March 23, 2009
Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show

(3 Hours)
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Alex Jones: We are back live.  Alan Watt with us for the next hour and forty minutes.  And out of respect for the guest I'm going to go ahead and go to him now, but I want to finish up later in this hour with the army report.  We're calling him again right now, and trying to get an interview with him.  Why are they spying on Americans?  Why are they following protesters?  But the fact is, this was leaked to us, just like the State Police leaked us the other documents.  They don't like what's happening.  They're upset about what's going on in this country.  But meanwhile, they are creating a 13 million, and they plan to double that in the next few months, to go knock on your doors, the San Francisco Chronicle reports, as we told you 6 months ago, and it's in the Obama Deception.  Literal classic fascism to push pro-federal reserve doctrine and ideas.  But then meanwhile if you're against the Federal Reserve, and want to exercise your first amendment, you're a dangerous terrorist, and they're telling the army you're spying on us.  Look out, because these are dangerous terrorists, they may try to kill you.  How to protect themselves, how to sneak into a location.  How to have weapons, how to look out.  I mean this is slander.  This is demonization.  Alan Watt, I tell you, things are really intensifying. 


Alan Watt: Yes, they are.  Across the whole world in fact.  Every country has got its own little program, on par with this in fact.  And it's the creation of total, total tyranny basically.  And the message is to get it out to the public by the elite themselves, that they are going to stand no nonsense.  They're trying to cow the public into silence and submission by terrorizing them basically.  And people are generally afraid of being put on a list of some kind or another.  I tell them not to worry, because you're already on some kind of list if you think at all, and whether you know it or not, and you have to speak now, because we're going into the worst tyranny this planet has ever seen.  This is global. 


Alex: You're absolutely right.  This is done as a chilling effect.  And they want the public to know that army intelligence is watching major churches and everybody else.  They want the people to know they're committing these federal crimes.  It is a federal crime to do this.  They suddenly are putting troops at checkpoints and shootings, just to get everybody prepared for that, as they implode the world economy.  And the answer is all of us getting on a list.  They can't get all of us.  And we have to stand up and say, no, what you're doing is criminal.  What you're doing is wrong.  But for those who don't know world history, is this not classic tyranny to have secret police, with the military spying on the American people?


Alan:  It's classic, absolutely classic, and now we have Britain admitting, not only are they training 60,000 people to spy on the general public from within the general public, all the way down to chambermaids in hotels, but they've already trained thousands of people already quietly.  Well, where did this go through any parliamentary bill?  It was never discussed anywhere.  So really, they're beyond the law, they're beyond democracy, they're beyond Parliaments and Congress. There's a much higher force at work here, dictating what's happening.  And to be honest with you, we lost all of that during the Cold War when the intelligence agencies took over, and even politicians were not allowed to know what they were up to.  These high agencies respond to a much higher government, unelected government, comprising of the bankers, of the ultra-rich and elite, and again, all the foundations that front for them with their NGOs.  So, they're bypassing all the usual channels. In fact, as I say, when you go into the writings of the big think tanks, that work for this global system, on behalf of the elite, like the Club of Rome, they said that democracy was just too cumbersome, they wanted Collectivism.  Under Collectivism, you're looking at China basically, where you have a Communistic government, it's got this strange semi or quasi Capitalist tinge to it, and to be a multi-millionaire in China, you have to join the local Communist party, so all those in the Communist Party at the top, are vetted already, they're allowed to come up in business, the government helps to finance them up.


Alex: It's a criminal group of parasites sitting above society, calling it Capitalist and free market while they suck the population dry.  You know, for those that said we were making it up, from his own book and his own documents that they were going to set up youth brigades, a million person domestic spy force would also serve overseas, the House passed the beginning of a National Draft.  They say compulsory National Service, 18-24, then they have another core for adults.  That has now passed the House.  It is now officially going to the Senate, and still the public is in complete denial. 


Alan: Absolute denial.  They cannot believe it.  Again, you have a generation that's grown up, they've forgotten everything.  They've been taught very little at school.  They've never lived through the hard times, and it's hit them all at once.  The depression has hit them all at once.  They've been told to enjoy themselves.  They've been trained to enjoy themselves and just spend and accumulate, etc, and now they've taken that system from them.  And they have no history to fall back on, no personal experience of what tyranny can be or martial law.  So, to them it's all brand new, and they're in utter and complete denial, absolutely.


Alex: And, now that they're taking the old system away, they're giving them the new one.  Forced, compulsory service, tattletale brigades, 13 million person squads marching the streets, gun control, it's all happening right now.  Alan Watt, stay there.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Right now, up on, they finally got us the letter, it's not published anywhere else.  It was mailed by Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and of course, Chuck Baldwin, to the Governor who's seal is on the top of the federally written document, saying people with Ron Paul stickers are basically terrorists, and there's no such thing as a North American Union, and that if you talk about it you basically are a cop-killer.  And so, that's up on right now.  This brainwashing of the police and the military, Ron Paul did get more political contributions than any other candidate combined.  The police and military I talked to are waking up.  The elite are not invincible, Alan, and I do see a lot of their people waking up, thanks to your work and my work, and many other people's work.  I mean, they're certainly moving on us on every front, but there is a big awakening happening.  I think we've got some hope here.


Alan: There's an awakening.  It's a dicey time for those in control.  This is a plan, remember, that we're living through.  This stage of it I have no doubt, was planned probably 50 years ago or more.  And it's a very delicate position for them to go through.  That's why they're using the heavy hand and fear tactics to terrify the public to just go along with it.


Alex: But that's a risk for them.  You and others always said that.  When they finally emerged and went for the World, Bank of the World, Global Government, that by revealing themselves, that was the weak point because they've always been denying it previously. 


Alan: That's right, and they're well aware, they are well aware that they could lose this.  That's why they're going to use every tactic possible to keep it on course; it's a very delicate position for them.  If the people care enough, the people generally care enough when they have nothing left, unfortunately, and by that time it's too late.  You have to be able to think rationally when you're well fed and all the rest of it to do what you have to do, and there's no point sitting quietly answering questions to someone coming to your door to make sure you're a good little citizen who's going to comply with all the new rules.  We've got to start being vocal now.


Alex: That's right.  I agree with you.  Before they have us in the full depression and pose as our saviors so we will accept that, and the FEMA camps for our safety, people begging in waiting lines to get into the camps, always when they did urban warfare drills that I would video tape over a decade ago, they would have the role players screaming, "I'm an American.  Let me in the Camp."  And then there would be a few who didn't want to go into the camp, but most were begging to get in.  And now, that's how they're selling it today.  We need to get in the face of these thugs, these people knocking on our doors, these neighbors spying on us, and let everybody know that this is criminal.  This is anti-freedom, this is classical tyranny, this is what happened in China and is still going on in China.  This is the criminal elite, trying to have a complete and total criminal takeover, and Alan, I totally agree with you that we've got to scream bloody murder now and point out that it's the Private Federal Reserve and the New World Order globally that are carrying this out.  That's why they're so scared of us protesting the Fed, and getting media attention, and pointing out they're the bad guys.  That's why, while we were there protesting the Fed in Dallas, they had over 200 professors and school teachers in there indoctrinating them and paying them to be part of a course to go out and then brainwash people about how great the Federal Reserve is, so they've got a massive PR campaign, admittedly going right now.


Alan: Yes, and I think Solzhenitsyn was quite right, he said that you have to stop this right at the beginning.  He said, once they get going, and what they did in the Soviet system, and I can see it coming down here.  They're copying it.  That was the trial for the whole world.  They'd turn out the whole street, when the KGB went in to arrest a couple of people and drag them out, to make sure that everyone got the message, to terrify everybody in the street, and that made everyone draw into their little cell.  They didn't talk to their neighbors, you just went through life quietly, looking at the ground and the sidewalk, and that's what they hope to use here for a whole generation, while they go through this whole course into the next step of globalization.  So we can't let that happen.  You've got to hit it right now, and don't be afraid.


Alex: Yeah.  Right now is the crossroads.  Either they win or we defeat them.  Right now.  The good news is, as I was saying earlier, the resistance to this tyranny is really mounting, and a lot of people see it, but on top of that, I get dozens of articles everyday, just like this one, and am so busy, I never even cover half of them.  Alan, here is the Associated Press, this is the Associated Press today, and you'd think you were living in Communist Russia to hear this.  Hillary, the movie, now showing at Supreme Court.  And you read the article, it says, the Supreme Court will decide if you're allowed to make a film criticizing government leaders and that it is under election law now to make a film criticizing any elected official and that they're deciding not just the fairness doctrine for talk radio, but they're deciding to restrict free speech on the internet, everything, that's what the violent radicalization act is about.  That's what these different, I mean the article actually says that they may basically ban this movie and not let it be shown or be seen, and this fight has been going on since last year during the election.  But meanwhile, Obama and the government can run national TV ads advertising people to join which is a private democratic party group, with 13 million, San Francisco Chronicle reported, and he announced it on Jay Leno, knocking on your door saying, do you pledge, are you with us.  I mean this is happening faster than I thought. 


Alan: Yeah, again, because it was planned that way.  Long before Obama, we even heard his name, he was groomed for this to take over from Bush.  They have them all set up like ducks in a row for the decade.  And this was all planned ahead.  That's why it's going ahead so quickly, smoothly, because it was all done.  All the paperwork was done, the implementation techniques were worked out before he was even elected into office.  This is why it's going this way.  The same thing happened in Britain.  You have a big organization called Common Purpose.  It uses the techniques of the Royal Institute for International Affairs or the CFR.  It has military commanders as members of it.  High commanders and high police officials, MI6 and all the rest of it.  Which tells me, this is a branch that has already been trained.  This is a new NGO that has been trained by Mr Brown, as I said, they've already trained thousands.  That falls right into that category.  So they're using these strange civilian systems that work with the military.  They're given almost military clearance to work amongst the general public.  So, they've already been at this, training them.  Falling in with free speech of the internet, I was watching a video by Jay Rockefeller, and he was saying, it's the worst thing they gave the public, and they're actually considering withdrawing it, because of the damage it's doing to basically their agenda.


Alex: Yeah, the quote is we would be better off if we never had the internet.  Go ahead.


Alan: That's right, and you tie that in with Australia, where, now whatever happens in the world today, you can guarantee it's going to work across the board, across the whole world.  In Australia, they're going to fine people $11,000 per day for having illegal sites up on the web.  And these illegal sites are banned by the government.  You won't even know if you're on the list until you get the fine.


Alex: It's only, mainstream news, hyperlink, if you hyperlink to wikileaks or any of these sites, thousands and thousands being added a week, then, and it's up to you to know if it's a banned site.  And the headline is, Chinese style net censorship coming.  The government says that themselves and says you'll only be able to visit a few thousand sites.  And I was listening to the British Lord, the inventor of the internet on the BBC this weekend in the car on XM, and he admitted, yes, we're killing the old web right now, and everything you do is being tracked and traced.  And the New York Times a month ago announced that we are getting rid of the old web.  It will be a safer, friendlier gatekeep, they use that term, gatekeeping web, that we control.  Now, just backing you up, going back about two minutes, and I want you to continue on the line of censorship, you know, how they're bringing out just this diametrically opposed to liberty and freedom and the Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights and just basic freedom.  This obvious criminality by the state.  And you mentioned almost military level clearance.  Under InfraGuard, 50,000 executives in infrastructure protection, they're armed, they're trained by the FBI secretly now, it's in the associated press, with shoot to kill orders of whoever they're told to kill in their company, when the FBI tells them.  They have the 26,000 clergy response teams, preparing everybody to go the camps and take forced inoculations.  We told you a year and a half before it was declassified, it's now public, mainstream news.  And they've now announced this 1 million man, and the Pentagon put out the directive a month ago, Obama has now announced it, the House passed it Friday or Thursday, excuse me, we read the bill on air, it's now passed going to the Senate, sure to pass it they're saying.  There's no big debate about it, only a few mainstream articles and we've covered it.  And they say that they're setting up a body to organize the compulsory service of the American people from middle school to age 65, in a 1 million person 18-24 cadre that will serve domestically and overseas.  And the army, the Defense Department Directive, states, and we've read this on air the last three shows in a row, read it last night, it's up on, a link to the Pentagon.  They say it will be compulsory, and they will tell you to be here or overseas.  I mean this is literal Joseph Stalin, Marcus Wolfe level.


Alan: Oh, it's right in the open, openly, absolutely. 


Alex: I mean, but, it even amazes me, Alan, that this quick, this fast, this overwhelming, I mean if they were shooting for tyranny and there's a score of 1 to 100, they are getting a 110 with a triple stars bonus.


Alan: Yes, well they have to.  They have to go the whole way fast.  They can't just implement it a stage at a time and take the flack.  They're trying to use the shock tactic and ram it all through at once, and then deal with any comeback from it, any fallback.


Alex: This is literally Red Dawn.  I mean this is classic, military standing by, watching the American people while the banks openly destroy the economy by design, and openly announce World Government.


Alan: That's right.  That's what the World Bank was set up to do and the United Nations as well.  I've got the books written at the time when they were setting up the UN and they mentioned all these institutions, and they said that probably the World Bank will not come up to its full purpose power for about 50 years.  Well, we're right on target. 


Alex: I know, it's just amazing, Alan to know this.  And I want listeners to understand something.  We've posted all the government bills, all the documents.  This is real, this is happening.  We're not exaggerating.  In fact, it's so bad, it's so huge that I can't even in one show list all of the evidence.  I mean, it's admitted that they're doing this. 


Alan: Yes, it's in the open as I say.  It's a shock and awe tactic that they're using, because most people, as you say, cannot believe it.  It's overwhelming and most of them are not used, most of the public, truly, honestly are not used to thinking about what they hear.  It goes in one ear and out the other.  They won't believe it until their sons and daughters are whisked off, and they themselves are pushed in if they're under 65 or whatever into serving in some capacity or another. 


Alex: Well, I mean, I could go over it.  It's got an enviro-core, an environment core/green core, security core, in fact, I've got it in my stack out there guys, from last night's show.  Will you bring me the big huge stack over there on the table, I know there's like five stacks, it's the big one.  You know, I'll get it during the break, it doesn't matter, you'll bring me the wrong stack.  You couldn't know where it is, it doesn't matter.  It's right over there on the conference table.  No, no.  Just forget it, just forget it.  I don't want all the stacks, there's like 50 stacks out there.  You know.  What's the point?  I keep covering it, giving them the subsections, giving them where it says it, how they're doing it.  It's just mind-blowing Alan.  I keep saying that.  I mean, don't people understand this is classic hard-core tyranny?


Alan: They don't.  As I say, a generation has grown up really, living with fantasy and virtual reality, and the older generation has been dying off, those with memory of what tyranny was all about, and therefore it's brand new again for this generation.  They've been almost molly-coddled to an extent, for quite some time, living in entertainment land.  And they cannot tell the difference between reality and fiction.  It's all blended together like some bizarre talkshow on television.  So that's how their life is to most of them.  Now in the '40s, there was a guy, an archbishop in fact of Britain, who wrote books and spoke on behalf of the United Nations, the coming United Nations, and he said eventually in 50 years we shall have a system of perpetual education from birth to death.  In other words, you'd be like a computer basically, where you'd be upgraded throughout your entire life, to learn the new normals, and that's what George Orwell was talking about in Nineteen Eighty-Four.  You have the ability to believe everything you're told today.  When you're given a new reality tomorrow, you must delete your old reality as though it never existed, and be politically correct, day by day, week by week, etc.  And we're seeing that now with the whole thing with Gulf War I into Gulf War II.  You start off with Afghanistan, they change their sights into Iraq, then they change it to Iran.  Now they're going for Pakistan, they keep changing their enemy.  Who are we fighting today, East Asia or West Asia?  And you better believe it's always been West Asia, or whoever they tell you.  That's what's coming: a hyperspeed, constant upgrade to everybody to be politically correct at all times.  And they're going to monitor us to make sure the program is working with us and we are upgraded all through our lives.


Alex: That's right.  In the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, the different think tanks, Tavistock and the UN and others bragged, and we've read these documents on air, that what they would do is bankrupt everybody, get everybody dependent, get everybody institutionalized, finally bankrupt the middle class, and then your job will be continual education that's government paid for, and then they'll put you in government jobs while the brainwashing and the continuing education continues, always giving you the new reality, downloading it, and now that's what they admit the New World Order is going to be, basically a giant reeducation camp, and they play this off on these fools.  They tell them, you've got to do what Obama says, or the economy won't get better.  It's the people that are fighting Obama that are causing this to happen.  Obama is fighting the special interests, that's why 13 million of you need to go door to door, banging on people's doors, demanding they pledge to accept the banker takeover.  And these fools really believe they're fighting the establishment, as they are part of this, as the establishment openly is the author of the entire thing.  And you talk to Obama supporters and they say, he never said he wasn't going to hire lobbyists.  He never said that he wasn't going to bring the troops home.  He never said that you know, he was going to do any of that.  And I say, yes he did.  And they go, no he didn't, you're just an evil Republican.  And you say, No, you're caught in the left-right paradigm.  They control you with that bait and switch.  And they go, Shut up Republican, you lost the election, I won.  I see that in the comments on my film online, is every other comment that disagrees says, hey get over it, you lost Republicans.  Get over it, Obama is going to beat you.  You know what, we're going to arrest you right wingers.  You know he's going to bring in a heaven.  I'm not going to have bills anymore.  And in a way they're not.  They're going to be in little uniforms and little brigades on power trips, you know totally dumbed down fluoride heads, 80 IQs, just totally going insane, just like Hitler's Brown shirts.


Alan: There's no doubt, this is a formula.  What you're seeing is a formula.  It's well tried and tested over centuries, many centuries.  And they know exactly how to implement it.  As I say, it's obvious the whole formula was set up and the machinery to implement it was set up long before Obama was even heard of.  This takes time, it takes time to get going.  This is rolling already.  You know yourself when they put something forward, before it becomes a bill or anything else, it takes them sometimes years to get through all the different details, etc, back to committee, etc.  This was already implemented to go.


Alex: Yeah, you're an amazing individual, Alan, because you research the same core documents I do in great detail, and we're very honored to have you.  Your website is, and then you have a European mirror don't you?


Alan: That's


Alex: And we've got those up on screen for folks right now, at  And I know I'm jumping in a lot, when Alan's on.  I do that because everything he's saying is documented and I'm just backing it all up.  But I want to come back and talk about ways to counter this, ways to defeat this, because we are getting through to some of the Obamanoids.  The Obama deception has been very, very effective at that. Any of your ideas of breaking through their conditioning, and showing them how they're being classically brainwashed to carry this out, and then as everything gets worse, they say, it's your fault.  You didn't do what Obama said.  You made the bad things happen.  This is sick folks.  Stay with us.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: All right, Alan Watt.  Look at this, it says:


Hillary the Movie, now showing at the Supreme Court.  Months after its debut, Hillary the Movie faces nine of the nation's toughest critics at the Supreme Court.  The justice review of the slashing documentary, financed by long-time critics of Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, could bring more than just thumbs up or thumbs down, it may settle the question of whether the government can regulate a politically charged film as a campaign ad.  The former Republican congressional aide who produced the Clinton movie and another described then-Sen. Barack Obama as an over-hyped media darling, (Alex: Oh is that allowed?) showed his films are about important moments in American politics.


"The outcome of this case will dictate how we're able to make films and educate people about them," he said.


At issue in the case being argued before justices Tuesday is the 90-minute anti-Clinton movie and television ads Bossie wanted to air during the 2008 primaries advertising the film.


(Alex: So see, all the big money can spend $2 billion outside of the regular campaign money and the fake global warming ads, and all of it.  That's okay and they can run political ads to get Obama an army of supporters.  That's okay, but see they're going to selectively enforce and set the precedent.)


Bossie's group, the conservative Citizens United, released the movie as Clinton, then a New York senator, was competing with Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination.


The movie is unquestionably anti-Clinton, featuring commentary from conservative pundits, some of whom specifically say Clinton was not fit to be commander in chief.


(Alex: Imagine in America having free speech.)


One scene, which was used in an ad, has Dick Morris, a former adviser to President Bill Clinton who is now a critic of the Clintons, saying the senator is "the closest thing we have in America to a European socialist."


The movie was shown in eight theaters.


(Alex: Oh my gosh.  And it says:)


Federal courts said the ads would violate the McCain-Feingold law, the popular name for 2002 revisions to the nation's campaign finance laws.


Alex: That law says, basically, no free speech.  I can't say I'm pro-gun, that's political.  I can't say I'm pro-border, that's political.  Alan Watt, your comments on this.  I mean this, and the A.P. reports it like Oh, it's reasonable.  This is unquestionably anti-Clinton.  Maybe this shouldn't be allowed.  I mean, this is outrageous that they're even proposing this.


Alan: Again, it falls right in.  They want to get the message out there to the public to just be a good little citizen and be quiet, and leave everything to government and government agencies, have no opinion, and definitely don't try to encroach upon what they see as their territory now.  They'll give the propaganda.  No one else can give propaganda.  That's happening too to John Anthony Hill in Ireland.  He was the guy who did 7/7 Ripple Effect, about the bombings, and he used clips all through from regular television, BBC and so on, strung it all together, asked the right questions, but he did apparently, or is at least accused of sending out the videos to the judge and the jury, and he's up on basically terrorism charges, to be extradited from Ireland for making that movie basically.  And he's to be taken off to Westminster, which is the terrorism court for Europe basically at the moment, so they're getting the message out in all the countries now.  You just can't go ahead and do this kind of stuff on your own.  Don't interfere on our territory.  This is our territory, you will be put in the slammer for life, and that's the charge against him, maybe for life.


Alex: Hey, we've had the FBI calling this office, asking us questions concerning how we put out the Obama Deception and things.  They are really trying to intimidate right now.


Alan: Yes, they are.  They're going to make sure that eventually, and they will make examples of different people, and as I say, this one in Ireland, if this goes through, that he was attempting to pervert the course of justice, is the charge, he faces life in prison, life. 


Alex: And it's an excellent film, 7/7 Ripple Effect, folks, documenting, because he has the newscasts where they killed the patsies, these supposed bombers who they'd hired for an anti-terror drill, which they admit they were running, of bombing the exact same trains and buses at the exact same time.  Very effective film, and boy he's on his way to life in prison right now.  Just unbelievable ladies and gentlemen.  Alan Watt, back in 70 seconds.  I want to continue going over the news with you and taking phone calls at 1-800-259-9231.  Stay with us.


Hour 2


Alex: Alan Watt is our guest.  He's been nice enough to agree I believe Wednesday night to come on for a couple of hours with Jason Bermas, so that will be a different style of interview, and they'll be taking calls as well then.  We have an hour left.  Alan, I've tried a lot of articles and topics I wanted you to comment on, I want to get into the global economic meltdown, where that's going, but first solutions.  Studying the enemy's programming, how they brainwash, how they condition the public.  How do we reach out to them, because you're right, there's a blitzkrieg motion as they hit us with all their world government operations.  They've built up, they've prepared militarily, psychologically, economically.  Now at one time they're launching at every level.  They passed a National Draft Friday, about to pass the Senate.  I mean, again, I should be talking about nothing but that.  We're being hit from every angle and I see a lot of tactics.  You know, they're still doing a lot of this covertly, you know, it's public, but they're not giving any attention; other things they're admitting to.  How do we reach out to people?  How do we get the people to rally against this now?


Alan: It's a hard thing.  You see, Brzezinski and others, that are masters of studying the masses, as they call it, human psychology, know, and he said it in his own book Between Two Ages, that most of the public will shortly be unable to think or reason for themselves.  They'll expect the mainstream media to do it for them.  That's our problem.  A generation has grown up and they truly believe everything that's given to them on television.  If it's not been on television, and you bring up the topic, even if you have the evidence in front of you, they'll dismiss it.  We're dealing with psychological warfare and its impact and its effects.  Most people, unfortunately, as I say, won't react until it hits them personally at their doorstep.  Or on their doorstep.  The Constitution was the only thing really that gave you any protection that you could at least say, look here, you've got to change this or throw it out legally before you can come in with a new system.  And they've effectively bypassed that and basically ignored it.  The public never know what they have until they lose it, unfortunately.  And if they're not willing to stand up for something now, they never will.  You can't stand up for something when you're in prison camps, behind barbed wire.  You've had it by then.  And, remember, they're talking about a hundred years war.  That was said right after 9/11, this is going to be a hundred years war, and that was never explained.  These little phrases come out, but it's never explained to the general public.  They expect to achieve their whole goal of eugenics, depopulation, the totally controlled society, etc, to be over and completed and done with in a hundred years.  It's to be a hundred years war.  And I said years ago, after 9/11 happened, I said, this is a war, remember.  They've declared a war, which means you'll have rationing cards, scarcity of food, they'll be in control of the economic system like all wars are, they'll have conscription etc, etc, etc. 


Alex: And notice, I've got to stop you.  Hold the thought.  Now in England and the US, in California they shut off the three big water supplies for different fish and things they claim are endangered.  Suddenly they have to ration water in England.  The head of the operation in the London Telegraph this weekend said, we're going to ration water, not just carbon footprint, but water footprint, training you to have less, even though England has more water than any other country per capita in the world.  They are literally bringing control into every facet, and they're saying, ration cards, I've had the top eugenicists on, who have consulted the UN, they're in the headlines saying we're all going to have ration cards for our carbon footprint and the bureaucrats in our homes ruling us, and now Obama, they've introduced bills to basically ban all gardens without licenses.  I mean, it's all happening.


Alan: Yes, and they can come into your house now in Britain, and go through your refrigerator, and advise you how to cook, how much to store, and what you're wasting and so on.  This is how bad it is.  And that's coming here too.


Alex: Yeah, that was in the news this weekend, and they announce it like it's good.


Alan: That's right.  And the bill in the US to do with agriculture, etc, will affect the home gardener.  And there's a clause in there too, it says 'and all food preparation facilities'.  That includes your kitchen, folks.


Alex: Oh no, in fact they've had committee hearings, and the bill says everything.  A tomato plant, folks, they say they will use SWAT teams, and notice, they're already Beta testing SWAT teaming people selling eggs on the road, selling watermelons.  I mean, that's what Stalin did.  Stay there Alan.  Let's continue with what their real agenda is, and folks' phone calls coming up, 1-800-259-9231.  My sites are and


(Commercial Break)


Alex: You know, Michael Savage came out two weeks ago and said that he believes Obama's controllers will stage Reichstag terror attacks in the United States to bring in marshal law.  That's a big deal.  I was picking some food up last night on the way home, and ran into two folks there at the bar where I was getting the food who were listeners of this show, and Savage, and they had heard that, and that really, really shocked them.  We have the army's own manuals where they teach army captains how to stage terror attacks.  I mean, this is as much a part of their daily operation as anything, I mean as their canteen, as their M16.  Remember, the globalists staged 9/11, and that they killed one million, three hundred thousand Iraqis, Brzezinski in two books, one he published last year, brags that the US funded the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot that killed 35% of their population, three million people.  They don't care about you either.  Do you understand that?  Your little world, my little world, having things that are nice, having liberty, being treated with respect by the government, it's all over.  They're not doing the slow Socialist move anymore.  That was to get us domesticated, to get us bankrupt, to get us under their control.  They're moving with a hot war now, so instead of the amount of changes you'd see in thirty, forty years, you'll now see in a year.  They're making their big move folks, and they are going to take your pension funds, and everything you've got.  Millions will end up serving them and being their minions for a paltry sum.  This is like the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany, or Mao Tse Tung's China.  In fact, if you really study what Obama is doing, it's more akin to the refining of the Stalinist era, with the Maoist era, and that's what he's setting up, these youth brigades.  I mean, this is happening.  They passed the draft, which is an expansive draft, making middle school students work for the Feds, high school, 18-24 serving in a new domestic military that will also be deployed overseas.  And these idiots signing up for Obama's system, they don't know they're about to be conscripted, but he's also going to have his separate, outside the government army.  And, Alan Watt, I mean, you brought the fact that they're accelerating everything right now, this is a Blitzkrieg.  I want that to really sink into listeners.  Can you speak to that more and then get into the type of planned society, shutting down the gardens, everything you talked about.


Alan: Yes, in fact, it was a politician in Holland a couple of years ago said that this New Order basically is like a big ship in a rough sea, and every country is on board with this direction of the ship.  And all kinds, all kinds of countries from Third World to First World countries are all on board this ship, whereas before the Third World countries were down below decks, now everybody is on top of the deck, mixed together, and the captains of the ship have to keep on course of where they're going.  This is the terminology that's used with the Council on Foreign Relations.  We've got to understand that it was set up with the goal of bringing in World Government, and in their mandate, in their charter, they basically say that they're going to bring in a world where everyone will serve the world state service, service, service.  And gradually through the warfare and all the rest of it, they're introducing service, perpetual, life-long service to the world state.  That will be your purpose for living in fact, will be to serve the world state, and that's why they're going ahead now with this.  They will grab many people who have been outspoken about this, to make examples of them, to make sure the rest of them get it.  They'll give them incredible sentences to make sure it terrifies everyone, just as it did in the Soviet Union, and we can't allow that to happen.  We've got to speak up now, because once it's happened, once they start raiding your streets, and grabbing your neighbors, and hauling them off in front of the whole street, they'd turn out the whole street to witness it, you'll end up like the Soviets, where you'd be ashamed of yourself because secretly you're glad they took your neighbors and not yourself.  That's the state you end up being in under fear and tyranny.  And we cannot allow this to happen.  It must not even start to happen.


Alex: Well, you're absolutely right.  I'm just looking at headlines and it says, Department of Homeland Security investigating large ammunition purchases.  So now Homeland Security that was supposedly going to fight Al Qaeda, it is now looking at who's been ordering lots of ammo, so if you stockpile it, or think it's a good investment to sell later, they're now saying that the owner of NAMEX Sports Shop and Farm and Garden Center in Warrensburg, said gun sales at his business began to increase, and then it goes on to say that Homeland Security is there now to tray and track who's buying ammo.  And then all over the country, the Feds are saying if you want your stimulus package money in your county, you've got to pass a law to register people when they buy ammo.  Then I have another article here from the Council on Foreign Relations, where General James Jones, one of the heads of the National Security Council says, I take my orders from Henry Kissinger, who's not even part of the government.  Notice who was chief advisor to the Vatican, chief advisor to Bush Sr, chief advisor to Clinton, chief advisor to Nixon.  I mean, how can these Obama people think there is any difference, when it's right out in the open that the same people are running the show? 


Alan: I know, and they are.  Again, we have to go back to the Council on Foreign Relations and what Professor Carroll Quigley said.  He said the world is now run by technocrats, unelected people who are in contact with all the leaders, the elected leaders.  And he said that these technocrats go behind the scenes, do all the real work, they have the real power.  They're not responsible to the public, but they basically advise all the Presidents and Prime Ministers what to do.  And that's a fact.  That's what we truly have. And I've got the same article, with him saying that he gets his orders from Kissinger, you're quite right.  And Brzezinski too.


Alex: And that's from the Council on Foreign Relations bragging, just absolutely no change with Obama.  Look at this, Department of Homeland Security investigating large ammunition purposes.  Here's another one, video, Obama supporters go door to door.  Guys, pull that up, it's the second, the third story that comes up in the little news box right there.  Here's another one, Serb death leader squad commander, CIA operative.  Man, I tell you this is just…


Alan: And he worked for twenty years.  He was the top double agent for twenty years.


Alex: Absolutely and then when they were ready to betray him they did.  That's all these people do.  This is incredible.  Just continue Alan.


Alan: I always tell young people, regardless of the ethnic background that you're in, don't join groups that are advocating violence, because you're being set up as patsies.  They've got to now bring forth terrorism and maybe on a continual basis, until we're so used to hearing something getting blown up this week or next week or whatever, that it's normal.  They want to make this normal.  But they've got to find terrorists or create them, that's their choice.  You either find a terrorist or you create terrorists.


Alex: Now, let me add here, they're saying that Homeland Security is for the American people, that the army is being used against the American people.  This is out of the Post Star.  They are now saying you may be a terrorist if you buy a bunch of ammo, so again, they're scared of folks buying lots of ammo, so they're saying, okay, we're going to put you on terror lists if you do this, as an attempt at a chilling effect.  I don't see this working.  I see this accelerating gun and ammo sales.


Alan: It probably will.  It probably will if people have the sense not to be intimidated.  You either keep your way of living, or you give it up.  It's as simple as that.  You keep your way of living or give it up and comply.  And if you comply, you're defeated.


Alex: And if we cow, I was about to say, exactly.  If you comply you're defeated, I was about to echo that.  We must say, No.  We're not doing anything wrong protesting the Federal Reserve.  We're not doing anything wrong buying lots of ammo.  You are the criminals.  I mean, the criminals don't want us armed, Alan, go ahead.


Alan: Well, that's obvious, but it's been stated many times over the past, they'd have to disarm the American people to fulfill their agenda, and that is true.  I mean, even if the people are not organized, as I say, towards the end, if this goes ahead and steamrolls ahead, you are going to see famine, because five agribusinesses control all the food.  They won't allow you to grow your own.  And they are going to toss more and more people out on the streets as they lose their homes and so on.  And people are going to get very, very angry.  They don't want people who can fight, even if it's in desperation or they're frantic.  They don't want that.  They want a peaceable takedown of the country.  Compliance is what they want. 


Alex: Listen to this.  One Northern Warren county resident found out recently the government is paying attention to such ammo sales.  West said a customer of his recently stocked up on 233 caliber rounds, a caliber often used in assault weapons.  The customer bought 1000 rounds of ammo, I've done that, a few months ago through a mail order company.  Shortly after the purchase, he received a visit from the US Department of Homeland Security, whose interest was apparently connected by large sale purchase of the caliber.  His wife was home, he was at church.  People are buying a lot of ammo.  And you see, they just throw that in there.


Alan: That's right.  So what was normal at one time, because I know a lot of guys in the States would go out to the ranges there and just blast off a whole case at times, spend a whole day or a weekend.


Alex: That's how you buy them cheaper.


Alan: That's right.  And so again, that was their usual way of living.  And they want you to change it all to suit them for what's coming down the pike.  That's so obvious.


Alex: Well, I mean, they've built this giant Homeland Security apparatus, took it over, said that Congress runs nothing.  The Federal Reserve goes on TV and Congress and says we run everything, you can't question us.  They openly announce their tyranny in plain view, like it's no big deal to set the precedent.  And then they announce, the army, the police, Homeland Security: we're watching gun owners, we're watching all of you, you're terrorists.  And they tell the cops, these gun owners want to kill you.  I mean, that's in the MIAC Report, these gun owners want to murder officers.  And then they're going to send the cops out for the guns and they're going to get killed, which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and the cops won't think, well why is this happening to me.


Alan: That's correct, but unfortunately, too, we've got a generation grown up playing video games, who want to wear those black uniforms, and they want to go and kill people.  I mean, these people really do exist.  They're brainwashed to be gung-ho killers.  And so this has been a long-term preparation.  We've got to understand that.  This isn't just happening now, and it's all disassociated, this has been long-term planning.  That's why they created one generation to grow up, be in their 20s, join the black-clad outfit guys, the ninjas, and they're lusting for blood.  It's like getting to take part in a real video game and really kill people.  That's high on their agenda.


Alex: Well, I found the main programming TV show is GI Joe, in fact, I think I sent a clip this weekend to the network.  John, do you have the clip where Cobra Commander is explaining that they've created a worldwide economic collapse to bring in the New World Order?  Do you have that clip that I sent over the weekend?  Yeah, we're going to come back and play that, and guys, did you go to find the CNN report showing the Obama people knocking on people's doors, telling them to join the Obama Nation?  That's the third story at, we need to get that ready.  I'm going to play a clip of that, or we can just play the video in the background, as we talk with Alan Watt.  At the bottom of the hour we're going to start going to your phone calls, at 1-800-259-9331.  I could just talk to Alan Watt forever.  This guy is 100% spot on, and he's a great colleague to work with.  We really appreciate him. is the website, stay with us.


(Commercial break)


Alex: There's too much news to cover folks.  I may do fifteen, twenty minutes of overdrive and see if Alan Watt will do that with us today on and the infowars streams.  Because it looks like we're going to have the Department of the Army come on the show.  We've called four numbers, gotten a bunch of other numbers, and we've gotten a Colonel, who says in fifteen minutes he may come on.  Alan will be on with us for that, dealing with the secret army police watching myself and others at the End the Fed demonstration in Dallas.  This just in, UK Population Must Fall to 30 Million, says Porritt.  Jonathan Porritt of Gordon Brown's leading Green Advisors is to warn that Britain must drastically reduce its population.  It doesn't matter if the British population only has 1.5 children for every two people, they don't even replace them.  The average in Europe is 1.3.  Europe's dying, Japan's dying, the population is going to plane off at 8 billion.  The Third World is still exploding.  This is the Eugenicists.  Times of London.  There you go, right there, my friend.  They say they're bringing in big government, so they can basically with water rationing and food rationing make people so poor they can't afford to have children, and a one child policy, Alan Watt.


Alan: That was gone through by Charles Galton Darwin, in the fifties, when he published his book The Next Million Years; and by the way, he has a society still going, a Eugenics society.  They call themselves the British Eugenics society.  Initially they said, we can tempt them to go after the material goods, so we'll have an Age of Plenty, but eventually he said, that would be too hard on resources, so they'd have to do it the other way around, and basically, bring them into poverty.  This was planned fifty years ago.


Alex: Yeah, that's a cut of 50%. 


Alan: Yes.  And it won't stop there, mind you.  That's just to get the ball rolling, because they want to really bring down the population of the planet, almost 90% really.


Alex: Yeah, I've always seen in their documents, for the public they always say 50%.  In their mainline documents they say 80%, and then in their internal documents that we've gotten they say 99% of us will be exterminated. 


Alan: That's right.  Plus you have the military think tanks for Britain and the U.S., both on board with the depopulation agenda.  So they have eugenics in the military's teachings at the higher level, so this is a must-be on their behalf.  There's nothing happenstance about it.  It is all related.  What we have is a pyramid with a capstone running the whole kit and caboodle underneath it.  That's what we have. 


Alex: And that's why they give the troops the delayed cancer virus injections that kill them by age 55 to 60.  That's even come out in the documents.  And the higher-ups say, well, we've got to kill the troops.  You know, we don't want to have to pay for them when they get old.  This is the Socialist model.  And now they've just got us conditioned.  Yeah, HPV shots are killing people, and the bird flu vaccine is killing people, and they just get us kind of normalized, yeah, we make you take the shot and then you die or get paralyzed.  And it's kind of like, you're not an extremist are you?  Take the shot and die.  We love you, it's for your safety.  I mean, again, it's just total normalization of insanity.


Alan: It is.  That's how it works.  It's insidious to begin with.  It's long term.  A lot is done in secret.  The sterilization of males has been going on in the Western World for fifty years and all the medical societies now come out and admit it.  They've known this for fifty, it suddenly started about fifty years ago, suddenly, and most men now, they only have 2% motile sperm.


Alex: That's right, just a decade ago, it was 75%, now in many areas of Europe and the US, 98% sperm reduction.  The women can't have kids, and it's directly tied to, I mean they are hitting, folks, you are under bio-weapon attack.  There's hundreds of different combos of cheap plastic.  They chose the one formula sixty years ago for universal adoption, the one type that leaches the exact estrogen mimicker that sterilizes men.


Alan: And they also made sure that all baby formulas were rinsed to sterilize it supposedly with the same formula, so they hit them right at birth. 


Alex: And then we exposed, it's killing the kids in thousands.  Mainstream news and they say, we've decided that melamine is good for babies. 


Alan: Yes, and it was put out by the melamine society that works with the European Union.  Every study they put out comes from the society that owns the companies that put it in the food.  (Chuckle)


Alex: So, you wondering why you're dying of cancer, why your kids are sterile or retarded, and you just still love the government.  You line up at our Obama brigades.  Let's play this Cobra Commander clip.  I'm just going to play the audio.  We have the video, but, here is Cobra Commander, and then we'll come back and play a clip of the CNN, and go to your calls. Here it is.  John, go ahead and play the Cobra Commander, please.


Attention citizens.  Due to the financial irresponsibility and incompetence of your leaders, COBRA has found it necessary to restructure your nation's economy.  We have begun by eliminating the worthless green paper, which your government has deceived you into believing is valuable.  COBRA will come to your rescue and out of the ashes will arise a New Order.  Citizens of the United States, I am pleased to announce COBRA's economic recovery plan.  If you want money to buy food for your children, take all your valuables to the nearest branch of Extensive Enterprises, there all goods will be exchanged for COBRA currency.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: I've been busy working behind the scenes.  I forgot to ask Alan Watt during the break, I'll put him on the spot here on air.  I know if he's busy, he can't do it, that's fine.  Alan can you go into overdrive so we have time to take calls or other issues 20 minutes into the next hour, or do you need to leave us at the end of this hour?


Alan: No, I can go on. 


Alex: All right, you're just awesome.  Our site is  Okay, this is why we're busy.  I sent the numbers to John Harmon to the military, and I wasn't clear during the break before last, and I said, we're going to call this guy live on air.  The message got mixed up, so John talked, because we've been calling all day, and they've been refusing to come on, or giving us other numbers, John Harmon got a hold of them, brought up the army document, saying basically, that you know, they had to watch the End the Fed, Ron Paul demonstrators as potential terrorists.  And he confirmed the document, also Rob Dew's talked to him, but they don't want to talk about it on air.  But there it is confirmed.  John Harmon, I want to bring you up.  You talked to this guy.  Let's just go ahead and give his name out, it's Scott Ferguson, Department of Public Affairs, U.S. Army.  He's a civilian.  We talked to a Colonel earlier too.  John, what did he say to you?


John: Well, basically I talked to him about 15 minutes ago, and he was really arrogant sounding.  Just did not want to come on air.  Did not know anything.  You know, didn't want to talk politics.  Was just really short with me.  And I said, well, could I call you back in about fifteen minutes to see if you'll come on? "Yep, sounds fine."  Called him back, no answer.  Now he's not answering.


Alex: Now, I was talking to you and Rob Dew, during the break.  One of you said you did talk to him and a Colonel, specifically it was Rob Dew, actually.  Did you bring up the army report to him and say that was what it was about? 


John: No, I just asked him, hey we would like someone associated with what you do and get your opinion on what's going on.  And he was just still kind of like, Oh, I don't know.  That's not what we do.  You know this is the army, right?  And I was like, yeah, yeah. 


Alex: Yeah, well, Dew did bring up the report and they said the same thing about politics.  So we'll continue to track this as it develops, but just getting crazy.  Now, I had sent to the network this weekend, because I'm still in the mindset of not doing video, just doing audio, to play the clip for me this week, of GI Joe.  In the 1980s, I was kind of at the end of watching cartoons, you know was a teenager by the early 1980s.  But I remember when G.I. Joe first came on in about 1982, and this is from one of the early episodes, it was all New World Order propaganda.  And since then, I'll go and watch online, and others are doing it too, old Cobra commander episodes of GI Joe, and It's all basically throwing the New World Order in your face, in every episode.  Like, the TV is mind controlling people, but Cobra Commander is doing it, and it's got to be stopped.  And it admits the wavelength of the video mesmerizes you, which scientific reports admit.  In this one, he's for gold coins.  And he's manipulated the market to crash the world economy, and to sell everybody gold.  And he's bad.  Gold is bad, cash is good.  And he holds up a gold coin, and goes "Ah, Cobra money."  So, let's play this clip, and then get Alan Watt's expert take on it, and we'll go right to your calls.  And I have video of the Obamanoids beating on doors, "Join us.  Join us.  Pledge to support the bankers."  Literally, so this is pure fascism/communism.  But here is the Cobra Commander clip, guys, and we're going to play the CNN next.  Can you pull me up the Cobra Commander?  Okay go ahead and play it.  Here it is.


Attention citizens.  Due to the financial irresponsibility and incompetence of your leaders, COBRA has found it necessary to restructure your nation's economy.  We have begun by eliminating the worthless green paper, which your government has deceived you into believing is valuable.  COBRA will come to your rescue and out of the ashes will arise a New Order.  Citizens of the United States, I am pleased to announce COBRA's economic recovery plan.  If you want money to buy food for your children, take all your valuables to the nearest branch of Extensive Enterprises, there all goods will be exchanged for COBRA currency.


Alex: Ah, gold money.  So see, oh it's just amazing programming.  If you want gold, you're the person destroying the economy.  You're Cobra Commander.  Alan Watt?


Alan: Yeah, well even the name.  That means the snake system, the serpent system.  So even that was tucked in there too, but all these cartoons really, it's even worse today if you ever watch any of the cartoons for children, it's full of programming and messages for what's to come.  And again, we've got to realize that the Big Boys wrote about this extensively in the 40s, 50s, 60s, all through, that they'd use all media to get their message across, to basically indoctrinate the public. 


Alex: Fox News has now put out a ten-minute promo piece admitting they're planting pro-global warming/eugenics ads in all their TV shows and in media.  So this is now admitted.  Explain to people what predictive programming is. 


Alan: Predictive programming is a technique developed and perfected at the Tavistock Institute in London, on behalf of the British oligarchy, that runs and always has run Britain.  And the idea is very simple.  It's through fiction, through works of fiction, where you get engrossed in a story, and the male will identify with the hero, the woman with the heroine, and once you're hooked in the emotional story, it's generally bad guys on the run from the good guys, who go after them with overwhelming force, they then tuck in the prediction of what's to come.  You'll see things that's still to come, like cops smashing down doors, no warrants and all that kind of stuff will be in the story, and you won't mind, because this guy they're after is the worst mass murderer or pedophile you can ever imagine.  Therefore you accept all the things you're seeing, where the law itself is disregarded to get this bad guy.  Therefore, when it happens in real life, you're familiar with the idea and you ask no questions, it seems quite natural to you to see it happen in real life, just the same way it was in the fictional movies or television drama series.  They're using them now to full force.  Every country has its anti-terrorism dramas, ongoing dramas.  Britain has them.  Canada even has one, where they send off jets to the border to the bridges to guard against terrorism, and there's a tremendous threat avoided every week.


Alex: And then the show, Spooks in England, and all these shows here.  They torture people's children to get answers.  And that stops the nuke from going off, so torturing children is good.  Then it comes out in the media, they are torturing people's children for fake confessions.  All of it, getting everybody ready.  All these new movies about you take the vaccine and it actually kills you, like I Am Legend.  So then when we also talk about it, they say, oh, you got that from a movie.


Alan: Or people who watch the movies and enjoy the series will say, well, so what.  Because really, they've already been programmed.  They have been programmed that this is all quite normal to them. 


Alex: Well take NYPD Blue and all these other shows.  Every episode the cops beat somebody, but the guy is always guilty, it was right to do it.  Exactly, mass conditioning, mass, because as mammals, we accept what we see on TV as the way we're supposed to behave, as pack creatures.  Very, very serious folks.  Let's go ahead and play the new GI Joe, to get everybody to join the military.  It's an army unit, you get to be a superhero if you have it.  And again, you're fighting the wicked COBRA.  So here it is.


When I'm finished, the world will never forget.  Make the call.  Technically we don't exist.  We answer to no one.  And when all else fails, we don't.  What did you say your unit was called?  I didn't.


Alex: GI Joe, the Rise of Cobra.  Now, in real life, the Special Combat Applications Group, Delta Force and others run around dealing drugs, killing people, buying off local governments, overthrowing governments, taking over the U.S.  But here, they're heroes fighting the evil terrorists.  Alan Watt, I don't think it's working any more though.


Alan:  No, it's not.  There are people who have caught on to it, and have been aware for a few years, because it has got rather blatant.  People who haven't watched television for a few years, and suddenly switch it on, you wonder what world you're in.  Because you see the programming very easily, very easily if you've been away from television for a while.  Those who continuously watch television, they don't notice the changes at all.


Alex: That's right.


Alan: And they don't really care.  They'll say, well the police have to do this.  Well, they're saying that because they've watched the dramas, they're watching fiction.


Alex: That's right.  If you don't watch a lot of TV, you miss all the little sub downloads, slowly changing your view.  And then it's very disjointed, and you're like whoa.  So I guess the first step is stop watching mainstream television.  I want to go to calls.  I'm going to play this CNN clip.  We're going to do 20 minutes of overdrive only at, and the streams coming up at the end of the show at T minus 18 minutes.  Right now, Mark in Oregon, you're on the air with Alan Watt, go ahead.


Mark: Well, thank you, thank you very much.  Great to speak with you and Alan.  Alan, I really, I have a, I'd like to get your opinion on something.  I have an idea that I feel could be very effective in this struggle of humanity against the coming tyranny here, and as the tyranny currently exists.  You know, I, like Alex, I really respect your intelligence and your heart Alan.  That's why I'm asking you this.  It will take me about 1 minute to go over it.


Alex: Yeah, go over it and then turn the radio off too.  Yeah, do me a big favor and turn the radio off.


Mark: My radio is off.


Alex: Okay, but I'm getting echo.  Go ahead.


Mark: Okay.  Alan, the only and by far the most powerful weapon, which is readily available as we speak, to deal a very substantial blow to the enemies progress here and its implementation of world tyranny is a weapon of publicity.  And the logical vehicle as well as the only vehicle available to spread on a global basis, not only the urgency of the very short time, that the world's people have, until they will all be under total and complete tyranny, but also to achieve the ultimate projection of the facts of truth of the infowar, is the combination of Alex's celebrity, effusing as such of the world celebrity of Alex Jones, into a globally effective vehicle of publicity.


Alex: Now, let me just stop you for a minute.  I am not that big.  Okay.  I don't want to be some big giant leader, that's very dangerous.  The reason we have power on this show is we have great activist listeners who are great leaders in their own right.  People are always thinking I can do this magic bullet, that magic bullet.  I can barely get the trash taken out around here.  So, finish up your point, because I want to get to everybody else. 


Mark: But you, as you said, you know, you are the globally recognized leader of this Freedom Movement.  And I only see one available and viable vehicle, and that is a movie.  It would be about the 14 years of your radio life Alex.  It could be made with the assistance of the many and varied producers, directors, and actors who you know personally and who admire you.  And they would assist in the production, the financing, and the acting parts, with you playing yourself.


Alex: Not when people threaten to kill their children.  We've already tried to put out another film, and they threatened to kill people's children so they pulled out.  But listen, I appreciate your call.  They can defeat anything that is based on one move.  Okay.  But we have to be like a hundred headed hydra and not just that, a hundred hundred headed hydras, and that's why I bring Alan Watt and others to try to build them up, and he's doing that in his own right, so I don't agree on this single move thing, or trying to produce a film.  They just then wouldn't distribute it.  You want to explain that to people Alan?


Alan: Yeah, it's true, as well.  You've got to understand as well that everyone out there has to fight for their own life, basically, and for their children.  And it's too easy to one way or another legally or otherwise get rid of someone at the top.  And when they're gone, the one who's leading you is over.  You're like bureaucrats without the leader at the top.  It's the same thing.  So you've got to be your own champion, and you have to do the legwork.  You have to got out and be vocal.  Everyone is involved here.  Everyone is involved.  We've got to stop looking for champions, you are your own champion.


Alex: Well, that's one of the biggest forms of programming is the Arnold Schwarzenegger or whoever the archetypal Hercules archetype, he goes out and slays the dragons for you.  And then people constantly think, no, no, no.  The reason we're successful here is we're getting the people to go out and mobilize, and then it's a thousand heads.  They have no way of stopping us that way if it's an idea.  I'm not bulletproof.  Alan Watt is not bulletproof.  But ideas are bulletproof.


Alan: That's correct, and also, we've got to realize as well, that anyone can be threatened or got to one way or another.  Or blackmailed, or your family threatened or something.  So when you have one leader of a personality cult, that's why they've been in the movies, so many movies have had for about twenty years, "The One."  The one is coming to help you, just like Obama.


Alex: That's right.  The savior, just like the army of one.  One person, it's Obama, it's whoever.  They've got to save you.  It's always making about making you feel inadequate.  That's what Madison Avenue is all about.


Alan: Exactly.  And people have to realize, no, you are your own champion.  Your own family depends on what you do, and everyone else around you as well.  So everyone is involved in this.  There's no one of us who talk on radio can stop it all happening for you.  We can certainly try and impede it and get the word out, but it's up to you to do your own part in it all.


Alex: Yeah, and I mean, it's part of it.  Sure if they made a film about getting started, having being threatened by the military, Bohemian Grove, all the stuff we've been through, you know, all the things we've broken and covered.  That would be interesting, but that would only be one part of the solution.  You know, it's again, it's a movement of liberty and awakening.  But thank you Mark, I'm not, I appreciate your support.  I'm not pooh-poohing your idea, I'm just bringing more perspective to it.  Steve in Chicago.  Steve, you're on the air.


Steve: Alex, I hate to say this, but I think Alan Watt and the Watson brothers are an MI6 spy net, and they've poisoned your mind subliminally and subconsciously with the Anglican culture.


Alex: Let me explain something to you sir.  That's funny.  Alan Watt and the Watson brothers are not related.  Paul Watson was running a tiny website, and had never been contacted by me, and I called up and said would you like to do webmaster work for me, and I'm going to start a website called  So let's get one thing straight.  It works like this.  I call Paul Watson up and tell him what I want done.  We're friends but that's it.  I talk to Paul about twice a week.  Okay.  There's one person running things in this office, it's me.  Me.  There's no handlers, there's none of that.  And the same thing with Alan Watt.  I mean, why, because they've got British accents they must be bad?  I mean what are you talking about?


Steve: Well, that's the point.  You know, the situation is this.  All this Anglican culture.  We've got Rudyard Kipling and the "White Man's Burden" which must be observed.  Ungermanic.  We have the Sir Thomas More Utopianism.  Ungermanic.  Must be observed.  We have the Angry Young Men, social injustices to minorities, during the 1950s.  Must be observed. 


Alex: Sir, I've got to let you go, this is too insane.  I mean, Alan Watt exposes Rudyard Kipling as pushing the Anglo-American establishment.  Alan, you know, it's just crazy.  We're here trying to mobilize people to a National Draft that passed the House Friday, and they don't want to discuss that.  It's all about us.  See how they're obsessed with us, because we're the supposed leaders.


Alan: That's right.  There are people who are in their little tunnels and you'll never change their minds on anything.  They're stuck.  They like where they are.  And they've decided that's all they need to know.  And that's it.  They're closed to anything further. 


Alex: I mean, does it matter if I talk to a member of the Japanese Diet, exposing 9/11 as an inside job.  Or if I interview the former German Defence Minister, or I interview Alan Watt.  I mean, most Americans don't even have passports, and don't travel anywhere.  You know, it's now I'm evil, because you've got a British accent, Alan, when all you do is expose the British Empire.  This is the height of just one-dimensional thinking.  See, Obama must be good, because he's black see.  But you must be bad, because you've got a British accent. 


Alan: That's right.  And some people too still think I am the Alan Watts that was lecturing back in the 20s and 30s.  I'd have to be about 90 if I was him. 


Alex: But that's how this thing that I'm some Catholic assassin, when I'm not even Catholic, started, because there was a black guy named Alex Jones, and people said, why are you writing this Alex.  And I said, that's not me, and I didn't respond to them, so they said that's it, he's the guy.  And it never ended and it's this huge cottage industry, and they just all believe it.  And I've seen that, that you're just some guy named Alan Watt who died 50 years ago, yeah.  We'll be right back.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Okay, all the callers that are on hold.  Abbie, Ken, Nick, Brent, I want you to call this number right now, because we're going to take 20 minutes of calls, we're going to go into overdrive at and the infowars and streams, so you need to go there.  It won't be on the AM and FM.  We'll do 20 minutes of overdrive with Alan Watt.  The number for you to call is 888-201-2244.  888-201-2244.  888-201-2244.  And they'll go to the head of the line, those folks that are holding, Abbie, Ken, Nick, and Brent.  We are posting up at and in the next 20 minutes the best free copy we found on youtube or anywhere on the web of the Obama Deception.  And I want you to make it go mega-viral again.  They've been censoring.  We can't allow this to happen.  Help us get it out to everybody.  I made the film.  It's free.  You can order the high quality DVD at  Please support us.  Or get a membership and watch the Prison planet TV show.  Get all my films in high quality and burn them to discs.  It's got divX, all of it made easy.  But the big deal is they've censored this thing off the main page at youtube and google.  We've caught them, please, this article is going out in the next few minutes.  Get it out to everybody at and  Alan Watt, in closing, we're going to come back and take calls after this one-minute break.  But I wanted to ask you about the psychological system of, I've noticed they've also programmed people where they, it's like Crime Stop.  They can't ever focus on the issue, or the documents of FEMA camps, or real things.  They always go into weird conspiratorial subterfuge.  And then somehow bring us into it, because they don't want to psychologically face the fact that they do have power and that they are the solution and that they have to go out and stop the New World Order.  So they then automatically have to say we're bad.


Alan: Yes, it's tremendous psychology involved in all of this.  And the whole world is run under psychology and the guys that make all the dramas on television have their instructions from top psychologists, and it's even altered for different ethnic people in different countries, the same programs in fact, the same scripts.  So we're under tremendous warfare. 


Alex: Absolutely, Alan.  Let's flesh that out more.  We've got you on a new line so that we can continue over in our studios, it's a little bit low, we're going to boost that, and we're going to come and recap that with Alan Watt, going into overdrive, and your phone calls, coming up, at the toll free number that I just gave out a few minutes ago.  Again, I want to thank all AM/FM affiliates, all the listeners, everybody.  Spread the word about the broadcast.  We can all work together in this fight against the globalists.  We'll be right back in 70 seconds on the streams and


Hour 3


Alex: Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun dun, dun (to the tune of Wagner's Flight of the Valkyries).  We are back live in overdrive, right now, only at the streams and  I want to thank Alan Watt for holding over with us.  We're going to go to your phone calls as soon as you guys give me an updated phone list on that toll free number we gave out, right before we ended the main radio show.  I do this maybe once a month, we go into overdrive now.  Going back to Alan Watt, finishing up the point that you were making about, you know, we see people when they're told they have cancer, they get mad at the doctor, or we bring them this message and somehow about half the time with people fighting the New World Order, and if we could stop this, we could actually win and be able to defeat the globalists.  We're already very close.  It's obsessions on those of us that are standing up and speaking out.  And I see great people like Nuff Respect, who's had probably 40 or 50 million, I mean he's got videos with 10 million views a piece, and a couple of years ago, all his videos would get 2, 3, 4 million views.  Suddenly they started restricting his views, and now his videos will say 5 million views or from 5 million to 5 thousand.  And he's getting mad, and I've had to beg him not to quit because his videos get put on hundreds of other video servers, it's still being seen by as many people, and he's saying again on his website, on his youtube page, he's going to quit.  They're blocking him because he's effective, and a lot of people who stick their head up to fight the New World Order get attacked by the pre-programmed mass of people, not just those that openly disagree with us and want the New World Order, and say it doesn't exist, but by the bottom feeders and the government operatives, and their camp followers that then attack anyone who sticks their head up.  Kind of the crab syndrome, where crabs in a bucket, if you've ever been fishing for crabs will try to stop any other crab from crawling out, instead of working together.  Can you, I see that as the biggest thing to break, just by ignoring it and moving forward with solutions to defeat the New World Order.  Your comments on that, and then we're going to go to calls.


Alan: Well, I was reading a book quite a few years ago on how this would unfold in society, and they said they would actually encourage those in what they called the fringe group; by that they meant those who are borderline.  There's a lot of borderline psychotics, and they would encourage that group.  In fact, they might even especially on the internet, they can come into their sites and encourage the psychotic ones to attack personalities who are being effective.  So that is actually underway right now on a big scale.  I know that for a fact.  Many people who go into the forums will tell you they'll start off fine and someone comes in, they'll all like this person who's got lots of information, and the next thing you know he's got them all fighting each other or going off in a different tangent, or attacking someone who is effective.  The idea being, if you get up there and have a voice, and you're really altering the outlook of many people, then you must be one of them.  That's the first thing they jump at.  They don't think you can be genuine at all.  It is true that in the past agencies have put their own people in place.  We know that with certain people who did the Patriot rounds in fact, years ago, and it's been admitted afterwards they were government operatives, by themselves.  So, yeah, you can't trust everyone, but you don't attack everyone either who's getting the word out.  And we're not advising you as to what to do, except to protest.  You can protest.  That's the only right that we have left at the moment, is to protest what's happening in the world.  We know what the next step would be.  The other boys know it too.  So all we can do is protest and say no and do the Gandhi thing, and go along with that, and just hope that that's enough.


Alex: Well, absolutely, Alan.  We also see these formulas where what happens is somebody will come on the scene, start a radio show or a website for about a year, and they'll act normal.  And they'll get credibility, and then suddenly they attack everybody and create infighting and lies, and then it's even come out in cases that they indeed were on government payroll.


Alan: That's right.  In fact, the obvious one that comes to mind, and this is public knowledge, because he was on television right after 9/11, was Colonel Bo Gritz.  He used to have his own short wave Patriot station.  He was collecting the names of people.  He said on the air many times, that he left the Pentagon with hip pocket orders.  And after 9/11 he came out, he was on the Congressional steps on television, he said, I think it's those crazy, paranoid short wave patriot types who did this.  That's what he said, the guy who'd just been on radio for about four years.


Alex: And he said "black helicopters."  And there were bombings going on, and I said it was, because it was a smiley face they were bombing.  I said, that looks like Fight Club.  But it didn't matter.  And then I got mad at him, and then I wasn't the Patriot because I said oh, my gosh, this guy is now demonizing everybody that he claimed to work with. 


Alan: And he never mentioned on television, he'd just done about four years on Patriot Broadcasting.  I mean it was so obvious, and he blamed the Patriot Broadcasters for being behind this.


Alex: It's just incredible, and very sad, because, but that's what they mean for us to do, is just constantly be paranoid.  Folks, you know you're good.  You know you're not New World Order out there watching.  Say I'm bad, say whoever is bad, but it doesn't matter.  At least you know you're good.  Go out and fight, wake people up and get involved, because the globalists aren't as powerful.  They don't have that many agents.  They're trying to create them right now.  But you'll know an agent.  I mean, I've run into hundreds of them, and they'll say, let's carry out terror attacks, let's attack police, Alex.  And you follow them to their unmarked police car.  I mean it's very obvious to notice these people.  Feds don't get on air and say you have power, you can effect change, Bill of Rights, Constitution, we can wake up the police and military, we can defeat the globalists' program.  They don't get up and explain to you how psychological warfare operates.  What they do is, they come in and they attack other patriots.  That's always what they do, and they are intensifying their operations right now, because we're, I mean, we have government documents that the army is watching and tracking myself and others, okay.


Alan: And I've got data as well, data that comes through many different sources, and it's the same across Britain, Canada, and the U.S., where they are monitoring openly, and attacking, cyber attacks on people who are talk show hosts.  Now, you're talking about the ratings and how they fiddle with the ratings.  And I use one server, and I know, often I'll put all my different sites onto his server, so it's all drawn off his, and people will email me the next day after my own shows, and they'll congratulate me or something, or add information to it, but that server has a reading of Zero, Zero people coming in to see it, which is nonsense.  That's what they can do.  They can fiddle the statistics with everything, and just make you disappear if need be.


Alex: Well, now, I didn't get to it earlier, but we actually have the video clip, it's up on of John Rockefeller up there in West Virginia, and he's openly coming out and saying they want to shut the web down.  I mean this is all over the news now.  We kept warning people.


Alan: Yes, and I've read articles before, from mainstream media, where they've shown you the photographs of these cyber teams for the military, who have been given the go-ahead to attack, using cyber techniques, anybody who's giving them a problem.  And I've had them.  I've had three computers crash at the same time, when they come into your computers; they can do it so easily today.  And you have no, there's no way to fight back with them.  You can buy all the security programs you want.  Everything, remember '95, 1995 the US and Canada signed an agreement that every device for communication, from fax, telephone to computer, must have back-doors built in for government agencies to get in and access whenever they wish.  That was put into law.


Alex: Well that was exactly what I was about to say, and now they admit under federal law in 1996, I reported this five years before it was mainstream news, because I read the telecommunications act.  That they actually, even when they're turned off, track you, listen to you, that all these systems are doing it.  Again, we have an illegitimate, criminal government that follows a mindset of eugenics.  That's their excuse for all the ruthless, wicked things they do.  They believe they're god.  They believe they're creating the New Man, and it's just amazing what they're doing.  Now, I want to go to some phone calls, here in closing with you, Alan, but is there anything else that you want to add?


Alan: Yes, as I say, we're dealing with pretty well a criminal gangster brotherhood at the top, that has had its own way for so long behind the scenes.  They've got everything done they wished to accomplish at that time.  They're coming out into the open now.  They want us to respect them as a criminal gangster team, and to obey them, and we don't have long to go now.  It doesn't take long once tyranny is under way and you're used to seeing neighbors dragged off in the middle of the night, before you accept that as the new normal.  And then you're too ashamed to participate or stand up for anyone.  You've got to do it now, because they're on a roll.  They're deadly serious.  And I mean that.  These guys are killers at the top.  They look upon society as just blank faces.  They don't see people, they see a mass of blank faces that are just superfluous at this moment and they want to bring the population down.  They've published all their findings over and over and over.  And what they do is they don't put any of this through any kind of Congress, they simply make it happen through other means.  They don't fight fair.


Alex: Exactly.  And for all those who are attacking us, Alan, and for those that aren't government operatives that pick up on it and attack yourself and others, understand folks, that's the mark that we're effecting change, that we're for real; the evidence is proven by our fruits.  By their fruits you will know them.  You need to ask those people that are attacking us, or tell those that are brainwashing, why do these people only spend their time attacking other Patriots?  Because they are Feds or Federally handled.  And again, it doesn't bother me when this happens, because I know that means I'm effective.  But I hate seeing well-meaning people not get involved in the fight full boar, because they're so busy chasing their tail in these little systems.  It's not going to save the country and the world if we all just police each other and boss each other around, and nitpick at each other.  That's the mark of co-intel-pro or mentally ill people.  What we've got to do is get the people to say no to the New World Order.  No to gun confiscation.  No to National Draft.  That this is tyranny, that the bankers and the private Federal Reserve need to be brought to justice, need to be arrested.  I'm risking my life talking like that folks, this is dangerous.  We're focused on the New World Order, that's the key, Alan. 


Alan: We are, and sure enough, it is dangerous, because we're trying to motivate people to stand up for themselves before it's too late.  And really, the earlier caller talked about what can we do about it, one thing that has to be done is that every agency that is private, like the Council on Foreign Relations at the top, and Tri-laterals and so on, have to be completely disbanded and have nothing to do with government input whatsoever, because they're unelected by any people.  They're private organizations funded by the bankers directly.  And we've got to get rid of that, these organizations that have the ear, they have the think tanks that advise the military, this is a supra-government, over and above the elected government.  It's got to be literally made illegal to operate. 


Alex: Alright.  Let's go to calls in the time we have left.  Abbie in New York, first caller, thanks for holding, you're on the air with Alan Watt.


Abbie: Yes, hi, this is Abbie in New York.  Thank you so much.  I just recently watched the Obama Deception and Endgame, and I finally feel like I have an answer to everything I have been feeling that was not right, you know our nation's.....


Alex: That's because instead of seeing all the false paradigms and the distractions and the false template they load into your brain, now you're at the elite perspective from their own documents of how they say they're running the world.  Go ahead.


Abbie: Yes, you know, I mean, we're meant to be co-dependent to our government, almost in a constant state of reaction to what's going on.  Taught not to have free thinking.  And I realized, you know, I went to public school, it starts in public school.  You know, don't question what you're learning, don't question where it comes from, just repeat it, you know, up to college.  I went to a major university in Pennsylvania, same thing there.  Then you're given the choice to join corporate America, or else you're considered a failure at that point.  And you know, I've been living out here in New York.  There is a youth movement for going against the New World Order, there is a developing awareness.  I'm looking forward to being a part of that in my own way out here.  One thing I wanted to bring up that concerned me about modern eugenics experiments taking place was at the university I attended there was a DNA project, mapping project to see how we were all related as far as our race and genes went, and this being a part of the genome project.  I participated and now they have my DNA, everyone else's DNA, who knows what it's being used for.


Alex: Oh, yeah.  That whole National Geographic thing ties back to Cold Springs Harbor in New York.  Why don't you explain to them, Alan, IBM, Cold Springs Harbor, and National Geographic.


Alan: You've got to remember that Cold Spring Harbor was set up by the American Eugenics Society, funded by the Rockefeller foundation and Carnegie foundation.  They brought in the census to literally start to track of the offspring of people, keep their medical/psychological records, any mental illness in the family, and prison records and so on, to see if the genes were recidivist and they would keep popping up down through the generations.  They were already categorizing different people down through the generations from the late 1800s right through to the present time.  That was the sole purpose of it initially, to track the genes of the people to see who would have to be eliminated and who would not.  Because they claim that if you have a murderer in your family line 10 generations ago, it's liable to pop up again.  So they can't take the chance with you, you have to be eliminated eventually or sterilized.  That's still the policy that they have at the top today, so you're quite correct.


Alex: Alright, thank you so much.  Good to hear from you Abbie, God Bless You.  Brent in New Orleans, you're on the air, welcome.


Brent: Hey, how's it going Alex?  I just wanted to get out one little point.  In mainstream media right now they're talking about Timothy Geithner being the "architect" of the Bush bailouts, right?


Alex: Alan?


Brent: Is that correct?


Alan: Well, some of them have said that.  I don't really accept that.  I think it's much higher powers that we'll never even hear their names at the top to be honest with you.


Alex: Yeah.  In fact, they were talking to me just for a second when you were talking, here behind the scenes.  What exactly was your question?


Brent: They're talking about Timothy Geithner being the architect of the Bush bailouts, right?


Alex: Oh no, oh no, oh no.  No, no, no, no, no.  I said when they first put him in, they'd blame it on Paulson, but meanwhile it turns out Geithner helped write part of it, but he's a high level functionary.  His father, you know, headed up a major foundation that Obama's mother worked for him as his adjunct, as his second, so they'd been childhood friends.  Geithner comes from an elite family, so he is high level, but a minion level.  But see, when they're done, they'll make him resign in a year or two, maybe even sooner, and then all the blame goes on him, and then the new blame goes on the new puppet.  So this is a microcosm of how they blame everything on Bush, then bring Obama in, and then later they'll blame everything on Obama, bring in the next savior.  This is all part of the very simplistic bait and switch.  Only one of hundreds of different psychological warfare tricks they play, wrapped together.  Alan Watt, you want to comment on that?


Alan: Yes.  And all these people who take the blame end up with golden parachutes.  Remember Richard Nixon left supposedly the White House in disgrace.  We didn't know that he was given one of the most important jobs ever, after that, until he died.  And that was to help set up the Free Trade System with China, help all the money to flow to China to build it up to be the manufacturer of the world.  We didn't know that.  It was kept totally secret until he died, then he was given a military funeral for his role in setting up the New World Order.  They never ever fade off, and are admonished.  They're always given a golden parachute and a handshake.  And they probably knew a long time before that, "Look, you're going to take the wrap for something but really, we're promoting you to a higher level."


Alex: Exactly, one year after on average they then rehabilitate.  They're already starting to rehabilitate Bush.  And Obama says, oh, Bush was right.  And then Obama will be the fall guy and then they'll rehabilitate him, and he'll get.   Look at Tony Blair.  You know, he's the head UN envoy for the Middle East.  They're talking about him being in the future the head of the European Union.


Alan: That's right.  They know this.  They know it's part of the game, and they take the wrap publicly, and meanwhile they have their drinks behind closed doors, and congratulate each other, and then they're given directorships on lots and lots of boards for the payoffs.  Sure, that's how it happens.


Alex: In fact, you don't get into the real power elite until after you've been a Prime Minister, or a President or a National Security advisor, and then you enter the super college of real technocrats who then meet weekly around the world to fine tune their sub-directorates, and that's what the CFR wrote last week with James Jones, the head of the National Security Council, that we cover in the Obama Deception.  Where he says, look, he's there speaking, where do I follow my orders, what do I formulate?  I follow the orders of Dr Henry Kissinger.


Alan: Yes, and Margaret Thatcher said in 1990, at Massey Hall in Toronto, her series of lectures across the world was called the New World Order and the coming war on fundamentalist religion.  She said that I now belong to the parallel government, she said.  We're all ex-prime ministers, and presidents, and top-level bureaucrats who all know each other.  We can get the job done, we're not answerable to the public.  She called it the real government.


Alex: And they say it on record because Margaret Thatcher will write a book that's only for technocrats that maybe 20,000 copies sell.  You know, Helmet Schmidt, German Chancellor writes Men in Power, says World Government runs everything, Bilderberg group, Eugenics, I love doing Druidic rituals in Northern California, we do rituals in Germany, in fact, it's in there on the shelf at the end of the long hall.  I pulled it out last week, nobody put it back.  It's on the shelf at the end of that hall, Men in Power as a political retrospective, will somebody bring that in.  Because, and they brag in the books, ah the idiots don't read books.  And I mean, those that do, they read Harry Potter or Hardy Boy and Nancy Drew or something, or they read some stupid Obama book.  So it's a big joke.  It's like Rothkopf, the former head of the Kissinger group.  We call him up, and he goes, yeah, I want to go on and counter Mr Jones, and he admits, yeah, we're setting up a World Government, but it's for your own good, and his book, Superclass, he writes an article for the Washington Post bragging World Government is good for you. 


Alan: It is in the open for those that want to go and read it, but it's never mentioned on mainstream media. 


Alex: Yeah, listen, I don't want to abuse much more of our guest's time, but let's hurry through a few more calls here.  Thank you Brent.  Hope that answers your question.  Nick in North Carolina, you're on the air with the one, the only Alan Watt of 


Nick: Pleasure to be on the show.  I've got three real quick ones here, starting with a plug if I may.  My buddy and I are doing a site, we're trying to compile the best information for all this stuff to everyone.  We just need some help.  If you guys can help go to the site and send us an email.  Give us more information, we're hungry for more.  So if you guys have got videos or anything to send us, please do that.  And then number 2, borrowing from the Ron Paul campaign real quick, I've got an idea that's not quite as top centric Alex.  We did it for Ron Paul , and I was wondering if we could do it again.  Maybe have some sort of graphic design campaign for billboards, kind of use their own weapons against them.  Billboard sales are way down right now...


Alex: Yeah, I've been trying for two weeks, three weeks, just to try to get a little activist page on and with just a few banners and hey, folks, have viewing parties for the film.  And I'm working on getting that done.  And I'm this big mega global celebrity, but I can't even get that done.  So, I'm being sarcastic, I mean literally, but yes, that's a good idea.  We're also making some street action flyers for folks.  We just don't have the money to buy a bunch of billboards, but if individuals or groups want to get together.


Nick: What about a money bomb?


Alex: Well, that's another issue.  I can't have one of those.  We haven't worked out the technology for that, and probably never will.  But we are trying as best we can sir, believe me.  I just need people to buy the dvds at, so I can hire more people, so we can do more.  But then I'm too busy giving them out for free to ever do that.  But I appreciate your call.


Nick: Hey, Alex.


Alex: Go ahead.


Nick: Can I ask you.  I've got one guest for you.  You got this guy Russ Baker, he's got a book that came out Family of Secrets.  He like digs way deep into the Bush history and the Kennedy assassination.  This book is amazing Alex.


Alex: Okay, we'll check it out.  Send me an email.  Appreciate it.  Yes, speaking of funds, Alan Watt can barely operate.  I mean, I've been able to go around and raise enough sponsors and bust my hind end and get enough money to fund something here.  It's called Men in Powers: A Political Retrospective, it's in your hand right there.  And so I'm just trying as hard as I can, but yes, we need your financial support.  I need it, buy the books and videos.  So does Alan Watt.  Alan, how do folks support you?


Alan: They can go into the website, and they can see there's buttons there, there's paypal there.  They can buy my books and so on about this, the coded system in which we live.  Where literally language itself is used as a technique for controlling us.  It's psycho-linguistics really.


Alex: Yeah, that's what Orwell talked about because he'd been a member of the Secret Police in India, and then he'd been in wars for the Communists in Spain, then he'd lived homeless just to see what it was like, Down and Out in Paris in France.  You can read all about that and To Kill an Elephant and all his little essays.  I've read them all.  And then he went to the BBC and he found out, my God, it's a global government, a secret society of eugenicists, playing everybody off against each other for the sadistic pleasure of stomping on the human soul forever, and he wrote that book, and a lot of evidence shows they killed him.  Alan Watt, comments on that.


Alan: Actually he went off to live in a very remote island in Scotland that has lots of adders all around it, the adder snake, very poisonous, to be a recluse, because he thought they were going to send men after him to kill him.  And he'd always check the incoming boat once a month to see who was on it, to see if there was a possible assassin on board.  He knew, because you see, he was raised to work for them, to help bring in this world system, and many of the people in those days truly thought it was going to be better than having perpetual wars, that's how it was fed to them, until they realized that there was another group at the top running all this and all sides, Left and Right. 


Alex: That's right.  He was a top Socialist.  His family was actually mid-level British aristocracy at the technocrat level, and he was married into the Darwins and the Galtons and all of them. 


Alan: And his mother was a Bonapartist they called them.  And he'd been fed idealism from birth, until he realized by the war in Spain, when he was participating in it there, he realized there was another party running all sides of every aspect and he saw the long-term arrangements and he spoke out against it.  Then the Socialists turned their back on him, and he couldn't even get his book published.


Alex: That's right, they found out that British intelligence was manipulating the killer Commies to throw out the idealistic Commies and they would use them.  But then, again, he was a top propagandist at BBC, and he's talking about himself, Eric Blair, George Orwell pen name, when he talks about Winston Smith.


Alan: That's right.  And he admitted that's where he learned it in the department of propaganda, in WWII Britain BBC.  Because he worked in that Department to convince British housewives that the cheap junk food that they were left with because of the war, all the fatty stuff and so on was actually better in nutrition for them.  Once again, they were using an expert terminology, convincing the public that this is actually good for you.


Alex: And how they train the children to be spies on their parents, youth brigades, squads, every, he figures out, he's walking down the street and a buzz bomb flies in from East Asia and blows up a building and he goes, oh, that's the government again.  And he realizes that it's a global government all waging war on humanity, all having fake wars with each other.


Alan: And again, too, another good movie in a comedy fashion for those who can't follow 1984 is Brazil.  Brazil, Terry Gilliam put it in a comedy and at one stage there's bombs going off everywhere in restaurants and so on, and his mother goes on, it's the terrorists again.  He says, mother have you ever actually seen a terrorist?  No one has ever seen one.  And the Department of Information Retrieval is this massive huge skyscraper, the largest building on the planet, because it's all run by information on every individual person. 


Alex: And then a bug falls off the ceiling onto one of the printers and so they come and SWAT team the dad and drag him away, and then they give the woman a bill.


Alan: That's right because the typewriter went to Tuttle instead of Buttle. 


Alex: Let's take a few final calls and let you go.  Who have I gotten up to here, call wise.  Francis in Vancouver, Canada.  Another Canadian up there in the Great North.  You're on the air with the one, the only Alan Watt.


Francis: Hi Alex.  Alan, you know a lot of people who are new to you would have a hard time believing that these bankster gangsters are scheming to murder large numbers of us.  But if you read Alexander Solzhenitsyn's last great book, which is 200 Years Together


Alex: It's about this.


Francis: Alexander Solzhenitsyn, he gathered all the Jewish historical records in Russia, and he proved, irrefutably that 95% of the Bolsheviks were Jewish.  And that they murder 45 million Russians, Ukrainians, and Armenians, and that this is all a plot, and we can see now these same forces, these same people are gathering here in the West, and they're like Alex described so cogently, like Chernoff and all these people, they're descended from those same Bolshevik Jews, that want to murder us.  They want to enslave us.  They want to create artificial famines.  They want to murder us.


Alex: Well let me expand on that.  Solzhenitsyn, you notice the media doesn't want to attack him, because he's a Pulitzer Prize winner and everything else.  His book does get into that, but then you have to understand then that there was a purge by Stalin, against those people, that's why Trotsky ran over here and created the Neo-Cons today.  So, when you find out there's another layer, like the Zionists at the beginning funded Hitler and then made the Jews in Germany and in Poland pay million dollar fees to allow them to escape to Israel.  They couldn't go to England, couldn't go to New York, so you find out then, and I'm certainly it's terrible what when on there, and we're not denying that, but there is a level above that, with, and people say, oh, you're just bashing Germans, no folks, I'm saying there's a level above that.  And I appreciate your call sir.  That's a great question for Alan Watt, one I haven't heard him asked.  I know you've done the same research as me, and even deeper in many cases, so I know you'll concur with the facts we just stated, but there's a level above that if you're just, intellectually, you're honest.  A level above that, so when we look at the Rothschilds allied with the British, Anglo-American establishment, telling Hitler to go ahead and invade countries, then setting him up.  He lets the British evacuate at Dunkirk.  They send in the Reich Fuhrer Rudolph Hess, who parachutes in.  You know, the King of England was a Nazi, they made him abdicate, he said, why are you doing this, we had a deal.  So they betrayed them.  The globalists betray everyone.  And so yes, any power group is under their control, whether it's Jews, Germans.


Alan: Yes, they always look for a group, and it's in a minority that is under some kind of persecution.  And that's the ones that they'll agitate and stir.  And they will use them, and they might use them for fifty or a hundred years, until they've achieved their objective, and then they'll annihilate them as well.  There's no doubt about it, even I think it was Rabbi Stephen Yakov who does a shortwave program at night.  He's a Rabbi, and he really goes out against the Palestinians all the time.  He doesn't hold anything back in his disgust, etc.   However he did admit on a couple of his shows that the Jews that lived in Russia and in the Pale settlement certainly fell for the whole idea of Communism and helped to bring it into being.


Alex: Yeah, that's a fact, and then went after the Ukrainian Christians.  Look, this is Helmet Schmidt, German Chancellor, and you just go to the index under B and it says Bilderberg, 222, and also under B is Bohemian Grove, 225.  So let me go to 222.  222.  This is written by the President, the Chancellor of Germany.  222.  222.  Here it is, and he admits there is a world government, a shadow world government run by the Bilderberg group.  I have shots of this in my Bohemian Grove film.  It says Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, William Coffman, and it goes on to say AFL-CIO Joe Giammeni, Lane Kirkland, and it says basically, setting up World Government, Bilderberg conferences that Prince Bernard of the Netherlands organized and ran yearly meetings.  Of the London Institute for Strategic Studies under the leadership of Alasteir Buckham.  Some of the United States Senators, active, foreign, it goes on to talk about how they're setting up a global government there.  And here is another one on 225, where he gets into Bohemian Grove, a tiny area, the beautiful, nature alone, but you can read, he says, we do rituals in Germany, but my favorite place, we have our own groves in Germany, but my favorite place is Northern California and how they set globalist policy.  I mean, I could just read all this on air, but the point is, there are hundreds of books written by these people, and then the New York Times, just a few years ago was saying Bilderberg didn't exist, Alan.  


Alan: Yeah, I know, but it is out in the open now.  They don't really care so much.  We've got to realize too, we're dealing with people who don't believe they have to give us any answers to anything.  They're beyond answering to the public.  In the past they just ignored the public all together, and so did the press on their behalf.  But it's in the open today, because they're on a roll, and to be honest with you, they really think that most of the general public of the world are so apathetic now that they don't really care who rules them or what kind of system they're ruled under.  That's what they think.  They've taken apathy to such a level now, and that was predicted by Bertrand Russell in the 1950s, they would create apathy.  And once you're apathetic you allow yourself to be manipulated or controlled. 


Alex: And of course, his quote was a Revolt by the General Public, the Proletariat, will be as impossible and unthinkable as the revolt of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.


Alan: That's right.


Alex: For those that don't know, mutton is sheep. 


Alan: And Rockefeller himself said that the people will come to them with perfect docility at the end.  Perfect docility.


Alex: That's because they trained the public, first Madison Avenue makes you feel inadequate, women especially.  But men, men it's all acting tough and errgh, but not being involved in your country or being involved, or kill them brown people, that's manly, but then bowing down to the corrupt system, and shaking, and the IRS.  Once they make you feel inadequate, then you have no respect for yourself, and then you're always looking for a leader to save you.  Now, again, Alan's got to go, again, in just a moment.  I'm going to give each caller one minute and a quick answer from Alan Watt.  Leo in Mass, you're on with Alan Watt.


Leo: Hi, thanks for taking the call.  I think the fact you were missing here is the court jester factor.  Now the other day I spoke to Jack McLamb, and they were talking they want to shut down free speech, anti-free speech.  They want to declare the truth to be hate speech.  I think what we should do is dress up as gay people around D.C. and ask them to ban the Bible, because then it will bring the whole thing to a head, you see.


Alex: But then the media, see, they can play those types of tricks having the ADL and others having been caught dressing up like Nazis, you know, trying to get hate laws passed.  Then they would expose that we set that up.  But see, that's why being moral, you never really have that problem, because you understand the straight and narrow.  Look, look, being clean, not that I'm perfect, you know I drink and smoke, and I try to quit all the time, but I mean, I'm weak.  But the point is, is that I've got all these women that literally folks, and most of them are probably government, just throwing themselves, throwing themselves at me.  And I know, number one, I wouldn't get my work done, and number two, I mean most importantly, I'm married and love my children and my family, but number three or four, you know morals have been developed and designed because it's what makes you straight and strong, and focused.  But the general public is all animalistic.  I mean, I'm more into the stars and space and the mysteries of the universe, and working and helping others.  I get a bigger thrill out of that, and so you can't buy me off.  You can't buy me off with sex, money, power, you can't threaten me to back off, because who I am and being good, and being a good sentient creature is more important to me than all the treasure in the world, which is all a bunch of crap.  So, that's what the globalists hate, because they can't control us.  Alan, you want to speak to that?


Alan: Once again, we have to go back to the writings of Russell and Huxley and others that talked about creating a degraded society, promoting sex to the extreme, even though the people would be technically sterile he said, Julian Huxley said this.  They'll be technically sterile.  They'll be encouraged to basically have as many partners as they want.  In other words, they're debasing us all into purely animalistic behavior, where we have our gratification from our senses, fulfilled so quickly and easily.  But the thing is, there's no human bonding involved in any of this.  There's no long-term bonding, and that was part of it, to destroy bonding in fact comes with promiscuity.


Alex: Yeah, it's very, very shallow.  And I want you to expand on this.  You know in college, you go to parties or whatever, and you know, porn is on the TV.  It's everywhere for those older folks who don't know, it's just everywhere now.  And I noticed that it destroyed gratification.  And it actually like burns your nerves away mentally.  It makes it where you can't enjoy the real thing any more, and so thank God, I'm not into that.  And studies have shown that.  They thought porn 50 years ago before they made it widespread would make people sex maniacs.  It does the opposite.  And of course they've done these tests a hundred years ago, they knew, it actually destroys people's real passion.  And then loving a woman, loving a man, loving your children, defending that, the true bond.  Speak to that.


Alan: Well, that's just it.  It will destroy the idea of love in fact.  And what it does, it divorces the activity from the relationship with the person, so the activity becomes purely physical gratification.  And that's the intent, to destroy the ability to bond with a person.


Alex: That's what Nineteen Eighty-Four was about.


Alan: Yes.  And it's a science, again.  You seek, any instinct, any drive, by propaganda and repetition, everywhere that you look, can be made into an addiction.  An utter addiction, in one way or another.  Until people are addicted to having partners, but not having a relationship.  That's true.


Alex: And all these messages say children are bad, children are a hassle.  But then you have all these childless people that are totally unhappy, and the fulfilled folks have the children.


Alan: Yes, I was looking at a site recently, where there is actually an article that says children are carbon monsters, who wants them?  That's all tying in.


Alex: Horrible carbon footprint.  Got to stop having children.  In fact, Australia is proposing a one-child policy now.


Alan: Yes, and, again, China was to be the model state for the entire world.  And that's the way they're going.  In China the government still is a Communist type government, in other words, it's dictatorial.  It's a one party system.  They're all multi-millionaires at the top there.  And that's what they want to come out openly with for the rest of the world, where there's a one party system, one boss.  They tell you how to live, what to eat, what to do, walk into the sterilization factory and be a good citizen, etc, etc.  That's what they're bringing in. 


Alex: Unbelievable.  Who's up next?  Alright, John in Canada, go ahead. 


John: Alex, it's great to speak with you.  Listen, I just woke up last week.  And after listening to your show I had to call in.  A close friend of mine at told me about the Obama Deception, man I've never been scared as much in my whole life.  Then I watched End Game, my god Alex, how could we be so blind?  I've always known the government was corrupt, but never did I imagine it was this bad.  You know, what we really need to do is stand together against this tyranny, and say that I will not allow my children to grow up and be slaves, because they have the same right to freedom as the Bilderbergs do.  This is foolish.  How can we allow this to happen as a society?


Alex: Exactly, and you need to go to your councils, your town councils and read these mainstream news articles saying children are carbon monsters, and saying your phony environmental movement isn't about saving the rainforest or the plankton that is in danger, it's about taxing the carbon footprint, and the carbon cycle, and micro-managing every facet of our lives, or point out how they're announcing in Canada and the U.S. how they're going to put troops on the streets and are now doing it.  If all of you go, and create a huge chatter, instead of going into being scared.  If they're able to cow us and buffalo us, and intimidate us into submission they're going to win.  Alan Watt?


Alan: There's no doubt at all.  And you can use some of their own court cases that were meant for propaganda purposes against them, because there's a state recently where an environmental officer attached to a company was fired, he was such a pain to the company.  And they thought they would get some good publicity out of it.  But it was ruled in the court decision in the US that the belief in sustainability and environmentalism to do with man causing carbon footprints and so on was someone's philosophical belief.  Not a fact, but a philosophical belief.  So why are we all having to give up everything for someone's philosophic belief?


Alex: And again, it's all peer pressure.  Sir, good to have you on board.  Now, share the gift of information, spread the Obama Deception.  The high quality ones on for free right now.  Spread it to your whole email list, call your neighbors, get aggressive, get a membership, fifteen cents a day.  Burn Div X copies, just point and click, drag it over, say burn disc.  It's almost DVD quality on a DVD or disc.  Plays in most computers and DVD players.  Get aggressive.  God bless you, good to hear from you.  Alan, I think I'm going to let you go.  I can keep twisting your arm.  We can go to Michael, Dennis, your call.  You know, you're such a gentleman, but I don't want to scare you off from coming back on next time.  Michael, Dennis, and Shawn, we could take those three calls, or I could ask you this final question.  Your call.


Alan: Yeah, go ahead.


Alex: Okay, quickly.  Michael in Toronto.  Another call from Canada, this is crazy.  Go ahead Michael. 


Michael: Hey, Alex, great to talk you.  Hey, Alan, nice to talk to you.  I've got a question for Alan specifically, regarding Canada's role in the NWO.  I have a friend who is very high up at Wood Dundee, which is the Imperial Bank of Commerce.  And he speaks about Canada as being the administrator of the New World Order, and that the Canadian dollar and our pensions will be relatively stable comparatively to the US.  And also because Canadians have already been brought in line, I don't really think the Canadians are a worry for the NWO.  Can you comment to that?


Alex: Well, okay.  I want to hear Alan's comment then I've got one.


Alan: Well, I also know people up at the bank, at the same bank too, and that is what they're told.  They do believe that Canada has the population so happy drunk at weekends with sports and hockey and all the rest of it, that they don't care.  Technically, I'd have to say, it's really true with most people.  Canada has a much bigger role than it lets on to have, in fact, I don't know if people realize that there's some very, very old wealthy families, international bankers living in Canada, and they give out orders to a lot of the Big Boys in the States in fact.


Alex: Yes.  They've decided to make Canada kind of one of their few safe zones.  That's why they have some of those Draconian anti-free speech things.  And Canada is a beta test of a similar model to England, but even more advanced at many levels of how to have a highly controlled society without people seeing it.  They called China a laboratory, Canada a laboratory, the U.S., they have different competing but similar systems.  They're beta testing separately.  Notice, Canada is very hard to get into now.  And they check your political background and yell and scream at you, and it's turning into a giant fortress.  And it has incredible resources.  Alan?


Alan: Yes, and in the 70s and 80s, when I was over in Europe, I traveled an awful lot through Europe, what astonished me was that each country was indeed a little laboratory.  Holland was testing out the reversal of roles.  They paid men to stay at home with the children, and paid women to go out to work.  So every country that you went to, Sweden was pushing sex to the extreme, to see if they were the first ones who wouldn't need partners because sex was so easily available, and I realized that every country was being tested, and now they're using the findings of all these countries to create a global society.  They're putting all the things that worked together into one system.


Alex: And if you research enough of this data, you then come up with a prime projection of exactly what they're doing, and then years later you come across a Rand corporation or a UN document, and it's like you wrote it, because you're an intellectual, you've studied it, you've looked at it.  And then you already know what their plan is, and then you find actual documents, where what you know, your understanding was a hundred percent.  And there's only a few people, Alan Watt, myself, and really frankly Alan, when it comes to the technical side, because you do a lot of research, I do too, a lot of other folks are great patriots, they've just not as bookwormish as we are.  But I mean, have you had that experience where you know their plan, and then later you actually find a document that's word for word what you'd already with thousands of pieces of data put together?


Alan: Yes, you'll find many documents often with the same story, on the same particular area that you're looking into.  And I often say that life is boring because once you've understood and read all their books, you know the implementation scheme, you know where they're going.  You're never surprised, because you know what the next step and the next step and the next step will be.


Alex: Absolutely, Michael, thank you.  Dennis in Colorado, and then Shawn.  Dennis, one minute.


Dennis: Yeah, have you heard of Jean Shroder in Campbell Colorado?


Alex: I have, refresh me.


Dennis: Yeah, it's about the war and emergency powers.


Alex: Yeah, yeah, a decade ago he put out stuff exposing that.  Yeah, we've been under the war powers act, it's true.  Dr Jean Shroder.


Dennis: If that were to be reversed, do you think it would have any effect on the current environment?


Alex: Absolutely.  You know, they operate by their own laws.  And so we're operating under state of emergency.  Alan Watt?


Alan: Yes, absolutely.  Again, everything has been published before, by people who stumbled across the truth.  And you've got to dig up all these books and use them for evidence that this is an agenda, it's a plan, here's the proof, it's all documented, to show people, at least for those who can get away from television mentality.


Alex: Exactly, they beta test it, like they're beta testing in a little over fifty cities I know of right now.  Making the cities and counties make you register your guns and your ammo.  And then they'll say, oh look, we tested it, it worked great, let's do it everywhere.  You know, they're beta testing one-child policies through cities that tax you if you have kids.  You know they're beta testing and then they admit that they're beta testing, and the stuff they're beta testing they're now rolling out in a year or two, not ten years.  Again, it's very fast.  Everything is quickening right now.


Alan: Yes, and also too, you have an international association of Mayors for instance.  All the Mayors are in touch with Mayors across the planet.


Alex: National association of governors, county commissioners, county and city managers, go ahead.


Alan: Police chiefs as well.  And whatever works in one country to an extent, especially if it's profitable to them, they will implement in every other country, pretty well shortly afterwards as well.  The Toronto Mayor, a few years ago, took a whole delegation of the Toronto council over to Holland to study the Red Light District to see how they worked it out for taxation purposes so they could bring it back to Toronto.


Alex: Exactly, let me give you one microcosm.  How do they implement?  They say, we've got a $787 billion stimulus package.  Every other country has a package.  That's taxpayer money.  They then tell a city and a county, do this, adopt these laws, and then we'll give you the money.  That's what they call these funded mandates.  And so that's how they have it all unified.  And then privately insurance companies will say, if you start running checkpoints with the army at it, or if you start running people through the Patriot Act database to rent a car, we'll give you a discount.  So they incentivize it all and then have everybody jump through the hoops to do it.  I appreciate your call Dennis.  Shawn in Toronto, last caller.


Shawn: Yes, Hello Alex, and Alan.  I'm glad to finally be on the phone with you.  I just have a comment and then a question.  My comment is this.  I think the most important thing that you've done Alex as far as exposure is the Bohemian Grove.  I think that is far and above the most important thing, because it shows the true level of twisted evil of the most powerful people that are involved in this whole New World Order situation.


Alex: Well, Hollywood tells us, I saw the Ninth Gate while I was on the stair stepper this weekend on cable, and I'd seen it before, so I watched the last hour of it, and what do all these Hollywood movies tell you?  When you go to the big castle chateaus in England or in France, or in New York, you know Eyes Wide Shut, the elite is engaging in Satanic ceremonies.  Well, in real life that's what they're doing, and why is this from a sociological perspective, even if you're an atheist?  Because they're psycho killers, they're going to have a religion that matches their flair for blood and death and torture, and in the enjoyment of hurting innocents.  Alan Watt?


Alan: They themselves, whether they believe it or not – some can believe in it; some don't have to – but they all attend the same kind of orgies, etc, on that level, where they have drugs, etc. and even the police will stay wide away, or the police chief might be there in your own community, and they do have the 'Eyes Wide Shut' type ceremonies, because they love to play at being gods, openly amongst themselves. 


Alex: Well, it's also about how they're radical.  They'll sit there, right in front of the police chief with the governor and just sit there to have sex, and drink blood, and take a baby and "Gaahhh...Yeah....Ha, ha, ha" I've got the physical will and power to kill this little kid.  Rarrrh...Satan.  And again, it's all about they've got the willingness to go to this level of darkness.


Alan: What they show, to each other, is that they have no inhibitions.  That's a must-be to join them in fact.  You have no inhibitions sexually, that's for male or female or whatever.  And I mean whatever.  And that you're not embarrassed, you're not inhibited and embarrassed by any particular situation.  So you've got to be almost very, ultimately avant-garde in everything that you do amongst your own to show you have no inhibitions. 


Alex: Alright, caller, ask your question.  Because I've really twisted Alan's arm.  Go ahead. 


Shawn: Alright, the one question I had was this.  As far as FEMA type camps, military forces put out on the street, this type of thing that is horribly going on in the States, do you, Alex, personally have any evidence or knowledge that that type of thing is happening up here?


Alex: Oh, absolutely.  Sure.  It's been in the Toronto Star, that they've built FEMA camps and they had the...


Shawn: In Canada?


Alex: Yeah.  They had generals, like ten mainstream articles a week ago, it was like more then ten, saying we're going to patrol the streets, we're going to do cordons, we're preparing to lock down Canadian cities and put people in camps.  I'm going to let you go there.  I know Alan's always informed.  Alan, you saw the articles I'm sure. 


Alan: Yes, and I also know that many of the closed bases are still attended and kept up to scratch with empty beds.  I know where they are too, even in Ontario and different places in Canada, and that again is for emergency purposes.


Alex: Yeah, they broke Canada in five parts.  It was in a bunch of Canadian papers, in fact, let me give people the exact headline, we'll pull this up at the end.  Exact headline, there were so many, let me think.  One was Toronto Star, there were some other ones.  Military to take lead role in Canada emergencies.  Another one was Military to Patrol Rowdy Bar District. 


Alan: That was in Barrie Ontario, and that's correct.  That's what they're doing. 


Alex: I'm going to pull up more, hold on.  United States, Mexico, Canada, sign agreement to share forces during disasters.  And it said they'll use each other's troops, each other's countries.  I mean, there's many others folks.  But there you have it.  Alan Watt, in closing, what do the elite think of you and I?  I mean I know I've talked to some of them and they've laughed, and said, look, the public is scum.  They want to be destroyed.  Let them.  Join us, ha, ha, ha.  I mean that's kind of the attitude.  You know, evil knows it can wreck things, break things.  It doesn't have to keep all the plates piled up.  You know in a juggling act, where you've got a hundred plates in your hands and tea cups.  They don't have to play by rules.  They can eviscerate humanity, our soul, our basic coding, what's good.  You know, they're chaotic, they're destructive.  The good guys play by the rules and try to help and have a heart. How do we beat that, and what do they think of us?


Alan: They're very puzzled by us, because they can't imagine anyone doing something where there's no personal benefit involved whatsoever, because they live, that's also their Achilles heel.  Each one of the helpers for the elite, has a personal benefit.  They're in it for gain personally.  And if it's underhanded or crooked, they don't care.  They think that everyone is the same as themselves, and so when someone comes along and does something for some other purpose, or says it's for a moral purpose or whatever, you're genuinely a puzzle to them, because they cannot relate to you at all.  At all.  And if you know your stuff, and you know what it's all about, what's going on, they would like to recruit you, and they cannot understand why you won't take the payoff or the bait or whatever, and be one of them and live the high life.


Alex: Which is actually a prison.  I mean it's a treasure.  It's so valuable to tie into the life force of the universe, to literally be involved realizing, I'm going to live forever through my progeny, even if my progeny, my line ends.  I live through humanity, and I imagine us, you know really in this cocoon stage, for what humanity could develop into, if we're given time, and don't let these elite backstabbers. To me, it's very evil.  They claim they're elite to suppress and dumb down.  And you know, I love seeing others do well, and maximizing beauty, and intelligence and honor and potential.  And I love innocence.  And they love destruction and power and indoctrinating the troops into killing of 1.3 million Iraqis, you know they love these rituals of destruction.  And I see them destroying their own soul, and attacking the very heart of humanity.  And so I'm into the species surviving, having a chance to decide what the species wants to become, in elevating enlightenment, and so I don't care if they kill me, because I know that I live on, and my only...I'm worried about the species.  I'm worried about the species merging with technology too quickly, losing what our true potential was, and so I'm almost like a conservator, who wants to keep these great works of art alive, because they are alive and will grow into something even greater.  I'm like someone trying to maintain the original seeds and you know, so they can be planted, do you see what I'm saying?


Alan: Yes, and evil itself can give you nothing but evil.  That's the key to it as well.  Nothing good will come out of this.  You know, that's an old, old debate in different religions: can good come out of evil?  And technically, no, it cannot.  Evil can only spawn more evil, and cruelty and hatred and disgust at their own actions.  This is the ultimate battle.  Really, it's your soul they're after, that thing which makes you individualistically you.  That's what they're after.  They don't like the unknown factor.  They want a bunch of pea-pod clones walking around the planet, serving them, that are perfectly predictable.


Alex: And that is evil.  It is stunting, and blunting destiny. 


Alan: Yes, absolutely.  Absolutely.  You see, their heaven, their utopia, is our hell.  That's the bottom line.


Alex: Well, Alan Watt, tell folks how they can support you.  They can go to, buy some of the books and videos there, and just unsurpassed research and work, and we want to thank you for joining us for two and a half hours today.


Alan: It's been a pleasure Alex.


Alex: Plug yourself.  You never will.  Just tell folks some of the things you have for sale. 


Alan: Yes, I've got books, on as I say coding, psycholinguistics to show you how we're mocked all the time by very intelligent people.  And you can also buy the discs I have for sale.  And you can listen to my show at night on Republic Broadcasting Network.


Alex: I wonder if they'll plug me over there.  I'm just joking.  It doesn't matter.


Alan: It's RBN. 


Alex: You're doing important work, and that's what matters.  Alan Watt, I want to thank you so much again for spending time with us.  You'll be on with Jason Bermas, 9pm until Midnight Wednesday, that's confirmed.


Alan: That's right, yeah.


Alex: You're going to be on the first hour.  Alan Watt, thank you for all the time, good to have you on with us.


Alan: And it's good to be on, Alex. 




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