March 28th, 2009

Alan Watt as Guest on
"The Secret Truth"
with George Butler

(2 Hours)
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The Secret Truth.  Through forgiveness we awaken.  Transforming information and knowledge into wisdom.  And now our co-host Charlotte Littlefield and George Butler.


George Butler: Welcome to the Secret Truth, Iím George Butler along with Charlotte Littlefield Brown.  Sheíll be joining us a little bit later.  Sheís got some late business tonight.  But Charlotte will be with us at the beginning of the second segment or a little bit later.  I want to tell you a little bit about Alan Watt.  Heís a fine guest that we have this evening, and this guy is a truth seeker unlike anyone Iíve ever encountered.  Heís an expert in the field of ideas, world systems, parapolitics, and heís truly seeking the truth.  And heís written some very, very insightful things.  His site is  He has a body of knowledge about occultism and world systems that bar none is the best.  He tries to bring people out of this conditioned state.  When he was young, he avoided some of that conditioning, and that enabled him to develop quite a world view, and his view is right on.  Welcome to our program, Alan Watt.


Alan Watt: Itís a pleasure to be on, George. 


George: Boy, Iíll tell you, things are really, where shall we start Alan?  Thereís so much out there.


Alan: You canít keep up.  Yeah, you canít keep up with it, can you? 


George: I know.  Itís just so overwhelming, isnít it?  I mean, itís dynamic.  This G20, you know, thatís basically what we have lined up to talk about tonight.  What do you see happening over there on the G20, whatís going on? 


Alan: I think one of the first big meetings that the G20 had to do with globalism had big demonstrations a few years ago, and I noticed at the time that the heads of the G20 suggested, it was interesting, they suggested that some of the NGO leaders be brought up to join their panel discussions.  Now, these NGO leaders that they chose were from the same foundation-backed NGOs that belonged to the United Nations.  In other words theyíre bringing on board their own employees to an extent, to make it sound as though this is a new type of democracy.  And I think after the riots, which they will have and theyíve predicted theyíre going to have, in fact, I think that the militarized police and the establishment want that to happen.  Theyíll come out with some new type of suggestion of a new system, and the NGOs will unfortunately, the organized NGOs, the well financed ones, will demand exactly what the bankers want, which is a world currency, and a new type of system.  But itís still going to be run by the same international bankers that lend money to the rest of the world today.  So nothing really changes except the cover, once again.  And weíll be under a worse form of tyranny, because, you see at Bretton Woods, when they created the first sort of off the gold standard system, during World War II, John Maynard Keynes said, this is part 1, he says it will last for about 50-odd years.  He says, we wonít see it in our lifetime, our plans come to fruition, he says, but part 2 will happen.  And part 2 was to do with a new World System, where the people will be born to serve the World System; that will be your function.  And government will be in collusion with banks, and dish out a sort of a credit system to every citizen. Thatís their ideal Utopia, and unfortunately I think out of this organized chaos thatís to come, thatís how theyíre going to guide us into exactly what they plan to do.  Bretton Woods Part 2, with a world currency.  The same bankers at the top, they own the World Bank.  People donít realize that the World Bank really is just a conglomeration of the same international bankers.  Thatís where they meet and loan out money to the nations.  So youíre going to give them full status, full power to create debt for the whole planet, put us all down, every person on the planet as the guarantor for every loan.  And it will be worse than we have today.  So, I think theyíll get exactly what they want and the biggest well-financed NGOs backed by the foundations, which are owned by the same bankers, will probably get put into the limelight, as the new stars to lead this new system to where they want it to go.


George: You know, thatís a very good insight.  You know what, Iíve looked over the list of people that demonstrated today.  Supposedly they had, I think according to police estimates, 35,000 demonstrators in the streets of London, but when you look at those demonstrators and the groups that they represented, a lot of those are working on international types of goals, are they not?


Alan: You see, this is where theyíre going to couple this whole international world citizenship idea and the World Bank, with sustainability.  Itís exactly what Rockefeller has been pushing his entire life, sustainability, and all the other big foundations, because itís one group, really, all these foundations are one group, and sustainability is the big key.  Now, under sustainability, theyíre going to control your life from birth to death, with carbon taxes, what you can buy, what you can dispose of, etc, etc, literally how you live, and tax you for the very air you breathe.  Iím not kidding.  This is whatís coming down the pike, and these NGOs that you saw today were mainly the green types, that are all financed by the foundations.  These NGOs are not little grassroots organizations, working out of kitchens and so on.  They have their own office towers and full-time staff, and computers and so on, and theyíre financed.  And they have pension plans and so on, and theyíre financed as I say directly from Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford and the Rothschild Institutes.


George: You know, when I looked over the list it looked like it to me, it had a heavy Marxist, Communist following there, many of these groups.  Did that come out of the Fabian Society, way back in the 1880s?  Did they actually begin this Collectivist Left in the U.K.?


Alan: The Fabian Society, you see, what you have, itís almost like, Iíll tell you what itís copied on actually, is the Catholic Church.  Itís a copy of a group of eugenicists who set up; theyíll set up an organization such as the Cecil Rhodes foundation, which blossomed after joining with the Alfred Milner or Lord Alfred Milnerís group of round table society into the Royal Institute for International Affairs, which is the British version of the CFR.  Theyíre brothers.  Itís the same organization as the CFR.  And their whole idea was to create a world society with world citizenship, where the individual will be born to serve the world state.  And their idea was to bring in free trade, worldwide, with this British democracy idea, knowing that democracy was a front.  People have never had democracy, because you still have this ruling elite that bypasses parliament, these foundations and bankers and so on.  And the Royal Institute of International Affairs, or the Milner group, was set up by bankers.  Milner himself was a banker.  These guys created wars.  Now, Carroll Quigley, Professor Carroll Quigley, that was Bill Clintonís mentor, and others, he chose them for Rhodes scholarships for World Government.  He said in his own book, Tragedy and Hope, that the Royal Institute of International Affairs-CFR, has often been misidentified as being Communist, because they seem to be bringing in a Communistic system, and now that is correct.  But above the Communistic system, to run the general public, youíll have an elitist group.  So for the public, youíll be run under a Collectivist system, exactly what the Club of Rome, another branch, as I say, it was modeled after the Catholic Church, so you have the Fabians specializing in one side of it, like a monastery.  You have a different set of friars running the Club of Rome, and all the other think tanks are like another bunch of other friars you see.  This is how they do it, but they all really work together.  Theyíre specialists in their own areas but they all work together at annual meetings.  This is how they set up this idea to have a global governmental system.  As I say, eugenics is behind it.  They do believe that the masses of people are inferior to themselves at the top.  In their own writings theyíve discussed this, how they have evolved more then the average person.  You can read that from the Huxleys, who belonged to these groups, and they plan to start depopulating the world into a manageable level.  This is all part of the one system that weíre on, right now.


George: Itís social engineering taken to an nth degree.  Weíre going to talk a little bit about the poor laws of England when we come back.  Weíll be right back.  Thank you very much, Alan.


(Commercial Break)


George: Welcome back to the Secret Truth.  Welcome back, Alan Watt.


Alan: Itís a pleasure to be here, George.


George: You know, the poor laws, was that an earlier endeavor and social experiment in England to see how they could classify people into different groups and manage them?


Alan: They had already done it, long before that.  I mean, England was your typical feudal system, where there was only really two classes, and that was the Lords, serving the King, in a descending order, down to the overlord over the land, your particular area.  And the serf was just the ordinary person; the commoner was another term for it.  And the serf was bought and sold with the land.  So you had no rights whatsoever as a serf, in fact, the Lords could kill you, and there was no laws on the books to try them for anything.  He called you a villein in fact.  The word villein is also for a serf.  You could never be noble, because you were born from the commoners.  So, the poor laws came in, because they had massive, not just demonstrations but riots at some point in the medieval times.  Over the centuries in fact, you had the diggers and different ones, because they were trying to get their land back.  The commoners were left with only a strip generally in every borough, or shire as they called the areas, where they could grow their own food.  The rest of the time they had to work on the lands for the lords.  And over time, the lords were taking more and more of the commons lands, as they called the commons, and leaving them with nothing.  And so they had riots, and so on.  So the answer was to come out with the poor laws.  Now the poor laws, really were not, itís like everything in doublespeak.  Weíve got to understand how these guys at the top work.  It wasnít to help the poor, it was to start to eliminate the poor.  They created work houses, so when you became sick or whatever, or your husband died, or your wife died, or whatever it was, or you lost your job, they put you in the poor house.  And people like Thomas Malthus, who was a eugenicist, and he was an economist for the British government, said that they could maybe put them in the poor house, work them very hard, give them a specific, very small diet, restricted diet, and also put them very close to each other, because with lice carrying disease back and forth, if they were on the floor, about two feet was good, because theyíd come down with different kinds of diseases.  He also advocated that they put these poor houses in swampy areas to make them as unhealthy as possible.  So it was a form of killing off the useless eaters, basically. 


George: Right, the vagrants or beggars, sometimes they term these people dirty rogues.  The group was also termed, the idle poor, is that.  Man, I tell you.


Alan: Thatís right.  The term they used in Britain was the unfortunates.  The poor unfortunates, and really they meant useless eaters amongst themselves. 


George: Do you think that the Fabian Society has worked to really, to slow down a revolution in the U.K., that might come from that left, collective left?


Alan: No, no, in fact, the Fabian Society is one of the leaders of the Collective Left.  The Left Wing donít realize that the Fabian Society that was set up, pretending itís out there for the workers and so on, is run by the elite themselves, and paid for by the elite themselves.  You have to go into the writings of Sidney and Beatrice Webb, who set out their manifesto for the Fabian Society.  They were all eugenicists.  They had H.G. Wells as one of the founders as well.  You had different authors that were paid to write novels along the lines of eugenics, etc, which they did, as founders as well.  They wanted to bring the world down to a manageable population, and once again, they wanted a collectivist system to rule the bureaucrats over the public, while they themselves had almost a brand new feudalism of the intelligentsia at the top.  They call themselves the natural aristocracy. 


George: So, okay.  That was just a little idea that I came up with, that you know, what you do to forestall or keep a riot or a revolution from happening, then you organize those possible revolutionaries.  You see thatís the point I was trying to make.  And then you grow them into something that you want them to be, right?  Is that sort of it?


Alan: Thatís right.  In fact, the previous Prime Minister of Britain, Blair, and the present one, Brown, are both members of the Fabian Society.  Theyíre also members as well of the Socialist International.  They are internationalists; in fact Brown has said it openly at the European meetings.  So, here you are, voting in Fabians, whose goal, just like Cecil Rhodes, because theyíre all part of the same group of the Royal Institute on International Affairs, this umbrella group.  Their goal is to bring us in, almost like sheep, with a dozen sheepdogs.  Each one of these societies represents a sheep dog, pushing us into the corral at the same time.  Thatís really what they are.  And so theyíve got ones for the Right Wing, ones for the Left Wing, and ones for all types in between.  And theyíre pushing us all into the same sheep pen.  Thatís how itís done. 


George: Okay.  One thing I noticed within this group, of activist and protesters today, Iíve been looking at their sites.  Now they have a different slant now, itís a more vicious slant against bankers, and money and banking and finance, more than Iíve ever seen.  Has this thing evolved a little bit different and become dangerous for these elitists or not?


Alan: Well, there are groups that they donít control.  And these are the ones theyíre labeling anarchists.  Anyone whoís not belonging to an official, paid NGO, well financed NGO, is therefore an anarchist.  So there are what they call anarchists out there who want to abolish the banking system altogether.  You do have Marxists there as well.  And I also got a letter today from one of the groups, and what theyíre demanding is that they create the international currency, which is exactly what the boys at the top want.  Again, this will appear to the public as though the people have demanded; they use these NGOs as speaking on behalf of the people, even though we donít vote them in, but thatís how it appears to the public, and theyíll say, the people have spoken.  They want an international currency, and they want sustainability; thatís what theyíll tell us.


George: Yeah, they were seated in with those ideas a while back.  What is the University of East London?  Is that a bastion of the Collective Left? 


Alan: Theyíre all connected.  In fact, Oxford really set up even the London School of Economics.  Each one is specialized in their own area, and I always notice that the ones who get sent off to the London School of Economics, when they go back to their own countries, end up leading separatist movements.  Thatís often what they do.  We had that happen with Quebec in Canada.  The guy who became the first leader for separatism, who used to belong to the Republican party, or Conservative party, broke off.  He was London School of Economics, and he became the leader for the Separatist group.  So they play this Left/Right game all along.  They run both sides of everything.


George: Do you think that this delusion that this Collectivist Left is entrenched in, or is, you know, mesmerized by, can some of those people come out of this with their new knowledge of the way money is created from out of thin air and stuff?  Could they possibly start moving out of that old paradigm into something thatís more enlightened?


Alan: It would take older people to do it, and hereís the kick with it.  Since the 1950s, Bernays and all these boys who gave us the cultures, for the 50s, 60s, right up until the present time, created a youth culture.  Youíre no one if youíre over 20 or 30.  Thatís really how it is.  And because theyíve always used the youth for revolutions, now most revolutions are bloodless, theyíre not bloody, theyíre social revolutions.  And what weíre seeing now is a social revolution run by the big boys at the top, and financed by them too. 


George: So youíre saying theyíre picking up those key people, putting them on these committees, and theyíre going to have some input, right, for the New World Order.  (Laughter)


Alan: That would be the new type of democracy.


George: Yeah, true democracy.  Weíll be right back.  Thank you, Alan Watt.


(Commercial Break)


George: Welcome back to the Secret Truth.  Iím George Butler.  Charlotte Littlefield Brown will join us a little bit later.  Welcome back, Alan Watt.


Alan: Yeah, itís good to be here.


George: They make it sound so like weíre really practicing democracy, and we all love each other, and weíre all going to get down the road and create a brand new world order and a new society.  Is that sort of the hustle out there?


Alan: Thatís it.  In fact, you see, the students who are protesting are already conditioned with sustainability, the greening, and how we must reduce the population.  Thatís all part of it, regardless of where theyíre coming from with their other demands.  Theyíre already conditioned with scientific indoctrination over many years.  So what they will demand will be coupled with the agenda that the Rockefellers and so on actually have been advocating all along.  And it will suit the boys at the top.  We never get what we want because weíre guided in and led by the leaders that are supplied for us to follow. 


George: Hey, Iíve got a new word.  Matrix-tosis, okay?  Itís the disease of being in the Matrix.  What do you think?


Alan: Thatís right.  Some people will actually get into one of the Matrix rooms and think, like Platoís Cave, this is the real one.  They say, Iíll just stay here.


George: Yeah, right. (Chuckle) Hey tell us about your website and what you have there, and when you broadcast on your radio program.  Tell the listening audience a little bit about what your activities are. 


Alan: Basically Iíve written about this system that we live in, and how religion has been used, and all religions actually have been used, even if they start off genuinely, and many of them do, theyíre taken over quickly by the dominant minority, in every generation.  And those are always the ones who control the money system.  And then they use those same things, the religions, against the people, or over the people, to keep them to be peaceable and happy, and not to rebel.  Thatís been used for so long.  So, I write about that, I give some of the histories of that, and money as well.  Money is an amazing thing, this abstract oddity that our lives all depend upon, and yet we have no input into the value of it, or any of it in fact.  Itís so remote, itís like dealing with bankers.  Bankers, international bankers are like men from Pluto.  Theyíre so far away from us.  They never speak to us, and the value of the pennies in your pocket go up and down like a yo-yo, according to some odd, mystical market, that you have nothing to do with.  This is the con thatís been pulled for the generations, and I write about this, and I put it in my books as well, some of the histories, and the ancient histories of money as well, and how it was used in ancient times, even then to bring in a world order.  The Phoenicians for instance, were setting up, it wasnít just to do with trade.  They were going over the Mediterranean and across the Middle East there, establishing colonies everywhere, with the same type of Free Trade system, in a sense that theyíre bringing up today.  The difference being, I donít know if itís a difference, but they were setting up literally slave colonies.  Each town or place, or little city, was a colony where they made a particular good for export only, and the bankers were always the middle men who owned the factories, who owned everything, and itís like a factory town they set up everywhere.  Free trade came into it.  And they were also putting out their own money across the ancient world, the standardized coin and the standard weight, etc.  So it was a standardization, thatís the key to everything, standardization across the ancient world.  Today theyíre doing the same thing on a global system, and thatís why they want to bring in, you see, from the bankersí point of view, they always wanted Central Banks.  When Central Banks were established, the governments then are used to collect the payment from the taxpayers.  Thatís why they wanted Central Banks.  Thatís why it was a prime tenet of the Marxist Manifesto.


George: Yeah, Marxist Manifesto, thatís one of the ten planks isnít it?


Alan: Yes, because it benefits the bankers, otherwise the bankers would have to go around door to door trying to collect the tax money off you, as they had in the old days.  And thatís what they did in medieval England and Europe.  Therefore, the next step to that is to get a World Bank, and a World Government, running over the public, that will be even more efficient.  They wonít have to go through individual nationsí central banks to get the cash back from the taxpayer.  Youíll have the authority of a World Governmental system, where your countryís government will be a province, just a little province, at the bottom of the totem pole.  And of course, it will be enforced from the top, right down, but ultimately, we at the bottom are the only ones, itís true what Marx said, the only people who make things are the people who actually make things.  Thatís the only value there is.  Everything else is taxation off of the public.  Weíre slaves.  We are slaves, and people really donít realize that.  We are slaves.


George: But itís sophisticated, and itís hidden, and weíre caught up in a Matrix, and I mean, you have the intellectuals, and they get lost in all the intellectualism, right.


Alan: Yes, and that again, is what Charles Galton Darwin, in the 1950s, in his book called The Next Million Years, about eugenical society run by the elite, that he spoke for, he was a member of them.  He said in his own book, he says, we, in the 1950s, weíre creating a new, more sophisticated form of slavery, because slavery has always existed.  And thatís what weíre living through.  They simply call it taxation, and the government there that you think you elect is not yours at all.  Theyíre all placed in there, those boys that are vetted, and they put bills through every day, they donít even read them, which create more and more taxes.  You are the slave, and thatís the bottom line to it, as simple as that. 


George: But they put out a lot of pleasure-filled things too, right, and sort of like they mesmerize and they make people feel good, because people donít feel good, do they, about themselves sometimes, do they?


Alan: Youíre in a society, again, Bernays, the nephew of Freud and these boys, they ran American society, and thereís videos Iíve mentioned, very well done ones by the BBC on the history of the creation of American and Western culture by these scientific engineers of socialism.  But they also created the commercial system of consumerism.  The whole idea was to make every person feel...


George: Okay, I think we lost Alan Watt there.  Okay, weíre going to get him right back up.  Weíre talking tonight.  We started out talking about the G20 thatís just concluded the march today in England, in downtown London.  They started at the embankment there at the Temple Bank, and they marched, which is in the financial sector of London, itís called the City of London, and when we get Alan back up, weíre going to talk a little bit about that financial center too.  Anyway, they started the march there, and it was like a serpentine through the streets.  It wound around, all down into the downtown area of London, and by Big Ben and the Westminster Abbey, in that area there, and then it diverted up to the North, and then eventually, it went to Hyde Park.  They had approximately 150 organizations.  The Salvation Army was out there.  You had all kinds of ecological groups, ecology groups.  You had Green Peace.  You had all kinds of Left Groups, far to the left, some.  You had the anarchists marching.  I feared that this protest movement in England, in London, and it started today, and itís going to continue on through the G20 meeting, could turn violent.  They have other protests planned in downtown London, across from Thread Needle Street, is where the Bank of England is located.  And they have a big demonstration planned on April 1st 2009, right in front of the Bank of England.  I just donít think theyíre going to allow them into the area, and theyíre going to blockade off the streets.  Now, thatís where there might be some confrontations, because there are some anarchists out there, that you know are hellbent on really making, doing some acts, I mean some action things they call them.  So this could get violent later.  Today, I believe you had a lot of well intentioned people demonstrating, and I think itís like what Alan Watt was saying earlier in our conversation, is that what theyíve done through the Fabian society, theyíve created the Marxist/Communist left.  Theyíre managing those people.  Okay, weíre going to be taking a break here.  And weíll be coming right back, for our final segment.  Weíre going to open the phones up at the top of the hour, after we come back from the top of the hour break.  So you all get ready to start dialing in, and give us some calls, and Alan will be more than happy if heís here to answer your calls.  Otherwise Iíll take your calls.  Thank you.


(Commercial Break)


George: Welcome back to the Secret Truth.  Iím George Butler.  Charlotte Littlefield Brown will be joining us later.  Welcome back, Alan Watt.


Alan: Yeah, Iím glad to be on.  I got cut off there.  Sources unknown.


George: Yeah.  Could you take some callers?  Weíve got a caller that jumped our gun a little bit, would you like to take a caller here?


Alan: Yes, letís try one.


George: Okay, Frank from New York, whatís your question for Alan Watt. 


Frank: Good evening, gentlemen.  Yes, Alan.  Recently thereís been, I didnít know if you were over to the World Economic Forum in Davos, earlier this year, but at the event, itís rather interesting, the newfound power that Russia has with its strong gold reserves and strong currency, and China with its tremendous balance of trade payments, not only with the United States but with the European Community, really asserted their selves, and theyíre demanding actually a new reserve currency, or a new world currency, actually changing the make-up after 1971, when Nixon took the U.S. off the gold standard in the Bretton Woods, I guess agreement or formulation.  You know, itís really interesting, because I think within the next year, we will see the Central Banks want to do two things.  One, both Russia and China right now have tremendous unreported gold reserves, that could enter into the financial system, and not only boost their currencies, but at the same time allow many of the individuals that have been wanting to purchase gold that havenít been able to, due to the scarcity of it.  And number two, in a sense, it would be a shift away from the City of London / New York matrix, regarding the finance, and I think the world is ready for that.  We in the United States, may not be.


Alan: Hereís the con though.  Itís the same boys who run the City of London who run the banks in Russia, and run China as well.


Frank: Oh, I know that.  They all run the Central Banks.


Alan: In fact, they asked China to come forward, so it would appear to be another player for the first time, asking for this global currency.  The boys that run China are totally up to their eyeballs in owing stuff personally to the international bankers.† It was so interesting, when Russia supposedly went down and suddenly changed its coat, to see that the top banker in Russia, with his own little private army escorting him out of the country, went over to see his cousin, Lord Rothschild, and he took millions of dollars with him at that time.  You see, they ran the Soviet system from London, and they run the present government of Russia from London as well.  So, it doesnít matter who they get to come forward and demand the new system.  It could be Tonga for all it cares really, as long as it appears to be a foreign country out of the playing group that comes forward and asks for this global currency.  And the IMF, remember, when it was set up, was to be the front group for the World Bank.† And the head of the IMF came out, just two or three days ago in the paper, saying, this new currency probably will be out in about two months.


Frank: Thatís correct.  Itís a special drawing reserve currency.  Thatís what I think theyíre calling it.  But no, I understand that, and the fact too, itís interesting regarding the banks.  The first time ever a Rothschild bank is allowing partners outside of the families to be in the bank.  And 23% of one of their banks is Chinese owned, which is very interesting.  So, I mean, weíre seeing also a dynamic there.  Iím not at all surprised with that, but I donít think it will be the United States, or the EU demanding the currency.  I think it will be the other parts of the world, represented by those two spheres of influence.  The Asian sphere of influence, dominated by China, and I think, what would be Eurasia, regarding Russia, or the former Soviet Union.  And I think theyíre powerful enough with their assets right now and their resources, and letís face it, most of Europe and the United States are dependent upon the industrial base in China.  So in a sense they seem to have the cards.


Alan: Yes, because under the GATT Treaty, we set up China.† We set up modern China, I shouldnít say we, I should say the globalists themselves, the same bankers who run the politicians and the Western world, set up GATT to create China, and even in the CFRís own talks, they said eventually the U.S. will run the world for about 50 years, and then it will push/fail, push/fail, and then wither right down.  China is then to take over the lead as the world policeman.  Thatís in their own writings.  This is all planned this way.


Frank: Oh, yes.  And I remember in 1980, the Trilateral Commission with their five-year series of meetings, called Democracy Must Work, and they defined democracy not just as, I guess a historical idea or concept politically, but as an economic form, which was the five trading blocs.


Alan: Thatís it.


Frank: Correct.  So, I mean, there appears to be nothing that we can do about it.  We, according to Dr. Quigley, whom I met many years ago at Georgetown, the Tragedy and Hope in the title, the tragedy is for people not to allow the enlightened world makers and shakers to do their thing.


Alan: He believed in it.


Frank: And that is the hope for mankind according to Quigley.  So the tragedy would be those that decide to protest this or disengage from it.


Alan: Thatís right.  I mean, Quigley himself didnít object to any of their plans, the CFR.  Well, a few of them...


Frank: He was actually hired to sort of write the history.  In fact, he had access to the documents.


George: Do you think they brought it out purposely through Quigley to start talking about it publicly?


Frank: Oh, of course.  I remember as an undergrad, reading Quigley back in the 1970s, in the early 1970s, and you know for those sort of in the area of international affairs or banking finance, I mean, we read that.  He was considered probably the most accurate economic historian of the 20th century.  Yet, how many people know of that?  And his influence with Bill Clinton was profound.  Every Rhodes scholar has to be a superb athlete, but Clinton wasnít.


George: The key to this, and I think Alan might agree, it was not required reading in economics classes at the University was it?


Frank: Well, it depends.  It depends which University and who your professor was.


George: Well, I mean, it wasnít nationwide for sure, right. 


Frank: No, it wasnít absolutely, not.


George: So, they didnít have much of a distribution through the university system with that book.


Frank: But I will say this.  I certainly read his work, at the Graduate Faculty at the New School for Social Research in the 70s and 80s, so Iím not at all surprised that, you know, many others havenít read it or have read it.  Thank you very much.


George: Okay, Frank, thank you very much.


Alan: Plus too, Carroll Quigley also was an advisor to the State Office and so on, in other countries, ethnic origins, cultures, etc.  So he was up there.  And he also advised the military on different things.  He wasnít just a little professor into his own little branch of economics or history.  He understood a wide range of topics, and he was well sought after.  He was a globalist.  He did believe that the intelligentsia had the right, basically, to rule the general population.  Now remember too, in his own works, he said that the system, of this intelligentsia, with the bankers, etc, would form a new feudal system, with the CEOs of international corporations being the new feudal overlords.  And the people would be run in a collectivist system, beneath them.  That tallies exactly with the Club of Romeís publication where the founders wrote in their book, The First Global Revolution, that we looked at all the systems of the world, and the one we most favor is collectivism.  Thatís why itís often mistaken for being Communistic.  It is Communistic to run the masses of the public, but itís run by an intelligentsia, and the bankers at the top, a feudal system.


George: You know how I see it?  They create this collective, however you want to describe it, with whatever ism, but then theyíre going to dole out these benefit programs, and these entitlements, and they keep everybody in line through that system, right?


Alan: Well, youíll be a slave to it.


George: Yeah, thatís it.  Itís feudalism, and they give you this, they give you this, they ration this.  They put you on a program if youíre a good little boy.  If youíre not, they drop you out of there.  They starve you to death, right?


Alan: You will have no life of your own.  No decision making of your own.  Youíll be told what drugs to take if they say youíre hyper or whatever from childhood onwards.  Thatís the system they want.


George: They sort of doctor you into the grave now, donít they?  (Chuckle)


Alan: They do.


George: They administer medical treatment, iatrogenesis, is that the word?  Which means the inducement of illness or death through medical treatment.


Alan: Yes, and once again, weíre watching more and more lobbyists getting their way through government, theyíre all on the payrolls, to get the public drugged.  Again, going back to Aldous Huxley, he said, whatís wrong with drugging the public to get peace, he says, most folk are unhappy anyway.  So they create apathy, unhappiness, and then they give you the solution, until you canít think straight anymore. 


George: Yeah, I mean, boy.  Theyíve got it worked out, donít they?


Alan: They do.


George: I tell you, itís a diabolical.  But now, are people going to wake up and come out of this, Alan?  Theyíre beginning to, will there be enough of them?


Alan: You need to get more people who are older as well Ė forget this youth culture stuff Ė people who have wisdom and experience and memory of how things have gone.  The young donít have that experience.


George: Iíve got you.  Weíre going to play a clip when we come back from William Grieder, and itís an interesting thing that Moyers had on Friday night.  And then weíll discuss that a little bit, and weíll take some calls.  So, you all start calling in to our number 1-800, and let me get that number, just a second.  Anyway, call into us, and weíll get that number to you at the top of the hour.  Let me get it, just a second here.  I always forget that number.


Hour 2


George: Welcome back to the Secret Truth.  This is the beginning of the second hour.  Welcome back, Alan Watt. 


Alan: Pleased to be here.


George: Okay, weíve got Jake.  Heís an Aussie from down under.  Whatís your question for Alan Watt?


Jake: I wanted to ask Alan, do you think literally, itís possible that Americans have lost all the territory they gained in the American War of Independence?


Alan: Absolutely, yeah.


George: What do you see happening from here?† What do you see going on down in Australia?  Whatís happening down there?


Jake: Iím from Australia, and I left Australia because I couldnít listen to the English lunacy anymore.  Just people in the street, broadcasts over the radio about terrorism, and so I went to Brazil, where I wouldnít understand anything. 


George: And what was Brazil like?


Jake: Well, itís a different country, man, but it was a damn sight better than what I was having to put up with in Australia.


George: Oh, I see, are you calling from Brazil, now, or what?


Jake: Yeah, Iím calling from Sao Paulo.  I talked to your guys, but I think the connection was broken up at the time, sorry.


George: Okay, well youíre coming through.


Jake: Alan, about that, you know, theyíve really, how many people, could be hundreds of thousands, died in the American War of Independence, and itís like youíve lost that, you know.  And if America falls, Australia is going to fall.  Canada will fall.  Britain will fall.  Everyone, you know, is looking to America.  Iím fighting at America with, you know, trying to wake people up.  My targets are always Americans, in my activism.  But literally, all that blood for nothing now, isnít it?  Theyíve given it all back.


Alan: What youíve got, is again, a piece of paper, and the next generation comes along, and they think itís already been done.  Itís like the death of Jesus Christ.  Itís done, so we donít have to do anything anymore.  The bankers were in right away, right away, reestablishing themselves. And now youíre voting for multi-millionaires on either side, either party, who all belong to the same class.  Who all have the shares in the same big international corporations.  Theyíve all been CEOs of big corporations, generally lawyers, and so theyíre a different class of Americans. They see themselves as America, and they see the rest of the public as simply the base for taxation to fulfill all their little projects across the globe.  So yeah, itís well and truly over.  You cannot fix something thatís completely corrupt.  You canít fix it, unfortunately.  This idea of even fixing the monetary system by a new world currency is just bandaging up the old, until weíre under even worse tyranny by the same internationalists as we have now.  Politicians, pretty well, as weíve seen, more openly over the last few elections in all countries, including the U.S., are completely international.  And Obama, for instance, kept talking about world citizenship, right out of the CFR and Mr. Rockefellerís manifesto.  He gives out world citizenship awards to all the top newscasters that become your daddies.  We grow up watching them, and believing everything that they say.  Weíve been run by internationalists, my entire life, in every country on the planet. 


George: Okay, does that answer your question there?


Jake: Well, yeah, pretty much.  I think we all know the answer.


Alan: Well, I understand too, the problem with Australia, Australiaís just like Britain, where the people now are so cowed and scared of their own police forces, which are militarized, and they rove in packs by the way, on the motorways, etc, and theyíre allowed to hunt the public.  And what they call crime, is generally tickets for low air in your tire and stuff like that.  I mean, the public are terrified now of their own police, etc, which are thoroughly, as I say, militarized.  And the public are all under suspicion, being monitored like owned stock, like cattle basically.  Weíre monitored like the farmer would monitor his own stock.  Thatís what we are, right now.  And as he says, heís in Brazil.  He sees things from a different perspective.  Heís not being spied upon, watched upon.  I understand what heís saying here.  The Western world and all the way to the Far East and Australia, is under the same world system of totalitarianism, and we canít allow it to go any further.  We must get rid of this whole system right now, and find something new.


George: Okay, well thank you.


Jake: Well, I was just going to say, itís coming to Brazil, you can see it.  Itís in television format.  But itís not here yet, itís they have police where they donít care about anything.  They wonít arrest you for anything, for drink driving, for not having your seatbelt on, for anything, unless youíre dealing, the only thing they care about is cocaine.  The only reason they care about cocaine is because theyíre involved in it.  Right?  But other than that, itís a damn sight short of what I left, and thatís why I left.  And thereís a lot of Americans actually fleeing America now.  Theyíre going to Argentina.  Theyíre going to Brazil.


Alan: Thatís right.


George: Okay, well thank you for your call.  Youíre dropping out on us a little bit there.  We certainly appreciate your call from Brazil.  And call us again.  Thank you very much for your call.  Thereís an interview here, listen to this.  William Grieder was interviewed by Bill Moyers, last Friday.  Listen just a second.


Moyers:  As you know, earlier this week treasury secretary Timothy Geithner proposed a mass expansion of government authority that would crack down hard on Wall Streetís reckless behavior.  Just in time it seems.  You could almost hear the mob in the streets of Washington as he spoke.  Popular anger was beginning to evoke unhappy images among Washington elites of the French Revolution.  Guillotine, no.  On the op-ed page of Sundayís Washington Post, William Grieder, the veteran political reporter of four decades, suggested a glass half full.  He wrote that the publicís rage has great potential for restoring a functioning democracy.  Timely invention by the people could save the country from some truly bad ideas now circulating in Washington and on Wall Street.  Perhaps no journalist better understands the intertwining twists and turns of government and money, the collision of capitalism and democracy, than William Grieder.  He wrote the definitive account of the Federal Reserve System, Secrets of the Temple.  In the spirit of Thomas Paine, he produced Who Will Tell the People, followed it with The Soul of Capitalism, and now, Come Home America: The Rise and Fall, and Redeeming Promise of Our Country.  Bill Grieder, welcome back to the Journal.


Grieder: Thank you, Bill.


Moyers: We saw Secretary Geithner on Monday.  We saw President Obama on Tuesday night.  We saw Secretary Geithner again on Thursday.  And the storyline seems to be, weíre going to get tough on the financial industry.  Your old newspaper, the Washington Post says, calls it a sweeping expansion of federal authority of the financial system, a rebuke of raw capitalism, and a reassertion that regulation is critical to the healthy function of financial markets.  Thatís the storyline as I read the week.  But if you read between the lines, whatís missing?


Grieder: Well, among other things that are missing from that story is that we had the rules and regulations, the agencies created some eighty years ago, and afterwards, to prevent this sort of catastrophe, and these same political players, Republicans and Democrats holding hands, strip them away, eviscerated them, the same agencies these reformers want to put in power to prevent this from happening again, starting with the Federal Reserve, that the Securities Exchange Commission, other regulators, utterly failed in their duty to do that.  Now weíre going to give them new power?  Iím offering a breath of skepticism.


George: Okay, Alan Watt, that was a little bit of Grieder.  William Grieder criticizing the Obama administration.  Weíre going to take another break here, and then weíll be right back for our next segment, and what do you think?  I mean this Grieder thing, he comes from that intellectual, you know what I mean, pool of writers.  But at least itís good to refer to.  What do you think?


Alan: Well, itís true.  Heís just stating the obvious.


George: Yeah, right.  Okay, weíll be right back.


(Commercial Break)


George: Welcome back to the Secret Truth.  Iím George Butler.  Welcome back, Alan Watt. 


Alan: Iím happy to be here.


George: Let me ask you a question.  Weíre not going to play any more of that clip.  Basically, what he says is that the Obama administration is falling into the same cozy thing with the bankers and the Fed and all that.  Anyway.  What about this Patriot movement?  Is it trying to be sidetracked by different influences over the last year?  Have there been influences out there that have tried to take the so-called Patriot movement and morph it and turn it, and redirect it into different directions?


Alan: More than a year, the Patriot movement, I mean, the Big Boys donít sit back and allow things to happen that theyíre not in control of.  They try to get their boys in there and waylay it, and Bo Gritz was one of the masters of that.  He had his own short wave Patriot station for years.  And he was supposedly the most decorated Vietnam Veteran, etc, etc, who left, in his own words, the Pentagon with hip-pocket orders.  And right after 9/11, just after he came off the short wave radio, on the Patriot side, with a Patriot program, he on the Congressional steps in Washington blamed the blowing up of the towers right away, the next day, on those crazy wacko, black-helicopter-seeing Patriots, that are on short wave radio.  He didnít mention that he was one of them.  So, theyíve had their infiltrators in for a while.  Theyíve also put in the New Age there, until itís so fantastic with aliens and all the rest of it, that if you stick to the facts, and you try to keep to the facts, with the histories, people have heard about the alien stuff and they classify you along with the wackos.  So thatís called counter-intelligence.  Thatís to be expected, because as I say, the Big Boys donít let things happen, they try and control every facet of society, to make sure their plans will go ahead as projected.


George: I see a heavy influence from the East, from Hinduism.  Do you notice that thereís a heavy flavor of that, that has permeated some of this Patriot movement?


Alan: Oh, absolutely.  Itís coming in big time too.  And you also have, itís a Freemasonic influence, a higher Freemasonic influence.  Most Freemasons donít even know it themselves.  Once they get up the ranks in Freemasonry, youíre introduced into the philosophies, and then you go into Hinduistic thought, reincarnation, which of course is what the Big Boys believe in themselves, like Rockefeller.  They are, not only the most evolved genetically with a great leap forward a long time ago, that put them above the commoners, but they also believe in reincarnation and so on.  This is an old, old society that goes back an awful long time.  And there is a religion at the top of it.  We see the same religion with the Cathars and Albigensians of Europe in the Middle Ages.  That was often mistaken for Hinduistic thinking, because they also believe in reincarnation, and perfection.  And in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, they call it the Rite of Perfection.  The head of the Cathars and Albigensians and Bogomils were called the Perfecti.  


George: Sort of like the alchemy of the soul or the spirit.  I mean, itís like witchcraft and magic that theyíre practicing.  And itís the magic of how to control and use us, and maintain power.  Is that sort of the magic of the whole thing? 


Alan: Pretty well, itís a form of.  You see, all symbolism is a language, and your subconscious mind tends to understand archetypal images, as Carl Jung talked about.  So when you string them together, it actually has an effect, if theyíre in your surroundings.  Remember, couple that with the findings of Skinner, the behavioral psychologist.  And he said, if you want to alter peopleís behavior, you alter something in their environment.  Well, you canít go anywhere now, without seeing either obelisks or pyramids, or five-pointed stars or six-pointed stars, or symbols on architecture to do with the zodiac, and so on, with all the big multi-national corporations.  Thatís not by accident.  And if you look of the logos of the big banking boys, itís the same thing.  Look into the coat of arms of the Rothschilds, and youíll be astounded, if you understand what youíre seeing. 


George: Right.  Those symbols mean a lot because, and people, they use those to what, communicate to one another?


Alan: Absolutely, to communicate to, and to show their rank in the system, but also itís almost a spell on the public.  We get used to seeing these things, and we donít realize, we donít really know why weíre feeling dejected or apathetic.  Your mind is being conquered in so many different ways.


George: You know, you did some work recently, on what, the altar for Gomos, is that right?


Alan: What was that?


George: You did some work recently on this altar that they moved for Gomos?


Alan: I donít think I discussed that one.


George: Was that you, or someone else?


Alan: That must have been someone else.  I did discuss the fact that when the bankers moved in again, and I know who they are, and people get misled as to who they think they are, but they brought in Egyptian obelisks from Egypt, and planted them on the Thames where the four major banks are.  When they had the French Revolution, they brought one over there too, and put it in front of their big palace.  They also built a pyramid where the Bastille was for a while, and they had the goddess of Reason there.† They also brought a pyramid into the park in New York, from Egypt.  Washington was the first one to be given a brand new obelisk I should say, not pyramid but obelisk, a brand new obelisk in the traditional Egyptian style.  And we think this is all normal?  No, this is a very, very old organization. 


George: Yeah, I should say the city of Pergamos, is that right?  Is that the correct?


Alan: Yes.


George: Now Pergamos was the imperial cult city of Rome, I believe.  What, worship of the Emperor as God, is that?  And Pergamos was, well, the altar there at Pergamos was excavated and moved to Berlin and set back up, and they created a whole new Pergamos museum there.  Now is Germany a center of occultism, worldwide or not?  Is that just one of the main centers?


Alan: It was one of the main centers. Southern, what became France was a primary center, bordering with Spain.  And out of there came Cabala, which was mixed with reincarnation and so on, and Gnosticism, and then sects grew up that rivaled the Catholic Church, with their Perfection and theory of reincarnation, etc.  Very powerful, very wealthy bankers, and eventually, they were not all wiped out at all, as the history goes.  They were all over the place in Italy as well.  They moved primarily into Germany and those regions there, and they became big bankers in Frankfurt.


George: Yeah.  You can call us at 1-800-259-9231.  If you have any questions for Alan Watt or myself, call us at 1-800-259-9231.  This Matrix is more than just one thing, is it not?  Itís pretty involved at times, is it not?


Alan: Itís involved, but not difficult to understand once you understand what the pyramid stands for, because you have a capstone or a guiding group at the top.  You have all the systems down below, which guide and control and lord over society.  And then you have the wasteland at the bottom that holds it all up, thatís the peasantry.  Thatís what the wasteland is, thatís the peasantry, those in the darkness, those who havenít the light.  They donít have any understanding.  Theyíre the taxpayers, basically.


George: Yeah, right.  Theyíre the ones that pay for everything, right?


Alan: Thatís right.  Everything comes from the people that manufacture.


George: Now then this left, they have a gripe to a certain degree, but theyíre caught up in a system they little understand.  Is that sort of where theyíre coming from?


Alan: Some of them are, but again thereís organized groups, but again, you see, using the dialectic you guide society to where you want them to go.  You create a right wing group, you create the opposition.  Out of the arguments you have compromise or synthesis, and then you start the next thesis.


George: But they donít understand how maneuvered and managed they really are.  They really think theyíre fighting this beast called capitalism.  Hey, weíre going to be right back.  Thank you for listening.


(Commercial Break)


George: Welcome back, Alan Watt.  I want to move into this segment fast.  Did I cut you off?  Iím sorry we had to leave for that break.  Did you have a few words you wanted to say about capitalism, or what?


Alan: What I was going to say was, the dialectic with the left and right nonsense, and Quigley himself said, we always give the leaders to both sides.  Itís the same with Obama.  Heís a continuation of the banking boys who are backing him.  Thatís who put him in there.  Looks whoís behind him.  Look whoís advising him.  So, they give you new leaders, and give us hope again for a few years, as he pushes the same internationalist agenda, which Brzezinski and all the rest of them have openly talked about, that America must start declining, and the rest of the world must start taking over.  This is all arranged this way, this whole thing.  And what you canít do with these boys, this is going into the dialectic, you cannot compromise, because compromising really is stepping back one pace, and theyíll go for the next compromise, and the next, until you have nothing left.


George: Iíve got you.† Okay, Ron from Texas, whatís your question for Alan Watt?


Ron: From Alan, what role the scientists, and professors, and technologists, and intellectuals will have in the New World Order, especially once the depopulation program goes ahead.


Alan: I think the lower ones will start going the same way as the general population to do with sterilization, because they might have been living high on the hog as long as theyíre useful. They donít realize that everything in this system, that which controls this system is very utilitarian and pragmatic, and it does not like to have extra livestock around that isnít producing for them.  And when they donít have the big populations, they donít need those massive bureaucracies either.


George: Okay, Ron.  Did that answer your question? Oh, okay, now Joseph from Texas, whatís your question for Alan Watt?  Oh, okay, okay.  Alan dropped off the line there.  Ron, are you still there?  Okay.  Okay, how about Joseph, put him through if he can come through.  Oh, okay, fine.  Weíre going to bring them back on.  We had some trouble there, technical problems, some of the phone systems or whatever.  But weíre talking about, we started out with the G20, weíre getting into the New World Order and the world system.  Weíre talking about world systems here.  Let me tell you about world systems, okay.  When weíre born into the world, we begin to think, and there is a system of thinking that begins at birth.  This system of thinking, weíre insinuated, weíre seated in by our parents at the beginning, and then later on, our friends and our schools and our colleges and our universities, and so forth, until eventually we have a system of thinking that has been built up in the mind. This system of thinking is called a world view.  We take on religious, political, and so forth, and we take in a lot of words, definitions, and symbols.  These collectively together, act in my opinion to limit us, and not to free us, but we donít know that, and we go through our whole lives continually in boxes where we canít really get out of that thinking pattern, you know what I mean, and that thinking pattern, what locks us into that thinking pattern and the inability to escape is a non-forgiveness dynamic.  The controllers above us, at the real top of the apex of the pyramid or whatever, have to continue a hate-filled world.  And that hate-filled world continues the dominance by them, because thatís the way they are.  They want to dominate, and they have to continue to roll down that pyramid, ideas that are judgmental and hateful, and hate-filled.  And the people at the bottom, theyíre actually full of some of this at times, and they go out and transgress against their neighbors and their friends and their parents and their loved ones at times.  So they just create a bunch of hate and non-loving ways.  Weíve got to get back to loving and forgiveness.


Now, these groups that are marching, these are some of my ideas right here, and some of my insights.  I talked to quite a few of those people this week.  I looked at the names, talked to a few this afternoon, and there are some well meaning people in those groups.  Thereís 150 groups that marched, and thereís other groups that are mounting different demonstrations that are activists.  So, these people are well meaning, many of these people.  Theyíre very compassionate.  Theyíre wanting to clean up the country and clean up the environment.  They want to quit killing of the seas, overfishing of the seas.  They want to.  Okay, welcome back, Alan Watt.


Alan: Yes.  I keep getting the boys in between cutting me off again. 


George: Yeah, well I guess weíre just too important a duo here, right.


Alan: Well, they certainly donít like anything being spoken thatís outside the mainstream.


George: Yeah, thatís right.  So what were we talking about there, when we left?


Alan: It was to do with basically the controlling groups that are working hard for them.  Well, you see the UN keeps telling us weíre going sterile in the West.  They canít figure out why, and theyíre not worried either, which tells you it is the agenda, or it would be a crisis.  And mainstream media like CBC did a documentary called The Disappearing Male.  Itís mainly males who are becoming infertile, right across the board here in the Western world.  They know why.  Itís all the stuff thatís put in to sterilize us in the food and in the inoculations that we get as well.  See weíre already being killed off.  We have nothing to lose.  Thatís what people donít realize. You will never understand the magnitude of whatís going to come in the future, whatís really happening now, and what has happened, until you think the unthinkable, and that is that war was declared upon the public by the eugenicists and the depopulation experts a long time ago.  And they actually went across and did it.  They started doing it. 


George: Okay, Ron from Texas. Youíre back on the line.  Whatís your question for Alan again?  Youíre back on.


Ron: I just had a follow-up question.† You were talking about the role of scientists and technologists and professors and intellectuals.  And it makes sense what Alan says about a lot of them are going to go by the wayside.  But wouldnít in order for them to keep the system intact for dominance of the lower classes, wouldnít it be necessary to keep a core group of scientists and technologists and educators, that would occupy a fairly high status?


Alan: Only as long as it takes to recreate new types of humans, and thatís well on the board from all science magazines to do with cloning and so on, and the brain chipping.  I mean, itís no joke with brain chipping.  They had it at Loyola University in New Orleans, the first meeting the year 2000 and then 2001, one every year since.  Itís always headed by Newt Gingrich.  Theyíve had the international experts there who say they had a brain chip there; all they have to do is convince the public to take it.  And they said they will do this by making youngsters want it.  It will be in all their cartoons, novels, movies and so on.  Now weíre hearing about it now, oh, theyíve got chips there and shortly youíll be able to download all the information like an encyclopedia, how bright youíll be.  This is how theyíre going to sell this to the public, over a span of years.  By about the year 2050, they can literally recreate or create a good, servile obedient population, that they wonít have to entertain and give us televisions and music and so on.  Theyíll be very obedient workers, and quite content. 


Ron: What you say makes sense, but it seems to me like they would require still a core group of people to maintain this kind of system.


Alan: Theyíll have technologists and so on, but a much-reduced number.  Most of what youíre talking about, the managerial class, are dominating our lives in the social sphere: education, monetary, all the way down to government policies, local government policies, etc., and over police boards too, and all the rest of it.  Theyíll no longer be necessary.  And I used to wonder what Lenin meant when he said eventually in this great system, they wonít even need police or military.  Well, I thought, how could you do that with the nature of humans being as it is, unless you altered people themselves.  They knew this stuff a long time ago, what they were going to do. 


Ron: Very good.  Well, I appreciate.


George: Okay, Ron.  Thank you for calling.  Call back again, next week.  We appreciate your calls.  Okay, itís a science, alright, of how to control people, and how to make them do what you want.


Alan: Yes, it is.  Itís a perfect science, with centuries, maybe a thousand, two thousand years of observations of populations. 


George: And thatís behavioral psychology, and all that, sociology, and anthropological stuff.  Theyíve got it worked out, donít they?


Alan: They do.


George: But anyway, weíre going to get out there and protest, and tell them what we think about it, right, and try to save a few people, right.


Alan: Itís the only thing we have left.  And we mustnít demand what they want us to demand. 


George: Okay, weíll be back in just a second.  Thank you, Alan.


(Commercial Break)


George: Welcome back to the Secret Truth.  Iím George Butler.  Welcome back, Alan Watt.


Alan: Iím happy to be here.


George: Okay, weíve got some callers weíve got to move on to real quick here.  Joseph from Texas, whatís your question for Alan Watt.


Joseph: Good evening.  My question is about Babylon.  I know that Saddam during the war with Iran, he was rebuilding it, and I know when we invaded Iraq they made a headquarters there, and is there any symbolic meaning to that ancient city into the future?


Alan: Yeah, there probably is.  In fact, the Stones did one of their albums, just before the invasion, called Bridges to Babylon.† Itís like completing a circle. The start of the so-called Mystery Religion, tied up with money, with priests dominating the minds of the public, and controlling them.  The sciences of psychology really were begun there, at least recorded there.  And Babylon was a center of what they call wisdom and wise men and learning.  And it was in controlling societies and whole nations.  Thatís what they were expert in, and using a monetary system with debt and all the rest of it, to keep everyone as a form of slave.  So, it makes perfect sense that those in the so-called occult, would certainly want to complete the circle and go back to Babylon for the grand finale, and maybe even make that a headquarters of the world.  Itís interesting that H.G. Wells said the kickoff to this particular war, the war for the whole world in The Shape of Things to Come would start in Basra, Iraq, and then the major air force of the world, the air police of the world he called it, the Freemasonry of the air, the scientific elite, would make their headquarters in Iraq.  So this is not new at all.  Thereís something to this, and itís very symbolic for those at the top.


George: Yeah, Joseph, any other comment there?


Joseph: No, interesting, and thank you guys.  I appreciate all that you do. 


George: Call us back, Joseph.  We appreciate your questions and your comments.  Thank you sir.  Okay, Dave from Texas, whatís your question for Alan Watt?


Dave: Good evening, gentlemen, how are you doing?  I was just going to say that real quick, and I have a question for your guest.  I think the U.S. needs to take its sovereignty back.  I think we need like Ron Paul said, we need to get the UN out of the U.S. and the U.S. pretty much out of the UN.  World Bank and the IMF as well in my opinion.  I think we need to repeal the 16th Amendment for the Income Tax.  We need to repeal the Federal Reserve System, which is I think is unconstitutional.  I think we need to repudiate the debt of the Federal Reserve as proscribed in the end of the 14th Amendment which says that repudiating debt for all debts incurred against insurrection or rebellion of the United States, which I believe, since the Federal Reserve is part of the World Banking system, trying to undo the U.S. sovereignty, I think it is guilty of insurrection and rebellion in the United States, so its debt is liable to be repudiated, Constitutionally.  I think we also need to give states the rights, within our union, back among other things by letting them repeal the 17th Amendment, and pick their U.S. Senate representation among other things.


George: Okay.  Let me stop you here.  Alan, whatís your comments and ideas and views on what he just said?


Alan: I know what he means.  Heís quite right in so much of it, but youíd also have to strip and gut the whole system, because as I say, itís all corrupt at the top with a class, who are all involved with investments with the military-industrial complex and the globalist agenda.  It doesnít matter if theyíre left wing or right wing.  Your representative is supposed to be there to represent his constituents.  Theyíre not doing that, they never have, for hundreds of years, because they have a party system.  And they always say, oh, we canít help our constituents, we must vote with the party.  Thatís what they always tell us.  Why bother voting for them if theyíre going to just follow the man at the top?  So, youíd have to gut the whole system and go back to basics, and heís right with repudiation of debt as well.  I think every country in the world should just write off the debt and tear it up, and agree on that.


George: Thereís these Jubilee, I think, I believe thereís an organization called Jubilee that gets back to this 50-year total release of debt.  Dave, any other comment real quick?


Dave: I have a question for your guest.  One, if itís not too long-winded.  How did he amass all this knowledge on all these issues, and beyond that, why does he agree to remain a subject of the Queen by living in Canada, leaving him subject to the Royal Crown, which is part of this World Government system, rather than, if he wanted to, he could be in the U.S. and be out from under being subject to the Queen.


George: Yeah, Alan.  Whatís your comment?


Alan: Okay, Iíll tell you.  Well, as far as learning, itís taken years to do this and being awake my whole life.  The second part is, Iíd be worse off in the U.S., because youíre more under the English control than I am up in Canada.  Carroll Quigley said it, the Anglo-American establishment has run the U.S. since the late 1800s onwards.


George: Okay, Dave, thank you very much for your comments and your questions and your call.  Call us back again next weekend.  Thank you very much. Annie from Texas, whatís your question for Alan Watt?


Annie: Okay.  I have a question about eugenics.  If youíve noticed, the alternative media talks a lot about eugenics, and I really appreciate all the information that it brings, and that this show brings.  And I agree with what youíre saying.  But if youíve noticed, there arenít a lot of women calling in.  Have you noticed that? 


George: Thank you, Annie.  (Chuckle) We applaud you, okay.  Youíre a nice lady.


Annie: I think youíre scaring some people off, thinking you might want to keep us barefoot and pregnant, not that I donít see the eugenics of it.  But can you tell me if thereís, can you differentiate between the eugenics plot that apparently started in England in the late 19th Century, and Margaret Sangerís effort to keep poor women from just tearing their hair out with ten children?  Do you see the distinction Iím making?


Alan: I know the distinction youíre making, but you must remember what Margaret Sanger wrote about in her own books.  She said the purpose was to get rid of the useless eaters and those who were of inferior stock. 


Annie: She wrote that?


Alan: Yes, she did.  You see, she was a eugenicist.  She believed in the eugenics agenda, and the superior types, and the inferior types.  She was a member of the American Eugenics Society.† She helped promote the Best American Families, where theyíd measure their skulls, photograph them every month, put their magazine out, and show you the inferior types that worked with their hands and laborers and so on.


George: Isnít there a professor up here at Yale thatís very extreme in this area too?


Alan: Youíve had a whole lineage of them, from the 1800s.  Mr Noyes that set up a eugenics experiment in New York, in the Oneida Community, who was backed by Charles Darwin, he was in touch with Darwin.  H.G. Wells later on.  They watched that Community incredibly.  Noyesí cousin became the President of the United States.  He was backed from the very top, and they all went to Yale.


George: Okay, Annie.  Whatís the other comments or questions you might have?


Annie: Well, I agree with Dave that we need to repeal the 16th Amendment.  How much do you think, how much support do you think we would get for that?  How much of the 2nd American Revolution do you think we could get together to completely just fire the IRS and the Federal Reserve, and repudiate the debt?


Alan: That would be massive.  It would be massive, because most of the public are sitting watching television right now, and soaps and cop shows.  Theyíre not in reality.  They donít really know whatís happening.  But if thereís enough pressure.


Annie: But once the food supply, you know, diminishes, and people are starting to wake up.  I tell you.


George: Yeah, thereís a new bill theyíre trying to pass that would shut down Farmerís Markets, what, 875, HR875. 


Alan: What those people do, you see, they riot because theyíre starving.  Thatís not a revolution, thatís a reaction of desperation.  And so thereís no leadership.  Thereís no common philosophy.  If anything, the war has been the destruction of culture in America.  Itís imperative to destroy a common bonding.  Theyíve been very successful with that.  They said theyíd create apathy, narcissism, and egocentricism.  Thatís happened.  People will not help each other out, and once theyíre starving, yeah, theyíll just grouch together, then theyíll rebel, and itís just a riot then.


Annie: I have seen that.  Now, I just have to get back to this question one more time.  Is there no happy medium with like contraception, rather than abortion?  And not eugenics, and not one child, but rather just take care of the children that youíve got rather than, I mean child abuse is increasing, because weíre not taking care of the children that weíve got.  I mean, eugenics is like, or the concept of you know, kill everybody.  I just, I donít know, I donít see the world leaders trying to kill everybody.  What about the Club of Rome?


George: Hey, we thank you for your call though, and your comments, and your questions for Alan Watt.  Alan, we certainly do thank you this evening for your contributions to trying to get to the truth here; and itís not easy, is it?


Alan: Itís not, because people donít really understand the big picture. 


George: Yeah, the big picture is pretty diabolical, and pretty wicked.  And itís a lot of people, you know, are working towards that, and we want to thank all of our callers tonight, in their very sincere questions and comments.  Alan, thank you very much for your being the man you are.


Alan: Itís been a pleasure, George.


George: Thank you very much.  Good Night.




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