Dec. 25, 2009

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"Merry Christmas, 2009"


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Alan Watt    Composition: "Contemplaciůn,"


Written, Published, Copyrighted Dec. 25, 2009 Alan Watt.
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December 25th 2009.  I hope youíve all had - as theyíve said for centuries in the past - a Merry Christmas.  Itís taboo to say so apparently today because itís politically incorrect.  Well, political correctness is for those whoíve already succumbed to the war on their minds and yet they can snap out of it if they wish to and just say, Merry Christmas.  Itís that easy. 


When you think back on it, weíve gone through so much of a war on us.  In fact itís been on for our whole lives long; your parents went through it and your grandparents went through it.  Most never even knew it was happening.  They were given external wars, somewhere over there, and they never knew the war was really being waged back at home, covertly, through stealth and through techniques using science, propaganda and mass media communication.  Eventually it filtered in to the school system and Iíve gone on before in other programs that Iíve given over the years about how the media takes over and of course entertainment, itís very important. 


Those who control entertainment actually control the direction of thinking of whole generations.  That makes it more palatable when your teachers in school or professors in university bring up the same topics that first were introduced in fiction to you.  You listen to them thinking weíre all hip, as they used to say, weíre now cool apparently and even though weíre in global warming, weíre all cool.  We accept every new attitude and every direction thatís given to us to play out in our lives.  Itís up to you if you want to go along with it or not. 


It doesnít matter if the crowd goes one way, you know they are wrong.  The crowd is always wrongÖ because the bulk of the populace goes along with political correctness.  They wouldnít care if itís a King or a tyrant or a Caesar or whatever running them, as long as they all went along together and suffered equally.  Thatís what equality is in socialism.  You all suffer equally, down below that is.  Down below the ivory castleÖ there is always an ivory castle where the big boys look down their long noses at you and play with you, as you play with dolls in a doll house; how they stand, how to walk, how to speak even, what your topics should be, how you should deport yourself in any given situation, and they give you the given situations.  Since they are all perverted at the top, they give us a perverted society and we emulate them.  We emulate them.  Itís that simple, very, very simple. 


Thatís why the battle has been for individualism all down through the centuries.  We keep forgetting that individuals changed the world in previous times.  Thatís what Christianity and Christmas was supposed to be all about.  Not the mass.  The mass will always adopt the Ďiní religion of the time, be it New Age, Hinduism, whatever is given to them and promoted by the top guys.  The individual has always been what the war is about.  If you can destroy individuality and people with the ability to reason and have perceptions of their own and voice them, then you change the whole world.  The whole world will be changed once again. 


It doesnít matter if an individual stands up and says something so true, like Ďthe king has no clothesí and then the rest of the crowd parrots that same thing.  The crowd will parrot whatever they are given to parrot.  The problems we have today is because the scientific elite have given us a society where the masses are supposed to simply parrot and adapt into a preplanned dollís house of the future.  Thatís not living.  Thatís zombielandÖ zombieland.  What the human individual is capable of attaining is so far out, way out into the universe, that itís the biggest threat theyíve ever had, in the positions of tyrant.  Thatís why youíve got to be group consensus, group opinion, group-speak, group-speak with new-speak, and linguistic minimalism to boot, through your music. 


SexÖ is all that is promoted through music today.  Thatís all.  Base.  You must separate the sexual act from loving someone.  The big writers of the 1800s who were promoted through communism wrote screeds about that very thing; how to disassociate the loving part, the bonding part from the sexual act.  Theyíve been very successful in their war.  As I say, when you get a bunch of teenagers for the first generation and say go to it, thereís no fallout from this, here is a pill, here is contraception, we have abortion clinics, do what you want, you have no responsibility at all in whatever happens to you.  We will take care of it for you.  Then you stop the bonding process.  Julian Huxley said the same thing.  He said, if we can create a generation that has plenty, plenty of sex with no consequences then weíve broken the bonding process which is their main enemy.  The family unit is the main enemy of those who are in control today. 


Those who are in control are not just far lefties, with their little duffle bags and their sneakers.  No.  Thatís just the parts of the army that you see there.  You have those who control the entire monetary system of the planet with their own particular, very secret religion, very ancient religion too, who truly believe they are here to dominate the world and itís their right to do so.  Interesting that Rockefeller, when he was giving a talk to some reporters who attended the CFR meeting, he said we could never have this without your compliance and secrecyÖ to the media.  Meaning, the kept their mouths shut about what was happening.  He said, itís far preferable to have a world ruled by bankers and intellectuals rather than to let the nations run their natural course.  Thatís something most folk canít wrap their hands around. 


They think that communism is some workersí movement.  That was the biggest red herring ever put out there.  Itís been so swallowed so well by everyone on the planet, except those who put it out, of course.  Domination is the name of the game and individuality is their main enemy. The United Nations has said so too; the INDIVIDUAL is their main problem.  Why do you think they are talking about brain-chipping people?  Yes, they will sell it to lots of people on how itís going to help you.  You wonít have to go to school eventually, you just get downloaded.  Theyíll give you pleasure centers in the brain for hyper sex and all this stuff.  Youíll be a programmed zombie.  People will rush into thatÖ and you must let them rush into it because they are goners.  They have decided to be goners.  Having the GIFT of life is too heavy a burden for them to bear.  And thatís their tough luck.  But for YOU, you must think for yourself, reason for yourself and become individualistic. 


As I say, this time of year is about Christianity.  The whole idea was about an individual that changed the worldÖ of course soon to be corrupted because whenever truth comes into the world, those that follow afterward always corrupt for power over others.  They too have their day, till the next perversion is done on the next one who stands up.  It doesnít mean you must forget or adapt to the new system.  All is not hopeless.  Thatís the point of some of the greatest religions on the planet; that ALL is not hopeless or lost. 


The government does not rush to your aid when you are having a spiritual crisis or a personal crisis.  You have to go to other areas to find answers to that.  Yes, the government will supply you with their version; hereís psychiatry and its pills, psychology and its pills, and its mantras and all the rest of it.  That is not the way that you attain intelligence or experience or belief.  Itís like postponing everything.  You know, psychiatry for instance, is about replacing religion; thatís why they brought it out.  Thatís why Freud was sent out on the mission to, again, augment Darwinism and say, well, youíre nothing but an animal.  The whole point was to be happy, regardless of whatís happening.  Be happy, take these pills and once youíre having sex out there again, and youíre purchasing things and youíre working, then they will classify you as healthy.  Thatís what they call healthy in psychiatry.  Thatís their whole point.  And yet, their point is to get you back into the system that broke you down in the first place by artificial means and back in to the artificial system. 


They are drugging so many people today, so may people.  Drugging people doesnít mature you.  You can not mature.  You must go through painful processes to mature, to become a FULL, complete human being.  You must suffer because through suffering you not only learn things, you also realize your connectedness to other people around you.  Thatís why you donít judge the same way.  Youíve been there or you could be there in the future.  It doesnít mean you turn your back and donít judge evil.  You must speak out against evil wherever you see it.  Thatís a preservation instinct.  Donít ever forget that. 


Here we are, as I say, on Christmas 2009.  We know the agenda.  We know what the steps will be coming from the big boys at the top that run the world through mainly their finances, to be honest with you.  Control the finances of the world and you control the world.  Everyone is trained to use their finances.  In fact, thereís no other option.  It doesnít mean they will win eventually and itís up to you to decide if you win personallyÖ because thatís what itís about.  Itís not the collective; itís about the personal. 


I dragged out the guitar from its coffin - as usual - today, wrote this song down quickly, played it through for the first time, no corrections or alterations; so excuse me if itís not to your taste and the fingers are a bit stiff, but itís the best I can do at the moment.  Thatís what you ALL are about really, is the best you can do at the moment.  Give it your best.  Enjoy this piece.  If weíre all alive next year, Iíll give you another one then too.  Merry Christmas, all the best, from Alan and Hamish in Ontario, Canada. 




Composition: "Contemplaciůn," Written, Published, Copyrighted Dec. 25, 2009 Alan Watt.

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Transcribed by Diana


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