May 8th, 2009
Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show with Guest Host: Jason Bermas
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Jason Bermas: Alright Folks, we are back.  Itís the Alex Jones show.  We are honored to be joined by Alan Watt of  How are you today, Alan?


Alan Watt: Not too bad.


Jason: Well, I want to get your take on this latest DHS document, and really just the out-of-control nature of police officers around the country.  We just played that clip where this girl is trying to call 9/11 for her father.  She uses the naughty F-word, God forbid she uses the F-word because sheís in a panic, and sheís actually hung up on by these police officers.  Then she goes down four blocks to try to report this to the police department.  The only officer thatís on duty is the one that took her phone calls, and sheís immediately arrested.  I mean, what does that say about our society?


Alan: Well, weíve had gradual indoctrination over twenty-odd years, maybe thirty, mainly through fictional media, entertainment, beginning even with Starsky and Hutch, which was banned in Britain at one time because they eventually started pulling their guns out on everybody they saw in every episode.  But now itís standard fare.  The cops are the bosses.  They are the authoritarian figures, and the cops themselves come out of the same society of indoctrination, so they truly believe that they are authoritarian figures and that weíre supposed to obey them.  They donít get taught that theyíre there to serve the public anymore, and they havenít been taught that for an awful long time.  And weíve got to remember too, police are in the business of laying charges.  Thatís their function.  And if you call the cops for anything, I think really youíre a fool.  Because thereís even videos up there with ex-cops who are now these lawyers, theyíve gone into law, stating quite openly that thatís their function, is to lay charges on people.  They donít care who.  And they actually call, on the videos up on google, they actually call the public stupid.  And they explain why theyíre stupid.  Because the public perception is still the old perception that the cops are there to help them.  Cops are not there to help you.  Theyíre there to get charges laid on anybody, for anything.  It doesnít matter if you call them and they come into your house just to have a chat.  If they find anything at all they can charge you with, theyíll do it.  And weíve got to understand, thatís really what their purpose is.


Jason: All right.  Well, letís shift gears to this latest DHS document, Domestic Extremism Lexicon.  I mean, this one, this is the third document from DHS that weíve talked about, obviously the fourth if you include the MIAC Report, but right out of the gates, they say this is for non-Islamic extremism in this country, and really DHS was built up under the guise that we were going to fight Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and we needed this new agency, but nothing could be further from the truth.  This is for the American public, is it not?


Alan: Oh, absolutely.  Absolutely.  But then again, people who still believe that government is there to serve them, once again need to get their head checked, because that went out a long time ago.  The government has an agenda, and theyíll lie about everything to get a law on the books, which they intend to expand as soon as itís passed.  So, absolutely, thatís the whole key.  Weíre going into a complete New World Order where we will have no rights whatsoever.  Theyíve made that quite plain.  And all they need is our compliance at every stage to accept it.  And then they can bring through the next part and the next part and the next part. There are no rights and freedoms anymore as far as governments are concerned.  And the public are now being trained that that is so, as well. 


Jason: Absolutely.  And in the UK right now they have now banned 16 people from coming into the country.  Theyíre only releasing ten names.  Who knows who the other six are?  But this same woman is out there saying, you know what, on top of that, this ID card is great.  And we can play that clip.  In fact, weíll play that clip coming up, in the next segment.  Sheís basically saying, oh, the biometric thumb scan and your face scan will be on this card, and itís a good thing, because people already have to prove who they are, and itís really inconvenient if you have to bring in your electric bill.  All this nonsense.  And then she says, well, it really doesnít matter anyway, because 30,000 people already have it.  And by the end of the year, 70,000 will have it.  Like you said, itís this incremental step into this New World Order, and I think thatís a big part of it.


Alan: Itís a big part.  And again, it was planned a long time ago, because back in the 90s on mainstream Canadian, CBC, government television, Wendy Mesley had a show where she talked about the coming ID cards, actually it was 1998.  And she talked to the manufacturers that would be manufacturing it for Canada, the US, and Britain.  She talked to the border patrol guys too, who had already implemented it on a voluntary basis, back in 1998.  And when she says, well, a lot of people wonít like this, to the head of the corporation that prints them up and makes them, the guy said, the public will be given no option anyway.  Theyíll have to take it.  So this is a plan that was made a long time ago, and itís simply being rammed through under the guise of security.


Jason: Yeah, and meanwhile, we have the internet being regulated at all ends.  We have this cybersecurity act being introduced by J. Rockefeller.  We now have HR 1966 the Cyber Bullying Act, where really they say, oh, we have to save the children from the internet, with literally no statistics to support their claims.  For instance, they say, 60% of mental health professionals who responded to a survey of internet mental health issues report having treated at least one patient, one, with problematic internet experiences in the previous five years.  So, one person in five years had a bad experience on the internet, supposedly caused their mental illness, we know thatís not the case.  I think they were probably mentally ill or just put into that subsection so that they could heavily medicate them, as thatís part of the plan.  And then they say, 54% of these clients were 18 years of age or younger.  I mean, thatís just ludicrous.  So, letís just shut down the internet, or letís just charge people.  Theyíre saying that theyíll be able to charge people and convict them, and theyíll have to do two years in prison and pay a fine. 


Alan: Itís much, much bigger than that, even.  FDR said, he said there are lies in politics, then there are damned lies, and then there are statistics.  Because with statistics, you can prove anything that you want to prove, you see, and we donít see them as lies.  We think itís scientific data.  Thatís why theyíre always saying itís statistics.  But itís just lies none the less.  They have an agenda.  The internet was put out there to get everyone on it, because they could not have a totally controlled society without using the internet and getting us hooked on it for everything.  Now weíre going into a world cashless society.  Weíre going into a world where you canít pay your rent, your mortgage or anything except through internet.  So, eventually, if they blacklist you, youíll be unable to pay for anything.  Youíll be an outcast.  Youíll be on the streets.  And theyíre going to use it as a form of punishment and control on the public.  Thatís why weíve got it.  Itís not there for our use.


Jason: So many people are out there volunteering their information not even realizing, you know, how serious it is.  When you have a Facebook page, and I have a Facebook page, I have a myspace, but Iím not constantly updating.  People put their status on there.  They literally tell their life story, what Iím doing at this minute, that minute, this minute.  They put up pictures from every event theyíve ever been to.  Iíve never been a big picture hound.  I donít really post that much stuff.  But they are literally creating a profile on themselves that will be databased by this government. 


Alan: Itís already been stated by the British and Canadian governments, theyíre using everything that you put up voluntarily as legal evidence should they ever have to use it against you.


Jason: Absolutely. You know, I want to go and I want to play this clip of this monster of a woman who has banned against sixteen people from her country, and is gleefully talking about the coming identification cards in the United Kingdom.  Hit it, Gerand.


The key words for me when it comes to the Identity Service are security and convenience.  You know, letís be clear, we already wander quite often around the streets with large amounts of personal information, utility bills, passports, other information that we need to use at the moment to prove our identity.  An identity card is a more secure and convenient way to do something that weíre already having to do without actually sharing as much personal data as we now have to.  But I think itís right as well, when weíre thinking about the convenience of how you enroll your facial image, your fingerprints, both for ID cards, and incidentally for biometric passports that we make that as convenient as possible for the public.  Weíre used in this country to having our digital photos taken for our passports in high street outlets.  I believe that we can offer that opportunity to people to have their biometric fingerprints taken as well, and we can do that in a secure way, but in a way thatís also convenient to people.


Well, there are 70,000, by the end of this year there will be 70,000 ID cards already in peopleís hands.  Thereís already 30,000.  Theyíre helping foreign nationals to prove their right to be here.  Theyíre helping employers to be more secure that people have got the right to work.  Weíre already having to prove our identity.  I think itís the role of government to help people to do that more securely and more conveniently.  And at the same time, to help people to protect their identity so that I can be confident that somebody else isnít pretending to be me, either so that they can commit crime or even terrorism, or that they can defraud me.  It seems to me those are the sorts of protections that government has a responsibility to put in place for its citizens.  If the Tories donít want to take that responsibility on, thatís up to them.  Theyíll have to explain it to the electorate.  But for me, thatís an important role of what government being on the side of the public is about.


Jason: You see, government is here to help and protect and stop terror.  And she just makes up all these ludicrous lies that people are just randomly wandering around with their bills and their information and their passports.  People carry their passports when theyíre leaving the country or entering another one.  Never, I only carry my electric bill when Iím going to pay it, Alan.  I mean, her arguments are absolutely insane


Alan: Well, theyíre no arguments at all.  Itís just a political liar giving you the spiel, and thatís her job.  Politicians donít see the public as someone theyíre responsible to.  They see the public as basically just a big herd that must be manipulated and lied to in order to get whatís right for them, how they should behave and how they should act, etc.  Back in the 90s, Canada, and the US, and all British Commonwealth countries, bought in, I mean Canada alone bought five super Cray computers.  Australia did the same thing.  These were owned by the Post Office, of all places, and they created massive buildings for them.  No one could tell us what they were for, because one super Cray computer could handle all the data of everyone in the US and Canada, and it turns out it was for the coming ID cards that weíre now hearing about.  This is back in the 90s.  They were already building the facilities for it.  Weíre simply living through an agenda, and itís the politiciansí job simply to con us to go along with it, thinking itís under the guise of terror.


Jason: Absolutely, and weíll be back to discuss that on the other side.  Itís the Alex Jones Show.


(Commercial Break)


Jason: Alright folks, we are back.  This is the Alex Jones Show.  Iím Jason Bermas sitting in.  Weíre joined by Alan Watt of, and you know, the Bilderberg Meeting, where a lot of these elites get together and really codify their agenda, will be meeting in about one week over in, I think itís going to be in Greece this year, and we reported a couple weeks ago that I think it was Enyon Benyae, saying that they had created the Euro through the Bilderberg Group.  Now, remember, the Bilderberg Group didnít exist, and then they said, oh, itís just a golf club and they donít set any policy there.  Obvious lies.  However, right now, and this story is over at, leaked 1955 Bilderberg documents outline plan for a single European currency almost forty years before it was codified in 1992.  Now, this isnít a surprise to you or me, Alan, but it really does speak to the fact that these guys are the policy makers.  They are people who believe that they are our lords, our gods, the people who should rule over us, the masses, the sheeple, the chattel if you will.  I mean, those are the names they call us, and this is just a further illustration that they are the puppet masters behind the scenes. 


Alan: Theyíre certainly one of the main groups, thereís no doubt about it.  But even John Maynard Keynes in the mid-40s when they were setting up the Bretton Woods Agreement for the monetary system, when he said, this is Part 1, Part 2 will be a global monetary system.  And he said, also too, the trading blocs that they would build up from then on, because they already planned to unite Europe during World War Two, he said that theyíll bring in a unitary currency for Europe and then one for the Americas later, and also a global currency, although, he said, they wouldnít see the global currency in his lifetime, that would be the next century, which is now.  As I say, weíre living through a script, and when you find their old books, you have no doubt about it, whatsoever.


Jason: So, what do you think is going to be on the agenda this year at the Bilderberg Group?  I mean, again, they meet in a week.  In my mind, you know, thereís 144 public members.  So you know, itís kind of like this compartmentalized group of people, very small, and then, in another month or so, theyíre going to be meeting at the Bohemian Grove, when you have 3,000 people there.  And those people who are at the Bilderberg Group will give their agenda to their underlings at the Bohemian Grove.  So you have a system where itís a need to know system.  Some people are more in the know than others and the people in the Bohemian Grove, most of them are less in the know, say, than those that attended the Bilderberg Conference.  Theyíre given an agenda.  Theyíre given a job to carry out, but they may not know why.


Alan: And also too, I think the big thing will be the true bringing up of the International Monetary Fund to its proper place.  Theyíve already admitted theyíre going to be the worldís issuers of currency.  That will be part 1, but also the biggest part 2 is also population control.  Now theyíre really on a roll to get the public to accept they must have population reduction by governmentís law and order, etc.


Jason: Absolutely, and you know, we played some of those clips because we had one of those heckler callers in the beginning go, ďOh, they want to kill 80% of us.Ē  Well, those are in their own documents.  And youíve got Ted Turner running around saying thereís already too many people on the planet and we need a sustainable society.  Then we actually have the World Sustainable Society, this organization with Gordon Brown and others, including the Global Warming Czar of the Obama administration, whoís openly for global governance.  And in these groups they say, well, weíre just going to have to take the population down.  We have people talking about taking the population from the UK from, itís at 60 million officially, itís probably more like 70 million, down to 30 million by 2027.  How is that going to be possible unless they sterilize everybody and kill half the population? 


Alan: Well, theyíre already sterilizing people.  Theyíve admitted that now, itís happening.  Itís just a pure coincidence they were putting the very agents to sterilize us in the water and in the food, since 1950, and obviously inoculations as well, certainly helped along the way.  But now theyíre going into, they want the right now to mandate who can breed, who cannot breed.  Because, you see, itís not a matter of overpopulation, and all their statistics remember have been fudged since the days of Malthus.  He used graphs and charts and fake statistics.  And, but that doesnít matter, as long as the public believe it, because we must acquiesce by our silence to their demands.  They want the right to literally sterilize people.  And thatís been in the British newspapers quite recently.  So, thatís really what itís all about.  Itís not that thereís too many people; itís too many of the ďwrongĒ sort of people, you know the ones who havenít evolved as far as those at the Bilderberger.


Jason: Yeah, they honestly believe that they should rule over us.  Theyíre smarter than us.  Theyíre more intelligent than us.  And we are just, weíre cannon fodder for them, and we are being groomed to be either dead or a slave race to serve them.  And I donít know about you, but Iím not going to be licking any boots.  Iím not going to be sucking my thumb in a fetal position just waiting for them to give me a Baxter vaccination thatís going to save me from the oh so dangerous Swine Flu.  Oh, no, the Swine flu is going to get us.  Meanwhile, we donít have any, let me repeat this, any deaths in the United States.  The two-year-old boy that died had chronic health problems.  He was a premature baby.  He was from Mexico.  And we played you the clip where the Associated Press tries to say that Swine Flu killed this woman, and then they have to go, oh, well, actually it didnít.  You know, theyíre falling short of that.  Weíll be back after this, taking your calls with Alan Watt.


(Commercial Break)


Jason: All right, folks, we are back.  Itís the Alex Jones Show.  Weíre joined by Alan Watt of  Weíve had some callers on for a couple hours, and I apologize for that, but weíre going to take your calls right now for myself and Alan Watt.  Letís go to Steven in Texas.  Steven, youíre on the line.


Steven: Yeah, hey, Jason, and hi, Alan.  I just want to say first of all, Jason, I want to correct you on something from this guy three hours earlier.  I got his real name, this heckler.  His real name is, the first name....


Jason: I donít want you to give it out.  We know who it is, and a lot of people who are listening know who it is.  I donít want to give him more attention than he already has.  You know, he hasnít called in months and months and months, but itís just ridiculous.  I mean, come on, he wants to sit here and act like a child on the program, meanwhile, all weíre doing is reading mainline news sources and articles and playing their own video clips with words coming out of their own mouth, Steven.


Steven: Well, I was just going to say, itís Mo, and his last nameís Ron. 


Jason: (Laughter)


Steven: Okay, thatís his real name.


Jason: All right, Iíll take that one.  Yes, I agree.


Steven: Okay, thank you.  I just had to get that in.  But I wanted to say, Iíve, you know, the last couple of days, I tell you, doing the business I do, I do health insurance, and you know, itís funny, because I even had somebody from the post office call me back.  I had to go down there and pick up a package because they screwed up a delivery.  And so, the lady that called me, and this is what Iím doing, Iím talking now about being pro-active, because weíve got this mentality, Iím only one person.  What can I do?  Well, thereís one person that you work with there that started that whole thing, and look whatís happened as a result of what Alex has done.  Well, this woman from the post office, I just happened to mention to her, I said, ďHey, before you go, I just wanted to ask you, are you concerned about the economy?Ē  And she said, ďYeah.Ē  And I said, ďWell, would you like to know whatís behind it?Ē And she said, ďSure.Ē  And I said, ďOkay.Ē  And I gave her Infowars.  I told her about the Obama Deception.  I gave her Jason Bermas and Alex Jones.  Told her when you guys are on.  And she goes, you know, my husband is really into talk radio.  And I said, ďWell, if youíre into talk radio, you definitely want to listen to these guys, and you definitely want to get a copy of the Obama Deception.  And, I mean, Iím finding this more and more, Jason.  People overall are more and more open to listen because of the crisis that weíre in.  I got a guy recently who is a good personal friend of mine, and this is whatís really disappointing, but heís been an exception, where I actually emailed a link to the article on Infowars about Ashley, this kid, this sixteen year old kid, that was taken by DHS two months ago, in North Carolina.


Jason: But youíve got to understand, Wired just did a story bashing Alex Jones saying it doesnít exist.  Oh, he wasnít arrested under the Patriot Act.  Oh, you know, you canít fake an IP address.  Give me a break.  They went in, in the middle of the night, jackboot cops, he hasnít been able to talk to his mother since.† What else could they be charging him with?


Steven: Yeah, and the thing is, but this friend emails me back.  He says, well, I appreciate you sending this to me and thinking about me, but I donít adhere to these radical views, so please donít send me any more of that kind of stuff.  So, what I did, I took like over an hour, and I gave him a ton of details, because he says, ďI definitely donít agree with you saying that Bush, the Bush family are a crime syndicate.Ē  And I just gave him a ton of stuff that I knew, and I havenít heard back from him since.  So, hopefully, it will give him enough to think about.  But overall, I found people are being more and more receptive to this message, because they know something is up, and they can see that thereís something thatís going down.  And I tell people, if you donít wake up very soon, weíre not going to have any United States of America as we know it.  Weíre going to be under a total police state.


Jason: Absolutely, Steven.  And we do have to be proactive my friend, and I thank you for the call.  Letís jump to Bob in Wisconsin.  Bob, youíre on the line.  Yes, sir.  Once, twice, Bob?  All right, Junior in New York, youíre on the air.


Junior: How you doing?  Can you guys hear me?


Jason: Yes, sir.


Junior: All right.  Basically, they passed through my neighborhood the other day doing the census, and I wasnít here, but my neighbor was here.  And I was curious, like, what could these GPS coordinates be for?  I know that you guys are saying SWAT teams, but really they could just be....


Jason: Listen, listen, I donít want to say SWAT teams.  You know, that might be something that Alex Jones has said.  And, you know, obviously they can use GPS coordinates if they want to get to your house and youíre off the grid and use SWAT against you if youíre a terrorist, underlined in this DHS document.  But, what it is, itís to create this massive control grid to document everybodyís home.  And thatís why the Census Bureau is going to every single house and GPS-ing outside of your house, 40 feet at the least.  Alan, why donít you talk about that.  What do you think some of the...


Junior: Actually, I wanted to actually ask Alan, because I know he knows.  I just wanted to know if he thinks that thereís any possibility that they could be using these coordinates with HAARP to zap targeted houses or, you know, if they have certain people that they want to hit with the HAARP?


Alan: They can certainly do that, under the Star Wars Program.


Jason: I just want to say this, you know, theyíre creating a database and a control grid so they know who to go after.  I donít think it has, you know, much to do with, oh, weíre going to GPS everybody and now weíre going to use HAARP weapons against them.  No, they want to database everybody first, put you into different subcategories, see who the real threats are, see who the free thinkers are, and then take action from there.  Alan, whatís your take.


Alan: Back in the 70s, I talked to a guy who worked for the British Service, the Secret Service, and he told me, he had a heart attack, a young fellow, and he changed employment, and he was teaching at universities.  And he just mentioned one day that shortly there will be a grid system, itís already underway, he said, set up for tracking via satellite everyoneís homes.  And he said, right now, and that was true at that time, we were all being trained to put down our postal codes, even though the postal codes were not used by the post office for another fifteen years.  He says, weíre presently training the public to always write their postal code, he says, because eventually everyone will be categorized under various codes.  Thatís all he would say.  What he really meant, I think, was political codes, etc, viewpoints and so on.  So that was part of it.  And that was literally 1972, so they had it all set up then.


Jason: I think this is just an extension of the control grid, donít you?  I mean, they want to get people that are off the grid, they want you to be a part of this huge control grid, where they can zoom in on your house from a satellite.  They know exactly where you live, who you are, and they have that data. 


Alan: They have that data, and they can do flyovers too, and if they want to check out your house, they can infrared it and see whatís in it, and all the rest of it.  Thereís a whole bunch of reasons they can use it.  Also remember, theyíre always working on the future.  And in the future, for Agenda 21, depending on where you are, and which region and area youíre in, and they do have regions marked down across the US and Canada, they want to get us all off, over the next fifteen, sixteen years, off the land and into the overcrowded cities.  So, it would probably all tie together, many functions all in the one thing going on right now.  And it will be part to do with that, as well.  Also remember, theyíre going after, the US is just passing that law or putting that law through, where they own all water in the United States, internally.  So, if you happen to be on top of a nice deep well, or something like that, they might just want that.  Or they might not let you have access to your own water.  Thereís a whole bunch of reasons that theyíre doing this for.  Itís all data collection for every facet of your life.


Jason: Well, letís say they also pass this bill, where youíre not supposed to have an organic farm.  Itís going to be a lot easier for them once they GPS your house, realize how big it is, to just check their satellite, and say, ďOh, my God.  This guy has got a Victory Garden.  Heís a terrorist.  Lets go get him.Ē  I mean, itís a total surveillance, total control grid, and thatís why they want that information.


Alan: Yes.  And that was all part of the Star Wars, the real Star Wars Program was all for the future, which is now, and whatís coming up, and tracking and coordinating, etc.  Itís all part of it, so when they come to you personally and do it in your home.  Remember even the guy who reads your electric meter punches that little GPS satellite when he punches in the meter readings, he also punches in where he is.  So theyíve been doing this for years.


Jason: Absolutely.  Letís jump to Devin in California.  Devin, youíre on the air.  Yes?


Devin: Hey, how you doing, guys?


Jason: Good.  We got you?  Devin?  He fall off?  Greg from Florida, youíre on the air.  Greg.  Man, we just canít get these phones right.


Greg: Thanks for taking my call.


Jason: You got it.


Greg: Hello?


Jason: Yes, sir.


Greg: Hey, I just wanted to go over a few things.  I was in the US military.  I got out in 2004.  And Iíll tell you, when I went to boot camp in Paris Island, South Carolina, we had tons, like probably more than half the platoon was foreigners.  And our entire platoon graduated from boot camp, including one foreigner who was on light duty the entire time.  He didnít do any of the runs with us.  None of the hikes with us.  It was really sad.


Jason: I just want you to speak to that.  Why donít you explain to people, Alan, how we are now being, our military is being integrated with NATO and foreign military forces for this new global system. 


Alan: Well, under the plan for Fortress America, that was in the papers in 2005, in fact, they said that the Canadian Forces, US, Mexican, and other Latin American countries were already amalgamating.  But the second part of it all was, and youíve seen this in the paper too, that not only will the whole of the Americas amalgamate, we have now to amalgamate also with the European Union Community.  So theyíre creating a new World Army.  Thatís been in the press, in the European papers, a World Army, and every country will send members to it to be part of this World Army.  So this is all part of it.  Itís a multi-cultural force.  I think about fifteen years ago, in the Council on Foreign Relationsí own magazine, Foreign Affairs, they said theyíd had world meetings to discuss how to create this New World Army, because it was one thing, it was easier to get you to stand up for your old tribal emblems, your flag, etc, the songs and all that, and the uniforms, but how would they create a cohesive international army.  And so they put whole groups of specialists on that particular problem at the Council on Foreign Relations.  Theyíre still working on it, to create this integrated force.  And as long as they pay them very well, as always, as Stalin said the same thing, and create the brotherhood idea, that theyíre special, more special than the civilians, then they hope to use these techniques to bind them together into a truly international force.  So, heís quite right.  Weíre going through that now.  We have been for quite a few years.


Jason: Yeah, but itís really in full force right now.  Weíre talking about, you know, earlier today we talked about Marine Corps civilian police, and we had another military guy call in and say, yeah, a lot of my guys are getting deployed and now itís dudes who are making $14 an hour who we hire off the street, not the MPs anymore.  And thatís because they are first of all integrating a police state here at home.  Theyíre trying to blur the lines between the military and the police.  Theyíre trying to get rid of posse comitatus, and theyíre getting us ready for global government and a global military force that youíre going to see at the national level exercise, í09, coming up at the end of July into the beginning of August, headed by FEMA.  You know, working with the UK, Australia, Canada, and Mexico in a terrorist prevention act like no one has ever seen.  This is the first drill to prevent terror after terrorism occurs in another country.  Letís jump to our next caller, Ann in New York, youíre on the line.


Ann: I just want to say that Iím new to you.  And Iím so proud that you are doing what youíre doing, that thereís a place, that thereís a voice that we can hear that is just focusing on what is really going on. 


Jason: Well, thank you.


Ann: And thank you.  I want to touch on three things.  Iím going to be real quick.  Iíll share this with you.  I have two different passports plus a Green Card.  And I was recently robbed and I had to go and get my state ID back.  Now, I got my state ID originally four years ago.  And when I went to get it back they have now added something to the form in New York City, which makes you divulge whether you have ever had a Canadian driverís license, if you have an active one, and it makes you put down your drivers license number on this form.


Jason: Well, right now, Canada is enforcing a new ID system, where, if you take the new ID card, I think theyíre going to be issuing them on June 1st.


Ann: Well, yes, but this is in the States, in America.


Jason: Yeah, I understand that, but theyíre trying to blur the line.  Theyíre trying to create this North American Union.  So, if you take your RFID, National ID card in Canada, then you wonít have to wait on the border.  Youíll just have your thing, ďOh, youíve got your card.  Go ahead.Ē  And theyíre going to do the same thing in Mexico and America.  They want to integrate this into a new system.  And that was exposed in the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreements.  Why donít you speak to that really quickly there, Alan.


Alan: Yes.  And also the EU have said that they have a central computer with all the data of Canadians and US citizens who have that card.  So it is in actual fact international, itís your international ID card.  They even said that in it, it could go under the guise of a license; it didnít matter.  It is the international ID card. 


Jason: Exactly.  Ann, what else have you got for me?


Ann: Itís here.† And thatís the frightening part.  And you know, Iím just so glad that youíre alerting more and more Americans.  And this bill HR875, how realistic is that?  I mean, Iíve sent letters to the New York Times, to Eden Foods, to every organic group that I can think of.  And any response Iíve gotten back from organic farmers is that theyíve never even heard of this.


Jason: Well, thatís absolutely correct.  They havenít heard of it, and theyíre keeping it on the low, but itís as real as it gets.  They always talk about it, after theyíve passed some kind of legislation towards it.  They have programmed us to think that GMO foods are going to save us and you donít need organic farming.  In fact, organic farming is bad, because it doesnít go through the proper processes, and thatís the reason we have swine flu and bird flu outbreaks and people are unhealthy.  Meanwhile, these GMO foods are set out to destroy our immune systems, to really hurt us, to sterilize us.  Speak to that, Alan. 


Alan: Thereís no doubt about it.  And I read from their own articles, the big players on depopulation agendas, and I keep asking the public, what do you think they mean by that?  Just a wish list of things theyíd love to do at Christmas time and Santa Claus and that?  They actually implement them.  You cannot ask for volunteers, so you simply implement them.  And youíre quite right for the GMO food.  I mean, look at all the guys behind Obama.  Heís even got guys there who worked for Monsanto on his staff there, and in fact, they put the bills forward for this particular one.  And weíve had it from the Economic Union.  Weíve had it from Britain, from all the Prime Ministers.  They want the GMO to be the sole ruler basically food-wise for the whole planet.  Thatís the way itís been mandated.  Thatís why no one can sue Monsanto anywhere.  Thatís why doors open for Monsanto, and judges know to leave them alone.  Itís a must-be, because, as far as Iím concerned, you see, food comes under military-industrial complex.  Itís the oldest trick in the book.  Control the food or the water, you control the people.  Therefore, Monsanto is part of the military-industrial complex.


Jason: Absolutely.  And Ann, I hope you look into Codex Alimentarus.  Thereís a lot of scary things within that.  I thank you for the call.  Letís jump to Johnny in Indiana.  Johnny, youíre on the line.  Yes, sir.


Johnny: Hello, Jason.  Can you hear me?


Jason: Yes, sir. 


Johnny: I wanted to comment about the Ashton Lumby case.† Itís here in my town, in Southbend, Indiana, and I heard about it on your show, and I became actively involved in her case.  And I brung it to the attention of all my media outlets.  And it created such an outcry that the US attorney had to respond with a press release.


Jason: And what did they say?


Johnny: They downplayed it.  They commented on the charges.  And I talked to Annette at least three times a day, since I heard about the case.  And they commented on what he was being charged with.  And they said, she had access to her child but never bothered to go see him. 


Jason: You know, again, you know, Iíve got to know more about this case, but I donít think itís right that you come in, in the middle of the night, you pick up a sixteen year old kid because of a supposed bomb threat.  The kid seems to have an alibi. The mother is telling a different story from what the authorities are telling. You know, time will tell whether this pans out or not.  And you know, I encourage people to go check into it themselves.  Letís jump to Bill in Connecticut, youíre on the air.


Bill: Yeah, Connecticut.† Whatís you doing, Jason?


Jason: How you doing, sir?


Bill: Good.  Hey, a couple of things, pertaining to HR875.  I was just trying to find it here, because I was just going to email it over to you, but I actually got a response back from Jim Hymes pertaining to that, because La Ros, whatís her name, Dellarosa?  Rosa Deloro, was the woman who tried to put that out.  And I thought it was interesting, because in his response, he was basically saying that she was not married to one of the guys that actually works at Monsanto, his nameís Greenberg.


Jason: But she is married to this guy, right?  Hold over on the other side.  Weíll be back after this.  Itís the Alex Jones Show.  Weíre with Alan Watt, 


(Commercial Break)


Jason: All right folks, we are back.  Itís the Info Warrior with Jason Bermas.  Iím just kidding, itís the Alex Jones Show.  But I do a show called that, and Iíll be live on the air tonight, 9pm until midnight.  Weíre going to be going over a bunch of news.  We just got one of the Census forms, so Iím going to be hitting that up.  I missed so much today, including, let me see, 666, Goldmanís latest bonus bears the Mark of the Beast.  Klaus vetoes Czech Republic approval of the Lisbon Treaty.  Protein Sciences enter deal to run vaccine factory in Mexico.  And much, much more, including this Web 2.0 summit that I wanted to talk about today as well.  Weíve got Alan Watt of on the line, and Bill, continue.


Bill: Anyway, I just emailed that to Rob Dee.  So, I emailed you the copy of the letter that I had gotten from Jim Hymes.  But he was basically sitting there saying, you know, he doesnít, he isnít going to vote this down, so on and so forth, but he actually did address that thing in there pertaining to her husband.  I called his office.


Jason: Well, whether theyíre related or not, this is a bad bill.  We should be able to...


Bill: Oh, itís awful.


Jason: Oh, itís an awful bill, youíre right.  Itís off the charts awful, and we do need to oppose it.  I thank you for the call, Bill.  Alan, what are your closing thoughts on this bill?† I mean, a lot of people are obviously concerned.  You know, we donít want Monsanto in charge of our food consumption, do we?


Alan: No, but I think, to be honest with you, it already is.  Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland, and a few others, thereís five of them altogether, were set up to take over and be the big agribusiness companies for the entire planet.  Theyíre in every country across the planet, doing the same things at the same time.  And weíve had top politicians, prime ministers come out in Europe saying that theyíre going to make it, give it a complete go-ahead to be GMO, everything GMO.  The United Nations, remember, at their Department of Agriculture, said when they were set up, that their job eventually was to distribute all food across the world to every Bloc.  Thatís the US Bloc, the European Bloc, etc.  And they said that that will be used as coercion to bring down their populations.  You wonít get more rations if you have more population.  Theyíll simply reduce it.  So, itís used as a weapon.  And the woman who was in charge of the UN at that time, for that department said that, ďFood has always been used as a weapon.Ē  Weíve got to understand it still is.  And the old ideas of freedom and being self-sufficient are under the hammer, because in an interdependent world, and what they mean by interdependence is right down to personal interdependence.  It means you will be dependent on them and their system for everything that you need to live.  Itís as simple as that.


Jason: Exactly.  No more individualities.  No more individual human rights.  And thatís why they put that in that WHO document, so that they can quarantine you, vaccinate you, and kill you if they want.  Thatís the bottom line.  Alan Watt, thank you for joining us.  The website is


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