June 19th, 2006
Alan Watt on the Investigative Journal with Greg Szymanski


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Greg: Okay, it is very, very important to provide a message of hope and solutions, instead of providing a constant message of fear and desperation.  Youíre listening to the Investigative Journal.  Itís Monday morning.  Iím your host Greg Szymanski, and Iíll be here for the next two hours.  And weíre going to talk with Alan Watt.  But let me get back to what I was saying.  It is important to spread a message of hope and a solution, instead of constantly providing a message of fear and desperation.  And what I mean by that is there are hopes and solutions and things we can do to overcome whatís happening to America.  One solution, I think is to become a sovereign citizen.  And Iíve researched, looked at every possible, possible Patriot Movement thatís happened over the last ten years in a legal nature, used a little bit of my law background, being a former lawyer, and came up with a very solid one, and that is the one that Iíve had on this show, the program Iíve had by Terry Lee.  And Terry has researched this thing ten times more than I have, and Iíve found him to be one of the most, his programs to be the best Iíve seen.  And so, I recommend, if you want to become a sovereign citizen, get out of this system.  First, you can do it, and by your doing it, youíre going to gain strength, youíre going to gain hope, and youíre going to understand that if you start doing things from a personal level, and that means, change your name.  Get rid of this corporate name.  Work it day by day.  Youíre going to feel much better and feel empowered. 


Once you do that, once you erase yourself from this system, then you can get back into it in politics, in any way possible, because what happens now is if you enter into politics as a corporate citizen, youíre going to take a corporate oath of office, and the chance of you possibly staying clean, the chance of you fighting whatís happening in our government right now, letís just say this, 99.9% of the people that enter politics with good intentions either are killed or succumb to whatís happening in Washington.  So, once you want to become a sovereign citizen, and the time it takes you to do that, once you find out and gain the inner strength and find out what it means, then you can enter into public office and take the real oath, and that is the oath to protect the people and the United States Constitution.  At that point, you know, we may have a chance to take back the country.  So, those are two, thatís a hope that some people look into what Terry Lee is doing.  And also, instead of fear and desperation, go forward with the strength of a sovereign citizen and take back your country, because, Iíll tell you, itís a country worth taking back.  I mean, every day, you wake up, and I no longer feel that.  I mean, I feel inside my heart and soul that we are going to win.  And Iím very happy about being a citizen of this country, in whatever form you may want to call it.  I think that if we take positive actions, if we talk in positive terms, weíre going to get a lot more done.  And there are just so many, so many issues we can discuss.  And I see it all the time with fear and desperation emails.  They come to me.  And I just try to sort them out, one by one, and to provide some type of positive solution to the problem at hand.  Weíll be back, with my guest, and also, I want to play a five-minute clip by former President John F. Kennedy about secret societies.  Youíd be shocked what he said back in the 1960s.


Okay, we are back on the Investigative Journal, and if America is really being taken over by Secret, listen to that word, Secret Societies.  Why do a lot of people that try to figure it out, tell us they know who these Secret Societies are and this is the way itís being done?  To me, the word secret means we donít know where itís coming from and we need to uncover it by any means possible.  So, when you get these examples, for example, twenty years ago, someone once told me the Priory de Sion, was a secret society taking over the Vatican Church, and the government of Italy.  So, I went and researched that, went to France, and found out the Priory de Sion was actually a front for something more than just, it had one little office, and really wasnít a viable group.  And so, that was just a front organization used by disinformation people to tell us that they were taking over the world.  So, that was disproved.  That was not proven.  Okay.  So, then you go on and you think itís the Zionists.  Well, if theyíre secret, how does everybody know who they are and taking?  And if they are taking over, why canít we stop them?  And then you go to the Jesuits, and if itís truly them too, thatís fine.  But, you know, who knows, there may be another layer below them, I mean, above them.  So, we need to look into all of it.  Thatís all I ever said.  And so, the term secret is the key here.  Thereís all these secret societies, everything is being taken over by America secretly.  Well, you know something, we need to discuss it.  So, thatís why the free open debate of everything, from the secret societies, the Bilderbergers, we go on to the Bohemian Grove people, then we go into the Priory de Sion and all the other secret organizations, Luciferian organizations, working our way into the Zionists, into the Jesuits.  We need to uncover all of them to find out really what is the secret that is taking over our country.  Is that asking too much?  I donít think so.  Especially for truth seekers, and especially for researchers, journalists, and anybody else trying to find a story.  Usually it is not the way it is handed to you on a silver platter.  Look beneath the surface.  Dig deep. 


Forty years ago, President John F. Kennedy, startling interview, Iíve never heard this before.  And itís about a five-minute tape.  Iím going to play it now.  Then weíre going to get to my guest, Alan Watt.  And weíre going to discuss some interesting things.  Alan has been fighting to wake up America for more than a decade, saying people need to understand history, before ever having a grasp on what is happening in America today.  And that is so true.  So, those of you who feel the need to read about things that have been kept from you, itís vital, because it will tell you whatís happening.  It will put the pieces together.  But let me play this five-minute tape by Kennedy.  And he goes into secret societies, in a speech I think that probably led to his death, because behind that was just what he was talking about, and probably was his demise.  But this is an interesting speech that you want to listen to.  Itís five minutes long.  Chris can you put that up for us?


Ladies and gentlemen, the very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that itís in my control. And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know.


For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. No President should fear public scrutiny of his program. For from that scrutiny comes understanding; and from that understanding comes support or opposition. And both are necessary. I am not asking your newspapers to support an Administration, but I am asking your help in the tremendous task of informing and alerting the American people. For I have complete confidence in the response and dedication of our citizens whenever they are fully informed. I not only could not stifle controversy among your readers--I welcome it. This Administration intends to be candid about its errors; for as a wise man once said: "An error doesnít become a mistake until you refuse to correct it." We intend to accept full responsibility for our errors; and we expect you to point them out when we miss them.


Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed--and no republic can survive. That is why the Athenian lawmaker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy. And that is why our press was protected by the First Amendment-- the only business in America specifically protected by the Constitution- -not primarily to amuse and entertain, not to emphasize the trivial and the sentimental, not to simply "give the public what it wants"--but to inform, to arouse, to reflect, to state our dangers and our opportunities, to indicate our crises and our choices, to lead, mold, educate and sometimes even anger public opinion. This means greater coverage and analysis of international news--for it is no longer far away and foreign but close at hand and local. It means greater attention to improved understanding of the news as well as improved transmission. And it means, finally, that government at all levels, must meet its obligation to provide you with the fullest possible information outside the narrowest limits of national security. And so it is to the printing press--to the recorder of manís deeds, the keeper of his conscience, the courier of his news--that we look for strength and assistance, confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be: free and independent.


Greg: And those were the words of, of course, former President John F. Kennedy, forty years ago.  Amazing.  Amazing how they ring true today.  And I think that will give you an indication of those secret societies, of the people behind the scenes, that actually killed President Kennedy.  Forty years later, weíre now seeing what he understood back then.  And now, weíre kind of retracing our steps.  Many Americans have been kept in the dark.  And now, we must, we must do something before our country is destroyed by the same people that president Kennedy talked about. And let me give you an example.  Iím going to get to my guest in two minutes.  Weíre going to take a break and then get to my guest, Alan Watt, whoís going to enlighten us on a number of different things in history, about who these secret people are that are doing this.


You know, I get emails from all over the world.  And one or two people have been emailing me consistently, regarding, trying to figure out who these people are behind the scenes that are helping network this movement across the world to basically destroy all freedoms.  And we get to the point with the Jesuits.  And I talk to a man by the name of Bobby LeMeda, who is in the Philippines, who enlightens me about the situation there.  He is frightened for his life.  He knows that the Jesuits, and he emails all the information regarding the Jesuit control there, and itís just unbelievable.  And he basically says this, if theyíre doing it in the Philippines, donít you think America will wake up and theyíre doing it with the help of your politicians and all the people that are involved in these secret groups.  Think about it.


I then received, thereís emails from Sister Catalina, and sheís a former Catholic nun, who knows the same story.  And Iíll tell you what.  Iíd like to just read a short email after this break of a couple of paragraphs, from Sister Catalina, regarding the Jesuits, and regarding the possibility of them being involved in these secret societies, and also being involved in the killing of President Kennedy, which I might add, when you listen to his words, remember the word secret.  You know.  We still havenít figured out whoís doing it.  We must do that, and itís only going to take the help of millions of Americans with their opinions to help bring our country back.


(Commercial Break)


Greg: Okay.  Weíre back on the Investigative Journal, and let me get right to my guest.  My guest, my first hour guest is Alan Watt, and Alan has been fighting to wake up America for more than a decade, saying people need to understand history, before having a grasp, a good grasp, on what is happening in America today.  According to Alan, who has meticulously studied history to find the answers, the Illuminatiís main goal is to wipe away Free Will and Individualism.  Alan, how are you today?


Alan: Oh, fine.


Greg: Those were, and I assume you listened to those words by Kennedy, which were lost and somehow recovered forty years.  Werenít those powerful words?  Did you get a chance to listen to that tape?


Alan: I put the video up at the weekend.


Greg: Now, thatís it. Thatís where I got it.  Thank you so much.  I knew it all came together.  And anyway, tell us what your thoughts were after you heard that.


Alan: Well, I always knew that, I remember that in Britain they played that speech in fact on the BBC, when they were actually discussing Freemasonry at one point.  This was years ago, when I was small, and so I hunted it down.  And I knew there were big movements at play between world powers, the dialectic was going on.  The Russian movement, the Soviet movement was being hyped up, mainly in the US, not so much in Britain.  And as I was growing up, I realized that Britain already was a Socialist country, and then when I went into the history, this is before high school, I went into the adult libraries and checked it all out, and I found, sure enough, there was data, recorded data, from books written during the Bolshevik Revolution, concerning the banks of the US and Britain funding the Revolution, and actually helping to get the Soviet system up and working.  And I thought, well, in other words, the elite of the world, the moneyed people, the Establishment, as they call it in Britain, were backing the Soviet Union, which was supposed to be your enemy sworn to destroy you.  And thatís your classical dialectic there, to get the world that they wanted to come out of this, it was the outcome, when you fuse the two together, which is a sort of fascist elite at the top, running a world with bureaucrats running the people beneath it in a Communistic fashion.  Thatís what theyíre now calling the Third Way, and that was how they did it.


Greg: So, tell us, you know, you make it a point to emphasize the fact of looking back into history and covering the things that have been kept from people.  And Iíve had a number of guests on this show, Iíve tried to do that on this show, and that is to bring in people who have done the research, have done the legwork, like yourself, to try to piece together this hidden history thatís left out of our books, left out of libraries, with a concerted effort to shape and pattern a certain type of individual, or take away that individualism.  So, why donít you give us kind of your take on the whole situation, and start from where you think itís important, and build us up to today, and then, of course, I want you to try and give us some hope and some solutions.  Go ahead.


Alan: Well, in the third book I put out in the Cutting Through series, I go through what we call civilization, the meaning of civilization, which was the introduction of a monetary system, which spread from the Middle East all over the world in ancient times, and then brought the merchandizing, the loaning of money to countries.  And what they were able to do then is create a middle class, you might say, or an aristocratic class of thinkers.  Thatís how you end up with all the Greek philosophers.  They were wealthy people who would sit and discuss things like think-tanks you might say.  And this has been their system ever since, with a definite agenda towards world conquest.  And Plato himself wrote about this in the Republic.  And he was a member of the aristocracy of Greece, he himself, along with the rest of them, were trained in Egypt by Egyptian priests for twenty years for their mission.


Greg: So, he was one of the original New World Order members, huh?


Alan: Yes.  They wanted an ideal society.  The biggest problem was always maintaining control over the population, the people, the ordinary people, and getting them to work either for free or for very little.


Greg: No wonder they donít like Americans now.  You know, because they can see the independence that used to be the trait of an American society that theyíre slowly wiping away.  Go ahead.


Alan: Yeah.  Independence.  The original thinker is hard to predict.  You never know what heís going to say or do next.  And one person who can say the king has no clothes can just break the spell so quickly.  And thatís why weíre going under totalitarianism and total information network.  Itís to get all information from everyone, so that weíre all very predictable.  And I thought the term interdependence, youíll hear this from the United Nations, we must create a world of interdependence, thatís why your harbors are being sold off to foreign nations or peoples, and your manufacturing too is being sold off to other peoples, itís for the world to be interdependent, which is the opposite of independent, you see.† And that doesnít stop with countries, itís to come down to the individual where eventually you wonít be able to have a garden and grow your own food, because thatís independent, and being independent under the Soviet or the new Chinese Communist rules means youíre anti-social.


Greg: All right, listen.  Letís take a break, a three-minute break here.  Weíll be back with Alan Watt, and then we can go back into history, and piece together how they are bringing the destruction of America, right before our very eyes.


(Commercial Break)


Greg: Okay, we are back, the second half hour of the Investigative Journal, and before I get back to my guest, Alan Watt, I wanted to just remind you, I promised to read that short paragraph email from Sister Catalina, whoís trying to determine who the real spiritual controllers of the New World Order really is.  And I will do that at the top of the hour, along with updating you on that Vatican lawsuit and some startling information that we uncovered, that Jonathan Levy the attorney did in a recent deposition regarding the rat lines and the involvement of certain high-level officials in the church and the American government.  And weíve got part of the testimony from William Gowen, who was a CIA agent, that testified recently regarding that connection, which fits into what weíre doing today.  But anyway, weíre back in history with Alan Watt.  Heís giving us, you know, just a great rendition of how this has happened to our country going back years and years and years.  And I broke in and interrupted you, Alan, so pick up where you left off.


Alan: The thing is, in the 1700s, the elite of Europe had meetings in Europe, and they wanted a world society.  It was first discussed by John Dee in the 1500s, when he approached Queen Elizabeth I with his proposal to create a British Empire.  And he said it would be based on a form of Free Trade, and that countries that would not join it would simply be embargoed and left out to dry until they conformed.  He also said that the founding nation didnít have to be the one that would eventually lead the world into it.  They needed a knight in shining armor you might say.  Britain was so well known for pillaging other countries, or England was, and so was France and some of the other biggies, so they needed a brand new country.  And that is why the US was founded.  The US was founded by Freemasons.  Thatís common knowledge.  And thereís many paintings of Washington with his Masonic regalia on.  And he got a brand new obelisk built in his memory.  And an obelisk in Egyptian terms was only given, a brand new one, dedicated to a person, when he was raised up to godhood.  Thatís what it meant, apotheosis.  And so, the US was created to bring in the New World Order and take over from Britain, and thatís exactly what itís done.


Greg: Now, when you say we were created for that, give us a little bit more background, and then tell us why itís taken so long.  I guess people would ask that question.  If we were created for that, what was the, what happened, who stood in the way of this?


Alan: No one really stood in the way to be honest.  They have their timetables and they work in centuries.  And these big, the real societies work like long-range business plans.  And they work centuries ahead.  They did the same thing in the Middle Ages when they built the Cathedrals, and it would take five or seven generations of stonemasons to do it.  Weíre so used to seeing something completed in our own lifetime, we canít imagine things going on that we will never see finished, but these guys do.  And itís a power control structure with archives of information, as opposed to public libraries.  And they have their agenda.  If you read, I try to read the books written by the people concerned, not about them, and so, read Benjamin Franklinís diaries, and he tells you right in there that he envisaged the United States Federation being the beginning of a Federation of the World, which would be run by Twelve Wise Men, a government of Twelve Wise Men.  And Thomas Jefferson in his memoirs said the same thing.


Greg: All right, well, take us back and bring us up to date, basically on your reading through history.  How long, you talk about centuries, okay, take us back to, you know, that period of time.  Bring us up to date now, and tell us what you think is going to happen in the near future.


Alan: Well, in the near future, itís actually out in the open, because people have forgotten about the Free Trade Negotiations, the FTA, that came out before NAFTA, and that was going on in the late 80s, when Brian Mulroney was in power in Canada and Bush Sr. was in power.  And they signed the FTA, and Shelley Ann Clarke, who was the most senior civil servant in Ottawa, in the Parliament in Ottawa, did all the books for the negotiations, and she came out publicly and said theyíre merging the countries by 2005.  And lo and behold, last year, 27th of March, 2005, at Waco Texas, Bush and Martin and Fox signed the United Americas pact.  They said on television here in Canada, they had five more to go.  Tom Clark from Global Network News, stood up and said, this sounds just like the European Union, is it?  And Martin stepped in right away and said, well, itís not quite the big bang, we have five more meetings to go.  But he didnít deny it.  And that was the beginning.  By 2010, we have to be totally merged with the borders down, which means theyíll have to have the whole continent ID-ed by then, to allow us to travel back and forth.


Greg: So, youíre talking by 2010, they want this whole thing to be in place then.  Correct?


Alan: Yeah, and functioning too.


Greg: I guess we could spend a couple of minutes.  Tell us whatís your take, since youíve been reading all of this, whatís your take between now and 2010.  Whatís going to happen if we donít step in the way and stop these people? 


Alan: Well, we know where theyíre going.  Itís to be a world thatís totally controlled.  The individual wonít be able to move without permission.  Ultimately, if we go back into the books of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is the British version, and all British Commonwealth countries, including Canada has that department.  And theyíve been on television here in fact, before they signed the Waco deal, publicly saying on behalf of the CFR, from their main headquarters, that they had drafted up the plans for the unification of the Americas.  The CFR came out and said that on national television here.


Greg: All right, so how does the whole picture fit in with the Middle East, with us, and with Europe?  How do you view this?


Alan: Well, they started the big takeover for the worldís resources in the days of Cecil Rhodes, who created Rhodesia.  And he created the scholarship for the Rhodes foundation, dedicated to world government.  So all Rhodes scholars are sent out into the world into other governments, and you have quite a lot of them in your bureaucratic departments in the federal government, and theyíre dedicated to world government.  Thatís their goal.  Cecil Rhodes was sent out by the Rothschilds and Lord Milner, Lord Alfred Milner, to the Round Circle Society, which merged with the Rhodes Society, and they were sent out to take over the worldís resources, in preparation for a global structure to be run by international corporations.  And thatís happening today.  And then we had Professor Carroll Quigley, who picked Bill Clinton to be a Rhodes scholar, and Carroll Quigley wrote in his book, The Anglo-American Establishment, the whole agenda for world unification, and the fact, he said, a new feudal system will be born where international corporations will decide the fates of the nations.  They will be the new overlords.  And thatís already happened, because most politicians, as you know in the Federal Government, it doesnít matter what party they belong to, theyíve been CEOs of big corporations, and they move in and out of politics and back to the corporations, quite easily.  And itís the same in all countries in the world now.  So, this system is already in place.  Weíre being run by international corporations.


Greg: Okay, how does genocide fit into this, and the fact that their statements have been made in writings regarding the depopulating of the world?  How does that fit into this whole plan, from your perspective?


Alan: Again, theyíve written about this extensively.  H.G. Wells, who was a front man, he was a Fabian Society founder, he published a lot of work on this, non-fictional work, as well as his fictional work.  He said that the world was just run too inefficiently, and people were born, put through a system, and then expected to find their own place in the world, and compete.  He said, the system we shall create will have a much-reduced population.  He said, no one will be born without a function to serve the World State, and he said, the careers of everyone will be chosen for them by the state.  And thatís what school-to-work is all about.  Itís based on the Soviet system, which truly was the laboratory for all of this.


Greg: Yeah, and I think thatís kind of what I want to get at here.  Once we get past, where we went back to the formation of America, then we moved ahead, did you want to spend any time in the Civil War period?


Alan: Well, the Civil War period was again a takeover from a corporate North to mainly an agricultural South.  It was a land takeover, a resource takeover again of natural resources and a unification of a culture.  Now, it was interesting that Karl Marx, and youíll find this in your own Congressional Records, wrote a letter to Lincoln, congratulating him on unifying the country.  He said we need a strong central government.  And that was the fundamental core for Communism, was a strong, overbearing central government.  So, this was part of the agenda for world domination.


Greg: So then we move forward, of course, and I wanted to take us into the World War II period, and how you think that relates to whatís happening now, as far as the strengthening of the Soviet Bloc and then also the Nazi movement, in relationship of our country with that, with other powers that may be, like the Vatican and other places.  Go ahead.


Alan: Well, I think all these big structures, if you go into history, youíll find all the big structures of control and religions, theyíre all part of one and the same thing.  To rule society, you must always have threats from somewhere.  And so they create divisions within society and use religions, especially in the past, to have them fight each other, and then they step in with all the rules and regulations to keep the peace, which takes away your rights.  So thereís always divide and conquer going on.  And thereís no way the Vatican could ever have been going independent in any way at all.  Youíll find at the top levels of the CIA, MI5, Mossad, MI6, theyíre all one.  They have departments which have all combined, long ago.† And you cannot have a secret, independent nation today, without being infiltrated, and you couldnít have a secret Vatican association without being infiltrated too. 


Greg: Right.  And thatís the real, thatís the interesting part about this, is how they have organized this worldwide network, and how, people probably wonder, well, how do they get involved in our government, in the American government?  How did they work their way and take over the Congress?  How did they work their way and take over the judiciary?  And how did they take over the CIA?  Who is doing this?  And if so, who is over on the other side, in Russia, in China, working together with these people?


Alan: Well, we know who they are, because, if you go back to one group, only one group is always mentioned as though they were the only group, but that was the Weishaupt Illuminati.  Now, the whole foundation of Weishauptís idea, which wasnít his, it was a worldwide movement already, had been for hundreds of years, but they wanted to created a world run by an intellectual elite.  They called it the natural aristocracy.  And thatís the same term used by Jefferson in his own book.  He said the natural aristocracy should rule the world.  By that he meant the intellectual, scientific elite.  And so, thatís what we have today.  Now, Weishaupt said, he coined the term, global citizen.  And if you go into the Rockefeller Foundation, and Weishaupt said it, we shall create philanthropic organizations, which will fund NGO groups, basically, which will speak on behalf of the public and demand changes.  Well, thatís how all laws come into force now.  The big NGO groups are funded by the big foundations.  And they pretend to speak on behalf of the public, and then the government is only too happy to put the laws on the books for the changes they want.  Now, Rockefeller himself, Iíve got a tape, a videotape where heís giving out awards for global citizenship.  Just like Weishauptís Illuminati. 


Greg: Exactly.  And, you know, just a couple of minutes before this break, I just wanted to ask this question, and then we can talk about it afterwards.  But you know, when you look at whatís happening in the Middle East, the war on Iraq, it appears to orchestrated by more than just coincidence, orchestrated by a number of different high-level people from different countries, all working together, and the upcoming war in Iran, if that occurs, which most people say itís not if but when.  How, in a sense, do you view these people moving forwards with these agendas?  I mean, they have to be on the same page.  They have to have a network of communication.  So, how does China, Russia, America, and other countries, Mexico, and we can probably add all of them, members, work together?  What is the network that helps them communicate or get on the same page?  For example, weíre going to have a war on terrorism and use the Muslims.  How does this work in your mind?


Alan: Itís done through international law from the United Nations.  And itís interesting that every country, after 9/11, were asked to sign the agreement on anti-terrorism, and put all the laws into effect, at the same time.  And pretty well every country has done it.  The exact same laws.  Finland has got it, Norway has got it, Sweden has got it.  Nothing happens in those countries.  And here they are wondering why their governments are running around and shouting terror, terror.  This is being used as the excuse to bring in the new agenda, the totalitarian system.  It also tells you that the communication of the department heads, and the bureaucracies in all these countries, are interconnected from a central source.  The central source is the UN, because, H.G. Wells when the League of Nations was set up at the time of the First World War, he said this is the end of national governments.  He says, bureaucrats, top-level bureaucrats can leave their department and go straight to a counterpart within the United Nations, bypassing the politicians.  And thatís what theyíve been doing for the last hundred years.


Greg: You know, I wanted to ask you this question.  Iím going to ask you the question now, and you think about it during the break.  But pretend that I am a regular American living in 2015, here, okay?  Pretend that ten years or eleven years has passed, and Iím living in just a regular state in America, and if things go on the way theyíre supposed to, I guess weíre at a critical period now, exactly what would my life be like in all aspects, from education to travel to, you know, the whole, to government.  How is the government going to look?  Is it going to be just structured the same, but then again, all choice taken away?  In your mind, what do you think, you know, itís an interesting question, place ourselves fifteen years.  Weíre going to pretend when we come back that itís fifteen years from now, and tell us, if we donít step in the way, if we donít positively do something to get rid of these people, what our life will be like.  Weíll be back with Alan Watt.


(Commercial Break)


Greg: Okay, itís the year 2016, and Iíve decided to move way up into the Colorado Rockies, away from these people, and to enjoy the remaining years of my life.  And I start to wonder, and ask a friend of mine next to me, whatís going on in the Middle East and in Israel?  Alan, what do you think in 2016, if we donít stop these people, that place will look like?


Alan: It will be one big bloc, basically, the Middle East, mainly for the natural resources.  But as far as America goes, and the rest of the world, weíll be in our Habitat Areas, if youíve read Agenda 21, from the United Nations, the Habitat Areas, they want everyone off the rural areas that they donít need anymore.  Corporate farms only will be doing the farming.  Thereíll be no private property in these Habitat Areas, it will be rental only.  Lord Bertrand Russell put out a book, The Impact of Science on Society, and Education and the Good Life, and he said that the public will be given so many credits by the state, at the beginning of every week, and you canít save them up, you must use them all up, and you start at the same figure the next week.  And if you go against the system, they will use that as a form of punishment, by withholding your credits so you canít buy food, and you canít pay your rent.  There will be no private vehicles either.  Thatís the other part of the UN Biodiversity Treaty, Agenda 21.  So, this is all interrelated.  Itís a planned society.  Weíve seen family planning.  Now, itís global planning.  And we will have no decisions to make on our own at all, basically.


Greg: What about our government?  I want to go out and vote in 2016, what will that be like?


Alan: I donít even know if there will be votes by then.  We probably wonít need them.  Or else your vote will be, itís like Britain, Britain now has a regional vote, because theyíre part of the Union.  So the federate, your actual national government will actually be a local government.  Thatís the status it will have.


Greg: And who will be in control?  For example, when we say the President of the United States, what will that entail in 2016?


Alan: Not much more than he is already.  Heís a front man for the corporations above him, for the big money boys who run the world, basically.  Every president and prime minister goes cap in hand when they get into office, to see how the debt situation is.  They have to go into the big bankers, and they know the big bankers can sink their country tomorrow if they want to.


Greg: So, basically itís going to be the same as it is now, except weíll know what theyíre, theyíre actually just going to tell us itís that way, instead of lying to us and telling us weíre free.  Correct?


Alan: Yes.  And really, when you have an international government running you, youíre so remote from them, youíre now an outpost really and you canít take your complaints anywhere, because itís so far away.  Thatís already happening in Britain and other countries.  Brussels doesnít listen to them. 


Greg: You know what, if you could stick with us after the hour, Iíve got to pass a few messages along after this short break, then weíre going to come back and do another segment with Alan Watt, and I want to hear some solutions and some hope.


(Commercial Break)


Greg: Okay, weíre still in the year 2016, and weíre talking to Alan Watt, weíre going to take a few minutes here, Iíve got a few messages to bring across and after this short segment, three or four minutes weíll get back and finish up with Alan Watt and talk about some other things that we have to look forward to in the year 2016, if we donít radically change this New World Order Agenda, which is moving along full-steam, and has been going on, according to Alan and many other researchers for hundreds and hundreds of years.  And we just happen to be luckily at the tail end of it.  Right?  Yeah.  But, weíve got to deal with it, and hopefully we can stop it. 


Letís get back to what I was saying.  I promised to read this message from Sister Catalina.  And she is a Catholic Nun, who wants to alert people also of the feared Jesuit order, and in our quest to figure out that word, secret, in the secret societies, and the secret people taking over America, in order to stop these people, you canít forget about the Catholic Church, the Vatican, and the Jesuit Order, and their role worldwide in this global domination plan.  So, she is writing, Sister Catalina, who has inside information regarding this order and the Catholic Church to Bobby Lemeta, who is a Philippino, heís from the Philippines, and heís a freedom fighter, also talking about whatís happening to his country, and connecting the dots to the Jesuits.  And Bobby is fearing for his life right now.  He emails me constantly, just to keep track, and I want to keep his name out in the public, to help him, because heís a long way away, and heís asking Americans to look at whatís going on there, in order to protect his country and ours.  And this is Sister Catalina, when Bobby proposed that the Jesuits were bringing down his country along with crooked politicians.  And she says,


Dear Brother Bobby.  You are 100% correct.  As a former member of a Zionist organization of America, I can promise in the name of Jesus that these Jews that I was involved with are totally praying for peace and good will from their enemies.  They wish no harm done.  However, please read the book, the keys of this blood, and in it, the Pope states that the minimists, the Jews, Muslims, and Christian fundamentalists, such as Baptists and the SDA, must become part of the final, final solution.  Therefore, since Jews would not kill, they are strict of the holy laws of God.  Then the Jesuits are indeed the treacherous, vile creatures, that are plotting everyoneís demise, as you said, like a cancer.  Many blessings in Jesusí holy name, Sister Catalina.


Well, anyway, you can learn a lot about whatís going on in this country by finding out whatís happening in other countries.  There is a total blackout of the news here.  We are in a corporate dominated, as Alan Watt has told us.  I mean, every possible way we look to get at the truth is blocked.  And we are either lied to, if not lied to, we are taken in different directions.  We are then, all the criticism then is to be deflected, and you can see one by one, as dissidents speak up in America, and Iíve brought on three or four or five on my show who are now in jail, for trying to talk out and speak out in many different ways in this country to uncover this corruptness, at every level of government, in the religious organizations, and so on and so forth.  This shows you, we need, need to find out really who is behind it and we will continue to do that on this show, and we will be back.


(Commercial Break)


Greg: Okay, rolling right along here on the Investigative Journal, my guest is Alan Watt, and weíre trying to figure out what life is going to be like in this country in 2016, if we donít do something.  Right now, Alan, weíre about 300 million strong in this country.  Whatís the population in 2016, if the powers that be have their way with us?


Alan: Oh, vastly reduced.  I think Jacques Cousteau gave a talk to a magazine, and he talked about bringing it down by at least three-quarters.  They donít need the population now in a highly technical society.  They donít need all the work, al the hands, all the labor, and so their perfect world will be vastly reduced to about at least a quarter of what it is today.


Greg: So, how are they going to do that to us in the next ten years?


Alan: Well, theyíve had think-tanks at the UN working on this kind of thing.  And they talked about using all means possible.  Arthur Koestler wrote the book, The Ghost in the Machine, while he worked at the United Nations, and he talked about ways of lobotomizing the public by chemical means, injections, spraying it on them, putting it in the food, putting it in the water, and I think theyíve been doing all of this, because people are sort of dreaming through their lives here, and theyíre oblivious of the dangers around them. 


Greg: So, weíre 300 million strong.  Weíre still 300 million strong.  Maybe a lot of the 300 million are just like you said, oblivious to whatís going on.  What can we do?  I mean, theyíre going to get us in one way or the other, whether its through constant war, which is depleting the populations of Iran, Iraq, and that region, and Israel, and then perhaps even here.  Do you think there is an invasion looming in the next ten years of this country?


Alan: Only if they bring on some kind of disaster.  Kissinger made the speech in California that the people would welcome in the United Nations foreign troops under the right circumstances, and they certainly have the power to bring anything on like that.  And they can also bring it on under a plague, if they wanted to release a plague.  And people should realize that every major country has departments of bacterial warfare and viral warfare, where they have tremendous weaponry.  Theyíve had it since before World War II, and they can create any kind of disease they want.  They have diseases which are programmed to go through a population from coast to coast, and then kill themselves off after a few weeks.  And that was in the British newspaper, the Daily Mail, a whole half-page on that.  They can program viruses or bacteria just like nano-robots.


Greg: You know, before I take this one caller thatís been holding a long time, I did want to ask you, what kind of hope do you see, letís say, just from your point of view that we can stop this.  This is something thatís been going on for hundreds and hundreds of years.  What makes us think that we can even stop it?


Alan: Well, I always say, itís the strangest thing, weíre all taught that our only duty is to vote.  Weíre taught that, and sure enough, people vote, and the same agenda steamrolls ahead, regardless of who is in power.  And I tell them all, you know, if youíre going to give power to someone, whoís going to make laws which will affect your life, you better find out who they are, even at your local level, and you must have it on the books, openly, what organizations, secret organizations, or organizations with secrets, as they phrase it, they belong to, and what ones theyíve given oaths to and what those oaths were.  Thatís got to be out in the open, because youíll find most of the politicians, even the petty ones, down to your local level, belong to one of the many, many branches of Freemasonry, even the ones who count the votes.


Greg: So, youíre starting out by saying that one hope we can do is by start demanding we know who these people are, by outing them, so to speak, and then what can we do?


Alan: Well, itís like Kennedy said.  Thatís why I put that up on the website, at Cutting Through the Matrix, he said, itís got to be an open society.  Government must be open to the people.  Itís not supposed to be a secret society unto itself, with its own agenda.


Greg: Yeah, and let me just mention.  That was a great clip.  I want to thank you for getting that and putting that out and then coming on the show.  That was just a great clip, because I think that will drive home to many people that are on the borderline.  I want to get to people that are not yet aware of whatís happening in our country.  And I think that will show you, that will show many people what really he knew back then, and how they killed him for wanting to.


Alan: Yes.  And everything he said is happening now.  You have a totalitarian system under the guise of security, exactly what he was warning about.  And youíre losing all your rights.


Greg: Right.  Let me get to Charles in Texas.  Heís been holding on a long time.  Charles youíre on the Investigative Journal.


Charles: Yeah.  I had a couple of questions for your guest and I had comments for the guest, and I had a question for you, Greg.


Greg: All right.


Charles: Okay.  My comments are, George Washington, he for the last twenty years of his life, he did not attend the Masonic Lodge, and he also spoke out against the Jacobins and the Illuminati.  I think America at one point was completely independent of the New World Order and the Vatican and all the European powers.  Also, Cecil John Rhodes, he talked about reclaiming the American colonies, meaning that they were independent of England.


Alan: Well, youíll find Washingtonís statement, if you read it carefully, what he said was, he was well aware that the Illuminati had infiltrated the American Lodges.  He didnít say much more about it.  And again, when you retire, youíre always a Mason.  When youíre raised to apotheosis, which is the highest level, you cannot go any further.  Once a Mason, always a Mason.


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