Jan. 5, 2020 (#1755)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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Moral High Ground for Dummies:

"Embargo and Starve Nations,

 Hoping they'll Fight Back,

 They Respond, They're Bombed,

 They Caused You to Attack."

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on January 5, 2020.  Ooooo-ooo, scary to say that isn’t it?  I used to always find that even at school, it’s amazing how some things just give you flashbacks to different eras. I used to find it odd that we’d all, pretty well the whole class would try and stay a year behind when it was a change over time, you’d automatically put down the year as it had just been. And nothing really changes.


I think it’s probably trepidation in society, especially the way that we are managed and conditioned to live under forms of fear of one kind or another, mainly from government authorities really, and their agencies, there’s lots of agencies working with government authorities as you well know. Even newspapers are part of the structure.


Years and years ago I gave talks on that from different professors, including Quigley who talked about The Anglo-American Establishment and how they got Britain ready for World War II by terrifying the public that they’re all going to get gassed, number one, by the Germans, and bombed out of their houses across the whole country. And to make the people… You’ve got to understand we’re treated like a herd. And there’s no time more obvious than even now as we get the same repetitions, of the same quotes in fact, of the previous wars for the last 25 - 30 years really all across the Middle East mainly and parts of Africa too.  But it’s fascinating to see the same quotes, you know, given to the public to terrify you, really. Which is really meant to make you behave and knuckle down as they call it.


And it’s so sad, here we are in a brand-new year again, it doesn’t even feel optimistic as we say.  It hasn’t been optimistic for a long time for most people. Because we are in a stagnation mode and it’s intentional, it’s managed. Folk have no idea how managed things really are. We think we’re making our own decisions. We think that we’re doing what we want to do, right down to even fashions.  I used to give talks on that because it is fascinating how every generation thinks this is their time. 


The youth are always used, always used for big agendas and they never know it themselves.  They think they’re making their own decisions and they’re given false leaders who are well educated, way above the average person they’re going to lead in fact, at least educated in their mission, which is to change society in a predicted manner for the authorities, or for the elites. And nothing has changed there. Except there’s way more of them than there used to be. And awfully well-paid in fact, pretending that they are you.


I can remember a long time ago when they used the pop then the rock industry as a form of revolution. And it was meant to be that. Of course it was.  Gerry Marsden, I remember him talking a long time ago, who had a few hits, and you had Gerry Nipsey, The Pacemakers, that were happy-happy songs, girl/boy type songs and that was quite normal up until then. He was talking about the change that came in with the seriousness with the Beatles and so on when they started getting serious and political. And it changed everything.  The old fun stuff was tossed out the window. Because after all, the society was to change.  They didn’t want boy/girl getting married type of thing. They wanted a big… they wanted dysfunctions in society, to change it, and to try to reduce marriages, etc. The communist idea of course. Communism, there’s different fronts for the same thing, different terms for the same thing as you well know. 


But it is quite amazing to think that every generation, as I say, thinks they’re doing their own thing. Nothing’s further from the truth. Nothing at all is further from the truth. I used to wonder even at school looking at the old paintings of people who ran countries in Europe, including Britain too, who used to wear wigs, and tights, you know, tights, silk stockings, for the upper crust and so on.  Vastly different of course from the majority of the people who were the working class, but the ones who rule them, with their buckles on their shoes and their silver stockings and their wigs and their handkerchiefs and that tucked into their bottoms of their sleeves and all that. And they wore rouge and things, eh…   And this was the manly thing. You’d say, well wait a minute, who brought this stuff in here? Who brought it in?  And a lot of it was brought in from France that was way ahead of most countries at that time, for leisure and lifestyles of the leisure as they called it.  And unfortunately, the ones who ran Britain also adopted that too, that whole idea. And I’m sure to they thought that they were making their own decisions on what they were going to wear. It’s all laid down for you.


When I was really small, I looked [Alan laughing.] at, I remember watching little clips on Mao Tse Tung, or you’d see him in the newspapers with his blue tunic type outfit on, the collarless idea. Very similar in fact to the Beatles uniform that they came out with, that they were given too. They didn’t design anything of course. But part of their make up was to have this kind of outfit, the Beatles’ suits that didn’t have the real collar on it.  Where the Mao Tse Tung one was the one that Hillary Clinton likes to wear at times even today.  It’s a collar that goes up, more like a priest collar, only it’s just partly the blue outfit of the tunic.  And they had the blue pants on to match it.


The idea, you see, under comradeship, everyone would be the same. This would help to eliminate the class system. That’s also why they pushed for the elimination of school uniforms, you know.  And so, you’d all be the same basically, so, they give you basically a tunic type outfit to wear. And in the West when I saw people who were older than me wearing the jeans, jeans, jeans, that was all the fad for the youth, and they had bell bottom jeans too for them.  But the fact they were jeans, jeans, jeans, and again, they were blue, kind of like Mao Tse Tung’s outfit.    They even gave blue Levi type jackets you could get as well. So, your uniform really looks much the same as, maybe a bit better made or whatever than the communist system. But folk never figured it out, they just wore it.  You see, they’d buy it and wear it thinking you’re making your own decisions, you’re trendy, you’re in and all that kind of stuff.  But that’s how it’s managed. We’re managed by big, big powers.


And if you remember that the whole idea, and I’m sorry to jump into this just off the bat, I was going to say to you first of all I hope you all got over your new year and didn’t get too wasted or whatever you did or ate too much.  Because you’re liable to do that, probably now out of panic.  [Alan laughing.]  Because you really don’t see much good coming down the pike. It’s like Groundhog Day, as I say, as we wake up to repetition of the wars with the same excuses by the same people’s and so on.


But yeah, when you think about decisions and what you do and all the rest of it, you have no idea of the incredible powers that work to manage you all.  You think about even the computer. I mean, they used to joke at one time in the early sci-fi’s, well, early, you know, early-ish sci-fi’s, from the 1960s you can see them and sometimes 1970s.  Britain did a few like that where they’d have this alien creature that was like mainly a big brain and maybe a few tentacles coming out. But it was just stuck in a… it was stuck in a big chair type deal. And I thought as a child, I thought, you know, the authorities would be awfully happy to have us all stuck in chairs.


Because I knew already, and I knew enough of the war, the last war, at that time it was World War II and the Korean War, the authorities on all sides had restrictions on travel, as an example, and you’re supposed to live in your own community. In the Soviet system, that was really way ahead of its time with its restrictions and so on, and you must stay within your little community area. But they even had curfews on at night and things like that. And I thought, wouldn’t it be, I guess the whole idea would be to have us all stuck in a chair, and in some of the Sci-Fi’s they had the withering away, even articles about it, well eventually our legs would wither away because you wouldn’t be using them anymore in the future.


They’re not too far off the mark, really.  [Alan chuckles.]  I think you look at the, back in the 70s they had a big splurge of Japanese workmen’s accommodation.  They were like hives, just big buildings, with crawl in type places where you could sleep. There’s their little bed, and their (unintelligible) is on the floor. And up in the corner they’d have a little TV, miniature TV set and so on.  These were set up for workmen at the time.  And China probably had the same things too.  We all looked upon it with curiosity, wondering how folk can manage that. They said, well these are workers, and they can be transient type workers and working in construction here and then maybe another city in a month or two’s time. So, they set these things up for them.  And it was… They were all quite happy, and they all said that, they’re really happy because it’s their little private compartments, even though you couldn’t stand up in them.


When you think about it, step by step by step you’re getting trained into the smaller and smaller units. By our masters of course who… when you’re in a socialist system, experts run your lives.  But the intention is not to let you think that they’re running your life. The whole point, you might react to it, you see. So an idea is almost, morphs, [Alan chuckles.] it almost morphs through the ether to you, through bits and bytes of information, and you’re programed. You are programmed to do what they want you to do, and to behave the same way too. 


That’s always been the goal, the ultimate goal of the true Soviet Man, remember. The Soviet Man, and Woman, eventually wouldn’t even have money, wouldn’t need money. That was the idea too. Credits might be the way, but you wouldn’t really need it because you’d all be so well behaved. Ultimately. There’d be no greed. Because all, eventually all your needs would be supplied to you, in massive warehouse type factory style stores. Which we have now of course, but this is way back then they talked about it. They even talked in Marxism about having one factory that could supply the shoes for the whole Soviet system, just one factory. Another factory could be built to supply all the lightbulbs of the whole Soviet Union and Europe and so on.


And you say, well we gave it all to China.  Huh?  You think that was all coincidence or something…? we make nothing here now?  What I’m saying is, there’s nothing happens by itself. And it’s not just coincidence over and over and over. No, it’s not at all. And above all the hubble-bubble of toil and trouble of wars and everything else and economic crashes, etc., above it all there’s a global structure managing it all of this. There really is. 


You’re supposed to be kept down on a lower strata of understanding, just the basic fear mode of wars, and Middle East, and bombs and things like that.  You see, that’s where you’re supposed to be stuck. You’re not supposed to understand the higher stuff above it all.  And you’ll never understand anything unless you do.  You must understand that each time you want to go and do something, think, who would approve of me doing what I’m going to do?  You see?  And who would disapprove of me doing what I’m just about to do? You see?


And because you can’t see people directly, doesn’t mean you’re not getting manage by them. Of course you are. You’re getting managed every day by them.  If you’re on the computer for instance, you’re being prompted what to look at.  You’re being prompted of what a good person is supposed to be, and don’t look at that, oh bad people look at this, or whatever it happens to be. You know, you’re constantly being managed and monitored of course.  It’s astonishing.  It’s absolutely astonishing, really, how easy it is to train the public, to be what your elite want you to be.


Now, for example, in repetition, because we’re trained by repetition in a sense, where things work, and they do studies on everything we do and what we think and how we react to things, and they know what works on us, you see, behaviorists and psychologists, etc. Especially with the Internet, and in real time, they can put out a fake or whatever meme they want to do and watch everybody react to it and chat and so on. They do instant studies by algorithms, etc., and they’re pretty accurate on what works.


But I was amused to see the same kind of rhetoric being used by Donald Trump… because it’s written for him by his scriptwriters, you know.  And it was the same things that Obama came out with too, written by his scriptwriters. And way back to George Bush with the first, with the Gulf War, well, with Operation Iraqi Freedom, right.  [Alan chuckles.]  Where, the media had cleverly altered step-by-step, and it was a psychological operation which was admitted later by the way, massive scale. Once they got the war going in Afghanistan, which was on the list of course before it all happened with the twin towers, after a while they managed to, took them a year to start to shift the sites, for the public to think that Saddam Hussein in Iraq had something to do with it. Which he didn’t, of course. 


But what was interesting, during the inquiry afterwards, once they’d put Iraq back into the Stone Age, which was the agenda by the way, written. I gave talks about it at the time because I know that, read articles by Brzezinski who had confabs with his pal Kissinger about it and Kissinger said that the main intention for this kind of war against Iraq and other countries in the list, which is the PNAC group.  He said, the main intention was to so destroy the nation of Iraq, as an example, that it could never ever formulate again together as a nation, they would create so many factions afterwards they could never be a stable nation again.  Then they’d be no threat to any particular country around them basically.  And that’s never changed, that’s what’s happened to this present day. 


But what was interesting, during the inquiry afterwards, afterwards, it was like a very informal inquiry about it when they said to George Bush, why did you attack Iraq? And he said, well you know… you tried to infer, they said, that you inferred that he was behind 9/11. George Bush quite honestly said, you know, one of the few times that they’re honest, when they’re very cocky, you know. He said, oh I never said that Saddam Hussein had anything to do with America being attacked, he said that, he was just a bad man and the world is better off without him. And a big smile on his face.


You pretty well heard the same thing, the same type… You see, these are psychological responses written by experts who just look up in the book, the manual, in what do you use in this circumstance, what do you use?   … this, this works with the public.  And then we heard that just the other day there after the US took out an Iranian military leader, and there’s Trump saying the same thing, well he was a bad man, he was responsible for lots of death, blah blah blah and so on.


So, being a bad man, no judge, jury or trial, nothing, you know.  Being a bad man according to world leaders, remember, who got complete militaries under their fingers, supposedly, and with buttons and the whole bit, can just decide who’s bad and all the rest of it without any kind of public inquiry, investigation beforehand or anything else, or judge/jury. It’s just done, that’s it. That should terrify people.  But it never does really.


Folk, folk except everything very quickly, most of the people anyway.  It's like déjà vu all over and over and over, or Groundhog Day, you just keep seeing the same things over and over again. The same tactics are used. The same excuses are used. Because they're all from the excuse manual. It's psychological warfare operations. That's what you tell the public in this circumstance. They'll make it as… Don't get too elaborate with your reasons because then you can shoot holes in why you did it. So, make it very simple, and as obscure as possible. Don't tell them much, you see.


That's what you get right now. Because the object is nothing to do with just killing one person. It's...  You've got to look at the techniques of embargoes, right. The embargoes with Iraq before they decimated Iraq was bad enough.  They had Madeleine Albright and other ones on the head of the board at NATO supposedly, security councils, etc.  She was asked when they had an embargo, and folk were starving to death, and children were starving to death, and they couldn't get medicines and or anything like that. They'd already destroyed, by the way, some of the big medical pharmaceutical facilities already. All infrastructure eventually was to be just destroyed. But before they totally did it, they said that they tried to starve the folk into submission. 


Now, you think about it. If you truly had a bad man, a bad man, you know, just running your country, how would you feel if some country starved you to death and all that? And stopped, and literally couldn't/didn't allow you to sell anything abroad to get money coming into the country to feed yourselves? How would you feel if it happened to you because there was a bad man, you know, running you?  Think about it.


So, let's slaughter the whole bunch of the people because of a bad man and his little regime at the top, who keep everybody suppressed supposedly. That's what we're told. Even though we know Saddam Hussein at that time was a CIA asset, he'd been trained by the CIA, set up and put there by the CIA.  And believe you me, that's a big warning to anybody who's used by the CIA.  [Alan chuckles.]  Eventually they'll use you and use you and use you until you're expendable. Then they'll use you again by having you sacrificed, you know, that's really what they'll do.


You have no friends, you see.  When the CIA comes to you, believe you me, the CIA has no friends. They're... In fact it's almost to me, I like a child's mind in that children have an ability, and I used to have an ability to see people, I gave a talk about that back in the 90s too. When you hear children talking about, like a wolf, they can see in their mind's eye a person, as a child, you sense something, kind of like a dog will sense who's good and bad, that type of thing.  But children can do it too, they can sense something. And they don't have the vocabulary to explain why they don't like somebody so much, but it's a sense they get. So, it's like a wolf or something, a blah blah blah. 


Well, that's how you have to, you try and retain that, you should try and retain that forever through your life because it's a survival mechanism, for all of us, not to be fooled by glib talking whoever it happens to be professionals who want something from you, or they want you to do something.  And you should never do it. You get a sense, this is wrong. You get a sense when, and it's more than that, it's so… it's never been so blatant for those who want to know what's going on as it is today. And it won't last long because censorship's coming down so fast, as we well know.


But Quigley, getting back to Quigley on his talk about World War II, he said that, all media in Britain, at that time in the 30s, was owned by big power moguls who literally all belong to the Royal Institute for International Affairs, this massive private club.  It's the CFR in America, you see. And they decided to terrify the public, terrify them. So's that they'd get ready, you've got to… You're preparing the public to hate another country. You understand? Because they want you to eventually go and fight that country. And you don't know anything about it.


But they've been preparing us for years, it's just they want the cannon fodder, [who] are the only people who don't really know about it. So you must train the people, who were civilians and they work in grocery stores and different things like that, and train them for what's coming along the pike that they don't know themselves, the children, the youngsters, the people don't know, they're kept like children.  But the ones above you are training you and training you step-by-step to hate the enemy, you see, before you even know that they are an enemy.  But the ones who rule you certainly do know, and they want them eliminated.


Nothing's changed.  In fact, it's even more precise today with the techniques used with mass communication right to your cell phone, or right to whatever it is, your computer or your TV, you know. You're all getting the same data at the same time, the same updates, the same programming at the same time. In order to get you ready for something, you see.  So that you have the right response.   Now, the right response is not turning your back and saying, I'm not going to have anything to do with this war. The right response is going into a form of shock, and fear, and so, I'll leave it to the professionals, you see, they must know what they're doing. They must know.


But see, YOU wouldn't… It's like I can remember where people in the past who are often accused of coming out with certain kinds of statements being used, but you have to, often what they're doing is using other people's statements before them, you see.  So, you've got to really find out who really said it, and it's quite enlightening, it's often their enemies. But anyway, you'll find that Goebel's for instance in World War II Germany, he said that, and supposedly Adolf Hitler said it too. But they got it from previous people before them. But they said, if you're going to tell a lie, to the public, right, to get them to do something, he says, make sure it's a big lie.


Because everyone lies, you see. And right down to the innocent white lies. But everybody will lie, and people because they lie will, they can accept small lies. Oh, that's a lie by so-and-so. But if you tell them a real big, big lie that's got incredible consequences for everybody, you see, you wouldn't do that as a little liar, so you can't imagine anybody actually really going that far with a massive lie, because you wouldn't do it. And that's why they get away with it.


Nothing's changed, that's really how things really, really ARE.  Tell a big lie... And that's what you've had your whole life long when it comes to war after war after war. Give big lies that are absolute nonsense.  Now, you have to really stand back and say wait a minute here.  People, front people, like Bush, and everyone that comes afterwards, they're all bought and paid for. Because your country, you see, is conquered.  [Alan chuckles.]   But the public again are not supposed to ever, ever figure that out. It's not good, you know, knowing that you're totally conquered, you might get some real resistance then.  So, you have to keep the sham going that somehow you're in a democracy, even if you're really in a republic, it doesn't matter. 


But when they have the front man saying, you know, oh it's a good thing, you know we're better off without this person or that person. And they've just spent millions of dollars with either attack drones or something or whatever just to kill somebody. It's quite… It should be rather frightening, really, when you think about it. Because we know we're going, we ARE IN, we're not just going into a more tyrannical controlled society, we're IN it.  But it's going to progress.


Years ago, I imagined even having little drones, remember, I read the articles in fact where the Pentagon admitted they paid millions of dollars for experimental tiny drones that look like birds for instance. They even showed you little clips and videos of experimental ones they had, little robotic things that could spy on people, that's what it was about.  Some of them are like the vampire ones, little bats for more desk type scenarios or uses. And other ones were birds, that could recharge just like your cell phones.  Some of the cell phone ones can park and do that by sitting on electrical lines above the ground, or even telephone lines they could actually get, recharge themselves off those lines by sitting on the field, electrical field around it.


They had wonderful little things like birds that could follow you along the street and nick into the door if you're going into an apartment building, just behind you, and even crawl on the walls and things like that. This is years ago they had this kind of stuff, you see. Because the society you're going into, that we are into actually, as I say, is a monitored controlled society. That's the reason you were really given the computer by the way. It wasn't to help you out. It was to completely monitor everybody, everybody eventually on the planet except the ones who rule you. They've got exemptions from it in fact. They have a different Internet system in fact.


But for the rest of the public you see, you've got to be totally controlled and predictable. Utterly predictable.  So here we go, going through the next series of wars.  To me honestly, it's like a nightmare. I remember giving these talks so long ago, and it's just repetition because it's the same list of countries that have to be taken out. Years can pass if they can’t get their way. And I'm going to give lectures on it because, and I certainly could. But years have passed, and they didn't quite pull it off on all those countries that were on the list of the PNAC group.  So they keep going and keep going. If it takes another 20 years to do it, they'll do it. But they're determined now with Trump. That's why they put Trump in by the way, if you didn't figure that out.  They put him in to accomplish the task of the PNAC group.  That's why he's surrounded by the same people basically. With the same mantras. That's why you're hearing the same mantras in fact. But it's the same bunch of countries.


I can remember back when Iraq was attacked, and it was attacked and invaded remember, by the US and Britain and a few other helpers and so on but mainly the US and Britain. It hadn't, remember, had not attacked anybody outside the US or anything like that, they hadn't done that.  It was all made up. Because they were on the list of the PNAC group, that was the reason they were taken out.  All the countries in that area, around that area, I'll say around, were to be demolished back to the Stone Age as I said, until they could never get together as a formidable coherent country that would pull together as a nation under times of stress and even have war making abilities, or even defense of, they could never keep unified for defense if you create too many factions.


Libya was on it too. Syria was on it as well. Yemen. And I think Saddam was on it too.  It was published back in the 1990s, twice actually, and then in 1997 it was published again. Then of course the Bush group with the same PNAC members that drafted it all up were in power by then and away they went to war.  It takes all this time, they're still at it.


Millions have died here. Millions of people.  And you'd better say millions, when they starved, again with embargoes, which are hellish things, they stop you from importing, exporting, and eventually can't even feed yourself and you starve. And you’re supposed to just put up with it, hm?  This is, supposedly, is a more humane way of having a war, starve the folk to death.  And what they'll also say is, well you see, they're going to, that's when they force the people to destabilize their own country and overthrow the tyrant, you see, the tyrant being whoever it happens to be running their country.


Well, all I remember is, you never heard much about Syria before.  You never heard much about Libya. Not really. A lot of rhetoric in the papers, it was good for rhetoric, you know.  And you also had, Iraq was fairly quiet, for years. It was all the different tiny little factions that could explode were all kept under by strongman, and that's how you kept them working, these countries working, you had to have a strong man in charge.  Once you eliminate them all, well, look what happened. That was intentional, to destabilize them all. Not to help anybody.  Or help them, [Alan chuckles.]  not the people. No, no, nothing to do with that at all folks.  Nope, not at all.  We all know what's going on here.


But I can remember Madeleine Albright, as I said, mentioned before, when she was asked on television, that at that time with the embargoes on Iraq, before they went into totally bomb them into the Stone Age. Basically the embargoes alone, they said, you know, it's killed half a million people so far with starvation and disease and they can't even get medications or even vitamins in. And they said, is it worth it? And she says, oh yes absolutely, yeah.


These are the psychopaths.  You should be very afraid of these characters. They remind me more of strange insects.  An insect, you see, is programmed, it can't be any other way. An insect has no affinity for anything around it or anything that's going to eat even other insects. It just does, it's programmed.  And that's what these characters...  You can't, I can't relate to them, I really honestly can't, as being human.  I can't relate to them at all.  And if these characters are in charge over very authoritarian regimes, which are getting worse and worse, you should be very, very afraid of it and therefore stop it from happening. Honestly. Because it's getting all around you now. And it never ends up nicely. It ends up as a horror show eventually.


It starts off with, don't think this, don't say that, what made you asked that question, dut, dut, dut, dut, dut, you see.  That's how it all starts off. And then targeting different segments of society. And that's why the white folk are getting hammered right now. For what? For existing?  [Alan chuckles.]   Most white folk honestly are descended from people who never ever had it good at all. 


In reality too, embargoes are meant to provoke the country, your target, into attacking, to break out of the embargo and attacking the ones that are causing it. The idea being to have your virtue as an aggressor... All we did was stop them from eating, you know, and getting food in, that's all we did. So when a real physical attack happens against you, you can still stand up and say, well you know, we didn't want this to happen, we've tried other methods.  Meaning starving them to death, you know.  Think about it. What would you do?


This is what happened to Germany too before World War II.  It might have been a completely different outcome and no war at all if there had been concessions and all the rest of it. Don't forget that Germany at that time was put out there, even by Time Magazine, Hitler was put as The Man of the Year in 1933 or so. So don't forget, you can goad and goad people into absolutely desperate actions as well. Desperation. And that's what's happening right now with Iraq.


I can remember as I say the first attack they had with Iraq, certain elements that would benefit from having enemies wiped out, said, told the US presidents, don't stop there, go right across through Libya and into Syria. They were telling... This was in the newspapers by the way.  [Alan chuckles.]   It was amazing to see the US being told what to do.  And it didn't quite work out that way. So, they had to go back to using proxy armies, mercenaries, financed, made up mercenaries to attack Syria, and in fact to eventually take out Libya as well. And again, Libya definitely has gone. That's why it's got so much migration because Qaddafi did keep masses, you know, that's what he said, if you finish me off it's the only wall to stop Africa from invading the whole of Europe. That's what he said. And it's true, you have to look up see what happened, and who is getting money to try and divert mass migration from going across into Europe. So, it took a Qaddafi, guaranteeing that Europe would be completely changed forever. And that has happened, folks.  You're looking at a chessboard here. But you just don't see the players, do you? But there's definitely players way above you, way, way above all this making it happen.


But anyway, the US is, here they go again. So, the same old thing. You embargo the nation. You forced them to retaliate. Even goad them into it by bombing someone who was part of the militias to try and keep the stabilization process going inside Iraq.  Iraq had invited them in by the way, you know. We've got to remember this.  They invited some of the Shiite commanders in with their military to work alongside the militias inside Iraq to try and keep the peace. Then you go and… So you are guaranteed retaliation. That's what they're after now, retaliation. 


And don't forget too, the US, and Trump said it too, with Syria when they were supposed to have been pulled out of Syria, also have got troops with the oilfields.  We've still got the oil. WHY is the US keeping a nation's oil supply from them?  This is the nation's, it's part of their, it's part of the income to keep the country going. Do you understand what's happening here? It's plunder. Of course, it's plunder.


How can you have the upper hand and be on the moral high ground when you're plundering across...?  I remember giving the talks when Tony Blair, the one-man band for international supposed socialism, ha-ha, wanted war in the Middle East with Iraq. I can remember it. Then I remember warning people about it, eventually you find out that there's going to be a big, big looting operation. Then a few years later I remember reading the articles on the air where it was admitted. They always tell you a few years later, you know.  The newspapers in Britain said that, that Tony Blair had invited some of the top moguls for oil, the oil industry, the big ones, the big corporations in before they attacked direct, to divvy up who would get which oilfields to themselves.  A big looting organization. I mean, this is plunder, folks. It's plunder.




Let's be honest. There's no moral high ground here at all. It's a big business. And really, nothing much has changed.  At one time we thought with World War I and II, and in the Cold War, there was a moral idea to the forces, that's why guys would join the forces. Because they didn't want a repetition of major world wars.  And now you have the big bad bear looking at you, even though the West created the big bad bear from the start and funded communism, and funded and fed them even after the Bolshevik revolutions. The best enemies that money can buy, as they say. Or buy and create. Well, nothing's changed.


Just as a sideline, the same tactic is being used with China. China didn't make itself what it is. We signed agreements. I remember giving the talks years ago on it, where we signed agreements, our politicians, the politicians…  They're not ours, let's be honest here. They are little nobodies, you know, little puppets. But they signed all the agreements for free trade and the WTO and so on with China, most favored nation trading status, where we'd fund them up.  Our tax money would fund them, we'd put hospitals in, we'd fund even... And the governments even put ads up for the big corporations pretty well. They said, look, if you move to China we'll fund your transfer, when you move up wholesale from this country to China, we'll pay for you to move there, and anything you have to take with you even to start your factories up. And we'll train your people and pay your people to train the Chinese to take over eventually.


I can remember. This was unbelievable what was happening. So quietly.  It was published but not… Most people, you see, don't think. Brzezinski said it in his book Between Two Ages, he says, the public shortly...  and this is in the 1970s. He says, the public shortly will be unable to reason or think for themselves, they'll expect the media to do their reasoning for them. And they honestly do now. 


The media is private, folks. It's not there to help you.  It's always been politically employed by those in power to guide you along a path of least resistance for those who own you.  Basically, that's what it's for. But the public do, they say, well the media will tell us what to worry about.   Don't we? you know. Yeah, they often will tell you what to worry about, and it's generally nothing to do with you, you know. But things you really should worry about, they aren't going to tell you, they're not going to tell you at all.


They all knew, all the big moguls, they're in bed with the top international financiers, they all knew that they were going to crash the economy in 2007/8 but they didn't tell the public.  They got all their loot out of it.  They made profits off it all.  M-hm.  That's what runs the world.  The same gangsters that bring in the wars and demonize whoever runs little countries, so that they can loot them, and to get them out of the way so's that the people who think that they should the rule the world should be able to rule instead, you see. This is what's going on here, folks.


But it's honestly a nightmare having the same dream over and over and over, it just never ends.  The same list as well. I'm going to touch on that tonight because time is going on as they say and I should really get on with it too.  Now I'll just touch on this one, right. And I said this before, Iran is always the target, has been for the last... for quite a long time.  And before Christmas I mentioned it too, around that time, that Iran will be next. And I said too, the impeachment will go all quiet if Trump gets the war started, because that's what he's there for. Until suddenly like magic you'll see all the media off his back and they'll start praising him. Because that's what he's been put in for, you see. Whoever does this job, as I call, the list, is going to be the hero, you see, for those who really rule you.


Impeachment trial in limbo as Senate leaders trade blows

politico.com / 3 Jan 2020


(Alan:  So there's a little clue there.  And this is about...)


Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer have made zero headway on designing a bipartisan set of rules for President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial...


In other words, they're stalling.  This is the article, it says it's stalling. Well, no wonder. If he does what he supposed to be doing, you see, which is always a mystery to the public who are not in on it, if he just does what he's supposed to be doing and what he got put in for, he'll be a wonderful guy. He will. Honestly. And so that's in the cards as they say. I'll put up this article here. 


So many of the original articles are disappearing like crazy, down the memory hole. That's what the Internet is for of course, as they put all your books, you see, on disk or PDF.  And don't worry about it, in fact don't even keep it at home because, put it all in the cloud.  And gradually everything gets censored often down the memory hole. It was all worked out that way before you were given the computer, folks.  There are an awful lot of nuisance books out there, you know.


So here's an article here…


Global Warfare: “We’re Going to Take out 7 Countries in 5 Years:

(A:  I've given this talk so many times before I could probably do it in my sleep. Anyway, it says...)

Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran”

globalresearch.ca / 2 March 2007


(A:  And this is the video interview with Gen. Wesley Clark who was sent over there, remember.  And even he's got a history too, you should really look into it. It came out afterwards when he ran for politics, that caused a bit of a stink. But anyway, it says that...)


This interview serves as a reminder regarding the diabolical timeline of America’s hegemonic project. Is Iran the next target “to be taken out”?


As I say, this is an old article, really, put out again.  Originally published in 2007, about the list. But the list came from the PNAC group from the 1990s.  I'll say it again, 'eh, seven countries in five years. That was the original plan. If they kept going like I told you, the US was told to keep going, don't stop there with Iraq, keep going right through, all the way through into Syria and take them out too. But they didn't quite make it.


But anyway, it says seven countries in five years. Iraq, right. Syria.  Lebanon. Libya.  Somalia. Sudan and Iran. That's the list. And this is from a talk that Gen. Wesley Clark gave with Democracy Now. And the video literally, I'll put a link up, and it will vanish very quickly if you can copy it. If you can copy it and streaming, do so because as I say, things are just vanishing like you wouldn't believe. Honestly.


But that's how things work in reality and deception.  Eh?  That's what intelligence is, is deception.  I hope you understand that. And the first people who will be deceived are their own countries population so's that you'll get on the moral high ground, on board with your governments, folks, for what they plan to do. Yep. So here you go, you've had…


Don't forget, there's people heard this their whole life.  They're not that… Well, they're old enough, you know, from the 90s to the present time. This is all they've heard, the wars with the same countries, folks. The list. The list. The list.  And there was no secret at the time who drew the list up. But also in this article, it's in print, right...


On Tuesday, I interviewed Wesley Clark at the 92nd Street Y Cultural Center here in New York City before a live audience...


(A:  So there's even a printout of what was said, if you can't get the actual video itself...  And I know it would just vanish again because every time I put these things up they vanish, the actual videos. But anyway...)


AMY GOODMAN: What do you think of these generals who run for president?


GEN. WESLEY CLARK: I like them. It’s happened before.


AMY GOODMAN: Will it happen again?




AMY GOODMAN: Later in the interview, I followed up on that question.


AMY GOODMAN: Will you announce for president?


GEN. WESLEY CLARK: Well, I haven’t said I won’t.


…because he was going to run at the time. But they go through the list of countries, ‘eh.  And he explains what happened to him, because he was given the list and told that they were going to take out all these… He had no idea they were going to take at all these countries, but he was given the list and he was rather shocked. He talks about this in his live interview at the time. And it’s a keeper, folks, for those who want to understand what happens. What he tells you, from a top general who was over there, right, leading armies, hm, and invasion. You understand, it’s very volatile the different countries that he was attacking, if they knew who was attacking, not just Americans, they'd be even more furious. It's astonishing what goes on, folks. The people don't know are the public, they just never know what's really, really going on.  I'll put that one up, folks.


Gen. Wesley Clark VIDEO - We're Going to Take Out 7 Countries in 5 Years - youtube.com / 27 June 2013


Gen. Wesley Clark VIDEO (short clip) - We're Going to Take Out 7 Countries in 5 Years - youtube.com / 17 March 2007


And then this one too, it's a good, simplistic in a way but at least it's better than nothing at all.


How Controlled Explanations Are Achieved - paulcraigroberts.org / 28 Dec 2019


I'll take this from anybody who's been involved in anything like this, I don't care who they are. As they say. But when it comes to how the mind works and how you’re used, and how psychological warfare works and so on, it says… How controlled explanations are achieved. It's a good article on how intelligence agencies, who plan big, big, big events already have the explanations written up before they make the first move, you see, for the public. So this is how they, they call it controlled explanations. Like, and it gives an example, before the dust even cleared within about 15 minutes of the 2 towers supposedly being hit or whatever in New York City, 9/11, within about 15 minutes, across all the media they had a top US politician saying it was Bin Laden.  That's all they heard, Bin Laden, Bin Laden.  No one says, how come you know already it's Bin Laden.  You see? 


Even though Bin Laden, Osama bin Laden, vehemently denied he had anything to do with it on the different videos that he put out himself. It doesn't matter.  You see, you've got to get a reason to invade countries and destroy them. And loot them. Right. Big, big plans in there.  And all the pipelines of oil and everything and gas they had planned for that whole region, all these different countries, owned by about two companies that have nothing to do with them, were all drafted up there too.  They showed you all these things, they're still going on today, all these countries that they've demolished.  They loot all the oil and gas from them. So I’ll put that up anyway because time is getting short here, that particular article.


I just want to mention to, [Alan chuckles.]  the papers, as you've noticed...


Jeffrey Epstein's socialite 'madam' Ghislaine Maxwell 'is being hidden from the FBI in a series of safe houses because of the information she has on powerful people' - dailymail.co.uk / 1 Jan 2020


But they're saying that she's possibly even in Israel. But I'm waiting for the movie, I'm surprised, I bet you anything there's top producers working on it all. This is going to be a big, big… they might even do a book first.  Most folk won't read it, you see, they want video today. They don't really want audio anymore because they can't, need to get little pictures of cartoons in front of their faces and things. But really, that's how you’re trained, folks.  And if you can’t sit and listen and use your own mind with what you're listening to, you'll never retain it.  Anyway, yeah, I'm waiting for the movie to come out, that will be quite the movie, 'eh.  It's got everything, sex, violence, extortion, blackmail, you know, and a lot worse too. Yep. What a movie, 'eh.  Think about it. It'll be a blockbuster, if you get the right people to do it.


Also again…


Impeachment trial in limbo as Senate leaders trade blows - politico.com / 3 Jan 2020


And they'll keep it in limbo. If Trump doesn't get on with the slaughtering and grabbing the loot in those countries for his masters then, yeah, he's going to get, he'll be in the bad books again. So, he's gotta get on with it. They've used proxy armies. We've trained proxy armies.  We funded proxy armies. It didn't work out too well. Now a lot of these proxy armies are across Europe, living as refugees supposedly or migrants. What a hellhole it creates, 'eh?  And now you’re going to get masses more of migrants if Iran gets hit.  Obviously.  Iran has been bringing people out for years now. Because I wouldn't live in that country either when you know you're on the list. You've watched what happened to the rest of them on the list, 'eh.


And then you have…


Iraq to reconsider working with US-led troops after airstrikes - news.sky.com / 31 Dec 2019


You understand, Iraq is supposed to decide itself what militia groups are going to help them. And they are employed, they employed the Iranian militia group that Trump’s been blasting against international treaty and all the rest of it. Quite amazing, ‘eh, what’s going on here.  But what do laws matter when you’ve got big, big powerful interests, with big propaganda specialists ready to get it going. Another one too is…


Rockets land close to US Embassy in Baghdad, no known casualties - rt.com / 4 Jan 2020


...and so on.  I could go even further actually with many, there's just no time. But even in Britain I remember giving talks years ago in Britain, because stuff was filtering out into some of the media at the time.  It was bona fides and they said that Britain was training guys, were born in Britain, from some of these countries, the Muslim countries and were born in Britain, to go over there to be basically agents and work for the military over there.


Then they come back home and it's oh, you've got all these problems. But the fact is, we create… You have NO idea what goes on. You have no idea. For 30 years MI-5 had terrorist assets in Manchester and different places which they trained and sent them over to those countries to act as mercenaries. Then you see them on television supposedly being anti-Syria or Syria, freedom for Syria, all this kind of stuff. No, no, no, these were trained mercenaries.  Quite amazing.  Then you get blowback when they come back again and they're not happy with you and they've already tasted the blood many times and it's no big deal to kill again, is it?


Trump’s own ‘Wag the Dog’: Is Iran hit job a distraction for impeachment lynch mob back home? -  rt.com / 3 Jan 2020


I'm not really up on this article here but it does go into the Wag the Dog scenario as a distraction. But really, I think, it isn’t different I think really, Trump will do what he's told, or else he's going to have trouble, you know.


Turkish parliament authorizes Libya deployment - haaretz.com / 2 Jan 2020


Well, here you are, I mean, now, once again, next door to Syria, you’re going to have more troops coming in, with agreement of the US and NATO, hm.  It won’t stop there. This is going to go on and on and on, you know that.  And lots of folk are going to get slaughtered again.


Turkish parliament backs govt plan to send troops to Libya in emergency session - rt.com / 2 Jan 2020


And then…


Imperial delusion: Turkey sending troops to Libya would be no solution to the chaos caused by the 2011 NATO intervention - rt.com / 2 Jan 2020


They bombed Libya into the Stone Age. And looted it naturally too.  They had massive gold reserves, for the population, for pension. All disappeared, folks. All planned that way.  Same thing happened though in Iraq, you know. They even had bets on the very ancient artifacts in the museum in Baghdad when the military went in. The military were told to stand around, and this other group moved in and stole all the stuff. That’s a fact. I’m not kidding you. And they ended up in private museums.  Hhhhhhhhhhh.  Folk have no idea of the truth of things, hm.  Once again, they’d never believe it because you wouldn’t tell such a big lie or do such a terrible crime.  A little crime maybe, you know, but not a big one, ‘eh.


Iran rejects US accusation of being behind Baghdad protests - aljazeera.com / 31 Dec 2019


This stuff about the green zone and so on around Baghdad, around the palace and all that, the old palace.  It’s utter nonsense, folks.  The US had, they actually built a massive compound in there, it was like 4 square miles you know. And to house armies, that’s what it was created for initially. Then when they handed it over eventually, after many failed handing overs… [Alan chuckles.] It’s supposed to be back to Iraqi ownership basically. As this proxy head, or heads, run Iraq right now. They’re all puppets of course.


At Midnight, U.S. Leaves Republican Palace, Green Zone to Iraqis - washingtonpost.com / 1 Jan 2009


Baghdad's heavily-fortified Green Zone opens to public - bbc.com / 4 Oct 2015


Baghdad's Fortified Green Zone Opens to Public After 15 Years - nytimes.com / 10 Dec 2018


And a beauty here, Mike Pompeo, a man you can trust, right, an old CIA fella and such…


US does not seek war with Iran, says Mike Pompeo - bbc.com / 14 May 2019


That was in May 2019. Of course, he… Look at that face, would you… Meanwhile he’s been busy as a bee back and forth with certain people across there getting it all set up, ‘eh. Quite something.  There’s a face you can believe, ‘eh?  


And what else have I got here?  I’ll put an article up too, I’ve mentioned before, that Craig Murray, the historian and former ambassador and human rights activists, he really did put it out about the nonsense with the fake poisonings in Syria before that they blamed Assad with. 


    The World: What is Really Happening - craigmurray.org.uk / 25 May 2019


I put up a couple weeks ago an article too by members of the teams that were sent in to analyze this, and this is an official world team that’s sent in and of the UN to test the stuff and they didn’t find evidence of stuff either. But they couldn’t believe that their own leaders were told to lie. Everything’s politicized. You can’t believe anything you read, folks. And then…


War Again on the Front Burner

paulcraigroberts.org / 3 Jan 2020


The nonsensical statement below from the Pentagon announcing that the US government has committed an act of war against Iran should frighten everyone:


“This strike was aimed at deterring future Iranian attack plans.”


Well, let's go and kill the folks, wait to see if they hit us back, 'eh?  [Alan chuckles.]   Because they haven't been successful so far. We've starved them and the whole bit.  And stop them from selling any oil. But now that they've got little deals going on behind the scenes that China might buy their oil and stuff like that, well, you've got to stop that, folks. You can't have them feeding themselves again, 'eh? 




Trump Ordered the Assassination of Soleimani, and the Middle East Prepares for Possible War - globalresearch.ca / 3 Jan 2020


Really, hm?  Well, you'll pay for it all because we pay for it all, don't we? We pay for everything. And the big crooks end up getting it all for nothing.  They get to looted, and they get the oil and gas and all the rest of it etc., etc. So, I’ll put all the stuff up tonight.


Sorry I'm rushing through it all, but as I say it started off with just the massive psychological warfare right down to of how you dress and why you dress the way you dress and all the rest of it without knowing really where it all comes from.  Including the massive tattoos that became an incredible fad over the last, what, 15-20 years, just suddenly. But it was all from TV shows and so on. And folk, monkey see/monkey do, they say and away they went. But the same with pink hair and spiky hair and all the rest of it.  It's all given to the folks and they never really fathom it, but just adopt it thinking, well it must be normal because it exists.


Pretty sad isn't it how we are so easily managed. Especially when it's done so unconsciously in a sense by the majority of the public. We learn by osmosis, we don't really think things through. It filters through into us bit by bit and byte by byte, you might say, in digital formats today. Because folk don't have, spend the time to really look into much at all. That's the sad truth of it all. They get bits and bytes of headlines and things and that becomes official stories for them.


Even the psychologists and manipulators at the top, and the behavioral insights teams that manage us all through the Internet know that. They know that through, just through headlines alone, in a sequence of headlines, like bum-bum-bum-bum-bum, a sequence of them, you'll come to a conclusion without even reading into the articles, just seeing headlines. No kidding. That's how intense it is.


But I feel so sorry for people across the world going through the same stuff over and over again. We've watched the total elimination of countries that were, you couldn't even say, they were not Third World countries, they were up-and-coming and so on, demolished.  And all the resources stolen from them. And Libya had, apart from...  They had no debt by the way, Libya.  Everybody was pretty wealthy in that country. Totally, all their pensions, their whole, everything stolen from them.  Stolen.  We even know who stole it, we know all that stuff. Sad, isn't it.


But that's the system we're living in and going to get more years of it now.  I knew it years ago when they put Trump in, I knew exactly why he was being put in there. I knew it would take time to get it all going and that's how they've done it. You see, they haven't just gone off halfcocked. It's been planned for ages. The resources trained up. And don't think they have... They've got multi-thousands of troops over at different bases across the middle east to go in, so don't think oh, we're sending a few troops over. That's nonsense.  [Alan chuckles.]   They've been preparing for this for years.


Anyway, there we go. I hope you all can survive what's coming up. And let's hope they don't crash the economy at the same time. I don't think they will. I've often thought that's the reason why they keep the US economy afloat, whatever there is of the economy, because it's not a manufacturing economy anymore.  Because a whole bunch of corporations have their bases in America, I mean there's work... it might be great for the stock market but it doesn’t mean there's work for the people. There's not at all.


I can remember when they used to call it a jobless recovery when Obama was in. Even before that the same terms were used in Britain when Blair was in, the jobless recovery they called it. Because corporations might make lots of money but that's in the hands of a few. The US literally is kept afloat by magicians who have magical accounting. But they have to get the job done with the wars before they'll eventually totally crash it. They might give you little minor crashes, but to totally crash it you've got to get the wars done. And you think about it, the loot that will come out of all these countries, and already has come, going into private corporate hands and so on.  But nothing goes to the taxpayer except the bill for it all. Because you pay for it. Sad to say.  It's repetition, hell is repetition.


Help me tick along and keep going by donating. Remember order your books and discs @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And sorry to start off the year with this, but what can I do about it? Because I don't make up the news, you see, and I don't create the bad stuff that happens in the world.


So for myself from Ontario, Canada, Alan Watt, it's good night and may your God or gods go with you.



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Iran rejects US accusation of being behind Baghdad protests

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Iraq to reconsider working with US-led troops after airstrikes

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Rockets land close to US Embassy in Baghdad, no known casualties

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johnpilger.com / 31 May 2017


Trump’s own ‘Wag the Dog’: Is Iran hit job a distraction for impeachment lynch mob back home?

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Turkish parliament backs govt plan to send troops to Libya in emergency session

haaretz.com / 2 Jan 2020


Turkish parliament backs govt plan to send troops to Libya in emergency session

rt.com / 2 Jan 2020


Imperial delusion: Turkey sending troops to Libya would be no solution to the chaos caused by the 2011 NATO intervention

rt.com / 2 Jan 2020


At Midnight, U.S. Leaves Republican Palace, Green Zone to Iraqis

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Baghdad's heavily-fortified Green Zone opens to public

bbc.com / 4 Oct 2015


Baghdad's Fortified Green Zone Opens to Public After 15 Years

nytimes.com / 10 Dec 2018


Global Warfare: “We’re Going to Take out 7 Countries in 5 Years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran”

globalresearch.ca / 2 March 2007


Gen. Wesley Clark VIDEO - We're Going to Take Out 7 Countries in 5 Years

youtube.com / 27 June 2013


Gen. Wesley Clark VIDEO (short clip) - We're Going to Take Out 7 Countries in 5 Years

youtube.com / 17 March 2007


US does not seek war with Iran, says Mike Pompeo

bbc.com / 14 May 2019


The World: What is Really Happening

craigmurray.org.uk / 25 May 2019


War Again on the Front Burner

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Trump Ordered the Assassination of Soleimani, and the Middle East Prepares for Possible War

globalresearch.ca / 3 Jan 2020




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