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"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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Scientific Socialism:

"Obey, Take Your Drugs, Sex will Calm All Anxiety,

Behaviourism and Neuroscience Run Planned Society."

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on January 13, 2019.I hope that everyoneís recovering from their crazy, crazy commercialized Christmas and holidays.They call it Happy Holidays. It means nothing.What does happy holidays mean? Happy holidays?I mean, holidays themselves comes from the word holy days and for most folk in the West now thatís kind of taboo and theyíve been trained that itís taboo because you canít have holy days. So, they havenít found another term for it, really.


Itís rather sad that itís so commercialized.But the whole system now is commerce, isnít it? Itís like the movie Network, awfully good rants go on about that in the movie where they talk about the commercialized system and how corporations run the world and rule everything and there are no nations anymore, itís all international corporations. That was an old movie of course that tells a lot of the truth and we certainly are living in it today. It takes participation of the public to be deceived in a system that theyíre taught to believe in.Thatís the key, youíre taught to believe in it. And youíre taught to vote for it too. But you must participate in the cons that go on when youíre told that theyíre creating a utopia for you and everythingís going to be just wonderful, sit back and relax and the futureÖ


Back in the 70s, you know, I think itís the 70s, maybe even earlier, they had, they keep recycling the same articles over and over again in the newspapers and in academia where they had big, big newspaper articles of the coming future of Utopia where it would be a privilege to get a job to serve the public. Because with automation and so on most folk wouldnít need a job. And somehow money would be, again, the Bertrand Russell thing, just appear in your bank account from the state. But they didnít mention about how much control that would give the state over you, which is where weíre going of course. Because money is an awfully powerful thing for controlling everybody, especially if you need it to pay off debts or your rent or anything else, so, Russell said they can use it eventually to punish you if you donít go along with whatever social agendas being pushed.


But itís so true, isnít it?And in the 70s, they said, oh, weíd all be wearingÖ I donít know how theyíre going to manage this part, but like, Roman togas.They had all these artists renditions of people in Britain wearing togas and just floating along the countryside, you know, as if theyíre on air or something.This is the rubbish, no doubt our tax money funded all this rubbish, it always does. But this is what they gave us for the future, and how really, youíd be bored stiff and the most important thing would be simply recreation to pass your time, that would be the big thing. But youíd have no worries at all, everything would be taken care of for you, and you just wear your togas.


I guess maybe theyíre going to, maybe artificially create a different environment for you so you didnít freeze to death like I would be here, for instance, since last night the temperature hit about -32į, -30į actually centigrade, around -22į Fahrenheit, around that temperature.Thatís pretty typical at night here now, has been since about October [Alan chuckles.] as winters get longer and longer.But anyway, I certainly wonít be wearing a Roman toga outside. Youíd have to chip it off me if I came inside. And probably chip me, my muscles too, to get them moving again.


But the thing is, we live in such farce and fantasy. We used to call it hogwash. Hogwash is an awfully good term for most of the stuff thatís dished out to you today by your socialist type system. Now, I gave talks years and years and years ago about the system, many times, of how it changes, and using facts, not just my opinion of things, but facts and how youíre trained to believe in a system, which is the country generally you live in or the area you live in.They tried that even with the European Union.Didnít work too well because folk canít really identify with this mishmash of different cultures allÖ you know the cultures are different and independent, as they should be, but you canít imagine them all being one particular people as theyíre trying to make it out to be. It just doesnít wash.


And no one can manage a system better than the folk living in the area theyíre actually living in. Some remote organization or parliament or government cannot ever possibly, anymore than ancient Rome could, govern a place far, far away better than the people living on it. Because every area has different problems, different geography, climate and everything else.So, utopias tend not to work. Even when they ram it down your throats.You can tell always when theyíre on a roll in the socialist, because all governmental systems become socialist. The bankers at the top, the big money boys that planned the world order, the Alfred Milner group for instance, Lord Alfred Milner and his whole group basically ran what was called the British Empire in the 1800s and expanded it too into the early 1900s, using it, they said, as a form of governmental control over the planet. And the US, it was to take it over and merge with them. Thatís what theyíve been doing since really World War I, I suppose, really. Because Britain by World War I was bankrupt many times over; World War II simply put the cap on it much quicker.


But the reality is that the US is to take it over.And donít ever get lost in this idea of countries dominating. Thereís a system on the planet here that will hop from country to country, which ever one suits them better at the moment.Theyíve done it so many times, which ever one suits them best at the moment, theyíll base it there.Remember, you donít even need a place anymore. London has always been one of the biggest places for international finance.Always. The US of course took that over with New York being Ďthe Empire Stateí of course.They call it Ďthe Empireí and people donít even ask what Empire theyíre talking about. But you know what Empire it is, itís rather obvious. And finances and basing the World Bank there too, and all the other banks that are involved with the World Bank, based inside the US, to dish out loans across the planet. They use the US Federal Reserve today as really a big bank basically lending out across the whole planet now. Just like the British taxpayers were put down as the guarantors to pay off debts of all kinds, the bankers in the US do the same kind of thing, including the loans to different countries across the planet.


So, thereís an elite group way above what we think of as nations. Thereís an elite group above what you think of as even patriotic citizens. Remember that Carol Quigley said that when he was talking about this group that had existed so long, that he worked for in fact, a secretive group that governed countries and selected presidents and prime ministers, for over 60 years. That was in the 1960s, so youíre looking at the late 1800s, the latter part, that heís talking about, that all leaders in all parties were members of this one organization. And he said, weíre often mistaken for the Communists. Because really, the mission had a lot of socialistic implications very similar to communism. And itís communism or socialism that the big boys really like, the socialist idea, with governments elected, mind you, to keep the scam going. Because the bankers love socialism. In socialism everything becomes, beginningÖ


Hereís the thing, letís get down to basics. Itís not difficult to understand, but itís the terminology, I was going to say earlier, that we are indoctrinated with, that will stick with you, and it makes it very hard for people to understand theyíre looking at something, thinking itís the same but itís actually changed. You could still salute the flag and hear the national anthems and go through the rituals that youíll have every so often, and yet the policies within your country could be 180-degrees in the direction from where it was when they first founded your nation or that particular part or system in your nation. And you adapt and you adapt until you donít even know that youíre 180į from what it was all about. Most folk donít even know itís changed.


But socialism couldnít take off so well in the West, especially in the US. They got around that quite simply by bringing in nongovernmental organizations, under charities, lots of charities, thatís how you start it off, and social programs that were voluntary to begin with through libraries, etc., and independent of government at the time.Then over time the public get used to having libraries and social events put on by, initially themselves and little committees, it would be voluntary, and theyíd have collections for it and all that kind of thing. But after two or three generations they can start asking for, quietly, grants, little grants from government to help them. Before you know it, itís run by governmental money. And then the leaders of these different programs start getting this semi-, semi-independent status as a kind of overseer or commissar over this particular little area of your culture or socialistic whatever it happens to be. Then the next thing you know theyíre dictating to you with authority. And so you bring it in, hchhh, in a very cleverly disguised fashion.Always to do good, mind you, itís always put forward as doing good, to help you.As I say, after a generation or two, well, since youíve always known this particular event every year or whatever it happens to be, once you start getting cash to it, thereís no big deal, it seems kind of normal to you. Thatís how you set up a socialistic system across the board, in multilayered structures, including housing and everything, that really at one time were kind of voluntary things with voluntary committees, etc., to keep it separate from the public purse.


The big bankers love socialism because every agency of government, even down to your local government, will go cap in hand to borrow money, and get used to spending more than they can take in, spending more than they can take in.And as long as the taxpayer is put down as the guarantor to pay it off through taxes the big boys are awfully, awfully happy. In fact, they donítÖ They know their compound interest structure is not meant ever to be paid off. You canít pay it off once youíre into it. Remember, banks make their money off of interest.Thatís the key to it. So, the more debt that is owed to a bank, the happier the bank happens to be. Thatís why the big boys that run the global structure with the central banking system that theyíve enforced upon everybody is working so well for them.


As I say, money is suchÖ itís almost a mythical thing [Alan chuckles.] in a sense as far as what they say it is. When you look at what it actually is worth, youíre buying power, dropping your entire life, you need more and more and more of these little notes or whatever, or even numbers these days, because theyíre worth less and less and less. And you donít even understand, most folk will never ask who decides what itís worth or how they even come to that conclusion of what they say itís worth.And yet they still think theyíre free.If total strangers that you never meet, you donít know, most folk donít even know they exist in fact, decide what your currency is worth, you are on a tight rope your entire life without even knowing it, you donít know.


But as I say, getting back to the whole multi-governmental layered, itís a multilayered system. And when government even farms things out to agencies, so when you complain about the agency not doing its job right, the government will say, well, itís an agency, you know, itís a different structure, you have to take it up with them, itís out of our hands.Whereas if they kept it within governments you could at least get to the politicians and throw tomatoes at them, as you always do, verbally or whatever, and theyíd have to answer to it. But as long as itís agencies itís easier for government to ignore you. Well, itís not our problem, you have to take it up with them.Thatís what Iím saying.


So, itís just too easy to use time.I always think of that Denzel Washington movie, it was awfully good, about a demon. [Fallen] [Alan chuckles.] It was a good horror, but a demon that could take over people and move from person-to-person just by touch. In the movie Denzel Washington who plays a cop is in the police station and this demon is now after him. And it comes.And you see, you see different people passing the table in front of Washington and singing, Time is on My Side from the Rolling Stones, and itís a tribute to the devil and so on. Theyíd sing a line, and somebody else would take it up as they passed. And the person who passed by, they would stop, sing a line and it would be passed on to somebody else. It just kept going back and forth, back and forth through different people. Thatís such a good, good example of how time can be used so, so perfectly in a sense to fool everybody.


Just like a corporation. A corporation, like I say, or even a foundation, there are foundations that run thousands of nongovernmental organizations today that are still classed as tax-free charitable foundations with multibillion dollars, some of them.They finance big mass movements across the entire planet and think tanks and so on, they advise governments.You donít elect them, theyíre private.Most folk donít even know how they even are structured, nevermind how they work. And yet these big massive organizations can last 200 years or more, with a set principle of heading towards this, global government, whatever it happens to be, or a total governmental controlled system with specialists running the whole planet.For 200 years or more. You donít vote for them. And theyíre constantly working.Countless generations are hired by them and trained by them, and get paid well, go across the world, thereís technocrats implement things, and retire and other guys are brought on and so on.Thatís how it works. That is your system.


Most of us are short-term thinkers, we canít think that far ahead.Itís hard enough even making sure you can actually get to the following year, financially or any other way for that matter. But the big foundations can plan centuries ahead if they want to. And when you have them all working together as one big consortium running thousands of nongovernmental organizations, openly advising governments, not the public, thereís no public input here. These are private organizations advising governments in all governmental departments. But the person at the bottom that does the voting, youíre taught, just vote for the person, thatís it, once youíve done your vote, thatís it, sit back for four or five years, without knowing whatís going on. And it keeps you all quiet, you see.


But socialism is the key to it all. Socialism, remember, is scientific socialism, thatís what itís called in the West. In fact, so was communism supposed to be scientific socialism, where experts could be way more efficient than leaving it to politicians that represent the public. Because the public never ever agree on anything and they simply wouldnít vote or do things in their best interest, whereas these experts would, you see. So, youíre in scientific socialism run by a form of secular humanists.And secular humanism is religion itself, as was Marxism too is of course.Itís a belief system.


So, as I say, the big boys love this system, constantly getting into worse and worse debt.Each time they bail you out your currency drops like a stone in purchasing power, and then they tax you all the more, more and more for all the so-called money the governments are borrowing. Now, the big lenders to the planet donít want paper given back to them in return for things. They want real goods, tangible goods, or gold, diamonds, whatever it happens to be, or real estate.But all they really issue to the governments is the right to print cash, thatís what they call a loan. What a fantastic system, really, isnít it? They donít have to ship in any gold or anything into a nation like they used to at one time. They simply write checks to give permission to whoever prints the thing up to print up the cash. Then they bill your government for it. The government then has you down on the tab for paying off the interest on it all, but it has to be paid off in real tangible assets not this paper nonsense or blips on a screen. Not bad at all.


Thatís why when you look at certain currencies, if you go abroad, and youíll say, youíve got Peso and Lira and so on, and you can pay thousands of them just for a coffee. It sounds incredible, just for coffee.But thatís normal to them. And it will be normal to us one day too.Look at the old movies and see what gasoline costs, say, about 30 years ago. Look at what the houses were bought for back in the 1950s when a lot of them were built.In the cities, like Toronto, the houses were often built for about $5000. 1940s. And a person back then could afford to pay off a mortgage pretty quickly for it. And often have a family. And his wife would look after the children at the time too, one person working paying off the mortgage, get a car and so on, on a small salary. Actually, it was, you see, the dollar back then was worth a lot of money. You could live well, remember, in some countries with a couple of pounds a week in your pocket.You could eat well too.


The currencies are constantly, constantly devalued through this thing called debt, which very few folk at the bottom ever understand, or care about, as long as they can still spend. Iíve gone through the whole thing with the bail outs the last time, where the Canadian banks were also, they were awfully good at keeping it quiet in Canada and lied initially too. Oh, weíre fine. But the fact is, all the top banks in Canada, all the big ones were up to their eyes in massive debt when the crash came. It was the Federal Reserve, it was agreed in the US that the Federal Reserve would give special drawing rights to the top banks in Canada, just like they did in the States and the special drawing rights to help bail them out of that crisis. But it put the taxpayers in Canada down for huge interest increases in the paybacks on behalf of their government through taxation.


And itís not finished yet because they said at the time, and no one listens at the time, except those, even those that are on the streets and lose their homes, donít listen. Theyíre too worried, thatís why. They donít listen to news.Once a crash comes itís out of their hands.Like Curtis said, and others have said before, too, that thereís a sense of apathy. I gave talks about that back in the early 90s, I said that apathy is a creation of government, itís a tactic for control.I knew that because I came from a country that had been soaked in apathy from at least, well, in my lifetime.They had price and wage freezes when I was small. They had I think three days of electricity going on for a while, with the Labour government at the time too, because there was a shortage of energy, they said, ooo, my goodness.It was a country that was still on rationing up into the 1950s.Theyíve been on rationing right through World War II, 1939 onwards into the 1950s. That was Great Britain they called it.


Again too, youíre always, they even had articles in the newspapers right through, when the Beatles were going on, of, tighten your belts, you know. Tighten your belts. That was a common term used by the government as they increase taxes and everything, they put prices up, tighten your belts.Then they had prices and wage freezes they called it. The wages were definitely frozen, the prices werenít as far as I can see. But the fact is, that was apathy, it created apathy, and the public got used to nothing but bad, bad news. Then during the 70s they had tremendous unemployment as factories after factories were closing down. It was never disclosed to the public why they were closing down, or the fact they were actually getting paid to move out of the country. But literally for a few years in the 70s thatís all you heard, daily on the news. Daily. And folkÖ I think Britain had the highest suicide rate in the whole of Europe, then, and Scandinavia, at one time it was Sweden, but Britain overtook Scandinavia because of the unemployment was just, no future.There was absolutely no future.


Margaret Thatcher when she got in, by that time she got in, she actually said that. She said, thereís a whole generation growing up who will never see work in their lifetime, get used to it. That was the speech, get used to it. Well, thereís going to be future prospects for you.Because no matter how bad things get you still have to pay for your basic existence, of food, shelter, clothing and heat, you know. You need that. So, apathy was created. What do they do with apathy? They actually dish out, in comes the big, big drug cartels. All through Scotland it was just incredible the amount of heroin that was pushed in there. Very quickly too. Very quickly. And I donít care what they say, thatís part of the system of control. Thatís what it is. So, apathy is a terrible thing.


Now, the governments, when itís getting really up there into socialism, and you get pummeled with the idea that youíre free, because sexual freedom now itís called freedom. All freedom is sexual apparently. And you can do all kind of weird things sexually, whatever tickles your fancy.And now youíre free. Now youíre free, you see.Well, if youíre starving, I donít care what you do sexually youíre still going to starve. So, freedom is a lot more than sex. Obviously. An awful lot more than sex.


And freedom has a little bit of a responsibility as well, where you cannot allow governments to have all this authority over you, or agencies or anything else for that matter over you.If you canít have basic protection, if you wonít stand up for yourself in basic protection for your basic rights, basic rights, and Iím including civility in rights by the way, because Iíve seen it personally not too long ago here, where folk can just start screaming in your face when they have no right to do so. But they actually believe that youíre now a peasant, for different reasons theyíll believe that.In some countries people come from too they actually have tremendous systems of talking down to people. Or screaming down to them. And in so-called civilized countries.And the West was supposedly civilized, you didnít talk to people like that.You had a certain modicum of civility and patience. And itís amazing how well things will function if you have that. Just amazing.


But folk today are cracking up and losing patience. No doubt they are all different kinds of reasons. But the fact is, people are now, I call it just basic, basic abuse in a sense.Now, you will have people who will always use the abuse technique for dominating someone else. Youíll see it everywhere in fact. I remember there was a guy on radio for years and years and years, who is probably still alive actually.He used to give talks on not being abused by people. He even gave examples of going into restaurants and so on, and you would get, you might get a particular woman occasionally coming over who right off the bat would be very brusque. And the normal decent personís attitude when a person suddenly becomes brusque towards you, youíll back off thinking, what have Iíd done to offend them? Itís a technique that they use to control you. Itís very common actually. And how he wouldnít stand for it, even there in a restaurant, he wouldnít. And quite rightly too.


Most folk will cave-in. Oooh, oooh, oooh, you know.And sheíll say, what do you want, you know. Itís like, I donít have all day, thatís what theyíre saying, I donít have all day.And so you back off and you start cringing and oooh. Because normal decent folk will do that. Well, youíve got to stop doing that. Youíve got to stop doing it. Really. Because in the socialistic system if you start caving in and walking backwards, when thereís no negotiation left, which means thereís no real rights or freedoms left, horror, thereís only horror to look forward to. Ask the old Soviet Union.Ask the victims of the Bolsheviks when basic decent civil dialogue breaks down.Ask them where it ends up. It always starts off with the attitude, the nasty attitude, thatís where it starts. You canít let it go that way, folks. You canít do it.


So as I say, we live in a system thatís been designed purposely, it didnít happen by itself, with all the multilayered facets of socialism, which all the banks want. They prefer this system.A system thatís not socialist wouldnít have all the borrowing rights and demands from these banks. You understand that?And having the whole planet basically getting bailouts from the World Bank, and then run by the IMF that steps in like the big bailiffs deciding on what youíre going to spent on healthcare and how much is going to go to the people who you owe your money to, thatís notÖ ThatísÖ Really, this is a prison. This is a real prison of finance. And itís meant to be so, so that a tiny small clique can live so high on the hog that you canít even imagine how they live today.Then they bring their relatives in and give them jobs and blah blah blah, in the socialistic system.


Youíd be surprised how many of the relatives end up getting jobs over what will become agencies, which are in fact or were in fact charitable institutions but are now like agencies. Itís astonishing. And always paid a lot of money. They donít believe in doing anything for the service to the people. They want big money. And big money is rather terrifying today. It really is. When I see some of the salaries that these people get, for nothing, really, then you really do realize that you are in the psychopathic era. Because psychopaths have no problem with accepting just disgusting amounts of money to be in service, as they call it, to the public. Itís such a farce. Itís scary, actually.†† Scary.To me.


I donít think itís meant to go on forever actually. And it wonít be. Because money is a joke to start with. Only the joke is on us.Especially when you canít eat.Or when itís constantly devalued, and you have prices going up and up and up. It is, isnít it, itís on us. And thereís no input from the public at all. Youíre not asked for any input on anything that matters, especially to do with taxation.Or even to do with the multilayered agencies for all these, you know, growing relatives as they take over the jobs everywhere, but being those who already rule.Itís astonishing how big it is today.It really is.


But nothing is ever as it seems to be.There are no self-made people like Bill Gates or the Facebook crew or anybody else. Itís all planned way in advance as fronts, theyíre fronts, big front people.There are so many articles out even recently, youíre always getting them since day one but even recently to do with the control of Microsoft and how their system, I knew this years ago, even before I touched a computer... The big authority systems that run the world wanted one system to be the kingpin so they can control it all, obviously, and that includes CIA and everything else. And Microsoft was the one that they basically pushed, it would seem. So, nothing, as I say, is self-made, by itself.It doesnít happen.


And social movements donít happen by themselves. Theyíre all planned that way. They always have the same agenda. Itís astonishing to me when you meet people who suddenly become the big philanthropists, that all are completely on board with every part of the globalist socialist agenda. The greening thing and the gender thing and every other thing out there, they are on board with it all. Isnít that amazing? Do you think there should be some exceptions? If you had a law of averages?Doesnít that tell you something right there?


The little secret to the system, if you go into the Milner group that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs, is that they were all, if you got on board with them and you were selected for the inner and outer partyÖ and the CFR is part of this group to today, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, itís all one group.If you were selected, you would be promoted to the top in whatever area you were selected to go into. Doors would just fly open and you would sail to the top. Even in the military by the way. And you would have, youíd be like a technocrat, youíd have lots of things you had to accomplish. But youíd be so incredibly rich with servants at all the rest of it, and chauffeur driven cars, in every country that you ended up going to and visiting.Youíd have the life of a king in a sense.Very real. And part of it too was this, what they call public service, you see, to them, they say, youíre being a public servant for the greatest cause on the planet, for this agenda. But youíll live, just like I say, like a king.


And if you get really up there high, like Cecil Rhodes, and he was selected too. He wrote about being in cahoots with Lord Rothschild, for this British Empire, South Africa deal and Rhodesia. He left in his will that most of the money was to go back to the Rothschilds. You must put your money back in to the same agenda for the next generation. Thatís what the philanthropists do, you see. Itís the same organization if you havenít figured it out.The philanthropies they are into are all the same ones. There areÖ You couldnít have somebody with, Iíll accept that and be on board with that, but not that.Theyíre are on board with them all, always. Always, always. Because they must start putting money back in to the system that made them rich, you see, thatís how it runs. Theyíre not self-made at all, for those who donít quite know and havenít figured it out yet.


Itís the same thing with the CIA and MI6 and many other special spy agencies, intelligence agencies they like to call themselves, across the whole planet. They have lots and lots and lots of big real corporations that really manufacture things, etc., but theyíre still part of the military-industrial complex too, most of them. So, nothing is quite as real as that. So, as Iím saying, socialism can be forced upon the people in a way which is wonderful, isnít it? Thatís what Aldous Huxley talked about too. He knew this, he knew what the agenda was. He said, the people could be taught to love their servitude. Step-by-step you bring them to a stage where they their love their servitude because theyíre constantly told theyíre free.Now they can take drugs galore, you know, lots of sex. If you get someone pregnant or someone gets pregnant, the state takes care of it, get rid of that little wart, as they call it. And if they can treat your STDs then also, yeah, if they can.Because they canít treat them all. But they donít like to talk about that part, especially in the movies that promote it all. But most of the problems theyíll deal with for you.Or if you want to have a child without having the dad live with you, or even have a dad living with you at all, you can have artificial insemination. And youíll also have the state financing you through university or something.


Itís a utopia for certain agendas. But each part of these agendas must destroy the tradition. Thatís the whole point of it.Itís warfare you understand and the participants that go through it at the bottom level donít even recognize it as such. Itís really quite fascinating. So, everyone comes to love their servitude. And if you get stressed out, well, just get your cheap drugs from your government, like in Canada here, at your liquor licensing bureaus that deal with it all, and theyíll deal out your drugs, go home and stare at the wall, you know.And itís freedom. Thatís the new freedom. And if thatís too much for you in a socialist system run by experts, and experts say, why waste money treating people for diseases when theyíre going to die anyway, or the older folk, why not just help train them all to start to just take a pill early.


Theyíve had debates on it, I mentioned them years ago, debates. Not really debates, actually. Itís generally selected professors coming out, across the world, all about the same time, and getting airplay, right, in this free society they just happen to always get airplay at the right time together saying the same things.Well, whatís wrong with, you know, if you get fed up living, why not just die, or why notÖ Then Australia had a guy coming out all the time and given lots of airplay, who said, well, you know, if they could leave, if they could just kill themselves off rather than retire, and leave jobs for the younger people. You understand?This is what the technocrats do, they float these people out there just with ideas to see if you can and then check the chatter on the Internet and so on to see how youíre responding to it. Theyíre like trial balloons. They even have different algorithms, in everything, voting, you name it, blah blah blah, or opinion making, or opinion setting, to find out why you wonít go along with something, whatís your objections? Then they find ways to get around that. Itís so quick and automatic itís just astonishing.


But thatís the system weíre living in. Itís really, it will get to a horror show. And it will, honestly, become a horror show. So yeah, youíve got, youíre free, you can have sex, any problems to do with sex that come out of sex will be dealt with by the state for you quite free of charge. Itís always dumped on the whole population, mind you, nothing is free.STDs will be dealt with as best they can.You just sit back and enjoy yourself, being a perpetual child with no responsibility, itís all taken care of for you.But along with all of this comes the agenda. It just comes. Because then you must accept more and more and more control over your lives in different areas and different fields. Then it will come down to, and theyíre floating that again too, voluntary sterilization. Theyíre also floating, especially for men because men are bad apparently today, pills for men that will, chemical sterilization, really. Quite something.


And because society has been corrupted, intentionally, with lots and lots of pornography, even mainstream TV theyíre watching a lot of the time is loaded with stuff, itís weaponized, highly, highly weaponized. Hardly a thing, Iím sure, you can watch today that doesnít have all the subliminals, all the messages in it too that youíre supposed to parrot.And with the right kind of writing, with behaviorists, all working on the same plays and dramas and so on, and the movies, they can make you believe anything. And cry at the wrong times when you shouldnít be crying at all. It can even make you feel guilty for something youíve never done, in the world of fiction as youíre propagandized and indoctrinated.Itís a perfect science.


This is what they call utopia. And there are people out there today being brought up with the expectations that socialism is great for them. Theyíre younger.Theyíre generally selected with, on higher salaries than the general population, to be on talk shows on TV and things like that.They think itís just wonderful.They donít know much but they think itís all wonderful. Because to them, they canít imagine it ever being anything different than it is today, this very day, they canít imagine it.They will be in for a big fright at the right time down the road.Theyíre to be taught, and helping to teach children, just go and play. Right through adulthood, just keep playing. And thatís what youíre supposed to do. Youíll come to love your servitude. Itís all here. It really is.


Thereís never been a time with so much entertainment dished out like you wouldnít believe. But all entertainment, as I say, is weaponized.The very fact you can soak a good chunk of your life away in entertainment, that in itself, even if it was all nice stuff to watch and good clean stuff to watch that wasnít damaging to your health, watching way too much of it is still a good chunk of your life. I used to look at my parents watching TV and apart from the fact a lot of people, it saved them from having to even converse with each other, thatís a fact too. It was well understood from the beginning that would happen. But also, to watch them laugh, and sad, or serious in certain bits, then laugh again, I thought, this is happening across the whole country, watching this thing at the same time. What a power that is, isnít it? Tremendous power. And itís not accidental.


Now, you know, for instance that Iíve talked so many times about the fact that the sexualization of everything is a warfare technique of control.And also, to destroy family units and so on. And eventually, that everything would be allowed. Pedophilia wouldnít exist as a term because it would be allowed. And of course, itís being pushed right now, pushed, pushed, pushed, bit by bit. Theyíve had judges in different countries even ruling that if a young girl, for instance had sex with someone much older, even though sheís underage, then she was precocious and she knew was doing and yada, yada ya.Thereís been ones even in Latin America, well-publicized across the planet, the verdict was that it was consensual because she knew what she was doing. How many people know what theyíre doing when theyíre 11 or 12?Or the repercussions theyíre going to have for the whole of their lives?†† On anything for that matter?But again, it wonít exist as a wrong shortly. And full nudity, and full sexual activity, I mentioned back in the 90s too that, yeah, that will become standard fare. Definitely. And weíve had incidences of that already.So itís here pretty well.


But I also knew the absurdity of the weaponization affecting people would have some amazing consequences. Well, I was looking through a paper today and there was an article about a woman who had turned her husband into the police, or at least his laptop into the police. Heís a doctor and sheíd had found child pornography, a lot of it on it.And apparently thereís different categories of horrific, whatever that, however they grade it, I donít know how they grade it.She turned it into the police and he got arrested. But the thing is, I think she said something like she was looking to play something on the computer like Game of Thrones or something... Maybe Iím getting it mixed up with stuff, but I think thatís what it was, something like that.And regardless of what it actually was, but the fact isÖ The only thing I remember about on Game of Thrones, because somebody sent me a disc once, was it was bizarre. But I could see right off the cuff, I think it was a dwarfish guy, having you know what with a woman, and then different angles of the same kind of thing with different people getting done. That was all I needed to know about it.


But you understand what Iím saying here is, hereís someone whoís already, through fiction, if this is the case, that has been contaminated, right, who then turns in someone, her husband, whose contaminated with something along similar lines, hm. So weíre getting into degrees of whatís wrong and whatís right then, instead of saying the whole voyeurism thing is wrong.You see, everyoneís taught to be a voyeur.Thatís the term you use for folk who watch other people having you know what, doing that.But now itís standard fare for everybody to watch.So how do you differentiate between degrees of standard fare? Or slight preferential change? Because thatís whatís getting used now across the board now, their preference is this and their preference is that, right. Then the next group come out and use the same argument, and thatís how they get what they want. Because everything becomes muddied, thereís no real clear-cut right or wrong anymore. And you canít even get the public ire up about something, that you disgust them, make them irate.††


You understand, when you cannot protect children your culture is finished. Thatís one of the signposts itís finished. You canít go on protecting children if youíre becoming addicted to variations of similar stuff being shown as entertainment, for goodness sake. This is standard entertainment to pass your time, to pass your years of way.Designed by experts.Hm.


Anyway, as I say, folk will do what they want. Iím not here to say they wonít or that you should be stopped. Iím just saying that for those who want to know whatís going on in the world you donít have to be like the rest. If you want to either regain your sanity or keep your sanity you have to start looking after it, donít you, like anything else, thatís all. And donít go to pieces when you see the society collapsing around you, as it really is. Thereís organizations out there now getting pushed by big massive marketing companies doing great big experiments on the public, using the collective psychology and the bonding psychologies, and using all types of entertainments mixed in with it, making a lot of money by the way. Iíll put one of tonight, this oneís in Australia and you see the women there wearing hardly anything. It was all set up by a big marketing strategist, using psychological terminology to explain why theyíll adapt to this and theyíll fall for it and theyíll go for it basically, and how itís fulfilling a social need, etc. etc.


The glitter and the grief: Another young victim is added to the death toll at Australia's summer dance parties as woman, 19, overdoses at FOMO festival Ė amid heated debate over pill testing - dailymail.co.uk / 12 Jan 2019


And exploiting anxieties for people who canít interact anymore and they feel theyíre left out basically. Thatís what they call it, I think fear of being left out. Something like that. Or not participating. But it shows you where itís all going as society has been broken. A lot of the functions in society have been broken. The functions in the relationships of men and women and all the rest of it had been broken. And are still under incredible attack. And of course, theyíll be even fewer children born. Thatís part of the strategy and the goal actually for those who control the planet, as everybody has fun, nobodyís having children.SoÖ


FOMO - en.wikipedia.org


FOMO is the term used, fear of missing out.Generated by marketers and psychologists. And people fall for it, fall right into it.But anyway, Iíll get onto some of the topics here because Iíve been prattling on too long. When I prattle too itís not a matter of complaining so much. Itís a matter of just helping those who want to understand whatís happening, thatís all. If you understand whatís happening you donít have to be part of it.If you understand the whys you might not fall into a lot of it. And you certainly can protect your mental health by understanding whatís really going on. Itís a good article there too, the FOMO one. Iíll put that up. Because it shows you how easily led folk are when they think theyíre doing something different, but itís all been fabricated for them to follow. Always is that way, mind you.


Now, we have other things happening too. One is, I might put up some articles tonight about clusters of cancers that are affecting, they show up in youngsters quicker actually and thereís some in the US, thereís some in Australia, but clusters. And whatís amazed me is to see the playing around the topic of the big corporations, and even the local governments.All governments are in bed with corporations because they get lobbied, and the get financial money too, they get money to run for elections, a lot of politicians, so youíll always get the same thing.But some of these children are obviously being raised in areas where thereís highly toxic something in the area. One of them I think was to do with heavy, heavy pesticides. Another one was to do with waste from a big corporation that makes your big packing tapes and things, very, very top, popular, old corporation.


Kristie Ainsworth is lucky to be alive, but feels guilty every day - theage.com.au / 13 Jan 2019


Toxic Secrets: The town that 3M built - where kids are dying of cancer - smh.com.au / 15 June 2018


Is Fiskville the tip of an iceberg? PFAS detected across Victoria - theage.com.au / 17 June 2018


Cancer-linked Chemicals Manufactured by 3M Are Turning Up in Drinking Water - bloomberg.com / 2 Nov 2018


'It's gut-wrenching': Barwon Heads cancer toll mounts - theage.com.au / 5 Jan 2019


But when you get a whole bunch of children in the same years, or they turn 18 and all get brain tumors for instance, something big is going on.And that shouldnít be. Itís just astonishing that the folks have to fight and fight and fight, and itís all through society, from severe things like this to even the lesser things like trying to find out what a local agency is doing in your area. Thatís how things are today. Everything is a fight, isnít it, in this corporate socialist system. Iíll put some links up on that.


Another one too, itís interesting because I find that religious people can often have an insight because they meditate about pondering the past and things that have happened to societies that either have disappeared or lived through things that weíre living through, in the past, ancient past. And even though they say that things are never, donít just repeat themselves, I think, as Mark Twain said, but they do tend to rhyme. In other words, the same cons go on too. But youíll find thereís one here too and it saysÖ


The Antichrist will control mankind through gadgets and the Internet as people 'fall into slavery' to smartphones, warns , leader of Russian Orthodox Church - dailymail.co.uk / 8 Jan 2019


Iíve seen articles like this before for years. I remember too, I think it was Dr. Scott his name was, used to be on the radio, worldwide radio and he died a few years ago. But he had good talks on that too. He was one of the first who was to use the Internet and computers in a big, big way to promote his own church, etc. And yeah, he was always screaming for money, like we all do, etc. But he did, he did say that this whole satanic Luciferian system could not be brought into being without the computer. And itís so right too. Because everything that you would have to be, that would predict control, would have to be done through constant gathering of information on every single person and monitoring them all throughout their lives in the world. And thatís pretty well where we are. We always think of horns and fires and brimstoneís, and thatís why itís pooh-poohed. But the fact is, the most evil thing can come in under the most pleasant guise.Thatís how it comes in, because you never recognize it, thatís why.Itís an interesting little thing and I always find these things are always food for thought in many, many different ways.


Also, Iíd like to put this one up too.The five eyes, thatís the five agencies, the five countries I should say, that are all connected together. Theyíre all really connected. I think theyíre all completely, [Alan chuckles.] almost all one corporation now with intelligence agencies. You cannot possibly keep things secret when you canít disbar anybody from any nation coming in, and with the right qualifications working their way up, becoming a citizen and getting into your intelligence agencies. Every country has obviously infiltrated and therefore they have to really be one. Of course, they are.On the high level. You canít keep folk out. And this one here saysÖ.


'Five Eyes' intelligence chiefs reportedly agreed to limit Huawei's growth - wired.co.uk / 17 Dec 2018


Öthatís a Chinese company, Huawei, and theyíre coming down on it. But it seems to be, really, itís just a battle between the big corporations to sell their own systems and have them dominate.It probably has got more to do with that than anything. Theyíre trying to say that theyíve been hacking using the Huawei system. But I donít think thereís any system that couldnít be hacked. Thatís just part of it too, isnít it?So itís really to do with domestic corporations wanting all the power I suppose.Letís be honest, who cares which countryís going to dominate ultimately because all our countries have our own agencies spying on all of us, openly, so what does it matter?


I have to look at these articles and shake my head, like this one hereÖ


Increase in student mental health issues means support must be efficient

scotsman.com / 11 Jan 2019


Since the turn of the century, there has been a marked increase in the share of students struggling with mental health issues in universities across the country and although strides have been made in developing effective approaches to support studentsí (Alan:They call itÖ) wellbeing, (A:This is Scotland of course.)we know we have to do better.


(A:Well, when everything that gave you reason and purpose by tradition has been destroyed, you will have a problem with young people trying to find what life is all about and what the purpose of life is.Because a lot of the purpose has been destroyed. Itís like psychiatry at one point, psychiatry used to think, well, if we just get everybody to be happy there will be no mental illness.As though you could just say, hereís the happy pill and now thatís it, now youíve got, that would be your purpose, just be happy. Thereís more to life than thisÖ this vague thing called happiness, like itís something you switch on or off. Thatís fine for the old gadgets, like ole Delgado, chips put in their brain and through a little button he could press and create different stimuli inside someoneís brain. Like the Tavistock Institute, for instance, thatís what they use there for a while. No, thatís not happiness.)


(A:Here they go again with all their psychology thatís supposed to help. And the terminology in this is amazing to me. Everybody today in a socialist system talks like a bureaucrat, like, or a corporateÖ a corporate bureaucrat I suppose, using the same terminology, like, Ďwell-beingí and Ďproactiveí and all this rubbish, Ďeh.They canít just talk normally human to human, hm.)


. . . an enhanced safety network and investing in wellbeing.


Canít you just be human and talk like humans?†† Hm?So, you read this rubbish here, this wholeÖ and the whole thing is the same thing, you know, proactive this, proactive that. But they canít say what theyíre going to actually do, or even address the problems in the first place.Thatís the start of anything, address the problem, acknowledge you got them and acknowledge what led to this particular problem.[Alan chuckles.] Thatís where you start. It does help.


Another thing too is the corruption across the world is from top to bottom in most countries, Iíd say. Psychopaths know that. They flood in and become the heads of the NGOs and become heads of corporations and heads of politics and government departments where the big money is.Thatís the psychopath. They know where the cash is. They know itís corrupt, but they donít mind because they feed awfully well on it. And they keep telling you, but they want to lock you up for saying itís corrupt. Naturally.


Six Mexican states are running short on gasoline, prompting frantic rush to the pumps

usatoday.com / 6 Jan 2019


(A:And why are they so short? You wouldnít believe the stuff thatís getting stolen, the gasoline racket. Well organized crime obviously. But it says that theyíre trying to get more secure transportation methods. But itís because itís all getting stolen. Tankers, tank after tank after tank after tank are getting stolen. This is normal there apparently, theyíre saying, has been for a long time.Amazing. Amazing. Quite an article, Iíll put it up for you. It saysÖ)


. . . growing from $500,000 a year more (A:Ötheft in that area, thatís what it was, more than $500,000 in the previous 10 years.) than a decade ago to roughly $3 billion in stolen fuel last year.


So, itís $3 billion in stolen fuel per year theyíre getting.Boy, that takes a lot of cooperation from all different levels of governance, doesnít it, including your police.


Another article, it shows you how they keep putting the same mantra, Iím sure itís just shoved out there to get the vaccinations going.


Sydney measles alert: (A:Öa measles alertÖ)

Man with deadly disease (A:Ödeadly disease, rightÖ) caught from a Thai child visits popular bars, a gym and a shopping centre

dailymail.co.uk / 10 Jan 2019


Deadly disease? We all used to get that, no one screamed and hollered about it.It wasnít deadly. Measles. We used to have measles parties.Somebody had measles at school, the parents would get together and bring the children and theyíd hope you all get the measles, a natural measles. Not synthetic virus thing created in a lab, but a natural thing. And youíd have a lifelong immunity to it. So, there ya go.And I donít think this one was the German measles, this is a different type than was first recognized in Germany.The German type, thatís different, that can affect the baby in the womb. But this is just normal measles as far as I can see. But theyíre calling it a deadly disease. Quite something, hey? To terrify you.Such childish propaganda isnít it, just be afraid, be afraid, get the injection, get vaccination.




With Golan at Stake, Netanyahu, Bolton Set Trump Straight on US Syria Withdrawal Plan - globalresearch.ca / 7 Jan 2019


Contradicting Trump, Bolton says no withdrawal from Syria until ISIS destroyed, Kurdsí safety guaranteed - washingtonpost.com / 6 Jan 2019


Thatís quite an article. Thatís from Global Research.So, Bolton said to Trump, his withdrawal from Syria has been put on hold again, naturally. I think itís all rhetoric myself, the whole pulling out in the first place.AndÖ


Pacific trade deal spurs Canadian farm sales to Japan as US watches - reuters.com / Jan 10, 2019


Itís a pity that the US and Canadian farms couldnít sell cheaper meat to its Canadian public, so they could actually eat it in the country here. But thatís just the way things are going, isnít it?


And again, theyíre trying to get a meat tax on the go too.Theyíre floating the idea to try and getÖ


Caroline Lucas urges parliament to Ďseriously considerí a meat tax - inews.co.uk / 4 Jan 2019


You know, all these psychopaths go into politics, and they are psychopaths, they know where the windís blowing.They jump in, theyíll say all the right things, all the quotes, blah blah blah, all the slogans, and shove their virtue up.And if it was reversed, not only would they be shouting reversed slogans, I guarantee you, thatís what theyÖ I donít have any time for these people, the psychopaths. I really donít.And they donít give a darn about the countries or the damage theyíre doing. Theyíre in there for all the wrong reasons.


Also, it says here thatÖ


48,000 Brits dead after worst winter in 42 years - dailystar.co.uk / 7 Apr 2018


That was for the last year I think it was. And itís not over yet, right. So, for this year itíll probably be worse. Theyíre trying to hide a lot of the numbers now. But the folk are dying in their own homes.They canít afford the fuel taxes and the fuel itself, and donít have the fuel credits they call it now too. As they get you into the real socialist system of rationing, folks.Donít forget, your smart meters eventually are to be used to rational electricity to you as well. Folk donít remember much, do they, with short-term memory.


Now, I hate prattling on so fast with these things. But what Iím saying is, youíre supposed to take this kind of stuff that Iím dishing out here as being all normal. Look around you and tell me how many times youíre asked your opinion on anything that really matters, by any agency thatís got power. It never happens. Every agency out there is designed to stop you altering anything.They donít want your input on anything. At all. Not at all. Even every agency, including government agencies now, have their public relations department and complaints department and they are trained there to say, oh, there-there, oh donít, oh my goodness, thatís terrible, Iíll look into that.


I just had an experience of that for a whole week, phoning every day to one of them to do with my mail. Thatís their job, you see. And each time that you talk you have to add another ticket, they call it, for a different problem. Because Iíve had two problems since the last one. Iíve never had to complain to them before about anything until this winter. Because now with this recent go-slow rotating strike theyíve had in the post officeÖ And you couldnít even get the facts on that. Initially I just thought it was parcels but apparently it was letters too. And Iím posting off bills and then finding out Iíve got late fees on them and theyíre taking over a month to get through, these checks.


Now, when your government agencies, these are agencies, when they go down the tubes a lot of other things are going down the tubes at the same time, obviously.That was a mark of a first world country, was the efficiency for essential services. And you couldnít even get out of them, when you phoned them up, what the strike entailed.That was like sullen, angry, whatever, and then they tell you, oh, itís just parcels only. Now you find out it was letters too. So anybody out there who sent me letters and I havenít received them yet, maybe theyíll turn up, who knows.


Because thatís where it starts to go to isnít it, when things become later and later, youíre saying, will I ever get them?You donít know anymore. You just donít know. And they wonít tell you.Because government agencies now, theyíre not going to tell you anything. Someone apparently, also I was told by one supervisor, because I was given a notification of something received to be picked up in the main post office in Sudbury in town.And try to get an answer, they couldnít find out on the computer. I had the number for the whole thing of whoever it was. It wasnít in the place it was supposed to be. Then eventually I got a supervisor after about the fifth call, every day, you know, that is, every day of the week, who said it was for my keys for my box. And I said, I didnít order any keys for the box. And I was getting charged for them.


But didnít you complain? I says, no, I didnít complain about anything like that.And, do you got problems with your keys? No, Iíve got no problems with my box at all, you know. Well, somebody put it in. And then, the next day itís like getting gaslighted, for when their systemís kind of screwed up. The woman said, but you got a call from us telling us what was going to happen about your keys. And I said, no, I didnít.She said, no one called to tell you youíre going to get the key? I says, no. Well, they had it on the records that somebody called me. Well, who did they call?And theyíre trying to say that someoneís impersonating me or something, because I never ordered this.You see what Iím saying? Everything becomes a big mystery.


And then when I phoned up yesterday. I think it was, oh, itís been resolved. I says, what happened? They wonít tell you.Is everything classified here or something? What is this? You see what Iím saying? Is it just a matter of too many chiefs, you see, or what? But definitely youíll find that thereís nothing out there to serve the public anymore. And thatís what comes across loud and clear. Sad that, isnít it. Thatís what happens when youíre going down the tubes. Thatís what it is.


And you told youíre free, have lots of sex, and now you can get drugs dished out by and sold to you by the government, with shareholders that are ex-police chiefs and all the rest of it. And you wonder why the youngsters need mental health treatment?Hm?


Well, sorry for letting off the steam. But itís not me letting off steam, as I say, itís just explaining what modern life is about.And hopefully, and I do, I get through to a lot of young people to stop bashing their heads against the wall, whateverís wrong isnít their fault. Theyíre not given a purpose anymore. What theyíre being given too is a lot of dysfunctional nonsense thatíll help destroy a lot of them. And when they understand that they might stop drugging themselves to death, or drinking themselves to death, or at least blaming themselves, and start protecting their minds. Itís awfully important in a weaponized system of culture with experts running it all.


For myself, Alan Watt from a very cold Ontario Canada, itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


Topics of show covered in following links:


Would Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezís 70% tax proposal work in UK?

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Caroline Lucas urges parliament to Ďseriously considerí a meat tax

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48,000 Brits dead after worst winter in 42 years

dailystar.co.uk / 7 Apr 2018


Contradicting Trump, Bolton says no withdrawal from Syria until ISIS destroyed, Kurdsí safety guaranteed

washingtonpost.com / 6 Jan 2019


With Golan at Stake, Netanyahu, Bolton Set Trump Straight on US Syria Withdrawal Plan

globalresearch.ca / 7 Jan 2019


Sydney measles alert: Man with deadly disease caught from a Thai child visits popular bars, a gym and a shopping centre

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Six Mexican states are running short on gasoline, prompting frantic rush to the pumps

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Increase in student mental health issues means support must be efficient

scotsman.com / 11 Jan 2019


Kristie Ainsworth is lucky to be alive, but feels guilty every day

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Toxic Secrets: The town that 3M built - where kids are dying of cancer

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Is Fiskville the tip of an iceberg? PFAS detected across Victoria

theage.com.au / 17 June 2018


Cancer-linked Chemicals Manufactured by 3M Are Turning Up in Drinking Water

bloomberg.com / 2 Nov 2018


'It's gut-wrenching': Barwon Heads cancer toll mounts

theage.com.au / 5 Jan 2019


Monday briefing: 'Five Eyes' intelligence chiefs reportedly agreed to limit Huawei's growth

wired.co.uk / 17 Dec 2018


The Antichrist will control mankind through gadgets and the Internet as people 'fall into slavery' to smartphones, warns

dailymail.co.uk / 8 Jan 2019





The glitter and the grief: Another young victim is added to the death toll at Australia's summer dance parties as woman, 19, overdoses at FOMO festival Ė amid heated debate over pill testing

dailymail.co.uk / 12 Jan 2019



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