June 5th, 2009
Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show


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Alex: For the next hour we have Alan Watt of cuttingthroughthematrix.com, Alan, and I've read the big psychologists and psychiatry documents.  I've read about the history of eugenics, the New World Order plan.  My film Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement covers it, so I'm somewhat of a scholar, but I tell you, Alan is just even more of a scholar than I am.  Because he specifically focuses in on that, and this system of control.  And I wanted to go over some of the current events that are happening right now, and see how he sees that playing in to the social controllers, and what they're trying to set up and do.  I have to say though Alan, I really see things not going well for the globalists.  I don't see them as omnipresent and all knowing, I do know they understand human nature and study our psychology and our instincts and manipulate us against each other.  But I see more and more people waking up to the matrix.  Waking up that everything they're told is spin or lies.  And the little mind tricks they play. Like I had Psychology Today, two hour interview yesterday for a big, large cover story in there, and coming out in a few months, and they were still kind of spouting the old download that there is no New World Order, and it's schizophrenic to think so.  While hundreds of publications announce there's a world government, but it's a good thing, and we should all accept it.  So I really don't see them hitting on all cylinders and getting all their different flavors of propaganda put out correctly.  Or, is that by design?


Alan: It's by design.  They start off with the fact that the system we are in was set up by their forefathers for this time.  We're all in this one boat.  We've all arrived here, and it's all through the planning and machinations of previous generations of these big think tanks, foundations and so on.  They have brought us to where they want us to be right now.  They are aware, because they're constantly taking polls and surveys on the internet and what you think of this, etc, to see how the majority of the people are reacting to the changes, and it's so easy now with the internet.  It's instant communication data retrieval.  They know exactly how the public are.  But we always end up, where are we exactly?  We're where they put us in the first place.  This is the only one system we have been given.  And they're updating their system into the next phase.  It's already done really.  It simply hasn't been announced, or we haven't seen the manifestations of the implementations, the total full-force implementations of it all.  It's all set up for their global system, but it's to be an authoritarian system.  And what we will notice, the average person will notice in newspapers and in their government in fact, that they'll be given more, the old political stance of humoring the public is going out the window.  And we're being dictated to, by top, generally appointees, not so much the politicians.  The Green appointees, etc, put there by the big foundations, that are making these dictatorial statements of how we must live, etc, and how we must reduce the population, and so on and so on.  This is the changeover from the old idea that we believed in.  We were given this big con that we had democracy and it was always stated from the Fabian Society that eventually they'd become an authoritarian body over the public, who would be trained to accept that authoritarian dictate from their leaders.  That's the training phase we're going through right now in fact.  That's what's happening. 


Alex: I want to talk about the carbon taxes, the global model, who the New World Order are, what their master plan is, and then go through some of the current things, like Obama, who whatever he says, it's always the opposite.  So now he's going and saying he wants to be friends with the Muslims.  They can be assured he's now going to do the opposite.  But say he loves them as he ups the troops and the invasions and the wars.  We'll talk about all of that with Alan Watt, great researcher, great political mind.  I'm Alex Jones.  Our websites are prisonplanet.tv, Jonesreport.com, Truthnews.us, and whatistheendgame.com.  We'll be right back, stay with us. 


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Alex: Alan Watt, our regular guest, joins us.  Alan we have a lot of new stations picking us up this week.  And I want to get into the bigger picture, and where the globalists are taking us.  You know when I talk to mainstream media, when they interview me, or when I discuss things, you know with the establishment press, I'm always talking to these reporters, and I think most of them genuinely are ignorant.  Just like most Americans you talk to don't even know what the fourth or fifth amendment is, much less the second or first.  And it's very, very sad.  But everything was set up on eugenics.  Everything was set up to carry out a culling of the population.  Everything is this highly engineered society.  And I don't think a lot of even new listeners, or some even long time listeners understand just how much of our society is engineered and dominated by these people.  So break down in total, in your world view what the New World Order is.  What it stands for.  What it's pushing.  The phase we're in right now, and where it's ultimately leading us in this "final revolution of dehumanization and tyranny."  Alan Watt.


Alan: We can trace it, as I say back in their own books in fact, in recorded history, allowed history, that which they publish for us to read, right back to the 1700s, when the elite establishment who already ruled the money system.  You see, a group actually were sent in to Europe to take over the moneyed system and become as Albert Pike said himself, in his own book, Morals and Dogma, the masters over the masters of the world.  In other words to create central banking systems that would be all linked together for a global system that might not appear for another 200 years.  And everything runs in a moneyed system, from the capstone of money downwards.  Laws, governments, everything goes cap in hand to the guys with the money at the top.  So you can create an entire system structured beneath you, a pyramid beneath you, if you control all of the money and the lending and the borrowing.  So it was not too hard to create that kind of system.  They also could eradicate all small competition of small money lenders, small banks and so on, on the way.  As long as they were in charge of the money supply for entire countries, they ruled those countries.  Along with that too was a religion.  And the religion was based on a natural existing order of elite, intellectual elite, who had already been doing the Darwinian experiment of specialized breeding for mates, for a long, long time.


Ian Taylor, a scientist in Canada, put an excellent book out on the histories of some of these families, such as Charles Darwin.  Charles Darwin was about the fifth generation of Darwins who only married into the Wedgwood family.  All the wives were taken from the Wedgwood family for five generations.  And when Charles Darwin's wife died, he married his mother's sister, a Wedgwood again.  And the idea being, they were trying to mate up scientifically, to create a scientific elite on one hand.  This is also validated by Huxley.  The Huxley's were also related to the Darwins and they admitted that that was part of the experiment to create a guardian elite, along the lines of Plato, and his Republic, where they'd be the guardians of the planet, the natural, superior, Super-Man type with virtue, intelligence, common sense, who would rule all the lesser peoples in a standing order all the way down.  And on the way, they also needed other organizations that would help them implement a new system and hold it.  That's why they introduced first Rosicrucian, then Freemasonry.  That was the existing order.  Now they've bypassed that.  But the same special breeding program is all through eugenics, it still goes on.  The idea being, if you have a woman who is gifted in a scientific area, or mathematics, you mate them up with a similar type of male, you see, but they must have other qualities too that they've passed on for generations that can be validated in a check before they're mated together.


Now if you grow up in Europe, and you study the elite families, you'll notice that none of them ever pick their own wives.  They have teams of people who literally go through the genealogies for potential mates and match them up.  That's how Prince Charles was matched up with Lady Diana.


Alex: It's arranged marriages, just like with cattle breeding.


Alan: Exactly.  And in fact, when the American Eugenics Society came out full force, backed by the Carnegie first, and then the Rockefeller foundation, that mandated and forced sterilization for inferior types, they said they could not bring inferior types into this future.  That means anyone with hereditary illnesses of any kind, physical or mental.  And they set up the Cold Springs Harbor in New York there, plus they brought in the American Cattleman's Association, because they were the best ones to do with breeding, and now they were transferring that data onto humans.  They came up with the idea, backed by Rockefeller, that they would institute a national census, and since its inception, the purpose of census was to take data on physical and mental health, moral behavior etc, prison records, all of that, collect all of that data and eventually to start eradicating those people they saw as being hereditary problems to their perfect upcoming utopia. 


Alex: And let me stop you there, because I want our listeners to understand something.  Everything you're hearing is part of mainline history.  Alan's not telling you anything that isn't in all the major textbooks, the history books, but they think it's good.  When the Texas board asked the head state psychiatrist why are 67%, 68% of the kids on psychotropic drugs in foster care, he said because they have bad genes.  They deserve it.  And they set up the social welfare networks, they set up the health departments to carry out racial hygiene.  Hitler only adopted what was taught in England and the United States, and that's what their zoning is about. That's what their animal ID is about, that's what taking over the farms and ranches is about.  They've got to take over our infrastructure and our access to money, and our access to independence and freedom, so they can force us into the one-child policy and through the new economy of the green economy, that's really the eugenics economy of reduced standard of living so that you can't afford to have children.  It's all openly stated, and now even being introduced on mainstream TV and everywhere.  So I wanted to throw in that everything you're saying is on the record, that the Darwins and three other families only intermarried together for five, six, seven generations.  But that it created aberrant, mentally ill, monsters. 


Alan: When you look at the Huxleys for instance, the Huxleys were descended from the Darwins too.  They were also intermarried.  And the Huxleys, especially Julian and Aldous's father, literally spent a career chopping up people's bodies to try and get secrets of life and all this kind of stuff.  In other words, the precursor to what we call genetics today.  And they all suffered from depression.


Alex: And as you said, Cold Springs Harbor, Cold Springs Harbor is IBM Human Genome today, and the head had to step down saying blacks weren't humans.  That's always been the eugenics board.  Now they take blood forcibly for thirty-six years from everybody in the Western World at birth.  They've now admitted that.  And I have two mainstream news articles today.  This is out of the Buffalo News.  Ruling allows taser use to get DNA may be Nation's first ruling.  And they say, cattle prods, electric shock, torture in the federal ruling is now officially legal to make you answer questions.  To make you urinate in a cup.  To make you give a blood sample at checkpoints.  Ardi Savada the court's ruling.  Here in Austin they'll be able to taser you if you don't submit to the blood.  Torture is now out in the open.  We go from it being Joseph Mengele and bad, to it being something we only do to Al Qaeda, to the Buffalo Daily News, openly saying it's good.  Go ahead.


Alan: Well, yes.  We're now, since 2001, especially, and that was the prime purpose for this whole New World Order kickoff, we're being trained now that we're in an authoritarian system, and you simply do what you're told.  That's what we've all been trained since 9/11.  That was the kickoff.  Arthur C Clarke, who was put up there.  You see all the big stars in novels and futurist societies etc, and this has been explained and admitted to by big foundations themselves, they fund these novelists to write the future.  It becomes familiar to us as an idea, then it's augmented by movies and so on, until it comes into reality and we don't think about it as being strange or that it shouldn't exist.  It seems natural.  It's called predicted programming.  And Arthur C Clarke in his book 2001, even though he set it in space, was actually giving you the kickoff for the New Order of things, where a new planet would rule, in other words.  That's what he's really telling you.  A new type of system.


Alex: And later in the book, everybody gets microchips, everybody communicates with microchips through telepathic systems, and then he later of course worked for MI6, after WWII for those who don't know.  OSS during WWII.  He invented the telecommunications satellite.  And he gave interviews saying, no, this is what we really plan for you, just like H.G. Wells and everybody else.  Go ahead. 


Alan: And the symbol of course, in the book was the big giant obelisk.  The black obelisk.  The perfect shape of authority all down through the ages.  That's what the United Nations black building is, by the way.  That's what that is.  That's the big obelisk.  And the UN was set up to be the hub for a form, at least the outward form of the embryo or the embryonic World Government.  All laws, for the last fifty years have come from the United Nations to every country and it's signed into the books by presidents and prime ministers.


Alex: And notice, most of the crew dies during the journey.  Only the chosen one gets to go to the next level, and there's a final fight between the computer and the man for who will be supreme, where as Kurzweil and others just say, no actually, we're going to merge with the machine, that will be the new species, and the new species will wipe out the rest of the slaves that are left.


Alan: That's right.  Evolution.  You see, what they call evolution.  And evolution is an interesting word in itself and the whole theory and occult stuff behind it that they used to use in the Masonic Lodges, etc., certainly in the high ones.  They do believe, and they always have believed that the future would be theirs.  That only those with the virtue, the natural virtue that they've inherited form their superior parents would continue, and all the inferiors must be wiped off because there's no purpose for them in a Darwinistic evolutionary society.  They'll bring their superiors down they claim.  They must eliminate them altogether.


Alex: Always amazing talking to Alan Watt.  Alan, quick break, we're going to come right back to you, and continue where you left off when I was interjecting, with the architecture of the New World Order.  And hopefully how we stop it and fight it.  And yes, we'll take calls coming up.  Forgot to take calls last hour.  Sorry about that.


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Alex: What we're talking about is the ultimate control freak expression.  Royalty, whether it was Japan or the Aztecs, Europe, they always thought that they were god, that they were superior, and that they were separate from the commoners.  Well now, we have the BBC Headlines, that they believe they're a separate race.  And all these countless other elites saying they are transhuman, the eugenicists, run by Aldous Huxley's brother, Julian Huxley at the UN.  He said in the 50s we've got to change the name from eugenicist to transhumanist.  I'm not saying all transhumanists are, but your founder was the head eugenicist.  So they believe that they're taking control of human evolution, human development, and right now, they just want to lock everything down, cull most of us, so they can then have their great work.  Alan let's talk about now.  You talk about the banking takeovers, the families, we were now into the 19th century, 20th century.  Let's get into what they set up, the psychological dictatorship, where they're going, and if they're able to cull us, the timeline you see.  I'm interested in your view on that.  And then, if they were able to succeed, what they're going to build. 


Alan: How they see the future in the big think tanks that work for the British Department of Defence, and I've got it up on my website, there's 90 pages of predictions of what's to happen over the next fifty-odd years.  And they claim that around 2010, 2012, there will be the beginnings of massive riots.  Food shortages will be arranged.  It's already under way in fact, because the big agri-businesses...


Alex: They said this two years ago, for those that just tuned in.  This is official British government.  Go ahead.


Alan: And they're also the think tank, that's all NATO countries, including the U.S.  It's to happen worldwide, but it's to be kicked off really in third world countries and then escalate into the Western hemisphere very quickly, rapidly.  And right now, they've already been setting up the entire military structure to deal with the next 50 years.  We've seen the buildup and the alteration from police forces into a really internal army.  It's part of the multi-jurisdictional task force.  They're all integrated with police, military, special forces.  That's already been done.  It has been done since the 90s, the early 90s, in preparation for what's to come up.  And they claim that around the year 2050, there will be a vastly reduced population, a sudden drop; but on the way up to then, there will be escalating riots.  There will be whole city regions in fact, they call them regions, locked down under war scenarios.  We've seen this by the way in all the predictive programming from every science fiction movie for the last fifteen years, and they're churning out more every year on the same kind of scenarios.  They're also saying that the population are being sterilized.  Well, we know that because the official medical World Health Organization tells us this every year, that we're almost all sterile and we're dropping rapidly.  That's also intentional.  It's been done through inoculations and through the food system.  Because the biowarfare industry are the same boys that Monsanto belongs to, and they're making sure we'll come down much faster through sterilization.  This is exactly what HG Wells said in his book, The Modern Utopia.  He laid out the next 200 years.  And he said that we won't simply just kill off the unfit, he says, we'll simply sterilize them.  They'll breed themselves out of existence and die off.  So this is already happening.


Alex: And this is all already compartmentalized.  The local doctor giving you shots doesn't know this, but the IMF, the world bank, all the big funds, what two weeks ago, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Secret meeting of the rich with Warren Buffet and Ted Turner and it said the main agenda was reduce our population by 80%.  This is now being thrown in our face. 


Alan: Yes, and then you see Bill Gates again.  See there are no real self-made men up there at the very top.  They're brought up there.  We live under cartels.  You cannot go up and compete with cartels. 


Alex: And his dad was the head of Planned Parenthood, and a loved eugenicist, so they said we're going to give your son through the IBM Eugenics Trust, that's IBM has a trust for eugenics, now on record.  We are going to give your son the headship of this, because we can't have the public knowing the government really runs all these.  And that's really on record for anybody that wants to look.  So the entire thing then, he takes the entire fortune of Microsoft, and funds it into Eugenics publicly. 


Alan: And now, he's come out of course as the big hero philanthropist.  They all must pay back their masters who brought them up there, by becoming philanthropists, just like George Soros.  And what are they into?  They're into Planned Parenthood across the planet, and abortions, sterilizations, vasectomies, etc.  That's really where their money goes.  Here's the same man now, in with the military-industrial complex, Mr Gates, with specialized mosquitoes they want to release all over the Third World Countries, supposedly to help reduce the mosquito population by introducing sterile male mosquitoes.  These things are going to carry bacterium and viruses very, very rapidly and efficiently.


Alex: No that's what he said.  They're going to put vaccines in them, because the Africans won't take the shots, they're going to engineer it into potatoes and carrots.


Alan: Yes.


Alex: That's on record.  Stay there.  Incredible information.  Alan Watt is our guest.


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Alex: Alright, going back to Alan Watt from cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Alan, before we get back briefly into the globalists' Master Plan and the current operations and then take some calls.  You have been having some problems with your three or four websites.  You wisely had some mirrors of cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  But now you've been having a lot of problems and people should know that you've been under a bit of an attack.  They're trying to take your registration names away, though you registered them years ago, and own them, they're not letting you upload to your servers, though you've paid in advance for a year, and you're not getting any answers from yahoo on this are you? 


Alan: Well, they rectified it the other day, suddenly, because so many people were protesting and calling them.  And this went on for a week and a half.  They suddenly stopped me uploading to two of the main sites.  No explanation was given.  I talked to about five different people over the course of a week and a half.  And they wouldn't let me talk to any of the engineers who could possibly have given me the technical problem.  There was no technical problem.  They simply put a lock on it.  And someone had obviously from above, given them the suggestion to do this.  So it's from a high source.  Now at the same time this was happening, friends of mine, people I know in other countries, were getting ICANN getting in touch with them, asking if they knew me.  And why they were taking out domain names in my name.  Now anyone can do this across the planet if they want to, it's quite legal you see. But they wanted to know what the connections were and so on.  So as I say, after a bombardment of listeners to yahoo, and me mentioning it on the air night after night, they suddenly fixed the problem, couldn't tell me what it was, and I'm on unlimited disc space, so it wasn't that that was the problem.  They'd actually set me back from about 9.5 gigs, which I was at at that present time maximum with unlimited disc space to go.  They set me back to 6.5.  And...


Alex: Well, look.  I mean, we have sophisticated hack attacks against us on record from the big ISPs.  They certainly.  The Pentagon has announced they're going to attack American and European media that criticizes the New World Order.  They now said on the news they're going to start killing journalists.   There's famous video of you know tanks driving up and killing Reuters journalists over in Iraq.  But Thank God it's back up.  Okay, let's accelerate Alan Watt, here now through their Master Plan, and if they're able to succeed, what they're going to set up and then take calls.


Alan: Yes, they've published the books in fact from the United Nations, and a whole host of umbrella organizations under the United Nations, they've published their own books on the future cities.  I should mention that back in the 80s I met the man who owns the polo team that Prince Charles belongs to.  And he is a big Canadian, he owns hundreds of corporations and companies across the US and Canada and Europe.  He has an estate in Ireland, he's a Lord, and an estate in London.  And he's also an amateur, although professional architect.  And through a strange set of circumstances which I didn't understand at the time, he showed me his drawings for the future cities.  And one of them, this was about 80, 1982.  One of them was a domed city over a much smaller Toronto, under a sort of glass type dome.  And he didn't explain why it would be a dome or anything else.  And I said, well, that's a much, much smaller Toronto.  He says, yeah, oh yeah, the population will be that small he says in about thirty, forty years.  No explanation given.  But then a person who works for the United Nations sent me a book on the future domed cities for the perfect societies across the world.  And it's right along the agenda that H.G. Wells and so on talked about.  Everyone will be reared in a sort of crèche, a crèche dome.  You won't know your parents.  That's exactly what the Soviet system was supposed to be based on, but it wasn't Marxist enough.  They tried it in Israel when they set up Israel by the way.  Where the children would be brought up communally.  Wouldn't know who their parents were.  You'll be trained in there up to a certain age, then you'll go to a school dome.  Then you'll be designated a work dome, and then you'll have your adult life dome as you work, and then you'll be put into a geriatric dome.  All nice and organized like a control freak has planned your whole life for you.  This is the world's structured society they want to create, but this is for the ones who will be doing most of the work for the elite.


Alex: And Alan, I'm not trying to start fights here, because it's very destructive to get into fights with people that you know are similar to our views on the New World Order.  There was a big film made, they use a lot of my footage, and other people's footage.  And it was supposedly anti-New World Order, 9/11 Truth.  Then their next film called for the domed cities and a robot will run everything, and it will be a totally controlled society and the makers said that I would have to be put in a reeducation center, but that I couldn't intellectually understand and grasp why this had to be done.  No, I understand the power trip these people are on.  And I kept saying to them, I heard all this a hundred years ago from the eugenicists.  What you're saying is right out of the Soviet model, right out of the Fabian Socialist model.  This is the New World Order.  And they'd say, no it's not.  But that's a fact.  Even these drawings and diagrams aren't new.  I'm not starting a fight with these film makers, I'm just stating a fact.  And they got very, very angry and started attacking us.  And they play this mental game of saying, No, this is something totally new.  Alan, you know what I'm talking about, don't you?  This is not totally new is it? 


Alan: Not at all.  The whole twentieth century was mapped out, including the wars, because people like H.G. Wells, who was a founder of the Fabian society, who was picked up by Sir Thomas Huxley, the grandfather of the Huxleys, the best friend of Charles Darwin.  He picked a whole bunch of young men up.  He taught them in the red tie school.  They were all given red ties for revolution.  They were all guaranteed to become very famous, because unlimited financing would give them complete access to all media.  And they were to go out there and be propagandists for this eugenics, Utopian, scientifically run society.


Alex: And they did the predictive programming, to set the maps of man, so people would follow this pre-determined system.  And they wrote books bragging they'd done this.  None of this is our opinion. 


Alan: That's right.  And also Wells himself, said that we need a World War.  And after World War I, he said, not enough people have come to their knees.  They've not given up national sovereignty.  He said, we need another World War to bring this into existence.  World War II brought in the United Nations.  And every country signed on to it, and that's when all sovereignty was signed away.  And the whole future agenda began to be implemented in reality.  The whole Twentieth Century was planned, you see, including what they have planned for this century.  This is to be the Century of Change.  Every top professor across the planet in academia has talked about the Century of Change for the latter part of the 20th Century, talking about the 21st Century.  Obama's whole premise was change is good.  No one asked him what he was talking about.  What change are you talking about.  This is their century to implement the final stages, as they reduce the population.  They bring through the creme de la creme as they say.  They get rid of the weak, the unfit, the mentally unstable, anyone with hereditary physical or mental problems.  And that's in the book by H.G. Wells, called The Modern Utopia.


Alex: But, this is what I want to bring up to you.  But, when you really read their literature, they sell their lower level minions who are on little petty power trips.  Oh, you're part of the elite society, we're going to cull everybody.  They don't tell them that they're going to be culled as well.  Or, that it's not just positive and negative eugenics that is taught, that oh, we're going to get rid of the inferiors and advance the elites.  The elite actually is waging war against those that are intelligent, that are bright.


Alan: Definitely.


Alex: That they're actually, that's their main target.  And that these control freaks are trying to wreck society to accelerate their Master Plan.  So really you can argue with their stated goal of a better world and a healthier elite.  But that's evil in and of itself because of what it leads to.  But really, that's only a facade as well. 


Alan: Lord Bertrand Russell, another high member who helped change the outlook of many millions of people by his writings, he was one of them.  He wanted to get followers to create mass movements to help the idiots to bring it all to be, to bring it into being.  He said himself though, we must through schooling check through various testing for certain people with special IQ abilities, abilities of communication, who could influence the masses and recruit them.  He says if we can't recruit them on our side to work for us, we must eradicate them.  Eliminate them.  That's what he said.  Because they might influence the masses against this plan.  In other words, kill them off.  That's what he said, we must kill them.


Alex: Unbelievable.  And he wrote books and got Nobel Prizes and other awards for this and is called a big liberal.  Just like Margaret Sanger is called a liberal, and they love to name black schools after her, I went to a predominately black school in kindergarten in Dallas.  Margaret Sanger Kindergarten and first grade.  And there was Margaret Sanger's statue.  It's all a big sick joke isn't it?


Alan: Margaret Sanger said that children were weeds.  That's the term in her own writings, weeds. 


Alex: Well, she said that blacks were weeds that had to be eradicated. 


Alan: All the children she said, all the children from a certain class of income were weeds.  That's what she said. 


Alex: Yeah.  Absolutely degenerate and disgusting.  You know when I'm talking to psychiatrists and psychologists that call me from say Psychology Today or other publications.  I've talked to a few in the last year, because they're real obsessed now on being on power trips.  I'm not saying this particular writer but the stories I've seen have been, where they analyze us, and we're crazy and none of this exists.  While it's all admitted it exists.  I found that a lot of them aren't even that intelligent.  They're just on kind of a power trip, and that they're so wedded to the false reality, that they have to say we're wrong and something is wrong with us.  Just out of a power trip control freak nature, they can't imagine that somebody outside their system could actually analyze how the world operates.  Or they'll tell us there are no morals, but then they will try to tell us what their morals are, and that we've got to follow them.  They play all sorts of mind games. 


Alan: It's mind games, and a lot of them too, mind you, know darn well which way the wind is blowing, and they hope to please their masters and be some of the chosen few who come through.  But again, back to Julian Huxley, he said many, many will work towards this thinking that they have been chosen, but they will be deemed unworthy in the end.  They will be used. 


Alex: Well, that's another thing.  You look at these actual elites, they are degenerate, they are inbred like highbred dogs, they have all sorts of mental problems, health problems.  In fact interbreeding with the pharaohs, with the British, with the French, it leads towards insanity.  And I think that they're saying that we're all mentally ill, and they're making all normal human behavior mentally ill, except their psychopathic behavior, they're saying that's good. 


Alan: That's right.  And there's no doubt about it.  I mean Plato said about it, all that 2,300 years ago, he said, we can breed in traits, or breed out traits, and for leaders who want to breed out certain emotional traits.  We have psychopaths definitely who are intergenerational in charge of this world system, who truly believe they are the only sane people on Earth.


Alex: Yeah, I've met a lot of them, and they really do revel in their being above you.  And because of that attitude they've lost their basic humanity.  And they're so shuttered.  But they are specialized in a predatory fashion to just be pure machines of deceit and manipulation, and they love the dumbed down cattle.  They have celebrations laughing at the cattle.  And they say that because they're so easily butchered, that the cattle deserve it, when that's humanity. 


Alan: Yeah, that's right.  I always give the analogy of a farmer in the field who breaks the legs of a cow, and then kicks the cow and hates it because it can't get up.  They have brought people down to utter misery through their machinations, down through especially the 20th Century into the present and all their games they've played and poverty introduction etc.  And then they blame the people for the state they're in.  That's the same sort of sadistic, strange warped mentality of the farmer breaking the legs of a cow and then kicking it because it can't get up.


Alex: Well, that's a perfect analogy.  Take the Royal Commission on Population 1944-49, funded by his Majesty, and it's public, and it states, we're going to carry out eugenics, but to wreck the Third World, we're actually going to make sure they have more kids at first, so that holds their society back, but then we'll kill them and sterilize them later in life.  It's kind of like the .223 caliber in Vietnam to wound people to cause more resource sapping instead of just killing them.  They say, we're going to wound the world to hold everybody down.  They're not trying to lift man up. 


Alan: No.


Alex: Oh, they're cosmic criminals Alan. 


Alan: They are.  And they know what's at stake because if the public truly did know, we'd have to make a decision what to do with them.


Alex: Yeah, well I've always said, if there's too many of us, the elite ought to all just commit suicide.  I think the world would be in a lot better position. 


Alan: Show by example.  Yeah, lead by example.  That's what they should do.


Alex: Stay there Alan, I'm going to take calls when we get back.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: It is very saddening to me, a lot of times, laying in bed at 2am at night, I'm like, man, how do I get people to read the government's own documents.  All these think tanks' own publications.  They're calling us scum.  They're calling us slaves.  They're saying they're going to eradicate us.  They're brainwashing the kids that humans are bad.  And we've got to be gotten rid of.  They're selling us their Culture of Death, and that resource use is bad.  Some people are waking up.  A lot of folks are waking up, but I don't think fast enough.  Alan Watt, we're going to calls in a moment, in this segment and the next.  I'm going to let you go at 5 after and we appreciate your time.  But I mean, in closing, before we talk to Lily and Cherie and a few others, is that the leg up that they have?  I mean, is that their ace in the hole that we have a blind spot.  That there could be a group this evil operating like this.  Even though they're admitting their doing it.  That the common person is just so subconsciously afraid, they can't admit this to themselves. 


Alan: That's part of it.  It's denial.  See, the average person can understand the little wrongs they do in their own life.  The little lies, the white lies, etc that they do in their own life.  They cannot understand people who could do the big lie.  Adolf Hitler said that.  If you have to tell a lie to literally control the people's minds you tell a massive lie.  And the people will say it must be true.  It must be true that Al Qaeda is terrorizing the entire planet, because no one would change our whole way of life across the world if it wasn't.  It must be true that Al Qaeda is terrorizing to do that or would do that.  That's how we think.  That's why psychopaths can, and have proven down through history that they can do these incredible things and get away with it.  They do it intuitively, like a certain species of animal, they know how the average person thinks and how to manipulate the mind.  That's a gift that all psychopaths have.  They're born with this gift.  No one has been able to explain why.  But I think it's hereditary to be honest with you.  They understand the basic thinking patterns in nature of ordinary people.  They don't feel what you feel, but they study you, they watch your emotions and how you interact.  And they know perfectly well, intuitively that they can literally manipulate us, another....


Alex: It is a predatory subclass.  What is it, about one in a hundred people is a psychopath, and it's a predatory mutation or a class.  It's a Homo Sapien Sapien that engages in feeding and predatory activities on its own species.  It is a cannibalistic psychic vampire. 


Alan: It is and as I say, it has certain traits that are almost gifts.  They have the ability to understand how you think, how you feel, and how especially to manipulate an individual or whole masses of people, with a talent they don't have to even work on.  It's hereditary with them.  Adolf Hitler had it too.  He knew how to change the mentality of an entire nation by saying a lot of the right things at the time to get them on board, but always having another agenda, another vision of where he was going to take them.  We saw this with the soviets too.


Alex: Well, take Dick Cheney, saying torture is good, and then when they get caught saying we didn't do torture, and then relabeling torture as just interrogation, and then they say, by the way, the police are now going to torture you.  I mean, that's in the news.  Federal court ruling.  State courts are saying, and then look in just seven years our journey to the dark side is nearing complete. 


Alan: Yes, and look at all the media entertainment under the guise of drama, to train the public, that torture is okay.  We've had years of this training, through fictional works that seem very real to the person who gets absorbed in them.  This is all a science that's been used on the public.  There is no safe entertainment out there. 


Alex: Alan, stay with us for another five minutes on the break.  I'm going to jam in a few calls from Lily and others that are patiently holding here on Genesis.  Again, a globalized, standardized, zoned, regulated system, where it makes you dependent on the state.  Stay with us. 


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Man, I am excited about Max Keiser coming up, but I don't want to say bye to Alan Watt, and I want to take your calls, and I want to talk about all this.  Me and Alan were just talking about during the break about how I'd like to meet him some time, but I'm not allowed to go to Canada.  There's no law or rule, I just get arrested if I try to go. And then the UK papers are announcing only absolute, the term they use, travel that is essential will be allowed under the new Greenhouse Gas Caps. 


Alan: That is correct.


Alex: And it's all, it's all happening. 


Alan: The Minister of the Environment came out and said that eventually even all tourism will be gone.  Authorized travel for big business purposes, international corporations, government only.


Alex: But the environmentalists to check things.  They'll be allowed to go to certain facilities and things.  I mean what sickening, degenerate control freaks.  Let's talk to Lily in North Carolina.  Lily you're on the air with Alan Watt.


Lily: Hi Alex, I just want to say I listen to your show every day, for the latest thing.  Anyway, I just wanted to say that it's hard to wake people up, until you tell them.  They don't want to believe that the government is so evil.  But anyway, all the governments of the world. 


Alex: That's because they haven't studied history. 


Lily: Well, they need to read the General Chronology of Events, put out by Leading Edge Research Group.  It's fantastic.  It goes back and tells you all about the Eugenics plans, sterilization in the sanitariums, and it even tells you about what they're going to teach in schools and divide the one room classroom.  It's fantastic.  If they could read this, they would understand just how much evil is out there.  Around them.  Not just in the government.  Around them.


Alex: I hear you.  Well, no, no, they have NGOs, the corporations, it's all one thing.  And they have non-governmental organizations carrying it out.  Thank you Lily.  Yeah, Alan, comment on that.  These NGOs, in the US, England and Canada.  They all manage local Homeland Security, and it's private groups like City Year that answer to the president, but they're under a private corporation with David Gurgin, in red and black uniforms. 


Alan: Yes, and once again, they said at the top a long time ago.  Margaret Thatcher did admit this on National Television, in Britain, she belongs to a parallel government.  They run along with the foundations.  The big foundations are the parallel governments' masters.  They're also the top bankers like the Rockefellers.  And they finance the NGOs that appear to speak on the behalf of the general public.  That's the trick of it.  It's a very clever 180-degree manipulation of democracy.  They don't speak for the public, they take their orders from the foundations.  And that is copied after the Soviet system.  Soviet meant ruled by councils.  The Politburo picked the leaders of the NGOs for the Soviet Union; they would demand certain laws be passed by government.


Alex: And more then that, more then that, it creates an illusion of local business and government and industry, when really it's all their chosen facade for society, and then they'll come in and burn you out now, a lot of these NGO groups, literally, this is in the News.  They're just taking over everything.  This is their boots on the ground.  And they knew how to make it "free market".  Like take the surveillance industry.  The surveillance industry, they all, you know, the corporate government, with a revolving door gives themselves the contracts for the police state.


Alan: Yes.  That's how it works.  It's incredible organization. The capstone is a very good emblem.  Because everything beneath it is a pyramid.  As long as the capstone is in charge of all sides, if you look down the pyramid on all sides, all four sides, you are in charge of the entire direction of the planet.  And they certainly have been at this for a long time.  These are the same guys who gave the Soviet system, the experiment they called it.  These are the guys who set up the foundations like Ford, and said the purpose of Ford was to blend the Soviet system with the culture of America, so carefully and slowly that they wouldn't even know that it had been done until it was merged together.  That came out of the Reece Commission.  This is all admitted, documented history.  And they've almost reached that goal, but they still need the cooperation and the fear, it's done through fear, of the general public to go along with every step of it.  They're using panic right now.  Panic after panic.  And inoculations are the next part of the panic.


Alex: Oh, I meant to get into that.  I'll tell you what Alan, if you can do two more minutes on the other side, because I want to get your take on the whole swine flu pandemic fear.  And then of course as we predicted it came out it is genetically manufactured, it is the government.  And they as much as admit they're using it as a beta test for when they really release a controlled plague.


Alan Watt, in closing, you were mentioning the swine flu being a staged fear mongering event.  It has now come out as we predicted that it was man made, manufactured.  We knew that because it had no connection to any known natural strain.  They're obsessed with setting precedents to force things into our body.  We know worldwide they've been caught, sterilizing and killing people with vaccines, hundreds of times on record with different vaccines.  So why would we trust them now to do it, with all the atomic soldiers, and all the sterilized kids, and all the tetanus shots with sterilization compounds.


Alan: Yes, and remember too, these vaccines etc, can lay a trigger in your body that might not activate in a few years, and down you go with crippling diseases or death.  That's how fine an art biowarfare is.  This is biowarfare.  And you're right enough, the top man at one of the centers of disease controls, admitted, he said, this virus was created in a lab.  However, even though the symptoms really are very mild, compared to the regular flu, it's almost like having a head cold for a day or two, the panic factor is working because people are flooding all emergency clinics, each time the baby has a sniffle, or someone gets an allergy or hay fever.  They're overloading the hospitals, to give this impression of terror and fear and we cry to the masters to help us.  We go back to the abuser to help us, and to save us. That's the standard technique in the sadistic system that we're trained into.


Alex: Yeah, it trains everybody to be hypochondriacs to go to the government to take your shots, and magically they're going to have the new shot for you ready in the fall and winter, when the World Health Organization, the eugenics organization, says it's going to come kill all of us.  I mean this is ridiculous these people.


Alan: Even though they admit that a virus keeps taking DNA from every victim, so every time it passes on to the next victim it's an altered virus.  So technically you cannot have an antidote to it.


Alex: Yeah, they admit they never have a flu vaccine that works.


Alan: That's right, ha, ha. Yeah.


Alex: But the public doesn't know that.  I mean it's just, really the globalists are just generational con artists, and psychopaths that all intermarry and figure out new ways to screw the gullible, sweet public.  I mean it just gets more and more insane.  Well, Alan Watt, we've already set you back up for July 1st for two hours at high noon central, 1pm eastern.  I look forward to talking to you then, Alan.  Cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  People should get your books and videos, there at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  We really appreciate you spending time with us. 


Alan: Thanks for having me on, Alex.


Alex: It's always great having you.  What a great guy.




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