November 13, 2013 (#1423)


"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt
(Guest on The Russell Scott Show)
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RS:  Alan Watt, welcome to the program.


AW:  It’s a pleasure to be on.


RS: Alan Watt is a long-term researcher into the causative forces behind major changes in historical development. Alan believes society is designed through a controlling elite whose ultimate goal is the total enslavement of humanity. With historical documentation, he shows how cultures are created and altered by those in control, always to lead the people like sheep into the next pasture. He is the host of the radio program, Cutting Through the Matrix, and is the author of many books, including Cutting Through, Vols. I, II and III, which can all be found at


Alan, who are these controlling elite and what exactly is the matrix?


AW:  The matrix is your whole accepted reality, the reality that everyone shares, because we’ve all had the same indoctrination. Indoctrination doesn’t start and get over with, indoctrination goes on all your life through all controlled media. And if you really study it from many years ago, as I did, I used to wonder why, for instance, the format from Radio Moscow during the Cold War was exactly the same presentation and format as the BBC in England in their English version. If you compare that today with Radio Beijing for China, again, you wouldn’t know if you were listening to BBC, in the topics they bring up, how they’re presented, etc. So you’re already in a global society, and I realized that a long, long time ago, that really shaped the cultures of the peoples towards a global system of control, and encouraging the people to accept more and more control. Plus the famous authors that really took part in the world meetings all throughout their lives working on this very, very problem: how to get the public to change all of their attitudes, to change their way of looking at life – completely, actually, and how to get them into a global society where they’d all have basically the same thoughts, ideas, feelings on every particular topic that would be brought up in their peer groups, because of the indoctrination we’ve all had.


When you go into the writings of people like Theo Adorno, for instance, a fantastic insight into it by the Frankfurt School, the Frankfurt School was very big in Germany pre-World War II. It ran over to the US when Hitler came in, and they were given permission eventually after the war to create a different culture, for instance, for America. They worked with Lord Bertrand Russell, who was a big philosopher, historian and so on, mathematician, who worked on language and how language could be used in a mathematical formula to bring and instill ideas in people, bringing them to the correct conclusions, much like a computer would do with a computer language. So he worked with the Frankfurt School and the Macy Group that also was brought in, and the idea was that the Western world might become fascist, and therefore how could they prevent it? But what they really wanted, in fact, was a compliant society with a natural order, as they called it. The natural order, just like communism, communism was not equality for the people, it was equality amongst the people, but it was to be run by a scientific intelligentsia. Well, I realized that the scientific intelligentsia already ran Britain and the British Commonwealth long before, and they still do today, so it all ties in together.


Power always must control the future. The easiest way to control the future is to give the thoughts to every generation. And by that I mean people born with a couple of years between them basically. They’re updated so perfectly today, into what indoctrination they’ll get at kindergarten, slightly different and more advanced than the ones who were there three or four years before them. And then when I read the writings by Beria, who was the head of the police and the head of the Comintern at one point in the Soviet Union, in 1932 or ’33 I think it was, he said, At one time it took us 70 years – (a generation was 70 years at that time) – to change even the smallest behavioral things in society, behavior in society on certain topics. He says with scientific indoctrination we can now alter them radically and fast, even every four years, with every intake of children. So the ones who are brought in today are given the indoctrination which will tie-in with the agenda, which is literally in 20-, 30-, 40-, 50-, 100-year plans, just like the United Nations uses. Whatever they will experience in their life that will have to be a big change, they’re already being pre-programmed to accept it without thinking it through. When you’re very young you don’t have wisdom behind you and the logic and reasoning powers, but you’re persuaded so easily by emotive reasoning. Emotive reasoning is used by all video presenters, and some of the famous ones, in fact, that are used in school, are women’s voices, a lot of them are Canadian actually, and they have kind of a low voice, almost hypnotic. And with the coupling of imaging, whether it’s to do with wildlife or whatever it happens to be, that imprints in the person’s mind, and so they’ve been basically readied for the big change in that area that they’ll experience in their life. But they get lots of imprints as they go through the educational system. 


And then when you take other big philosophers, like Jacques Ellul, he mentioned in one of his books on propaganda how most people don’t really reason their way to opinions; they absorb them by osmosis. In other words, the airwaves are saturated by mainstream, always with the same topics of course, presented in the same way. And you think that because it’s so overwhelming, it’s everywhere, that it must be true or it must be the correct way or whatever, and so you adapt your new attitudes towards it.


When you go into the writings of another big guy who played a part in the Macy Group and the world meetings, that’s why he knew so much about it, that was Aldous Huxley, along with his brother Julian Huxley. Aldous Huxley also worked with George Orwell, in fact he tutored him at one point in England, they discussed ways of bringing in the perfect totalitarian society. Orwell thought that it would be the big boot initially with fear and terror and what they would call fake resistance – today they call it fake patriot, you see – and entice them into it. Then of course you kept who the potential rebels will be and you can get them before they do anything and you nip them in the bud, or you get them going round in circles, wasting their time forever. That’s all been done too. But they also mentioned that they’d go into the scientific system as well; that was the difference between Orwell and Huxley, with 1984 and Brave New World, and in reality we have both systems going on right now, with the massive increase in police dressed like World War II SS guys with the same hats on and the whole bit, black everything – the sign of death, you know. You have that on the go. You have anti-terrorism; it’s a great thing for drastically reordering society and taking away the rights of the public. You have massive indoctrination of political correctness in so many forms now – from the top down. It’s not from the bottom up, it’s always from the top down. And you can go back as far as Plato where he discussed cultures and how to maintain power, because every powerful generation tries to hold onto it for their own offspring. That’s traditional right up to the present time. Therefore you must plan the future and bring in the future you want. So you train the public to be ready for your offspring to take over with as little fuss as possible.


This goes on today too. We have oligarchies of bureaucrats, and they’re intergenerational too in all federal levels, you know. We’re run by hereditary experts, you might say, and we’re run by scientific experts. And academia at the top, especially with the behavioral sciences, is completely on board with all the big think tanks, private foundations, which advise governments on policies of all kinds. So we’re really run by private organizations, very wealthy, wealthy people, who set up the foundations a long time ago – tax-exempt foundations under charitable guises; the richest folk on the planet own these foundations. They also control hundreds and hundreds of non-governmental organizations that are always getting their names in the press, because whatever they protest is on behalf of the elite, although it often sounds as though it’s coming from the people at the bottom. So we’re run by private organizations; therefore democracy is basically a farce. Most folk never catch on to it, they can’t follow it, unless they really do their basic studies, and it’s a very basic study to come to the right conclusions. When you go into, again, Lord Bertrand Russell, he talked an awful lot about this coming society, and I think it was in The Impact of Science on Society that he said eventually we’ll have a compliant population. He said it will be a form of tyranny, a scientific tyranny, and with scientific indoctrination, perfected, it will be applied to all schoolchildren, and then throughout their entire lives through all media. That’s your updates basically, and what’s now politically correct, and so on.


So we have lived through this. You don’t get big, multi-trillion dollar organizations meeting every year around the world with the big private foundations – the Rockefellers, Fords, Carnegies, and so on, who make agendas for depopulation, and so on, without them putting it into action. They meet to put it into action. And then through their think tanks they write up the policies for the governments, and they approach the governments who are only too happy to accept them and implement them on their behalf, for the greater good, as they call it. So, democracy is a show, unfortunately.


RS:  In lieu of this, what would there be – chaos? There needs to be some element of control.


AW:  This is not control though, it’s a tyranny. That’s the difference. Even the founders of it said that it would be a tyranny, it would be tyrannical and absolute in its power. We already have this going in, a very old idea, remember, there’s nothing new about it. But world meetings prior to World War II with the Psychiatric Association said everybody’s insane except us. This is what the whole Freudian push was, in fact, was to drastically test and alter every child as they grew up, under the guise that no one was sane except themselves. There are lots of famous videos up on YouTube, in fact, of the famous people who came out on behalf of the British Psychiatric Association, which is part of the World Psychiatric Association, saying the same thing, that eventually all politicians also will have to be vetted by us and updated. Well, now they’ve brought this into perfection, because in some countries like Britain and Scotland, they’ve brought in a program called GIRFEC. It’s a different name in England and Wales, but it’s the same program, where the government has already mandated – it doesn’t matter your class system or financial system in society – every child when it’s born is given a life-long advocate from the government, appointed by the government to them, to that child, who starts testing them from the age of two months on – two months! And when you read through the GIRFEC program it’s astonishing. They want to find out if that child shows any anti-racist views – at the age of two months. And they’ll be tested all through their lives, with the person coming into your home, you can’t refuse them entrance, and they do all these tests all through that child’s life. If they find something like Orwell would say, own-think or self-think, where you come to conclusions by yourself, that will be a black mark and that will have to be rectified in order to bring up this compliant, brave-new-world type society.


This is on the go, it’s all passed and in motion now. It also was set up by Sarkozy of France, he had a lot to do with it, for the world socialist society.  And they’re introducing it in different names in different countries, and of course the World Health Organization is also in charge of it. Now, we don’t vote for any of these organizations in democracy whatsoever, they’re private, and yet they have more power, it would seem, than even the governments. The governments seem to be subservient to them, which I think they are. When you really take the fact that every prime minister of Canada or Britain or the US president, according to Professor Quigley, who was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations (a private organization; he had access to their archives), back in the ’60s he says, There hasn’t been a member of Parliament in Britain or Canada at the top (the top ones are all important) who hasn’t been a member of this private organization for 60 years. And that was in the ’60s that he said that. This goes back into the 1800s.


RS:  You know, we’re both Canadians and we live in a relatively prosperous nation. I would say our quality of life is quite high. The average Canadian is not outraged with the government. So why is Canada seemingly exempt from this tyranny?


AW:  It’s not, actually. Canada is introducing the same forms of testing for personality development, as they call it. Canada has been drugging their children at schools, if they claim they’re hyper or whatever, for years, just like the US in Canada. They know the outcome from many years of study on the children, how they end up. And I’ve had many of them who hit their 20s, if they live that long that is, totally screwed up with the drugs and the amphetamines – speed – that they’ve been put on to stop them asking questions in the classroom. And actually that’s what it boils down to too, because in the classroom today it’s almost a matriarchal society and they want the boys to behave exactly the same as the girls, which never happened in the past. That’s why they used to give you breaks every so often, so as the guys could run out and burn off their energy. Then they’d sit for a bit more and maybe fidget a bit in class, but that was normal behavior. Today we all have to be shaped in a uniform, genderless society.


RS:  Boys will be boys. You know, we’d go out for recess, we’d get into fights. It was normal.


AW:  It was normal, and you ran and chased and played all kind of games and so on, and that’s how you burned off that energy.


RS:  But that’s a crime now.


AW:  It’s a crime now and you’re supposed to be... because apparently there’s no such thing – you know the PC nonsense that’s coming out, we’re all genderless really. Our roles are just given to us by custom. This is the new mantra. So you drug the boys; and the boys, the ones who ask a lot of questions in school, the modern teacher is trained that they are a pest, because they ask so many questions. So what you do, you drug them and they stop asking questions. But the drugs they’ve been put on, with the Ritalin and all the other drugs they have, shrink their brain, by the way. And they never develop properly afterwards, so future leaders are just knocked out of the picture. That’s their new way of neutralizing them, because future leaders ask a lot of questions in school.


Nothing happens for no reason, doesn’t happen for no reason, and I say the big boys talked about this. Bertrand Russell, in fact, was given a charter in the 1920s in Britain which allowed him to bring in mixed schools of children under 12 to do Pavlovian experiments in Britain on these particular children. His goal was to try to hypersexualize the children before they were even into puberty, because the big fear, it still is today, of the elite, was that the ordinary folk would out-breed all the rest of them. It’s the same fear today, by the way, although it’s much reduced. But he had the experimental school on the go, and he went through it in one of his books that if you hypersexualize children and encourage it, and encourage pre-pubertal sex, then the possibilities of them mating up for life to have children later on would be almost canceled out. They wouldn’t stay with a partner long enough. They would want fun as opposed to responsibility; he said we shall create an egocentric and hedonistic society. Well, that was all achieved, you see. It’s all been done today. So we’ve been tampered with all of these years and the fact is most folk are oblivious to it. Now, a lot of folk would be all for it who actually see themselves as belonging towards the elite crew. But as Julian Huxley said (the brother of Aldous), lots will think they’ll come into this eugenical society at the top because they’ve been good workers towards the agenda, he says but they’re in for a nasty shock. They’re very, very picky indeed, and he worked for UNESCO and Planned Parenthood.


So we’ve been run by these private organizations given authority by either the Crown, the Frankfurt School was given authority to change American culture right after the war by the US President Truman. That’s quite a task to be given, the responsibility, for completely altering the culture of the general public without the public being aware it’s even being done to them. Darwinian principles come in because Darwin and then the ones who took over from Darwin went right into eugenics. That’s where it had to go, that’s where it was really meant to go. And so their big fear, again, back then was, “Oh my god, all the rabble will out-breed the elite,” you see.


They also had big, big meetings, world meetings of top bankers, the Rothschilds attended and so on, and they discussed a pre-industrial society. They had these meetings before, when the industrial society was really underway. But they knew it wouldn’t last forever, because they had plans to move it abroad, even back in the early 1900s. So what do we do with all these people who are now landless, because they got them off the land to go into the factories through the Corn Laws that Rothschild himself introduced into Parliament, where foreign corn and grain could be dumped on the British market and put the domestic ones under. He arranged for that to happen. They had no option then but to move into these new red-brick cities where all the looms and so on were all set up, and that was awfully successful for him. But the people then lost the ability to farm, and then you bring yourself into a society where you’re totally dependent on everything from outside of you. This is what they call interdependence, it means you’re not independent in any particular area for survival. That’s the meaning of it. So they’ve already brought that society in. And they talked way back then of post-industrial. “What will we do with all of these excess people? We can use them for the last wars we have to do, but we’ve already agreed to make America the policeman of the world,” because Britain had so much debt, to the private bankers, for all their wars and empire-building. So they passed on the torch to the US to take over the next hundred years of empire.


RS:  But we have drones now. They don’t need the people to fight their wars anymore for them.


AW:  They do, only for one reason, and that is to give the impression that they’re still not as advanced as they really, really are. It is very true. Even in the ’70s they had a lot of high-tech equipment where they could blast out whole countries without putting a man on the ground. We have weather warfare that Brzezinski talked about in his book, Between Two Ages, he said it’s the perfect weapon, it’s more destructive and manageable than the effects of an atom bomb. He said we can literally cause drought across an entire country and bring it into starvation, or flood it out, and so on. So you had that. Then he said we have the neurotronic or technotronic warfare, which also can send signals across an entire continent and make people very placid or make them very aggressive, depending on the frequency which you use. They already had it back in the 1970s when he wrote that book, and it worked. Obviously it wasn’t something to come – he said it works. So we have all of this in place and I’m sure it has been used. I’ve seen big, strange antennas going up across Europe and Britain which look like huge, massive microphones in shape, and they’re towers, and they will not tell the public what they’re for. But all round the housing schemes, and so on, and big, built-up areas, these things are up there. I’ve seen the photographs too of the massive, heavy-duty amperage cables that go into them, and these are capable of sending out the technotronic stuff.


Society is to be controlled scientifically, and it isn’t just through scientific persuasion, it’s by any and every means possible to maintain the status quo, or power, again. We’re well underway to all of these things. Kissinger himself said that at one time we had to use thousands of heavily-armed troops and fear to keep the population in check, but even then he said they could always overrun us. Today it’s easier to control them by slaughtering millions than using many men, so we’re already in this position. The public have no idea that academia is completely on board at the top with complete depopulation of the planet, leading to mandatory depopulation, as they’ve been talking about for the last hundred years. So we really have gone along with this agenda, and as Lord Bertrand Russell said, it will be a scientific tyranny: he says, If there is to be a tyranny, I would much prefer it to be a scientific tyranny, which would be utterly ruthless, he said.


RS:  Have there ever been any civilizations throughout history that have not had a small, self-serving elite?


AW:  There’s never been this kind of thing, no. Rebellions were common.


RS:  Yes, but has there ever been a free society?


AW:  A free society can only exist in a simple tribe, and a simplistic tribe, you would find this if you would travel the globe. You would go around to, say, villages in Africa where the head man had nothing more than the average person in the village. And he would roll out a kind of cane roll, he’d roll it out with his few possessions on it and show you his prized objects, but he had no wealth in excess of what the people had. And that was the only safe way, because if he got too big for his boots, which occasionally happened, then the folk could deal with him or his family and overthrow him. Once you’re beyond that stage, no. Once you have standing armies and laws and legalisms and so on it’s much more difficult. That’s why the US, when it had its battle for independence, said if we get a standing army it will turn on the people, because they knew at that time that every standing army of a domestic country had always been turned on its own people. So they had big debates about it. And today our standing armies are used for private enterprise. Anyone who can think at all can see through that. They had the standing army because I think it was Jefferson got round it by bringing in the marines, so technically they were navy, you see, so you had troops that were really marines. Then after a while of course, as the American culture was taken over, it really was, and it was warned about too that it would be taken over if the people didn’t get involved. That’s why it was called The Great Experiment: could man rule himself, in other words. And if they didn’t, you know the real shysters would move in and take them over, primarily through money. It’s the easiest way to control, through private finance and banking and debt.


So you’re living through a system where there are different factions working together, and of course the banking system is essential for everything. Some people prefer to dominate by brute force, like a general, but he needs money to equip his army and to keep it going, or the guys if they don’t get paychecks go home. So, once they get someone in charge of the money, then he must go for his money to the bankers, so do the prime ministers and presidents go every year to the bankers, so the boss of it all really is the clever bankers. Down through thousands of years this is how they made their money and lots of money, and out of that really came your governmental systems. In lieu of taxation, that’s how they get paid back. You get the modern government, and we call it democracy, the prime minister goes and borrows the money, or he appoints someone to do it.  That’s what the Bank of Canada is, as you know. It’s not a bank. It used to be a bank, it’s not a bank now. It’s a floor of a building where the government representative appointee meets the private banks and borrows the money from them, works out the debt and interest rates and then they agree on it. It’s been that way for an awful long time, since the end of the Great Depression. Canada printed its own money up until and into the Great Depression. It had no debt because it sold its money through projects into society and it sold the money to the banks, so it wasn’t created as debt money. You understand, it actually paid for itself and its printing and all the rest of it by selling it to the banks, who then lent it out. So people came from all over the world, and countries that were sinking with the Great Depression, to see how the Canadian system worked, and it was because it wasn’t in the hands of the private banks. But as time went on and other ones came in, and Trudeau especially, he just copied the same system, and now it’s all private banking, it’s all borrowed money.


RS:  Do you consider yourself a conspiracy theorist?


AW:  No, no, because all the books that I read were all put out by professors and so on, and big players. And I read their sites, you’ve got to read their own sites, read their own books as well. Their world meetings books are awfully important, these big, big UN meetings that they have, because they do get what they want. They plan the agenda. They work it, as the communist system did, as the United Nations did, with a 10-year plan to have this part achieved, a 50-year plan for this part, 100 years for this part. This is how they work every part of their program.


RS:  With the Internet now, information, you can’t take it at face value – not that you ever could. But I suppose there’s a little bit more validity to a book than ….


AW:  Yes, or the big foundations’ own websites or even the United Nations’ websites, because they will put out what they arrived at, at least for the public-consumption version. In their own websites they will put it up on their big annual meetings on even depopulation and things like that.


RS:  I think it’s fair to say that only a small fraction of conspiracy theories are true, and you can’t take any of the information on the Internet at face value.


AW:  No.


RS:  So are conspiracy theorists useful idiots for the powers that be, essentially creating distractions?


AW:  Well, there are two sides to this, because, remember that if you study history, history is nothing but conspiracy, it’s comprised of conspiracy, whether it was Guy Fawkes, for instance, going to blow up Parliament on behalf of other powers, or even the setup of Guy Fawkes, as others have said too, to make the king look good, to catch him in the act sort of thing and get the people to acclaim him, because he wasn’t very popular when he came in. And then you have conspiracies for wars that are planned years ahead, and the instigation of wars to get people to fight back so as you can declare war on them. This is an old technique, well described in history books.


Tony Blair, for instance, before the Iraqi war, and this came out in “The Daily Mail” in Britain only last year, because they love to tell you after the fact (when folk are calmed down a bit they just bring it out – it’s almost a legality), but anyway he said that, oh yeah, they had meetings with Esso Oil, BP, Shell – all the biggies, two years before they went into Iraq, and they divvied up the oilfields amongst themselves that they wanted. They vied for the different oilfields and the cuts they’d get, and so on, and the money they would give to the Labor Party if they were given jurisdiction over these oilfields. That was a conspiracy because it was kept secret until long afterwards for the public. So this kind of thing happens all the time.


We also know that before 9/11 happened they tried to get an anti-terrorism bill put through in the US. Everybody said, “What’s happening? There’s no terrorism here,” and so on. Bill Clinton tried to get it through, an omnibus crime bill. One week later, after it was turned down, one week later the Oklahoma City building went up and they passed it that weekend. They revived it and passed it that weekend. In Canada people forget that in 1998, I think it was, Allan Rock, another appointee (these appointees are very, very important in governments, because they know what their part in this agenda is to be), he passed the omnibus crime bill for Canada, and our generally very quiet journalists actually vocalized their concerns and consternation – why are they putting through what is essentially a war-time act when nothing is happening? Of course no answer was given. And this was all before 9/11 happened in 2001. It was in preparation for it. Then we find out before 9/11 happened, that the PNAC group in the States, as you know, the Project for the New American Century group, of Wolfowitz and Cheney and all these guys, who got in with Bush eventually, had already published the countries they wanted to attack in the Middle East, a list of them, and all the countries we’ve already gone through and still some to be done are all on that same list. Plus we find out they had troops massing on the Afghan border for weeks and weeks building up to it before 9/11 actually happened.


RS:  But Syria was on that list and it didn’t work this time. The people rallied against it and Obama wasn’t able to rally the troops.


AW:  See, you understand, there are many ways to take down a country. The first one is traditional, it started in World War II against Germany – embargo, you see. If you can starve them out and nothing can get in or come out ….


RS:  Siege 101.


AW:  Yes, and we did the same thing too with Iraq for years. The Gulf War was from ’91 right through to the present day really. It hasn’t stopped. People forget this is an ongoing war. They did an embargo on that one too. Then they sent in the agitators. They had already tried the soft power, as they call it, as Brzezinski calls it at the big world meetings at the United Nations. They send in soft powers, which are professionally trained agitators who go into universities and they start agitating for overthrow of the government. And it might take them five years or more, sometimes 10 years, and they’re well paid to do this; it takes that long to get the people agitated enough to maybe go along with it and have a passive or an active rebellion. So they’re called color revolutions now, so we’ve had that going on in Syria and all these other countries as well at the same time. They’re trying it in Iran right now too, and the Iranians have been watching this for years as they come in from the West, highly funded, and they have to weed out the ones who are already agents, and so on and so on. So there are many ways to take out a country. But once they get them agitated enough and the people can’t or don’t want to rebel, then they send in the hard power, by any pretext whatsoever it will do.


Britain did the same thing throughout history in India. India was built up of many, many factions. There was no united India. Britain would go in and supply one side and teach them basic warfare, and so on, and get them to fight the neighbors near them. Then they would go and supply the other neighbors and get them to fight back. Once they had decimated enough of each other Britain would walk in with the military and say, “Well, we’re here to keep the peace, you see.” And the people would say, “Oh, I guess they’re the saviors. We should follow the direction of what they say.” This is an old, old technique that even Napoleon commented on. So to an extent conspiracy is an ongoing thing all the time. That’s the problem with society – a conspiracy is just a lie, you lie to the public. But politicians always lie to the public. That’s what they’re known for down through history, is lying to the public.


RS:  And the oddest one that actually tells the truth is immortalized for all time, right?


AW:  It can be.


RS:  Well, I’m saying people admire JFK because they saw him as an honest man, or Lincoln. It is such the exception to the rule, is my point.


AW:  It is the exception, there’s no doubt about it. You understand, to get into prime ministership in the British Commonwealth countries, you’re already vetted, by either the Australian Institute for International Affairs, the CFR, and they’ve changed their name in Canada recently again after that last debacle in 2005 when they came out as the CFR of Canada with Lloyd Axworthy on television saying they drafted up the whole agreement for the NAFTA integration. And it didn’t sit well with the public so they changed their name in Canada. Australia has its version, New Zealand, there’s one in India, and there’s one now for the whole European Union. So they’re already vetted and sworn allegiance to this organization and its mandates before they take any oath of office for the country.


RS:  Let me ask you, what do you think of such terms as new world order or the illuminati?


AW:  The illuminati go way back to any educated group. That’s where alumni comes from. And it’s been used and misused, of course, in history. We do know that the revolutionaries, like Mazzini, used the terms. You understand that revolution used different societies for secrecy purposes, otherwise you would be hung if you planned to overthrow countries. So they had various secret societies. Britain exported a lot of these societies to the countries they wanted to have wars or disruptions in, because every Freemasonic society in Europe had to have a charter from the lodge of England. But in England they didn’t agitate for overthrow of the British government, but they made sure they exported it abroad, and they actually sent a lot of agents over. So Mazzini and these guys definitely knew the world agenda for world revolution. We know out of that came the Young Turk movement and the Young Italian movement that was run from London through the Lord Alfred Milner group, who coupled with the Cecil Rhodes Foundation and Lord Rothschild and eventually formed the Royal Institute for International Affairs; that’s the big one, a big, private organization. They were set out to take over the world’s resources – that’s diamonds, gold, minerals, eventually food, and it’s still going on today, until big monopolies will own everything that we need for survival. It’s pretty well there actually.


But anyway, they also fomented wars. Their own personal historian, Professor Carroll Quigley, from their archives fills you in on how they started the Boer War and blamed the Dutch – the Dutch didn’t do it at all – and how they managed to get the British army to come in and save the British by giving fake stories; they even had their “Times” reporter with them to put in fake stories and send them back to London. So the British taxpayer ended up paying for the troops to go in, and they laid down the railroad lines and so on for the big, private corporations to take all their minerals over and gold and all the rest of it, out of the country. So you always pay for it as the taxpayer.


Canada has done the same with the US of course in Afghanistan. We’ve opened up roads and the whole bit, for the Chinese, under a deal with the Chinese, for them to come in and take massive minerals and rights. Iraq got a special deal from the US government to get their oil for China at $3 a barrel. This is all big, big, massive, international business, and the taxpayer ends up footing the bill for the wars. We always do. I don’t think anyone is so naïve in any elite circle, certainly not any I’ve ever mixed with, as to ever believe that the military and the system and the taxpayers exist to serve them and their agenda.


RS:  This is an audience question. We’re almost out of time. I’d like Alan to start investigating occult, aliens, Atlantis, demons, ghosts – paranormal stuff. What do you think about that area of research?


AW:  I know how it started because there were many, many rebellions fomented in the Middle Ages across Europe, fomented by naturally dissatisfied peasantry, generally, who were goaded on by other peoples who wanted to eventually attain power for themselves. It was very simple in those days to get the peasants to attack the power structures, because the power structures – pre-Luther, for instance – was a kind of monolithic Catholic culture, and in the Catholic culture they dispensed privileges to different people. You could buy bishoprics and tax the people for instance from the Catholic Church in Germany. So you found some of the other groups that were disaffected or had been hit by the Catholic Church got together and they went into Cabalism. Cabalism is an old Jewish tradition. And whenever Jews had it hard they would retreat back into Cabalistic magic or superstition, you understand. It was traditional with them. Anyway, the Christian types started to call it Christian Cabala, because only from the Old Testament, which is a revolutionary book, every main revolution in the world that has come out of Christendom uses the Old Testament version, which is Judaic.  And how they’ve been persecuted and therefore it’s their right to stand up and fight whatever enemy it was. You find the same thing with Cromwell. Cromwell used lots of quotes, all Judaic, for their right to bring in a different kind of society using a kind of modified religion. So a lot of these particular groups came out, including the illuminati group and Weishaupt and all the rest of it. Weishaupt was only one member, remember, in one little lodge of the Beenan Order of Germany, the Order of the Bees. The beehive represents the perfectly ordered society. That’s the same symbol, in fact it was the first experiment they set up in their back garden of the Royal Society in England, which is a scientific freemasonic society, set up to guide the world along the proper areas of science and directions of science, and all the way back to Egypt as well. In some of the highly freemasonic states in the US, like Utah where the Mormons are, their symbol is the beehive, again. So these are all old symbols that go back for thousands of years, many of them, which are still used by the disaffected to bring in what they believe is the perfect society. Eugenicists of course like it too for an ordered society, etc.


Now, when you go into what is called now today the New Age, the New Age came out really of the Madame Blavatsky movement. It was a system set up to get the women in, for a change, to get them involved in revolutions and to change society. Her uncle supposedly from Russia was a high Mason and she claimed to have read his books. But her job, she said, was to blend the mysticism and religions of the East with the West for a future society, you see, to make it possible for a future society, kind of multicultural. And if you look at today’s society, and Britain especially, the primary immigrants in Britain are from India. So she pushed the Indian philosophies and so on, the Beatles promoted it too for a while, and in came the influx from India, which made it more acceptable to the people, like these folk were more special – they knew esoteric stuff, at least that’s what folk believed. It was a much, much easier integration as people were fascinated by them. So you prepare society before you introduce the foreign element to it, or foreign logic or whatever, so it was carefully done.


You’ll find even in the writings of Albert Pike, who was the pope of freemasonry, from Charleston, South Carolina, and was the head as well of the World Revolutionary Movement, which eventually became, through Mazzini, the World Communist Movement, and after Mazzini it was Lenin that took it over. These were world revolutionaries using secrecy and a mixture of esoteric knowledge as they called it – a lot of it was simple coding and stuff – to alter society and direct society into a planned area they wanted it all to go to.


Today, unfortunately, the esoteric side … You understand, you can use any factual information two different ways at any time in history. If people are waking up to something that’s going on, it’s far easier to keep them running in circles, chasing their tails, by giving them the esoteric or aliens to follow and chase. It’s far easier and it’s better for governments, because the heat is taken off them. It’s not them that’s at fault. No, you’re run by blood-sucking reptiles and rubbish like this, you see. Distraction and fascination – there are people who get caught up in it.


RS:  All those curious people that could otherwise be looking behind the curtain.


AW:  Absolutely. And the politicians are so happy, because you’re not blaming the politicians for selling you out in any particular area. The heat’s off them. “Well they can’t help it, you see, it’s the aliens that are ruling it behind the scenes.” It’s beautiful, isn’t it?


RS:  But even the New World Order serves that function. Why write to your local congressman or whatever when it’s the New World Order? It’s beyond you, you can’t attack that system.


AW:  You have to ask them what they mean by “new world order.” There have always been orders in society. At one point when Britain ruled the waves, that was the British Naval Order for the world. During the Cold War the world order then was East against West. After the Cold War we’re basically into another new world order, and that’s what Bush Sr. was talking about – a new world order coming into view, and so on, but it’s not finished yet. Because with the rise of China which was planned and discussed at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in the 1930s (I have the members’ books here), and every famous person in governments from all over the world attended those meetings. They said that China would rise to be the manufacturer of the future. If the average person heard that back then they would never have believed it; it’d be ridiculous and impossible. But it was planned as far back as then. And if you go back to Arnold Toynbee, the professor at Oxford, in the 1930s he said that America towards the end of the century will be exhausting itself. It will come back for one more push and then be completely bankrupted, and then China would take over as the policeman of the world.


RS:  Now, that’s frightening.


AW:  Well, most folk today with all the great propaganda we get, and the way it’s put over by propagandists and scientific linguistical patterns of speech and so on, and repetition – it’s very simple ways of doing it – you can train the public to accept it; a lot of them will accept this.


RS:  Alan, you’re a fascinating guy, I could just listen to you for hours. But unfortunately our time is up. If the audience wants to learn more about you or listen to your shows, buy some of your books, support you, where should they go? Where are some of the best places to learn more about you?


AW:  They just go into I have other sites listed on that page. You can download thousands and thousands, for free, of shows I’ve done in the past, where I go through some of this. In some of the earlier stuff I go through some of the esoteric things we were talking about tonight and explain the histories of them and origins. There is also, where you can get transcripts in all languages of many of the talks I’ve given, for print-up as well as the free audios. So go into and you’ve got thousands of hours to listen to there if you want to.


RS:  Alan, it’s been an honor to have you on the program.


AW:  It’s been a pleasure.


RS:  Thank you for your time today.


AW:  And thanks for having me.


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