March 25th, 2009

Alan Watt on "The Infowarrior" with Jason Bermas

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Jason Bermas: Alright folks, it is Wednesday, March 25th.  This is the Info Warrior with Jason Bermas.  We've got a jammed pack show for you.  We have Alan Watt in the first hour.  We'll be going to him after the first break, and then we're going to be doing a news blitz and taking your calls in the final hour.  I do want to go over some of the things we are going to be talking about later in the show.  Mainly, Section 17:10 of HR 1388, the Give Act.  Something that a lot of people aren't talking about.  The study to evaluate the effectiveness of a centralized electronic citizen verification system.  And they say this study is going to be done by "The Corporation for National and Community Service."  And the Department of Education.  They say that's going to be funded from 2010 to 2014, so no worry there.  They're going to be going before Congress no later than 18 months after this act is officially put into place.  It has nothing to do with their little, you know, volunteer Stasi force they're putting together and everything to do with a cashless society control grid.  I mean, you think the real ID is bad, and you know the National ID card, this is for your kids.  You know, all throughout this bill it's for people who are in middle school and high school, and it's not different with this study of a centralized electronic citizen verification system. 


We're also going to be talking about how China put the kibosh on youtube today.  No more youtube in China.  And you know, on Alex's show, when I hosted, I think it was in May or June, we had Benjamin Fulford on.  And talk about an apologist for China.  I mean, he's telling me China is not that bad, China is this and that, China is coming up, and we all know China held the Olympics there.  But then he makes the case, oh, what's so bad about a One World Government?  Well, what do you think is so bad about a One World Government when they're in cahoots with China?  I mean, to take away youtube is such a hit on free humanity in general.  I mean, that literally censors just an unbelievable amount of speech, right there.  But should we really be shocked.  I mean, we have our Supreme Court ruling whether or not the new Hillary movie is going to be constitutional or not.  And whether, I believe it was, writing and publishing that writing, this is what Scalia said, was covered by the Constitution.  Of course it's covered by the Constitution.  It's a Constitutional Right.  1st Amendment.  Freedom of Speech.  Any kind of speech.  Whether it's written down or not.  I mean, when I read that, it blew my mind. 


We're also going to be talking about this pamphlet, or multiple pamphlets they're handing out.  This is a story off of and, where the UK is trying to create even more of a tattletale society, saying, oh, if you see any suspicious bags we need you to report them.  And don't stare at the cameras.  If you stare at the cameras, you're automatically a terrorist.  It's London Police Encourage Citizens to report contents of each other's bins to prevent terrorism.  And there's a bunch of visual aids here.  It's pretty intense, I mean, terrorists won't succeed if someone reports suspicious activity.  Terrorism, if you suspect it, report it.  And I mean, they're showing cellphones, bags, vans, small camcorders, a flat screen for a computer.  It is just out of control.  So that's up at Infowars and Prison Planet, right now. 


Also want to talk about "Vaccine Scare in Ukraine" threatens health.  Now, of course, this is off MSNBC, so they're spinning it, saying, well, a lot of people in the Ukraine don't want to take these Western vaccinations, because they think that they're going to give them AIDS or they're going to sterilize them.  Hello?  We just had a death, and I think it was 27 kids go to the hospital from your Rubella vaccinations.  And they mention the Rubella vaccinations, but the main theme of the article is, the people in the Ukraine are bad because they're not getting vaccinated and they're putting us all at risk.  No, the people in the Ukraine are waking up to the fact that they're being poisoned through vaccinations, so they're saying no.  And that's what we should be doing.  Alan Watt on the other side.  It's the Info Warrior with Jason Bermas.,


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Jason: Alright folks, we are back.  It's the Info Warrior with Jason Bermas, and we are now joined by Alan Watt.  I was actually introduced to Mr. Watt's material, back in December of 2007, while I was out in California.  We were out in Naples, and I was with this gentleman who was helping us with an event.  And he started playing the Cutting Through the Matrix podcast for me, and I said, wow.  This guy is really smart.  He's very insightful.  He's well spoken.  Thank you for joining us, Mr. Watt.


Alan: It's a pleasure to be here with you.


Jason: Now, I've always wondered.  I've read your bio, but how does somebody like yourself get into this information, and then, not only get into it, but then start doing a radio show, speaking about it.  It says here you're an accomplished author and lecturer and all that, but where does it start for you?


Alan: At birth, really. 


Jason: Really?


Alan: I generally tell people, I had a form of autism which allowed me to see the world as it really was. 


Jason: (Laughter) So even in your musical career, you know, before you started doing this full time, you were pretty awake.


Alan: Absolutely.  Absolutely awake.  And I also traveled a lot too and I noticed that every country was passing the same laws across Europe, at the same time, always.  And I realized that there already was a European Union, back in the '70s.  And I realized as well, where it was all heading.  And I talked to some politicians, because when you're in the music industry, often, you will be approached and invited into homes of politicians and people who are big decision makers.  And you get chatting to them, and some but not all of it registers at the time.  Sometimes it's two years down the road, and it clicks as to what they actually said to you.  I was in a Norwegian's home in the '70s, and she went on to work at the United Nations.  At that time she worked for the Parliament there.  And she talked about a United Europe, and the fact that Scandinavian countries would be part of it, including Norway.  So, I heard all this stuff from the right people, generally at the dinner table.


Jason: So, you start hearing this stuff.  You see that there's this kind of a globalist agenda.  You see that they're trying to put the European Union into place.  They eventually do that.  When is it you take the leap into doing this full time?  When do you say, because I see that you wrote a lot of books under pseudonyms.  Did you try to do that throughout your career, put out these ideas, or was there really just one incident, one spot, where you said, you know what, I've got to devote myself to this, I've got to dedicate more time to this.


Alan: Yeah.  I mean, previous works I'd done had to do mainly with history and ancient history, religions, techniques of controlling people in the past.  And before 9/11 I realized what was coming up.  I was reading the authors, the big players' books, the ones put out by Kissingers and the Brzezinskis, and going all the way back through Huxleys, the different Huxleys, H.G. Wells, all the big boys, looking at the common threads that they all had and associations which they belonged to.  And that led me right in, of course, to the Royal Institute of International Affairs, that really was set up to go around any idea of democracy, to bring in a global governance system.  And it goes back into the late 1800s in fact, before it was called that name, it was called the Cecil Rhodes foundation.  And it had another name before that as well.  So, they were already working.  They never intended, especially in Britain, that was to be the nucleus of a Free Trade World system.  In Britain, they never intended to give the public real democracy.  It would always be guided by an elite called the Crown, under the Crown, this strange, odd democracy where you've got a monarchy on top of it.  And in Britain they call them The Establishment.  And everyone, everyone in Britain knows it exists.  And it bypasses Parliaments and so on.


I realized that they'd almost achieved their goal, and then of course, I saw the events leading up to 9/11 2001.  I knew something was going to happen in 2001, because the Big Boys had pretty well predicted that was really the start of the next century, was 2001, not the year 2000, and they said it was going to be a Century of Change.  The big foundations had published many articles on what they wanted to accomplish in a hundred years, in the 21st century, and we're well on the road to it now.  Well on the road.  So, I had to come out, and say it as it is.  Even though I knew, and this was the big problem that I had, I knew the psychological warfare that my generation and previous generations had been born into and had gone under and gone through.  And I didn't know, and I was very skeptical in fact, if the public really could wake up in time to realize what was being done to them, because they truly have had an incredible warfare put upon them by inoculations, and I don't trust them at all, the inoculations.  I've gone through some of the people who worked on methods of lobotomizing the general public, and they published it in their own books.  They worked for big organizations, including the United Nations.  We've had our food completely altered.  Canadians were the guinea pigs for the GMO food, without our consent, without our knowledge for ten years, while the governments with their health organization, the socialized medicine, could study every single one of us and watch for effects. 


So, we've been under warfare before we were born, right through to the present time, and you can see it in the public.  The IQ officially has dropped.  Now, you're born with an IQ.  It's innate in you.  And they've lowered the same test to a new normal, which is much lower, because they know what they've done to us.  We are under a real war, and there's no way to emphasize it enough to the public, who mainly can't tell fact from fiction anymore, it's so intertwined.  And they've also been trained, as Bertrand Russell advocated at the world meetings, they've trained the public to be hedonistic, narcissistic, self-centered, and to break the bonds of family, especially, and that way you're a perpetual child.  With the depression of the economy, etc, coming in, in a big way, you're going into the next Bertrand Russell suggestion, which was the creation of apathy.  Children, perpetual children, adult children can easily be put into a state of apathy, and controlled right along the agenda to the final outcome with ease on behalf of those in control.  This has all been written about in books, dusty books, used in some universities still today, but ignored and unknown of, by the general public. 


Jason: Well, this does seem to be what's going on.  I mean, you look at the lobotomized public, and what they're interested in more than anything are their sports teams, or their iphone apps, or you know, the coolest gadget, or the latest car, even in a time when many people are just losing their homes, you know, losing their jobs.  I mean, IBM is about to lay off another 5,000 people.  And the bankers are openly announcing that they're just going to print as much money as they want, and do what they want with it.  I mean, they're going to be buying up Treasury Bonds at the rate of 1.4 trillion dollars, and then maybe pump another trillion into that.  The new packages that they just announced in the last couple days, call for I think 3.7 trillion more publicly.  And then, you know, you have Obama getting up, before this press conference, and the thing is, the last eight years, the U.S. was used to a leader that stammered, stuttered, was not well spoken, didn't address people in really a proper manner, wouldn't look them in the eye, was very short and curt.  It was very easy to attack this guy.  Obama's a lot slicker.  I mean, he got asked about the Chinese global currency, because we know that China is now saying, you know what, we need a global currency.  The IMF is saying they want to print a global super-currency for quantitative easing, and he gets asked about that.  He dodges the entire question.  Finally the reporter at the end of it asks again, well, what about this global currency, and Obama looks down, and he says, I don't think there's a need for a global currency.  Meanwhile, he's gearing up to go to the G20 and before the G20 he's meeting with the Queen in private, and as you alluded to before, you know, this Royalty is really still in power.  It amazes me that most people believe that Bill Gates is the richest man in the world.  Meanwhile, you have Royals that are still protected by all sorts of MI5, Secret Service, I mean it boggles my mind that people can't get around the fact that that is the true wealth.  I mean, these people have been wealthy for centuries.


Alan: Centuries, and never mind the gifts they've been given from other kings and queens over the centuries, that in itself, but they are untouchable as well.  And they know they're untouchable.  People in Britain understand that.  There's a different system above the Parliament they're given, way high above it, and believe you me, every civil servant, every bureaucrat, every politician, even your policeman swears allegiance to the Crown and not to the people of Britain, or its Parliament, but to the Crown, to Royalty.  And that's the same across the whole of the British Commonwealth countries, including Canada. 


Jason: Well, most people here just aren't aware of that.  They don't understand that the Rothschilds have a sovereign nation in the Middle of London.  I mean, they don't understand these kinds of things, and especially here where the Royal family is kind of looked upon goofily.  They don't think that they have any power whatsoever.  People are just not awake at all.  I mean, alright, I think that the top three guys that they said were rich were Bill Gates, and then it was Warren Buffett, and there is no doubt that Warren Buffett is a player out there, but he's definitely not top round. 


Alan: No.


Jason: And then I believe it was the King of Spain, who is Royalty, probably does have some wealth there, but most of it hidden in foundations, such as the British Royal family.  I mean, that is their specialty, just like the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds.  They like to hide their funds in these institutions they create.  A great example is, you know, these guys are major globalists.  They had a push after the First World War for a League of Nations.  When that failed, they created the Council on Foreign Relations, which is still going on today, and in fact, Tim Geithner was forced to talk about the Chinese global currency and said he was open to it, but ultimately we would keep the dollar as a world currency.  But I think that tune is really going to change once this G20 happens and Obama visits it.  I think he's scheduled to go there on April 2nd.  So I expect some kind of announcement within the first week of April that there will be some sort of a global currency.


Alan: Well, it’s in today's paper too, by the head of the IMF that it's official, they'll have it out in a couple of months.


Jason: Yeah.  It's pretty crazy.  We'll be back with Alan Watt after this.  It's the Info Warrior with Jason Bermas.  Go get the podcast at the, or check out the video at


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Jason:  And we are back.  It's the Info Warrior with Jason Bermas.  We are joined by Alan Watt of  Alan, I want to get your take on China banning youtube officially today, taking it off the internet for Chinese citizens.  You know, in the past year we've really seen a push for China to come into the global arena.  I mean, we had them host the Olympics.  We seem to be adopting more of their policy.  I mean, you know, we borrowed trillions and trillions of dollars from them, and now this Super State, this Super Nation has officially banned youtube.  I mean, this is I think the third biggest site on the Internet.  Can you speak to that?


Alan: Yes.  China, according to the United Nations, is the model state for the world.  In other words, we've all to copy the system of China ultimately, because they want a collectivist system, and the big think tank of the Club of Rome said that in their own book, The First Global Revolution.  They said collectivism was the best way of managing the world population.  So they've based it on China, where you have a one party system, a totalitarian party, to get into commerce in China, you must join the party and become a member, a card-carrying member, and attend the local meetings or your city meetings.  And China, if you notice, they might have banned that, however, we also have laws getting enacted right now.  Australia was the first one to come out with it, where if you go into what's claimed are banned sites, and they won't give you a list of what sites are banned, yet, they're going to start fining you $11,000 per day.  So we in the West will start losing our rights and freedoms as well to the internet altogether, except for data tracking and gossip and so on and emails, for the government, as they start to take away google here, and all the other sites that we look into.  We have to emulate China.  So, I'm not surprised at all about this.  We've had, I think it was Jay Rockefeller recently talked about how dangerous the internet was, and he actually said, would it be better if we had never given it to the people in the first place.


Jason; Yeah, that is true, and one of the sites that Australia has officially banned and put on the list is Wikileaks.  And this is a site that notoriously puts out government documents that, you know the mainstream media really just refuses to talk about.  And you know, speaking of documents the mainstream media really refuses to talk about or at least talk about in substance, this Give Act.  It is anything but giving.  It's really taking.  It is compulsory service for twelve year olds and up, middle school and up, fifty hours to start, a hundred hours for college students.  Once you're out of high school, you'll be forced into some kind of a secondary school, or some kind of another bureaucratic program.  But they also tacked on this centralized electronic citizen verification system.  And you know, in the past they've tried to pass the Real ID act, they've put chips in our passports.  They've done everything in their power to really put a stranglehold on the people here.  But this to me is the most wide reaching one, in the fact that this is a citizen verification system for everyone, including students, and they're going to be using the department of education to test this and then implement it. 


Alan: Yes, in a sense too.  And this is what the public don't realize, that what you're living through, in your entire life in fact, is a continuation of a system, as it upgrades itself to the next part and the next part.  We saw them pass the bills for school-to-work.  That was part of it.  That was based on the Chinese or Soviet system, both actually.  So, they'll train you.  They want to train you for a particular job, and if they want you to be a joiner, a plumber, a carpenter, whatever, then that's all you'll be taught.  Eventually, ultimately down the road that's all you'll be taught.  If they want you to be a good party Bureau Chief or whatever, they'll train you for that, or the new type of worldwide KGB, you'll be trained for that.  So, you're quite right.  It's more than just what they say.  But mainly, mainly here's what it is.  It's a record of each individual and their potential for being a problem down the road.  In other words, they're looking for thinkers.  And you'll notice a big part of this budget of this so-called compulsory voluntarism is going towards education.  You're looking at political ideology indoctrination.  That's what it's going to be.  So we're really under tyranny right now.  And if you get one generation who have grown up with the scientific indoctrination, it's game over.  You can't talk to them.  You can't reason with them.  They'll be pulling the older people out of the houses, off for the disposal unit, basically, because they ruined the planet for them, etc.  This is political ideology and we've got to understand that.


Jason: And speaking of ruining the planet, I really want to get into their global carbon tax system that's being proposed right now, not only in legislation by the UN but by the United States.  I mean, we've got Tennessee talking about buying carbon credits in anticipation of this being passed.  That, and we're going to take your calls for Alan Watt.  It's 866-582-9933.  Call in, ask Alan a question.  We'll be back after this.  It's the Info Warrior, with Jason Bermas,,


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Jason: And we are back. It's the Info Warrior with Jason Bermas.  We have Alan Watt of on the line.  If you'd like to ask him a question it is 866-582-9933.  Alan, I want to get into this Carbon Tax thing, because this is the next step of control.  We're all going to be made to feel guilty about the Earth and Climate Change and we're to blame, and it's this new control grid, that instead of paying taxes on other things, they want you to pay taxes on the environment.  In other words, how many cars you have? How big is your home?  How much trash are you producing?  How many children do you have?  Which they do want to regulate, just look at China, one child policies there for decades now.  And this article is out of Reuters today, "Idled U.S. farmland may be a large carbon sink, USDA."  So the U.S. is basically saying they need, the Department of Agriculture is saying we need to buy up all this farmland.  And they're saying it's 33.7 million acres, and federalize it, because it's omitting too much carbon.  Ooh.  Why don't you explain this system to people.


Alan: Well, again, apart from being a complete con, you see, right now, they're putting laws through and ideology to convince people they're a burden on the planet itself and the ecosystem.  So you will get born into a system of guilt for being alive in the first place.  That's really at the crux of this.  This is how, this is why it will work in fact.  And it will interfere, it will control every single part of your existence, even right down to if you can breed, if you should breed, and the cost of it and so on and so on.  It's a complete farce, utter farce in reality.  It's abstract nonsense.  It's Wizard of Oz stuff.  And they're well aware of it at the top.  Now the Club of Rome again is the premier think tank for working out systems to control the population of the planet.  It comes up with ideas and then it passes it down to other think tanks that work on it and implement it into society.  They pass their ideas on to the Rand corporation, for instance.  And they [the Club of Rome] put in their own book, The First Global Revolution, that in the 1970s they had looked for something to unite the planet, a common enemy, and they looked at even alien invasion, what would work with the public, were they gullible enough, etc.  And they said no.  And eventually they hit on the idea of man being at war with the planet and vice versa.  Therefore, man would be the enemy.  In their own words they said, that would fit the bill.  That would fit the bill.


Jason: That is just incredible.  And, you know the other project you were talking about is Project Blue Beam, where they said, you know, we would stage this Alien Invasion, or possibly put holograms in the sky of religious figures.  And, you know, cull the populations into believing that we needed a One World Order or a World Government to combat this sort of thing.  And it seems like instead of conquest, they want them to go through consent, and they will get consent through incrementally telling the people that global warming is real, you know, your SUV is terrible.  I saw a report out of the Telegraph about three weeks ago, where they were saying that United States use of toilet paper was actually worse than gas-guzzling SUVs.  In other words, I'm not even supposed to wipe my behind when I go to the bathroom.


Alan: That's right.


Jason: I mean, this is just insanity.


Alan: It is an insanity, but they can make any crazy system work if they can convince enough people, especially the young, bring them up with indoctrination, they can make you believe anything.  And they've said that in their own books by the way.  They can make the general public eventually believe anything with the proper indoctrination.  Bertrand Russell said, there's no nonsense so errant that it cannot be made the general creed (meaning belief) of the vast majority, by adequate government action.  That's what he said at one of the world meetings, and in one of his own books.  And they can really, really do it.  They can make you believe anything.  They can make you believe that it's your fault that the sky goes dark at night, if they wanted to.


Jason: You know, I was watching a dvd out there that featured Edward Bernays, and Bernays telling a story about how he got the other half of the population, women, to smoke.  And how they staged this, and you know, they had all these women go out with cigarettes, and made it the cool thing to do.


Alan: It was also societal women.  They were well known, top societal ladies, that the rest would emulate.  And he understood the psychology of that, that the masses follow those in the personality cult, like Hollywood.  And so, he was well aware of what he was doing. 


Jason: Yeah, I mean, it's incredible.  They get this group of women to start smoking out in public.  They stage a news story, and then really, it just starts to pick up and all the sudden, women are smoking.  I mean, it's really unbelievable.  And there's a guy out there.  I don't know if you've ever seen his stuff.  He uses a lot of NLP in his programs, Derren Brown, and he really does show, visually, how fragile the human mind is, and how suggestible it is.  And you know, what you're able to do to people within moments, if you know how to talk to them and speak to them, and make hand motions and really just misdirect them. 


Alan: Yes.  What it is, is very simple, I mean, Brown showed it with just paper cut-outs for money.  And he goes into a shop and he pays the guy off with these blank white papers, because your mind is in a sort of double whammy.  It knows what it expects to see.  He expects to see you counting out bank notes, and his mind wants to perceive that as bank notes.  Part of his mind says that it's blank.  And so, rather than go with his own perceptions, he will take his own conditioning and go with that.  That's as simple as that.  That's why it works.


Jason: Yeah, it is incredible.  And in another example, he's at a dog track with losing tickets, and he literally walks up with the losing tickets, hammers on the little section, talks to the person, tells them that it's a winning ticket, and they get paid out.  I mean, it's amazing.


Alan: Yes.  That's how Rothschild took over the bank of England.  Yeah. 


Jason: Yeah.  (Laughter)  Something similar, yes.  Alright.  We're loaded with callers for you, Alan.  Let's go to Jake in Minnesota.  Jake, what's on your mind? 


Jake: Hey, thanks for taking my call.  Thanks a lot, Alan, I really like your perspective on this, and you know, we're going through all this information.  I think everybody is kind of like trying to figure out what this, the End Game, or whatever to the whole thing is, and you know, it's obvious that it's pretty been planned out through their system.  So, what is, you know going with Einstein's words, you can't solve a problem using the same thinking used to cause the problem.  You know, what thinking do we start using to go past it?  Is it just going straight pro-Constitution, you know, something, and I know it has to be something positive.  You can't just try and break down their little things.  What do we go forward with from here, do you think, Alan?


Alan: Well, I don't see, to be honest with you, I do not see protests doing anything, except helping those at the top, because the top protesters are NGOs paid for by the big foundations, owned by the bankers themselves.  So, the very things they're protesting are the answers that the bankers want the public to believe and accept, unfortunately.  This system, you've got to understand, it's been ruled for such a long, long time, by the Council on Foreign Relations as the managing group for this, mainly in America, and other countries.  And they are just the American branch of the Royal Institute for International Affairs in Britain.  And every commonwealth country across the planet has one.  India has one.  Pakistan has a CFR.  We've never had democracy or a republic.  Actually the republic was stolen a long time ago.  And Carroll Quigley, who was the historian, remember for the CFR said, in the 1960s, in his own book, Tragedy and Hope, that the group, the CFR, had hijacked America sixty years before that.  That's how far back they've been in control.  The bankers with their managerial group.  The CFR beneath them running the system.  They're not going to give up their plans because of persuasion.  It will not happen. 


Jason: Alright Jake, I thank you for your call.


Alan: And it's going to come to a terrible situation.  They'll either win and get what they want, or there will be a hell of a mess in the streets.  That's what I see coming down.


Jason: Alright, let's go to Tim in Oklahoma.  Tim, what's on your mind?


Tim: Yes, Jason.  This is Tim from the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.  I'm an attorney.  I am very glad you took my call, because I've been trying to get a hold of Alex or yourself for a couple of weeks.  I've done a little research, and it seems to me like Oklahoma has a State Constitutional Provision that prohibits the federalization of any state employee.  I've checked the Texas Constitution.  It seems to be pretty much equal to the Oklahoma State Constitution and Missouri as well, has a similar Constitution.


Jason: Well, I would just say this though, the only problem is that the Feds aren't going to recognize that.  It's just like marijuana being decriminalized in California, and them saying the Feds can't come in and bust them.  The Feds do it anyway.  And they just say, we don't care.  We're the Federal Government, we're going to do it anyway.  There's a movie called Super High Me that really documents this fact.  I mean, you can have all the statewide legislation that you want, and I agree that it's a good thing to have these sorts of things, and I think that the sovereignty movement is a good movement.  You know, it shows that the people are not happy with what's going on.  But I'll guarantee that the Federal Government is not going to go by those rules and regulations, wouldn't you agree, Alan?


Alan: Absolutely.  And the CFR, and you can always count on the CFR's own publications, they said years ago, that they would simply do an end run around the Constitution to get what they wanted.  And they've been doing that ever since.  What they're also using, this is their excuse too, they're using what they call Common Law.  Now, Common Law, according to them and their definition, is what the public eventually accept over a period of time, that then becomes law.  In other words, we acquiesce to our own imprisonment with every law that's passed and we say nothing.  Therefore, it goes into the legal system then, as legal law.  It's the oddest thing, even though, even though we know what they're doing.


Tim: I would add this, that under the state laws, the federal government cannot prohibit a state district court judge from convening a grand jury or from the people petitioning for a grand jury in for obtaining state law indictments, and for the state of Oklahoma, or other states such as Oklahoma, who have criminal statutes, or in Oklahoma, you can find that under title 21, section 1266.


Jason: Tim, all I'm saying is just look at the track record.


Tim: And the Federal Government can't...


Jason: Look at the track record of the Federal Government for the state.


Tim: The Federal Government can't prohibit a state law prosecution.


Jason: Not legally, but this is a criminal government.  And I thank you for the call.  You look at the track record when the Feds go up against the state government, and the Fed comes out winning 95 to 99% of the time.  And that's just the way it is.  That's reality.  I mean, I'm glad we put these state provisions in.  I'm glad there's still state rights.  I'm glad that we can make our own laws.  I mean, that's what our Congress is supposed to be there.  There are, you know, we're their constituents.  They're supposed to be our servants.  It's anything but that right now, but at the same time, the Feds do what they want.  They rarely cow down to local government, and I just don't see it happening.  Alright, let's jump to the next caller.  Let's go to Mark in Oregon.  Mark, what's on your mind?


Mark: Hey, Good Evening, Jason and Alan.  You know, Jason, you mentioned something at the beginning of the show that got my curiosity up, so if you don't mind, I'm passing to my main reason for calling, my question for calling.  I'd like to ask Alan exactly what type of music he was into professionally.  Was it classical or rock and roll or country and folk?  I know the English do them all.


Alan: Yeah.  I did it all, in fact.  And sometimes I was asked to get groups together for live stage musicals, and I'd play with them for a while, and then I'd go off and do my own thing solo.  Either a sort of folk type, or classical in theaters across the world.


Mark: Did you play various instruments, or did you specialize in mainly one instrument, Alan?


Alan: I played a few instruments.  I really do like the guitar as well.


Jason: What was the most enjoyable act and gig that you ever did, Alan?


Alan: Playing with Chicago, and the Eagles, and some other ones.  At the time I came over from Britain, I filled in on tours.  I'd get calls if I could just stand in for someone that was sick or whatever, guitarists mainly, and I'd play with them, and I didn't even know who they were at the time.


Jason: Wow, that's great.


Mark: That's fantastic.  You played electric and acoustical professionally, obviously. 


Alan: Yes.


Mark: Fantastic.  Well, Alan, I wanted to ask you, in light of what Alex went over on his show earlier today, and the first part of it as well.  It was toward the end of the show with a gentleman named Shepherd, and I'm missing his last name right now, but he was basically a formal guest on the show.  And he and a few friends have actually posted video on, of these very large, roughly 800 by a 1000ft and 8 to 10ft deep with rocks in the bottom of them for drainage, being built right next to Department of Veteran Affairs cemeteries in this country.  You know, nobody, including Alex, has really come out and said what these might exactly be for yet.  I don't think Alex likes to jump to conclusions on things which could scare people unnecessarily, but I didn't know if you had heard about this development, Alan.  They have been, there has been publicity about the blue coffin liners being stockpiled around Chicago and maybe a few other places in recent months, but this is the first that's come up that I've heard, and I've listened pretty closely, listening to Alex and Jason and such as this, of actual mass graves.  What are apparently, obviously, what else could they be, mass graves being dug here.  Do you have any view on this, at this point?  Does this fit in with any other part of?


Alan: Well, I'll tell you.  I don't know about this story in particular for the U.S., but I have gone over the British ones for supposed plagues and pandemics and gone through it pretty meticulously, and they do talk about creating mass graves, and how they'd really have to build some of them in advance, and fill them up quickly, etc, etc, how many they'd hold, all of that kind of stuff.  And where they would be in fact, away from drainage facilities and all that kind of thing.  So, these things have been discussed, I know in other countries, across Europe, so I don't see why they haven't started the same thing in the U.S.


Jason: Alright, Mark.  I thank you for the call, my friend.  We've got to jump to the next caller. Let's go to Daria in California.  Daria, what's on your mind?


Daria: Jason?


Jason: Yes.


Daria: Hey.  Thank you for your show, and thank you for having Alan Watt on.


Jason: Thank you.


Daria: Just real quick, just real quick, I want to mention that for those who want to go to a whole other level of understanding this whole New World Order Agenda, Alan Watt is the source, and he has hundreds of hours of lectures for free.  And his books are invaluable, and people should really try to support him, because he has no sponsors.  And I just want to make a quick comment, and I even hate to mention this, but you know you had Jim Mars on your Monday show.  And there was a caller asking Jim Mars, you know, like what's up with the whole reptilian thing, and Jim Mars responded with basically something like, you know, no one's perfect and why not, to hypothesize...


Jason: Well, that's what Jim said.  Jim said that he wouldn't put it past him.


Daria: Right, but to be rudely honest about it, the whole Reptilian thing is basically entertainment at best and a psy-op, I think at worst.  And...


Jason: I don't disagree.  I don't think that I've ever given any kind of credence.  The caller called in about it.  I've made my thing clear.  I think that in order for you to talk about Reptilian shape shifters from the 4th dimension, the Annunaki, I think you need a video of somebody shape shifting into a reptile, and you need a specimen.  I mean, for me to even go that far.  I always tell people, listen, check out everybody's information, all of it, but take all of it with a grain of salt and try to do your own independent research for verification. 


Daria: Right.  And you know, what I just want to say, is that when you mix hard, cold facts that can be documented, which Jim Mars does write about, and which are so important to educate people with, so they begin to question their zombified reality.  When you mix that with, you know by even mentioning the reptilian thing, what it does is completely discredit everything.


Jason: I agree with you.  We've got to go to break.  I'll come back to that point afterwards.  Final segment with Alan Watt.


(Commercial Break)


Jason: Alright, folks, we are back, final segment with Alan Watt.  Let me just speak to that point one more time.  You know, at one end, I absolutely agree with her.  That's not something we usually talk about on the show, you know, reptilians, or you know, all this outward, just crazy stuff.  I mean, there's a certain point where some people just want to believe anything, and they'll just take it to the next level, no matter how real the information is.  But on another point, this is an open show, we have no screeners, so we take all calls.  So when a caller comes in and asks Jim Mars about something he wrote in a book, you know, over a decade ago, and whether he still believes it, I can't help it but take that call.  I take all callers, and whether they be nuts or racist or just misguided or ignorant or dead on.  So, you know, that's what makes this show great.  Alan, would you speak to that.  I mean, there are so many things in this "patriot movement" out there that are just utter nonsensory. 


Alan: Well, every movement that's ever wisened up to what's going on in the world has had down the road, they've had leaders supplied to them.  And the old technique, and Lawrence of Arabia wrote about this, by the way.  He was set up by Cambridge, and then went into the British Secret Service, to really misguide the Arab countries by getting newspapers up and running and all the rest of it.  But they always mix fact with fiction.  If they can mix enough incredible fiction with the fact, it truly does discredit the truth, and that's called counter-intelligence.  So, I'm not surprised.  Certain people have been put out there, that have been well financed from the beginning.  They've been launched by major national television companies.  That doesn't happen if you're a nobody.  That happens because it's meant to happen.  And, unfortunately, lots of people follow this stuff.  Then they try to explain the conspiracy, and as soon as you mention aliens for reptiles walking around eating people and drinking blood, they'll just laugh at you.  So, you get lumped in with your facts, into the alien crowd.  It's incredible. 


Jason: Yeah, exactly.  It's just like, you know, when we put out Loose Change and we got a lot of press for that.  You'd see articles all the time, oh, you know, Jew drinking Reptiles, and Anti-Semitic stuff and all this garbage, meanwhile I'm trying to expose the people that did this, you know, the real names, the real people, the real organizations that have ties to this, whether it be, you know, the continuity of government program, the shadow government, the Israeli Mossad, the Pakistani ISI, British Intelligence, you know, real players in this, and then trying to expose even the higher level above that, the people that control the Federal Reserve.  The people, like the Rothschilds that have their own estates in the middle of London that are sovereign nations folks, sovereign nations.  Alright, let's take one last call for you, Alan, and I want to thank you for joining us, because you are a great guest and I really do enjoy what you do as well.  Let's go to Ed in Florida.  Ed, final call for Alan Watt.


Ed: Oh, nice.  I squeezed in the last one, huh.  Alright, well, first off, Jason, thanks for all you do. 


Jason: Thank you.


Ed: The movies, everything.  Top notch, most respect to you.  Now, for Alan, I know, a few months ago, I caught him on a show with Alex.  He made a comment about a lot of the people who have been woke up, it has something to do with allergies.  I wanted to know if he could comment on that, because I missed it and tried to catch it the next day and I missed it again.  I've been boggling my mind forever on it.


Jason: Alright, go ahead, Alan.  You've got about 90 seconds.


Alan: Yeah, very quickly.  Arthur Koestler wrote about ways to lobotomize the brain, physically.  He worked for MI6, it's now declassified.  He worked for the United Nations on that project, using chemicals and inoculations and so on.  The stuff was meant to target the brain, and certain people, because of your genetic makeup it will go to other parts of the body.  You end up with massive allergies, but your brain is intact.  It's that simple.


Jason: Alright.  Thank you so much, Alan Watt.  It's




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