April 24, 2009

Alan Watt on "The Extreme Society Show" with Jim Block



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Jim:  Welcome back to The Extreme Society Show.com.  We are going to go ahead and call our guest now and get him on and I think Billís got some questions for him and hopefully we can get things going.  Hi, Alan Watt?


Alan:  Yes.


Jim:  This is James from the Extreme Society Show.  How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad. 


Jim:  Thank you for joining us tonight.  We really do appreciate having you on our show tonight.  I want to say, Mr Alan Watt hosts the show called Cutting Through The Matrix, and thatís cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Can you share with our audience what time it is that you air?


Alan:  Yes.  Itís on at 8pm Eastern Time every Monday through Friday. 


Jim:  Awesome.  I just want to introduce you to our cast and explain a little bit of how our show actually works.  Here at The Extreme Society we talk about virtually all different kinds of topics but mostly the hot topic has been the Illuminati agenda, new world order agenda, and of course the good old Obama administration.  But I want to introduce to you who we have at our table tonight.  Iím Jim.  Weíve got Big Bill with us.


Bill:  Good evening Alan.


Alan:  Good evening.


Jim:  Weíve got Matt from Columbus.


Alan:  Hello Matt.


Jim:  Iím going to go ahead and pass you off to Bill.  Weíve got some questions to ask you and again, we appreciate you being on the show.


Alan:  Right-o. 


Bill:  First thing I want to ask you about, Alan, you have a great web site.  I wanted to ask you a little bit about the web site and what some of the issues and points are that you are trying to get across to some of your listeners and viewers?


Alan:  What Iím trying to get across to them, by going through the histories of that last, oh, even couple of hundred years to an extent, even longer, is to show them that this big plan, this world agenda has been going on for an awful long time.  I try and read from the sources of the big foundations, those that comprise what I call Ė well not just me; Carroll Quigley called them Ė the parallel government, who designed basically the whole of the 20th century, including talking about the need for world wars to bring countries to their knees, in order to bring them into a global society.  I try to give them, from their own books Ė from think tanks that are involved and the foundations and especially the Council on Foreign Relations, thatís a big mover in this whole stage play Ė and to show the public where itís all supposed to go.  Itís not just about having a nice quiet utopic world; itís a completely different ordered society they want to bring in.  I use their own writings to show the public that itís incredibly elitist; the world theyíre bringing in will be one where you simply obey authority and right now they are in the process of getting the US to catch up with the rest of the world, especially Europe.  And Obama, his job is simply to sign everything thatís been shelved from the UN and sign them all into treaties, etc, and into functioning treaties.  You are going to learn to obey authority.  Thatís the new democracy, really.  If you notice, democracy, the term itself, is getting used less and less, and weíre presented with experts on everything. So the new world society coming in will be a control freak type society where we are trained from birth to death for the functions that they will have set up for us.  Thatís really what they are bringing in.  We are being taught to obey, in a Pavlovian style, authority without question. 


Bill:  So what Iím taking from what you just said, you are basically saying that you feel that our President is basically a puppet working for some type of secret society and justÖ


Alan:  Heís a member.  Heís a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. They were set up as the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which are both private organizations, with the sole goal of bringing in a world government where the intelligentsia have the right to rule the lessers; thatís basically it.


Matt:  Hi Alan, this is Matt from Columbus.  We had a quick question here from one of our listeners.  They were wondering if you could expound a little bit on what is exactly meant by the deviants that this new society is meant to kind of control?  Like what type of people?


Alan:  The guys at the top truly believe in the whole theory of evolution, as a religion.  They use every big player; from HG Wells onwards, and through the Huxleyís, etc, all have praise to do with Plato, who came up with the book called, The Republic, which is the same kind of agenda where youíd have a guardian class at the top, who are more evolved, literally more evolved than all the rest.


Matt:  The philosopher kings and all that.


Alan: Yes, that gives them the right to rule all the lessers and to organize society along a planned way, where the rest of the public, according to Plato, would get bred for their purpose to serve.  So really, the global agenda has manifested through the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  One of its branches is the Fabian Society; I think every Prime Minister in Britain for the last 2 or 3 houses has been a Fabian.  Their technique was to do it intergenerationally.  You see, they said that it would be better than the Soviet system. The soviet system was done by fast revolution, fairly fast revolution.  But people have memories and word of mouth passes on the fact theyíre not too happy with it.  If you can guide society through generations and give them the changes that they adapt to Ė adaptation is so important Ė then theyíll never realize at the very end that theyíve been guided and pointed right along this road to totalitarianism, and they will think at the end of it that itís all quite normal.  Thatís literally what they call scientific indoctrination, and all of the sciences have been used, especially since the 1950s onwards, through the marketing, media, through academia, who are all on board; most of the big professors are Council on Foreign Relations members as well.  So they have academia, they have the big moguls of the press on board, they have education completely on board through UNESCO of the United Nations.  The purpose of UNESCO is to create a global culture, via the children, by giving them a fresh indoctrination, radically different from that of their parents.  Weíre almost at the end of this phase now.  Thatís why they said the 21st century Ė now, in the 20th century, in academia, the professors were calling the 21st century, the coming 21st century, would be a Century of Change but they never elaborated it to the public.  What it means, and you have to go into the writings of the foundations to find it, and you will find it at the CFR and other big foundations, that are all connected working together; they said, itís a century where you will have the planned society, eventually they will bring the population down, around the year 2050, gradually.  If you notice, and Iíve got articles on my site, from mainstream medical authorities saying that most males in the Western world are 85% sterile.  That has not happened by accident.  The Fabian technique is never to tell the public the truth Ė since theyíre just children Ė always give them a good excuse but not the real excuse for what youíre doing.  Thatís how weíre being fed Ė weíve been fed this diet of political correctness, for really 50 years in some countries, 30 years or more in the United States but youíre now rapidly catching up Ė and a planned society.  You can actually go into the video, itís called The Soviet Story, where theyíll show you one of the founders of the Fabian Society and member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, George Bernard Shaw saying that when we rule Ėwhen we rule he said, when we have brought in our society, he says Ė you Ė talking about the peasantry Ė you will have to come to us and justify why we should keep you alive.  So this is a step beyond family planning, which they brought forward too with Margaret Sanger.  The next step is global planning.  And now we are seeing it in mainstream media, and Iíve read lots of article recently where they are calling for reducing the population by mandatory one-child-per-family policies, etc, IN the Western world. 


Matt:  Now, do any of these actions, though they may seem to fit in this whole new world order, but are some of then necessary in some way, shape or form, or are they just absolutely unacceptable?


Alan:  Theyíre not.  Since the days of Thomas Malthus, and he came out with the Malthusian Doctrine of Economics and Population Management, on behalf of the British Empire or the British dominant minority as Huxley would have called them; he used fake graphs and charts from the beginning to try and terrify his own crowds into forcing more wars on the public to bring down the population as they built the empire.  So there is always a purpose as they kill you off; you can always still build an empire for them.  He said that the poor should be housed in the most unhealthy regions where itís damp, etc, and poor conditions so that they will die off faster.  They actually work it all out to do with mathematics and economic necessity.  So they have decided that you are not simply born with the right to exist.  No.  You can only be born in their system if you have a purpose to serve the world state.  Hence, you are seeing coming out, on queue in Britain, Canada, the US, and other countries, mandatory servitude, volunteerism.  Thatís not a coincidence, because once itís on the books they can expand that to a year, then two years, etc.  Thatís what itís all about.  Thatís IN the charter of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the CFR, the bringing in of a world of SERVICE to the world state. 


Matt:  So what you are talking about here, itís seems like, and you mentioned Aldous Huxley, so is this basically a kind of society that Huxley was describing in his books, like Brave New World?  Something along those lines, where there would be genetically bred servants?


Alan:  Yes.  His brother was Julian Huxley.  His grandfather was Sir Thomas Huxley.  Sir Thomas Huxley was the best friend of Charles Darwin and he took up the Darwinian cause to champion it when Darwin died.  So theyíre both the descended from there, and the Huxleys are also related to Darwin.  Julian Huxley became head, first head, CEO of UNESCO.  I have read on air some of his writings where he goes into what his brother was doing in the 1930s.  His brother got all of his ideas from Julian because Julian was the scientist, and he talked about the necessity to reshape mankind, to alter their genes to make them a better, more subservient but efficient people, you know, and the necessity to devalue life, over a period of time, gradually get the people used to the devaluation of life.  And of course what would fit the bill for him would be constant harping about overpopulation.† So theyíve used fake graphs and charts, since the days of Malthus right up to the present, to try and get their point across.  Now, there are books that have been published, copious books that have been published, across the whole of Europe, because they started their big crusade to reduce the populations at the end of World War I.  Then King George at the end of World War II got the Royal Commission with the Royal Institute of International Affairs and The Royal Society to do a population study to find further ways to further reduce the population, of especially the western hemisphere too, not just the third world countries.  They talked about all the different kinds of policies they could possibly imagine to make it happen.  At the same time again they used fake scary scenarios of what would happen; according to them by 1960 we should have been lying on top of each other 5 deep, and it hasnít happened.  Getting back to what they really want, the real reason is, for their sustainable development program, we are useless eaters, according to Huxley and Bertrand Russell and other big players in this, and therefore if we have no economic function in a post-industrial society, and going into a post-technological society since everything is made in China Ė and again, it was the same group who set up the trade for China Ė then we have no function in this planet. Thatís what they talk about, the law of nature, that nature has no use for useless eaters.  We are simply economic units to them and thatís the purpose we serve at the moment, is to pay taxes, bring in their ideal society AS they reduce the populations at the same time. 


Matt:  So who gets to be a member of this so-called elite?  How does one ascend to that level?  And not be a useless eater?


Alan:  At the high levels, the guardian class as they call themselves, after Plato, are simply born.  Itís hereditary for most of them.  What Huxley and the rest of them said, those who have proven their worth, meaning through careful breeding, already.  Remember, Charles Darwin was about the 5th generation of Darwins that only bred into the Wedgwood family; they didnít marry into any other family.  They were already practicing eugenics in Charles Darwinís day and he was an offspring of them. 


Jim:  Iíve got a question for you.  Would you relate any of the new world order agendas and Illuminati agendas, would you relate it at all to Biblical prophecy?


Alan:  No.  They will certain use that; some sections within them will certainly use that, prophecy.  Again, Iíll tell you where it is true, with Biblical prophecy in a sense, from the Gnostic viewpoint.  Ancient Gnosticism was already an elitist organization thousands of years ago.  When they coupled Platonism with Neo-Platonism in Alexandria in the 2nd and 3rd century AD Ė and itís well written by the so-called professors of that time in Alexandria Ė they wanted to bring in a perfect society.† They also looked at the general population and said they were basically useless unless they served a great cause.  So for thousands of years they have believed in evolution, superior types, inferior types, and an actual direction for man to move forward into.  This is what they call Ďprogressí, but they never define progress to the public.  So they do have an agenda.  They believe you are supposed to have a purpose, an ongoing purpose.  HG Wells in his book and in the movie, The Shape of Things to Come, at the end he basically expounds on this purpose, and that is for the elite always to go on and conquer the world, conquer all things in nature through science, and if necessary go on, into space in other words.  Always onwards, as they say; without a direction onwards they believe their world would crumble. 


Jim:  So that goes back to like the whole idea of like HG Wells and Ďthe wings over the worldí and you know, itís all or nothingÖ


Alan:  ÖĎthe Freemasonry of the airí, yeah. 


Matt:  Actually, I really liked that book.


Alan:  It was written that way.


Jim:  Now, you mention also that this stretches back into ancient times.  So where do groups like, for instance, the Rosicrucians or the Freemasons, where do they fit into all of this?


Alan:  The Rosicrucians and Freemasons really came out after the Albigensian crusades, and the Bogomils and the Cathars who were rivaling the Catholic Church, in parts of especially France, Southern France into Spain, for centuries, and the Catholic Church were astonished to find that Gnosticism was still alive and well.  Gnosticism and Cathars, what they believed in was reincarnation.  This is a strange business because they believe in the reincarnation of the perfect spirit which can only come into the perfect body which is of a lineage of special breeding.  And this was in the 12th century, 13th century; they were still doing this kind of stuff.  And when you reach the stage of ĎPerfectií in Albigensianism Ė or the Bogomils because it was always the same group given different names according to the region they were in Ė then the laws did not apply to you, you were perfect.  Youíll find that they branched off into Europe after the persecution by the Church that attacked them heavily, and by the way, a lot of the Knights Templars ended up in those regions of Southern France when they disbanded and became parts of these, then they created Rosicrucianism which would come into Europe. Again, it broke out in Germany and France in the 1500s; Queen Elizabeth the Firstís court was entirely Rosicrucian, openly.  Their idea was, again, in a Fabian type style, that under the guise that they would accept all religions into it, just like the Cathars did Ė you could be Jewish, you could be Christian, Catholic, whatever Ė but then you learn this dogma as well and eventually you take oaths to that particular sect.  So under the guise of being all-inclusive, it takes you over, and once itís in power it becomes the most intolerant sect of all.  All of these big foundations go back through whatís called The Mystery Religion that simply changes its names down through the centuries.  As I say, it goes back to this whole idea that Plato talked about in one of his stories where he said that the perfect spirit, he says, we are aristocrats, we are guardians because we have the perfect spirit that can come into the perfect body.  Meaning, their wives are chosen for them for certain qualities, intellect, etc, as opposed to the commoners who marry in common out of whatever.


Jim:  So now, in regard to the Cathars, they were destroyed by the Catholic Church but I would say that the Catholic ChurchÖ


Alan:  They werenít destroyed.  It was a massive region; youíre talking about something the size of Spain really.  Many of them lived in the mountainous regions and so on.  They certainly went underground, undercover and they moved, they moved into Germany big time and into Northern France, etc.  Many of them of course just simply joined the Catholic Church.


Jim:  So do you think that, so there is definitely a time, in your opinion, between like the Cathari and like the Bavarian Illuminati under Adam Weishaupt, so that the same ideology there is being perpetuated?


Alan:  That is right.  Under the guise of constant persecution they have hidden themselves, but you have to go into the histories to find out why they were really persecuted.  I can understand power groups fighting power groups, but what was their main tenet, you see?† Well itís just like Freemasonry or Rosicrucianism, they always tell one story to the recruits, or to the general public, but they have an inner agenda kept to themselves.  The inner agenda is the right of the spiritual and intellectual and more physically evolved type to rule over the lessers. Thatís really at the core of all of this.  There is even a video up on Google by some of the top Freemasons, I think it was Manly P Hall, and youíll hear the way he goes into his tactics and eventually he touches, very so carefully, on overpopulation, or overpopulation of the wrong sort, and how great powers would have to take all of this in charge, because in their heart of hearts they are all eugenicists.  When you go into, say, the foundations like the Council on Foreign Relations, Mr Rockefeller, etc, he is still going around the world mandating that the world must be depopulated and funding all of these different front foundations that he funds.  These guys are religious fanatics, but unfortunately theyíre very rich religious fanatics.  Weíll find in Weishauptís writing the same sort of idea, where they literally lie to everyone; they laugh about how everyone swallows the story they give them. Weishaupt even said that there was a top Protestant minister who really believed his explanation of Christianity and how it expounded and helped him understand Christianity better, and Weishaupt calls him a fool.  So they bring all these people into work for them and they never tell them the real truth.


Jim:  Iíve got a question for you.  Would you blame religion as being a part of the self-destructive society we live in?


Alan:  Religion in itself, and this is one area where theyíre quite correct, and this is what the Masons say, but theyíre quite correct in this.  All institutions eventually lose their fire or their zeal and become too heavily burdened with finances and the making of money and they become materialistic and then they basically become corrupt.  Thatís just fact.  Itís the same with the Constitution of the US.  You can start off with the best of intentions but if you arenít guarding it, before you know it youíve got hereditary dynasties coming into office, not only elected but in the bureaucracies as well.  Thatís the same across the Western world.  So you know, everything becomes corrupted eventually and unless there is a new type of way shown for the public, or coming from the public, then you are going to be mastered; you are not going to be leading your own life; someone will master you.  Unfortunately thatís been going on for a long, long time as we get taught, basically, to allow experts and agencies to manage our lives, under the rule of law. 


Jim:  Now, on our show a couple of weeks ago we had John Stadtmiller on and heís also on the same network that you go on, The Republic Broadcasting Network, correct?


Alan:  Yes. 


Jim:  He talks a lot about Ron Paul and being a huge Ron Paul supporter.  Now, there is a lot of controversy surrounding having a Ron Paul bumper sticker on your car.  What are your thoughts on the whole Ron Paul situation?


Alan:  Iíve said it before many times, one man, I donít care how honest or real he was, is not going to stop this, because the institution itself, of politics, is completely taken over; it was a long time ago.  Professor Carroll Quigley said that in his book Tragedy and Hope and he was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations.  He says, the CFR has run America Ė under secret societies basically, under different names, for the CFR, that became the CFR Ė for 60 years, and that was in the 1960s.  So one man couldnít go in there and change this.  The policies are almost set in stone.  You have all these lobby groups and non-governmental organizations and foundations that basically are directing policy to governments.  And every politician is so corrupt, they know which way the wind goes and they go along with them all because they get all their funding from these foundations.  Foundations are guiding the world, and the thousands of NGO groups that appear to come from the public, and the new democracy really is the NGO groups. That was the soviet system; it was based on NGOs with the leaders picked by the Politburo.  Itís the same thing here. 


Jim:  So do you think that democracy in America is an illusion?


Alan:  Absolutely. Iíve gone through the histories of Bernays and how they used marketing Ė exactly what Bertrand Russell said theyíd do Ė how they used psychology and created the American culture, actually from the í30s onwards.  They did. They created the consumer society; they take the credit for it.   Now the same boys that had all the money are telling you that you consume too much.  Now weíre being trained not to consume; weíre going into a different kind of way of life.  Itís much easier to control the collective, through massive indoctrination, daily propaganda, than it is to hit the individual.  Thatís why the founding fathers, some of them said that Ė even though they talked out of two sides of their mouths sometimes Ė they said, really, it was the INDIVIDUAL that should guide society. But first youíve got to lead your own life and guide your own life and be responsible for yourself.  That attitude has been wiped out, where weíre now taught that communitarianism, your community, thatís the new system.  Weíre a collective and the enemy is the individual now.  Thatís why theyíre coming down with so many politically correct laws on everything until you canít express yourself in any way, shape or form AS an individual; you have to give the status quo, parrot the expressions that are approved. 


Jim:  I wanted to ask you real quickly and we try to ask all of our guests this, what are your current views about President Obama and the current state of our government?


Alan:  Well, I think itís right on plan.  They got the Bush group in, you see, again all his guys were CFR and Trilaterals, the same as Obama.  And Bush couldnít push through all the treaty signings.  See, Obamaís job now, now that the structure for enforcement was set up during the Bush administration, Obamaís job is come in and now sign all the treaties that were shelved, from the UN, with the Kyoto conferences, all of these things, and bring you in line with the rest of the world now, as you sink into the global system.  And also to take the last of your tax bucks to fund it. 


Jim:  Right.  Another thing that I do want to ask you about, and I found a lot of information about this, what were your feelings about this, that I was reading about a new web site, itís called A Course In Miracles, about this movement.  Can you give the listeners some more information about that? 


Alan:  The Course in Miracles, you mean the book?


Jim:  Yes.


Alan:  The book really wasÖ  Again, when you create a new system for a new era, a new age, you give a new religion.  All the top writers including Gorbachev said this; he said that in his own book. He says, we are creating a religion; it must be kind of earth based, or earth worship based, to bring in the greening policies which will control us, etc.  So they brought in the New Age religion, starting really with pop music and then rock music about the same time.  It goes back to one of their specialized branches which again was led off by Blavatsky in Britain, Theosophy.  The idea was to bring in more and more and more women into this Ė a branch, a sideline, a branch of Freemasonry Ė to get them on board working towards this agenda too.  She was very successful.  They are funded today by the Rockefeller Foundation, Theosophy; he is a Theosophist too, Rockefeller, amongst many other things.  But, they had to get books out there like New Age bibles.  What Blavatsky said her job was to do, was to blend basically the religions of the East, especially those of Hinduism, with Christianity until eventually in the future, maybe the 20th century, maybe beyond, she says, they will be completely merged together, with nature.  So you have a nature-bound religion which uses, again, reincarnation, etc.  Reincarnation, remember, how many reincarnationists have you ever met who were ordinary people in a previous lifetime?  You never find them.  You will find 10,000 Cleopatraís, etc, and Mark Anthonyís, everybody whoís famous.  The idea, it has snob appeal, it has ego appeal, etc.  It also brings into it the belief, the physical belief, on the physical side, of evolution.  So itís coupled with physical evolution, spiritual evolution, and once again it was a great plan for everyone working together in a certain direction, always this progress, planned, thatís always part of it, you see.  You canít just be born to live and exist; thatís out the window.  You must be part of this big movement and a plan.  The Great Work, they call it. The Great Work in Masonry is not only rebuilding the personal man individually, like the bottom Masons believe.  Itís literally rebuilding the world and perfecting all that was left imperfect; thatís everything in nature, especially the common people. 


Jim:  It strikes me though that these, in general, like those concepts of rebuilding, rebuilding the society and to perfect society, seem like noble causes to try to fix the problems that we have.


Alan:  You must understand what they mean by perfection.  From whose point of view?  To make you a different creature, to serve them without protest, is their idea of perfection Ė without having the ability to even come to the conclusions never mind the means to protest. 


Jim:  Now getting back to when we were talking about eugenics programs and perfection.  Now that to me also strikes me very much of like the Nazi ideology...


Alan:  Because Adolf Hitler was a Theosophist.


Jim:  ...but the world united against Nazism.  So, were the Nazis basically also trying to create a kind of this perfect society that you were describing and that they were ultimately defeated by the world alliance?  How do they fit in to this?


Alan:  The whole idea was to get wars going.  In fact, as Carroll Quigley himself said, wars are meant to change societies on ALL sides.  It doesnít matter who apparently wins or loses, society is changed because governments take over with massive bureaucracies into different areas of your personal lives.  And we all work together during warfare, thatís why they are using terrorism right now to help bring the whole global society together.  The Club of Rome admit they dreamed up the idea of global warming too, to bring us all together.  The Nazis simply took what was already in London, England, they took the writings of Huxley, Lord Halford, and a whole bunch of people, together, the Malthusian Doctrine, Theosophy.† They took the writings of George Bernard Shaw, who was one of the founding members of the Fabian Society, where he said, you will have to come to us and explain why we should keep you alive, if you have no purpose in our society.  So they took all of that from London in fact.  George Bernard Shaw, remember in 1903 wrote Man and Superman, long before Hitler came up with the superman idea.  The Psychiatric Association Ė again, came down through Freud and all the rest of them Ė it was all parts of eugenics as well.  In fact almost all of the psychiatrists in Germany were members of the Nazi Party, actually card-carrying members of the Nazi Party, because their philosophy in psychiatry was so tied in with that of inferior and superior types.  There have been very good documentaries done on that very topic.  So Hitler was doing that.  In the Soviet Union they literally put a book out called, I think it was Cog in the Wheel.  It was about their idea too.† You see, Darwinism came out with the idea that man is just basically clay and the scientists therefore who understood nature and sciences could reshape the public to be any way that they wanted: to think, to do, to behave, whichever way they wanted to do.  Pavlov took up on that and they tried that in the Soviet Union. They said theyíd create the Sovieticus Man.  And Germany was to be the Superman after the writings of those guys in London.  So itís always been at the top of the tree, this eugenics movement.  In America at the Cold Spring Harbor station at New York was set up by the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundation to promote eugenics. In their own writings they tell you they came up with the Census for America, the census idea, for the sole purpose of following family histories to see who would eventually be allowed to breed and who would not be allowed to breed.  Thatís in their own writings at the foundation. 


Jim:  And the whole idea of the cog in the machine sounds very Hobbesian.  But so here is the thing, what is the alternative to that?  I mean, how is this derailed?


Alan:  Itís only derailed if people literally have a will to take back their humanity individually.  Because Russell and many other ones wrote out the agenda, and Julian Huxley too, wrote out the agenda at UNESCO, for how to create massive apathy, intergenerationally, as you taught and trained the public that they literally have no rights.  Theyíve been very, very successful.  They also said theyíd try and use drugs on as many of the population as possible, all kinds of drugs, to tranquilize them, etc, etc, through the changes.  See, the thing is, we have no choice but to change it because these guys have told us where they are taking us. And itís not pleasant.  It is not pleasant at all.


Jim:  What happens to the individual, such as yourself, who are free thinking and can actually see what is going on behind the lines and may be able to take action and inform people?


Alan:  Well, up until now, they try to get you on board with them.  Iíve been asked by the big institutions myself, to join them and take part in their world round table meetings.


Jim:  Really, wow.


Alan:  Oh, yeah.  And Iíve had books sent by the United Nations asking my opinion on these things, these planned domed cities and stuff to come.  You get all the bribes coming your way.  A lot of folk get bought off.  Other ones will get bought off and stay in their same position and lead people around in circles taking them nowhere; thatís part of their job. 


Jim:  That seems to be the reoccurring theme there, is greed, which is constantly resupported.


Alan:  I tell you, they are flabbergasted, these people, when you say no.  They canít understand you. They know youíre not living in luxury by any means.  In fact they know exactly what youíve got, because there is no such thing as privacy. They can go into your bank account and see the few bucks youíve got there.  They know everything about you, in this real world. 


Jim:  And our society is built upon that, you know, perpetual wealth that we constantly have to have, until we are almost geared that way, that it would seem ludicrous for us to turn that kind of thing down because that is, according to what they are telling us, is the ideal society or the ideal life, is to have wealth and power, rather than knowledge. 


Alan:  And when you go in, again, to the mind of the psychopathic types, psychopathy can be passed on intergenerationally.  This was found out with the old Kings and Queens who were the descendants of various families who simply slaughtered everybody else to get to the top.  Then they would get mated up by priests for certain qualities and compassion was not one of them.  So you have the same type in this society who always get to the top, like an Adam Weishaupt type, whoís cunning, lives on his pure ego, and has no problem lying to people to achieve his means, plus he knew how to use everyone else to do the work for him; thatís another talent of a psychopath. 


Jim:  Right.  Alan, I got a question for you here.  This is a big comment that comes up from a lot of our listeners out there and Iíve got to ask you this because Iíd like to hear your opinion on it. What are your thoughts on the reptilian and shape shifting?  Have you heard much about that?  We get a lot of listeners that will send us comments saying that the people that are part of this elite group have a bloodline, that theory.


Alan:  Thatís for the comic books.  You see, the best way for counter-intelligence Ė and they do use counter-intelligence.† Counter-intelligence means you take the intelligence and the facts that are being passed around, you add to it something thatís ludicrous, promote it, finance it heavily, and then you ridicule the truth along with the ludicrous parts.  And the baby is thrown out with the bath water.  Thatís what that is.


Jim:  Iíve got to admit to you, Iím not a believer in the reptilian and shape shifting thing either, but weíve had people on the show that claim theyíve seen it and claim that itís real.  These people will swear up and down and live by it that theyíve seen it and truly believe that people can do this kind of stuff. 


Matt:  Well, thatís what they say. The bigger the lie, the easier it is to get people to believe it. 


Jim:  Yes.


Alan:  I can remember in the 1950s, there was an old, there was a very good thing on UFOs out there, because the US Air Force had all these experimental craft in Nevada and they were using atomic power plants; they had articles published and photographs of them. But then they came up and said, you know, weíve got to hide this from the public, after showing stuff in major magazines.  So they dreamed up the idea of the UFOs and say it must be from outer space because we donít have that.  They actually hired a guy to go around the US saying that he was having trips off to Venus by these guys that would come and visit him, and they set him up with lots of money, they gave him tours around the country, big halls, all funded by the CIA.  And he would say they were leaving notes for him of when they were coming next to visit him and all the rest of it.  [Alan laughing.]


Jim:  Thatís crazy.  I got a comment here from a listener.  He wants me to ask you about Dr Persinger in Canada.  Iíve never heard of him. 


Alan:  Persinger is one of the leading researchers on neuroscience at Laurentian University.  They sliced up lots of brains and stuff and he talks about the ability; they use the Koren Helmet at the university there where they can actually simulate LSD.  You put this thing on, itís got low frequency ELF waves in it, it stimulates the temporal lobe and can simulate all kinds of hallucinogenic drugs.† Thatís an old one. Weíve had it here since the 60s in Canada.  He also goes into how different drugs react on different parts of the brain and under neuroscience they are finding ways to literally alter pathways of thinking and so on.  Again, this all goes along into this directed society where everyone will be programmed in the future.  Now, you donít getÖ you do not getÖ and there is link on my site to a talk he gave to his students, Mr Persinger, on these topics Ė people should go into my archives and find it.  You cannot do anything in research, on that level, in any university, without the CIA being involved.  Itís to do with controlling people and control of the mind.  The MK ULTRA did not stop with an inquiry, it never stopped because data information on this kind of stuff is so imperative for them.  So they collect this kind of data and they certainly are finding ways to use it. 


Jim:  Interesting.  Since you do have the Canadian connection, does socialism really work?


Alan:  Socialism is just a front, again, for the organized ordered society, the planned society, as I say, that you wonít be born unless the elite have a need for you to serve them in some way or another.  You simply wonít be born.   They have said that in their own writings. 


Jim:  Right.  Well on this show Iíve preached many times, I am against socialism and I feel that this country with Obama and his cabinet in power, we are going more and more towards that direction.  I just recently read an article that, and Iím sure youíve heard about the bailouts and all that, with the money that weíre spendingÖ they just gave another $2 billion to General Motors.  I mean, whatís going on here?  Why are we dishing so much money out to these companies?  What ever happened to if you mess up, you fail and then youíre gone?


Alan:  Well, that is socialism now.  Weíre all in it together, as they said in the movie Brazil.  Weíre all in it together; weíre all in the same boat together.  All theyíre doing is doing what theyíve done for centuries and that is pay off their own pirates; theyíre always pirates at the top.  They think itís their right to fleece the public.  But eventually after all these bailouts, it wonít matter; it will put us so far in the hole it gives them the excuse to say, look itís not working, we canít go on like this, we need a brand new system, and up pops the International Monetary Fund and does exactly what it was designed to do, at the end of World War II, and thatís to take over the entire money supply and actually print the money for the planet; theyíre talking about it now.  Nothing happens by accident.  All theyíre doing is a final looting, putting us in a hole so that we could never recover and go back to the old system, because they must introduce the new system that was planned a long time ago. 


Jim:  So do you believe that a North American Union then is in our near future?


Alan:  I played on the air, from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation which is our BBC Ė it is government owned Ė from 2005 the Council on Foreign Relations saying, when the President and 2 Prime Ministers signed the first negotiation part, that this was the first part of 5 parts, 5 annual signings, and by the year 2010 we will be completely amalgamated.  I used their own tape from the official source.  Thereís no belief involved.


Jim:  Now, to delve into a little bit of the conspiracy theories, people who believe that the disasters of nature, hurricanes, floods, those kind of things, that they are things that are caused by these elite in order to, you know, control population.  I mean, do you follow into that or do you think that their system right now mostly has to do with control rather than extermination?


Alan:  Itís all of that.  We are being exterminated.  If you look at the death rates, weíre plummeting.  We have cancers we never even heard of before.  In fact there are so many that they donít even bother giving them names now, some strange cancers breaking out all the time.  Remember that King George meeting on world population reduction that they had, an emergency meeting at the end of World War II Ė World War II hadnít killed off enough people for these boys Ė they were talking about ways, to find ways to bring down the population.  Well you canít ask for volunteers.  And these guys have been harping with their mandate on depopulation very seriously; very powerful, wealthy organizations.  They donít ask for volunteers, they go ahead and do it.  We know for a fact weíre sterilized because of the bisphenol that theyíve put in all the food, in plastic bottles and all the rest of it for the last 50 years.† We follow the autism rate and their own charts and graphs will show you, from about 1 in 150,000 to about 1 in 5. 


Jim:  Yeah.  Yeah.  I do know that the autism rate isÖ


Alan:  Itís the same with all these things.  You have young people now with chronic aging diseases, adolescent arthritis. They said they would take the third world countries down quicker, at the world meeting, but in the Western countries the best way to stop breeding, they said, was to make people ineligible as good partners Ė people who are young, you get sick or crippled, are ineligible as marriage partners. 


Jim:  Now is it becoming, would you think in your opinion, that itís becoming harder for them to do the things that they are doing because if you look at history and you look at things that happened around the time of the Romans, the plagues that just sporadically showed up out of nowhere, and spread violently, that nowadays if these things happened, the public cries out for, you know, response to this and people are, you know, somewhat educated, a little bit more so on that and think, this doesnít seem right, when they look at it.  Do you believe that itís actually becoming harder and that things are going to, they are having to get craftier with their methods? 


Alan:  I donít think they even have to get crafty.  When you look at all the ways that they plan, a century ahead sometimes; look at the United Nations with its 10 year plans for one thing, 50 for another, 100 years for another.  Thatís how the Soviet Union was run. Thatís how the Fabians run their society. Thatís how the British Empire, that was the nucleus for this world society, runs itself; itís in 100 year plans.  You never, ever tell the truth or your goal to the general public; thatís number one.  They also look upon how the public will react to every part of any implementation or anything that they will cause to happen.  They have think tanks which will debate endlessly repercussions from the public before they even introduce the first step to get the repercussions.  Just like a chess game, you go through it before you play the first piece.  Thatís how they plan the future.  Theyíve got everything ready for every response.  Right now their own think tanks for NATO Ė and Iíve got them on my web site Ė from the British government AND the one from the US military, which are both identical Ė forecast from about 2010 onwards escalating riots across the Western world.  30 years of riots, but they wonít say why.  Now they say there could be outbreaks of disease; well they have already discussed, Bertrand Russell discussed using plagues to bring down the population, so did the Huxleys, so have many others, and the Council on Foreign Relations.  Everything that they have in the book of Revelation in the Bible actually, strangely enough, they can actually do through science today.  They have virusesÖ There was a book [Deadly Allies, Canada's Secret War 1937-1947] put out in Canada using declassified information from the US, Canadian and British governments, about just World War II, how Canada lead the world in biowarfare in World War II, viruses and bacterium, and even fungi for plants for wiping out whole crops and everything else.  They had the equivalent of mad cow disease, created in 1945, the exact same thing.  They created Lymeís Disease, a disease that would be carried by a tick; now it can also be transferred by mosquito. 


Jim:  Now, you also have, which is kind of interesting, Iím kind of falling into this now, is along with introducing different types of viruses and bacteria, you also have this cultural fetish with cleanliness and sterilizers.† Where me growing up as a child, I played in the dirt, you know, ate with dirty hands, picked something up off the ground and it didnít really matter.  But nowadays you always see a mom with a bag of Cheerios with her kid and right next to that is that hand sanitizer and itís creating these children that are susceptible to so many diseases.


Alan:  No.  That doesnít do it.  Thatís a late propaganda piece that came out recently, about weíre just too clean and thatís why weíre sick.  Weíre so sick because of the inoculations we got from our youth onwards, that do what?  What does inoculation do?  It goes right for your immune system.  Thatís what it operates on is your immune system.  And prior to 1950, prior to all the big world meetings, you didnít have people coming down with all these diseases then.  After 1950 everything skyrocketed.  They started pulling your tonsils out, your adenoids out, BY LAW in some countries across Europe; everybody got them out.   Thatís part of your immune system thatís just been taken out, 1/3 is just gone.  A great thing if you want them to be sick down the road.† And all the inoculations that you got now, these characters, remember, who work for the big pharma companies, are all part of the Military-Industrial Complex.  Baxter Laboratories that gives an awful lot of inoculations out there Ė they are the ones who mistakenly, supposedly, sent out the live H5N1 virus across the planet recently mixed with the ordinary flu virus, by mistake Ė were part of IG Farben for Nazi Germany.  I donít trust these guys at all.  What they had to do was train the public that the medical profession Ė that at one time people scorned, it was a hit or miss thing, until antibiotics came along Ė and they had to raise them up to a status of almost godhood.  Jacques Ellul went through that whole stage; he says everything you see to do with fiction, movies, novels, etc, to do with medicine, police, etc, is nothing but propaganda to build up institutions so that you will obey them


Jim:  We get into a lot of religious discussions on our show here.  We have some people that are Christians. We have some people that are atheists.  So we obviously can get into some pretty interesting discussions.  Now, me myself being a Christian person, I have a basic understanding of the NWO, Illuminati, that type of thing.  Obviously I still think God is ultimately in control and will come and save us.  What do you have to say to somebody like me that believes that?


Alan:  I think, to be honest with you, I donít believe in a collective Christianity.  I donít think Christianity was ever meant for a collective; I think it was an individual thing to begin with.  But it becomes collective, itís institutionalized and thatís when you start to lose the basic, the basic messages to people.  Everywhere in the New Testament you always have Jesus talking to the individual, because itís the individual that can only change by a numinous experience, that must be personal to that person; itís not like a collective thing.  What happens? Oh, I get popped in water, I say this, and then Iím saved forever.  No.  Thatís a ritual.  The inner man doesnít change unless you have the numinous experience and THAT is what it was all about.  Then of course big religions always end up on board, unfortunately, with political agendas and movements and are used.  But as far as basic Christianity itself is, itís probably the only religion that ever came out that gave, that made the elites accept the fact that anybody, it didnít matter who you were right down to the lowest peasant, you had rights.  You were a holy thing created by something that had nothing to do with them; it was above them.  Thatís why Christianity was the main object for destruction by what you would call the Illuminati, Rosicrucians, high Masonry, etc.  They had to eradicate the idea Ė in order to control us all and do with us as they wish Ė that we are special, that each individual is unique and special and created by a Deity, with a spirit from a deity, of value.  That was the thing; no other religion gives you that value and that right to speak up.


Jim:  What about Judaism and Islam?


Alan:  Judaism is primarily law.  Remember, Judaism is not Hebrewism; itís not Hebrite.  It was a religion born in captivity supposedly in Babylon, that did away with the old temple priests, who were hereditary, the Levites, and came out with using the Talmud which was a compilation of wise menís sayings and laws and teachings, etc, and itís still used today.  In the New Testament even Jesus talks to the Rabbis and he says that.  He says, you follow the laws of men.


Jim:  So do you think that, as some have postulated, that Christianity itself is derived from some of the ancient mystery religions like Mithraism?


Alan:  There is no doubt that whatever happened a long, long time ago that they adopted right on to it the old sun worship type doctrine; the virgin birth was common.  Remember too, when the Catholic Church really took over, and Protestants forget this, they forget they are still using basically the same stuff that was left over from the Latin Vaticanus version.  And they said, when they wiped out the Arian heresyÖ the Arian heresy, remember, Arianism was Gnosticism.  Once again, Arians said that Jesus was just a man and that every person had the ability, if they sought out a creator, their God, to receive spirit from God.  Well, in Christianity itís a similar thing; itís the same kind of thing.  But in every major religion youíve always had the Gnostic groups coming down through the ages and they did it with Mithraism.  Mithraism was so akin to Freemasonry in its teachings itís almost indistinguishable in fact.  Itís very elitist still; itís very high Freemasonry.  Constantine himself simply adopted Christianity in as a method of controlling vast amounts of people, because of its teachings of peace, and of course they added into it obeyance.  Itís so odd that Christians today are so quiet, thinking Iím okay, Iím saved, it doesnít matter what the world does.  Yet they are following someone that gave his life by standing up to, number one, the international bankers of his day.  Because the temple wasnít just a little temple, hole-in-the-wall place; it was an international place where money was exchanged.  You couldnít take foreign currency in there; it had to be Judaic money that was holy.  So they came from all over the ancient world where they had Jewish settlements in quarters of the Greek world, the ancient Greek world, and the Roman world, even the island of Rhodes, which they ruled, all the merchants, and they had to come here, thousands would come with lots of money and the money changers sat in the temples and changed this money and made a big profit.  It was an international exchange.  So he drove them out.  That was a no-no because everybody was happy, their Rabbis were getting their cut, the Romans were getting their cut, everybody was getting their cuts.  He drove them out and then he turns on the Rabbis themselves. 


Jim:  So do you see modern religion as still, as a form of social control that plays into this whole plan?


Alan:  Of course it is.  In fact, there is a video out, it was very well done.  It was done by the BBC who showed you that the New American Century group when Bush Jr was in, spent millions and millions of dollars to do a campaign on the Christian movement in America, to mobilize them, on board, for war.  I never thought Iíd hear the day where American Christians would be literally all gung-ho to sign up and go and kill for a political agenda, thinking they were going to do Godís work.  It was amazing how easily it was done.  They knew what strings to pull; they knew the conditioning of the minds and they used it as a political agenda.


Jim:  But hasnít that been used before in the past?


Alan:  Oh, absolutely.  Thatís what Iím saying.  If youíre involved in a mass movement, where rituals come overÖ Remember, the whole idea again, in any original writing that was left at all, about an original guy called Jesus, before they tacked on the sun worship, before they tacked on the virgin birth and all that stuff, to make it more acceptable to the pagans who understood that kind of thing.  You have someone, as I say, that spoke to the individual; he didnít say weíre all going to heaven in a posse.  In fact what he said was, he says the road to heaven is very narrow and few there are that find it.  Few.   How can you have a mass movement of things, thinking youíre all going to heaven, when only a few can find it?


Jim:  Interesting.  I mean, some of this stuff is just really crazy.  Honestly.  But I do see your point and I do appreciate your taking the time to come on our show tonight.  I wish we had some more time to spend with you.  We like to give our guest the final word.  So I just want to know if you had any final thoughts or have any final words for some of our listeners out there?


Alan:  Yes.  I said this tonight on my own show.  I said, weíve got to start learning to say NOóto all the authoritarianism thatís getting rammed down our throats before weíre utterly manacled.  These guys literally would have to chain us all up for world peace; thatís their idea of world peace.  And thatís no life.  Therefore weíve got to take back, one by one, family by family, etc, our rights because we have as much right to plan our destiny as these characters at the top.  In fact we have more, we have more right to do so, our own destinies.


Jim:  I agree with you on that.  I agree 110%.  On the line with us tonight is Mr Alan Watt from cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  His information will be on our web site if you want to get in touch with him or just listen to his show.  We highly recommend it.  We ask you to support Mr Watt.  Iím a big fan.  I want to thank you again for taking the time; it was amazing having you on and hopefully we get to work again with you very soon.


Alan:  Itís been a pleasure to be on with you.


Jim:  Thank you so much, enjoy the rest of your night and thank you for being on The Extreme Society Show. 


Alan:  Take care. 


Jim:  You too. 




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