April 20, 2009
Alan Watt on "The Monday Brownbagger" with Don Nordin
on CFRO 102.7 FM - Vancouver, B.C., Canada


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Don Nordin: Yes, you are listening to co-op radio, 102.7 FM in Vancouver.  And this is the Monday Brownbagger.  And today we're running a special on the global economic crisis, which we'll go through until 2:30.  We have four segments of our program today.  I'm doing the first one-quarter, and the Reg Argue will be on.  And then I believe Alfred Webber has a CD to run.  And then Diane and Jeff I think will be doing the last segment, so they'll be in later.  And I believe their segment is also recorded, but they'll be in to take phone calls for memberships.  And again, my name is Don Nordin.  I've been out of the Monday Brownbagger for a while, recuperating from health issues, and at some point I may come back in on a regular basis.  But for now, you will only hear me once every six months.  So, I'm the founder of the Monday Brownbagger, by the way, founded about eighteen years ago, and right now we have a number of people, doing an excellent job on the Monday Brownbagger, which is great.  So, okay, our first guest will be Alan Watt, who's a Canadian.  And I believe I mentioned our topic is the global economic crisis.  And we'll be talking with Alan, until, I believe 12:21 for the first segment.  So, are you there, Alan?


Alan: Yes, I'm here.


Don: Well, welcome again to the Monday Brownbagger.  We had you on last fall, and I inadvertently cut you short about five minutes, so we're going to try and keep to our schedule today and discuss these issues of importance.  So, we are in sort of a real crisis now, politically, economically and so forth, and it seems to be going global.  It is global.  So, maybe we could start off with you giving your take on how we got into this crisis and what we might, who is responsible for the crisis, how we got into it.  We can start off with that, I believe, Alan.


Alan: Most crises that happen are planned to happen, because it's like war.  War itself has many different aspects to it.  And major professors still teach that one of the main functions of war is to change societies, all conflicting societies, which are taken over by massive bureaucracies that flourish in wartime.  What's happening now, has been written about for a long, long time, by big foundations, big think tanks, that advise governments worldwide.  They advise the blocs, the trading blocs of countries.  The European Bloc, the North American Union, we're actually there, you know.  And the idea a long time ago was to set up a world system, and it is internationalist in scope.  In other words, there will be no favoritism in this system.  You have to go back to the big foundations that have been helping to plan and advise governments for the last hundred years.  And people don't realize that the Council on Foreign Relations, which is just the foreign office you might say, or foreign branches of the Royal Institute for International Affairs which is a private organization, which runs under the Crown, independently of government, yet has many members within all governments across the world, have been working steadily towards this global government for, as I say, an awful long time. 


It's no coincidence that one of the main thinkers and founders of the International Monetary Fund, at the Bretton Woods Agreement, John Maynard Keynes, said that this is only the first part of a new economic system that will go global.  He said, we won't see the next part in our lifetime, when he was writing this back in the late '40s.  He said, but the next generation will see Part Two come in.  Well, this is what Part Two is about.  You need a crisis, or at least the appearance of a crisis in order to restructure the monetary supply of the world, so that the World Bank, and this is what he said, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund will take their proper place, as issuers of currency for the entire planet.  Well, lo and behold, after this crunch that came, that had to come, because all restrictions on trading were basically taken off in America in the 1990s, which allowed the bubbles to happen, they knew where it would go to, and at the right time, they simply pulled the plug, and said, My God, we're going into a depression.  There's nothing to back all these commodities and these shares and so on.  So it happened right on cue, like John Maynard Keynes said.  And out of it comes exactly again, what he wanted, was an International Monetary Fund, put to the top where it's supposed to be.  It was founded to do this.  It's never had the full power to do it.  With the World Bank, and basically we're seeing the globalization as they're calling it, into global governance.  That's the term they use, governance.  We see it all over the newspapers, governance.  We see it from all the think tanks that are involved, across the world, governance, but they never explain what governance means.  It's a new type of governing, a new type or new way of governing the people. 


In the past, we always had the middlemen that were politicians, who were heavily financed into office by the dominant minority, as Carroll Quigley, Professor Carroll Quigley calls them.  And Huxley also called them the dominant minority.  And those politicians had to always at least give some appearance of a truth to the public, plausible or fairly plausible for whatever they were doing, often with jokes and smiles, and we laugh back at them, as they laughed at us.  Things have changed now.  You're going into a system where really we're run by administrators, and that's really what governance means.  Governments by specialists and people from academia, and they will bypass completely governments.  They don't have to go to governments for permission to introduce things.  They will basically give the governments the laws to sign.  That's what's been happening recently, actually for quite some time now.  It's the planned society.  The tidied up society, where everything, all trades, everything, social planning, family planning, on a national, international scale will be managed from a world body.  And that really is what it's all about. 


It's no coincidence that Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of Britain, at the G20 Meeting opened up stating, and he's a member of the Fabian Society, that's a member of the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  He said, this is a New World Order, in his opening speech.  And he said, we are bringing Order Out of Chaos.  And that's the standard technique.  You create the chaos, and then you bring in the planned order.  It's a new type of order, that's called governance, where we simply obey.  And if you notice, really, the same boys and groups and associations and foundations who promoted democracy to get laws on the books, throughout all countries, are now gradually letting the word democracy fade away and they're using governance instead.  That's not a coincidence.  That's to get us psychologically prepared, over a few years, that we're being ruled by experts.  And again, it goes back to people like Lord Bertrand Russell, who said that the world society that we are bringing in, will be a world ruled by experts, the natural aristocracy, those with the high intellect and the knowledge.  That's what it is.  So the idea of serving the people is out the window, as far as governments go.  We are there now to serve the World State.  And that's part of what they say in the charter of the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  Everyone will be born with a duty to serve the World State.  It's no coincidence when Brown in Britain brings out this mandatory volunteerism for children, the same thing happens in the U.S. with Obama, and we just got the same bill put in here by Trudeau's son, to Canada for the same thing.  Once they're on the books, it will expand to two or three years, and then it will keep going on, as they expand it over many years, that you will have to serve the World State.  That is a planned society.  In International Socialism that the Fabians ran and talked about and designed, that is to be your planned society where they will govern like benevolent dictators you might say.  And that's the system that's being brought in. 


I read on the air, not so long ago, from a top economist, who teaches Economics at one of the top Universities in the States.  He said that it is sacrilege for an economist to ever tell the public the bad news, because the whole idea of stock market is based on hope and happiness, joy, etc.  It's like a big gambling casino.  Therefore, it's literally sacrilege for any of them to tell you that there's going to be a crash.  It's taboo.  And yet, in the U.S. they get the President, the guy at the top, to come out and tell the public there's going to be a crash and it could be worse than the last Great Depression.  This was a planned crisis, because it was at the right time it happened.  And immediately, they came out with the answers.  The IMF gets built up, with the International, with the World Bank, to take their proper position under the United Nations to be the world distributor of all currency, and trade laws and negotiations. 


Don: This world, this ruling elite that you speak of, how many of these elites are there that are involved in keeping this agenda together?  And is there any sort of a central brain to all this, or is it sort of basically an agenda of massive, elites of a minority.  How do they retain their cohesiveness? 


Alan: It's built just like the pyramid, where you have a capstone.  And the capstone, remember, was founded, a long time ago in Britain, with Cecil Rhodes, at least was the front man, along with Lord Rothschild, to set up the Rhodes foundation.  Rhodes scholarships train the scholars to be internationalists for a global system.  When they leave they go into high positions right away.  All doors open for them, across the world.  Every country now has Rhodes scholars, in their bureaucracies, in their federal governments, some of them are politicians.  Most of them are in the high bureaucratic positions, or they're technocrats.  They're appointed to government, but they're not elected.  That Cecil Rhodes group amalgamated with the Lord Alfred Milner society, the Round Table Society, and the two together became the Royal Institute for International Affairs, and it's better known in the U.S. and Canada as the Council on Foreign Relations.  All our top members in government in Canada have been Council on Foreign Relations members for years, for many, many, many changes in Houses in Parliament.  So, it's no coincidence too, when we saw the article a couple of years ago, about Fortress America, and the amalgamation of Canada, the States, and Mexico, and how they would use the terrorism, in mainstream news, they'd use terrorism to further intensify the amalgamation of the American continent.  You saw Axworthy and different ones, people who had been vice-prime ministers, suddenly come out on television as the head of the Canadian Council on Foreign Relations Department.  Well, is there a conflict of interest here or not?  Because these characters have already sworn allegiance to a global society, and here they are at times being assistant prime ministers, or vice presidents to nations.  We are run by these societies and we have been for at least fifty or sixty years. 


When you go back to Britain, as I say, Aldous Huxley talked about the dominant minority at his Berkeley speech.  I have that on my site.  He said, they've always been here and I presume they always will be here.  Well, they never give up power willingly.  They use democracy to further their own aims.  Because you'll find with democracy, as they've been pushing it, you'll find more and more government services now have become authorities over the public, which was the original intention in the first place.  Every citizen now, under freedom and safety, etc, is watched as minutely as a bug inside a cage in a laboratory.  We have no rights nor freedoms, under this term, the New Democracy.  President Bush when he was in defined it, The New Freedom.  The term The New Freedom is only known to the insiders, even though it was on mainstream newspapers.  And it comes from Isaiah Berlin, who was a philosopher at Oxford University.  And he came out with the concept of negative freedom and positive freedom.  Negative freedom, where people are kept dumb and happy and fairly content, with less governmental intrusion into their lives, but they're managed well. And positive freedom is when you get them all on board towards a particular agenda, as you do in wartime.  They know that in wartime, everyone will pull together, they'll put up with the restrictions, rations, whatever comes along, government intrusion, ID cards, because they're all working towards survival.  Therefore, we now have a pretense, under the guise of international terrorism, to bring in a world society.  That's the new freedom.  We're all on board an agenda now, a planned agenda.  That's what the New Freedom means.  In reality we have less and less freedom.  And we have less and less say in the direction that the world is going.  In fact, we have none at all.


Don: So they need a crisis to keep this thing going.  Do you think, well, there was evidence that just came out recently that in the rubble of the collapse of the Twin Towers, was found in two cases, traces of thermite, which indicates that the Towers were brought down by a controlled demolition.  So that crisis that was supposedly blamed on external elements is now shown to be a falsity.  Do they need some sort of other crisis now, and what would that crisis be?


Alan: Well, we've got them.  You see, what you do, when you look at warfare, we tend, and again we're conditioned to think of warfare as people in uniforms battling with each other.  Warfare starts at a very basic level.  You look at humanity, or your enemy, and you say, what do they need?  They need food.  Good food, healthy food.  They need water.  They need shelter, clothing, heating, etc.  If you've noticed, all of our rights in all of these areas have been taken away from us, because under the United Nations, as it was set up to be, eventually they will basically be the owner, or at least hold it all for us, of course, as they say, in their safekeeping.  They will be the owner of water.  We have five agri-food businesses that are all interconnected who have altered everything that we eat by genetic manipulation, modification.  We have a sick population, across the planet, and every day there's articles.  People are allergic now to everything, including the food they are eating.  Well, I'm not surprised, because it's so heavily tampered with.  Plus they use incredible pesticides with the stuff.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that warfare strategy has been used and is being used on the planet.  Now, one of the main things that has been coming out, amongst all these crises, that's why they call it chaos, they give you it from so many angles at once, mainstream newspapers in Britain, there's bills in to mandate the drastic reduction in population growth, by any and every means possible.  How would you implement that?  Would you ask for volunteers?  Or would you go ahead as a military authority, and start bringing the population down?  How would you do it?  Well, again, what do you need as a human being?  They have done it all. 


Don: Yeah, they're forming these, well one thing they're doing is forming these groups of brownshirts now in, under the pretext of people, I guess fighting for environmental issues and so forth. 


Alan: Yes, and every one of these big Greenie groups, you know, is funded by the big foundations.  You see, the thing is, the parallel government, and this is what Margaret Thatcher called it, a parallel government.  Professor Carroll Quigley, who was the official authorized historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Royal Institute for International Affairs, also called it the parallel government, the real government.  He said, it's non-elected.  He said, democracy was considered too cumbersome and too slow.  Too many conflicting parties to get their agenda forward.  Therefore they simply bypassed it through the creation of popular movements, funded by the foundations that are owned by the bankers.  The big world bankers, like the Rockefellers.  It's no coincidence that every university in Canada and the States, and many other countries too, gets a substantial grant every year from the Rockefeller Foundation, from the Ford, from the Carnegie foundations, from the various ones that the Rothschilds own.  So they can actually promote, through academia, what they want taught.  They call them memes.  The whole idea of the Greening, sustainability, it's like an idea you put out there, reinforce it, and when professors come on board, and they will, because of the grants they get, you can then teach the students.  You can bring in a religion.  You can teach anything as a religion with false evidence, or false facts.  Or at least distorted facts.  And it will be believed as a religion.  And you can create fanaticism. 


These NGO groups that are well organized, well funded with their leaders on life salaries and pensions and so on, they're not little grassroots movements, all take their marching orders from the big foundations that are the fronts for the dominant minority.  And all of these foundations work together.  The Rockefeller, in fact, I was going through on a radio show one day, some of the other foundations that it owns.  There's hundreds of them.  They're all fronts for the Rockefeller foundation.  They funnel money through them all, right down to population reduction across the third world countries, and they call it family planning.  Actually, what they do, they get mandatory laws put into those countries, from their governments, in the countries that are corrupt, they take money and so on.  So this is a planned society, the way they think it should be run, instead of giving people individual choices. 


Don: Well, okay.  We'll come back and pick up on that, in a minute.  We'll just take a small break here to announce you're listening to Co-op radio, CFRO FM 102.7 in Vancouver.  And you're listening to the Monday Brownbagger program.  My guest is Alan Watt.  I'm Don Nordin.  And this is a fundraiser program.  We have them twice a year, in the fall and in the spring.  And today we're involved in raising money to keep our station going, and to keep interviews like this coming to you, to educate you, in case you're not educated, but I think a lot of you are beginning to pick up that there is a crisis, and are beginning to understand why we are in this crisis.  But it doesn't hurt to go over this again and again.  And perhaps educate people who are coming in out of the fringes, who haven't heard about this, so, you can phone in to donate money by membership, etc, to our station.  We would appreciate that.  We need that.  So phone in at 604-684-8494, and show your support and appreciation for what we're trying to do here, at CFRO.  Going back to Alan Watt. 


So these people are trained in the academia, area of academia, and selected from that area by who?  How are these people selected from academia to serve the ruling elite, and maybe you could go into that, a little bit into that process, and how that works.


Alan: They're picked very early on, even for Rhodes Scholarships.  Rhodes Scholarships are designed, and have been from the beginning, to bring in a world empire.  That's in their own writings, if you look into Cecil Rhodes in his will and the Foundation's will, and then you look into the Royal Institute for International Affairs, which as I say, eventually it transformed into.  It is a parallel government.  And how they do it, is they pick up trainable people in universities.  Often too, they'll withdrawal those children from the same families who have already proven their value to this agenda, devout globalists, and really elitists.  And they train them.  They must have certain abilities, such as at least participating in social actions at university to qualify for these particular scholarships.  And if they have the right stuff, again, they'll go on up through academia, and perhaps eventually be given professors chairs themselves, where they will teach this global agenda.  And it's surprising to realize it's been taught actually for years in universities, this whole internationalism and global governance.  There's courses on global governance, been taught for about eight or nine years now, already in some universities.  And we didn't know.  The public didn't know.  We're the last to be told anything that's really happening by the regular media.  So you prove your worth to it, and if that's not your inclination, they'll send you into politics.  If you notice, most politicians now are generally in and out as CEOs of corporations, and then back into politics.  They just go back and forth like ping-pong balls.


Don: Musical chairs.


Alan: And what we find is that Professor Carroll Quigley, again, a historian for the CFR said that.  He said, this new system we're bringing in, is a new type of feudal system.  Now, remember, a feudal system, you have the bulk of the populace are basically serfs, that do what they're told.  They have a planned life with one function generally to do.  And that's it.  Technically you own nothing.  He says this new feudal system, the overlords will be the CEOs of international corporations.  And that's basically what you have.  Look at the lobbying groups that are in and out of Parliament and government buildings across the world, every day.  They have their own fixed bases in every capital of every nation.  And these are the guys who go back and forth to their friends, who they've generally worked with before, and tell them the agenda.  So, we're run privately in reality.  There's no real public say in anything anymore.  And there hasn't been for quite some time.  Therefore, we've watched since 2001, the year by the way that was picked to kick off this new world order, was 2001.  And we were told immediately that nothing would ever be the same again after the Towers went down.  That was quite a statement to make, nothing will ever be the same again.  And since then, across the world, every country at the same time signed the same omnibus anti-terrorism bills into law, meaning it was all pre-planned because bureaucracies take years to draft up anything.  They all drafted up the same implementations at the same time, the international agreements already having been made in between them.  And then they all go along the same course of snooping on all the citizenry.  Right away, it's all the citizenry.  It's not incomers, it's not the Muslim groups that could be radical, as they say, it's everyone suddenly has to take their belt off at airports and hold their pants up, and all this nonsense.  These are techniques of what Carroll Quigley said, and Lord Bertrand Russell.  He said, we must teach the people apathy.  This is the sort of technique you use when you're torturing people.  You make them feel dejected, stupid, vulnerable.  And when you're walking across in your stocking feet, across these scanners, holding up your pants, you see, that's a technique of giving you a feeling of helplessness and apathy.  And we're seeing this across the board now, with everything.  Permission to do almost anything, and it's going to get much, much, much worse as time goes on.  Because the planned society that they've given out, and you can find all of this at the United Nations Agenda 21, is the world they want to bring in this century.


This century, the 21st century, was marked off long before you heard Obama say it.  And he knows, because he's a member of the CFR too.  A Century of Change.  They don't tell you what change they're talking about.  It's planned change.  And this century is to go into a century of global governance, where they'll gradually eliminate any idea, or even memory eventually of democracy.  And this is the planned society, the way they think it should be ruled.  So we're well on the way now to this planned society.  Agenda 21 wants everyone crammed in for one generation, into the already overcrowded cities that they want to clear off all the rural people.  And they say that the population will gradually decline and then drastically decline by the year 2050.  During that period there will be no private transportation, they'll gradually phase off transportation off the roads, under many guises, including pollution.  And the Club of Rome, one of their premier think tanks that works with the Royal Institute for International Affairs, in their own book, called the First Global Revolution, said that back in the 1970s, 1972, they were given the task on behalf of this world society on how to unite the world in a common cause, a common purpose.  They said it would have to be under a warfare type scenario.  And they said that only then would the public give up all their rights, and allow themselves to be led into a globalized, global governance agenda situation.  But they also said, what could we use as an enemy in a global system, when we run out of enemies in countries?  They said, we hit on the idea of saying that man was altering the weather on the planet.  They said that global warming, that would fit the bill.  That's in their own book.  That was passed on then from this think tank, into the Round Table societies, who then figure out how to implement it, and get it out as propaganda amongst the populace, and through education. That's how it works.  And that's what we're living through today. 


We've been having the skies sprayed across Canada, the U.S. and most of Europe, all of Europe actually, even parts of India now, for ten years now, ten years, as they manipulate, alter the weather, and do God knows what else to us.  We know that people are getting awfully sick with it.  We're kept in a world of Disneyland, utter Disneyland with regular media, and no one will mention what you can see every morning when you get up and watch them do this stuff.  No one will mention the obvious facts.  Well, that's global governance, because in global governance there's no input from the public.  If the public object or complain or riot, they will be severely dealt with, and we're taught, basically now, we're being treated like the profane children, those in the darkness.  We're just too stupid to understand, so experts will rule our lives for us in the way that they see fit.  It's as simple as that.  Complete authoritarianism.


Don: So, moving up to 12:39, we have to cut off short, via 12:39.  It's 12:34 now, so we've got another five minutes.  Right, with my next question I would like you to mention your website and, anyway, we seem to be living, we are living with a pretext that we're living in a democracy, when in fact it isn't a democracy at all.  Our whole society is structured as to more or less prevent democracy or it's the antithesis of democracy.  So given that, how do people, and this is an impossible question, what would people do to try and swing things around, as to where we might have more democracy and empowerment?


Alan: To be honest with you, after reading the think tanks and the foundations and the think tanks that advise the Canadian, U.S., and British military, and I've got those on my website.  When they forecast their thirty-odd years of rioting, they've said it all for us, that the public eventually, in confusion, never understanding what's really happening to them, will start rioting as food shortages happen, because they're planned to happen, you see, because we're trained that there's not enough food in the world to make us believe that there's just too many people.  It's all part of this propaganda.  And they're probably right: that's how it will end up, as riots and ongoing riots.  We've watched them build up for twenty years for the coming riots under the guise of war on drugs and war on various things.  They've been building up special forces within police units.  We've had Canadian policemen for years now, since the 90s, working with regular troops and special ops.  It was even on regular television here, multi-jurisdictional task force.  They go over into Iraq, smash doors in, learn how to drag the people out and shoot them, and all the rest of it.  Then they're brought back to Canada, and put into regular uniform, all waiting for the time when the big riots come in Canada.  They've been doing this for years.  And the public haven't a clue.


Don: There seems to be no room.


Alan: When they see it on television they dismiss it, because they're overloaded with real news, little bits of real news and 99% of trivia.  This is psychology.  This is how everything that's real gets blurred in with the advertising, the bizarre, the trivia, and so they can show you little real parts once in a while, but you don't retain it.  It all goes into this strange Disneyland, and this is psychological warfare. 


Don: So there's very little, if not no opportunity for a movement ahead toward a democratic system.


Alan: There's none.  The only authorized groups who can demand things from government and get what they want, are the authorized foundation-backed big movements, like the Green movements and so on, because that is part of the agenda, for sustainable development under the United Nations Agenda 21.


Don: So the Green Movements are part of the New World Order agenda.


Alan: Absolutely.


Don: And we have a ludicrous situation here in British Columbia, now where the NDP and the Liberals are split among the carbon tax.  The NDP didn't want to support the carbon tax, and now they've got all the Greens down their throat because they won't support a carbon tax.


Alan: That's right.  The Greenies were all founded, you have to go back into the Green Party for instance, Madeline Albright's grandfather started it up.  He was a hard-line Communist friend, pal, of Stalin.  And they came up with the post Soviet Era where they create this Green Party that would eventually merge with Environmentalism and so on.  Again, it's not run from the Soviet Union, believe it or not, it's run from London.  And the foundations in America are the ones who finance and give them, the ones at the top, full-time salaries all these top leaders of the NGOs.  These are the authorized NGO leaders.  You notice too, at the G20 meeting, the day before the main protests started, you had all the official Green NGO groups there.  No violence.  The politicians listened to them, because they were authorized to demand what exactly the politicians had been told to accept. 


Don: Well, with that.  And it's always not enough time to discuss issues, which I'd sorely like to discuss.  And I think I'm going to have to come on here as a regular programmer again, and we'll have you on again to spend more time discussing these issues.  Thanks very much, Alan, and can you give your website out before we leave?


Alan: Yes.  It's cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Or alanwattsentientsentinel.eu.  That's the two sites.


Don: Thank you very much, Alan.  Hope to speak to you again.


Alan: It's been a pleasure.


Don: Thank you.




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