December 16th, 2009
Alan Watt on "National Intel Report" with John Stadtmiller

on Republic Broadcasting Network
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John:  We're back, ladies and gentlemen, second hour of the National Intel Report, on this Wednesday, 16th of December 2009.  And you thought you weren't going to make it through the year?  Congratulations, you got more of the same stuff coming next year on steroids.  I have with me, Alan Watt, is his website.  Alan, how you faring my friend?


Alan: Oh, just battling away, and keeping the place warm as can be with about a foot of snow.  10 below freezing, because of all this global warming.


John: (Laughter)  Yeah, I heard Al Gore lost his stuff over in Copenhagen.


Alan: Oh, he lost it, but he was caught today, giving another lie out.  The North Pole ice is going to disappear in five years, and the guy who did the study for him, got up and said, I said nothing of the kind in my report.  That was at the meeting.  (Chuckle)


John: The last time somebody challenged Al Gore, the last I heard, what was it last week, he was at some book signing, some event, and about a hundred people descended on him and said, hey Al, you're full of monkey milk.  He panicked, ran down the alley, jumped in his limo and drove off. 


Alan: Yes, it's a one-sided propaganda field for these guys.  And they can't take the heat.  What's interesting too is that another conference in Copenhagen, one of the leaders of the IPCC was doing a book signing ceremony there too.  All the big boys do their book signings over there, and a journalist during question period asked him about the emails that were leaked, and would they have any effect.  They got an armed guard to take him out, because he asked that question.  A United Nations armed guard. 


John: I saw that.  I saw that video clip.  As a matter of fact, I think we had it posted on the website yesterday.  Yeah, there's some, Alan, last hour you weren't around to hear me say this, but the reason that I called you to be on the air today.  I've got, I don't claim to be psychic. I don't claim to be a soothsayer.  I don't have the ability to see into the future, but I am feeling some really funky stuff coming our way.  Are you kind of getting the same feeling?


Alan: Oh, I have no doubt.  I have been following it, and you can predict, because if you read all their articles and their books over the years, they are simply following something they wrote about an awful long time ago, to the letter in fact, and you're seeing the full implementation of what used to be called the Communist Manifesto, right now.  You've got to understand, even Marxism, Marxism is based on theory of materialism, and he said that the only production really comes from labor.  He also talked about the transference of wealth, redistribution of wealth across the world, into a world managerial class that would handle it all.  However, you just take that labor, equals energy and how they compute the carbon taxes that take energy and turn it into carbon.  This is how the whole, so basically, they're bringing in the same Manifesto, with another guise on it, a scientific guise you see, to confuse the public, to redistribute the wealth across the world, and make us all equally poor.


John: (Laughter) Yeah.  And just imagine the poorer countries even getting poorer than they are right now.  We think we're in bad shape in this country?  Oh, brother.


(Commercial Break)


John: I saw that you were on Alex Jones' show today.  Is he allowing you to say that you're on this network and you do a program every day Monday through Friday at 7pm central?  Is he allowing you to do that yet? 


Alan: He doesn't give me any instructions.  And generally when he phones me up, it's a sudden, you're right on the show, so whatever you're doing, you just stop and to be honest with you, I don't even think of it, I just wait for the questions coming and I just answer them. 


John: Well, next time you're on there, why don't you do that.  Because he's included you in a lot of his videos.


Alan: Yes.


John: Yeah, and you do some production stuff, but you mainly get your funding to heat your cabin up there, up way, way up north, you're not in this for the cash, you're in this for


Alan: Oh, no.  In fact I'm not even breaking even to be honest with you, right now.


John: Well, and boy, I know what that feels like by the way.


Alan: And plus, I've got, you see, I can only upload shows and do shows by satellite internet.  Xplornet is the only company Canada can use.  Xplornet is a subsidiary of Hughes industrial corporation.  They have put me, my speed down by over half in the last five weeks. 


John: Really?


Alan: Yeah, I can't even download my own audio from a show as I'm doing the show.  And they've had me going around in circles.  I read an article the other day that Britain, now this is part of the commonwealth countries, remember Canada, so Australia, New Zealand, and so on, they're doing this to people they don't like being with a voice, basically.  They're covertly just telling the providers to cut back their speed, give them interference, give them the run around, and I've been picked for that.  So, I'm just crawling right now, just trying to get the shows up.


John: Well, have you had any thoughts of coming down south of the border here? 


Alan: I have, in fact, because, to be honest with you, there's not much left to save in Canada.  Most Canadians are even further gone then the U.S.  In the U.S. you have the more radio shows.  Here, we're in la-la land.  We're in Happy Land actually.  We get happy news generally.  Lots of trivia, and we don't get anything about what's really happening in the world, because the British Empire led the charge for this unification of the planet, as you know with your history.  The British Empire was to be the embryo, according to the CFR, of a World Government, and that's what they based it upon.  So, the idea is to gradually, through about two, three generations, get the public not to even get involved in what's happening in politics, to accept they're being governed, and that's what they mean by governance.  When they use the term governance, it means there's a special class dealing with all the big problems.  Don't worry your little head about it.  Just go and play.  And that's been very successful in places like Canada. 


John: Yeah.  Well, but they are, they're going after the hate crimes up there.  The laws that have been passed.


Alan: Yeah, they have for quite a few years now.  They had it passed here about four or five years ago.


John: And lo and behold with all of what was heard and seen and done, they just had to get it done in this country. 


Alan: Yes.


John: And I'm telling you what.  That was a blip on my radar.  I took note of it, but I've not changed a damn thing that I do on air, nor am I ever going to change.  If somebody wants to stick a gun in my face, and say that well, you're radicalizing, or oh, you're a hate monger, or you're hurting people's feelings.  Hey, tough noogies.  This is America. 


Alan: What's even more astounding is that the United Nations, in one of their own documents talk about the hate laws.  And what they say, technically, when it comes to writers and authors, in a multi-cultural society or world, no one has the right to be offended, which totally contradicts their hate laws scheme.  Because some people seem to have more rights in this world than others.  You know, and it's okay for some groups to hate apparently, and give out their view on things, but all the rest are not, and that's literally what you have here.


John: You know, I was looking at your site. (Chuckle) The verse here:

"Copenhagen Treaty Sweet for Those in Deal,

Salivating Over the Cash They'll Steal,

Capitalists and Socialists come Together

Where Profits and Power Merge and Tether,

We're about to be Plundered Again, Alas,

To Ward Off Effects of a Minute Gas,

By High-Priests Preaching Climate Salvation

With Fudged Data, Mainly Confabulation,

From Anointed Computers, Way Above Macs,

Which Spew Out Everything, Excluding Hard Facts,

Oh Save Us, Sterility, Death and Abortion,

Cry of Social Utopians, Their World-View Distortion,

One Thing for Sure, There's No Reliance

When Politics and Finance are Driving This 'Science' "




Alan: That's it.


John: That's a beautiful piece.  By the way, I'll volunteer.  I'll be your point man here for your relocation, anything you need, you just pick up the phone.  You want to get the heck out of Canada.  Come down here, you've got high speed, no problem man. 


Alan: Yeah, because as I say, they're really pushing ahead here and in so many ways copying Britain.  And people have no idea that Britain that leads the world in this, how bad it is in Britain right now.  It's even beyond the communist or the nazi police state.  It's beyond it.


John: Where are you originally from?


Alan: Scotland.


John: Scotland.  So, and you still have friends that are over there in the Isles, so to speak.


Alan: Yes.


John: And you've got first-hand knowledge.  And we only get a tiff over here in this country of what's actually going on in England, but every time we see one of these Draconian little things pop up, we remind people, if it's happening in England, you know, people, Alan would think, hey, you know, oh gosh that happens in California.  Well, they're just a bunch of nuts out there on the West Coast.  And we would tell them, hey, if it's happening in California, it's going to be spreading through the States but as country to country.  All you have to do is keep your eyeball cast on England, and what's going on there.  It's happening here, it's already transpired in Canada, and the disease and the cancer is spreading. 


Alan: They're putting television cameras in people's homes, by governmental proclamation.  And that's what they do in Britain, they proclaim things, and that's it.  And thousands of people already have them in their homes and in their bedrooms, in their hallways, in their living rooms.  So the government can make sure that the children are being brought up properly.  That's what they say.  Not only that, there's an army of children now.  There's town councils and city councils hiring thousands of children eleven years old generally, to go around spying on the adults, to see if they throw away their parking tickets.  To see if they litter.  To see if they fill up their dust bins and do it all properly, the right stuff in the right dust bin, and close the lid.  There's a massive fine if you don't close the lid.  The people are terrified of the children now. 


John: Ah, well, yeah.  And we saw this in this country when they started with the U.N. Rights of the Child.  When that started to happen in this country, it snapped my head around, because, legally, by law in this country, we're responsible for our little adults in training until the age of 18.  After that, hey, they're their own person, recognized by law.  But I saw this starting to come around, and I thought, what they're doing is their trying to pit the children against the parents. 


Alan: It's an old, old technique to raise one generation with a heavy indoctrination.  A scientific indoctrination as Bertrand Russell called it, and he had the first authorized experimental schools in the 1920s to try and alter one generation in that school to be completely different from their parents.  And he said by the proper scientific indoctrination, from kindergarten onwards, he said, the children will not listen to their parents.  All morality, the new morality will be given by the state.  He said, it's successful, that was back in the twenties.  Well, they've been doing it ever since.  And he said, that way, the morality of the parents will not contaminate.  The old morality will not contaminate their offspring. 


John: Well, and I'm old enough, I'm a child of the sixties.  I was born back in the fifties, but I grew up in the sixties.  And what I was indoctrinated with back then Alan, was well, having property is a crime.  Free love, you know, hey, trip out, smoke out whatever, and free love.  And then we saw the heavy hand of the Women's Movement, come in in the sixties, and into the seventies, which was a furtherance of busting up the family unit, the home.  And Alan, believe this or not, and I've said this on air.  And I've never gotten one angry call, or one angry email, or one angry letter.  And I have said on this program, that the mistake this country made.  You know, we had women's suffrage.  I said that the problem we had at that point, was the women having the vote.  And this was nothing that they are a lesser, sub-species, less intelligent than us "manly men." It was the way this country was set up.  The way that women were respected and held out of the fray.  The man was the cave man that went out and you know had to club dinner and drag it home.  He was the one that took all that the world had to offer, while his wife and his family were in their small little castle being protected.  So we roll in and....


Alan: You see, that was the problem to the whole Communist movement was that remember, part of the planks, one of the planks of the Manifesto was the destruction of the family unit.  And they said they'd have to literally encourage women to a revolution.  The love revolutions.  Most revolutions are bloodless.  I keep telling people that.  They're bloodless.  And they used an old technique of going over the heads of the men.  We know about Bernays, the guy who they say gave America in the 20th century its commercialized culture.  The buy, buy, buy stuff.  Bernays was heavily involved with the U.S. government during his whole lifetime in fact.  He helped drum up the reasons from WWI and WWII to get the U.S. into it. They needed wars they said, because then they could get the women into the factories, because there'd be a shortage of men.  When they get them into the factories, they'll start to empower them.  That was the term they used.


John: Rosie the Riveter.


Alan: What they said was, if a man is not married to a woman, and there's bonding there, and they have children, and then there's nothing for the man to stand up and fight for.  Do you understand?  That's been very successful.  The guys have nothing to fight for now.


John: (Sigh) Well, I loved the days when men were men, and women were women, and cars were cars.  We'll take the break here.  Take your phone calls as well.  1-800-313-9443.  Alan Watt is my guest, is his site. 




John: Here is that clip that Alan Watt mentioned earlier here, and it is on the website.  Let me play this quickly here.  Well before all that starts.  This is Professor Steven Schneider's assistant requested an armed U.N. security officer, who held the filmmaker, Phelim McAleer, what a name, ordered him to stop filming and prevented further questioning after the press conference itself, where the Stanford academic was launching a book, and here's what happened.


McAleer: What do you think of the behavior of Professor Phil Jones in asking colleagues to delete emails and the destruction of publicly funded data was gathered by public funds?


Schneider: I don't know what he asked, what he said.  I don't make comments on redacted emails presented to me by people whose values I don't trust.  I would have to see the whole thing, so I cannot very well comment.  What I can say is that private communications that people have between each other certainly are not public documents.


McAleer: But the university has confirmed that they are accurate.


Schneider: Everybody says privately.  Well, no, let me, I agree.  We'll make it short.


John: They were trying to take his microphone away from him, during this as well.  And he's sitting here, and he's just waiting for a follow-up question after the little conference had broke up. 


Security Officer: I'd like to see your badge.


McAleer: Sir, I am a member of the press.  I want to


Security Officer: If you don't shut that off, I'm going to take it away from you. 


McAleer: Sorry, we are the press.


Security Officer: I don't care.  I asked you to shut it off.  If it happens again, I'll take it away from you, and you're going down.


John: Somebody need to kick that, that was some U.N. security guard, a little sergeant.  I would have kicked his fat dumpy little butt, right there on the spot.  And the last exchange that you heard on that, was actually somebody else that was filming, the photojournalist that was there, he had the cameraman shut it off.  Now folks, this is supposed to be a warm, fuzzy New World, where everything is based on trust and mutual agreement, and we're all going to work together.  These are absolute tyrants, that don't want to be recorded.  They do not want to be held accountable to what they are doing, and what they are saying.  Alan, this.


Alan: You've got to remember too, that the U.N. runs NATO.  It runs so many different organizations.  The ministry of agriculture for the whole planet.  Every department that you have in your federal government has a counter department at the U.N.  It uses the term democracy whenever it wants to invade another country.  We're bringing in democracy.  And yet here you have at the heart of them, a UN officer, saying, this guy says it's freedom of the press.  And the guy says, I don't care.  You see, they're liars.  The United Nations was never set up to be a democratic institution.  It's a dictatorial institution, and it's to be run by experts, it already is, who are simply telling us what to do, and we're supposed to obey them.  And if we oppose them they just turn the guards out on you.  We better get used to it because this is what's coming down worldwide right now. 


John: Well, maybe in their world.  And, Alan, I don't know how you feel about this, but this certainly wasn't the country I was born in.


Alan: No, no.


John: And this is not the country I'm going to die in of old age, but life has in my estimation, from what I understood of freedom and liberty, my life has ceased to exist.  I'm like the other millions of Americans in this country, like George Romero's Night of the Living Dead.  And people had better start grasping that this move for a global government, which by the way, the United Nations, its secretary general has always, without fail, been a Communist.  So, that includes the guy from Austria, Kurt Waldheim. You know, he was a useful little character there for a while as well, but people do not understand.  I mean, they see the loss treaty.  The UN is going to be, well, they're going to be chipping everybody and tracking everybody, including, and if you think you go outside of the territorial limit of your own country, you're going to be tracked.  Commercial traffic.  Every boat on the ocean is going to be tracked.  I mean, Alan, I don't think people understand really what the heck is going on with them.


Alan: They don't.  They really don't.  It's so interesting to read so many of the big players in the Communistic movement.  Many of them were multi-millionaires, and folk can't put the two together.  In fact, the whole Communist regime was funded by banks from the Western world.  Even the Bolsheviks were put in from the U.S. primarily, to take over the Soviet Union.  And they ran it, right through.  Two hundred families ran the Soviet Union for its whole existence.  Now they and all their offspring are running the Western World when we amalgamated.  When the wall came down, we amalgamated exactly as the Reece Commission found out was going to happen in their inquiry back in the 1950s when they'd talked to the foundations, who said our purpose is to so alter the culture of the West, especially the U.S., that it will merge seamlessly down the road with that of the Soviet Union.  That has happened.  That's what all these revolutions in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s were all about, the Cultural Revolution.  Same as Russia.  The Feminist Revolution.  The Free Love Revolution.  These were all revolutions.  That's why Khrushchev said in his trip to the U.S., he said, the U.S. will fall without firing a shot.


John: Boy, that's the truth.  Hang on, we'll be right back.




John: Oh by the way, Alan, the old Hegelian dialectic.  We have capitalism vs communism.  But Communism doesn't work, because it's the state, everybody's supposed to own equally, everybody's supposed to pitch in equally.  Well, we know that doesn't work.  So the illusion that the grand masters of the world Union are up to, is, well the illusion that you're still able to work and earn, but you're going to be taxed.  You're going to be taking care of people in Zimbabwe or some dark dank third world backwater country.  The wealth distribution, that is called Socialism.  And this is what they're after, a Socialist New World Order.


Alan: It's purely Marxist.  It's Marxist completely in concept.  And what people can't get their heads around, is, why would the capitalists go along with it?  And you have to read the top capitalist's book to understand why.  And the man himself was Lord Victor Rothschild.  He was also a scientist.  He ended up being on top, the head of all the British security agencies during the Cold War, and yet, once he died, and once the Berlin wall came down, and once we're all merged together, they could come out with declassified information in a book called The Fifth Man.  And they can confirm his whole life story.  He joined the Communist Party when he was at Cambridge.  He ran four or fives spies or more in Britain.  He also eventually belonged to the Mossad at the same time.  He belonged to different organizations, and then he went back into the banking later on in his years.  But he explained, and by the way, his mentor at Cambridge, was John Maynard Keynes, another top Communist, that gave us the Bretton Woods agreement when they took the gold standard off as well.


John: And knowing full well what was going to happen with the dollar, because it was debt-based currency.


Alan: Yes.  So, here's Lord Victor Rothschild, who said that the old world state will wither away, right out of the Marxist idea.  But he said, money can be anything.  He said, serving the state with credits can be a form of money.  Naturally, what they envisaged in this compromise, this coming together of the two systems, is those who have always managed the money system, will still manage the new money system with the public/private partnership deals that you have.  Even though it will be a form of credits.  Now, from there you jump to Lord Bertrand Russell, again a man who was all for this whole scheme.  And he said that eventually everyone will serve the world state, and you'll be issued credits from the government, or an institution on behalf of the government.  Everyone at the bottom level, the masses, will get the same amount of credits every Monday, put into their account.  They'll all be on the same level.  You cannot save it up.  And that way, at the end of the week, if you haven't used it all, it disappears come the Monday.  The same account goes back into the same numbers for everyone.


John: You know what's fascinating to me, looking back in world history, there was one continent at one time.  It was the Pangaea continent.  And their ideology, even though the people still have the illusion that we're in separate parts of the world, and that we have different culture, different language, these people are setting up the economic and cultural one continent, even though we're separated by language and seas, and everything else.  People, Alan, years ago, when I would talk about the New World Order, the immediate response from the press was, oh, you're one of those, you're one of those extremists.  You're one of these nuts.  All the while that they're talking in their own language about setting up their global government, but yet, I was just a disenfranchised and unappreciative person.  I even had these people Alan, three of them, come down to New York to Texas, when I was at an expo to specifically corner me, and they were almost pleading with me that you know we're not arguing with anything that you're saying, but you've got to adopt the approach that this is not a long-term planning goal.  You've got to take the view of accidental history.  There was just circumstance that were taken advantage of.  And I looked at these people after an hour and a half, and I finally looked at them, and I said, gentleman, I think your job is done here.  I am immovable, but I thank you for your time, and well, your effort has been genuine, but I'm not biting.  Thank you very much and have a good day.  They never bothered me again.  I mean, I've had so many people try to have me adopt the accidental view of history that there really is not a global one-world conspiracy, that they quit trying.  Let's go to the phones here.  Mike in Ohio.  Hello, Mike, you're on with Alan Watt.


Mike: In Ohio here?


John: Yep, you're in Ohio, if I'm here in Texas. 


Mike: All right.  Okay.  Well, John, first thing.  I want to thank you and for running, it's inadequate just to say thank you John, because you are, whether you know it or not, you are running a 24 hour a day university, for those who want to learn.


John: As opposed to the university with higher level, where they have the stores of knowledge.  Do you know why the university have all the stores of knowledge?  The bright people show up, and then they leave it there.


Mike: Oh, okay.  Well, it's different from, there's not an agenda, your university stuff other than the truth. 


John: Just freedom and liberty, and get the hell out of my life and leave me alone.


Mike: Last night, I called Alan Watt, because I was kind of curious about what they do up in Canada as far as owning firearms.  And after he'd explained about all the permits and everything, and I asked him about a bear.  He said, in Canada, you have the right to stand there and be eaten alive.  And that made my mind roll.  I started thinking.  I thought about that all night long, about how people take a second amendment here for granted, yet there are people right next door all the way around our borders who don't have that right.


John: That's right.  That's why the destruction, and I'm sure you'll agree with this one Alan.  That's why the destruction of this country necessarily had to take place without standing and exchanging rounds.  Because we have 200 million Americans, and folks, there's a hell of a lot of hunters that are very familiar with 30-aught rifles with big scopes, that can pick a dingle berry off a gnat's butt, at 500 yards.  There's a reason why we had to be destroyed, not by force, and you're exactly right.  By the way, I wanted to tell you Alan, I don't know if you remember the quote, before the big to-do here.  We had Nikita Khrushchev that made his little appearance here in America, and one reporter had asked him, well Mr Khrushchev, what about the Communists here in America?  And he smiled and pursed his lips and feigning, you know finger, you know index finger over his lips as if to say, Shh.  He said, here we don't call them Communists, here we call them liberals. 


Alan: That's right.


John: And how many years later, we have people running around proclaiming themselves to be liberals.  They're progressive thinkers.  They're progressive people.  They don't even know that they're the carriers of Marxism.  And folks, you think you're looking into the future by looking at Barack Obama.  You must understand this, that this man is the right time for their agenda in this country.  Because what has he just done?  George Bush started it with a little bailout for the banks and some of the companies that were in trouble.  Look what Barky just did.  Nationalizing, taking over, government making decision.  And it's a strange mix Alan.  At times it's pure out of the box Fascism, other areas it's Socialism, other areas it's Communism.  Hell, I don't even know sometimes when I look at this.  I don't even know if I'm looking at an "ist" or an "ism" or just a flaming idiot. 


Alan: You have to look again at the Fabian Society.  That was the technique that was to be used in the Western countries, and it's been very successful.  Step by step, incremental changes in the cultures of the public and the institutions, gradual Socialization.  But remember, the technique was to blend the Soviet system with that of the West, eventually, according to the Reece Commission.  1953 that was done.  And the Big Foundation leaders that were funding all the Far Left Movements had an investigation done into them, in the Reece Commission to see, why were they funding what seemed.  Why were these multi-millionaires with these foundations funding all these Marxist organizations?  And Professor Carroll Quigley said in his own book, Tragedy and Hope, and the Anglo American Establishment, being the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, he said, there's a lot of truth in this.  He said that their goals are very, very similar.  It's a combination of Fascism, as I say, where a Fascist, Darwinist elite, ones who have proven their right to rule over the rest through generations, will rule from the top, an expert society, with masses of bureaucrats hired to manage all the public down beneath them.  And that's the combination of a Fascist system and a Communist system.  Communistic for all those on the lower level, the masses as they say, and Fascist for those at the top.  That's the perfect Fabian Socialist society, the merger of the two.  And that's what Lord Victor Rothschild was talking about.  And it's an excellent book, it's by Perry, P-e-r-r-y, The Fifth Man.  All declassified stuff now that Rothschild's dead.  And you know something, with these astonishing announcements by declassified government information from MI6 and MI 5, no one cares.  No one cares.


John: Mike, thanks for your call, I appreciate it.


Mike: Hey John.  I wanted to mention to Alan.  Alan, I hope you take John up on his offer, to come on down here.  If you need any sponsors, I'm sure we can arrange to have a whole list of sponsors for you if you need it.


Alan: I'd appreciate that.  I'll tell you another thing too.  They are going to go after even the wood fires up here until you're forbidden to heat yourself with wood.


John: Well, and of course, that's putting all the carbon dioxide out there.


Mike: Yeah, but you're way up in the Thules; there's not even a gas pipe near you, is there?


Alan: That's correct.  And even if you do heat by oil, it's twice the price of what you'd pay in the States to heat yourself by oil.  And even then by the way, three years ago, they, the government decided, the federal government decided you needed a permit of inspection from government agencies to inspect your furnace, your oil furnace to approve it.  You have to pay for them coming in.  You pay for inspection.  You pay for any alterations, upgrades.  You pay for the guy to come in again to inspect it and approve it, then you're given a permit, so you can buy your oil, and stay alive.


John: Mike, thanks for your call.  I appreciate that, and I might bring out the call if Alan is staying one step ahead of the New World Order.  It's here.  It's in full bloom here in the United States, but at least it's better than Canada or England or anyplace else.  And I tell people, you know, Alan, people have called me and told me that I had to get out of the country.  And I say to them, you know, well what do you think you're doing.  If you're just carving out a few years until you go back into the earth, and become dust once again, that's fine.  But, if you're running from the New World Order, I would stay here and try to restore the Republic in this country, because we're the lynchpin.  Once this country goes, so goes it all.


Alan: Absolutely.  The U.S. has been the greatest friend to this whole system by fighting all its wars, which were conquests to take over and promote the U.N. Socialism agenda.  You have two more wars to go. One with Iran and one with Syria.  That was put out by the New American Century group.  Once that's finished, they want to flatten the US back home.  They're already starting the flattening process through the incoming carbon taxation.  Everything that you purchase will have carbon taxes attached to it in the purchase.  Everything.


John: Well, do you see actually, an agreement of any sort, or are they going to have to drop back and regroup in Copenhagen.


Alan: We can't ever think these guys are stupid up there.  They have incredible tacticians at the top.  They've got all the guys, the Brzezinski types work for them.  The Kissinger types work for them.  They have so many think tanks.  They know psychological tactics to use long-term, short-term, and the only thing that would really stop them is some kind of waking-up process, or even a kind of spiritual, that's one thing they were terrified of, was a spiritual reawakening in the U.S.  That was their big enemy, religion, that's why they had to attack it so viciously and incessantly from Hollywood and so on.  That's what they're afraid of.  You're right.  The U.S. is the only place left.  And most don't know it, where they have any rights left at all, and they're losing them so fast.


John: Right quick.  I remember when the Berlin Wall fell.  A lot of the dumbed-down masses were celebrating and taking shards of the wall as a memento.  And this was great because Russia died, Communism was dead.  And I remember hearing out of West Germany, although heavily muted, these people were taking in the East Germans that were the day that they were born, were staunch Communists.  And all of the sudden, West Germany was flooded, and that was a Capitalist system if you will.  But they were highly disturbed that these people were coming over from the East, and it wasn't just jobs and economy, it was philosophy.  And the West Germans were freaking out.  They're going wait a minute.  We're not sure the wall wasn't a good idea.  It was not impassable, but it was more of psychological barrier than anything else.  And when that got let down, I remember thinking to myself, Alan, there it goes. 


Alan: There it goes, and then Gorbachev gave his famous speech to the Politburo.  He said, shortly, shortly, and you can find this from the Toronto Sun, Eric Margolis was the foreign correspondent.  He wrote the whole article.  In the speech, Gorbachev said, shortly you'll hear that Communism is dead.  He says, don't believe it.  And then he went on to expound how Communism was moving into the next phase of the merger and infiltration of the West as the two come together.  He says, this is the next, the next step, of Communism.  Now, with his head of his own particular parties in the world, he's involved with this whole IPCC thing at Copenhagen, he's promoting World Socialism.  It's in the newspapers, he keeps saying, it's World Socialism, and that's what he's promoting.  That's what they're calling it now. 


John: This, I still cannot believe, and I am not going to put myself in a position for apologizing for the millions of dumbed down, I hate to say this, for thinking these thoughts, but the "useless eaters" in this country that have forgotten, what an absolute, and I mean this, Alan, this has never been done in recorded history, that we had a free market society, with a government that was supposed to guarantee certain rights, and it was the quest of mankind for thousands and thousands of years to bring about a functioning society based on a rule of law.  And it was fair, mostly, it was fair and equitable, and you could become the captain of your own ship, the king of your own castle.  And we had the ability to talk and communicate and contract, and do what we would in our lifetimes, according to what our own specific needs, and our own agenda was.  But they had forgotten something on the way to this wonderful prosperity.  They forget what it was like to make sure that that was there for our progeny, the successive generations yet to come.  They went to sleep.  They got lazy.


Alan: Absolutely true.  Plus, they stopped teaching the history to the children, and they replaced it with a new doctrine, basically, based on John Dewey, and globalism. 


John: The one thing I wanted to bring up to you. You saw the European Times story, about U.S. Northcom and Barry Soetoro here, working with the Air Force General over at U.S. Northcom.  And this is, folks, this is about 6 weeks away.  By January 30th, of just next January, I'm talking about the end of January, he wants a million more soldiers at the ready and according to these reports, he has been in constant contact at the Pentagon, and U.S. Northcom preparing for civil war in this country.  I can see this coming.  And I myself, Alan, as many years as I've been doing this, as many years as you've been doing this, there is a part of me that still does not want to believe this, but I had to reach out and email Alan Watt today, to get you on the program, because I see this stuff coming, rapidly.


Alan: It's so easy to bring on.  All you need is another real or fake crash, we never know what's going on, because it's all planned.  We see the effects, but again, reading over many of the papers from the 50s and 60s from the different Communist books that were out there published, by the way in New York most of them on behalf of the Soviet Union, they talked about ways of creating revolution within the United States, physical revolution if things had to be done that way.  And they talked about creating a massive welfare system, causing a crash, withdrawing the money, and waiting for the chaos.  And then the chaos would ensue, and as you know, the Communist idea was to come to the top during these periods of massive turmoil.  They come in as the saviors, restore some kind of order, the people would sigh with relief, and then they'd really go at it, and implement their whole system and their dogma.


John: Mark in Texas.  We'll make you the last caller today, Mark.  Hello.


Mark: Hi there, gentlemen, how are you.


John: Hi. 


Mark: Well, what's interesting, regarding the Gorbachev comment, in the Toronto Sun, is that he knew even then that the Communists had simply changed their spots, simply by changing their names, which is a common tactic used with this group throughout history.  Since of course the administrative procedures act of 1946, we've been on a rather accelerated course to form what we have today, which is a Communitarian system.  And I have question for you Alan.  First of all, do you concur with that?  And secondly, do you think that the fat cats that suppose themselves conservatives and that are doing very well in this welfare economy, because welfare goes both ways, corporatist as well as the democrat flavor.


Alan: And it keeps the cost of labor down too.


Mark: Do you think they're going to be immune from being taken down themselves in the final end game?


Alan: A lot of them think they won't be because, at least, and this is the psychopathic mentality.  They look at their own lifetime basically, not even their children some of them, and they have been promised that they'll be part of a governing structure during transition.  They already have perks that you don't even know about.  For instance, back in the 80s, Canada and the States passed laws that all politicians, all top bureaucrats and their families were to get special hospital treatment at all top military hospitals.  The general health system was not good enough for them.  Anyone asks anything further.  So they get a lot of perks and benefits.  They're brought in 'on the know' as you might say.  Once they come into 'the know,' they believe they've made it.   They're going to be saved you might say, and indispensable to the system.  But they will be in for a shock, because when they find out they're not as needed as they thought they were, once the big boys really take over.


John: Mark, anything else?


Mark: Well, just that, you know, when I think about all the fat cats that could be doing something about what's happening in our country, that have their heads stuck in the sand, because they themselves think they're part of this elite group that's going to be part of the new philosopher kings taking over. 


John: They eat their young.


Mark: Oh yeah.  It just saddens me to no end.  And that's why, I mean, I applaud what you do John and you too, Alan.  I just wish that there was more that I could possibly do, except speak up and lend my voice.


John: Well, and, this is all about education.  Mark, thanks for your call.  I really do appreciate it.  This is all about education.  I mean, we're not going to be able to stop the fat from getting in the fire.  That is not going to be possible.  They are going to accelerate their agenda.  The thing that struck me, Alan, about this, is they could have waited until you and I, and maybe the prior generation here, wouldn't be too many years, we'd be gone from the face of the earth, and they could have this without any contention whatsoever.  Not only in this country, but worldwide.  But why are they so stupid and arrogant?  Why, I mean, do they feel they have revealed enough that they can't lay back and then just wait until the people in this country go through the stupid schools and the stupid universities, and keep voting for stupid people like Barrack Obama.  Why didn't they stop, and just hold this in abatement for another 20, 30 years, until they could walk in and do this without anybody with giving at least a whimper?


Alan: Part of it, part of it is the unknown factor, the "x" factor.  During a period where they're not pushing ahead, then who knows what kind of idealism might emerge from a source that was not under their control.  That's one thing.  The other part is, they literally go by incredible business plans, long-term business plans.  That's what the world is.  You know, in Communism, they had their five, ten, fifteen, fifty year, a hundred year plans.  United Nations publishes reports all the time, with the same type of agenda.  We'll have this done by 2050, this done by 2060.  They literally have a time table, and they stick to it like any top business leader, and they really work hard to make sure that the populace is ready for anything at all, that they're prepared psychologically by the propaganda media.  So they're always pretty cocksure they can pull it off.  And they're pretty sure now they can go the whole way.


John: We are the "x" factor, and we are the only ones standing that is going to be able to defeat that in this country.  And make no mistake about this folks.  We beat them here, we've got a good chance of beating them everywhere.  We must stand.  Alan, give me a call, when you're ready to take a move.  We'll talk about that some more.  Throw another log on the fire, Alan Watt will be up in just one hour on the network.  Thank you, Alan.


Alan: Thanks for having me on.


John: Okay sir, we'll see you tomorrow folks.




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