April 17th, 2009

Alan Watt on “Road Warrior Radio” with Chris Hinkley


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Chris Hinkley: Alright, Good Evening and welcome.  Welcome to Road Warrior Radio.  You are tuned in live this Friday, April 17, 2009 on the one and only Republic Broadcasting Network and I have a treat for you.  Tonight’s special guest is none other than Alan Watt, who of course is the RBN host of Cutting Through the Matrix and a brilliant guy who knows as much about the subject matter that he brings to light as anybody that you’ll find.  I was just talking to him before the show and I mentioned I remember hearing him say recently that he doesn’t even bother remembering the names anymore because it’s the same old game and if you’ve been studying it and researching it and read as much as he has, you can certainly appreciate why he would say something like that.  So, I’m looking forward to a fun, exciting, light but engaging broadcast.  It should be a lot of fun and I hope you’ll enjoy it.


Anyway, some of the interesting stories that I saw today before we get started– I don’t know if you saw these, they were very interesting.  I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago when NPR played the piece that was supposedly, who knows, some folks that were Taliban forces over in Afghanistan.  I thought it was real interesting that the New York Times today page 1 said that the “Taliban exploits class rifts to gain ground in Pakistan“.  Very interesting. And you get into the story and it says that the Taliban seized control by pushing out four-dozen Land Lords who held the most power.   To do so the militants organized the peasants into armed gangs that became their shock troops according to the residents. Okay, so what they’re doing is, well, it’s Marxist class warfare and the reason I mentioned the NPR piece from I believe about two weeks ago was because they were quoted as saying “We are the Bolsheviks,” in English. Which is kind of like watching CNN with these people who are supposedly peasants in a war-torn country with signs that you and I couldn’t get at Kinkos if you know what I mean.  I hope you see where I’m going with this.  Anyway, all of this of course a prelude to my guest who knows more about the subtleties and nuisances of all of this goofy nonsense than anybody that you can find.


The story Arizona Republic carried today: U.S. Experts Fear Terrorist Fiefdoms Threaten Security.  Listen to this.  Pakistan apparently, according to US intelligence Defense Officials and Diplomatic Officials is going to be controlled by these fiefdoms controlled by Islamist warlords and terrorists posing a greater threat to the United States than Afghanistan’s terrorist haven did before September Eleventh.  Is that a psy-op, or is it just me?  Those are just a couple of the myriad of stories that came out today.  Stick around, we’ll get into those probably and a whole lot more with my guest Alan Watt when we come back. 


Alright, welcome back and as I said, joined this evening by my special guest, Alan Watt.  Alan thanks for coming on the broadcast.


Alan Watt:  It’s a pleasure


Chris: We were talking before the broadcast and during the break about this beguilement, intrigue, sophistry, whatever, of linguistics and you said “they’re having a joke on us.” I’d like to just throw out this story to kind of kick it off because you couldn’t make it up.  I mean, Los Angeles Times, yesterday: 5 Killed in Suspected US Strike. And you and I both know this happens every day, but who catches this kind of stuff?  It says, and again this is LA Times, it says “Pakistani Intelligence Officials said a suspected…,” suspected, we can’t cop to it, “ …a suspected US missile strike killed two Arabs and three other persons.” Wait a second…two Arabs? And three other persons… Are the Arabs not persons?


Alan: That’s right.  That’s dehumanization.  You see, that’s how psy-ops works.  They put a dehumanization intent in the language and the phrase and people don’t think any further and so whenever they hear about an “Arab” he’s not a person, it doesn’t matter.


Chris:  It’s unbelievable.  And of course that’s not an isolated incident.  I see that all the time– I’m sure you do.  It’s mind boggling.


Alan:  It is, and that’s what psychological operations is for.  They use psycho-linguistics, they give courses in them.  They give courses in basic logic and how the average person will perceive things and then how to basically alter their perceptions and give them their perceptions.


Chris:  Yeah, it’s unbelievable and most people don’t realize. You know, my wife gets upset with me sometimes because she says “I don’t want to play word games with you,” and I just… I feel like I’m always every day in a battle or really in a war of trying not to always fill in the blank predictively the way that we’ve been scripted to.


Alan: You’re right on with that because you know psychological tests will show you and they show students this same little game they go through; they’ll give you a page to read, everyone gets the same page to read, it’s a story about something, but it’s designed in such a way that partway through it a sentence or two sentences are missing, and because you’re scanning it and reading it as you normally do, your mind runs ahead, you don’t realize there are two sentences missing and you fill in the blanks unconsciously.  And everyone will agree, they’ve read the whole thing, they’ll all come to the same conclusion and then of course the teacher will point out, “Do you realize there are two sentences in there that if you hadn’t filled them in would have changed the whole story?”  And you don’t realize that.  This is how psycho-linguistics works.  Our mind tends to race ahead with things, thinking that we’re coming to the end of it before we’ve heard it all.  And if you understand that science, you can insert things in and distort the picture of the final perception, and it’s all taught as a science with psycho-linguistics.


Chris:  And of course that goes along with the idea of the oligarchs having the plausible deniability that they’ve spoken of all along saying, “well, you know, you agreed to it.”


Alan:  You agreed, and they always say too, “that’s not exactly what we said.”  It’s the exactly part they mean.


Chris: Exactly. You had a caller that was keying in on words yesterday I believe and I started to think of some of these things and I mentioned that I got caught today off guard.  Usually it doesn’t happen.  I have to admit today it did.  I saw the sign at the Pound, the animal shelter– a sign on the wall that said “Puppy Food.” Beneath it there was a big bin. Next to that, “Adult Food” bin beneath that.  And I thought, “that was a weird…what are they trying to say?” And then it hit me.  Oh, you know, and I was thinking, “Adult: Male.” We’re animals, we get called animals. I wasn’t thinking “Adult: Dog.”  So, you know, even though I know the term “Adult Male” is referring to an animal that we should be calling “Men...”


Alan:  That’s right.  We don’t realize too we have been again, with political correctness and so on, and so many science articles, doing away with the term Man and Woman, and it’s mainly Male and Female now.  As they get us used to the idea we’re just another male animal or female animal.


Chris: And along with that you know, you look up the definition of the word “human” in any law dictionary of substance over the years and they all say that a human is a monster basically, to paraphrase, and now we have Monster.com so that Monsters can find jobs and “Monster” the drink so Monsters can stay awake at their jobs, and it’s crazy.


Alan: Science as I say at the top of this has been here for an awful long time, and ruling millions of people is a science.   It always has been, and well understood in all Ages.  We are given a reality. Religion in previous times gave you your complete reality.  It was very minimal but it was complete too. It’s all you had to know if you were a peasant.  And in a Scientific Age, all of the sciences are used on us to give us another reality, especially the imperative as they call it, which is the agenda that has been laid out by the elite.  And this whole reality of Global Warming, of we’ve got to be monitored to be safe, and we can’t just breed as we’re going on; This is all an agenda under the guise of a new religion basically. They’re using the religious techniques to guide us and the scientists are the priesthood, you know.


Chris:  And I think you mentioned this week, I know you’ve gone through several times but, I want to say this week you went back to the 16th Century on that and came forward.  Was that this week?


Alan:  That’s right.  People don’t realize too that the massive upheavals that were going on around the 1500’s, 1600’s, to do with what became known as Rosicrucianism or eventually blossomed into freemasonry in the 1700’s was tremendous movement.  It was not just a peasant type lashing-out at the authoritarianism of a church.   It was an organized, well funded movement that brought in Kaballah into the religion, it brought in reincarnation by the way and Gnosticism, and even the Catholic Church at the top were very puzzled; they thought that the old Gnostic sects and the Arian sects had been eliminated in the Second and Third Centuries A.D., but they hadn’t.  They had came down through time and popped up with the Cathars, Albigensians, and then you had main leaders coming out like Bruno and other ones preaching this particular doctrine.  And Bruno himself said that he wanted to bring out a world where reason would rule, but only for those who were enlightened, with philosopher kings.  This is an ancient tradition in Gnosticism, and he said a scientific priesthood should rule the people.  Benjamin Franklin talked about this.  So did Thomas Jefferson.  Jefferson called them the “natural aristocracy”; those who have the natural intellect to rule the rest with reason should do so.  That eventually blossomed into what we called Eugenics and Darwinism, and caused much of the problems in the 20th century because Marxism and Nazism were both founded on the Darwinistic principles and the geopolitical strategies that was founded by Lord Halford. He was the guy who came up with this worldwide domination, British-based idea of an empire, a world government.  This all comes from the same source down through the ages and it’s fascinating to see someone in the 1500’s actually saying scientific priesthoods should rule over the people.  That’s what we have today.


Chris: Yeah, it’s fascinating.  I was going to say, and you mentioned it of course, that coming up through… I mean obviously we have that thread coming through the Founders.  I know some people are uncomfortable with that and a lot of people… You know we have this double-mindedness these days and for example when people talk about the Bible and they say “Judeo-Christian,” “Judeo” refers to the Talmudic, Kabalistic influence.  NPR played a piece on that recently, I forget what day that was, but that was just in the last few days, that was for… Anyway, it’s that influence and a lot of people have trouble…now they mislead people on both sides of the fence.  The Founders were Christian.  The Founders were Deists or Theists or whatever, and the truth is that like you said, you know, there was this Rosicrucian influence through that era that allowed them to embrace both sides, the Science, the Age of Reason, and also the Biblical and that’s why you have both quotes coming out of the mouths of guys like Jefferson….


Alan:  That’s right.  That’s absolutely right.  Even the early Rosicrucian writings said that they were coming out to give the “true” teachings of Jesus, and Weishaupt later on, a couple of centuries after that was still pushing the same thing of the esoteric teachings, which is basically Gnosticism again.  But yeah, they could encompass Christianity because that was all that the people had known in the western world for a long time.  So they had to adopt Christianity in to the occult Kabalism and they called it Christian Kabalism as they merged the two together.  And so you read the writings of Albert Pike in Morals and Dogma and a good part of his book is devoted to Kabalah.


Chris: Yeah, that’s unbelievable.  There was something that you were going to mention, speaking of the language…that was why I started there.  I forget what it was, I didn’t write it down so…


Alan:  It was about how they joke with us.  Commonly.  I mean we had this utter planned farce of a financial takedown. And I’ve mentioned before, I’ve read from an economist’s book, a top economist– a tuition book– and he said that it’s heresy for an economist to tell the public there’s going to be a crash.  In other words they would avoid it like the plague.  Yet we have a President basically starting it off, telling the public to panic because a crash is coming, guaranteeing to make it happen you see.  So this was planned.  But then we have characters like Madoff, who makes off with the money, and then you have Kashkari to give the bankers back money….


Chris: We’ll be right back.


Alright, back with my guest Alan Watt, and just because I don’t know exactly how much of that we missed, can we back up to where you were saying it’s heresy for an economist to tell the people about a crash?


Alan:  Yeah, because economics and the stock market is all based on optimism, so they never want to bring the market down by giving bad news because it’s almost a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The whole thing is gambling– that’s what it’s based on.  So you must make everyone think they are going to keep winning and they can keep it going for as long as they want; it’s a bubble anyway.  But when a President is put out in front of the public to tell you that we’re in trouble and there’s a crash coming and it could be worse than the Great Depression, that’s guaranteed to bring the pyramid down, it’s guaranteed.  So obviously it was timed to be done at that time and it has been because the articles that came out afterwards verified that, saying it’s time for the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to be brought up to its proper place that it was designed to do.  In other words it’s working exactly on schedule as it was designed to do.  So this is all a script we’re living through right now as restructuring goes on.  I was talking about the names that they give us, as I say Made-Off, Mr. Madoff, everybody prattled about Madoff although there are lots that made off, apart from him, with the loot.  And then they give us a character to dish out the money to the bankers, of our tax money, called Cash Carry (Kashkari). And I was just reading today that the house appropriation staff or the head of the staffers that were put in charge of this other part of the money is Rob Neighbors.  Rob Neighbors. I mean you couldn’t, if you were a third-rate scriptwriter for a comedy series, you couldn’t make this stuff up. They’re literally laughing at us.  They have to be.  You couldn’t get this kind of coincidence one after another.  It doesn’t happen.


Chris:  Well speaking of that you know I was mentioning that you mention “Brazil” on a regular basis, the 1985 film, and you know it reminds me of that because you keep mentioning it and I think you did and then there was kind of almost a withdrawal from that because you started saying it used to be kind of laughable but now because this weird stuff is happening everywhere it’s not even funny.  Like you said, the names, you can’t make it up.  I mentioned earlier, like you, on a regular basis, I mention these stories all the time.  I try to key in on the stories where, you know, suspicious package or bomb threat or whatever, you know, everyday, and yesterday one of them that I saw there was cake mix on an envelope so they shut down a mail office.  There was another one where a mother dropped off a milk crate wrapped in a paper bag at school with some books or something I think from a library that needed to be returned.  They were in a milk crate.  Bomb Squad was called in and this kind of stuff, you know, and the mom called and said “I’m sorry, I’m just trying to return some books,” you know, and it’s like you say in Brazil.  The guys repelling out of the ceiling over cake mix on an envelope, and that kind of stuff.


Alan.  Yes, and eventually it will become like “Brazil” where they get the names wrong because one letter is different in someone’s surname, and it’s a computer error, and they’ll come in and just take people out, they’ll just kill them. That will come; I’m not kidding you, that’s going to come.


Chris: I know it, and it’s very disconcerting. And I know that’s exactly why you say at least there was a little bit of humor in it [before]; these days it’s not even funny anymore, it’s just scary because we are rapidly approaching that moment.


Alan:  It’s like Mad Magazine.  Mad Magazine stopped publishing, and they said that life was becoming so ridiculous that you couldn’t satire it anymore.


Chris:  Yeah.  I remember you mentioning that.  That has to be a reality check for folks you know.  Speaking of the names and the goofiness and the sophistry with linguistics, I mentioned that that term of “collapse of confidence” has been used once again and I thought it was interesting, you know, speaking of that.  I think of the report that was put out by “Doogie Howser,” I call him Doogie Howser, Peter Orszag while he was still the CBO Director before he was the OMB Director. And this report was titled, “Federal Responses to Market Turmoil, September 2008.” In the wake of that of course everybody including Barack Obama ran around saying, “collapse of confidence,” and it was like Icarus and Daedalus, you know.  America… the boom-bust cycle…I mean we were on the heels of a boom and all of a sudden everybody started saying “collapse of confidence” and like you said, the economists aren’t going to tell everybody that there’s a crash.  And all of a sudden everybody started hanging their heads.  “Yeah, there’s a collapse of confidence.” Really?  I’m still confident in you.  I’m still confident in me.  I can still work.  Can you?


Alan: That’s right.  And so it’s a technique.  It’s all art.  It’s a science as I say.  It’s perfectly well understood and I always go back to Bertrand Russell who helped design a lot of the 20th and 21st Century, especially in the direction of education as well, not just for children but for the masses– Continuing Education.  He meant lifelong indoctrination, but he came up too with the use of words and slogans, etcetera. He said we must bring on Madison Avenue, and in the 30s and 40s they were the experts in marketing, you see.  And marketers already understood the use of language and how to make you want something that you never thought of before.  Make you buy it, by attaching an emotion to it.


Chris:  We have to come back to that after the break. Definitely.  Stick around folks; we’ll be right back after this.


Public Service Announcement: You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network.  Because you can handle the truth.


Chris:  Alright, welcome back.  Once again joined by my special guest, Alan Watt.  Alan, you were mentioning Bertrand Russell and marketers, etcetera; you want to pick up there?


Alan.  He was basically saying that those in marketing, those who understood psycho-linguistics and how to alter human behavior and motivate human behavior along a predicted path, they were the guys who already had that science. And Bernays remember took the credit for creating the American Culture during the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, the Consumer Society.  They never gave up of course because they were on a winner.  And now it’s a massive field to do with behavior motivation for the masses, basically controlling millions of people, through mind-control technically, by giving them and maintaining or altering a culture.  The entire culture can be programmed to go along a certain path and we will behave exactly as we are programmed to do so, according to the type of data that is fed into us, how our logic will receive that data, which they understand, and the conclusions that we have to come to because of the language that’s given to us and that we use to process it.  It’s a perfect science.


Chris: It’s unbelievable.  We had a fun exchange off the air.  You know, when you say that, and you’ve mentioned before several times, ad infinitum I could say, about the ‘producer and consumer’ concept being advocated by the same crowd.  Do you want to throw that in real quick?


Alan: Well it’s interesting that the Eugenicists that came out – Eugenics is only one branch of again this big pyramid, it has many faces but it’s all the same pyramid – they came out with sustainable development a long time ago and the “useless eaters” as Russell called the excessive population that would exist around this period of time– Post Industrial.  And it’s interesting to even look into the United Nations, which they set up by the way as a front organization.  And the United Nations has got a description of the perfect World Citizen as being a producer and consumer.  If you’re not both, then you’re a useless eater, you’re a taker.  You see?  This all comes under sustainability.


Chris:  Sorry, I’ve got to throw in, you know, speaking of the sophistry with language, we were having fun the other day talking about the fact that U.N. before everything is “un.”  So it’s the U.N. Peacekeeping force, it’s the unpeacekeeping force.


Alan:  It’s the “un.”  It’s also French masculine for “one.”  It’s one world, you see?


Chris:  Right.  Exactly.  I didn’t mean to jump in, in the middle there.


Alan:  And the League of Nations was its precursor which they set up.  People don’t realize it just didn’t blossom by itself or through grassroots movements, it was set up by the big foundations to set up the League of Nations, which was touted at the time as being the start of world government by H.G. Wells who was a propagandist for the society.  And League of Nations is L.O.N., which in some languages is Lion.  The LON, you know.


Chris:  Yeah, Exactly.  And it’s amazing how successfully….you know you mentioned the Foundations all the time.  In fact, today you mentioned Club of Rome… of course funded by a number of the Foundations and I have mentioned that I’ve been going through the Reece Committee hearings to investigate the tax-exempt Foundations.  It’s amazing how successfully, as Gary Allen wrote about in Rockefeller File in Chapter 4 that profit (times) philanthropy (equals) power.  And people don’t even realize it.  Do you know what I mean?  You just mentioned the fact that this global government has been massively funded.  Is this just some kind of benevolent gift?


Alan:  No.  You have to go back again to authors in the past.  Adam Weishaupt and Albert Pike of freemasonry both said that through philanthropy they would take over the social organizations of the world and run the world and they would set up Foundations to run these philanthropic efforts.  But really there would be social transformative changes through these Foundations because they would motivate mass groups of people along directed paths.  That’s how old the whole idea was of philanthropy.


Chris: Amazing.  You know, speaking again of the tax-exempt foundations’ investigation by the Reece Committee, Thomas McNeese testified about this concept of producing and consuming, and so that’s in the Congressional Record too.  But you know, it was documented and they used extensive documentation from these experts and there was the triangle that they were talking about, which was the foundations were one leg of the triangle, academia was another, and of course government was the other one.  And it’s this Fascist, kind of Soviet concept where you have the amalgamation of all powers, which is fascism, and then it’s run by these soviets, or these councils.


Alan.  That’s right.  That’s what Carroll Quigley said, it would be a sort of feudal system with overlords at the top, but really it would be run in a collectivist fashion.  That’s the Club of Rome’s term for Soviet, is Collectivism.  That’s what they favored in fact over democracy and they said that’s what they would bring in, is collectivism.  Communitarianism is another term for the same thing.  So, it’s all the same thing, planned a long time ago as I say. And Quigley said that democracy was too cumbersome; that was echoed by the Club of Rome in The First Global Revolution, their book by the founders.  They said that they can’t get their agenda done efficiently because of democracy and people squabbling, so they’d have to simply bypass democracy.  How they are doing it is exactly that; they’re using the philanthropic organizations, the foundations, with their hundreds and thousands of NGO’s (nongovernmental organizations) to appear to demand on behalf of the public the very thing that the foundations want.  This is true socialism. But it’s not demands by the people.  They’re all front organizations run by these elitists at the top, the true socialists.  Socialism has nothing to do with helping the poor.  Socialism is an organized, planned society where the natural aristocracy, the elite, the intelligentsia,  those who have control already, have the right to rule and reorganize the planet in a tidy fashion.  That’s basically what they say.


Chris:  And like you have pointed out, you know, it’s the tyrants’ majority in a purportedly democratic system… it’s always the tyrants’ majority anyway, so…


Alan:  Yes it is.  If people haven’t noticed, for the last many years now, it doesn’t matter how many demonstrations you have against globalization, or votes against amalgamation for integration, whether it’s the Americas or Europe, they go ahead and do it anyway.  You can not negotiate with these boys because socialism does not believe in negotiations.  There’s no compromise with them. It’s their way or no way.  And we are right now going through the process of learning that in very heavy lessons.  They mean business.


Chris:  Yeah.  Absolutely.  Jumping back real quick you know, the feudal system… Many of the constitutions, the state constitutions in the country, which, as Lee Brobes [?] just said, and I agree, are socialist documents.  Most of them these days have a phrase in them, I know ours in Idaho does; it says in Article 5, Section 20, the jurisdiction of the District Court shall have original jurisdiction in all cases both at law and in equity.  That phrase at law and in equity is a feudal law phrase.  Which is interesting….  I thought of that when you said that.  The communitarian thing, I know that you mentioned this week going back to Bush 1(HW) I think, he was…


Alan: He was the first one to publicly say it as President, yeah.


Chris:  Yeah, and so you have that side of the aisle, and then you know, you obviously mentioning Quigley so often, it’s obvious that there are no parties, but you know supposedly the Republican Camp…ok so they are communitarians. Then you have guys like John Podesta who was the co-chair of the Obama transition team and very influential, the founder of the Center of American Progress and believe you me, he is a hardcore progressivist.  I’m not telling you, I’m telling the audience, but he in a recent interview said that he is a big communitarianist.


Alan:  That’s the only one agenda.  You see there is only one agenda so of course they’re all on board with it.  There is no opposition to this one agenda.  It’s a planned society with micromanagement of communities.  In fact, they’re going to clear everyone off the land.  That’s in Agenda 21 for the United Nations.  They want them all stuck in these cities, but only for 30, 40 years as the generations that are presently alive die off.  I’m not kidding.  That’s why they’re not improving the cities. They’ve been letting them fall apart for years.


Chris: Yeah, it’s human resettlement camps right?  I think it’s Chapter 7?(Agenda 21)


Alan: And out of that rises from the ashes eventually these beautiful domed cities, much smaller domed cities.  I’ve got books from the United Nations with the drawings and everything that they hope to set up with the reduced populations around the year 2050. 


Chris:  Wasn’t that John Christopher’s Tripod series or something like that?


Alan:  I’ve got that, but I also saw drawings back in the 70s from Galen Weston.  I think he’s a British Lord. He’s also an architect.  He owns hundreds of businesses across the U.S. and Canada.  He showed me these drawings, of a Toronto, with a big dome on it.  And I said, “well what is this?” And he said, “That’s how it will be in the future.”  I said, “Well, it’s a much smaller Toronto.” And he said, “Yeah, there’ll be much fewer people there.”


Chris: Wow


Alan:  This is the idea, that children will be brought up communally in one dome. You’ll be taught in another one for education, you’ll work in another one for a certain amount of your life, and you’ll go into a retirement one to die off.  This is their planned society, this is literally it; but that’s not for the elite themselves.  Remember what they said themselves.  Charles Galton Darwin says “we the elite will remain free, we must remain free because we are guiding planet earth.”  So they’ll stay wild as they call it, like a wild animal. “We” will be tamed and domesticated.


Chris: And reaching back to the Founders real quick, his granddaddy was a friend, I suppose you could say, of Thomas Jefferson, getting back to that connection.


Alan: Yes. And they also have founded a philosophical society.  People don’t realize that’s the top eugenicist society in the world. And it all stems back; Franklin was in it, Jefferson, a whole bunch of the Founding Fathers founded that one off.


Chris: I wanted to touch on this real quick and just get your input because we were during the break talking about, I know you’ve mentioned it on air, the fact that Marx telegraphed Lincoln, and I want to read an excerpt from the Army’s new Field Manual, it’s not new now, but was released October 2008, FM 3-07 Stability Operations.  And I was mentioning this is lost on most people but I’d like to read this. And you know, we were talking during the break, I mentioned Thomas McNeese and the Reece Committee hearings and report; he has a smaller report that’s included called “The Economics of the Public Interest.”  And in it he says that during the period, the four-year period between 1933-1936, a change so drastic took place as to constitute a revolution.  Call it an American Revolution.  And we started talking about the Civil War, but I just wanted to touch on this real quick as a prelude to that.  And again, this is the Army’s Field Manual, FM 3-07.  It says “United States Military forces have fought only 11 wars considered conventional from the American Revolution through Operation Iraqi Freedom. Of the hundreds of other military operations conducted in those intervening years most are now considered stability operations.”  It says, “contrary to popular belief, the military history of the United States is one characterized by stability operations interrupted by distinct episodes of major combat.”  But here’s where it gets interesting.  They start mentioning some of these stability operations, which of course is a disingenuous term but we’ll go with that for now.  This one says, “During the reconstruction following the Civil War, military forces maintained order and provided security.  These forces also initiated comprehensive measures to establish…” And this is the (U.S.) Army’s Field Manual.  You couldn’t make this up.  It says, “These forces also initiated comprehensive measures to establish new State Governments, hold elections, insure the well-being of freed slaves and provide for economic and social development.”  It says, “Military forces assumed three roles during reconstruction in the South.  As an occupational force following the war, supporting a presidential appointed civilian government…”  Wait a second.  What?  And there’s more but I think that’s probably far enough.  I mean, that’s an astonishing history lesson that is lost on 99.9% of the people in this country.


Alan:  Yes it is.  It truly is, yeah.


Chris:  And it’s in the Army’s Field Manual!  But I was wondering with that as kind of a prelude, do you want to get into the telegraph and tell that story real quick, Marx telegraphing Lincoln?


Alan:  It’s in the Congressional Records that Marx telegraphed Lincoln at the end of the Civil War and the reason he was congratulating him was because he had kept the country together, because it was a plank of the manifesto he said for a strong, supreme, centralized government.  Before the Civil War they didn’t have a centralized government as such. So, that’s really what they accomplished.  It was a takeover of the entire country by one system.  That’s what it was; centralization of government.


Chris:  I think April 14th was when Congress was reconvened by executive order.  It all gets real interesting and murky from that point forward.  And then of course soon thereafter we have the rise of the Fabians, the rise of the progressivists, which is really two camps of the same group and so on and so on and so on. 


Alan:  You always find that.  Once you get into the histories and you realize that the elite, the dominant minority as Huxley called them, he said “they’ve always existed” and he said “I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t keep existing,” and he gave that speech at Berkeley.  That’s the real system that runs this world, and the priority of all forces and all military and police etcetera, is to maintain that elite and the status quo.  That’s their job.  Not to serve the public.  We’re fed a line of nonsense of utter fantasy.  We always have been.  But this elite have already given us indications of the next 50 or 100 years with the Think Tanks who have published their findings, their projections for NATO, the U.S. Military and the rest of the world, and they actually see us going through these transition phases where there will be small cities, eventually, down the road, 60, 70 years from now, of very high tech, very wealthy, very avant-garde people as far as science goes and well being.  But really, the masses of the public will be dying off in poverty, etcetera etcetera.  That’s their plan for the future.


Chris: Unbelievable.  And it’s no joke folks.  We all need to be doing our homework and we’re a long way down this road.  Anyway, stick around.  More right after this with my guest, Alan Watt.


Alright.  Welcome back to the final segment of Road Warrior Radio, and joined once again by Alan Watt.  Alan, I know before the broadcast I mentioned the Club of Rome because I know that you talk a lot about the Club of Rome:  the Club of Rome report that was put out last month titled, “Cities to Last” by the Think Tank 30, which is a group of young scientists.  And they mentioned that the United States, Canada and Norway are three of the top four post-oil economies, and you got a good chuckle out of that one.


Alan:  Oh, it’s fantastic.  We got announced today in fact that Canada is thinking of bringing out what really is – you see, the US, Canada and Mexico now, the second part is to merge the Americas with the European Union.  The European Union have Value Added Tax that’s tacked on to everything. High tax too, on all purchases, and they’re going to bring it in here too.  So it was just announced today… it’s under a different name but it’s the same thing.  So, we’re being reduced to poverty as we bail out the rest of the world supposedly, we’re also bailing out foreign banks as we go under, we’ll never pay off the debt– it’s not intended to get paid off because it’s impossible to do it with compound interest.  We’re in utter slavery to the tax man.  And here they are telling us how wonderful it is.  Propaganda is great, isn’t it, if you’re in charge of it? (laughs)


Chris: Yeah. And yesterday, it was rebroadcast today, but CSPAN ran a piece; I don’t remember what it was titled off the top of my head, but it was a Federal Reserve, I think, sponsored event and they were talking about that very thing.  The fact that basically they were looking at low and middle income earning families and why they were having such trouble with debt and, you know, maybe they just need to change their habits.  It was a total neuro-linguistic programming psy-op, if you watch it, with these young, up and coming, supposed experts that are being groomed, you could tell you know.  They’re cutting their teeth… but it was just unbelievable.


Alan:  Meanwhile the banks threw credit cards at everyone for the last 20-odd years.  It’s just amazing how we are played with in this fashion, and of course we jump for the bait and then they turn around and tell us we’re so naughty and we always take the blame and accept it.  And we pay for it.


Chris:  There was one lady who stood up and she said, “you know I think in all fairness that the higher earning families and households are better equipped because they have more tools and resources at their disposal and they might have savings, they might have 401k or this or that, and so maybe that has something to do with this,” and that was quickly eschewed.  Couldn’t be that.


Alan: Logic can’t come into it.  You see facts have nothing to do with it.


Chris. Yeah. Unbelievable.  Well thanks Alan, it’s always a pleasure. Thanks for everything that you do and for helping us try to keep our wits about us as things continue to get weirder and weirder.


Alan:  They will get weirder, but it’s been a pleasure to be on with you.


Chris: Alright, well, hopefully we can do it again soon.


Alan:  Can do.


Chris: Alright folks, have a great weekend.  It’s been an honor and a pleasure as always and I hope you have a great weekend.  Take Care. God Bless and we’ll catch you on the other side. 



Transcribed by Zak



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