October 7th, 2009
Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show


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Alex Jones: You know, I sent Rob Dew and Aaron Dykes up to Canada, and they were really impressed with Alan Watt.  He's really a classy guy.  And I've interviewed him many times over the years, on the radio, but getting to see him on high-def TV editing him for the film, he's a neat guy.  And he's going to be in Fall of the Republic 1 and 2, in fact, even more in 2, though, he's one of the central figures in Fall of the Republic 1, along with Webster Tarpley, and Jesse Ventura, and John Perkins, and Max Kaiser, and G. Edward Griffin, and just so many other people, Gerald Celente.  The list goes on and on.  The film is absolutely jam-packed.  Of course, I'm in it.  Here's the world premier of our fourth trailer.  We had the first trailer kind of sneak peak two months ago, then we had another trailer, that we released, that just gave you a kind of general idea, and now this latest trailer, so actually, this is the third trailer, and the fourth trailer is coming out next week.  I'm going to have a total of five.  But, here is the newest trailer.  It's up on Infowars.com, we just uploaded it for prisonplanet.tv members, in the highest quality.  It's also been posted, for everybody to see at FallOftheRepublic.com, all the trailers are there at one spot, and as new ones come out, and sneak peaks come out, you'll be able to see it, but here is the world premier of the TV mindcontrol trailer, of Fall of the Republic.  This is a sneak peak into a 20-minute section of a 2hr 20min film.  So there is the third trailer.  Fourth coming out next week, and the fifth, the day before it comes out.  We've got some special sneak peaks too for folks, just at prisonplanet.tv.  For the balance of the radio show we'll have a quick, economic, coverage of the last five minutes, is Alan Watt joining us from Canada.  Alan, so much is happening.  They're imploding the dollar.  They're bringing in World Government.  They're openly saying no babysitting.  No selling watermelons on the side of the road.  We're going to give you a hundred thousand dollar fine for garage sales.  The same plans in Europe, in Asia, in the U.S. are being implemented.  The same names.  Open announcement of world government.  There's no more debating it.  This is the true emergence.  I want to go over all of this with you today.  But before we get into that, what is most important right now in the mind of Alan Watt, and your deep reflection and analysis as you Cut Through the Matrix?  What's key that's developing right now, that Alan Watt thinks we should all know about?


Alan Watt: I think you should know what the New World Order really is.  It's a non-democratic system, a world to be ruled by experts and professionals from all different sciences, including all the social sciences.  They go under the term of World Peace, and that sounds nice and fuzzy to most people.  When you break down, in their own writings, from their own writings, what they mean by World Peace, it literally is a form of totalitarianism from birth to grave; in fact they wanted to separate the children completely from parents, so they wouldn't be contaminated with old-fashioned values and ideas.  They've found with scientific indoctrination, from kindergarten onwards, any parental input is made null and void.  And so they've pretty well reached that stage.  They can literally program the generations with every intake, every year, of kindergarten, upgrade incrementally for what they will experience in their lifetime, and they will accept that which they experience, because they've been taught it at school as coming.  So, what you're looking at really is a totalitarian world system, a depopulation plan is at the top of it too.  The unfit as they call them in a post-industrial era.  Remember, too, that all the scientists across the world now in all professions believe in evolution.  It's taught right off the bat.  They believe in Darwinian evolution.  Survival of the fittest.  They believe that we're the Old Man.  All the old types that used to work in factories, the blue-collar workers are now obsolete with the emergence of science and robots and genetic technology.  They can create new types of better servants, and not as many as they have now.  All of this is coming down the pike as we see.  Even the move, as you say, to stop neighbors, and that is also to stop contamination and bonding to other people in your little locality with old-fashioned ideas.  It's okay to put them into a recommended state-approved daycare place for a day, because they get the correct kind of indoctrination there.


Alex: And simultaneously, Europe and the U.S. and England and Canada announce they want year-round school.  And the internal documents from 20 years ago said, to break up the families entirely, they've got the men and women working overtime, so they can't spend time with their kids, and then if you want to use the neighbor, in fact it even said in England, BBC, two groups of police officers aren't allowed to watch their own kids.  And the thing was, wow, even the godlike police aren't allowed to watch their kids.


Alan: That's correct.


Alex: And now, 20,000 homes in England they have cameras watching the kids that they go to bed on time, eat what they're supposed to.  This is Orwell.


Alan: Yes.  And they said that's a pilot project for the rest of the country.  And whatever happens in Britain eventually, very rapidly actually, is introduced across the British Commonwealth and we're still a commonwealth.  We're still basically a subsidiary of Britain, and then the U.S. picks it up very quickly too.  Everything is working together because we're already under a global system.  We have been for a long time, and before even the war was started on Iraq, the first one, Gulf War I, we were fed on the news that we're all global, global, global.  We went back to being National again when they wanted recruits for the military.  They've kept that up for face value, but in reality, they've really rolled ahead with the globalism, and every law, really that comes down to every nation, comes from one of the departments of the United Nations, it's signed into treaty automatically in all the countries.


Alex: And we're going to speak more about that.  But since you mentioned the military.  Notice how in March of last year, in the U.S., in England, and in Canada, and also in Ireland and Scotland, simultaneously, because I'm just like you do, scanning all the Western media, also Asian media that's in English.  Simultaneously on the same day, they deployed troops in downtown cities, and said, oh, they're just helping with drunk drivers, helping with checkpoints.  And now they go, oh yes, it's for terrorists, and for gun owners, so right as they implode the economy they deploy the troops worldwide, and then admit it's global.  I mean, it's all a private corporate borg deploying this.  Now coming after our farms and ranches, our children, any form of independence.


Alan: Yes.  They laid out their plan a long time ago, when they set up the League of Nations, the forerunner of the United Nations, and in their own charter, they said eventually they'd ban all private property.  They'd also have to eradicate farming because farming was too important to be left to farmers.  Big corporations would run the farming of the world.  We're simply going through a pre-planned agenda, but now with the Century of Change, and that's the key to it.  This is the Century of Change, that all Academia was talking about for fifty-odd years.  We're into the Century of Change.  It's not democratic.  We see now the rise of this entity, this legal entity of the EU, the Economic Union, as a sovereign new Soviet, a bigger Soviet system than the old Soviet system, non-democratic, that admits in its own publications and in the major media that all the decisions are made by an executive branch at the top with secret committees, and the politicians have no input into the law making.  All they can do is complain, and that's it.  This is a post-democratic world we're in, and when you read the writings of the big players in the last fifty to a hundred years, involved in these international movements, like the Huxleys, like both the Huxleys in fact, Julian and Aldous Huxley, and Russell and others.  They say straight out that this world will be run by a form of scientific dictatorship, where the public will simply obey.  That's the whole key to everything now, is to obey, you're an animal.  We can retrain you like any animal, the Pavlovian concept, and your job is to serve the World State.  That's what it's all about.


Alex: Now Alan, I want to bring up a key point here, and I want you to speak to this, studying their operations.  At the heart of it, they are Social Darwinists.  They're saying if we kill a billion people, since we are in the positions of power, that means genetically we got the power, because we were the best, and so we're helping the Earth by killing you.  They're testing soft-kill weapons, sterilization, as the White House Science Czar spoke about.  I want to go over this with you today, but more than that, they get the general public to adopt the Eugenical, Eugenics ideas, but they don't even consciously know why.  Yeah, humans are a parasite.  Yeah, there's too many of us.  We don't have art and literature and spacecraft and you know, we can't do incredible things, which we actually are an incredible species, a wonderful species, a self-aware species.  But the elites believe they're gods.  They believe they're wonderful, and they want to control the future, and so they only sell the public on lowering their survival instinct so they will accept and make it a religious sacrament dying for their carbon footprint, or not having children, or being sacrificed to the earth.  So this idea that man is crud, man is crap.  They sell this and sell this, and say, you have no rights, you're just an animal, it's a mind game.  It's a huckster's scam, to say, you can make no decisions, you're just programmed.  But then, oh, the elites have to have their rights.  They have to have their bodyguards.  Oh, they're free.  They write all this sick, dark, nihilistic poetry about how they control everything, and they'll destroy everything if they want to.  So inherently, these are very sick, evil control freaks.


Alan: There's no doubt about it, at all.  It's a religion with them.  It's a complete.  It fulfills all the criteria of a religion.  It's a belief system, and superior genetic, basically hereditary genetic stock.  That's what they believe in, that they're from it.  They believe that we're the leftover junk genes at the bottom, otherwise we would be up at the top.  That's the simple reasoning that they have.  And they believe in power, total power is the main key to survival.  Therefore, they're the ones at the top with the total power, and they do plan to exercise it.  They are exercising it now.  I just went through stuff that was released from the World Health Organization from some of its meetings, that they've never disclosed to the public before, and they admit during their own discussions, their internal debates, that most of these vaccines, all of the vaccines in fact, the vast bulk of the contaminants in them, including genetic contaminants and viruses are unknown to them.  Sometimes 90% of every inoculation in polio still is unknown to them.  They don't know the effects on the body, except with the new adjuvants they're using for this upcoming swine flu shot, they do know that they're using, rather than chicken eggs, they're using cancer viruses.  They admit that in their own writings.  They're using cancer viruses for the simple reason that cancer viruses are almost indestructible so it will stay in your body forever.  Supposedly to protect your body, but at the same time it might just give you cancer.  This is incredible science.  In other words, they know what they're doing, they're taking the population down, not just at a drastic step, all at once, but depending on your shot and your physiology, we'll all start dying off much, much faster over the next few years. 


Alex: Now, Alan, stop.  This is mind blowing.  We're on the same page.  This is admitted in hundreds of government textbooks like Eco-Science, by the White House Science Czar.  We've now bought over ten books he authored all saying the same sickening stuff about how they would do this.  Inject us with cancer viruses that would trigger as soon as our hormone levels lowered in men and women between 45 and 65.  We now see that happening.  The boldness, what do you call the boldness of where they openly say they're killing us?  Where they openly admit the first ten million people in Canada and the U.S. to get the nasal live flu virus, they admit it's going to mutate it and spread it.


Alan: Yes.  Not only that.


Alex: So in plain view, they admit it has cancer viruses in the major German and British news.  We're shooting cancer viruses live into our nostrils.  They admit the Gardasil is killing the girls and mutating.  Its own inventor came out and said, don't take it.  I'm sure they'll kill her or something.  The point is what do you call that, because I see them testing the ambient murder.  They're now just killing us right out in the open and just setting the precedent to do it, and then everyone is dropping dead or dying and it's like no big deal.


Alan: That's right.  In fact, they even admit, from the World Health Organization, that they're doing a massive campaign to train the public, train the public, to accept that masses of people die all the time from strokes and heart attacks and cancers, so don't relate it to the vaccine that you're getting.  This is the present propaganda blitz that's out right now.  So they're training the victim to accept his own death, and put it down to coincidence.  It's amazing that you understand what they can do to the public, because they've lied so many times in the past.  They know the formulas and the techniques, and they know how we respond.  If there's 1% of credibility in their argument, the public will want to believe them, rather than cross the line, and say, these guys are killing us.  They know this. 


Alex: Because, because the average person, just like in Harden, Montana when I caught, when our listeners caught the con-artist felon now admitted running a giant takeover of the town to put the locals in the camp, that the private criminal was going to own.  Still the local constabulary denies it, even if it's admitted, because they don't want to admit they're wrong, and it's too scary to admit it's happening. 


Alan:  That's correct.  You see, they have no problems in lying to the public, and again, in these recently released documents from internal meetings at the World Health Organization, they said they would have to lie to the public.  They can't tell the public the truth.  This is from their own minutes of their meetings.


Alex: And these are all eugenicists and they talk about, and they go, it's sad we have to kill everyone, but it's for the Earth.  Everybody out there, you've got to warn everybody you can.  They're implanting you and your family with cancer viruses, these also spread.  It's not just the shot.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Alright, I want to open the phones up next hour for Alan Watt, specifically on eugenics, the master plan, how to stop them, what they're doing.  1-800-259-923.  He can talk about any issue, but please address your questions to Alan Watt.  I don't want talk about a tractor you've got for sale, or chupacabras in your attic.  And I'm not being mean, I just, sometimes people do that, especially if we have a guest.  It's like they will not address anything to them.  It's kind of like Piggly Wiggly, he gets to the head of the line, and then nobody else gets to get on.  So, 1-800-259-9231, that's coming up in the next hour.  Alan, we were just talking during the break about social control.  It's just like the Aztecs, one of the dominant Mesoamerican Mayan cultures, and in their own writings, and in what the Spanish observed, mothers would beg to have their healthiest, best, because you wanted to have the best sacrifice, ten-year-old only son, cut up in pieces and then sold as meat by the priest class, that's how they made their money to the locals.  And the mothers would gobble their children with pleasure.  We have major news out of Seoul, Korea and China.  This is mainstream, "Baby Soup not a hoax.  Eating babies."  People get upset if they see a dog killed by marines, but not if they see a kid killed by marines.  We've been trained to see human life as bad.  And through mind control, just through cultural mind control, Aztecs would kill their sons and daughters and wives and husbands, with pleasure.  The Druids would do this.  And it's the same thing now.  We just give our kids to the state.  Because as our guest said earlier, in England, a mother said, yeah, it was really hard to lose the weight, it ruined my figure.  They said that was a symbol of depression, so they took the baby from the family, with no due process.  The criminal state is here.  Go ahead. 


Alan: Yes, again too.  It's interesting to look at the old video, I think it's still up, maybe on youtube, I don't know.  I can't watch it because of my slow speed.  They punish me for using Xplornet.  There was a Julian Huxley up there and Aldous Huxley and these guys went into this whole thing, and Aldous Huxley himself, who attended all the world meetings.  He also worked at Tavistock Institute.  He thought that the scientific dictatorship would just be sort of wonderful when it came in and the people would be trained to love their servitude.  But he also talked about the only obstacle they had, at that time, back in the 1950s, was the remnants of a powerful or almost post-powerful Christianity.  Now that ties in with what his brother Julian said, the first CEO of UNESCO.  He said, we'll have to train the people to devaluate human life, in order to bring through mass abortions, and eventually genetic selection, and sterilization.  And so, this is the plan unfolding now.  These guys were part of the big world meetings of their day.  They set their agendas.  They set their time tables.  They set it for the end of the millennium into the new, that's now, and that's why they called this the Century of Change, and they never alter their plans.  Their plans are like long-term business plans set in stone, with ten-year plans for one part, fifty for another, a hundred for another.  We see this same type of plan cropping up in the declassified information put out by the top think tanks for the military, going up to the year 2050 and beyond, and the kind of world that there will be then, and society they'll have then.  And we have, of course the Rockefellers trotting around the world, still pushing the depopulation plan, eugenics plan, that the fittest should survive, the rest should get sterilized, and the unwanted should simply be killed off, by various means.  This is happening as we live, and the public don't even know it's happening.  They're trained to ignore, and not participate in their own destiny. 


Alex: Got to break.  Coming back.  50 minutes left in the next hour, with Alan Watt.  This is what's happening.  And they're training us to turn our own predator instinct on our own species.  That's what the police, the military, all of it is. 


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Alex: Alan Watt, one of the main contributors, one of the stars in Fall of the Republic.  He's going to be in Fall of the Republic II, that comes out March 15th of next year, the big Eugenics film.  But, your calls are coming up at 1-800-259-9231.  At the 20 after, we'll take calls for two segments.  Alan, we were talking again about how they train us to feed on ourselves.  They domesticate us.  They train us not to notice what's happening.  And this whole agenda is rushing forward; continue. 


Alan: Well, going into the writings again of some of the biggest players, who did publish lots of their work, we find their techniques because they explained their techniques.  And they were so assured of them working, that could only have been done because of previous experimentation on populations.  And we're going back to the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s.  The Huxleys for instance, talked about people loving their servitude, and they often used the term domestication.  Domesticate the public.  What they meant was, and they even said this, that the only true survivors that were fit to survive were wild animals that retain all of the survival capabilities.  In order to rule all the lesser types, the inferior humans, who haven't made it to the top, they'd have to domesticate them.  That meant to eradicate their instincts for self-preservation.  Train them that experts were looking after everything, that they should look after by themselves.  And even to the extent where they couldn't do anything without expert advice.  Well, we've had a massive campaign since about the 1950s onwards.  Listen to the experts.  All through magazines, TVs, even in news breaks or even weather breaks, you get experts coming on, telling you how to dress for the rain.  This is a form of domestication.  It's meant to make you think that you know nothing.  You're too stupid to understand.  And just accept it.  Accept there are better types of people above you, taking care of all the big problems that you should be taking care of.  And your job is to simply play as much as you can play, and enjoy yourself, and don't become involved in the big problems in life to do with politics, policies, or anything else.  Just accept it.  That's called domestication, until you literally have no self-preservation instincts left.  When that happens, you're now ready for extermination.  And then they can even train you as you say.  They're training the children to volunteer for sterilization to save the world, and of course this new religion of ecology.  It's a religion, as Gorbachev said: We are creating a new religion based on a form of earth worship; but of course, it's got its own high priests that decide who should procreate and who should not procreate.  And that's not fast enough for them.  They want to start killing us off even faster.  We're not breeding enough in the West.  They tell us that we're almost sterile.  Hence the immigration levels are massive.  However we're not dying fast enough across the world so they want to speed up the process.  And you can't tell the children, so you mustn't tell them any truth.  You must say, it's all so strange that these cancers are affecting everyone, and everyone is dying.  And that will be taught as just a new, a new happening.


Alex:  Well, they're saying that, they're saying, well, you're all just going to die of cancer, and you're all just going to die of diabetes, and it doesn't matter what you do, just take your shot, and you're going to die, and there's going to be lots of deaths, and yeah it's a live virus, and yeah, you're going to die, but it wasn't the vaccine, but it does say on the insert it may kill you.  And this Gardasil is going to kill you, but it doesn't protect you from the cancer, but it will give you cancer, but everything is fine.  And they just throw it all out there, and it's like the public really is in a trance.  Now, more and more of them are starting to wake up.  So the establishment's program is to shock us even more, and pile on hoping people just give up.


Alan: It's a technique.  They give you the dialectical process, the pros and the cons.  They get you into a punch-drunk state, and you simply give up, and then you say, well, they can't be doing this for negative reasons, to kill us, so I'll just go along with the rest of the public.  That's how simple it is.  People look around for a hero to follow, and if there's no heroes, they simply go along with the rest of the public, and do what they do.  That's what Huxley said himself. 


Alex: Now, let's talk about in the short term what their program is, long term, but also solutions, how you think this battle is going to shake out.  And what things will look like if they win.  Any other important angles Alan Watt wants to cover, and then your phone calls. That will take us in lots of interesting and random directions.  We'll be right back, stay with us.


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Alex:  We're going back to our live, extremely intriguing and informative, enlightening interview with Alan Watt of cuttingthroughthematrix.com here in a moment.  Then we're going to open the phones up.  Alright Alan, I'm going to shut up for this rest of the segment, before we go to calls.  Getting into what their current operation is, what you think is happening with the flu, those new World Health Organization documents you have, that are up on cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and some news about how we beat these people.  You know, there is a big awakening happening.  That collision between people who want freedom and decent humanity, and for honorableness to be held up, and those that want death and destruction. 


Alan: Well, I think the people first have to understand, they're not dealing with democratic institutions.  You're dealing with people with an agenda, who are all pre-chosen before they get into politics, they're trained into their roles, and they're all on board with this agenda.  So technically, there's no negotiation with them, to be honest with you.  The only thing that's left, outside of outright revolution is for large groups of people to literally hit them economically.  For instance, here's an example.  The nurses of New York State have been told that they're going to be fired if they don't take this swine flu shot.  My suggestion to them is for them to walk off, on mass, and just walk out of the hospital on mass, for a day or two, and you'll see the howls and the screams that those guys want to bring you to the negotiating table.  These are the only kinds of strategies left for people outside revolution.  And the boys at the top know this, because, they've been setting up internal armies and securities for 20 years, for this particular time that we're going through now.  They knew this time would come.  So, to be honest with you, there's no easy way out of this.  This is life or death situations that we're going through right now.  They have their depopulation program.  The World Health Organization at their meeting in 2006, their world meeting, stated that if they can get the public to accept mandatory inoculation for one thing, then they could introduce more mandatory inoculations every year for the rest of the adults' lives, including annual boosters for every shot they every had.  We're going to be toxic laboratories, walking laboratories.  Walking test tubes with recombinant DNA all getting together, and killing us all the quicker through cancers.  They know this at the top.  So, the thing is, you can't take a step forward to negotiate.  What you say is No.  That's the word we've got to relearn is No, and say, No, I'm not taking this.  I don't care what you want to do with me, because you're going to kill me anyway, so I'm not taking this shot.  And people have got to start regaining their individual rights and freedoms.  If you don't fight for them, you don't have any.  You can't write something on a piece of paper, and go back to sleep thinking it's all done.  And even the founding fathers of the U.S. said that, that every generation would have to fight to keep it.  And they've been lulled into sleep by again, propaganda and experts.  We're the experts, we're in charge of all the big problems that you just don't understand, so don't get involved.  So, we have to say No. No. To everything that's coming down the pike.  No.  That's all we have left.


Alex: And Alan, continuing on the flu front, they're now ordering kids to go to school to take it.  No law, they just do it.  Clinics all over the country are saying take it or we'll call CPS on you.  No law, they just do it.  We're seeing the real tyranny and they're bragging, that they're setting the precedent to force over 56 vaccine boosters, so that's now in the hundreds, every couple of years, of meningitis shots, Hepatitis shots, the AIDS vaccine, and Bill Gates has now bragged, and it's in the associated press, oh, and he laughs when he gives the speech, "Oh, I found out we're giving people polio with the new vaccine.  It happens to be live."  And then the little elite clubs, they all giggle, because the local good old boys, they're in on the fun.   Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.


Alan: That's right.  That's Nigeria.  Nigeria has now got a new evolved type of polio that they admit now, at the World Health Organization, came from the particular vaccine they were giving the people there.  It's evolved into a new hyper polio that's rampaging through the public.  It came from the vaccine.  They admit it because they can trace the vaccine virus.


Alex: And they admit, in the mainstream literature, that the live nasal vaccine is going to create hundreds of mutations and is what's spreading H1N1.  So out in the open, they hit us with all the fools that are shooting it up their kids' nose, sneezing on everybody, and the public is so dumbed down, they can't even understand it. 


Alan: Again, they've been trained that experts don't lie, and we've had fifty years of training into this new type of system.  The public can't believe, and that's as I say, you can get up the ladder, but until you've literally crossed the last rung and stand on it, you won't see the big picture, and the last rung is difficult.  It's difficult to cross and say, they're not just talking about killing us, they have been killing us, and they want to kill more of us.  When you really understand that as true, you'll see everything completely different from then on as to what you can do.  You see, you can't negotiate with tyranny. 


Alex: Well, the key is here.  They're not negotiating, they're not stopping.  It's a power cult.  And we have to admit, they're testing the soft kill now.  And I want to talk something about solutions here, but everything you bring up just literally flags come up, because it's all so accurate.  You know, dealing with all of this, and watching them kill us, and then all these little petty power people, who don't even care if they're being killed themselves, as long as they can kill people under them.  It's very sick.


Alan: Again too, they tested all of it.  Stanford is a big player in this.  All the universities have their specialized areas in creating vaccines or bacterium or viruses for warfare purposes.  They're also into the social science and psychology.  And Stanford is one of the prime universities for mass control, basically.  They did the Milgram experiments on testing people's obedience to authority by shocking people.  They were training people that they were actually shocking a victim on the other side of the glass.  They were just actors on the other side of the glass, but they didn't know.  And they'd go up to a kill voltage on the dial there, as long as someone above them took authority and responsibility for it.  They know how to use the public against the public. 


Alex: Yeah, 90%.  You can take a farm boy and make him a cop.  Six months later, 90% in Stanford research will put a gun to their mother's head and blow her brains across the room, if someone in a uniform orders them to do it. 


Alan: Yes.  And it's true.  See, these are old techniques.  They've been understood by the high sciences, and occult guys and Masonry and so on at the top.  You'll find that in the riots of New York in the 1800s, that the mayor in the Tammany Hall riots, he said, we can always hire half the poor to kill the other half.  That's what he said.  They understand this.  Money is the key.  I can survive by getting money.  I'll go on the winning side, they'll leave me alone.  That's what they think, until their usefulness is over, and then they're eliminated too.


Alex: Unbelievable.  Alan, let's do this.  Let's come back and take calls, and then at the end of the last segment, let's get into a little bit of solutions, but we're going to have you back up for more of that as well.  But I guess what you're saying is that the big solution is becoming aware of this matrix of propaganda and social engineering.  And really getting upset about it.  And really talking human to human, about the ruling elite and their program for humanity.  And ask the public, do you like being controlled?  Do you like being poisoned?  Do you like everybody being blubbery and bleached skin and unhealthy and zits all over the place?  I mean, do you like being poisoned?  Do you like half the kids in your neighborhood dead or dying of diseases or cancer?  I mean, is this what, because it's only going to get worse.  I mean, is it fun?  To cops out there, is the petty power, the petty manhood rituals, is it fun? Do you like being used?  Are you going to serve this?  90% of you will.  Unless you are conscious of the manipulation.  We'll be right back with Alan Watt. 


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Alex: I'm Alex Jones.  Our websites are infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.  Those are the two big twin mother ships.   And we have the auxiliary attack frigates in the infowar.  Infowars.net, prisonplanet.tv, jonesreport.com, whatistheendgame.com, the list goes on and on, falloftherepublic.com, theobamadeception.net, and about 20 other sites, or more.  We did that, because we get attacked and hacked over the years.  And my rule is I start more websites when I'm attacked.  And I mean, bonafide, real attacks.  Alan Watt, always amazing to interview him.  Cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  What are some of the other back-up sites you've got as well, Alan?


Alan: I've got a whole bunch there, because the same thing happens.  In fact, it's through yahoo, yahoo pulls them once in a while for two weeks at a time, or three weeks.  I'm the only person on the planet they can't find out what's wrong, what the problem is, and after about three weeks I'm back up.  But then I have to spend weeks uploading to those sites to catch up again.  It's all harassment techniques.  I've got cuttingthrough.jenkness.com, cuttingthroughthematrix.net, .us, .ca, alanwattcuttingthroughthematrix.ca, and a European site, alanwattsentientsentinel.eu, and I've got another one on standby right now too.


Alex: Good.  Okay, let's go to some phone calls.  Let's talk to Robert in West Virginia.  Robert, you're on the air.  Okay, Shelley in Texas, you're on the air. Go ahead, Shelley. 


Shelley: Hi Alex.  I spoke to you a couple of days ago, and I was telling you about my son that I just enrolled in school, and I wanted to find out what I could do as far as the vaccine and everything.  I live right outside of Houston.  I went to my son's nurse yesterday, and asked her for the vaccine exemption form.  She says she has nothing like that.  She didn't want to give me any information, she just basically....


Alex: She's a liar.  You have to go to the health department.  Let's do this live on TV right now, guys, google Texas vaccine exemption form, and we will be on the state health department, and you just print it off, and you mail it in, and if the criminals at that school, who get money for shooting your kid up.  Their federal funds are almost exclusively tied to that.  It's so important the government wants that.  That you then go in and you give it to them, and they're open for massive criminal charges if they try to kick you child out.  But see, their criminal charges on your child are for truancy, when they kicked them out.  That's what they talk about arresting you for shots, they're total criminals.  So, there it is.  There is the State of Texas, Texas Vaccine Exemption form, and you just google that and you can print the form off.  Secure online requests for exemption affidavit, and there's copies of them online, but I guess here the state is now making you ask to screw it up, but they've got to give it to you.  I'm sorry ma'am, I don't mean to get mad.  I'm just so tired of lying criminals.  But again, this evil woman or man, they feel like it's good, like a death camp operator.  Oh, they're helping by lying to you.  And believe me, a school nurse knows they're lying.  Alan Watt.


Alan: Yes they do.  Now, there are some true believers in the profession.  They're brainwashed themselves.  In fact the big boys say that.  The first ones you've got to brainwash are the ones who manage the rest of the public.  And a lot of them truly believe it.  But there's a lot of nurses too, that understand.  They've seen the effects of inoculations over the years in patients.


Alex: Yeah, that's why close to 60% are saying No in New York.  Shelley.


Alan: New York State actually, this is the thing with New York State.  They made it a policy, the big board that controls the health authority for New York State, a policy, and they said in the policy, there will be no exemptions for religious or philosophical or even diabetic reasons, for the first time in their history, they've actually even brought diabetics, they've got to take the shot.


Alex: Even if your doctor, because this is key, you can find an anti-vaccine doctor by googling it in any major city.  If you're in a small town you may have to go to a big city.  They will give you a medical exemption.  And they admit on the flu shots, hundreds of things.  If you've got allergies, you're not supposed to take shots, because they admit that it's going to cause an autoimmune response.  But now they're trying to say, we don't care if a medical doctor says no.  We got SWAT teams who want to kill.  They want blood.  Take the cancer shot.  Shelley, what are you facing right now?


Shelley:  I called the immunization branch there in Austin and the lady laughed at me yesterday on the phone.  She said there is no exemption form.  I was asking specifically for the swine flu.  And she said that there is no form for that.


Alex: Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am, ma'am.  Obama's been on TV saying you don't have to take it.  So she told you you have to?


Shelley: No, she said that it's not mandatory, and there is no form I can fill out.


Alex: But let me guess, Houston is trying to force you to take it though.


Shelley: That I don't know.


Alex: Okay, well, well, but you said, ma'am, it's a general vaccine waiver form, so that when they try.  Well, it's all over Dallas news they're trying to make Texas kids take it.  So see, Alan, what do you call these ring-around-the-rosy mind games?  This blob of con artist play, where they'll go, you don't need an exemption, it's not mandatory, but you have to take it.  What do you call that mind control, Alan?


Alan: It's a form of doublethink, when they get you into this doublethink, where you can believe two opposing ideas at the same time, then you can't think rationally for yourself.  You give up and just go along with them.  That's what most folk do.  You give up and go along.


Alex: Stay there Alan, I want to hear more from you.  Mark and others.  Shelley, look, the general vaccine form, you're kid's not taking vaccines.  Okay, period.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Alright, I didn't mean to go off into a rant.  I was just talking to one of my producers, one of the radio guys, Rob Dew, about how they, and his wife is in education, how they tried for months to get the exemption form, and they would laugh and say it doesn't exist.  Up until a month ago, you could always just print it off online.  Now I guess they make you get one from them.  They're real bastards.  But going back to Alan Watt, before we continue with calls.  Yeah, there's always these little ring-around-the-rosy games.  It's in the Dallas Morning News, they're kicking kids out, if they don't take the regular shot, seasonal flu, and the new one.  I mean I showed Dallas Morning News yesterday.  Austin is announcing it, but there's no law.  They're saying, you don't have to but you have to.  And then you say, well I want an exemption form, and they laugh at you, and say, you don't have to honey.  I mean, this is just so sick.  And these locals, they always get like a little piggy face, a little demonic smile.  What is that programming where they revel in abusing people?  They revel in lying. 


Alan: What you've got really is what has been said about the Soviet system and the hero worship of the man at the top.  The same with the Nazi regime in Germany.  What they found was that all the officers down below are sado-masochists, and this is how power works.  It's a sado-masochistic thing that attracts psychopathic types into those positions.  In fact, they're generally the only ones who go into them.  And they worship the person above them with power, and they despise the person beneath them who has less power than themselves.  That's how simply it works with sado-masochism.  And you'll always have this strange sado-masochistic authoritarianism when you get into politics, and right down to local politics even.  Any authority.  This is the very thing that Carl Jung warned the public about back in the 1950s.  He talked about the Iron Curtain across Germany, but he also said, he says, I see an Iron Curtain of massive bureaucracies building up with governmental agencies, stifling and strangling the freedom of the whole planet.  He understood what was coming down the pike, back then.  Many of his generation did in fact, because they were involved in meeting high-level people, and he knew that the world we're bringing in would be one of tyranny by force.  And that's what you've got.  One of the criteria of tyranny is when you're forced into a position by authorities, without any escape route.  In other words, you have no choice.  That is tyranny, when you have no choice in any situation.


Alex: Well, you're absolutely right.  They, since they don't have a choice, they learn to love it, and love to defend it.  And so, when you say, hey, the banks just stole 23.7 trillion, we got to pay it back with interest.  They just laugh, and say, I'm part of the power structure, and it's almost like a five-year-old dressing up like they're Luke Skywalker, or dressing up like they're you know some hero that, it's like the public are eternal children, and they're, they imagine things.  They, they're delusional.  And I never had a view of myself as something special, or wonderful, or good.  I'm just a person who has my instincts intact.  And, you know, having a bunch of psychos writing books about how they're killing me with vaccines and stuff in the water, and then I can see the evidence that they're doing it.  I mean, if they write hundreds of books about how they're killing us, and how it's a scientific dictatorship, wouldn't there be something wrong with me, if I didn't as a red-blooded male, not stand up for my species, against a power-tripping group that's playing God? 


Alan: Absolutely, and part of the key of obedience, as I say, Stanford and other universities are into these experiments all the time into obedience; the CIA are involved with them obviously.  What they find, is with the more power they accumulate in any agency, in this sado-masochist power structure, they begin to despise the ordinary people who begin to cow under authority.  The more the people cow under authority, the more they're despised as almost weaklings, and eventually hated by those in power.  I've always said, it's like a farmer breaking the legs of a cow, it falls to the ground, and then he starts kicking it, because it can't get up.  That is the very system that is in place today with the sado-masochistic total power structure that's set up.  This is a hell on Earth they're bringing in.  And it's up to us to fight it, with utterly, with every means that we have. 


Alex: Well, I think that one of the most effective ways to attack it is just to show people the matrix of false reality, and reach out to police, military, bureaucrats and go, you know, your little cousin just died of cancer at 22.  That's not normal.  Here's some statistics.  Do you know what's in the water?  Do you know what's in the shots?  Here.  Here's AP admitting they're giving everyone polio with the polio vaccine.  And you're not going to listen now, because you have defences up, but deep down in your instincts, you know I'm telling you the truth.  You're being manipulated.  And I found that 6 months down the road, a year down the road, they then wake up.  And just showing them how they're not in the power structure like they think they are.  How they're being attacked as well. 


Alan: And what's interesting too, you see this New World Order is to go through a series of changes, including the riot phase for 30-odd years as they bring down the food supply, and then the United Nations takes over the distribution of food to all the different regions, as they call these sections of the world.  And they say in their own writings, at the United Nations, that they'll gradually reduce the ration to each area, every year, and it's up to you to bring your population down to accommodate and use the resources that are given to you.  This is all their plan.  And this is hell on earth they're bringing in, step by step, and of course, the reduction of population, via mass, literally, we're being killed off by inoculations.  And they know this at top.


Alex: And it's all stated, and they all brag about it.  And you'll tell some mom, and she'll arrogantly laugh at you.  Take your kid, who already looks like a zombie, and just shoot them up with some more, and then they'll look at you with pleasure.  You crazy nut.  It doesn't matter if you just quoted State Department Memorandum 200.  It doesn't matter if you're quoting UN documents.  It doesn't matter.  They don't care.  And then when their kid dies, they'll wear a little cancer ribbon and cry.  It's like a celebrity thing.  Oh, your kid died too.  Ooh, ooh.  Because it's all about euthanizing everybody.  That's what this is all about.


Alan: It is euthanasia.  And it's bacterial warfare.  It's viral warfare.  It's biowarfare, carefully designed.  And they say in all this stuff that's been released recently from the internal meetings, at the World Health Organization, they admit that all of these particles of DNA and RNA and so on, recombine within the body, infect the cells of the person, and cause cancers down the road.  They understand it, and it destroys your immune system.


Alex: Well they grow it in the exact type of monkeys and fetal tissue that have the cancer virus that's most deadly in it.


Alan: Well, actually, they've said now, they've stated now, that they're actually using, especially for this new swine flu, rather than use the eggs, chicken eggs and so on for doing so, which also contains thousands of foreign viruses....


Alex: They're using cancer viruses instead of the dead baby retinas, or the green monkey kidneys, or the other growth mediums.  They are using cancer virus.


Alan: That's what they say, because the cancer virus is a survivor, so they're using that as an antidote.


Alex: Oh, isn't that sweet.  I'm going to move to calls quickly now.  Mark in Oregon, you're on the air, go ahead.


Mark: Hi, Alex and Alan.  Honor to speak with you, and thank you for your great information.  Thank you for your great wisdom even.  Alex, on Monday's show that you had mentioned that there were ten million doses of the flu mist into the country on Monday.  They will have probably arrived at their destination by now, I'm sure many of the destinations that it's arriving to are the Walmart stores.  They have a lot of people.


Alex: Well, let me be clear.  They said last Friday that 200,000 were going to Tennessee, Indiana, Texas, and that then by the end of the next week, 10 million more would start flowing.  And then they admit, there's been no testing of the H1N1, and that they're making people sign secrecy forms and waiving their rights, when they take the nasal. 


Mark: Yes.  You also reported Alex, the Mayo Clinic has come out and said that the flu mist will be much more contagious to other people.  It takes ten to twenty days, as I understand it at this point, for the actual symptoms to manifest for someone who as received and injected a flu mist vaccination.  Now, I think the time clock has already started on this, and that the actual mass murder genocide that this operation consists of, and it is not a drill, absolutely not a drill, it's set in motion now as to where it's going to follow through with the actual sickness itself.  And people are going to become so sick and weak that they're going to accept martial law, and I think this is the first stage of the operation. 


Alex: Well, I know this.  We're going to find out, by the end of October, early November, whether it's meant to mutate and really be deadly.  Or if this is just setting the precedent for us to go under World Health Organization rules, and to set the precedent to take the shots, as they've stated.  We know it's at least that bad.  Alan Watt, what do you think is going on?


Alan: I think it fulfills both purposes.  You become a human incubator when you take on this stuff.  You are now the new egg, if you like, you're the new reactor.  It breeds within you.  And they admit you shed the virus to all those around you.  There's no doubt about that.  And what's interesting to me, is putting this kind of thing into a mist form, this supposed virus, would kill, primarily attacking the respiratory system, the nasal passages and the bronchial tubes and the lungs, so they're putting it right into the very areas, and they admit that the adjuvants to trap leukocytes and phagocytes, to attack the stuff, right into the lung area, which might cause you to die with the symptoms of the swine flu.


Alex: For those of you who don't know, that's the autoimmune storm of how the 1918 killed tens of millions.  It's the autoimmune response to the virus that kills you in hours with fluid, and now we're getting reports, they're covering it up.  The people are taking it and collapsing, and so Alan, I want to be very clear about what you just said.  They admit in the literature, that it can cause the autoimmune response, and you're right you're injecting live virus into the nasal passages into the lungs, which can then cause the autoimmune response and Reuters is out ahead of it saying, there's lots of deaths, but it's after you take the shot, but it's not the shot.  Now how obvious is that? 


Alan: Yes, it's very obvious.  And again, it's two-fold as you say.  It is to train us to take the annual shots and boosters for the rest of our lives.  That's what they said at the World Health Organization, 2006 meeting.


Alex: Alright.  I hope you're wrong Mark, but we at least know they're setting the precedent for the big soft kill that's coming, but we're going to find out in the next few months, buddy.  It doesn't look good, I'll say that.  I mean, they admit it's live virus, they're putting into ten million morons.  Let's go ahead and talk to John in Arkansas.  John, you're on the air, go ahead.


John: Hi Alex.  This is John, I spoke to you about the police stopping me, and trying to get me to take the shot. 


Alex: Yeah, tell us about that again.  Because, expand on that.


John: Yes.  I was on my way home from my girlfriend's house, and the police officer here in Little Rock stopped me.  He was like, Hey, how you doing, it's a little late to be out.  And I was like, that's okay, I'm just coming from my girlfriend's house.


Alex: Oh, it's a free country.  You know, the guys got to ask you why you're out at night.  You know, you're a slave, go ahead.


John: And he was like, so have you taken your, have you gotten your flu shot yet.  I said, No. And he said, why not?  And I said, because that's government propaganda and it contains mercury which kills you.  And he looked at me kind of crazy and he says, so you're going to probably spout out some New World Order crap, huh.  I said, yeah, I was kind of thinking that, and kind of telling you to fuck off right about now.


Alex: Alright, I'm going to let you go sir.  I understand that happened to you, but we really need to remember we've got a lot of children listening, okay buddy.  No more for that caller.  Let's talk to Mike in Texas.  Mike, you're on the air, go ahead.  


Mike: Hey guys, can you hear me alright? 


Alex: Yes, go ahead.


Mike: I've just been, this is in regards I guess to more of the eugenics kind of stuff that you guys are talking about.  I studied Soviet Union history and politics when I was in university and we covered the Aral Sea.  A lot of the genetic mutations and aberrations that resulted from the pesticides that was running off through the irrigation ditches of the farmers.  I'm just curious to know if a lot of the similar stuff is being put into this kind of GMO foods and fast food, and other stuff that's sold?


Alex: Incredibly good point.  Let me briefly say, that they've done studies where over 90%, I want to say 97% but you can pull it up, of people in India, of the sewage systems have the SV40 live cancer virus.  They don't just inject this in people.  It then spreads and mutates in us as incubators as Alan was saying.  Now, I've interviewed genetic engineer after genetic engineer.  Guys making millions a year.  Guys who are running whole facilities.  And they would find that they would be told by other engineers, they were just running plants, to make the potato this way, the tomato that way, insert this gene, and they've noticed, we've had them on the show, over and over again, that it was a combination change that would change other things, and produce a pharmacological crop, that's what it's called pharmacological crops, that would also sterilize all the guinea pigs and rats they tested it on.  And so yes.  And that's what they've said.  They're going to have food crops.  They already have them with vaccines in them, with live viruses in them.  And that the very GMO food, it's already going on.


Alan: Yes, I also have information, it's up on my website, in fact, the United Nations, that they were into crops for the last 15 years, for Third World countries especially, all kinds of stuff, including corn that would actually help sterilize the people and bring down the population rate.  You'll find Rockefeller himself is in charge of the rice campaign, as they call it, golden rice campaign.  That's genetically modified rice too, for all these countries.  It's now being imported back into the U.S. and other countries too.  This stuff was designed also to lower the sperm in the males, etc.  That's up on their own site. 


Alex: Alan, I was going to do some financial news in the final segment, but I want to hold you to the very end, so we can take a few more calls.  Are you game for that?  Ten more minutes, okay.  Let's take another call here.  Let's talk to Mike in Texas.  Mike, you're on the air.  We just talked to Mike.  Lloyd in Connecticut, sorry, go ahead.


Lloyd: How are you doing Alex?


Alex: Good.


Lloyd: A friend of mine's wife works for a Big HMO [health maintenance organization], you know, and three years ago, they had a meeting, and they discussed the flu, and her husband got so paranoid that he went out and bought dried food.  So, you know, how can they know that far in advance, unless it's planned, you know?


Alex: Sir, in January, we had emergency managers on, and documents from major states, where they were saying in November, December millions are going to die.  I'm not saying that's going to happen, but when the Feds were telling police departments, the citizens will attack you in the winter, so they're clearly getting ready for something.  Now they're testing the water?  I don't know.  But yes, they, this is all pre-planned.  Alan Watt. 


Alan: There's no doubt about it too.  In fact, they were into, even John Holdren when he wrote that book Eco-Science, along with the other big Eugenicist and ecologist, which means simply depopulation expert.


Alex: Ehrlich.


Alan: They admitted then they'd have to find ways of putting things in the water and the food.  And that was what, 30-odd years ago, and you can go further back again, into the Huxleys talking about the same thing, and the Russells, putting stuff in the food, but Bertrand Russell, Lord Bertrand Russell, in charge of one of the biggest departments, inside the Royal Institute on International Affairs said they would also use the needle to bring to make the people compliant and to bring down the population.  The needle.  That's the words they used.


Alex: Yeah, many cases, folks, when these hospitals kill your family, your kid, just remember who did it, The New World Order.  They think you're stupid.  They think you're not going to notice what's happening.  Final segment.  Lloyd stay there for comments from you.  We'll be right back.


(Commercial break)


Alex: Monday through Friday, 11am through 3pm Central.  We're here just trying to warn people, and like Alan Watt said, the biggest issue is to realize they're not talking about killing us in all these publications.  They're doing it.  And you've got to face that horror, and read their own statements.  And they've been caught, the UN's been caught.  The time for games is over.  Get aggressive.  There's more of us than there are of them.  Cuttingthroughthematrix.com is Alan Watt's website.  He is a big part of the film, Fall of the Republic, vol 1.  I hope you pre-order it, because it's going to be shipped out in the order it's received.  It's coming out in just thirteen days.  Alright, let's go ahead, and Lloyd in Connecticut, are you still there? 


Lloyd: Yeah, I'm still here. 


Alex: So you're making the point that yeah, the internal people are freaking out about the flu.  Go ahead. 


Lloyd: You know, when I was a kid, my old man, he wouldn't let us get the shot, because everybody in his neighborhood, when he grew up took the polio vaccine, and they were all damaged by it, and he was terrified of it.  And I haven't, I've never had the flu, and I've never taken the shot.  So, I don't really think they do anything at all.  I think it's just like smoke and mirrors, you know.


Alex: Well, it would be nice if it was just a scam, but it actually does do something.  I appreciate your call.  Alan, briefly, tell him what it does to him.


Alan: Well, there's no doubt.  From their own writings, they admit at the top, there's thousands of viruses they haven't even identified yet, in every shot.  Every shot for everything they've ever given you.  And this is the recent explanation that they've given out at the top.  However, they do know that the ones that they have given you, definitely, not only can but do cause cancers.  They do destroy your autoimmune system. 


Alex: Well the inventor of the polio vaccine was in a CBC piece, admitting it gave everybody cancer.  But it's worse.  Five years ago the FDA approved, so did England, and so did in Canada, they spray live viruses, in Latin it means bacteria-eating virus, I can't pronounce it.


Alan: Bacteriophages.


Alex: They grow in these big vaccine tanks with thousands of other viruses, so they spray, vaccine, live vaccine on your meat now.


Alan: Bacteriophages.  And actually they can kill off most bacteria.  The Soviet Union didn't bother with antibiotics, because they had bacteriophages since the 1930s.  That was bought over.  All their patents were bought over by a New York company, and it withheld them from the public.  They don't want to give us something that will kill off bacterial infections.  They want us to die off.  That's why they bought the patents over.


Alex: And instead it kills the good bacteria, so everybody then has intestinal problems.  All, all done scientifically.  Let's cram in one final caller here.  Let's talk to Cheryl in Canada.  You're on the air.  Go ahead Cheryl.


Cheryl: Mr Jones, Mr Watt, Good Afternoon, gentlemen.  I have two subject matters I'm hoping you can comment on. 


Alex: We've got a minute and a half.


Cheryl: The great amount of money.  Or sorry, a great amount of gold disappears out of one of the mints in Canada.  Can you speculate as to why?  Disappears, poof, Harry Potter.


Alex: Well, a lot of foreign governments are recalling their gold from the West, right now, Alan Watt.


Alan: Yes, and to be honest with you, we'll never know what happens.  I watched a documentary where the guys who found the Titanic followed the North Sea route from the U.S. past Greenland to the Soviet Union.  And it turns out that the U.S. basically emptied out Fort Knox and then put all their gold over to the Soviets.  And a lot of the ships got sunk by the German submarines, and these guys actually found some of these ships that were stacked with gold bricks.  Now that was kept from the public right up until the present time.  We're never in the true picture of reality at the bottom.  Never, ever. 


Alex: Yeah, they just do whatever they want.  The public walks around like a bunch of zombies.  We're out of time.  I appreciate your call, Cheryl, Steve, and others.  Call me back tomorrow, and of course Sunday, 4-6pm.  Alan, great job in Fall of the Republic.  Great job in everything you're doing.  Folks should support you over there at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  We'll talk to you again real soon.


Alan: Yes.  Thanks for having me on, Alex.


Alex: You bet.




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