January 2006
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VYZYGOTH – Well, the third time, again, welcome to another segment of the Grassy Knoll - this will be heard sometime in January 2006, we hope - this is Vyz; and we have with us Alan Watt for the third part of a three-part series that I loosely titled: “The System,” because in the first two segments Alan addressed basically what makes the world go around and always has - and that’s the economic system.  It’s all about money.  In this third segment Alan’s pretty deep in knowledge about Freemasonry, which is another system; a belief system, if you will - a spiritual system, if you will - and we’re going to direct most of our discussion today toward that.  Alan, thanks a lot for being with us today and again, you know, for the third time here on the Grassy Knoll.

ALAN – It’s a pleasure.

VYZYGOTH – What do you have …what did you say, about a foot of snow cover up there?

ALAN – It’s about that.

VYZYGOTH – Well, it’s nothing to compare; we got to deal with 50-degree temperatures down here - it’s horrible. 

ALAN – Hahaha, very nice, isn’t it?

VYZYGOTH – I know, I know; and most of the people who lived by you are down by us anyway; so...

ALAN – Sure, it was twenty below last night.


ALAN – Twenty below last night.

VYZYGOTH – Are you talking Fahrenheit?

ALAN – Yes. 

VYZYGOTH – Holy Mackerel!  How far are you from Hudson Bay?

ALAN – That’s a bit East of me.  It’s a long trek with snowshoes.

VYZYGOTH – Hahaha, hohoho.  Now, let me ask you this; have your tyres ever turned square?

ALAN – They have got bumps in them after a cold night.

VYZYGOTH – Holy Mackerel!  I spent two winters in Vermont; that was enough for me.  Minus 35 below brought tears in my eyes,

ALAN – Well, last year it hit 40 below…

VYZYGOTH – You beat me!

ALAN – …40 below; it was hardly anything left in the thermometer to pop, so…

VYZYGOTH – No!  You are absolutely right - when I went out and looked at the thermometer I knew we were going to have an all-time low and went down to this old lilac tree outside of the house and I am looking for the mercury, I couldn’t find it - it never came out of the ball!  Let me ask you this: do you have any facial hair?

ALAN – Have what?

VYZYGOTH – Do you have a moustache or anything?

ALAN – I got a bit of a beard.

VYZYGOTH – Well, I tell you what.  I always thought it was a joke about snapping off a moustache.  I had one at the time - it’s no joke.

ALAN – Hahaha.

VYZYGOTH – Oh, I was to know, that could have happened.  Alright, well, listen.  Thanks for being with us once again, as I said, it’s really been enjoyable.  About Freemasonry, this is something that, you know, has kind of like two lives:  you’ve got the guys down at the end of the block who are basically Blue Lodge; I think, first to 3rd Degree Masons and who do good stuff and go bowling and have a couple of brews.  But they have no idea, do they? - about what the higher degrees are doing and just what a history those individuals have had behind them, do they?

ALAN – No, they don’t - it’s a “need to know” basis.  It’s like any secret society or security company; it’s the same idea; and even though they say that everything is contained within the first three degrees, that’s very off-putting; it covers the real intentions, because it’s truly a selective system.  That’s what it’s for; it’s to bring them in and filter them through and select the ones who will go higher into the other “realities,” you might call them.  If you even have a small newspaper in your area, they will tap you out into a side lodge - another lodge, like the Black Lodge, for instance - and you won’t tell the Blue Lodge brothers where you’re going, or anything about it.   And from there you will be coached - because you can now create public opinion in your area, so you’re useful to the System. 

VYZYGOTH – I have not heard the term “Black Lodge” before.  What would that refer to?

ALAN – All the lodges are color-coded.  It’s all Pythagorean; and of course, the Blue Lodge, it’s supposed to be the open lodge, the blue of the sky, where whatever is done there is more open amongst themselves, even though they don’t understand the ceremonies they’ve gone through.  They think they do, but as Albert Pike said, they don’t - they are intentionally misled.  So then they go into the Black Lodge, and that’s where the secrecy occurs, of course.  Now the real oaths begin, and you’re groomed for much higher positions in the Masonic fraternities.

VYZYGOTH – Two quick questions about the degrees and also about the two branches of Freemasonry.  With regard to the Scottish Rite, some say, because of its geometric relationship, that there are lodges beyond 33, that perhaps they go up to 360; have you found anything that would confirm that? 

ALAN – Yes.

VYZYGOTH – Really?

ALAN – In fact, Aleister Crowley, who begun in the English Grand Lodge - and he joined it, by the way, because he was tapped out of church, the Church of England; he was at a church service when he was tapped to come into Freemasonry.  That’s also where they select the people - within the churches.  And he went on eventually - he was groomed by the British Secret Service and he worked for them all his life - and his job was to go out into the world and create other sects, which would attract youngsters in under the form of ‘magick’ and so on.  So he founded the OTO but prior to that he was also a member - after the English Lodge he joined the French Lodge and a few other ones.  So he was a world traveler.  Then he founded the OTO; he trained the people who eventually went off to found other sects.  This is how they do it, just like the monks in the Middle Ages would do it, they would found a monastery, give them a name and a charter; and then they would then spawn off another one with another “speciality,” you might say.  Each lodge, each type is a special lodge; so the OTO was set up by Crowley; it spun off the two guys who created the Church of Satan and also, Scientology. 

VYZYGOTH – With L. Ron?

ALAN – Yes.  All of these things are actually Freemasonic, you see.

VYZYGOTH – Have you ever read or have any exposure to Heimbichner’s OTO?

ALAN – Yes.

VYZYGOTH – Alright, and so he was saying: “this is beyond Freemasonry.”  So, if we do in fact go above 33 degrees, are we entering, say, the OTO section of Freemasonry, that goes into the higher degrees?

ALAN – That’s one way of doing it; this is other side branches that do the same thing from all other lodges and it’s open - in their own books the OTO will tell you they have 97 degrees.

VYZYGOTH – And by the way, Heimbichner’s book is “Blood on the Altar” - I had a little senior moment there, but he’s been on the show twice - I thought he did some pretty good work.  Also, are you familiar with Ian van Helsing’s work “Secret Societies and their Influence in the 20th Century” - something to that point - because he talked about there were ninety-nine  99-degree lodges.  Are you familiar with that?

ALAN – They’ve had them as well. 

VYZYGOTH – Would you confirm that in fact is substantive?

ALAN – I think that was only for a short period of time - even in the French Revolution they had a select bunch trained for revolution and most of their Parliament they formed after the Revolution, was formed or staffed by these particular Masons at that degree.  They called them “The Ancients.”

VYZYGOTH – I have his book in a PDF format and I have not looked at it for a while, but I was intrigued by the fact that I think that he might have even said that the 99 lodges existed in the time of Hitler and of course, there is another whole connection there.  Do you think for any way or purpose that those lodges no longer exist?  You seem to think that might have been timed out?

ALAN – They might have, or transformed into another branch, because, what they were created for, really, is a special job, a special function for a particular time period.

VYZYGOTH – Alright, I’m going to run this by you too, and I am a little reluctant, because it’s out there, but, you know, we are talking about the occult and it is supernatural.  Van Helsing also said that in those ninety-nine  99 lodges that demons were at the head of them.

ALAN – Is this from England, this guy Van Helsing?

VYZYGOTH – You know, the book was a translation and of course, the name Van Helsing, I think he might be Dutch - that’s my guess, and if you don’t mind, if I can, while it’s kind of hard now, I know, in snail mail I can do this; I can forward you the book that I have in PDF file. 

ALAN – Okay.  I have been in touch with a Van Helsing over the last couple of months, had some chats with him.

VYZYGOTH – What would be his name - Ian?

ALAN – His first name isn’t Ian, but a very unusual surname…

VYZYGOTH – Well, Van Helsing goes back to Dracula, too, you know. 

ALAN – Yes.

VYZYGOTH – He’s got some name!  We’ll do that after the fact and I have no problem with sending you a CD for you to look at that; I mean, that was pretty heavy stuff.  Going back, also to I said had two questions - we talked about the Scottish Rite Freemasonry - what is the genesis of the York Rite?

ALAN – The York Rite supposedly was formed - the traditional story is that it was a 17th Century or 18th Century creation - maybe that’s when some of it came into the open, because there was always a noble order in England, even from the Knights Templars days.  They had never disappeared, and they always kept the old Mysteries inside noble classes, basically, in all countries.  And coming up to the Industrial Revolution they needed a Middle Class to manage the system.  That’s why they came up with the Blue Lodges and so on for Freemasonry, to bring in this new up-and-coming class, who would still keep order by being taught this particular system of Masonry, but it was the lowest order, you know - it was really for non-noble people. 

VYZYGOTH – I talked to a couple of people; I had been reluctant to talk to my uncle, who is now in his mid-eighties, about his lifetime involvement with the Masons.  And I remember being maybe 8 or 9 years old and brought to the Temple in Hoboken, New Jersey and as a kid I wandered free; and I went into, I guess - what do you call the inner hall, where they actually have the ceremonies?

ALAN – That’s their temple, really.

VYZYGOTH – Alright, and, I mean, I was there and I kind of knew I shouldn’t be there; I don’t really remember much.  There was a stage, I can’t remember the floor was checkerboarded or not; and I do remember the cleaning man came in and I hid under a desk until he was done.  And I came running out, but, you know, only about a month or two ago, without pressing in because this is not fair, now, to talk, you know, to grill him.  But I asked him - I said, you know, kind of beating around the bush and I said: “what was your involvement?”  And he said: “I was only in the Blue Lodge.”  Now, I have had other people telling me, and I respect them, whatever; I wanted the truth, no matter what.  And they said: “even if you are in the Blue Lodge, you got to know what they’re doing.”  Pike would say differently; what do YOU think, Alan?

ALAN – The whole trick in Freemasonry is never to press someone with a superior degree, for information.  It’s knowing what NOT to ask, really. 

VYZYGOTH – So, are you saying that if he didn’t want to go there, he didn’t have to even know that it was there. 

ALAN – Yes.

VYZYGOTH – Alright, because, I mean, he’s been a churchgoing Methodist; I cannot find anything in his walk or anything that would belie the fact that he was occult.  Honest to Goodness, Lady Vyz, I think that you would agree with me.  I mean, he is a decent individual.  But, again, he has had a lifelong attachment to it and yet I don’t see anything; I only probed him a certain amount and I think that was only fair.  But, you know, regardless, there is, as Pike said, the “porch members” - I guess you would say: they would be Blue Lodge - that are in the community, that do basically some good works, just like the Freemason Shriners do to a certain degree, and - no pun intended - but yet, behind this there is very-very occult depth - and that’s what we are talking about today.  Now, two things.  One: we had mentioned in the conversation, and I find it very interesting, that a student at the university for which I work, which is Catholic, was looking for the origins of monks; of the monastics.  I told her: “I really don’t know, let’s do a search.”  And she came up with the fact that the first monks came out of Egypt.  Now, of course, I have since found out that the Catholic Church denies that; but would you agree, one - that that in fact is true; and what does that bode?  I am not going to slam the Catholic religion, but I have to admit there is a certain kind of connection between the Vatican and, you know, Egyptian Sun-God worship.  Can we say that “yes, the monks came out of Egypt?”

ALAN – Yes, in the Irish history it’s well recorded and documented that the first missionaries that brought Christianity to Ireland in the 1st Century and the 2nd Century AD were actually from Egypt.  And that’s the reason they have the same carvings and so on, on the grave, which is sort of a maze-type shape, you know.  These are all Egyptian symbols that they brought with them; in fact, they were up in Ireland until about 600 AD, before the Catholic Church tried to penetrate.  These Egyptians had a different form of Christianity; it was a Gnostic type Christianity.

VYZYGOTH – Gnostic, okay.  And I am curious, I have heard this from other sources as well about the attraction to Ireland of - but why?  Why, Alan?  Why do you think they might have circumvented Britain, or what we know as Britain at that time, and gone to Ireland?  Was there something there?  Was there anything about the Celtic or Gaelic heritage that made them more open…

ALAN – I think there probably was; there was some kind of connection - we get a confusing history of Ireland, because supposedly there are different races actually in Ireland.  There were the Militians that came across, the darker haired ones that came through Spain eventually; and when they say Militians it’s with a “t” for “tian” - and that’s where the word military came from, or militia came from.  Because everybody in the tribe was part of their natural militia; and then there was another group came in later, who were a red-haired, green/blue-eyed type.  So there was a mixture of people there and for some reason the Egyptian priests thought this important and it was possible that the same two groups who ran even ancient Egypt at one time, the same racial extract, perhaps; because in Egypt - we know that the Pharaohs - and going back to Sumer the same thing, that the Pharaohs wore and the nobility of Egypt all wore wigs - black wigs - and they were made from the hair of the local people, but their own hair was generally a red color and their eyes were green and they also wore fake beards, you know.  They’ve found even the tombs, and found them too in one of the big tombs they unearthed at Sumer of a King and Queen - so the connection between the red-haired for sure and the green eyes.

VYZYGOTH – Alright, now, I don’t mean to digress, but you just triggered something I had read about a year ago, that there was some kind of archeological dig in western China and they came up with a red-haired individual - do you remember this?

ALAN – They figure there around 3,000 BC and the Chinese do have ancient records of these people coming in to the outskirts of their country.

VYZYGOTH – Were they coming from the West, necessarily? 

ALAN – It seemed to be; there was a trade route there and they were a semi-nomadic people, but it’s thought that they may have brought goods with them, so they may have been traders - it’s hard to tell - they have found the graves, many of the graves on this particular trade route, and they seemed to be into a pantheistic form of worship, because, especially the women were often tattooed with odd markings that may be celestial-orientated.  And they also used hashish.

VYZYGOTH – Alright, so what I mentioned might in a sense have some kind of connection through some, perhaps Euro-Indic tribe from way back when?

ALAN – I think so.  I think India, one of the countries least spoken about is a big player and always has been, because they were the main traders to Sumer, you know, 5,000 BC.  People forget this all came from the Indic Valley and these actual Indian traders set a half-way port for all trade goods in the Island of Bahrain off Africa.  And that’s where the Sumerians had to transport all their stuff for trade.  The Sumerians primarily traded wool from sheep and got all their goods, their pottery and various other things from India at this particular exchange port.

VYZYGOTH – A listener to this show, who now lives in Vancouver, who was born in India and he had said something to me, which is interesting, because I believe he is right; I don’t know on what side this will all come down, but we’ll look as we believe in Scripture about what might happen in the end days - he is saying: “don’t discount India.”  And you know, we really do; we kind of overlook that giant, but, you know, the thing is, now we look at it and we say: “well, okay, they’re not really at peace with Pakistan, Muslims; they are not at peace with China; so, does this have any kind of bearing on Jerusalem, and where do they all fit in.  But certainly, a nation of that size - we often - well, we definitely overlook it.  Do you have any kind of take on where India’s role might be in the coming decades?

ALAN – Well, what is interesting is that there are so many authors coming out of Britain right now, who are sort of - under the guise of exposing the system - are also promoting the New Age. 

VYZYGOTH – Maitreya?  Are we talking about Maitreya?

ALAN – That’s only part of it.  I mean, all of this is connected to MI6.  All of it.

VYZYGOTH – British Intelligence?

ALAN – Yes, and all these main authors as well; because MI6 has a department outside of the Cotswold area of London, where they train people - selected individuals - to go out into the world, to create mysticism and confusion.

VYZYGOTH – Did Orwell fit into that at all?

ALAN – No, he didn’t, no.


ALAN – He was picked right from University from Cambridge to be a partial revolutionary and a writer, of course; but he wasn’t attached to the MI5 or MI6.

VYZYGOTH – Alright, so his presence in India really is just coincidental.

ALAN – He was following in his father’s footsteps - he went to Burma, you know.

VYZYGOTH – MI6, would you call that the American [English] version of the CIA, which is supposed to be external, not internal? 

ALAN – It’s supposed to be, but people also forget that Britain still has the British Secret Service, which has always been there; and they only recruit from aristocracy.  And that’s above all of them.  They have all the powers to do whatever they wish, basically.  These authors that are coming out of Britain right now, under the guise of exposing the coming new order, are also pushing the New Age phenomenon.  Now, they started this whole thing back in the 1880s with Madame Blavatsky and the idea was to promote a change, a sort of phase-shift in people’s thinking to “possibility thinking” by mystifying them again; always give them mystery, which intrigues them, and maybe they will start to fall away from the regular churches and start into the exploration of theosophical occultism.  Now, Blavatsky, I am sure, was a front person herself, and the goal really was to eventually prepare the public for a merging of Christianity with Hinduism for the New Age.  And that’s exactly what we’re seeing promoted.  It definitely is; now, again going back to India and looking at how that’s been run, almost untouched for thousands of years with its caste system, a perfect ordered caste system, where if you are born into the lower caste, you simply accept it and you are a slave, and that’s what you do as a slave and you don’t complain; no-one rebels; they all accept this caste system.  And that apparently is what they want to re-introduce into the new system that they’re bringing about all over the world.  They actually want to bring in a caste system; “The Lord of the Rings” was all about that.  Under the guise of different pixies, elves, at different order right down to the troll type at the bottom; and even the dead that help them to win the war - that’s the general public - that was promoting the perfect harmony of that caste system. 

VYZYGOTH – Well, I look at “The Time Machine” now, and I can’t look at it ever again in the same way.  That came to me, you know, in the movie that had Rod Teller in fact in the early 1960s; but then, when I went now and looked at the book, knowing what H.G Wells had in mind - and I don’t think that he wrote any of his “fiction” works without injecting this somehow, someway; and I look at the Eloi and the Morlocks, and I am saying: “that seems pretty much to me where everything’s going.”  How do you feel about that?

ALAN – I think so.  I mean, H.G. Wells, he wasn’t just a little man who typed under a candle or anything; he had a building, a whole building with floors of secretaries and typists and even had a printing shop in there; all supplied and backed by the British Government.  He was a propagandist for the British Government.  And right down to the phrases: “The war to end all wars” - that was his, you know.

VYZYGOTH – Well, when you look at two of his titles, which are out there in the Net, people can read them online; they are there in extant; I mean, how can you just brush away those two titles: “The Open Conspiracy” and “New World Order?”  I mean, there it is right in your face. 

I just want to let everybody know, you are listening to the Grassy Knoll, this is Vyz; we have with us Alan Watt.  Alan, the three titles that you have to offer, you embrace in the “Cutting Through” series, do you treat matters like what we are talking about?

ALAN – I do, to a certain extent.  The first two, really, are written in a completely different style to try and wake up people; it’s a gestalt type method; so that your brain has to work as you’re reading it.  You’re not getting passively downloaded with stuff you will forget.  It’s a different way of putting certain things across, but I also point out things, which should be so obvious for them, but they’re not; and I am trying to show them that their survival capabilities have been somehow nullified or definitely blunted.  And this is all by design, of course, so I try to shake them out of it by showing them things, which are beyond coincidence - right down to the language itself, which was designed in the 1500s - the English language - to contain all of these double-speak meanings and so on - that’s no coincidence whatsoever, because Francis Bacon and John Dee, who helped create it, wrote about it, you know.  I’ll give you an example: the name, the word “con” - “Cohen” - “cane” all mean the same thing; and “King,” even - these are all dialectical variations of the same word, and really “Cohen’ and “Kahn” and ‘Con’ mean “Priest,” you see.  You take even the system itself, which began…we are told the beginning of this phase of Civilization began at Sumer; and you put the two words together, and you’ve got ‘con-sumer,’ you know.  I mean, I kid you not; and you’ll find this all through the English language; all of these strange coincidences right down to, supposedly, if we transformed the language so many times by different peoples, etcetera, how come the actual word - not the titles of the Sun-God of Ancient Egypt but the actual, the general word for the Sun was the “Sun,” you know.  And a man’s male offspring was also a Son, and that was the same in Egypt.  How could that be? - unless, of course, there are priesthoods literally coming down through the ages, who understand this ancient technique of language creation, and know that the key to control is the language itself.  Your language is no different from a computer; a programmer who programs that computer technically should be able to be given a question and he should know, by the logic of the computer and the language he has given it, the conclusion that that computer must come to.  And our language is exactly the same way, it’s formed the same way.

VYZYGOTH – In the books that you have written, do you contain a bibliography? 

ALAN – I do mention different books through it; once in a while I’ll put in an extended one, if they want to go on the paper trail - and that’s what it is: a paper trail, you know.

VYZYGOTH – Well, it’s not so much for verification, I admit that there might be something to it, but what I am given to do, and I have for a long time, is that when I’ve heard authors on talk shows, of course, that have always peaked my interest; and I’ve gotten their works, then I’d like to go and see what they’ve looked at also.   And I mean, if anything else, it resonates with what that particular author did, and then you have to say the body of evidence kind of proves it, you know, or points to the fact that this is in fact true.  And also for those who are slow to come to the point that this world has been run by conspiracy forever, to have a body of work at your fingertips isn’t such a bad thing.  Now, your books are available, if people will send 25.00 Dollars apiece for three titles; is that correct? 

Are you planning to add anything to that - is that pretty much, those three titles, the end of the road?

ALAN – No; I can go much-much further; I’ve been teaching a lot of people over the years - mainly by phone - but I can go much-much-much further, absolutely.  But you can’t just hand this to people; it would be so alien to them that they couldn’t go that far, because it’s so brand new to them.  Anyone can talk about the conspiracy; it’s so well detailed and out there; but as to all of the factors that came into play long ago and are still going on right to the present time and into the future, a lot of people can’t step out of the comfort zone that they think is reality, and go into the next phase, because it will be really bizarre if they haven’t gone a step-by-step process to understand all of this.

VYZYGOTH – Isn’t it interesting though, Alan, that people who go to the horror movies, the Sci-Fi movies and want to be scared by what they consider fantasy?  But then, when you take a look at much of what we have considered science fiction and fantasy is in fact true and then, when people realize that, now we get a different situation.

ALAN – In the late 1800s the Rothschilds created a foundation in England to encourage authors to write about certain topics, which the Rothschilds supplied.

VYZYGOTH – That wouldn’t be Tavistock, would it?

ALAN – Tavistock eventually became part of it and so they were trying to start off science fiction writers - and of course, Tavistock later gave the term to this process, where you read novels, now it’s watching movies but then it was novels; aimed at the young to make those young people excited about this imaginative future that could be brought forth - and Tavistock called it “predictive programming.”  So that’s what all fiction really has been for, from then on at least; maybe before.  This process is well understood.  When you’re getting a lecture on something, you have a little censor there that kicks out certain things you won’t believe or you disagree with; but when it comes to fiction, that censor part is down and so you’re right open: you’re being downloaded with “possibility thinking,” as they call it.  And so, something that would sound “nuts,” if you were not brainwashed with this kind of material, actually starts to sound quite natural, so we think we are evolving along a natural path and we don’t question why NASA is given billions of dollars and yet it’s a highly secretive society.  Everybody in NASA has to be 33rd Degree, at least, or 32nd.  And of course, NASA’s main job is not just going out into space; it’s also to create satellites and so on, that will spy on us for this great network that they are making.  But they had to get everybody for 50 or 60 years or more to grow up thinking that this is a natural progression. 

VYZYGOTH – With science fiction writers, I guess we could start with, to a certain extent, I mean, we could go back to Bacon, talking about…what was the title of his book? - about the Atlantis, the “New Atlantis,” right?

ALAN – He wrote a whole bunch of titles - I doubt that it was really just one man, because he wrote so many books.

VYZYGOTH – But his seminal work was the New Atlantis, was it not?

ALAN – He wrote that; around the same time More wrote “Utopia” and they were basically along the same lines.  The New Atlantis was to be an Atlantis-type county, created in the Atlantic, which was the U.S., of course.  And it was given the appearance on the surface of being run by a form of input by the public, but in reality - he said - it would be run by a secret group of scientists.  And he meant social scientists and so on, what we would call psychologists.

VYZYGOTH – Alright, with modern science fiction writers, say in the 20th Century - and I think besides Wells, most of them pop up around 1950 or so - and you know, I think back to Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451,” Burgess’ “Clockwork Orange,” “Brave New World” by Huxley and Phil K. Dick’s books.  Okay, take whatever you want.  You know, “Minority Report,” or “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.”  Do you believe that they were handled, do you think some of them were handled, do you think - even if they were or weren’t handled that they were given a glimpse into what was going to come?

ALAN – There’s no doubt; I mean, Huxley himself gave a talk at Berkeley University in 1962.

VYZYGOTH – Sixty-two, just before he died.

ALAN – He actually mentioned in that talk that he had been to Tavistock many times.  He was connected with Tavistock.  In fact, the only time he became animated is when he talked about how these wires in people’s brains could mean that people could be controlled.  That’s when he became animated and excited; he thought this was fantastic.  He was deeply involved with Tavistock and once again, given his material, no doubt by a whole team of people, and he had to basically write the story around the data.

VYZYGOTH – And also, Burgess, you know, that famous last scene emblazoned in all our minds, when Alex is all wired up; and so we’re looking really, probably at what is happening today.  I mean, especially with this unfortunate situation with this “is torture okay or not?”  I can’t even believe that this is in the public dialectic.  But, really, they knew that this was all possible, in fact, and probably was already developed.

ALAN – Absolutely.  I was reading through the biography of Rutherford, who was the world’s most famous mathematician in the late 1800s, the early 1900s - and before 1920 he mentioned in his own Memoirs; he said: “I was working on a project to do with human genes.”  Now, supposedly at that time that human gene had never been found yet.  Why would you need a mathematician?

VYZYGOTH – Wow!   What’s your answer?

ALAN – The answer is that whatever we’re told is obsolete news

VYZYGOTH – Well, we might have said in this series, it’s spanned a couple of weeks and I might have forgotten, but I remember that one woman, saying: “ if you hear about it now, it was in R&D fifty years ago.

ALAN – Absolutely.  There’s no doubt - in Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis, in the last chapter; and again, he goes through the virtues, the Masonic virtues, etcetera - and Bacon himself was a Rosicrucian, which is one of the first to set up their Freemasonic system - but in the last chapter he talks about getting into the underground laboratories, where the whole complex is powered by the energy from something which gave off the light and heat of the Sun.  And that sounds like nuclear power.  And he said, next door to it was a laboratory where they controlled the weather and could create hurricanes and storms and earthquakes…

VYZYGOTH – But, you must understand too, and I did this, I don’t know, a couple of weeks ago.  I mean, Alan, there is a paragraph in Orwell’s “1984” that is just jam-packed; it’s almost like somebody, like who is talking on the phone and had to get it off real quick, just said: “and this will happen, this will happen, this will happen” - and he talked all about that.  I mean, Orwell said about the laboratories, you know, here and there and everywhere, and about harnessing the Sun, which we would kind of think might be HAARP, and creating artificial earthquakes or tsunamis; so I mean, he resonates this as well.

ALAN – Well, if you think about Bacon’s New Atlantis, which was published - it was written in the late 1500s and published in 1602 - and he is writing about this stuff in 1602!  And he said: “another laboratory underground” - they're all underground or inside mountains - “another laboratory,” he said, “we can take the minutest form of plant life, add to it the basic life forms of other plants” - he wasn’t talking about splicing them - he said: “we can create a brand-new species.”  He said: “we can do the same thing with any kind of animal life,” and he said: “we know what the end product will be, before we begin.”  Meaning, it was not new - they were not experimenting - they already knew the processes.  And even breeding special mosquitoes to carry bacterium for warfare purposes. 

VYZYGOTH – I am just sitting here thinking about the possibilities, as I said to you: and I don’t necessarily believe in the hollow earth theory completely, but something is going on subterranean.

ALAN – Oh, they have always been - I mean, even the Egyptians - Herodotus who did a lot of the Egyptian histories for the Greeks, and who also was, like all of them, initiated into the Mysteries himself; he had tours of the underground facilities under Egypt, and some of them went on for miles and these were all man-made; it’s not a Hollow Earth, it’s simply the best place to hide things from the prying eyes of the public.  And just as today, I mean, I was going over an old report by the Rand Corporation from the 1960s and they had built over 280 underground silos and containment places for the US Military then, and they were then demanding that they build at least another 400 to house the Elite, etcetera underground; so this has always been the way - it’s to hide things underground or inside mountains.

VYZYGOTH – I want to go back to Freemasonry in the time that we have left, to talk about how it is, I would think, the religion of the world and that all leaders are kind of hooked in.  And like we like to say kind of somewhat sarcastically; “they all know the handshake.”  But there is something I am keeping my eye toward and I am going to ask your take on this.  Denver, Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West - very interesting in the United States.  It seems that there are a lot of things there already, like NORAD and some super-Cray computers; also, the CIA recently stated they were moving some functions out there.  We all know about Denver Airport; how expansive it is for so little traffic, which even my non-conspiratorial pilot buddies will say, they can’t understand; and they’re still building runways.  You talk about the cavernous underground, which, if you can believe, Bill Schneider lost his life for talking about; and then you look at the name of the airport, its true name is New World Airport; it’s got a Masonic capstone there; and so here’s what I am saying:  are we looking at the possibility that if it “hits the fan,” in the nuclear sense, that everything will be moved out to that area, and everybody is going to hunker down out in.  Let’s face it: Colorado has got mines, it’s already got everything going for itself - even Orwell talked about boring machines back in 1948, so we’re looking forward at a time when, if it hits the fan, that, when the New World arises, my feeling is that Denver probably will be the Capital of the American Union and of course, DC will be absolutely smoke and we will lose all connection to our old Republic.  That’s a bit of a mouthful, but how do you feel about that, Alan?

ALAN – They have planned for every possible contingency; and that the US also has another underground base built in Australia, that another branch of Government will go to try and survive; now they’re talking about some global disaster, which they might bring on themselves; but traditionally, even in ancient times, the Elite always had three - they always used the Trinity in this Mystery Religion for everything.  And they always had 3 places; so that if one was destroyed, perhaps the other two would survive.  They never put all their eggs in one basket.  They always have three.

VYZYGOTH – Well, let’s go to religions, and let’s finish up with Freemasonry.  Is it a global religion?

ALAN – It is; yes, it is - Albert Pike stated it quite emphatically that Freemasonry is a religion.  And it has all the usual things: ritualism, symbolism; their own mandate, and it definitely is a religion.  It’s always been here; I think it was here long-long before the Rosicrucians came up; as I say, the noble orders had them.  The Knights of the Garter were formed in King John’s day and at that time it was all for Nobility, it was never given to the common people until they created a Middle Class to handle the factories; so they had to give them a semblance of Freemasonry for that purpose.  It’s interesting too, that when the British troops went into India in the 1700s they were flabbergasted to find that almost every town in India had a Masonic lodge.

VYZYGOTH – I talked to you about taking photos and keeping them for a later date to put up with regard to “knowing the handshake” and of course there is a truly peculiar handshake that has taken place, for as long as there have been photographs; and I find it interesting that would seem to be emblematic of Freemasonry.  But if that is the case, and I believe that to be true, every single government - and we talked before about Arafat, we can talk about Sharon now, we can talk about Blair, and whatever - Churchill, everybody in the United States, and Saddam too, perhaps.  They are all in the Brotherhood; they all know the handshake and they all play their parts.  Now, given that, I just got to ask you - what do you think the fate of Saddam will be, if in fact he is in the Brotherhood?

ALAN – We might get anything at all; they might say he’s been put in a prison that no-one can visit - similar to Hess when they sent him to Spandau prison - and we’ll never know if he’s there or not.  They might say that they have executed him; we’ll never know if they did or not…

VYZYGOTH – Unless it’s public and it’s got to be - I hate to say - either beheading or execution or hanging.  And then of course, everybody will say:  “well, that’s a double.” 

ALAN – Seeing is believing, as “Wag the Dog” kept telling us, and whatever they show us will appear to be real.  These are masters of deception, you know. 

VYZYGOTH –Absolutely.

ALAN – They have been at this deceptive game forever.  When Arafat used to…when they were doing the peace treaties with Israel, you would see him and the Prime Minister of Israel going through the five points of Freemasonry as they met each other.  You know, as they say, it’s: “hand-to-hand, and then hand-to-elbow, toe-to-toe, knee-to-knee, and then hand to round the back, as you see - you think they’re just hugging each other, and then it’s “cheek-to-cheek.”  

VYZYGOTH – Well, a lot of people may not understand that.  There is a procedure, or there is a greeting, if you will - a protocol - which it is - takes place, and it’s on the net; off the top of your head, and I have seen that, do you know anywhere, any web site that people could go to, to go ahead and take a look at that?

ALAN – Actually, to see it, I have it written down from the old charges, here in the first book.

VYZYGOTH – You have it in the first book?

ALAN – Yes, this one was published around the 1700s, and it’s from the Quatuor Coronati Lodge in London; that’s their main research lodge for the Masons.

VYZYGOTH – Well, isn’t it interesting that Israel bore down on Arafat - and they could have killed him if they wanted to - but it wasn’t ordained.

ALAN – And he was an Egyptian - they couldn’t do it, you know.  If you look at the death of Arafat and that strange burial he had, you didn’t see anything of a national flag on the coffin; but they had a little Canadian flag there.  And the reason for the Canadian flag being there is because the Canadian flag is red-and-white.  And red and white are the two lands of Egypt.  Together they formed the hat - there were two parts to the hat: one was white, one was red; and that’s why they put that on there: to symbolize the ancient Egyptian lineage he belonged to.

VYZYGOTH – You said: “hat.”  Would you expand on that a little bit?

ALAN – The Egyptian Kings wore a strange-looking hat.  It was a two-part hat, with almost a white dome-type thing stuck on the top of it and each part represented ancient Egypt.  The white part was for Southern Egypt and the red part for North.  So a Pharaoh who was in charge of the two lands, as they called them, wore the hat with the Red and the White.  That’s why they snuck that Canadian flag on…that little Canadian flag on Arafat’s coffin.  It was to indicate to all those ‘in the know’ that he belonged to the old Egyptian lineages! 

VYZYGOTH – And can we extrapolate and say it’s a coincidence? - and it might be, but red and white…

ALAN – There was no other flag on it.

VYZYGOTH – Well, no, I am just looking at our flag and I am taking Australia’s flag and I am taking the Union Jack - I mean, red-and-white, you know, you could say that it’s pretty common colors; but I am wondering if there is a common thread through all of that.

ALAN – Absolutely.  The red symbolizes the fire, and the blood, of course, for the ongoing revolution, always.  It’s Cabalistic as well, and it goes way back to Babylon.  White is, again, the pure - the pure ones, the Hidden Masters, the spirit, you know.  And blue, of course, is for the openness of the sky, but it’s also the first, within the Cabala it’s the first color that comes from black - that’s how they put it.  So it’s law.   The blue has another meaning; not just the openness; it also means: “under law.”  And so, it’s the fire for the Revolution for the Agenda, and the white for the Hidden Masters, meaning the spirit of them - Perfection is white; and then the blue is for “under law.”

VYZYGOTH – Well, I’ll feed into this to a certain point, because when I look back, you know, I’m really not understanding how to embrace this symbol.  When we look at the Star that is in North Korea, in Russia, in Cuba, and with us, and it’s like: “why did the star have five points?”  When I look up in the sky, I am not really seeing a five-pointed object!  So, okay, so you know where I am going ?  In other words, we’re looking at the star and aren’t we really looking at a pentagram? 

ALAN – Yes, I know, you’re looking at a particular part - there are different points, dependent on the higher sects.  In England they have one there with eight points.  And eight is the number for a new beginning, but it’s also the number for power and money.  Run by power and money.  So the five point has it’s own particular function, and that’s the exploration or “the navigators,” they call them.  They are still going through a form of revolution.  And those countries - remember, England was the first country to have a revolution, and they got the red-white-and blue flag.  The next one was the US: red, white and blue; and then that was followed by France, which is red-white-and blue too. 

VYZYGOTH – Well, the English Revolution, to which you were referring, is which one?

ALAN – That’s the one when they ousted Charles.

VYZYGOTH – Okay.  Should we divine anything from the fact that in the United States, which I am starting to really realize, was probably a training ground for a New World Order? 

ALAN – The old system used the exoteric: lions, etcetera, the unicorns, which all go back again to ancient India - and so they had the old occultic symbols; the lions again from Babylon: the Lion’s Gate - Babylon had the two rampant lions standing over its coat of arms; and somehow that ended up in the British coat of arms.  The US was the first country to use, again, occult symbols from Babylon, but in an updated form and they also were the first country to build an actually brand-new obelisk.  All the other countries from the Old World took in obelisks from Egypt and put them in their main capitals’ centers.

VYZYGOTH – …To include the Vatican, is that correct?

ALAN – That’s right.  Well, actually Constantine’s son brought the one over to Rome - he was sent off with permission to bring it in; and they initially set it up in the Circus; and it was a much later Pope who had it moved and brought in front of the Basilica, St. Peter’s Square.

VYZYGOTH – Well, should I divine anything from the fact that of all the colonies that could have turned into States, how many there were - the thirteen, was that a particular number?

ALAN – No, it’s the number for the resurrection of Osiris, Egypt.

VYZYGOTH – Because of the lost…well, they have found thirteen parts?

ALAN – Yes, he was chopped up…

VYZYGOTH – …right, into fourteen…

ALAN – into the thirteen parts, that’s right.  And so, technically the fourteenth part is what they call “the lost word.”  That’s also the Lost Word.

VYZYGOTH – Well, if that’s the case then, if we’re looking at thirteen colonies that turned into states - isn’t it interesting that DC would not be a state, but the fourteenth part, in which we have the obelisk known as the Washington Monument, which is 555 feet, which is, multiplied by 12 inches, equals 6660.  That’s not a coincidence, is it?

ALAN – Oh, no, no.  These guys don’t do anything…they love to…they are obsessional about numbers and occult numbers.

VYZYGOTH – You know, the thing is, I have never really questioned it before talking about it in this very moment: why the district would be the district?  I mean, why?  I mean, I guess, I look at the City of London - we’re always thinking of London, but I think you would tell me that within London there is the “City of London.”

ALAN – That’s right. 

VYZYGOTH – Alright, so here we look at the district, which we know is no state, and very well might have been the fourteenth part to the thirteen states.

ALAN – Yes.  And of course, DC, if you speak that, instead of just spelling out the letters: “Dix” in French, is ten.  And ten is the binary code that’s all through Masonry and all through language, actually - and computers.  It’s the binary code - it’s a very high occultic; it’s the Male and Female as well.

VYZYGOTH – I’ll now leave with a question, which, I don’t know how you feel, but before we do that, I want to say that this is the Grassy Knoll, this is Vyz; we have with us Alan Watt.  He has 3 books [see for ordering information] - it’s a “Cutting Through” series; as he said, it’s a companion to many of the interviews and all the interviews he has done. 

Now, what I wanted to ask you about numerology, as we leave this show.  9-11.  Is that spiritually/occult important?

ALAN – There’s no doubt.  The old number in England for years on the telephones for Emergency Response, when I was growing up, was 9-9-9.  And of course, it was the old dial phone, so when you turned that dial, it would turn to 6-6-6, you see?  And so, that was no coincidence.  When they give us an Emergency Number, it’s highly significant; and “9” is “completion” in their symbology.  11 are the two pillars - Jachin and Boaz - representing fire and water, the Male and the Female; so, Fire, again, is the Agenda, the spirit of Revolution towards a goal; and water, technically, in a sense, represents the earth as well, the Mother.  Mother = Matter; that’s where the word comes from; and tempered by that, in other words.  You know, tempered by that side of it.  These are all highly significant and they never-never give you anything out there by coincidence. 

VYZYGOTH – I think not.  Listen, Alan, thanks for spending the time that you have with us; I think perhaps, if you are okay with this, you might want to visit one of our discussions later on and thanks for coming on onto the Grassy Knoll and we’ll be in touch; and you and all yours, have a very safe winter up there.  Bye-bye.

ALAN – Bye.


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