March 26, 2009

Alan Watt on "The Intel Strike Report" with Doug Owen and Michael Vail


(Originally Aired LIVE March 26, 2009 on Oracle Broadcasting Network)
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Announcer:  Welcome to another live addition of the Intel Strike Report.  Your hosts, Doug Owen and Michael Vail will be giving you the intelligent news, information and analysis you need to arm yourself with.  Now, here are your hosts, Doug Owen and Michael Vail. 


Michael:  Welcome, welcome, welcome to another live addition of the Intel Strike Report.  We will have a definite treat for you today.  It is March 26, 2009 in the Barack Hussein Obama administration.  With us now is a very, very special guest and a friend of ours, and that is Alan Watt from  Alan, howís it going my man?


Alan:  Itís fast and furious now as we watch the world turn.  


Michael:  Oh, oh, thereís no doubt about it.  It just seems to me that, you know, all things that you and other people like yourself have been talking about for years now, is just out there in the open and in your face.  They are not even trying to lie about it anymore.


Alan:  Theyíre not, and the signs were there for many years, what was coming along had to happen.  9/11 came on queue, the beginning for the 21st century, of change.  Of course, the public donít realize that the change was planned a long, long time ago Ė even before the League of Nations was set up Ė of a controlled society, worldwide, to do with free trade and a depopulation agenda on the go at the same time.  We are watching everything getting rammed through, including abortion ads that are going to come out on television in Britain to force them to bring down their population. 


Michael:  Oh, as a matter of fact I saw an article about how now they are pushing the Plan B pills on everyone, and you know, sort of harkens back to like you talk about The World Bank saying that eugenics was a great thing until the Nazis just sort of ran it into the ground and made them look bad. 


Alan:  Thatís right.  Now of course theyíve changed all their names, even their designation, from eugenicists to bioethics councilors and so on.  Itís the same group funded by the same foundations that are owned and run by the big bankers.  And what we are so sick of seeing, and I hope all the demonstrators that are for the upcoming riots Ė I call them riots because they will be Ė I hope they realize that you canít negotiate with the same shark who always gives you a new deal, one after the other.  Weíve had new deals and new deals, always coming from the same bunch, and they want you to demonstrate and have riots so that they can come out with the next new deal which will go right along with the agenda of sustainability, the greening of the planet, etc, etc, and we will be complete slaves then working in their new system, with the same sharks on top. 


Michael:  Yeah.  Thatís what they want. They want you to riot.  They are trotting out people like Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Chuck Norris, all these guys to play sort of like a pied piper.  Weíve been talking about this, just sort of drag you back onto the grid and for you to expose yourselves.  And as soon as you go out and riot, oh well, oh, itís the economic situation, thereís not enough control.  And the UN now is calling for a new global green new deal and then they will roll it all out for you. 


Alan:  Thatís right.  They always get the public to become war weary through either real wars or internal wars, which are called rioting, and then we the public demand that the same sharks give us what we want, what we think we want.  Well now you have all the students whoíve been brainwashed for 15 years or so of intense indoctrination and in psychology, itís called Ďcontamination of theoryí Ė thatís what the communists called it Ė and you cannot readjust those, that generation.  Theyíve got the new system that they want, this vague idea, mixed up with sustainability and greening because of their indoctrination.  So they will demand exactly what the elite want to bring in. 


Michael:  Oh, absolutely.  Weíre going to talk about sustainability on the other side.  You are listening to the Intel Strike Report with our special guest Alan Watt from  Weíll talk about sustainability, Tavistock too, and your calls as well:  1-866-841-1065.  See you on the other side.  You are listening to the Intel Strike Report. 


Welcome back to the Intel Strike Report on the Oracle Broadcasting Network with our special guest.  We like to bring him on every couple of months or so because everything is moving, I guess backwards, very, very quickly.  I guess they are trying to roll out this new, I guess you could say, technocratic dark age for us and we have to bring on Alan and heíll cut through the matrix for us and expose it all.  Before the break we were talking about sustainability and sustainable development, these buzzwords like Ďcapacity building,í Ďbridging the development gapí and really what they stand for.  The thing about it is that Iíve seen these people use these words interchangeably when it comes to population, as if sustainability and sustainable growth creates some sort of situation where they can crack down on how much we use, and what energy sources we use, and down to the point of how we live.  And they use a ratio called a Ďfamily dependency ratioí which sort of cuts the wheat from the chaff and says, are you a consumer or are you a producer Ė which is sort of interesting Ė and if you are only a consumer and not a producer then you canít live on the earth. 


Alan:  Yeah, exactly.  I have old books that Iíve found from countries, from the governments of Canada and other Commonwealth countries, from before 1920 in fact, one of them.  Itís a huge thing; itís thicker than most old bibles.  Itís to do with all the stuff that was bought and sold within countries, for all taxation purposes, hammers, nails, everything, you name it, bushels of wheat and all the rest of it, the incredible bookkeeping that was kept.  What you understand, every country is a corporation and we exist, according to the elite, we exist to serve their economy.  When there is no more economy, as we go into a global system, and China is the manufacturer, we are no longer really necessary.  Thatís the key to it.  We are the stock.  We are the animals on the farm and when there are too many animals, and they canít get buyers for them, there is no purpose for them, theyíve got to do a CULL.  So they must convince the herd, the human being Ė we are the only ones that need convincing Ė to go along with our own culling.  Thatís what theyíre up to right now.  Theyíre indoctrinating the youth to accept, there are too many people, why donít you get sterilized, and donít bother having children, and what kind of life will it have anyway, and by the way, you wonít have the resources you have now in the future, so itís going to be hell for them.  So they must convince us to go along with their agenda, always.  Itís done through incredible scientific indoctrination and psychology, and unfortunately it tends to work with most people. 


Michael:  It does.  It does.  And you mentioned the youth.  I donít know how many different globalist organizations that get their money from, you know, the Rockefeller Foundation and others, like Global Kids; Iíve chronicled this one heavily.  Thereís the Global Kids group.  Thereís Zenith, thatís like Global Kids with a little greenie-weenie taste to it. And then there is the whole Obama deal about getting them while they are young, and bringing up the next generation of the green shirt, the Green Shirt Storm Troopers.


Alan:  And they are going to use taxpayers money again, as always Ė and why not, weíre always so willing to help them out Ė to indoctrinate with ideology; itís an ideology of indoctrination in the schools to do with this whole Obama army.  Thatís game over when that happens because those children will be unable to converse with the older generations, in any fashion whatsoever.  And thatís intentional.  They are going to be the Green Nazis.


Michael:  Another thing about the kids now is that all of these people now are sort of reminding me of Ė every now and then when I read Brave New World, over and over again Ė on where they talk about the viviparous mother:  Oh, we canít have the viviparous mothers, and every child must be born, you know, through some sort of Petri dish or test tube.  And now they are talking about making the whole idea of these designer babies mainstream and that the State will own these children, from cradle to grave.


Alan:  Yes they will, and thatís already on the books because theyíve got the patent laws to do with genes; all they have to do is alter a gene and call it a new name and legally you belong to them.  That is what they are aiming at, thereís no doubt about it. They want a new, superior type of servant to serve the next generations of the elite, but they donít need as many of us to do it.  Again, they must get our cooperation to go along. They will sell people on the idea that your child will be six feet tall, heís got the ability to be a doctor, etc, etc, etc.  They hope that women will eventually fall for it.  The movie Gattaca went through that, a society where they show you a new type of class distinction, those who are genetically enhanced and the old type that were born the old-fashioned way.


Michael:  Yeah, those who can get jobs and those who canít get jobs, and you canít get insured, you have bad genes, and you know, your family is prone to this or prone to that.  Thatís just really the beginning, and I saw an article about 2 days ago saying that any children born through in-vitro fertilization has a 30% risk of defects.† So they are raising upÖ just how some of the elite, this sort of Eurasian aristocracy now, are all like intermarrying, interrelated and have defects.  They are going to raise up a new generation of these people without going through the, I guess the sort of, ordinary means of that. 


Alan:  They want to bypass it all together and we donít realize that the eugenics society was on the go from the time of Charles Darwin onwards, worldwide, and it has different names and so on.  In America they had the American Eugenics Society, funded by Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundation.  They said in their early writings, they likened the general population to cattle rearing and they based it on breeding special cattle; it was the same as breeding human beings.  They introduced the Census in the United States and kept track of it on behalf of the government, to see if you had Ďpoverty genesí; they want to get your family history to see how many people could work or didnít work, were mentally ill, had possibly criminal intentions, etc.  They have been tracking you right down, for the last 100 years, along your genetic lines, by the Census and by the data thatís collected by governments, on behalf of The Eugenics Society.  They set up Cold Spring Harbor as that kind of experiment in eugenics, and they said at the time that theyíd have to get the compliance of the public, through long-term indoctrination, so that the public would allow themselves to be altered and controlled by those who had the rights to control them.  


Michael:  Thatís the new thing.  This goes back to the Fabian Socialists like George Bernard Shaw writing the play, Man and Superman, you know, man is a superman, and others in the whole thing, and HG Wells.  I mean, this was their creation even back then, and today, they are bearing the fruit of that. 


Alan:  Yes.  Thatís a fact.  Once again, all these societies really came out of one society, the capstone at the top, at least it was given the name of The Rhodes Foundation Ė Cecil Rhodes Ėwhich became amalgamated with the Milner Group society, on behalf of Royalty Ė and became the Royal Institute of International Affairs, OR the Council on Foreign Relations in other countries.  So they run all these other groups and names beneath them, these associations beneath them, and they are all funded by the big money lenders of the world, the big 13 banking families.


Michael:  Absolutely.  We are going to continue this conversation on the other side.  We are going to be talking about Ďaugmented reality,í more bread and circuses for you, those who survive the technocratic dark age.  You are listening to the Intel Strike Report with our special guest Alan Watt of; you have to go there, there is a plethora of information.  Weíll be back on the other side.


Tonight we are Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt and talking about all of this thatís going on right now, really the sort of culmination of everything thatís being created and the whole system thatís being erected around us.  The whole thing about it is that of course if you lived through living in a roach motel, being sprayed like bugs with all sorts of things, with pharmaceutical products in the water.  If you live through that and they canít get rid of you, then of course they are going to provide you with some breads and circuses.  Well, our economic situation is untenable, at least, so thereís going to be a little less bread but there is going to be a whole lot of circuses.  So thatís really what I wanted to jump into now.  Alan, Iíve seen lately there has been a lot of talk of virtual reality programs, augmented reality programs, 3-dimensional television, algorithms, they go from 2D to 3D, and they are really trying to get Americans and people abroad, around the world, INGRAINED on this technology where they get to the point where they canít live without it and thatís all they want.  You know, itís like people getting stuck in World of Warcraft or Everquest. 


Alan:  Yes.  Again, itís a form of control.  Much of the technology thatís out there now, to do with virtual reality, and whatís coming, believe you me, they are so far ahead of whatever they publish Ė but they do publish certain things Ė which tells us really they are much further ahead than what they are telling us.  Such as, you find Microsoft telling the public that they are working on a device that can literally send signals INTO different parts of the brain and also SENSE the parts of the brain thatís working when you are watching a particular video, and therefore they can then stimulate those same parts of the brain and make you think you are IN the virtual reality.  In the same blog I was reading, from the same corporation, they tell you that they might not need the helmet; theyíve got one group working on the helmet that you put on, a very cumbersome thing, but theyíve also got a screen.  They can actually build it around the screen, like an antenna, and you sit 5 or 6 feet away and this will still massage your brain, pick up which parts of the brain is working, and send signals back to it.  So they are working on both at the same time, which tells me theyíve done it long ago.  So itís a matter of conditioning the public to allow themselves to go into a la-la world, a non-reality.  Here is the thing too, itís well known with drugs for instance Ė drugs that are killing millions off over the years Ė the worse the conditions that you live in, when you are in poverty, despair and apathy, the more drugs you will take to escape reality.  Weíre going into a future where theyíre going to make things so bad, theyíre going to create a scarcity of water, when one corporation owns the water supply of the world.  Theyíre going to create a food crisis.  Believe you me, youíll have all your little cheap electronic gadgets that will put you in a never-never land and youíll be quite happy in that never-never land as your body wastes away.  Thatís whatís coming. 


Michael:  You mentioned something very, very interesting.  Right now youíve got Microsoft and Google working on technology to wirelessly access the neurons inside your brain, download all of your memories and you know, of course you can go through the first time you had your first kiss, or you can check out your most embarrassing moment.  All of this is, it is a circus.  All of this is a circus.  Youíve got UFC for the gladiator style.  Youíve got technology for the other people, the geeks to sort of get into.  And theyíve got something for everybody, as they create these sort of boxes that they place people in and say, oh you are this type of person, weíve got something for you.  Thatís just the way it is.  And they have been creating that to the point where, you know, they say that the internet will soon be an organism that we will all become a part of, and they will beÖ  One of the guys said there will be an Alexandria Library 2.0 where ALL the information, from all of our brains, combined, will be the internet. 


Alan:  See, the thing is, a few billion zeroes add up to zero.  We must remember that too.  Most people are not really even conscious in their own lifetime.  They donít know whatís going on IN the real reality.  They have no idea.  So you can imagine having the thoughts of all the unconscious people who live in soap operas and sports inside your head; what a thrill.  [Alan laughing.]† What we have to remember is Skinner, who did behavioral modification techniques and so on, including on his own daughter Ė he put her in a cage.  This is a good psychopath that they tend to use, his techniques, on us.  Skinner said to alter human behavior you must alter something in their environment. Well they did that with TV Ė they did it with radio before TV Ė and virtual reality is now coming in.  Now, TV and radio were used from the beginning for controlling and altering behavior of the general public, authorized from those who control society and own society.  Therefore, they are part of the Military-Industrial Complex; we donít realize that.  Itís like General Electric, they donít just make irons and so on, they also make incredible Gatlin Guns for helicopters that can do a thousand rounds per minute and so on.  Thatís what itís part of.† Now Microsoft, because it was put up, from nowhere, it broke all the rules, it stole patents from all the other corporations, and no judge in the country or the world would touch them.  That tells you it was top CIA clearance all the way, for Mr Gates; he was the front man.  Itís part of the Military-Industrial Complex because technology, as they said at the end of World War II, will control the future and control the peoples of the future.  Therefore itís perpetual war upon the public.  Anything which comes in to your mind, that you havenít authorized and you are not in charge of, is controlling you and therefore itís planned, debated, and put out TO you by those who believe they own society. 


Michael:  Absolutely.  The thing about this is there are so many different technological applications that they are using now thatís being created by Microsoft, IBM and the rest.  IBM of course, who is infamous for the Hollerith Machine, is now creating a new type of that machine like that where they decide whether a worker is really producing to the optimum output.   So you, you know, you are working your job and you end up being a slave to some machine thatís telling you, you are not working hard enough.  So at every angle they seem to be trying to put a strangle on how we live and how we work. 


Alan: They do because, again, they see us, at the top Ė and Iím not kidding Ė they really discuss us as farmers would discuss their animals.  The whole thing about farming, or any corporation thatís about producing efficiently Ė everything must be very efficient; anything thatís not efficient is simply cut off.  Thatís what they want to do with humanity, make more efficient worker bees, for them.  They have also said in their own writings that when they get into modification of the human mind, what they will do is eradicate that part of the mind, the part of YOU, the brain, that makes you an individual you.  That came out first to the general public, although they censored it rather quickly, in a 600-page report from a university in the Deep South there.  Anyway, they did a report; it was a world science meeting anyway, with geneticists and the bio technicians there as well, of all kinds and categories; Newt Gingrich headed it off.  They said that they have the ability now, now they have the ability, and theyíve had it for a few years, to put a brain chip in the public and control the populations.  The only problem they hadÖ That was at the Loyola University meeting; thatís where it was.  They said, the only problem is to convince the public to accept it. This will be done by gradualism, by using novels, writing it into novels and sci-fi books, making it exciting to children so they will want it.  It will appear in movies and it will eventually be taught in schools as a necessity.  So weíre on the road.  Theyíve had meetings every year now since 2001 on this very agenda and now theyíre convincing the public itís a good thing. 


Michael:  Absolutely and I want to continue that thought because there are some very stunning revelations on that.  And Doug Owen is going to be with us on the other side.  Weíve got Alan Watt and we are Cutting Through The Matrix here on Oracle Broadcasting Network.  You are listening to the Intel Strike Report and Iíll see you on the other side. 


Oh, get ready for the SomaÖ and they always have a box for you that fits very, very nicely.  We are Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt and you can go to his site,  Doug Owen is with us in studio.  We are discussing all, but on the subject of all of these little breads and circuses.  You know, it goes back to the days of Jose Delgado who went to congress and said that he could fit every American with a brain chip and that he could turn us on and off and it wouldnít be a big deal.  Of course they looked at him like he was insane.  I wonder if someone came to congress today with the same idea, I wonder how they would feel about that?  Because you know right now Alan, using nanotechnology, RF systems, where you can wirelessly give people medication, thatís already been patented, all of this is so easy to do.  And if any emergency happened around the country right now it would be very, very easy to calm down Americans or dumb them down, or dumb down Canadians or wherever you may live, because the technology is out there.  Itís open patent that you can go and read this information.


Alan:  Itís more than just out there waiting or ready.  Itís being used.  They have been using the HAARP frequencies for years on the public.  Ham radio guys can pick it up; I can pick it up on my short wave radio, every day now.  Since 2001 it started every day for 24 hours; it hasnít gone off.  It changes frequency 2 or 3 times a day.  Thatís right in the Weather Warfare Treaty at the United Nations, signed in the 70s, that they can put a secondary signal on the HAARP signal which can alter human behavior, make you passive, aggressive, or even suicidal, depressed.  So they are using this stuff right now and thatís admitted to as well, if you go back into the books by Brzezinski for instance, Between Two Ages.  He was the head of the NSA for years; heís never really left it in fact, if you read some of the later documentation, recent documentation, and here is a man writing a book about the Technotronic ERA, one of his chapters, where he talks about a technology Ė and heís talking about electronics for warfare purposes Ė to be used on the general public, on a continentwide or worldwide basis, and keep them calm and pacified during times of emergency and so on.  He said, the public would be completely ignorant of it being used upon them.  Well you see, they are actually doing it already, coupled with the heavy spraying in the skies.  This is phenomenal; ten years now, solid, of spraying worldwide and no one has come forward to say, which air force is this? Where is the money coming from?  Itís never gone through any congress.  We do know that itís admitted to tacitly by the Canadian government because a politician from Sudbury, Ontario, demanded from the Department of Defence, in the parliament building, openly, to discuss this and he said, we donít have to discuss this, under the National Security Laws but it is being done. 


Michael:  Yeah, I mean like, basically when you have a situation where, you know, we are electromagnetic beings.  I mean, they can tune into our frequencies like turning a dial.  That technology has been around for 30 years.  They can make us happy, sad or indifferent.  I mean, when you go to some area, some rural area, where the electromagnetic junk is not all around you, it is almost like a weight drops off your shoulders.


Alan:  Well you know thereís a professor, Persinger, whoís a neuroscientist; heís at Laurentian University in Ontario, Canada.  He himself is high up there.† Now all these characters who are dealing with the brain itself and modification of the brain using drugs and electronics, are in the employ, they are definitely in the employ of your countryís secret services; thereís no doubt.  Heís been at this for years.  Heís got a video up on Google where he uses the Koren Helmet which stimulates parts of your brain and gives you the same experiences as LSD would do.  And theyíve known this for about 30 years; at least that helmet has been available to the students for 30 years Iíd say Ė so they were practicing with this kind of technology long before that.  Now, itís the same technology, itís a very low frequency, ELF wave.  You donít need high frequency or very powerful, you just need it constant and very low; thatís how the brain operates, in small electronic impulses.  HAARP is ideal for that, again, the ELF type signals, on a continent-wide scale.  So from the localized helmet to the towers across the planet, or else using the main HAARP centers Ė there are over 50 of them worldwide, 54 I think worldwide.  There is one in Iceland, one in Greenland and in other countries as well; one in Australia, Pine Gap, owned by the US military.  These things are going 24 hours a day.  Their purpose, really, apart from weather control, Iím sure it has many spring-offs, and mind control, or pacification, is another one of its uses. 


Doug:  So do you think that Aldous Huxleyís ultimate revolution, the pharmacology revolution, is already here?


Alan:  Itís already here.  They are using it.  In fact, see, the general public really donít realize this and this is the key, even for those who think they are waking up Ė a long time ago a group of people, very wealthy people, who owned the establishment of their day, decided to make war on the populace of the entire planet.  And they have been at all-out war for a long, long time.  Since the 1950s it stepped up with direct inoculations for youngsters or even 2-year-old children, now itís even younger.  They discussed techniques of getting chemicals to attack the brain, biowarfare.  There are books printed on this subject by Arthur Koestler, who, itís now admitted, declassified information, and Iíve got the books that are now printed on it, he worked for MI5 and MI6, as an author, but he also worked at the Universities with the United Nations on ways to lobotomize the brain for world peace.  He said in his own book, The Ghost in The Machine, this MUST be done to bring in world peace, but he said, basically this will destroy the individualís ability for self-preservation, but the masses wonít need it since the state will be controlling their lives or making all their decisions for them.


This was a war, a WAR, full-scale war, with drugs that you can take orally, inject into you, or go and get inoculations.  Weíre all trained to believe those inoculations are there to help us.  The rates of leukemia, cancers, arthritis, and autoimmune diseases skyrocketed from 1950 to the present time.  Autism used to be 1 in about 160,000; now itís about 1 in 5.  And we are supposed to think this is all quite natural.  What has changed in 50 years?  Mandatory inoculation was one of them.  Remember these facilities that make the inoculations are the big pharma companies, the same big pharma companies that went under the umbrella of IG Farben that set up the Nazi war machine, like Baxter Laboratories that has been in the papers recently for sending out LIVE flu vaccine, the avian flu one, by mistake supposedly.  These are the same pharmaceutical companies who are in bed with the politicians to have us all inoculated for all kinds of things.  Itís all based on faith. The doctor who gives you the injection and reads the vial, the same with the nurse, and they believe thatís whatís in that thing.  But look at the diseases we have today.  We have juvenile arthritis skyrocketing; thatís an autoimmune disease where your immune system attacks your own body, your joints.  Youíve got people getting asthma in their 40s and 50s; that was unheard of before.  Allergies in the last few years have gone up 47%, alone, and Iím sure itís because of the spraying too.  So you are being inoculated to death, and you are breathing in all of the spray thatís falling down from the skies, daily, this mush in the air.  They have altered your food.  They brought in bioweapons specialists and geneticists to make your food for you.  That makes me feel really good about the food Iím eating.  Why would they do that?  Why would they take 500-1000 genes from different species of things to put in your carrot?  You cannot trust these people at all because they have an agenda.  They canít tell the children of the world they are killing them off.  You donít tell the children bad news, you humor them.  You give them excuses when the children notice things, like why are my friends dying.  Thatís how they treat the general populace of the world.  We are under full-scale war and their agenda is out in the open. 


Michael:  Very much so.  Itís just itís sad and depraved the way these people are reacting.  But you are right.  They think they are sitting on high and that they are better than the rest of us and they have evolved and we havenít, and that, you know, they have to make the earth a paradise for themselves instead of us.  And for those of us who are left will be left to our own devices and dumbed down, mind controlled, and given the circuses to keep us occupied. 


Alan:  Absolutely.  They are at total war.† Total war was declared on us, and until we get over the hurdle of the unthinkable, and accept the unthinkable has been done to us, we have lost the battle.


Michael:  Damn straight.  You are listening to The Intel Strike Report with Alan Watt, Cutting Through The Matrix.  Weíll talk about much, much more on the other side.  Stay with us. 


Doug:† Welcome back everybody.  You are listening to The Intel Strike Report right here on the one and only Oracle Broadcasting. We are joined with Mr Alan Watt and itís always great to have Alan on especially considering the times.  We are really, really seeing the new world order, these controllers having to respond quite quickly to the internet.  Thatís why we had Senator Jay Rockefeller coming out and saying, the internet was one of the worst things that could have happened.  It was supposed to be under DARPA control and unfortunately the technology was released.  People like Michael Vail, myself, and of course Mr Alan Watt have been able to use this technology against them.  So they are definitely ramping up their game.  They have blown the economy out and they are doing their best to be able to manage the slow deflation and inflation of the economy. Alan, I want to get you take on this because I think that we have seen a lot of positive things over the last few years especially with the internet.  I think that right now people are more awake than they have ever been and we have one of the largest opportunities to wake up millions upon millions of people that are potentially very, very susceptible to not only the propaganda of the broad Obama administration but also to the idea of freedom and liberty.  Iíve seen this ramp up, Iím sure you have as well.  I just want to get your take on whatís going on right now and your viewpoint on the new world order and where they are trying to go here in the next 5-10 years.


Alan:  Well, the internet was put out there to do exactly what itís doing today; this is the thing.  Remember the Military-Industrial Complex used the internet for many years all during the Cold War.  Brzezinski, again, in that same book in the 70s, Between Two Ages, he says that shortly a technique of communication will be given to the public; then he outlines its purposes, etc.  You see, its real purpose was to get us hooked on it, to comply and voluntarily give out all our data on a continuous basis to those who control us.† In a totalitarian society everyone must be predictable.  Every citizen must be completely, 100% predictable.  Therefore they have all these studies out on what we do, and what we write and so on, who we communicate with, what do we have in common with those people around us, on the net, etc.  The hope that they had was eventually, once we were all hooked on it and thinking we canít do without it, then theyíd start to gradually, always gradually, start to reel in those sites that are a nuisance to them.  We see it starting off in Australia, where they have kicked off there, with their banned list.  If you are on the banned list you can get fined $11,000 per day if you go into those particular sites, and they wonít put out the list thatís banned so far. But you know one thing, once they have a list there, regardless of their bringing it in for pedophiles or whatever excuse they give, you know they are going to expand it.  Thatís the real reason; the real reason is never given to the public.  Suddenly youíre on a banned list and then once they shut you down no one can come into your site.  And they hope that they can bring us through this phase, they will bring in the mainstream; they have already done it with the mainstream.  They had big world meetings about bringing the mainstream media to take over the internet, and then theyíll give us lots of sex and the usual stuff, until weíll just continue giving out our personal information with emails and all that kind of stuff, and at the same time watch the trivia they throw at us.  Thatís what they really hope to do with the internet. 


Doug:  Do you think they are being successful or that we are able to, we are actually having an effect that they did not foresee?


Alan:  I donít think there is anything they donít foresee.  They have massive studies on the go all the time, on many different levels of data collection.  Just look at the RAND Corporation for instance.  The RAND Corporationís job is literally kicking off wars of conquest or for resources and then finding ways to implement it into the public psychology so that we think itís a good and justifiable war, etc.  They are the ones who advise governments on the terrorism, etc; all these laws, itís all RAND, RAND, RAND.  They went right through the Cold War advising the Western world on how to react, what to look out for, etc.  So they donít miss something like giving freedom to the people for a little while and they also know of the techniques to start roping in that freedom while keeping you addicted to it.  Itís up to the public really to create one hell of a stink.  Now most of the public really donít care.  They are in la-la land.  You know, the amazing thing about the internet was when it first was given to the public, the only thing the media let you know about it was there was lots of porn on it.  You just could not pick up a paper for about 2 years without statements like, massive porn on blah, blah, blah.  And that was advertising to get everyone into it.  And Iíve been surprised at how many people are completely addicted to the porn on the internet; they make sure you keep using it, you see.  Now youíve got a generation growing up, for half their lives, after about 20, they are used to watching porn, and they really will miss it if it goes away.  So people will stick on the internet.  They will stick into the gossip columns, and itís becoming more and more like regular, I call it trash media, from Britain.  If you look at Yahoo sites, itís just like the trash stuff; they have the sex on one side and reality on the other.  So itís horror mixed with fantasy and sex and trivia and Hollywood bimbos until nothing is real anymore.  Thatís the technique they are hoping to use, keep people stuck to it, keep people addicted to it, as long as they can keep communicating with emails and so on theyíll be quite happy. 


Doug:  Sure.  Sure.  But I do think that we are waking a lot of people up and that thatís a really good thing. 


Alan:  Absolutely.  Again too, people should definitely, if they are in contact with people, sharing information, and you know these people over a long period of time, because itís very difficult to know who you are talking to on the internet.  If you do know people you really, really trust, you should have ulterior ways of communication in the future, in case they ever start pulling it. 


Doug: Oh, absolutely, absolutely. 


Michael:  Yeah, like ham radios and different things like that.


Alan:  Ham radios and even the old way was letter writing; they HATE letters; thatís why they love emails.  They love emails where they collect all the data.  In the old days the British post office and the Canadian post offices, in all the Commonwealth countries, and the US with the CIA, had special post offices set up and if you were on the list ALL your mail was diverted there, theyíd open it, read it, copy it, put it back in a brand new envelope, and they had all the stamps of the world, theyíd stamp it on it, and send it on its way.  That took a lot of manpower and it really ticked them off.  But with the email we are helping them so, so much itís just astonishing. 


Doug:  Oh, absolutely. They donít have to steam open any envelopes or pay for postage, so they can just go ahead and use a supercomputer to collect that data and use keyword analysis to find out whatís interesting and whatís not.  Well, Alan, I want to thank you for the time, we only have a few minutes here.  Go ahead and plug your web sites, your books, any of the things that you are going to be doing here in the future.  You have the floor. 


Alan:  Yes, they can go into web site and they can download, there are over, I think itís maybe close to 700 hours of talks Iíve given in the past about this big system that controls us, completely controls us, and has the previous generations too.  I try to go into the sciences of how itís done, from their own books in fact, using their own material, to show the public itís not a conspiracy.  They have published what they wanted to do, how theyíd do it, and where they want to go with it.  They can also look into for transcripts of the same talks and they can print them up; they are in the different languages of Europe.  Or they can tune into my own show on RBN, 5 nights a week, where I try to keep up with the main news and pick the relevant topics and show them how it ties in with the whole agenda. 


Doug:  And you do a very good job at it and thatís why we love having you on the program, Alan, because right now we just see this ramp up.  Real quickly here, what do you see happening in the next year or two with the financial system and of course war?


Alan:  Well remember, the Council on Foreign Relations have a sort of a constitution you might say.  One of their purposes to set up was to get the world, thatís the people of the world, to go into a new system of SERVICE TO THE WORLD STATE; thatís in their own writings.  Remember, money is a tool to them. They have all the money in the world, since they can print it up and just basically add it into computers, in dots and dashes and there it is.  Money is a key that we must believe in, so that we can be controlled.  You see.  Eventually they will do away with money.  They want to introduce a kind of credit system dished out by government, almost like rations to you, into an account that you will have, an electronic account.  Russell and other ones went through this process of what they will bring in.  They will use it for social punishment, withdraw your credits if you donít comply or you are socially antagonistic to their system. 


Doug:  And they are doing that through welfare right now in the United States, getting people really used to this system. 


Alan:  Absolutely.  They always use those who have no voice.  They start with fingerprinting for welfare, and then it spreads into your ID cards worldwide. They are bringing in a new system of welfare and testing out for drugs, mandatory drug testing will go into the unemployed as well, and that will spread all through society.  So everything starts with those at the bottom, who have no voice, or the elderly or the very young.


Michael:  Alan, I want to thank you for your time and weíll have you on as soon as your schedule lets.   I appreciate you coming on the show.


Alan:  I appreciate being on with you.  I look forward to it. 



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