FOMO, Crypto, and Whorephobic Slut-Shamers


by Not Sure

16 June 2024


            A license or (licence as the Commonwealth countries spell it) is an official permission or permit to do something, use something, or own something.  James Bond, 007, had a Licence to Kill.  Most of us nowadays have a license to drive, and many of us have other government-issued permissions that allow us to add a room to our house, or grow produce on our land, or sell something we’ve made.

            What is less known, but something that Alan Watt points out, is that governments, when they have achieved Scientific Socialism, grant you a license to have sex.  They call this license freedom, or sexual freedom.  In this Redux, we hear the second half of the second part of two talks entitled Scientific Socialism: “Obey, Take Your Drugs, Sex will Calm All Anxiety, Behaviourism and Neuroscience Run Planned Society”.  In the first hour, on January 13, 2019, Alan wrote:


Now, the governments, when it’s getting really up there into socialism, and you get pummeled with the idea that you’re free, because sexual freedom now it’s called freedom. All freedom is sexual apparently. And you can do all kind of weird things sexually, whatever tickles your fancy.  And now you’re free. Now you’re free, you see.  Well, if you’re starving, I don’t care what you do sexually you’re still going to starve. So, freedom is a lot more than sex. Obviously. An awful lot more than sex.


And freedom has a little bit of a responsibility as well, where you cannot allow governments to have all this authority over you, or agencies or anything else for that matter over you.  If you can’t have basic protection, if you won’t stand up for yourself in basic protection for your basic rights, basic rights, and I’m including civility in rights by the way, because I’ve seen it personally not too long ago here, where folk can just start screaming in your face when they have no right to do so. But they actually believe that you’re now a peasant, for different reasons they’ll believe that.  In some countries people come from too they actually have tremendous systems of talking down to people. Or screaming down to them. And in so-called civilized countries.  And the West was supposedly civilized, you didn’t talk to people like that.  You had a certain modicum of civility and patience. And it’s amazing how well things will function if you have that. Just amazing.


But folk today are cracking up and losing patience. No doubt they are all different kinds of reasons. But the fact is, people are now, I call it just basic, basic abuse in a sense.


            The hyper-sexualization of culture is perhaps the biggest element of control, and it’s ironic because people will literally scream at you, that you have “Whorephobia” or you’re “slut-shaming” them, if you talk about anything that strikes them as being “patriarchal” or “heterosexual” or reeking of “toxic masculinity”.  Almost all people, worldwide, have allowed themselves to be herded effortlessly into Scientific Socialism, but because the entertainment that they live on is mostly naked, their brains have been rewired into a simple little sadomasochistic stimulus-reward mechanism where the State holds the Cognitive Control.  So sad.  The human mind, carefully guarded, fed the highest diet of Self-Selected Nutrient Inputs (Self-Reinforcing, Self-Correcting) is a powerful Operating System which is hard to hack and hard for someone else to control.  Mind, not brain, lest you be tempted to limit the image to neurons and synapses.

            The mind which has not been claimed or regained is under someone else’s control.  In this talk, Alan said “…remember that you’re the only material, just like the builders were always talking about, you are the building material and you’re the only building material that you can be sure of.  Start with yourself instead of grabbing the latest flag or banner that’s waived in your face for some cause or another. Start with yourself. Once you’ve basically built yourself then you see through all the cons that are out there. Then you can be a more complete person.  And less angry perhaps.”   Later in the talk he said, “Most people don’t have their own mind.  They have no reason to question things if they are basically materialistically happy and they’re getting along in life…”


                In the January 13, 2019 talk, Alan read an article about a young woman, aged 19, who had overdosed at a music festival in Australia, the FOMO festival.  This festival ran for several years until Covid and mismanagement caused the producers to declare bankruptcy.  While it was on the go, it featured headliners such as Lizzo, a fat (or body positive) rapper, and Kylie Minogue, a thin ( a different body positive) pop singer.  Whatever the schtick, the performers are about sex, and the festival goers are about the celebration of sex, and nearly naked self-expressions of freedom.  Look at most music festivals, worldwide, and the crowds they attract.  Plato wrote about the power of music and the arts and the need to license the performers; the connection between sex (libido) and music is well-known and well-studied.

                FOMO is a marketing and psychology coined acronym for Fear of Missing Out.  (Keeping up with the Joneses.)  Your “friends” on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook post their fabulous summer vacation, their poolside drinking parties, their implied orgies, their butts, their dog, their houseplants, their boyfriend, their church picnic, their closet, their haircut, their abs, their camping trip, their new car, their new tattoo, their boobs, their girlfriend first thing in the morning.  Why is their life so much better than yours?  Why didn’t you get invited to their barbeque?  Why weren’t you at the club?  Why haven’t you had a threesome?  Why are your plants not as green as theirs?  Why don’t you repaint your apartment?  Why are your friends not as cool and sexy and fun as their friends?  YOU are MISSING OUT!  Obviously. 

                This is played upon in marketing campaigns, in the ads we see on television and YouTube.  It’s to be heard on podcasts, TikTok, and the nightly news.  You’ll have a higher social status if you understand jokes about Joe Biden (or Rishi Sunak), or if you’ve heard that Emmanual Macron’s wife might be transexual (according to Candace Owens), or that Justin Trudeau is not the son of Fidel Castro, even though he really looks like him, or that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce haven’t been seen together in a month, or that Princess Kate made her first public appearance yesterday since her cancer diagnosis.

                This too is FOMO.  This pressure to know what’s going on, so you can name-drop trivia.  Because if you didn’t know that Princess Kate had cancer, or hadn’t been seen in months, your friends might think you were out of it, they’d be less likely to include you in events, you might miss out on something.  Alan talked about scientific socialism, and FOMO, and he said, “If you understand what’s happening you don’t have to be part of it.  If you understand the whys you might not fall into a lot of it. And you certainly can protect your mental health by understanding what’s really going on.”  In other words, once you understand how Scientific Socialism works, then you can opt out of the techniques being used.  You understand that everything presented to us in this system of total control, cradle to grave, is part of an illusion.  You can begin to “build yourself.”

                FOMO has given birth to a whole AIC (Acronym Industrial Complex) none of which you need to know: FOBO, ROMO, FOMOMO, MOMO, FOJI, BROMO, NEMO, SLOMO, JOMO, FOBIA.

                Those who are fully integrated into Scientific Socialism are free.  Free to twerk, free to have multiple partners at their local festival, to march in SlutWalk (so 2011), free to scream about toxic masculinity, free to abort (at least in most states, still), free to dance along to Miley Cyrus’ “Mother’s Daughter” in celebration of all things fat, non-binary, and aborted.  Free to be a slut, and dress like one too, and if anyone dares to shame you, scream out they are a “Whorephobic”.  Because when Scientific Socialism sits on the throne, to steal a Miley Cyrus line, it’s nasty, it’s evil.


                FOMO gets into the investing world too, because FOMO can cause traders to make impulsive decisions.  Nobody wants to miss the next big surge.


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            As Alan said, “Freedom is a lot more than sex.”  There’s a reason why he talked so often about culture creation and the hyper-sexualization of culture.  A primal force let loose, its creative and regenerative function destroyed, has become nothing more than a tool for CHAOS.


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