April 17, 2007
Alan Watt on "The Cari Stone Show"

on 1.FM Internet Radio


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Cari Stone: This show is live.  It is 5:06 PM Central Time.  Come on over to thecaristoneshow.com.  If youíre listening through 1.FM, Iíd like to have you come on over to the website.  You can come in the chat room.  You can interact with me, other listeners, as well as ask questions for our guest tonight.  And my guest is Alan Watt.  And Alan is an author, a singer, a songwriter.  He wears an awful lot of hats.  And weíre going to be talking about a lot of things tonight.  And Iíve already told him.  Heís highly intellectual.  Heís way above me.  So, heís already been warned, he has to talk to me like Iím four today, so I can understand what weíre saying.  And then I should be okay.  Alan, welcome to the show.


Alan Watt: Itís a pleasure to be on.  It is. 


Cari: I am so happy to have you here.  So, do you want to, Iím going to leave it up to you to kind of more or less introduce yourself a little bit better than I can, to our listening audience. 


Alan: Yeah, okay.  Iíve done lots of different things, but Iíve always, my whole life, been aware that things didnít just evolve year by year, whether it was in politics or anything else.  And very early on, I made sure I got into the adult libraries to look for old books that would give me clues as to history, even recent history, only to find that with every publication of a history book, the facts completely get altered.  And that was the first part.  I would say, why would they keep changing and omitting things, and giving us different stories.  And then when I went into, I knew big things were happening, especially in Britain, with the European Union, although initially it was called an economic measure, for trade only.  And yet, only later on to find in old books that a department for complete integration of Europe had been set up in every European country, officially in 1948, although they signed the deal in í45.† And itís true enough, only a few years, three or four years ago, the European Parliament now declassified this material and all the old plans, which have now been completed, and it said at the end that the public were not to be told of the truth of the complete merger, until it was completed.  So, generations were fooled, their entire lives, wondering why there was a depression after World War II in a lot of Europe, not knowing why they were being deindustrialized, all their factories going out to other countries in the 60s and the 70s and 80s, and yet this was all part of a plan signed way back at the end of World War II.  Not only that, the next step was to be an integrated Pacific Rim region with China as the leader and eventually the policeman of the world.  But in the meantime, the US was to be the policeman of the world, until it was completely merged with the whole of the Americas, with a union there as well.  So, I always knew, and knowing it didnít help, because youíd get the newspapers, and it would never mention the steps they were taking to completely merge the countries.  And then I realized, the media itself is an essential arm of cultural control, reality creation.  Itís an arm of government.


Cari: Youíre talking about a marriage between the United States and China?


Alan: Oh, no, the US is to merge with the whole of the Americas, Canada, Mexico, Chile, and then the rest have to get added in down the road.† With the Far-East/Pacific-Rim region, they have to go together in a conglomerate with China as the boss basically, and that includes Australia and New Zealand as well. 


Cari: China as the boss?  I canít ever see that happening.  Can you?


Alan: Itís already underway.  The Chinese already have huge fishing rights now, and fishing ports in New Zealand, and I believe thereís some in Australia now. 


Cari: So, it just seems to me though, if another, and this is going to sound really bad, but if another country gets too strong, it seems to me we just kind of pick a war with them and go and take them out.


Alan: Itís not even letting them get too strong.  You see, the agenda a long time ago was, and think tanks work for high levels of governments all the time, massive think tanks, always taking data, sorting the data, predicting the future, because they want to make sure that the dominant minority, as they call themselves at the top, this was the word used by Aldous Huxley.  He says, the ones who are really powerful, the powerful families, they want to make sure that the world that their grandchildren will inherit will still be theirs, it will still be held in the family lineage.  Theyíll have the power.  And they knew they could not ultimately keep having wars with each other, so theyíd have to have a global society.  And in the interim period of globalization, theyíd have to standardize every country to be exactly the same system.  They call it democracy.  Theyíd also have to have the same flood of media to create the new religion that the West now has.  That was part of it.  Thatís how you create culture, with religion, economics, a system of democracy, which is work, pay taxes, and shut up, basically.  Thatís what it is.† So this has been done all over the world.  So, any antagonistic system that wonít let go of their old ways, their old culture and their old religion, must forcibly be put under until they do.


Cari: Interesting. 


Alan: And as I say, itís an old, old, plan.  Thereís nothing new in it.  They were discussing these things in the 1800s, in very high groups in London and in other European countries, and the World War I in fact was an attempt to bring Europe to its knees through war, and suffering and loss of life, so that they would accept a union, and maybe a world government.  There were propagandists, like H.G. Wells, that was known for his science fiction, but he wrote mainly nonfiction for the Fabian Society, which was granted a charter by the Queen, or the King at the time.  So, basically, he worked for the high elite British government, and he wrote in his own books that this war, the Great War as it was called then, the first World War, hopefully would bring everyone to their knees, until they would accept global government.  And thatís why they set up the League of Nations.  Now, the public werenít quite ready for that, so they had a second World War, and then they brought up the United Nations.  And thatís the purpose of the United Nations, is to eventually take over as a world government.  And itís written in lots of their old books. 


Cari: Okay, so where are we at right now?  Whatís going on?  Help me understand here.  Remember, talk to me like Iím four with this, because all this politics and stuff like this, Iíve never been into politics, so, Iím learning.  And thatís why I wanted you here.  I want you to, I want to get your point of view on this stuff. 


Alan: Well, you see, I donít even believe in politics either.  Politics is for the people to play at and to mislead you, because there are no separate parties.  Thereís only one big world club.  And they give you a choice of what multi-millionaires do you want to vote for, this side or that side?  They all belong to the same club.  And theyíre family dynasties, as we know too.  And the agenda, from the United Nations, this old agenda of creating a three bloc world, a United Europe, a United Americas, and a Pacific Rim Region, as I say, goes back to the 1800s when it was first put forward.  Karl Marx put it forward the first time in the 1800s.  So, this is a plan.  We donít live through politics, we live through an agenda.  Thereís only one agenda.  They write about it.  They publish their agenda.  The big groups that are involved in it will always publish it somewhere for the public to see.  But the public never want to believe it.  Thatís the amazing thing about it.  Itís like, prior to 9/11, the New American Century club that Wolfowitz and Cheney, Rumsfeld and all the rest of them, the Bushes, all belong to, wrote about the necessity of taking over first Afghanistan, then Iraq, then Iran, then Syria.  But they needed something on a Pearl Harbor scale to motivate the American public to go along with a war.  And lo and behold, bingo, they won the jack prize, and they get what they want.  I mean, how many people have this kind of luck all the time?  You see?


Cari: Well, let me ask you this.  What do you think?  I had Alfred Webber on yesterday, and we were talking about 9/11 and conspiracy theories.  And we were discussing how even the planes that supposedly crashed into the Twin Towers, they both actually landed.  It was different planes that crashed.


Alan: Oh, yeah, I mean thereís a thousand theories out there.  Thereís a thousand theories.  But the bottom line is, for these guys to count on something happening, supposedly started from a country they wished to invade in the first place, happening on cue, when they wanted it, is an impossibility.  You donít get that kind of luck, even if you try to win the lotto by spending lots of money every week, you know.  You just donít win it.


Cari: Well, do you think the government did that?  I think, the way, I watched the video, which was called Loose Change, and I mean, it totally looked like our government did this.  I mean it was, our government did this to start the war.


Alan: It was an absolute necessity, thatís what we do know, to start the war.  They wanted to go in.  They wrote about it.  They published the New American Century format twice in the 1990s, as I say, starting with Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria.  And even Brzezinski, Zbigniew Brzezinski, wrote The Grand Chessboard.  Heís a big player.  Heís been a big advisor to lots of different presidents.  And he wrote in there the same thing.  We need something on a Pearl Harbor scale type size to motivate the public to go along with a war.  He said thatís what it would take.  And, Bingo, they get what they want.  Supposedly by a guy whoís living in a cave in Afghanistan, you know.† And also, then it comes out that we had troops on the borders waiting to go into Afghanistan, long before the towers went down.  I mean, how much do we need here?


Cari: Well, I think itís kind of funny how they didnít, you know, they couldnít find him.† You know.  When heís been, you know, a lot of his money has funded a lot of stuff for the Bushs. 


Alan: Well, that day, we had a CBC special in Canada, thatís the national television news, and they did a documentary special on the relationship of the Bush family and the Laden family.  And the day the towers went down, daddy Bush, now, daddy Bush remember was not only a President, he was also, before that, he was the head of the CIA for years.  Daddy Bush was meeting with his business partners, the Laden family, in New York, in a different area of New York that very day the towers were hit.  And the reason they were a conglomerate, they were an actual, completely merged with the Laden family, this business, is that the CIA had used the Laden family for many years to build bomb-proof shelters and so on for elite, wealthy families, allies, across in the Middle East and elsewhere.  Hereís the odd thing.  You see, prior to that happening in 9/11, those towers were attacked before, remember, quite a few years before, and bombs went off supposedly, and they went in to repair and restructure the building, make it bomb-proof.  You know who got the contract from the US government to do that? 


Cari: Who?


Alan: The Bin Laden family.


Cari: (Laughter) I should have known.


Alan: The Bush/Laden family, yeah.  They did it.† Isnít that something, eh?  And then, remember the next day after 9/11, no aircraft across the whole continent was allowed to fly except military aircraft, except, they made one exception, and that was to fly the rest of the Laden family out of the States, all the way back to Saudi Arabia.  Thatís their home base, really. 


Cari: Well, yeah, yeah, letís send them back home, and then weíll tell everybody weíre going to go get them and kill them.


Alan: Itís a complete farce.  These guys all work together.  There are no sides on anything.  The guys who do the fighting donít know that.  The guys at the top do.  Theyíre all a brotherhood at the top.


Cari: You know what I think.  I just think we should have George Bush get out there and do some fighting himself. 


Alan: I think so.  He should put his shorts on and a pair of boxing gloves.


Cari: Yes.  Heíll show him.  (Giggle)


Alan: Thatís right.  He could do it all.  And we can give him a jellyroll if he wins, you know, something like that.  Or maybe a marshmallow.


Cari: Maybe a marshmallow.  Heíll be happy with that.


Alan: Yeah.  I think so.


Cari: Oh, my goodness.


Alan: Or maybe a balloon, a couple of balloons.  Yes.


Cari: Really, pretty color ones.


Alan: And he can go home to mummy.  And leave us all in peace.  That would be a good one.


Cari: Oh, thatís funny.  I take it youíre a very, very big George Bush fan, huh?


Alan: Oh, I just love them.  I dote on them.  I grab the gossip columns to see how theyíre all doing. 


Cari: (Laughter)  And the twins.  Youíve got to keep up with the twins, whatís going on with the girls. 


Alan: Itís just amazing to watch these dynasties, that have been so interbred for so long, that have made their piles of money, I donít know if you know that the Bushes and even the Kerrys and all the rest of them, made their money, theyíre all from the Skull and Bones, High Freemasonry groups, the elite groups in the US.  So, they all made a fortune.  They already had a fortune, but they made more of a fortune when they were dumping the opium into China with the Opium Wars, to get all the people addicted, you know.  Thatís where they made millions and millions of dollars.  And thatís historical fact.


Cari: How did that go about?  How did that take place?


Alan: Well, they wanted, you see, the Western powers, the big businesses, and the big dominant minority again, that means the wealthy ones who run the system, wanted the wealth of China.  China was almost a closed shop.  It didnít want what they saw as contamination of the West.  And they didnít want to trade very much at all, if any.  And so the West basically started dumping bales of opium along with the East India Company, which is a sort of Royal Charted Company, from Britain, where only the royalty and upper members of royalty and the nobles have shares.  So itís basically a Royal Company, a Royal Corporation.  They dumped bales of this stuff, the size of, youíve seen the straw that they give to horses, the big bales, and they would dump hundreds of these on the shores every night, and theyíd pay some of the locals to start bringing it into the interior of China, to get the people addicted to opium and cause such a furor, because drugs is a tremendous technique they have, down through the ages, to destroy a country.  Once that happened, they moved in, and they set up an American quarter with US military.  And they had a British quarter, and some other quarters.  And they looted the country, basically.  They looted it.  So, first they destroyed the population by addicting them to opium.  And then they started taking the wealth of the country out. 


Cari: Okay.  Now, let me ask you this.  From what I have heard, doing this show, our military, how can I say this, has a tendency, I donít want to word this incorrectly.  Drug trafficking.  I think our military knows about drug trafficking and how itís actually being done.


Alan: Oh, they know, because they bring it in.† They bring it in.  Iíve read articles from people who have been in the Green Beret, who worked on these projects.  One of them eventually went to the Coast Guard.  I read an article out of a newspaper that got me into trouble.  Yahoo yanked the site for a weekend.† And this guy, he couldnít understand why certain incoming boats that they knew were full of drugs were allowed through.  And he explains how it happened.  The captain would radio back to the US, to the admiralty.  Theyíd tell them, let it go, let it come through, you know.  And they were letting the drugs in.  Even in South America, lots of people knew that within South America, where the drugs are basically made, itís really cocaine is made, the CIA have been heavily involved in that for a long, long time.  Youíll find Special Air Service from Britain working there.  Some of the Mossad.  Every Secret Service agency in the world is down there to make sure the drugs come out and get to where theyíre going.  Because, when you make war on a population, you take that population down.  You donít want it to be intelligent.  You donít want it to be sentient.  You want it to be drugged, happy, and pretty stupid.  Thatís standard warfare technique nowadays.  And they were doing that in the United States and other countries too.  The whole sixties/seventies era to do with drugs and rock-and-roll was all part of that, that deal. 


Cari: So, what about like Iraq right now?  Are they passing them out over there?


Alan: Well, Iraq for instance, what the US is trying to do and Britain is to, well, theyíve already put their own puppet government in, their approved government, which is supposed to represent the people, which is a joke.  And of course, the Iraqis know darn well what the purpose is going on.  They know their culture will eventually be altered to the West.  They donít want our culture.  Itís not our culture anyway. It was given for us, and given to us.  And they know itís a destructive lifestyle and they want to keep their own ways of life and their own religion and customs. 


Cari: Yeah, because, if theyíre passing out drugs over there, it doesnít seem to be working just too well.


Alan: Yeah, I mean, itís part of Muslim law they donít take drugs and so on.  So, theyíll try everything they can.  UNESCO, from the United Nations, they were the first ones in once they had a certain area calm, and UNESCOís function is to get the first generation of children trained in what they call democracy, or the Western values, and so it will take about twenty years for them to grow up and be in the younger bureaucrats that will take over to bring in the Western culture.  So, this is how itís all planned.  These guys plan the future in very long range type planning.  This is nothing new at all.


Cari: So, when do you see this war being over, because I, I personally donít, I donít understand it.  You know, they didnít find the weapons of mass destruction. 


Alan: Mass distraction.  Itís mass distraction.


Cari: Weíre still there.  They have gone.  And we donít seem to be leaving.


Alan: No.


Cari: And we seem to be losing more and more, you know, people over there, and this has got to end, itís got to end.


Alan: Weíre all sick of it.  I think people are catching on now to this agenda.  And they know, and Britain said it, you know, Britain was in Iraq a long time too, long ago.  And they were told, you wonít be out of there for thirty, forty years, because it will take that long to get a whole so-called copycat Western system of government set up, where they have enough patsies to run it.  And so they know itís there for the long haul.  As far as the American lives getting lost, they donít care.  They donít.† Psychopaths at the top of governments donít care about ordinary people, whether they come from your country or someone elseís country, they donít care.  Youíre just a tool.


Cari: Well, you know, Iíve also heard that, you know, they want to thin out the population.


Alan: Yes, they do.


Cari: And thatís another reason this is going on.


Alan: Thatís true too.  It will thin out the population.  I would not like to be one of these soldiers, because they get pumped full of all kinds of inoculations.  They have no idea what theyíre for.  And think tanks years ago talked about, especially after the Vietnam era, they were worried about trained troops coming home when America started to suffer from what was really a recession or a depression.  The economy started going down.  They didnít want, they were kind of scared of all these armed, or at least trained, ex-soldiers, being let loose, because they could form, you know, an opposition in times of crisis.  And so, you notice with the Gulf War, the first Gulf War in the 90s, that was Gulf War part I, and they gave us part II now.  And they had the Gulf War illnesses, and Iím certain that was from the inoculations, not all the nonsense, distractions theyíve told us about.  This was in the papers here.  The troops were coming back and some of the Canadian ones too.  One woman, all her hair fell out.  Her teeth got loose.  We know there was genetic malformations in the structure, the bodily structure of their offspring, when they were born.† We know they were heavily dosed with different things, but I think it wasnít just the depleted uranium thatís being used to coat the shells that they fire, I think itís also the inoculations.  So those people can be very fit, for maybe four or five years, then they start to go downhill quickly, when theyíre back into civilian life, and that makes them neutralized.  Theyíre of no opposition in a future threat to the people back home, you see.


Cari: So, do you know what they are being inoculated for?  Do you know anything about these vaccines?


Alan: Well, all you have with any vaccine is what youíre told, so it boils down to a belief system.  Itís a belief system, where you have no ability to test that vaccine to see what is in it, even the doctors donít have that ability.  They take it all.  Itís all a faith-based thing.  You get a little vial that will say whatever it says, and you take that on faith.  And itís injected into you, and then you get sick, you know, down the road.  I know theyíve given them what they claim are anthrax and various other warfare type inoculations, but weíll never really know what they really are.  But we certainly do see the effects.


Cari: You have a DVD out on vaccines, donít you?


Alan: Iíve done talks on vaccines on some, on bits of a DVD Iíve got out, not the whole thing.  It would be so long, because really the history of vaccinations is a horror show.  They did studies, and itís from the British medical journal, for instance.  They got records of the first inoculations they gave way back in the 1800s to the British public, and thereís one big test that they gave out where about 140,000 inoculations were given out against smallpox, and the only ones who got a disease and died were the ones that got inoculated.  So they were given a disease.


Cari: Yeah.  That kind of goes along, as far as Iím concerned, every time Iíve ever gotten a flu shot, I get really sick after the flu shot.  Every single time.  Well, I did it twice.  Iím not going to do it anymore.


Alan: Thatís got mercury there in it too, Thimerosal.  Thatís deadly stuff, mercury.  Youíre lucky to get rid of it out of your system.  It goes to the brain too, itís a heavy metal.


Cari: Yeah.  Thatís not a good thing, is it?


Alan: No.  And itís classed as a poison. † You see, when you start looking at what theyíre really giving you, you say, wait a minute here, is this to help me or is there some other agenda at work.  And then when you go back into....


Cari: Yeah, they donít ever really tell you whatís in any of the vaccines theyíre giving you.  Oh, this is a flu shot.  Oh, this is for chicken pox.  This is for polio, this is for this.


Alan: Thatís right.


Cari: Whatís in it? Just a live strand of polio or chicken pox or whatever, so your body can fight it off.  Itís weakened, you know, and then, thatís all you get.  Thatís what youíre told.


Alan: I know.  And yet, go to any pharmacist, and there are certain medications they give patients that have skin cancer, and ask for the print-out on side effects and warnings, contraindications and so on.  Youíll find in these contraindications, if youíre taking this medication for skin cancer, donít go near anyone whoís recently had a polio vaccine, shot, because you might come down with polio.  Now, if itís a weakened strain of polio theyíre injecting into someone, how come someone is liable to come down with it if their immune system is weakened?  It could just be a passerby even.  It doesnít make logic; itís not logical sense.  But thatís official, you can get that at any pharmacy, it will tell you. 


Cari: Now, okay.  Tell me again, who is it, who shouldnít go by anybody who just had a polio shot?  If you just had what?


Alan: Certain drugs, which are cytotoxic drugs, which bring down your immune response system.  They use it for fighting skin cancers, certain drugs.  And youíll find on these drugs the contraindications and so on, and the warnings.  You know, donít go near anyone whoís recently had a polio vaccination, because you might contract polio. 


Cari: Well, who would you know?  You know, thatís like weíre supposed to start wearing signs saying, oh, I had a polio shot.


Alan: Exactly.  And then the same thing with measles, mumps and rubella vaccines they give to the children.  You can follow the statistics.  Measles, mumps, and rubella they call it, the triple shot, and the polio vaccine theyíre giving earlier and earlier.  And you look at when they get it, the symptoms of autism always kick in within a month after getting the shots.  Always.


Cari: Yeah, oh, yeah.  Usually, way before that.  You know, I mean, my daughter used to, I would give her Motrin, when she was tiny and had all her shots.  I always gave her Motrin right afterwards, because, if I didnít, she would start to run a really high fever.  And they wonít even tell you that, give them Motrin, give them Tylenol, give them something, because otherwise the fever is going to start.  Well, whereís it going to go from there, if you let that fever go?  You know what I mean?


Alan: And the thing is, you see, autism used to be incredibly rare.  It was very rare.  And autism used to show basically from birth onwards.  The child didnít go through the usual milestones up to saying dada and mama.  However, this is different.  This is always after the inoculations, around the age of two.  Within two weeks to a month after the big fever, they suddenly notice thereís a dullness in the childís eyes, it doesnít seem to be following with the eyes.  It doesnít say dada or anything.  Itís going backwards.  And this is standard now.  Now, theyíve done studies in different US states, and theyíve looked at the statistics of autism, and itís pretty well identical with the amount of shots theyíre giving out at the same time, over that same period.  So, thereís no doubt about it, this is linked.  You know, this is it. 


And then, when you go back to the old books on depopulation, from the big boys that wrote them, the Bertrand Russells, the Arthur Koestlers, all the different people, the Charles Galton Darwins, now, these are big movers and players in this field of world power.  They all talked about ways of bringing down the population.  And also part of it was to make them manageable and stupid during big changes that were coming, world changes, and one of the methods they mentioned, Charles Galton Darwin and others, it was possible they could inoculate it into them as the most straightforward, easy method to make sure they all had it. 


Koestler, who worked for the United Nations, and wrote a book called The Ghost in the Machine Ė The Ghost in the Machine, by the way, is you and your sentient being, your conscious person, you Ė and he talked about a way to inject something into the body, that was made in a biochemical warfare laboratory, that would literally pick up on certain minerals and so on, in your system, and go straight to receptors in particular parts of the brain to lobotomize it.  And the symptoms of course would be fever and all the rest of it.  Then you would start going backwards, basically.  You wouldnít progress.


So, hereís these guys putting all these books out on it, all belonging to the Eugenics societies, for depopulation, and now youíre watching the same symptoms that they described appear all around us.  Now autism is normal.  Itís normal.  A child gets fever; whereís the fever based?  Itís in the head.  Every doctor is trained to tell mommy, donít worry, there will be a little fever, but it will pass off in a few days, you see.  Why should there be a little fever that will pass off?  And why is it targeting the brain?  You see.  When you have high fever in any part of a tissue, you have loss of cells, healthy ones too, you see.  Thatís logic.  Itís also known fact.  And here they are....


Cari: Why donít they just say, you know, weíre going to give your child this injection, this vaccine, and autism all at the same time?


Alan: Thatís right.  And you know, if they did say that, the people wouldnít believe them.


Cari: Well, I can tell you, I wouldnít give my child the vaccine then.  I would believe them.  If somebody said something to me like that, you know, I wouldnít play with my childís health.  And I think, you wouldnít either, would you, Alan? 


Alan: No.  No way.  But you see, this is the thing.  Theyíve trained the public, and it was Bertrand Russell, Lord Bertrand Russell, who wrote many books on all of this.  He said, we are creating a world where the average person will have no opinion of their own.  It will be given to them by experts.  Theyíll turn to experts for all their advice.  And thatís how theyíre going to run the lives of the people.  And thatís happened.  You see, thatís happened.  The media and the major news is there to do our thinking for us now.  We donít do our own thinking, we parrot what the media tell us.  When they tell us to worry about something, think about something, or gossip about something, we do.  And so weíve all been trained with that television tube, to not think for ourselves, and people now really trust, they really have grown up with the big anchor newsmen, and they trust what they say, you know.  Thatís why they keep them until theyíre really old.  You grow up with them.  Itís like daddy.  Heís there every night at six oíclock.


Cari: It is.  It really is.  So, do you watch the news?


Alan: Iím allergic to it.  I have an allergy to news. 


Cari: See, I donít like it.  I wonít watch it.† I do my best to avoid.  I mean, yesterday I didnít know about, you know, the Virginia University, what had happened there, until almost 9 oíclock at night, when I finally turned on TV and I was flipping through the channels, I was like, Oh, my God.  But I didnít know about it, until then.  And you know, thatís the thing, is, they go so, and Iím not trying to take anything away from this, because what happened is horrible.  Itís a horrible tragedy, but why canít they do an all-day coverage on something thatís really good happening in this world?  Just once, you know.  I donít care if itís a little kid who wins a blue ribbon at the fair on a tractor pull.  You know what I mean?  He pedaled his little legs off and he won.  Thatís the kind of stuff I want to hear about.


Alan: Well, what theyíre doing, see, now, theyíre creating a crisis of fear.  Thereís a big push on to get everyone ID-ed.  You see, the United States hasnít quite got the complete ID card yet, and they want it rammed through.  And Iíve always noticed in the US, whenever they need something done, something happens just right on the spot, to give them the impetus to do it.  When Bill Clinton wanted to put through the whole Anti-Terrorism Bill, basically, before 9/11 even happened, he couldnít get it through.  And that weekend, lo and behold, boom, up goes the Oklahoma City bombing, and they rammed it through with the next sitting.  They always get what they want, because they make it happen.


Cari: Right.  We have a, I have a question in the chat room, and this guy is kind of chomping at the bit with this question, and itís ďCoolĒ. He says, getting back to Iraq and the war over there, ďWhy donít we just drop the bomb on them and be done with it?Ē is what he wants to know.


Alan: Well, why doesnít he go and do it?  Why doesnít he go over and take it there?


Cari: There you go.


Alan: Yeah, and light the fuse before he leaves the shores.


Cari: Well, you know, thatís just it.  You know, itís very easy to say, letís just go drop a nuclear bomb on them, but itís easier said than done.


Alan: But whoís ďweĒ? 


Cari: I could not be the person who pushed that button.  There are too many innocent people.  What are you doing to the planet?  What are you thinking, doing this stuff?


Alan: And then again, you see, Joe Average, who obviously doesnít have a mind, somehow thinks itís ďweĒ.  We have no say in whatís going on.   I mean, why do ďweĒ not go over?  Whoís ďweĒ?  We have no say.  We are not the military.  We are not the military-industrial complex.  We donít even have a complaints department for anything.  So, I donít know what ďweĒ heís talking about, unless itís some guy from the Pentagon thatís phoning you.  And I doubt that.


Cari: I think thatís George Bush in there as ďCoolĒ.


Alan: Oh, hello, George.  How are you?  And have a nice day.  Iím sending some balloons down now. 


Cari: Oh, boy, balloons.  In the shape of an oilcan for him.  He loves his oil.† That would work.


Alan: Well, theyíre made, I think that rubber is actually artificial.  Itís made from byproducts of oil, so that will make his day.


Cari: Until he fights them.  We have about two minutes before we go to break.  I want you to tell everybody how they can find more about Alan Watt on the internet.  Where are you?  And what kind of products do you have to sell?


Alan: I only sell what I make.  I donít have advertising of any kind, because Iím not a business, and you see, there is a patriot business, and Iím not part of the business.  It makes lots of money and it lives off terror and fear.  I put out stuff thatís relevant, pertinent, to the people who are alive now and up and coming, their children, hopefully.  So, they can see me at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and .net and a few other ones.  And the new one which is international for Europe, alanwattsentientsentinel.eu.  And more stuff is going up there, yeah.  I try to get information out rather than sell gimmicks and fear-based products.


Cari: Now, youíve got some CDs and stuff over there, donít you?


Alan: Thereís CDs there too on ancient histories, religions, how they started, how itís worked, what they mean.  Techniques of mass control through religion and so on. 


Cari: Oh, I canít believe that would ever happen.


Alan: No, theyíd never do that.  No.


Cari: No.  I just canít believe that.  No, youíre pulling my leg on that one.  So, we are going to take a break, and we will be back in just a few minutes.  You are listening to the Cari Stone Show on 1.FM, the Paranormal Channel.


(Commercial Break)


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Alan: Yeah.  Itís a pleasure to be here.


Cari: Well, Iím so glad you are here.  And Iíve been enjoying our conversation on air and off.  Alan, letís talk a little bit about what the future holds for us. 


Alan: The future is quite interesting, because we donít have to guess about it.  Itís been published.  This is whatís so good about the future.  As opposed to the past, they tidy up and hide in history books the past, but they publish what theyíre going to do with the future.  And the future, the way itís going right now for a global society, with a new way of living.  Theyíve told us thereís going to be a new way of living, where the people will be born to serve the state, the world state, basically, is not too happy in some ways.  Although, itís also being sold that it could be made to be happy through artificial means, and by that, theyíre talking about all things from brain chips, which comes from the Ministry of Defence in Britain, in the recent Guardian article, which can stimulate certain chemicals in your brain, and make you happy, happy, happy, all the time, no matter what youíre doing.  And, of course, it also fits into the whole New Age phenomena, where theyíve had about a hundred years of building up the New Age religion, where weíll all be one, this concept of oneness, and where youíll all be interconnected. 


Well, we will be, but not in the way that people imagine.  Weíll be interconnected, in that central computers will be running our lives for us.  Other people will be doing the programming, but technically, we will not be individual, conscious beings anymore.  And that was published at the Loyola University in Louisiana at the world science meeting.  They say they have these chips ready to go.  All they have to do now is get the public to accept them, so theyíre going to promote it through movies and novels and so on to make it exciting.  But the real function is to control people and manage their lives.  And the man from Japan, the scientist from Japan, who worked on this chip, said it will no longer be the world as we know it.  He says, think more like the beehive.  He said, youíll hear the buzzing of voices as the computer signals other peoples around you, and youíll hear the messages of their thoughts going through you, back to the machine.  And when he said that, I thought, heís talking about the Borg in Star Trek.  And thatís exactly what it is, because the Star Trek series was predictive programming. 


That was to get us used to an idea, which we then accept.  And this is the future that not only is planned, but these guys are deadly serious, because, when the Ministry of Defence, which is like the Pentagon, gives out to the public this report on their plans, for the near future, theyíre deadly serious.  And theyíre not saying weíd like to develop this chip.  This chip is ready.  Itís done.  And now, all they have to do now is to make it appealing to the public, and thereís two ways to do that.  One, is to keep promoting the oneness aspect Ė which started with really, Carl Jung wasnít the first one to talk about the Universal Consciousness, but he was promoted to do it, there were others Ė to make it something that appeals to people.  Weíll all be one, you know.  And the second way is to make life so hard or scary for the public, with poverty or whatever, or threats of terrorism, that eventually, like a tranquilizer, it can be sold to you as stimulating certain hormones and so on from your brain, which will act like tranquilizers.  But, one way or another, they can sell this to you.  Either through getting you to accept it and consent to it voluntarily, or else by making you so afraid of everything, youíll want some relief and youíll take it at any cost. 


So, this is whatís on the cards.  You see, the war is nothing to do, really, the Middle East is a small part of this war.  This is a war of the world, this is the final war to standardize the one system of what they call democracy, worldwide.  And itís not to stay like that, itís to then evolve into its next step of global government, where there will be servants and masters and the oligarchy at the top.  This has been put out by the major players who work for the oligarchy.  Some of them are members of the oligarchy.  These people are not elected to any office, but they have more power than any government.  So, theyíre not kidding.  Theyíve been at this for a long time, working towards it. 


They gave us the whole New Age phenomena to believe in, because they said theyíd have to create a New Religion for the world, to bring all the cultures into this New Religion.  And they put lots of big players out there, beginning with Madame Blavatsky in the 1800s.  Eventually her organization was given a Masonic Charter, so itís Masonic, itís Freemasonic in origin.  And she said, Blavatsky herself, who was more of an actress, a front person, as they always are.  She said, our job is to blend what people would call spirit with science, to cross the barriers and merge the two. And Iím sure she herself had no idea that out would come this report of a brain chip that literally will connect you with everyone else, but you will be in turn controlled by a computer.  So, science and spirit.  If the essence of you as a person, the totality of you is actually spirit, you see.  Theyíve crossed that barrier.  So youíre looking at worldwide slavery, which they at the top call efficiency, efficiency, more efficient human beings to serve them better.


Cari: Well, I just find it so hard to believe that would happen, but then I also find it very hard to believe, you know, how 9/11 went down too.† So, when do you see this New World Order taking place?


Alan: Well, I know that by 2010, the governments, this was their agenda, and this was the free trade negotiations.  This came out of it at the time through Shelly Ann Clarke who wrote up all the negotiation books for the Canada/US/Mexico Free Trade Agreement.  And she came out publicly afterwards and said that theyíd sold everything out and by 2005 they would admit to the public there was a unification in process.  Sure enough, in 2005, the Three Amigos met down at Waco and signed the unification deal.  By 2010 they want a united Americas with a new government for at least the US, Canada and Mexico, with the rest to follow.  Now, they even mentioned at the time, with the Free Trade Negotiations back in the 80s, remember, and early 90s.  NAFTA came along in the 90s.  They mentioned that Montreal could be the new Brussels of the Americas.  Well, Brussels is where they set up the European Parliament, the brand new one for the whole of Europe.  So, Montreal was going to be targeted for the one for the Americas.  Now, this is all from the top.  These guys donít make suggestions, they make plans and they always follow through with them.


Cari: And this is, where can we find this?  This is written where?


Alan: Iíve got lots of documentation on my website, my talks and so on.


Cari: Okay, and give me your website again.  Let everybody know where they can find you on the web and information.


Alan: You can go through cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And they can also find me at alanwattsentientsentinel.eu.  Thatís the new international site for Europe, where itís going into different languages for different peoples of Europe, different translations of the transcripts I have of all the shows.  And so, Iím trying to get the word out to the public now, because theyíve got to know whatís really going on here.  This isnít a matter of us voting in politicians.  That doesnít really happen.  These guys are vetted, trained and picked long before we even know their names.  We have an agenda, you know, there is an oligarchy too.


Cari: I think itís so funny, because George Bush ruined every business that he tried to create or run.  And now.  So, why would he be hand-picked to be the President?  Because of how intelligent he is?


Alan: Well, Iíll tell you, heís not bad, heís not bad when he reads his script.  When he gets off that script, he says some amazing things, little Georgie.  He does.


Cari: (Laughter) I think he surprises himself, you know.  He has no, heís like me, he has no filter, and doesnít know whatís going to come out next until itís there.  And then thereís that stupid look on his face.


Alan: Well, we have a comedy show in Canada.  Itís called 22 Minutes.  And this guy from the comedy show went down with a CBC microphone when George was running for the second term, and he was coming out of some talk, where heíd read his speech.  And the fellow shouted over to him, as George was shaking hands, and George looked at him.  He says, Iím from Canada, and just to let you know that our Prime Minister, our Prime Minister, Mister, he says, Mr. Poutine, thinks youíre the best man for the job.  Now, this guy had been President.  This was his second time, right.  He should have known who the guy to the north was, right, youíd think.  And George stopped in his track.  He beamed all over.  Oh, he was really so happy, he says, well, you tell Mr. Poutine, thanks very much, Iím glad heís got so much confidence, Iíll live up to it, yadda, yah.  Poutine in French, from Montreal, is French Fries covered in cheese.  Thatís what Poutine means.† I kid you not.


Cari: (Laughter)  Cheese?  Cheese?


Alan: Yeah.  French fries covered in Cheese.  Poutine.


Cari: Thatís why we did not elect that man. 


Alan: (Laughter) Thatís right.  So that just shows you.  You see, these guys do what theyíre told.  They read their scripts.  They have the best Hollywood writers writing their scripts for them.  The scriptwriters are more important because they are not elected.  Theyíre not elected by anybody.  Theyíre appointed.  And those characters have more power, because they know the agenda.  They work and theyíre trained by those who train those for the agenda.  And they make sure they write all the right speeches and so on.  So, Prime Ministers and so on are almost front actors that do what theyíre told.  Now, Tony Blair is different.  Tony Blair in Britain, because heís an Oxford guy.  Oxford has the Rhodes Scholarship.  The Rhodes Scholarship trained Bill Clinton and others for World Government.  Itís to create World Government.  Thatís what Rhodes Scholars are taught, you see. Thatís why it was set up.  And Tony at least gives better speeches without reading the script all the time.  And he waves his hands a lot, which is more impressive.


Cari: (Laughter) Thatís why weíre so proud of George Bush.  Oh, my God.  Yeah.  I, you know, Iím the first one to say, ďHide.Ē  Where, okay, so you think weíre headed for this New World Order where weíre pretty much going to be slaves.  Is that about right?  You know, I mean, clones, whatever you want to call it. 


Alan: You know, George Bush Sr., when he was president, was the first one to come forth with the term openly to Americans, when he says, I see a New World Order coming into view.  It was all over the newspapers when he was in office.  That was in 1991 on September the 11th, he gave that speech.  And he kept talking about this New World Order, and he never explained in detail, because itís a Masonic term.  Itís the completion of the Great Work as they call it.  Which being an international brotherhood, their job was to bring the world into oneness, you see, with its natural order of the more intelligent, those who are fit to rule, ruling all the lesser types.  Thatís really what itís about.  Because Freemasonry, when you go up the ranks, is nothing more than a very high form of Hinduism that believes in superior types and inferior types, and itís the right of the superiors to rule the inferior.  Thatís what itís all about.  Itís a religion, basically.


Cari: Now, letís talk about your latest book.  And it is called, letís see, help me out here.  Esoteric Unveiled and the Meaning of Revolutions in the High Masonic Tradition. 


Alan: And Revelations, not Revolutions, although thatís in there too.


Cari: Revelations, yes.  I canít even read my own writing.  You should see those chicken scratches on there.† Help me out. Tell me what itís about.


Alan: I go through the higher meanings of what most people call astrology and give you it.  And I also associate it with Bibles, different religious books, because they all have the same meanings in the big religious books.  Thereís an esoteric contained in all of them, because the old brotherhood wrote it.  And I go through the real meanings of the zodiac for the first time.  Not the stuff weíve been taught to believe, which we love, because itís mystifying, but into what the higher ones believe it all means.  And to them, the zodiac is a time clock.  Itís a perfect time clock.  Itís always there.  You know, the spring doesnít wear down and it doesnít need a battery.  So itís a perfect clock.  In fact, in that speech of the New World Order, Bush Sr. referred to the divine heavenly plan, everything was going to the divine heavenly plan.  He never elaborated on what he meant.  But what he meant was into the Age of Aquarius, what it really means for the high elite.  And he was talking about thatís the time of the completion of the mission, where they bring out a new type of human, a new type of man.  And youíd have World Government and so on, and everything would be put in its proper, what they think is its proper order, with the predatory elite having a natural open right to rule the lesser beings.  But they also mean that the vast majority who have not evolved, thatís all part of this Hinduisitic type Masonry, those who have not evolved enough, the useless eaters, as you find Bertrand Russell and others call them, were to be killed off.  They couldnít come through into the New Age.  Thatís also part of Hindu philosophy. 


Itís a strong belief in Hinduism, which really is tied in with all of this.  And so, they have to be killed off by all means possible.  Supposedly, if they allow the inferior types to come into a New Age, a New Beginning, with the superior types, the inferiors would bring down this New Existence, this New World.  It wouldnít work.  They call it waves, sometimes they call it waves of Theosophy even, from the Theosophical movement.  So, this is all high, higher occultic knowledge that the higher noble orders of Masonry are allowed into knowing.  But it also goes into the fact that all the mainstream churches, the large ones, youíll find everybody at the top is a Freemason, because they always give us good shepherds to follow, in all ages.  Thereís an old, old saying that goes way back, it said, in all ages, the proper people saw to it that the proper religion was taught to the people below, and the people below believed properly.  Itís very easy to create a religion, and indoctrinate a generation and then let it take off.  It will be repeated and repeated to their children and their children.  And they wonít question it. 


So religion has always been used for control reasons, in all ages.  And thereís no better example than that to look at than India, with the Brahman structure.  A caste, class system, where depending on the caste youíre born into, it will dictate what youíll do for your whole life and how far you can go in that life.  It also tells you, you canít help those who are fallen by the wayside on the street, because youíll contaminate your own karma.  Itís a rather disgusting system when you canít help your fellow human beings because, well, thatís their choice to come back and die like that, you know.  Thatís a psychopathic way of looking at things. And what we do have at the top of all of this is a psychopathic elite, who are inbred, worldwide.  Every country has its own.  And theyíve all merged into one big club.  So, it shouldnít surprise anyone really when they start to dig into this and understand it, that you have what they call now a pathocracy.  Generations of psychopathic inbreeding, who must always, you see, a psychopath in a monetary system of profit and success that comes with it, only the psychopath will be attracted to get up to the very tops and pinnacles of power, because they crave power. Itís an abnormal craving for dominance over others.  And so, they naturally are the only ones who will always, in any era, with a money system, climb up the ladder through any means possible, and get rid of anyone in the way.  They will always get up there.  And thatís why we end up, always, in every era with so much trouble in the world.  They always end up trying to kill off the lesser types.  They donít like excess populations.  It scares them if thereís too many of the ordinary people.  And they want efficiency to serve them, and they will be the masters.  This is the world that is not only envisaged by them, itís the world theyíve written about, and they mean to go through with it.  And theyíre using science, to make it all happen.  The sciences are so far ahead of what the public have been told about, that they not only have the ability to make this happen, theyíve set up all the mechanisms to make it happen.  They can do it.


Cari: So, how far in advance would you say our government is?  How far ahead of us, from what we know of?  About fifty years, maybe more?


Alan: Much more.  You see, in the 1500s, for the first time, at least to the publicís knowledge, a Freemasonic organization surfaced openly, and it was called the Rosicrucians.  And they published their own manifesto.  They always publish manifestos, which are plans and purposes and how theyíd complete their agenda.  And John Dee was a member, for instance.  He was an occultist, if you want to call it occultist, but he wrote mainly in code.  That was his main function.  Francis Bacon was another, but they talked about the sciences.  And youíll notice from the 1500s; before the 1500s nothing much changed in the world with technology.  You had sailing boats, wind sails.  You had horses and carts, and so on.  In the 1500s, there was a sudden push in to understand the laws of nature, meaning science and physics.  And all these characters, John Dee and Bacon and so on, that worked for the British court, the Royalty, the dominant minority, they all worked towards the sciences.† And they said in their own writings that the public would never get access to the most advanced science, because they will not.  You canít hold on to power by sharing it, you see.  So they always have to be so far ahead of every generation.  And they could pull amazing stunts off with science, and the general public would say it must be an act of God because we donít have that ability to make that happen. Thatís how it works. 


And so, yeah, theyíre far, far ahead.  Now, Bacon, in the late 1500s, wrote a book called The New Atlantis.  And that was part, an allegorical form, the setting up of the United States of America, and how it would be run by what would appear to be a Republic form of government for the people, but in reality it would be run by secret groups of scientists.  Now, that was published in I think 1602.  And he went through the whole thing to do with Freemasonry that would run the system.  But the public would never know that there was a Brotherhood of these characters running and holding on to the reins of power.  They would believe they had a form of democracy or democratic republicanism.  And he wrote, went through the whole agenda, and how the New Atlantis was there to basically bring the world together under a new system.  He even talked in this old book from that long ago, of how they would create underground laboratories, three miles deep and three miles within mountains, which the public would know nothing about, where these laboratories that would do all these experimentations would happen.  Now, I donít care how much really an imagination someone had.  To be a science fiction writer, science fiction for instance takes what is happening today, whatís being worked on today, and you can push it off into the future, and say, well, that could go in this direction.


In Francis Baconís day, as I say, there were horses and carts, wind sails.  They were supposedly beginning on the laws of physics at that time, and yet, he said, in one of these underground laboratories, in his book, he said, they could grow and create any kind of vegetable.  They could make it up from the particular minute pieces of different vegetables and make any kind they wanted to. Today weíd call that genetic engineering.  And then he said the same thing about animals, we can create any kind of animal we wish, and know how the end product will look and be before we even put it together.


Cari: Well arenít those hybrid, more or less?  So, okay, I had heard somebody else say that.  Youíre kind of getting into the transgenics thing.  And I had heard that they were trying to build the perfect warrior, you know, the absolute perfect warrior for the army.† Now what are the chances of that happening, because, you know, once you start building people like that, what scares me is when you start creating things like that, you donít know how that mind is going to work.


Alan: Itís not so much that thatís scary, itís the fact that you will not be in charge of it as a member of the public.


Cari: Well, thatís what Iím saying.


Alan: Youíre dealing with almost a machine there.


Cari: Yes.  And when they talk about cross, cross bio, you know, when they want to take a rabbit and a person, you know, and put them together.  Well, what are they going to have, a funny little tail?  Whatís going to be the deal with that?  What happens when they decide to take, you know, an orangutan or an ape and put it together with a man, to make the superior, strong man?  Or a horse?  Or God knows what?  And mixing all these chromosomes and stuff, because their mind is not going to work like a normal humanís mind.  There is no way. 


Alan: Well, if you did, youíd take a lot of antidepressants, because Iím sure youíd be depressed if you got four legs.  Yeah.  The thing is, this is what theyíre all doing.  And no one asks, well, who gave them the authority and the money, is the big thing, because scientists only research in the areas theyíre told to research in, because theyíre given the funding to do so.  They donít say, Iíd like to do this and find out how far I can go.  And yet, for the last almost 80 years, the big money has all been behind genetic research.  Not to help children with cystic fibrosis or anything like that.  Itís to create new types and different types of humans that would be good workers.  And this has been published in books like Future Man and so on by scientific organizations.  They plan to make what they call more perfected, efficient humans for specific tasks.  So, the odd thing again is, this isnít a new idea, this is a very old idea, going back to the days of Plato, about 2,300 years ago, because Plato who also belonged to the aristocracy of his day, wrote The Republic, where he said, we the elite can basically breed humans the same way as animals.  And, if we want people to pick apples, we can breed tall people, and interbreed them until we have tall people standardized.  And if we want people to dig mines, weíll make them small and squat and sturdy and just keep breeding them in, just like animals, just like domestic dogs. 


Cari: Yeah, but thatís scary, because I had heard that they seriously want to mix things.


Alan: Oh, everything has been mixed already.  The food that youíll buy out of the grocery store already has.


Cari: Yeah, but Iím talking with people and chromosomes and not just breeding humans, but like I said before, adding the animal into the thing and trying to create this warrior and all these scary things.  I mean, I donít think that should be allowed.  Iím sorry, thatís....


Alan: Well, youíve hit it right on the head there.  You see, we have no say in things.  Thatís just it.  We have no say in where the allocation of these grants go or who even authorizes them.  We have no say in this whatsoever, because the supposed experts have taken over this responsibility.  Theyíve been placed before us, these eugenicists that now call themselves bioethics committees, because eugenicists got a bad name after Hitler, so they changed their title.  But itís the same bunch running the same thing with the same goal, to perfect all kinds of human life by mixing.  And they see nothing wrong with tampering with different kinds of life forms and mixing them together.  They see nothing wrong with that.  In fact, for a psychopath at the top, there is no right and wrong.  Thatís why they love the theory of evolution. Things just are the way they are.  Right and wrong is a moral judgment.


Cari: But, what I donít understand is, if theyíre allowing all this other stuff, why canít we do stem cell research?  Why?


Alan: Well, even the stem cells is nonsense.


Cari: They can keep creating things, and keep creating this human until itís way beyond anything you ever expected it to be and now itís in control, but yet, we canít do stem cell research.  I donít understand. 


Alan: The stem cell research is a bit of a red herring.  Theyíre way beyond that.  They give us things to quibble about down below here at this level.  And people can sort of grab on to the topics that the media gives them, and we argue about it.  Theyíre way beyond all of that.  Thatís old, old stuff.  Thatís old stuff. 


Cari: Okay, thatís old stuff.


Alan: I mean, most inoculations now you see, at one time they used animals to breed the infections and so on, that theyíre going to semi-kill, to inject.  Now theyíre using fetal tissue.  Babies.  Theyíre using baby tissue.


Cari: So thatís the new stuff, the fetal tissue?


Alan: A lot of it is, and itís getting pumped into us.  And that technically is cannibalism.  Think about it.


Cari: Itís the same thing.


Alan: Thatís right.


Cari: So, okay, and with this fetal tissue theyíre using, I assume this is from aborted fetuses.


Alan: Thatís what weíre told.  Itís a huge business in that now.


Cari: Exactly.  Thatís the part that scares me right there is, okay, are people getting pregnant and then being paid for these babies so they can have fetal tissue.  But Iím sure none of that is going to be actually spoken about, since we couldnít do stem cell research.  So, what Iím curious about is, with the fetal tissue, what does it do.  What does really, explain to me what we can do with fetal tissue.


Alan: Well, what theyíre trying to tell the public, they need stem cells that basically can be metamorphed, if you like, into other kinds.  Itís the building blocks that any other type of tissue can be made from.  However, adults have them too.  In fact, adult ones are better. So, this whole baby thing is a red herring to get us all arguing over the issue, in fact, which they will already give us the solution to down the road.  Adult stem cells have been used for a while.  In fact, some of the best-paid footballers, if they damage, say, part of their spinal column, a disc, if they destroy it, they can actually grow a new one for that guy.  Now, you and I will never see that, because youíre not worth enough to earn enough money for your bosses.  Thatís how it is.


Cari: Oh, thatís mean.


Alan: Thatís true.  Itís true. 


Cari: Well, itís still mean.


Alan: If you can bring in multi-millions for your boss, youíre going to get the best treatment that the Joe Average is never going to even hear about.


Cari: So, okay, with these adult stem cells, okay, and because Iím not the brightest bulb on the tree, with these, I take it the person has to die for the other person to give their stem cells.


Alan: No, they donít even need that at all.  Not at all.


Cari: You can donate your stem cells.


Alan: In fact, itís even easier.  If itís you thatís injured, thereís nothing better than the stem cell for you that will eventually be used and utilized to repair you.  Thatís what the elite are getting.


Cari: So I can use my own stem cells.


Alan: Thatís right.  Thereís no rejection problem, nothing.


Cari: Okay, so letís say that I had liver damage and I needed a new liver.  Are we going to be able to create me one with my stem cells?


Alan: They wonít for you or I.  No, not for you or I.  They can do it.  They can do it now.


Cari: Letís say I am this really famous movie star and Iíve got millions.  Iím making $20 million a movie, so I can afford to do this, but is it possible, with my own stem cells, to create a new liver?


Alan: Itís possible.  I know itís been done in higher levels.  Theyíll do it.  I mean, look at the big players in the field here that run across the world working for this agenda.  They live forever, the Kissingers, the Maurice Strongs of this world.  When theyíre in their eighties, theyíre still putting in fourteen, fifteen hours a day work.  They never have a cold, a flu.  They donít have any of the so-called aging diseases, arthritis and all the rest of it.  No, theyíre running around all over the place, giving speeches and lectures.  These are the characters that get life extension.  Because thereís three levels of science, of any science.  The one from professorship down is what the public know about, and the professors.  Some professors are brought into the second group that work for the industrial-military complex, and thereís a higher group above them too.  Thatís the three levels that are always co-existing.  Weíre always told about obsolete stuff.  Itís like the flying saucers at Area 51.  The BBC documented them taking off, in the 1970s.  They did a documentary special, where you saw these craft coming out of underground hangers, on a military, itís a military base.  Itís not an alien base, itís a military base, and these were made here.  Meanwhile, the CIA spinners went off into the media, and said, oh, it must have come from out there somewhere.  So, they always give us a story for the public to be fascinated by, and it never clicks to them, no, we actually make them here.  Sciences are way ahead of anything that youíre told about.  Even the magazine racks are full of this stuff thatís meant to keep you believing weíre on the cutting edge of technology and they tell you all thatís happening.  Thatís how easily it works.  In reality, theyíre way beyond anything they tell us.  Way beyond.


Cari: So, let me ask you then, do you believe in Aliens and UFOs?


Alan: Well, I see the UFOs.  UFO means Unidentified Flying Object.  It means that radar screens canít identify who owns it.


Cari: Correct, correct.


Alan: But these black budget operations, yeah.


Cari: Do you believe in E.T.s?


Alan: E.T.s now is a Masonic term.  It means End Times for the Christians.  It means Extra-Terrestrials for the New Agers, you see.


Cari: Do you believe in Extra-Terrestrials?


Alan: I donít believe in them because belief is a faith-based thing.  Now, thereís a difference between faith-based, see, if itís faith-based, you must believe someone whoís seen them.  If you saw them yourself, youíd have to say, I know it, because I saw it.  Thatís different from believing.  You see?


Cari: Okay, what do you think?  Do they exist?  Do they not exist?


Alan: Well, until one comes down and tells us, instead of channeling it to somebody, there is no proof.  Thereís no proof.  A belief.  All beliefs....


Cari: What about the people that say at Area 51 they have seen grays and whites and blah, blah, blah.  What do you think of that?


Alan: Oh, theyíre well paid by the CIA to put out disinformation.  If you want to disinform the public from catching on to something, you give them a fantastic story.  Theyíve been doing this sort of stuff for a long time.  And these authors are paid to do this.  The CIA admitted they put guys out in the 60s that said theyíd been abducted by aliens.  Some of them even went on fantastic rides, like they were friends, and across the galaxy.  And they gave lectures in halls across the country.  And they were paid by the CIA to do it.


Cari: Will you give us, let our listeners of the show know one more time, where can we find you on the web and information that you have out there?


Alan: They can look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com, .net, and a few other ones.  And they can also see me at alanwattsentientsentinel.eu.  And thereís lots of information, lots of free information, which they can go and check on themselves and come to the conclusions they will come to.


Cari: Okay, and weíre going to take a break.  Weíll be back in just a few minutes.  You are listening to the Cari Stone Show, on 1.FM, the Paranormal Channel.


(Commercial Break)


Cari: Welcome back to the Cari Stone Show.  The show has been live tonight.  Itís April 17th, and 6:52pm, Central Time.  Right now I have Alan Watt with me here, on this show.  Alan, welcome back to the show.


Alan: Yeah.  Iím glad to be here.


Cari: I am really glad to have you here.  And you know, weíve got people in the chat room.  I was just told that hopefully some day I will realize what an honor it is to speak with you.  I already know what an honor it is to speak with you.  Youíre a great guy.  Iím having a great time with you.


Alan: You donít have to grovel.  You donít have to grovel.  No. (Chuckle)


Cari: Is the check in the mail now?


Alan: No, Iím not checking the mail at all.  Iíve got one phone line, thatís it.  Yeah, Iím up in the boonies here.  Iíve got rabbit ears on my television set.


Cari: Oh, youíre cute.  Okay.  So, give use your website, one more time, where we can find you and all your information, and tell them kind of whatís on there.


Alan: Yeah.  Go through to cuttingthroughthematrix.com or alanwattsentientsentinel.eu, and youíll see the books for sale, where I go through the histories and so on, the occult stuff which should be straight in your face.  I explain it so that you canít miss it.  I show you in a gestalt form how to deprogram yourself.  How to see whatís there that you havenít noticed before.  And the third book, I go through the history of basically the pathocracy of the money system, who controls it, for thousands of years, why it works for them and why they canít lose it, because they control the money.  They make the money.  And I give you the history of slavery, etc, in all of its forms, up to the present form, which is just a more sophisticated form of slavery, as Charles Galton Darwin talked about.   


Cari: Okay.  Well, there you have it.  Thank you again for being on this show.  I have really enjoyed speaking with you, Alan.  Iíve had a great time with you tonight.  Thank you for being here.


Alan: The pleasureís mine.


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