April 30, 2009

Alan Watt on "The Animal Farm" with Ben Miller, Tony Pax, and Pieth

(Originally Aired Live: April 30, 2009 on Oracle Broadcasting Network)




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Tony:  Weíve got Alan Watt on the phone with us.  Alan Watt is a long-term researcher into the causative forces behind major changes in historical development. His background is that of a renaissance man with a background in three professions, plus having various books published in religions, philosophy, poetry, mainly under pseudonyms. He is a ninja, by the way.


Ben:  Yes, he is.


Tony:  He is a ninja fighting against the new world order.  Alan, are you there?


Alan:  Yes, I am.


Tony:  Yes, Alan Watt, so glad to have you back on The Animal Farm.  Thanks for joining us and taking the time.  Yes, indeed. 


Alan:  Thank you.


Tony:  Okay.  Alan, we want to start off, of course, by saying hello.  We are so glad you are here on The Farm.  Itís going to be a great evening.  But really quickly, before we jump right into the whole mess thatís been going on since your last visit on The Farm here, we wanted to get your thoughts.  Ben actually told me to ask you about this study that came out regarding:  ďchurchgoers are more likely to back torture of suspected terrorists.Ē  Now, letís just assume that, it could be, you know, kind of a one-sided study Ė maybe itís not Ė across the board.  But Iím sure you heard about it in the first segment, or Iím sure you heard about it in general.  More than half the people who were surveyed, who attend church services at least once a week, 54% of those people said, the use of torture against suspected terrorists Ė suspected Ė is often or sometimes justified.  And when they talked to a group that didnít go to church, only 42% of those people said the same.  So what are your thoughts on that? 


Alan:  Itís difficult to say.  As you say yourself, a lot of these so-called polls and so on are fake and the statistics they give you are fake as well.  When you go into the history of the polling industry, the reason they came out in the first place was to actually create public opinion, because most people will go with what they think is the majority opinion.  So itís very, very difficult to say.  But we do know that it depends on the country theyíre looking at as well.  We know that massive moneyÖ the BBC did a documentary that massive money was pushed into helping George Bush get elected by basically paying off top leaders in the Christian movement within the US, to be on board for the coming wars, etc.  So, there is the unfortunate thing:  if you belong to a particular organization, you can guarantee it that the leaders will be supplied.  And you are now into a political system; itís not really a religious system.  When itís used for political motives, youíre a political organization and youíre being used by somebody from the top, down. 


Tony:  Yeah.  And this is the thing that really frustrates me and really confuses me Alan.  I donít want to get into a religious debate, certainly not; we have a lot of other things to talk about.  But just to kind of wrap it up, the thing that just bugs me out and confuses the hell out of me, especially after watching the Jesus Camp type documentaries and following some of the theology of people, Christians, especially right-wing Christians Ė itís amazing, they go to church, you know, they have the 10 Commandments, Thou Shalt Not KillÖ yet they are for wars.  They worship George Bush and then they want me to be against gay people because itís wrong morally.  So I mean, the hypocrisy is so thick you can cut it with a butter knife.  Itís amazing.  Itís almost like you could make up your own rules, with some of these people, and whatever flies flies.  Itís almost like a cult in some regards.  And it has no consistency whatsoever, but Alan, your input is always appreciated.  Any last minute thoughts on that before I move on?


Alan:  Any group, really, is a microcosm of the whole of society.  In other words, they could be easily manipulated if you know their particular language, and the language of course of Christians is a particular Christian language.  If you know their buzzwords and you know the things to say, they are on your side immediately, because you must be one of them.  Itís when you get people from the top, like a President, helping to push it, then you are being used for political purposes.  Itís no great mystery at all.  Itís been done so many times in the past.


Ben:  Yeah.  Hey, you know, speaking on people being manipulated, and throughout society, what do you think about this swine flu thatís going on right now?  Is this a political manipulation?  Is this a fear tactic?


Tony:  Yeah, is this the end of civilization as we know it, Alan?


Alan:  Well itís for the birds, eh?  I mean, the whole thing, this is the greatest thing to get people to accept a world authority.  And the World Health Organization is marked to become THE world authority on all the health care issues because ultimately once itís got that authority, through fear and panic creation, then they kick in with their real agenda which is mandatory sterilization, etc, etc, which is in their charter; they already have that in there.  But first they must gain authority.  There are only two ways to gain authority from the public.  One way is gradual raising of public awareness, as they call it; meaning massive propaganda campaigns over many years.  Or the fast way is to create massive panic.  They are using the panic technique.


Tony:  It certainly has worked.  I mean really, itís amazing.  This seems to beÖ You know, thus far it doesnít seem to be a major, major threat.  But you have countries now shutting down schools, shutting down everything with this fear, that thereís just mass breakouts going to happen.  And like we said yesterday on our show, Alan Ė I donít want to underplay because this could turn out to be something serious.  The one fact that really you canít dispute is that the mainstream media is just RUNNING WILD with this, like something Iíve never seen.  I mean really, and not even with the peanut butter outbreak of 2008, or the wild cabbage panic of Ė every couple of months itís a new vegetable or fruit.  Itís amazing what they push on the mainstream.  But really, this is over now.  Yesterday theyíve already moved it up to level 5, you know Defcon 4, get into the war room and go underground.  Itís amazing.  And even if it is that bad I donít think panic is ever going to help us solve any of these problems.  I think communication will, and education.  Go ahead Alan.


Alan:  The whole purpose is to get the public conditioned and trained to obey this new, big authority thatís now going to rule your lives.  Thatís the whole point of the exercise, they are reinforcing the conditioning weíve been getting gradually though the big fear tactic of panic, and of course weíll turn to them to save us.  Apart from the fact that the pharma industries are making trillions out of this scare Ė thatís another big thing too; they always profit off a good crisis.  The bottom line is, the World Health Organization was set up, at the United Nations, to become exactly that, THE World Health Organization or authority.  Its main object, once they gain authority, itís not to fight disease, itís actually for depopulation reasons.  Thatís their real function. 


Ben:  Alan, what kind of legal authority are they going to have?  What kind of legal methods are they going to use to sort of centralize this system and bring the World Health Organization to the forefront and let the ignorant public know that they really have no rights, other than what the World Health Organization tells them?


Alan:  Well, theyíve already started.  They started back in the í70s.  All NATO countries Ė now, NATO is a branch of the United Nations of course; itís the military wing.  All NATO countries signed an international agreement to do with containment, fighting disease, or contamination in populated areas.  The booklet is supposed to be available to every citizen of all these countries but you have to send off to the federal government to get a copy, and when you do get it half of it is blanked out.  What you are left with really is the fact that you simply stay where you are and if you try to leave a contaminated area the soldiers are going to kill you Ė thatís in the book.  And if whole masses of people try and break out they will be bombed from the air with CS gas.  So thatís how theyíre going to really contain a true outbreak, if it ever happens.  But this one thatís happening now, itís just the common flu.  Itís the common flu, a mild flu.


Tony:  Alan, you say a true outbreak and I would imagine that you would agree that this particular, you know, Ďpandemic,í in quotes, this particular flu is not going to pan out to be a real pandemic.  In other words, itís only going to take so many lives and it will probably be in the back page of the news in less than a month; thatís my opinion.  Alan, would you agree with that?  We have a break coming up, but really quickly, in about 30 seconds; what do you think?  Whatís the end resolution of this outbreak, of this pandemic?  Whatís going on?


Alan:  Itís the next series of treaty signing to give the World Health Organization the authority they are after. 


Tony:  Hang on one second Alan, we have a break coming up.  Alan Watt on The Farm and so much more.  Hold that thought and we shall return. 


Back on The Farm folks.  Thank you for joining us.  We are talking with Alan Watt from CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com.  Of course, you all know Alan Watt.  Heís like everybodyís cousin here in the chat room and on the Patriot Radio stations. Heís a great man.  We were talking, Alan, before the last break about the real purpose of this particular swine flu.  I guess you and I, we all kind of agree I guess unanimously here, that this is not going to turn out to be a real pandemic, that thereís not going to be mass deaths.  But I wanted to get, one more time because I think the music may have cut you off.  Thatís my fault; I apologize.  One more time, in a nutshell, what do you think the ultimate goal of this particular outbreak is?  What are they trying to do, use with this?  What are they doing?


Alan:  Itís like all other crisis that they create; we give up authority when we are terrified to those we think can save us.  Itís the same thing, right after 9/11 we were asked the question, ďAre you willing to give up your freedoms for security?Ē  And then you end up with basically a martial law system running the country, that is ongoing and expanding all the time.  Itís the same thing now.  You see, every area of life in the future is to be that of a planned society run by a global authority.  And that was the reason the United Nations was set up in the first place.  All of your laws, right down to your electrical, building codes, all the rest of it, have been coming from the UN for the last 30 years Ė and people donít realize that Ė and they are signed into law by your federal governments.  Itís the same with all your social laws as well; they all come from it.  The war on smoking was from the World Health Organization; every country signed on to it.  The Kyoto Conference is under the United Nations; everyone signed on to it and now weíre going to pay carbon taxes.  See, weíre already under a global system.  One of its priorities was always to do with population reduction and control.  Youíve heard of family planning, well now itís the global village, and supposedly weíre all to get the snip down the road, in the future, to save the world and to help create sustainability as they like to term it.  But they canít do that until we literally acquiesce, by our silence, to their demand for more and more power and authority Ė thatís a legality Ė and if we donít say, you know, get off our backs with this scare-mongering, theyíll go ahead.  Presidents and Prime Ministers will sign new laws to do with regional, what they are calling, regional pandemics.  Then youíre under a regional system which in turn is then under the United Nations system.  So weíre watching it happen, as per plan.  The IMF came in right after they created the depression there and raped the planet, raped everybodyís pocket.  Everybody has forgotten that crisis with this new crisis; thatís another benefit of creating crisis one after another.  The IMF was set up to eventually become the world authority on issuance of currencies.  Now theyíve got it; itís been in all the newspapers.  So the World Health Organization at the United Nations is simply doing its bit now to claim power over all countries and the right to mandate all health issues, including fertility.


Ben:  Yeah.  I want to make a public service announcement right now.  Ben Miller is not getting snipped.  It ainít happening to me.


Tony:  Ben, donít do itÖ  I donít know if thatís a public service announcement.


Ben:  Itís a warning.  Iím very particular about my aÖ


Tony:  Ah, Ben, nowÖ I couldnít agree with you more.  And Alan, Iím sure you agree as well.  If they ever try to do anything to me they are going to have to kill me.  Kill me first then you can do whatever you want, obviously.  Go ahead Alan.


Alan:  You see, they have been using chemicals to do the same thing.  Chemical sterilization is the easiest thing to do.  Their own statistics at the United Nations, that they give out every year, say that the average while male in the Western world, his sperm count is 85% lower than the person who lived as an adult in 1950; since the 1950s itís plummeted.  The CBC did a documentary on The Disappearing Male, well documented, with all the top scientists, etc; they all know whatís causing it, the bisphenol A and so on that they put in the foods, etc.  So there are many ways to achieve their goal.† Obviously, when you look at the world meetings theyíve had for the last 100 YEARS, on depopulation and population control, they donít ask for volunteers; they simply go ahead and do it, in stealth ways and methodology.  And we are the last to know.  Thatís why when they give us the quotes of the sterilization of the Western male they never call it a crisis.  If it was out of their control, believe you me, and they hadnít done it, it would be a crisis. 


Tony:  Alan, do you think that we are seeing a lot more of the biological type of warfare, and of course we are assuming that this is ALL controlled by government, by institution.  Do you think that we are seeing a lot more of this type of terrorism as opposed to bombing buildings, or you know, flying planes into buildings?  Because I guess it would be a lot harder to convince people, and Iím trying to think, you know, outside the box a little bit here about it.  But Iím trying to figure out, you know, well, 9/11 was a huge problem, thereís a huge debate around it, we are never going to get the real answers, but there are so many opinions about it.  Do you think we are seeing a lot more of the biological side because ultimately itís harder to say, well yes, theyíre behind this too.  People would never believe that.


Alan:  Absolutely.  I mean, something that they simply whistle when you ask them the question; they whistle and say, well we canít do that, or we wouldnít do that, is nonsense when all of the evidence is there.  There are books out now like Deadly Allies, an excellent book to read, with declassified information from the US, Canadian and British bacterial warfare divisions, documenting what they had during and after World War II.  They had stuff that created mad cow disease that they had made in World War II.  And 30-40 years later it breaks out, just mysteriously.  I mean, these guys have a whole battery of incredible diseases.  They can take a virus Ė and this is in the book too Ė and within an hour they can reformulate that one virus into being a killer; itís so easy nowadays.  So Iím not worried about something that would break out of nature, the common flu.  Iím more worried about what these guys will release down the road, when itís time to actually start the culling process. 


Ben:  Yeah.  Tell us how some of these corporations, these organizations make money off of these crises; you know, just to grease the skids for peopleís personal gains.  And then tell us how it ties into the greater picture of eugenics and all of the world-shaping things that these people do.


Alan:  Carroll Quigley was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, that IS part of this parallel global governmental system that wants a global government; thatís in their own charter.  Basically, again, he said it would be a sort of feudal system, the future would be a kind of a feudal system where CEOs of international corporations and national governments would be totally combined.  Now, weíve heard the term used, public/private partnership; itís the same thing.  So you have now experts, supposedly, from the big pharma companies advising governments, and often in fact guys IN the government have been CEOs of the same companies themselves, like Monsanto with the GMO stuff.  Itís a brotherhood.  So itís the greatest deal ever, where governments are guaranteed to buy your products, en mass, to prevent supposedly or possibly Ė they never say prevent, itís always possibly prevent Ė people getting contagious diseases.  None of it has ever been proven to work.  And even when theyíve tested out, say, Tamiflu, in China or the Far East and itís killed children but it hasnít stopped the flu Ė the governments still buy up this useless stock, by law.  I mean, this is a great scam.  What other business can you be in where you are guaranteed governments are going to buy your product?


Tony:  Alan, let me ask you this.  Last time I think we were focusing a lot more about what government was doing at the time, and it was quite different.  Like I said before, and like you commented, I guess we have to kind of adjust now then, we have to change our strategy if you will, I hate to call this ďthe movement.Ē  But just in general, what do you suggest we do as far as now getting this type of information out?  What is the best method to get information out to people, just the average folk, about really, ultimately, government involvement in these flues, whether itís just the fear-mongering aspect on the mainstream media or by the higher-ups, or just their actual involvement in creating a lot of these problems?  Whatís the best way to get the information out, in your opinion?


Ben:  The internet.


Alan:  The internet is all thatís left.  Yeah, thatís right; itís all thatís left.  And when The Cloud system comes in, apparently the big major media are getting the first grabs at it, which is going to knock people off.  You are quite right.  See, media, the general media, the authorized media, is an essential arm of government.  Itís an ARM of government.  Itís how we are given whatever reality they want to give us at the time.  The tragedy is that the majority of the public, as Brzezinski said in his own book Between Two Ages, the majority of the public have been trained that the mainstream media is there to do their thinking and reasoning for them.


Tony:  Alan, hang on one second; sorry, weíve got a break coming up.  I couldnít agree more and I do want to point out some things that were documented in the documentary, Out Foxed.   Alan Watt and so much more on the other side.  Stay tuned folks on The Animal Farm radio show; we will return.  


Ben:  We are talking to Alan Watt, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Alan, I wanted to get your take on Agenda 21.  If you could, start from the beginning. What is it, whoís behind it and what does it mean for us?


Alan:  It came out from a Rockefeller-funded organization and a Rockefeller Foundation man who was a top man at the United Nations, Maurice Strong who started up the Rio Earth Summit, where every insect and animal, and tree and blade of grass, was given special rights.  What wasnít given any rights at all were humans.  Again, it blossomed into other parts of the same agenda at the United Nations.  Agenda 21 essentially is a plan for this century, this Century of Change that they kept telling us about in the 20th century but wouldnít explain it to us.  Itís the change into the planned sustainable society where everyone is to get moved off, one way or another, into the big overcrowded cities for a generation while they gradually die off.  During that time they will implement mandatory sterilization; theyíve had this in the newspapers in Britain by the way Ė front pages Ė that they are calling and trying to raise the red flag for mandatory sterilization.  Eventually, your priority for breeding will be on a selection based on your genetic heritage, your status in society Ė meaning your value to the present system Ė and eventually you wonít be even conceived or born, unless they have room for you, a job for you, to serve the world state.  Itís to be a world of service and that is why Obama, and Brown in England and Harper in Canada, have put forth these same agendas to do with mandatory ďvoluntary service.Ē  This is the start.  Once itís on the books, like all laws, it will expand:  from a minimum of 2 years, then it will go up to 5 years, etc, etc, then it will be gradually on and off for the rest of your life.  This is all part of the training of a world society into world service, serving the world state. 


Ben:  What kind of ďlegal organizationsĒ are they using, or are they planning to use to sort of implement this?  How are they going to bypass our Constitution, our sovereignty, to put this Agenda 21 forward?


Alan:  They already have; theyíve been doing it for years.  In fact the Council on Foreign Relations that really drafts up the charters for amalgamations Ė they admit they did the one for Europe and they were the one who drafted up the one for the amalgamation of the Americas.  It was on national television in Canada, with their spokesman admitting to it.  These are the guys behind it.  Eventually they want to have the right, through the World Health Organization, to decide, again, what your value to society will be.  Itís all to do with genetics.  As I say, there will be a sliding scale from the very important people, necessary to the system, all the way down to the people at the bottom.  And guess what will happen if youíre at the bottom?  Well, you wonít be allowed to breed, eventually.  Theyíve already said theyíve got to bring in, in the Western countries, the same system as China, which is the model state for the entire world, where they have one child per family, at the moment Ė that eventually is going further; most couples will be forbidden, unless theyíre essential only to have children.  They want to implement that across the Western world, within Agenda 21, from the United Nations. 


Tony:  I guess the big question, Alan, is, at the end of the day, I would imagine with all the things we talk about, is implementation and the process in which they are going to implement them.  I think you hit upon a really important point before, where with this national service plan, or whatever itís being called, and weíll talk about HR1388 in a moment.  With these service plans, I think you hit on it really hard before where you said, yeah theyíre going to start off with the 2 month or the 3 month, and then it will be the 10 month, and eventually youíll have 5 years, and 10 years of service. 


Ben:  Eventually youíll have shackles on your ankles and youíll be like, what happened?


Tony:  Exactly.  And never mind, just in and of itself, how ridiculous it is to serve a state government, mandatory servants to the state.  But now we are talking about HR 1388, the whole week.  Itís been a major topic and I think it has to be.  We are literally talking about preventing people from going to church ceremonies, if youíre part of the service plan.  In other words, if you get school loans, if youíre getting financial aid for college, then mandatory, first and foremost, you are absolutely mandated to DO the public service to the government service and then if you do, you canít protest, you canít protest legislation, you canít be a part of a protesting group, and then they even have in the bill, took it out and put it right back in, youíre not allowed then to go to church.  Alan, HR 1388, I mean just give us the rundown because this to me is incredible and this has to be brought forth to everybodyís attention as soon as possible in my opinion. 


Alan:  Absolutely.  Not only that, I mean, remember too, the Presidents and Prime Ministers who are along with this in other countries too, are allocating massive amounts of money, and theyíve said it too, for IDEOLOGICAL INDOCTRINATION in the school system to make sure a young generation is totally brainwashed with their ideology.  This is not democracy, believe you me.  This is complete fascism.  Again, getting back to what Carroll Quigley said, the system they are bringing in is a new FEUDAL system where the CEOs will be the new overlords of the public.  Well, this all ties in together.  You are now getting told basically, youíre a servant.  When youíre a servant, youíre a SERF.  Thatís what you had in the feudal system.  And you have no rights.  You are privately owned during that period.  Just like a private in the army, you are privately owned; thatís why they call you a private soldier.  You have no rights.  You do your duty, they tell you what your duty is, and thereís nothing outside of that duty.  Thatís the system they are gradually bringing in, through indoctrination and mandatory service and special camps and all the rest of it. 


Ben:  Tell us how it parallels, and Iím running out of time here unfortunately, if you have extra time maybe you could hit us up on another segment, if not thatís totally okay and weíll get you back on later.  But can you get into the parallels of this sort of change revolution that we have here at home and how it parallels with the Cultural Revolution in China that happened in the mid 70s or 80s, whenever it did happen?


Alan:  What they do in socialismÖ  See, this IS socialism; we get confused with communism and socialism.  I think Khrushchev was quite correct when he said that communism was simply socialism in a hurry Ė thatís why they have revolutions and simply do it quickly.  They best way, technique, is the Fabian way; itís slow, incremental, generation by generation, until government literally has a department of authority over every facet of your life.  Thatís true socialism.  Thatís what we are seeing now.  Then they always move into the school system for training children through ideological movements and so on.  The greening project, sustainability, is being taught from kindergarten on right now.  We are watching a youth going to be brought up with total indoctrination that will be impossible to break; it will be so perfect.  When they grow up they will be little fascist greenies who will really believe, and theyíll do the same as they did in the Cultural Revolution in China, thatís the second wave of socialism, or communism.  Those who even helped to bring in the first part of socialism are still contaminated with old ideas. So the youth who have had a heavier dose from birth, of the true science of socialism, overthrow the older ones and actually try and kill them off.  They killed off millions in China during the Cultural Revolution, of the older generation, claiming they were contaminated with the old ideas.  The same happened in the Soviet system.  So whatís coming in here is really a repetition of an overthrow, a cultural revolution, where if youíre over 20 or 25 youíll be completely and utterly ignored by the youth. 


Ben:  Yeah.  Thatís a very scary notion and we do know what happened with the cultural revolution in China, ended up with almost 60-80 million dead; parents eating their children just to survive, and people always looking up in the sky because people were jumping off of buildings so often they were afraid of getting hit with bodies, it was that bad.  Alan do you have, can you hang with us for another segment or do you need to run?


Alan:  Sure.


Tony:  Okay, cool.  We have you and we will not let you go.  Alan Watt, great stuff.  Stay tuned; one more segment with Alan Watt and much more questions.  Yeah, as far as the children go, Ben, maybe we should stop worrying about saving the children on the internet and start worrying about the indoctrination going on in schools.  Pieth, take us home. 


Ben:  Back here on the Animal Farm Radio Show, we are talking to the infamously great Alan Watt.  Alan, I wanted to ask you, we were getting into the Cultural Revolution in China and the similarities to what we have here.  What is this torture discussion thatís happening? Itís all over the news now:  Are we torturing, do we torture?  You know, we are starting to make a moral decision.  Is this softening us up for any reason whatsoever? 


Alan: Again, itís familiarization of the whole topic through repetition to the public.  Remember too, that in a global society you have to have an enemy for governments to keep control over the public; thatís always been the reason that governments technically existed.  They used to have enemies across there somewhere or across the water, whatever it is, and theyíd always say theyíd preserve and protect the public.  But in a global society youíve got to have new enemies. This was dreamed up at the Club of Rome, another big foundation and think tank thatís connected with all the other think tanks.  In the 1970s, according to their own book, The First Global Revolution, they came up with the idea of using warfare on something new since theyíd have no real enemies in a global society.  Now, technically itís like the soviet system, you have to find either terrorism within, which is ongoing and very ghostly, you never catch them.  But the whole idea behind it is they maintain control, for your safety.  Or, you must have a warfare scenario where youíre at war against something.  So they came up with the idea about the environment, man was destroying the environment; they said that global warming would fit the bill Ė those are the words they used in their own book, these are the founders of the Club of Rome who work with the United Nations.  So this is the whole idea of sustainability, etc, etc, man is at war with the planet, we are destroying our habitat, therefore a global authority must be in charge of every part of human society.  This is whatís being driven home, bit by bit, through a thousand crises one after another.  Weíve already gone through the terrorism, but weíre still going through it.  The whole world is going through it at the same time because theyíre ALL connected with the United Nations.  They all have appointed members for the environment helping run your government, etc; even population control experts on your governmental boards.  They in turn work with the United Nations.  So we are going through familiarization processes to get used to the fact that the world is suddenly a very scary place and we canít survive on our own, we are INTERdependent as they call it.  We cannot leave even farming to farmers, as they said at the United Nations, itís too important; they want agri-food businesses and the scientists like Monsanto to be in charge of it all.  In other words, INTERdependence means the world they are bringing in is a world where you will be totally DEpendent on their system and you will not be allowed to survive independently in any facet.  Whether itís weaving your own cloth for your clothing or growing your own food, or having access to your own water, you will be totally dependent on their system.  Thatís the system thatís taking place right now. 


Tony:  And Alan, one of the things, one of the tactics that especially you get out of the politicians when they are running for their campaigns or their offices, and from the mainstream media, and from the government when they are in their office.  One of the greatest tactics that really goes unnoticed almost all the time is the use of honey pots and in particular, I think when we talk about Guantanamo Bay, and I think weíve talked about this ad nauseam Ben, all this humongous talk, during the campaign and now that heís elected, Barack Obama has talked about, weíre going to close Guantanamo Bay, and everybody cheers, right.  Itís this big topic, where are we going to put all these guys...


Ben:  Heís a peaceful man, this is great. 


Tony:  And Iím sitting there thinking wait a minute, you are telling me that they have a place, in Cuba, where they torture people?  We know that Abu Ghraib existed.  Who is to say that there arenít other torture bases?  Like even if they close this particular one, which in this case, itís the honey pot.  You have Gitmo, itís this big topic, oh heíll close it, and theyíll make a huge press thing about it.  Meanwhile, there is new evidence that just came out of The Raw Story, reporting, New evidence of a secret CIA detention site in Poland.  That was reported by The Raw Story, and I think there was even one in Pakistan less than a month ago.  And so, the thing that just, it makes me crazy, is that there are these honey pots, people just focus on these ONE little areas, these little things, these little tidbits, when we know there are other torture prisons around the world that we use and the CIA has been using for months.  How ignorant can you possibly be?  Alan, hang on for the final segment; we have a quick break coming up.  Stay tuned. 


We are speaking with the one and only Alan Watt and we have to go really soon.  Alan, I wanted to get you a report here, thatís why I made you stay; so my apologies.  On the idea that government and the media, they kind of work together; they pick out one problem, sometimes they fix it, sometimes they donít.  People think itís fixed and meanwhile people just kind of forget about it and they go back to their daily lives.  Specifically, we talked about the idea that they are going to, or they might, or they may close Gitmo; maybe theyíve done it already.  Who the hell knows?  Any naÔve person, how could you be so naÔve to think that there are not other torture camps around the world that the CIA has been using for years probably?  And sure enough, new evidence of another detention/rendition site came up in Poland; it was reported at The Raw Story.  If youíre listening to the show Ė AnimalFarmShow.com is our web site Ė go check it there; itís on our web site and you can check out the article.  But Alan, just finally, closing up here, finishing up here on The Farm, just tell us the effectiveness of the honey pots; I think thatís the correct term.  Where itís something that they will put out there so everybody focuses on it, when there are all kinds of other things going on around it, and how theyíve been doing that for years.  Speak about that and letís finish up here. 


Alan:  Itís a simply technique, a magicianís technique, the stage magician with his white gloves; heíll always wave the one he wants your eyes to follow, while he does something else with his other.  Thatís standard.  Same as during crisis; during a crisis you immediately forget the last crisis.  Youíve been plundered, raped and pillaged and youíve signed up your great-grandchildren for perpetual debt forever, and here we are with this flu scare.  Itís a great distraction; itís fantastic.  It works every time.  Itís watch this hand, donít watch the other one.  Meanwhile, the big pharma boys, which are owned by the same world bankers that run the IMF, are making billions of dollars because governments are throwing our money at them to create vaccines which are useless. 


Tony:  Itís amazing.  And all at the same time, whatís been going on is that, you know, even if the people do, as the population as a whole, even if they do pay attention, it seems like they are just fixated.  If they are not fixated on the entertainment news then they just focus on this one little pieceÖ oh, gitmo, gitmo.  They have all these debates and they have the David Gurgens of the world, and all these people get together on CNN and they debate Guantanamo Bay, and where are they going to host these people, and whoís going to get trials.  When really, I mean, this is not even the tip of the tip of the iceberg.  This has been going on for so long and there is so much more behind it.  Go ahead Alan.


Alan:  In the British newspapers, and Iíve read them on the air too, have listed them, months ago.  The ones in Egypt as well they donít talk about very often.  Not only that, they have internal ones, within the US and Canada and everywhere else as well.  And through all the cop shows and the fictional shows and the movies theyíve been bombarding us with for a long time now, weíve been taught that torture sometimes is necessary to save the planet or save some woman whose child has been hijacked or something like that.  We are gradually becoming accustomed. You see, in this world coming up, this anti-terrorism world, torture is going to be used, and the threat of torture especially, to keep citizens in line as we go through the massive changes that are planned for us all. 


Ben:  That is disheartening, very disheartening and very, very scary to think about it.  Alan Watt, thank you so, so, so much for joining us.  


Tony:  Thank you, Alan..


Ben:  You are incredibly smart, incredibly wise, and you are a very good ninja.  Thank you very much for coming on the show.  It is Alan Watt, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Alan, thanks for coming on.  Have you got anything else you want to say before we move along?


Alan:  People should just keep a hold of their rationality as their world is turned upside down.  Donít go upside down with it.  And itís been a pleasure to be on.


Tony:  Alan, itís always our pleasure and weíre going to have to have you back, as often as possible, because itís just so much information that you can give us and there are so many questions that I have.  The more you talk the more I want to know.  So thanks again Alan Watt, the great Alan Watt, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.




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