July 1st, 2009
Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show

(3 Hours)


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Alex Jones: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, welcome.  We are now simulcasting the last two hours and 52 minutes of this syndicated radio show at prisonplanet.tv.  And for the next two hours we are joined by researcher Alan Watt, who really is an expert on the eugenics, the architecture of the global slave state, the system that we're under.  And today, I want to get more into the architecture of the New World Order, with Alan Watt, and how their control grid works, the different Hegelian dialectic factions they use to create the synthesis of control.  They openly write about this.  They're quite proud of it.  They say there's no way the slaves will even read this and care.  Too few of them will.  You know, they claim they're all high and mighty and doing this for great scientific reasons to cull the population to save the earth, but they're actually very sadistic and enjoy what they're doing from their own actions and their own statements and the very dark poetry they write about destroying the universe just for the willingness of it, just for the nihilistic enjoyment.  The different strata, kind of the honeybee hive system that they're striving for.  And certainly they're very specialized.  The elites and the inbreeding creates a lot of mental illness, a lot of megalomania.  I want to go over that with Alan Watt, and then later in this hour into the next, taking your phone calls, get into the current operation, because they're at a major jump point.  They're launching the total banking takeover publicly.  They're launching the hate crimes banning free speech as passed the house about to pass the Senate.  Total federalization of all waters, simultaneously in England, Australia, Canada, United States, Europe, Africa.  Sterilizations openly being announced.  They're moving forwards with massive gun restrictions in the US.  The same thing they've done in Europe and in England and in Canada.  It's all happening.  They are moving with the total blanket amnesty, breaking down the borders.  Openly saying they want to break down and blow out the economy, so we're all bankrupt and can't pay their property taxes, so that they force us into compact, control grid cities.  Animal ID.  Premises ID to shut down the farms and ranches, where small farms, $20 per chicken to have it RFID tagged.  Tyson gets waivers and has one tag per thousand chickens.  Or one tag per building now of a half million chickens.  I was corrected by some of the farm and ranch groups, and they've sent me the documents.  It could be per entire complexes of twenty, thirty buildings with 100,000 chickens per building.  I actually have a fellow who married one of my cousins, and so he lives out on the ranch in east Texas, and he was telling me, because he goes and cleans out turkey and chicken coops industrially, it's his business with these big trucks he owns.  He said, no, no, no, it's a tag per complex now.  But the citizens, $20 tag per chicken, and SWAT teams are hitting them and hitting them hard, in the news.  Don't sell those organic eggs on the highway.  Don't sell those watermelons, you don't have a license.  If you come back they send in SWAT teams in the news.  And they don't even come to, they send undercover police to buy the eggs or watermelons, because they want to have it to be in the news to scare everybody, and then they raid the farmer's house on the news and put him in handcuffs, and seize all their equipment.  Folks, this is in the news every week now.  So it's a total dehumanization, a total serfdom, a total culling.  I want to try now to really let Alan Watt flow with this and break it down.  Where should we start?  At the end of what they're planning?  Or at the beginning?  Or their current operations where they're driving us off the land?  Or why are they moving on every front in hyperdrive?  It looks to me like their system isn't in control, and they're kind of winning the race, but their formula 1 car is starting to disintegrate.  The pistons are starting to go out.  Smoke is starting to pour from the engine.  Or do you disagree?  Do you think things are going according to plan?


Alan: I think really they're going to plan, because this is the century for change.  And what they're talking about of course is this totalitarian world regime.  And when you go as far back as the United Nations, and then the League of Nations, the precursor, they set up a Department of Agriculture for instance.  In fact, they set up a department for everything that you need personally to live, to sustain your own life.  Because the world they said they'd bring in is one where the common people could not rule and guide their own lives.  It would be done by experts.  And all private property eventually and all foodstuffs and all water, would be given over to these quasi-private organizations.  That really is what Carroll Quigley was talking about in Tragedy and Hope, a new feudal type system.  These big organizations to do with food and all energy and resources are all part of one military-industrial complex.  At the United Nations they said at their charter, in one of their major speeches when they actually opened up the Department of Agriculture for the UN, they said that farming was too important to be left to farmers.  In other words, it was to be left to the big Agri-Food Businesses, and that's what we've been watching for years now, as the big Agri-Businesses take over, and put the small guys under with the help of government.  Government has been taxing farmers, putting restrictions on them to do with pollution and all the rest of it and gradually getting them off the land.  In comes the big boys, and they take them over for peanuts.  So it's going to strategy, exactly as they planned it to be.  This is the century of change, where everything in their centuries of planning will come to fruition, they think.  That's what they truly believe.  And they're on a roll right now.  There's restrictions coming on everything across the board right now.  And we're being trained and desensitized, and trained and trained and trained, to just accept and go along with everything they've given to us.  And whenever a panel of experts speak on the environment or whatever, we're supposed to just believe it like that, like it's the gospel truth.  They are the new priesthood.  This is the new religion, and we find that Gorbachev in one of his own books said, we, after saying that he was an atheist, he said, we are creating a new world religion, and it must be based on a form of Earth Worship; it's called Environmentalism.  That's what they're using, along with the purse, the power of the purse and taxation and fining, reinforced by government laws.  So it's working and all tied so perfectly well together, meshed together, all at the same time, worldwide.  Whatever happens in the U.S. is happening in Australia at the same time for instance.


Alex: And this is not your opinion, it's all on record in thousands of public volumes.  They've been building it for centuries off the British imperial model, that took from the Roman and many others.  Openly studied at the Imperial Academies, as you know.  And they keep tweaking it and refining it, and people say, well how could this go on for generations.  Carroll Quigley and many others explain that.  How does a University go on for 500 years?  How does a royal family go on for 500, a thousand years?  These are institutions that grow and expand and always fine-tune their science of propaganda, their science of feudalism, their science of serfdom.  As you know, there are 2,000 year old Julius Caesar manuals.  2,050+ year old manuals on how to control populations that are very sophisticated, but nothing compared with the scientific sophistication now that we're facing.


Alan: And what we're seeing too, is the incredible cohesiveness between all these big institutions and so-called non-governmental organizations.  It's a flawless web.  They're all on board together on the same topics.  And when you join one of these groups, you have to accept all the other groups' mandates as well regardless, put your own personal thoughts to the side, and you must be politically correct on every single topic today.  It's total political correctness.  And so you must go along with the environment, global warming, how they must restrict all our movements, all our travel, because of global warming, etc.  Regardless of the NGO that you sign on for initially. 


Alex: Continue.


Alan: And what they call too, is consensus building.  They even have think tanks; now you're talking about institutions and how they can go on for centuries.  Quigley said that.  He said, if they set up an institution with a mandate, they can hire and retire generations, generations of people, all working on the same mandate.  So something that was started 200 years ago, has gone on continuously working on the same mandate, its speciality, for 200-odd years. 


Alex: And they install profitability.  They use environmentalism as a tax to fund themselves.  It's really feudalism.  And then as they expand it, they're getting rich and more powerful themselves, through each phase, almost like a coral reef. 


Alan: It's incredible.  There's a google video up there, I have the link for it, where you'll hear Maurice Strong introduce Baron Rothschild, and Baron Rothschild stands up at this World Climate Change conference and so on, and says we need another bank to deal, that the public will have to fund by their tax money by the way, we need another bank to deal with the environment.  Well, of course the bank has already been given a name, and guess who handles the money?  It goes through Rothschild's private bank in Switzerland.  About eight or nine of these United Nations so-called Enviro-Banks are all run through the Rothschild's private bank.


Alex: Well, take Al Gore.  First he denied last year in Congress that he was getting money through gore and blood, no pun intended, one of the big climate fencing companies, and then that's got MN Rothschild funding in the news.  First, he said it was all a lie.  Two weeks we have the video, he goes, so what?  I'm allowed to make money doing good.  So now he just admits that he's going to get the money.  I mean, if you were openly paying it to him.


Alan: That's right.  Yes, that's correct.  This is a new feudal system.  This is a feudal system.  These are the new overlords, who with the collusion of government have given themselves the right to lord over the public.  And as I say, they're taking over everything you need individually to survive and live on this planet.  We'll have to go to them cap in hand for water, food, energy, everything we need.  It's a new form of slavery.


Alex: Listen, I was watching a Maurice Strong video I saw yesterday.  In fact I sent it to you guys and forgot to play it, where he openly says in the 1980s, oh, I've gotten in trouble for saying everybody should have a license to even have one kid in the US, but I do think that's the right thing to do.  They're on record, and in this meeting with Oprah Winfrey, and all these world leaders, the Rockefellers and people a month ago, saying, secret rich group meets to discuss reduction of population.  This is all they're obsessed with.


Alan: Yes, it is.  And unfortunately, as we know, we've got this odd situation that people cannot figure out, where governments bow to these characters, these private NGOs and foundations, and do what they're told.  That tells you there is a parallel government that exists above the ones that we think we elect. 


Alex: And they want you dead folks.  They don't even want to tax you and control you.  They want you dead.  It's the ultimate control freak genocide culling, wiping you out so they can inherit the New World Order promised land.  Most of you listening, they are going to kill you. That's just a fact.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: We've got that link, we're going to post it up on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.  I actually played this about a year ago, and I'd forgotten about it.  I mean, there's so much evidence.  It's daily where Maurice Strong is saying, you know all these horrible things about the New World Order, and International Bankers calling us cannon fodder, the population.  Alan, tell folks some of the things that are in this video.  You've also got it linked up on cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Tell folks what's some of the things they say on this video. 


Alan: George Hunt, he has a business to do with the environmental friendly products and so on.  So he goes to these meetings for the environment where Maurice Strong goes and Rothschilds go.  And you'll hear Maurice Strong on two occasions, two clips within that video, introduce Lord Rothschild.  And Lord Rothschild comes on and basically advocates for another United Nations fund to be set up.  Another special bank to deal with the environment.  One of many that is already there, and Rothschild of course, you find in the clip, this bank they want to set up, funded by our tax money as penalties against the environment, will go through Rothschild's private bank, their family bank in Switzerland.  So he'll be in charge of it.  This multi, multi, multi-trillionaire doesn't need money, but here he is handling everyone else's money in the forms of penalization against the environment.  It's just astonishing. 


Alex: And tell folks some of the other things that Maurice Strong says in here. 


Alan: Well, Maurice Strong of course, as we know, was picked up by Rockefeller himself, groomed from a young boy.  And he's been in god knows how many top United Nations positions.  Currently, he's set up by the United Nations to even further the integration of East and West and China.  He lives in China at the moment but still working for the UN.  He was the one who set up the biodiversity treaty on behalf of Rockefeller.  We're all under it now, this biodiversity treaty.  We have no rights as all as humans and every insect on the planet now is elevated much, much higher than we are.  And it's to do with natural resources.  The sharing of natural resources cannot be left into the private hands.  It must go into these elitist organizations.  That was all done at the Rio, the first Rio conference that they had.  Maurice Strong, when you go into his history, and you'll find this in public broadcasting networks in the television sector.  They did a documentary on him, and when he was in China, he went to a graveyard to put flowers at his aunt's grave.  And she was the best advisor to Mao Tse Tung.  These families are international, intergenerational revolutionaries for this New World Order.  It runs in their family.


Alex: Well, that's why in 1976 they had a huge editorial written by David Rockefeller saying Mao did a great job killing 60+ million people.  I mean they're proud of their mass murder.


Alan: Yes.  Yes, they are.  And they also highly laud the population reduction for abortions, mandatory abortions in China.  Remember, they have said personally, and the United Nations has also said that China is the model state for the world to follow.  We've all to follow their policies.


Alex: Continue with what they plan to do with us on record.


Alan: It's out in the open now.  There was a whole bunch of British newspapers that came out of it a month ago.  I read them on the air, mainstream media, where the Optimum Population Trust, another big non-governmental organization, backed by the foundations, came out and called for the same polices as China to be mandated in Britain and the rest of Europe very shortly.  They even got front-page coverage, whole pages on this.  And the government has some of these characters on their board.  Do you know, governments appoint people.  The real players are appointed, they're not elected.  And they appoint the tops of these groups on their panels for discussion.  And then they implement policies and laws that affect us.  So we're not run by any kind of democracy whatsoever.  Democracy is a sham.  In fact, democracy is just the staging rockets to allow these NGO boys, the real parallel government to get on board with government and dictate to them.


Alex: And let's be clear, these videos of George Hunt that we've been posting for years, a lot of times he's the one even leading the meetings with Maurice Strong there, and he was there and he started talking about getting rid of all of us, and this freaked him out, so he brought him out. But just bone chilling to then see the New York Times and Washington Post every week with articles about oh, look, the fifth-grader comes home and writes up dossiers on mom.  And the school has the kids in England and the U.S. writing mock tickets to their parents for taking a hot bath, or having the wrong kind of light bulb, or using too much A.C.  To the children, the little persecutors, now, and the parents are in the news going, oh, I'm so proud of them tattling on me, just like in Nineteen Eighty-Four where Winston's upstairs neighbor is so proud of his kid that's tattling on him, that even when he gets picked up and put in the prison, he goes, I'm so proud that my son turned me in.  I don't know what it is that I did, but I'm sure I'm guilty.  I'm glad Big Brother is going to torture me to death.  And that's basically what the American people and Brits are like now.  It's like, Thank God the kids are turning us in.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Yeah I meant yesterday, it's funny that Maurice Strong got brought up by, well it's not funny, it's tragic we're on the same page, Alan Watt, because I had a clip, I ran into a bunch of clips of him talking about licenses to have even one kid.  Total control, how that's the goal of the different United Nations treaties.  That's the goal of global warming.  Him in the '70s saying global warming is going to kill us by 2000.  We've got to have one-child policies.  Just incredible.  Don't forget to support Alan with his great books and videos that he has available at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Okay, Alan, again, you keep pausing for me to interrupt customarily, and I do add, I think some important points, but I really want you to sit down and continue rolling with their operation, their plan, what's coming next, some of the other facets.  Really, I normally guide the interviews, I'd like to sit back and let you follow your fancy. 


Alan: Well, what we have really is a very ingenious plan that's going to use Environmentalism and a war.  Remember the Club of Rome, one of the premier think tanks that not predicts the future, they create the future.  They create realities for the upcoming generations.  They come up with the ideas and then they give it to the lesser think tanks to find ways to implement it through media, movies, and novels to society.  They come up in the 1970s with the idea of global warming, and they say in their own book, the two founders say in their own book, The First Global Revolution, that they were looking for a way to unite the entire planet, under a warfare scenario.  It would have to be warfare because when there's war, like world war going on, the public will allow their rights to be taken away from them.  They'll all work together for less.  They'll eat less food, and rationing and so on.  And they have a common purpose, a common cause.  At least they think they do.  And government can then expand and take over various areas of their lives where they didn't interfere before.  Therefore a war scenario had to be dreamed up.  And the one that they hit upon was Global Warming.  They said, that would fit the bill.  That's their own words, that would fit the bill.  After looking at others way to do it, that one would fit the bill.  Now when these guys come to a decision like this and they're unanimous, they never change their agenda.  So if it was written thirty years ago, forty years ago, you can take it to the bank, they will carry it through.  Even if we're up to our eyes in snow, they'll still say it's global warming.  Under this guise of Environment, and saving the world, the environment, because man is at war with the environment, that's what they say: man is the enemy.  We all have to reduce our populations, which ties in exactly with the United Nations.  They've said in their own charter for the department of agriculture, the United Nations ultimately will be responsible for doling out the food to every nation in a quota system.  And eventually, they'll use it as a weapon.  If you don't reduce your population, say in the United States, they'll give you less rationing.  And of course, even if you try and keep up, or keep to the right quota of population, they'll give you less next year or two years time, once you're used to the idea.  Until you keep reducing and reducing and reducing your population.  So there's disincentives to have children.


Alex: And we already see that.  California is getting rid of the tax credit for children.  Australia has gotten rid of it entirely, and now says in their news, they're going to start taxing having kids.  And then they even have parents coming on who are stakeholders, that means they're minions.  They always have these little rent-a-mob groups, who represent the population, saying, oh, I love it.  I think it's a great idea.  And I had the British scientist on last year, who was all over the news, calling for wartime rationing of food and water and carbon footprints, water footprints.  To have laws to make us skinnier, not eat as much, being fat is bad for the earth.  Even being a few pounds overweight.  They say you've got to be rail skinny.  So a total tyranny and he's hailed as a great guy.  And I had him on, and he basically said, yes, we're going to control everything that you do and have carbon rationing on eating food.  And I had another scientist on, and he said that I would have to be sent to a reeducation camp if I didn't conform.


Alan: Absolutely.  They've been using techniques like this for years on children at school.  And now it's to go into the adult world as well.  And what they're training us is that we have no privacy of course, that government inspectors can come into your home at any time, regardless of if you think you own it or not, and put restrictions on you.


Alex: Unisex bathrooms.  All of this is about destroying all privacy, all identity, anything that's associated with normal, biological activity in the species must be destroyed. 


Alan: Anything in other words that you would naturally fight for, they're training you not to fight with but just to acquiesce and give in.  That's the whole key to it.  We're getting trained.  And under the threat of environment, the catastrophe, then they're going to use this.  They're already using it of course to come into your life in every single aspect of your life, right down to what you eat and how much you eat.  And are you eating meat?  The Royal Society put out a report the other day.  Now the Royal Society is an incredible society.  It's got a royal charter to exist.  And every famous scientist that ever existed was a member of it.  It also has listed openly in its own records and history that it was the first totally Freemasonic scientific institution ever set up.  So these guys literally again are part of the big think tanks.  They plan, help plan the future on a political, a socio-political basis.  And they have said that we should stop eating red meat.  Now what's the Royal Society doing telling us to stop eating red meat?  You see.  Until you tie it in with their agenda, because we find that H.G. Wells in his book, Utopia, and he was an earlier member of the same organizations.  He said the world we'll bring in will be vegetarian.  Completely vegetarian worldwide.  You find the same thing in Toffler's book, Alvin Toffler, the big Futurist, the pal of Newt Gingrich, who gave out his book to every Congressman in the U.S. and it's called The Third Wave.  And in it he says, the world we shall bring in will be vegetarian and it must be so.  He doesn't say why.  So, right down to what we eat, vegetarian, diet and all the rest of it, it's all planned for us.  And under saving the environment, they're going to force us off protein.  Believe you me.  Because, why protein?  When you look at India, and these guys use histories, very ancient histories, and recent and modern histories as well, to the full.  And they always have historians on board and philosophers, you'll find in the top think tanks.  India has been ruled basically by Brahmans, the Brahman caste for thousands of years.  And the most easy people to get to obey you, they're kind of sluggish in certain ways and so on, are people who are malnourished on a very minimal diet.  I'm talking about a full vegetarian diet here.  Once they're in charge of your food, you'll find that even the vegetables will become restricted and restricted, until you're missing out on vital Amino Acids and so on, but you're very compliant, you're not too bright, you do what you're told, you certainly will never rebel.  And that's the technique, that's why they want to bring in the vegetarian world.


Alex: And of course they're very advanced in genetic engineering.  And magically they continue to change the different structures of GMO tomatoes, potatoes, corn, where it sterilizes all the guinea pigs and rats and other rodents they're feeding them too.  And I've had top genetic engineers on, saying they believe this isn't by accident.


Alan: No.


Alex: So they're going in and making the very food we eat, sterilize us, and we then see the sperm counts dropping, fertility in women plunging.  Where the globalists have been in control, the West, we see the death of the West, with on average a 1.3 replacement rate. Please continue.


Alan: They've weaponized the food.  And you see, again, in this world, the world they decided they were going to bring in an awful long time ago, they said, and this even came out in the Cold War in different books and so on, they said that no truly big international corporation dealing in technology or science could be allowed to be free to go its own way.  They even said that the Cold War would be won with those countries and nations with superior sciences.  Now remember food comes under warfare, it always has, since ancient times.  Monsanto and all these big boys that have an ear to presidents and prime ministers across the world, once again, a special ear, I call it, dictate to governments as to what they want.  And they always get what they want.  Now, they're part of the military-industrial complex, when you go into the history of Monsanto.  And the chemical industry, and Agent Orange and all the rest of it, that they've used in past times.  You don't bring hundreds of top genetic scientists together, that formerly were working in the only places they could work, and that was in the warfare industry.  You don't bring them together to make a better carrot or a better potato.  You do it because you are truly what you eat.


Alex: Well, look at the one plastic they unified out of hundreds of different formulas that didn't leach estrogen-mimicking hormones.  They had global adoption in the 1960s, of the class of plastic that leaches it, and now they admit it's going on and say, well, in a way, that's a good thing, and maybe we should put this in the water to stop you having kids.  And they put this on the news now and the yuppies go, yeah, do that to those poor people.  Not knowing, they're under the gun, as well.  So that's one of their master points is making kind of the low-level minions feel like they're part of this predatory power trip, but expanding on that, if you look at the GMO, foods, again, it's been confirmed to be sterilizing people.  I want the population to understand that we're not just saying this.  This is really happening, go ahead. 


Alan: Well, plus you have, whenever you get something you'd think would be a crisis like the males of the West being 80% down on sperm count, and what's left is almost immotile, it's not moving.  And every year for fifty years the departments of statistics, like the United Nations, Britain and Canada, give these same statistics, oh, it's dropped even further.  Then they'll give you the stats on different kinds of cancers that have exploded since the 1950s as well.  And this is all normal now.  There's no crisis made about it.  Well, how come there's no crisis made about it?  It's because it's part of the agenda.  That's why they can calmly give you statistics without mentioning the obvious, my God, everyone's becoming sterile or dying of cancer.  That's the agenda.  This is part of the population reduction control.  Now, years ago, I read an article on Prince Charles who, remember, the nobility of Europe and America, because America has a nobility.  They have their private estates, where they have tenant farmers.  That's down through the centuries.  They've done television shows on them in Britain and elsewhere.  They have their own vast herds of Angus beef and all the rest of it that do not eat anything that's modified.  They have their fields of their wheat and their corn and all the rest of it that is not modified. They have their sources of supply.  But they're making sure, by law, that we are going to eat all this modified stuff, the weaponized stuff, because it's part of the plan.  That's the reason for it. 


Alex: Jay Rockefeller.  Sorry, go ahead.


Alan: Never mind what they've done.  You see, we forget too that the most potent drugs ever developed came from plants.  You can make plants grow anything.  We know how far advanced they are to do with brain chemistry.  And today with the various high potent drugs they have, they can make plants produce anything.  Dumb you down, make you passive, obese, whatever they want, they can really switch the whole chemistry of your body, and that's why you bring genetic bio experts in to make your food.  Food is a weapon, always been used as a weapon.


Alex: Absolutely, at the United Nations Food Conference in 1996, in China, the Director General of the Food Program said, we will use food as a weapon and we don't apologize for it.  When we come back I'm going to back you up, Alan Watt, because there's an entire industry for decades called pharmacological crops, where they brag they can make the plants do whatever they want them to do.  And they're medicalizing them and using them as weapons against us right now.  Stay with us, key information.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Coming up, we're going to play some clips of Lord Rothschild and Maurice Strong.  We also have clips of them talking about how we're cannon fodder.  Ah-ha-ha-ha.  The scum, we've almost got them.  Look at them, they're almost sterile.  They're all dying of cancer. Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha.  They'll never fight us.  Look at those police serving us, thinking they're part of the system.  All implanted with the hormonal fluctuation triggers, it will metastasize.  Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha.  All on record, all laughing at you.  They're talking about Republicans and Democrats.  Labor and Tories.  Ah-ha-ha-ha.  Look at the little slaves.


Alan Watt is our guest.  I remember about six years ago, I read on air, an AP report about a Texas-based company Protogene.  And it said that they had a pharmacological crop that grew live AIDS virus in the corn.  And that it had been open air planted and they'd violated some rule, and so it had to be destroyed.  And it also produced a bunch of other things.  And people called me and didn't believe that they have crops that grow live viruses or bacteria.  The BT corn, one the most popular corns out there has been linked by major government studies in Germany and Europe and also in China to killing the honey bees, because it's a live pesticide that is grown in the corn itself, and you still eat it.  Now this is all the big joke.  And everything is about sterilization, and so now they're cracking down on organic farming and everything, because folks, they mean business.  This is life and death.  They are eugenicists.  So they have thousands, in fact, google right now for everybody, just minimize that video, pharmacological crops, that term.  You'll get millions of hits, all announcing, oh this crop has got 14 different animal and 10 different plant and 5 different insect genes.  And it produces all these chemicals.  Or, it produces a live virus and we harvest it for vaccines, because they can program plants to do whatever they want.  Then you tell the public, kind of like the famous story of me saying, they have spider goats, part spider part goat, and I had the CEO of the company on in upstate New York at an army base.  And it produces body armor out of the milk.  And I had a guy at Conan's pizza, I was picking a pizza up, come up and poke me in the back, and almost start a fight.  I used to like you, but you're a liar.  I took biology at UT, and they don't have part spider goats. And I said, sir, it's CBS news.  And he got in my face and kind of almost bulled up, and I had to say, look, not lying, but believe what you want.  They, Alan, they think we're living in 1900.  They don't know, this is Buck Rogers. 


Alan: That's right.  The average person has been given the biggest mind job in this generation, than any previous generation's ever had before.  And Brzezinski, Brzezinski is such a massive player in all this, but he is an expert on the mind of populations.  He was the head of the NSA for a long, long time, he's been advisor to I think every president behind the scenes.  And he said himself that shortly the public, in his own book, Between Two Ages, shortly the public will be unable to reason for themselves.  They'll truly believe the news media, and in fact they'll look at the news media as an extension of their reasoning powers.  The media will do the reasoning for them.  And they've trained people since the 1970s that that is so.


Alex: Well, it's the semantic terms too, Alan.  People can't even understand basic English now. 


Alan: They can't.


Alex: And they think warning them is showing off.  Like the yuppie thing is, oh you're telling me there's corruption.  Ah-ha-ha-ha.  Like it's a mental illness, like make believe that if they make believe there's not trouble, it's not there. 


Alan: That's right.  And the public too, will believe the same thing that you tell them, if Barbara Walters comes on and spins it; that's okay.  It's suddenly talked about all over.  But if you say it, no, you're nobody you see.


Alex: Exactly.  It exists when they say it, because they're saying it's good.  But when you say it, it simultaneously doesn't exist.  That's double, triple think.  Stay there, back in one minute.


Hour 2


Alex: The establishment, through psychological warfare, one thing they do is they make the yuppies and the know-it-alls and the general public slaves, who aren't even tuned into news.  You know, there's the control paradigm of news, but below that there's the strata of people who just watch sports and act cool all day.  Or you know, basically don't even know the three branches of government.  They get them to identify with being ignorant.  That it's cool to be stupid.  And all these teenager movies and TV shows, the guy that gets all the girls is the guy who doesn't care about politics, or the world, or history.  Until the public becomes Miss Teen South Carolina, who can't even talk.  And then she's honored by the media for being what you're supposed to be like.  That it's cool and beautiful to be an empty headed idiot, who's going happily up the carousel at Logan's Run, you know, to be euthanized.  So, they value their ignorance.  They value their bondage.  They will say, there is no such thing as the New World Order for decades, now they announce, oh, it's a new Bank of the World.  World Government.  Carbon taxes you'll pay to private banks.  And we go, hey, we said that forever.   And I've basically had major newspapers tell me, well Alex, you're still basically crazy.  The stuff exists, but you were just kind of lucky, in your schizophrenia, you imagined all this, and now it's happening, but it's good, but you're still crazy.  Or it goes further.  This stuff exists, but it doesn't exist.  It exists when the establishment says it, but then it doesn't exist when you say it exists but is bad.  And people value, they kind of get a look like, the general slaves like mmm....I don't believe you...uhhhh.  How is that done psychologically from your study.  Reveling in being idiots.  Reveling in being conned.  Reveling in being sterilized.  Reveling in dying of implanted cancers. 


Alan: Well, again, very good books have been written on this particular type of psychology to do with the masses.  One very old book was simply called Propaganda, written in the 1800s, that was the start of it.  And then Bernays picked up on it, the nephew of Freud, and people don't even know that Freud's nephews are still advising British governments today on mass psychology, direct descendants from Freud.  Bernays picked up on it, and he knew how to manipulate mass cultures to create what was called a sameness.  A sameness you see.  Because the first step towards government running the masses, the masses must be the masses.  You can have no individuality.   Therefore at the same time, and Bernays, by the way at 23 years of age was picked to go with President Wilson to set up the League of Nations.  Because they knew this was the embryo for a world government.  And right from the beginning, they wanted to start, to see how they could get diverse cultures, all on the same direction. 


Alex: And he said they would use feminism to break up the family as well.  And he's the reason we eat bacon with eggs.  They had feminists walk with cigarettes smoking them.  And he said, that's even better, then we can kill the women with the cigarettes, but it will make it cool as we murder them.  And the women are like, oh, I'm dying, I love being conned.  It's just all, just hardcore savage.


Alan: They also knew, what they did.  They broke down man and woman, through all their stages of development from childhood onwards, and created massive marketing departments through Madison Avenue, to cater to every single age group and gender, etc, with the intent that fifty years down the road, they'd start to bring the differences of the gender into the one same stream.  And that's when unisex broke out.  The unisex fashions.  Everything was the same, male and female, and so on.  They planned this, as I say, at the end of World War I. 


Alex: And that's a cult society.  Everybody looking the same, everybody talking the same, dressing the same, bowing to Globalon.  And controlling all the other little fake niches, and creating fake counter culture movements, to carry new New World Order changes in, to make it trendy and cool to then progress people into the crucible.  When all it is, is a furnace, a blast furnace, and like little mobs we're just happily flapping in.  I love the government.  I love the sameness.  I'm a trendy.  Buzzzz.  You know, right into the flame as they burn to bits.  And you could even say, look at the moths being burned up.  I mean, look at all the girls dying of Gardasil, and they go, shut up, I'm giving my daughter the shot.  The daughter starts having the convulsions, the mother claps, oh, she's dying.  Oh, I'm liberal, oh I'm murdering my daughter.


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Alex: Okay we've got Alan Watt with us for the rest of the hour.  I've got a lot of news items I want to throw out at him.  But I also want to open the phones up, starting in the next segment.  Any issue, any item you'd like to ask Alan Watt or myself, again I'm Alex Jones, your host.  The websites are prisonplanet.tv, jonesreport.com, infowars.com, and many, many others.  The Obamadeception.net.  Alan, continue in this segment, getting into their Master Plan, but also from your perspective and research, why they're accelerating their program so much, because according to a lot of their documents and statements, they planned on having the World Tax, World Government, World Regulation in by stealth by 2000.  By most yardsticks they're about four to five years behind.  But overall they're very optimistic that their New World Order is now forming, how does the swine flu tie in.  Obviously a federalization, internationalization grid.  The UN is now bragging that under level 6, it's been the entire time commanding the entire structure.  They're now saying, forced inoculations are coming on every news channel.  It's for your own good.  Training us we've got to be locked down.  Brigade Homeland.  Northcom has got to keep you safe.  Oh, foreign troops in FEMA level National Exercise 2009.  They're preparing working with our military to "deal with American terrorists."  This is from FEMA's own website.  So, right now, it looks like they're accelerating the change as Lenin said.  There are times in history when more happens in a month than happened in the previous hundred years, to paraphrase.  So clearly we're entering a jump point.  Are we in the major flux point, the flash point, the jump point of change? or is this acceleration of change just a prelude to a bigger cataclysm of massive change coming in the future, and when is that date from your deep research, Alan Watt?


Alan: We're going through the preparation for it now.  Since 2001, I always look back and I say, My God, look how many crisis and fake crisis and false crisis we've had since 2001.  We've had the environment hit us at the same time, oh My God, the Climate Change, Global Warming, and taxes for all of that, at the same time.


Alex: And the terrorists.


Alan: Terrorists, yeah, they're just everywhere like the movie Brazil.  No one ever finds them, but they're supposedly all over the place.  And then the coming pandemics and plagues at the same time.  And then the Banking Crash, they gave us a banking crash just to make sure that we got the message.  And then they bail out the banks, and at the same time they've just come out and said that they're going to give billions of dollars to third world countries, to help their environment and so on.  I mean, this is impossible.  If this was spread over a twenty-year period with every single event we'd have time to think and talk and say, I don't quite grab this, it smells wrong.  But once they get the people in a stampeding mode, and that's the training of it, we're being stampeded into simply being scared and obey authority, then they can speed it up.  In fact they must speed it up, and give us one incredible scenario after another.


Alex: In fact, that whole flu drill was a preparation for a real release in the future, is what I said, clearly.  And then they actually came out and said that.  Oh, we used this as a drill.  It's coming this fall or next, and it's going to kill a whole bunch of you.  We guarantee it.   And so will it be a released flu that kills the people, or is it going to be those inoculations as they inject people and they get sick and die in front of everyone.  We know the Gardasil, and the factor eight, and all the other soft-kill murder operations are beta tests of their killing systems, but also beta testing the response, and turning everybody dying of cancer and diabetes into a cause celeb and balls, and everyone wearing ribbons, and oh, you, your hair is falling out.  And when the movie stars, they're all dying too.  It's so cool.  We're part of it.  We get attention.  Again, they just put everything into a process. 


Alan: It's all process.  It's techniques actually.  And the thing with depopulation, as you say, is we're all in it together.  In a war scenario that's a common slogan you see plastered everywhere. We're all in it together, to get us all working along the same path.  We all suffer together, we all die together.  And what you've got also at the same time is the cult of celebrity.  Because celebrity is really part of culture creation and manipulation.  Everything comes from the top, what the stars say.  In fact the stars override even the scientists.  If you get a famous star to come out and talk about the environment, the people will just gobble it up and think it's true.  So, we're managed in a scientific manner perfectly.


Alex: But the elite don't have total control, because 37,000 top scientists send a detailed paper and a signed petition, but it gets almost zero news coverage, and Al Gore laughs and says they're all conspiracy theorists that think we didn't land on the moon. 


Alan: That's right.  And we must remember too, here's an ominous thing that people don't generally think about, because we're trained to believe, and we have been deliberately trained to believe the medical profession is just there to help you.  When you go into the history of the big factories, the big corporations that create vaccines, you will find that they are part of the military-industrial complex.  They're on the cutting edge of dealing with killer viruses and killer bacterium, which is part of biowarfare.


Alex: They all come out of Cold Springs Harbor and the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute and the big medical facilities in England, and you'll see the founding directors, and then their sons and everybody else are all public eugenicists.  It's like the IBM Human Genome run from Cold Springs Harbor, last year, the director comes out and says blacks aren't humans basically kill them.  And I had already put him in Endgame saying he was one of the top technicians coming up with the Eugenics op.  And I mean, but the big secret is a lot of racists go, good, kill the blacks.  What those stupid racists don't understand is the elites are really trying to target Northern Europeans who, these are Northern Europeans themselves involved in a lot of all of this, because they see Northern Europeans as their potential competition.


Alan: Yes, because out of the Northern Europeans, they've always had antagonism, they've always had rebellions, you see, and there's more individuality by nature, it's inherent really in the Northern Europeans.  We're not a collective society as such.  We're not like China, a history of collectivism.  In fact the United Nations has said, and the League of Nations before it said the same thing.  Their enemy to world order was individualism; individualism would have to be eradicated.  Getting back to the laboratories, you look at Baxter Laboratories, now Baxter Laboratories, we've got to remember, was paid by government, they're combined with biowarfare departments.  They were paid during WWII to come up with different bacterial and viral warfare ingredients, etc.  They were also part of I.G. Farben that created the Nazi War Machine.  They've always been involved in this kind of thing.  You cannot be involved in dealing with viruses, purely to kill them off.  The military has always been hand in glove with you, or hand and hand with you, because you're on the cutting edge of evolving these viruses into killers as well.  They're so advanced that they can give you a shot for whatever they tell you it is, you'll never know what it is.  The guy who gives you the shot can't analyze it; it's all based on faith.  And they can give you a booster down the road that triggers off the first shot, and down you go.  That's how perfect they have biowarfare today. 


Alex: That's called a binary weapon.  They actually wrote papers on that, and as you properly said, even Dr Salk bragged about it, when they give you, say an SV40 cancer that's been engineered, it's designed that at a certain hormone fluctuation in the body it triggers, and then starts the replication attacks, in the human body.


Alan: That's right, if your testosterone starts dropping in 30s, and bang you're down with a cancer at 35. 


Alex: Naw, it's good though.  Now we have people at 20 getting their Alzheimers, it's normal. 


Alan: Yeah, isn't that amazing.


Alex: It's beautiful, Alan.  Something beautiful is about to happen, like they say in 2001.


Alan: That's right.  Something wonderful.


Alex: Something beautiful.  Something wonderful.


Alan: That's how it is, and we've got to understand, as I say these big international corporations and laboratories are all part of a military-industrial complex.  A book was written after WWII, actually it was written about the 90s, 1990s, by a Toronto Star reporter who got hold of lots of declassified information from the Canadian, U.S., and British governments, that all worked together.  The book is called, Deadly Allies: Canada's Secret War.  And those guys, during WWII, and Canada led the field, they could get a virus, a common virus, turn it into a killer within about an hour in what they called a fast breeder.  They were so far advanced in WWII, and guess who was all on board working with them.  The same big pharma companies that deal with making your inoculations. 


Alex: And all run by eugenicists on record.  But Alan, shouldn't we just trust them?


Alan: That's it.  That's the doublethink that folk get into. They've got all this propaganda on television, mainly through fiction, television series on.


Alex: Yeah, where the backwards kook racist scum child molester doesn't want to take the shot.  Every TV show, every drama.  But then the women always figure out on the show, and they make sure the kids get it, and then the kids' lives are saved.


Alan: That's right.


Alex: They know best.  That's why they're going to take the Gardasil.  They're going to show you, Alan.  They're not going to listen to you.  No, they're with the government.  Mmmmm.  Oh, Arggh (death rattle).


Alan: So that's the key to it.  As you say yourself.  The statistics are out there.  We are being sterilized.  We've been getting sterilized for an awful long time.  We know that some of the various culprits that were deliberately put in our food, the Bisphenol A and all the rest of it.  They even classified melamine, which is a plastic product as a protein.


Alex: Oh yes.


Alan: For baby food, because there's one little part of this molecule in a certain chain, could be recognized, could be, with a lot of money helping it along, as a protein.


Alex: Exactly.  They admitted it attacks all organs, causes kidney failure, causes cancer, was always listed as deadly.  Now they came out last year and said, you know what, melamine's actually good for your child.  Just like they nationwide say mercury is now nutritious, Alan.  You're a crazy, are you crazy?  You don't like mercury?


Alan: And they actually put the melamine in baby food.  And they know darn well it sterilizes the male child, very early on.


Alex: Man, have we got a radical on air.  Folks, he's saying melamine, plastic toxin isn't good for babies.  He's even saying mercury isn't good.  Everyone knows Vitamin M is good.  Man, we're radical, whoa.  This show is just incredibly kooky.  The government's right, Mercury is good.  Alan Watt, man, you're extreme.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: You know I sit here, joking around a little bit, hoping that people out there watching this later on youtube and google and blip TV and across the web will for God Sakes find out Gardasil's killing a bunch of people that take it and causing autoimmune problems with other women and is clearly a sterilization weapon.  This isn't a game.  Mercury isn't good for you.  They think you're so stupid now, that they get on the news now and say, your child needs Mercury.  I've played the news clips here probably a hundred times.  I'm not going to play it today.  You know, they won't believe it.  Cue up Mercury good for you.  Get me the youtube.  The point is, I've also gone over when they say Lead is good for children.  Lead isn't good for children.  We're going to go to your calls in a moment.  But I have just as a layman, studying this psychology, they're trying to shock us.  And I want you to speak to this, and we're going to calls in the next segment, Alan.  They're trying to shock us when they say, yes, we're torturing people's children in front of them, but it's to fight Al Qaeda.  And then Jack Bower does it on the TV show 24, and everybody sits there, the new hero, the new John Wayne tortures kids.  So it's predictive programming, you talk about.  You know, they're modeling as social animals off of this.  They try to shock you saying on CNBC that lead is good for children, and it's good for the "economy".  Or Mercury is good for children the Feds say.  Or killing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed five or six times, where they captured him or killing Kimic Allah, twelve times, or killing all these other guys, Zarqawi, fourteen times, and then never retracting the last time they killed him, or the CIA openly announcing they're doing a destabilization campaign to stage the election upset two years ago, and then saying we have nothing to do with it.  And Obama saying I won't sign signing statements and then lying and saying I never said that, I'm going to do it, or I'm going to raise all your taxes, and then saying, I never said I wouldn't raise your taxes.  I mean it's their practicing lying to us to kind of bludgeon us into submission.  How would you boil down that psychological phenomena or tactic?


Alan: It literally is an extension of what we had before, shock and awe.  Shock and Awe.  They not only use it with the massive bombardment on physical realm or soft bombardment as they call it, soft bombardment through massive propaganda, where you're hit with conflicting messages on the same topics all the time, and ultimately, they know that the public, because they're trained, will always go ultimately with the expert opinion, and they won't critically think through any opposing opinion, so it's shock and awe on the public.  They've trained the public in fact not to even start to even try to think about something.  They're telling you it's too, too complex for you to understand; the experts have it all in charge.


Alex: Yeah, it's learned helplessness with the studies of the rats or puppies where they shock them, where they finally just give up in the corner, catatonically; I agree.  They're just putting up...they're also setting the precedent that they lie and don't get in trouble for it.


Alan: They've been doing that for so many years.  I mean I got to laugh at people actually chanting slogans that they're given by Madison Avenue, like Change is Good, without ever asking, what change do you mean?  Define change.  Define the changes.  No one ever did.  No one ever did.  And Lenin said, we shall win by slogans, the use of slogans.  And it works.  It really works, because people don't ask.  They don't ask beyond the slogan.  It's like Orwell's Animal Farm, the sheep who are taught the slogan that are four legs are good, two legs are bad, and then half way through it one day, the pig is giving the instructions, he says, two legs good, four legs bad.  And the sheep automatically parrot it off without realizing they've just demeaned themselves.  (Chuckle)


Alex: Well, exactly.  First they go from four legs good, two legs bad; to four legs good, two legs also good; to four legs good, two legs better; to two legs good, four legs bad. 


Alan: That's right.  Until they're still chanting what sounds to them to be the same thing, and they don't critically even analyze what they're saying themselves.  And meanwhile with repetition they're actually convincing themselves of the truth of it, the truth of it.


Alex: Well, I was watching HBO this morning.  I forgot the name of the documentary about Free Speech.  They've been hyping it big time, but I'm on the treadmill watching it.  And it was all about liberals, we love free speech, but the evil right wingers are trying to take everybody's speech.  That made it a left/right issue.  When meanwhile, it's the left that just passed through the House a hate crimes bill that will completely ban free speech in America, saying if something you said hurt somebody's feelings it's a federal felony.  And then meanwhile it makes it all about how the right wing wants your free speech so we've got to take theirs.  Again, it's just all complete crap.


Alan: It is.  You are seeing, really, a perfected technique that was tested and improved under the Soviet system.  And I've mentioned so many times that the Reece Commission with Senator Norman Dodd, did find out in the 1950s when they investigated the tax-free foundations, the big Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, their job was to unite the Soviet System with that of the West.  We're seeing soviet techniques now introduced in the West and they've perfected it.  They have been perfected. 


Alex: Stay there, Alan Watt, we'll be right back on the other side with phone calls.  And a lot more.  Cuttingthroughthematrix.com, infowars.com, prisonplanet.tv.  More straight ahead. Take your mercury.


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Alex: That's called the Mopac Express, and that railway runs right by my office, right down to San Antonio.  The very railroad Johnny Cash is talking about.  Just to watch him die. I hang my head...Going back to Alan Watt and your phone calls.  He's going to be with us for twenty minutes in the next hour and then I'll blitz through news and information.  I want to talk about some solutions with him too, coming up in the next hour.  Let's talk to Frank in New York, Chuck, Mark, Mattie, Dave, and others.  Please be quick, I want to take a lot of calls.  Frank you're on the air.


Frank: Good afternoon, Alex and Alan, I wanted to just comment briefly on the show that I heard this morning, I guess rebroadcasted from yesterday.  It was excellent.  And I was so pleased to hear the young people now through the videos and documentaries becoming critical in their analysis of the political discourse and the economic discourse that's affecting everyone's lives.  The reason why I called, Alan, and Alex I think you may find this interesting as well.  I just have been spending the last two days reading the Bank of International Settlements annual report for this year called, Rescue, Recovery, and Reform: The narrow path ahead.  And it's rather interesting, because I had heard the conversation I guess on Monday, regarding the person that was paying his bill with the special rights drawing instrument.  And I found it very interesting, because in the annual report, the ratio of the US dollar to the SDR is 1.5, and I think what your guest had said, regarding his transaction was 3.1.  So apparently, it can be floated at the discretion of the bank, which is rather interesting.


Alex: No, no.  This gives them, for those that don't know, a financial fiat currency for bank to bank, government to government, institution to institution, kind of Fortune 100 between themselves.  Then we're all down here with all these regional currencies they also manipulate as part of their insider trading.  A completely rigged game.  And you notice that codeword, the narrow path ahead, meaning dictatorial.  They're going to hold everybody by the scruff of the neck, including a lot of the rich, who've got to do exactly what they say if you want any hope of ever having a recovery, which won't lead to a recovery, it will just be a stagnation and a new lower plateau of standard of living, then to another plateau as they manage our slide downward in their own words, because we're too greedy and live too well. 


Frank: You'd think that they would discuss the financial derivatives fiasco in the annual report, but they didn't.  However, they did issue a statement on May 18th, stating that up until December of last year there were about 584 trillion dollars worth of derivatives worldwide, which it appears to be very small, considering it's about 1.4 quadrillion at least according to the figures coming you know from the econometric institutions here in the United States and Europe.  So it's a rather interesting discrepancy there.


Alex: But that's kind of like a black hole the size of the Milky Way, or a black hole the sized of the solar system.  If it's right up on you, it's going to gobble you up. 


Frank: Or they may reappear six months from now and more bailouts will be needed worldwide.


Alex: No, no.  They're already saying that.  Do you have a question for Alan Watt?


Frank: Yeah, I just wanted to mention Alan, that what you said is nothing new to me, however the model that Foucault talked about, using Jeremy Bentham's metaphor, the prison panopticon seems to be here with the technology, and the sad thing is that many of these modalities were discussed sixty, seventy years ago.  I was thinking of Harold Lasswell's National Security State concept and book that was written in 1939 to 1940, where he really outlined the complete Western kind of Soviet style, complete National Security State, with violations of accepted freedoms and constitutional.....


Alex: That's right, they use the threat to National Security, then they build the shadow government around that.  Now it created this parallel government.  Now the parallel shadow government is coming out in the open and absorbing what's left.  They've kind of like putting an egg in vinegar.  They've been dissolving our shell, turning our skeleton into rubber, so they can more easily like a demonic pelican force us into their maw.  Thank you for the call, let's get Alan Watt's comment on that.


Alan: Also too, there's another technique involved, written back about 1914, and H.G. Wells, who was an official propagandist for the Cecil Rhodes foundation and the Fabian Society, two big players backed by the Astor family and their billions.  He called it the World Brain.  He said eventually all information will be controlled by a World Brain, and this information would develop a brand new world culture, which would be under the control of course, of those fittest to rule it.  He's talking about Super Computers on so on. 


Alex: And they were talking in the 1920s about putting drugs and things in the water, specifically fluoride, diet, injections, and injunctions to turn us into gibbering slaves.  And they've done an excellent job. 


Alan: Yeah, and Julian Huxley the first CEO of UNESCO also advised they use this technique, but they also according to Lord Bertrand Russell, another big player, who was also a member of MI5 and MI6, by the way, he said that they would also use the needle to make the people more compliant.  That's what he said in his own book.  The needle.


Alex: Yeah.  I had a Wall Street Journal writer here the other day, and she was definitely on the prowl, I hope it's somewhat of a fair piece, but I doubt it.  I'm not going to cower from it, though I just may not have time for more stuff like that in the future.  And I explained to her, you know sodium fluoride causes brain damage and bone cancer, and I was printing her mainstream articles.  She goes, no, I know that, but she said, the elite have to drink it too.  Like it was okay.  And I said, well if it's so bad, why do they do it.  And she's like, it didn't compute.  She said, yeah, but they have to do it too.  And I said, no they don't.  When J. Rockefeller was here in town, I did a radio show at a station years ago, this was about twelve years ago, and the other guy had a, well he owned a marina, a big marina, and he also owned a bunch of boats you could charter, big you know, big for Lake Travis, yachts, things that will hold like fifty, sixty people, really nice.  And he would take rich people out and captain it, and take people out who wanted to scuba dive at the right time of the year in the rock bottom lake.  It's really a Colorado River Canyon they filled, it's a 37 mile long lake, but long story short here, for dreaming about being on the lake.  I've haven't been going out on the lake for two years, I'm so busy; literally, two years.  I love it.  I think about it every day.  But the issue is J. Rockefeller was down here for two days with the S.O.S. people, surveying tens of thousands of acres they'd stolen through watershed rules.  And he was captaining the boat with some of the servants and people feeding him and all this stuff.  And he also did trips with people down to the Caribbean, but that's a separate issue.  And he said he sat there watching, and they had caviar and food for everybody, but J. Rockefeller and a few of his assistants, they had ice chests with their own food, their own servants, their own wine, their own bottled water, and by the way it was a certain brand of Arkansas water that I later saw one of my friends was drinking, and I found out all the Hollowhead folks drink it.  It's, what's the name of that green bottled water I've got around here, sometimes, point is, he had that, a Mountain Valley.  Mountain Valley, right?  Mountain Valley Spring.  And he had all these little packaged in paper, it couldn't be plastic, salads and food, and it was all about how it was all totally organic and it had all been grown on farms his family owned.  And then I did a google search years ago and found that what you said, and the same thing with Prince Phillip.  I later saw him in a documentary about Windsor Palace.  He has all his own fields, all his own beef.  It was him on TV on PBS inspecting it and inspecting the grain, and making sure nothing GMO was fed behind this walled city.  And how they have the meat and food flown around with him.  Go ahead.


Alan: Yes, and there's an article in a British newspaper, Prince Charles too, had over eighty to a hundred farms, tenant farmers worked on them.  Again, massive herds of Angus beef. Lots of, thousands and thousands of acres of naturally grown corn, etc, and everything that you need.  They do not eat what we eat.  There's no way.  Plus, here's another thing too.  Most folk don't realize it, these very important people already believe that we are so contaminated with different diseases, and this was in the newspaper in Canada about two or three years ago.  It came out when the Prime Minister of Canada was going abroad.  All Prime Ministers and high-level bureaucrats and important people carry at least two pints of their own blood, refrigerated blood with them wherever they go.


Alex: That was in USA today.  That Al Gore has a whole refrigerator of blood that follows him.


Alan: That's right, because they believe they have already been successful in infecting us all with different kinds of things.  They will not risk getting a transfusion from us, and it's the standard procedure, has been for the last, oh at least, fifteen years. 


Alex: Well that ties into Bayer, knowingly for over a decade, over a million doses in one case of Factor 8, knowing it all had HIV and hepatitis, and their own documents came out, even MSNBC reported it like it was no big deal, knowing they were going to kill everybody.  And they said, oh Bayer was just greedy and didn't care.  No, this was a religious sacrament!  This was a murder operation, lovingly carried out.


Alan: Yes, that's right.  And so the public have no idea how far ahead these characters are.  I've even been asked about the spraying, and how can these guys be breathing the same air as we.  Well, most of the time these guys are in their air-conditioned filtered limos or in their air-conditioned filtered homes, but they also, and someone sent me this thing.  There's actually a chelation device that goes in your vein, and it's portable, and you can strap it to your arm.  No one knows you're even wearing it, and apparently it's just as effective as the renal kidney dialysis machines.  It can be set to take out any kind of toxin.  But it's so expensive, the public won't get it.


Alex: And I want to add, there's certain areas they don't spray like whitefishing areas, where they stay most of the year now, where they're not chemtrailing.  And I wanted to bring that up.  They have admitted they've been chemtrailing since the mid 1990s.  They got a Nobel Prize in 1992 for it.  I'm making a separate film on that.  And we always said, it's barium salts, aluminum dioxide.  It's terraforming but also toxic.  They love multifaceted things that do, you know, that cover multiple bases.  They love grand slams, where they get to carry out multiple evils at the same time, and consolidate power.  And now they've just come out in USA today, and Associated Press, and Reuters, and here it is Wall Street Journal, two weeks ago.  It's time to cool the planet with chemtrailing terraforming, and the ingredients they list is exactly what private scientists studied it and said it was, and then they go, oh yes, that was all just testing.  Now we're going to start the real operation.  The Earth's 20% darker and all the climatologists I interview say that looking at what they're spraying is actually heating the Earth.  So are they trying to cause more, I mean we know they have weather weapons, I broke, you know the father of weather weapons Ben Livingston here on air, what they were doing with it fifty years ago.  They could control hurricanes in the late 1960s, Stanford Research Institute certified.  But are they planning to engineer bigger calamities and droughts, and then say oh see, we've got to save you?  But then cover it, saying that they're trying to fix it, because we've exposed the chemtrails and now they've got to admit it?  Go ahead.


Alan: That's right, exactly.  In the 1970s, I think 1978, all the major countries, the United States, Britain, and Canada and so on, all signed an international agreement, a treaty at the United Nations on weather warfare.  And people can go into it and check it out for themselves.  In there it tells you what they could do then.  They could create earthquakes, droughts, floods, famines, and so on, all just with the HAARP technology, and the spraying alone, and in conjunction.


Alex: And Secretary of Defence Cohen, 1997, April 27th issue of Army Times, said the exact same thing.  In fact, people who don't believe it, type Secretary of Defence William Cohen, Army Times, weather weapons.  Or, Secretary of Defence, William Cohen Army Times, Earthquakes.  That will pull it up too.  Go ahead Alan.


Alan: So what they can do, so simply now, because it's old technology.  It's well tried and tested.  And they have given droughts over the years to farming areas.  They put lots of farmers out in Canada and the States, either with droughts or floods.  All at the same time.  We always had the same flood in the breadbasket of Canada as you were having in the breadbasket of the U.S. and we're getting droughts at the same time.  So this was coordinated to bring down the food supply.  But, they will convince the public with odd acts of weather warfare that it's Nature rebelling.  That's what they'll tell us all.  They won't tell, they can stand there and whistle in the wind, and pretend they've got nothing to do with it because they'll never admit they're actually using it to terrify the public.  And then the public will be more compliant and give up even more rights, and allow themselves to be guided....


Alex: Well it's just like the New World Order.  All these decades we had their documents, their statements, their videos, their books.  We'd go look they're saying it.  And the public would say, that's fake video of David Rockefeller.  The Rothschild family doesn't exist.  I remember hearing that fifteen years ago.  That they didn't exist.  That the CFR didn't exist.  Now they say, oh, it exists, we need a World Government to keep us safe.  And it's the same thing now.  There's no chemtrails.  They're not manipulating the weather.  Trails have always hung there for hours at 2000 feet.  No.  And now they go, oh, we're spraying you, yeah, it's good.


Alan: As they say it too, they tell us that it could have drastic consequences, if they were to go ahead and spray.  Meaning on human health.  That's why when they started it in 1998 they couldn't tell the public what they were doing.  They already know the catastrophic effects it's had on people's health with asthma.  People at 40 or 50 get diagnosed with asthma.  People dying of bronchial diseases, and can't get rid of the cough.  They have the pulse on the people all the time.  They have all the data coming in from hospitals, all the time, daily.  And they know the effects it's been having and what it's doing to the people. 


Alex: Yeah, here is FAS.org news.usa, you can also go to the army website.  And here he is.  You guys just had it on screen with the control F, you can read it right there where he talks about, he says, he quotes Alvin and Heidi Toffler, has written about this in terms as some scientists in their laboratories trying to devise certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic specific, so they would just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races.  And others are designing some sort of engineering, some sort of insects that can destroy specific crops.  Others are engaging even in eco type of terrorism, whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.  That's the Army Times of April 1997, you can go to the top and show folks.  But the issue here is that they now in September 20th 2000, Rebuilding America's Defences, written by Dick Cheney.  He says, we need to prepare the public with the media to accept race-specific bio weapons, and that it's good.  And even the Austin American Statesman wrote an article saying, is Dick Cheney right, should we kill races?  So, if you call somebody a racial term, the media cries, you get arrested, oh we love you so much black people.  But then, it's like, should we kill all the blacks?  You know, it's loving, Oprah is at the meeting.  See, it's like, I'm a liberal, I'm Margaret Sanger.  You're subhuman.  I only want to kill you for the Earth.  You know I love you.  I'm sorry we have to kill you.  Don't be racist.  Again, if you're against the New World Order, you're a racist.  You're against killing everyone, you're racist. 


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Alan Watt is our guest.  I want to blitz through some news with him coming up.  But let’s go back to your phone calls.  He's going to be with us for the next hour.  His website is cuttingthroughthematrix.com, our sites are infowars.com and prisonplanet.tv.  Alright, I'm going to try to move quickly now.  I had one caller on for like five minutes.  Mark in Oregon, you're on the air, go ahead. 


Mark: Hello, gentlemen.


Alex: Go ahead Mark.


Mark: Yeah, how are you doing Alex? 


Alex: Fine, what's on your mind?


Mark: Alex, I notice you're both, and I'm not being destructively critical here, but I'm being constructively critical because the hour is getting extremely late here, okay, and if you don't realize that fully then you'll continue on making movies and trying to write a book, and they will have us down to about two months now from as we speak, to get us all sick and die.  And you're really...


Alex: No, this is an incremental.  Hold on a minute.  I think you called a few months ago saying evacuate over the flu.  This is all drills, and they incrementally ratchet things up.  I don't think everything is going to collapse in two months, but go ahead.


Mark: I like to think that you're right Alex, and I hope that you are.  But I don't think we can even begin to assume that, when we've got a much worse one coming along according to Janet Napolitano in about two months.


Alex: Well I hope you're wrong.  I hope you're wrong, but yes, they are acting like they're going to drop something big in the next two or three months, and all I can do is do the best job I can.  I don't have all the answers.  And I sure would like to run off to the Caribbean with my family, but I'm not doing that.  So I don't really know what the, I mean, I understand your question though, you're saying, well I mean, finish your statement and then I want to get Alan Watt's take on it.


Mark: Okay.  Well, Alex, the point of my call is that it's been long on knowledge and information to expose the evil, that has not slowed it down one bit.  I've been watching it since 1978 when I learned of the Illuminati.  I've been studying their moves.  I've seen the progress that they have made in the implementation of their plan to kill us all.  And that plan is coming up very soon to its end of the endgame point.  You can go out into the world.  Alan Watt can go out into the world.  Dr Stan Monteith can go out to the world.  So can Pastor Butch Paul and several other people get together, go out into the world and give global speaking tours, get some publicity.  Get some power of attention going to the people of the world, and let's get going somewhere Alex, because the way we're going they're killing us.  And I love you brother, but I have to....


Alex: Alright, I hear you and I appreciate your call.  Everybody gets frustrated by this and thinks I've got the answer to save people.  I don't have the money to go travel around the world and then to advertise to get crowds there and then the media just ignores us.  But I can sit here while the web is still open and reach millions of people every couple of days now.  Maybe even every day.  It's really getting big, it's kind of scary to have this responsibility.  I'm just doing what I can do as best I can.   The answer is all of you going out and speaking out.  Alan?


Alan: It's true.  And I understand where he's coming from, because you see, these people, these organizations have been at war with the world for hundreds of years, and openly so for the last hundred years in their own publications.  And of course they have used this time to try and close every possible loophole to stop people saving themselves if you like.  So I understand the frustration, but all we can truly do is to get people to individually become active, and if nothing else plan for themselves and their families etc, various contingency plans to try to save themselves.  I understand this.  The whole world is in on this together.  And it doesn't matter I think where you run off to today personally, I think it's going to be implemented across the planet at the same time.  So whether we like it or not, we're here in the middle of it, and we've got to fight it right from here as best we can.  As best we can.  All we have at the moment is speech.  That's all we have. 


Alex: And they are passing bills to eliminate that.  And when they say it's illegal to speak out, we've got to say no, you're the criminal, we're standing up against you.  Back in 70 seconds, with Alan Watt in the final hour.


Hour 3


Alex: I'll say this.  Being on air almost fourteen years, everybody is always saying the New World Order is making their big hot move right now.  And so just bunker down or get ready.  And a lot of people then kind of get in a catatonic state and don't fight it, because they imagine instant gratification, instant victory against corruption or they think it's futile.  The truth is, they wouldn't be trying to shut down our free speech, if they were already all powerful.  They are not invincible.  And there's a huge awakening taking place, and we've got to believe in ourselves enough to be able to defeat this thing.  I know one thing, standing up is not futile.  Alan Watt, our guest until the bottom of the hour.  I really appreciate all the time he's given us today.  Dave in California, then Deborah, Steve, Gary and others.  Dave, you're on the air, welcome. 


Dave: Another great show as usual.  And hello, Alan.


Alan: Hello.


Dave: I'll make it really fast guys.  Since we're talking about eugenics, I once heard a wise man say, judge a society by how it treats its most vulnerable members, and regarding that, in California alone, 400,000 independent productive people with limited disabilities, who only need a little assistance in their own homes to safely prepare meals, take their medications, do heavy chores, etc, are being totally cut out of Schwarzenegger's budget.  This means that most of them will have to be warehoused in convalescent, privatized FEMA camps basically, that cost three times more, where they have no rights at all.


Alex: But see, that's the profit, that's the profit.  There's plenty of money to institutionalize you.  Plenty of money to get you in the system and euthanize you, which they're already doing nationwide, Wall Street Journal admits.  There's plenty of money for all of that, there's just not money for you to be self-sufficient.  Go ahead, sorry.


Dave: Right, and we're still, there's only thirty-thousand convalescent beds available in the state, so I guess they all just get to die.  I see this as Schwarzenegger making his eugenicist bones in California so he can run for President in 2012.  What do you guys think about that?


Alex: I agree, go ahead. 


Alan: I think that's probably the way it is too.  There's no doubt about it.  We've got to understand when these guys talk about 'useless eaters' and that's what Russell and others have called people who are not completely physically or mentally healthy, that's the standard eugenicist talk, then they want to eradicate them.  And you'll notice in that big supposedly open to the public conference they had, that Obama set out on the comparative effectiveness council, to do with health care, they're going to slash back on all types of health care and find alternate effective means, that's what they say.  And I even put the video up of Obama's appointee walking off when he was challenged by executive challenge review, about being a eugenicist himself, and wanting to bring down the population.  He was on the panel.  He walked off, in the video, when he was challenged.


Alex: Yeah, Anton Chaitkin, Tarpley's former partner in authoring books, brought up the real stuff, and for those that don't believe this, even Bloomberg reported it.  In the book written by Dashiell, who was going to be the head of healthcare, he says, yes, if you're an old person, you don't get the same access a young person does.  You're not as valuable.  This isn't some right wing thing attacking Socialized healthcare.  This is a fact.  This is, Socialized healthcare is an aspirin for a heart attack.  Obama is in there, and I appreciate your call sir, pushing it right now.  Why don't you explain to folks what universal healthcare means.  It means universal eugenics death care.


Alan: It does.  You've got to understand that Britain was one of the first countries, and Canada, to bring out Socialized Healthcare.  Tommy Douglas was the guy who brought it out in Canada.  He's up on Wikipedia right now, because he was a top eugenicist, who talked openly about culling off the unfit, the infirm, and useless eaters.  He brought healthcare into Canada, Socialized Medicine.  Where I live here, you can't get a doctor.  You can not get one.  And what they prescribe in Canada, for pretty well all problems is simply painkillers.  Just go home, you don't feel the pain, the disease can progress and get worse and you'll die.  That's basically what it is.  It's cost effectiveness, because Socialized Medicine comes under a government policy, government policy is the key.  And it's all to do with economics, you see.


Alex: But meanwhile the elites are going to get all the life extension technologies; that's why they call medicine a practice.  They cold-bloodedly practice on us and then develop what works, keep the good stuff for themselves, nothing for us but death.  Very cold-blooded, and they believe that's why they're the scientific risen man, or the illumined man, because they can cold-bloodedly slaughter us, see our pain, just like the first psychiatrists, lobotomizing people with ice picks.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Alright, hurrying through your calls, for Alan Watt, I'm Alex Jones your host.  We're live here Monday through Friday from 11am to 3pm, Central Standard Time.  That's twelve noon to 4pm Eastern, and of course that's 9am to 1pm Pacific, 10am to 2pm Mountain.  We have a free podcast downloaded by over 150,000+ people a day.  If you go to infowars.com or prisonplanet.com, you can click on the free podcast and download it to your MP3 or ipod device.  Listen how you want, when you want, where you want.  And we're getting a lot of new AM/FM affiliates.  A lot of new listeners on the internet.  We're just exploding, and that is heartening.  It's also a little bit scary, because there's a lot of black ops going against us, a lot of people posing as us, going around saying horrible, racist things on the web.  A lot of people pulling other dirty tricks.  And a lot of media coming after us, mainstream media coming after us.  And that really is our badge of courage, the red badge of courage as they say.  I get so many emails going, you woke me up, now I know you're New World Order.  So that's kind of how the co-intel pro works as well.  We're here just covering facts, information, data.  You make what decisions you want from it.  Co-intel pro, spends their time saying how everybody else are government agents.  There's actually not that many government agents, as people would think.  They're just there getting us all to fight with each other.  Alan, I want to spend a few minutes on that, and the dirty tricks you've been through.  So we can try to get people to be aware of this, and to stop spending their time ninnying and in-fighting, and to also not believe something when they hear your voice edited weird or changed, they do that to me as well, we were talking about it, or when they see sites that look like yours but aren't yours, but don't list their urls, that only helps them, which then link to White Supremacist stuff.  We've proven that the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center and other groups are tied in.  In the case of Southern Poverty Law Center, running White Supremacist Groups.  FBI doesn't just infiltrate White Supremacist, they found them, they run them.  Then they always try to act like they're the Liberty Movement, the Freedom Movement so the media can then demonize us.  Every time I have a big national reporter here they ask me, do you like Hitler Alex?  And then I say, no, I think he's really kind of goofy.  Oh, you do like him, don't you, don't you?  You know, so this is really something they're trying to put on us, because they don't want us bringing everybody in together, for liberty and freedom and awakening, against the tyranny of the globalists, and so, I'm really seeing them go after myself and you and a few other people, and then a lot of well meaning people have kind of fallen into the bashing of one particular group or the other.  And that's how they want us is factionalized.  Alan Watt?


Alan: Yeah, it's true.  A good documentary was done on the White Supremacist groups a long time ago by the BBC, where they showed you different police outfits raiding some of the headquarters where they were having meetings, and one famous one, they turned out 200 people from inside this meeting, and by the end of the night they had only kept a couple, and charged them.  Everyone else, it turned out, belonged to other departments of US police organizations.  They were all infiltrating.  In other words, the entire membership was made up of almost all government agents, trying to find the real ones.  And the two that they arrested were just guys off the street that came in for a free coffee.  So, it's common knowledge that the White Supremacist groups have been funded from the beginning by government agencies, because they're very handy to help smear people by association if they can do it.  If they can't take you down by what you're saying, they have to do a character assassination upon you.  And I've had videos up, up there, I've seen them, where people will take different words that you say, string them together, easy to do with a computer, and have you saying completely erroneous things all together.  But there is an organized effort out there, and a funded effort I should say too, to help defame.  I've had fake sites go up that you'd almost swear were mine, and I had to go into them, take the links off them to find out who was behind it.  And it went right to the usual thing, 'it's just the Jews' and it was Anti-Semitic and so on.  But for someone looking in, they would have thought it was genuine.  And that's how it's done. 


Alex: And so I've noticed that I'm attacked by the ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the first person they attacked when Plotsky shot those cops was me.  Within hours they fed my name off his computer, thousands of sites, to attack me, and then it turned out Plotsky actually didn't like me, and it looks like was being federally handled, just like Von Brunn.  And so that's kind of creepy to know I'm the first guy they're trying to go after now.  Then meanwhile they have the White Supremacists after me, because I won't play the Southern Poverty Law Center's game of making it racial politics.  I'm trying to appeal to everybody, big tent, waking up the mass, they're desperate to at one level have the Nazis say I'm a Zionist agent, and then at the other end have the Israeli ops and others attacking me, which shows these are jaws, top and bottom jaws on the same crocodile. 


Alan: Absolutely, they work together.  They've always worked together, there's no secret in that.  One of the biggest cases in Canada, you probably remember Ernst Zundel.  Ernst Zundel single-handedly managed to get what they wanted through in the court system, and that was the Hate Laws.  But I could not figure out why on earth the Canadian government gave this man so much publicity.  I mean, they could have said nothing and no one would have ever heard of him, and yet it was in all the national papers, ongoing, right up to the Supreme Court, where I think he was allowed to stay in Canada for a while.  It came out in the Toronto Sun and the Star, a couple of years after all of this, that his right-hand man in this White Supremacist movement, surrounded by skinheads, his right-hand man was a guy called Grant Bristow who was a member of CSIS, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, and he was also Jewish.  They were all working together. 


Alex: Listen.  When I was at Bilderberg 2006, they had these hippie guys show up going, 'let's nuke the Bilderberg, let's nuke.'  And they had these big Royal Mounted Police types, you know, the FBI types, 6'3", good shape, acting friendly.  And I said, look you're Feds aren't you, to some of the other guys, and some of them actually went, 'We're just doing or job, Alex.  Just checking things.'  And I was like, 'Yeah, just doing your job, and trying to provocateur,' and I don't know how these cops live with themselves, because they set up a lot of people.


Alan: Yes, they do. 


Alex: And I know they're circling me like a pack of sharks, and then they shoot their kids up with mercury too.  They give them fluoride.  I mean, you're killing your own kids!  We're the good guys!  Why do you hate us so much?  But I guess they don't like us, because they like their petty power trip, and we're kind of raining on their delusion, that they're the cops and they frame the bad guys and that's how they get it done.  We're don't enforce their psychology.  Go ahead.


Alan: They're on a team.  You see, they've literally militarized all police forces.  They have done that for years.  They use the same bonding techniques, super bonding techniques you get in the military, where they stand up for each other, they're outside of city street as the call it, civilian street. They're special, and the brotherhood is all.  That's all there is, the brotherhood; you must preserve the brotherhood.  And really, they can be kept in their own little paradigm, their little Plato's cave where they themselves are kept dumb and stupid, but they still want to succeed as a brotherhood and do what they're told.  They feel they're achieving something, even though they don't even comprehend what their real goals are.  So that's true.  The militarization of the police is an old, old technique that's been brought up to full force now. 


Alex: What does the elite think of us?  What is their view of an Alan Watt and an Alex Jones, somebody that sees with horror their operation and their plan?  I mean, I certainly know they're trying to hurt us, trying to shut us down.  Why don't they just kill us?


Alan: They don't want martyrs, number one.  Martyrs are bad news for any movement.  In fact, they generally get so many recruits into a movement once someone's killed a martyr.


Alex: That's why the CIA probably killed, they're now saying, that Iranian girl, Nada.  She's their cause celeb.  Go ahead.


Alan: And apart from that, to be honest with you, I think they're so arrogant, right now, because they do, with the internet, take the daily pulse of the public.  They know what they're chatting about and their text messages and so on.  They know what their conversations are.  It's all from TV and entertainment and so on.  Or major stories put in the paper for them to talk about.  They're not really worried to be honest with you, I think, in their arrogance about the masses of the public.  That's what I really, really think. 


Alex: Yeah, it's very, very sick.  You talk to these reporters, who you know are working for the other side, and they'll basically in private go, yeah, I know that's the way it is, but what are you going to do about it.  And they're kind of getting off, like they're part of the system, that they're...and I don't understand how they drink the fluoride, they take the shots, they die for it.  But I guess it's the mind game of like dress-up or make-believe.  They make believe they're with it.  It would be like running out in front of a Mack Truck going a hundred miles an hour and going, I'm with you, I'm with you, and it just splats you, but you feel like you were with it.  So, instead of just not jumping out in front of it.


Alan: It also comes into, you see, this is the generation where they're pulling it off.  Previous generations, the guys were basically prostitutes.  They knew it would come down eventually on the general public, but not their generation.  They'd live through it, "I'd be okay."  This particular group are just as much in denial, I think, as the general public.  They can't believe it could be as bad as that, and that they themselves may possibly succumb to infections or plagues or whatever is released.  So they hope that just by simply being good, and staying in denial, they might be saved, be chosen.  I should mention though, that back in the 1990s, this happened across the Commonwealth countries, Canada, U.K., Australia, New Zealand, maybe in the States too.  It came out when President Manning was in the Parliament.  The Parliamentarians voted themselves the right to top medical treatment.  In a country of Socialized Medicine, remember, top medical treatment for them and their families only, and the high-level bureaucrats, within top military hospitals.  And I thought, well what's this for; what's happening?


Alex: That's like North Korea.


Alan: What they're getting, and this is how they get people on board: "If you go along with this, you will be saved.  We'll give you the top treatment.  We'll give you the real inoculations, the real antidotes, etc, for you and your family, if you go along with it, and you'll have all the organic good food to eat, etc, etc."  That's the deal.


Alex: Exactly.  So out of fear of their own system, they go, alright I'll help you murder them.  Alright, I'll be evil, and they go, 'Now you're with us.'  But there's always a Night of the Long Knives for you.  And you're going to be betrayed, just like those torturers followed orders, and then Bush cut them loose.  Remember that.  We'll be right back.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: You know, it's magic to be alive.  It's so wonderful.  We're on this planet, the depths of space, all this beauty around us, the atmosphere, the birds, the trees, flowers, life.  I can just sit there in my yard looking at the grass and a little spider or bugs walking around, and it's all majesty.  Meanwhile the Madison Avenue has you feeling insecure, all focused, feeling dirty, feeling weak, and they've always got new poisons to sell you to supposedly fulfill you.  Alan has agreed to stay with us the full transmission, so another thirty-five minutes.  Very honored to have him with us.  Let's go ahead and go back to the calls.  Deborah in Illinois, then Steve, Gary, Jonathan, Tatiana, and others.  Debbie, you're on the air, go ahead.


Deborah: Hi, Alex.  Hi, Alan.  Thanks for everything you do to inform us.  I'm calling in, I wanted to inform you.  I had a local TV station do a hit number on me regarding the jet contrails, that I've been watching spray us since March, and I've been photographing.


Alex: Yeah, what they're doing is they simultaneously do pieces on locals, saying it doesn't exist, while telling you in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal and U.S.A. Today that, oh, we're spraying you now to save the Earth, but then, see it's good when they say it, but when you say, hey, contrails you know are ice.  They stay there a minute or so; those stay there all day and turn into clouds.  They go, oh, you're insane.  So what did the locals do to you?


Deborah: Well, it's a really crazy story.  I called in to report all these jets; some days were worse than others.  And they seemed interested, they came out, they did an interview for an hour.  Then they took sound bites of what I said, and then they put me up against Jack Mechanic, from the local college, who said that chemicals aren't being sprayed.  And then I was also pitted up against a weather forecaster, out of Chicago who said that the weather modification experiments were done in the 1970s, as far as he knew, there's not any more being done.


Alex: There's scores of US companies doing it full-time publicly, and hundreds of universities and government agencies openly admit they're doing it.  The President is announcing that they're getting ready to do it on a mass scale, and, but, see, this is the example of how the propaganda works.  These locals feel like they're powerful, they're part of the system exposing this kook, but really they're in Plato's Cave.  Alan Watt, comments. 


Alan: Yeah, it's true.  It's a form of doublethink.  You're kept in doublethink.  In fact you're taught to deny your own senses, that's the key to it, when you see them yourself.  Your taught that can't be happening, the media would have told me so.  That's how most people reason today; the media does their reasoning for them, according to Brzezinski.  They will pooh-pooh you, when you see them in your local area.  And they'll even tell you, well, they might be spraying, but not where you are.  As though it was some freak sort of thing if it occurred over your head.  They've been spraying daily almost since 1998, and I remember the first day it started in Ontario, there were half the height, the whole sky was a grid on the very first day, and that's when the bronchial problems started with everyone.  It got so bad three or four years ago, most of the birds were dead.  And they've changed their mixes, even as they go along.  They don't do the full spray generally across the entire sky.  They do it in short bursts, that turn into clouds more rapidly.  But this is old stuff, and I've covered it.  Teller, the guy who invented the H-Bomb, was the guy who brought to the Pentagon the whole idea of floating lots of particles of barium, aluminum oxide, and various other metals into the atmosphere, using a standing wave technology, like HAARP, along with it to create weather modification, and that went all the way to the President of the United States and the Pentagon actually worked on it at the time.  It's a very old agenda, and it's in use now.


Alex: Absolutely.  So how did this end?  Just that you're an evil thought criminal and everybody giggled and laughed, and said mercury was good for them?


Deborah: No, but the crazy part about it was, then, a month prior to that, we had mysterious goo left on lawns.  And they did a story on that, and you can go to mystateline.com and search for mysterious goo left on lawn, and that was done on May 7th, and then you can also go to what's that slimy gel.  The next day they did another piece, and that's May 8th.


Alex: Alright, thank you.  Go ahead.


Deborah: We actually had gel in people's yard.


Alan: That's what they had in Scotland.  Scottish newspapers also show you the photographs of this mysterious gel that's breaking all over the highlands.


Alex: We've got to break here ma'am.  Thank you.  Meanwhile, the media never looks at the Daily Oklahoman or hundreds of other papers when they admit, oh, Homeland Security will spray every town in the state of Oklahoma, this was in 2006, with subtilis globigii bacteria.  Don't worry, it only causes spontaneous abortions in all mammal species.  That's in the news, and they just go, oh, I love it, oh.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: All right, we had that last caller on for about five minutes, and she was making great points, but I want to go to other calls, and give everybody a chance, or we're going to run out of time here with Alan Watt.  Okay, going back to your phone calls, here quickly.  Steve in Chicago, you're on the air with Alan Watt.


Steve: Yes, Alex.  You're always talking about gibbering, but you never talk about prattling and dribbling, specifically double dribbling.  And Watt, shame on you.  First of all, Watt, there's no such thing in the Scottish Newspapers, I read the Scotsman regularly.  You're talking...


Alan: Look at the Scotsman last week, it's got it.


Alex: Hold on, hold on.  Put Steve on hold.  Steve always calls up, I recognize the caller, and sometimes says good things and sometimes says really strange things.  Alan Watt, everything he's talked about today is on his website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Almost everything he discusses I've read out of these globalists' own books.  Alan Watt is a great source of info.  I demand, or I'm hanging up on you Steve, you specifically call Alan out on what you're saying he's lying about or what is not in the Scottish newspapers.  Come on, tell me right now, Steve!


Steve: I'm talking specifically about the Scotsman newspaper, and I'm talking about his chemtrail article.  Look, I've got a couple of interesting facts.  You've asked about James von Brunn.  He's a distant cousin of Count von Stafflinburg, because the families intermarried in the 1400s, and secondly, he's descended from German bishops, and the German bishops signed...


Alex: So you don't like us talking bad about Germans.  That's that.  We're not talking bad about Germans, I'm part German myself.  We're talking about von Brunn being a Federal plant.  Now listen to me.  Chemtrails are in the Wall Street Journal, they're all over the British news, they're telling you how they're going to terraform for your own safety to fix the global warming, when the climatologists we talk to say it will heat the Earth up.  Here's the Wall Street Journal, "It's Time to Cool the Planet."  And they say with Chemtrailing.  So, I'm saying to you, hey, you know what, put him on hold.  Alan, go ahead.  I bet from memory you can even tell him the article or pull it up.  Specifically, what were you saying out of the Scotsman?


Alan: The Scottish, not just the Scotsman, it was all over the Scottish papers.  This mysterious gel they're calling it, found over highland areas, and then they brought in all the different characters and scientists in, trying to explain it away as possibly caused by fungus and so on.


Alex: In fact, let's google it right now.  Let's say 'mysterious gel in Scotland'.  Google that.  Let's just hit him with the info and hit him hard right now.  You're calling us out.  I just showed you Cohen talking about weather weapons.  I don't understand this.  We're here trying to do a good job.  They're all over the news admitting, all over England, headlines, 'Plague Bombs Released Over Scotland.'  Another headline, all of England sprayed with chemicals and biologicals in test.  It's all in my film Endgame.  I mean he's, we're telling the truth.


Alan: Well, you've got to understand though Alex, there are people out there that are in their own little Plato's cave.  And all they'll do is attack and smear.  It doesn't matter how much proof you give them, it doesn't make any difference.  They have their own little agendas.  And you can't get into their head space because it's their personal, little, private place.


Alex: Oh, there it is.  The Jelly Mystery, BBC.  Let's click on that.  Ohhhh, we don't make anything up here.  You know, I don't understand Alan, how we're at a higher standard than the New World Order always engaging in their activities.  I mean, why are we bad?  Is it the psychology of kind of like crabs not wanting other crabs to get out of a bucket? 


Alan: I think so; it's also that a lot of people out there want to live in utter denial, because they just don't like you or what you're saying.  It's as simple as that. 


Alex: Alright.  Scot, we just googled mysterious gel in Scotland, our internet is so lightening slow it's not even loading yet, but there it all is, all over the news, about the mysterious substance gel falling from the sky.  So, what do you say to that Steve?  Think we're still liars?


Steve: Certainly.  He's James Bondage, MI6 control officer. 


Alan: (Laughter)


Steve: Or he's either John Boothramp, MI6 chaos agent.  Because the story is, as everybody knows, that the stories from the BBC and the Daily Mail never make it in the Scottish newspapers, because it's all propaganda. 


Alex: What the?!?  We're done with you.  We're done with you.  We're done with you.  You make up one lie, and then you make up another.  I just don't understand the mental illness, man.  What?  I didn't do anything to you brother.  You were talking about chemical and biological testing, uh, google this for everybody.  Guys, and print me that while you're at it.  I want to show the viewers this.  Because one of the big ones that got a lot of attention was subtilis globigii sprayed over Oklahoma.  Subtilis globigii , and another subtilus, I can't remember the exact name, Daily Oklahoman and it said every town was having fixed wing aircraft spray it, and they said, Oh, it's not bad for you, though it does cause abortion.  It does cause a miscarriage.  Alan, go ahead, make your comment.


Alan: Yes, and this stuff has been tested before.  Espanola in Ontario was the target.  U.S. planes were given permission to do it over that area.  People in Espanola were having miscarriages.  Even the animals, the deer, were having miscarriages.  It went all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada, where it was admitted it was an experiment, but the Canadian government couldn't do anything because they themselves were not responsible.  This is how they palmed it off on the U.S.  And that was in the mainstream papers here.  We're just guinea pigs for all of this. 


Alex: Well, I mean, I don't know what to do for people anymore.  They've all got their little niche group, and if you hear them.  I just want to get people fighting the New World Order, I want them to stop all the chemical, biological testing. 


Alan: I've actually had people, you've probably found this too, that have accused me of being a spy, because I shouldn't know as much as I do.  One guy actually wrote to me, and he says, why were you in libraries when you were a child, studying this stuff.  So anything that's beyond themselves or outside of what they were up to, you must be a strange, weird, special character.


Alex: No, I know.  I had psychology today asking me how I got into all of this.  And I said, well, I started reading a lot of history books when I was a kid.  And they were like, how strange.  How weird.  And I was like, well no.  It was actually very entertaining.  I was doing it for entertainment at the time.  It was a lot better then pulp fiction, or Louie Lamour books I was reading.  And they were just like, mmm, ummm.  I was at a Target buying some T-Shirts a few weeks ago, because I've lost some weight, so I had to get some smaller clothes, and I went over to the video section and got Downfall, about Hitler.  Which I'd seen in the theaters.  Very, very accurate about him in the bunker.  And the guy kind of freaked out at the checkout counter, and was looking at me and had it and going, because he saw Hitler it meant I was with Hitler.  And I remember when I was a teenager I bought Mein Kampf to read what Hitler had said, and the lady asked me if I was a White Supremacist, and was very upset.  And I said, why are you selling it, lady?  No, I'm reading it for History.  I've read a book by Julius Caesar.  I've read books by Shakespeare.  It doesn't mean I'm Shakespeare either.  You know they say, people see videos with me with a Sprint telephone, and they say, oh God, we blew up the video.  It's Sprint.  He works for Sprint.  Or there's actually sites saying I have a Neumann microphone, that means I'm a Nazi.  Because Hitler at speeches had Neumann microphones.  It's proof I'm with Hitler.  I mean, it's mental illness.  There's all this real stuff happening, but they can't deal with any of that.  They've got to make it us Alan.  We're what's bad.


Alan: That's correct.  And those people you have to simply dismiss.  I actually had one woman say, people like you scare me.  I said, well, why?  You're too intelligent, she says.  You remember everything.  I don't remember anything she said.  Well, that's not my fault.  That's not my fault she can't remember anything.  You've got to just simply dismiss these people because, if you use you're intellect, they're paranoid about you.  They're paranoid.  These people live in TV Land.  That's where all their stuff comes from.  They live in fiction most of the time, or in sports or in dramas, or soaps or cop shows, and really they're suspicious of you because you're different.  You want to know what's going on.  They've decided not to. 


Alex: Well, I mean, take Henry Rollins.  He was reading a Neo-Con book that was pro-war, if memory serves.  But it said something about terror.  I think it was Simon & Schuster.  It was a best selling book.  He's on an airplane from Australia.  They went ahead and took his book and arrested him, and they said, you're not allowed to read books.  I mean, I've seen people when I'm reading a book, they come over and go, what are you reading?  You're reading?  It's almost like, you know, like the Monty Python joke, of 'look, this one knows how to speak' or 'this one knows how to read.'  It's like, My God, he.  Here it is.  KOCO, bioterrorism test scheduled over Central Oklahoma.  Click on that one.  And there's a bunch of other news.  I don't know if this is the subtilis globigii story, but Goldsby selected for bioterrorism drill.  I mean, they do it everywhere.  But after you're done showing that, google this.  Plague bombs tested over Scotland.  And they admit just constant spraying, since the 1940s of Canada, the United States, and England.  Project SHAD nerve gassing people on ships.  Telling troops they're going in to have CS gas tested on them, and they hit them with nerve gas and kill them.  All declassified, Alan, and you're bad for talking about it!  You're with the government because you don't want them to do it!  That makes total sense, doesn't it!


Alan: That's the way their logic runs.


Alex: Bioterrorism test scheduled over Central Oklahoma.  Materials simulating chemical threat to be dropped on areas.  That's 2003.  Print me that.  Oh, it's says chemicals to simulate, but then it says bacillus fronengiculus, BT, but then one you go on to read there was another one, turned out to be a whole group of bacteria, which caused spontaneous abortion.  I'm sorry, go ahead.


Alan: And it's astonishing.  There's no lack of data.  There's even mainstream TV articles on the yellow stuff that's come down in some areas of the US, and it was tested by the TV people and there was cadmium in it.  Cadmium and aluminum oxide.  And that was only about a year ago.  The link is on my site in the archives.  It was a mainline TV station that showed you it.  And they showed you the guy's truck, covered with the stuff.  It was not pollen.  That's the first thing they'll hit you with, oh it's pollen.  Well, I had it here in February, a couple of years ago, and the leaves don't even come out where I am until late May.


Alex: Listen, we had in Belton and other places, people saying black helicopters would fly over with spray bottles and spray people.  And then, Mike Hanson was doing construction work one day on a hilltop, and watched a helicopter fly over and spray a school yard, and then it was on the news, everybody was collapsing without even knowing about the helicopters.  The hospitals were filled with people.  I mean, this is going on here, and we even film it, but you know what.  That guy was engaged in double, triple, quadruple think.  He said that you were basically lying about the gel, and then when it was BBC, he said, well that's British propaganda, the Scots don't lie. 


Alan: Ha, ha.


Alex: So, I want you guys to search, what was the headline you were saying, something mysterious gel, or mystery gel, Scotland. 


Alan: That's right.


Alex: Oh, there it is.  Nazis tested crude atomic bomb before the end of war, that's the Scotsman.  It was Plague Bombs.  It was Plague Bombs tested over Scotland is what I want.  Plague Bombs.  Now you're going to get the headline.  You've got to show these people.  People wonder how I get these articles.  They go, you must be an agent.  Well, I see, I put the word in and I look at it.  How naval intelligence tested lethal plague bombs in Scotland.  Let's find articles.  Listen, here's the one I want for everybody out there.  I want to show him, Scotsman, mysterious gel Scotland.  Scotsman.com, mysterious gel, Scotland.  And then we'll show him this, and he won't be able to compute.  He'll just go, "Vatican, Agent, Zionist Agent, Devil Agent, Double Agent, Illuminati, Illuminati.  He's bad.  He doesn't want them testing on me.  He's with them.  He's with them."  Because again, they don't want to see someone making them face the tyranny and then warn others.  It's all about also being an elitist in the conspiracy/patriot movement, going, "only I understand.  Everyone else is an agent.  No one is good."  What do you call that mental illness?


Alan: That's a sort of paraphrenia, they call it. 


Alex: Well, that's just insane.  All I'm trying to do is save my family here.  Here it is, this is another BBC, I'm going to find it.  Do scotsman.com, you've got to put scotsman.com after the Scotsman right there to find it.  That's the way you've got to do that on.  I'm sorry Alan, I'm out of control today.


Alan: The Scotsman.com is probably a secret code for MI6 agents.  (Laughter)


Alex: Exactly.  No, the MI6 agents are actually attacking us.  I got attacked by the BBC yesterday, by the way.  There's the Scotsman mentioning it, but it's main page.  I'm going to find that and put it up there for him.  He won't know what to do though about it.  But you see, it all becomes the mental illness of showing that it's in the Scotsman, instead of the fact that there's this mysterious jelly being sprayed everywhere.  Gary in Texas, go ahead.


Gary: Hey, buddy. 


Alex: Go ahead Gary.


Gary: Hey, Alex, what's going on?


Alex: We're on the air worldwide. 


Gary: I just wanted to touch real quick on this Climate bill, and Obama real quick if I could.  Because some of the responses that I get from people, when I tell them, the direct quotes from what he ran in his campaign, to what he says on the issue now.  And the way they take it.


Alex: Yeah, I was going to do that today.  I've got five videos of him saying he will not do any signing statements.  I've got four or five videos where he says he will not raise any taxes, but $250,000 or above, but now he's saying, I never said that.  And a lot of people go, he never said that, shut up!


Gary: And the response I get is, oh, he's great, he's going to be great for the country, and the biggest thing is he shows how far society has come for civil rights issues for the African Americans.


Alex: No, no.  He's got dark skin so he can double the eugenics on the blacks.  He's here to bring death to Africa, and Africans.  Let's get a comment from Alan Watt on that.


Alan: Well, as I say, that committee that they set up for comparative effectiveness in health care is a vast reduction of healthcare when you really look into what they're on about.  It's taking away your healthcare.  That's going to hit the poorest first at the bottom.


Alex: Yeah, Gary, stay there.  I'll let you finish up your point real quick and we'll take a few final calls Jonathan and Tatiana.  I want to get to at least three calls on the other side with Alan Watt.  An amazing interview, shaping up to be 2hrs 50mins long.  Prisonplanet.tv, infowars.com are the sites.  Get my film Endgame, get it out to everybody.  Deprogram the slaves.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: You know, I meant to get to this days ago.  Portugal, Switzerland, a bunch of other countries, now won't accept U.S. customers, UBS and others, because our government is stealing everybody's bank accounts.  Then the big trillion dollar, million dollar slush funds, those are all left alone.  This is all part of the OECD global tax avoidance, the total grid going in, and we are known as the slave suckers of the planet.  The Chinese and the American people are the different Beta Tests.  So are the Brits.  Finishing up, Gary. Yeah, Obama has lied about everything except his promise to set up youth corps.  And he's keeping troops in Iraq.  That's all a staged deal, pulling some out of a few cities.  But very, very serious.  Anything else?


Gary: Just on that Climate Bill, that just went through the House as a vote.  After your show, I watched the C-Span coverage of it, and none of them, the Democrats didn't even have a legitimate claim for this bill.  And then...


Alex: Well, of course they don't want to be legitimate.  I appreciate your call.  Yeah, the global climate situation.  What's that all about, Alan Watt? 


Alan: Again, it's just repetitive propaganda.  They don't even need facts.  They hope to win just by the propaganda.  Because the average person cannot believe that so many people would go to such extreme lengths to lie to them.  That's how we think as ordinary people.  Remember, Hitler said the same thing.  If you're going to tell a lie, make sure it's a big lie.  They're more likely to believe it.  And this is what they're using today.  Repetition, repetition, repetition.  Selective scientists that are all on the IPCC; and those scientists who come out with other facts, contradictory data, are being barred from World Meetings or even from getting talks on television.


Alex: Hell, they're trying to make it illegal. 


Alan: Yes, they are. 


Alex: Climate, climate denial.


Alan: That's right.


Alex: Let's talk to Tatiana, in California.  Go ahead Tatiana, sorry I was calling you Tatania.  I was reading way across the...


Tatiana: It's okay.  It's alright.  People make mistakes.  Alex, hi.  I just want to thank you for what you're doing.  And I have actually a comment about one of your shows you did a few days ago.  On this Federal Offense, if somebody says something that you don't like, they can actually you know sue you or whatever.


Alex: No, not sue you, arrest you.  The cyber-bullying and the Hate Crimes Act.  The Hate Crimes Act just passed, and it says if you hurt someone's feelings you're going to Federal Prison. 


Tatiana: Okay.  Well, my other question is, if it's a law, isn't it a double-edged sword?  We can use it against them.


Alex: No, no.  It's all selectively enforced.  It's all, like when the cops beat a guy to death in England, and it comes out they even killed him, they get awards.  Just like when the army recruiters lie and say you'll go to prison if you don't join the military when you haven't signed.  They get promoted.  Alan, you want to explain that? 


Alan: Yes, that's the technique they're using.  They make it sound as though everything is equal, we'll all get equal chances, but when you look at the United Nations for instance.  They decide which NGOs they will have on board and which ones they will not, which ones are taboo.  So it's selective across the board. 


Alex: Yeah, that's like the United Nations, Tatiana; in Rwanda it came out they really ran that mass murder.  But then they run the trial, punishing a few machete wielders.


Tatiania: I see.


Alex: Anything else Tatiana?


Tatiania: Well, my question was, isn't that law a double-edged sword?  Basically can't we use the same law against them?


Alex: No, no.  Because they decide how to apply it.  Selective enforcement.  I appreciate your call.  We're out of time for Jordan and others.  Always amazing having you on, Alan Watt, today for two hours and 50 minutes, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Our sites are prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.  Alan, super job.  We've got some special projects coming up in the future, and I'm really honored to work with you, Alan.


Alan: Thanks, Alex.  I appreciate being on.


Alex: Let me say bye to you when the show ends, my friend.  Okay, we are out of time here ladies and gentlemen.  Retransmission starts now at infowars.com and prisonplanet.tv.  Don't forget all the books, all the videos, all the materials, available at infowars.com.  Get them, make copies, get them out to people, resist, speak up, take action, get your head screwed on straight, trust in God, take on the New World Order.  Key info on foreign troops in the U.S. coming up right now on the other side.  Good job crew.




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