Please give support to Katerina Jeleva - June 28th, Case Number 1061549. Info. to contact Katerina, the court, etc. Requested for public viewing by Katerina Jeleva.

Mother: Katerina Jeleva
Father and ex-husband: Brett Beyer
Case Number is 1061549 - Brett Beyer vs. Katerina Jeleva
Following her divorce, Katerina Jeleva has taken care of her son for the last few years. Katerina's son was originally taken from her through a Protective Order filed in November 2011 by her ex-husband. Katerina's ex-husband didn't show up for the hearing so her son came home. Guardian ad Litem (GAL), Amber Ruder, was appointed by the state to represent a minor child – Katerina's son. Ruder helped Katerina's ex-husband get another Protective Order signed by a judge to last 5 months, so the cops came to Katerina's house the day after the first hearing and literally plucked Katerina's son from her arms.
Two detectives and also the DCFS (Dept. of Children and Family Services) investigated the alleged child abuse. Detectives Leonard and Detective Ellesworth. Ellesworth totally supported Katerina. The DCFS investigator - Carly Echols - special sex abuse unit – a very smart lady, did her investigation and wrote a great report in Katerina's favour - saying that allegations were fabricated, that there was no evidence of child abuse whatsoever, and closed the case again as "falsely accused". Their reports are public record, but the reports were dismissed as hearsay and Katerina was not allowed to use them in court as evidence at the first hearing.
Amber Ruder (GAL, Guardian ad Litem ) testified against Katerina and convinced the judge that Katerina abused her son. Amber Ruder perjured herself in court on the record. Katerina appealed and had the detective and DCFS as expert witnesses defending her at the second hearing so it was no longer hearsay. G.A.L. Amber Ruder, again representing Katerina's son, testified that Katerina was a child abuser.
Regardless, the 2nd judge wrote a court order stating that even though Katerina can't directly contact her son, Amber Ruder (GAL, Guardian ad Litem ) must in no uncertain terms make a recommendation along with a therapist, as to how often and when Katerina should start meeting her son. To his credit, the judge said, "We must put this family back together". Amber Ruder made no such recommendation, and in fact, Katerina has an email from Amber Ruder saying "I cannot and will not do this for you". The court order also says anyone who fails to comply with it is in contempt and will be held liable. Katerina has so far complied with that court order.
Amber Ruder told Katerina recently that since Katerina hasn't seen her son for so long, he might NOT be coming home, as the judge advised, on April 17th, because it might be "too traumatic" for him. On May 1st, Katerina represented herself in court in a hearing to terminate her parental rights altogether. The outcome was not conclusive and a second hearing was set. The next mediation/hearing is scheduled for Thursday, 28 June.
Anyone who wants to talk to Katerina can contact her at 1-801-489-7446 or by email,
This is the contact information:
Rick Smith
Director of the Office of the Guardian ad Litem State of Utah
Amber M. Ruder
Guardian ad Litem, Attorney
Fourth District
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(w) 801-344-8516
(fax) 801-344-8597
Clerical Department for Judge Mary T. Noonan
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