Mohammed Moses Jesus

Krishna Brahma

Sarah Hagar

Abortion, End of Love.

Into black hole of night,

Bated breath to see who brings the light.

Armies gather for the fight.

Crusader Clash – Sword to

Sword while Science backed

by high accord sits back.

Whirlpool of a galaxy,

Stars in ardent apogee,

As above, so below.


Medina, stars laid bare –


Jesus above the skull will


Holy rock, steeped in blood

To all surprise gives up the blood

of sacrifice. 

UN building consecrated,


behind the faces of charity.


Cutting Through the Matrix

the vortex has appeared,

thousand years of history is streaming.

Truth is streaming out,

Heard above the shouts of propagandizing.

Buddha has woken from wish –

the smile has gone.

lake rising mountain – pierce air touch sun

water earth fire

Deliliah is Delicious with her lies

and her kisses.

Holy one wrapped in spirit,

Sacred intercourse, union, fusion.


There’s a demon in my TV.

There’s a demon in the White House.

There’s a demon in the House of Parliament.

There’s a demon in uniform and it is threatening me.


The sephiroth is steaming and

the genie’s loose again.

Sparrows bring no souls to earth and

Vultures circle ‘round.

Adapting to technology, adapting to

the changes, adapting to a broken life,

Goods for people exchanges.

Whispers from above, whispers all around,

whispers say in the dead of night,

Earth is the slaughter-ground.

© Alan Watt 2007