September 19th, 2011

Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show, hosted by Aaron Dykes
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Aaron Dykes: Joining us now is Alan Watt.  He’s a long-term researcher into the causative forces behind major changes in historical development.  His background is something of a Renaissance man with a background in three professions, various books, religion, philosophy, poetry and mainly published under pseudonyms.  And he’s been heavily involved in the music industry and a lot more.  Well, overall, Alan is really just one of the most well-researched guys I’ve ever spoken to in my five years here.  And I know he can bring us a lot of perspective on various issues.  His website is  And I know there’s quite a bit he could get into.  Are you there now, Alan?


Alan Watt: Yes.  Hello?  Your volume is very low my end here.


Aaron: Alan, can you hear me?


Alan: Just about.  You’re very, very low. 


Aaron: Okay, guys, if you could turn up his volume.  While we work on the technical issues.  But, maybe you could tell us right now, what are the most important things you see going on currently, Alan.


Alan: Well, it’s planned chaos.  You’ve got a world that’s supposed to merge into one unifying force, under a government.  We keep forgetting that because we get stuck on the chaos they introduce on the way.  And we talk about the chaos, here, there, everywhere across the world.  It’s in Greece, it’s here, it’s there.  So, I always try to keep my sights on their goal, which of course, is a unified Europe, which they have.  The crises in Europe are simply meant to bond them even further into giving up all sovereignty, and bringing themselves under one banking system, one bank for the whole of Europe.  North America is going through the same chaos, because we’re the second continent.  Actually the whole of the Americas is to be integrated.  They just had a meeting by the way, and they’ve kept that awfully quiet.  And basically, they discussed the borders.  That’s all they’re telling us.  And they’ve given access to all Canadians’ data to the special security services within the United States.  We’re being integrated every month, basically, into the next step of the amalgamation.  They’re trying to do the same with the Far East, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan.  All these countries come under the Third Bloc.  And this is really what it’s all about. 


Carroll Quigley talked about this.  He said eventually it all comes under the Bank of International Settlements, with the IMF running the countries or blocs or regions.  And of course, a unified government for the world.  That’s supposed to come out of it all eventually.  At the moment, they have to get a single government, like Europe, set up for the Americas.  And this is also part of the chaos we’re going through now.  “Oh, we can’t survive on our own.  Look at the money situation.  We need a unified bank.”  And that came out in the 80s, during the Free Trade Negotiations.  They actually talked about putting a Central Bank for the whole of the Americas in Montreal.


Aaron: Wow.  Can you tell us what’s going on right now in Europe with the bailouts and all the stuff happening with Greece, and the US Western role in funding it? Well, we’ll get to that after the break.  Stay with us.


Alan: Well, there’s two alliances there going on.


Aaron: We have Alan Watt and all of his insights and more coming up.  Stay with us.


(Commercial Break)


Aaron: We are back. This is the Alex Jones Show.  It’s Monday, September 19th.  I’m Aaron Dykes sitting in.  And on the line with us is Alan Watt of  Alan, the question I was trying to put to you before the break is, what’s happening now with Germany and France, trying to create a new bank over Europe, all to do this ill-advised Greek bailout?  And what will the Western countries’ role be in paying for that?


Alan: Well, we already have a treaty.  I don’t know if people realize that Canada and the US made a treaty with the EU, to help with the bailouts should they come.  We’re actually doing it already anyway.  That was separate from the NAFTA deal and the European deal.  So, we’re all in it together.  That’s the whole idea of this chaos, this planned and well managed chaos, is to get everyone to their knees, until the public say, “well nothing is working. Please make it better.”  And they come forward with their new idea, which is an old idea.  Very old.  They’ll dust off the old parchments they’ve all signed and got ready, and they’ll present to the public the plan that was set up even when they created the IMF, the International Monetary Fund.  Remember, Bretton Woods was Part I.  And the founder of it said there would be a Part II after he’s dead, which is about now.  We’re going through Part II now.  The idea is that a Central Bank must be set up for each one of these amalgamated, basically continents.  North America, Europe, and one for the Far East as well.  They’ll have subsidiary banks, of course, for the, they won’t call them national governments anymore, but the partners within the region.  And this simply Part II of Bretton Woods we’re going into with the central bank.  And again, Quigley talked about that from the Council on Foreign Relations, from their own history records.  That was the whole intention for a hundred years, was to set up a supreme bank for the planet, and a central bank for each one of the amalgamated continents, basically. 


Aaron: Right.  Well, amalgamation would be the key word.  Consolidation.  We know the IMF with the Third World, it’s been so much more about conditionalities than anything to do with the debt.  That’s just sort of the inciting incident to get the country on the line.  And then the hook is total takeover.  And now it’s happening in Europe.  No?


Alan: Yeah.  Well, the whole idea of the IMF is not to help Third World Countries.  Never was.  It was simply to start off with foreign aid.  That was the con with foreign aid.  And you give them foreign aid.  You give them loans.  You get them into trouble.  They can’t pay them back.  And you go in and you grab all of the resources.  That was the plan of the banks.  And we must remember that even Rockefeller said the same thing, that we can’t depend on national governments anymore.  He said, it’s far better that an intelligent force, intelligentsia and bankers, who are used to dealing with economies, run the world, rather than leave it to the national interest groups to steer it the way they want to go, into chaos and wars.  That was his excuse for it.  But of course, it was even older than him, this plan.  And we’re going through it now.  And they’ve already announced in the IMF in Europe that they want the right, in fact, they’ve taken the right of some countries, to start to do all of their financing for them.  That’s reading their books, doing their books, not leaving it to their own governments to do so.  The IMF wants power to be the big chief, basically, who will do every member’s books.  That’s all of your economy, and what goes to welfare, what goes to social security, healthcare, all of those things.  It wants the sole right to do all that, and do away with that part of your government back home.


Aaron: And when are we going to openly see the IMF on the United States, praying on our own country here and on Canada and the rest of the West?


Alan: I don’t think it will be too long now, because they’re not fools at the top.  We think it’s all about greed, but it’s not.  That’s a big part of it, because they’re allowed to reward themselves very well at the top.  And they planned of course the bank crash.  You can’t take the reins of observation off of banks and let them go to it, without them just simply ripping the whole continent off, which they did, with their mortgage crisis, etc.  But they planned to bring it down.  You’ve got to, to get big changes happening, you’ve got to create chaos.  And financial chaos is the easiest and the most powerful way to do it.  And that’s when the public know, as I say, “everything is broken.  It’s not working.  Please help us.”  So, we turn round to the government, the ones who are abusing us, and ask them to make it better.  And they come out with their plans.  That’s exactly what they’re doing right now.  And, as I say, most of it, unfortunately in America is kept fairly quiet from the mainstream media, because the media barons, that’s their job, is to control all information to the public.  Nothing about informing us about truth or anything.  It’s about really, factual retention to themselves. 


They’ve had that big meeting, as I say, and another two or three to go.  And by 2012, they want the Americans to be amalgamated.  We’ve watched them since 2005, openly meeting together, two presidents and a prime minister, from Mexico, US, and Canada, signing agreements.  They said they had five to do.  That was 2010.  Five major ones.  And because there was such a backlash amongst those in the know, especially in Canada, and protests, they kept it quiet from then on, except for little bits in the paper.  They’ve just had another meeting.  They go down separately now into Latin America and sign these charters separately, instead of going down as the Three Amigos that they used to do, and sign the charters.  And they’re talking about amalgamations, amalgamations, and sharing our economies.  That’s also sharing your tax base, basically.  All imports, exports.  We’re already doing that under the last big deal they signed with the US and Canada.  We’re sharing a lot of tariffs for imports and exports.  People in the federal government in Canada, bureaucrats, can actually apply for jobs in similar positions in the US federal government and vice versa.  It’s been like that for a few years.  We are integrating, and all of this chaos is meant to bring it on even more smoothly, setting it up for a smooth transfer.  And there’s no real shock once we’re totally amalgamated.  It’s all working already.  And that’s the idea of crisis after crisis.  To the public, remember, it’s all perception management.  It must sound like a logical, if unfortunate, thing to do, is to give up all sovereignty and amalgamate into one giant continental system.


Aaron: Well, controlling chaos, I can see is your key word today, and it’s very appropriate.  Just on Friday, we had Mayor Bloomberg predicting that there’s going to be riots and economic rebellion, if they don’t pass the new phony jobs bill.  Yeah, just more perception, as you say.  Of course, as you know, I know you covered heavily at the time, they’ve been planning for economic riots for years, since at least 2007, openly, in the public documents.   The Army War College has written for people to get ready, to control these economic riots.  And now it’s here.  Do you see the NFL pat-down measures, bringing TSA-style security to the bus and train and shopping centers, as part of that same preparing for the economic collapse, or is that another part of the police state?


Alan: It’s part of that for sure, but it’s also part of, this terrorism nonsense is here with us forever now.  This is a permanent state.  And they’re simply training the public to adapt.  And they will adapt very quickly to the new system of total security, total observation, no bodily rights even, to go unmolested anywhere.  Even into eventually into a supermarket.  You’ll probably have a special card with the active chip and if you don’t have it with you, alarms go off, and security grabs you and takes you off.  That’s all slated to come down.  We forget, it was long before 2001 they were talking, they were planning the amalgamation of America with Canada, Mexico, they’ve got Chile and a few other countries, Brazil into it.  There’s quite a few countries actually, they’ve brought into the NAFTA agreement, quietly. 


In Canada, in about 1998, they passed an omnibus anti-terror bill. Nothing was happening in 1998 in Canada.  And Allan Rock, in the federal government, rammed it through himself, basically.  And then he went off to work at the United Nations.  And even the journalists in Canada were saying, “well what’s this?  This is a total martial law situation.  What’s happening?”  No reason was given to the public, and they went back to sleep, as always, because they didn’t see it being put into effect immediately.  You’ve got to remember too, inside the US, they knew there was coming chaos, even back in the 80s and 90s.  They’d been creating Special Forces within the US with the police working with troops abroad, getting training, back in the 90s.  Actually 2001 was just the kickoff of the next part of the plan.  They’d already planned it and were implementing it long before that. 


Aaron: Right.  But specifically, what do you have to say now, only three years later, really, four years later on the revolution, flash mobs and brain chips part of revealing the plan to come, of a revolutionary population, particularly in the Middle East, the Police State in the Western Countries?


Alan: Well, again, that’s why they were creating this big, super internal army, since the 80s and 90s, the multi-jurisdictional task forces they call them, up here in Canada.  They’ve even shown us them practicing, the police practicing, kicking doors in across the Middle East with the troops, so that they can come back here and do the same thing one day.  So, obviously, since they were going to use economics and inflation, unemployment, poverty, to bring in this system, hyperinflation, they expect the riots.  They don’t make a move without figuring out every possible reaction from every segment of society and they plan for that before they even make the move.  So, there’s nothing happening that’s not supposed to happen, according to those at the top.  So they’re prepared to deal with mass riots, which they want actually, and the terrorism will gradually be controlling riots.  And the people again will adapt into “that’s really what this massive security system is for.”  Eventually, over the years, they’ll adapt into that and forget all about the terrorists.  This is a very old technique, and this is a very old bunch of rulers we’re really living under, with archives of how to control whole nations, populations, and so on.


Aaron: Wow.  That’s just incredible.  Alan, we’re coming up on the break now, but we have plenty of more time ahead of us.  Stay with us.  I’m Aaron Dykes sitting in for Alex Jones.


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Aaron: Short segment now, but we’ve got a long segment coming up with Alan Watt, one of the pre-eminent researchers on the world state they’re bringing into play, and really how they’re going to consolidate all these regions, under, you know, one or just a few banks, and under a global sort of system.  So, Alan, I’d like to bring up, how fast is this coming down?  How fast is it going to be the kind of widespread depression that perception alone won’t be able to mask?  And what will they do with the so-called Revolutionary masses, whether they’ve identified the right problem or not? 


Alan: They already have their plans to deal with the revolutionary masses.  They know who everyone is, and of course the internet is fantastic for that, because they’ve got their pulse on the public all the time.  There’s no privacy at all.  It’s all for data collection.  So they’ll be dealt with quite easily.  They can come in and take them out very quickly, in fact, if that’s necessary, or they deem it necessary.  And you already have the internal armies set up.  I mean, police are not police anymore.  They haven’t been police for a long time.  They’re really military guys.  Most of the recruits for the last fifteen, maybe even twenty years are from the military.  And they’ve had all the experience in rounding up people and putting them into camps, etc.  That will be done very, very quickly.  We saw that done in fact during one of the Olympic games, I think it was, in the States.  And they went out and within a couple of hours, they had everyone rounded up that was on a list, hundreds and hundreds of people.  So, it’s quite easy to do that.  They’ve practiced for it for an awful long time.  So, they’re not worried about that at all.  In fact, I think they want.  You understand that the battle is for the majority of, what they call the silent majority in the general populations.  The bulk of the population will always go with the regular media, the status quo; the answers that are given are enough to satisfy them.  It makes them feel comfortable and cozy.  They like to feel they’re part of something, the image that’s presented as their nation, their country, and all that kind of thing.  So, rioters will be presented really as the new terrorists, you see.  And that actually brings the silent majority closer to government for protection, and they’re all for whatever measures are necessary to subdue this, what appears to be riotous mobs in society.  That’s how it’s going to be presented to the public.  And all the plans, I’m sure, have been tested and put through computer simulations and God knows what else, for the scenarios that are coming. 


2012 is a big year.  They hope to have, they actually hope to have the US and Latin America mainly amalgamated.  You understand, if you watch the European Union, you can become a member, but you don’t have to be totally integrated.  It’s a step-by-step process.  And they hope to have at least in the first part of integration, with their peace and prosperity partnerships and all the rest of it, and then peace and security partnerships, etc, they hope to have it all done by 2012.  So, this might just, if they’re on time, they’ll manage to get the riots started because of the inflation.  The people living on the fixed lower incomes are the first to really, really, come out and protest it, because they get hit first, and they can’t compensate for it.  There’s no extra income.  That happened, of course, partly in Britain too, already.  We see that.  And they’ll do the same in the States.  There’s a massive welfare system.  There’s a lot of people on fixed pensions across the country, and they can’t cope as the prices escalate.  This is all done by design.


Aaron: Absolutely.  And now, now we have the NFL starting to pat down its fans.  They started this at the Super Bowl, but it’s a new ritual in this fascist system that to even get the bread and circuses now, first you submit to the security, and then you get the games, Alan.


Alan: Yes.  And to be honest with you, I personally have to bypass the mentality of the people who persist in going through it.  If you’ve got any dignity at all, you wouldn’t have even subjected to the first pat-down at airports.  Just stop traveling.  Simple as that.  Same thing with games, etc.  If you have no personal dignity then go ahead and be patted down and be part of the big herd.  This is a time when you have to decide as an individual where you stand on things, and how far you’re going to allow this incredible totalitarian system to go.  Because, believe you me, they won’t stop there.  They won’t stop with pat-downs.  You’re going to get x-rays, you’re going to get body cavity searches, anything to humiliate you and teach you that you’re nothing.  You’re nothing. 


Aaron: I agree.  This is about taking our lives back.  Sorry to cut you off.  We’re coming up on the break, Alan.  We’re going to have plenty of more time just after this.  Stay with us.  We’re just starting to get into it. I’m Aaron Dykes, back in a moment.


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Aaron: Okay.  We are into the long segment now.  I’m Aaron Dykes sitting in for Alex Jones.  Again, he’ll be back tomorrow, but right now we’re in with Alan Watt, who’s done some of the deepest research I’ve seen on the bigger system they’re bringing into place.  So, Alan, we know they’ve set the stage for these economic riots.  Obviously, all of that is upon us.  But the Rand Corporation also wrote three years ago, in 2008, lobbying the Pentagon to start a new war to save the US economy.  We know they’ve also set the stage for World War III.  The whole Middle East is essentially in revolution.  How are they going to transform that to achieve their larger goal, Alan, and what do you see on the immediate front?


Alan: Well, it’s so interesting too, this strange Rand Corporation that’s a non-profit organization supposedly, that every country pays millions if not sometimes billions of dollars to for their forecasts.  And they’re a think tank, supposedly.  It’s part of the institution.  They were on the go during the whole Cold War.  They ran the American society during the Cold War as part of Game Theory.  You’ve probably studied that.  And they used Game Theory; they had every citizen’s personal profile into this supercomputer in the Rand Corporation.  And they worked for the entire length of the Cold War with the Pentagon, basically dictating the lifestyle, the system, and the future for the whole of the US.  So, here they are at it again.  They’ve never stopped, of course, because we’re not really run by governments, you understand.  The government is there to put things into law, that’s it, and pass on the information to all their helpers. 


The Rand Corporation, all the big foundations and corporations are the parallel government.  That’s what Maggie Thatcher called them, in fact, the parallel government.  So did Carroll Quigley.  That’s what they are.  We’re not run by democracy or even republicanism, we’re run by private corporations and we always really have been.  And that ties back in with Rockefeller with his comment on it’s far preferable to have it run by bankers and intelligentsia than leaving countries to their sovereign destinies, basically. So, we’re well on our way to this. 


Getting back though to the TSA, the pat-downs at the arenas.  You’ve got to remember how many things it fulfills in one go.  Now, it’s about the only time that men today will try and bond with their sons, is taking them to a ballgame.  Because they’re not men at home. They’re not men at all, in fact, today.  But they still have this tribal instinct in passing on knowledge to your son, and this is what it is to be a man, so come and watch these guys bash each other on the field.  And then he goes home, and he does what everyone else tells him to do when he’s at home.  Anyway, the son is getting brought up now, he’ll get brought up getting taught that “this is normal, son.  You go through all this humiliation and then you get your reward of watching the game.”  And so it’s going to help to train the next generation. 


This is here forever, this system.  For our lifetimes at least.  This is here for an awful, awful long time.  It’s called Perpetual War.  Constant Conflict they called it in the military magazine.  And this is what they have got planned for generations, as they bring this whole world into this New Order of Things.  And it’s a completely new way of living.  It’s a system where you can’t decide anything pretty well on your own, as an individual.  It’s a whole new set of rules on how to live by.  And you’ll be taught eventually to serve the World State.  That’s to be the highest honor. 


They’re already pushing all of that across Europe, big time.  They call it Communitarianism, where the federal government is supposedly decentralizing its power down to the local level, and they already have these commissars from the private NGOs run by the foundations to be the leaders.  And this is a new Soviet System, you understand, because this is how the Soviet System was supposed to be.  Rule by Councils.  So, each little community, each trade, each factory, each organization had its NGO speaker, supposedly speaking on behalf of the public, underneath him, or that they represented.  And that’s called the Soviet.  And this is to be a new Soviet system, an advanced Soviet system for the whole planet that we’re going under. 


Just like the Soviet system was a big con, because they say one thing and do the other.  Private banks flourished incredibly within the Soviet Union, for all their talk about a Central Bank run by the State.  The private banks could flourish, as long as they did not make their profit off of labor.  Now, lawyers can run rings around that, and they did from the beginning of the Bolsheviks, right through the Soviet system.  And the same thing with this system that’s coming in.  And those who serve the system, the higher up the level that they go, the greater the lifestyle they will live.  So, reward is a big, big part of it.  But they do want a big mass at the bottom to live in poverty as we go through this, knowing we’re supposed to all die off, according to the military magazines, the think tanks for the military of the US and for Britain.  They both came out with the same basic projections up to the year 2040.  They’ve done another one up to the year 2050.  And they say there’s going to be a drastic decline in population across the whole world, including the West, from now, basically, up until 2050. 


So, this is not meant to fool us forever.  We’re supposed to die off.  Most people are not having children to start with, except immigrants.  And even the immigrants, of course, adapt the lifestyle very quickly.  It’s very enticing to be told as a child you can do anything you want, and they go and do it.  And often kill themselves in the process through disease or various other means.  This is a long-term plan to reduce the populations.  And even World Government is not the end goal of it all.  The military think tanks said there will be a World Government for a short time.  And then the world will consist of a few high-tech city-states, a few high-tech city-states and countries will be gone, long forgotten, and even the regions that were under, under the United Nations will be gone as well.  So, this is all a stepping-stone to the next stepping-stone, to the next stepping-stone, until they have their wonderful utopia for themselves at the top.  High-tech city-states.  Those who survive will be in the science industries, basically, high-tech sciences.  And the rest of the old laboring classes will be unnecessary.  In the meantime China will supply the labor and the manufacture to keep essential things going until they bring it all down. 


So you’re looking literally ahead for another forty years, step by step by step.  What we’re going through right now is just the chaos to get us to amalgamate the continents completely, into the regions, and then to allow a brief time for the United Nations, the World Bank, to take over, the Bank for International Settlements and the IMF to run the economy and distribute the wealth of the world.  This is what they call it.  It literally means rationing out food, under the United Nations.  They’ve already said, this is in their charter, eventually the United Nations will be responsible for doling out the food to each region.  And it will be rationed and if you can’t, if you have too many people for the ration that you get, then you, you must find a way to bring down your population.  That’s in their charter. 


Aaron: Yeah, and that is the “Food is a Weapon” that Kissinger is so famous for.  But, of course, we know that Bertrand Russell said the same thing.  John P. Holdren, along with his partner over there writing the same thing in Eco-Science.  And yeah, it’s a hostage situation. 


Alan: You see, economics, money, it’s one of the biggest forms of warfare.  You can wipe out a country so quickly by using economy and banking.  Very, very quickly.  And of course, it’s all private banking, so we have no say in the matter.  That’s why they keep it private.  And also in ancient times they used economy as well.  They would do embargos.  They wouldn’t allow any trade coming into or out of a city-state.  Water.  Water is up for grabs.  They want one company eventually to run the whole world’s water supply.  The United Nations already has a whole branch dedicated to that.  And same with your food.  You have five agri-businesses that have taken over the food supply of the entire planet.  So, this is all part of this global system where they will distribute the wealth.  Also, power is a big one. 


In the 1930s a group first came out with this idea that all labor and money anyway is, is simply energy in one form or another.  And so they came out with Technocracy.  And they said that eventually they would also own all energy supplies.  That’s why a company that runs your electricity for instance, is amalgamating with the big boys, the global boys, all the time.  And they will ration your power, depending on the area or region that you live in, or your social status.  You won’t need as much if you’re at the bottom.  That’s what they claim.  And they won’t lose money and profit off of it, because they can ration, they can cut you by half consumption, and charge you twice as much if they want to.  So they’ve got it all sewn up.  And this is the problem in this so-called Free-Trade type deal, where big corporations are allowed to amalgamate and consolidate, monopolize in other words, whole areas of everything you need for survival. 


You understand, what we’re talking about here is an overall war plan.  A very old war.  And, like all wars, you must look at history, ancient history to the present, and use the same techniques, and update them for the present circumstances.  And you cannot lose if you have a big, big club at the top, all bound together by social status, hereditary status, a lot of them, financial status.  And they’re brought up in the best private schools and universities.  They all join the same clubs as great-great-great-grandpa.  And these guys get together with the Council on Foreign Relations and literally do their bit for the big overall agenda. 


Remember that the Royal Institute of International Affairs is the parent company of the CFR.  They couldn’t call it the Royal Institute of the American Affairs, it wouldn’t have gone down well, so they called it the CFR.  That’s the American branch.  They have a branch across the entire planet in every country now.  They have a branch dedicated just for the European Union.  Every top politician is a member of it.  And they take their orders from the top.  They must always get on board with consensus, regardless of the party or the leanings they have.  And Quigley said that, we take on Communists, we take on Socialists, we take on Fascists, we take on Dictators.  They’re all part of the same system.  But they must all agree and come together to agree, after the big meetings, to go along with consensus on specific areas.  And that’s what they do.


Aaron: Obviously, you said quite a bit there, but I want to go back to the way you were talking about them gaming the energy industry.  And gaming technology essentially is planning the buffet of options and then preparing the response ahead of time.  So, no matter what they choose, they’re ready to go.  And I know you’ve talked before about how they used the deregulation climate to move forward things, a certain football field of steps, and then, when they switched things back over.  I know across the world, as Keynesianism kind of lost its favor in certain areas, they brought in the kind of deregulated, Margaret Thatcher, Reagan looking thing.  But they’ve been gaming both sides of it all along, and centrally planning it. 


Alan: Yes.  And actually, as I say, the politicians, I bypass, my personal opinion, I bypass all politicians, because Quigley has been proven quite correct that every president, every prime minister in the major countries, across the whole world, since the late 1880s has been a member of this organization, that we now know as the CFR.  Canada changed the name for their group recently because so many folk were talking about them, they simply changed the name of it.  It’s the same group.  And the Royal Institute of International Affairs. It was started up, remember, by the most wealthy people of the period of the 1800s.  And, at first of course, you had the Cecil Rhodes Foundation.  And Cecil Rhodes was in partnership with Lord Rothschild to take over the world’s wealth.  He said that in his own diaries.  To take over the mineral and gold and silver and water, all the resources of the world.  That was the purpose of it.  And then, they morphed into the Royal Institute of International Affairs when they joined with the Milner Group.  The Milner Group, Lord Alfred Milner, who was from Germany, they were comprised of bankers, the top bankers of the time.  That’s international lenders, not just your local banks.  And they joined with the Rhodes Society, to form the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  The scientific branch is the Royal Society.  That’s also part of it.  So, the whole farce of giving the public democracy was just that.  They were given Royal Charters to set up a parallel government, which they did, and they plan the world in centuries.  They plan the populations.  That’s always been a big problem with them, what do we do in a post-industrial society with the populations.  They don’t believe in keeping pets around, like, you know, pet animals that used to be farm animals.  They don’t believe in turning them into pets.  So, they’re economically minded.  They’re for sustainability and their own survival.  Sustainability means their survival, at the expense of everyone else’s.


Aaron: It’s incredible.  And, yeah, of course, on the food, they’ve been using, just as Bertrand Russell wrote, diet and injections.  The genetically modified food.  The BPA and other chemicals they put into the food containers, and the stuff they put in vaccines.  How much is that going to contribute to the depopulation, as much as the kind of overt tactics of literal population management through food?


Alan: It already has.  I mean, we’ve been living through it since about the 50s, starting with the polio vaccines and all the killer viruses that were in them.  Some of the cancer viruses; that’s all they do is cause cancer.  They knew that at the time, like the Simian 40.  That’s all admitted.  It’s out there.  And of course, they always put a cover on it, saying, “well, we didn’t think it would do that much harm,” which is nonsense, because at the end of World War II, you find that the King of England actually had a world meeting with the US and other countries, to decide to bring down the populations even further, because the war hadn’t killed off enough people.  That’s mainstream.  You can find that in the history books.  So, they went at it.  They don’t ask for volunteers.  Who’s going to volunteer for sterilization, to be dumbed down and to die early?  It doesn’t happen.  So they go ahead with it.  And you actually get glimpse of that, if you read Charles Galton Darwin’s book, The Next Million Years.  He was a physicist, a Manhattan Project scientist.  And he came out with his book about the next million years of rulership.  This is the kind of boast he was giving.  He said the elite must go on; the physically and more mentally superior must go on at the expense of all the rest.  And then he came out with ways to dumb down the public.  He said, even one of the best ways to get rid of the aggression, the fighting aggression in the male, was to find ways of putting in estrogen and hormones into the food or the water or into inoculations, or all three.  Now, this is a top, a top world renowned scientist who was at the pinnacle with all of the world meetings at the time on depopulation, coming out openly with the agenda.  And we’re living through it.  The cancer rates skyrocketed from when I was young.  And interesting enough, they just came out with an article from the World Health Organization, saying now that they’re opening up the Far East countries, and the lower economies, the lower countries, now that we’re opening them up, there’s going to be a huge explosion in those countries of cancers.  Just like that.  Just suddenly, you know.  Not telling you why.  But of course, they’re going to introduce all of the food, injections.  The UNESCO comes in first with the World Health Organization and makes sure that they all get their injections first.  That’s prime, because that’s the one that targets the brain and drops the old IQ points a few points down.  This is a war.  Nothing is by accident here.


Aaron: No.  They really do just set the stage to unleash a certain amount of energy, build it up, and then they soak it back up, economically and through our very life-hood.  And, you know, we’re just going to wake up with a demographic winter.  No one could have children, and you’ll pay for access to have the children you can have, and the cancer.  It’s disgusting, Alan.  I know you know this.


Alan: It’s even worse than that, because we know with the bisphenol-A.


Aaron: We’ll be back with more after this, in the third hour.  Stay tuned, with  I’m Aaron Dykes, sitting in.  Alan Watt is still with us. 


(Commercial Break)


Aaron: Alan, I want to give you the floor for the remaining minutes, but you mentioned the perpetual war, which of course, in many ways comes out of Orwell’s Nineteen Eight-Four, largely a critique of that sort of Fabian sect of Socialism, that incremental, slow socialism, where you surround the population and herd them into these controlled areas.  And so, I know also, meshing with that, Julian Huxley, the first head of UNESCO, really, he wrote in his own way about the clash of cultures, the synthesis that would come from kind of the West clashing then with the Soviets.  But isn’t it the same today with the Middle East, and what do you see on the horizon for the Middle East?


Alan: Well, they’re the last few countries really existing that have a different culture, a different system.  They used to have no usury at all, which is a handy thing to have.  But of course, everyone must be standardized into the one system, whether they like it or not.  And if they don’t like it, they simply get bombed into it.  And then in comes UNESCO, the IMF and the World Bank and the loans, and this fake front called democracy, because we’ve never had democracy.  That’s the truth of the whole matter.  We’ve had a good show of it, of course, because it keeps the public.  See, if they didn’t give you democracy and the chance to vote every four or five years, they know you’d have revolutions.  That’s why they created democracy, this front of democracy.  That’s the real intention behind it.  And you don’t vote in a new bunch thinking that they’re going to be better.  You hope they’re going to be better, but you’re voting out the last bunch you’re so sick of them.  And that’s really what it’s based upon.  It’s simply a safety valve, and hope, lives in hope that it’s going to get better.  But your life’s experience should tell you that nothing, nothing has been getting better, regardless of who’s in.  It’s always been getting worse, because it’s a plan.  It’s nothing to do with the politics, as I say.  They’re there as a Punch and Judy show.  You throw tomatoes at them. 


This is to do with a private organization running the world, run by very powerful, wealthy, intelligent, very old-familied people.  And this is the world agenda.  HG Wells wrote about this in the 1920s, right down to eventually killing off those with inferior genes, simply by sterilizing them.  It’s the most humane way to do it, he says.  Just sterilize.  The gene pools will die off that way, the inferior pools, and then you’re left with the better types and a reduced population.  That’s what he said.  And he even talked about bringing in windmills and of course, the rationing of power.  1920s, Fabian Society.  Another branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. 


Aaron: It’s not the news headlines of the day that quickly grab your attention, but Alan really knows what he’s talking about.  If you read the literature for yourself, you’ll begin to understand it too.  And that’s the only way we’re ever going to get any of this back, because, as he said, they have it planned.  And they’re prepared for the opposition, and they’re ready to essentially iron us into uniformity.  Alan, I want to thank you so much for joining us today.  Your insights are very valuable.


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