September 26th, 2009

Alan Watt as Guest on
"The Secret Truth"
with George Butler
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The Secret Truth.  Through forgiveness we awaken.  Transforming information and knowledge into wisdom.  And now our co-host Charlotte Littlefield and George Butler.


George Butler: Welcome to the Secret Truth.  I'm George Butler.  Charlotte Littlefield is off tonight, and I'm here.  Sitting on my left is Charles, assisting me this evening with this broadcast.  Welcome, Alan Watt, to our program, and tell us a little bit about yourself, and some of our new listeners out there.  What are you about, Alan Watt?


Alan Watt: I'm about reality, as opposed to media fiction and planned agendas.  So, I've spent a lifetime basically studying the geo-politics, you might say, of not only past history, but the present, where it's supposed to go.  And you find that really, we don't just tumble down through space, in this old mud ball of ours, and things just happen on the spot.  Things are always planned, on a major event at least, always in advance.  And we're going through a planned agenda for a planned society, a planned world.  Since 9/11 kicked off the New Century, the Century of Change, we can see how it's affected the entire planet.  Every country in the world has gone along with the same anti-terrorism law.  It really is doing nothing more than training us all, every society, every civilization into obeying the same system, as we go into a world type government.  A vastly reduced consumption or consumer society, of course, is all part of it.  The greening agenda.  In other words, the so-called equality they're bringing in, is a form of Communism, you might say.  Collectivism is what they call it themselves, as we go into a post-democratic and into an era of global governance as they call it, from the United Nations.  This is all a plan.  We know all the big associations and foundations are part of it.  Many of the big players themselves have published books on it along the way over the years.  And we're living through the greatest changes in history, and most people think it's just to do with economies crashing and so on. It's nothing to do with that.  It's all planned that way.  Money is a fiction to begin with.  And all the major bankers that lend to all the countries, are all part of this big game, and you might say they're the masters of the plan in economy.


George: This process, this G20 that's just concluded up there in Pittsburgh, what do you see coming out of that? What's your comments on this G20 meeting?


Alan: Well, to be honest with you, the meetings themselves don't count for much at all, because all the legwork is done for months, maybe years sometimes in advance, with the bureaucrats.  These characters meet, they give a stage show for the public, and simply sign the agreements that the bureaucrats have laid up for them to sign.  As I say, it's a script that we're going through.  As they train the public we're global, we're all global, and in fact, if you notice in all the media, I think every single newspaper mentioned the national leaders as global leaders.  It's little changes like that, that they give you, that's conditioning you all that you're now under a global system, and there's no such thing as having truly a national leader.  So it's a stage format that they have, the same thing that they have at the United Nations for their world events there, their annual meetings.  Staged formats for the public, where everything is pre-scripted, long in advance, with all the treaties signed, or ready to be signed by the politicians when they arrive, and the little speeches they make are all written by speech writers anyway, who know the agenda, and that's why they're all on board with the same world domination goal.


George: I got you.  Alan, we've got a hold over.  Dennis, we've got a questioner on the line, and we held him over through the break.  Could you take a quick question from Dennis on the line right now, Alan, and then we'll get on back to the topic?


Alan: Yeah, sure. 


George: Yeah, Dennis, what's your question?  I know we held you over through the hour and Bob Chapman is gone right now, but Alan Watt is our guest now in this second hour.  What's your question?  Is it relevant to what we're talking about? 


Dennis: Well, thank you for having me on. 


George: Yeah, I didn't want to ignore you, so, you know, this is your platform now, Dennis.


Dennis: Well, I went on the internet to your site to see who was coming in on the second hour, and I listen to Alan all the time on one of the other, RBN...


George: Oh, he's great.


Dennis: One of the networks, and I've heard him before, like on Alex's show.  So I immediately had a couple of very relevant questions.


George: What are they?


Dennis: One would be about how has that 9/12 gathering of, you know probably 1+ million in Washington, DC, effected, you know, I mean these guys, they make plans, but you know, man plans and God laughs.  You know, they have to probably adjust.  And you know, how would a gathering like that, which was very peaceful, in which even the military guys probably would have defended them. 


George: Yeah, what about 9/12, Alan?  What's your view on that?  What's your comments?


Alan: Well, there's no doubt, they will take notice of things, as you say, and they will sidestep a little bit, or back track and then come back again with other obnoxious bills and laws, and all the rest of it.  In fact, they admit themselves, they take the pulse of the public, every day now, on every topic, because they study the internet and what's being said between people.  It's instant retrieval on every topic, as far as they're concerned, so they do make adjustments.  But, there's no doubt about it, that this is such a long-standing agenda, and we've seen the build up of internal armies.  They're ready to crack down on all kinds of riots.  These guys mean business.  And believe you me, they're not going to change their direction, by being nice to them.  There's no doubt about that.  They're not going to change direction at all and backtrack, or throw it out the window, or ever listen to the public, when they say, this is what the public wants, that's not going to be even considered here.  Post-democracy, post-democratic societies, and this is what they're calling it at the top, is a really new authoritarian society, where experts have the mandate and the authority to rule over us, and we're supposed to just simply jump, and obey them.  That's the society that they plan to bring in, even over a hundred years ago, when they set up the League of Nations and then into the United Nations.  And the Club of Rome, that all the Big Boys are associated with, the Rockefellers helped set it up, the Club of Rome.  They said in their own book, which is called the First Global Revolution, they came up with the whole global warming scam idea in the 70s, they said, that would fit the bill.  They had nothing else.  They'd looked at all kinds of scenarios to bring society under their thumb, to save the world, and they said they hit on global warming, "that would fit the bill."  So these guys literally had it planned a long time ago.  Look at all the propaganda we've been fed for years now.  Children in school are getting indoctrinated with this propaganda, and that's all they've heard for the last few years in school.  So they're going to grow up to be young eco-Nazis, very shortly in uniforms, bashing the older folks on the heads, for burning a piece of wood in their fire, to keep warm in the winter.  I'm not kidding.  These characters literally are bringing in a New Soviet.  It's a World Soviet system, an upgraded Soviet.  There's no doubt about it.  A world run by experts and they will literally tolerate no opposition from any other factor.  They mean business.  And when you look into the militaries' think tank projection for the US and Britain, for the next fifty years, and they're both on my website in the archives section, at, these guys predict riots starting in 2010.  And escalating all the way up to about 2030 to do with food shortages, because five agribusinesses that are owned basically, the shareholders, the massive shareholders of the five agri-food businesses are the banks.  The five, the thirteen banking families, they can create food shortages.  And they'll create many other shortages besides, and bring us down to the global village plantation.  They mean business.


(Commercial Break)


Alan: Hi, I'm Alan Watt, and trying to connect, still get back the connection with George.  His line was dropped there, so I'll continue talking about this topic.  What we need is a lot more meetings, across the U.S. and other countries, on a more frequent basis; that really will spread the word faster.  When the viewers at home, this is the problem, we're in the TV age.  Like that ad that was on before, everybody is stupid because we watch TV, but most folk are.  That's their reality.  It's the only reality they have.  They believe everything on it.  But when they see the mass demonstrations going on, more and more frequently, they will get curious as to what really, really is going on.  And that's how you get to the majority of the public.  And I think too, people should start bringing their children too, as they did in the 60s, and 70s, and 80s, with the anti-war protests.  And that to an extent will offset the image they're trying to create in the media that it's all anarchists and crazy people who are demonstrating these days.  When they see families there, they don't look like anarchists and violent people to you.  Plus, it helps to keep the law enforcement off their backs, because they're itching for fights these days.  We've got a generation, who have been trained almost from video games onwards to grow up, waiting to get the black suit on and the big armaments, and the authority to go out bashing heads.  And they're dying to do it.  So we have to keep that in mind as well.  The culture has been changed, deliberately, weaponized you might say, for the time that we're coming into today.  Now.  Hello?


George: Yeah, hello.  Welcome back.  Welcome us back.  Thank you, Alan for carrying the program for me.  I appreciate that.


Alan: Yes.


George: Okay, is Dennis still on the line?  Dennis are you still there?


Dennis: Yes, Mr. Butler.  Mr. Watt.    I'm still here.  I had another question.


George: Okay, give us that, real quick.  We're getting to the end of this segment, go ahead.


Dennis: I like that Mr. Watt did bring a good spin to the 9/12 there.  We've got to have more of that.  I like that.  Maybe he might want to talk about this more later, too.  In light of your vast knowledge about how these guys operate.  I like the work of like Mr. Richard C. Cook, and others along that line, of to bring in a new non-debt based financial system, which would be an Achilles Heel for the system, because obviously, they're financing, because they own the money, the system.  And how can we use the knowledge we have of them to be the Achilles Heel and to have, and to begin a bottom up, as Richard Cook's system has been called, a non-debt based financial system.  I'll hang up and listen to the answer.  Thank you.


George: Thank you, Dennis.


Alan: Well, we truly have to clean out shop completely with the old system, and clean them out as well.  There's no doubt about it.  The Big Boys, who own the Big Banks, I'm talking about the International Financiers, also run foundations.  And foundations run the non-governmental organizations, which is a form of the Soviet.  That's how the Soviet was run, rule by councils, NGOs, and the leaders of the NGOs were picked by the Politburo.  The difference in the U.S. and across the world, is the foundations fund the NGOs into existence, and they pick the leaders, and they pretend to speak on behalf, and demand from government, things from government on behalf of the public.  In other words, they're not elected to anything.  It's a Parallel government.  That's what Professor Carroll Quigley called it.  And it's also what Margaret Thatcher called it, a parallel government.  These are the thousand points of light that George Bush Sr. talked about.  He said there's a thousand points of light working towards this goal.  He's talking about the thousand NGOs, backed with the big foundations.  We have to get rid of so-called philanthropists running the show.  We've got to get rid of the United Nations, which was just set up by this same cabal of philanthropists to bring in a world government which they will dominate.  And we've got to stop obeying all the laws of the United Nations, because every law that every country that signed on in 1946 or 1945, every law that's come down the pike, right down to your building codes, social laws, child care, all that kind of stuff, comes from the United Nations.  And no one elected them in.  We've got to get rid of them all together.  And if there's to be a world forum for discussion, it should be something else, and not run by the bankers, and the top guys placed in there by the bankers too.  We've got to get rid of the whole kit and caboodle and start from scratch.  And there's no doubt about it, these guys knew, a long time ago.  When they set up the GATT treaty, the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs, they'd already decided, long before it, probably 50 years before it, that they would then finance money into the Third World Countries, mainly China, to set it up as the manufacturer for the planet.  So every leader in the world signed on to the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs, knowing darn well that they were selling out all of their manufacturing capabilities, and putting them offshore to China, when they did it.  They also knew the aftermath that would come, when they put us into a service economy.  A service economy cannot compete with a manufacturing economy.  Can't do it, and economists all know this.  So these guys knew what would happen afterwards.  They knew that we'd float for a while, they threw credit cards out to fill the gap, to keep us all playing ourselves, while the world system is getting put into shape.  And then they pulled the plug at the end.  And we've all been through it.  We've seen what they did.  They all knew this was coming, to bring in as I say, this New World Society with a vastly reduced population.  That's all we've heard on mainstream, across the world now, is the Optimum Population Trust, Prince Charles, and all these other organizations belonging to the Optimum Population Trust, the eugenicists saying we've got to depopulate.  We're not dying fast enough.  We're going sterile very quickly, but we're not dying off fast enough to suit them.  We've got to get rid of all of these guys because they all belong to the big foundations.  And they're backed with trillions and trillions of dollars by the international bankers who own the foundations.  We've got to clean shop altogether.  You can't have some kind of Republic or a Democratic Republic system, if you're going to have this side, parallel government of multi-trillionaire philanthropists, running the show on the sides.  That's what we've got to do.


George: Well, thank you very much Dennis, for your questions and helping us carry the program this evening.  Thank you very much.  Call in again, next week.  Okay, Alan, do you think they're moving too quick with this plan....


Alan: No, no.


George: And it's causing the public to react like tea parties and other manifestations?


Alan: No.  I think they're right on target.  In fact, especially for the last fifty years of the 20th century in academia, they kept talking about the century of change that was coming up in the millennium.  Well, the millennium really was kicked off in 2001, not 2000.  All the scientists said that, it starts in 2001.  It started with the Twin Towers.  It was kicked off right there and then.  Every country went on with the same, on board with the same agenda at the same time, with the same anti-terrorism laws, which was nothing more then a complete takeaway of freedoms of all their citizens across the world, under the guise of protecting them from terrorism.  Now we're all under suspicion.  We're all watched night and day, through the internet, our phone calls are monitored, everything.  This is a police state.  The world has been turned into one vast police state, under the guise of terrorism, because this is the Century of Change.  And these big boys have planned this for so long, believe you me.  The reason that they're banging things through right now, is because the public are in a form of sort of shock, a mild shock.


George: Have they been traumatized?  Is that's what's happened?  The public has been traumatized, by 9/11 and subsequent things. 


Alan: Yeah, it's one thing after another.  Bank crash, coming flu vaccine.


George: Trauma based programming, yeah.  Hey, we'll be right back.  Thank you Alan Watt.  We've got to cut away here.  Thank you very much for being with us this evening.


(Commercial Break)


George: Welcome back to The Secret Truth.  I'm George Butler, along with Charles.


Charles: Heeeyyyy.


George: Yeah, Dave in Montana.  What's your question for Alan Watt?  Hello, Alan Watt, welcome back to our program. 


Alan: It's a pleasure. 


George: Okay, Dave in Montana, are you there.  Yeah, is he there? 


Dave: Hello? 


George: Yeah, Dave in Montana, what's your question?


Dave: Oh, how you doing?


George: Yeah, what's your question?  We've got Alan Watt as our guest this evening.


Dave: Yes, my question is, I think the ultimate objective of the Big Boys, is to get the Old Silk Trail opened up again, like interstate highways, trains, oil, pipelines from the Kashmir, from the Hindu Kush all the way to Istanbul.  And if you look on the map of the Old Silk Trail, the only spots that's not open is Iran, the Kashmir, and the Hindu Kush, Afghanistan.  And I think they want to tap into China, and China, you know, this is big bucks to get on the road transportation, because there's a real big competition between the ocean and land, and you know, they want an interstate system probably from China to Istanbul, and the only way to do it is to get the biggest baddest army in there.  And they've got to make up all these terrorist threats.  And these guys, the terrorists are the ones that are going to be wanting some money from the Big Boys for allowing them to come through their territory and so they've got to make them the Bad Guys and get them out of there.


George: Well that would be quite a toll road, wouldn't it?  Hey, Alan, what's your comments?  What's your ideas about that question?


Alan: There is definitely a resource war going on, between the Big Boys.  They're making sure that they grab it all for themselves, across the whole planet.  Because the government they're bringing in, a world government means that they also, the Big Boys themselves will have control and ownership of all the resources across the entire world.  They started this back in the early 1900s with the Cecil Rhodes foundation.  They actually sent guys across the world to take over the diamonds, the gold, the mineral rights of Africa and different countries.  And they haven't stopped yet, because under this world government, they, the same people, their descendants are planning, and it's actually under way right now, we the people across the world will be absolutely on our knees to them for everything that we need to live on.  That's what it's going to be.  That's going to be the big stick, from your food, your water, to everything that you need for personal survival.  It's what they call interdependence.  Not just national interdependence, but interdependence.  You hear that all the time now in their speeches.  That means that you must be part of their system, and you'll be dependent on them for everything that you need for your personal survival in life.  So he's right there, that they're after the resources.  And they're right too that they're going to eliminate any country, any system that hasn't come on board with the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, and has tossed its religion out the window.  They're all getting hammered right now, because the world has to be standardized under one system.  That's what they're pushing.  And he's right too, pipelines will definitely cross those countries, and any oil in Iran, or elsewhere, will be sucked right out of it, and piped along to other countries, and the same with Afghanistan.  And Afghanistan too has always been very, very important, because it's a kind of crossroads, and highly defended by the various mountain tribes.  They've stopped everyone from Britain from getting in there, even in the 1800s.  However, they're also the biggest exporters of poppies for the opium trade, and that goes into heroin as well.


George: Do you think Alan, that part of the battle there, is over control of that production of opium, the poppy fields, do you think that's what's playing out in the background at times?


Alan: There's no doubt about it that when the Taliban were in charge of themselves, they banned the growing of the poppy.  And when the U.S. and Britain went in there, the first thing that Bush Jr. did was to lift the ban on growing poppies.  That was all over the national media.  And the troops were sent in to guard the flow of the opium coming out of there.  Most of it goes to France, Marseilles.  The French Connection movie was a very good one, it did show you how it's done.  Marseilles is where they process it into heroin.


George: I think the route is to the West, is it not, through some of those countries from the Northern part of Afghanistan to the west into Europe and France and so forth.


Alan: Yes.  You also find that Albania was being used for a while too, to transport the same drug through into Europe.


George: Okay.  Dave, does that answer your question?  Okay, well, thank you very much Dave.  We're broadcasting live up into Kalispell, Montana.  We're in Canton, Ohio, also Akron, Ohio.  We're in Austin, Texas, Tulsa and Oklahoma City.  And we want to thank all of our listeners out there.  Alan, what kind of activities, what are you doing right now?  Are you writing anything new?  And I know you're on the air a lot.  Is there anything new, an article or a book that you're working on, that you can tell our listening audience about? 


Alan: I've got a book out, it's called Waiting for the Miracle.  It's a compilation of a lot of history in there, and it's also going out in Spanish and Portuguese versions, probably next week.  So that's up there for sale, as well.  But I've got hundreds of hours of audios, talks that I've given over the years, anyone can download for free at  When I go over a lot of these topics in detail, I use, I never speculate.  I don't use conspiracy.  I use the books put out in memoirs of big players who work for the foundations, who still work for them.  The Brzezinskis, the Kissingers, these kind of boys.  And I go into the history of when really they got under way in a coordinated effort, a concentrated effort, as I say, beginning in the late 1800s.  Literally with a plan to take over the entire world, to bring in a controlled world society, where basically, those who believe they have the right to rule, those who have the intelligence and the money and the power, have the right to rule.  They will be doing exactly that.  There will be no such thing down below, in this massive, multi-layered, bureaucratic system, with social services.  There will be no room for you or I or anyone else to have any personal free decisions and choices to make.  It will all be done for us.  That's what they mean by their controlled society.  It's a hell on earth they're bringing in.  And we're living through the implementations of this.  We've seen lots of it, already.  And the big players throughout the years, like Lord Bertrand Russell, wrote about the system.  He worked for the Big Boys.  He was affiliated with the Royal Institute for International Affairs; Council on Foreign Relations is the American branch.  And he wrote about the society they're bringing in, how they'd train the children, they'd indoctrinate the children with a scientific indoctrination he called it.  Julian Huxley was another member, the first CEO of UNESCO, whose job it was, he says, to bring in a new society of children, train them in a world globalist society to be good, obedient, basically Socialists, who would worship their government, a world government.  And these boys all wrote about this in their own books.  We've lived through every phase, almost every phase of this plan, except for the depopulation part, and the mandatory sterilization, which they also talked about, and so did Mr. Rockefeller's family.  I think each generation of them, they're still pushing yet for depopulation on a massive scale.


George: Yeah, Charles has a question about something on your site.


Charles: Hey, Alan.  Charles, George's assistant here.  I see on your website, Cutting Through the Matrix, lots of photos of chemtrails in the sky, and I'm just curious what you think they are.  Are they for weather modification, are they to make us sick, or some other purpose, perhaps?


Alan: Well, I'm sure they could use many purposes for the same thing.  They always get a big bang for their buck, so they have lots of things to do with it.  Definitely weather modification has been going on openly now, since about 1998, across the U.S. and Canada, on a daily basis.  They also are using Tesla technology, HAARP technology along with it.  And you'll find that even Brzezinski talked about that in his own book, Between Two Ages, they'd use this HAARP technology and spray the skies with metallic particles to make it more conductive and effective.


George: Okay, Alan, we've got to cut away, and we'll be right back for our last segment.  Thank you for being with us this evening.


(Commercial Break)


George: Welcome back to the Secret Truth, I'm George Butler, along with my assistant....


Charles: Charles.


George: Yeah, welcome back, Alan Watt.  We've got an in-studio question for you.  Larry, what's your question for Alan Watt? 


Larry: Mr Watt, I was just wondering how Barack Hussein Obama fits into this equation with the Big Boys?  How they're planning him to be a world leader?  He seems to be very charismatic all over the world, and he made a grandiose speech over in Berlin, and some people consider him like another Kennedy or something like that.  What's your thoughts on Barack Hussein Obama?


Alan: Well, he himself, Barack talked about one of his mentors, his main mentor as being Brzezinski.  And Brzezinski said years ago in his own book that eventually the U.S. could be controlled, if we just put forward the right person with the right charisma, and build up a personality cult.  Well, you've seen it in action.  That's what that is.  You're seeing a personality cult.  And Obama has been trained for this position.  He was pre-picked at the Bilderberger meeting, and he's doing exactly what his scriptwriters have told him to do, his advisors.  There's no president out there today, hasn't been for years and years and years, that could ad lib and say things off the cuff.  They all stick to their scripts, and they have expert scriptwriters writing for them.  The guys who know the real world agenda are the scriptwriters.  I'd prefer if they just fired all the presidents and prime ministers across the world, bring forth the scriptwriters, and we could all give them Oscars, because they do the work.  It would be cheaper too.


George: Yeah, this cult of personality build-up is unprecedented from what I can tell.  What's your opinion?


Alan: Well, sure.  They can make any unknown a walking god overnight.  It's just using Hollywood techniques.  They use the same kind of techniques to create stars in the movie industry, or in the music industry.  And it's not difficult at all when you've already got a massive, powerful, very wealthy organization backing him.  The boys at the top have backed him with incredible money, so it's a must-be.


George: What do you say, Larry, like those children they were teaching songs to.  Did you see that?


Larry: Well, it's frightening, it's scary. I also saw some videos where children are praising Lenin, and praising Kim Il-sung and Hitler back years ago.  And when you watch this where they're praising Barack Hussein Obama, it's reminiscent of all of this.  And I was just wondering also what your thoughts are on this birth certificate of his?  Why won't he show a valid birth certificate to the American people, you suppose?


Alan: Well, he'll get away with it too, but yeah, he can't bring it up, because he doesn't have it, obviously.  And it's so funny too, when you hear him talking about my country, and so on, you wonder if he's talking about Kenya, or which one.  But it doesn't really matter to the public anymore.  Most of the public don't mind, I think.  They live in a twilight zone.  One radio host in Canada, I was on his show recently, got fired off the station for bringing up that topic of Obama's birth certificate.  The Canadian government is so tight in with this left wing, this Socialist World Agenda, they actually put pressure on the station to fire the host.  And he did get fired.


George: Okay, we've got another question here from an in-studio audience.  What's your name and what's your question?


Eric: My name is Eric, and my question is: With the swine flu vaccinations, is this part of the population control tactics, or anything like that, or is this more of a mental mind games to see how far people will go, and see how far they'll comply with the demands given to them.  Or see how they'll willingly give themselves up to something, such as vaccinations, like this.


Alan: I think it's both, actually.  When the League of Nations was set up by this world, same bunch again, the big foundation leaders, back at the end of World War I, they set up the World Health Organization then.  And one of their mandates was to mandatorily vaccinate everyone for everything across the planet.  That was taken up into the United Nations with the same agenda, but again, you've got this free choice thing, and free will, and they don't like that at the United Nations.  We're being trained to go along, and just be obedient and allow them to do whatever they wish.  This is a new scientific type dictatorship, a rule by experts, and that's the world they're bringing in.  All government agencies will have authority.  They have authority now.  All ones that don't even belong to the government, like children's aids, have authority.  They're backed up now with SWAT teams.  That's the system we're living in.  But I think also, to be honest with you, looking over the history of vaccinations, and the real history of vaccinations, you have to go into the Lancet and the various medical journals themselves to find them.  It's a horror story.  Bertrand Russell and Julian Huxley both said, in the 50s and 60s, that they, these boys at the top, would have to bring the world down to a manageable size. And they discussed ways of sterilizing the public.  They said they could either use the needle, that's the words they used in their own books, the needle, injections, or put it in their food, or put it in their water supply.  Personally I think they're doing all of it, but I think also, because of recent statements coming out of the United Nations, and from the mouth of John Holdren that was appointed as the Science Czar there, now John Holdren put out a book in the 70s with Paul Ehrlich, and it was called Ecoscience.  Now in it, John Holdren, this was a scary thing.  This guy now is the top advisor for all science to Obama's administration for the whole of the U.S.  And Holdren advocated mandatory sterilization by all those means I've just mentioned.  He said it would be more tricky in the United States.  He says, in the Third World Countries, they're too ignorant.  They'll go along with it.  They're better educated in the U.S., so we'll have to be very devious about how we do it and implement it.  But they also said, we'll have to also not just think about preventing births, he says, we'll have to think about death care. Meaning shortening the lifespan of people.  So I think we're going to see all of this come out with this kind of stuff.  I think they're putting stuff in us, and different gene types will die off faster than others, because of it.


George: Do you have any follow up question?  Okay, well, thank you very much for your question.  Charles, did you have any comment on anything so far?


Charles: Well, before the break, we were talking about chemtrails, and the crux of my questions were, is this for weather modification, is this to make us sick, and if you want to talk about other Tesla like technologies, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, Alan.


Alan: Well, there's no doubt it makes you sick alright because people have been getting sicker since the 90s with this, when they really stepped up the spraying.  You're breathing in Barium, Aluminum Oxide, and various other metallic type particles, pretty frequently now.  Now recently, they've talked about geo-engineering and doing this very thing openly in the papers by using these particular metallic particles, in order to supposedly alter the climate for the better.  But in reality, whenever they tell you they're thinking of doing something, they've been doing it for years.  When you add in the works of Teller, Teller was the inventor of the H bomb, and he worked at the Pentagon, and in his own writings, he advocated using this very method of not only altering the weather for warfare purposes, wiping out farm areas and so on through flood or drought.  You can do either, but he also said, this will make the atmosphere more conducive to spreading ELF type signals across whole continents.  And therefore, by using the HAARP, or ELF technology, they could actually send signals out across a continent the size of the U.S. and either tranquilize the public if they wish them to be tranquil and placid, or else make them rather angry, or even depressed.  And that's in the official statements at the Pentagon, in the writings of Teller.  So I think they're doing all of this right now, because the public are far too placid, when you see what's happened to them since 2001.  It's as though they're in a Twilight Zone, and I'm sure they're using it.  If you use short wave radio at all, this is when we first picked up that the Soviets were using Tesla technology and beaming it across to the West, back in the 70s.  It was called the Woodpecker Effect.  And you could hear this on your Ham radio.  Today, you can hear it 24 hours a day, and it's the most powerful signal on the shortwave radio.  And it's been going like that steadily since 2001. 


George: My gosh.  You know, are the Earth's people, are they in a delusional state or what?  Are they awake, or are they into a deep sleep?  What's your opinion?


Alan: They're in a Twilight Zone.  I like that ad you have there, in fact.  It says, "are you stupid?  I was diagnosed stupid."  That's a very good ad, that.  Because you watch TV.  Most people's reality really comes completely from television.  And Brzezinski again, we must always read the books by these big players, because they're still on the go yet, with geo-politics.  Brzezinski said that shortly the public will be unable to think for themselves.  He says, they'll only be able to repeat the previous night's news to themselves in the following day.  And he said, shortly they'll believe that the media is there to do their reasoning for them.  Well that has happened.  And he wrote the book in the 70s.


George: Hey, Alan.  You know a recent television program was canceled after two episodes, and it was about models.  About models, so maybe there is hope for the world in the future.  Thank you for being with us, this evening.  And thank you Charles for assisting me.  And Alan, you hit the nail on the head....


Alan: You're fading out, but it's been a pleasure being on, George.


George: Thanks very much, Alan.  Good Night.





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