January 9, 2009
Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show

(2 Hours)


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"We are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy . . . to get people actually to love their servitude. . . . People can be made to enjoy a state of affairs which, by any decent standard, they ought not to enjoy."-Aldous Huxley


Alex Jones:  Welcome back ladies and gentlemen.  We are live.  Friday the 9th day of January 2009.  We are the good ship humanity, steaming straight into the New World Order super typhoon that intends to sink us.  I see the gullible, poisoned, hypnotized public.  They're like little children, so trusting, having no idea the grid that is being build and tightened around their little throats.  But, as history has shown, the public is generally out playing foolishly, and it is up to the good men and women of honor of decency who love humanity, and who understand the danger of corruption and wickedness, to stand up and fight.  And if we take the field, they will fail.  The New World Order will fall.  We don't have a choice, they're giving us no quarter.  Cuttingthroughthematrix.com is our guest's website.  Cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  My websites of course are prisonplanet.com and infowars.com, and he joins us every few weeks.  We're always honored to have him join us from Canada.  He is Alan Watt, and he is with us for the next Hour and fifty minutes.  Alan Watt, we didn't do any preinterview.  Whatever you want to get into today, I'd love to break it down.  Any of the latest news developments.  The establishment is accelerating their announcement, they are setting up a World Bank, to be the World Government.  They are admitting just so much of their agenda right now.  Out of the gates, why is the establishment after denying all this for all these decades now emerging and admitting that they are indeed are setting up a tyrannical World Government, but for "our own good."


Alan: I think, to be honest with you, that they're so sure of themselves now, they have the whole thing in the bag.  They do control all of society.  The cultures of every country in the world now, are interdependent, the same as the economy is.  The cultures are as well.  It all comes from Hollywood and television, the same newscasters, etc, worldwide.  So they have, they're pretty sure of themselves.  Plus they have all of academia, worldwide, sewn up, on board with this agenda.  And they do know, and they've written about this in the past, that it was essential to get academia on their side, because they become the future leaders, bureaucrats, CEOs of corporations and so on.  So when they're all trained in the same tunnel vision of this World Order.  They think that the people, they call them the Proles as Orwell called them too.  The Proles are not even relevant, the masses don't even know what's happening.  And most of them, to be honest with you, don't really care.  So this has always been their standard philosophy.  We saw them when they set up the Communist system, the dialectic to help bring all this about, that Communism was spread from the Universities from Professors downwards.  And that became the prevalent culture within society in the Western hemisphere.  Now they're bringing them both together.  But they truly do have all the basic academic sciences on board with all of this agenda, including eugenics.  Including the necessity to depopulate drastically, rapidly, and also to get rid of what they see now as the Useless Eaters that would be left over from a previous society.  They're going into the New World Order with the New Man, and a reduced society of what they think are the better gene types.  The Old Man now, according to the Darwinian principle, which they're all grounded on, is now obsolete and cannot be brought through into the New System.


Alex: Now to be specific, we're not even debating whether there's evolution or whether, you know, that theory had some basis in reality.  That's not, we're not debating that either or.  The fact is that's their governing system through Social Darwinism and eugenics, and so, that's their rationale for all the horrors that they carry out.  When in reality from studying the elites, interbred, we know causes a lot of psychotic behavior, delusions of grandeur, a lot of other behaviors.  So really we have an aberrant strain of malfunctioning humanity, who are very intelligent and well organized, but also psychopathic sociopaths, and a gaggle of fellow travelers, who only have certain pieces of the puzzle, and then you have all these subgroups that believe they're at the highest echelons of power, when really they're in lower echelons of the pyramidal power structure, who revel in the raw exercise of mindless power, and that's why when you talk to these mid-level elitists and technicians and university professors that say they want to kill the majority of the public, they act very infantile and aren't very intelligent.  But if you talk to one of the higher level globalists, they are intelligent.  Can you go through that, and the way this is broken down from your research, in the different sub-group directives, and the type of mindset of these petty power people, who believe that they're members of the elite.


Alan: There's a book out there that people should try and get a hold of.  It's called Political Ponerology, and it's about the study of evil in mankind, something that was studied in ancient times, but not so much today, because they don't believe in evil, or the outcomes of evil; there's always someone that benefits, therefore it's okay.  That's basically the Cabalistic form of it, which they're all on board with too.  Ponerology, this book goes into psychopathy and how the elite in all nations, all peoples are basically psychopathic.  They rise to the top in every society because they are ruthless.  They have no conscience whatsoever.  They're very cunning.  They have certain traits.  A psychopath will feel no emotion for other people outside his own little circle of what he owns, or he sees as that which he owns.  But he's very good, he's like a camera who studies other people as he grows up, watching how they behave and interact, and they become tremendous salesmen, they become politicians, they do gravitate towards positions of power, but they're also sado-masochistic in their makeup.  This came out at the Nuremberg trial, where studies were done on the followers, the higher followers of Hitler, and they glorified Hitler to the very end.  And yet they despised the weaker officers beneath them.  So that is sado-masochism.  You crave, you'll worship the person with more power than you have yourself, and you'll do his bidding immediately, with no questions, concern, and you'll despise the lessers beneath you.  That is sado-masochistic, and that's a standard part of this whole system in which we live.  In other words, since the creation of commerce and money and the debt system and banking and so on, and the armies that they can finance to take over other countries, seize their assets, resources and so on, we've always had the same types gravitating to the top, in all societies.  In fact, history is just the stories of "his" stories, basically, that's what history is, of the ruling elite who gained power by being ruthless and merciless towards other people or rivals.  And we have them today in an organized system, this is the problem.  Now all mini-subcultures, you might say nations in fact, have their top gang at the top, whoever is at the top of the tree in Japan, China, or wherever is a gang.  It's basically a gang with the most power, and they're all psychopathic in their origins.  Today, we have an international group where they've all come together.  And they have been working on this for an awful long time by certain foundations pushing it, and networking them all together, until they're all on board.  And, as I say, they're all using or hiding behind the Darwinist theory of survival of the fittest, of the extinction of inferiors that have no further use; that's the theory of Darwinism.  And therefore they have concluded that they are the fittest, and they've proven their worth by gaining power, holding onto it, intergenerationally, marrying the right types, because their wives are selected for them in these groups and have been for hundreds of years.


Alex: And Alan, we have, just to add, a point going back.  I was backing you up.  You see it in the press, you see it in sociology reports, that in Washington D.C., New York and London, that are the most popular places for sado-masochism, and what all of the elitists whenever they get caught in a sting, or happen to get caught, it is hardcore sado-masochism, whereas you or I or a normal nurturative person doesn't like that, they love it, and they love dominating or being dominated and that interchanges, normally goes both ways, that really is, and the greatest extension of that is they love to torture small children to death, because again, it's that great power, and they love hurting something innocent.  Would you say in these interlocking, when we come back I want to go through, from your study the different gangs we have, that at the next to the highest level of the pyramid is the scientific gang, wherever whoever is the most coldblooded is who is admired, and then above that is the elite families.


Alan: There's no doubt.  In fact, Huxley himself went through the whole strata of the dominant minority, and the scientific elite who were specially bred, including his own group, to help this dominant minority. 


Alex: And then I want to get into the cloning, the designer babies already happening, the cloned cows, the cloned milk.  They're having to put on milk whether it's cloned or isn't cloned.  I mean, where this Brave New World is going, with an amazing guest, Alan Watt, on this live Friday edition.  Stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.


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Alex: Okay, let's go right back to Alan Watt, breaking down exactly who these elite are.  And again, they've written thousands of books on it, thousands of papers, and they laugh and say, look at the slave scum, they can't even read what we're saying we're going to do to them, and they say that's prima facie evidence.  I've had, as you've I know had, Alan, elitists say Alex, look you tell them and they don't even listen to you.  See, you need to join us.  And I say, listen, I'm a nurturative person.  I know what I do to others comes back on me.  I've, you know, you people are evil, and you've helped dumb people down.  You've accelerated the domestication and the institutionalization of the public.  This is a great crime against life, against our species, against humanity, and they just snicker, or they act sad and go, well, you just don't know the law of nature do you?  We're just doing something inevitable.  If we didn't act like this, somebody else would.  Alan Watt.


Alan: That's exactly how they rationalize it, as I say, through the Darwinian studies of the different species and so on, they go down through the sea urchins and all of these things in different groups that came down through the ages.  They've never found missing links, but that's not the point.  The point is, things go extinct, and we do have evidence of that.  Different animals go extinct.  So they put man in the same category, and they couch it in phases or stages of mankind, from the early types to the present type.  And they truly believe that they themselves, because they're up there in academia, they're in the sciences, they have positions of power and control, they believe they're a separate species, that they have evolved and the old types that used to work in factories and so on during the 20th Century are now obsolete and have to go.  And they even rationalize why they must go, according to the laws of this Darwinian theory, that if the old type come into the new system, they'll overwhelm the elite who have evolved even higher, and bring down that high group.  That's what they truly believe. This is identical to Hinduism.  Hinduism goes through this, and I think that's the connecting link between much of higher Freemasonry and this New World Order.  In Hinduism, they believe there are cycles in Nature that last millions of years, different phases.  They call them ages, and at the end of each age, those that evolve, remember they start from slime into amoebas, and through animals, through transmigration of souls and all this kind of stuff, and eventually you get to this advanced type, and they go on into the next wave, while the old type dies off.  It's identical to Darwinism, and you have to ask yourself, did Darwinism come first, or did they simply copy the Hinduistic philosophies?


Alex: Or the Babylonian Mystery Religions, it's the same thing.  Transhumanists.  Now the low level, kind of porch transhumanists, like porch Masons, don't know, or haven't read the real dogma, but Aldous Huxley's brother, the head UN Eugenicist, the head Eugenicist worldwide at the time, he said, we've got to change to transhumanism, so transhumanism, the founder of it, says it is the new name for eugenics.  And he says, and now they say at these big eugenics conferences, or transhumanist conferences they have or post-humanist, they say, you will take brain chips, you will evolve into the cybernetic, if we even let you, if you prove your worth, and all the rest of you will die because you're not evolving.  And so, we face it on that front. 


Alan: Yes, as I say, it's all out in the open today.  And what's interesting too is their use of words, or linguistics.  Some call it psycholinguistics.  And some of the neurosciences call it neurolinguistics.  By the use of different words to cover up the same agenda, that used to be called eugenics.  The general population are using those new words, thinking it's all okay.  They can't relate it to what it used to mean.  It's the same thing as having a Communist society, and as long as no one at the tops mentions Communism, no one will see it for what it really is.  So, we tend to get stuck on words, and we can't see beyond that.  Today they call it this Globalization, but it is a Sovietized World System they're bringing in.  It's a Communistic system they're bringing in for the masses.  Now, Communism or the Soviet System was created by the West, it did not originate in the Soviet Union or Russia, its whole theory was that man was an animal that could be trained to go in any direction whatsoever through scientific means and indoctrination, and using conditioned responses, they could take them to wherever they wanted them to be.  Lenin himself said, we shall decide what kind of culture to give the public, which is good for the party, and if that culture becomes obsolete or doesn't serve the party, we'll then change the entire culture again.  In other words, all of reality will keep changing and be updated and the public will accept it like a computer program, being upgraded.  That's exactly how they're treating the public today, and unfortunately, it's working very well.


Alex: Alan Watt, long segment coming up, when we start the next hour, we'll go directly to your phone calls, if you want to get lined up.  800-259-9231, stay with us.


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Alex: Alan Watt, let's get into what the establishment is doing with genetic engineering.  I have interviewed and of course read hundreds and hundreds of news stories and reports, as I know you have.  Top scientists in Genetic Engineering who were for it, until they found out, well, I change one gene in a tomato or potato, and it gets the change I want, but it randomly, each life cycle changes hundreds if not thousands of things, randomly and creates new amino acids, new chemicals, new components, new ring structures, new enzymes that are very, very toxic to other life forms that consume it or come in contact with it.  The establishment knows that. They are testing in the open ocean new forms of chemical eating bacteria, oil slick eating bacteria, which in studies they admit could start replicating, and could create global red tides that could possibly kill a lot of the life in the ocean.  That's one little example.  Or these cross species, where they put human genes in a pig so they can get heart valves out of it, or grow, which they admit they're doing but they keep a lot of the details quiet for at least a decade, BBC reports, humanoids, part human, part bovine, part cow, so they can grow the embryos up to full baby size, so they can harvest organs, we know that's going on.  Part chimpanzee/part human, part human/part goat, part goat/part spider, or they have some transgenetic organisms that have over 200 different species, plant, animal, jellyfish.  They're selling on the open market cats that glow in the dark, monkeys that glow in the dark that have jellyfish skin, and you tell the public, and they laugh and giggle and say that doesn't exist.  But even though it's on the market.  You know, just thousands of things randomly going on.  Huge facilities randomly with gene guns, firing different genetics into plants, animals, sea life, openly releasing them.  You know, now there's many areas of the world more GMO salmon, than there are the other salmon.  They're now out-competing them, removing them, and then they have breeding problems, and it shows down the line have genetic problems after so many replications, after so many life cycles.  I mean there's just millions of problems.  I could go on for hours.  And the elite are not gods.  They know this stuff can get out of control, and I have some of these quotes in endgame.  Top transhumanists, top globalists saying, we don't care, in fact, if we get bored, we may just nuke the planet, but because of the power of killing ourselves and destroying the species forever it's so beautiful.  And Lenin said, you know, I would love to just, he would write poems about destroying the earth and killing everyone, and how beautiful it would be.  So, really, they're not survival of the fittest.  The true fittest would understand the species, would have love for it, would have compassion, would be endowed, that strain of our species with understanding how dangerous this all is, moving carefully with it, trying to empower everyone, trying to lift the species to a higher level peacefully, trying to colonize space instead of dumbing down, hoarding, controlling, poisoning, and endangering the entire biosphere, and that's a long two-minute question.  Specifically, you know, with that whole field of information, I see them as actually very aberrant and self-destructive, and in their own words, they admit that.  So they need to be removed from power right now.  Their mid-level servants who are just into the power trip of killing 90% and running things, I don't thing they've studied their own master's blueprint that really at the end of the day, they just want to kill everybody, including themselves.


Alan: It's possible, but I've also noticed too, for many years, that whatever is released to the public, to do with science, is generally obsolete by the time we get a hold of the information.  There's a much higher level of science that they can, when you understand that Huxley himself wrote Brave New World in 1933, with all of that data to do with the genes and so on, long before they really discovered the genes, we are told.  They were still teaching in the 70s, the 60s and 70s, in medicine that they suspected that genes lived on chromosomes, but they couldn't prove it.  And yet here's Huxley writing in 1933 about a science that had not even come in at that time, in the general universities.


Alex: And mass drugging of the public and forced abortions and total control.  What they're now setting up, go ahead. 


Alan: And it's the same when you break it down to genes to do with the human genome project, and basically that thing was on the go, once again, before they were so advanced in understanding the gene.   So who's telling the truth?  The ones who were doing the research at the bottom, and learning it all over again, or a much higher group above them, that already knows all of this stuff?  And what we find with the elite too, they have incredible faith, absolute faith in their own ingenuity, and with the use of science, they believe that they can go on forever, indefinitely.  And I think that at a very high level, they've ironed all of these problems out.  They talk about reseeding the planet if need be.  They have warehouses....


Alex: That's right.


Alan: ...Or storehouses where they have all the genes of the entire planet of plants, insects, animal and so on.


Alex: So they have the giant underground labyrinths that they admit they have.  Lord knows what they have that we're not aware of, and so they're prepared for that.  That may be even in their plan, is to wreck everything to then rebuild it. 


Alan: It could very well be.  I remember watching one of the Star Trek movies, and remember Gene Roddenberry was a member of NASA, so he knew the agenda.


Alex: The Genesis project, the Genesis project.


Alan: And he was also a member of the first Earth Army, to start the greening process for conservation and really to conserve humans.  So he wrote it into that.  And they had one episode in one of the movie versions where they called it the Genesis Project, where they reseeded a whole planet and started it off from scratch.  And these characters didn't dream up this stuff.  They already had plans to do this kind of thing, if they needed to do it on planet Earth itself.  And I am certain that if by some fluke they don't get their way, because they do hold all the powers, all the reigns of power across the planet today.  If they don't get their way, they will have something up their sleeves where they would go ahead and pull this off.  Because they truly have utter faith in their own ability and acquired knowledge of sciences.  It's hidden from the public.  As I say, we get obsolete stuff at the bottom level.  That's why they call it re-search, it's been done before at a higher level. 


Alex: Well, take Ian Fleming, I mentioned this yesterday.  In the early 50s he writes his second book, James Bond, Moonraker, where the elite are going to kill everybody, go to a space station, and come back after the biological weapons killed everyone and reseed with the Eugenics superculture.  This is a high level MI6 agent, OSS agent, and then now, their newest James Bond is where there's a fake global environmental group using fake carbon taxes to bring in a World Tyranny.  They're just flaunting it in our face.


Alan: Yes, they are flaunting it in our face.  And it's interesting, the World Wildlife Fund has what they call three Arks on the planet.  One of them is in Louisiana.  And in there they have cryogenics, with again, every possible gene from every possible animal, insect, etc, in those particular Arks, and they said in this program, it was a public broadcasting program, with a professor who's in charge of that particular One Ark – she said there's Three – that this will be used if anything happened to planet Earth, they can reseed the planet with everything they have there.  And they've tested this stuff out.  They have brought ovum and sperm together from different creatures, and they've inserted them into other types of creatures and successfully brought them to term.  So they can literally breed any kind of animal, or even a human inside another animal if need be, and bring it to term after being stored in cryogenics for who knows how long. 


Alex: So we're talking about dolphins with human brains, just it's endless.  Well, I agree with what you just said.  I believe that, well, we know, they're at least 30 or 40 years ahead, and that's exponential.  And so that's why they're so arrogant now.  In the time frame, how do you see them with the soft kill weapons?  They've already turned up the ambient background, with the soft kill weapons, with the cancer viruses, with the barium and aluminum spraying on the public, with their operations worldwide.  Go through the next ten years and then out, and I understand this is a projection from your deep research, but I've done my separate research, and that's what I'm always so impressed with is that you're always on the same line and even bring it further in many cases.  That's why we're so honored to have you Alan, and I just really respect your intellect and research on this, because I've come to the same organic analysis as you are here, with my discernment.  And discernment is really just your full mind capacity, the electrochemical computer you have, listeners, integrating all the information.  And then of course their own statements.  Break down specifically when you believe they'll start mass plagues, or smaller plagues to get us herded into cities, to train us to live under total control, into more of a THX1138 type system, rats in the cage.  And then, when do the mass culls come, and will they use neutron bombs as the Ministry of Defence says they may, or will they use special race-specific weapons, blaming it on imaginary terror groups in caves, and how will these phases unfold and in what time frame for the, I always say 80% extermination, that's in the public documents, now they're in the newest documents saying, well really, it's 99%, we just told our underlings 80%.  It's really we're going to kill 99% of people, so go ahead.


Alan: When you go into the records of the think tanks that advise NATO for instance, and the US military as well, they're identical.  They're all identical, all their projections for the future.  And this starts really with the statement right after 9/11, 2001, where they said, this will be a hundred years war.  And everyone was shaking their heads saying, well why would it take a hundred years to finish off the Middle East.  They weren't talking about the Middle East; they were talking about a long-term strategy plan for the entire planet.  And these think tanks in their own records will always use history.  They'll tell you where they get their ideas from.  They go back into the Middle Ages, where they had plagues rampaging across the whole of Europe, but during those plague times too, when many people were dying, millions of people died, they also had incredible wars going on at the same time.  And the effects on the general populations were studied even then, often by monks who did the documentation, to see the effects on the public, who were truly mind bombed.  They were so afraid that the plague was going to get them, so much so, they'd allow armies to march through and pillage their food from them and their livestock, etc. And so when you see what they've dreamed up in their documentation as a projection for the next thirty to a hundred years for the military, it ties right in with that.  They say that they expect starting around 2010, 2012, we will be a global society, de facto.  It will be signed into law.  But then, the plagues are coming, they expect them to come, so we'll have plagues just like the Middle Ages, pandemics.  Now pandemics are ideal for bringing down a population of even the whole world, but not too suddenly, because a pandemic can be contained within an area, it can die off and reappear two or three years later and kill off more in the same area.  So it's a long-term takedown.  That way the people who are alive can bury the dead, it's not untidy, they're all out of sight, etc.  So we clean up our own mess as we die off.  And at the same time they expect that there's going to be massive food shortages, which they had again in the Middle Ages.  And in the Middle Ages where you had various armies competing with each other and kings for power in different countries, you're going to have a global society here where the people will be revolting for lack of food, because the food supply of the world is now tied up into about 5 corporations' hands.  And we know the United Nations, under their own mandate, and the Department of Agriculture say that they will be responsible for doling out the food to every nation.  And part of that will be to keep down the populations.  If your population increases, they will not increase the food supply.  But what you're going to find is once they give you a quota, for maximum population, the next year they're going to down that quota again, and say we know we told you this, but we have to bring it down, there's not enough food to go around, so you have to bring down your population.  So each country, it will be up to them to bring down their numbers, one way or another.  And at the same time this is happening, you're going to have a World Military, managing the riots to do with food primarily and lack of necessities and medicines and so on.  And they're prepared to use Neutron bombs, so it's almost an update of the Middle Ages that they're bringing into effect.  It worked then, and they believe it will work again.  And they believe that by the year 2030 we'll pretty well be all died off, one way or another.  Most of us apparently are sterile already, or almost so.  And they believe then that China will start to decline massively, because even now, I think their population is 2 to 3 males to every one female, because they're encouraging infanticide there.  It's mainly on the female.  And therefore they themselves will start to decline.  And once they're on the Westernized food and the inoculations, they will also start to become sterile.  So within another, say 2030 to 2050, 2060, the population of China will be drastically reduced as well.  So this is how they see the whole plan working out.  And then they tie in the transhumanism agenda, where they'll bring out a new type to serve them, no doubt grow their own food for those who are left, for the elites themselves, natural food of course, a new type of human who will give them no problems whatsoever.  They will be manufactured humans with no ability to think as a separate individual.  They'll be a type of herd animal or hive animal as they call it in their own words.  And they'll be very, very efficient.  And they could also be programmed to do different jobs, because they'll also be part cyborg.  That's really what they believe at the top.  And this is through all the records of academia to do with transhumanism; I've looked into it.


Alex: That's what I wanted to add.  They are, and we'll continue.  They're sucking the youth in, and the army said this, as you know, decades ago, declassified in 2001, no 2000 in February.  They said, we're going to use hype, video games culture to literally get the young people to want to be wire heads, and then they'll rebel against mom and dad and say, hey, there's a law, I'm allowed to be augmented, and then the Washington Post admits that the corporations are getting the children ready to rebel, the teenagers, to take the augmentation and then, now, one of the most famous video game company owners and inventors came out and said, soon you'll need to be augmented with chips in your body to even play our game.  And the young people are already in their SIMS reality, they're you know 20 million people in the World of Warcraft.  This is their reality, and so they're already being inserted into it.  And the army said, we're going to use X boxes now, the very platform to have the teenagers fly our predator drones, and so they'll just sit there having fun, dehumanizing, killing people, playing real games on an X box platform, hooked into the predator drones, and now they're at the malls with these huge video game displays, the army, that's in the news today, all over the country, showing them simulated battle attacks or recordings of it, of real attacks to teach them how much fun it is to be involved, they're piloting the robotic craft, and the entire military by 2012 with the aircraft, the attack craft, is converting into drones, and then of course the humans are phased out because a tiny elite can then program the entire military apparatus that is serviced in these giant aircraft carrier sized, land based, ground based, air based, repair centers that are robotic with basic human technicians that upkeep it to where the elite can just punch a button and launch giant attacks against countries, and it won't matter if the troops even said no.  So literal godlike powers now being ceded into the hands of the elite.  Alan Watt, stay there, we're going to come back and get into the carbon footprint, the Social youth brigades that are going to be in all your homes, just the absolute enslavement. 


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Alex: I'm sorry to some out there who are laughing at us right now, who have been neutralized psychologically by the controllers.  Because your own false identity that you have constructed for you is what you believe is your intellect or your being is a false construct, so you can't go against who you believe you are.  You have to deny what we're saying, it's all documented, because you feel like your own enslavement is your soul.  That's very sad, because we need to try to avert this.  We need to try to reverse this.  We have a limited window in time in my opinion to reverse what's happening.  Alan Watt, digressing for a moment.  Do you think we are in that limited window? and I want to get into solutions later.  And then B., continuing with the phasing out of humanity.


Alan: I think we're well under way.  We didn't know that we were being sterilized, until reports came out, the reports they've had for 50 years started to leak out, so we get the news 50 years later.  This is how things are done.  We're the last to be told any truth or at least even the effects of the truth.  And they're well on their way to their objective.  We're watching them go through this financial nonsense.  This is the power of the purse, the last thing to be used to unite the whole planet.  And because we're all on the one economic system, we know no other way.  This is all we've been given.  This is all we can remember for thousands, a couple of thousand years.  Then there seems to be no way out of it.  So, the power of the purse is going to force everyone along into the next phase of control.  Money is used, remember, mainly as a tool by the elite.  They don't need money.  They already own everything technically.  They don't have to carry cash with them or even credit cards.  Doors open wherever they go.  Money is the trick to control the people and get us to work along with their system for their system.  Eventually they won't even need that.  Part of the phase on the way to the elimination of money for their Brave New World, will be a credit system that will come in for every citizen.  And Bertrand Russell talked about this back in the 1950s, where the government in collusion with the banks will give you into your account every week a deposit which you cannot save up, so it starts at the same figure every Monday, and if you go against the system, you don't behave in a certain way or whatever, they will hold back your credits.  You can't pay your rent, and so on, and this is going to be used as a form of social control.  So we see with this present government/bank merger system that's coming in, that's right on with the agenda.  And the government will eventually be right into your account and they will use it as a tool to control you.  If you've been a bad boy, no more money, for a few weeks, until you bend a knee.  And this is coming in, and I'm certain this is what's going to come out of this whole globalized monetary system that they're bringing in right now.


Alex: And again, they create all the crises, they release the biological agents then they offer the solution.  They engineer the economic crisis, they offer the solution.  They slip in the Chinese slave goods out of China, and then they say, okay, we passed a law that nobody in America can weave clothes for their children, and we're banning any production in textiles in the US or anywhere else unless it's certified by the government.  Which then knocks out all the good clothes, made properly to where we can only have the GMO cotton and the bad stuff from India and China.  I mean it's all happening.  We see them raiding watermelon farms that are selling watermelons.  Or raiding people selling milk.  Or raiding people selling eggs.  They're obsessed with shutting down any grass roots agrarian self-sufficient societies, which shows, that's one of their weak points isn't it?


Alan: It was one of their weak points indeed.  Yes. 


Alex: Back in 70 seconds Alan.  Let's talk about solutions and things we can do to fight this, and I want to get into chemtrails with you, and our carbon footprint, how that's going to be controlled.  And then we'll go to your phone calls, ladies and gentlemen.  Final hour, straight ahead.


Hour 2


Alex: Alright, final hour on this final broadcast of this week, the first week of the new year.  We'll be back live this Sunday 4-6pm, and of course, next week for a few of the days when Jason Bermas is here in town, he'll be sitting in with a lot of important and informative guests coming up.  Now, I want to go back to Alan Watt.  Alan, we've been having a riveting informative discussion here.  People that say we're being negative, we're not.  It's like looking out your window and seeing a storm coming in and somebody says what's the weather?  Oh, a storm's coming in.  Oh, don't be negative.  All we're doing is covering the facts here, the reality.  You alluded about 15 minutes ago to the carbon footprint, the allotted amount of credits you'll have on your card.  All of this is admitted.  Even if you "have wealth" you won't be able to spend it because it will be past your carbon footprint.  And then of course that will all be selectively, selectively enforced.  I mean this is the total controlled society with the technology to try to carry it out.  So can you speak more about life under the carbon footprint which they're now bringing in.  Obama says you'll have weekly, monthly visits to your farm or your home.  You'll get special permits to do any changes to your house.  Cows, $170 tax.  Soda, but then all foods, satellite boxes on all your cars taxing you as you drive.  They're now saying it all.  Everything we warned people about, that was in the planning documents we saw decades ago.  We're now here.  In this continuum from the early elites forming and the scientific dictatorship several thousand years ago, to now, how far along on that continuum, towards what they believe is their End Game are we?  Are we 80% there, 90% there?


Alan: I think we're probably 90% there.  That's why it is in the open now.  And they're not really concerned.  They have all of the classes they need.  As I say, it's mainly academia on their side, they fund so many of the big corporations, even with the bailouts, the corporations must do as they're told as well, and go along with this.  Everyone is being paid off, bought off, or simply blackmailed to go along with this whole agenda.  And as I say, academia does it willingly.  So, they're not bothered about the general public whatsoever.  In fact, the general public are still watching all the trivia that's doled out to them, as they said they'd do, to keep them happy and entertained.  But you're quite right with this whole carbon thing.  See, man is the problem according to them.  There's too many of us.  And everything that we need or use, gives off carbon in the manufacturing.  Even down to creating a house for you to live in is a problem.  And that's another way they're getting people off the land.  They've started voluntary programs to come in and test your house, from the government.  The government puts so much money towards you re-insulating it, etc, and that scheme was to get us all used to the idea of government coming in and testing our houses to see if they worthy enough to stand up or be knocked down.  And eventually that will become mandatory.  They want the people off the land, according to Agenda 21, the United Nations program, into these big overcrowded cities, and that's where they plan to contain us.  That ties right in with why they have not been upgrading the main cities for many, many years.  They're in a mess.  The roads are in a mess.  They admitted in Toronto for instance that it would take, it would almost be cheaper to build a brand new city than to fix the sewage systems, the roads and so on.  It would be easier to start from scratch.  In other words they don't intend to maintain those cities.  These have to be simply to contain the public for a period of thirty to forty years, until the public are pretty well all dead and gone.  Now, the whole carbon idea came up from a big think tank that works with all the other big think tanks.  Well funded, interconnected with them, and that's the Club of Rome.  And the founders of the Club of Rome wrote a book in 1990s, that they said in the 1970s, they were the ones that came up with the idea to unite the planet and claim that mankind was having a war on the Earth itself, and therefore man was the problem.  And they came up with the whole idea of the carbon output. 


Alex: And it's a sick joke, because we're a carbon based lifeform, everything on this planet is carbon based.


Alan: Everything is.


Alex: And they're saying it's going to be a toxic waste, but all their genetic engineering, all their toxic waste dumping, that's okay.  It's only carbon dioxide and other gases that come off of life forms, which is all part of the life cycle.  They're waging war on the life cycle itself, and saying they're going to micromanage and tax every facet.  The power to tax is the power to destroy.  It is a tax on the life giving gas itself


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Alex: Going to your phone calls here in just a few minutes.  Before I do that, I wanted to give Alan a little time to talk about any issues that he thinks are most important, instead of just my questions and our analysis back and forth.  Okay, Alan Watt, we want to continue with carbon footprint, finishing what you were trying to say, before you got cut off by break, and then the chemtrails over all.  I'm looking at satellite photos on the major weather sites, I'm looking at the whole world now, and I've gone back, because they have archives, as you know, but the listeners may not, of the skies five, ten, fifteen years ago.  It wasn't there.  Now, not just the major cities, like five years ago, but all over the US, all over Europe, all over Australia, but even some in Third World Countries, but it's mainly in the West, it's just covered with the trails.  They're now at a couple of thousand feet in Austin.  They stay there for hour after hour.  Everybody is getting sick.  Major news media has been testing it and finding barium salts, weird fibers, aluminum oxide, all of this, so I'd like you to speak to the chemtrails as well. 


Alan: Yes.  Getting back to the footprints, the carbon ones.  They're adding taxes on to air flights now too.  Because, in the future, you see, they're going to ban basically tourism.  That will be no longer necessary.  You won't be able to travel to any country without it being required for business or work related.  That's the system they're bringing in. 


Alex: And that will all be selectively enforced.  When you go travel places, you see, I'll never forget, and then I'm going to let you continue, but you just bring up points.  About fifteen years ago, before I was even on air, I was out at Hamilton Poole, this sinota, this caved-in underground cave, beautiful, it looks like something out of Tarzan, deep water, big snapping turtles and fish, and I was playing hooky from college, and I was there with a girlfriend laying out on the pebbles, you know on a summer day, and these nature conservancy people showed up, and they were making eugenics comments and going I can't believe they even allow people here.  I can't believe they even allow humans here.  They were just, ugh, looking at us with anger.  And then suddenly you saw the park rangers acting like that, and this whole culture that we've got to be controlled and herded into cities.  So I just wanted to add that point, that we're not even under the official U.N. plans going to be allowed in more than half of the United States on their maps alone.  You will be shot if you enter it.  And people didn't believe me, and then, in 1999, I'll never forget.  I don't remember the exact issue, I showed it on my local TV show many times, and I covered it on air for like a month.  It was talking about an area in Asia, I want to say Burma.  And it said huge National, International Biosphere U.N. World Heritage Sites, hundreds of thousands of acres were off limits, and it showed soldiers with M16s, and it said if the locals try to enter even to get water, or even get firewood, they are shot.  And so that model is already going.  Go ahead.


Alan: That's true.  And getting back to the housing.  They will be coming around the houses and testing it for leakage, because if you can't heat your house efficiently, and contain the heat and use very little fuel, etc, they're basically going to kick you out of that home. 


Alex: Banning fireplaces, banning space heaters already in Europe, moving to do that in Canada, it just goes on and on. 


Alan: That's the whole agenda.  Through the force of law, and using the power of the purse as I call it, they'll force this whole agenda through.  And they're doing it.


Alex: Cars, airplanes, farms, ranches, space heaters, homes, food, every facet, micro-managed and taxed.


Alan: Yes, absolutely.  That's the big stick.  And people have been trained from birth to always go along with laws, always go along with laws, and don't question it.  Everyone else goes along with the laws, so why can't you?  That's what they say to you, if you object.


Alex: Well, take the animal ID.  Take the animal ID.  It's just so incredible.  They just mail them around to people, it wasn't even a law, except in two states, federal, and they just say, fill out this contract and sign it.  They sign away their farm and ranch, and now they're finding out they just gave the government an easement and a control. 


Alan: That's correct.  What we're up against here is such incredible organization.  That's what really hits anyone that goes into this field of study and research.  The incredible organization that's micromanaged, right down to the lowest level on every particular area or facet of living, that's what strikes you as overwhelming.  And it isn't until you realize this has been on the go for such a long time.  That explains why they're all interconnected.  When Margaret Thatcher left as the Prime Minister of Britain, she said that she now belonged to the parallel government.  She called it the parallel government that's made up of ex-prime ministers, presidents, and high officials of all countries.  She says, we really run the show.  And I just noticed today that Tony Blair and Merkel is over there with Sarkozy, talking about this new economic system they're bringing in.  So Tony Blair, even though he's an ex-Prime Minister, is doing more behind the scenes than he could possibly do when he was a front man as the Prime Minister.  He belongs to the parallel government.


Alex: He's now graduated to the real government which itself takes orders, while the public is focused on the front dummy puppets and I meant to get to that story, it's up on infowars.com right now.  They're saying a new capitalism, with what you said thirty minutes ago, where the government pays all the corporations, who in turn pay the people, total control. 


Alan: That's right.  That's correct.  Therefore government will achieve the objective it was set up to do, a long time ago, where they will be into your personal account, and it will be used as a control factor on what you do, where you go, what you spend your money on.  In fact, they can take fines right out of your bank account if you break some carbon law or whatever.  This is where it's all going.


Alex: Finland has been doing that.   Finland has been doing that for 16, 17 years, where your parking ticket is according to how much money you have.  And if you're wealthier they take more.  It's a class thing they did to sell the public, but now it's for carbon footprint and everything you buy and sell is tracked, and they can compare that, they say it's the world model, according to how much money you make, so they can tell if you're not paying taxes or have a black market job. 


Alan: That's correct.  They are making refrigerators now that will read every item that is put in that fridge, and literally, it can get in touch with the supermarket to reorder, but it can also, obviously, get in touch with the government and let them know everything that you have.  And they will know, they will know if all that you have food wise comes from your ration, your quota.  And if you're above that they'll want to know where you got it from. 


Alex: Yes.  It reads the RFID and they're by law trying to make it where all refrigerators will have this in five years.  And now this big Masonic hospital organization, I saw this story two weeks ago, where the old people if they aren't eating enough food, or it's scanning their food, they go ahead and come and take them away to be put in a home or hospice, and then they're also going to track with the school lunch program, where you swipe your card, they're already CPS'ing children, because even if they bring their own lunch, it has to be entered in, and then they say, you weren't feeding your child healthy food, we're taking him. 


Alan: That's right.  And getting back to this parallel government, Professor Carroll Quigley talked about this in his book Tragedy and Hope, and the Anglo-American Establishment, two books.  He said that the parallel government runs with technocrats.  Now, Blair now is a technocrat like Brzezinski, or Maurice Strong, or Kissinger.  And he said that the Prime Ministers and Presidents can take the heat for policies of government he says, but the real work is done behind the scenes with technocrats who are not responsible to the public.  They are not elected by the public.


Alex: His whole life, Blair's whole life, Clinton's whole life.  They finally graduate into real government.


Alan: Yes.  And we're seeing it now.  And why is the media even so concentrated on Ex-Prime Ministers and Ex-Presidents?  It's out in the open now that they are a part of this important parallel government that's interlinked, interwoven completely with all of the big foundations that all work in concert.  They're all on the same agenda, and they even have foundations which go out to make sure there's consensus building within every organization.  So they're all on board, on track with the same politically correct agendas. 


Alex: Simply stunning, Alan Watt.  Briefly chemtrails, they seem to be intensifying.


Alan: They are intensifying.  I noticed it in Ontario when they really started hitting us, ten years ago exactly it was.  And they were much lower at the time.  It was all over the sky.  The scary part is that most people didn't even see this.  It was much much lower, there were wide thick trails, maybe ten planes at a time.  And the average person that watches TV and is dumbed down, thought nothing of it.  This goes back to how we're always years behind what they tell us.  It's only now they're saying, we're thinking of seeding the air with chemicals to curb global warming.  Well, they've been doing something for ten year, and I don't think it's got anything to do with global warming.  In fact, those who watch this, notice that when they heavily spray an area, it heats up underneath because the tiny refractors in the metals act like mirrors.


Alex: No, no.  They're trying to heat, they're trying to heat, because I think they knew the sun was about to cool off, and I'm not saying they're good, but they actually need to heat the earth.  Then they're trying to restrict carbon.  Alan Watt, let's finish up with chemtrails and then go right to calls.  Michael, Joe, Bill, Mark, Michelle, Michael, Danny, and others.  Stay with us, we'll be right back.


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Alex: I don't know how anybody out there watching couldn't miss at infowars.com or prisonplanet.com five or six times a day and spread the word.  I mean the stories here.  Obama's energy czar, Socialist agent for a new world order.  Airforce creates counterblog response to plan and quell dissent inside the United States, openly targeting propaganda against the American people.  The marines announced publicly yesterday, yes, we're going to fight the American people.  I didn't even cover that article, where they're announcing that they're going to engage in combat in America.  Not even against Al Qaeda which they claim, the American people.  It is just unbelievable the type of things.  And things are going so fast now Alan, you and I can hardly even respond to all of it, and everything we said is happening, because we were just reading the globalists' own documents, before they were widely disseminated. 


Alan: That's the whole trick of it.  The public have been unfortunately, well trained, with scientific indoctrination.  The television is not something to be entertained with, it's the greatest tool the elite have ever had.  You can't listen to truth, and think about the truth and dissect it for yourself and switch on the TV and get lost for an hour on some other topic.  Because whatever you're learning is going to be eradicated from your mind.  It is a scientific tool that has been put to an incredible effect.  They're also going into the ELF warfare techniques now that Brzezinski talked about in his book Between Two Ages.  He mentioned the Technotronic era in that book, and the Technotronic era was a technique that would be used on the general population, he meant worldwide, where they'd get their opinions and ideas coming to them, but they'd have no idea where it was coming from.  And he was talking about really, ELF technology. And they are putting up antennas in some of the big cities.  I've got photographs here of some of them in the process of being built in fact, and they have their own transponders down below.  And these things are unlike the ones they use for cellphones, and I think this is all part of the network to control the minds of the public.  Now this stuff is well proven.  It works very well.  It can put you into a state of apathy.  Or aggression.  Or depression.  Or aggression, very easily. 


Alex: By the way, a mainstream publication two weeks ago came out, and it's been in the Baltimore sun as well, and said, DARPA has these ultrasound alone can calm you or make you angry.  And they said, we're going to start doing this with the public.


Alan: That's right.  So they are going to use it.


Alex: We're just going to put towers up, but it's to fight Al-Qaeda, Alan.


Alan: They're actually going ahead and building them, and putting them up in preparedness for the times ahead, which will not be pleasant. 


Alex: Well, Alan, what are we going to do when a cop shoots an unarmed man in the back on the ground.  We've got to turn these on and calm everybody down, Alan.


Alan: Yes.  That's the whole, you see, it goes back again to this whole idea that we're just animals, and there's nothing spiritual about you.  You have no soul, no nothing.  You're just a contained brain, and they call it endless loops inside your own brain.  That's what they teach in university.


Alex.  And they also give us doublethink.  They go, well, all these people die when they get tazered, but that's just a syndrome.  People just happen to die at the same time they're tazered.  It's not the tazer.


Alan: Yes, some people are allergic to it, you see.  (Chuckle)


Alex: Well, yeah.  Now when we shoot you maybe it's a syndrome.  Maybe the bullet didn't do it. 


Alan: That's it.  That's right.  And so they can rationalize and they are.  They can use every kind of rationalization, almost mockingly today to justify what they can do, because they're given all power.  They know they have all power to do as they wish.  They've raised a generation that's willing to use all of these, this technology and weaponry on the public.  They've been brought up playing the video games.  There's no morality in a video game.  It's get to the other side, and kill as many as possible.


Alex: And they condition us with all the violence they constantly show on TV to accept it.  And this segment is almost over, I want to come back and go directly to calls.  You got cut off on the last segment with chemtrail comments, go ahead. 


Alan: Yes, the chemtrails, I'll tell you, it probably has many, many different functions, I'm sure.  It definitely makes people apathetic and tired.  That's been well noted, and I've been watching this for years, and talking to hundreds of people over the years on it, where they're heavily sprayed, and the fallout, the physical fallout even in the bronchial tubes, and the long lasting infections etc, are well noted.  Every pharmacist in the country knows what his best selling products are.  Go in and ask the pharmacist, and he'll tell you, it's the bronchodilators and expectorants and so on, and antibiotics, that have really been pushed for the last ten years to do with this spraying.  He might not mention the spraying.  He might not know himself.  But he knows what he sells off the shelves.  So the ones at the top who advocated this, they treat us like children.  They call us children.  You cannot tell the children what we're doing to them.  It's for their own benefit.  Poor souls.  But we don't want to scare them.  They know, probably right down to the smallest iota, how many people will die off with this, with respiratory problems.


Alex: And then we call it allergies. People who never had them suddenly can't breathe and are sick all the time.  Suddenly, I saw a report last year, that women's lung cancer is up seven times what it was a decade ago.  And they go, that's alright.  We'll have a little cancer group for you and make you feel like you're a little movie star.  Now you're going to die and go in a coffin.  Bye-bye.  We love you.  We'll be right back.


(Commercial break.)


Alan: Alright Alan, cuttingthroughthematrix.com is his website.  Be sure to check out the audios, the materials, the videos, things that are available there and be sure and support Alan Watt and the work he's doing.  Be sure and support our work as well, and all the documentary films that I have made.  Again available at Infowars.com.  And Alan's stuff is all available at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  I want to go to your calls now, for those that have been patiently holding for the balance of this Friday edition, and try to move quickly through them.  I appreciate everybody being patient.  Let's talk to Michael in Chicago.  You're on the air with Alan Watt.  Michelle, excuse me, I read that wrong.  Michelle in Chicago go ahead.


Michelle: Hi Alex.  How are you?


Alex: Good.


Michelle: I'm a first time caller.  I probably woke up maybe about two years ago.  I started watching the 9/11 films.  I was a big watcher of TV before and now that I'm seeing it after waking up to everything that's going on, it's so obvious, the brainwashing that these people are broadcasting to everybody.  And it's just so disheartening to watch it happen and listen to them mock truthers as conspiracy theorists.  And just dismiss everything that they're saying, and make it into a big joke.  And it's such a ridiculous thing that people, the media is so ridiculous that people just don't pay attention to it.  And they're apathetic, and they just don't care.


Alex: But that's what they mean.  At a certain level of the programming, that's why they came out and said that the number two in Al Qaeda have been killed 14 separate times.


Michelle: Oh My God!!!  They don't pay attention!


Alex: And then never retracted, okay


Michelle: No!!!


Alex: And last time we didn't really kill him, but this time we did.  That's kind of...


Michelle: People don't even care.  They don't even remember what happened two years ago.  All they care about is the current stats that are going on right now.  All these election things they don't talk about the issues.  They talk about the numbers.


Alex: But the point I was...


Michelle: Yes, I'm sorry.  Go ahead.


Alex: No, no no.  I just, I want to get Alan's take on this.  I've just noticed they do this.  They're making the propaganda ridiculous, to make people almost tune out and then just disregard all information, where it's all just kind of a background noise.  Alan, what do you call that tactic? 


Alan: It's works with dystopia, they call it, where they do almost mind-bomb you with conflicting reports, until you don't trust your own logic anymore.  That's part of the process.  Most people will simply switch off to any further news on that topic in fact.  They'll switch right out.  And that's a technique that's used in neuroscience on the public.


Alex: Yeah, they did that with rats, and then higher primates, and I had a marine call in, I was familiar with the study, where they take a puppy and shock it on a plate, and it's got its food, every time it goes to its food it shocks it, and finally it just rolls over and waits to die. 


Alan: Yes, so when anyone mentions the same topic again, you'll just automatically say, well, you're paranoid, you're a conspiracy theorist and abelia ? is a main one too, it's no memory.  People have no memory, and they think in bits and bites.  Little bits in the media come in short bursts now, and that's the attention span of most people.  They can't concentrate for any amount of time.


Alex: They reduced it by design.  Anything else Michelle?


Michelle: Well, I just wanted to say, thanks again Alex, you've got, you're very brave to say the least.


Alex: Listen, this is not a figure of speech, Michelle.  I'm not, oh, I'm not brave now ma'am, I'm just doing my job.  Literally I'm not brave.  How would I not discover a scientific technocracy, that is completely psychopathic and enjoys destroying my species and my children's future.  How would I not aggressively fight it with everything I've got, and try to build some media system to at least counter it.  I mean, how would I, I would be mindlessly brave if I knew this, and just said forget it.  Alan, can you speak to that.


Alan: It's true.  I mean, every animal on the planet, even insects, will try and defend themselves.  A mouse will actually scratch the nose of a cat, rather than just get eaten or to save its young.  And we have the same abilities here, only we've been so dumbed down and made to be apathetic, this is again a scientific technique of indoctrination, of obeyance to authority, that we allow them to take the next step and the next step to our own extinction.  And we can't allow it to happen.  We can't allow it to happen.  We have the right to exist on this planet as much as anyone who believes he's an elitist does.  And they are no more value than we are.  That's a fact.


Alex: And I appreciate the call, Michelle, I'd love to keep you on longer, but we have all these callers.  We've got to get to everybody who at least is holding.  I mean that is the basic facts of this, of what Alan just said.  And they have taught us to not have our survival extinct or to turn it on and off.  When they say turn it off, it's not okay to stand up and fight back.  Like in England, where they arrest you, if someone is raping your wife and you punch them, you go to jail and the rapist doesn't.  That's on record.  Or if somebody has robbed you three times, they come in to kill you, you stab them, you go to jail.  Or if you push somebody out a window when they're attacking you, you go to jail.  They're saying you are not to protect yourself, because it's a criminal class running things.  They want, I mean it's kind of like when you, some really expensive snakes, they amputate the guinea pig's legs and defang it, so it can't bite the snake when the snake eats it, because they don't want the snake to be hurt.  Or they'll drug the guinea pig, with a drug that doesn't affect the snake, so the guinea pig doesn't hurt it.  We've been neutralized to be like a guinea pig.  It's had its eyes gouged out, its teeth pulled out, its legs cut off, dropped into the snake.  And that's what this Social Darwinism is, and that's what carbon taxing is, teaching us that we're bad.  They take our own survival instinct and say, if the Earth's going to survive, we've got to kill ourselves.  They're teaching us our own survival system, our own survival propulsion system is a thought crime.


Alan: They are, and I was reading an article recently from the United Nations, about the idea of power, and total power, where they say that eventually the world governmental system will be the only authorized authority that can legally use violence.  And that's what it's all about.  So anyone beneath that, all your family squabbles and so on, or robbers coming into your house, "that just happens amongst the animals.  You're all animals.  We see you as one big mass, and therefore we can't allow you to use violence yourself, even if it's to defend yourself."


Alex: And they call that the power monopoly of force.


Alan: That's right.


Alex: That's in a Unidare document, July 7th 2001, where they say that's why the American people must be armed.  And the bill has been introduced by the Democrats.  Barrack Obama, if they pass it, is set to sign it, where the attorney general can ban any and all guns, simply by uttering the word ex cathedra.  It literally is God Emperor.  I mean, this, you can't make it up.  It's on Infowars.com now, in the news and focus archive.  Our featured story archive.  Let's go to another caller here.  This isn't a drill folks, this is for real, this is happening.  Let's go ahead and talk, Joe hung up.  Bill in Illinois then others.  Bill you're on the air with Alan Watt.


Bill: Hi gentlemen.  I was hoping that we could just roll into the weekend and give people some hope.  I know that all the information that comes out is really paralyzing and scary to most people, but the more you dive into it, and see what's going on and try to wake people up and knock them out of their comas, I'm seeing a ground swell of people waking up in the Chicago Land area, and everybody is being laid off.  They're trying to figure out how they're going to make rent or put food on the table, and now is the time when people are paying attention.  And now is the time when we can all start to organize and provide solutions, and start a blog or make videos or pass out your dvds and get people to be awake.


Alex: I agree, but here's an analogy and we'll get Alan's comment, and let you counter comment.  If someone is taking this information we're giving as paralyzing, they shouldn't.  The establishment through chemicals, through the media, through the culture, because we pick up the propaganda and regurgitate.  Then that gives it with the pheromone activation, in the true third dimension, the reality trigger in the mind, but that gets into some more sophisticated issues, that I've seen.  We have to understand, it's like they've given us a big shot of a sedative, okay, and then this show is literally a shot of adrenaline where you're laying on the railroad tracks, you've been shot up full of Thorazine, you can't get up, Alan Watt and I are coming in with adrenaline going "erghh" to where you can actually get up and get off the track, and so we're just telling you the full truth folks, so you know what you're facing.  Because if people are being paralyzed by this, I mean, I don't know about you in my life, but Alan, when someone starts swinging at you, I don't feel paralyzed, I go into gear.


Alan: Yeah, you must do.  Again, this is a war, and when you realize it is a war strategy and you're in it whether you like it or not, then you have to fight back with all that you can do.  No matter what it is.  And don't be overwhelmed by it.  This has been on the go before we were born.  And when you realize it's always a long-term system, long-term goals, then you're still in the battle.  It's not over until the fat lady sings. 


Alex: Yeah, you can't opt out of this.  You can't opt out of this.  You were born into this.


Alan: Yes.  And what you have to do too is realize those things which are paralyzing you, those things which are numbing your brain, like the television and stop watching it.  Start reading, getting into the factual information that is put out by the authorities themselves.  You can find the stuff, it's all over the place.  And realize this is all very, very real, what can I do?  And start doing something.  I started off handwriting stuff and photocopying stuff, and sending it out to hundreds of people who had a voice when I had none.  And that's the sort of thing that you have to do. You have no option but to do something.  And you are an active combatant in this system, whether you like it or not, because the elite have declared war upon you. 


Alex: Well, that's what I do.  I try to bring people that I respect, and that I think have information that's needed to this large platform, the biggest in alternative media.  And that's why this platform is so precious folks, and why we need your financial support.  Because we're trying to do, you know, this isn't a very big operation compared to the establishment, it's tiny, but compared to the liberty movement, this is about as big and as strong as it gets, and it's very expensive, so please buy the books and videos, donate.  I'm glad to see that the auction there is over $45,000 for the bullhorn.  I had no idea that it would go that high, but that is very, very exciting.  And it doesn't close out until next Wednesday night, so we'll see what happens with that.  But sir, go ahead, anything else you wanted to add there briefly, Bill.  I agree with you, now is the time that people are finally, while the New World Order is finally emerging and by the way, Governor Blagojevich has been impeached by the Illinois House, and he faces trial now in the Senate, go ahead. 


Bill: Alex, I was just going to add that, and I've said this before, the old saying of we are the ones we've been waiting for.  I thank you.  You guys had actually posted some of my videos on your site this week. 


Alex: Thank you sir, I've got to move on to other callers, thank you.  Let's go ahead and take another one here.  Let's talk to Mark in Oregon.  Mark, you're on the air worldwide, go ahead. 


Mark: Thank you Alex, and hello to you and hello to Alan.  Alex, I want to just mention quickly, as a quick aside to my main body of my call, I really, if you can, I would urge you to have another money bomb as soon as possible.  I figure you've probably got a very limited amount of artifacts there which would probably all auction very well, but if that be the case, perhaps that will take the place of a money bomb for a time, but whatever it takes Alex in order for you to do your job unhindered by lack of funds at this point, because they're really upping the ante faster than, like you say, sometimes it takes your breath away these days they're moving so fast.  And they are pulling everything off the shelf at one time, using it all at one time in order to overwhelm us at this point.  This is their strategy, I firmly believe that.  But Alan, you know the ultra elite, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the English Royalty and the Royalty of the Netherlands, the Vatican, Black Jesuit sect, they've been promised by their God, whom they call Lucifer, that they're going to inherit the Earth.  And he has the name of Satan now, and he is the devil.  But, they do his bidding in order to get this deal of inheriting the whole Earth eternally.  And of course, the destruction in or aberration of all of God's creation on this planet is the devil's bidding, so we see that.  But they're so under the illusion of Satan, the master of illusion, that they don't realize that, as the Bible prophesies, they will fall completely in their efforts and completely fail to accomplish their efforts and actually are going to burn eternally in hell.  They're not going to destroy it all.


Alex: Do you have a question or comment?  Yeah.  Do you have a question?


Mark: Actually the question part of it is, Alan, to your knowledge, who is the elite Maximus, these humans are above the usual most well known villains that I've mentioned.


Alan: Well, you might be closer to a truth than you realize.  There's definitely a power in this world that's making itself manifest through these people, and one of the symptoms of it is the fact that you can't get so many thousands of workers working towards this New World Order, this planned horror society, where they're all like clones of each other on every single topic.  That in itself is not normal.  It's unnatural.  So there's definitely something working through them.  It's up to the individuals who do the study to figure out what it is according to their own experience.


Alex: Well, people call it spirituality, but you know they've proven the 6th sense.  They've proven that we're only seeing a thin band of the full spectrum and you know the 6th sense or aborigines always know when their mother dies.  They can be 3,000 miles away in a mine and they come out and every time, say in Australia, and say my mother just died, fly me out there, and they're always right.  I mean and I've experienced things like that, and it's true the elite are tied together by almost like a spiritual broadcasting system.  It's like they're downloading the same evil directory.  What is that Alan in your opinion?


Alan: Well, if you went into ancient writings, even before what we know as the Bible was written, they did talk about a war, a war in the heavens and on the Earth.  This is pre, even pre-Hebrew.  And it wasn't over.  It would last for thousands and thousands, maybe millions of years, before the next clash would come along.  And it was again written about in the Zoroastrian mysteries later on to do with good and evil itself, always in battle with each other.  And it's up to the individual as I say how they interpret this, but all you can really do ultimately is to interpret it according to your own personal life's experience.  That's all you can do.


Alex: Yeah, I can tell you how the elite interpret it.  They're kind of along the 5th Element line. 


Alan: They do understand both sides, and how to manipulate both sides of it too.


Alex: Well that's the Illuminati Mystery Religion, is the balance that they believe in.  Thank you sir I appreciate your call.  Michael, Dan and Scott, final call, straight ahead, with the always intriguing Alan Watt.  I'm Alex Jones.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: In closing I want you to visit cuttingthroughthematrix.com and we'll throw that up on the prisonplanet.tv screen for you.  And buy some of Alan Watt's books and videos, because he's barely scraping by, and just does such important work, and that's why we have him here.  So be sure and support him there at the site, by actually buying some of the books and videos.  You need to purchase some of this and have hard copies, and support him.  Okay, let's jam in a few final calls here.  Michael in Mass, quick question for Alan Watt.


Michael: Hey, how's it going gentlemen?


Alex: Pretty good.


Michael: I wanted to bring up a topic for kind of deep, I don't know, deep conversation.  See if you can get deep and sophisticated on this one.  The document called "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars."


Alex: Colonel Alexander.


Michael: Absolutely.  To me, that document, I mean that's basically the Rosetta Stone for the New World Order plan.


Alex: No, no, there's cell towers.  There's chemtrails.  We're being hit with silent, soft kill weapons. 


Michael: Absolutely, it's all in there.  I'm sure you guys probably weren't prepared for a real deep convo on this, but I was hoping that maybe in the future, you know you guys could get to together to like...


Alex: Sir, we're totally prepared but we've got two minutes left. 


Michael: Alright, well, Alan what do you think?


Alan: Brzezinski said it in the Technotronic Era. He mentioned this technology, briefly.  It's been set up for a while.  It's old technology, but they're now setting up the equipment publicly, in high concentration areas, and it will be used during the coming riots.


Michael: I've been trying to kind of talk to a lot of, I live in Massachusetts, and there's you know a huge Masonic Community in this particular state, and I'm trying to explain to a lot of these people that they don't always tell you the truth, even if you are an initiate.  And I want to know if I'm accurate when I say this.  Most of the symbology has two meanings, and they use the dual meanings for psychological profiling.


Alex: Or more.  Let me explain how it works in a nutshell, and we've got to end the show, and I appreciate your call, and I'm sorry to the other callers.  I promise next time Alan's on, you call, and you say you got cut off.  You'll go to the head of the line.  And we'll let Alan close the show out with his comment on this.  It's triple, quadruple meaning.  The porch masons, the masons, you could argue they were taken over, they were always bad.  It's meant to control good men.  So later, as high level masons, they make them write out, what would you do in this situation, what would you do in that situation.  If you're a good person, they say, oh good, you're one of us, but they shelve you; if you're evil, they raise you up and elevate you.  Alan Watt, your closing comments on that.


Alan: Well, they ask them at the top, do you want to have the crown, or do you want to be a servant.  The one that takes the crown is put off to the sidelines.  Everything is a test.


Alex: Absolutely, anything else Alan?


Alan: Yes, the lower Masons as Pike said are just the outer portico.  They're no different, they know no more than the general public, but they're useful idiots.


Alex: Alan Watt, great talking to you. We'll talk to you again in the near future, God Bless.


Alan: And you too.


Alex: We're out of time ladies and gentlemen.  Rebroadcast starts one place, infowars.com right now, we'll be back in one minute, stay with us.  Have a great weekend.  Great job.




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