Nov. 4, 2013 (#1422)


"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt
(Guest on Truth Warrior w/ David Whitehead)

2 Hours


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DW:  And hello everyone and welcome once again, you are listening to Truth Warrior right here on Truth Frequency Radio, and as always Iím your host, my name is David Whitehead and I will be with you for the rest of the show tonight. And we have a very exciting and informative show ahead of us this evening; Iím very excited about it.† And today it is Monday, November the 4th, 2013.† Weíre all still here, at least some of us are, and hopefully we can figure out whatís going on so that we can remain on that track of being able to continue shedding the light on our history, shedding the light on whatís going on presently around the world and hopefully we can find some solutions to some kind of a realistic future that has some semblance of sanity left in it, and that of course is the goal.


In tonightís show weíre really going to be digging up the past and trying to figure out where all these different memes came from in our society, all of these different methods of, well, control, ultimately, that we see everywhere: the restriction on freedom, the constant propaganda that is put in our face by the mainstream media, and some of it from the alternative media as well. Itís hard to kind of weed that out, but, nonetheless, we have these tools at our disposal today where we can have access to great information. We can talk to people that have experience in this field and try to get their opinion on it, and ultimately go out and do our own due diligence, do our own investigation, our own research and to try to figure out this puzzle so that we can get a bearing on where we are. And I think thatís really one of the things that when I look at this I see that when I speak to most people, and when I think about how I used to actually think, the main thing is that weíre kind of lost. We donít really have a grip on how all this came to be around us Ė all this corruption, all these wars, the constant, perpetual state of war, whether itís physical war between countries and nations or whether itís a war on consciousness itself, a war on your mind. We see this going on all the time, where a lot of these ideas are put forward and people buy them up without even thinking twice about them. They go along with what theyíre told and they donít really take that extra time to do the necessary investigation and research into what theyíre being told in order to formulate some kind of opinion, especially a critical or objective type of an opinion. So weíre really trying to open up our minds and find out where we went wrong, where we went wrong in the past and whatís going on in the world today,


And I have none other than Alan Watt here with us, and his website of course is† I came across Alanís work probably about five years ago or so and I saw him do some very good breakdowns on a lot of the social engineering, eugenics, culture creation, and many, many other topics. He has a very diverse background. Heís a fellow Canadian, and Iíll just give you a quick background on him for anybody that might not be familiar with his work.† Alan Watt is a long-time researcher into the causative forces behind major changes in historical development. His background is that of a Renaissance man with a background in three professions. He has also published various books on the subjects of religion, philosophy and poetry, mainly under pseudonyms. For much of his life he was heavily involved in the music industry as a singer, songwriter and performer. He was involved in folk music, blues, pop, rock, and even classical. He is also known for his session guitar work, and heís played with some of the most well known artists and groups around. He was born in Scotland and he was there watching the subtleties of the politics and the media as they guided the population of the UK covertly into a European amalgamation. He has been warning the North American people for some years now that the same process of amalgamation is being carried out. With historical documentation he shows how cultures are created and altered by those in control, always to lead the people like sheep into the next pasture. So it is a great honor and a privilege to have Alan Watt on the show with us tonight, so Alan, thank you so much for coming on and welcome to the show.


AW: Iím happy to be on, thanks.


DW: Alan, Iím very glad to bring you on. Like I said, Iíve been following your work for some time. I think that the areas that you focus on, studying the mindset of these elite social engineers, and they pretty much brag that thatís exactly what they are Ė youíve done a lot of great work into reading it through their words, and thatís always something thatís very interesting, is that when you talk to people about this kind of stuff originally they just think that oh youíre just some crazy guy coming up with these theories yourself and you just want to see what you want to see, and all this stuff. But when you actually go down and look at the documentation that is absolutely replete throughout history and all the different sources that youíve referenced, itís clear to see that this isnít something that weíre coming up with, this is actually something that those that have taken control of all the different areas of our society believe. This is their viewpoint. So I really wanted to bring you on to get into that in detail. And I wondered if maybe you wanted to get started discussing how the society that we see now was actually brought into being, and maybe some of the history of that, because we both live here in Canada, and I donít know about you, but I look around at a lot of people here and weíre very, very complacent and apathetic. We really feel like weíre privileged, and I mean we are to some extent, but a lot of people donít feel like they have any reason to go out and look into this, because of course itís only happening everywhere else. So I just wondered maybe if you wanted to get into that and maybe even bring in a bit of a Canadian perspective into this and how you see it happening here in this country.


AW: Well, Canada is interesting itself, because itís still, whether people like it or not, part of the British Commonwealth. And I used to ask the same question, why are Canadians so complacent?† And it was a foreigner who told me who lived in Canada, and he said itís because theyíre basically still a form of a colony, theyíre still tied to Britain and the Commonwealth Ė the same with Australia, New Zealand, and so on.† I got into that aspect a long time ago because I got hold of the old books by the Royal Institute for International Affairs in London, and this private organization was comprised of the wealthiest tycoons and international bankers based in London, of course. They formed a private club basically to run the old British Empire, even in the 1800s, it had a different name of course. They had the Lord Alfred Milner Group, that went into the 20th century, and they fomented the wars for takeovers of resources, for themselves of course, by using countries and patriotism, while they looted the countries for themselves privately. The taxpayer ended up getting the bills for all the wars and so on, and itís still going on today.


However, they went into World War I, and in Britain at that time they had agreed to set up an organization in the US, and thatís why their go-between was Lord Earl Grey, who was the go-between for the Royal Institute for International Affairs and the US and Canada. In the US they formed the Council on Foreign Relations along with Rockefeller, and they also got Colonel Mandell House, that was the top adviser to President Wilson, getting them ready for World War I, to make sure they would come into it with the US. But the big thing too was, with the collusion of the private banks in London, they would also borrow money to pay for all these wars, so France was borrowing from the US. And of course they just brought in the Federal Reserve, that Mandell House had a lot to do with by the way, in time for it, so they could tax the taxpayer and pay all the lenders back again, you see. Itís still going on today, they havenít changed it since the Federal Reserve. So they arranged the whole thing just prior to World War I. They brought in a German banker to take care of the US side and left his brother in Germany to take care of World War Iís German side. They were the Warburg family. So the two guys ran the finances for both sides there, the US and all the countries that loaned and borrowed money from the US, and the US got tremendously rich from World War I.


Then of course you had guys like Rudyard Kipling, who came over and spoke to the Senate and gave his famous talk on the White Manís Burden, passing the torch on to you, he said. Britain basically was broke with all these wars and empire building and they passed the torch on to the US, but they would still be kind of equal partners in the say of it.


Well, Canada had a version of it too, their own version of the Council on Foreign Relations, and Australia and New Zealand, and still have today. They changed the name in Canada in 2005 after Lloyd Axworthy came on television and talked about the amalgamation for NAFTA, completely joining the American continent together, which was the plan of course for the Royal Institute for International Affairs and its foreign members called the CFR.


DW: Was that the Canadian Council of Chief Executives? Was that the branch of the CFR that became that here in Canada?


AW: They actually called it a Council on Foreign Relations branch. At least in 2005 Axworthy appeared on Canadian television, CBC and Global I think it was too. I recorded it because I knew weíd never see it again. But he spoke on behalf of and for the CFR. This is the guy who was the Assistant Prime Minister at one time, and here he is talking in collusion with the US when the Three Amigos met Ė the Presidents of the US and Mexico and the Canadian Prime Minister Ė to sign I think the eighth agreement into amalgamation. Understand that the Council on Foreign Relations is a foreign member, but thatís simply to throw people off the track that they belong to Britain. At least itís based in London, put it that way, and they have their members all through government. In fact every prime minister and president for the last hundred years has been a member of it, and that is fact. Their own historian, Carroll Quigley, who had access to their archives and was all for this group, said the same thing: there hasnít been a prime minister or president elected in the Western hemisphere for a hundred years that wasnít a member.


In 2005 I mentioned it on my radio shows and other ones followed suit, that Axworthy had come out with a Canadian delegation wanting complete amalgamation with the US, Mexico, and eventually all of Latin America. And you got to remember too that the Royal Institute for International Affairs, the parent organization in London, drew up the plans for the European Union long before that, then they drew up one for the Americas. And they admitted, by the way, once it was all done and they put a parliament up in Europe in Brussels, that they were the guys who drafted up the whole amalgamation thing step by step. It was all of their members inside governments and bureaucracies and civil service that had written it all up and done it all, all the work.


So private organizations run our world, this is the thing. And Iíve always said to people, why elect a person if you donít know what they actually are? If theyíre a member of some private club which theyíve already sworn complete allegiance to, and so on, why would you say Ďletís vote him in for a Canadian to serve Canada?í Heís already a member of an international body and heís sworn to obey them. In fact they put them in, by the way, the top members, as I say.


DW:  Well, and this is also, you see this taking over here, where there have been all kinds of border agreements and things like that. Theyíve been speaking openly about how the economy is now a globalized economy, and so we need to join the rat race and basically sell off all our resources and expose ourselves, expose our borders to the US and all that kind of stuff. So there are always those steps coming in. They havenít fully officially announced any kind of North American Union, but what you actually see is exactly that.


AW: What theyíve done is amalgamate quietly, you see. You do have parts coming out in the paper, little bits in the paper here and there. The story came out even prior to that when they did the Free Trade Agreement, that was the precursor to it. And itís almost like the preamble of anything. The preamble is very important to any declaration, because thatís where all the legal terms are that theyíre going to use and theyíll define those terms as they use them in years going on. If you donít know the preamble and what they really mean, you get kind of lost. And itís only then that you understand what itís about.


So the Free Trade Agreement was signed way back of course through the í80s into the í90s, and it was full of holes from the beginning, it was a rigged setup by the way. Simon Reisman was sent in, he was appointed to take care of the Canadian delegations. There were two sets of books, by the way. The woman who was the top bureaucrat, the highest bureaucrat of her department in foreign affairs was given the task of typing up all these books and so on. She was pulled in at night, that was Shelley Ann Clark, into Ottawa after her work day, went back in midnight and worked till three or four in the morning doing a duplicate set of books for Simon Reisman. And of course Mulroney knew all about it and so on. She couldnít even tell her husband at the time. Things got out of hand towards the end when she was basically threatened by Reisman if she ever opened her mouth she wouldnít be around too long. She tried to get it out to newspapers in Ottawa and they did print something in Ottawa, and she did an interview on a Montreal station, but then of course she was approached by a whole bunch of fellow bureaucrats, top ones, who worked with the United Nations etc. that tried to calm her down: ďDonít worry, it will be okay,Ē etc.† But she thought the best technique was to go across the country giving talks about what had happened. Itís a fascinating story. Eventually they put her to Switzerland in a diplomatic post there. She was almost killed in an alleyway with a car that tried to run her down. She went back to her apartment, it was ransacked and so on, and she was really terrified. So thatís when she went on the road to tell the people what was going on. She couldnít get help from any organizations in Canada, all the fake ones that are out there to speak on behalf of Canadians in trouble, and so on. And then eventually she had to fade away after telling her story, because the government told her they were going to withhold her pension and her drug money and the whole bit, her pension plans, everything, if she didnít shut up and just go away quietly, and thatís what happened. But that did break out and she talked in BC and so on and different places on what had happened, and Toronto.


So the whole thing was arranged then that there would be a quiet integration that Canadians wouldnít be told about and itís been going on. In 2005 when Axworthy and his boys came on with the banner behind them, the Council on Foreign Relations with the American branch together, saying that they wanted total integration, they admitted they were the ones behind the drafting up, just like Europe, for the integration, and they said, just like Shelley Ann had said back in the í90s, she had said it would be done over 10 agreements over 10 years, and 2010 would be the final one. After that it would simply be quiet integrations of security, economics, and various other things too. And of course that broke out after 9/11 came in; they actually started to come out and said Fortress America, we have to rush ahead with integration for securityís sake. Remember that one?


DW: Yes. Well, and then we were of course brought on board for everything else, like Libya. We put a bunch of money into getting some forces over there and all that, and we were just part of this whole Ö.


AW: And that was all preplanned too, you see. Everything to do with warfare is preplanned. Itís a war for natural resources, on one hand, itís a war to demolish the last countries that did not join the organizations which the Royal Institute for International Affairs set up and own, which is the Bank for International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank. This is all set up and owned by a private organization, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, also called Council on Foreign Relations in other countries. So that was the big thing. So those countries across there didnít belong to the World Bank, they didnít borrow from it, they didnít have to get the IMF to come in and manage their affairs, they didnít have private central banks owned by foreigners. So they were debt-free and they had to be demolished to bring them into this global system of privatized central banks, because economic power is the technique of controlling everybody, everybody under the sun. Thousands of years ago Ė going way, way back, even before Greece, it was well understood that some people want to get fame and fortune and go down in history by being big military commanders and slaughtering people and taking over countries, etc., but the ones who understood economics even back then realized, no, we can own all of that and the commanders, because they all borrow money from us. And itís never changed.


DW: Well, yes, because if you control the money Ö At the end of the day this is what I try to get across to people that are out there. I was actually talking to somebody today on Ö Funny enough, there was a post from Justin Trudeau and a friend of mine had commented on it. I just was looking at it and I couldnít believe how many people were cheering for this young guy running for office here in Canada and believing, again, that this is the guy thatís going to come in and fix all these problems here in Canada. And Iím just like no, at the end of the day these guys donít make the decisions. Theyíre just a lower-tier management system basically, but they get their orders from higher up and ultimately itís the money that theyíre controlled by. And the fact that even in Canada we donít even really print our own currency, itís all done by foreign banks and foreign corporations, and yet we walk around saying that weíre free, and yet weíre just as much under the gun as anybody else really.


AW: Yes, the paper money was printed in Germany for Canada, and now itís made out of recycled plastic from the third world that we send over there for free. But anyway, it doesnít really matter. Itís interesting because, see, Trudeau himself Ė the whole point of it all was Ė what fascinated me was to see that the top tycoons of international finance, including, say, the Rothschilds, for instance, in London and France and elsewhere Ė the same family branches Ė were the guys who helped set up the precursor that became the Royal Institute for International Affairs. They set up the Cecil Rhodes Foundation. They sent him and other members across the world at that time to take over the resources of that time Ė the diamond industry in Africa, the gold in Africa, and so on, and the same in India too. So they were after the resources and power and standardizing a particular system across the world. Then they joined with Lord Alfred Milner, who was a German living in London, another international financier, and they formed the Royal Institute for International Affairs. Eventually thatís what it was called. It was highly secretive up until the í30s. Even Winston Churchill got angry in Parliament when he realized a private, almost a Freemasonic organization he called it, had kept him out of the loop of all of this too. He said theyíre not only making history by creating wars and being behind wars, these guys are profiting from the wars. And he said theyíre also writing their versions of history for our schoolchildren. They owned all the suppliers for your history. This has been going on for an awful long time. We get fake realities, you see.


DW: It starts right from the school system then. So if weíre getting all of our information from being raised in this education system that has been completely hijacked, and itís basically there to keep you and learn how to not question authority. Youíre there to eventually go out and get a job and start supporting this globalized economy and this whole system. And then we also get the information from the mainstream media, because thatís where most people are jacked into 24/7, so where peopleís heads are at, they think that their own thoughts and their own feelings and opinions about these things are indeed their own, when in fact the whole thing has been...


AW: Designed for them.


DW: ...slowly manipulated into place and put into their minds, right?


AW: Yes. There are excellent books out on the educational system. John Taylor Gatto wrote about the American system, but you can apply it to the Canadian and British systems Ė all the systems. Again, itís all down to this organization: for a standardized world you must standardize the minds of everybody. You must supply what they think is the news for the whole planet. We get it all from API and Reuters today, so itís all been done. And all the top media tycoons who own massive chains of newspapers and radio and television, theyíre all members, again, of this global organization, the Royal Institute for International Affairs/CFR organization, and their top journalists are as well. In fact, many of their journalists work for the Council on Foreign Relations, and when you look up the CFR youíll find out the same names, if you check them up, work for all the top news agencies and papers in the country. Theyíre also the top think tank for advising governments on foreign policies.


So hereís a private organization giving you your news, giving you your version of reality. They are heavily involved with their members in the school education system, setting the curriculum Ė what they will be taught, what they will not be taught, by the way. The universities are the same. They depend on a lot of private grants. Rockefeller gives grants to not only all the US universities, along with stipulations of what heíd prefer to be taught and what not to be taught. He does it with Canada too, by the way.


DW: Sorry to cut you off there quickly, Alan, weíre going to go to a two-minute break, but letís finish that point, because this is absolutely crucial for people to understand about how this is all set up. We are here tonight with my special guest, Alan Watt. So folks, donít go anywhere, weíll be right back on Truth Warrior in just a couple minutes.


Weíre back and we are here speaking tonight with Alan Watt, and we are trying to break down for the listeners the history of how this ship got hijacked basically. And what weíre looking at here is basically international globalist think tanks, elite psychopaths is what I refer to them as, because thatís exactly the mentality that they possess. They view themselves as being superior, as having the right to rule over the planet. They crave power and control. A lot of people think that these sort of nefarious activities are only a result of people chasing money and trying to just get as much money as they can, when of course weíre talking about the people that created money and that print money, and that ultimately control the global financial markets, so for them money is just really a means to an end. I think back to my research into history and when you study a lot of the different empires that have risen up and the history of the expansion of empires and how to do that, you can see that the techniques got refined throughout history. And basically the model of todayís age is not just through military conquest, although that is clearly part of it. But the main thing that we see is they have honed their skills. They understand obviously the arts of infiltration, of how to take over a country and a nation from within, about how to take over land masses and resources, human beings included in that, because they view us as that. And they have learned how to do this through manipulation. So anybody thatís been researching this that tries to go out there and point at this evidence and this information, a lot of times theyíre just shouted down and laughed at, and I would say that itís precisely because of the success of the conditioning programs that are in place out there in order to protect these people that are doing this.


So, thatís really how I look at it, but we have Alan Watt here with us tonight and he is of course an expert in this field and weíre very glad to be speaking with him about it. So Alan, you were getting to some very key points there about how this has been done obviously all around the world, but in Canada and a lot of these countries that people might feel are immune to this. And we also got into the education system, the media, maybe we could continue breaking that down for people.


AW: It really took off... itís always been there for a long, long time. Even in ancient Greece they talked a lot about it, the philosophers and so on, about why people obey and they were just the people at the bottom, and why some were special or aristocratic or whatever. They broke all that down back then, in fact, the different categories, classifications of people. What interested me too was in about the 1700s and 1800s you had different revolutions going on throughout Europe, and most folk are oblivious to most of them. Theyíve all heard about the French Revolution, but they donít know about the ones in Germany and so on, what was going on there. Massive things were happening, and behind it all you had really two categories of people: the dispossessed, or those who simply were just the peasants, and wealthy moneylenders involved, and they formed a kind of society with the more intellectual ones of even the lower classes for revolution, and out of that came all the art of revolution. That was the embryonic stage of it, in the early phases at that time.


But it was an amalgamation, as I say, to overthrow the existing structures. Going back even further, and their primary obstacle at one time was the Catholic Church even, because that was a dominant force across Europe for an awful long time. And of course it dispensed privileges too to different people Ė barons, aristocracy, etc. So to cash in on it, and you couldnít get into it, youíd simply try and overthrow them, but you need the masses to do it for you, so you learn how to use the masses and speak for them, if you like, and vocalize the thoughts that they have and the misery that they have. So you had this amalgamation of kind of secret societies. But they had to use even Christianity, a different kind of Christianity, to get it all rolling, and some of them ended up in some strange circumstances of total freedom Ė free love and so on. Weíre talking about the 16th and 17th centuries. Eventually they got squashed completely because they ended up being completely unruly, they even formed their own kings in some big cities in Germany, and these guys were worse than Caligula, literally. Thatís where absolute freedom would leave the ordinary person at the bottom if he had it, in chaos, in other words.


So the big boys, again, philosophers, took charge of this in the 1800s, especially in Britain and elsewhere, and they studied this intensely Ė how to use the masses, how to control the masses. And of course people donít know that the Russian Revolution, for instance, was really set up by the US and Britain by private organizations and bankers, well documented and admitted to today in fact, because Jacob Schiff and other ones brought in a lot of so-called refugees, agitators and anarchists and Bolsheviks into the US and they sent hundreds of them back home, trained and financed, ready to start the revolution in Russia. That is well documented. Even Trotsky (or Bronstein he was called), he was caught in Halifax Harbor after his boat left the States, his ship, going over there, and he had suitcases full of millions of dollars of cash.


DW: Oh yeah, I remember reading about this. Thatís really interesting.


AW:  Itís recorded in Canadian history, in the customs and so on. So they seized him and they put him in prison until they found out what the hell was going on. Because as a country Canada really hoped to have nothing to do with starting foreign wars basically at that time. So they got a letter, rushed to them in a telegraph from President Wilson, who had been leaned on by the big boys who financed him into power, and they rushed up an American citizenship passport by train for Trotsky, and asked the Canadian Prime Minister just to let him go, which they did. So he arrived over there, and everyone knows what happened with the train and the whole bit. It went up into Russia and the whole thing started Ė massive murders and chaos and it went on for years, as we know. But again, it was the taking over of countries. And I wondered at one time what was really behind this, with so many multimillionaires involved in communism, the stuff that the average working person doesnít get to hear, they donít even think to think about it at all: why would multimillionaires be interested in communism?


DW:  Yeah, exactly.


AW:  And yet right through to the í50s and the í60s in the West they were still going around, and some today, pushing the same stuff. But if you want to take over the world and standardize a system very quickly under one system, you set up an empire. It doesnít matter if itís called capitalist or communist. You bring in the same big, big government projects, the same government agencies and institutions and so on, you give them a form of democracy where you say, ďHereís Politburo member one, two, and three. Vote for one of them. Youíve got democracy.Ē We have the same farce in the West too Ė left wing, right wing, and people fall for this nonsense. As I say, each one is a vetted member, a vetted member and approved by the CFR in Canada, the US, and in Britain itís the Royal Institute for International Affairs. It doesnít matter what party they pretend to belong to. You donít need the guys down below to be members. Itís only important, as Professor Carroll Quigley said (their own historian for their own archives), that the top guys are, plus the advisers. The unelected people are advisers and they are all members of it too. They control all policy for government.


DW:  So itís essentially like a dragnet where if they control the apparatus Ė the decision-making, the mechanisms such as money, and having all of the resources and the land under their control, then this is actually much easier than I think a lot of people would think, because the minute you bring up to people any kind of notion of (I guess Iíll use the word) conspiracy (itís kind of like a bad word these days, but it is what it is), and you bring that word up and people think, ďOh, well hundreds of thousands of people would have to be involved,Ē and all this kind of stuff. And youíre thinking well, no, itís really just having a good, compartmentalized structure, very much like the military, people only know what they need to know, and only the right people in the right places know exactly their piece of it. And I wonder how many people actually have full knowledge of what the whole grand-spectrum agenda would be.


AW:  Hereís the beauty of it. Youíre right on with the compartmentalization of it, because Professor Quigley, again, gave the history of this group in his own books, Tragedy and Hope, but especially in The Anglo-American Establishment Ė a very important book to understand even Canadaís position and how it happened in Canada. But he said that there were two main groups within, in fact George Orwell knew too, by the way, for his 1984 book, where he said thereís an inner party and an outer party. In the CFR, or Royal Institute for International Affairs, there is an inner party, and down below you have all the helpers, as they call them. These are the guys, up and coming, hoping to get into the inner party. But they obey, just like Freemasonry, they obey commands immediately without question. They never ask why. The must put all moral judgment to the side and go along with it. Thatís the order. The top group are all members of All Souls College at Oxford. Thatís their primary place for all the top, top members, life-long members. Even when they had the name of the Lord Alfred Milner group, they formed the Round Table societies too, thatís all theirs as well. They realized that even if they use a system like communism, once youíre finished with it youíve standardized a whole bunch of cultures that would never have conformed to each other and never would have standardized their school systems, education systems, bring in a welfare system, lots of government agencies which are all the same. When the Iron Curtain went down it was meant to go down at that time, because even Lenin said, This will last about 70 years. And bingo, it did.


So they knew what was happening. Rockefeller sent a delegation over in the early í80s to see the president of Russia and they laid it on the line, you know, the European Union is coming and it will be a total amalgamation, and all the little countries, the Warsaw Pact countries which you have taken over and run, will merge into the West. And this was always the idea.


Then you go into the Reece Commission, which was a commission put out by the US Senate in the 1950s, to find out why these private organizations, like the Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, and many other tax-exempt institutions, that go under the guise of charity, who run hundreds and hundreds of think tanks, by the way, that advise governments on all policies Ė of social, behavior, whatever, or change Ė they also run hundreds of nongovernmental organizations across the world. In other words, they create all policies, basically. Well, they found out... Norman Dodd was the senator who went in to question them at the Ford and Carnegie Institutes and he said Ė and itís up on Youtube, by the way, in one of his last talks that he ever gave Ė he said I was shocked to find out, why are they supporting what appeared to be communism within the US? And the guy in charge of the Ford Foundation said, We take our orders straight from the White House. This is a private, multitrillion-dollar-now organization. And he said, and this is the 1950s, Our job is to completely integrate the education system and the culture of the Soviet Union with that of the West until theyíll blend seamlessly together. This has already happened. When in no time at all, when you compared what Britain had, say, in social organizations, social agencies and all the rest of it, compared them with Russia, they were pretty well identical. So it was the fastest way to standardize a whole bunch of little countries that had so many cultural differences; theyíd never have done it in any other way. They were forced into it through the Warsaw Pact: join or be slaughtered. That was a quick way of doing it. And now theyíre into the global society you see.


Donít forget Pierre Trudeau led the Comintern, thatís the young communists of Canada. He was the head member in 1952 and he led the delegation for Canadians over to Moscow. That was in the papers in 1952, and yet when he ran for election in Canada, all the CFR boys that ran the media all knew it and not one of them said a thing about it to the Canadian population.


DW:  Wow. Anybody thatís listening, if you even just get into topically even what weíre talking about here, youíll be able to start seeing this, and obviously I encourage you all to get into this in depth as much as you can. But if you just even start looking at this a little bit more objectively and take all these different pieces and really start to see whatís going on here, itís going to become blatantly obvious. And now youíve got all this push even in the schools here. Iíve been talking to a lot of people and teachers and kids, and seeing what theyíre talking about now, and theyíre teaching about globalization, global climate change and how we all have to band together and stop the humans from destroying the planet and causing all the CO2 emissions and all this stuff, and bringing in, really, at the end of the day, itís nothing other than UN Agenda 21. Itís really just more of what weíve been talking about here.


And Alan, you had done something a while back on how the whole environmentalist movement came into the minds of people here in the West and how that was brought in. Did you want to comment on how that was brought into being?


AW:  Once again, the big boys in these organizations take over. All you have to do is look at society and what runs society, what institutions are set up already by the public. You take them over, you fill up their boards with your own members, and then you bring in your own curriculums, etc. You have to go back to the days of Darwin, Darwin had a big impact, in fact Darwin was put up there as a front man too. If people read the histories of it itís all out there. Most of his data was taken from Wallace, who did all the traveling in the world and sent it all back, and so on. So there was a whole kind of star quality fiction made about Darwin too. But he belonged to the Royal Society. Now, hereís the key to it. The Royal Society was also set up by this very esoteric organization going all the way back to the days of Francis Bacon, who had to join it, and Newton belonged to it, etc. Now, the idea was that they would give a new reality via science to basically start destroying what they thought was religion so that they themselves, scientists, one day would have the power over the world, as having pure logic and reason, and the public would be trained to obey them. Lord Bertrand Russell was a member of this organization too and he wrote about it quite openly in his own books at the time in the 1920s right through the í50s and so on Ė and he belonged to all the international organizations Ė about how to alter the mindsets of people across the world, starting in your own countries, again, through education, using reason, etc. But techniques of academia, which would be put onto the young peopleís minds, would alter their way of seeing things so theyíd be obedient to a structured, dominated society of authority. They never believed that the ordinary people could ever handle or manage their lives properly (this is how they put it across anyway), and therefore theyíd have to train the public not to do anything without the advice of an expert; thatís where we are today. You saw all this stuff appearing even on the weather channel, Ďoh itís going to rain today,í then they go and tell you how to dress up for the rain, for Godís sake. Theyíve trained the public so easily, that in his own book in the 1950s he said, Eventually a mother wonít be able to change the diaper on her child without expert advice. Well thatís happened. Now you have all these prenatal classes and so on. When I was young everybody knew how to do it, because people used to have children back in those days. There was no nasty taboo about doing it and having children. So depopulation was one big thing. Eventually bringing in eugenics was a big, big, big part of it too.


The Royal Society is still up there yet, pushing the same agenda. The Royal Society, by the way, initially even Newton and those boys, they used an awful lot of Cabala. They were into a kind of magic before they were into real sciences, and they brought a lot of that into that and then merged it with real sciences and eventually the Cabala kind of died off as they got into physics, real physics and so on.† But to join the Royal Society Ė and Francis Bacon did this Ė if you were married, you had to divorce your wife or put her away, set a sum of money to her and her family, because it was men only and you had to have nothing Ė like a priesthood Ė nothing to do with women, and thatís what Bacon did, by the way, in order to join it. And all the members up for about the next 150 years had to do the same thing. It was only up until about the 20th century that they allowed the first woman in as a member, in fact.


But the Royal Society said that they were given the job of giving the public their reality, giving academia their curriculum in order to train the public into the ordered society run by the proper kind of elite, and here we are today. Itís all here. Any science that doesnít go along with all of their agenda is simply squashed and hidden, so you only get the stuff coming out from them themselves. The first project that they put up, remember, at the Royal Society, they were awful proud of, in their own gardens, was a beehive, a glass beehive; the beehive has always down through the ages symbolized the perfect, ordered society.


So what you have today is a complete merger now with academia with the elite, and of course academia, they think that if they get in and help the masters, the really big paymasters, and they do get benefit for self-interest awfully well, all the top professors, and promote all these socialism-type programs under the different guises of social sciences, etc. And even the history of thatís fascinating because in the 1930s lots of them fled out of Europe over to the US and Canada and their organizations in those countries helped these guys who were basically teaching communism. They faked their credentials for them and put them straight into universities to teach under the guise of social sciences the same idea of the destruction of the culture youíre in, bring in a form of communistic culture, and it all happened perfectly, right up to the present day, by the way.


Most of itís already been done. Now itís simply a matter of training the public that youíre bad basically because you exist. You breathe, you eat, and weíve got limited resources; this is the big training, we have limited resources. If these guys took over the Sahara Desert at the top, sand would be scarce and awfully expensive, according to them.


DW:  Yeah. Wow. When you look at the progression of how this was brought into place itís pretty staggering. And a lot of people, because of the fact that weíve all been raised in this system, weíve been trained, weíve been basically assimilated into this whole system that they wanted to set up. Theyíve of course conducted their experiments across these different countries and whatnot, such as bringing up communism. Of course they tried this in China under Mao Tse Tung, and theyíve done these basic experiments on the public throughout history to see whatís the best way to get people to toe the line, basically, and to support the system as opposed to supporting something that would be more of a community-oriented, individual-empowered, everybody has abundance, but they always try to take those concepts and turn them into something so it always sounds good on the surface. I mean this whole thing about democracy and capitalism and we have freedom, and all this, this all sounds good on paper, but when you really look at where weíre at, itís the exact opposite of what youíre being told. And I find that so many times, what weíre being told, whether by the news or from our education systems, itís so way off of what is actually going on, itís just absolutely astounding and itís hard to actually just sit there and watch it take place. But ultimately if we could be aware of it we could develop some sort of immunity to it or at least try to make an attempt to make better decisions in our own lives, right? I guess thatís really all we can do at this point.


AW:  It is and it isnít. Hereís the sad part. You see, this is not the first generation that has been created with a mindset, deliberately created to suit their masters for the big plan. This has been done before, because these guys have been in the culture creation and alteration business for centuries, and really theyíre perfect at it today. When you go back into the major writings of these top organizations Ė the Council on Foreign Relations/Royal Institute for International Affairs, even read their foreign policy magazine, which, again, is for the outer party, itís exoteric, but they do give you little clues here and there Ė but they knew over 25 years ago that they would have a mission on their hands to take over all those countries that would not join and amalgamate into the private, central, debt-banking system owned by foreigners basically, because thatís how they rule all the countries, and therefore they would have to have lots of wars. Now, how can you bring people from a kind of passive society into wars? You must train them from youth to be warriors. Thatís when they amalgamated. Understand, the military have used techniques to desensitize people from killing for warriors for an awful long time. And they got all the top game boys in when they were starting off the Internet big time, and they started to use the same techniques that they trained the military with for instant kill Ė donít think about it, donít hesitate, just kill Ė and gave it to children in a game form and made it very addictive, because there are a lot of subliminals in there; the children canít turn away. They have problems now, they canít get them off it and they even have withdrawal clinics for them. But they had to raise a generation of youngsters that would not have the same moralistic principles as the people who went before them. They gave them moral relativism where thereís no real right or wrong, itís all your opinion or their opinion and everything is okay, all opinions are fine. And that had to go along with creating the warrior mindset.


Then they gave us stacks and stacks and stacks of movies with the new heroes, even before terrorism, are all BATF guys in the black-clad outfits. Black is the color of death. The SAS troops within Germany wore the same cap as they wear today by the way in Canada, the same black outfit and the boots and the gun on the hip. Itís the same outfit, folks; thatís not a mistake. Thatís there for a very good purpose. Itís awfully ominous; itís meant to be ominous, because, you see, the hangmanís hood was black, itís the color of death. So you donít have even your old policemen anymore.


DW:  So itís very subliminal, I guess, at the end of the day. Sorry, Alan, weíre going to have to cut you off again, we have another break, but weíre going to be heading into the second hour, so stay with us, folks, we have another hour here with Alan Watt. Weíll be back in a few short minutes; donít go anywhere.


Hour 2


DW:  Welcome back, everybody. We are here with hour number two, speaking tonight with Alan Watt, and weíve been breaking down some very, very interesting and fascinating information, bringing everything really together as to the history of where our current society and culture comes from, the people that have manipulated it into place so that they can continue to pillage what is left of our resources, our countries, our freedom. Itís the same old objective as itís always been, and that really is about full-spectrum dominance, control, and to acquire power. And really when you have all the money you could possibly have, I guess it just kind of gets boring for them so they get their kicks by manipulating what is left of humanity and by bringing us further into this sort of prison state that weíre all in right now. I personally donít feel that itís any time to tuck tail and run or to give up or to feel completely pessimistic about it. What we really need to do is to create awareness. Iíve always compared it to if you have some kind of an illness or disease, you can ignore it, you can try to run from it, you can try to say that well itís kind of keeping me in a negative state of mind so I donít really want to think about it. But, at the end of the day, only when you study it and understand how it works, understand how you got infected, understand where the infection is going to spread next, only then can you actually try to do something about it. And at the very least if we can become aware and to really embrace the truth, thatís ultimately the goal here Ė is to find out whatís true, not necessarily what we want to be true or what we would hope to be true, but what is in fact true. Thatís actually what inspired me originally to get involved in this and to do this research and itís what drives me today Ė is to try to uncover the truth, because itís been hidden, itís been obscured from view intentionally. And I personally am the kind of person that I really donít want to be living in any kind of an illusion. I want to live with whatís real, I want to know whatís really going on. So thatís the drive behind this show, and we have Alan Watt breaking some of that down with us tonight, and weíre very grateful for that.


Alan, you were getting into a very interesting topic, about how thereís a lot of subliminal messaging that is being relayed to us and that is affecting our subconscious minds. And getting into how theyíre using colors and symbols and terms that are used throughout Hollywood and the media. You were bringing up video games, which is something that Iíve been very aware of and Iíve actually been seeing with some of the youth that I work with. I actually run a martial arts studio and I work with a lot of young kids. I talk to them all the time and I keep tabs of whatís coming out and what people are into. Some of these video games and these movies are so incredibly violent and dark. What happened to even something like Super Mario Brothers or something, where it seemed rather innocent at least? Nowadays youíre water-boarding people. In ďGrand Theft Auto 5Ē you can pretty much do anything Ė and I mean anything, and these are 10-, 11-year-old kids that are being affected by this. So I wonder if you could continue to break that down for people, and how this isnít just something that happened organically because itís the new cool thing to do. Where did that whole idea of whatís cool and whatís ďinĒ actually come from?


AW:  It came really from, as I say, an amalgamation of military concepts to militarize at least one generation, using video games, as an example, coupled with the new moral relativity where nothing is right or wrong anymore, to destroy completely the old culture. That was a very important part of it. The Frankfurt School, based in Germany, that moved out again just before World War II, came over to America, and they had a branch in Britain too. But through their books itís fascinating, they talked about how they would bring down totally the culture and destroy it completely, that of the West. It had to be done, they said. And they were given permission by Truman and then later presidents to implement their changes on the American culture and Canadian culture, the British and so on, and European. Lord Bertrand Russell was attached to their organization on this task. They also had the Macy group set up too that worked with them, and another group that came from the old Vienna School as well. These were all top intellectuals that were supposedly going to avert all wars of the future by altering society and all of its concepts of right and wrong, because they claimed that the cultures were basically toxic. Thatís when it was first used, that term, toxic culture. And of course nothing was further from the truth, because the culture goes the way of the elite at all times, including the same elite too that used them before. They had no problem using the British Empire, as I say, for World War I to get what they wanted too, a war that shouldnít have happened in the first place. No one has made any sense of it yet.


But we can find, again, that the Royal Institute for International Affairs and the Milner Group had been agitating for war with Germany before World War I, when they were even having the Boer War on the go, which they also started, by the way. Thatís also in their archives. So you have a group down through time using the wars they create, blaming the general public that weíve got to change our ways, and itís your cultures that are wrong so weíve got to destroy them and bring in a new culture. When you have no culture at all youíre dominated by the ruling elite completely, because everyone is doing their own thing, they think, but they have no common bonds between each other. When there is no common unification amongst the communities of the people, they are completely serfs, theyíre back to serfdom, which, by the way, is the goal of this complete organization; theyíve said that themselves. Carroll Quigley, again, their historian, said the goal of the future Ė and he was all for this, remember, being a top member and their historian for their own archives, with the real version of history, why things happened, with all the blanked-out bits put in there, in his books Ė he said the new feudal system will be brought in by the rich, wealthy elites. The new feudal overlords of this system will be the CEOs of international corporations. You have that today, you have it; itís already here. Thatís why theyíve signed all the international agreements for free trade, thatís all part of it. The Royal Institute for International Affairs brought forth that concept of free trade as an idea, because once you start trading freely, all your laws are based around economics. People donít realize that. Even life sentences for murdering someone is due to how much that person as a taxpayer was worth to the government; now they canít pay taxes. Literally, thatís how itís worked out. So all your laws are based round economics. Once you start getting into international law that must come out of binding all the countries together under common markets, etc., then youíre into a global structure, a global society, and ergo you have a global parliament to be set up eventually.


For NAFTA, they agreed, during the free trade negotiations prior to that, that the new capital for the Americas (they even tossed around the idea) would be based in Montreal. That came out at the time in the papers. They did one for Brussels, of course, Brussels is for the whole of Europe now, and now the countries of Europe are simply provincial colonies now, theyíre not countries anymore. And you found that von Rompuy, this unelected head of this nondemocratic institution called the European Parliament, on the commission, he said Ė and Iíve read it on the air from his own articles Ė the age of the nation-state is over, theyíre obsolete, he said. So he works, again, for the same organization, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, because every top parliamentarian in the European Union is a member of the European Institute for International Affairs. They even created that one too for them.


So if youíre a planner and a doer and a front man for this group, you are a member of it, in all leading positions of authority in every country across the planet. The countries that donít have it are being bombed out of existence and into compliance today. So thatís the reality of it.


DW:  Wow. And you just see this moving forward more and more. It makes me think of something. It seems to be that theyíve already got their global government. Like you said, theyíre just cleaning up the leftovers that are just the last stray hairs, sort of thing, and yet everybody is waiting for when the world government is going to be announced. It was kind of like the thing with the North American Union, where we had the warning signs of them going ahead and bringing these agreements into place. I remember tracking this and looking into this back in 2008, 2009, and seeing that they were moving forward with it. But then it never fully came out publicly, so we covered the fact that they would do this covertly. I guess itís the same thing when weíre talking about a global government. Theyíre just going to sneak it up on everybody and theyíve pretty much got it nailed.


AW:  The United Nations already is the embryo, you see, and they said that when they set it up as the League of Nations even prior to that. They actually thought they could bring it in as a global government after World War I, because the wars they knew were going to sicken the people, not just with massive debt and rationing and slaughter, and maimed people coming back with no arms and legs. But the people didnít give up their national inclination to stay as a country or to have sovereignty, at least as a country, because there are differences between nations, believe it or not, against all the propaganda.  In fact the guys who tell us there are differences amongst different peoples are the Royal Society, which is a branch of the Royal Institute for International Affairs. They have us all categorized, no matter what ethnic group you come from. They have all the different positive points, weak points, and how to manipulate all those weak points too, by the way, if they need to, and they have done down through the centuries, to exploit them. So these guys are complete hypocrites whenever they tell us to do something, because they know a different story at the top.


To bring in complete globalization you want a multicultural society, and even then they know theyíre going to have problems, because some cultures will not give up their identities Ė theyíre very in-group types that interbreed amongst themselves and so on. Therefore theyíll take more hammering eventually along the way to get them to integrate, because they want to destroy all existing strong cultures to bring in this global society which this dominant, international elite can control. And thatís almost here, by the way, you know.


DW:  I see it here, I live in Toronto, so of course itís a very multicultural city. We see that you have the people that are keeping to their traditions and then you have the people that have very much assimilated into our so-called Canadian culture, which is really just the whole American/Western globalist culture that was completely manufactured artificially.


AW:  And understand too, the Frankfurt School said it was really the European nations Ė because even Canada and the States were mainly European for a long time Ė these were the countries they wanted to completely annihilate, and thatís true, thatís been happening for a long, long time. And even the countries theyíre bringing in, from ethnic groups, they tell them initially to keep their cultures, but, at the same time, theyíll give them a set amount of time and then theyíll come down on them too to bring in this new Ö Really in fact thereíll be no culture at all. It will just be a kind of amorphous mass, and your culture will be whatever the government tells you and trains you to be. Thatís already in the planning stages, of course, theyíve got it all worked out. So eventually everyone gets it.


DW:  Yeah, exactly. And what Iíve seen is that it seems to be that once these people come here, they might start off wanting to stay traditional, but then you get absorbed into the whole media and whatís popular here and what everybody else is doing. And then you start buying these processed foods; a lot of them have no idea that itís all genetically modified, itís laced with chemicals. They think that the tap water here is clean, itís much cleaner than back home, right, but itís loaded with fluoride and other things in there too. So it brings them on board one way or another.


AW:  Yes, but itís mainly through the young. They already have them catered to through the education system. And understand too, you canít shelter a child today, it canít be done. You canít pass on simply your morality or your culture to the people or the children, because theyíre overloaded everywhere they go with sex and everything. Their hormones are racing at a young age, and, believe you me, these boys at the top always count on that, and thatís when they get them. Theyíre hypersexualized. In fact, Bertrand Russell and Julian Huxley especially (the brother of Aldous Huxley) at UNESCO, he was the first CEO of UNESCO and also one of the founding people for Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry and population reduction, he said if you can hypersexualize the children and make sure that they start in a prepubertal way, then theyíll never mate for life with anybody. Theyíll have lots and lots of partners, but they will never mate with a partner to have children. How clever it is too Ė hypersexualize them, have lots of sex, but no children, you see. Bertrand Russell worked with him too on that very project and talked about it in some of his books.


So itís happened, itís been introduced. Theyíve done what they wanted to do. The traditional family is gone pretty well, and whatís left is almost dysfunctional, because even the young adults were hypersexualized in their turn as well and they donít have a moral stance on things. Itís moral relativity again. If youíre being bombarded with pictures on television of young women all the time, dancing and prancing around like Gaga and all the rest of them, youíre going to look at your wife as she gets older without seeing yourself getting older, and itís going to affect you. The same goes with the women too, by the way, with all the massive stuff theyíre fed. Understand, the culture industry is the main controlling factor. Itís not out there just to entertain you by any means whatsoever. You have to go into the history of Hollywood, for an example, what a fantastic history it is, when some of the founders of Paramount and all the top studios said, ďAmericans had no culture until we came here. We gave it to them.Ē


DW:  Wow, completely manufactured.


AW:  Completely. Itís the same with the music industry and everything. Anyone can be made a star when the big machinery gets behind you. But if youíre going to do something that they donít want, youíll never be heard of. You must go along with the current agenda, whether itís wearing leotards and prancing around on stage as a guy, or whatever it happens to be. I can remember when they were pushing, because I did a lot of session work for some big bands and so on, and for guys that were kind of sick on certain substances, they couldnít even perform and a big show was on the go. But you found out that the word would come down to songwriters and the music writers, and so everybody got the word to do away with any mention of ďheĒ or ďsheĒ in a song. They were to be gender-neutral; that was the 1970s. You didnít hear that term until about another decade later or even longer. But they were all told that because they were in the culture creation business without even knowing it. So if you wanted to write a song, donít put ďheĒ or ďsheĒ, so anybody could sing it to anybody and you would never think about it then, you see. And you had all these updates coming down the line; if you didnít comply your stuff was not going to be heard or bought or anything else.


DW:  And that was to try to bring in that whole, I guess, subliminal programming for neutrality so there is no identity. Like you said, theyíre erasing the cultural bounds; theyíre also erasing your sexual identities and confusing that realm of things as well, right?


AW:  Yes, absolutely. Plus, I knew a lot of guys in the bands and so on, and other session guys too, Iíd meet them here and there, and they were having a hard time in the late í70s and into the í80s as they were changing into the so-called heavy metal, leotard-type, long hair, with a lot of expensive hairdos and stuff Ė very effeminate looking, because the guys were basically straight. And the big guys that were managing the whole organizations, and Iím talking about the machinery behind it, they even brought you rap later on. It wasnít the guys you see performing that brought you rap, it was these same big guys that really control, I mean total control of the culture industry. They put the word out too that this is what they wanted to project to the youth. So if you didnít go along with that kind of dress code and all the rest of it, etc., you just didnít get in. It was as simple as that. So a lot of the guys were very unhappy about it and went to different countries abroad where they could still perform the stuff that they liked to do, without having to dress up like something that they were not, you know.


So people have no idea whatsoever of the complete control of all culture. They give you the heroes to follow, the idols to follow Ė in movies too as well as music. Look at who is the average idol for the young female of today to watch in the music scene, you know.


DW:  Well yeah, like we got this whole thing that took place with Miley Cyrus, and she was this young, innocent pop star and she was cutesy-tutesy with the pigtails and the whole thing, then all of a sudden she turns into this crazy, you know, I mean like strip-teases on stage with rappers and stuff.


AW:  Sheís completely managed though, she doesnít even know it herself. Sheís completely managed by the handlers that have been around her. Thereís more to that story than meets the eye actually. Itís a different story altogether. These ones, theyíre up on stage, and youíve been watching it under rap for years too, itís like gang-banging on stage, for Godís sake. Letís not kid ourselves here. And youngsters are fixed on that, because their hormones are jumping. And you expect them to grow up into some ordinary adult thatís maybe, in a very odd chance, going to marry somebody and keep a species going here? No, itís not going to happen, you know.


Getting back to the culture creators, Lord Bertrand Russell and especially Charles Galton Darwin in the 1950s. Now, Charles Galton Darwin was also a top member of these international groups planning the whole future, and a descendent of Charles Darwin of course. He was a physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project, so he was into that and eugenics, like all of his lineage. But he wrote in his own book, The Next Million Years, he said, we shall do all these things that Iíve mentioned, like hypersexualization of the people. But he said we got to bring down the population of the ordinary people. In other words, itís not too many people, itís too many of the wrong kind of people, you understand, because the future is to be for the new scientific, technocratic elite that can go into the future and serve their masters. They wonít need all the labor that they have today, you see. So, he said that if we can tempt the women into the workplaces and so on, and offer them material things like cars and so on, and even, again, use the culture industry to promote all this through movies and fiction, then theyíll go for it. And again, they wonít get married, they wonít want children, he said.


We can also introduce sterilization agents into the males through either the water, the food, or we can put it through injections even, he said, and all of that has actually been done. Itís a horrific story, but itís actually documented. It is actually documented. Even the United Nations talked about their wonderful golden rice a few years ago; it was in the Canadian papers. They were going to give it to all the third world countries, it just had a little side effect, it made men sterile.† Well, you see theyíve been doing all the things they talked about, because you donít have world meetings with all the top honchos there who make up a wish list for Santa Claus. These guys have the ability and the power to get it into action. And since theyíre not going to get volunteers to come forward very readily, they do it to folks. They simply do it; itís been done. Weíve watched the infertility sky-rocket; now itís a plague today.


DW:  Oh yeah. Iíve even noticed people that I know, the amount of people that are not able to have children, or women that are having miscarriages, etc. Itís literally mind-boggling. And thatís just the people that I know.


AW:  The biggest growing industry in the US in that field is the fertility clinics. This was unheard of only 30 years ago, you know, but itís all here now. Itís not happening by chance. Things donít just happen by chance when theyíve been planned that way, written about in academia Ė lots of papers and books and so on. And bingo, it comes along by itself. It doesnít happen like that, folks. Itís because it was planned that way.


DW:  Well, people just think that itís normal, so they normalize it. So, oh, itís just normal that you have like seven miscarriages before you get pregnant and... they normalize all that.


AW:  See, itís a new normal, and I used that phrase a long time ago and the media caught up with it too. New normals, because I was explaining how weíre given new normals all the time. And weíre so adaptable as a species, like Darwin said. We do adapt very quickly without thinking or reasoning something through. We just adapt to it and even use the terms that they give us to use, quite readily in conversation without even thinking about what weíre really saying and what it means.


But itís all really been done. We know that not just the bisphenol-A has been on the go for a long time. In the late 1800s they knew what bisphenol-A did, in plastics, what it did to the human. They knew it caused infertility then and cancers. But apart from that, you also have the massive pesticides that are put into it as fertilizers and so on too, along with all the GM stuff and non-GM, and this stuff too is also responsible for giving you lots of cancers, again, population reduction and also infertility as well.


DW:  Yes, and also the vaccination programs etc. that are in effect and the toxins that are in there causing all kinds of havoc and creating this epidemic of autism and variations of it. You just see that theyíre creating a society of people that are going to be completely disassociated, unable to communicate to people around them effectively, very, you know, just not stable mentally, and thereís variations of it that come from that. And of course they test all these things on the military first and foremost and then they unleash it on the public.


AW:  Another key to it is what they said about how to take the populations of the world down. When Kissinger was in a long time ago with Nixon and so on, he put out a memorandum (Iíve got it up on my website, the actual whole thing), almost like a bill, to do with population reduction, because they had signed agreements with the United Nations and initially he talked about the third world countries. What he said was the third world countries can be taken down very quickly because they donít get much news coverage at all. They donít have the wealth to even have lots of newspapers Ėif any, some of them Ė and no one is going to know or care, by the way. He said this is the mandate for third world countries, war, famine, plague and the like can be used, and, by the way, they are being used and have been used in the past, the same as Bertrand Russell said. But Kissinger also said, and so did Russell too, by the way, itís possible that in the Western countries more crippling, disabling diseases will put a lot of people out of the marrying market, because no one will want to marry disabled people.


Today, as you say, autism is just skyrocketing. Iíve compared a lot of the charts, even in the US, which is a good way to do it, state by state, and youíll see it skyrocketing along with the inoculations introduced into those states. Theyíre identical, identical charts.† And the same thing too with juvenile arthritis. This was an old personís disease at one time. Now itís common amongst young people Ė juvenile arthritis. Again, after the inoculations, etc. Now, these things are autoimmune problems. The only thing that is affecting your immune system, apart from all the pesticides and so on, itís also the injections, because theyíre designed to go for your immune system.


DW:  Oh yeah. You donít even have the ability to fight any of these diseases.


AW:  So they come down very quickly after the shots with it. So lot of things are happening. They know damn well at the top whatís causing it. Theyíll keep pooh-poohing it because they must continue with this agenda. And interestingly enough, you mentioned Agenda 21 a little while backÖ




DW:  Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for tuning in for this show tonight with very important information that weíre breaking down. We have one final segment left with Mr. Alan Watt. And Alan, before the break, you just got cut off, you were making a really good point, talking about the vaccinations, the risk in autism and other autoimmune diseases, juvenile arthritis and you were talking thereís all kinds of these different offshoots of these diseases that were very shocking. So maybe you could continue where we left off there.


AW:  What interested me too was that if you were disabled or classed as disabled, technically youíre outside the marriage market. And the same with chronic fatigue syndrome that comes after lots of shots and so on. A lot of women get this and theyíre just too tired to even go outdoors. So these are things that are very real Ė the Epstein-Barr virus and so on. All these things broke out about the same time suddenly with all of the inoculations that were getting promoted. There are more to come, by the way, because the United Nationsí World Health Organization has said Ė and it said back when it was the League of Nations the same darn thing Ė that eventually everyone on the globe will have a mandatory set of inoculations to get and eventually yearly boosters, and that was repeated by the UNís WHO not so long ago too. So your whole world is to be run by government agencies and experts, etc., cradle to grave.


What was interesting recently was to find out that there was an organization like the Royal Institute for International Affairs in China. Because you think of China as a communist separate country. Oh, no, no, China didnít come up by its own bootstraps any more than Russia or the Soviet Union did. It was financed by the Western bankers, and that is well documented, by the way. But China is now in charge, as the major domo, of all the old satrapies, which are Australia and New Zealand. Theyíre the big dominant player, as the Royal Institute for International Affairs said it would be. They planned this; they talked about this in the 1930s, setting China up to be the top producer for the planet. Recently Chinaís president or prime minister came out and said in a statement for his version, their own version of the Royal Institute for International Affairs or CFR.  He said, we must hold the West to their promise that they will also keep to the program of depopulation. This was an official statement, it was published. Iíve got the whole PDF here. And I said, my God, they have the whole world sewn up here, the whole world is under the same agenda.


DW:  Isnít it that a lot of these vaccines themselves are actually made in China?


AW:  They are today. In fact, they killed an awful lot of diabetics off by the impurities. They started shipping them into the West, without even changing the labels. Lots of them were having comas, even though they were sticking to their diets Ė and they really know their stuff, diabetics, you have to Ė and they were sticking to their insulin doses and they were dropping dead, a lot of them. Youíll find that a lot of the drugs that are coming from there have lots of impurities indeed. It doesnít matter, itís the same big pharma companies, by the way, that run their organizations in China.


DW:  Yeah, itís like we said about everything else. This is global in reach. These are corporations that have the backing, the financing and the influence and the control over these so-called government-regulated groups, like the WHO, the CDC, etc. Itís all about the money, at the end of the day. People still like to buy into the lie that because there is some kind of control group there from the government that weíre paying for, then we can trust them and therefore everything theyíre saying is true, when itís not even close to the truth.


AW:  This was all set up by Edward Bernays, the guy who gave America its consumer society, who worked with lots of presidents even to get wars going; he was instrumental in getting the war drums beating to fight Germany in World War I. He lived into his í90s and he was still working away with presidents, you know, a top manipulator with an understanding of the human mind and the massesí minds. He was the guy who was given a lot of these tasks, you understand, to train the public, how to train the general public, which even his daughter said he had absolute contempt for; Bernays hated the general populace, because, he said, they were too easy to manipulate, too trusting and so on. And they believed everything they were told and it was too easy to get them to change their behavior. Behavior modification is a completely full-proof art today. It works on most people. Most people donít know theyíre composites; youíre not an individual. Youíre a composite in different areas of your personality, given to you and indoctrinated into you and adopted by you to be accepted by your peer group in society. Itís an old art.


DW:  Oh yeah, you see it. I deal with a lot of people on a regular basis and I just see that everybody that I meet and talk to on one level or another is completely in a state of just having no self-esteem, theyíre very much driven in to discussing things very topically, you can tell thereís a lot of anxiety there. Itís kind of sad, and part of my work is to try to help people out of that and try to re-empower them so that they have some kind of semblance of being fully human and having those natural, I guess you could call them, God-given instincts to have confidence and to walk with your head up high and to know who you are and know your surroundings. But a lot of these people today are completely disassociated. A lot of people wonít even keep eye contact with you. Conversation changes to about 70 different subjects in a matter of five minutes because the attention span just isnít there anymore. Or now theyíre pulling out their iPhone because theyíre texting six people while theyíre having a conversation with you. So itís just very difficult to talk to people these days, donít you find?


AW:  It certainly is, and itís getting worse with the young too, who are really mind-bombed with the technology and addicted to it too. They donít know theyíre addicted to it, but they are. Thereís a lot going on with technology that makes you addicted to it. Itís designed that way. A lot of other sciences go into the creating of that thing, not just to get it working, but to make sure that youíre addicted, just like the video games too, by the way.


The other thing too is the uncertainty. You understand, for control purposes you must keep people at dis-ease, donít give them ease. Disease, thatís where the term comes from Ė youíre not at ease. So what you do is keep their lives unstable, always with the threat of a war or being invaded by someone. Today itís terrorism, of course, as the excuse for all totalitarian regimes, and also the economy. Now, this whole thing with the economy very few folk understand at all. The whole thing is a joke, folks, itís a joke. If someone can print up your money, you donít know who they are, by the way, and itís printed up as debt to begin with, itís backed literally by nothing, thereís no gold there in the reserves anymore. And you put one dollar into the banks in Canada, any bank, and theyíre allowed by law to loan out ten or eleven dollars to that one dollar that they have, that one real dollar youíve just put in. Thatís the law. So they instantly create more debt all the time. Then you have all these banks borrowing from each other and lending out all this stuff, which really doesnít exist, itís backed literally by nothing. It was paper, now itís plastic. Yet weíre all supposed to dance our lives away and plan our lives around something that can buy a pound of sugar one day and maybe half a pound the next. I mean, there is no certainty on anything and itís designed to be that way to keep you at disease, basically, dis-at-ease, because then youíre easy to control, you feel helpless. Government agencies come in, they take care of our lives for us. Professionals are sent out there to deal with it all. ďDonít worry, have faith in us, the experts, and weíll make things all better, little children.Ē This is the message we get all the time.


The so-called professionals at the top, the top economists came out in Britain years ago Ė and I think it was a Man Alive program Ė from the top universities and each one of these guys had left the profession and formed their own association, because, they said, the whole thing was a con pretending to be a science. They all knew who ran the money system, the families involved. They all knew that it was backed on nothing, except who owes what to somebody else. And the average person has no ability to say, ďOkay, I have this amount of money here. It will be worth the same amount and buy the same things in 10 yearsí time as it does today,Ē because it wonít. Itís always getting devalued, there is built-in inflation in it, and weíre ripped off left, right and center. But it keeps you in a position of helplessness, because you have no control over something so vital today as the money that gets your food, pays your rent or your mortgage, or buys your medications if youíre sick or whatever, etc., etc. Youíre meant to feel helpless, and this is where, again, Bertrand Russell and the top manipulators in the Frankfurt School said they would bring the West to; itís all been done. And of course, nothing is going to change, by the way, nothing would change, until this whole money system is completely altered.


Canada was the only country for a long time, even during the Great Depression, that other nations sent delegations to, because we were not in the same mess that they were in, because at that time Canada had its own real Bank of Canada Ė not an office that they have today, where the representative for the Canadian government meets with the money lenders and borrows money from them. Thatís what it is today. But back then Canada did have a real Bank of Canada. They printed their own money out; they sold it to the banks, so there was no loss, it wasnít debt money at all. And they put the rest into public projects, and thatís how it got it into the publicís hands, it trickled down, and it actually worked. But of course when Trudeau and the boys got in and, being globalists, they had to dismantle it all, and now weíre in the same mess as all the other private banks. Our government is borrowing from private banks like Goldman Sachs, etc.


DW:  People here think that itís still run that same way. They think, ďOh, weíve got our own Bank of Canada and weíve got our own thing going on and you canít touch us here in Canada. We are immune from the problems in the world.Ē And of course Australia would say the same thing and so would many others. So itís just absolutely incredible how this has really worked.


AW:  It is. And youíll find every top executive or chairman, CEO, of any top private bank are all trained by Goldman Sachs, again, every one. I think even Carney left Canada to go and be in charge of the Bank of England, that was one of their boys too. So they do musical chairs. Theyíre internationalists, they know the con. And even Rothschild said a long time ago when he took over the Bank of England, he actually said it (in his grandmotherís authorized book), that it was a scam, the money system was a scam, with debt, itís all based on debt and getting the taxpayers to fund every loan that the government borrows from the private banks. Thatís what it means, you see. He said those who catch on will be very few and theyíll work in the profession as accountants and chartered accounts and get paid awfully well for doing so, so they wonít make any fuss over it and inform the public, and thatís still true today.


DW:  Somebody was pointing my attention to the president of the South African Reserve Bank who was on record saying something of that regard as well, about how, oh yeah, the whole thing is fictitious, itís based on debt, and this is how the money system has to work. So itís basically another admission that does squeak out there and that people can read and pay attention to. Itís just so funny how you donít hear any of the so-called experts on the mainstream media talking about any of this stuff.


AW:  No, and they wonít, because they all belong to the same CFR-type club.


DW:  Yes, and itís the same compartmentalization in the media as well.


AW:  Yes, but they do know that much, they know itís a con and they must never tell the Joe Public. As I say, if something were real it would be backed by something tangible that you could at least hold or have. But for someone else youíll never meet to say, ďOh yeah, that dollar, you could buy a cup of coffee today, but tomorrow you wonít get the sugar for a cup of coffee for that, to put in the coffee.Ē Itís all out of your control, you see. And now of course Canada has signed the same deal from the Bank for International Settlements, which is to be the big world bank, by the way, they are the big one, that was set up (and Quigley talked about it) to run the worldís banking system, and they own it, itís a private institution. The Bank for International Settlements got all the countries, including Canada, to sign on for the bail-ins that are coming in 2015, where they can scalp everybodyís savings out of the bank Ė legally steal all your money.


DW:  Wasnít that bank, the BIS, basically set up using the loot collected out of the Nazi regime?


AW:  No, that was on the go in the 1920s. That was one of the first institutions that the group set up, the Royal Institute for International Affairs. They said this would become the kind of banking system that would decide the value of each currency and who owed what and how it would all be settled in the future, and thatís exactly where itís been raised up today. Itís getting raised up to its proper position of dominance. Itís the same with the International Monetary Fund, which the Royal Institute for International Affairs also set up as the debt collector basically. They come in and they manage your debt, they slash your healthcare, everybody dies. That happened in Yugoslavia and places where they came in and the next thing you know folk couldnít even get antibiotics for tuberculosis and lots of them died off. They do this wherever they go, to recoup what they claim is their debt. So youíre still in the age of massive moneylenders, because itís a very sophisticated scam of the money-lending families hiding behind these organizations which they set up and control. This is really how simple it really, really is, you know.


The world they want to bring in is the one that Arthur C. Clark even talked about in 2001, 2010, and 3001. Eventually youíll have the ultra-rich scientific class living very, very high; all the ordinary folk will have kind of died off somehow. He doesnít quite get into how they all died off. But the scientific, intellectual elite, very multicultural, different features of different countries in the same personís face. Youíll see all these little traits. But theyíll serve an even higher elite, of course, which are the eugenically interbred type that really believe through Darwinís philosophies that they deserve to rule the world, since, after all, theyíve had power for centuries by intermarrying special other families. They donít marry for love or any of that kind of stuff, itís arranged marriages, and itís all accepted by them as a matter of fact. As long as they have the children to take over the dynasties and they go into the same professions, literally the wife can do what she wants, as long as she doesnít have children by someone else, and the guy does the same kind of thing. Royalty has always done that too. But they always give you the other version for you to follow to get a stable society. Now theyíre wrecking the stable society as they try to eliminate the bonding and bring the population down. There are more children going up in smoke now today, and this is fact folks, than actually get born alive. And we think itís normal; we accept that. See, devaluation of life is so important, because eventually itís happening to all of us. Eventually it gets our turn.


DW:  And this is basically a belief system that these people have. Letís talk about their mentality and why they believe this. I guess they donít look at themselves as being like us at all. They might look at us I guess as a separate species from them or something.


AW:  Thatís exactly what Bertrand Russell said; he said eventually the ruling elite will become a separate species from the ordinary people. That has happened, youíre right.


DW:  And thatís part of their whole interbreeding, genetic alterations, and the fact that they are hoarding the technology, the life-extension technology, and all of this knowledge that theyíve hoarded for centuries from all the indigenous tribes that theyíve wiped out. Really theyíre just sitting on top of there. I guess when youíre born into these types of families you are also raised up to sort of believe in this ideology, and I guess thereís sort of a genetic memory there that also kind of plays into that as well, right?


AW:  Thereís possibly that, you canít rule that out. However, in the more elite families, the young are... not all the young by the way... I know Prince Charles was out of the loop. They test you for your intellect, and if they find you can blab and say the wrong thing, youíll wonít get into the know. But those families do have special education for their gifted children, as theyíd call it, where they do get into the real version of their history, reality, the future, and their role in history Ė creating the wars and bringing the world to its present position, and how much they do control and where theyíre going to take it. So thereís definitely that aspect to it. But, as I say, not all of them are in the loop. I know that Prince Charles wasnít in the loop in a lot of things. In fact, his own schoolmaster said he was pretty hopeless at school. Regardless, the top ones certainly do it.


When you go back into eugenics and the eugenics movement and the perfect American family magazines, for instance, that came out of the Rockefeller-funded eugenics movement in the States, and they had one in Britain too of course, and the Galton and the Darwin Institutes. Theyíre still on the go today, by the way. Itís been revived as a eugenics institute for Darwin. And they have no problem now telling you, again, that there are lots of inferior types of humans thatíll simply have to perish. And they canít drag them along anymore because they have no real function in society. You see, weíve lost our humanity and weíve been trained to go along with losing our humanity by, again, moral relativity, no right and wrong as such, life is cheap, watch television, and youíll see it in all the movies, as all the special forces go around blasting and slaughtering people in movies and fiction and drama; life is cheap. If you serve the system, even the average Joe for a little while, if he doesnít get killed, can join the army and get some kind of instant honor for simply wearing a uniform, meaning youíre one form. You lose your individuality; youíre owned privately; thatís why youíre called a private when you join the army. You donít belong to the public at all.


So you got all these scams on the go as they use people and spit them out, whatís left of them. But they did create a whole generation in time to go off and fight these wars, from Gulf War I in 1991 right through to the present time. And in the American magazine, Iíve read it on the air in fact (itís in the archive section), thereís an article by an intelligence officer, saying Perpetual War. And he said weíll use all the disgusting techniques thatíve helped to destroy our own civilization and culture back home Ė from Madonna and he goes through all the different artists and so on Ė and spread it across the other countries to destroy their cultures too. This was a planned thing. It worked here, itís happened already, folks, and theyíre trying to do the rest in all the Moslem countries too.


DW:  It is pretty monstrous.† Alan, youíve been researching this for Ė I heard somewhere you were talking about how youíve been pretty much open to it for a large portion of your life. Did you have a particular moment where it really struck you that there was definitely something going on in a global sense?


AW:  It took me a little while, but not too long for global, because it started with simply getting born in Scotland and wondering why everybody was living in the same boat. Here was Great Britain with most folk living in council houses, that their great grandparents had paid up with their rent money and were still paying rent money. Lots of them after World War II in the í50s and í60s were reopened. And they were condemned homes that went back to pre-World War II. They didnít have enough housing for the ordinary folk. Even though they promised they would have them, if they went off to fight and get killed and slaughter people. So anyway, I wondered why everybody was fighting Ė all the domestic disputes everywhere you went. Everybody was nervous. And in mining communities everybody complained about basic things like the rent money Ė basic things. They were always in fear of it. Everything they had was second-hand. All their furniture was bought on tick, meaning credit, and the guy would come round every week and you paid him half a crown or something. Every family was in the same boat and I thought, ďWhat the hell is this? What happened here? After centuries of dominating a good part of the planet, here we are in this mess here.Ē We lived in a fixed economy. They had a pretty well average wage for every person, it didnít matter what they worked at. These big boys at the top had worked out just how much, say, a family of two parents and two children needed to just get through that month and how much they needed to pay the basics and just get by. It was a pretty well fixed economy.


That got me into the history books to find out what had been going on. Then I found out at school, at about the age of 7 I said, ďWhy are we getting taught history even to do with Scotland thatís totally fictitious?Ē Because Iíd already been in the adultsí library... since I had a sort of gift in a way they gave me passes to get in. I looked at the reference books written about the same times of the big battles in the 1700s, a completely different version. So I realized that even I was getting brainwashed in school, and Iíd bring it up at school. Then I went into the writings of the top philosophers of the 19th and 20th centuries, and then you got the idea that this wasnít just a plan for Britain or Scotland, it was a plan for the whole planet. Then of course when I hit on to the major organizations, which dominate the world, especially in the media, in education and writing the educational books and so on, itís all the same clique. Itís quite easy to do when you have all that money and one clique owns everything and all information. But today weíre so far beyond that, because now Ė and some of the big boys said this a long time ago: For a totally safe planet for themselves, the elite, to live in, everyone would have to be completely predictable. To be completely predictable theyíd have to have all your daily information given to them by you, and here it is. They have virtual youís and Iís all in the Pentagon. Iíve read this article, itís also in the archive section at, where the Pentagon, from their own writings, says that they have a virtual everybody, Canada, the US, and everywhere else, in computers in the Pentagon, super Cray computers. You update it daily, they grab it Ė all the data. Thatís your phone calls, your chats, tweets, everything, emails, your Facebook, the whole lot. You update it for them, they add it to the virtual you and they run little games on it, scenarios to see how you would react, in the virtual you, because theyíve found out that how you will react in real life is so predictable. You are so predictable and they know us completely. So itís pretty well here.


DW:  Wow, thatís incredible. Well weíve only got about one minute before weíre going to get cut off here, Alan, and I just wanted to get the opportunity to thank you for coming on the show with us tonight and bringing forward this research, and of course we could only cover so many things in a topical manner, and we encourage everybody to go out there and research this on their own. You can get a lot of this information at Alanís website, which is And Alan, thanks again for joining us tonight on the show.


AW:  Itís really been a pleasure to be on here.


DW:  Excellent. Folks, thatís it for tonight and we have another episode coming up again next week. So feel free to tune back in next Monday, same time, same place, and we will be talking to you again about some more fascinating information and some ideas for you to go ahead and look into for yourself. So Iíll leave you with that. Have a great night.


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