March 25th, 2007

Red Ice Radio with Henrik Palmgren from Sweden with Alan Watt as Guest

"Episode: Africa, Resources, Oppression, The Elite & Population Extermination"
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Henrik Palmgren: Today with us on the line, we have our good friend and monthly regular guest, Alan Watt.  And we will be Cutting Through the Matrix with Alan for the next hour or so.  And for all you guys out there who might be new to the program, tuning in for the first time, you should know that we have all our previous shows with Alan archived on our website.  You should also, of course, head on over to Alanís website,, and check out the material that heís got on there, DVDs, CDs, books, and vital information.  Also, of course, follow along the audio blurbs that Alan put up on his site, regularly.  And if I remember correctly, last time we had Alan with us, we kind of left off getting into, talking about Africa.  And this is something Iíd like to follow up on today, with Alan, kind of taking it where we left off, last time we spoke.  And you know, thereís so much in regards to this, the suppression of the continent and so forth, and the historical background, and maybe we could get into that a little bit later, but first, of course, letís welcome back Alan to the program.  And itís great to have you back again.  You know, considering our latest experience, and so forth, with the websitesí downtime and what not, I hope all things are well over at


Alan Watt: I think we upset some people.  And they let you know through the most insidious ways. 


Henrik: Yeah, yeah.  I notice, you have about, what is it, seven mirror sites or something up there now.  So, you wonít go down that easily, eh?


Alan: Thatís right, to make it safer. 


Henrik: You know, also, of course, let me say thank you again to you Alan, for so prominently helping us, you know, getting the word out and so forth at the beginning of this month, when our site went down and so forth.  So, thank you very much for that one. 


Alan: Itís no problem at all.


Henrik: And as you know, as soon as something happens, you know, weíre here to help you spread the word, also, so, hopefully, you know.


Alan: I think that will probably be the format in the future for people, is to help each other.  I think more of this will probably happen, depending on the topics you choose.


Henrik: Yeah, absolutely.  Exactly.  And thatís a very good idea, you know.  Got some nice trains in the background there. 


Alan: Thatís the Canadian National, taking its goods from China across Canada, coast to coast.


Henrik: Oh, my God.  Yeah, through there.  How are things going, by the way, in regards to that?


Alan: Well, theyíre always, these trains go every day with their amazing long, long loads, an incredible amount of carriages.  And itís all made in China.  Everything, pretty well, thatís manufactured for anything is now made in China. 


Henrik: Amazing.  The new industrial production country in the world, I guess.


Alan: Yeah.  Thatís what Iím saying, you know.  Whoíd have thought that communism would have used the capitalist techniques to out-do capitalism?


Henrik: Itís amazing, isnít it?  Seems like theyíre connected, somehow, I guess. 


Alan: Yeah, it gets confusing somewhere. 


Henrik: Itís incredible.  You know, getting back to a little bit on the note that we wanted to begin on today, you know, in regards to Africa and so forth.  Iíve always been, you know, curious, to find out the reason behind all the civil wars that are going on, that have been plaguing Africa for so long, and it seems to me at least that the continent, has been, you know, consciously held back, or not allowed, if you will, to develop industrially.  The suppression is just incredible.  So, what the heck do you think is going on down there?† Iím reading about, you know, some background in regards to Cecil Rhodes, and a little bit about whatís his involvement in the diamond business down there, back in the late 19th Century, I guess, but I donít know if we want to tie this even further back into ancient history or something.  I donít know.  Whatís your take on this?  Why do you think, is there a particular reason or agenda behind the suppression of the African continent?


Alan: Youíll find that Africa has been exploited for thousands of years by the richer countries, even in ancient times.  Africa had always been a source for slavery.  And the Northern peoples in Africa had no problem going down there over the many, many centuries and bringing slaves up.  The Egyptians had lots of Nubian slaves, they called them.  And they even had regiments composed of them, that fought for Egypt.  They were a little better taken care of.  So, it had always been used as a source, and also a source of even back in ancient times for exotic goods, including ivory for jewelry and so on, and various things.  So, it always has been seen as a resource.  And in this system, which is really the same system today, itís still seen as a resource.  Africa sits on some of the worldís most abundant forms of mineral deposits, all kinds of minerals.  And gold, of course, and silver and diamonds.  And when Britain started to take the lead with the British Empire, when it was made to be the leader with a new empire, by the same moneyed elite, then they sent missionaries in, initially, into Africa.  Missionaries were funded, youíll find, like Livingstone, who was one of the most well known ones, used to do deep exploration of the inner continent.  And he was funded by the Royal Society of England.  That was an openly Freemasonic, scientific organization, attached to the Royal Academy, and they funded him, with the stipulation that he would observe for certain materials, types of woods, anything which could be of interest to merchants while in there.  So, theyíve been using missionaries, for a long time, for probe missions.  And eventually they knew what was where.  In fact, many of these missionaries were actually trained in prospecting, just coincidently, so they were prospectors too.  They could identify minerals, gold, silver, etc, and certain strata on the way that the land will lay.


So, youíll find eventually, Britain drummed up, as part of the Empire production, a sort of new cause, which would be to push the British system as a good thing upon the rest of the world, especially Africa.  And they put massive funding into setting up places in Africa, to exploit it, but they had trouble, again, because there were pretty large tribes there in some places, which didnít like it too much.  So they brought the British military in.  The taxpayers of Britain funded their wars in Africa, as always.  The taxpayers funded the laying of railway lines for the military, and of course the merchandising that would go on.  They took all the resources out of it, and then they privatized it.  This is the standard procedure down through history.  Eventually, a society was set up in Oxford University, authorized by the British Crown, to specifically send specific people out to Africa to grab all resources, especially diamonds, gold, and silver.  And they created a special department within Oxford University for it, that picked certain individuals, trained them, like Cecil Rhodes, and he did go out there, initially, to join his brother, who was already there, looking for diamonds.  And eventually they merged with the De Beers company.  And then they formed a secret society back in Oxford, that was to train future generations to take over from them, and not only to go over for the resources of Africa, but the natural resources of every country on the planet.  That was its function, for a New World Order that was to come up in the future.  And certainly, thatís what they did. 


Africa was one of their main targets, they exploited it.  They had to get the wealth, they had to build up their foundations, because youíll find that governments, and the great foundations, as theyíre called, so-called charitable foundations, are really part and parcel of the same organization.  The big foundations like Rockefeller, Carnegie, the Rhodes Trust, and many others.  Even, thereís various Rothschild trusts as well, under different names.  They fund all political movements, in the world, in every country.  They fund all opposing political groups in the countries, and they also fund the cultural changes and pay those who will spearhead cultural changes, and ensure that it will have all the promotion in the media that they need. 


So, we are living in a fixed system, which is planned by people who see themselves as a natural elite.  And you can trace the rise of them really, although they were there before, but you can trace the rise of them back from the French Revolution.  When it was over and done with, the writers whoíd written all the propaganda for the revolution, for years and years beforehand, formed a Masonic society called the Encyclopedists, and they decided what sort of education children would then have from then on.  And they decided that all knowledge would be in their hands.  And all that the people would ever know was the knowledge that they gave out.  And thatís still going on today.  They run the national education associations, across the planet.


Henrik: Yeah, I mean, obviously one thing that comes to mind is in regards to those people who wonder how this connects with the most concurrent people ruling the planet, I guess, is of course the Rhodes Scholarship.  And this was founded by Cecil Rhodes himself, right?


Alan: He was the frontman.  Rothschild backed him up.  So did another family, related to the De Beers in Africa, who lived in Britain, called Boer as well, B-O-E-R, so they also were heavily involved in the setting up of the society.  The Rothschilds basically funded most of it.  But they also appointed political advisors to take over from Cecil Rhodes.  And they even put one of their own men in charge of South Africa.  So, they ran all sides, even what appeared to be opposing sides.  They put their own men in charge.  And, Lord Milner, Alfred Milner, who ran a similar authorized organization for the British Crown, who had what they called the Round Table group, merged with the Rhodes Society group.  And those two groups, still, youíll see out today.  They have the Round Table society across the planet.  They recruit them from universities, bureaucracies, the great foundations, and all the bureaucracies of the great foundations are interlinked into one.  They all communicate so that theyíre all on the same track at the same time. 


Henrik: Do you think that they have had this kind of mythological view on themselves in regards to them using that name, the Round Table of course, going back to King Arthur?  Do you think that they have this kind of view of themselves?


Alan: Well, they do.  Theyíre incredibly arrogant.  The upper ones, of course, are specially selected.  They used extra selective breeding for their wives.  They donít choose their wives, theyíre picked for them.† Theyíre aristocracy.  And, from their own point of view, they are a high, you call them high-breds, really, a high-bred race.  And thatís how they see themselves.  Theyíre not stupid.  They have intelligence.  And tremendous cunning.  But they also have the power, financial power, in the banks, many of them own the banks.  And they run financial institutions, the largest in the world.  Weíre all trained to work to earn their money, which we then get taxed back to governments, which they appoint.  So, it is their system, you see.


Henrik: Yeah, it is.  Absolutely.  You know, in regards to diamonds, going back to that.  I canít remember it now, it was a documentary I saw a while back in regards to, of course, you know, De Beers and all this, but stating that diamonds are semi-precious, and that there actually are warehouses full of diamonds, basically.  But in order to kind of keep the values high on those that they have, they constantly try to keep it.


Alan: Suppress the market.


Henrik: Yeah, exactly.  Scarce, I guess.  Like they arenít widely available.  But do you think that this is the case, so to speak?  That this is just like everything else, is a fraud, that thereís diamonds all over the place, basically?


Alan: There are diamonds all over the place.  Itís more even intricate than that, you know.  When you understand that even the gold standard, the price of gold for instance has been set for the last 150 years by the Rothschilds from London.  And every morning the stock markets and everything sit and wait with the hushed breath for this king to come forward in his pajamas, at his window, and stick his finger out the window and tell the people what the price of gold is that day.  Because thatís how itís done.† Itís just whatever he wants it to be is what it will be.  So itís spoken into existence, and everybody goes to work on it.† So, right away, hereís the guys who own the gold mines, all over the place, setting the price of the gold.  Well, thatís a good job, itís good work if you can get it.  So, this is the whole con game with everything.  Same with diamonds.  Where I live, quite near me, thereís a mining town, Sudbury; itís still a mining town today.  Itís best known for nickel, although it has all other kinds of metals there, including gold they come across once in while.  And I looked through an old book in the library, the town library, on old Sudbury of the 1800s.  And the biggest building was called Rothschild Square, and the building on it was called the Rothschild House, big letters.  Itís not there anymore.  So, already, they were into every major place in Canada, where there was natural resources, and they owned it.


Henrik: In regards to, as you said earlier, the British military was, I guess, very simple, down in Africa, building and setting up all the rail lines and so forth, the trains down there.  It almost feels like that they were down there, set up the system, in place, and then kind of, as quickly as they went in, basically left, but you were saying that the involvement is still there in regards to that they actually have privatized the industry, and now they can do what they want, so they donít have to be down there and do any of the dirty work, I guess. 


Alan: Well, they donít have to.  I mean, they kept saying how they were going to bring freedom to the Africans and democracy, and the British way of life, you see.  And so, they took people who were basically free and tribal, and then made them live half their life underground, working for this new thing called money, which they had to spend in town stores, owned by the company that owned the mines, that took it all back from them.  Everything is set under the guise of helping people, and thatís the most oldest trick in history.  So, yeah, they were exploited right away.  I notice even now, South Africa granted special privileges to De Beers Company.  Itís still there.  And they have very special privileges, actually a better deal under Mandela than they had before under South Afrikaans. 


Henrik: Thatís interesting. 


Alan: Well, payoffs work wonders, you know. 


Henrik: Yeah, sure.  Okay, so these are, again, you know, put in the official limelight, so to speak.  We are handed these heroes also, I guess.  Thatís what youíre saying.


Alan: Oh, we are.  People forget.  See, logic is supposed to always be the same, when you apply it to the same situations and same problems.  If itís truly logic, it must always come out with the same answer.  Now, when people go and blow up buses in Israel, thereís a scream of terrorism, terrorism.  And when towers are blown up in New York, they scream terrorism.  Nelson Mandela, if you go through his records, was not put in prison because he was at the time a Communist leader.  He was put in prison because he blew up school buses of children with hand grenades.  And now this man is a hero.  How come he is a hero, and other ones are not heroes?


Henrik: Yeah.  My God, again, itís a tremendous, you know, suppression that has been going on down in Africa, in regards to all the wars, all the corrupt leaders, and it feels like, you know, over and over again, a new guy is picked, is corrupt as the last one was, and they have revolutions and revolutions and revolutions, and nothing, again, takes place.  But, in that sense, who, is there any hand behind this, a visible hand or name I guess we can point towards? I mean, who put these men in power?  Or is it simply the fact that these guys actually do a military overthrow, but they are just handed the weapons and the bombs basically, in order to do them?


Alan: Theyíre given the weapons and the bombs.  The ones who are behind this, thereís only one global order, and has been for a long time.  And as I say, itís composed of those who are the wealthy families that are the banking families of the World Bank.  They are the World Bank.  They finance every country.  They finance all the institutions.  The big foundations are all, not just interlinked with them, theyíre part of them, and theyíre also part of an inner religion, part of it based on eugenics and science.  And for a long time they have used these techniques of exploiting countries.  As I say, one of the best movies to watch, was a Marlon Brando movie, called Burn, where they actually show you, very simply, how a British agent, a provocateur, is sent in to a Caribbean island and he uses everyone, the whites and the blacks, to overthrow the Portuguese, who ran the country.  The whites who lived there thought they would take it over.  The blacks thought they would take it over.  And of course, after they both got rid of the Portuguese, in comes the British.  But they show you how everyone is used.  And thatís been going, that was a science that was taught to these agents in England for a few hundred years. 


Henrik: But now IMF is going to write off the debts to Africa and everything is going to be alright?  Isnít that true?


Alan: Oh, I know, I know.  Itís just amazing.  Supposedly, you see, since the í50s or at least the í40s, late í40s, every country that signed the United Nations agreement, the charter, also agreed to set up what they call a bank of overseas economic development.  And what youíll find, in every country, certain politicians, who are generally the ones who do the left side of the things for government, theyíll be liberal or even further left, theyíre the ones who get the jobs to take care of where the money goes to overseas corporations, to help the poor countries.  And what they do, of course, is simply funnel the money that goes to, say, Africa, into their own corporations, the American corporations or British, that are set up in Africa.  It doesnít go to the people.  So, this again is all part of it.  These same people, who were in politics and now work for the OECD, for the UN, sometimes leave the UN for a year or so, and theyíll work in one of the big foundations.  They go around in a circle.  Politics, foundations, United Nations.† And so, everything is interlinked in this structure.† They donít have separate agendas.  Thereís only one agenda. 


Henrik: You know, one thing that seems to be kind of pushing now, the latest scheme in regards to the connection with Africa here is, I saw an excellent documentary the other day, called The Great Global Warming Swindle, I think, and they address this issue, in regards to why Africa hasnít been able to develop industrially and so forth, and it seems to be that the latest kind of drumbeat on this is in regards to the environment, you know.  That they actually havenít been able to develop industrially, because the fear of the environmental dangers and so forth.  And, do you think that this could be again, now, they could be drumming this as another reason? They were given, of course, again, crappy technology in regards to the solar powers and the environmentally-safe techniques that I believe actually are out there, but we arenít, we arenít given them.  But this seems to be the reason now.  Would you agree on that?


Alan: They will use every excuse possible to claim whatís happening in Africa is all for various different circumstances.  But they donít get into any of the truth of the matter.  In the 1700s, you had the father of John Stuart Mill, who also was a British political economist.  His son was too.  They both wrote books on the economies.  And these guys were also in the same family lineage of Bertrand Russell, who took over in the late 1800s, and lived into the 1970s, following in his fatherís footsteps.  So, these characters were partly eugenicists.  They believed in the eugenics theory, that thereíd be too many of the lower classes breeding, and they would overtake their more elite cousins further North of them, you might say.  So, theyíd have to start culling off all the different peoples.  Well, John Stuart Mill wrote a list of the most likely people who should be allowed to, and encouraged to, survive.  But Africa, he said, and this was reiterated in the writings of H.G. Wells and others who belonged to the eugenicist societies.  But they knew in the 1700s and the 1800s, that Africa, they said that they cannot adopt to the white manís economic system and those who would not adopt it would have to perish because they would be a burden on the societies that tried to move forward.  They said, those who can emulate the white man, and he actually said mimic the white man, he said, would be allowed to survive.  And so, long ago, and these guys all belonged to the same foundations that are still running the world today.


So, no, they can make excuses and put all these sad TV shows on, on how much they care.  But the fact is, at the top, thatís their mandate, is to vastly reduce the population of Africa.  You see, you cannot take a culture from a people, and they knew this too.  Darwin knew it as well.  They all knew it, and all their social scientists knew it.  Itís the same with the American Indians, you cannot take a culture away from a people where their whole historical background is so vastly different from yours, because they cannot simply jump from a completely different way of perceiving things into your mindset.  They canít do that.  And when they canít do that, they either turn to drugs, alcohol, and so on, destructive behavior.  Or, if theyíre lucky in some sense, lucky in one sense, they have some land left, where they can still try and keep their old customs going, because their customs give them meaning of life.  And this is basic sociology, they understand this.  Theyíve never tried to allow, in fact theyíve done anything but allow the Africans to keep a natural system or culture going. 


Henrik: Itís so strange to me, this idea, or this philosophical concept of conformity, of bringing the order, I guess, then out of the chaos, as they see it.  And I wonder what, what type of mindset that drives these people, who want to, again, remove all cultures and convert it into this, you know, one world, one world government.  It almost seems, in that sense, alien to the human species.


Alan: Actually, youíre close to it.  Youíre close to it in a sense, if we define what human is, and what having humanitarian thoughts are.  Because, what they know, in higher sociology and psychology, is that you have people who will lead in every generation.  The problem is, the ones that are picked are the ones who will conform to the existing leaders, who are tyrants.  Thatís standard, too.  However, those who have the higher intellects, and who are picked to help lead society, even though they have higher intellects in some areas, thereís a price for that, and thatís empathy for others.  Thatís also acknowledged in all the big university books.  Now, when you have people whoíve gone even further, and long before Darwin came out with his Origin of Species, Darwinís family, as I say, were already interbreeding.  They were following their own belief before Darwin wrote the book.† Because the grandfather, his father, and Darwin himself only married wives from the Wedgwood family.  And that wasnít just his family that were doing that.  His own particular little class were doing that, because they already had their inner religion.  Eugenics is only part of it.  Itís an ancient religion.  Itís actually taken from Hinduism.  Very old, old Hinduism.


Henrik: So, in regards to Hinduism, this is a loaded word and all that again, but is there a connection to the Aryans, in regards to that this is a Hindu origin?


Alan: They keep bringing up, every so often in history, the Aryan thing.  Hitler tried to revive it too.  In fact, he sent teams over to India and Tibet as well, looking for the remnants of the old Aryan peoples.  And Madame Blavatsky, that was put out there to help start the female side of Freemasonry, they called them side degrees.  Not full, not real degrees, but side degrees.  They put her out there.  Well, her books were full of the same stuff on the Aryan people, and they were talking about the fifth Aryan race.  Meaning that there were four before that, where society goes through massive changes, the unfit are killed off, and those who are fit to come through, through breeding and everything else, will be allowed to come through.  This is part of their philosophy. 


Henrik: And in some sense, it seems like they have, that philosophy in that sense has manifested, because there has been and is, I guess, I mean thereís no denying it, a ruling race in that sense, and that is the one who is currently in control.  Isnít that right?


Alan: Iíd say.  Iíd say absolutely.  I mean, Iíve seen the nicest people, the nicest people, if they talked to you, some of them who are well known, tell you, in the nicest possible way, why the world must start killing off the useless eaters, and they really believe it.


Henrik: Yeah.  And again, theyíre pushing this, you know, overpopulation, as I see it at least, fraud, and trying to justify, and again, making, creating the scientific backgrounds so we have again, professors and teachers and scientists going out there and saying that the only way to save the earth, basically, is to get rid of all the humans.  And this now, very much, I think, connects with the environmental hysteria that has been developing just in the last few months here.  Would you agree on that?


Alan: Itís even worse.  In the 1800s, in the mid-1800s, books came out from these institutions and foundations, explaining all this, the need to cull off the useless ones as health, hygiene, food improved on the lesser classes.  There would be too many of them, and the natural illnesses wouldnít be killing them off so fast.  And then of course, when they started to give out higher medicines, which actually worked, for a change, they complained all the more.  And so, they said, theyíd have to retaliate and find ways to start sterilizing the people.  Thatís been under way.  It has been in process, from before I was born, through inoculations, because thatís when, youíll find, since the Salk vaccine, especially, was given out, the sperm count in the Western male has dropped now to 75% of 1950 levels.† And the United Nations itself announces the statistics for that every year, without comment.  And so, yeah, we are under the process of sterilization. 


Africa. No doubt about it.  We can go into the Congressional records, where, and itís all out there, I have the copies here, where they asked for money to be put into research, in the í70s, after Kissinger made his wide statement, that the enemy to the state, the greatest threat to the state, was overpopulation.  And funding went into various agencies to find ways to bring it down quickly.  And they had a requisition to create a disease which would literally destroy the entire immune system of a victim, so that some simple thing, which wouldnít normally even bother you, would kill you. 


Henrik: So, with that, we are into the area of AIDS and HIV, right? 


Alan: I listened to a group of black doctors in the States, talking about this.  And yeah, they knew, they came out openly, and they discussed this among themselves, about, yeah, the homosexual problem, definitely it was rampant there.  However, they had traced the first inoculations free, given out by the World Health Organization, the Dr. WHO, of the United Nations.  And they gave them out first in Haiti, for free.  And now Haiti happened to be a paradise for homosexuals who went there for young boys.  That was well known at the time.  And they could rent them for a few cents.  However, the UN then went into Africa, and they tracked these injections right across Africa, and the AIDS broke out right behind them, everywhere they went.


You see, this is the amazing thing in this world.  If you or I were pulled into a jury, in law, a court of law, even if you had a suspect, and all the evidence points to the suspect did this Ė well, thatís how you base your decisions, you come to your conclusions, and thatís how the verdict is come to, arrived at, is the preponderance of evidence.  We have this all over the place, not only with 9/11, but also with the AIDS, etc, but weíre not allowed to make an open legal conclusion.  The hammer doesnít fall, because itís the big boys themselves who are doing this, you see.† But the preponderance of evidence always points to where your conclusion must lay until you have more facts or opposing facts.  But we do know for instance, and this did come out here in Canada, on the CBC television, nationwide, I donít know how it got into the newscast.  Mr. Mansbridge, heís the bridge to man, you see.  Thatís his job, is to give us the news every day, and heís called the most trusted man in Canada.


Henrik: Oh, really, oh.


Alan: Yeah, they give him awards for being that, too.† Anyway, everybody has grown up with him, and heíd never lie to you, and he reads the dummy board very well.  However, he was talking about a completely different subject, and the screen shifted to a woman interviewer just talking to two men at a map of Africa and India.  And it was so bizarre, because there was no intro to it or anything, and she was saying, what gave you the right to sterilize these women.  Well, it turned out, these two men worked for the World Health Organization.  It had been found that theyíd given out millions of free supposed tetanus shots, to so many millions of women, in India and Africa.  And every one of them had massive infections of the ovaries, which sterilized them.  But these guysí attitude was typical of the bureaucracy of the United Nations, because these guys donít have to play politics.  They know theyíre leading the world.  They know what their real job is. And they were indignant, and said, well, we have to do it; someone has to take care of this.


Henrik: I think that they actually believe this themselves.  Otherwise they wouldnít be there. 


Alan: I have talked to one of these people, personally.  Itís a woman, in Canada here, who comes from a very, very old family.  Very wealthy, internationalist connected family.  And she also was a school teacher, but one of a strange kind, because sheís allowed to go away for six months to China here, and South America here for another six months or a year, and sheís pushing and observing all whatís going on.  And I met her outside a store.  I says, how you doing.  And she says, oh, yeah.  And she forgets sheís talking to me, because she thinks Iím one of them, I guess, because of what I know.  And she prattled on about how wonderful it was in China, and all the rest of it, and she says, I really have to put reports in, because of the way, she says, they handle their overpopulation problem.  You see, China, under the United Nations, is to be the model state for the whole world.  We have to emulate them.† And the UN has declared that officially.† And she went on about how they do it and how theyíve created social approval and social disapproval, because now they donít have to bring the army regulars in to pull women out who are pregnant with a second child.  They get the townspeople to shame them and pull them out themselves.  And so, itís a Pavlovian technique, thatís taught against smokers.  Everybody, they see smokers lighting up now in the street, and theyíll almost stone you to death.  Thatís indoctrination and Pavlovian reaction.  Well, itís the same with pregnant women.  The neighbors will drag them off to the abortion clinic.  And she thought this was wonderful.  Absolutely wonderful.  She was ecstatic.  And then, of course, I brought her back to who she was talking to.  I says, what gives you the right to think you should do this?  And she said the exact same thing.  She was stunned for a second.  And then she says, well, somebodyís got to do it.  And thatís what you hear from them all.† They donít just talk about it.  Theyíre doing it.


Henrik: Absolutely, and the conviction again of these things are beyond, I think debate for these people.  And they will certainly not listen to anyone that, you know, isnít within their own milieu, so to speak, that they actually are, you know, letís say a non-scientist or whatever.  Even if scientists themselves would come out and say that, you know, global warming in that sense is a fraud.  Or overpopulation in that sense is a fraud there, because their minds are made up at this point, and thereís no turning back, because the agenda, I think, it is set, and theyíre going to follow through to, I guess, any means necessary.


Alan: Any and all means necessary.  Thereís no doubt, because none of this Ė see, anything that really happens and really matters in the world, is never given to the public to debate.  Itís done at higher quarters, and we have no say in it, whatsoever.  Itís a done deal.  These people are paid so much as well.  They have their own indoctrination, which is simply reinforcement, constant reinforcement that what theyíre involved in is a must-be, and theyíre told why it must be.† And theyíre true believers in it too.


Henrik: Absolutely.  And they wouldnít be in that position, if they thought otherwise. 


Alan: Yes.  So, in this world thatís to come, no one will be allowed to live without a purpose to serve the New World State.  Efficiency is to be the new rule.  Total efficiency. 


Henrik: Yeah, thatís the behave after the beehive model, I guess.† Amazing.  And the system seems to be, at least at this point, to also be favoring, as you said, psychopaths, that actually have no sense of feeling for your fellow man, so to speak. 


Alan: They have none.  They truly have none.  And yet, like a good psychopath will really amaze you with their hospitality and how cordial they are.  But when you listen to their opinions, thatís when youíre floored, because they can say it in such a nice way, something which to them is just so practical, but to you, theyíre telling you of mass murder, you know.


Henrik: Yeah, exactly.† And itís the same maybe to be able to lay it out, in a coherent and, you know theyíre able to sound responsible in that, in that sense, and, I guess, found out that to be friendly, in that sense, is something that serves the purpose better.  So, itís just a role that they adopt, basically, in order to further their agenda, or to be able to speak to other people, who might, you know, so that other people might respect them also, I guess. 


Alan: Oh, absolutely.  See, a psychopath has one other little thing.  He has a tremendous ego.  And he loves applause.  And little awards along the way, and presentations, or even going over to Britain to get knighted, or getting their countries, in Canada they give them OBEs [Orders of the British Empire], oh, they just love to get these awards.  Because itís a sign of their high worth.


Henrik: So, thatís where the medals and the diplomas, and all that crap comes in I guess.


Alan: Yes, the titles.


Henrik: Yeah, the titles, exactly.  And I guess that many of these also, in that regard, kind of have a Masonic background in that sense, that you even get your degree, of course, when you go out from school, and stuff like that.


Alan: Oh, definitely, definitely.  Plus, they have professors in all universities, have had since they started them up in fact, again from the Encyclopedists group, who belong to these agencies, this world religion, this elitist society, and they choose and pick people, students, at school for their tasks.  The CIA, which is only part of it, recruits from university, because professors, certain professors are on the lookout for certain personality types.


Henrik: Yeah, exactly.  Yeah, itís perfect.  Itís a model setup for the self, so that the system can self-sustain, you know, even if we have a few dropouts in personnel, here or there, or whatever.  The system, I guess, is set up in such a manner that it will kind of sustain itself basically.


Alan: Sure.  And even with Africa, Africa had an overdosing on left wing/right wing, the politics, especially Communism vs. Capitalism.  They had more of it than most people.  The same guys were funding all sides to keep them in perpetual warfare, and that killed millions off just by starvation.  Most of the starvation in Africa, over many years, wasnít caused by poor weather or lack of anything.  It was the lack of time and ability to get food planted and get it in, because of the local wars that were going on. 


Henrik: Oh, yeah, I see.  You know, in regards to the tippy-toe tactics towards government that stretch worldwide so to speak, I notice that that is happening on all other continents too of course, but that there is a creation of the African Union; and do you think that they will kind of lead this in towards at least a first step towards a solution to the problem?


Alan: Well, itís already under way.† Mandela was basically raised up to do this, in the last ten years or so.  Iím sure he knew it from the very beginning that eventually that was the function of it.


Henrik: Oh, itís amazing.  Who knows where we might end up, in regards to AIDS and so forth.  I guess that is the main genocide plan that theyíve got.  I havenít read up on this too much, at this stage yet, but I guess there is, do you know this Alan?  Is this a tremendous problem still, or are they able to fight some of this off, or is this occurring?


Alan: No, itís tremendous, because, what youíll find, itís mainly in the youth.  They have very little in Africa, but what the West ensures they get, apart from the fashions and the hats on backwards, and the same music, they gave them the music and the machines to play them, and they ensure that certain drugs come in, but mainly alcohol, thatís homemade, even, and they have parties, like outside their villages, etc.  And then they do what they think the West is doing.  They get the occasional Western movie, and so the teenagers try to indulge in the same sexual type experiences as the West, and down, plummet, they come down with AIDS.  Thatís the biggest problem.  When youíre destroying a culture, and all the old taboos that culture had, that kept it functioning, are gone, and that culture is lost, and yet tries to emulate what they see as superior, they will emulate it to the full.  And when you have an AIDS problem to boot, injected into there, you now are guaranteed that AIDS is rampant.  Itís terrible.  Rampant through all the teenagers.


Henrik: Yeah, yeah.  So, in regards to the game plan, letís say that theyíre able to develop this fully in that regard, to have an African Union, and of course, we have a European Union, and the American Union is fully under way, also, of course.  And then we have an Asian Union.  In regards to a time plan, do you have any kind of idea?  I mean, in a sense, I should say, these are already in place, but I guess, in a more official way that they actually are going into.


Alan: Yeah, more official.  I know that a lot of the UN projections Ė because they use ten, twenty and thirty year plans, even fifty year plans, and youíll find that in their agendas, which they publish.  Youíll find a lot of them end up around twenty, thirty or so.  However, we know that the American continent is to be officially, openly declared one by about 2010.  The UN is to be officially declared world government by í12.† So, Africa could either linger a little bit, or it will come under.  Itís already technically under it anyway, because the few African countries where the UN have heavily been involved in, basically belong to the United Nations.  Thatís why theyíre a bit more prosperous.


Henrik: Yeah, absolutely.  And, of course we have, again, that we have been talking previously on this show about, the possibility, very likely of microchipping that population, of course.  Now the recent, the most recent thing in regards to this was, I think VeriChip has put in RFID tags in people who suffer from diabetes, I think.


Alan: Yes.  Thatís a fact.  However, I saw one of these public broadcasting programs, a while back.  Well-called programs, because the public broadcasting is just another way for the foundations to put in nature movies and stuff, to brainwash us.  And it was about a place in Africa.  Now, it was on the outskirts of the Bantu area, the Bantu were the real nomadic tribes, who had their herds and traveled.  Well, they were all rounded up, you know, by the United Nations.  Now theyíre inside camps.  Because no one is to exist in the old way.† And Iím sure theyíll just start dying off, inside.  However, before that, this is what they were doing.  And not just in that area, but it showed you.  The United Nations was offering the males free sterilization, a vasectomy.  And, what you would get in return, was a little, they didnít give you clothes.  What they gave you was a little chain that went around your neck, with a card.  And you were given so many credits per month.  And a white van would come around your area, once a month, and you went in there, and you put your card through the machine, and you could buy certain things that you wanted, from that truck.  That was your reward.  Straight out of what basically Charles Galton Darwin suggested in his book, The Next Million Years, that people would give up their fertility for goods.


Henrik: Amazing.  You know, again, I keep returning to this, because, of course, itís a dire situation, and, you know, desperation in regards to all this information.  Itís quickly at hand for all of us, who think and ponder upon these questions.  But I again want to return to the fact, that I mean, what is it within the human spirit that these people are so afraid of?  I mean, theyíre desperately trying to control us and everybody who are different in that sense.  There must be kind of a you know, the genuine life force within all of us, that theyíre actually afraid of.  Whatís your take on that?


Alan: They are afraid.  Theyíre afraid of those individuals, and theyíve mentioned this in a few different books.  Sometimes itís a little camouflaged, but what they basically say Ė and see, they declared war when they set up the League of Nations, which transformed into the United Nations, they declared war on the individual.  Now, it was so amazing to me to read all this stuff, when I was small, because I knew that the wars already were funded and started by wealthy, elite people.  And here were the same books, that were now promoted from the League of Nations, and the United Nations, saying that they had to make war on individualism, because the individual was the cause of all problems and discord, throughout history.  So, theyíd already changed perception and reality, by a blanket statement.  So, what they were afraid of, because they knew that within every generation, you do have some people who do not succumb to the tremendous indoctrination of brainwashing weíve had, especially since national education, again promoted by Masonic groups, and they boast about that openly, in their books.  Now itís an international education association, with a standard worldview.  Well, you see, those who wonít conform to the mass opinion, which is the illusion, not the reality, itís a distorted reality, the one thatís presented to you via television, and so on.  The ones who will not conform to that are dangerous to their plan, their agenda.  They know that.  And so, theyíd have to find ways of weeding them out at school.  And of course, in the last fifteen years, ten to fifteen years, theyíve been giving children amazing psychological evaluations every year, to do just that.  And the boys who are a bit, what they will call hyper, I would say itís the most intelligent guys, who ask the questions, and become a problem for asking questions.  Because they ask questions based on logic, and what theyíre being taught is not logic.  And so the teachers get angry because they canít answer them.  Well, theyíre put on Prozac and various other drugs.  This is the real intent of that. 


Henrik: And this is incredible.  And, at the same time, it seems to be that in the higher-ups, so to speak, it seems that the individual is very respected in that sense, because again, the theme, Promethean theme, and even the Luciferian mythology is something that keeps popping up, I guess in regards to the elite.  And this is of course, in regards to the mythologies, in regards to a rebel that actually breaks free, who actually promotes individuality.  I mean, how the heck...


Alan: Amongst themselves though.


Henrik: Exactly.  Thatís the point, I guess.


Alan: And yet, thereís far more to their occult religion, which is found in every holy book, because their ancestors wrote every holy book.  Thatís why youíll find the same esoteric understandings, if you understand them, within each one.  You always find that the opposites in stories, the opposites are all part of becoming the perfect man.† And youíll find little stories with a male, his wife, sometimes his wife is his sister, and youíll also find another partner coming in.  So thereís always three.  Plus, the fourth one is also what they call a Jethro, or the Ethiopian, and thatís the unknown one, that the god accepts, who has a form of magic.  This is all taught in higher circles, to these groups.  They understand this.


Henrik: Thatís interesting, because is their connection, in regards to Ethiopia, is that sense there?


Alan: What it means really, is the Ethiopian is a magician.  Thatís what they meant by it.  And so, itís a form of a king who is also a father, whoís also a husband, to the wife who is the mother, the mother of all, and so sheís often referred to as both mother and sister and wife.  And so really, the mother is a form of the matrix.  Everything comes through the matrix.  And so, all life comes through the matrix.  They say itís the stream that goes upstream, itís the waters that turn backwards.  Itís even in the New Testament, where Jesus makes the waters of the Jordan turn north.  It goes north against its flow.  Thatís the arcane meaning of the source of godhood.  And when you join the quaternity as they call it, you are perfected, and you go up and become one of the gods.  This is all understood in all religions, on a high esoteric level.  But thatís just a small part of it, that Iíve said. 


Henrik: Very interesting.  You know, I just wanted to briefly return to a new side, in regards to the tracking, and also of course, the medication and so forth of young people.  This was an article appearing in the Guardian, a while back, called, "Is Your Baby Playing With Its Toes Yet?  If Not, the Government Wants to Know Why."  And basically this is, it says that "babies will be assessed on their gurgling, babbling, and toe playing abilities, when they are five months old, under a legally enforced national curriculum for children from birth to five published by the government yesterday."  And this is, theyíre going to have 69 governments set what they call early learning goals.  You know, recording them, it says here, against more than 500 development milestones as they go.  And if a child doesnít develop according to the regular scheme of things, theyíre going to make sure to track this and spot if anything is wrong with your child and so forth.  Either, I guess, to take the child away from you, or simply begin treatment on medication or stuff like this.  But again, this is kind of, you know, presented, of course, as a helping, you know, that they actually are trying to help people and concerned young parents and so forth.  But, itís amazing, how itís presented in this way, and how, incredibly, you know, this is very radical in that sense.  At least, to me, this is incredible stuff, and it just goes by without comment, it seems.


Alan: Exactly.  When thereís no comment, you know itís part of their agenda.  And definitely, under the eugenics program, theyíre now calling it, World Bio-Ethics Committees.  Itís the same group, though, same eugenics strategy.† They want to know, because in the near future, in the world theyíre creating, theyíre going to decide who will be sterilized.  And the earlier they do it, as far as theyíre concerned, the better.  So, all this will eventually lead to those whom they will state are, under various tests, not up to a certain par.  And therefore theyíll have to be sterilized, as a part-way measure to the next step.  Because they know the next hundred years. 


Henrik: Yeah, and itís going to be like a totally dumbed-down, but yet, I guess, super-efficient, strong, kind of clone type being.


Alan: Yes, it will be.


Henrik: A worker bee, basically I guess.† Amazing.


Alan: Thereís a good site to look into.  Heís one of the characters whoís up there pushing eugenics.  And people think heís a nice man.  Heís called John Glad, G-L-A-D.  And heís got a website out there, itís called,  And on there, this is what he says in one paragraph.  He said, "Evolutionary selection has been radically relaxed in the human species, as a result of the development of civilization," Ė thereís that word, civilization; they never define it, you see Ė "science in general and medicine in particular.  While these advances have hugely benefited current populations, theyíve led to a significant degree, released the species from the biological process, which created it, and maintains its viability."  So, heís complaining here that modern standards of living isnít killing enough people off.  Thatís how.  Heís worded it differently, but itís the same thing.  "Formerly, natural selection took place largely as a result of differential mortality.  But now that most people survive well beyond their childbearing years, selection is determined largely by differential fertility.  Aside from genetic illnesses, this new selection is also characterized by a negative correlation between fertility and intelligence."  Heís meaning that itís mainly the lower classes who are having the children.  "The core of eugenic concern for over a century."  So, people should look into his blurb, because he speaks for all the big boys at the UN worldwide.


Henrik: Interesting.  And this was what, What We Will Be?


Alan: What We May Be.


Henrik: What We May Be.† Oh, okay.  Iím going to do a search for that, and put up the link in regards to this show.  Yeah, but, it seems to be like theyíre trying to handle all natural processes of the earth, and trying to emulate, well, not emulate them, theyíre trying to basically take over these processes.  And to be able to kind of decide themselves, in that sense.  I guess we go back to that old philosophical concept of actually being able to be a god, I guess. 


Alan: They see themselves as gods.  There is no doubt.  Thereís no doubt about that, when they realize they have power over life and death, and theyíre also in a high, very old, esoteric religion.


Henrik: And Iíve got to just throw in this, before we wrap things up here, today.  But, again, in regards to another documentary I saw.  A lot of documentaries here, but thatís the way it is, that was called Five Ways to Save the Earth.  And this of course, was in regards to scientistsí different ideas to how weíre going to combat the global warming agenda.  And again, this was not in regards to that this is open for debate, or anything like that.  This was, you know, people who are totally convinced that we have to go in with artificial means to actually change, do something to either block out sunlight or stuff like this.  But, it kind of, the tone of all of this, and in regards to the scientists who were speaking about this, it was, that we have to actually through artificial means control the processes of earth, either through, as I said, block out sunlight, with the sending up the mirrors into space, or something like this.  But again, I think it just kind of resonates with the fact that theyíre trying to take over natural processes, and begin to do this in a scientific way, I guess.


Alan: They are.  Itís already been done for a long time.† Weíre just not supposed to know about it.  Weíre already run in this scientific way.  We have been since the first inoculations, in fact.


Henrik: Yeah.  Okay, yeah, Alan.  I think that will be a great place to kind of round things off today.  But again, as always, Iíd like you to tell us about your website, of course, and how we can support your work, in case we have new listeners or people who havenít tuned in for that long.  So, give us your website address, and some of the material that you have on for us there. 


Alan: Look into  Thereís also my mirror sites.  And they can check out a lot of stuff for free.  And thereís a few things I have for sale too, which go a little further.  And there will be more going up there pretty well every day. 


Henrik: Yeah, excellent.  So, again, Alan, until next time.  Thank you so much for coming on.  And as always, itís always a pleasure to have you here.  So, weíll speak again soon, my friend.


Alan: Okee-doke. 



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