Important Announcements from CTTM - Cutting Through the Matrix

August 28, 2022


                This is an important day for us as we happily announce several things we think will be useful and beneficial to you and hopefully helpful to the continued maintenance of CTTM, the legacy of Alan Watt.

                1) We are offering inexpensively priced transcript booklets of any of the transcripts which are available for free download.  The “Angel from California” has faithfully transcribed Alan’s talks for nearly fifteen years now.  The dedication of her time to this work has been phenomenal; a life’s work really.  She envisioned some lovely ways that the transcripts could be grouped and collected by listeners, but what seemed most urgent to her was making the transcripts available as little booklets, which could be mailed cheaply, rolled up, tucked in a back pocket, (smuggled in the lining of a jacket!), a moveable feast in these days when censorship is very real and bound to get worse.

                This “Angel” has spent a significant portion of her life ensuring that Alan’s talks were transcribed so that we listeners could enjoy Alan’s word in the written form, and she has generously allowed us to keep the modest proceeds of any sales we make.  Thank you, Angel!

                We bought a “fancy” pamphlet stapler and were able to make up some booklets and give them away at the recent Crimes Against Humanity tour we attended.  Yes, to toot our own horn, we believe that the CTTM freebies we showered on the greater Dallas area were the very best part of that event.

Please use the following link to see the pricing for your area:


2) This week, we have launched two video channels.  Humble beginnings, but we are excited to

share the links with you, our reasons for starting the channels and how we’d like to maintain them going forward. 

                We appreciate the dedication and hard work of all those who have re-posted Alan Watt’s talks into video form over the years and continue to do so.  Some of you have made creative use of imagery to bring additional layers to the talks.  We aren’t competing with those of you who have used your time and creativity to share Alan’s work in a visual format.

                Alan always made a point in nearly every talk to list his “official” sites.  He did this for one very important reason – he could only control what was his.  We are proceeding in exactly that spirit.  Our two video channels are now listed on the front page of the websites as official channels of Alan Watt/CTTM.  Alan was aware from the beginning of the internet of all its many purposes (none of them “for the people”), its millions of Bots and Sock Puppets.  He hated forums and chat rooms and social media.  He hated digital posers and bullies, time wasters and worse.

We will never allow comments on any official video channel.  This has nothing to do with censorship.  If you want to allow comments and spend your time interacting with strangers, start your own channel.  Meanwhile, enjoy the content we offer, delivered with love and appreciation for all that Alan Watt gave us.


                AlanWattCTTM - YouTube


This is the very first video we uploaded about geoengineering:


MEMS in the Atmosphere - Geoengineering and Predictive Programming


Back in 2008, a listener Dan O, made a documentary about chemtrails and geoengineering called Look Up! featuring the audio of Alan Watt on Sweet Liberty Radio with Jackie Patru.  Alan was always crazy-busy and little projects would occur to him that he lacked the time or manpower to do.  He really enjoyed this film and wanted to do something with it.  We’ve taken some excerpts of that and used them for our new YouTube channel.

                We posted a clip from that film two days ago and it now boasts four views 😊!!  But it didn’t take ten minutes before Google slapped an Encyclopedia definition of CONtrails on it. Hahaha!


Alan Watt on Rainbow Clouds and Marmalade Skies


If you want to see the whole film, please visit the Cutting Through the Matrix website:


Look Up! – a film by Dan O featuring Alan Watt audio


                We will use the YouTube channel for things that we know Alan enjoyed or perhaps mentioned, or clips we believe he would have liked.  Unfortunately, we will never be able to post Alan Watt’s talks on YouTube because “Three Strikes You’re Out” would come pretty quickly if we did.



                As of today, we have also started a BitChute channel:





                We do plan to upload some Alan Watt talks on the BitChute channel, because for now, it’s possible! Again, we’re the “official” Alan Watt/CTTM channel, but we are not in competition with others whose work on behalf of his timeless message we appreciate.


                Here’s another excerpt from Dan O’s film on geoengineering, Look Up!


                Alan Watt: " cannot form groups and try to fight this system by using this system."



                3) Finally, as in the days of Alan, as it always will be, we are entirely listener/reader supported.  CTTM is two people who are working tirelessly to maintain Alan Watt’s sites, choose new talks to go up each Wednesday and Sunday, deliver original articles, edit and upload transcripts, fulfill any orders that come in.  We keep joking that one of us might have to get a job at the post office, but so far, we’ve been able to do this as it should be done – a full-time job.

                It’s two here, but…CTTM is huge in spirit and growing.  Our compatriot in Canada has faithfully listened to hours of talks to help us find audios that we can group thematically so that you can continue to grow in understanding.  This fine gentleman has also built us a terrific internal search engine of sorts, without which it would be quite difficult to ferret out all the talks we have.

                The West Coast Gang has the Angel, of course, but there are also the Artists.  We’re keeping them quiet for now, but they’ve been inspirational and helpful.  Ditto the Artists in Canada.  Those of you who’ve received the CTTM greeting cards as “thank yous” have already seen the fine work of the Artists in Canada.  There’s also Young Canada.  In our hearts, our steadfast supporter and soon to apply his talents in a big way.  I just know it!  I’m sending greetings and thanks to Mystery Man 7.  You’re a faithful friend and we are looking forward to more with you soon! Then there are the Flyers of Arizona.  With us in Spirit and absolutely essential to our sense of Peace in the Mission.  And last, but in no way least are the Germans.  The Wildes Paar.  I just put “Wild Couple” in the Google translator and that’s what I came up with.  Keeping them quiet as well, but look for verblüffend stuff from them.

                We’ve done what listeners have long asked for and that’s make a subscription link to make recurring donations.  Naturally the Stripe process isn’t as streamlined as that Other Beast but at least they’re processing payments.  Thanks, as much as one can thank an impersonal company.


                Please continue to support the legacy of Alan Watt and our faithful, committed efforts to maintain that and even further it.  We appreciate it and we have to have it.  If everyone out there who felt their lives had been changed by Alan’s words made it a point to send $5 a month, we’d be worry-free.  Sadly, we worry.  But not too much because this is a labor of love and to quote Leonard Cohen “Love’s the only engine of survival.”


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