Alan Watt on

"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru

May 25, 2005




Jackie:  Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. It is Wednesday. It's the end of our broadcast week here and is the 25th of May in the year 2005. Alan Watt is with us tonight. Alan, thanks for being here tonight.


Alan:  Yes, it's a pleasure.


Jackie:  So what's up?


Alan:  Well, I guess there's a lot guess up because there's so much going on that I think everyone's concerned about the ID card coming out.


Jackie:  Well, I would hope everybody's concerned, Alan.


Alan:  Some are; but I think the ones who are usually watching what's happening, they understand it. The rest of the public of course are either oblivious to it and therefore they'll accept it quite calmly as it comes along, as they would anything else. With the biometric scan, they really introduced that when they introduced the driving licenses in a lot of places. That was the same thing with the biometric reading of certain points in your face so the computer can then recognize anytime.


Jackie:  I think Georgia has already done it.


Alan:  Quite a lot of places have done that already.


Jackie:  What are they doing in Canada?


Alan:  The same thing. It's the same here, the same everywhere.


Jackie:  I know, but are they requiring the biometrics?


Alan:  They have for the driving license for quite a few years now.


Jackie:  Okay, what are the biometrics? Are we talking fingerprints? Are we talking retina scans?


Alan:  No. The driving license up until now has just been the actual biometric photograph – the computerized photograph.


Jackie:  Oh, the digital thing?


Alan:  Yes. It does do certain geometrical patterns between points in your face so they can recognize it again once the computer's broken it down, so that's been here for quite a few years and in Britain as well as everywhere else.


Jackie:  How do they use facial recognition? I mean what's the deal with these?


Alan:  Apart from the fact the computer literally breaks down your face into numbers really, it's tiny little numbers, zeros and ones, binary code, they also take points between your cheekbones; the distance between your eyes. All of that thing is being measured as that photograph is being taken.


Jackie:  And what is the purpose for that?


Alan:  I think the purpose of it all was to get us all used to it, so that when you move into the next stage of the ID card itself it's no big deal since you've already got that photograph already.


Jackie:  I know. But what I don't understand is what's the big deal measuring the distance between our eyes et cetera, et cetera?


Alan:  It's a certain distance when you get your photograph taken. There's a certain distance between you and the camera, which is computed into the whole thing, so that they can positively identify you even if you've had some facial features altered for instance.


Jackie:  Oh, I see.


Alan:  They can still measure between the eyes.


Jackie:  Let's say if you had nose job or something or even a face-lift or something?


Alan:  Or a chin implant. They can still take the rest of what's left and still positively say that's still that person.


Jackie:  Do you think it's true that we all have doubles?  Do you think there's anybody else exactly like somebody else, exactly?


Alan:  There are some like that, absolutely, I know that for a fact.


Jackie:  Okay. How do you know that for a fact?


Alan:  I met someone who thought I was the other person and it was the oddest thing that ever happened.


Jackie:  Did he talk funny like you? I'm teasing.


Alan:  I don't know but I'll tell you, listen to this little story. I had come down from Inverness in Scotland down to Sterling this morning, that one morning, and had brought a girlfriend down with me. I got off in Sterling and a woman shouted my name and she said Alan and I said who is this woman? She obviously knows me and then she said Alan and then I still stood there with a puzzled expression and she said, Alan Watson. I thought well she's so darn close she must obviously know me somehow and it turned out she was the next door neighbor of this guy called Alan Watson, who was married that lived next door to her and had just left that morning on a trip up to Inverness. I had just come down from Inverness.


Jackie:  And she saw you there with another woman.


Alan:  Yes and she would not believe – I mean she still wouldn't believe me and she came right up to me too and she still thought I was this other guy.


Jackie:  And he did talk funny like you then?


Alan:  I guess he must have.


Jackie:  Well, he was from Scotland.


Alan:  That was weird, though, but that did happen. It was the oddest thing.


Jackie:  Yes, especially so close to home. Well, I was reading an item today about again this real ID and some woman wrote I think a doctor but they're talking that this – see, I went through my files, Alan, and this was from last year in October and it had something to do with one of their intelligence bills they had passed. This article told about the national ID that buried in that that was passed last October, but that's where all this biometrics and things. Because see, I haven't seen anything about it in his Conference Report that I wrote. Well of course, the thing is they have given the Homeland Security the authority to add any requirements that he wants to and you know there's something in this thing about building a wall or something in San Diego for illegal aliens to stop them. I don't know what it's all about but it's something about building a barrier 17 miles or something and the Homeland Security Czar has total authority over this too; and in the process he has the right, the authority, to just bypass any laws that are in force whatsoever. There's got to be a lot more to this than I am reading in this report.


Alan:  It is a totalitarian position this man holds. He has all rights to do everything he wants basically.


Jackie:  I want to remind our listeners of this. The New York Times featured, this was not long after 9/11 when they came out with the restructuring, you can read that in the Homeland Security section by the way. What do they call it? The 21st Century what – the plans for restructuring? Anyway, the New York Times did like a graph. Not a graph, a flowchart like if you're doing a family tree. What do they call that?


Alan:  Genealogy.


Jackie:  Okay, but this is the U.S. government and what they showed the pecking order. They showed the president. Underneath the president they showed the Homeland Security Czar. Underneath that, a big line, there was FEMA and underneath FEMA there was every single department and office in the U.S. government. So the Homeland Security Czar would have authority over the FEMA director and of course the puppet president would do whatever he does. But the thing is, where they showed the U.S. Congress was up in the top left corner of this thing on the page and it wasn't connected to any feature at all, not one part of the structure of the U.S. government.


Tell our listeners about your books.


Alan:  What I've put in these books, the first two are basically a sort of gestalt type of education into all that's happening around you, which you don't really see in a sense. You see them on an exoteric level. I show you the esoteric and it helps to get the reader to participate in what he's reading because you'll find that certain cogs in your brain start to mesh together and start making sense of what's really going on. The third one goes into the religions, what was behind the religions. [See for ordering information.]  You'll find the same esoteric story is contained within every major religion known to the high priests in every major religion, whether it was Judaism, Brahmanism, whatever. It's all the same at the top and of course the world has been run, as they say in the Kabbalah and other major books out there, for 6,000 years with the Great Work as they call it commencing around 4,000 BC. The Great Work was to take over the world and perfect that which was left imperfect, and by that, they mean perfecting wild nature into nature which they can control through science and ultimately restructuring man, rebuilding man and woman in the way that the scientists deem fit for their purpose and that's what's called the Great Work. Of course, as we all know with the talk of brain implants, which they do have ready to go, and cybernetics to create people for special jobs, various tasks and so on, and actually cloning thrown in there, you can see that that's where they've been heading for all this time. The complete reshaping of the world in which we live through the understanding of nature or science and the rebuilding of human type specialized beings, which the elite will deem necessary for the elites' survival.


If you go into Charles Galton Darwin's book (the grandson of Charles Darwin), he wrote a book in the 1950's called "The Next Million Years" and he said there was simply too many people from the working class types, the lower classes as he called them, and they wouldn't be necessary in the future which science had already mapped out; so he said they had to start eliminating the lower gene pools which they didn't need and the rest would be altered for specialized jobs to serve the elite. He himself of course believes he was one of them; and he said, we the elite will not be altered ourselves because we are steering the ship, we are guiding the ship and we need our survival capabilities in order to take the world where we want it to go, whereas the rest of the people, the workers, will not need that ability in their brain, that part of the brain that gives you your survival capabilities, because the State will be taking care of all of their problems for them. Of course in a socialized system, which is almost worldwide today, you'll find that most of your problems – actually most of your decision making is already taken care of by governmental departments and what you're left with is sort of a narrow avenue where you can still use self-will and make your own decisions. The rest of them are really made for you and in fact you're born into their system where debt, the owing of debt, the paying of debt, all of this stuff has already been done by previous generations. According to Jefferson, and the Old Testament, anyone born into a debt is therefore a slave. Charles Galton Darwin in his book "The Next Million Years" actually said that. He said, "every type of system in this civilization has been based on slavery and we are simply making a more perfect form of slavery." 


It isn't that your system is changing. The fact is: it was never your system. You were simply born into a part of it you got used to and the true owners are simply upgrading their system to the next phase.  I go through this in my writings and I quote other authors too who were part of the same structure and what you find is that pretty well every major event in your lifetime that's happened to any country in the world, you'll find that these major events were planned long before you were born. They were discussed by very high-level groups of very wealthy people and you're simply living the script. It's no accident that today into this new millennium we kicked it off really with a completely different structure of totalitarianism coming in, in order to ram through the "scientific socialism" as they call it down our throats under the guise of terrorism.


Jackie:  I'm back here, Alan. Did you want to continue with your train of thought there?


Alan:  I pretty well came to it. I was telling the people that all the major things that are happening now and have been through their lifetime were actually planned.




Jackie:  Well, I'll tell you what you said today that you would like to ask Alan, because you are not a stupid person as we both know, but you've been uninformed and you said that you would like for him to give you maybe – for the person who is just waking up. How did you put that, for the average Joe?


Tim:  For the blue-collar guy.


Jackie:  The blue-collar guy. You ask the question, Tim.


Tim:  I think my question was, Alan, what are the top five things that you would tell a regular old blue-collar person who's just starting to wake up? What would you want them to know?


Jackie:  Okay, Tim, the way we're set up here you have to listen off air, honey. Off the phone.


Tim:  I'm on internet because I couldn't make out WWCR.


Jackie:  Okay cool. Well, you'll be able to hear his answer. Check it and see.


Tim:  I'll try tuning it up and see what happens.


Alan:  Well, the first thing he's got to know is that if you've classified yourself as blue-collar, you've already put yourself in a category. Everyone puts themselves into a pre-made category in the system because the entire system is fake. There's nothing natural in the system.


Jackie:  Would you repeat that again in case Tim wasn't able to hear it yet?


Alan:  The first thing is not to put yourself into a category, whether it's blue-collar, white-collar or whatever.


Jackie:  In other words, don't label yourself.


Alan:  Yes, because that's what they want you to do is have a certain impression of who you are and that's all that you are and here you are in this level, and of course that keeps you submissive really to the system and to the ones who actually run the system and puts you in an inferior position. By rights, everyone who's born technically is a sovereign unless they give it away and you give it away unknowingly through the labels that you allow to be put on yourself.


Jackie:  In other words, calling ourselves a democrat, a republican, a conservative, a liberal, a this, a that.


Alan:  Left right, whatever.


Jackie:  Left, right.


Alan:  Up, down.


Jackie:  Okay, thanks. That's wonderful.


Alan:  That's the first part of it. The second part is that when a person wakes up to the beginnings of it all, they think that the system that they're used to has been taken over. In reality the system they were born in was created for them by the elite and it had a purpose to serve and the same elite are simply upgrading their system to the next part and you're not comfortable with it because you're just simply not used to it, because this system has been fake from the beginning. It’s all based on money and a form of slavery, which, with the use of money, is more hidden. It's sophisticated, as Charles Galton Darwin said, but when you end up paying 40 percent or more of your earnings back in taxes openly and hidden taxes and property taxes, you are in fact simply a slave who is feeding himself, clothing himself and making sure he can get to work. Whereas in the old days they had slave masters who had to throw the clothes at you and once in a while a pair of shoes and so on. Therefore, it's a more sophisticated form of slavery and we have to ask ourselves if that's why we're here, to serve?


Jackie:  In other words, the whole like American dream I could relate this to myself that it isn't – the dream was given to us and the system that we've been living in, as you said, it's a system that has – it's a controlled system in other words?


Alan:  Totally.


Jackie:  Totally controlled in every aspect?


Alan:  Yes.


Jackie:  In entertainment; in fashion; in religion; in education; and history and everything that we ever thought we knew.


Alan:  That's right and it also alters what you think of as purpose—purpose in life—because really you're confined to a very narrow channel, as far as what you think are free choices, because all the other choices really have been made for you before you were even born. The system is already in effect. The debt system is already there. You're born into owing a debt that you did not incur and that's how the slavery system works in the Old Testament. If the debtor who was in bondage to pay off a debt had children while he was still in debt, then those children then belonged to the slave master as well. That's traditional. That is traditional and so as Jefferson said, "if a generation is born owing a debt incurred by a previous generation then those children are actually slaves."  This is well understood by the ones at the top.


Jackie:  And you know that's a tough pill to swallow and people who’ve listened to the broadcasts with you for a long time they've got it or they're beginning to get it. They're in a stage of getting it. We all are but I know for myself when we first were – well, when you and I talked for about six months before you even came on the air with us and you've been coming on the air off and on since then, but when I finally got it that everything that we thought we knew was a lie and all of this wonderful American dream. This is the greatest country in the world. We're free. We have a Constitution et cetera, et cetera; it was tough, Alan, and I went through a period of disorientation that was incredible where everything looked foreign to me. It was almost as though I were in another world or something, and so I want to say this to Tim and to any of our listeners who are fairly new and if you don't have, if you haven't ordered, Alan's books, I'll tell you what folks, it will take you a long way into what we've been talking about over the past several years.


Alan:  It's interesting too because the third thing you'll find is that you go through a death, a form of dying, and you go through all the process of it when you find out that democracy is a big lie and that you really have no say in anything because everything has been decided by people you'll never meet or even know of. You go through the same stages of depression and so on as any other death as you let go of the old and begin to see what's really there, so that's probably the third thing that happens.


The fourth thing to do, I would definitely say, is to get a hold of some old books by people like Bertrand Russell who worked for the establishment that planned the future because the world is just one big business plan.


Jackie:  And this would be the more recent past?


Alan:  Yes. He wrote a book to do with education and how the conditioning process would be worked on the minds of the young and in such a fashion that the parental input would be null and void because the indoctrination from kindergarten onwards would be introduced in a very scientific way and it would really take hold of in the minds of the children, so that when they went home at night, no matter what the parents said, the children would take the indoctrination from the school as a priori in their dealing with things. That book he put out back in the early 1900's from his own experimental schools that he was given permission to set up in Britain is called "Education and the Good Life." That was the title of it and the other one he wrote was "The Roads to Freedom," and in both of those books he goes through the whole future. We've actually seen it occur since then and he was part of the planning committee for British Royalty and nobility. He's Lord Bertrand Russell and he saw nothing wrong in the small elite, the intellectual elite and the scientific elite having the right to dominate the world and all the people in it.


Jackie:  What would the title of that book mean to him The Roads to Freedom"? Freedom from what?


Alan:  They've always been terrified of the masses. That's why you have such incredible amounts of entertainment and hobbies and sports and so on to keep everyone occupied and to get rid of any angry tendencies that can be played out on a field. They've always been terrified of the people actually truly being awake and seeing what was really going on, so they've always been terrified of the masses and quite rightly so; because if the masses could understand what's been happening to them and what is happening to them today, I wouldn't like to be in the shoes of any of the elite.


Jackie:  And they wouldn't like to be in their shoes either, would they?


Alan:  That's correct and that's why they're spraying the skies. They're killing off people. They've gone too far to turn back now. They can't come out and admit what they’ve been doing, but the signs are all around us – apparently even the UN has come out and admitted that the leading cause of death now is bronchial problems and pneumonia. They know what they're doing and they can't come out on any media and tell you this now. They've gone too far. The sperm count in the West is down by 75 percent. In other words, men are three quarter sterile from what they were in 1950 and it's about time the UN comes out next month and tells us the next statistic because they do it every year. Their plan is working and now of course with the next phase they plan – Bertrand Russell goes into this whole thing from the early 1900's, that they would create different types of humans for specialized work and he goes into it in a book called "The Impact of Science on Society."  He outlines all of this cybernetic type genetic manipulation and the need to eradicate again the part of your brain (for the masses, that is) which leads to your survival capabilities. It's your survival capabilities they're worried about. If they were working, you would know what's happening to those around you and yourself.


Jackie:  What part of the brain are we talking about?


Alan:  Basically it’s the part where all your intuition is based.


Jackie:  Is that the right side?


Alan:  It connects with them but it really is – they call it the primitive part. I mean all animals should have that. All wild animals have it because they can sense what's going on and it allows them to survive.


Jackie:  But you said one time that for example and I always forget whether it's the left or right side. One side is logic, knowledge et cetera, and the other side is creativity, intuition. Which side is which?


Alan:  The right is emotion and so on.


Jackie:  The right is right. Well I could remember that then.


Alan:  But all parts of your brain are still connected to that part which is your basic survival center and that should connect with both so that both sides can go into action and save your life. However, if you notice today, people are so passive and nothing is bothering them really, most people, and they don't even complain about the cost of gasoline; and when you see dictatorial measures taken to take away all rights and freedoms, really amongst the majority of the public, there's no real problem with it. Well, that's not natural you see. Plato went into that over 2,400 years ago. He said that we domesticate animals to eradicate their wildness and their survival capabilities. That's what a domesticated animal is. It's placid and tame and it doesn’t have the intuition of its impending doom, you might say, and of course that's what he suggested they actually do to people: Breed them the same way and breed out the aggressive tendencies which would allow them to be free. This is well understood. It's been discussed by many think tanks over the last 100 years or so and they're actually implementing it through scientific methods.


Jackie:  I think it's important for our newer listeners when you say okay this has been implemented over the past 100 years. It is just another phase of a system that has – but it takes itself in cycles, it seems, Alan.


Alan:  A long time ago the Egyptians had the diet of the slaves down to a very fine art. They knew exactly what to feed them, what not to feed them, to make them obedient, sluggish of thought but efficient enough to work. Not too fit and healthy so they could run off, so this has been tried by the Egyptians. The East India Company also used those techniques in its plantations. Malthus, who wrote the Treatise on population and population control, also wrote a book about feeding certain things to the people so they'd be sluggish of mind but very obedient.


Jackie:  And so did Charles Galton Darwin.


Alan:  The same thing. Of course, now we see that they've gone for the genetically modified food, which has taken over everything; and Monsanto, who is one of the biggest producers of the modified food, one of it's subsidiary companies is called SEARLE Pharmaceuticals and they work with the parent company on the modified food. Now Searle Company is one of the main leaders in psychotropic drugs for the psychiatric industry.  What on earth are specialists who normally make drugs (which tranquilize people) working with the food producers for?  And I think the answer is pretty obvious to everybody.


Jackie:  Who was it that said, one of the people in the U.S. government, that they would spray--


Alan:  That was Rumsfeld.


Jackie:  Rumsfeld. That they would actually spray a Prozac-like aerosol in the air if there was another terrorist attack. Is that what he said?


Alan:  He was asked right after 9/11 and it was an American station, probably CNN, but they probably didn't show it in the states, there was part of it where a reporter asked him how are you going to deal with another strike in another city where there can be widespread panic throughout the whole city?  And he said we have plenty of aerosolized Valium and Prozac which we can spray directly from the air which will calm the people down to such an extent they'll be kept out of a panic situation.  When he said it, I thought well that's probably what they've been doing all along in the spraying, because if I was one of them and I wanted to bring the world through this incredible transition, where amongst the few choices left you can at least your own mate to breed with and they want to stop even that from occurring, and so if I was going make the people of the future, I'd modify them just as much as they've modified the food. They call it "genetic enhancement"; if I was going to do all these massive changes, I would want the public to be tranquilized too. Of course, it makes perfect sense that's what they're doing.


Jackie:  We have number five to do before we go off the air.


Alan:  Well, number five is when and it comes to everyone is when you re-access yourself and who you are and where you stand in position with all those around you and you reshape all of your priorities, because they must obviously be re-categorized. Everyone I think goes through the same stages right up to there, where you have to decide what really is important to you as an individual with very limited choices really in life. Is it the material world that you're totally attached to? Or is there something else inside of you which will push you off in another direction or stand up and say no when the time comes for you?  It's a decision time in other words you will come to.  Most people will take the ID card, which is only a precursor to the chip which is implanted and it's already there. They've admitted that. Most people will take all of this hoping they can hang on to those material things, their house, vehicles and all this stuff, and it's a vain hope because these characters have said in all of their books that the world that they're creating with human habitat areas, there will be no private property. There will be no private property. There will be no private transportation allowed. That's on the UN website, by the way, under those habitat areas. Even though you think you're trying to save what you have, you have to accept the fact that the people who are running this world, even if you take the card and then take the chip, you're not going to be allowed to keep that stuff anyway.


Jackie:  You know what? I realized that when I got involved in this when it hit me and I said – my awakening was the first Iraq war when they had Poppy Bush talking about the New World Order, a gentler kinder world that we're going to live in and the Iraq war which didn't make sense at all to me why we were there. When it hit me it was just like a two-by-four across my head and what I realized and there were people because you know I owned a business and it was quite a successful business, a small business but it did very well, and the talk about me was and this was even in towns around Springfield that I got the echoes of what was being said. Well, I heard she's really gone off the deep end and people – what I realized is if everybody was like me because the way I was then was – you know my girls were grown. I was doing my business and taking tap lessons and my oil painting and playing Trivial Pursuit on Friday nights, et cetera, et cetera, and I realized literally, like a light bulb, if everybody is like me, because I am a perfect example of the problem, that nobody is going to have anything. I won't have a business. Nobody will have a business and that was – because I began to neglect my business. I just never went there anymore. I had people working for me, Alan, that I didn't even know and by the time I sold it I sold it for a pittance of what it had been worth because I had neglected it so, but there wasn't anything more important to me anymore, but I realize that.


The time does fly. We had a good half hour. I'm glad Tim called because the questions that he asked I think and your number five, re-assess ourselves. What is our purpose? Why are we here and who are we? Know thyself basically is what it is. Alan, thank you.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.


Jackie:  Thank you so much for being with us tonight, folks.



(Transcribed by Linda)