December 16th, 2009
Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show
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Alex Jones: We're going to continue with John, Jeremy, Andy, John, and many others. The toll free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.  This is an abbreviated, only one hour interview with Alan.  It's normally a full interview, but Alan's got so much to say, and I've got so much to add.  We're going to get him back on for a couple of hours early in January.  In fact, let's make sure we set that up with him and his calendar, before he leaves us.  He is a big part of Fall of the Republic: the Presidency of Barack H Obama, detailing the government banking/carbon tax takeover.  This film couldn't have come out at a better time.  It is exploding like no film I've ever produced.  Going to Alan Watt of  First off, I haven't talked to you since we got you a copy of it, when the guys came to interview you a few months ago in Canada.  What's your take on Fall of the Republic, Alan?


Alan: It's having a great impact, it's all over the planet now, and I get emails from so many people saying they've seen it.  And it's really, it's hitting them between the eyes some of them. Which is a darn good thing, because we have no time to lose here in catching up.  We've got to be shocked into reality, and I think it helps to do that. 


Alex: What do you think of the film yourself?  I mean, I want your honest review.


Alan: It's well done.  I mean, even the camera guys, when they were here doing their take, they knew their stuff as well.  Everything was well on.  And I don't know who did the editing and so on, but they certainly made a good job of patching all the different pieces together, to make it flow, and keep the topics flowing, so that people who didn't know too much could get an understanding and take them right through it, in a condensed form, and that's what we have to do today, because we cannot give a complete lifetime's education to people, in a fast move, except by condensing it for them and giving the important parts, and really stressing how it's done and where it is going if they don't participate in their own future.


Alex: Yeah, I mean, we're showing people, here's the globalists' agenda, here's their own documents, here's their own statements.  Do you want this for yourself and your future?  Do you want to be a slave, who is eventually euthanized?  The decision is up to you.  One of the few criticisms I've gotten for Fall of the Republic is, well, I already knew a lot of this, or this has a lot of basics in it.  Yes.  That's the whole point of the Obama Deception and Fall of the Republic is to be slickly done, well produced, highest level graphics, and it has a lot of new information as well, but yes, it gives people the basics because we're trying to reach people who have no idea of what's going on.


Alan: And plus, when you get people together, who know, with people who don't know.  Rather than just go over stuff through books in weekly meetings, if you've all shared the same video, you can then discuss it yourself and chip in.  It's a good way to catch up quickly to speed as to what's happening.  You've got to have something in common, and something you've all either seen or read in common, and that's how it's done today.  We don't have time to give a history for the last hundred odd years, we just don't have time.  So you have to condense it, put in the important parts, so as the beginners can understand, and bring them up to speed, so they can then converse with you, with the knowledge that you're sharing.  That's how we must do it.


Alex: And then, once they have a basic blueprint, of just part of the system.  It's too complex to give somebody the full view.  I mean, I'm still learning every day, it's so big and complex and they've had so many specialists working for so long on different parts of this Matrix system.  But once people have a basic snapshot, a basic crash course in brain surgery, then they can start picking up the other rabbit trails and larger, gestalts for themselves, as their palette develops.


Alan: That's correct.  You've got to understand that we're up against organization.  Organization that's been working steadily for well over a hundred years, with non-governmental organizations who are trained in a school type format, gradually updated with their vision of the future.  As I say, they're organized.  They're funded.  Some of them are full-time employees in fact.  They get salaries from the big foundations and pension funds.  That's what we're up against, massive organization.  We have to do it with what we have.  And we have to do it very quickly, precisely.


Alex: Good job, Alan, stay there.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: By the way, I was just now plugging Fall of the Republic, which really is my best film.  Best produced, most information, most timely, highest quality, and Weldon Henson, the head of our shipping department just explained to me, UPS can normally ship anywhere in the U.S. in four days.  They say six working days out from Christmas.  So tomorrow, orders that get in today and tomorrow are guaranteed by UPS anywhere in the United States before Christmas.  Now most places, it's two or three days.  But that's how we ship, UPS.  If people want regular mail, you can always order that way too, but we've found UPS is, I mean the US mail is really bad.  I've seen a bunch of reports about mail officers just throw your mail away now.  They just don't even care.  Pension checks, toys, it's the government.  And if you don't like it a SWAT team will drop by.  I mean, you know, they've got the SWAT teams, they've got your tax money, that's...I don't want to bash the whole post office.  There's some great people at the post office.... 


Alan Watt, enough with Christmas and Fall of the Republic.  We have total mind control being established in the country.  We have all over the United States, Europe, the Western World, children on record, writing reports on their parents.  We've confirmed that the herd now has power authority in Texas.  Central Texas is making the kids fill out dossiers on their parents, through the public schools, or they get a zero on their grade.  I have a report here, where a boy drew an image of Jesus and was kicked out of school, and is having a psychological assessment done.  In fact, show viewers an image of this.  I mean, we really are living in a secret police style tyranny.  The Rand corporation is already announcing that all your local police departments are openly federalized, regular army garrisons will be stationed as domestic police, as a rapid reaction force to take over local police departments.  That's in this Rand corporation report.  So much is going on.  Go over that, Alan Watt, and then your take on what's happening at Copenhagen.  You know, is their program really in deep trouble?


Alan: Well, we find that the U.S. is just the last country to be basically completely Socialized.  This is a Socialist system.  It's already completely through Europe, especially Britain.  Britain is an incredible country right now.  Where back in the 1980s in fact, they federalized, at least they put a Chief Police Association in charge of all of the police across Britain, and supposedly they were going to use martial law back in the 1980s, if Britain had to be sacrificed for first nuclear strikes in order for the US to survive.  So it's never got out of that mode; it made it easier for the federalized government to take over.  And this is a Socialized system.  I tell people so often, don't get confused with Fascism, Communism, and Socialism.  It's all the same thing, you see.  And that's what's being used today.  A long time ago, it was decided by the big powers and the economists, and those who rule the banking system of the world, along with the politicians, and the Fabian society, that they'd have to bring in a Socialist system, and train the public, train them gradually to allow the experts at top to simply handle all the big problems, while we were taught to play at the bottom.  That's been very successful since, mainly from the 1960s onwards.  And so we're out of the loop.  Most folk are quite content. 


Alex: That's right.  They made it a moral, a moral right, like it's cool that men and women don't care and aren't involved.  It's uncool to be involved.  It's fun to be an idiot.


Alan: That's correct.  And while we're all being idiots and playing, and they threw credit cards at everyone, and gave us a youth culture, perpetual youth culture, where anyone over a certain age is just non-existent.  They did not want older, wiser people coming into the game and teaching people what was really going on by their knowledge in history, etc.  That's been very, very successful.  That was part.


Alex: You don't revere your elders, they're just people to be exterminated.  And now Time and Newsweek have articles about, let's just murder all the old people, it's so liberal.


Alan: That's correct.  And that is coming down.  They started off in Holland with euthanasia.  Britain has just passed laws on it too.  The U.S. I think did their first main one this year in fact, earlier this year, openly.  And so that's the agenda.  This was all written again, going back to the days of H.G. Wells and the Utopians and the Fabians, and also, population control, as they ramp up abortion and sterilization on one end.  Which is coming down by the way as part of the Copenhagen treaty, and then they ramp up the other side too.  Obama has already made the Communist statements, and that's what it is folks, you're under that system right now, if you don't know it.  Look at all the people who are on his staff right now; many of them were card-carrying Communists.  And they're true believers in this World Fabian System of Socialism, where experts rule. 


Alex: But just like the media told us Communism didn't exist after 1991, they tell us no New World Order exists, even as they announce it, even as I was reading two weeks ago in a mercantile report, that the number one shirts are hammer and sickle shirts. 


Alan: That's correct.  And a lot of U.S. teenagers are wearing them, thinking it's all cool and trendy.  And we've got to remember too, that back in the 1950s, remember, the Reece Commission, authorized by the US Congress and the Senate, did investigations into the tax-free foundations, the big Rockefellers, Ford, Carnegie, all the other ones there, who were funding what appeared to be to them, all the far left Communist groups.  And Senator Norman Dodd, and he's up on youtube, talking about this, he was astonished when he was told by the CEO of the Ford foundation, that their job of the foundation was to fund NGOs and so on, to so change society and culture within the Western World, and especially in America, that it eventually blended seamlessly with that of the Soviet system.  That has happened.  And they're going now for the next step, because, in Marxian economics, they must have everything centralized, under world government.  That's what the United Nations was established to become, with the IMF there at the top, the World Bank and all the rest of it.


Alex: Alan, to interrupt.  From your study, how does Russia tie in?  Russia is paying people to have kids now, because they lost 45 million people thanks to the global agenda.  They're talking about the New World Order on their television.  I mean, is Russia going rogue from the New World Order, or bidding for a better position in the New World Order?


Alan: A better position, however too, you understand too.  When the Bolshevik Revolution took over Russia, the Bolsheviks were comprised of non-Russians primarily, who moved into the Soviet Union, and they ran the entire Soviet Union, right through the Soviet era.  When the wall...


Alex: When people from Brooklyn came over and run everything, and now they're the Neo-Cons.


Alan: Brooklyn, that's correct.  That's correct as well.  And after the wall came down and prior to it, many of them moved out.  Many of them went to Israel.  A lot of them moved into California, Toronto, and other places, to continue the agenda of the merger over here.  Now Gorbachev himself, who remember was the President of the Soviet Union, who was taken round the world, on a world tour by Margaret Thatcher, by her arm, arm in arm, and she introduced him to the world as a new type of Communist.  So they'd already chosen him to lead the Soviet Union as it brought down the walls.  And we've got to go back to Lenin.  Lenin said the dictatorship would last about seventy or eighty years and then it was to merge into the West, where the new system would emerge, not quite Capitalist, not quite Communist.  It's a Socialist Fabian system, worldwide.  Run by experts, eugenicists, all the guys on top.  A planned society, a planned population, and that's what's happening, right now, as we live, we're watching the people appointed on Obama's system, we know who they all are.  They've got tremendous histories of involvement in this Communistic technique and the Fabian society.  Holdren should be scaring...


Alex:  And by the way, this is not, this is not Joseph McCarthy up here.  This isn't Alex Jones or Alan Watt.  Alan, because I've read all the same books, he's reading books written by Gorbachev, written by H.G. Wells, written by Leon Trotsky, written by Joseph Stalin, by Vladimir Lenin.  We're telling you what they said, and now their world government is here. 


(Commercial Break)


Alex: By the way Fox News is playing the ten biggest stories of 2009.  One of them is how the Japanese government wants to put lithium, an anti-psychotic, in the water supply.  Let me give you a news flash, most US municipal supplies already have lithium added.  You can go over the toxicology reports for your city's water, you'll find it's not leaching in, they're adding it.  Ha, ha, ha.  You know the national media calls me all the time, Alan Watt, and they say, you're crazy.  You're saying they're putting cancer viruses in vaccines.  You say they're drugging the water.  And then I start emailing them mainstream articles and they shut up real fast.  They always think they've gotten me.  Then I'll be talking to some yuppie producer, and I'll say, don't you care about your kids.  And they'll start, really, really realizing, for their petty power position of lying, that they're really assaulting their own children.  But they still just giggle and go on with it.  Briefly from your research, cancer viruses in vaccines, and calmative toxins in the water.


Alan: Very, very old techniques.  They started off with fluoride of course in the early days.  They knew about this stuff in the beginning of the 1900s and what it did with people.  It made them more pliable and more easily managed, but it was Japan too, where they first noticed that a particular village in Japan, many years ago, were much more placid than the average villager, and when they tested the water there was natural lithium in it, so that's where the idea sprung from, if we add this to other people's supplies, it will make them more docile and easily managed. They won't care much what's happening in the big world or what's going to be coming down in the future, and that's why they're adding it across the world.  You've got to understand and go back to Julian Huxley.  Julian Huxley, the brother of Aldous Huxley, his grandfather was Sir Thomas Huxley, the best friend of Charles Darwin.  And Darwinism is a big part of this whole Socialist agenda.  It gave them ammunition for their purpose and for their planning for the future, based on superior types and inferior types and so on.  And Julian Huxley talked about the coming system of control, where they would definitely use pharmacology and they'd use hypnosis techniques of persuasion on television and so on.  That's what they would use for the public, and it's been very successful already.  Never mind all the stuff that's naturally prescribed by the physicians in the tranquilizing business.  They also put it into the water.  And you've got to go into the writings too, of another hard-line Communist, by the way, who worked for MI5, like most of them did, and that was Arthur Koestler.  That's declassified he was an agent for them, and he worked with the United Nations during the 1960s on projects to find ways of lobotomizing the human brain chemically, or through viral or bacterial means.  They discussed the means of directing bio-warfare techniques right to the brain itself by injections.  He said, we can do it through the food.  We could do it through the water supply.  Their only problem was how to actually introduce it, and of course the public weren't to know.  And the UN had different teams, all working on the same project.  Millions of dollars went into the investigations.  Russia went to the straight-forward way of mandatorily lobotomizing people physically, you know the criminal element.  Those that spoke out with wrongthink, or had "inflexibility of opinion," that was a psychiatric disorder, they would lobotomize them.  But they found they could do it by inoculations, where they could carry something right to the brain, fever develops in the baby and they're short a few cents off the dollar from then on.  That's all been done I think, to be honest with you.


Alex: Which is good.  You then get a partiality lobotomized, biological robot, that you can then program.  Because programming doesn't work if it isn't started early and if the person has an advanced intellect that will then later in life discover the programming.  It will then be hard to get rid of all of it, but then stronger-willed people, who are also intelligent, can countermand the programming.  But for a lot of people who were already just going to be average intelligence, they're now borderline retarded, and that's why you can't reach out to them.


Alan: And officially, the United Nations has lowered the official average IQ by about four or five points in the last four years.


Alex: Yeah, pretty soon geniuses will be able to tie their shoelaces. 


Alan: That's correct. 


Alex: And they giggle and laugh about this, and their argument is, hey, look, the public doesn't care we're brain damaging them, they deserve to be brain damaged further. 


Alan: And now we have the mass campaigns now with the fake flu pandemics and so on, to terrify the public into compliance to get the latest upgraded biowarfare technique to lobotomize them.  And this is all part of the same system.  They can't ask for volunteers. 


Alex: Alan Watt, stay there.  I want to get into the flu, your take on that.  Then Copenhagen, and then some phone calls.  And we'll play that clip from Fox News, about drugging your water.  It's the newest, coolest thing.  Of course they've already been doing it.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Yeah, here's Fox News, and I've seen MSNBC, the clips on youtube, where they propose putting Prozac in the water, and the Federal government is also proposing putting statins in the water.  They're now teaching kids that five-year-olds need anti-cholesterol drugs which completely eat your liver.  It just doesn't even help you with cholesterol.  It's all lies.  Now, over a hundred and fifty chemicals on average are put in U.S. drinking water, same thing in Canada and the UK.  Some have over 300, and it's lithium, everything.  Of course lithium is a heavy metal, very toxic.  It's the same thing with fluoride, sodium fluoride.  But when you hear fluoride, that's a catch-all term under Federal Regulations, for over 300 chemicals they're allowed to put in.  And I mean, Mercury, everything.  They are killing you.  Okay.  That's why people look so bad, even if they exercise and try to eat healthy.  I mean, these are sickos, okay.  They openly write textbooks on how they want to kill us, and we're going to talk to Alan Watt about that in a moment.  Real expert on this stuff, and a big part of Fall of the Republic.  But here's Fox television.


With only two weeks left of 2009, we're taking a look back at some of the most interesting healthcare discoveries of the past year.  Joining us is Fox medical expert Dr. Archelle Georgiou to talk about it.  Good Morning.


Georgiou: Good Morning.


Host: Of course the U.S. has been adding fluoride to its public water supply for decades and it's of course to prevent tooth decay.  Well, now researchers from Japan are suggesting that we add lithium, so why is that?


Georgiou: Well, they're actually not suggesting it, but they're certainly looking into it.  Lithium is a medication that in prescription doses treats mood disorders in people with bipolar disorder or manic-depressive illness.  And what these researchers found in Japan is that it's, lithium is present in trace amounts in the normal water supply in some communities, and in those communities they have a lower suicide rate.  And so they're really investigating whether trace amounts of lithium can just change the mood enough in a positive way without having the bad effects of lithium to really affect the mood and decrease the suicide rate. Very interesting concept.  You know, it's the same reason we put iodine in salt, fluoride in water, there's many different examples of when we put trace amounts of chemicals in the normal supply of food or water to help people's health.


Host: Right.  Although not, this is the first where they're actually affecting people's moods and the brain.  So that, I'm sure puts up a lot of red flags for people.  Alright, moving on.


Alex: Alright.  So what they do is they pitch it to you as a great thing.  It's already being done.  Lithium is already put in your water.  Okay, let me give everybody the news flash. You can pull up an EPA report for any major city and sure they can say small towns have natural trace amounts.  Some towns have natural trace amounts of mercury or arsenic, or cyanide.  It doesn't mean you want to go drink it.  Alan Watt, they are really getting us ready for this, because they know we're exposing that they're already putting it in the water, so they're going, yeah we're chemtrailing you.  John P Holdren this year admitted it.  And yeah, we're putting stuff in your water.  What's wrong with that?


Alan: We have to go back again, quite some time to realize that this is nothing new about the idea.  The big boys had global meetings back in the thirties even, forties, fifties, always looking towards this future world society they were going to bring in to be, and they talked as I say about ways of doing it, and pharma was to be a big part of it.  There's no doubt about that.  They all talked about using pharma.  And you'll find with Zbigniew Brzezinski – who pretty well says he's got his own man in as the president now, because he trained him – in his book Between Two Ages, that he published back in the 1970s, he talked about mind control.  He talked about the Technotronic Era, but he talked about other methods too where the public would be basically made docile.  He said, it can be done electronically, by using standing waves across a whole continent, if need be.  Which means it was already tested out back in the 1970s, so it works.  He also mentioned other methods as well, of making the public compliant. 


Alex: I saw a Baltimore Sun Article about 8 years ago, where it said, oh Darpa in major cities is testing calming waves to make everyone happy.  What's wrong with calming waves, Alan?  Why are you and I different?  Why don't we love the government putting a toxic, heavy metal in the water to brain damage us?  Why don't we like mind control towers?  Why don't we like police in black uniforms and secret arrest and torture?  What's wrong with us, Alan Watt?


Alan: I think there's something wrong with the uptake in our brains for these particular chemicals perhaps; it's waylaid somewhere else.  Which actually does happen in some people's physiologies.  It's the same with inoculations.  They've found with the standard childhood inoculations.  The doctors are all trained to tell the mother, don't worry, they'll go home, they'll have a fever, it's based in the head.  Well, when you have an inflammation in the head, you have an inflammation in the brain.  Inflammation causes brain cells to die off.  So this is all supposedly normal.  And it is normal, according to their agenda.


Alex: We're going to brain damage your child and lower their IQ by three points, and after fifty shots, they're going to be retarded.  Don't worry, I've got power.  I wear a white lab coat.  Oh, I love my mistress.  Oh, go ahead.


Alan: And then, some people, there's always a few individuals, because these particular biowarfare chemicals will attach themselves to uptake amino acids and go to the brain, because of different physiologies sometimes it's waylaid somewhere else.  Into the intestine, into other parts of the body.  They'll end up with various allergies.  It's a very common symptom.


Alex: Well, take the movie Serenity, based on the TV show.  Well, you may have seen it, but for those that don't know.  They go to this planet where everybody has died to find out, and they discover that the government was putting, basically, Prozac into the air, but they found that 1% of people, it makes them psycho killers.  So that's the establishment kind of saying, what we're doing is having some unintended consequences.  Go ahead. 


Alan: Yes, and it's the same when they inject you with various things.  Not everyone comes down with a fever, but often those children will come down with asthma or intestinal problems for the rest of their lives. 


Alex: They admit that all Crohn's cases have the measles and other vaccine antibodies, because, oh, the autoimmune attack didn't eat your brain, it ate your guts.  Oh.


Alan: That's correct.  And so you often find people who have these problems are a bit brighter.  They're more aware of what's going on, because their brain was unaffected.  Now they're going for everyone now with pharma.  The calmatives as they call them, openly.  And remember, after 9/11, I think it was Rumsfeld.  He was on television in the U.S.  It was broadcast on Canadian TV and he was asked by a reporter, what are you going to do if another major crisis breaks out. He says, we've got contingency plans, he says.  We've aerosolized Valium and Prozac, he said, we can spray over entire cities or whole areas.  And I thought, well perfect, because Valium kicks in quick, you see, whereas Prozac takes about a week to build up in the system, and then takes over.  So they've already had these things discussed and ready to go for who knows how many decades. 


Alex: And now they've been spraying us, so John P. Holdren can come out, and say, yes, we're spraying you.  He can tell the associated press.  There can be video of it, and people just go, they're not spraying me.  Well, the White House Science Czar just said they are.  No they're not.


Alan: In fact there was a TV show in New York yesterday in the news hour, it just came out, and advised people who have children with asthma to move out of the East Side for overnight if possible, because of heavy metallic spraying.  That's all they said in this little clip.  No justification, no follow-up, no whys, that's all they said.


Alex: Well, Alan, what's wrong with having aluminum dioxide sprayed on you?  I mean, they're only helping you. 


Alan:  That's right.  And then the barium will help build up, and you'll get cancer early, so you're not a burden on the coming healthcare system.  This is no joking. 


Alex: They're really loving people.  They're just so loving. 


Alan: You know, you have to go into the characters behind all of this.  And who is at the Copenhagen meeting for instance.  And the big eugenicists are there.  The big Utopians are there.  Dennis Meadows is there.  He was one of the big boys at the Club of Rome.


Alex: In fact, talk about that.  The head of the Chinese delegation said, we own your debt, this is for those, Monday, Associated Press and others, and we want Global Government One-Child Policies for Americans.  And our government suddenly announced, yeah, we're looking at this.  So, they're just out, go ahead, Alan.


Alan: And don't forget, as I say, look at the panel appointed in the U.S. Congress, there's John Holdren there who wrote the book Ecoscience back in the 1970s with another mainline Communist.  And they are Communists by the way, hard-line Communists, and Holdren himself said he wants compulsory sterilization of the public.  He said, we can't do it the same way in America as we do in India, because people in America are better educated, they might catch on, so they'll have to do it surreptitiously, covertly, and basically sterilize the people by other means.  And they discussed what the ideal population should be.  Now, these characters are all on board, and you have your Holdrens in every government of the Western World right now.  That's not by chance.  They're all on board right now, appointed.  And the whole agenda is now set to roll forth at an incredible pace.  Remember too, in Communism, the planks of Communism, was the destruction of the family unit.  Families contaminate the children according to them – so did Bertrand Russell; he agreed with this – by passing on outmoded family values, things in other words that would fight...


Alex: Yearly programming, and now everywhere, under the environment, the police, most of the kid's curriculum is dossiers on mommy and daddy on record. 


Alan: Yes.  And they also said in the Communist Manifesto, see the family was an enemy because the state must be able to talk to you directly, with no relative around to stand up with you, like a small clan. 


Alex: Because we got a couple of generations raised in Europe and the U.S. and Canada on this.  Parents are on the news locally going, I'm glad my child is my boss and writes reports on me.  Mmph.


Alan: And that was all part of the push for single mums by the way.  People don't realize that they don't give a darn about mothers and women's rights.  They use them all for a different purpose, to divide families and get them down until there's just you, the unit, like Orwell's 1984, where that camera can pull you up and say, yeah, you Smith, and there's nobody around to help you.  That's what government wants.  And H.G. Wells said that, we will never win until we can talk directly to each citizen, and there's no other citizens that will stand up beside them.  That's already here.  You have to understand too, another plank of the Manifesto was the distribution of wealth.  And they could not bring it through under its guise, because everyone knew, at least not so long ago, what Communism was, and what the planks were.


Alex:  It's all for the Earth.  You pay Al Gore, and the polar bears live.


Alan: Yes, they brought it back under a different guise, much more clever, and wrap some scientific jargon and a lot of fakery over it, and a lot of hype and terror and fear if you don't comply, and they're bringing out this exact same Communist agenda. 


Alex: They promise new technologies to free everyone, while they really set up a scientific dictatorship that doesn't allow new technologies to develop.  That's actually in the treaty.  Actually, the Communists, that was their favorite thing, eighty years ago, Alan.


Alan: Yes.  And we've got to understand that it never died.  It never died, as the Reece Commission showed, it was to blend with the West.  By the time it would blend, the West would already be degraded culturally, and we have been degraded, thanks to Hollywood and television, and again through the academia system, because Lenin said it too, we must have an international academic authority, and that was set up eventually at the United Nations under UNESCO.


Alex:  Everything is standardized to the point, where the average person tuning in, who's a new listener, just thinks we're gibbering and jabbering.  I see people on youtube, everywhere.  They watch these videos, and they go, what are they talking about?  And it's like we're weird because we know the names of government groups.  That's bad.


Alan: That's right.  And they've also been trained, like Brzezinski said, that unless it's on mainstream media, they will not believe it.  By the same token, if something is on mainstream media, which is totally fictitious, they will believe it, like the fake flu pandemic.  I was contacted recently by a group, under Ted Turner's group, massive network system, asking me if I'd come on and talk about global warming, before the Copenhagen thing came up.  And the two producers, a man and a woman talked to me for quite some time.  And I caught on right away that they wanted someone who didn't know their facts.  They wanted someone who would just be anti-this or anti-that.  And I was dishing out names, speeches, comments made by the big boys themselves, on creating the fake global warming crisis, like the Club of Rome, and the two founders.  I mentioned them.  I mentioned their book.  I said they came up with the idea and admit it in their book, and I mentioned fact after fact after fact for an hour.  And I knew by the end of that hour that these folk would not have me on because they did not want someone on who could present the facts.


Alex: They wanted somebody on to say, I like Global Warming, it means I'll be able to surf more.  You would have been on TV.


Alan: That's right.  They wanted someone who would just go up there and be emotional and angry and so on, but have no facts to back anything up; that would discredit all the rest of them who had the facts, but were never heard.


Alex: But, the system is so discredited that even if that was the case, I mean, that's why the globalists are running out of steam.  Their scientific dictatorship.  Look at this.  Wemberly school teaches students to be detectives, and it says they come home and investigate their parents.  This is outside Austin.  But this is done in Austin too.  They come home and inspect their parents and write up detective's reports on their parents' carbon footprint.  This is going on nationwide.  Oh, the freedom.


Alan: Yes.  And now in Britain, they're going after people who live in rural communities.  Remember, Agenda 21 at the United Nations.  It all ties together, where the rural folk have to be crushed into the already overcrowded cities, as this generation is to die off.  That's the key to it.  Over the next thirty, forty years.  And they're going after people's stoves in Britain, if you heat by a certain particular oil type stove, it heats the house and you can cook on it too.


Alex: And they're shutting off everybody's industry.  And this is all in their own statements to destroy your independence.   Let's talk to John in Maine, and then Andy and David, in the next segment.  John, you're on the air, go ahead.


John: Hey, Alex, how are you doing?


Alex: Go ahead, sir.


John: Yeah.  So, I've been listening to you for about two weeks now, and a lot of the stuff you've been saying has really been matching up with my experience after working on Wall Street for about ten years.  I worked for Deutsch Bank, private bank and I was just involved basically in an enormous money laundering operation.  You know, it was a lot of the very same people who are calling for higher taxes, have all their money in these offshore accounts with layer upon layer of legal protection, so that people will never find their money. 


Alex: And it's all selectively enforced.  They only burn the little people, who are offshore and steal their money for themselves.  Yes.  It's private banks, private bankers, that now run the government and run the IRS.  Any more comments, John?


John: Well, the only other thing I wanted to say is, you know, I was working down in the Miami office, and these banks are involved in huge drug money laundering operations as well.  That's all. 


Alex: You should write a report about it.  But I mean, they now admit on British television that our government grows the opium, but says, oh, it's a good thing.  I mean, there really is a coming out in the open now isn't there?


Alan: I think it was just yesterday there was an article in a Canadian newspaper, and in a US newspaper, which stated after a survey, an investigation, that the banks that were kept afloat during this supposed, and it's a planned crisis obviously.


Alex: Yeah, the UN said drug money kept us afloat.  Drug money is good. 


Alan: That's right.  It came out there that drug money did it.  And of course there will be no investigation as to who's responsible, because they all know who's responsible. 


Alex: But if you're caught with a matchbox of it, you're going to a slave prison.


Alan: You are correct.  In fact, someone in the States phoned me the other day, and said they could not believe it, they're sixty-five and they were asked why they wanted to buy a box of matches.


Alex: Oh, yeah, everywhere.  Matches, spray paint, over-the-counter drugs, everyone is being asked questions.  All the clerks are being trained to ask questions like we live in Red Dawn. 


Alan: That's correct.


Alex: I mean just folks, we are gone.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: We have a group of criminal pirates running our society, they're training your children to spy on you and despise you.  They're teaching them they're the boss.  Al Gore on tape, your parents don't know, you do.   You're in control now.  Time magazine for kids saying, your parents belong to a bygone pathetic age.  You know freedom and you want the microchip.  That's a paraphrase quote.  I mean just bizarre.  And it's over the top.  They just intimidate you into accepting tyranny.  They just throw it in your face so you just capitulate.  Alan Watt, comments on that.


Alan: That's true, because they are organized.  As I say, they can't help but be organized, because the biggest bankers on the planet are in on this whole future.  I used to be astonished as to why Victor Rothschild, Lord Victor Rothschild, it's now been disclosed, and they knew it all along in the sixties, and the forties, even, and the fifties.  He was a member of the Communist party.  He joined at Cambridge.  So here's a man from one of the richest, if not the richest banking family on the planet.  He also belonged to the Mossad, later on, and he sold out all of the plans of Britain, including the A-Bomb to the Russians, he gave it to them basically.  And his personal belief, and this is what's so important, his personal belief was that the right sort of people would eventually rule the world.  And these were the most intelligent, once again on the Darwinian principle, who'd come down through centuries, accumulating, getting to the top, holding on to wealth for instance, well they had the right to rule.  But he believed that money, and he was a truthful character for a banker, he said money is only a system of controlling people and getting power for those in the top.  Everyone works, as Karl Marx said, by labor.  Labor is the only real producer there is.  And he believed...


Alex: Banks don't need more tax money. 


Alan: No. 


Alex: It's control.


Alan: It's control.  And he believed that money can be anything.  They'd already proven that after the Bretton Woods Agreement, when they brought in fractional reserve, got rid of the gold standard.


Alex: And speaking of that.  They are now announcing the Arabs are fully going off the dollar.  It is the end of the dollar.


Alan: That's correct.  And they knew this back, remember, when they signed the GATT treaty, the public were kept out of it.  It was never explained to them by any media, what the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs was.  It never told them that yes we would be, the taxpayer would be funding for their own factories to uproot and go to China.  They never said, oh, the taxpayers will pay these corporations for ten years, until they start to bring in profits. 


Alex: By the way, you're not just saying that.  Of the 50 billion GM bailout, more than half of it went to pay to move the factories to Brazil, China, and Eastern Europe.  We literally pay.


Alan: Yeah.  And the public were utterly ignorant, even when suddenly everything started to say Made in China, Made in China.  They didn't even, because most of the public are never conscious.  Getting back to Rothschild...


Alex: They love paying to lose their job.  They love SWAT teams.  They love open borders.  They love their kids coming home and ordering them around.  They love drinking fluoride.  They love it!


Alan: They do, and they love to play.  And that's the problem.  And that is a big problem.  They are the middle people who will do nothing.  They'll go whichever way the winner goes.  That's how much...


Alex: That's right.  That's why they do it.  They think the globalists are winning, and so even now that it's proven we're going into a tyrannical world government, they're going, I like it.  I love my kids.


Alan: That's right.  I'll be okay, because I keep my head down.  That's their attitude. 


Alex: Well, it's like the guy in Nineteen Eighty-Four who's bragging on his kid being a spy, and when his kid denounces him, he says, I don't know why the little guy denounced me but I'm sure he was right.  I'm so proud of him.  And it's the same thing.  Listen, Alan, great interview.  We're going to have you on, what, early January for two full hours to take more calls.  Sorry to all the callers, we'll get to more of you tomorrow.  Alan, great job.  Your website is  My websites are and  Let me say bye to you Alan, here as the show ends.  See Alan Watt in the film, Fall of the Republic. 


Alan: It's been a pleasure.




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