Mar. 15, 2020 (#1765)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"Chomping at the Bit Experts, Irresponsible,

Survival of The Fittest, Inhumane, Horrible."

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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

 There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak

There's a wall between us and a river so deep

And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong

But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see

that it ain't enough baby

To bridge the distance between you and me

There's a list of grievance 100 miles long

There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on March 15, 2020.  And I really sincerely hope you're managing to cope through all the mayhem and chaos that's come upon all of us, [Alan chuckles.]  in some would say a predictable fashion I suppose. Other ones who like to stay in denial think that things are just going as usual.


But believe you me, when government, that you're always criticizing about and so on, gets moving on something to do on a wartime footing, remember, that's the key to it, is wartime footing.  It's like China mentioned it, that the only way they could manage it is a wartime scenario footing where you just obey your superiors and get on with it, or else. And that's just how it happens.  We saw the troops in streets and police in the streets and things like that dealing with curfews basically. And everyone had to self isolate pretty well in some of the big cities and we're allowed out only on a certain day each. Each grouping knew their day for going shopping for the groceries and so on and then back to their isolation. That's really how it takes.


The spread of coronavirus means you may be asked to isolate. But what happens if you don't? - / 10 March 2020


Then of course we saw the same thing getting unrolled yesterday, or the day before in the States. Canada's got something similar eventually when it catches up I think.  Because Canada really seems to be following, waiting to see what the States does to follow suit basically. Although mind you too Justin Trudeau has kind of changed his tune a little bit when his wife is said to have come down with it after a trip, the coronavirus, after a trip to London. So, who knows?  Who really knows?


Sophie Trudeau, wife of Canadian Prime Minister, tests positive for coronavirus - / 13 March 2020


Health minister Nadine Dorries tests positive - / 11 March 2020


I take everything with a pinch of salt sometimes, which is a healthy way to be. Especially when you've read and looked at all the different session meetings they had at Johns Hopkins and Bill Gates’ scenario, a meeting last year to do with possible outbreaks of coronavirus and how they'd manage it. They had all kinds, all the strategies you're seeing put in place were discussed then. What they did wasn't an unusual and unique type of scenario, what they projected would happen if it ever broke out. Every country really has this type of thing laid out step-by-step of trying to contain things and so on, mitigate spread, etc.  They go through it step-by-step until they end up with a form of martial law.


We forget that back in the Cold War, especially in Britain in European countries, they had civil defense systems set up that really had been on the go since World War II. They came from the old air raid warden special police and it sort of evolved after that when the Cold War got really going and there was the threat of nuclear annihilation, we are told, over and over.  If it wasn't that it was financial chaos, it's always some kind of chaos, you know. 


They had civil defense who were set up in every little community really, often kind of invisible to the public but sometimes you could see them practicing.  They had worked out their strategies for managing each area and parts of each county or Shire.  That's what's going on today. Same thing. They did away with the old, old civil defense system, but they can quickly reconstruct it again to get this going. Towns counselors and so on are on boards, and they have their little hideouts set up too in case it ever really spread into a terrible pandemic.


Because again, the big fear is that something like this can mutate, mutate, mutate, mutate and mutate into something much worse, you see, with each… Each person who gets infected leaves a bit of their DNA on the viruses that leave them. And it truly is a robber as they say, the virus is a robber as it takes bits and pieces of your DNA system and spreads it around. And out of that too can come a new thing. Or it can die off, you see. That's what they're waiting to see.


However, there are so many fingers in the pie you might say, or dogs in the fight, you often wonder what to believe. Because there's no doubt about it, I mean I've always said that I was never afraid of atomic warfare, if it happened it happened. But the big fear was more of deliberate exposure to things that would be released to the public.  Not because I was imagining things but because I read about all the declassified stuff on biowarfare over many many many years.  Then you couple that with the eugenicists who are always out there trying to convince us just to quietly die, you know, and there's too many people, you see, there's too many old people.


Remember too, that the whole idea for technocracy type of systems on behalf of those at the top, the true trans-humanists, the term that was coined by Aldous Huxley's brother Julian, who he said, that trans-humanists, meaning we, he says we, you know basically we, at the time, the true scientific elite who ran all kinds of sciences, the social sciences, the psychology and behavioral, all these sciences, and then chemistry and biochemistry and so on, we are the true elite he said.  He really was reiterating what George Bernard Shaw said before him in fact, with Man and Superman and various other actual speeches he gave apart from just the books and novels. So, it's an old idea, you see.  There's a right kind of people and the wrong kind of people. And their goal was always to have a world which they owned, a true world governmental system with a vastly reduced population.


And I don't want to just go fear mongering here, but you understand, if you're looking at what is, anyone who calls you a fear monger is an ostrich with their head stuck in the ground.  Because these people exist. They have annual meetings a lot of them, the present-day trans-humanists that are so involved, you see, that they have to get outside their little emotional boxes we're all in and see the big picture and do the right things even though it's hard sometimes for people to understand why they must do things that are rather awful and so on.


In other words, you are seeing the legitimization of the worst horror tyrants in history being put across in such a pleasant way you don't recognize what it is when it's under the mesmerizing halo and inside the protective armor of politicized science.


Don't forget too, that some of the top players always said that we'd lose all rights gradually piece by piece for the drive for efficiency, as you toss religion out the window. Which again, people don't realize it, religion was a bulwark against tyranny to an extent because it gave you basically human rights by God you see. And governments hated that because no matter what you think about it, the people themselves could always say to the crowns and governments, hey you can't do this, because it's against the law, of God, you see. Meaning the law for looking after humanity.  You understand?  You toss it out the window and there's no laws left here. 


There's basically the scientists with their beautiful all trained persuaders who will persuade you into simply giving up. That's it, you see. There's a movie, it was Saving Private Ryan, and someone said to me, it's like the bit near the end where the American troops go into this little town that's heavily shelled and all that. One of the American troops goes up a stairwell into a church tower I think it was. Up at the top there's a guy, a German who they had previously caught and then let go eventually somehow or he'd escaped. Anyway, the German is trying to get the knife into the American soldier and he's pushing down heavily and heavily and it's not in there. He says, just give up, it's quite painless once it happens, just give up.


Well, that's how the system is, isn't it? When you watch people being made, and again, there's a star making machine that sets up scientists, they are given the star creation show sort of thing. The same kind of techniques that they use to make anybody, like a singer or whatever, even a nobody, which most of them are actually, into what we call stars, they do the same with scientists so the people will follow scientists and obey them and think, well, they're so clever, they can't be all wrong, you see, I'll follow the clever guy.  Which means immediately you're tossing your own brain out the window and thinking this guy knows more than you. This is how simple it is for people to be manipulated by an elite which they really don't understand at all. They think they do but they don't.


I've given so many countless talks, and they're in the archives on my website. And I should really say off the bat before I do forget is don't forget to go into my website and take a list of all the other sites I have listed there, my official sites, in case during all of this anything gets pulled, maybe some other ones will stay up, you see.


Because we are going through this kind of martial law type scenario.  Whether you like it or not, or if it's real or not, it makes no difference. It's a massive test of it all. And those at the top really, certainly have wanted a test for a long time. So make a note of them all, all those links because as I say I've given so many talks on this very topic, for years, long ago in fact through the different scenarios, through the SARS one and through the swine flu and the H1N1 and H5N1 and so on, all these different outbreaks that we've been told to be terribly afraid of, right up to the present. And so much documentation really is included there to do with this particular scenario.


We have the people at the top as I've mentioned before, keep saying, there's just too many of you. Prince Philip is a great one for saying it. He's given speeches on it at the various Sierra Clubs, and so many associations he's the head of.  He's given them openly.  Nevermind talking about he wishes he was a virus, in his book, and come back and kill all the people.  You know, these people are not kidding.  I hope you understand, they're not kidding.


It's our disbelief that allows tyranny and hell to emerge down through history, that's how it's always been.  We say, oh, we know what they say, but they don't really mean it. We say that automatically, they don't really mean it, you know. And then if you really pushed them with someone who's arguing, oh they don't mean it. You'd say, why don't they mean it? And why wouldn't it happen? Well somebody would stop them. Well who is somebody? You know someone who even gives that kind of answer means [Alan chuckles.] they're not going to try to do anything to stop anything, but they expect someone else to do it for them.  That doesn't happen that way.  How many folk have died through history through horrible circumstances, by governments by the way, often, who hoped to the bitter end that someone would come forward and help them? Think about that.


So here we are as I say with this kind of scenario, so yeah, I've given so many talks about them and the different people involved, including the professors in Australia that get launched every year or two, the same ones who get world airtime and pushed across the globe.  They're like trial balloons, and also familiarization balloons because they familiarize you with the idea that there's just too many of you.   maybe you should just retire early, taking the easy way out, the fast way out, and let the government use the monies that you've saved up or whatever for their big agendas and maybe their paychecks or whatever.  You know? 


The world is a very nasty place, folks.  It's only the bulk of the ordinary decent people that makes it work.  [Alan chuckles.]   And that's a fact. Because those who go for power, nevermind the fact they are generally promoted by one or maybe three institutions worldwide that pick the people for leadership, of all parties, and the people who they pick will do anything they're told for their high Masters, for the power that they're going to appear to portray or carry. And they also love the adoration and the clapping of public. They love power, you see, they are psychopathic. And that's so true, very very true.


We've done diagnoses of different ones of them using the psychopathic scale.  You look at Tony Blair and many other ones too, a man who literally tells you the truth according to him when he was asked about what he did, the one-man band with all his handwaving and lies to get Britain into the war against Iraq for instance. And Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 but that didn't matter, you know.  They don't mind lying and taking all countries into war and then handing you the bill as they get rewarded well by their paymasters at the top way above you.


It's horrible, really. We're always taught, for those who still study history and ancient history, that tyrants and tyrannies and even in ancient times, were just awful awful, but we can't have them in this day and age because they don't wear breastplates and carry short swords.  Today, they wear suits and ties and they have briefcases and things, you see, folk can't quite compute, they use marketing companies to create an image for them, like any other star, you see. That's how it's done.


But yeah, they keep crying, there's too many of you, and the Georgia Guidestones, etc. etc.  It's quite amazing how little people really understand about all of the, including those who follow the organizations that set up the Georgia Guidestone's, how little they understand it either. They think they're so superior [Alan chuckles.] but eventually their bosses will tell them as well, they are expendable too. 


Julian Huxley said that by the way, you know, Aldous's brother. Julian said, there are many people who will help us achieve our ends, meaning this strange, on behalf of the ultra elite and wealthy of his day, this socialistic world system for control. It's the best way to control folk is through this idea of socialism and to use them actually and even train them to obey, you see. It's much better than pretending that you’re just moneygrubbing capitalists. So, you really have the capitalists that gave you socialism. Why do you think the top communists in American other countries were all millionaires and multimillionaires some of them? Some of them billionaires, today.


So, Huxley said that, he said, so all those who help us, they think they're going to come through into this new age, you see, where everything's perfected and all the useless eaters pretty well have been killed off.  Just like Bertrand Russell another member of it talked about, useless eaters. And efficiency was to be the key.  But then he said, so there will be many of those who helped to bring it about will then end up finding out that we don't need them either. He was quite blatantly clear about it.


Exactly the same kind of talk that Yuri Bezmenov gave on the communists of his day.  Or socialists, call them what you want.  We get mixed up with titles. You don't realize what titles really are.  It's meant to deceive you.  [Alan chuckles.]  That's what they're for. And they're always giving you the idea of what a title is.  You know, this is a communist, this is a fascist, this is a capitalist, etc. And it's so deceptive, isn't it? Because it truly is, you've got the capitalist communists and in Britain and elsewhere you got the communist capitalists. It's quite an amazing system. Because that's what it is, isn't it?


So, we're living through a system where you're trained not to understand. You're trained to be always be a child.  I gave talks long, maybe 25 years ago, talks about children and history. And you don't realize that childhood as such, as we know, it didn't exist even in the 1800s. For most folk it really didn't exist. Children weren't seen to be, they were seen to be immature people but that's as far as it really went. They didn't have a life, like, 10 years of playing.  Especially in the lower class families too. They had to work, even down mines. They might not live past 15 or 20.  But they were put down mines and all kinds of terrible places to earn money for the elite of the day.  They really didn't have the childhood. They didn't have Christmases full of toys, toys, toys and so on. Just didn't happen that way. They didn't have children's fashions, for instance. Because children didn't have the cash for that. They weren't a marketing section to make money on at the time.  That didn't come until really the 20th century, in the mid-part of that really in Europe. 


So, you don't realize that childhood, was a serious business for most folk across Europe, especially in Britain and the countries that were so-called industrialized. People just drifted through that, their work as a child then into adulthood and got married and had other children and they had to be responsible for the family and so on. This is just the way it was, a routine, routine, routine and nothing much changed from generation to generation really for a long time.


Today's youth are kept, they're taught to just have everything. There's no restrictions on what they're going to do, you see. Lots of sex. Don't worry about the state, the state will take care of the problems that comes out of it all.  And they don't actually, they can't, because if you get certain VDs, venereal diseases, some of them you can't treat anymore, they admit that. However, they don't want to really push that idea.


I used to wonder why they kept showing you from about the 50s and 60s onwards, you would see in the movies, it was sex sex sex sex sex.  You see, hyper sexualized them all until you have hyper sexualized adults, and even hyper sexualized older people. As long as they didn't have children, that was fine.  That's why it was pushed, you see, to destroy the system and bring everything down so that another group could dominate you, the ones who see themselves as the true masters, you understand. And that's how the world is.


But they also want a world where, again, you take any of the religions out the window, because kings, as they say, kings were told often by priests and counselors initially, you can't do this and you can't do that. And why can't I? Well because it's against the laws of God. Because you see, the people, the ordinary folk had no other laws standing up for them at all.


And with the great propaganda through the 20th century into the present century, folk really think that they are free. But they don't have, they don't really even have some of the rights that were well understood by folk in certain sections and segments of the 20th century. They don't know that. They really think they've got it all simply because they got lots of sex and they get drunk and they get a good supply of cheap drugs and so on, and they think that's what life is about.  AS you have the rise of the people behind it, as you're stoned and you're drunk, and there's these people saying, yeah there's too many of you. And they all laugh, ha, who's he talking about, it's not me, surely?


Then of course we saw the, and I did the talks years ago when they introduced euthanasia into initially Holland. Again, it's always put across in a wonderful kind of caring fashion, initially. It's really for the elderly who really have terminal illnesses. It's the persuaders who are so wonderful, really, they can do it with even just a little bit, not much, background music when they're persuading, well isn't this wonderful.


It's very much, very much like Soylent Green. Soylent Green remember, was put out to the people as an anti-human message by the elite, the author himself was approached by them, he admits that.  He was asked to write something to do with too many people, and the wrong kinds of people, the useless eaters that Russell talked about. The book was initially called Make Room, Make Room.  The world has no more room basically, that was how they pushed it.  They didn't have the environmental things so much down pat back then or climate change back then, so they used, just too many people, look at you all. 


When I was growing up they kept showing the same, like, crowded places like in Calcutta or something, and you'd say, by God you know, how do they...  But what they're really trying to get the message across is too many people.  You take the size of India, as an example, d'you realize that most of it is big wide-open spaces, rolling hills and jungles and things, without people in it? They all concentrate in a few cities, but you wouldn’t know that growing up. You'd think, my God, the whole land, every inch is covered with what you are watching, with people. How you can be deceived, 'eh?  Perception management.  Nothing's changed in that direction, really, or that area.


Anyway, you have that going on, well, there's too many of you, too many of you, so just give up. And they get persuaders out who say, well... Just like Soylent Green, you see.  In Soylent Green the reader, as he was called, I think, each cop and person who worked for government had a reader who could read everything and keep them up to scratch with what was going on.  Charlton Heston played the cop. One day he goes home, and his reader's gone. The reader was an older fella of course, and he was gone.  He was just fed up with it all and got depressed. And when he got depressed, then he thought, well I'm old and have nothing to live for...


Even if you're not terminally ill or whatever, you'd go into this place and they would put you on a table.  You'd have a big circle room.  And the beautiful music, classical music would be playing.  (They actually had tunes then you can remember, what it was like, melodies and things like that. Odd, isn't it? And you used to have beauty, you saw beauty, even in the music that had beauty of course, and that's all gone now too.)  Around the walls you would see wildlife and animals jumping.  So, it was a wonderful way, and you see the reader, or the book, some would call him the book, watching all this as he’s slowly dying off, with beautiful music in the background, you see.


Same thing as the blade getting pushed into the soldier, you know, just give up, it's quite painless once it starts. And you get these persuaders, don't you just have enough of living? Aren't you fed up with all the bad news? [Alan laughing.]   Really, think about that too, all the bad news. And here's the guys that'll do it for you.


Because now that they've introduced euthanasia of course, after a few years later you've got all kinds of things happening.  And they've expanded it, as they always do.  You see, whenever they put something across in a wonderful way, we're trying to help people, and you think, well I guess so, I wouldn't like to have that happen to me either, I wouldn't want to just stay alive and to the bitter end.  Neither that you should, if they would just give you the proper painkillers and so on you can last for quite a few years, you know, and have some fulfillment in life left if they would give it to you. But no, start taking all those medications away, let you have a bit more pain, and show you terrible pictures of folk in pain, and you might just say, okay give me that 25 cent, you know, whatever it is shot, a cheap way to go, and that's you, hm. 


And then they expand it. Well you know there's folk, some people are just depressed teenagers, maybe we should just help them. And that's happening too, you see, that's the next step. That happened in Holland as well. And Canada follows. Because we are progressive, you see, we progress down to the Georgia Guidestones, that's where we're progressing to. 


And everything that was, remember, I've said this so many times, very important to understand, everything that was must be destroyed, EVERYTHING that was must be destroyed to bring in the new. This is the old occultic terminology from long ago.  That the world was left imperfect by the deity.  For those who don't know this yet, the deity, right, so the people who are at war with the deity, who you might not understand are the people actually at war with the deity, gave you masonry and so on, and their job is to perfect all that the builder left imperfect, which is everything.  According to them, it's just imperfect, man is imperfect, woman is imperfect, everything is imperfect. And the body is imperfect.  They want to completely rebuild all that too. And the symbols are all around you if you understand what the symbology is. Most folk really don't.  They might get the lower meanings, but there's a whole bunch of meanings.


But as I've mentioned before a few weeks ago, what d'you think the obelisk is? It's the phallus sticking out of the earth and in defiance of the deity. That's what it symbolizes. They're showing the deity looking down, the perfection of that which he's seeing, which is pushing up through the earth, that which comes from the earth, you see. To perfect all that the builder left imperfect, in defiance.  And through all the revolutionary movements associated with the usual societies, you see it in all the writings, consistently, the same agenda, same agenda, same agenda, same agenda.  And the folk don't get it. They never will get it, unfortunately, most of them.


Because they're domesticated. Remember what Charles Galton Darwin, the guy who worked on the Manhattan project, of the Darwin family, to make the bomb. He said, he's talking on behalf of the elite.  The Next Million Years was his book. He got lauded by all the top newspapers of his day, because they all work for the same elitist group, the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations type thing.  He said, the world is run by us, we run the world, we are the captains of the ship.  You see, the ship is the earth. He said, we are the wild men.


Now, the wild men are trans-humanists for those who don't understand, when you jump to Julian Huxley, he's part of the same group, you see.  The wild men, actually, they're related in some ways too. But the wild man, are unrestricted by moral codes. They'll do things and get away with it which would horrify you. People who are domesticated are horrified all the time about that, oh don't do that, oh that's terrible, don't destroy this, don't destroy that.


Those who say it must be done, the pain will be felt for a while, but they'll go into the next phase and it's going to be better for you. They're always giving better tomorrows with utopias, you know, that you can work generations to achieve and never get there. But that doesn't matter. They will make the hard decisions. The hard decisions.


Don't forget, Julian was a complete eugenicist who kept going and kept alive the whole Darwinian school of Darwinian evolution and eugenics. Look it up yourself. And they believed inferior types would all have to be destroyed. But they'd use them, like a ship, like a rocket ship with the different boosters on the rocket.  Three stages, say, or four stages, and as it pushes you up, further up out from the earth, one of the boosters falls away, the next one takes over. You've seen the old videos of them. He likened, basically that's what it's like, it's like the same thing. We are the boosters to launch the elite off into the future world that they're building, and we are supposedly just as unknowing and unthinking as the booster rocket, we have useful purpose and that's it. Expendable.  So, we're living through that and we have all these people who are glorified by the elite. And those in university, oh they just worship them for what great brains they have.


But getting back to Charles Galton Darwin, he said, we are the wild man. Again, because they're unrestricted by moral codes, they see what has to be done and they will do it. Now, that's the same mentality, if you haven't figured it out, of the ones who are lambasted by this, like Adolf Hitler. He said, I see what has to be done, and he went ahead to do it. Before him, Hitler watched the Communists in the Soviet Union who started that in 1917, the same thing, we know what has to be done and we do it. And millions would perish because of it.


You'd better understand what we're talking about here. It's the same, the people with, the people who have vision as they call it, 'eh, and not clouded by you and your emotion, your little human fallacies, etc., and niceties and the moral codes that you have. 


It's amazing I didn't… I started this off as a scary kind of talk.  But I'm just mentioning when you realize, you see what is happening with the media today, and I've got some articles here where they've set up panels to attack anyone who says anything which is not authorized to do with the coronavirus.  And it's been happening for a while. You notice certain things you look up yourself and your computer starts stalling out and timing out and all the rest of it. You say, what's going on here? It’s to try and dissuade you from pursuing whatever you're looking for in those particular areas of the virus.


So, you have the authoritarian type characters using this whole thing, as I say, this whole coronavirus thing, which already has terrified the people in the West to watch all the stuff happening in China.  Right.  And now we're getting told by the people who told you it was all, only conspiracy nut cases were talk about it coming here.  Until they get the permission for the newspapers to go into overdrive and overdo it and tell you it's going to be maybe even worse than China.


Mainly because what? I've seen the professors and this article is by professors here in the West and politicians. Well, you know it would be very hard to control in the West because, you see, China is a communist system and they all obey their governments, they must obey their governments, no choice in it, you see.  And only that kind of government could mandate everything, and everything goes into action and it's done, blah blah blah, with more efficiency.  Because you wouldn't get efficiency in the West, we have human rights, individual liberties and things like that. You getting the picture?  Hm? 


So, in other words, you've got folk in the West who are salivating at the thought of getting powers like China has demonstrated to deal with the coronavirus, you see. Even though we all watched for a couple months is that the US and Canada as an example, and Britain and other countries, but you're seeing in Canada, we're still sending cruises  back and forth all over the place and bringing the aircraft back and forth from all over the place too. Which makes you kind of really, oh come on here, you either put in immediately the plans, which is total, basically total barriers, you know, the barrier for disease and quarantine, or...  You can't have a little bit of quarantine; it doesn't work like that.


And then you saw the inkling coming out of South Korea where the head of South Korea at the time said we're not really going to try and contain the virus he says, it's too late and it can't be done. And he was getting his stuff from the WHO, which meant, that was going to be the agenda for the rest of the world from then on, you see. That's why obviously they were, they didn't really go out to stop the thing.  Which also, also as I mentioned before, gives validity to this whole eugenics thing.  Hm?


Because what have you heard for the last two or three weeks now? What have you heard, hey? You've heard, I mentioned before, I used to give talks on the bioethicists that came along, who suddenly appeared maybe 15 years ago and again made into stars for television.  Articles in newspapers just out of the blue, just suddenly, here is this personality type. They always create them as personalities, you see, and have them on shows to put out their profound knowledge of bioethics, you see, how we should be behaving and doing, right down to profound things like, you know, should we kill old grandpa off or not, that kind of thing. But in the nicest possible way, you see, that's what they're trained to do.  So, these bioethicists have persuaded you, you see, that the world is a bit more complex and your human emotions can be the wrong things at times to be using for your judgment. It's not efficient to use emotion for judgment.


Then as I say, for the last few weeks you've heard them come forward and say, you know, look at Italy. Well, Italy is already in the next part of the emergency planning, which we are going to go into too. Which is, we don't have enough of the treatment medications, etc., or beds for that matter, to treat the people so I'm afraid lots of them will just have to die at home.  Well that's what you sell all through China, more of them were dying at home than in the hospitals for those who didn't know that. This is the agenda worldwide, 'eh, and to get you used to it. Even if this is a big one or not the big one, we don't know, but it's preparing you, your mind for the future too. And to also lessen the value of life... Well I guess so, you know.  


What do you here too from the same experts? Well you know, don't worry, young people... They even had one of the generals for health or whatever they use in the States there, who was behind Bush, come forward. He says, you know, don't worry about it, the young people, you'll be fine with it. And they keep repeating it, it's just the older folk who might get sick. In other words, it's okay, the older folk can get killed off with this thing, that shouldn't have been out there may be in the first place.


Or, maybe the folk should start suing like crazy for the government who stalled and stalled and stalled the full quarantine measures, which would be responsible for killing people. Think about it that way instead, 'eh.  You should be thinking about it that way because you've been told that, yeah, we're basically, the old ones are expendable.  Right from the book of eugenics. Yeah, you've served your time, just do the right thing and die off, you know, and leave your pensions and all the other money to the government, who can use it for wars and, you know, things like that.  Hm.  Or payoffs.


This is the real world, folks. I don't mince words. I never thought ever that this world, and I never believed the world is just upfront with their suits and ties and their wonderful titles.  Psychopaths are the greatest folk for making you like them; I hope you understand that. They’re so pleasant to everybody. That's how the use people, hm, that's how they use folks. 


But as I say, here we are in a system in the West with euthanasia, they've already said, don't worry it's older folk or folk with underlying conditions that might just die of it. Then they come out and say, the people, they're are going to be a lot of folk dying here, they've already told you it’s the older folk, and so on. Well, there you go. And the rest of you will nod your head, well I guess so, it gives all the younger folk a chance. Well wait a minute here. If it wasn't for this virus, this particular one, these older folk, or folk with underlying conditions might last another 10, 15, 20 years before you know it, of good life.  Think about it that way.


And getting back to eugenics and the founders of it all that tell you a lot more truth than they do today.  Because they were far open about it, for the few folks who read their books back then.  Like George Bernard Shaw, who said that, he said, when we are in ascendancy and we rule, he says, you'll have to come to us and he's talking about everybody, of every age group, you’ll have to come to us to explain why we should keep you alive.  Huh?  You'd better start thinking here folks.


Because like all agendas that expand, euthanasia's okay for the terminally ill.  Oh, now it's just for old folk, maybe they're getting senile, 'eh.  Maybe they've got some wills sitting there and relatives there are just dying to get their hands on it. It's quite easy to get a doctor to sign, you know, dit-dit-dit.  That's already happened in cases, folks. And then you go onto the next phase too of, oh they're depressed, that child is depressed, just, you know…  Do you know how many teenagers go through a bit of depression? Almost all of them. Think about it that way.


I can remember for as long as I can remember, this other fake nonsense of baby boomers they called them, hm, folk born after World War II with a 10 or 20 year span, baby boomers. Where did they…? There were no babies before in history, 'eh?  They'd just lost stacks of people, maybe even millions of folk across Europe in two world wars, actually millions even in the first one, and then the second one, but yet baby boomers, bad, bad baby boomers, 'eh.


Then they tell you, have less children. So, the populations have less children.  They get the pill dished out for them for free in the National Health Service in Britain, for a lot of them, got them for free. But then, don't have children. So, you don't have children. Then they tell you they've got to do mass migration to get a workforce.  Who's kidding who here, 'eh?  Do you see how you're getting played, played and played?


And believe you me, for all those folk who think they're replacing you, they’ll get their turn as well. Everybody gets used in turn here. Because there is such a thing as a global structural system here running the show. The giants, you know. The Olympians. They've got a whole bunch of names they have given to themselves.  And they train, always train the public. Oh, that's fine, we’ll be okay. I've got articles here where a lot of youngsters who can't go to university right now have been offered all these cheap holiday airline flights for students across the world to different places. Very very cheap. So, they’re going to start doing that.  And, we’ll be okay, we won’t get ill with it. But they'll be carriers, you understand.  There's your selfishness creeping in, oh yeah, I'll enjoy myself, so what, you know.


"If I Die, I Die" - Students "Risk It All" For 'Dream Trips' As Colleges Close Across America - / 11 March 2020


Sudbury's Laurentian University moving classes online until further notice - / 11 March 2020


They're never going to get old, hey. When you're 18 or 20, you're never going to get old.  That's for other creatures, specimens, but not for you. And all agendas eventually expand as I say. They expand it to first the elderly. Then it's senile folk. First, it's the terminal, then it's senility, then it's, oh it's just a bit of depression. This, this, this. Or maybe it will eventually come down to the unemployed. Have you ever thought about that too?  Hm?  Things could be made so unpleasant and awful and miserable, you'll get depressed as well and you might just opt for it, just like as I say in Soylent Green the movie. 


I hope you understand what I'm saying here. There's a massive operation underway and the behaviorists are part of it, the ones who manage you, even online, behavioral insights teams and so on to manage your thoughts and guide you to the conclusions they want you to have about everything. I'm not kidding you. This is your scientific technique of scientific socialism. It's amazing to watch it in action.


We’re living through the planned history. As I say, they always write the history in advance, you understand. They must try and make it appear the way they want it written in the future by writing it in advance. It's a formula, if you do it this way and this way, then that will happen, that will happen. So then down the road they can always put it in, look back and say, yep, we followed the formula, and just put it down as a formula. Which would appear to just be happening by itself, through chance. That's how things are.


Now, I want to put a few articles up, not a lot. I'm sure everyone out there has got as many articles as they can handle, more than that, about what's happening with this, the so-called kind of martial law plans as they like to call them, emergency plans, same kind of thing, that are getting unrolled all over the place. With glee actually. Because now they can actually try it, you see. And sure enough, I mean, the authorities…


But again, for those you think your governments are just, you're trained to believe they're just incompetent. Nothing happens through incompetence. If there's a big massive delay in something it's because they want something to happen, including taking months before they close borders and stop the aircraft coming in and so on. There's no such thing as a little bit of quarantine. You either do it properly or not at all. You understand? I hope you understand.  And this is not me saying this, this is the rules [Alan chuckles.]  for over 100 years. 


Australia as I mentioned before escaped pretty well completely the Spanish flu at the end of World War I by a complete quarantine, they didn't let any ships land.  They were all off the coast for about a year or more, wouldn't let anybody in. And they saved them so they know how to do it and what should be done and what must be done. And it's not like they have to reinvent the rules for it for medicine or anything like that, it's all been done long ago.


Remember too, you can buy the books, hopefully, and discs I can send the discs out quite easily, I think, as long as the mail keeps going. And eventually too, the mail will probably, maybe stop. I don't know. We'll have to wait and see. I know China fumigates its mail or disinfects its mail. But you think about it too, if we have so many conflicting stories, if this particular virus can stay on the surface for a few days or more, then with certain mail you might get it in your mailbox, who knows. I don't know.


It's all been discussed; I know that much. I know that, as I say, they've got trouble down in Toronto area, Pickering, where the workers are terrified. I guess somebody, or maybe more than one person got it in their sorting offices and didn't want to go in to work, you see. So, things will get disrupted as we go through this. There's no doubt about it. This is a massive exercise for control, complete control. Right down to eventually you'll only be given permission, maybe even a ration card, who knows, or an ID card and you must stay within your designated areas, or else. You know. That's really where it all ends up going to.


So, in the meantime hopefully you can keep me going by buying the books and discs  I have to get more books printed as well. And I have to get into town if they haven't put the barriers up yet. I can remember years ago talking about the barriers getting set for this kind of thing, where they put the sockets in the roads at roundabouts and intersections, the main highway intersections. You see the sockets there. Then the last, it was interesting too, [Alan chuckles.] because I gave the talks on it and folk wouldn't believe it and they went and looked and sure enough, they saw them putting these deep sockets in. And that's for these swing gates, you see.  And in the last couple of years I've noticed, especially last year, they started putting them in, the actual gates in.  Getting you familiarized with the idea of them, without thinking, it's a way of adapting to things without thinking, you see. But I noticed and I says oh, so it's coming along the pike. And bingo, here we are.   


It's quite amazing to witness it all. It really is.  It's kind of exciting in a way. Because you understand, the planning that's gone into so much that's happening down through your lifetime for things like today, including the wars and stuff like that too, 'eh. 


US angered by Europe's refusal to extend sanctions on Iran - / 2 March 2020


I mean, they're hammering Iran as this goes on, because you get them when they're really down on their knees, and they're restricted with food and medicines and all the rest of it, and they've got plague rushing through their country. The big agenda must try and get fulfilled while they’re down.  This is warfare, you see. And viral warfare is nothing new either. It isn't just discussed. They have departments of biowarfare, for those who refuse to admit to it.


Anyway here's a few articles. I've got one. Whitehall is the big management system for the country for Britain and London. The Whitehall unit, that's the government with the GCHQ and all the rest of it.


Cross-Whitehall unit set up to counter false coronavirus claims / 9 March 2020


(Alan:  Every country has got their own one set up already, folks.)


DCMS-based unit aims to identify disinformation about virus and establish its scope


(A:  Right.  But it isn't just to find out, it's to counter it..)


A special cross-Whitehall unit has been set up to counter coronavirus-related disinformation, including from Russia and China, (A:  ...from Russia they say, hm, and China, 'eh.  M-hm.  Have you seen how much disinformation we've got here? We've got conflicting answers for everything here, from the same sources, on about everything. Anyway…) working closely with social media companies...


(A:  And that all came out too by the way, what I'm reading here was already planned and worked and arranged last year, at least last year because they admitted that at the Johns Hopkins exercise they had with Bill Gates and so on, or the Gates Foundation for coronavirus. They said they would have these things set up, they had already got permission, and guarantees from Facebook and all the biggies, all the social media ones, they'd be on board with them 100%, total censorship, etc.)


Housed in the Department for Digital, Culture, (A:  ...the department for digital culture, I guess that's where they give you the finger.) Media and Sport, the unit will aim to identify false information being deliberately spread online and to establish its scope, impact and whether it needs to be actively countered.


(A:  So, it's an intelligence unit, right. Which is going to go after and do counterintelligence. Anything they don't agree upon they'll try to counter it.)


Oliver Dowden, the culture secretary, said defending the country from misinformation and digital interference was a top priority, and that expert teams had been brought together to respond to any threats identified.


(A:  Now, these are the same ones I mentioned before, has a whole bunch of them working, thousands of them  work actually on social media warfare, warriors, they call them warriors that are paid by the government and trained by the defense department.  And many private ones too, by the way, work for government.)


... Facebook and Twitter both putting the NHS (A:  National Health Service.) at the top of search results when UK users search for “coronavirus”.


(A:  So that's why everything else is blocked and maybe you're blocked too.)


But that has not stopped false information spreading online, including the incorrect claim that anti-microbial sanitiser is not effective against viruses. In fact, alcohol-based gels are effective in killing Covid-19.


(A:  Do you understand, you've just been given another falsity by just basic alcohol-based, some of these gels have very little alcohol and it, maybe hardly half, you know, and so it goes in the air.)


Last week a senior US state department official, Lea Gabrielle, told Congress that Russia was behind “swarms of online, false personas” ...


It's always Russia, isn't it?  Because there's your agenda, the agenda never stops, 'eh.  Even if you're coming down to life-and-death situations, they make hay while the sun shines, and, how can we use this disaster to our advantage type thing, right. Anyway, here you have everything out there.  You have to think for yourselves Because believe you me, there are no good guys here at all that are just out there to help you.  We're so thick now with intelligence, counterintelligence agencies, on every level of information, before even this happened, that it's almost time to throw the computer away.  [Alan chuckles.]  And I said that years ago we'd get to that phase.


The Queen of England is rumored again, rumors, awful lot of rumors coming out of them...


Queen to step down? Royal expert (A:  You even got experts for royalty. What are you an expert at? I'm an expert for royalty, yes, I write Royal stories for the royalty.) reveals the ONLY way Prince Charles could take over - / 28 No 2019


Who knows? Who cares, in a sense?  Britain is finished, I'm afraid to say. And it really is finished.  I'm not talking about the system itself, but the people that endured, endured centuries of it and fought for it and all the rest of it, even when it seemed decent to fight for it during certain times. It's just been thrown away in the dustbin by those who ruled it and took it over in fact to an extent. It's not worth crying over now. 


The counties in the US have got mitigation effects, different counties in the states already have these, they’re unrolling the martial law type system to slow the spread of the virus in the community and so on. You know there's going to be trouble.


County Announces New Mitigation Efforts: COVID-19 - / 9 March 2020


I mean, can you imagine when you start to disallow folk from traveling freely, it would be bad enough for most folk in a country where they have rights, etc. Now getting back to what they said, how they're drooling at what China did because China said just do it or else and that's it. But you also have a massive problem in the West too of drug addicts. And in big areas in cities.  And they're going have to start traveling to get their drugs. They can't do without them. The system knows about that too, they're building up to deal with all of that.  So, there will be trouble, there will be terrible trouble if this drags on. Obviously. There's no doubt about it.  Because they can't just go a day or two days without them.


It's interesting too, you've heard about the strange HIV inserts, as they call them, when attached to this particular virus, and how they are treating a lot of them in China with certain antiviral drugs that were really developed for AIDS and things. But one of them they're treating them with in China was developed in Cuba apparently and we’re not using it here. I think it's about time to maybe drop that and start producing it, mass-producing it if it helps them in China. But it says...


Second ‘cured’ HIV patient goes public / 9 March 2020


A 40-year-old former chef, Adam Castillejo, has revealed to The New York Times that he is “the London patient,” only the second person in the world that physicians believe has been cured of an HIV infection.


(A:  I have followed this for a while, this kind of thing.)


The medical intervention that apparently cured both people is not widely applicable at this time, however. Castillejo’s doctor first described the London patient last year at an HIV/AIDS conference and in a Nature paper. At the time, no HIV had been detected in Castillejo’s blood for 18 months after a stem cell transplant to treat a life-threatening blood cancer...


Now, I know other ones that have tried it too.  They can take, they can produce stem cells, inject them into you, that really go after any particular type of disease, especially ones like HIV where your T cells are really drastically knocked right out, so that you can really...  


So, it would be interesting to see. But it's interesting that they're giving some of them in some countries anti-HIV medications, isn't it, when you think about it. And if this is so, it also means they can do this for anybody, wealthy elites, who can afford it too. Because they won't give it to everybody on any national health system. Yeah, there are ways around for people who are vulnerable, indeed, if they can certainly afford it. And we know that, we've all watched so many of the elite walking around still shaking hands with everybody. And so many of them haven't come down with this thing. It kind of makes you wonder what they’re on, doesn't it? Is it just antivirals? What is it? It's got to be something.


Another one too is, I don't like the idea of cars self driving. That's my personal thing, you know. And I'm not too keen on electric cars either because it's part of the agenda. And you just, you'll never, you just can't go hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of miles on the thing without charging it up. The batteries don't last long in the winter, they don't charge well, or the high heat either. We know that it doesn't matter what they're made of.  But here they go with the...


The car as a Smart Hub / 6 March 2020


(A:  Every innovation they make means you've got less and less control over something yourself. But authorities and governments certainly will have control over them and even stop them or immobilize them remotely if they want to. That's why I don't like them too.  So, they want to make the cars an actual smart hub.)


The new generation of cars will help the EU achieve its Green New Deal targets


It's all to help the environment. D'you really believe that? On you go, dream on folks. Everything will be connected to it. Everything. And you'll have no privacy. You already have no privacy I suppose, very little. But why help them go the whole way?


Another article…


They survived the coronavirus. Then they tested positive again. Why? / 13 March 2020


After weeks of confinement to their apartments because one person in the building had tested positive for coronavirus, they were throwing a party to celebrate his recovery and their release.


It was Feb. 24, and Mr. Wang, a resident of Xuzhou, in Jiangsu province, appeared to have emerged victorious from a monthlong battle with the illness. Sixty-five residents of his building gathered downstairs to greet Wang with bouquets of pink flowers, a cake with a flamingo on it, and a red banner that read: “With strong neighborly feelings, we welcome you home.”


Three days later, though, Wang tested positive for the coronavirus again. He was re-hospitalized and his neighbors were locked down once more. His current condition is unknown.


They haven't really figured it out. It could be too that the thing hadn't left him from the first time.  Because a lot of these tests are not definitely accurate, you know. And so, he might have had it in his system for a long…


But then again, some of these tests simply test the fragments of it.  I mean, these viruses and so on breakdown into fragments as well and if you're testing it in mucus basically or in the sinus, from the sinus test.  It's really a nasty little thing, the sinus. It's like a feather they stick up you, that's what it looks like, and it's got a little hook on the end and it rips a little part of your lining away with whatever's on it. And it really stings you.


They can tell, you know, they send it off to the lab to see if there's any of the virus on it. It's possible it's fragments on the thing because they've admitted that too. You can test positive if you have just fragments of it. You might have had the virus and now it's just the remains, bits and pieces of viruses that they're finding with the test. Or maybe, maybe as I say could be, maybe it's not gone full-blown yet. Occasionally there's patients they say that haven't shown symptoms for well over a month.  Hm.  There was even one article that says 35 days for some, you know, the occasional person here or there. So, let's hope we just don't constantly get this sort of thing over and over again.  We should build up an immunity once you're over it, with any luck at all.


So anyway, this is the stuff they want to counter coming out of China.  China [Alan chuckles.] and Russia, this is Russia, I don't see Russia putting anything out at all.  That's what's come out too, that was the Los Angeles Times by the way, that article. I guess they'll have to hammer the Los Angeles Times for putting out disinformation if they don't like it. Another one too...


To Help Stem Spread of Coronavirus, Trump Must Lift Sanctions on Iran - / 13 March 2020


Because Iran are dying because they have no medications. A lot of folk are hungry, they're malnourished. Just like Iraq was too when half a million died with starvation and sanctions. They're doing the same thing there, really, because wars don't stop. Isn't it amazing, wars don't stop when terrible death's occurring, the agenda must continue? It's rather disgusting, isn't it. It really is disgusting. That's what I think anyway, that's my personal opinion. 


But I'm not, I try not to get depressed because humanity and power is pretty disgusting when you look at it. And there's always another group would come up, it would make no difference who they are, who eventually takes over and wants to get up the ladder. All cultures have the same psychopaths, every single culture, every people across the planet have them.


Even the ones who want to do good end of being tyrants. This is the sad part too. It's so easy to say all the right things to help folk but in reality these deceivers can get up to the top and bring on a kind of a new type of Bolshevik hell down on you and wipeout...  Don't forget, the Bolsheviks talked about wiping out a whole class of people, that was Trotsky's boast as well, we have eliminated a whole class of people.  Millions and millions of people were slaughtered.  And once they've wiped out that class because they didn't stop, they never do, just like the French Revolution, they start looking for other targets until everyone's getting slaughtered. That's a trait of humanity that unfortunately is very unfortunate.  M-hm.  But now they're all, the real ones are up there behind degrees, a lot of degrees, and titles, it will be expert this and work titles of world leaders and things like that.  That's the way it is.


Also, too, as we well know, that we've got problems, got problems with these immune attacks.  You get an immune response to these viruses that can end up causing problems. You have the cytokine storms as they call it, that's your body retaliating, trying the best to kill this thing off. But unfortunately, in the process it can go overboard and end up killing you off. Not the virus itself but your response to it. Rather sad. But it's interesting, this virus, like all viruses, there's always a receptor in your system, you see, that it zones in on. And this one is no different.


And some people, they say, have more of these particular receptor cells than others. Some groups definitely have it more so it, can get in and cause more problems than, say, people in the West as an example. But they're trying to hush everything up as well because we're supposed to be equally both vulnerable, they say. But there's very few diseases actually that are equally vulnerable across the world. We all have different genetic backgrounds and traits through the genes and so on which makes us sometimes more or less prone to certain diseases that other folk are not. 


I think all of the Western society have problems with their immune systems. We have for quite a long time. There's no doubt about that.  I can remember the bubble boy in the 1960s who was one of the first recorded ones who literally was allergic to everything.  He had to be kept in an artificial environment because just a simple allergen could kill him, you know.  And it's got worse and worse since then. You never heard of peanut allergies until about the 1970s, or 80s actually.  So, something's attacking their immune system, and you can all battle away with what you want to say.  Sometimes it's just best to just know it and nod to each other because you're not allowed to say things. But that's the way it is, isn't it?


Another article says that Covid, sometimes they're calling it like a SARS 2 type thing believing that it's like, it's really like the base is a SARS virus, with everything added on to it in a sense. But some of them were calling it's SARS Cov 2, the respiratory syndrome coronavirus.  It's hard to tell because they keep playing with terms, etc.  But there's no doubt about it, it's kind of similar in some ways as a base to build on you might say. And some of these viruses are definitely built on, and they know that too. 


And it's wrong right now to point fingers.  The whole point is to get through this without having another war on top of it. Because dealing with it is more important. And getting through this is more important.  We've got to start looking at life a bit differently because things will come down fast. When government, that you think just screws up, they don't screw up.  When things just happen in the world, it's meant to happen.  It's planned that way. So never fall for, oh, they just were stupid. No, when something is planned, it was meant to happen that way.  And when government gets rolling it really becomes your fearful master, right. FEARFUL master. 


Because when they take the power and folk are terrified, the people allow them to do terrible things. To save you all, they'll do terrible things, right.  [Alan chuckles.]  So never forget that. Never ever forget that.  It's a rather dangerous time and you can't really talk about things too much or too deeply. Because it's not going to be tolerated now. And you'll be lifted, or banned, or even imprisonment as some kind of subversive. That came out too at the big planning stage, the tabletop planning stage with all the experts involved from the Johns Hopkins University in the States with the Bill Gates Foundation working with them.


Yeah, literally they'll imprison you if need be. Or, you know, whatever it takes, hm.  It's a wartime situation. And in wartime they lock folk up for saying things they don't… I don't believe in this war, boomf, that's you locked up, you know.  Or if you say that you've got people in your own governments are traitors that are bringing this war on for other reasons, then you get locked up for that too.  They've got carte blanche authority, you see, during this martial law type scenarios.


The whole point is stick together as much as you can. Don't start losing your temper with each other. If you get locked down, especially, don't go into some kind of cabin fever with those that are around you. You have to learn to give and take a bit more than you normally do. And help each other out as best you can. Because we're going to go through it one way or another, there's no doubt about it, and we've got to get along.


There'd be other people who might need your help too during these times. Don't go paranoid and...  If you have to get food to someone or whatever it takes, you can always take in a box and leave it at a distance from their door, or something, let them know you're coming. And you can spray the darn thing with some disinfectant if need be, or even just water and a little bit of bleach, not much bleach, and spray the darn thing and you should be okay, things like that.


But you've gotta start helping each other if things get truly bad. That's the way it is.  If you lose your humanity in the process, then the elite are happy because that gives them the right to lose what they would say is humanity and use it on you. Think about that too. When you lose your humanity and as society starts breaking down, then folk will go nuts and they’ll have mob rule and everything else.  And that will get dealt with. And if people come down who are troops or the police or whatever, they've all got provisions for that too, with them coming down too, then it will be hell to pay, absolute hell to pay, no doubt about it.  And they'll become more ruthless if that happens, you know.


So, as they say in Scotland, keep the heed, keep the heed, that's keep your head and don't go nuts as we go through all this.


Just to finish off, to say I'm not making this kind of thing up, that the eugenics types and bioethicists and functionality and efficiency of the agenda, right…


Coronavirus could be 'quite useful' in killing off NHS bed blockers, says ex official / 6 March 2020


Professor June Andrews admitted her comments sounded "horrific", but insisted they were an honest assessment of the consequences of a pandemic in the UK


The former director of the Scottish Government’s Centre for Change (A: Interesting, Centre for Change. Remember, change is good, this is the century of change, for a whole bunch of things.) and Innovation was speaking at Holyrood's public audit committee when she made the controversial comments.


(A:  That's like the parliamentary system there, Holyrood.)


According to The Herald , she said: "If you’re on the board of a care home company, a pandemic is one of things you think about as a potential damage to your business because of the number of older people it’s going to take out of the system.


“Curiously, ripping off the sticking plaster, in a hospital that has 92 delayed discharges, (A:  … delayed discharges…) a pandemic would be quite useful because your hospital would work because these people would be taken out of the system.”


(A:  Meaning, they'd be killed off, folks, 'eh.)


She added: “That sounds like it’s a horrific thing to say – but it is the case that somehow or other, we’ve put people in the wrong places by not having the kind of strategic views (A: see the language? ...strategic views...) that we should have.


“That means that politicians who don’t want to think about bad things before the election, need to think about putting income tax up even higher in order to pay for more care in care homes and they need to think about whether they reinstate geriatric hospitals.”


So, in other words, here's your governments, not your government anyway but she's part of this elitist’s thing, yeah, you know, there's them and us, I think, them and us, you know.  They are the wise ones, we are the scientific group that see things clearly without emotions, why don't we be efficient here, come on, you've just got to do the right thing and just let the people die off and cull them off and so on and dut-dut-dut-dut-dut-dut-dut.


Here you have it right in your face and they wonder why folk are getting panicky?  Right? And in the times of euthanasia in the hospitals, folks?  Hm?  When you toss out, and it's not me that said, it was a doctor a hundred years ago said this. When you throw out the right for the human being to be treated in hospital as a full human being, he said, when it's tossed out the window, he says, hell will follow.


Another one too...


Coronavirus victims to be immediately buried without funeral service / 10 March 2020


(A:  Just like, you see, they're taking all the cues from China.  It's efficient, this is the way you deal with it, yeah. And this is from Ireland, you know.)


The Irish Association of Funeral Directors has distributed a list of radical recommendations in the event of Covid-19 related deaths.


Because the government is working with them, you see. Yeah.  There you go.  Then...


What Is 'Boomer Remover' and Why Is It Making People So Angry? / 13 March 2020


The term has appeared in more than 65,000 tweets and references the higher mortality rate among older people (A:  That's all you're hearing now, it's okay, you know, it's just older folk that get it.  Like literally that's a different species, like the zombie movies. What do you think they were all for, the zombie movies, 'eh?  What do you think they were for? To dehumanize the next target, that's what you do in warfare.) infected with COVID-19—particularly among people over 60, including the Boomer Baby age (A:  The Boomer Baby age… I mean, we never had people having babies before that?) cohort approximately between the ages of 56 and 74.


The nickname is most often touted by teenagers, with adults then sharing the term on social media, as in this early viral example of the trend




Doctors Treating Coronavirus Told to Discriminate Against Elderly Patients: They Will Be Left to Die - / 12 March 2020


That' s bioethics, well you know, just, yeah, he's a nobody. I gave talks years ago on the same thing, where they have you listed as according to your status in society. It's not just your age, your status in the community, are you necessary?  Dut-dut-dut-dut-dut-dut-dut-dut. 


Who gets hospital bed? - / 11 March 2020


You're in a horror show and it should never have gotten to this stage. But it did. As they told you to play and they trained you to start to accept euthanasia, etc. etc. etc. That's it, folks. I'm telling ya.  Hell is coming down.


So, as we go through this, remember if you've got a few friends, make sure you all keep in touch every day.  And if anyone's on their own or even if they are elderly and a couple, still keep phoning up at set times of the day to check in or the evening or whatever it is. And to help each other out.


Because that's what you… Don't look for government to help you. Don't do it. And if you're older, it's true, you'll need your friends more than anything else. And they can help each other out as best as you can, as I say, there's ways to do things, and even supplying a bit of food here and there, whatever it takes during this whole scenario.


But don't expect government, government gives out nothing, especially in these scenarios for free. And it's going to be a ration card maybe or ID card for your area, where you can travel to, how far you can go, and what days you can go out to a store or something and back again. But government will take, there's no doubt about it, as they said, just after 9/11, that's what rang out then, it will never be the same again, from the Council on Foreign Relations. And we heard the same thing again with this one from the CFR, that it will never be the same again.  This is meant to achieve far far more than they're letting on at the moment.


But take care of each other because as I say it's an imperative natural duty to ourselves to keep your humanity.


From myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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What Is 'Boomer Remover' and Why Is It Making People So Angry? / 13 March 2020


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