shoes and clothing couldn't afford to buy them themselves. People who lived shortly thereafter had some memory of this and they were suspicious of governments, up until the temporary boom they give the public after World War II. Very temporary again in Britain and other countries because they had already agreed to give the manufacturing industries away. Take them out of those countries. De-industrialize those countries and they really only kept those countries going during this part of the agenda with massive welfare systems and high taxations and wages and price fixations, and all of these little tricks of economists.


Europe now has been given a charter, just announced, a charter, a United Europe with its own charter, which the people did not want. I don't think there's a single country or, as the United Nations would say, a "state" that was for this charter. They even had a lot of money spent on a new flag for this happy new family and a new national anthem, which they'd brainwash all the children to swear allegiance to, in case they had to go off and fight in future wars. That's what anthems are for and that's what flags are for as well. A flag is just the standard of warfare that used to stick in the ground and that would be your side and your enemy's flag would be stuck in there side over there, and that was the whole con game. If you won, you'd steal the enemy's flag and stick it up in your castle as a trophy inside the officer's mess. This is so wonderful they make you almost cry, more so in America than any other country, because they had more indoctrination to do with swearing allegiance to a flag. Think about it, a piece of cloth with again the usual foundation myths attached to it. They always make sure every country has a foundation myth, where the founders walk on water and never go to the bathroom and don't get heartburn, the symbol of perfection. Generations were brought up because they had to be the new military police force for the world and they'd grow up crying when they'd sing that nice song, even though the other one was only written in about the '50's by a producer from Hollywood, which they're very fond of singing, too, because Hollywood is an intricate part of the culture creation industry.


Getting back to Plato and how he said the culture could literally be grown. That's what "culture" means and that's why a small group that's dedicated or brainwashed is called a "cult." You're brainwashed and you grow culture in Petri dishes like bacterium. Your cult, culture. He said literally they could give you a whole different set of morals, which are plastic, they're fluid, and train the people to believe them and with one generation they'd be doing the opposite of what they thought was good or bad only 20, 30 years ago and the last ones to notice it are those who've adapted and lived through it.  I saw this growing up, too, because I was really small at the time when the miniskirts were flourishing and I remember looking at grandmothers and mothers and daughters, granddaughters. One had a skirt down to her ankles. One had one up to about knee level and that's the type was introduced through Hollywood again, because the fashion industry goes with the movies, and that was my mother's generation. Then their offspring had the miniskirts and the ones with the miniskirts, as I was going to school, I was about 5 or 6, they would be standing at the bus stop in little plastic coats, in little plastic skirts and these kind of plastic boots freezing, turning blue. It was an odd thing because most of the plastic was white. It was a trend to be white, so you had blue and white. You had blue for the skin and they would not wear anything except what was pushed. They did not want to be different. It's quite an amazing thing to realize how easy it is to target a group and make them comply.


We’ve seen various trends of this back and forth, including the piercing of the body, all made trendy by Hollywood again, the fashion industry working in tandem; and the bare midriff during the winter, which is quite funny. Anything can be done, as Plato said. Many years ago with the culture industries originating in Britain with the main ones, the Tavistock Institute, which is the grandfather of intensive psychological indoctrination and studies for indoctrination to manipulate whole countries, whole nations of people by understanding their behavior, the Tavistock came out with the following and I'll read it after these messages.


"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between and the river's deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. I'm discussing some of the methods by the elite, the elite that gave us programs to follow and we did, we followed them because we always go for what we think is primarily comfort; and through comfort and convenience, we have gone right into a predicted slavery. The elite have always had problems down through the ages with people having revolutions, sometimes sporadic, other times organized, and men who would fight for something called freedom. Freedom really was the right to live your life the way you wish to live it, without being ordered to by an elite above you, an elite that want to be kept in incredible luxury by having you slave for them. That was really what it was. It was anti-slavery, so men were a big problem. Men were the ones who generally did the fighting. Before World War II, when they had their big, big international meetings to do with world population and this Brave New World that they knew they'd bring in, Lenin knew it too and all the big players that worked on the other side, all in tandem with each other of course. Bertrand Russell knew it too, they'd bring in this Brave New World where you'd get a genderless type race, but first you had to destroy all idea of what normal was and we adapt to what is normal.


We're the most adaptive species on the planet. Plato talked about how adaptive we are. The whole idea was to destroy what was normal, what had served the old system and served the elite of the old system too. Remember that marriage for life was brought in by the Catholic Church when they wanted a vast agricultural population with families and the priests would match up who married who, and he'd say, Tommy, Maggie over there is the one that you should marry; and that was basically an order. It was a form of eugenics, which was well understood by the church that simply had been the old Roman Empire changing its hats.


They understood what slavery was and how to breed good slaves, so they created marriage for life when they came into Europe. That was the first law once they gained power through force because they sent militaries ahead of them and they also sent in missionaries, which were the softening-up crew. They went into the tribes and told them to love their enemies and so on, and that God would put them to hell if they had thoughts of killing or any nasty things like that; and the softening crew is fine, but it takes about a century, two centuries to really soften up people, so they often backed it up with the military.


Charlemagne was the big military leader, the first ordained king by the Vatican to be the army of the Vatican, to lead the army of the Vatican and they converted people at the point of the sword. The sword, as you notice, especially the type they used then, the long broad sword or the "real Claymore" as they called it in Scotland, the swath cutter, it was a cross. It depends on how you hold it. It's either upside down or the other way around, depending on how you view it, but the sword is a cross and that’s what lead the Vatican and Christianity in through Europe was mass slaughter and it never really stopped.


The first law they passed in Europe and every country they went into was this odd phenomenon, very odd because the tribes didn't live like that, and it was marriage and marriage for life because they wanted a feudal system where you'd have all these masses working below them on farms which they would never own. The whole idea or concept became strange, alien, that you actually own a farm, because everything was owned by the king and he shared his loot with the barons and lords that became the overseers of all the farms. That's still in practice today, by the way.


If you look into the Royal families of Britain, they still have hundreds of tenant farmers that grow all their own food and they get paid peanuts. It's even been in the newspaper. They pay the pittance wages and they're tied to their jobs for life. However, men every so often would rebel and often too when they saw their wives and children in hardship and they were pushed to the wall, that's when they'd rebel. Who would have thought, prior to World War II, except for the elite of course who planned it that way, that men would be pushed out of the picture and become laughingstocks in comedies and cartoons and encouraged to take on a role, you know the beer drinking silly guy that's encouraged through all media. He goes to work, brings up children who don't respect him at all and who actually laugh at him, and he's always dumber than the wife and even the youngest child will be brighter than the man. That's how it's portrayed. Who would have thought they could have done it so quickly except those who planned it that way? We mimic what we see and people who take on roles, whether male or female, mimic what they see too and they will treat people the way the people in the movies and in the comedies treat their spouse.


Here's an article from "Guardian Unlimited". This was December 5th, 2007.


            "Dumbed-Down Masculinity Erases Men From Parenting."


Alan:  It says:


            "There are numerous valid alternatives to the conventional family unit. But we are forgetting the value of male influence."


Alan:  Then they promote a book here, but it goes on to say:


            "There are many things I remember fondly from my childhood Christmases: the Advent countdown, the silver milk bottle-top decorations, my formative rendering of Mary in the nativity musical Only a Baby. But from a very young age I was also aware that December was the month that told the world what a family ought to look like."


Alan:  Now that's the key, what it ought to look like.


            "…As the only child of a single parent who had never known her father, growing up in a religiously conservative and quietly judgmental part of Scotland, I was the only person in my primary class whose parents were divorced."


Alan:  That was back then, you know, like the Dark Ages, like a long time ago.


            "Of course the happy hearthside tableau I used to imagine only appears so inviting because it is viewed from a distance. Within every family, however outwardly conventional, there exist the tensions and compromises and secret hurts - as well as the love - that distinguish our closest bonds. And in today's primary school, children with married parents are just as likely to be in the minority."


Alan:  That's within a span of 40-odd years, turned right upside down. Remember Plato again. Always remember Plato.


            "But as December comes around again, I remember my early dreams of what a proper family should look like and wonder how our continuing recalibration of gender roles…"


Alan:  Simple term, but think about it.


            "…how our continuing recalibration of gender roles and family structure will impact on contemporary children. At the end of last month the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, alongside Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, Britain's most senior Roman Catholic, denounced proposed changes to (in vitro fertilization) legislation as likely to undermine the contribution men make to families by removing the requirement for doctors to "have a view" to the child's need for a father. Sentamu attacked the proposals as evidence of a "me, me" consumerist culture which was intent on demoting fathers."


Alan:  Well I guess he's just noticed, eh?


            "Clearly these men are motivated by their resistance to the very idea of lesbian couples reproducing."


Alan:  This is obviously a bias this woman has for writing that last piece. I don't see why it should be.


            "But I was struck by Sentamu's comments about fatherhood, having just returned from a trip to the US where I had been unsettled by the brouhaha around the publication of a book entitled Knock Yourself Up:"


Alan:  We'll be back with more knocking up after the following messages.  Hello. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix here and I'm just discussing this article from the "Guardian Unlimited," where this author is talking about the absence of fatherhood in the modern society.


She said here:


            "But I was struck by Sentamu's comments about fatherhood, having just returned from a trip to the US where I had been unsettled by the brouhaha around the publication of a book entitled Knock Yourself Up: "


Alan:  That's an expression I think everyone understands.


            "…No Man? No Problem. Part memoir, part how-to guide, it was written by Louise Sloan, a single lesbian who, at the age of 41, chose to conceive by donor insemination and went on to give birth to a son. Embraced by feminists…"


Alan:  You know how they've split society into different groups to make them think they're on some sort of winning side?


            "…berated by Republicans, Sloan describes eloquently the soul-searching that led her to that decision: how she had always imagined having a child within a stable partnership but how, eventually, her desire for a baby outweighed her adherence to this romantic ideal. Much has been written lately about the commodification of love…"


Alan:  Because we live in a consumer society and it's been totally destroyed through commerce. Commerce destroys everything that really is human.


            "…and the way consumer culture has inflated our expectations of relationships to an unmanageable degree. We are encouraged to consider partners as wish-list fulfillers…"


Alan:  That's true.


            "…and, when they fail to do so, as disposable. The modern premium on autonomy and self-determination does not sit easily with the loosening (rather than lowering) of expectations, the toleration of uncertainty and compromise necessary for sustaining intimacy and providing a platform for parenthood. But it would concern me greatly if our contemporary trouble with relationships led some women, straight or gay, to excise men from the parenting picture entirely. At the heart of this seems to be a clash between adherence to the norm and choice…"


Alan:  Remember the trouble with normal is it always gets worse.


            "In the past, traditional notions of what a family ought to comprise have wrongly prevented many from becoming the loving parents they longed to be. This is not an argument against gay and lesbian parenthood. And a single woman who believes she is emotionally and financially secure enough to raise a child alone ought to have options. But nowadays the ideology of choice is proving just as problematic as that of normativeness in the realm of the family and it is necessary, not retrograde, to interrogate that. Certainly there is the non-negotiable disconnect between men and women's fertile life spans, which means men have at least an extra decade to consider parenthood…"


Alan:  That used to be true but I don't know where this author's been, because men's sperm count has been dropping like a stone since 1950, by intent.


            "…But most men I know aren't sold on the idea of late-40's fatherhood. However, while women in their 30's are constantly interrogated about their fertility choices, men seldom are. This may be because popular culture has offered us an increasingly infantilised version of masculinity…"


Alan:  Infantilised version of masculinity, isn't that the truth?


            "…from Nick Hornby's neurotic man-boys to the slacker dudes of Hollywood director Judd Apatow. Partnership and parenthood, responsibility and security, are set up as emasculating rather than instrumental to adult flourishing…"


Alan:  That means basically removing masculinity.


            "And consumer culture works in tandem…"


Alan:  Of course it does because it's part of the culture process.


            "…with this trend, thriving on the insecurities that drive us to buy more products. It's not the existence of lesbian parents that is downgrading fatherhood but a culture that offers young men a dumbed-down version of masculinity and a rhetoric around parenting largely based on their absence. Given the histrionics of groups like Fathers4Justice and the incompetence of the Child Support Agency, fatherhood has become defined in the public mind as an experience of loss rather than involvement. Yet British men have never been so involved in bringing up their children, and our understanding of the importance of a male presence in a child's life is advancing."


Alan:  I don't know about that.


            "It need not be an individual tragedy to grow up without a father, and single female and lesbian parents are well aware that there are many alternatives to providing their children with a loving male influence. But it is a tragedy if we bring up boys in a culture that signals to them that they are ultimately expendable from the profound experience of parenthood."


Alan:  If you look at it further, of course, and this is only touching the surface, she won't go into the real nitty-gritty of it, because as I say when you simply start knocking down what was norm before that served the same regime in a different era but it's now outgrown its usefulness, the whole idea is to put men out of the picture all together. The only function they have at the moment is just too simply produce and consume like everyone else and to keep a military supplied with young men who aren't too bright.


Young men haven't experienced the world and they've been brought up on video games and think it's all going to be very exciting and surely, for goodness, the good guys never get killed in the movies. It's always the bad guys who can never shoot straight, so men really are in a very real sense superfluous in a society where women are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, only on this condition within this society as it stands right now. A society which has given science out there to the public to make things easier in building and everything else where the physical strength is no longer so necessary. Therefore, it's a conditional freedom and that's the key to it, because the lifestyle that's been given with almost an obsession with purchasing and having things has become the norm at the expense of relationships with people, deep relationships. Having things is far more important to most people.


The bonds, and this is the whole point of it all, the bonds that kept society together have been given up, as they knew at the top they would give them up for another type of security, which is based on the state or the system remaining in control and remaining the way that it is at present. Because when they turn off the money, that's appearing in the newspapers from the top economists, the end of spend, spend, spend is over, and all those who helped to shape the present culture at the bottom. In other words, those who went along with it will no longer be able to continue living the way they are at the moment; and I'm talking about single people too. There'll be mayhem then; and then who's going to stand up for them when you have men that have been trained to sit back and let others speak for them? They're afraid to speak, many of them, because they've been taught that they're second-class citizens and stupid. They've been taught they're very stupid and that their opinions really don't count so much.


That's a fact because for 30, 40 years special school lessons were given to the women to be assertive, which often means aggressive, when you meet some of them, and the men have been taught that they were responsible for all the ills of the past. Quite an interesting new history indeed, because most people who get their history from television and fantasy, the fantasies of Hollywood, don't know that 99 percent of the public in previous generations and centuries, the men were down mines or doing incredibly hard jobs. They were not living and dressing like peacocks like the upper elite did with their frills and lace on their shirts. They had to work in all kinds of weather without the machinery and women had it no different. Most of them had it no different either, so they weren't downtrodden.


Survival was a necessity of having a family and offspring to help you with your farms. Absolute necessity. Read again the Founding Fathers and what they talked about in their own writings, especially Jefferson. He went into that in great detail. It was necessary to have children. The women survived with the male. The male survived with the woman and they all survived with the children to help them. Back with more after the following messages.






"The Future" by Leonard Cohen


Give me back my broken night
my mirrored room, my secret life
it's lonely here,
there's no one left to torture
Give me absolute control
over every living soul
And lie beside me, baby,
that's an order!
Take the only tree that's left
and stuff it up the hole
in your culture
Give me back the Berlin wall
give me Stalin and St Paul
I've seen the future, brother:
it is murder.

Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won't be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
has crossed the threshold
and it has overturned
the order of the soul
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant



Hi. Alan Watt back with Cutting through the Matrix. I'm just pointing out that even the groups that spearhead the movements to alter the old normalcy, often fake though that was too, into another normalcy was explained by Bertrand Russell in "The Impact of Science on Society." He said that the feminist movement would take the credit for championing the freedoms of women, where in reality we the scientists will have done it; and it's true. They worked like crazy from World War I right through World War II and afterwards to create the pill, the pill that would end pregnancy basically or prevent it from happening. That's what gave them liberation; and a society that was to be based on socialism that would guarantee them safety nets and priority hiring and accommodations if necessary and tuition for a career; that's really what did it, because the idea was not to help them. The idea was to destroy the one system that would stand up to government totalitarianism by separating and dividing everyone. Always another strategy on the chessboard than the one that you've adopted and most folk have simply adopted their opinions and have never thought things through.


Now we've got Phil from New York on the line. Are you there, Phil?


Phil:  It's good to talk to you. I've listened to your show and your talks for the past two years and I just want to thank you for everything you've done. You've awakened me to so many things.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Do you have any questions or comments?


Phil:  Yes. I have two questions for you and I will ask them and then I will get off the phone and let you answer them. My first question is I believe it was last night you mentioned on RBN you said that even at I think it was your local golf course there were two levels. One for the public and then there's the other that the people behind the scenes that make all the decisions and this brought up a question that I'd been thinking about for a while and the question is:  On the local level, just how all-pervasive is this cancer, this infestation, this whole thing on the local level? On our local industries and the Chamber of Commerce and all of that. Okay, that's question number one and question number two, I wrote to you about this so this you'll probably be familiar with you. I for a number of years back in the '70's and '80's was involved in a Buddhist meditation group. I won't mention any names obviously over the air, but I will say this, that in this particular group the central figure had come back from Japan with a Buddhist title that supposedly meant that he was enlightened and people literally had to bow down to this guy. He since passed away.


Alan:  Was it Bodhisattva or was it Atman?


Phil:  I'm sorry.


Alan:  Was it Bodhisattva?


Phil:  It was Roshi. That was the title, Roshi, meaning the guy was a Zen priest and now the guy that took over from him is the same thing and people still bow down to him. But there was a number of things that made me wonder about this. After being there for 12 years I got the feeling that I was being led around in circles and for many years I just thought that it was me, that you know I'm just a failure at this. My meditation isn't working and the whole thing, but then I started talking to other people who were on the side and other people had the same thing so I started to wonder about it. I started doing a little research into this and there's a wonderful book that came which was also printed by a Buddhist scholar – can I give the name of the book over the air?


Alan:  Yeah, it’s okay.


Phil:  The name of the book is called "Zen at War" and the author's name is, oh boy. When I'm on the spot my memory always seems to slip me, but anyway "Zen at War" and I looked into two of the teachers of this Zen Roshi in Japan and also I did some research on my own and it turns out that these two teachers during the war Zen was really taken over by the government. These teachers and the Zen masters were in alliance with Hirohito the Emperor of Japan and they were actually telling people the object of Zen and enlightenment was to – it's okay to get in flames and the kamikaze things. It's okay to kill people because you're fulfilling Zen and Japan knows best and even some of the later Zen scholars like D.T. Suzuki afterwards said this is crazy, if this is enlightenment I don't want any part of this. Anyway, this is what this person brought back from these teachers and he taught this type of Zen and it's still continuing passed on to his predecessor. If you could just talk specifically about that a little bit I'd really appreciate it because I've been questioning this for some time and I'm just wondering if it would seem a perfect way to get the people that wouldn't go into the other established religions like Catholicism and stuff like that. This would be a perfect trap for them to catch them up in this whole and I believe this is part of the New Age movement, Eastern religion, and then you can just run them around in circles and then the inner part of this whole establishment is whatever goes on in there.


Alan:  What you've really got – all religions remember are ultimately for control and the reason, too, that before World War II, Hirohito was inducted as a Knight of the Garter to the British Crown.


Phil:  Wow.


Alan:  That's why he wasn’t tried for any crimes after World War II.


Phil:  Oh my God. I had no idea.


Alan:  Yes, I've got the books printed at the time with the photographs of the Royal Delegation that went over and inducted the ceremony. I've got all the photographs here, very old books.


Phil:  So he was actually part of this whole web?


Alan:  Yes.


Phil:  And these Zen teachers that were his spokespersons, that would implicate them as well.


Alan:  Yes, there's no doubt about it. You see it doesn't mean that everything that's taught is corrupt. It's never that case. It's always a matter of putting a higher group and taking over the head of an organization. It's like the Vatican. The Vatican has the curia at the top and you often find with all the systems you'll find a color-coding of robes. That's standard, even in the Catholic Church, so you have black at the bottom because they're dealing with unwashed masses, those in the darkness; and the little bit of truth the priest is allowed to speak comes from the white part showing, but the rest of the neck is enclosed in black, so he's not allowed to show all information to the public. Then you go up the degrees; they all came from Pythagoras, by the way, who got it from Egypt, and then you have the different ones near the top, the Cardinals and so on. These colors are very important and you'll find the same thing in the Far Eastern religions with the different colored codings and you'll find it also with the rosary. The Catholics use the rosary. The Buddhists use the rosary exactly the same and every seventh bead of course is a planet et cetera, if you count them, one's bigger, and et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. These are all adaptations from each other and even the little strap that rabbis will wear on their forehead with the little scroll in it, the saying for the day that he straps on, actually came from ancient China, long before Judaism had it. There's been priesthoods above the priesthoods all down through the ages organizing all the religions the people think are there own, but at the very top they're all interconnected and the followers who don't know and often the lower priests don't know themselves.


Phil:  Do you think the priest, the Roshi that came back from Japan was aware of this? I mean the fact that so many people fell and people I've talked to recently still feel that they're just being run around in circles. Do you think this is on the awareness level of the higher ups, even in some of these local?


Alan:  Yes, there's no doubt on that. You cannot have any kind of religion, even if it was pure, you could never have it in a commercialized society where you have money and power tied together and success. Obviously, the opposite of success is failure, which means poverty in a commercialized system, so they're all intertwined and you can't have honesty in commerce in a class system of winners and losers. You cannot have them co-existing with a true religion; it doesn't work.


Phil:  So the irony of this whole thing then is that these very institutions that advertise enlightenment are really suckering the people in and they're doing just the opposite. They're just basically sending them in the opposite direction, just confusing them.


Alan:  You'll find even in the '50's the Dalai Lama gave orders to start up a Buddhist military force, where the priests were given for the first time permission to be trained by the CIA to fight the Chinese. I have the old footage of it in fact and they fought the Chinese in the mountains and they were given a special dispensation. It's amazing how they can break all the rules by the order of the top man. If you watch the Dalai Lama making his little Masonic gestures, you'll see him putting the forehead ("fore" is also number 4, remember, so forehead) and he'll touch the inferior monk on the top of the head. It's all freemasonic if you watch the rituals et cetera.


Phil:  I suspected that but it just boggles my mind that Dalai Lama is involved in all this too.


Alan:  Oh, very much so. You must always get the shepherds in cahoots to manage the sheep and more so in a world society that we’re going into.


Phil:  Well, Alan, if this is case, I mean the Dalai Lama is considered – so many Buddhists and even non-Buddhists as well, they almost look at him like he's Jesus Christ or something.


Alan:  They do. The original Buddha was trying to break the belief in this dogmatic adherence of the class system that was ageless and changeless in his day. He was trying to break it because it kept everyone in slavery. This whole idea of karma and so you're born as a cripple or poor and that's just your station in life because you were bad in a previous life. He tried to break all of that and he would not even touch on the subject of metaphysics. It wasn't for 200 years later, after they had made many splintered groups, as always happens, they had a convocation, just like the Catholic Church did with Constantine, and they drafted up all the new rules of the new Buddhism and they went right back. They attached Hinduism right back on to it and went against its founder.


Phil:  So this was all planned then, as you would call it the new Buddhism, but the whole thing had been.


Alan:  Hold on and we'll be back after this break.



"The Universal Soldier" by Donovan


He's five foot-two, and he's six feet-four,
He fights with missiles and with spears.
He's all of thirty-one, and he's only seventeen,
Been a soldier for a thousand years.

He's a Catholic, a Hindu, an Atheist, a Jain,
A Buddhist and a Baptist and a Jew.
And he knows he shouldn't kill,
And he knows he always will,
Kill you for me my friend and me for you.

And he's fighting for Canada,
He's fighting for France,
He's fighting for the USA,
And he's fighting for the Russians,
And he's fighting for Japan,
And he thinks we'll put an end to war this way.

And he's fighting for Democracy,
He's fighting for the Reds,
He says it's for the peace of all.
He's the one who must decide,
Who's to live and who's to die,
And he never sees the writing on the wall.

But without him,
How would Hitler have condemned him at Labau?
Without him Caesar would have stood alone,
He's the one who gives his body
As a weapon of the war,
And without him all this killing can't go on.

He's the Universal Soldier and he really is to blame,
His orders come from far away no more,
They come from here and there and you and me,
And brothers can't you see,
This is not the way we put the end to war.



Hi. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. I'm just wrapping up a conversation with Phil from New York on the Zen Buddhists of Japan, which ties in exactly with this whole idea of a structured layered society which permeates everything. Are you still there, Phil?


Phil:  Yes I am.


Alan:  Don't forget too that the Jesuits, who are soldiers of Christ, they're soldiers first and foremost. They were started up by a member of the Alambrados of Spain that were simply the Spanish branch of the Knights Templars who at one time fought against the church. He was a professional soldier and he was recruited by the church to start up this other organization so that what they couldn't achieve by persuasion and frightening the people through superstition in a sense they would use force. They would also use nefarious methods of getting people to fight each other and people would never figure out who was behind it. They were already in Japan. That was one of the first countries they went into. One of the very first countries and they were in league with the other religions too, as they always get together. Heads of religion always attract each other and they learn from each other and often they unite, because at the top there's always an international brotherhood. They say you must get the shepherds in to lead the people, the sheep or the sheeple.


Phil:  What I find so amazing about this is just the deviousness and the craftiness of how they lure intelligent people into this. I mentioned to you when I wrote to you about this that one of the people who's is looking for an awakening. An extremely intelligent person, an extremely competent physician, my doctor, and he just fell for this whole thing hook, line and sinker and everything I tried to do it was of no avail.


Alan:  I'll tell you something even worse. A woman that I know of at the United Nations said she's all for these coming wars because she believes in the karma and she believes in this religion and she believe that those people who are going to get vanquished in the Middle East deserve it because they chose to come back as they are in their present situations and countries and because of their bad karma they would perish. She thought that was quite acceptable. That's a scary thing when you realize that people like that are up at the United Nations.


Phil:  Absolutely. It's interesting you mention that thing about karma because this is one of the words they swing around there and just the word itself, you'd almost say it has a hypnotic effect on people. Just very briefly, but what they do is they say that they get people in and then they say that the only way to awaken is through us, going through our program, so to speak, and if you go anywhere else, nobody else knows except for us. This is implied. They don't come right out and say it; and it has quite an effect. Someone actually when I pointed this out to her, she was just so grateful that somebody – it was like breaking a spell and just finally when I've tried to point this out to a couple of people who are deeply involved with this whole group, cult, whatever, and they get so angry when you--


Alan:  You burst their bubble.


Phil:  Absolutely. Yes.


Alan:  They turn on you.


Phil:  I lost some friends that way.


Alan:  Yes, you will lose a lot, but I'll answer that other part too with the other societies you mentioned and that's to do with the whole structurized system you live in has an exoteric the people will join even in the lower orders. That's including all the clubs, associations et cetera. Now in North America you can't drive into a town without seeing the big billboard. There's always a big billboard stuck there like an official road sign and it lists all the associations in that town or city, and that's the first billboard you're going to meet. The reason it's there first, it's telling you who owns and controls that system in that city and they put your Rotary Club there. You've got all your Freemasonic Shriners and so on organizations, all the female branches of it as well, and you'll find that they're running your council, your school boards. They allocate the tendering of monies for building roads, repairing roads. It's all to do with money. Everything revolves around it; the power structure. That's the first billboard you come to and it's outside every town, city and village in North America.


Phil:  Yes. You can't help but notice it.


Alan:  Then the same thing too, as I say, even with your clubs, everyone who joins any kind of club, even a golf club, knows that there's a little inner clique and they will give them all respect. Those are the men you go to when you want favors done outside of the club, to do with your perhaps zoning laws or something. These are the men who can pull strings because they belong to the top Masonic groups in your society. That's the way it is.


Phil:  It's just like I finally saw the movie "Brotherhood of the Bell" and it relates so much and refers to much of that too, that the members are given all these favors.


Alan:  It's no different from the Mafia. The Mafia is a branch of it. It's an official branch of Masonry.


Phil:  Oh my God. This is a nightmare when you wake up to it.


Alan:  This is reality.


Phil:  It's a nightmare.


Alan:  It's the same with your police. Your police have their police fraternity. That means brotherhood. Look at the logos of all the police. Look at the little crests of all the police.  


Phil:  I've seen that, yes. It's all over the place. It's like a bad science fiction movie or something.


Alan:  You're living in their world. It's the religion behind all religions and it's always been here in the West. I'll have to go on to the next caller after I come back.


Phil:  Well thank you so much. It's great talking and thank you for answering my questions.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Phil:  Okay, bye.



"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


Can't go on. Can't go on.

And it can't go on. And it can't go on.

And it can't go on. And it can't go on.



Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and just like the song says, it can't go on, because we’re heading towards this chaos time, a planned time of chaos. That's why you're seeing all of the laws passed like crazy and massive infrastructures set-up all around you to deal with the fallout of society going kind of berserk when the water's turned off, the money's turned off and all the things that they've sold their souls and each other out for is taken away from them.


Now we've got Leo from Massachusetts on the line. Are you there, Leo?


Leo:  Right here, right here. First a couple of other interesting suggestions for your music. I noticed you had the "Universal Soldier" which I first heard by Buffy and I thought it was her song until I found out it was actually Donovan. "Everybody Knows" the dice were loaded by Leonard Cohen. That's a good one and While My Guitar Gently Weeps, I think kind of says it all, the lyrics. I mean it's just so perfect if you remember that song, right? Dylan's "It’s All Right, Ma" says a whole bunch of things and also I was thinking when I was thinking of Bertrand Russell and the way he sold us out basically, I was thinking of some of the lines from "I Want You" by Dylan: because you lied, because you took me for a ride, because time was on his side. You know those types of lines. Anyway, I was pointed out to another book that was similar to "Brave New World" and "1984" was Neil Postman's "Amusing Ourselves to Death," that kind of sums up part of our other experience. Also, the Friday the 13th of Pope Clement, so he finally made his peace and became one with the Templars, is that what you're saying?


Alan:  There's no doubt about it. You see, understand the thing is the Catholic Church from its beginning really was a transformation of the old pagan Roman Empire who knew they'd have trouble with this new religion. It really was all about individuality and the rights of the individual. It wasn't a mass movement as such, but it was the first movement where an individual had the right not to bow down and pray to kings or priests or have middle men but the right to pray to your own deity and follow your conscience as it dictated, and therefore disobey governments and kings and tyrants. The Old Empire church simply swapped hats overnight and took it under their wing, so from its very inception the Universal Church – it was called Universal because it adopted all of the old religions already in existence and added this one at the top as a cover. That's why all of the rituals and so on predate Catholicism; there's an inner church there. I'll be back with more. Hang on and we'll talk after these messages. Hello.


Leo:  Anyway, there was in interesting connection between the Third Reich and the Tibetans was also the Thule Society I think.


Alan:  They sent over delegations under Himmler in fact. Himmler was the guy who directed that to try and find the root or the beginnings of what they called the Aryan race and so they sought out through India and then up through Tibet as well, trying to find their origins. That was the whole key to it.


Leo:  And I'm quite a fan of the so-called Theater of the Absurd but I realize it's a total misnomer. The real thing it should be called the Theater of Our Absurd Reality.


Alan:  Yes it is absurd reality and as I say most--


Leo:  But I mean the Theater of the Absurd doesn't really say the whole thing. I think Theater of our absurd reality is more to the point.


Alan:  Most people as I say don't realize that everything that they've been taught and everything that they like in fact has been given to them and they like things that are familiar, simply because it becomes familiar, no matter how strange a previous generation or even a later generation would look at it. They become very comfortable with what they think are the same ideals of the masses around them. They judge their sanity and their opinions by bouncing their opinions off the masses and getting the same responses back; and that's how you say I must be sane because they all agree. We all agree with each other. It's a very simple con job. The Ancient Greeks knew the Earth was round and they wrote about it and so did some of the Egyptians as well.


The high priests knew the Earth was round as well, and so it was written about by authors in Greece and when the Catholic Church took over they made it flat again because they had to fit into the four corners and the divisions and how the Earth was dragged up by four corners, so they had to make it flat again. It stayed flat for centuries until Copernicus came along and they had to make it round after a little bit of a battle, so we’re back to being at being round again. However, during that period of flatness, the general population would probably have stoned you and thought you were crazy if you said it was round. You've got to understand that the mass culture, mass belief, mass opinion, it's always the opinion to be weary of because it's given to the masses at all times. The fads that you think just come through high commerce through society and ripple through and everyone adopts them are arranged fads.


They give us fads to keep ourselves occupied and to run in circles with and amuse ourselves with. This present trick of creating mass amusement where we are being amused and entertained to death, literally, because as this is happening a whole new structure is getting built all around us to control our minds 100 percent, complete and total. For what we think is an easy life of easy credit, mass production coming cheap from China, people will sell their souls to the bitter end until they pull this plug. Then they'll be howling, as always, they have in previous times, wondering how on earth they got to this state of affairs.


Leo:  I kind of see that aspect but the problem is when you see that aspect you kind of become sort of divorced and super alienated and that's why I think the Theater of the Absurd kind of brings me back when things like the [Baltz] soprano. Are you familiar with that?


Alan:  Yes.


Leo:  Where at the end all four of them are screaming at each other and saying their own words to themselves basically.


Alan:  That's right.


Leo:  That was quite a dramatic ending.


Alan:  Yes I know and unfortunately that's how it will go. People will live in confusion to the bitter end and literally give away their consciousness. They're already giving away the one tremendous gift they have or one of the gifts they have, and that's the ability to be sentient and aware and use the mind that they're given by themselves. Use it for themselves and figure things out. Most of have been trained not to do that.


Leo:  The purposeful dumbing down of the culture is really horrendous.


Alan:  It's terrifying.


Leo:  Ionesco said that in the lesson, didn't he?


Alan:  Yes.


Leo:  The great Theatre of the Absurd culture that the basic culture misses and it's so unfortunate because all they need to do is listen – I mean Fernando Arrabal and "The Emperor and the Architect of Assyria". Are you familiar with that one?


Alan:  Yes.


Leo:  I mean it lays the whole pattern out right there for you to see and understand and learn. I mean I always think of theater as a real true learning experience. What we have here is an indoctrinational experience to watch out for yourself because somebody's always out to get you. Don't expect real community. There's always somebody out to kill you for whatever and oh yes, but you've got to strive for all this whatever so you can make it valuable for them to kill you.


Alan:  I know, I know. It truly is phenomenal. Under the guise of defending ourselves we've spent billions and trillions of dollars into creating a sky that's covered in satellites that spy on us and a lot of them may be put up there where they haven't activated them yet. That's for when we're all chipped and so on. They're already up there and meanwhile the public simply watch more movies. They watch more fiction than live reality in their lifetimes and this is all happening around them and they're oblivious of it because they've been trained under socialism that this special group above them, the altruistic ones, that keep them in perpetual childhood, have their best interests at heart and they really believe that like children. The Peter Pan Syndrome is alive and well. I'll be back with more after these messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and we're talking to Leo from Massachusetts about this strange reality that is more fiction than real, at least the stuff that's taught to the public on a daily basis, where we're taught what to think about all the time of all the wars over there somewhere. It's always "over there." I mean the main news we get is always in a country so far away that we’re divorced from it and yet when they show you those little clips it's also all propaganda of how troops are peace-keeping. Now a guy who gets dressed as a soldier and wears grenades and carries big guns is still a soldier. Again, the distortion of perception by calling them "peacekeepers." A solider is still a soldier and when you send your men abroad you're part of an invasion force. An IN-VASION force. Not a liberation force.


The Ancient Romans used the same terminology. They used to say they were going in to civilize the barbarians to bring good culture to them, and that was carried on by Christian cultures when they took the Crusades and all to plunder the Middle East, which they did. They looted the country and that's how they often paid themselves. All the followers got a share in the "booty" as they called it, with that cross in front, mind you, all for the glory of Christ. Nothing ever changes. The propagandists use the same format. Why change it when it works so well, time after time? Here we are today doing the same thing with the Middle East.


Everyone knows that Halliburton, the big company, seemingly the only authorized multi-corporation with many tentacles through all types of building and logistic supplies and so on, has been given all the contracts over there. It's probably the only thing keeping the U.S. afloat is Halliburton right now and all of its war projects and building projects across the planet. We also know, it was on the mainstream news in Canada, that they deliberately targeted the oil fields in Iraq and part of it was strategy, again, they thought when they took over they'd like brand new, brand new oil refineries there. So they flattened what they thought were the older ones knowing that the American taxpayers and the British taxpayers and everyone else would finance new ones, which they'd then hand to the new owners for a song; and this is called plundering. Plundering is plundering no matter how you couch it or camouflage it. The act is the same act; and if it's the same act, then that's exactly what it is.


Soldiers go in. They invade a country and they plunder for their masters under all this bravado of wanting to bring a better culture to the people. Who are we to say we're going to bring a better culture to the people when our own culture here is falling apart through deliberation. It's happened deliberately. It's falling apart and we're watching the pincer movement all around us in our own countries and yet we want to make sure it happens elsewhere too. That means there's another force at work bringing all of this about. That's your clue right there. Then when you go into the writings as I say of the Royal Institute for International Affairs and all the rest of them, you'll find, yes, this is a planned society and they plan in centuries. Step-by-step in centuries because every generation that's born and brought up will accept the system as it stands when they're born if their parents don't warn them that this is abnormal. This system now is abnormal.


All mammals look towards an adult for signs of danger. If the parents have been perfectly brainwashed then the children or the animals won't even know what a predator is. They think it's all quite nice and they'll adapt into that system without thinking. The youngsters who are given all the cartoons and video games to make them want a chip, that's coming, and they must want it, will want it because they'll think they're going to be like the superheroes. We've already seen the beginning of a generation – they've grown up, they're now in the military. They were raised on the video games where the only object was to kill, kill, kill, released by the military-industrial complex; these games were solely for the use of training soldiers to desensitize them from killing. We wonder why you have isolated shootings in malls and schools and so on with a generation who've been brought up where the state has given them their morals and their values.


Remember what Bertrand Russell said, if we can get the children early enough, and it was proven in the 1920's in his own schools (experiment schools), if they can get them young enough then the input from the parents won't take effect. There will be no moral input that will stick on those children because the state will be giving them their values. Well, we see what the values are.


We have a society that can't bond anymore. Generation is split from generation. The genders are split apart and even within the genders of same sex couples they're battling each other as well, generally for money and so on. You're seeing exactly what they wanted, a society where everyone is basically isolated from everyone else. No one to stand up for you and Big Brother can talk down directly to you and you can't look around for help. There's no one there to help you. Sad situation but planned. Planned, written about long ago and implemented. Fait accompli and most people today haven't a clue how it happened. The generation that lives through it, like Plato said, are the last ones to see it. They're still in confusion.


They're off into the next realm of creating new types of human beings. Now the reason I mentioned at the beginning of the show about the European Union is because that was a prototype of what was to happen for the Americas. This Brave New World scenario was to start according to Karl Marx with a united Europe followed by united Americas, remembering that Marx himself simply worked and was paid for by the same big bankers based in London with the approval of the royalty because it works through the dialectic. If there's going to be opposition to a plan, always make sure you create the leader to divert the people, who think they're working against it but in actuality will come to compromise, and then you blend the two together. It's called the Third Way, again talked about in Ancient Greece. Ancient strategy, works very, very well and people fight and die for these strategies, never guessing that they're all being led up the garden path.


Now for those who have heard me before, remember I don't get paid. I don't take money for the talks I give out on the radio. I try and stay away and I do stay away from pushing advertising. These programs all run on advertising. That's what pays everyone to keep going, their engineers and so on. They need it but I don't push it myself. Therefore, I depend upon you the listeners to support me, so go into and and there you'll find ways where you can help me out to keep going and I'll do so as long as I can. It's tough here. I don't have staff. I'm not in show business. I'm not entertaining you and so I don't have people to punch things up on my screen and give me topics for the day or arrange callers or arrange guests or anything like that. I do it spontaneously. I don't arrange my talks. I just start yapping away when the time comes, but during the day I'm incredibly busy and I need either to work outside of here or have you support me. It's up to you. I don't belong to any affiliations of any kind whatsoever except I'm part of humanity and I do my best to try and motivate people into being their own champions. If you depend on others, the "supplied champions" I call them, to do it for you, you're gone. You are your own champion and there's a lot you can do. An awful, awful lot you can do in your own sphere if you really want to do it and it's not by browbeating people into believing what you believe. It's about simply sharing knowledge with those who are asking for it and there's a lot out there who are asking the questions. Learn how to put it over without overloading them. Give them a bit at a time. Feed them gently and hopefully you'll see them come alive. It's a process I've witnessed myself. You'll see them come alive for the first time.


In the ancient mysteries they always called this "the land of the dead."  That's why it's also in the New Testament where they say, "let the dead bury their dead."  Ministers and priests scratch their heads over that one, but it means that those who have the ability to be alive and are not. They don't know what's going on. They don't see beyond that which is presented to them, they're classified as the dead. It's as though they had never existed once they die because nothing was changed by their being here. Those who come alive can influence other people and help give life to other people and that's what it's all about. It's awareness and sentience and the right, the right to have a mind of your own and to exercise your own decisions in this society.


What a hell they're bringing up. What an absolute hell that we’re going into in this controlled, monitored, bureaucratic, totalitarian system. That's no life at all. That's hell, a living hell. The choice is yours.


From Hamish and myself, up here in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)