June 25th, 2009
Alan Watt on the "Outside the Box" with Alex Ansary

(on Comcast Channel 11 in Portland, Oregon, USA)


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Alex Ansary: Alan Watt is a long-term researcher into the causative forces of major changes in historical development.  Born in Scotland, he watched the subtleties of politics and media as they guided the population of the U.K. covertly into a European amalgamation.  He has been warning the North American people for some years now that the same process of centralization of power is also being carried out here.  With historical documentation, he shows how cultures are created and altered by those in control, those in power, always to lead the people like sheep into the next pasture.  Alan, how are you?


Alan Watt: I'm fine, thanks.


Alex: Alan, I want to get your take on the state of the world.  Without a doubt, a number of crises, situations, are being staged at this particular point in time, going down the gamut, you know, from being a stage six, you know the whole swine flu scare, to the economic meltdown, to the situation with North Korea.  You heard from the headlines that I mentioned earlier, where would you like to start with all of this?


Alan: Well, it is interesting, that since 2001, we've gone through one crisis after another, so you're quite correct.  This is an age of crisis creation.  And it's interesting that while Obama is signing money off to the United Nations for all its different programs and funding Third World Countries, he's allowing states back home, like California to go bankrupt.  And of course, it won't be the first one to go down to go down either, or the last one.  And this is all part of a plan to bring everyone in to this new global structure, that's not American, it's not an American World, it's not a British World, French or whatever.  It's a global society where we're being flattened down to the common denominator at the bottom.  It's a planned society, that's coming into shape, but meanwhile, we're getting stampeded from one crisis to another, and we're off balance.  That's what you do, it's psycho-politics.  You get people off balance. 


Alex: It puts people's energy off kilter.  Constantly worrying, constantly afraid, and in many cases thinking more about themselves, they can get it into the population to be so selfish, just be so afraid of their own ability to make ends meet.  How can they worry about anything else?  They're bombarded with so much.


Alan: They are bombarded daily with new crisis, new worries, and we're punch drunk, basically punch drunk, and when this is going on of course, we fail to see the major changes happening, the same changes too, happening across the Western World especially, and the coming into view of this global society, this post-democratic system.  That's what they're calling it at the top.  It's post-democratic.  It's an authoritarian system that's been put into place, and the way they're introducing authoritarianism is through crisis after crisis, health authorities, mandatory vaccinations, all the different agencies that used to be services now are authorities.  And that's exactly what Lenin talked about a hundred years ago.


Alex: Hey, Alan, I think it's so very important that people watching this show break out of the box of being in total fear of what the government might do to them if they speak out.  I get a little bit tired, Alan, as you might as well, of people asking me, well, if everything you're saying is true, why haven't they killed you yet?  And it gets tiring hearing this defeatist attitude, because much of what they allow us to know, is there for propaganda purposes, to keep us afraid.  Oh, we have all of you on the terror watch list.  Oh, we're watching you, we're tracking you.  To the point where it's like, a lot of people are going, well, I can't email him, or get involved with this, because then they'll be after me.  Isn't that part of the plan, Alan, to keep people so afraid that they do nothing?


Alan: Oh, absolutely.  I've had people write to me, and they're too terrified to put their name or address in the letter, even for orders, not kidding.  So how do you get it to them?  So, they don't think.  They're in a state of panic.  And yet, when you go into various Google videos and listen to Brzezinski and Kissinger and so on talking about the long-term agenda, they're not worried about the little people at the bottom.  They really are truly not worried about who's speaking the truth and how much of an audience we have, because they know that the vast majority of the public will never believe anyone, unless they're on mainstream, regular daily media.


Alex: Of course, Brzezinski is the foreign policy advisor to Barack Obama.  Give us in brief, your analysis.  We're going to cover a lot tonight, Alan.  I'm glad you're with us.  What's your analysis of the situation of what their real game plan is?


Alan: Well, I've always said, the United States, as it has been since even before World War II, took over from Britain to push the global enterprise, as they were finishing off the standardization of the world into the same global culture, monetary system, world bank system, they would also start to pull the rug up out from under the feet of the Americans back home.  That's exactly what they're doing.  These guys tell us what they're going to do, fifty, sixty years in advance, and most people won't believe it, even when it's happening to them. 


Alex: Yeah, already Alan, I'm hearing people say, don't we need a New World Order?  I mean, don't we need? New sounds good, order sounds good, world sounds good?


Alan: Change is good, yeah.  Ha, ha, ha.


Alex:  It's a New World Order.  We can just party, Alan.  It will be so fair.


Alan: Yeah, they truly believe it's going to be just one happy, big family, and we'll somehow go on as usual.  It's not, it's to be a planned society, from cradle to grave, including who gets permission to breed, or not breed, or become sterilized.  That's all under the United Nations department on population control.  This is not to be a happy world where we choose things for ourselves.  The agencies and government agencies will guide us all through our lives as to what we're supposed to do. 


Alex: I'm interviewing someone Monday at one on Oraclebroadcasting.com about Obama's dangerous health care program.  And we can see how ABC has given him Carte Blanche, so whatever he wants, he doesn't get criticized, and then the staged interviews, where the government and the media are literally one entity. 


Alan: Oh, they are.  Absolutely. 


Alex: So what do you think of the health care thing?


Alan: Well, health care, you see, I've watched Socialized medicine across the world, and when you see what was brought in by Tommy Douglas in Canada, back in the sixties or something, he was a eugenicist.  There's even a video up on Google, where he talks about the need to reduce populations, and the weak, infirm, etc, etc.  This is the guy who brought in Socialized medicine.  You see, services end up being authorities, and that really is their goal.  It's difficult to get a privatized system to go along and mandate inoculations, but once you bring in Socialized medicine, it's now run by governments, and then government can mandate not just inoculations, but as I say, they will eventually mandate who can breed, who will be sterilized, etc.  And I'm not kidding about this.  I've read so many articles about it, over the past year or so, on mandatory sterilization coming in.  The U.N. just got caught, they sterilized 400,000 women in Peru, with their non-governmental organizations and their funding from the U.S. and the big foundations like Rockefeller.  They sterilized 400,000 women against their will.  This is going on today.  And people think, well that's there, it would never happen here.  Well, you're seeing the beginnings of it with Socialized, government-controlled, authoritarian medicine.  That's what it is.


Alex: And on the topic of inoculations.  You've got DynCorp.  It has sex trafficking rings, involving trafficking, human trafficking of little girls and little boys.  In areas, they were doing this in areas where they were supposed to be giving out the vaccines, the inoculations.  Now the public as such knows nothing about eugenics and sterilizing certain populations, giving vaccines, certain ethnic groups more specifically.  So, we have this article now about in Canada, your country, and they are talking about mass vaccinations of the aboriginal communities.


Alan: They want the very young across the country, plus aboriginal communities, saying they're most at risk, so anyone up to the age of forty, and then eventually they'll say they'll get round to the rest of the public.  And again, this is happening across the whole Western World.  We shouldn't really be so localized, it's when you see the big picture.  Every country in Europe, every country that went along with the anti-terrorism legislation across the world, are mandating all of the same laws at the same time.  We're already global.  That's what's obvious about this.


Alex: There are no super states, just the illusion of it.


Alan: Yes.


Alex: I mean, China's doing the same thing that we're doing.  It's all like it's part of a global plan, because they're already enforcing quarantines there, making preparations, just like here.  But then, I want to read something real quick, if I can, Alan, because I came across this information today, and spread it around the web, this article that was written by Natural News.


As the anticipated July release date for Baxter's A/H1N1 flu pandemic vaccine approaches, an Austrian investigative journalist is warning the world that the greatest crime in the history of humanity is underway. Jane Burgermeister has recently filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and several of the highest ranking government and corporate officials concerning bioterrorism and attempts to commit mass murder. She has also prepared an injunction against forced vaccination which is being filed in America. These actions follow her charges filed in April against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology of Austria for producing contaminated bird flu vaccine, alleging this was a deliberate act to cause and profit from a pandemic.


Summary of claims and allegations filed with FBI in Austria on June 10, 2009.  In her charges, Burgermeister presents evidence of acts of bioterrorism that is in violation of U.S. law by a group operating within the U.S. under the direction of international bankers who control the Federal Reserve, as well as WHO, UN and NATO. This bioterrorism is for the purpose of carrying out a mass genocide against the U.S. population by use of a genetically engineered flu pandemic virus with the intent of causing death. This group has annexed high government offices in the U.S.


Specifically, evidence is presented that the defendants, Barack Obama, President of the U.S., David Nabarro, UN System Coordinator for Influenza,


Alex: The list goes on.  These are some of the people that she is targeting in this lawsuit.  Alan, your comments.


Alan: It won't get very far, to be honest with you, as we well know.  But the fact is that it's true enough.  See, if the general public was to be hit with that, they would, because they live in mainstream media, they'll think she's crazy, number one.  But the fact is, Baxter laboratories definitely did send those contaminated vials all across Europe, and if people had been inoculated with them they'd have done the very thing that they said they hoped nature wouldn't do.  That is, to put that type of combination in a human body, and you become the fast breeder for the virus.  So, definitely, she's quite correct in what she says, but this won't go anywhere at all.  And if you use this kind of stuff to the general public, they'll think you're crazy, because they can't imagine.  They don't believe Obama could do anything like that, or their government could do anything like that to them.  They literally are living in a different world of partial fantasy, well, mainly fantasy and fiction from their mainstream media, you see. Those who have been following this stuff for years know it's not off the wall at all.


Alex: They're timing multiples crises to come to fruition.  It looks like from July to December there's going to be a number of steps before 2009 is ended, to centralize even more power.  Obama has got plans to put kids in summer camps, where they're working in military bases.  They've got a new NSA listening station they're building in Texas.  Obama is going after college graduates to go work for the new Stasi force, policing us, watching us, listening to us.  But you know, Alan, let me say this.  I've also heard that people in the CIA or FBI, they can't go to websites like ours, or infowars.com or cuttingthroughthematrix.com, because their bosses will pull them in.  Don't you think some of those people listening to those radio shows and monitoring what we're saying, what other people are saying, that some of them might wake up, because it seems like there's a lot of disinfo out there saying people that are protesters are low level terrorism.  And we have the Missouri report, and the Virginia State Report.  They're saying that Anti-Tax people are white supremacists working with Al Qaeda.  Black Panthers, all these different groups mixing together and saying they're all hate groups.  But not all police are buying it, I've been finding out.


Alan: Well, they'll buy it, because you understand too the students are going for this.  It's mainly college students they recruit from.  They're the generation brought up on video games and the most base culture that's ever been given to the public, where the good guys are the winners.  They don't care, as long as they're the winners.  In every movie they've seen, every game they've played, the guys wear the black combat gear, the big guns, they're the winners.  We live in a different society today.  These people, these youngsters truly have no idea of the past.  They have no real bonding to the past, but they have been already trained to be the aggressors, and really the masters over the general population.


Alex: Whether we're talking about Professional Wrestling or whether we're talking about Hollywood.  Or whether we're talking about 24, we've seen this metamorphosis, especially since 9/11, where the hero has become the villain.  For those of you watching who don't believe me, I mean look at the superhero movies.  We're being inundated with them.  Alan, you talk about predictive programming.  I can see in so many ways how the movies in the 1980s have psychologically set the young men up for this post-9/11 world by the time they got older.  So, you know, how many terrorist movies were we seeing in the 80s.  You know it irritates me when even Chuck Norris goes out there, and he starts talking like he's some sort of defender of the Republic.  When Chuck Norris did his part, Alan, in amping up this fear.


Alan: Oh, so many of them did.  That's the function of Hollywood. 


Alex: Even with Ventura and Schwarzenegger. 


Alan: Yes.  And I've read reports too, where the Pentagon admits that a good part of its budget goes to Hollywood for movies.  Culture creation has always been used for predictive programming.  And it's true, they knew thirty years ago they'd have to bring up a generation vastly different from their parents, divorced from the culture, divorced from the ordinary culture, and traditions, and background history of their parents.


Alex: Separate men, separate women, break down...


Alan: The generations.  And what they've given them truly, is not the good guy, who goes out to fight for an altruistic purpose or to save other people.  The guy today is the guy who wins.  He's on a team.  They all wear the same badges, the same patches.  They're a brotherhood.  And they're on the winning side.  That's all that matters to them.


Alex: The winning side.  The winning team.  Be like that phrase goes, Alan, "If you can't beat them, join them."


Alan: That's it.  And you know, young people too, that's how they see things.  Suddenly they're picked for something that's special.  As soon as they hear the word special, you're special, you're in a special unit.  They have no wisdom, they have no wisdom to fall back on, and that grabs them right there, and they will never see another side of anything, unless they hit about forty years of age, and start to get a breakdown or something and have to look back on things.  But until then, you see, the conditioning for the military is an old science, how you're conditioned once you're in the military to be on board, part of the team, obey orders.  Part of the brotherhood, the bonding, all of that.  And all of that military style training has been used across the board in police forces, the multi-jurisdictional task forces that's even including firemen now, they're using all of that bonding into one big brotherhood, and that is the new authoritarian, winning team.  And that's what the youngsters want to be on.  They've already gone through, remember, years of being searched, going into schools through magnetic metal detectors.  They don't want to be on that other side, they want to be the guys in the black clothes, pushing everyone else through.


Alex: Yeah.  I mean, hey, they never felt any sense of control in their own lives, this is a great way to do it. 


Alan: That's right.


Alex: I think a lot of people that join the police force, some of them really are protectors, and want to help others, but along the way, sometimes they change.  They become a part of what they  join.


Alan: Yes.


Alex: So, I want to ask you now, about the global nature of this though.  How kids all over the world are getting ready for a big war.  They're getting the Chinese kids younger and younger and younger, getting them to be involved in military training.  And so we're seeing the United States get a very specific brand of propaganda.  We see China getting their own custom version, and Russia, and many of the countries are being set up in the future, where they take on America, in a way that we were set up in the 80s and 90s to take on, I mean, I'm seeing this now, Alan.  I want to get your thoughts on that, that this staging by the globalists of the next Third World War to bring in the New World Order.


Alan: It's even worse than, it's even beyond that, you see.  When you do see the same thing being done across the board, across the world, once again, you know there's coordination between countries at a high level, to bring this in.  I was reading today some stuff from Brzezinski, who praised Stalin's era for many of the things that Stalin brought in, remembering that they believe that man goes through different stages in society through time and evolution as they call it, social evolution, and he said that, from the feudal system, the previous priestly theocratic system to the feudal system, through to a private management system to Marxism, then into a form of democracy, then post democracy, he says, these are necessary phases of transition.  Now, if we look at how they use Marxism across the world, and remember, the Club of Rome, one of the other big think tanks that Brzezinski and all these boys are connected with.  And the Club of Rome, in their own book, The First Global Revolution, they said that the system that they're bringing in across the world, that they most favor for controlling the public, across the planet was collectivism, meaning Sovietism.  It's Sovietization.  In the Marxist theory in Sovietization, you always have a Cultural Revolution.  And a Cultural Revolution brings up a generation of children who are literally trained to hate the adults for causing all the problems that they're born into.  We see Al Gore going across the world, there's even a video up there on youtube, where Al Gore is telling a bunch of children, up to the age of twelve, that they now know things their parents don't know about the environment.  And it's up to them to change the world, bypassing the parents completely.  In the Cultural Revolution in China, they did a similar thing in Russia, they were literally killing off the older people, I'm talking about middle-aged people and under, because they were contaminated with old ideas.  You see, we, the older people right now are classified and targeted in the schooling system as being the cause of all the problems that these youngsters are born into today. 


Alex: Well, that adds to the whole divide.  And we are divided.  I mean, people are divided and they have fights with their families and friends over whether they love Obama or not.  Or issues over, it becomes like blasphemy, like a religion, whether you buy into the official version of what is causing climate change.  This would be a good time to go over this new report here, Sunspot cycle impacting global warming and cooling. So there is more information coming out that there are external factors beyond what is taking place down here on planet Earth, that are affecting the temperature of the planet. 


The sun has been very quiet, with a decreasing number of sunspots and flarings since January 2002, and predictions of a return to the higher cycle seen at the end of the 20th century have not verified. But there have been some recent signs of increased sunspots as of early to mid June, but it's too soon to tell if it will prove meaningful.


(Alex: According to a mainstream report.  But they're at least admitting in the news, some things we already know.  These other planets are being affected by the sun's output, and that is in turn effected by something else going on in the solar system, but back to the report:)


The calm on the surface of the sun ultimately will have some say in the course of weather across the Earth. For one, if the sunspot pattern does not revitalize soon, and continues for the next few months or years, it is conceivable that a more volatile pattern of trough formation and cold intrusions could occur, with the polar ice caps undergoing some growth and global sea surface temperatures less prone to rise in critical areas.


Alex: So I brought that up, Alan, because this is not a warm summer right now.


Alan: No, and we've been going through a cooling phase for quite some time.  There's lots of evidence out there now by top scientists, but it's been ignored, because this is an agenda, it's got nothing to do with facts.  And it's been made quite clear.  At the IPCC at the United Nations, the scientists, who are mainly not scientists at all, one guy was a garbage collector, who's now on the board, are getting paid big money to make sure this agenda of global warming is a mantra that's going to get pushed across the world, because the intention is to control all of us, with carbon output, etc, and blaming us again for our consumption.  Remember, this system that we're coming into now is to be a post-consumer society, as well as a post-democratic one.  And we're going to be trained that we will pay.  We will literally pay for every breath you take.  That's what's coming down the pike.


Alex: And that's what I thought about since I was a boy, Alan.  Knowing about growing up in a technological control grid, I used to wonder, even when I grew up living on the farm, down in Aurora.  I knew I'd grow up in a day when our brains would be scanned by machines, and the technology is here.  Will I grow up in a day where super computers hold data about us?  Or will I grow up in a day, to where there's some sort of a breathing tax?  And I think a lot of people, for whatever reason have wondered these things, but it's very interesting.  But going on to the next topic, which is Iran, and the things manifesting there, there's one version of reality, obviously the official version of reality that is being portrayed by CNN, that there's Green Revolution that's backed by the people in Iran.  But in fact, we are finding information that the CIA, even though Obama claims that the CIA involvement in Iran is patently false, we see the Iranian interior minister saying Western intelligence is behind the riots and unrest, the CIA in particular.  We also see the CIA admitting this and Zbigniew Brzezinski.  So, what is your take on this situation?  Here it looks like they're trying to get this war going, but if they get this war going, for those that know about the Ching hi cooperation organization in Iran, with ties with China and Russia, this is going to be a third world war.  It will not be isolated in one region. 


Alan: I don't think it will even go that far.  I read a report last year from mainstream, to do with George Bush signing the go-ahead, the orders for the subversion and infiltration and penetration of Iran by covert forces.  That was mainstream media.  Well, we're simply seeing the start of it now.  And they sent people in a year ago or more, to start encouraging the students to push for democracy and all this kind of stuff, giving them a wonderful idea of the West.  It's so funny, because we in the West now have no democracy.  We're post democratic.  We're getting told what to do here now.


Alex: Our elections are rigged. 


Alan: Everything is rigged, but we're not democratic anymore. 


Alex:  Obama was going in, with the people voted for him or not.


Alan: Yeah.  I mean, we're seeing politicians across the Western world, in unison, dictate down to the public.  They don't even pretend anymore to play with you.  They're simply dictating orders from above.  That's post democratic.  And we're seeing authorities being given more power, and services even be given authoritarian power.  So, we are post-democratic.  But they're using this con-game in Iran to destabilize the country.  And what they're doing, they'll get two factions fighting against each other, but some, even the ones who want to be democratic still want to have a national type government.  Well, they don't get it, you see.  They're both going to wipe each other out.  And in will come the true government, once they've wiped each other out, which is post-democratic and international.


Alex: What was also interesting, Alan, was that video that CNN showed, the graphic video of the young girl being shot by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.  And that video, you can tell when the life was leaving someone.  It's like, here we've got a picture of a human being who has life, and then you have a picture of a dead human being, you can tell with the eyes that there's no soul, there's no life.  So people are watching this video on youtube, as the life left her.  This engineered response they're trying to create in the population.  Oh my God, it's horrible what happened.  There's a lot of good people protesting over there, because they don't know what else to do.  They're just being directed by the CIA.


Alan: Well, again, Brzezinski said.


Alex: That emotional trigger right there.  They can use that as a pretext for war.  They'll use that as a pretext to destroy other innocent civilians, you know what I'm saying.


Alan: Oh, that's no problem.  You see, the media is an essential arm of government, and we've got embedded reporters going through the last war.  Remember, this war has been going on since Gulf War I.  It's never stopped.  This is a war for the entire Middle East, and all of its resources, and to change its structure into a standardized society as the rest of the world is, and non-theocratic.  And that's what it's all about.  The media itself, the same media, remember, wouldn't show anything when they were starving half a million to a million people to death in Iraq, during the blockade.  You know, they wouldn't show you the pictures of thousands of people dying then, but they'll show you this one, because it's in the favor of the fact that these people are nasty and bad and we've got to go in there and do something about it.  Now, Brzezinski said that in his own book, Between Two Ages.  He says, we will have to use American forces to finish this work across the world.  And this is written in the 1970s, but he says, at present, the United States is too democratic.  Well, look what's happened since then.  The United States is not democratic anymore.  And we've got used to it from 2001 to the present, that we just go anywhere we want, with the troops, and just shove them in, and there's no protest back home.  So, literally, psycho politics has been played on the American people, and the Western people, as they're doing the same thing across the world in geo-politics.


Alex: You know, it's interesting how many Obama supporters out there don't know about Henry Kissinger talking about using food as a weapon in the mid-1970s.  I want to read this report here.  I do believe that there are natural factors that are affecting crops, but there are also unnatural, manmade disasters also, that are also going on, that effect crops around the world through weather manipulation.  So, I want to read this report. 


Global starvation eminent, as U.S. faces crop failure.  (Alex: It's the World Health Organization.  It's the, you know, the United Nations.  They are the ones coming out with these headlines, and they are the ones with the New World Order.  They are going to masquerade as saviors when people are starving.  So let's read this.) 


The world faces “mass starvation” following North America’s next major crop failure. And it could even happen before year’s end. (Alex: See how much stuff is going on this Fall?  Planned for this fall.) says Chicago-based Don Coxe, who is one of the world’s leading experts on agricultural commodities, so much so that Canada’s renowned BMO Financial Group named the fund after him.


Climate change will cause shorter crop growing seasons and the world’s under-developed farming sector is ill-prepared to make up for the shortfall, Coxe says. He has been following the farming industry for many years and benefits from more than 35 years of institutional investment experience in Canada and the U.S. This includes managing the best-performing mutual fund in the U.S., Harris Investment Management, as recently as 2005.


In particular, an imminent crop failure in North America will have particularly dire consequences for major overseas markets that are highly reliant on U.S. crop imports, Coxe cautions. Sadly, this scenario could have been avoided had successive North America’s governments not weakened the farming industry with too much political interference, he suggests.


Alex: Your comments.


Alan: Well, if you go into the Council on Foreign Relations site, especially the one at Chatham House in London. That's really the Royal Institute for International Affairs, that's its official name.  They've got whole think tanks working on this very thing, food shortages.  They've had that for the last ten years, working on the coming food shortages.  So it's now time to push it in their face.  Now five Agribusinesses own the entire foodstuff of the planet now.  That's why it's happening.  It's part of a warfare strategy.  And the United Nations Department of Agriculture stated years ago, when the woman was in charge of it, she said, food has always been used as a weapon for control, and we shall use this weapon. That's what you're seeing coming down the pike.  Again, when the United Nations was set up, the Department of agriculture was mandated to eventually dish out portions of food to every nation.  That's its ultimate goal.  Ultimately, all food will come to the United Nations and be proportioned out to each country.  And you'll get X-amounts of beans or whatever as long as your population is this number.  If your number goes above it, then it's up to the nation to find ways of reducing that population.  And we'll all go through this.  We'll see it coming.  And for two or three years, during this crisis after crisis, we'll find out, they'll say, well, there's not enough food this year.  We'll have to cut the quota even more.  You've got to reduce your population even more.  These guys are deadly serious.  And they've written about this in their own books, many years ago. 


Alex: And they're pushing all this propaganda about how we're just a cancer. 


Alan: Yes.


Alex: And what they're hearing from the repeaters, that repeat the same thing over and over and over and expect us to accept it into our belief system, is that it's solely a matter of the numbers.  Not the way that we live.  They try to masquerade it under the guise of sustainability, and yet why are they consolidating power to this great extent, using technology to control the masses, and taking control of natural resources in multiple Third World Nations, and this nation.  They've got control of ground water.  If you have ground water, or whatever, water in the soil, they want to, the federal government, take over that land, or privatize rainwater in Latin America.  And so, how can they really care about the people of the world and talk about sustainability, when they're literally taking over the resources for themselves?


Alan: Well, that's it.  What they're doing is, see resources, if you're at war with the world, and they are at war with the populations across the planet, then you must go after everything that an individual will need to live.  And it's as simple as that.  That's exactly what they're doing.


Alex: Okay.


Alan: This is warfare strategy.


Alex: We are almost out of time with you, Alan.  In the next five minutes that we have you, I'd like to get your thoughts on the future, your warnings.  Because the reality is that we might not be doing this stuff.  I'm glad you came on again.  This is the fifth time that Alan Watt has been on.  We had him on We The People Radio Network, and I mean, he's full of a lot of information, but Alan, we don't know if we're going to be here this time next year, because this facility is having some financial issues.  And I don't think things are going to get better, and neither do you, because of this manufactured economic crash.  First part, your warning to the world, things to look for, and then solutions, preparedness, things of that nature.


Alan: Well, people should be prepared, definitely, for at least short-term food shortages, and should be stacking up.  They should have been doing this for years, anyway, regardless of the economy.  And they can't lose their heads when they're hit with panic after panic after panic.  Most of the panics are fake.  And once you realize that it's...


Alex: It's a paralyzing fear. 


Alan: Paralyzing fear, absolutely.  Because the same techniques were used in prison camps, when they executed people.  You keep them in a state of fear.  They constantly know, well today we're getting pulled out to get shot, or is it the next day, and so on.  They use this and the interrogation as well.  They blindfold them and bring them out.  Fire guns in the air, put them back in.  You just don't know when your time is.  And then the people break down.  And once they break down, they become very compliant.  They obey orders.  That's a technique that's been used across the planet with crisis creation.  So people must keep their heads.  They must, it's almost too late to go out and help other people, to be honest with you.  Most, the bulk of the populace, have never been conscious to be lost.  You have to be somewhere to be lost.  The general public have been brainwashed since birth.  And it's been continued with the brainwashing with the media, up to the present.  And if you try to tell them what's really happening, they will never believe you.  But if you put a famous face on television, they'll believe anything, anything at all.  And there's not much we can do about that.  We can look after each other, ourselves, prepare for the worst, and if nothing else, hopefully we can come through this with the knowledge, regardless of what happens, so that some people in the future, maybe intergenerationally, remember this has been a long, long term war.  It's gone on for centuries, really, then it might take centuries to break through it.  But knowledge has to be passed on, and the truth and facts in history, the real history, has to be passed on to those to come. 


Alex: The majority of the people watching this show right now, they're in Portland.  I believe they're watching via digital TV.  They control the horizontal and the vertical.  What are we looking at here, interesting timing to do a switch up?


Alan: We're looking at a very short time span now.  They want a United Americas by 2010.  In Canada, it was announced for instance that the first major open signing happened in 2005 at Waco, Texas, with Mexico, the U.S. and Canada. 


Alex: Do you think that that's going to happen in the next year, 2010?


Alan: That's what the said.  They had five more to go, or they'd be finished by 2010, they said.  They've already admitted here they'd integrated all their security forces, intelligence networks.  They're using FBI computers with all their networking and data in Canada, and vice versa.  We're also integrating at the moment, have been for the last three years, our taxation and import duties.  Bureaucrats in Ottawa can apply for equivalent positions in Washington, D.C. and vice versa.  The average American doesn't know this is already happening.  But it's announced up here in Canada, in the mainstream media.  So, that's to happen.  And then, the U.N. by 2012 is to be brought up to its proper status as the world, at least the front, for the world government.  And under an authoritarian system.  And it's bye-bye to any idea of democracy, because they don't believe, they truly don't believe, and they're trying to train the people right now you don't really need democracy.  Experts are taking care of you now.  We've had this nonsense for twenty-five, thirty years.  And people believe it. 


Alex: You know, a lot of people in the environmental movement, that control the environmental movement, and a lot of grass roots activists believe that it's just simply the problem of civilization, not the New World Order; that doesn't exist.  I think there are some problems with civilization at work here, but I think the very fact that we keep believing these people, and keep going through this, as humans, as a species, it just gets worse and worse over time.  Giving over our power to these beautiful people that know how we think, how our emotions work, that is a problem of civilization.  That, it seems like, if we're responsible for one thing, we may not be responsible for launching the missiles.  We may not be responsible for all these things the people behind the government are doing, but we are responsible for allowing it to go on without saying anything.


Alan: We are.  Yeah, we are.  And this nonsense about giving up all freedom for security: if you have no freedom, you have no security.  That's an old, ancient statement, from previous civilizations, have gone through similar things.  You have to have personal freedom and personal privacy, etc.  We're not perpetual children.  They're training us to believe that we never become adults, we're perpetual children until the day we die.  So, let the experts guide us through our lives, and dictate to us how we should live.  No, that's not living.  And they have no more right to tell us how to live, than we have the right to tell them how to live.


Alex: Alan, thanks for coming on.  Let's do this again, on my show on Oracle, maybe in a month or so?


Alan: Could do.  Yeah.


Alex: Okay.  Tell my audience about cuttingthroughthematrix.com and what they'll find there. 


Alan: If they go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com, you can see what I have for sale.  That keeps me going, because I don't ask for money on any of the shows I'm on.  And you also get access to free archives of hundreds and hundreds of talks I've given, where I try to show you the big picture and go through the histories of these big organizations, that are really one organization, that are bringing the world into this so-called New World Order and sustainable development, which is rapid depopulation, really. 


Alex: It's important that we learn to work together too.  You and I had kind of a debate, and I was a little, we were debating about 2012 and different theories, and we have some different views there.  But we have more things in common than things that separate us, and that's the advice to the audience, you know.  I can sit here and bring Alan Watt on, and you know, you remember last time, Alan, when we were talking, and it's important to put those differences aside and come together, because stuff is coming down the wire right now.


Alan: Oh, it's coming down fast.  And they're even talking about thirty years of ongoing strife and riots across the Western World, from the NATO think tanks.  Well, these guys, as far as they're concerned, they plotted the future, and therefore they're going to make it happen.  It's up to us to alter it, somehow or another. 


Alex: Alan, thanks for coming on.




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