Sept. 18, 2009

Alan Watt on "The Extreme Society Show" with Jim Block
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Jim:  Hi Alan, this is Jim from the Extreme Society Show.  We want to thank you again for joining us tonight.  For everybody listening, ladies and gentlemen, Alan Watt from  I really enjoy having you back on.  Like I said, we had a good time with you in the beginning.  Itís always a pleasure to have you on.  I want to just give you an idea of whoís with us tonight so that way you know who youíll be speaking with.  Youíve got me, Jim.  Youíve got Miss Christina. 


Christina:  Hi Alan. 


Alan:  Hello. 


Jim:  And weíve got Dr. Jay Jason.


Jay:  Good evening. 


Alan:  Good evening to you. 


Jim:  Weíve got our PR director, super Jake.  


Jake:  Hello Alan.


Alan:  Hi.


Jim:  And weíve got Sunny.


Sunny:  Hi Alan.  It is a pleasure talking to you, actually.  Iím the one who helped to find you and I think youíre one of the best researchers.


Alan:  Thanks very much. 


Jim:  Letís go ahead.  So I wanted to just get an idea of whatís been going on with you lately.  I mean, what have been some of the hot topics with your show and some of the research that youíve been discovering?


Alan:  Well, basically itís how the big boys now, the oligarchs really, who control the systems worldwide now, are going into their planned world government, of course.  Theyíve been doing it for years and implementing it incrementally.  But now theyíre going for the real punch which is trying to convince the public to depopulate, and trying to convince us as to why they must force us to depopulate the planet.  Even on tonightís show I read Sir David Attenboroughís talk in one of the newspapers about the need to depopulate people, not just birth control but actually start depopulating those that are alive.  This is how brazen this has all come out today.  And you have the Optimum Population Trust that has branches from London across the world who are all, itís all British Lords and Sirs that belong to it, the very, very wealthy elite, the establishment, who openly said, with Prince Charles backing them up, that theyíve got to start drastically reducing the population of the world.  This is the old eugenics plan that theyíve always had, since the days of Thomas Malthus and they drag out fake figures and what they claim are facts and graphs and charts to try and prove their point.  But what it really is, is the Darwinian plan, that the survival of the fittest, the fittest must go on.  And those who have helped society get to this level but whose purpose now is over, they canít go any further, they must simply die off.  Thatís basically the Darwinian religion thatís being forced out today into the open under another guise.  So we all have to sort of start sacrificing to save the planet and to save the better ones who will go on into the future.  Thatís basically what itís about now. 


Jim:  Wow.  Well, when we discussed in the email, we were bringing up some of the topics about the H1N1 virus and, you know, the epidemic thatís going now with that and just wanted to get, before we go onto some more deeper questions here, just get your thoughts on, what is your opinion on the whole H1N1 scare thatís going on right now.


Alan:  Well, you said it.  Itís a scare alright and theyíre trying to drum a panic level up to the public.† Weíve got to go back to about 1995 for the first demonstrations across, say, Canada for instance and other countries, of this rapid response force to crisis and emergencies, natural disasters.  And it came out of nowhere. Then we found out in Canada, we had television specials about it.  Theyíd set up this network of systems across the country, including the US, for any kind of threat from outside, or internal threat, natural disasters.  And they practiced these things in the streets across Canada with actors, using actors and volunteers to do with places getting blown up, for instance.  I remember coming across one in Allison, Ontario, a little potato town, with guys lying there with tomato sauce on them and guys bandaging them up.  I asked the cops that were there and the firemen, I says, what is this?  He says, well itís a practice for upcoming riots, etc, that will come down the road.  And they had a car parked outside Baxter Laboratories; they have one of the Baxter plants there, they make vaccines.  And he says, thatís where they might set off a bomb.   I thought, so why would they set off a bomb in front of a vaccine plant?  Well, now weíre finding out why.  Because the vaccine manufacturers are a big cabal who want to, who are getting their way, along with government legislation, to mandatorily inoculate everybody on the planet.  Theyíre private businesses.  I mean, you can imagine having a private business where you get the government to mandate that everyone in the world must buy your spade or your shovel or your bicycle or something.  This is literally whatís happening here, the only differences being the government has exempted themselves and these corporations that are going to, by law, vaccinate everyone, from any lawsuits against them because they know themselves this stuff is unsafe.  I mean, this is criminal whatís happening.  But at the 2006 meeting, and this is where you must go.  You must go into the world meetings that theyíve had at the World Health Organization thatís in charge of all of this and look over the last few years.  In 2006 they said they would train the public to eventually take mandatory shots, starting perhaps with the flu shot.  And then once theyíve done it once... see, this is Pavlovian training weíre getting right now.  Once theyíve done it once then theyíll start giving us shots every year, including annual booster shots for all our previous childhood injections, for the rest of their lives.  Thatís what they said; thatís in their own website at the United Nations.  And personally, I object to being treated like an animal, because under this sovietized system, thatís what they believed in the soviet system, and the Darwinian system Ė itís all the same thing Ė that man is basically an animal and you can train him into any reality and train his behavior in any direction you wish.  Thatís what theyíre doing with us today.  And to be honest, when the big boys are out there in mainstream media, in big media newspapers, and the BBC, clamoring about bringing down the population, at the same time they want to give us all mandatory shots, Iím very suspicious indeed.


Jim:  Iíve got to really get to some questions.  Also on the line with us, too, is Matt from Columbus so Iím going to give him the honors.  Heís calling us from Columbus, Ohio for the first question. 


Matt:  Hi Alan.  One of the things, when we talk about the grand conspiracy theory, the thing that always come to mind.   We talk about how the illuminati and the elites want to depopulate the planet to an optimal population level.  But I mean, how would a group of elite conspirators be able to pull off a mass extermination without people realizing it?  I mean, it just seems to me that something like that could never actually be successful.  What makes you think that something like this could and is happening right now? 


Alan:  Well if you follow all the information that is available on previous vaccinations Ė Iíve got some excellent websites on the histories of vaccinations, from the medical authorities themselves Ė and theyíre utter horror shows when you see what theyíve actually got tucked away in the old history charts to do with vaccinations.  They can give everyone a shot, for instance, and donít forget these same pharmacies who make the vaccines are also employed by the Military-Industrial Complex for warfare purposes, for manufacturing killer viruses and bacterium.  Iíve read articles about the big boys, from the CDC, explaining that connection.  They want to put something in your body, by law, across the planet, to start with.  Thatís how they could pull it off if they want to.  It neednít kill everybody off at the same rate at the same time, but it certainly could, like the polio vaccines before them, introduce something like the Simian 40 virus, which, Dr Salk himself, the inventor of the polio vaccine said, has only one purpose and thatís to cause cancers.  And now weíre plagued with cancers of all strange types Ė the doctors donít even bother labeling them anymore Ė theyíre rampant.  So they donít want to kill you off in one massive wave, however, they do want to speed up the dying process.  Thatís what theyíre all on about today.  They donít want us living as long as we are; thatís what theyíre complaining about.  Thatís what Sir Attenborough was talking about too, we donít want them living so long.  Thatís what Julian Huxley said, he says, not just birth control and birth prevention, we must start thinking about death control and start killing off the people before they get too old.  That was the head of UNESCO who said that. 


Matt:  But then why is it that at the same time we continue to make great strides in discovery and in life-extending medicines and technologies, that they also want to kill us off surreptitiously?


Alan:  Well, what makes you think that theyíre going to make all this life extension technology for you?  You understand?  They see themselves as a different species from you.  They are the products of many, many generations of special selective breeding like the Darwins were.  The Darwins had five generations where the Darwins only intermarried with the Wedgwood family, for selective purposes, for certain qualities.  Many of these families today are all descended from them. Wedgwood-Benn, who was assistant to the Prime Minister in Britain, for years, heís a descendant from them.  Many of them are descendants from the Huxleys as well. Theyíre all interrelated, and they see themselves as a more advanced species from the rest of humanity. They donít have junk genes, they claim, and because they have achieved incredible power and wealth and esteem in their nations, and held onto that money and power Ė they havenít produced offspring that squander it Ė then they, by the Darwinian theory Ė and they explain this in their own books by the way Ė they have the right to go on into a future where they can give themselves life extension, but not for the masses.  The masses to them now are the problem.  We are obsolete.  Itís time for us to go.  That is, literally, Darwinian teaching. 


Jake:  Alan I have a question for you, because Iím one of the members here that believes in chemtrails.  A lot of people donít believe in chemtrails.  Iíve actually made videos on chemtrails being heavily sprayed, feeling sick, nauseous, headache, you know, incoherence, in some parts, when they start spraying this stuff.   Can you elaborate some of your knowledge of chemtrails and if you believe that theyíre real and theyíre really spraying?


Alan:  Oh, theyíre real alright.  I mean, I remember in 1998 I walked out in the summer and it was the first day of what was going to become daily spraying.  At that time they were half the height up, spraying, than they are today.  They must have had about 50 planes in the sky.  It was an incredible sci-fi sight to see.  And I got everyone I knew up and said, look at this, what on earth is this?  So it started in earnest in 1998 right after the countries of Canada, the US, Britain and a few other countries in Europe signed The Open Skies Treaty.  It was immediately after that it happened, so it was obviously arranged.  It goes back to the days of Teller.  Teller was the inventor of the H-bomb.  He also came up with the idea of using the Tesla technology of standing waves which they could literally promote, across a whole continent, as Brzezinski said.  Teller said that if we could impregnate the air with metallic particles, like barium and aluminum oxide, and even titanium particles, he said, we can use the air itself, the atmosphere, as a form of conductor that will greatly intensify the effects of the standing wave technology Ė they now call it the HAARP technology.  He says, this way we can put a secondary wave on it.  On the one hand we can control the weather with it, to a great degree Ė they already knew this of course, and they really tested it out well in the 50s; they knew it would work.  He said, we can put a secondary wave on it for warfare purposes, if need be, and in times of unrest, even national unrest, he said, we can cover the entire continent with a carrier wave attached to the first wave and with the air particles spread like this, itíll travel right across the continent, and he says, it can actually be made to pulse at the same pulse rate as the human brain.  And they did tests on the people of Maine; they were the first ones to be tested with this technology, the HAARP combination with the spraying, and the details went to the Pentagon.  They did admit that all the social services were studying it.  The police were told to report abnormalities, medical authorities reported odd effects, and farmers too, veterinarians.  So you had domestic animals going crazy.  You literally had cows charging people like bulls.  You had dogs biting their masters.  You had the highest rate of suicide; at one point it went crazy with suicide, very quickly, massive depression.  And at a different frequency they could turn it up and youíd become very aggressive, and they had all these domestic disturbances.  So they knew they could literally affect the minds of the public.  This ties in with Brzezinskiís book, Between Two Ages.  Now, Brzezinski was up there with the NSA, so they were involved in all of this kind of stuff, you see.  In his book, Between Two Ages, in the chapter, The Technotronic Era, he said, we have the ability now to use technotronic weaponry Ė this comes under technotronic weaponry Ė that will influence peopleís behavior without them even being aware of it, and it can be used across whole continents.  Well, that was back in the 1970s that he wrote that book.  So weíre seeing the spraying used, since í98, on a frequent basis; up here itís daily, by the way.  And theyíre using the HAARP technology along with it.  Since 2001, if you tune in a short wave radio, across the bands youíll hear the HAARP pulsing away there; they change it 2 or 3 times during the day to different frequency levels.  Itís been on 24 hours per day since 2001 now.  So itís being used, along with the spray. 


[..... technical difficulties....]


Alan:  Hello?


Jim:  Due to weather here, because itís not good, weíve got a lot of wind up here.  Alan, you with us?


Alan:  Yes. 


Jim:  I apologize for that.  Weíve got some weather conditions here at our locations, and actually we lost power there for a second.  So sorry about that.  Weíll go ahead and continue where we left off.  Jay has a question for you. 


Jay:  Okay, so these people that are doing these actions, military, Bilderberg, illuminati, whoever they may be, they travel to places where theyíre going to get affected by what theyíre doing.  I mean, I couldnít see them even taking a chance at getting cross contaminated or whatever else.  How would that affect, with what theyíre doing, why would they do that just to harm themselves ultimately?


Alan:  It wonít because science is so far ahead of whatever the public is ever told; it always has been.  All through the Cold War, for instance, there were so many fake releases put out for the public to believe in, that this is as far as we have, this is our stealth bomber, this is the best thing we have, etc, where they were actually miles ahead of it in other ways.  Itís the same with even, say, the very wealthy elite, they travel in air-conditioned cars that are utterly filtered.  They live in homes that are utterly filtered from everything.  The chelation therapies that they get, you can carry the thing in your arm.  I saw something recently, someone sent me, itís basically a filter tube, itís inserted into a vein in the arm, itís strapped to the arm, you can wear it under a jacket, and they change this every day, this kind of thing.  It literally is as good as the type of filters they use for people with renal diseases, itís so good.  So they can get this stuff out of their systems without any problem.  But this wonít be given to the public of course.   All sciences have 3 levels. We have the bottom level of professorship down, that includes medicine as well.  Thereís a level above them and a level above them again.  Armies today have the basic fighting equipment that weíre so used to seeing.  The CIA showed us equipment they had back in the 60s, and 50s even, that weíd never heard of until Nick Begich came out with them, where they could actually put thoughts into your mind by little machines they could point at you.  Nick Begich demonstrated a whole bunch of this stuff, he said they were obsolete, the CIA were using them in the 50s.  And it took about 40, 50 years before we even knew that these things existed.  So theyíre always so far ahead.  Then above the CIA thereís another level that the elite are let in on because they would never give all their power to their inferiors, since they want to stay in charge.  And medicine is the same way too, from the medical doctors on down, thatís the lowest form of medicine; itís very primitive, really, what we have.  And thereís another level above that, thatís why youíll see some people living to 100, some of the big players in fact.  Look at old Mr Rockefeller going across the planet at 90, or is it 94 he is, still giving talks every other day about depopulating the planet, you know.  Heís up on YouTube doing it.  Heís down in South America talking about the amalgamation of the Americas, a very busy man.  The Queen mother died at 100 years of age, never had an illness in her life, no arthritis, no aging problems as most folk have.  They get treatments at that level that we will never even hear of, and neither will your doctor or even your surgeon at the local hospital. 


Jay:  Wow.  Now, Alan, werenít you, Iíve heard you say that you were invited to join the illuminati, or they wanted to make you one of their members or something.


Alan:  No, Iíve been asked to join some of the Round Table societies, for world citizenship by Rockefeller, that belongs to the Council on Foreign Relations and Royal Institute of International Affairs.  You might say thatís part of it because anyone whoís in on the real reality is obviously illumined.  We are the profane at the bottom.  We believe the mainstream media, and that is our reality.  But once youíre in the light, into these groups, then technically youíre illumined. 


Jake:  Itís all, of course, very interesting and I was wondering here now, admittedly Iím very skeptical of a lot of this stuff because, you know, it just seems like itís such a complex web of things that have to happen in order for all these things to occur as you describe.  Now of course, it doesnít go without saying that there are definitely more than meets the eye in the world, obviously there is, and that we all know that there are secret societies that are out there and there are consortiums of various business leaders and political leaders and finance leaders who influence world events.  I guess my question is, all of these different societies, so the bloodlines that are ruling us, you claim that they have been in existence since ancient times.† Are these bloodlines that are descended from, you know, ancient Egyptian cults like the Mystery Religions?  Where do these bloodlines originate from and how does one join one?  [Host laughing]  Can you marry into the bloodline?


Alan:  Well youíd have to.  Youíd have to marry one.  And youíd have to be awfully exceptional even to get that offer.  But you can go back into history and look at the Medici family, for instance; the Borgias is another one.  Some of them became Popes and some of the Mediciís became royalty over France and other countries.  And these charactersí ancestors were lending to the ancient Roman armies as bankers.  Down through time these characters, the same people, these same families, knew how to handle this strange thing we call money and economy and debt and all the rest of it.  Thereís nothing new in that.  If you go into the histories of Sparta and the incredibly long, over 100 year war they had, as the countries that were already taken over, through debt by banking, were trying to get Sparta as well; this is recorded history.  Then we find often bankerís daughters, even Aristotle for instance, that taught Alexander the Great to be a God, in the Gnostic religion.  Aristotle was given a wife of one of the top bankers of the Middle East in ancient days, a very, very rich person, who financed wars of that period and helped finance Alexanderís war.  These are professions.  Economists are bankers.  They have long-range outlooks on things because they must, especially when theyíre looking for payments back in payments over a long period of time with debt and profit and interest and all the rest of it.  So thereís nothing new in that.  Look at it today, for instance, and weíre given stories about Rothschild, and thereís no doubt whatsoever the Rothschilds have really incredibly influenced society.  Even today with this farce of the carbon taxes that are going to come down to personal taxes, guess who brought it forward?  It was Lord Rothschild that brought it through in the House of Parliament in Britain.  And he wants all these carbon taxes of the world, thatís corporate, national, and individual carbon taxes to go through his familyís personal bank in Switzerland.  So theyíll handle all of that.  Beautiful system.  So these guys have been literally altering society for, definitely, hundreds of years and probably much, much longer. 


Jake:  But they believe that theyíre making it better.


Alan:  When you get up there and talk to some of the higher ones there, theyíre all of one mind.  And I kid you not, they truly believe in Darwin as a religion. 


Jake:  When you say that, what do you mean by Darwinian Theory as a religion?  Because arenít you, donít you believe in Darwinism, Matt? 


Matt:  I believe in the theory of natural selection that Darwin described but itís not a religion.


Alan:  Itís a religion to these people, because Iíll tell you, and youíve got read the writings of Julian Huxley who goes through the Darwinian process in detail.  He explains it.  He said, if you take any form of life, he says, a tree just doesnít land as a seed somewhere and grow.  He said, first you must get amoebas going in and then bacterium into the soil, then certain grasses must come into it, that will grow and die and leave certain minerals behind, and then bacterium move in again and aerate the ground, then that seed can come in and the tree grows.  What happens then is the tree will use all that nourishment, the bacterium and everything else will die off in the process.  Heís trying to tell you that everything has a purpose to push another higher form of life on.  Thatís the basic theory of Darwin.  It goes with humans too.  Once the humans, the lesser humans, post-agricultural, post-industrial, have pushed on society to as far as it could go in a certain area, those people then become obsolete.  Those who have risen to the top and proven then can hold onto power at the top, and do practice special selection for certain qualities in their offspring, and will inherit an awful lot of money, which is power, the proof that they are successful, they should go on but we must be left behind.  Youíll find the same symbolism even in HG Wellsí Shape of Things to Come.  He shows you at the end of it, where all the masses down below the big ivory towers are trying to rebel, theyíre so sick of these fast changes that are happening all the time, and the elite take off into space to save themselves, so they can go on into the future, survive and leave all the dead kind behind them.  Thatís what Darwinism is based on.  So society, in other words, the ordinary folk, the different level, the junk gene people as theyíre calling us now, will be left behind.  Weíve fulfilled our job; we are staging rockets to push on the payload.  They are the payload.  And they believe, with whatís left of the natural resources of the world, they have the right to use them, not us.  We are useless eaters according to people like Bertrand Russell. 


Jake:  Sheeple, in other words, Alan. They call us the sheeple. 


Alan:  Yes.  The useless eaters. 


Jake:  Now, I want to ask you, because you know on the Extreme Society we all believe in everything, different religions and stuff.  What do you believe in?  Because I really never heard you talk.  Do you believe in nothing?  Do you believe in God?  Are you a Christian?  What are your beliefs?


Alan:  Iíve no pigeon hole.  I avoid pigeon holes because thatís what people like in life, is to be in a pigeon hole where other people are.  I tell people, you can only go by your own lifeís experiences.  You know, itís one thing to say, well this guy believed this in the previous generation and we did before him and him and him, so you should believe it too.  No.  You can only personally, since you are a newborn creation, unique, you must go by your own personal experiences in life.  I donít deny that thereís odd things out there, really odd, Iíve had plenty of experiences myself, but to actually try and classify them under something is a very difficult thing to do.  Most folk want to look into something that preexists so they can just put it into a slot and say okay, thatís what itís all about.  But itís much, much more than that.  You must go by your own lifeís experiences, I think, and never be pulled into mainstream.  Mainstream religion is completely controlled by the boys who rule all the rest of the system and the economy.  I mean, Rockefeller started up the World Council of Churches, for instance, in the Americas; now itís worldwide.  They basically set the curriculum for all seminaries for Christians and look at the mess that Christianityís in today.  Theyíre weak.  Theyíre emasculated.  They go along to please now.


Matt:  I believe in, you know, a relationship with the Heavenly Father not so much a religion in that sense.  Youíve studied the illuminati and these secret societies and the occult, and when you start reading what they worship and what they believe, and yeah a lot of it is Darwinism.  Itís evil in some sense.  They believe in a Luciferian or a demonic presence.


Jake:  Is it Darwinism or is it a perversion of Darwinism? Itís taking Darwinism to an extreme.


Alan:  Not really, no.  Youíve got to read Charles Darwin.  See, Charles Darwin was chosen by the Royal Society which was, and they admit that in their own website, the first Masonically-chartered scientific institution in Britain.  You had to be a Freemason to join it.  They had an agenda from the very beginning; thereís no doubt about that.  In fact, part of the agenda in the beginning to join the Royal Society, like Francis Bacon was asked to, Isaac Newton was there too.  If you were married you had to leave your wife, you couldnít be married.  So youíd become like a priest, utterly devoted to it.  Bacon was married so he had to put his wife away and provide for her but have nothing more to do with them, and his children.  So they were very, very strict and priest-like in the beginning.  Darwinís father and grandfather both wrote books, identical to what Charles eventually put out, pretty well.  What they were really putting out was what they already believed, as a religion, and they put it out under the guise of science.  They already believed in a noble gene you might call it, a nobility gene.  Youíve heard of them saying that theyíd passed on noble qualities to their children.  Ordinary people who were not noble couldnít pass on these noble qualities; it was in the blood, as they said.  So they already believed that and thatís why they could say, thatís why all those peasants work the fields and thatís why we sit in the big house here; itís because we are the nobility; we have virtue and abilities which the peasants, the villeins as they called them, didnít have. Well, they basically used what they already believed in and brought it into this pseudo-science.  Part of it too, by the way, was to destroy religion.  That was admitted at the time.  They could not rise to the top as the leaders of the world and bring science to the top as the new priesthood unless they got rid of the old priesthoods.  They tried to do it through science.  Theyíve been very successful by the way.  Very successful.  Even Aldous Huxley in his talk with Mike Wallace, up on YouTube there if you look into there, he talks about that in the 50s I think it was.  He says, the last great bastion thatís stopping this new world order and the scientific elite who will run it on behalf of the masters, the dominant minority, he said, is the Catholic Church.  He says, once thatís gone, he says, thereís nothing to stop it. 


Jim:  Well before we go into our next question here I just wanted to remind our listeners you are listening to Alan Watt from  If youíre rejoining us, we had a little bit of a technical glitch due to weather conditions so if you refresh your Extreme Society Show player youíll be able to pick us back up.  Weíre back on live now and listeners are piling in as we speak.


Matt:  Alright Alan, again, youíre right.  One of the things that, again, just bugs me, is that a lot of these elitists, they do witchcraft, they do black magic, they talk to demons, they try to invoke a dark energy.  Can you elaborate on your thoughts on that?


Alan:  Thereís no doubt that basic paganism is ancient and thatís exactly what happens.  They call down entities; thatís what they did in the Bacchus Rites and so on.  They would call down particular entities and invoke them.  You find a lot of this kind of stuff in the Cabala for instance.  Thereís some of it in the Talmud even.  You find that people, the Christians who adopted the Cabala in the days of John Dee, for instance, really went to town with it and John Dee did bring out a whole method of calling down these entities in his book that he wrote On The Calling Down of Spirits, he called it.  You can still get a hold of copies today.  You have to know the old Hebrew names because each entity has a particular purpose, so if you want to acquire money you would call down a certain type of demon, if you wanted revenge on someone youíd call down another kind of demon.  Itís a very, very ancient type of religion; thereís no doubt about it.  Even Albert Pike was into it. 


Matt:  Are you talking about the Enochian Keys of John Dee, that youíre referring to, calling down spiritual powers to seek out riches and treasures and stuff like that?


Alan:  Yes, but he goes even more closely into it in his book, it was called, I think it was, On The Calling Down of Spirits, was the title of the book.  Itís just one of the old Hebrew demons after another, or fallen angels if you like.  And you must know the keys to each one.† Itís the old idea of the genie in the bottle, really; if you know the genieís name, and you know the names of controlling the genie, then youíre safe. Thatís what they believe.  And paganism really, the idea is for the initiate to go through stages of degrees and eventually you become a God.  Thatís the whole idea of paganism ultimately.  And thatís the same idea that goes through Freemasonry to an extent as well, and into what we call the New Age religions that are all put out by the same people.  You become ultimately a God.  Thatís the whole intention of it.  Once you get in touch with your spirit guide, your power animal, whatever they want to call it, you open yourself up as a channel and these entities then can come in to you and you become a God. 


Matt:  You know, you were in the music industry and stuff like that and you can see all the symbology in all the music and all the, you know, you mentioned Cabala and you have Madonna, Britney Spears, and everything.  It runs rampant through that industry doesnít it?  The culture industry?


Alan:  Oh, itís absolutely rampant, more than you even understand consciously; your subconscious picks up a lot more, especially with the heavy sexual impetus on everything. Because it was decided long ago that they had to destroy, and I mean totally destroy society in order to dominate society.  Their main enemies to take over the world were first of all tribes, then the culture of the tribe, or the nation, the morality that kept it all together, the glue that kept it together that bound them together, theyíd stand up for themselves, help each other.  Government had to destroy all of that using the culture creation industry to bring down a state of absolute baseness and once that had happened and morality was out the window and no one would stand up to help anyone else, then government truly is in charge of everyone as an individual. 


Matt:  Chaos out of Ordos, right?


Alan:  Yeah.  Ordo ab Chao.  And also government stepped in too, to supplant all the things that communities and families did for themselves.  They looked after their own elderly, for instance.  Theyíd have friends around, neighbors that would do child care, for free as a friend.  Now itís all government agencies.  And if you go into the writings of Lenin he said that in the West, he said, thereís so many agencies that will come out, run by government, as services, which will eventually become authorities.  Well, your police were actually services, you know, that are now calling themselves forces.  The childrenís aids are now authorities, childrenís aid authority.  Your health service is about to become the health authority.  So this is an old, old plan, and itís incremental because we as human beings wonít accept, say, 10, 15 changes in a week.  We wonít accept it.  But if you give us a major change every year or two we adapt to it very easily without thinking.  Look at what we adapted to since 2001, with searches and ID cards and so on, and ya-da, ya-da, ya.  Then they tell us too, theyíre monitoring all our mail, all our communications, and they have dossiers on every single one of us.  And we adapt to it and adapt to it and itís no big deal.  Weíre the most adaptable species on the planet, according to Skinner.  His writings and teachings on behaviorism and how to control the masses and the individuals through behavior modification, incrementally, is being used on us all the time. 


Jake:  Alan, my question for you was, what are your thoughts on vaccinations with small children?


Alan: Oh, itís just disgusting.  You see, none of this makes any medical sense, this whole swine flu caper.  Never in history, never before in history, and even in the medical schools today itís taught that they cannot predict when thereís going to be an outbreak of anything.  They cannot predict it.  Any bacterium or virus can mutate in a thousand million directions, and most of them are harmless, and you could never predict when it was going to become a lethal killer.  You canít.  Itís impossible.  But theyíre using this as a pretense to start off annual inoculations, mandatory annual inoculations.  Thatís why it makes no sense.  Itís not meant to make sense.  Itís to get an agenda starting, rolling.  And Iím sure too, to start culling off the population.  However, children, young children at that age, they donít have an immune response system.  The theory is based on inoculation, or vaccination, that you inject something thatís half dead, often itís still alive by the way, in batches, the virus, so that your body can find antibodies, or make antibodies that will actually kill that particular virus.  What good is it to put it into a baby who has no immune system and he canít put out the white blood cells to kill off that virus?  It makes no medical sense at all.


Jake:  Yeah.  So are you saying that people should not get vaccinated?


Alan:  ABSOLUTELY, especially when, as I say, it makes no medical sense.  Never in history, and yet as we speak medical students are still being taught the same thing.  No one can predict that a virus or a bacterium is going to evolve into a killer.  Itís impossible. 


Jake:  But havenít vaccinations and the inoculations helped humanity for the past several hundred years since they first began inoculating for smallpox?


Alan:  No.


Jake:  Generally in the 1800?


Alan:  No. Iíve got web sites here from the British medical journals, The Lancet, and all the other data, and the US ones, and you find in the first mass smallpox vaccinations in Britain, everyone who got it died.  No one got it, that got smallpox, who did not get inoculated.  You wouldnít believe the stuff thatís out there for the public to see if they want to see it. 


Jake:  Now, when did that take place?


Alan:  In the 1800s.


Jake:  Everyone who received the smallpox vaccination died from the vaccination?


Alan:  They died from smallpox. 


Jake:  From the vaccination?


Alan:  Yes.  No one else got smallpox that did not get vaccinated.  And whatís happened is, you see, people were incredibly undernourished then.  In World War I the average British young guy who went in at 18 years of age grew up to 5 inches because he was getting meat and good food for the first time in his life; in 3 months heíd grow about 5 inches.  People were malnourished.  They lived in poverty.  It was an industrial working class era.  They worked up to 16 hours per day.  And the wages were literally starvation wages.  So people were undernourished and ordinary things would kill them off, ordinary things which they should have immunity to would kill them off very easily.  Improvements in food, an ability to get better food Ė and thatís what shocked the British troops when they saw the Americans for the first time, how big and healthy and tall and strong these guys looked compared to the British.  It was all to do with their better food and so on. So thatís what killed.  Thatís why all these plagues just died away, and all the childhood diseases as well.  The better nourishment you have, to meat, especially meat and so on, and good vegetables, then the more resistance you have to all these different things that used to be very common.  Plus we have better hygiene, running water, we have better heat in the winter, or more heat in the winter.  All of these things contributed to the decline of all these so-called diseases that supposedly were all so common. 


Jake:  Now, one of the things that I have a problem with are peopleís extensive use of hand sanitizers and, I mean, just the general germophobia that exists, especially in the United States.  I mean, itís almost to the point of craziness.  Thereís several things, number one, I absolutely detest, like the flu vaccine.  I donít go for it.  I get the email, or the company notice saying, you know, flu vaccines are available, you just go here and you get them for free.  I donít get them because guaranteed, I know at least 75% of the people that I know that do get them end up getting the flu regardless.


Alan:  Thatís right. 


Jake:  I really donít care for, you know, cold remedies, flu vaccinations, any of that other stuff.  I will tell you that if I do end up getting it I actually get through it pretty quickly.  I subject myself to, you know, horrid conditions all the time and I mean, itís... America kind of counteracts itself, I think, sometimes to our prevention of diseases and stuff like that.  As the more that we make our bodies pure of these things, we actually donít ever build up a natural occurring immunity to these things.


Alan:  Thatís right.


Jake:  I bet, I bet something that I was hoping that you would agree with that it almost seems like, you know, if you really want to tie it into what youíre saying, that the push of hand sanitizers and all these personal medications that you can take, kind of work in conjunction with what they really want.  Theyíre weakening us at the same time.


Jay:  Most of America, they say weíre a medicated country now. 


Jake:  Weíre overly medicated.  The thing is, that I hate to admit about, you know, this H1N1 virus is that, as soon as somebody gets a hold of, hey thereís something new coming out.... It was the bird flu.  It was the swine flu.  It was this, it was that.  Whatever is new means that pharmaceutical companies... boom, instant lies.  The newscast, hey, guess what, weíve got a new segment thatís going to draw people in because this is the hot or the buzz word.  Hand sanitizer companies, and you know, the people that make the toilet seat gaskets and all this other... rubber gloves.  I mean, itís going to go crazy.


Jay:  I agree with you.  But the other thing is, if itís the swine flu, why are people still eating pork?  


Jake:  I donít know.  I watched the news yesterday.  I donít watch the news.  I absolutely hate the news because itís just so you know, selective and filtered.  One of the things that I actually saw was that they were recommending that if you take a flight that you bring a bottle of hand sanitizer and that you actually go ahead and be Michael Jackson and wear medical masks.  So theyíre almost promoting this agenda of, hey you need to protect yourself.  But really what youíre doing is youíre creating a barrier in that your body will not get adjusted to these things and you will not be able to build up an immunity. 


Alan:  Yes, and theyíve had studies to show that people have already had the swine flu, supposedly, without even knowing it, because they had no symptoms at all it was so darn mild.  I remember too, they still do this in Britain yet although the authorities are trying to stop them, where people would have measles parties.  Youíd bring all the children to the measles party, and youíve got measles and you get over it and you were all fine.  Mumps is the same thing.  They had all these different kinds of parties, so you built up a natural immunity, a very powerful immunity, with your own bodyís response system.  You didnít get things like squalene injected into you, thatís incredible stuff because itís meant to put your immune system into overdrive, into a war mode.  The problem is it doesnít switch off once itís killed off its enemy.  It goes looking for other enemies around your system and it eventually attacks your joints.  Thatís why you end up with rheumatoid arthritis.  This is well documented from their own records.  By the way, this injection they want to give the Americans, squalene isnít passed by law to be used on Americans; they banned the oil-based adjuvants, as they call them.   In this particular flu shot, theyíve snuck it in there and no oneís saying anything.  Itís a deadly stuff, this squalene.


Jake:  Yes.  I was trying to formulate a thought, I just went blank.


Jay:  Thereís one thing I want to ask you about real quick, Alan, before we talk about some of the other things youíre working on here, one of the main topics going on, Iím sure youíve read about it and you hear a lot about it here in the United States is the health care plan that our current President Obama is trying to push through.   Now, me, personally, Iím against it.  Iím against any type of socialized health care plan or public health care plan.  Iím against it.  But in your opinion, do you think that theyíre using the swine flu as a tool to try to help push this plan through?


Alan:  Theyíll use everything at their command, everything at their command.  See, I grew up in a country that had a national health care system.  Itís factory medicine.  If you see a doctor... youíll maybe sit all day in a waiting room hoping that youíll get seen.  In Canada you have the same thing here; you canít get a doctor here.  You have to walk into clinics, they have no records on you, they donít know your past history.  Youíre given a big 4-inch square number, like a cow; they donít give you a clip for your ear, though, like the cattle have.  You sit with this number and you might be seen that day and if the doctorís called away to the hospital theyíll say you can all come back again tomorrow and try again.  Thatís National Health Care system.  And itís under the World Health Organization.  You have to understand, under the United Nations treaty the world theyíre bringing in is where everyone will get equal access to the most minimal, thatís the term, minimal health care available.  And when you marry politics and give government charge of your health... now politics has agendas.   They have agendas.  You cannot mix that, give them power over health care because when theyíre in charge of your body, and thatís what itís coming down to, and theyíre already ramping on about the greening, too many people and so on, how on earth could you hand over to them, you, the right to tamper with your body.  I mean, this is ridiculous. 


Jay:  I agree with that.  I mean, right now the government canít even handle the cash-for-clunkers right now.  Theyíre having a hard time getting that out.  Do you think I want a government like that to control my health care?  I donít think so. 


Jake:  The one thing that Iíve got to add to this is from what Iíve heard originally, even way into the Bush administration, that America was unanimously saying, or close to unanimous in saying that something needs to be done with the health care.  So this is a response to it.  You guys want some kind of health care plan, letís build up this health care plan.  If it does not work and if America does not agree with it, it will not go forward as our congress and our, you know, three-tiered government is designed to do.  That if it does not actually work and if we donít agree with it, itís going to go down and itís going to have to be redone.


Christina:  I got an idea.  If you want health care why donít you get a job and youíll get health care?


Jake:  Because the problem is the majority of the United States cannot do that especially with the collapse of the economy.  Itís becoming harder.


Sunny:  Who set all this stuff up?  The high elite, illuminati...


Jake:  You can always tie it to that, Sunny.  You can always tie it to that.  You could either tie it to, you know, the simplistic way that things are going, or you could tie it into...


Sunny:  It isnít simplistic.  I mean, our countryís falling down and weíre going to be a part of this whole world system, where theyíve already signed the treaties, the American union and stuff and Alan knows about that.


Christina:  What do you think about that Alan?


Alan:  Thatís true.  You see, under the treaties that the US, Canada and all the countries have signed, all health care ultimately is to go through the World Health Organization. Thatís what the United Nations was created to be, the global governance of the world.  Thatís whatís happening.  Theyíre coming up to their true power now.  Theyíre already building up their army, as the true one army of the world, thatís under NATO.  And every department there was also to be brought up to its full power, including the International Monetary Fund; thatís why they needed to create this crash, to bring them up to what their mandated position is, as control of all money. But health care definitely, the US signed the same agreement, as I say, at the World Health Organization.  They will bring in a socialized medical system which will give you, each person, the minimal care possible.  Thatís in the treaty.  Every country signed that.  So this is really why itís going ahead now.  Itís time now to bring the United States into the same plan as Canadaís got, and Australiaís got, and Britainís got, and so on; the factory medicine they call it. 


Jake:  Alan, Iíve got a question for you.  Health care plan in America, theyíve done tests, theyíve ran studies, and they say that socialized medicine, like you have in Canada, itís cheaper than our system and it has the exact same result.


Alan:  Well Iíll tell you, in Canada if I wanted a sex change, I could walk in to a clinic and theyíd start the proceedings off that very day.  Theyíd give me 2-3 years of personal psychiatric supervision.  Theyíd give me hormonal treatments every week for free.  Theyíd give me the whole operation in 2 phases.  Then theyíd give me follow-ups with psychiatrists.  The whole thing would cost maybe $10 million.  But if I had a cancer starting or something really major, they put you on a waiting list here and you will be dead before theyíll ever get round to seeing you.  You cannot mix politics and health together.  Itís a political agenda thatís on track here.  Political. 


Jay:  In reverse to this though, in the way that America is and the way that the majority of people in political power follow religious, you know, rites and you know, they express their religious beliefs; thatís why abortion is always such an issue.  Sex change would be a massive issue in the United States.  Like, as in they would probably go so far as to write it in, and actually they did with abortion, Obama had to stand up and say, okay abortion is not going to be covered, and therefore all the Christians, you know, stood up and cheered.  So I mean, that would be something that probably wouldnít go with this new health care. 


Jake:  And they also said that illegal aliens will not have health care.


Alan:  Remember too, these characters always bring things in incrementally, little bit by little bit by little bit, until weíre there, and no one notices because we actually are there then.  We always expect something to be immediate.  These guys work in the Fabian system, little by little, little by little, and eventually youíre ready for the next phase.  They will bring it in too, at the right time, after theyíve given you a few years of the basic medical care that we have, where youíll never see the same doctor twice, he will not have any medical records on you, he wonít know you from Adam, and he wonít care either.  All youíll get here, it doesnít matter whatís wrong with you, you walk out with a bottle of painkillers and thatís it, regardless of whatís wrong with you. 


Jake:  Even Obama early on was saying that the records had to be handled differently and that we have to streamline that process.  I mean, thatís how the whole thing started coming about. 


Sunny:  And thatís what they want, the electronics medical records. 


Jake:  Correct.If youíre on vacation somewhere and you get in a car accident or somebody thinks youíre going nuts and your doctor knows thatís just the way you are, Sunny, and youíre in Nevada somewhere, you wonít get locked up.  No, what Iím saying is, I mean, we could look at any point of view and make it sinister, make it look evil.


Alan:  Itís not to make it look evil.  What you have to do is look into the countries that already have it, theyíre further ahead along with this United Nations World Health Organization system than you are, and look whatís happened to them.  Thatís where you will go, because we all must go... theyíre standardizing the world.  Thereíll be no exceptions


Jay:  The success rate of organized health care in other countries is not favorable, in my opinion.


Alan:  Itís awful.  I mean, Canada here, the people die all the time.  They canít get treatment.  As I say, you canít get the same doctor twice.  And you go into these scruffy little waiting rooms that have maybe got 50 people sitting there, like a factory, and you literally sit there with this stupid number there till your nameís called, a receptionist will shout out over the counter, what are you in for?  Are you supposed to just explain in front of her, a receptionist, in front of all those people?  Iím not kidding you.  This is how they treat you. 


Jake:  At the same time I will say this though.  I was an EMT and Iíve been in medical situations and emergency situations a lot.  Even right now, though, that system is still in place.  I mean, it isnít any different from what youíre describing because Iíve actually been to emergency rooms where Iíve sat there with an injured friend and we eventually had to get up and leave and go to another hospital because we were just still sitting there, with holding our little number, you know, in the waiting room.  Iíve seen lost records a million and one times.  And Iíve actually seen this one, I had a friend that fell down some stairs and he broke his hand.  I mean, his hand was swelling up and he was in horrible pain.  We bring him in and he has to sit in front of somebody and show all this proof of identification and he has to prove the fact that he has insurance at that point in time or else they are not going to see him.  So somebody whoís injured...


Christina:  They canít do that.


Jake:  Yes, they do it.  Thatís the thing.  They actually do it.   They triage in a way and their form of triage is almost, you know...


Christina:  My momís friend Kelly has no insurance and sheís went to the emergency room many times and they have taken her. 


Jake:  A lot of times they donít do that.  They are actually scared to do it.  Now, we had a car accident, my wife and I had a car accident, a pretty bad one, and they brought her in on the ambulance.  They took her but the only reason they took her is because I was there as her spouse to sit there and spout out all of her... and I had to show that card.  Theyíre just like, do you have insurance?  That was it.  I wasnít anything else other than, do you have insurance.


Jay:  Even if you said you didnít have insurance, they take you but you have to go through a process.


Jake:  Correct. 


Jay:  Let me ask Alan this. Alan, right now youíre dealing with a situation where youíre in the middle of a country, I should say, that has socialized health care.  Am I correct on that?


Alan:  Yes.  Oh, by the way, it was brought in by Tommy Douglas whoís a politician I think in Manitoba.  He was a eugenicist.  He was a member of the World Eugenics Society.  He stated and Iíve read it on the air from his own writings.  He said that socialized medicine eventually will go into family planning and it will take care of populations; I donít want inferior people, inferior people shouldnít live.  That was the Fabian Socialist motto.  And they brought this in here, and Iím not kidding you, when theyíre on a roll to do with depopulation and at the same time they want to have charge of your health care, you should have the hair on the back of your head rising. Their goal eventually, through health care and through all the laws that are getting rammed through, all the time, is eventually, and Iíve read the articles from the big boys themselves saying that eventually they will be in charge of who will be permitted to breed and who will not be allowed to breed, and also, they want to bring in, down the road, mandatory sterilization for different people.  They canít do that unless they get socialized health care and government runs it. They canít do it without it. 


Jake:  One of the other things, too, I wanted to tell you really quick here too, is that, you know, when me and my family have taken a trip to up north and weíve noticed that health care clinics are like what we have, like corner stores here in the United States.  In the United States you got little corner grocery stores at every corner.  Thatís how it was with these little health clinics.  One person that I talked to that actually used to live up there basically told me, look, people go to the clinics for anything; You stub your toe, theyíre there.  Every little thing that we here in America, we just sit back and okay, put a Band-Aid on your toe and thatís it.  These people, they actually will rush to the clinic and get care for that and thatís what delays everything.  Now, based on your experience would you agree with that?


Alan:  Youíll find that, thereís no doubt about it.  But you also find that you cannot get on a list of a general practitioner.  Thereís people up where I live, right here, theyíve been here 14 years; thatís how long the waiting list is to get on a general practitioner.  So you have no option but to go to these clinics. 


Jay:  The other side of it, Jim, the think that you were talking about, like those little clinics.  They do that here.


Jim:  Yeah.  They do.


Jay:  They do it in the emergency room.  When youíre sitting there and youíve got a broken hand and youíre pumping out blood, thatís why...


Jim:  There were nowhere as many out there as there are here.† There were way too many out there.


Jay:  But the thing is, also right now, if you wanted control, if you wanted the lessers, or you know, the inferior people to not have health care, to not take care of their ailments, technically weíve already got that in place because if they canít afford it, obviously they canít afford it, you know, because they donít have any money, they donít have a job, or they have a job that pays them minimum wage and theyíd never be able to afford, you know, cancer treatment.   Then also, not all their jobs provide adequate health care and insurances, so therefore weíre kind of weeding them out ahead of time too, even with the system that we have in place.  So itís kind of like, are you treating...


Alan:  The government has another mandate all together.  Itís not just to help the people.  Itís so theyíll be in charge of the people AND the health ANDóreally, Iím not kidding youóreproductive abilities.   Thatís all part of it under the World Health Organization. Theyíve talked about the necessity to very shortly start sterilizing peoples and deciding who should be able to breed and who should not be able to breed.


Sunny:  Now Alan, who developed, and Iíve heard you talk about this.  Who developed, like, Planned Parenthood and everything? 


Alan:  Well, Margaret Sanger was a beauty.  You know, she called children weeds.  She was a great admirer of Hitler and corresponded with him.  She loved Stalin too.  She was quite open about the whole agenda that they would bring in under the Fabian system of socialism, where only the fittest and those who are qualified to breed would be allowed to breed and the rest would have to die off.  Julian Huxley was a good friend of hers too.  Again, he was the first CEO of UNESCO for the United Nations and in his own book he said the same thing.  He says, it will be hard to convince the people to get sterilized, weíll have to find ways to do it either through their food, their water, or injections, he says, because they have more education than people of India therefore theyíre suspicious, so weíll have to do it through a more underhanded method basically, a stealthier method.  And thatís in his own writings.  And he was a big, big member of the World Health Organization.  In fact, he got the biggest prize for the Eugenics Society for his various theories on how to run the coming society. 


Jim:  So if this does not go through, if they are not able to control the way the people are having children, how is it that we as a society in the United States are going to be able to support those who we know have children even though they are beyond their own means?  As in, you have a family that is in poverty but they continually reproduce and have multiple children that they cannot afford to take care of, so therefore, where does that burden lie? 


Alan:  Hereís the key, hereís the key with the United States system, as opposed to everyone elseís system.  And Iíve heard arguments before to do with murders and suspicions of murder and so on, where someone said, is it better to let this person go because of this final lack of proof, or allow it to go on the books and charge them and therefore everyone else can be charged along with them that does something even remotely similar.  Plus you have the separation of government, which doesnít exist anymore as far as I can see from here.  In other words, you donít do collective punishment because of a few.  If someone goes and shoots someone you donít disarm the whole country, because someone will shoot at someone else, maybe once a week or something across the country.  You cannot...


Jim:  But we do have the issue where we do have way too many children.  I mean, we have...


Sunny:  Are you a part of the illuminati?


Jim: No, Iím not part of the illuminati.  And Iím not trying to sound like that.


Jay:  No, but you are right.  You are right.  And this is what it comes down to man, is the fact that we have a population problem in this country.  We have people that live in poverty that continue to reproduce irresponsibly.


Jim:  Irresponsibly?


Jay:  We need to do something. They donít have health care. They donít have jobs and often times they donít have the ability to get jobs.  So weíre screwed either way.  Youíre paying for it either through taxes or you pay for it through the immorality of abortion.  The price has to be paid by someone somehow. 


Jake:  Iíve heard, Jim, Iíve heard you say that and Iíve heard other people like my friend Matt, that arenít republicans, that completely reject that socialist propaganda because that means that everybody has to take care of everybody else, weíre all one people, and they donít want to do that. They donít want to do that.  They donít want to take care of those people that are being irresponsible.  Itís a delicate matter, it is.  And I do not believe, Alan, and I want to stress this.  I do not believe that, you know, crowd control as if we were cattle is the correct answer.  But there are things that need to be done and theyíve got to be very delicately done.


Alan:  What I was saying was though, is you canít look at one, say, area of society and use that to mandate laws over everyone else.  See, thatís the key to everything.  Thatís how you lose freedom after freedom after freedom.  Thatís what they used in the Soviet Union.  It was called collective punishment. 


Jake:  Unfortunately, that is something that the United States has done.  One small situation has basically created a whole new set of laws that everybody needs to follow. Weíve done it.


Alan:  Thatís right. Even with the terrorism bill.  I mean, supposedly it was a guy in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan and then the next day theyíre checking little old white ladies with no turbans on at the crossings, at the borders here.  I mean, it was nothing to do, obviously, with the Middle East.  This was a preplanned idea for totalitarian government. And thatís what weíre going into rapidly, totalitarianism.  Lenin said this would happen at the beginning of his reign.  In fact he said, that eventually, towards the end of the millennium he said too.  He said, eventually thereíll be so many agencies in the United States, social agencies that started off as services because youíll come under the government authority, that thereíll be so many of them theyíll be tripping over each otherís toes and stepping on each otherís territory and fighting amongst themselves over authority over the people.  And thatís where we are today. 


Jim:  Alan, I appreciate all the information you provide.  So I mean, thatís definitely some useful information.  And I mean, I agree in some sense.  I think once you give a little theyíre going to just continue to take more and more.


Alan:  Yes! 


Jim:  Thatís just how it works. 


Jake:  So weíre looking at people, weíre talking about people. 


Sunny:  It doesnít matter.


Matt:  I have no problem helping a fellow brother in need, absolutely, but they also have to be responsible too.


Jake:  But then how do you regulate that, Jim?  How do you regulate it?


Jim:  Youíre always going to have bottom feeders in the system, no matter what system you set up.


Matt:  Okay, so donít kill them off, but I mean, things like licensing, I mean, it sounds horrible.  I mean, all this stuff really does sound horrible.


Jim:  How do you do that?


Matt:  But no, youíre right.  Listen, listen, listen... the whole idea here is that you have to make some kind of a choice.  You have people that are irresponsible in their reproductive values that are continuing to generate children.  If you donít find some way to take care of them... youíre always going to have poverty.  Youíre always going to have children that are living in squalor and sickness.  And yeah, you know, we can all say we know people that probably shouldnít reproduce.  Maybe sterilization really is an answer.  Youíre not killing people, but sterilizing them.  Youíre controlling a population thatís continually out of control.  Maybe thatís something that you really should consider realistically.


Jim:  Matt, in Mexico if a young girl comes in pregnant theyíll give her an abortion.  What Iím saying is the doctor will just go ahead and make the decision to fix her, snip her.


Matt:  I just think you cannot continue to ignore the problem that continues to grow every year and itís getting to the point now where obviously itís become a very divisive controversial subject.  But I think we need to address it at some point, because you cannot continue to ignore the elephant in the room.


Jim:  Right.  Absolutely.  And I agree with that.  Well, Alan, I want to thank you for taking the time to join us again tonight. Itís always a pleasure having you on and the invitation is always open and we hope to do it again.  One thing I wanted to ask you here is, tell us a little about some of the books youíve got going here.


Alan:  Iíve got a series of Cutting Through books where I go into some of the histories of this system, the con game I call it, thatís gone on down through the centuries by a ruling elite who understand human nature, having studied it for thousands of years.  Also, in the second one, Iíve got Waiting For the Miracle which goes into the ancient histories too, of the banking system, how they took over countries, and then forced them off to war with other countries, building empires, much like Britain did, and then getting countries into debt and forcing them, again, to go into wars with other countries.  Building bigger and bigger empires until they come to the world empire, which theyíre at now; this is what itís all about.  Itís a world empire.   And just to finish off what you were talking about there, the countries that didnít have segments of society overbreeding, in the Western countries, they had their floodgates opened up to immigration to make that same problem happen, because they must have the same problems in every country to bring in the world government.  And theyíre saying, well this is worldwide now.  They didnít have that in Britain. The British people from the í30s onwards were having no more than 2 children, often only 1, because their government had told them so in 1920.  Margaret Thatcher opened the door, mainly from India, and she says, weíre not breeding enough children now to pay off the national debt, we have to bring in masses of immigration.  Well in came the immigration, in came a lot of the problems too, and thatís exactly what they wanted.  It was the problems they want and then they say, look thereís too many people living in the cities now, thereís too many of you.  Meanwhile, they still keep the floodgates open to massive immigration to make sure we all get the message, oh thereís too many of you. Because the agenda is, and this is why you canít sterilize any segment of the population.  Once the government has the right to decide who gets sterilized, whatís next when you get laid off your work?


Jake:  Yep.  Youíre absolutely right Alan.


Jim:  Well, ladies and gentleman, weíve had with us Alan Watt.  His web site again is  As always, weíll continue to have the link up there so you can join in.  Just so you can share with our listeners, when will your next show be?


Alan:  Iím on 5 nights a week on RBN at 8pm eastern time. 


Jim:  Weíre really good friends with them too.  Weíve had a couple of other shows, John Stadtmiller and so forth from RBN, so great network.  I encourage everybody to check out his web site.  If anybodyís got any question for Alan or if you canít find his site for any reason, feel free to email us and weíll direct you that way too.  Well, Alan, like I said, itís been a pleasure having you on and we hope to do it again, and I wish you all the best, and good luck with the show.  Thanks again.


Alan:  Thanks for having me on and Iíve had a good time.  Itís a good show. 


Matt:  Alan, I have one more question real quick.  What should we do now, now that we know the truth on what these maniacal psychopaths want to do with us?  They want to kill us off.  What should we do?  What do you suggest?


Alan:  Well Iíll tell you, this is a delicate subject to say on air so Iíll phrase it in a certain way.  The elite have made no bones about what they want to do with the rest of the world.  Itís out in the mainstream media, Optimum Population Trust, Prince Charles backing them. They have unelected members on the British governmentís parliamentary body advising them on population reduction and so on, and means to do it, etc, etc, etc, the totally planned society, the controlled society.  These guys literally mean business.   They mean what they say.  And I cannot see any negotiating with them at all.  This is a new world order.  Itís a NEW world order, a new system and itís post-democratic.  Thatís what they say at the Club of Rome, one of the big think tanks.  Post-democratic, democracy is too cumbersome, for them at the top, to get the agenda through therefore theyíve bypassed it and theyíve gone through democracy and weíre post-democratic.  If we donít do something with these guys soon, believe you me, they will eradicate us.  Thereís no doubt about it.  Theyíve given us enough information from the United Nations and from all their big think tanks and their major media publications as to where theyíre going to take us as a society, of massive depopulation, forced depopulation, etc.  And by the way, I mean, theyíre now in charge of all of your food.  They have been poisoning you all along with your food, with the inoculations, and stuff in your water.  Arthur Koester, another guy who worked at the United Nations wrote a book on it, The Ghost in the Machine.  He says, we are finding ways to lobotomize that part of the brain that makes you an individual, once thatís eliminated, eradicated, youíll be a happy person, content, and he says, youíll cause the system no trouble.  THATíS the sort of things theyíre working on and published by guys who work on these projects.  He says, we can put it in the water, through inoculations, or in their food. Well, guess what?  Theyíre doing all of it.  These guys mean business.  Politics is just a front; thatís all politics is.  Itís a complete front, when all the top guys are picked in advance at the Bilderberger meetings; theyíre all members of the Council on Foreign Relations regardless of what party they belong to at the top.  Professor Carroll Quigley documented that so well in Tragedy and Hope.  So weíre not run by any kind of democracy, but we are run by a definite preplanned agenda, a world agenda, and people must go into the United Nations and look at Agenda 21 for the 21st century.  They must look into the think tanks put out by the US military and the British military; I have them up on my archives section of my web site.  90-page reports on what they see for the future, massive rioting starting in 2010, food shortages because they have 5 agri-businesses controlling your entire food supply now; theyíre going to use food as a weapon.  Theyíre going to have flash mobs.  And they even say, that in the Western hemisphere they will be using neutron bombs, literally battlefield neutron bombs, on mass demonstrations in the future.  These guys mean business and we better get to work and you better be prepared to deal with business, because, to be honest with you, theyíre ruthless at the top.  I cannot see any negotiation. 


Jim:  Well, there you go folks.  For more information visit his web site,  Alan, again, thank you.  Itís been our pleasure.  We always love having you on.  Like I said, we hope to do it again in the future. 


Alan:  Thanks for having me.


Jim:  Alright, thank you.  Have a good night.


Alan:  Take care.



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